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By April

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Adam: All right. Hey, everybody. Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts. This is episode 132. Today, is the 17th of May 2017, and we got the three of us here today. We're missing our South American contingents, but you've got myself, Bradley, and Chris here. So, Bradley, how's it going man?

Bradley: Good man. I'm happy to be here. We got lots of good questions already, so that's good.

Adam: Awesome. All right. Chris, how about yourself? How're you doing?

Chris: Good to be back in Austria. Was quite nice to be on safari, being chased by lions, and having dinner with elephants. Was quite an experience.

Adam: That's good. [crosstalk 00:00:38]. You weren't eating the elephants were you?

Chris: Definitely one for the bucket list for everybody.

Adam: Fair enough. Fair enough. All right, cool. Well, I'm just surviving the new heat wave. So, since Marco's not here to talk about the weather, I'll say that it finally got warm up here. It turned into summer in one day. Yesterday was like 55, and it's 90 today.

Bradley: Yeah.

Adam: Yeah. It's got to be pretty brutal on Virginia. I would imagine right now.

Bradley: Yeah. It's fucking hot.

Adam: Like, what's the temperature? Fucking hot. [crosstalk 00:01:01].

Bradley: Yeah, it's like, I don't know 70, or excuse me, like 93 or 94 degrees right now. You're right, yesterday it was beautiful, and now it's like 93 degrees and kind of humid, so anyways.

Adam: Yeah, summer is here with the heat. So, all right. Before we get into it, just want to say, if you're watching, thank you, first of all. And then secondly, if your new to Semantic Mastery, please check out Syndication Academy. It's a great place to get started with Semantic Mastery. You're already here, which means you're at a hub to hang out, which is great. So, you can go to syndication.academy, and you can click on the link in the description or on the page. And then, if you haven't yet, go over to serpspace.com and get your free account over there. That's where you can get a lot of the done for U services. You can go check that out. We're doing a pretty massive upgrade on SERP Space right now with the combined teams, and so we're going to have a lot of good news coming out about that as well. Let's see. In terms of other announcements, right after Hump Day Hangout, so, like right after at 5:00 pm, there's going to be a RVR Pro, the Rocket Video Ranker Pro, webinar. I don't know, Bradley is it like the bonus or kind of the add on?

Bradley: Yeah. It's the bonus webinar. We're going to be hanging out with Bill Cousins, the developer, and Lem Moore, and just the three of us, and we're going to be chatting about, taking questions, and just chatting about different types of strategies for using YouTube stuff for client getting, and ranking SEO strategies, and just that kind of … We're just going to be kicking it for an hour. So,-

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Adam: Awesome.

Bradley: … you know, anybody is free to attend, it's the bonus webinar for RVR Pro buyers, but you guys are more than welcome to come check it out, and you might glean some good information from what we're talking about, today.

Adam: Awesome. All right. I'm wearing the sweet Semantic Mastery hat, that matches my Wayne Clayton Nike headphones, but I did want to say we've got an extra one, and we want to give one away. So, we've got a few left, so whoever can tell me, there was an episode of Hump Day Hangouts that we did when we were in Panama, if you can tell me what color shirt Bradley was wearing, and if you're the first one to put it on the page here, I'll give you a hat for free and we'll ship it to you for free. Pay attention to Hump Day Hangouts, but also do that. All right.

Bradley: Everybody will be searching the YouTube channel. All right. Cool. Are we ready to get into stuff?

Adam: I think so. Are you guys good? That's all I got.

Bradley: Yeah. I'm ready.

Adam: All right. Let's do it.

Bradley: Let's do it.

Chris: Let's do it.

Bradley: [inaudible 00:03:34] screen. Tell me when you hear me.

Adam: Good to go.

Bradley: Okay. Cool. Okay. Paul answered, “Black,” I don't know if that was correct or not, because I don't remember. He's the first one to answer anyway.

Adam: That's like, I'll go check.

Integrating Adwords Call Only Ads On Google Maps 3 Pack

Bradley: Paul is up first, he says, “Hey, Bradley, I know about AdWords call only ads, but I wasn't aware that you could do them also inside the Maps 3-pack for Google My Business. How do we go about, or where to find it, the option to set those up? Not seeing that option from AdWords dashboard, or am I missing something here? Thanks.” Yeah. Paul, it's not, there's not an option for it, it's just if you set up call only ads, and you're the top bidder or whatever, you don't even have to be the top bidder, but if you're the top quality score, or whatever, you'll get … And what's funny is a lot of the other … A lot of competitors don't have call only ads set up, so they don't show up in the Maps pack. If they have location extensions enabled, I think you can show up in the Maps pack with your location enabled, extension enabled, as well, but with call only ads, if you are the top bidder or one of the only bidders, which is what I found is the case a lot of the times. Google will just place you into the Maps 3-pack, above, like in the three pack.

