Is One Network Enough To Get Enough Traffic To YouTube Videos For Affiliate Marketing?

By April


In episode 266 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked whether one network is enough to bring traffic to YouTube videos for affiliate marketing purposes.

The exact question was:

New Battleplan executor here… looks a lot like what Howie Schwartz used do in the early days of IM, great stuff.

My question lies in having enough vs doing more than necessary and getting slapped

I am a YouTube-based affiliate marketer starting in a new market. for this I have setup one email address which I used to create over a dozen other web properties and implemented the battle plan. I’ve also siloed my YouTube videos as per the bonus.

my question is… is that enough or should I be creating more and more web properties like I am keyword based content ? Or can this one network, with silo’d videos on YouTube, provide me enough horsepower and bring traffic to my videos?

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