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Adam: Kick It!

Bradley: Oh Wait.

Adam: We’re not the Beasty Boys but we are Semantic Mastery. What’s up everybody? Today is the 14th of June and this is Episode 136, the episode where Bradley takes over a local library to do Hump Day Hang Day Hangout. You’re not going to see Bradley. I think he was having some camera issues. He is here. He is on the road and he is still doing the Hump Day Hangout. We’re going to do our thing and say hi real quick to everybody and then we’ll get rolling.

Bradley, real quick. Do you want to say hi?

Bradley: Yeah, hey everybody. I’m at a public library because I’m traveling today with, well not really traveling. Just hanging out with my daughter. This is her last week of school and she was off early. I had a lunch meeting earlier in the town that she live in. I just stayed here to hang out with her for the afternoon. She’s in the background trying to hide her head. I’m here.

For whatever reason I’m on a Chromebook and it says that the Hangouts couldn’t get the camera to work. What? Go figure. Come on Google.

Adam: Just when you think you have it nailed you’ve got a Chromebook and you’re doing a Hangout.

Bradley: That’s right and it says it still didn’t work.

Adam: All right. Hey Broehman. How’s it going man?

Broehman: Pretty good. How are you doing?

Adam: Not bad. It’s nice. It cooled down. It was in the 90’s here and now it’s in the 70’s, about 80. I’m loving life.

Broehman: Oh yeah, it’s about the same here.

Adam: Nice, nice. All right, Marco. Speaking of the weather, how are you doing man?

Marco: What’s up Man. It’s nice and warm. Rainy season. It rains in the afternoon. We can’t beat the weather dude. It’s nice and warm in the morning, sunny. I wouldn’t live anywhere else in the world. I’m where I want to be.

Bradley: Beautiful.

Adam: All right, put Costa Rica on the ‘To Visit List’. I think we’ve got to go down there you guys.

Bradley: I’m down.

Adam: Awesome.

Hey Hernon, a little bit further south. How’s it going?

Hernan: Yeah. While you guys are having fun and chilling in the sun, I’m fucking freezing down here. Good man, good. Everything is good. I’m excited to be here.

Chris: If you’re cold dude, come to Spain.

Hernan: Oooh, that would be a good idea.

Bradley: Is that where you are right now Chris?

Chris: Not yet, no.

Two weeks probably.

Adam: Nice

Bradley: Okay.

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Adam: Awesome. That’s it for introductions real quick. We do have a few announcements we want to get through real quick. We’ve got some really exciting stuff to talk about today. I’m going to run through my announcements real quick.

As always, if you are new to Semantic Mastery first of all, thank you very much for joining us on Hump Day Hangout. Much appreciated. We are really glad you’re here. If you haven’t yet, please check out the Syndication Academy. I’ll put the link in here in just a second.

If you haven’t created your free account over at Serpspace where you can get dun free services, free mark up tools, all sorts of cool stuff. Head over to serpspace.com and create your free account.

One last thing, you might have seen that there was a webinar for the battle plan. The SEO blueprint. All right? That was for people that might not have heard of it yet. But what we’re going to be doing next week is … It’s not just we release this and that’s it. We’re actually going to be having an update webinar for people who bought this one time product. We’re going to be offering that just to people who bought the battle plan. If you want to be a part of that, I’ll drop the link along with an awesome coupon code. By all means, please take advantage of that before the webinar so you can join next week and see all of that.

Does anybody have any notes on that stuff?

Bradley: I just want to mention. We’re doing the webinar. It’s kind of like a walk through of the actual battle plan process. The timeline. Kind of like the timing of each service and each step that we take. We’re doing to intentionally so that we can expand upon what’s in the PDF. Kind of like step by step, also fill in some additional gaps and whatever with some additional questions that have come in. Lastly, once the webinar … plus we are going to answer some Q & A for anybody that has questions. But then afterward we’ll have everything time stamped in the webinar so we’ll probably go back and edit the PDF to actually add the time stamp so in the PDF you can click on the link and it will take you straight to that section of the webinar. We’ll expand upon that section. It’s going to be a much more valuable PDF after the webinar.