This Stuff Works
Now, we've already known for some time that if you were the top bidder, or the top placed ad, that you could show up in the expanded Maps, when somebody clicked for the more places link at the bottom of the three pack. The ad would show up at the top of the expanded Maps listing, or expanded Maps page. However, the call only ads are showing up in the three pack, but not on desktop, it's only on mobile. It's not something that you select. It's not a setting inside AdWords. It's just if you're the top placed ad with call only ads, I'm starting to see those popping up now on mobile search in the three pack, which is great because then you don't even need … I mean, I haven't tested all the ones that I've got set up currently have locations anyways, so I've already had location extensions enabled, but I haven't tried that without location extension.

If you can get a call only ad to show up in the Maps pack when it doesn't have an associated location with that, you know what I mean, like, an associated Google My Business page with it, I don't know if that would show up in the Maps pack. But I know with accounts, you know, Google My Business Local pages attached to those accounts and through the AdWords location extensions. Right? Through that, then I know the call only ads will show up in mobile search, three pack, which is crazy, that's awesome. You don't have to do anything, you just got to have good ads, good click through, basically the top placed ad. Very simple to do Paul, it's not anything that you can select. Again, I haven't tested whether or not you need the locations extensions for that to work. All of mine have location extensions, so I don't know I that's a variable that matters or not, you'd have to test.

Explaining The Benefits Of Google Stacks To Your Clients

Scott's up, he says, “When working with clients, how do you explain Google stacks, so that they can appreciate what's being built?” I would avoid trying to explain to them exactly, I mean, some clients are going to ask a lot of questions about, like technical details and stuff like that, if they curious and they really want to know, and you want to explain it to them, then I would try to explain it to them as using Google's own properties as a buffer between other SEO, off page SEO activities that work now, but could potentially down the road cause harm. You have to explain that to clients, man, Scott. Whenever a client asks about stuff that, what types of things are we doing, and that happens. Right? Sometimes they really want to know what's going on, and they're just curious, or whatever, so I'll explain, we produce articles, and we blog, and we build back links, and social signals, and all that, but we don't do it necessarily directly to your site, Mr. or Mrs. Business Owner, because that could cause problems, although what we do works, and is technically, in air quotes, and I might not say that to them, but it's legit, it works. Nothing that's going to cause any harm.

It doesn't mean that tomorrow Google doesn't change everything, once again, remember Mr. Business Owner, I do not work for Google, so I cannot control what they're going to do, none of us can, but we have best practices in place that have been shown to produce results over time. That's why we use Google's own properties as kind of a buffer between our other off page SEO activities and your money site, and it's basically an SEO firewall that protects your site from potential harm down the road if Google ever decides that they don't like, you know, current best practices. That's what I always say, just something like that, so basically I'm just telling them it's a great way to buffer or protect their sites, as well as siphon some of the Google authority from Google to their site. Right? Because you're saying, I'm building a network of Google properties around your site that will all be linked to your site, you will siphon some authority from Google, we'll validate the entity and we'll help to protect it from potential harm in the future.

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That's basically how I talk about it, but again, I try to avoid that conversation with clients unless they're really, really curious, because a lot of times you start getting into technical stuff like that, and their eyes gloss over and you lose them. You know what I mean? It's better to talk about how it builds authority and builds their brand then talking about like back links and all that other kind of stuff. Talk about how Google is rewarding brands, and using Google's own properties to reinforce your brand is going to siphon some of that authority from Google and you will be rewarded for it. Okay? Hopefully that was helpful.

Embedding Google Drive On Websites Technique

Mark O'Connell is up, he says, “Hey, guys. I don't have a question, today, but I have a couple of things I found out that are pretty cool. They are to do with our networks, you can skip this if you want, but I think they're both useful, so I will post them anyway.” Mark, since you're always such an enthusiast participant I will certainly read your comments. “This first one is about the Google Drive document we use to put all our links in, if you go to your brand page, you can copy the links and paste them into the document, and it comes with favicons and looks pretty cool when embedded on a site or on a G site wherever you embed it. Here's the screenshot.” Okay. Cool. Let's go take a look at that. Okay.

You're saying that you can copy all of your profile links from your Google Plus page, brand page, and paste them into a doc. I think that's what he's saying. Yeah. That's pretty cool. “It copies the URL and the icon and everything.” That's pretty cool. That's a quick way to do that, because I know that's pretty time consuming to go in and type, enter in all those URLs in manually when you're setting up your own drive stacks, or whatever. That's pretty cool. Thanks for that. “I think it looks better this way.” Yeah. It will be helluva lot faster, too. Thank you for that, Mark.

“The second was embedding a Map in the Tumblr header. When you are putting do follow links in the head section of Tumblr, you can embed a Map, it looks pretty big on posts when you do this, but it's part of the head, and it looks like a hero image type thing. It looks good, and I think it's an extra embed on a powerful site, so I'm not sure if it's worth doing or not, but I cannot see it harming anything. Keep up the great work. Long live Semantic Mastery.” That's right. POFU, Mark. Hashtag POFU. That's awesome. I would probably want to kick that one over to Marco to play with a little bit. I'm actually going to copy this and ping this over to Marco, now. All right, guys. Just give me one second. Okay. I'll explain that to him later. All right. Thanks for that Mark, we appreciate that.

