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By April

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Adam: Hello, everybody and welcome to Hump Day Hangouts. This is episode 130. It is the 3rd of May. We got the whole crew here, today, I think it's the first time in like a month, everybody's been here. We've been pretty busy. Let's just go down the line here, how's it going Bradley?

Bradley: Good, man. Happy to be here. We got lots of questions, already, so ready to rock and roll.

Adam: Fair enough. Hernan, how you doing, man? Are you back home?

Hernan: I'm back home in Buenos Aires, not for long, though, but I'll be here for the next, I think I would say a couple of weeks. I had a short trip to the Pacific coast, to the west coast of the US. It was amazing. We've been to San Francisco, hey, beautiful city, so glad to be back home and glad to be back to it.

Adam: Nice.

Bradley: [crosstalk 00:00:48].

Adam: That's why we call it the best coast.

Hernan: Okay.

Adam: [crosstalk 00:00:50].

Bradley: Now, you guys know who makes all the money.

Hernan: Right.

Adam: Man. Chris, how's it going, man?

Chris: Doing good. Happy to be back in Austria, too.

Adam: Cool. Yeah. You're going somewhere, too. If you feel like sharing, where you heading next?

Chris: I will be heading on to Cape Town this Saturday.

Adam: Nice.

Chris: And, also to Kruger National Park, so all over South Africa. Exciting times.

Adam: Awesome. Yeah. South Africa is definitely on my list of places to visit, so, someday. Now, let's check in with the weather, Marco, how's it going, man?

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Marco: It's raining, man.

Adam: Well, it's the afternoon.

Marco: It's the afternoon rain. It's warm. It was nice and sunny this morning.

Adam: Awesome.

Marco: Riddle me this. How can you be in Oregon and all over Costa Rica, all at once? Anyone who can figure that out gets an hour with me.

Adam: Marco, what should you be talking about?

Marco: I have no idea, man. I've been in the lab.

Adam: Fair enough. Well, something you can talk about, what's coming up next Thursday, you guys? We had a little bit of a schedule rearrange, so I think we better tell everyone about this. We'll be getting some emails out, but next Thursday we've got the webinar. Right?

Marco: Yeah. We moved it from Monday to actually it's a week from this Thursday, or just so that we get it right, and we get a date in, it's Thursday May 11th.

Bradley: May 8th, or excuse me 11th. Yeah. Sorry.

Marco: Three p.m. eastern.

Adam: Cool. Awesome.

Marco: We all will be talking about structured data. Not all structured data is good structured data. That type of stuff.

Adam: Awesome. Yeah. That should be good. I mean, in my mind when I think structured data, I always think, just the way I think about it is local, but I mean obviously there's more than that. Right? I mean, people not just doing local should be figuring this out. Right?

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: Yeah. I mean, if it was set up by Google, Bing, and Yandex, there's a reason for it and if you are not doing it, then you have to be asking yourself why you're not, if it was setup for you to do it. Right? There's a reason for it. There's a reason why you are being pushed to do this, and if you're not, why are you resisting the push?

Adam: Got you.

Marco: Especially when all test show that the right kind of schema, does help.

Adam: Awesome. All right. Yeah. Everybody, we'll be getting some more information out about that and then you'll be able to sign up for that shortly. Later, hopefully by the end of the week if not early next week. Then, just a quick reminder if you're new, if you're just watching us and wondering who the hell we are, first of all, thank you for watching and we're Semantic Mastery. Also, a good place to start, you're in the right place. Start with the Hump Day Hangouts, these are weekly, and also check out the Syndication Academy. All right? We put the link up here, so if you're not a member, please check it out. I think there's something there for everybody. Then, if you have any questions, you need to find something you can always start at support.semanticmastery.com, it's got our knowledge base, a lot of other really good info. With that, do you guys have any other topics we need to hit before we go, then?

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Bradley: Let me, I've got one. If you guys, most everybody that comes to Hump Day Hangouts probably already subscribed, but we're 86 subscribers away, YouTube subscribers, from passing the 4,000 mark, so we're trying to get, we get subscribers on a fairly regular basis, anyways, but if you are watching Hump Day Hangouts and you haven't already subscribed to our channel, do so now, please. It's not like it's a magic number, we get past 4,000, and we're winners of something, it's not like that, but it's just kind of a benchmark. It's kind of cool to pass that. All right.

Adam: Awesome.

Bradley: With that I'm going to get into questions, if we're ready.

Adam: Yeah. Let's do it.

Bradley: All right. Cool. Can you hear me, now?

Adam: I can hear you.

Hernan: Yeah.

Does Search Volume And Bids Matter When It Comes To Showing Ads In Google Search Results Page?

Bradley: Okay. All right. Dave Michael Thomas is up, and he says, “What does it mean if you do a search, but the page has only organic listings all the way down except for three ads at the bottom of the page. Does that mean no one is bidding on that page, or that search volume is very low for that term?” To be honest with you, I'm not 100% sure, Dave, because it changes, it varies. Google SERP's change all the time. Even for a typical search, sometimes, and I guess it depends on the keyword. Something that has searched all the time, regularly, they probably don't play around or experiment with the SERP, the layout of the SERP pages much with those types of keywords, but with some that have lower traffic volumes, they'll play with those, often, to I guess try to see what gets highest click through rates, and that kind of stuff. I don't know what they're doing on the back end, but I notice a lot with more the ancillary keywords. Right?