Adam: Definitely, yeah. We did listen to everybody. We got some feedback. People are saying “This is helping us. I can see how to use it but I’d like some help on timing. Things like that”. We definitely want to update it and make it as easy as possible. We mean it when we say it’s a blueprint you can just follow. Cool.

All right that’s it. Do you guys have anything?

Bradley: Not I.

Hernan: If you guys also want to take advantage of that coupon. If you also want to take advantage of the one dollar trial for Syndication Academy that’s also on the sales page. I would strongly recommend that. You’ll have access to the Syndication Academy. It’s only one buck and you can test it out. You can test drive it. So go ahead and give it a shot.

Bradley: Okay. Can we get in to questions? We got a bunch.

Hernan: Yeah, let’s do this.

Expand The Local Presence Of A Business To A Nearby City

Bradley: Edward Gelb is up first. What’s up Ed?

He says “Can you tell me the best way to have a presence in another location? Do I set up a virtual office via a Post Office address as an example. I would like to have a client presence in Charleston, South Carolina, and a client that is in Hilton Head. Thank you.”

[inaudible 00:05:24] what Ed is talking about.

It’s funny because we hear [inaudible 00:05:31] saying that the USPS post office box with the street address doesn’t work but yet I do it all the time. I just did another one again last week for another business that I’m working on. I did several of them about three weeks ago as well. It still works guys. What I always mention is, the reason why I say to use the USPS post office box is that they are the cheapest. The tend to work the best out of all the ones that I’ve tested. I’ve tried UPS, the UPS stores, and those don’t work as well. They are also a hell of a lot more expensive.

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The trick is really, what I recommend is if you are going to use the post office box is you’ve got to use the street address option. It’s a PDF … you can find it online. I’ve got a link for it but I’m on my chromebook so it’s gonna be difficult for me to grab. You can search for it. Go to Google and search for United States Postal Service or USPS PO box street address option, or something like that. Look through the first few links, you’ll find it. It’s a PDF. You can download it. Take it to your local PO box, or post office when you go to tun a PO box. You submit the form with the payment, blah blah blah. That’s it. You can now use the street address of the actual post office and then you get a box number. I’d do it because it works. The only problem that occurs is if you try to register multiple PO boxes underneath the same profile that can flag the account. They can, I’ve heard they have had their accounts terminated because of that. I haven’t experienced that.

I have had a single map listing at one time that was filtered out, the messenger warning said something about Spam. That was it. I only had that happen one time and what I did was just went and created another Google profile, opened up the Google My Business Account, registered the same damn address. It was underneath a different profile and it worked just fine. I just want you to know that’s really the way to get around it. If you are going to be using PO boxes use a different Google profile and then just add the main profile or the business, whoever, yourself as the manager. You just want to add yourself as a page manager so that you can still access that location from the company’s Google My Business dashboard. But the actual, the owner so to speak, with air quotes is underneath a different Google profile. Does that make sense?

You guys it still works absolutely, like I said just split it up. We always recommend trying to mitigate risk as much as possible. That’s why we use different Google accounts for everything.

Google Knowledge Panel for Ecommerce Sites

All Right, Amco sights; “What is the most affective and efficient way to get Google Knowledge Panel for any ecomm site”.

I’m assuming you’re talking about the knowledge graph that shows up. I don’t know because I don’t do any ecomm stuff. Does anybody here have any insight on that?

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Hernan: The most efficient way to get Google Knowledge Panel for an ecomm site? Yeah. I mean there’s a whole bunch of mark up data that you can use, Amco, that is strictly for ecomm, right?

Bradley: Yeah.

Hernan: You have reviews, you have pricing, you have comments. There’s a whole bunch of data that you can feed into Google to get into the Google Knowledge Panel. Have in mind though, that when you do an ecomm, unless you are doing private labeling or that you have your own invention. It says right here, you will be competing with the brands that actually occupy your space. Right? So let’s say that I’m selling some sort of shoes. I can feed Google with anything that has to do with mark up data [inaudible 00:09:23] whatever you want to do with those shoes. But, you need to have in mind that those shoes, if I’m selling Nike shoes, Nike already took that entity, right because they feeding the original shoe into Google [inaudible 00:09:40].