Keywords In Serp Space RYS Stacks 

Randy is up, he says, “What's up all, with your RYS stacks through SERPSpace, you all ask for a main keyword and then 50 minimum keywords, how do you use these keywords in regards to URL we give you?” The keywords are used really for adding into the metadata of the files. Right? Of the drive files. That's really, because you can spam the hell out of those, and I think Marco put the Wikipedia article for New York City, which was something like half a million words, or 50,000 words, or something like that, it was ridiculous, it was really, really long, and if you're able to paste that into the metadata of the drive files, and that's why we do that, as well as, I cannot remember if we're doing any of the content generation or not, I don't think we are, so it's really just for the metadata of the files, Randy.

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That's all it is, because the main keyword is really the one keyword that's going to be used throughout a lot of files themselves for the links, where anchor text can be created, but remember most of the links from Google, even if you can give them an anchor it's not like a traditional style anchor, because it's a Google redirect URL, and you can see that in Google Sheets, for example. Anytime you put something in and you link it you'll see that the way that the link is it's not like a standard anchor text URL, but it doesn't matter, it just adds additional keywords into the metadata as well as, for example, on the drawing, on the Google drawing file, there's lots of different sections that we add to it, so we'll use different keywords, there, and it's just to reinforce relevance. That's it. We don't actually use those keywords for back links, or anything like that, Randy, so you don't really have to worry about over optimization, or anything.

Best Practices On Internal Linking Blogs With Branded Syndication Rings

Okay. Alexander. He says, “Any specific strategy on, or precaution when linking internally on blogs with branded syndication rings? The one syndicated blogs already have a link back to the post and to the home. The other platforms link back just to the post,” which you want. Yes. “If I add another link, maybe one or two internal links on posts they will also generate more back links from the blog platforms, problem?” No, Alexander. See that's why I prefer to stick with only a branded tier one network for blog syndication, because it's not a problem, if you put an internal link in the body of a post before it syndicates, so that anchor text was going to be the same across all the blog properties in the network. Right? It doesn't get shifted, or changed, or anything.

That's why, even way back when we first launched IFTTT SEO Academy, before it was Syndication Academy, I mentioned that in the training way back then, because if you were losing multiple tiered networks, or whatever on a blog syndication then you could quickly run into over optimization of anchor text issues for any links that get syndicate, but when you're only using a branded, one single branded ring, you're only talking about three, four, or five, if you're using Medium and Weebly. It would be a total of five, but typically for a standard ring it's only going to be three blog properties, so it's not an issue. Three additional anchor text links from web two properties that are branded, which is syndicated content from your money site, Google knows all that, so it's not going to cause an issue.

It's when you have that same article going out to persona based networks, multiple persona based networks, and it's the same anchor text over, and over again, that's where it could cause problems. Okay? Yeah. That's a great question, but no, that's not an issue. If you're using multiple tiered networks you've got to keep that in mind. I highly recommend that you not do that, but if you're going to, then like I said, you can still do blog syndication, it's not a problem, you just have to remember that. You have to remember that you only want to use if you're doing a post and it has an anchor text and it goes out to let's say 12 different blog sites, all those blog sites are going to have that same anchor text so I wouldn't use that same anchor text again in another post. Right?

Not for the same URL anyways, I would switch up and use variants where whenever repeating another link to that same, you know what I mean, to the same destination, I would change up the anchor text, or use naked URLs, or even brand terms, remember guys, you can use your branded name as the anchor text for inner pages, or for posts, you don't have to always link with the keyword. Right? You can use your brand name, you could actually do brand plus keyword, that's powerful, too. For example, you could say, check out our plumbing repair, check out Joe's plumbing repair services, right, so now that's Joe's plumbing and plumbing repair services both in one keyword, if that makes sense. You can actually link to the plumbing repair page within the body of the post and you're getting both the brand and the keywords, it's a hybrid. That's powerful, as well. Okay. Okay.

Just one more followup on that Randy, again, if you are going to be using tiered networks, or excuse me, that was Alexander's question, Alexander, if you're going to be using tiered networks then I would stick with more of those types of anchors, like brands and naked URL brand terms and naked URLs, but if you're doing a single branded ring, you don't have anything to worry about. Okay?

URL Shortened To Avoid Generating Too Much Links

“Should I use the URL shorten links on those links to avoid generating too much links from those platform?” No. I don't. Here's the thing, if you use the IFTTT short URL, which I think is IFTTT, or if you use the Bitly, or buffer, or buffly links from buffer, then all of those links, every time you make a post, it's going to have that short URL everywhere that it gets syndicated.

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I think that's more of a footprint, then using just your own, you know, removing any short URLs and just using your domain URL, I'd rather be building the authority back to the actual domain, the root domain, then to Bitly and Buffly and all that. We use those for spamming purposes, guys. The 301 redirect URLs and short URLs very strategically. Right? Not for syndicating your own content, I don't recommend it. Okay? “Also, if you have time for more questions, talk about how you guys plan to use WP video site on your strategy.” Okay. If we have time for that, maybe. Chris G, was really driving that ship, so he's not on, today. Maybe if we get a chance, Alexander, come back to it.