So, the longer tail stuff, or if I'm doing local, when I'm targeting suburbs and things like that. Sometimes it will draw a maps pack, or produce a maps pack, sometimes it won't. Sometimes it will produce the ads on top, sometimes the ads will be on the bottom. Sometimes there won't be any adds at all. In some of the keywords with a lot of my AdWords funnels that I do for lead gen, some of the keywords will sometimes, like I'm bidding on the keywords, I'm paying for them, they're getting impressions and clicks, but sometimes even with the ad preview and diagnostic tool, which is inside of AdWords, it's one of the AdWords tools, even sometimes with that, if I'll go check on my keyword it will show no ad showing on that page, even though I know that I'm bidding on it and I'm paying for clicks, because I can see it in my dashboard.

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It's just a matter of Google displaying different things at different times as they're playing with the page layout. Generally, it is going to be more for keywords that are lower traffic that they do those kind of experimentation's for, but I cannot swear that they don't do it on higher traffic keywords, too, because they very may well. You guys have any comment for that?

Hernan: Yeah. Being organic, I think it's on a query by query basis, or case by case basis, rather, depending on who's bidding on what. Most often than not, but also depending on the organic results, so yeah, it's on a keyword by keyword basis, I think.

Bradley: Yeah. I agree. I mean, yeah, a lot of times if you see, and I know for example, let's talk, let's get outside of local for a minute, with some of my affiliate funnels that I have set up, that I'm running AdWords campaigns to, the same thing happens. I've got keywords that are really good traffic producing keywords for me and yet sometimes when I'll do a search just to check on the keyword, or my ad, it won't show, like no ads will show. No kidding. For one project in particular, there's two keywords out of about 12, there's two that give me about 90% of my traffic and still to this day, when I go check on it, sometimes, there won't be any ads displayed. However, I get dozens of options from that ad per week, so I know for a fact that it's working, just sometimes it shows and sometimes it doesn't. I'm not 100% sure why that is Dave, but again, usually for me, I've noticed that it's typically for lower trafficking keywords that you see that kind of stuff, where it varies. The results page will vary. All right.

Possible Solutions For A Website That Has Been Sandboxed By Google

Aussie is up, he says, “Hi. Last week, I asked you a question on a website, been dropped for the search results, but not the index by Google.” Okay. “After I checked there was four posts a day, for three days of posting. That's not natural.” Well, it depends. It can be natural, Aussie, it depends. For like a plumber posting four post a day for three days, you're right, that's probably not natural, because it's very unusual. Right? But, for a tech blog, a technology blog that's pretty average if not that's probably on the lower end or the more conservative side, but probably if you're not posting a lot, yeah, that's probably a bit excessive.

“The website has a T-1 branded ring, if I want to fix what happened, what do you think I can do? Disembowel the T-1 branded ring?” I don't think that's the problem. Wait for three months. I would wait, first. But, hold on, “A fix from Fiverr, worked for me in the past with GSA links penalty,” if you are in the US market I wouldn't suggest that, but if you're outside the US market, then yeah, you may very well be able to get away with a Fiverr gig that would help. If it has not worked in the past for you, it might work again. I don't know. I'm not sure what the gig is. “The website isn't worth a dime, leave it and that's it?” Well, that's up to you. I mean, it's again, how much work have you put into the project, already? And, if the website isn't generating any revenue for you then sometimes recovery is not the best option, in other words, sometimes abandoning it and starting over, or replacing the website, in other words, you might be able to use the same network and just replace the main domain, and get some rankings back. It just depends.

Sometimes if you're not making revenue from a particular asset and it goes into a penalty, personally, I would definitely abandon it and move on, if it's not already, if it wasn't generating me revenue to begin with and I got a penalty I would abandon that and go to another domain. Right? Because it's easier to start from scratch, or start with a new domain, I shouldn't say from scratch, because if you've already got a network and you've got a lot of stuff already in place, then it's just the matter of replacing the main domain. Then, updating your networks and everything to use the main domain as the main website, and the trigger and all that. That's not very difficult. If that makes sense.

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Spending time and effort on a recovery for a site that wasn't producing revenue to begin with, is a waste of time in my opinion. Although, I'm sure other people may have different opinions I personally would abandon it and start with at new one, if it was, but if it was generating revenue prior to the penalty, and you want to recover it, and it's an aged site and all that kind of stuff then those are some of the things that you can do. I don't think it's a network issue, though, to be honest with you. I've never seen a syndication network, ever, cause a penalty. It's usually-

Marco: Yeah. Bradley.

Bradley: Go ahead.

Marco: If I can for a moment. There was something, I mean definitely that definitely happened on April 18th, because we even saw it on some of the stuff that we're tracking. Where things all of a sudden tanked, that was the update that they did for fake news, so I don't know when this all took place, when his rankings dropped, it's not deindexed or anything none of the stuff got deindexed some of it kept steady and some of it dropped right on the 18th when they did the update.

It could just be that, but we see we left some of the stuff alone, and we've seen it just come back, because the filters that are being applied don't really apply to what we're doing, since we're not dealing with news. Definitely just rate, man, just rate, stop it's 80/20, right? Apply 80/20. Stop. Leave what you are doing. Leave it alone. See if it comes back and if it doesn't you should be doing something else that is going to make you money instead of concentrating all of your time and effort into this, that may or may not make you money.

Bradley: That's right. Okay. The next part of that is, “I asked support at Syndication Academy to help me, but they said, Hump Day Hangout,” yeah, because support isn't for SEO, help, or guidance. Support is for if you're having trouble with an account like logging into a member's area, or something like that. That's what support is for. The groups and Hump Day Hangouts is for support, for like SEO questions and that sort of thing, guys. Then, obviously we have one on one, if you want it. “I'm willing to pay, but would it be any good?” Well, I mean, it's one on one time with us to go over whatever your property, and when I say with us, with one of us to look at what you've got and try to come up with a plan. I mean, that's basically it. The more prepared you are ahead of time for the meeting the more that we can serve you during a one on one meeting. Again, it's probably unnecessary, because your questions can get answered in the groups, for the most part. Okay.