That doesn’t mean that you can not get into the Knowledge [inaudible 00:09:48]. That only means that you need to, you will be competing on the Knowledge [inaudible 00:09:48] with the big brands as well. Right? There’s a whole world of data markup that you can use on your own website. There are plug-ins as well that you can use that will help you index things better and also getting the star snippet and a bunch of other things that will create your CTR in the search engines. I hope that helps.

Bradley: I just dropped the link.

[crosstalk 00:10:13]

Go ahead. [crosstalk 00:10:13] No, go ahead.

Marco: He can do the Knowledge Panel for the brand.

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: But if the brand is already taken up, if somebody already has the brand name he can’t take. I mean somebody already has the brand.

Bradley: That’s right.

Marco: If you go and look. Symetic Mastery, right? That’s our Knowledge Panel. If you look up Symetic Mastery you see it’s our Knowledge Panel, it’s our information. It’s our map, right? It’s ours. How you do that is by submitting to Google. That’s how you get the Knowledge Panel. I mean the other information that you do from the site, same as whatever, that will add to it. That will add, sometimes it will appear and sometimes it doesn’t. We’ll get, what do you call, Social Media icons for example. We get Google reviews, a link to the website, you get directions. Well that’s all from the map. It’s not as if whatever schema you add to it is going to magically make the Knowledge Panel appear. No.

Didn’t we do a whole thing on entity, can’t we give them, do we have that available publicly?

Bradley: What?

Marco: The entity webinar.

The Schema, and all that?

Hernan: I think that’s …

Go ahead, go ahead.

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Bradley: I was just saying you guys keep going. I’ll look it up and see where that’s at.

Marco: This isn’t something, whether it’s, it doesn’t really make a difference whether it’s ecommerce or what the niche is. What matters is what the entity is. That’s what the Knowledge Panel is for. It’s to she the entity. Not necessarily whether it’s ecomm, I mean you can get that in there.

Bradley: I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Knowledge Panel for a product. I’ve seen it for brands like what you’re saying.

Marco: It’s brands, yeah.

Bradley: Well there you go. Like I said I mentioned that rich snippet or that visible article that’s a fantastic blog by the way, [inaudible 00:12:12]visible. For a lot of technoquest [inaudible 00:12:15] guys check that out for sure. There’s a lot rich snippet stuff in there. Again, I don’t know if you’ll be able to tell how that affects the Knowledge Graph so much other than what Marco said. Like same as and things like that can pull social icons in to that knowledge graph or knowledge panel, whatever. There’s a lot of different types of rich snippet mark up.

Marco: It’s a good thing that you mentioned rich snippets also because we were having Ryan Rodden in the mastermind. Isn’t he coming

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: If you guys aren’t in the mastermind and you’re wondering about all this stuff. This is a really good time to start the process of getting in there so you can be there for this mastermind. The guy is, I don’t know. I don’t know what to call him. [crosstalk 00:12:59] as far as schema is concerned.

Bradley: Schema Pro

Marco: He’s more than that. More than I thought was possible to know, about schema.

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Bradley: Yeah, we’re having him on a mastermind tomorrow and there will be two parts to that webinar. A version that will be public facing that we will probably be mailing out to everybody so that they can see, learn from some of the stuff. Then there is going to be some obviously some very juicy mastermind stuff that we have to keep in the mastermind. We’re going to have, you guys will get some of it. There’s no doubt because he’s got a lot of knowledge to share. We’ll be sharing that with you once it’s done.

Using Rel Canonical So That A Money Site Ranks Above Google Site

All right, we can move on to the next one.

How to use rel canonical and Google sites so that my money site ranks above Google site in context to Virginia SEO, keyword.