Multiple Google Sites With One Gmail Account

R Bacon says, “This is a followup to a question that I had about setting up Google site, website, and how many to have within one account, where I assume you can still create multiple YouTube channels and corresponding Google Plus pages with one Gmail account, it doesn't look like I can add multiple Google drive accounts with one Gmail and I assume that sites might be the same way.” No. That's not correct. I think it's Robert, if I'm wrong Robert, I'm sorry, but anyways, you can have multiple Google sites under one account. I know, because I was just in there, today, in Google sites, today, and the specific account I'm in has multiple Google sites in there. Yeah. You cannot have multiple drive accounts, but you can have multiple Google sites accounts within, and just keep in mind what I said about being careful with that, because if something happens where that Google account gets terminated for spam or whatever, you're going to lose all those sites. Yeah.

Keeping The Proxy For The Associated Gmail And GDrive Or Google Sites

You can have multiple Google sites in one account, and I know that for a fact, because I was in there today with one of my accounts that has multiple Google sites. “When I've created a new persona in G drive with the IFTTT SEO process, using a proxy and phone verifying the Gmail account, do I then need to keep that proxy and always log in using an associated Gmail, or G Drive, or Google sites, or is there a different, more efficient way? Honestly, I'm going to tell you this, and it might not be something you want to hear, but go buy Browseo. I mean, I'm not kidding, if you're doing SEO work guys, like Browseo should be an absolute, like it should be a staple. It should be part of your toolbox, and the only reason why I'm saying that is because for exactly what you're talking about, Bacon. I'm going to call you Bacon. It used to be, guys, and it still, and you can still get away with this. Okay?

You can create the account using a proxy and a phone verified using burner phone numbers, or whatever, and even those, like it's getting so much more difficult to phone verify accounts, now, guys. It really is. Even for our phone verified account provider it's getting more difficult. It's across the board becoming more difficult. Once you've created the account, you can log out, clear cache and cookies on your IP, remove the proxy, clear cache and cookies, run C cleaner, and then log into that account through your own IP, and you may have to reverify the account, but you only have to do that once. Then, you can log in and out of that account from your IP as many times as you want. However, I don't recommend doing that, anymore.

If possible, the way to avoid that, now, is to use Browseo, because you can assign a proxy to an account, and use that proxy every time that you log in. In fact, you never, unless you manually go log out, you actually never log out with that profile, using that IP. That's in part why I like it so much, because every time you go to do any activity in that profile, anyone of the accounts for that profile it's going to be building a history. A digital history, and a footprint, and cookies are going to start to accrue for that profile, for that persona. Right? So, cookies will start to accrue. Guys, that is so much more natural looking than every time you go to switch accounts, you log out, clear cache and cookies, switch, you know, don't worry about the proxies, that has nothing to do with it, but just logging into an account that's always on a 100% clean, fresh, wiped clean browser, that looks unnatural.

You can still do it, and it still works, right now, but I can tell you that it's likely that those accounts aren't going to be nearly as effective or as powerful as accounts that have a typical browsing history and cookies accrued. If that makes sense. Again, Bacon, I would recommend highly, and Browseo, by the way, guys, has a monthly now, for people who didn't want to buy the yearly, or the lifetime licenses, which is quite expensive, now. Totally worth it though, in my opinion, but they do have a monthly now. Get it and start using it, it's going to save you a shit ton of time, first of all. Second of all, it's going to make your profiles so much stronger. As far as proxies, guys, my favorite proxy provider for these, especially for stuff with Browseo, I like buying permanent proxies, so I only have them replaced when needed a lot of proxies, proxy providers will automatically replace your proxies every 30 days. I don't like that, because I want to keep the proxies associated with the personas, or profiles that I have assigned to them. Right?

This Stuff Works
I've been using easy proxies. semanticmastery.com EZ, the letter E and the letter Z proxies.com, or excuse me just semanticmastery.com/EZproxies will take you over to there, it's a great, I've been using EZ Proxies for four or five years, now, and I like it, because they're permanent proxies you can select, like you can say, I just want US based proxies, and they'll send those to you, if you ever have any problems with them, they replace them within 24 hours, no questions asked, so it's just really good service. I've been really, really happy with them. By the way, get dedicated proxies, guys, don't get shared. I know it's tempting to get shared, because it's cheaper, but you want clean proxies. Okay.

Paul is up. “Bradley, to follow up on using Google Drive files properties, I got it to work for an AdWords call only campaign with hundreds of ad groups and keywords, but there's a kicker, when I called to speak with the different AdWords specialists, they said that it is not allowed and of course I did it anyway based on what Marco, the unrepentant Google Spammer advised on a previous Hump Day Hangout. That's funny. I'm also [inaudible 00:24:38].” So, you ran a Google AdWord ad campaign with the URL that somebody would click to a Google Drive file, I think that's what I'm understanding.