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All right. Let's see. Just to followup on this very quickly. Wait for three months, I don't know if I'd wait for three months but I would give it some time. Start working on another project in the meantime, because then if you're patient and you give it a little bit of time to see if it recovers, which it may on its own, anyways, just because you're probably have been, Aussie, I know you've been a bit aggressive with this whole thing, anyways, and that could be part of the problem, you could have triggered a sandbox penalty, because of all the stuff that you've been doing, being a bit too aggressive, that may be the problem, so if you leave it alone, it may come out of the sandbox give it some time. So, you could be working on another project during that time and then come back to it, and if it hasn't come back out of the sandbox after a little bit of time then you can proceed with replacing a domain, if you want to continue with that asset. If that makes sense. Okay.

Buddy VIP & Video Poking

All right. Columbia is up, she says, “On your advice I just bought the Buddy VIP software poking tool.” Okay. “I'm very excited to now have the capacity to tell where a keyword is going to rank. Over promising on ranking has been my greatest fear, so I've avoided doing it.” Yeah. You shouldn't really promise rankings, anyways. I don't promise ranking, I say, look, my history is such that I generally always get to the top position, but I cannot guarantee that, and I always make that disclaimer before going with a client, for example, because we don't work for Google, we cannot guarantee rankings.

I mean, I guess some people will actually guarantee rankings, but I think that's really dumb, because all we can do is apply what knowledge we have and do the best that we can, and obviously we want to get results, but that's also why I don't lock my clients into contracts. Right? I never have, because I've always said, if I'm doing my job, you should want to continue paying me, because it's serving your business. If I'm not doing my job, then you should be able to stop paying me at any time. That's why I've worked my entire career that way, and I've still got clients from five years ago. Obviously I'm doing my job. You know what I mean? Anyways.

Multiple Google Accounts When Using Video Poking Tools

“I heard that Google is not fond of poking tools, and is doing some penalizing for using them. I noticed in the software tutorials that they mention spreading your searches out over several YouTube accounts, does that mean YouTube channels or Google accounts? What is the reason for spreading across different channels or Google accounts?” Okay. First of all, Google is not fond of poking tools, it's a spam action. Google is totally not cool with that. Right? But, who cares? We do it anyways. Right? We spam the hell out of Google, figure what keywords are ranking or, which ones are going to be easiest to rank. Then, we can delete those videos from those channels, no harm, no foul. In fact, that's what Buddy VIP does, I mean, all of them can do that. Live Rank Sniper is the most recent one, which is really cool because you don't even need a video for that. It's just schedule of live events. The point is, you can poke all those keywords and within 15 minutes you can check results and then delete them all, after you've compiled the results. Right?

I mean, you could literally spam Google with these accounts and do it under the radar very quickly, other than, unless it trips, because you're trying to upload too many keywords, or test too many keywords, which essentially means upload too many videos to one channel in a too short of a period of time. Does that make sense? That's where the next part of your question, when you say, multiple YouTube accounts, that's where that comes in, because let's say you want to poke a 100 keywords, and you've only got one YouTube account, and you try to poke a hundred keywords with one YouTube account your accounts are most likely going to get terminated, or at least it's going to get flagged and it's going to send up basically prevent you from creating anymore, or uploading anymore videos, because there's a threshold. Right? There's a limit within a 24 hour period. I know, because I've hit it just recently with the Rocket Video Ranker software from Bill Cousins that I was testing. I hit that limit with a channel, a couple times, actually, because I was trying to upload too many videos at once. Right?

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The idea is instead of having, trying to poke a hundred keywords with one YouTube channel. I wouldn't even try it with five, I would do it with a minimum of 10 channels. Right? So that you could spread it out 10 keywords per channel, so that you're only uploading 10 videos per channel, and that's going to spread your risk out, and that's not going to trip that or raise any red flags. You can use those channels. When you asked about, is a Google accounts or YouTube accounts, they're one and the same. Right? When you create a YouTube account, you have to have a Google account to create a YouTube account. They're one and the same.

I would recommend that you just go ahead and purchase YouTube accounts, because it's just so much easier that way. We've got a provider that we use, although, I can tell you right now, even he's having trouble, recently, with phone verified accounts, because Google is really cracking down on that. It's becoming a true pain in the ass to get phone verified Google accounts. Okay. But, if you want to check out the YouTube account creator that we use go to bulkpva.com. That's bulk, PVA for phone verified accounts, dot com. Tell them I sent you, they'll take care of you. All right.

“Right now, I only have one Google account and about 10 active YouTube channels.” Okay. Now, I understand what you're asking about with the Google account, I recommend spreading it out. Here's the thing, Columbia, if you're using 10 YouTube channels, but it's under one account and you're poking with all 10 of those YouTube channels, in other words, let's say that the same 100 keywords from the example, you start poking with 10 keywords per channel within that one Google account, what happens if any one of those accounts get flagged? It could potentially harm the entire Google account, which means it could potentially harm all of the other YouTube channels within that account.

That's why I recommend for spamming, for poking, for testing that you use a one to one ratio, or at least a separate Google account for each test channel, so that it's a different channel owner, for each channel. Right now, you've got 10 YouTube channels, but it's one owner. One account owner, which is the Google account. Does that make sense? I prefer, or I would recommend that you go out and get 10 separate YouTube accounts, which are Google accounts. All right?

Proxies When Using Video Poking Tools

“Do I need more Google accounts to safely use Buddy VIP tool, should they be my own name, or persona?” Persona names is fine. Just buy them, that's what I'm saying, Columbia, it's going to be so much faster just to purchase them. If you're going to be doing a lot of poking, buy 25 or 50 accounts and have them handy, so that you have them. Okay. “Is there a need to use proxies with this tool, and are we hiding anything?” You probably, I would use proxies, because if you're trying to upload like a 100 videos from one IP in a very short period of time, it can cause problems. I prefer using proxies. That's entirely up to you, what's your risk, level of risk, what are you comfortable with?