The way you would have to do the canonical would be if you assigned the domain. You would have to assign a domain to that or map a domain to that site and then Google sites will automatically apply a rel=canonical tag to the Google site itself. Both sites will still be visible. You can visit both the custom domain and the Google sites domain, but the Google sites domain will have added once you map a domain to the Google site it will point to your mapped domain. As far as you can’t add a canonical to a Google site that I am aware of and the header to just point to another domain. You have to map it and Google will take care of the canonical itself. Marco, correct me if I’m wrong.

Marco: That’s information that’s privileged. I have a non-disclosure agreement with myself that I will not reveal that kind of stuff.

Bradley: Yeah. I mean we can take a look. Let’s just do that.

Marco: You can force it. You can force it. That’s all I’m saying.

Bradley: Take a look at this. Still number one. I’ll be damn. Look above maps both the Google sites and the wordpress.com site for Virginia SEO. Can you believe that? Above maps guys. That’s insane. It’s just insane. [inaudible 00:15:14]that damn site since I created it in May of 2015. It’s still ranking. That’s unbelievable.

Anyways, Let’s take a look at (view page source) now see this one doesn’t [crosstalk 00:15:27][inaudible 00:15:27].

Yeah, see this one doesn’t have, I can do a Control F but I don’t have a custom domain map to this one so, it’s not going to show. That’s right, because I don’t have a custom domain map to this site. Anyways, just like I was mentioning. If you have a custom domain and you map it to the Google site the Google site will automatically put a rel=canonical tag in the header of the site which will point to your domain. That’s the only way I know how to do it. You can’t just go on and arbitrarily assign one because it’s not your code. You know what I mean? It’s not like, you can add to a [inaudible 00:16:05] wordpress site to a canonical tag anywhere right? But you can’t do it to a Google site that I’m aware of. Hopefully that’s helpful.

[crosstalk 00:16:14] If you use a custom domain theoretically, and I haven’t really tested, well actually I have tested this. I’ve tested this with maps not necessarily for [inaudible 00:16:23] but I’ve mapped my own custom sub-domains to, like from for lead gen sites. So my own custom sub-domains to a Google site and wherever the Google site ranked. It has to be built on the Google platform is what I’m saying. Then my domain replaces where the Google site ranks after the domain has been mapped. That’s all I’m saying. You still have to use Google sites builder but you can map your own custom domain. Okay?

What were you going to say Chris?

Chris: I just dropped the link on how to do it. I just dropped it at the top. If anyone wants to go try it they can play with it. It’s all in Google. Google tells you how to do it.

Bradley: … a pain in the ass to set up the mapping. It’s kind of geeky.

Chris: Yeah. Yeah.

Bradley: With the DNS records and all that but you can do it.

Handling Google’s Changes To Phrase & Exact Match Keywords In Adwords

Paul’s up. What’s up Paul? He says “Bradley, have you noticed the changes Google made concerning phrasing and exact match and ad words or how they are showing ads for close variants for LSI key words despite the match type exact and how are you or would you handle this?”

Yeah, I’ve noticed that too. For example, it’s gotten a lot better. As far as, it used to be with exact they wouldn’t use close variants, they wouldn’t [inaudible 00:17:40] a key word with close variants, it would have to be exact. But now I’ve noticed the same thing.

For example, campaigns I do a lot of ad word stuff for is Ketogenic Diet. Ketogenic Diet, Keto Diet, and Ketosis Diet. Those are all basically synonyms. Even though I have ‘exact match’ set up for my Alpha Campaigns. Paul, you understand what I’m talking about. When you’re dealing with Alpha Beta Campaigns. My Alpha Campaigns which are exact match keywords. I always create a single keyword ad group. SKAG. Right? Single Keyword Ad Group for my Alpha Campaigns. I’ll put the exact match in there. For example, Keto Diet. Google is now showing, they didn’t do this even a few months ago, but they’ll now show for Keto Diet they will also show my ad for Ketogenic Diet, and Ketosis Diet. It’s okay with me because those are close variants that are no doubt, those are all one in the same. It’s just a different variations of that same keyword. That’s okay with me as long as I haven’t been burned by it I’m going to say I’m okay with it. I know in the past they would suck. The difference would be if you did ‘broad match’ and ‘modified broad match’. Broad match would show the thought was synonymous with the original keyword. It would swap it out and still give you an impression. It sucked. Broad match was like the most awful way to advertise on Google in my opinion.