I did a follow up on using Google Drive file properties. I got to work for an average call in the campaign with hundreds of ad groups and keywords. Here's a kicker when I call to speak. Yeah. If I'm following you right Paul, when you go to set up a call on the ad and AdWords, you have to have a verification URL, and you just used a Google Drive file to verify that you had keywords and such that match up with the ads I suppose. Anyway, that's pretty cool. I've not tested that. I haven't seen really the reason to, but it's pretty cool to know. I'm also testing a brand new niche campaign that has more engagement activity for call in the ads and will report back on how it goes. Thanks guys. Cool. Thanks Paul.

Managing Multiple Local Businesses In The Same Market Without Having Any Conflict Of Interest

Internet Marketing Einstein. Nice. Or I am or I'm Einstein. Bradley, I know you've talked about writing over contracts but I'm wondering how to do this with multiple businesses in the same market and niche without turning it into a conflict of interest.

Yeah. that's a tricky one. It's a really good question. Yeah, that's a tricky one. I would almost say if it was in the same like … Then, I wouldn't do it, because it could cause a conflict of interest. Here's the problem. I had … I still have one of them, but I had two clients that were roofing contractors and they're twins. They're identical twins. They're both roofing contractors and they both live and work and run their businesses in the same area. It's funny because they both hired me for SEO. They knew it and it was funny because every single time I would make improvements on one of the brothers campaigns and he started to out rank his brother for some keywords, his brother would call me, “What the fuck are you doing man?” Why do you like him better than me?” I'm not kidding. It was a constant battle but it was kind of fun with those guys because they were twenty brothers and they were always … They've been competing their entire lives. That was in part what made it like fun.

One of the brothers, he stopped about six months ago but the other one is still going strong, with me anyways. That was like a playful thing that was fun and yes, it made it difficult even though it was kind of fun and funny to make jokes and stuff, it made it difficult because I always felt that if I was doing more to one side than I was the other, then I felt guilty and I felt like I had to go work extra hard on the other side even if he really didn't need it. It's just kind of a weird situation to put yourself in and I would recommend against it. Instead what I would do is start targeting … broaden your geographic area so that you can target the same industry, the same business type, but just in different locations, so that you're you're not competing against yourself, if that makes sense.

If anybody else has any ideas on how … or experience with that, a good way to resolve that or avoid any potential issues, please comment on the page because I'd like to hear them Personally, I've just avoided it only because, like I said, having those roofing brothers, even though it was kind of funny, it was also a pain in the ass and it was a bit tricky, it was an awkward position to be in. Ever since then, those … Like I said, I still have one of those guys as a client. I've had them for four years, almost five years, at least four years. It's been all that time now that I've just always avoided it ever since because of my experience with those guys, if that makes sense. It wasn't a bad experience, it's just awkward.

This Stuff Works

Good Practices When Using OBS For YouTube Live

Gregg says, “I've gone through your YouTube Academy.” I'm assuming you mean Silo Academy. I'm not sure which one, we've got a couple of them Gregg. Anyways, “I wanted to do my first YouTube live event with the prerecorded three minute video using OBS. Every OBS tutorial I've watched is doing the more complicated actual live streaming. Can you share the simple steps on how to do this for your method that I've used [crosstalk 00:28:51] before.

Adam: [inaudible 00:28:53] Someone gave him the link above, so he's going to go on that part.

Bradley: Okay. For the OBS training that I did?

Adam: Yeah.

Bradley: Okay. Cool. It's really simple Greg. Everybody tries to over complicate it but it's really simple, just grab your stream key and you just select your media sources, and it's just like running Wirecast, if you've ever done that. In fact, it's easier than Wirecast to set up. Okay? I recommend having a still frame before and a still frame after the video so that you have basically three media sources selected and in queue, so that you can click from one to the next, to the next, so that it gives some nice editing points for the beginning and the end plus the call to action slide. All that's been covered. Again, if you've got the link you should be able to see all that in the training.

Adam: Yeah, let me give a shout out here to whoever put that out there. I'm looking for it real quick. Steve. Thank you very much for that.

Thoughts On Sitewide Footer Links From PBNs To Money Sites

Bradley: There you go. Thanks Steve, appreciate that, I'll plus one it. Okay. Ossie. What's up Ossie? He comes almost every week with questions now, that's awesome. “Hi all, a quick question. What do you think about Footer links site wide from PBNs to money sites. And what do you think about directing into tier 1 [inaudible 00:30:00]?” I wouldn't do it to money sites, not site wide links. I wouldn't mind putting a footer link in a PBN, as long as it was a footer link only present on one page. I would not do a site wide footer link to a money site. So, guys, make sure you understand that distinction.

I would put a link from a PBN site to a money site in the footer of a single page, but not site wide because those are notorious for causing problems, site wide footer links. So, unless you know of all of it, which would kinda defeat the purpose of putting it in a PBN anyway. Instead, if you want to put a site wide, I wouldn't not put it to a tier one network property. That's fine. I just wouldn't do it direct money site. The reason why I wouldn't hurt a tier one money, or excuse me, network property is because those are web to sites that can withstand that kind of stuff. I would not point that directly to a money site, though. Single page, yes. Site wide, no.

Adam: Real quick, Bradley. If you skip back down to Greg's question, he had one at the bottom of that longer question [crosstalk 00:31:15]-

Bradley: Sorry I missed it.