This Stuff Works
“Do you have any current warnings about to do and be careful of when using this powerful tool?” No. Just spread out, the more YouTube channels the better, I prefer using proxies. If you're going to use proxies get dedicated proxies, so they're clean. You should, if you're doing SEO, Columbia, or online, if you're using any sort of tools, you're probably going to need proxies anyways, so I recommend getting five or 10 dedicated proxies. It's going to cost you monthly, but they'll be your five or 10 dedicated proxies that you can use for various tools, even account creation. Okay. It's worth it. It's something, it's just a necessary, it's the cost of doing business if you're in the SEO world, for sure. “Also, there was a $50.00 coupon offered on your webinar, when I checked it there was no box available for the coupon, so I was charged full price. Thanks.” Yeah. Columbia, that was an old webinar, so I'm sure that was a limited time coupon.

Mobile Theme Or Some HTML Template For Pay Per Call Ads

Okay. Jenia is up, he says, “Thanks for all you do gentlemen. Purchasing your course is one of the best return investment decisions I've made. I appreciate it. Loving Local Kingpin.” Plus one. Thank you Jenia. “Question, do you use a mobile theme, or some HTML template that you use for paper call ads?” No. I just use ClickFunnels now for everything. Absolutely, everything. ClickFunnels basically you can, when you're inside a click funnel, when you're editing the landing pages, you can edit the landing page for desktop, and also for mobile, and also for tablet, so you can literally only select certain elements to only show on desktop, for example, videos.

You can also remove certain text elements, like blocks of text, or paragraphs, or sections of the page, so that they don't load on mobile, because people typically aren't going to be reading that shit on a mobile anyways. You know what I mean? It's more about, when I set up my local lead gen landing pages I basically strip down the mobile version to be basically just the contact information, the contact form, and then a few mentions of the services and stuff like that. Then, the necessary links, like the privacy terms of service and that kind of stuff. That's it. I strip it down to it's bare bone, but I use real simple landing pages for local lead gen, anyways, Jenia, because I think personally I've tested now landing page with more copy verses, you know, long copy verses short copy for local leads, and it makes no difference.

In fact, the simpler landing pages actually convert better. Yeah. You don't need, I don't use a template, I just use the landing pages and I use, I tend to try to stick with just a handful of templates inside ClickFunnels that I like to use, just because they work well. All right. Another one. “Can I, or should I build links to the Google Maps URL that is ranking on page three right now, or will it mess things up?” No. You can build links to it. That's the My Maps URL, wasn't it, that's the shared URL from inside drive, isn't it?

Adam: Yeah.

Schema Markup Overboard

Bradley: I think it is. Either way, you can build links to it. Okay. Ivan says, “Hey, guys. Can you go overboard with schema markup on the main website?” Yes. You can. “Would it be considered unnatural to add too much or would that help your site? Thanks.” Yeah. Structured data spam, that's a manual penalty. You can actually get a manual penalty from Google inside a search console for structured data spam. I've gotten it. You can definitely over markup pages, so I don't recommend it. Now, and as Marco mentioned at the beginning of this webinar, we're going to be doing a structured data webinar next week, Ivan, so make sure that you be on the lookout for the registration link when it goes out via email, because we're going to be talking about that. Marco said, not all structured data is created equal. You want to stick to the type of structured data that's going to have the most impact and you want to make sure that you're not spamming your site with structured data. Marco, you want to comment on that?

This Stuff Works
Marco: Yeah. Fake structured data is what gets you. The fake reviews. Fake stars. Fake views on a video. Just anything that the algorithm can pickup and know, you know, they can compare it with the data, oh, this is fake. You raise a flag. Someone comes and looks at it, oh, this is definitely fake, and then you're stuck until you fix it. Right? Why go through all that? Why spam, well we do spam structured data, but there's a right way to spam it. There's a right way to add a ton of structured data, it just has to be done correctly. It just has to apply with whatever it is that you're doing. Like, we usually do organization in the header, with JSON Plus LD, the link data, and that works really well.

There's other stuff that you can do, whether you're doing images, video, author, whatever it is that you're doing. You can get really intricate. I'm not going to go deep into the exact things that you can do, because we've been doing a lot of research into this and we have, we do have a lot of information that we won't be sharing. Guys, it's readily available. All you have to do is go and look at it and see what it is that your encouraged to do. Website is called schema.org. Everything is there. I mean, everything.

Bradley: Yeah. Ivan, I've shared these many times before, we should put these on like a recommended resources page, because this comes up almost every webinar, now. Not everyone, but a lot of them. I'm going to open up a couple links here, and drop them on the page, again, guys. These are my go to guides for, excuse me, any time I have to do any sort of structured data, at all, I always refer to these three articles, right here. I also have one more for you.

Marco: And, we have our own in SERP Space that they can use.

Bradley: Yeah. The structured data creator that JSON LD created. Is that what you mean?

Marco: Yeah. It's right in SERP Space. It doesn't cost anything to use it.

Bradley: Yeah. That's right. There's a question coming up here in just a minute about that by the way, from Roy. Where is this thing? Right here. Okay. This, right here is the schema list, this is the most up to date that I know of, because I think it gets edited in real time, so the type of local business types, in other words. I'll go ahead and drop all these links, guys, onto the event page, real quick. And, we'll get back to it. This is the schema list. Ut oh, some comments have been remarked as spam. Someone's comment got marked as spam. That happens guys, and I don't know why Google does that sometimes. I apologize, whoever comment that is. There's really no way for me to retrieve it. Sorry. Try submitting again, I guess. One more. All right. Those are my best. It looks like, no, okay. Cool. Those are the ones that I always refer to, guys. Yeah. We have the JSON LD creator inside SERP Space now, so double check that.