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Modified Broad Match meant that it was supposed to be using those exact same words that you added the modifier to. However, I noticed that they would swap out with close variants and like I said, last year some time. I would notice those sometimes those variants weren’t very good so you’d have to go in and add those as negative key words. I’ve notice it has gotten better. That’s probably because their algorithm continues to get better as well. Like understanding of language. Part right brain, right? That said, I’m okay with it because I haven’t been burned yet.

If you notice that you are getting close variants showing impression for exact match keywords that you don’t want just go in and add that as a negative keyword. The only way you’ll ever be able to determine that guys is if you check your search queries report and take a look at which keywords generated a click. If you see close variants in there, it will show you in a column, match type. If it says close variant you can double check, just double check and you should be checking your accounts about once a week anyway. Logging in to ad words and checking it about once a week. If it says close variant just double check, make sure that the word is a suitable replacement. If it’s not then you want to just go add that to the negative keyword list so that it won’t show the next time.

Trial and error guys. You have to [inaudible 00:20:32] campaigns in Paul. I know you know that.

Syndication Network Strategies At Serp Space

Eric’s up. He says “Are the strategies you teach, more importantly in my case the strategy methods offered at Serpspace such syndication [inaudible 00:20:43] programs offered as part of Organic SEO usable with Amazon products? I have an Amazon product that I want to rank on page one and the very competitive edge and hope that using SEO [inaudible 00:20:54] can build brand new awareness and drive potential target buyers to the listing. Please advise.”

Again, I don’t do any ecommerce or Amazon stuff guys so I have limited experience with specifically Amazon products stuff. However, SEO is SEO. With Google you can still can do the same sort of things. If you try to rank in Amazon it’s a different algorithm, it’s a different thing. As you mentioned you are trying to rank an organic SEO so I would recommend that obviously any kind of traditional SEO stuff that you can do is going to help. Plus, as we have been continuing to pound this drum for the last several months and we’re seeing more and more of it. Engagement guys is becoming the primary factor for ranking. We’re seeing more and more evidence of that almost daily. You know, driving traffic, brand awareness as you mentioned that kind of stuff is going to certainly help. Depending on the rest of you guys.

Hernan: I agree with you. I agree with you Bradley. The reality is that there are two, and I think I’ve mentioned this before on a half day. Amazon can behave like a parasite. A really powerful parasite by the way. You can try and apply all the strategies that we have talked about comparing parasites to Amazon products. That would be number one. That’s how I would approach ranking an Amazon product. But also have in mind, that Amazon is the number three search engine in the world. So you also want to brand within Amazon. You will apply both Amazon and Google SEO, right? For both Amazon and Google to the listing. That would be my intake on it. I would do the exact same thing that I would do with any other parasite whether it is syndication network from a sub-domain or maybe a domain and [inaudible 00:22:59], etc., etc. That would be my intake on it because I see Amazon as a parasite as well as any other parasite that I’m trying to rank, a YouTube video or a cool site.

Bradley: Yep. Anybody else?

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Chris: No, I can’t say more than that. That was perfect.

Bradley: Hernan is the winner today.

Best Way For A Domain With City Name In It To Rank State Wide

Jennia, I hope I’m saying that correctly.

Thanks for being here for us 136 times gentlemen. I appreciate you and the fact that you put out such exceptional quality products. I’m a testimony if you follow what you teach you will make money period.

Thank you. That is a plus 1 for sure. Everybody plus 1 that comment.

His question comes up. My client has an exact match domain with the city in it. Now I want to go statewide with our services and purchase a generic niche domain or may have purchased a generic niche domain. What is the best way to help that domain? Is it better to clone the site and have all the content including the articles duplicated on the new site, do a 301 redirect from the old site to new, or just rewrite all the content for the new site and keep them both?

