Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 24

By April




0:00 Intro and announcement of YouTube RSS url change causing issues

YouTube Custom URL

6:00 How to get custom URL and what it means

Search / Share / Watch Video group:

Large group in Facebook for sharing and watching videos:

Can also use the Semantic Mastery FB group:

RSS Feeds for YouTube

10:00 I'm following the advanced RSS training. In the grouping feeds video, you have in your spreadsheet 12 RSS URLs + 3 feedburner URLS for the Google properties + 1 Yahoo Pipes RSS URL for the YouTube channel.

Why don't you create feedburner URLS and Yahoo Pipes RSS URLs for ALL 12 sites? Is it worth doing that? Also, can you confirm that we'll do that both for our T1 and 3 T2 rings?

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Update PBNs and Blogs With Curated Content

By April

Download the Resources of the post here:

1:40 Hungry Feed Plugin:

3:45 Feed types:

3:50 YT RSS Query:

4:46 Yahoo Search Query:

7:20 RSS Widgets:

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