Delete Or Stop The Labels From Being Put In Automatically In IFTTT Syndicated Content

Paul says, “Hey, guys. I have a unique issue with Blogger. Blogger is putting the labels in each post automatically. How do I delete or stop the labels from being put in automatically? Blogger calls them labels.” Paul, check your IFTTT applet. Chances are you have an app that labels field inside the IFTTT applet is where your labels are being inserted. I bet you that's it. Okay. Otherwise, I don't know where else they would be coming from. That's generally the only place I know of where you would insert labels into every post would be from the IFTTT applet, itself. All right. “Thanks, guys for all the work you do. I wouldn't be crushing it on Google without you.” That's awesome, Paul. Thank you. I'll try to Plus one that. There we go.

Ordering Syndication Packages In Serp Space

Okay. Wong says, “Hernan, I bought the SEO Battle Plan after we ordered syndication network, you suggest we order a small boosting package. May I clarify what exactly you mean by small boosting package. Does the 3500 web 2.0 enough without tier two, or GSA tier two GSA, or is tier two GSA mandatory? This is a new website and syndication network.”

Hernan: Yeah. Good question, Wong. I would keep it really slow, and we talked about this, you want to treat those syndication properties as part of your brand, that's why we say that if you have a brand new website you take it slowly. You know? You can always go back into SERP Space and order some more web 2.0's and then throw at tier two GSA, now we have the indexing service, so you can put the links over there pretty easily. The reality is that you want to take it slowly, because these are brand new brands using now, and these are brand new properties that you want to take care of. You know?

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Yeah.

Hernan: That's why we are recommending a small package to start with. Set up the entire syndication network. Set up the website. Give it maybe 30 days, sorry, do the blasting, give it 30 days and see where it lands, because again, you can always go back and take out the big guns, like for example the PBN's, or for example RYS stats those are like more advanced stuff, but I would suggest that you take it slowly so that you don't go overboard and you get flagged, or maybe sandboxed, or whatever that is.

Bradley: Like, what Aussie is dealing with.

Hernan: Exactly. Yeah. Exactly.

Minimum Metrics Of Each Pbn From Serp Space

Bradley: “About the PBN service in SERP Space, what is the minimum metrics of each PBN that I order from SERP Space?” Shouldn't it be listed on the page?

Hernan: Yeah. It should be listed on the page, Wong, but we usually go above and beyond the metrics over there, because I've done some mystery shopping over there, and I think we all have, and since we have our own scrapping methods and we have our own way of finding PBN domains, it's crazy the quality of domains that you have. You know? Sometimes, metric wise, sometimes, and less important metric wise, they will be average, but the quality of the links that those-

Bradley: Right.

Hernan: PBN's have, they are amazing. That would be what I suggest, Wong, that you focus on what kind of backlinks those PBN have instead of the metrics, because metrics, we have seen can be manipulated they're non relevant to Google, because they are third party, while I would suggest specific metrics, we also suggest that specifically when purchasing PBN domains, and this is general, not only from us, but from any vendor out there, or even if you're doing your own scrapping focus on the links.

Bradley: That's right.

Hernan: The links that, that domain has. That will make it a lot more powerful and maybe the metrics are average, but the links are super good.

Bradley: Yeah. The ones that we have, the scrapper that's out scrapping and then we have basically a script that filters out stuff that's pulled back from the scrapper that don't meet certain criteria, so they get filtered out automatically. Then, the resulting list is gone through by hand. Right? We have somebody manually go through and check the backlink history for everyone of those, don't we?

Hernan: Yeah. Sorry. I was muted. Yeah. That is correct. We have a human being go through them. We are really vetting all of those domains. You know? They are really good.

Marco: What we're actually implying is everything that we did for the Video Powerhouse and Maps Powerhouse networks, the same things that we did to find the domains for those two, that's what's being applied to the PBN service, now. It's quality. You can find relevance, if you can find, and I always say this, if you can find a really high metric domain, one of those super powerful that has links from seat sites and seat sets, then it doesn't matter whether it has relevance or not. When you're down at the level of $10.00, $15.00, $20.00 PBN, then you should look for relevance rather than metrics.

Bradley: That's right.

Marco: Always.

Bradley: Are we allowed to talk about how many domains we scrap for Video Powerhouse with this method?

Marco: Sure. Why not?

Bradley: 3,000. We bought 3,000 domains, guys, using the exact same method. That's why we are able to sell domains now, because we had to develop the method to be able to scrap that-

Hernan: Yeah.

Bradley: Many damn domains, it was crazy.

Hernan: Yeah. You know, it's funny I get pinged from time to time on Skype groups and Facebook that people are telling me, “Hey. I'm having a hard time finding good domains.”

Bradley: Yeah. That's because we bought them all.

Hernan: Yeah. Having in mind that every day a 100,000 new domain servers out on Jester-

Bradley: Yeah.

This Stuff Works
Hernan: That means that pretty much, maybe 50% of those are expiring every day. You know? I don't understand how people could have a hard time finding domains. That's because they're buying this same, the bottom of the bucket lists that will be cheap, too, because usually the brokers will keep the best for themselves.

Bradley: Yeah.

Hernan: I just don't understand it. There's just such a wealth, and abundance of domains, great domains out there that I don't understand how people can have those problems, but if you have those problems come and get a domain from Semantic Mastery, we'll solve it.