That’s a good question. Honest, you could go either way there. There’s a benefit though of keeping the existing one. If you are going to write new content on a new domain because if the other one is already ranking, that’s an asset that’s producing results. Why bother? Why mess with that? [inaudible 00:24:26] new domain. And you’re going to go statewide because then you can restructure the new site based upon the new goals. Right? Whatever the scope of the new project. If your going to be doing a statewide site, chances are you are going to have a more complex silo site. You know, that kind of stuff.

I don’t know because I don’t know the specifics. I’m just saying, if you are already planning on building a new site anyways on the new domain, Then my opinion personally would be to leave the existing one. If it’s already generating traffic or results, build a new one from scratch. Again, that’s if it’s for a client and that client is okay with that then that’s what I would do. But sometimes clients say “Oh no, I only want one website”. If that was the case then yeah, obviously just cloning the site and then 301 redirecting from the old to the new for those specific pages would be beneficial and then obviously you’d be building up the rest of the new site as needed.

What do you guys think? What would your suggestion be?

Broehman: I think it would be a good idea to leave the existing one and do a new one. He mentions that the city name is in it so I’d imagine that there’s maybe GMBs involved.

Bradley: Yeah.

Broehman: So in that case that’s an opportunity for two listings instead of one.

Bradley: That’s correct.

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Broehman: With the new site. So in that case it probably would be a good idea. Especially since it is an exact match just to leave it there. I mean, you could get benefit from it but like you said the site structure itself is going to get changed dramatically from a one city site to something that’s hitting the state.

Bradley: I tend to not try to mess with assets that are producing results. Obviously if I can help it. I’d rather just start with another asset and build upon that if that’s the case. There’s no reason, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. You know what I mean?

Broehman: Yep.

Bradley: Okay, cool.

Using A Rank And Rent Method For A Sales Keynote Speaker

Next is Alexander. He’s been really active on Hump Day Hangouts the last several months. Thank Alexander. We always appreciate your questions. He said “Let’s remove the spot from Benner”. Okay. What would Semantic Mastery do?

Question. “I know my assets. That’s my plan for 2017 and on. But on theory it’s easier than in practice. I have a sales keynote speaker that wants his videos ranked”.

By the way guys. I’m not saying don’t do client work. I’m just saying, as you’re, ’cause I just think that it’s suy, especially as a new marketing consultant or as a new business owner it’s important to have client income because it’s steady and it’s money now. But you should also should be working on building your own assets is all I’m saying. I mean, that’s it. It’s not, I personally don’t like working for clients that much because it’s too much like having a boss. There is certainly benefit in working for clients and some people really enjoy that stuff. In fact, we are starting another agency so we are going to have clients anyway. There’s definitely money there. There’s no reason not to pursue that opportunity. We just say try to own as much as you possibly can.

“So I know that I should add some of his videos on some of my channels rank and rent but how should [inaudible 00:27:35] steps to it. Build generic channel with generic sales speaker brand, or maybe a channel about speakers, optimize channel play, focus play, [inaudible 00:27:43] on one of his keyboards, optimize playlist in his videos [inaudible 00:27:49] plus more LSI keywords to help rank, optimize all the IFTTT links [inaudible 00:27:53] Semantic Mastery. So my concern is that if I rank this case of generic videos, must be his own videos then I can’t rank in this case generic videos, must be his own videos. Should I build a big generic channel to rank another speaker’s or is there just a sales speaker channel?”

You know, honestly that’s too much work for one client. I mean, here’s the thing Alexander. It depends, if you have billed him for all of that. If that’s, if you building out a channel in syndication networks and all that themed specifically for his very obscure niche, specific niche. Then it’s best that you worked it in to your proposal that he’s going to be covering. That’s why I like using my own assets for this type of work. Particularly Syndication Networks and SEO stuff is because I can build a vast video broadcasting network, syndication network, right? With multiple tiers, multiple multiple networks.