Adam: Yeah, no worries.

Bradley: I missed the second part of that too. “So, all the tutorials go through a lot of setting bit rates, any tips of setting it to use …” Yeah, no, you don't have to go through all that, Greg. It's real simple. Just watch that OBS tutorial that we did. “I have a lot of video powerhouse credits. Can a video be uploaded to my YouTube channel as live event, schedule one out a week, and then submit the URL to video powerhouse before it goes live? Thanks.” Yeah, you should be able to, Greg, as long as it's … Well, as far as I know. [crosstalk 00:31:47]-

Adam: We haven't done that, but yeah, you should be able to.

Bradley: You should be able to because if it's a scheduled live even that's set for public, it makes it an indexable YouTube URL. So, you should be able to click on that, open it up to the watch page, and it will say, “This live stream hasn't started yet,” or whatever, and hit the share button. Well, all you need is the URL at that point. You don't even need the embed code, so yeah. It should work. I haven't tested that, but it should work. In fact, that would be a good test, guys. Like maybe for one of our next webinars or something.

Chris: Yeah, definitely.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Test something like that? I think we should. That's actually not a bad idea. We can do a case study for video powerhouse, testing that method. So, thanks for the idea, Greg. We might actually do that. Alexander says, “Just don't do more than one per city, I guess.” What was the question there again?

Adam: Ranking local contractors in the same market, yeah.

Bradley: Exactly. That's exactly my point. I wouldn't do it more than one business per city. “OBS would for sure be harder than live streaming, but after learning would be much easier to stream. Just need a good connection for a VPS.” Yeah, I just do it from home. I got a really fast connection here at home. OBS is fairly simple to use, guys. I actually avoided it for a long time because I heard everybody said it was real geeky to use. So, I was using Wirecast, which sucks. Wirecast is a pain in the ass, and half the time, it doesn't connect. I never liked it. So, finally, I decided to bite the bullet and try OBS, and I was kicking myself for fighting with Wirecast for like a year prior to trying OBS. It actually is very simple.

Proper Channel To Use When Uploading Video Wholesaling Services

There's a guy that … I probably mention it in the OBS video, but there's a guy that has a training course on how to use OBS. It's like 37 bucks or something. It's really good. That's what I picked up to learn how to use it. Columbia Jones says, “When wholesaling your services for ranking videos, do you upload them to the end user client YouTube channel, or a separate channel, and set up and control? Or do you just upload it in your own agency channel?” No, Columbia. I absolutely, and I encourage this every single time this question comes up, absolutely run the client's videos through your own channel. Make that a condition of working together, a condition of your services, that you're gonna take their video, upload it to your channel to be syndicated across your networks.

Here's the thing, if the client … And I've had this come up, and I've had clients say that they wanted me to rank the video on their channel. I say, “Okay, that's fine.” Then, I quote them three times or four times the amount that I quoted them if it was on my channel and my network, seriously. That's what I tell them. I tell them, “That's fine. I can rank it, but I'm gonna charge you $1500 on a set up fee, and I'm gonna charge you $500 a month for a video that would've been normally $100 a month for me to rank for you.” I say that because I tell them, “I've got to go out now and build the digital assets. I gotta build the syndication networks. I gotta start injected authority in your channel. It's gonna be an enormous amount of work, Mr. or Mrs. Business Owner. So, therefore, if you want me to do that, I can, but it's gonna be literally,” and I quote them like five times the price.

And I've never had one single business come back and say, “Okay, we'll take that option.” No, they always say, “No, that's fine. You can put it across your channel.” The reason I say that is because you get to build your own digital asset, which you control. It's yours. Well, I mean you're renting it from YouTube so to speak. But it's your asset. You manage it. You control it. You control the level of SEO, the syndication networks, the back links, everything. So, you can build that asset up, make it very, very powerful, and then whenever you go to provide a service for another client, or leads, or whatever, you can upload to your own channel, and you've got a powerhouse there. And the other part of that is, so it makes it easier to rank, number one in less time because you're constantly should be building your own asset. But then, if the client decides at some point that they don't need you anymore, after the videos rank, well guess what? It's on your channel.

By the way, guys if you do that, if you're running people's videos through your channel because you've built the asset that's got the power and the authority that makes stuff rank, whenever a client decides that they don't need you anymore, do not delete the video from your channel, just turn it to unlisted. Because if you delete it, then it removes that page that has the YouTube video that has been syndicated across all your network properties. There's still a lot links out there that are flowing back to that YouTube watch page, the YouTube URL, through the embed and everything. So, if you delete the video, you've just killed that trickle of juice that's coming in from that video from all the network properties that it got syndicated to, and addition SEO stuff that you did to it.