Bradley: All right. Roy's up, he says, “Firstly, Bradley,” or, “Thanks Bradley for answering my dental client question.” You're welcome, Roy. I believe there was a followup question, I haven't had a chance to get to that, yet, but I will shortly. Roy's question, was carried over from last Hump Day, and actually the previous one as well, so I told him to post in Facebook, and he did, and just like we did for Ken, last week, Ken Roberts, I spent some time going through that with him, for him, as well. Guys, from time to time when we get to questions that don't get answered, or they weren't answered properly the first time, feel free to ping us in one of the groups, so that we can get it answered. We'll instruct you, when that's a proper time to do that. Okay?

Do You Have To Subscribe To RYS Academy To Order RYS Entity Stacks From Serp Space?

Today's question, “Do I have to subscribe to RYS Academy to order RYS entity stacks from SERP Space?” Absolutely, not, Roy. Absolutely, not. You can order RYS stacks whether, or drive stacks, whether you are in RYS Academy or not. If you want to learn how to build them yourself, then yeah, that's what RYS Academy is for. Excuse me, that's what that's for. If you want to just pick one up, and then dissect it, reverse engineer it, you're certainly welcome to do that, as well. Okay. It's entirely up to you.

Do You Put Them All On Your Marketing Company Channel Or Do They Need To Be Spread Out Or Placed Differently?

Columbia is up again, she says, “If you are wholesaling, or white labeling videos, do you put them all on your marketing company channel, or do they need to be spread out, or placed differently?” Okay. That's a good question, Columbia. It depends, as always. Right? It depends. Here's the thing, if you've got like a PLR type video that your, you know, it's a white label video, so you can label it for any client. Let's just say you're going after the plumber niche, I'm just using that as an example, so you've got a white labeled plumbing video.

The problem with putting it all on the same channel is that if you're using the same video and the only thing that has been changed are the details, like as far as the text overlay, maybe with the phone number, you know, the call to action, that kind of stuff, then you run the risk of that channel eventually getting terminated because somebody will report it as a spammy channel, because it's the same video, multiple times on the one channel. Understand that, that is a risk you are going to take, if you're going to go that approach.

I understand the reason for wanting to put that many, you know, the same video on one channel, it makes total sense, because if you build up the authority of that channel, and you build syndication networks and all of that other stuff, you SEO the hell out of the networks, backlink them, all this kind of stuff, the stuff that it takes to get a really powerful channel that ranks videos, easily. Right? All that stuff that we have to go through and then you start loading the same video to that channel, over, and over, and over again. Right? Obviously, if you're live streaming, which I think is what you're doing, you don't need to worry about uniquifying the video. Right?

The video doesn't have to be unique when your live streaming, because every live stream is a unique file. You can just use the same video over and over, and over again, and it makes sense, because then it's going across, you know, it's being published to that powerful channel with all the syndication networks, blah, blah, blah, that's great. I understand all that, but the problem is now you're opening yourself up to having everything lost if that channel gets reported as spam, and then you get a manual review and it will likely be terminated through a manual review. That's in part why it makes sense to have a handful of channels that you can use to do that kind of stuff.

This Stuff Works
I know it kind of sucks, because it's added expense, it's a little bit more of a management nightmare, as well, or management headache, I should say, but it's in order to reduce your overall exposure to Google. Right? In other words, let's say that you split it up across five channels, and one of those channels ends up getting terminated, okay, so you lost 20% of your business, or 20% of your revenue. It's a lot less painful than losing all of them, at one time, if you have them all on one channel. Guys, that's the cat and mouse game we play. Right?

She says, “Using Buddy VIP I'm planning just to straight live stream upload for each one, which apparently each keyword that ranks,” or that she identified as easy to rank. “Is the software 100% accurate or is there a variation, and if so, how much difference could that be?” Yeah. Columbia, that gets back to the earlier question that you asked, if you're using a bunch of test channels, spam channels for poking, then those channels aren't going to be connected to anything else on the web. They're just YouTube channels. There's no syndication network. There's no identity validation. There's none of that. It's just using brand new channels that you set up specifically for spamming, or testing, poking. Right? Whatever word you want to use.

If you're able to rank videos on a new channel, that's not been, that has no entity, or identity validation, there's no connection, what we call orphaned accounts. Right? Because there is no other connection on the web. But, yet, you're able to rank certain keywords with those channels then if you're going to use channels that you have built up, that you can call your money channels, for actually ranking the keywords that you know through your testing, that you can rank for with little or no SEO work, those channels are probably going to be SEO, and have syndication networks, or they should anyways. Right.

So, you should, it's not a 100% accurate, but most of the time you should be able to achieve the same results and most of the time even better results with your money channels than what you were able to do with the test channels. However, it is Google, and it is an algorithm, so there is a random ranking factor where sometimes a new channel will rank a video on page one, and an established channel with syndication networks won't. It's rare, but it does happen. It's an algorithmic anomaly. Right? That's just the random ranking factor. That does occur from time to time, but just know that if you're going to target keywords that you've identified with spam channels, or test channels.

Then, you're going to target those with money channels, your very, very likely to achieve the same results, and most likely, and equally as likely to achieve better results. If that makes sense? Okay. Jenia is up next, “Man, between all the courses from Semantic team and Hump Day it seems like we hangout with you guys every day.” I know, doesn't it feel like that sometimes? I feel like I'm on a webinar every damn day, too. That's awesome. Thanks, Jenia. Okay. “Marco, it's a mind unifying a brilliant-

Marco: [crosstalk 00:41:33].

Bradley: I'm sorry. Go ahead.

Marco: Yeah. He did add that we're making him money, though. We're his best friends forever.

Bradley: That's awesome. It's not us making him money, he's making the money. All we're doing is providing information. He's taking the action.

Marco: That's it. You have to take action, if you just consume information and do nothing, then nothing for nothing leaves nothing.

Bradley: That's right. Noting we did, all we did was provide the information. Columbia says, “Marco, it's a mind unifying a brilliant, highly skilled people in the digital universe.”

This Stuff Works
Marco: That's almost right, but not quite.

Bradley: What is?

Marco: She's answering the question when I said, riddle me this.

Bradley: Oh, okay. You guys lost me, for a minute. All right. Let's see Adam, that's not Adam. That's not a question. Jay Turner, “Can you post a sample schema code for a blog post?” Jay, it should be right here in all those links that I just shared. There should be article markup there. I mean there's got to be article markup in there. This is the most thorough structured data documents.





Kevin, “What was the name poking software?” Live Rank Sniper, Kevin. I think, semanticmastery.com/lrs. I think, that's it. If not, Adam can grab the link, I'm sure. “Great software.” By the way, Kevin if you end up purchasing Live Rank Sniper through our link, just contact us at support or actually, you'll probably get added to the bonus site automatically, but if you don't, reach out to us at support and we'll get you added.

I think you'll be added automatically, but we did, I did a full case study with Live Rank Sniper on how I use it for local stuff, and it's a good case study and you'll get access to that. Kevin says, “You always mention that we need to wait 21 days as a cool off period. Does that apply to drive files, My Maps, and YouTube videos?” Not as much, because I usually don't wait for those at all. What do you think, Marco?

Marco: No. I think all bets are off when it comes to drive file. Now, if you're building the drive files over to some type of destination, and it's the destination that starts dancing, then you should definitely leave it alone. But, you know the problem with, well, it's not a problem with the folders and drive files, they come in and out of the index, they come in and out of the rankings until one day, everything just settles and your number one forever, like the examples that we've done, but that's just you did it and left it alone, the next thing you knew it was number one. Right? I mean, that's basically what you need to do.

Bradley: Yeah. That one.

Marco: Just do it and leave it alone.

Bradley: Virginia SEO one, yeah, that I set it up in May of 2015, so it was two years ago, and that's exactly what happened, is I did, I think I did a send wire blast to the stack, into the G site at the time, and then I did a PBN run from one of my really shitty PBN's that I had basically turned, because it was an old PBN, so it wasn't set up to the standards of which I would do it, you know, two years ago, in other words, it was a PBN that I didn't use for linking anywhere near money sites, anymore, I used it mainly for video syndication.

I did a small run on that with, I think, 13 links, so essentially linked from 13 different domains. Then, I left it alone. It took about five or six weeks, and actually I don't know when it ranked during that five or six weeks, didn't rank for the first couple weeks, I know, because I was checking it regularly, and then I kind of forgot about it, and I looked back about five or six weeks after it was initially built, and the damn thing was number one, and it's been number one, give or take, it's been in the top three pretty much ever since May of 2015, which is amazing. [crosstalk 00:45:25].

Marco: Yeah. If you remember, you were trying to index it and it wouldn't even index.

Bradley: That's right.

Marco: For whatever reason, you just kept trying. I tried. I had Dr. Gary trying, and then we just left it alone, we just said, oh, well, it's a fail.

Bradley: Yeah. Okay. Paul says, “I did check that, and it's not coming from IFTTT.” Okay, Paul. That would have been my only guess, so I'm not 100% sure. There's got to be some sort of default setting in Blogger, then. I'm sure you've been through everything, but I mean that's what I would do. My next step would be going into Blogger directly, and going through the settings and see if there is some sort of default setting in there. I might also, I cannot imagine where else it would be coming from, Paul. Sorry. I cannot help you more with that, buddy.

First thing I would have thought, I mean, as I mentioned, I would have checked IFTTT, because I don't really mess with labels or tags inside of Blogger, at all. Ever. I might just put the brand name as a label in the IFTTT recipe for the network and that's it. If that makes sense? I never mess with those. I cannot really give you any more guidance on that at the, oh, I'm sorry. Maybe post that in the Syndication Academy group, and somebody else might have a response to it, and if not, I'll try to play around in Blogger for the next update webinar, and see if I can figure out where that may be occurring. We just had update webinar, last week, though, so it's probably going to be two or three weeks, probably about three weeks before we have another one. But, I'd be happy to take a look at that.

Kevin says, and we're almost out of time, guys. It's cool, because it looks like we're almost out of questions. Good timing. “It's my question that was spammed.” Okay, Kevin. “Hey, guys. If throw in a Google short link to my clients money site in the description of the YouTube video, I'm pushing through Video Powerhouse with 100 normal embeds, plus 10K web two embeds, plus a 150K tiered links, would that be too much power to drop rankings or penalize the money site?” No. It shouldn't, because those are no follow links from YouTube descriptions, so you can get away with a hell of a lot more. I would certainly want to hear Marco's and Hernan's opinion, as well, but you should be fine to do that.

Marco: I think 100 embeds is way too many.

Bradley: To start with.

Marco: Yes.

Bradley: I'd probably do a little less. Yeah.

Marco: Yeah. No. I would go way, way less, because the problem is, I say problem, but it's not really a problem, it's a benefit, a lot of those have IFTTT networks built around them, or they're being built. Right? They're in the process, we're in the process of just expanding everything, so those 100 normal embeds may just be 2,000. Right? There's really no way of knowing, so dial it down, go 25-

Bradley: Can I interrupt you for one minute, though.

Marco: Sure.

Bradley: Because remember the embed, the Google short link is in the original YouTube video, the embeds across Video Powerhouse aren't going to have that short link, because-

This Stuff Works
Marco: Okay.

Bradley: That's the description of the video, not in the embeds.

Marco: All right.

Bradley: [crosstalk 00:48:38].

Marco: Whether-

Bradley: [crosstalk 00:48:43].