So, don't ever delete those videos, just turn them to unlisted. If you turn them to unlisted, they'll fall out of the index within a couple of days. Sometimes it takes a little bit more depending on how frequently Google updates the search results for that query, but it's usually within a couple of days, it falls out of the index. So, the client will no longer benefit from your services, but your channel will still benefit from that video that syndicated throughout your network. Do that make sense? So, anyways, hopefully that makes sense. Definitely, I set up theme specific networks, Columbia. I did not push things through my agency channel at all. In fact, I've never really done much marketing for my agency at all. I didn't really have to. I set up themed channels. I have a channel that was specific for Virginia businesses, which was a general them. In other words, any type of business could be syndicated through that network. It was just the common denominator was it was Virginia, right. They were all Virginia based businesses.

Then, I've also had contractor based networks. I've had health based networks, real estate and luxury rental networks. So, that's what I recommend is you build a general syndication network that you tie a channel. Brand your channels guys. If you're doing this kind of work, create a pseudobrand, like a directory style brand for each one of your channels, and create themed channels like that, and networks. They're so much more powerful. Like I said, I have about five topical categories. Well, one of them is a state based category, channels and networks that I use for ranking videos for clients, and plus for lead gen stuff. Okay. So, those are assets that you can build up and keep, and continue to build up. That's, in my opinion, the best way to go about it.

To really streamline things, Columbia, and I've said this a million times, I would focus in on one single industry, and become dominant in that industry. Instead of trying to rank videos for all different kinds of businesses, I would literally target one industry, and just hammer that industry, just broaden your location. Start targeting other cities because then you get really, really good. You can have a very, very, very tightly niched themed channel. Everything could be hyper focused across that one industry type. So, you'll know the keywords well. You'll be able to scale quickly. You'll be able to sell better because you can set up prospecting funnels and automations on the front end to bring clients or service providers in the front door. So, again, I really recommend that you try to zero in on a specific industry. You'll be able to scale so much faster.

In hindsight, that's what I would've done, guys. I did the same thing that just about 99% of people that get into lead gen and local marketing services do, and that was I would take any client at all that was willing to pay me, any client. I didn't care what industry they were in. If they were going to give me money, I was their man. You know what I mean? A pain in the ass though. I wasted so much time learning about different industries that I had no desire to, and they didn't end up being long term clients anyways. It's just a shit ton of work. If I had to start all over again, I'd probably would've just started with Tree Service contracts and stuck very specifically to that niche, and maybe expanded to, what they call “tangent markets,” like landscapers for example, lawn care services, those kind of things that were very tightly themed with tree services because then I could've built out on big ass PBN network and video broadcasting network, all my opting and prospecting funnels, and all that kind of stuff could've all been really tightly themed. And I could've done 25% of the work that I've done to this point, and still probably made more money. Does that make sense? Just some food for thought, Columbia.

Wayne says, “Cool inexpensive 20 bucks unlimited Gmail accounts, or even free if only two accounts. Service if you have multiple Gmail accounts, a service called Shift. Tired of switching between Gmail accounts, get Shift. Shift into higher gear with the email client that makes navigating between mail client …” That must be sales copy that he copied from somewhere because Wayne I know you didn't just like …

Adam: This looks awesome. I'm totally gonna check this out.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Yeah, it looks cool, but that's some good copy to [inaudible 00:41:14]. You should be writing ads for these people, unless you just swiped it.

Adam: I just clicked on a link. Yeah, that's their [crosstalk 00:41:21]. I mean, but maybe Wayne came up with that, and they took it from him.

Bradley: Yeah.

Adam: You never know.

Bradley: Was gonna say that's some pretty concise copy there. Good job, Wayne. Adam Moody … Yeah, I'll check that out. Yeah, Adam's not asking questions. What the hell am I doing?

Adam: Try to sneak one in here sometimes to see if you notice.

Bradley: Let's see. So, it was black.

Adam: Yep, you were wearing your, I think it was a funnel hacker shirt.

Bradley: Okay.

Adam: We were out on the beach. We gotta do that again.

Bradley: I thought it was the blue one. That's why I started plus oneing. But that was when we got our photos taken with the blue shirts, I think.

Adam: Yeah. I think we were upstairs. Yeah, when we were on the beach doing Hump Day Hangouts, you were wearing your black funnel hacker shirt.

Bradley: Yeah. Okay, cool. Problem … Oh, we're out of questions.

Adam: Looks like one more at the top. Greg was asking about … He's got one at the very top. Can you see it?

Embedding A Video On A Page Vs Putting A Link & Use Sistrix To Get Marked Up Data To Put Into Text Editor Of The Page

Bradley: Yep. Okay, Greg. “When putting a video on a website page, is it better to embed it or put a link using the [Citrix 00:42:29] video object mark up tool to put the data into the text that are on the page?” Greg, honestly the [Citrix 00:42:38] mark up tool is great because it marks up the video object correctly, but it screws up a word press page. It messes with CSS. I'm not a CSS guy, so I don't know how to go and edit that kind of shit to make it work. The problem is that it comes out looking funky if you embed it to a word press post because the div tags and everything create an H2 heading for the video title. Then, there's a great big open area between the H2 and the actual video, and it looks like shit on the page. Even though the object markup is good, in my opinion, it's not worth using because it's a pain in the ass to try and get it to format correctly. It just makes the page look funky. I don't ever use it anymore for that unless I'm using it in wordpress.com or something like that, like a web2 site, not for a money site.

Or if you're just doing it for purely SEO purposes, then yeah who cares what it looks like? That's entirely up to you. There are some plugins, guys, that will do that, will markup video objects. The one that I've used a lot, it's expensive as hell though, is Yoast Wordpress SEO with the video SEO extension or add on or whatever you call it. It's freaking expensive, but it is a good plugin if you're using Wordpress SEO because you have to use that plugin in order to have the video SEO extension. If you are using that plugin, it's a powerful plugin for video SEO and it creates the video at sightmap. Even though Google said they were gonna do away with it, it can get your video thumbnail to rank of to show next to your website URL in the search results. Even though Google said … And I don't know why the Yoast SEO plugin makes it possible, maybe it's just proper markup make that happen. I think there's a thumbnail URL that goes into the schema, and that's where they pull that image from.

So, anyways, I would check that out. There's also probably other plugins that do video markup. I don't know how good they are. I haven't tested them, just word of caution. The Yoast SEO plugin, the only thing … Wordpress SEO by Yoast is a pain in the ass now because there's just so much bloat to it, and there's so many things in there that I don't like about it now, stupid notifications and alerts, and they try to inject their own schema into the header and stuff, which you can clear just by leaving the text fields blank, that kind of stuff. I'm not using it nearly as much. It used to be my standard SEO plugin. It's not so much anymore. All right, next. Randy says, “[inaudible 00:45:25] we have multiple instance where we have two clients in the same niche and city. We do this by setting the expectations with them. The keyword volume needs to be there, but we haven't ran into any issues because they both are getting good ROI on our services. This usually happens when the second company usually on the third or fourth page finds out we ranked the number one company. It's a business in the end, and as long as both are getting good ROI, we set the expectations that this might happen. All will be good.”

This Stuff Works
Yeah, I agree with you, Randy. If you can set those kind of expectations, it's not a position I would want to put myself in. That's, basically, what I was trying to say. It can definitely be done. It's just not a position that I want to be put in, but thanks for that, appreciate that.

Wholesaling For Video Production Companies

Columbia, “Is it still valid to wholesale for a video production company that would seem to spread you out many niches [inaudible 00:46:12].” It does, Columbia, it does. I mean, so as long as you know that going in, that's fine. Randy just said set expectations. As long as you have your expectations set correctly, and you know that, then that's fine. You can do that. Why I like wholesaling video SEO services to production companies is because you don't have to do any prospecting then. Does that make sense?

The Video production company is your prospector. They're your sales force. It's on them to sell the video service, first of all, and then to upsell their customer into the SEO boost, which the companies I use, they just call them the SEO boost, the Google boost. But anyways, that's the reason why there's a benefit for that because then you can focus on just the SEO. Pay no attention to the many behind the curtain, that kind of thing, right. You provide the fulfillment, but you don't do any support. You don't do any sales prospecting, cold calling, none of that, no contact with the customer. The video production company is the point of contact. That's what I like about that. You're right, that's why I built several themed networks the way that I did, was specifically for that reason because that way …

Guys, the categories that we built the networks in for Video Powerhouse are very similar to the same categories that I had built for my own video broadcasting networks used for video production companies, wholesaling SEO services to them. That's exactly where that model came from, was from my own business from those kind of themed broadcast networks. And it works, it's just that you have to build more and more assets to be able to cover a broad ranged of industries, right. If you don't mind prospecting, or if you are willing to put up with prospecting. Whether you mind it or not doesn't matter. If you're willing to put up with prospecting and get good at that, then I recommend sticking with one particular industry because then you can become a big fish in a small pond. That's a hell of a lot easier than becoming a big fish in a big pond, or being a small fish in a big pong, which is what you'll be if you cater to every business.

There's a million other companies out there that are trying to be generalized companies that will cater to any business. There are very few specialized marketing companies. Specialized marketing companies, guys, is where you can increase your rates, you get better clients, you can charge more for your services, you can be more selective. You, also, will start to have people come to you, instead of you having to be doing the prospecting yourself. People will start to seek you out because you will because known in an industry, or a market, a vertical. So, again, it's entirely up to you. If you can deal with prospecting, remember guys, you can even outsource prospecting. So, I would still recommend going with a single industry or vertical, and really scaling in that one vertical, but you're gonna have to be good at prospecting or set up automations like lead gen funnels and that kind of stuff.

If you don't want to handle all the front end stuff, then yeah, going to video production companies, and selling wholesale services to them is a fantastic way to avoid all of that front end work, and just work on the technical stuff. All right, guys. Appreciate everybody being here. We're gonna wrap it up. We're out of questions, and we've got Rock a Video, Rank a Pro webinar coming up in about 10 minutes. You guys are welcome to attend. Should've had the registration link on the page somewhere.

Adam: Yep. Definitely, and I'll put it up there again real quick.

Bradley: Okay, cool. Appreciate everybody being here. We'll see you all next week. Mastermind members, we've got a Mastermind meeting tomorrow at 3:30. So, we'll see y'all then.

Adam: Bye everybody.

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