Marco: The link makes no difference. The embeds are still going to take place and it's either going to be 100 or 2,000 or somewhere in between there. I would dial it back.

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: [crosstalk 00:48:55]. I recommend-

Bradley: It depends on what it is, but usually when I submit a video to Video Powerhouse to start with, and I don't know how much work you've done already, but when I'm starting off with a new video, like I just uploaded. I usually do about 25 embeds to start with, and then I'll wait a week or two and then go back and add additional embeds, if needed, because a lot of the stuff, I don't like to dump a 100 embeds on, because it uses a lot of credits, number one, but number two, it's a lot of the time overkill, you don't need that many. It's better to try to rank, or get results with the least amount of effort, and the least amount of resources used. If that makes sense. I'm sorry, Marco, I didn't mean to interrupt you.

Marco: No. That's fine, because that's exactly what I was going to say, and I'll spread it, for example, I'll do some in the general category, I'll do some in the metrics category, and I'll do some niched, looking for the niche. I'll add those 25, as you said, and then I'll save some for a supporting video that's in that same silo in YouTube to push out the video, so now you get more bang for your buck. By all means, use the embeds, but use them wisely.

Bradley: Right.

Marco: Instead of just all that power at once, because I can tell you that 100 will probably make it dance.

Bradley: Yeah. The last part of this question, Keven, where he says, “It would probably be wise to throw social clients,” excuse me, “throw the clients social citations, et cetera, with Google short links in there as well, I'm thinking.” Yeah. Here's the thing, like I mentioned earlier, the links in the description of your original video and the channel that you're uploading the video to, that's the only place that those links are going to be present, because on all the embeds, it's just going to be the embed code and it will link to back to the actual video, so essentially you're building links and embeds back to the video, not to, you're not building any links through the embed network to the money site, because the description of the original video does not get pushed out across the Video Powerhouse network. Okay.

The same thing goes with your social links. Right? It's the same thing. Here's where I think you're going to get, not, I think, but I know that you'll get the best results is if you set up, if you're going to use the Google short link for the social profiles and the money site, is now send traffic to the video that clicks through those links, because if you're using Google short URLs, you're basically allowing Google to monitor all of the traffic through that link. You're giving them analytics, like injecting analytics into the link stream. That's exactly what you're doing. You can set up social referral traffic campaigns using something like, Crowd Search, for example, which by the way, we're going to be offering those services inside of SERP Space here in just a few weeks, which is going to be awesome, because you'll be able to submit a video through video powerhouse and then send traffic signals to the video, which is freaking amazing.

Anyways, that's what I would do, Kevin. I would set up, because that's a really, really strong way to send really good signals back to Google, is to send traffic signals to the video and then if you're using Crowd Search, you can tell Crowd Search that you want them to click on internal links, which means links on the page. In this case, the YouTube video description. Then, you can specify, which links you want them to click on. They'll click on those, and if they're Google short URLs it's injecting that, it's basically telling Google exactly, hey, there's traffic coming to this YouTube video, and then there's traffic clicking through the links in the description over to the social properties and then you can even do another click from the social property over to your money site.

This Stuff Works
My point is, that's a really good, strong social, or engagement signal that you can send that way. That would be something that, you know, I set up social traffic, and what's really cool is I don't know if you guys know this, but inside of Crowd Search, which we're going to be integrating it with SERP Space and Video Powerhouse, but you can actually take the RSS feed out of a web two network. For example, your WordPress RSS feed or your Blogger, or your Tumblr, or Dego, you can take those RSS feeds and add them to Crowd Search, so that whenever a new post is made, or whatever posts are present in the feed at that time, which is generally going to be 10 posts it will at random send traffic to the web two URL, so the post URL that it found in the feed, and it will click through, so now that's traffic that gets sent to the web two, and then it will spend some time and do some internal browsing, which chances are it's going to click on a link within the post that links back to your money site. Another great traffic signal. Right?

That's another way you can power up your web twos without backlinks, I mean you should be doing backlinks, too, but my point is traffic signals is really, really important right now for SEO, guys. You can use something automated like Crowd Search, for example, to send traffic through your web two networks back to your money site or your videos, or wherever you want it to, and produce those signals in an automated fashion that Google's looking for.

Marco: And, I'm just wondering how many people realize that you just gave them a way to get around that default, no follow link that YouTube gives, everything.

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: You just gave them away to get around it, because your sending signals that people are clicking on the link and actually following through to wherever it is that you're trying to get the people to go. The bot will follow. You just gave them too much, for free, in my opinion.

Bradley: In case, well, isn't that our way?

Marco: Yeah. It's what we always do.

Bradley: This should be, and I'll double check it, but this should be the back door link to get, because I know Crowd Search is closed to the public, but Dan always leaves in open for us, because we've driven a ton of traffic in there, because we're such heavy users of it. It's crazy, because I use 50,000 to 60,000 credits per month. It's crazy. All right. Cool. I think we're done, guys. We're out of time, anyways.

Marco: Yeah.

Bradley: I've got to go. We appreciate everybody being here. Okay. Am I back.

Marco: Yeah.

Hernan: Yeah. You're back.

Bradley: Okay. Cool. I appreciate everybody being here. We have Mastermind webinar, tomorrow, for those that are Mastermind members. By the way, we had like 10 new Mastermind members join in the last month. We just had another one join, today, so welcome to all of the new Mastermind members, guys. We're crushing it in there. We got a lot of cool things coming up. If you haven't joined the Mastermind, yet, maybe you should. We'll see you guys there tomorrow.

Hernan: Yeah. The guys joining, they also have some perks, and gifts, so that's fun, too.

Bradley: Yeah. All right, guys. Thanks, Marco. Thanks, Hernan.

Marco: All right. See you later.

Hernan: Bye-bye.

Bradley: See you.

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