A quick side real quick. I was going through my old PBNs. I used to have a PBN of close to a thousand domains. Over the years a lot of them just expired because I don’t use them very much anymore at all. I was going through for our new traffic agent or our new marketing agency that we’re working on. I was looking for [inaudible 00:29:15] syndication networks that weren’t being used, that were sitting dormant because they were expired from PBNs. Or they were networks that were attached to PBN domains that have since expired. I went through and I found 92 syndication networks that were just sitting dormant. I’m attaching all 92 to the channel. I’ve got a VA on it full time right now and she’s updating all of the networks and attaching it to one channel. So I’m going to have a 92 network YouTube channel.

[ninja-popup ID=2607][/ninja-popup]
Broehman: Oh man.

Bradley: Yeah I know. It’s going to be super powerful. It’s going to be like different trigger points. We’re working all of that now. It’s going to be really, really cool.

I’m saying all that because if you’re going to go out and build this particular project. Hopefully you’re billing the client for it. You should be building this for yourself because this is an asset you are going to be using over and over and over again.

The problem arises for this particular model. It arises when you are a general marketing consultant and you will accept any business because now you have built a network that isn’t particularly themed. It will still work. It will work better than not having a network at all. The networks powerful because of the theme. That’s why I continually hammer to you guys to niche down. Find a specific industry, stick with it. Make that your only or your number one applied services because you can build this big vast network. Make it super powerful. It’s 100% themed and you can go target client after, business after business in different cities. You’ll already have an asset that will rank those videos just like that. Like clockwork because it’s specifically and you’re doing the same stuff over and over again. Every new client or video that you add to it is going to reinforce that them. In your particular case Alexander, I wouldn’t want to build a generic sales speaker thing unless you were going to be targeting sales speakers. And guys that might be a great niche to go after because it’s highly specialized. It’s probably not a lot of people targeting them. I don’t know that. It’s just an assumption.

My point Alexander, and then I’d like to get some opinions from some of the others is that if you’re going to do all of that that you either make that a focus of your business so that you can target other people with it before building this asset. Basically on a simpler level if you’re not getting compensated for all of that I would just build out a particular playlist on a channel. Do some things with the playlist in order to rank for that. Instead of building all these networks and all this other stuff that just seems like too much for this one particular business. I would try to find some alternative methods and be able to produce some results without having to go through all that expense and set up. That’s a lot of work.

What do you guys think? What would you say?

Hernan: Sorry, I was muted. [crosstalk 00:32:29] You can go ahead Broehman if you want.

Broehman: Yeah, I would definitely agree. In this sense you want to own your own assets. That is kind of that first idea that you want to have in your head. For whatever strategy that you’re coming up with in this scenario. The client’s probably going to end up with a brand of IFTTT Ring but then you could assemble a bunch of other ones for syndication purposes. But the client shouldn’t own those ones. That should be yours. That way you still have the power. You still have the control.

I don’t really have too much more for this particular case.

Bradley: That’s good Broehman. I totally agree with what you just said.


Hernan: I agree. I agree with what you guys are saying. We’re always saying usually I like to think that clients pay for the party. Clients will pay for your own assets. You want to get assets when you’re starting out or even if you don’t have to manage them. Right? You want to get clients because they will pay for the party. They will pay for your own and what’s being developed. Right? We all started Semantic Mastery. We were all doing some sort of plan war or we were all doing our own stuff. We still do. That’s one of the value we bring to the table with Semantic Mastery. I definitely agree that you should be owning your own properties. I think that comes in time too. I think that initially you want to work for a client. You want to work with a client and invest part of the client profits into building your own assets.

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Broehman: Amen.

Hernan: And then you can always use 301s. You can always use Switch boxes. You can always mirror the client website, whatever you want to do. But, the main point is that you progress to holding your own assets.

Bradley: I totally agree.

Just the last part of that question or Alexander I see where you say ‘should I build a big generic channel to rank other speakers to rank other knowledge areas or just a sales speaker channel?’

The first part I would suggest so yes. I see the very last thing you say, ‘I would prefer to have many playlists and rank for other speakers to reuse the IFTTT ranks attached. So yeah, you are already on the right track. That’s what I would recommend doing. Again, that might be a very profitable niche. I knew nothing about that niche other than the fact that those people usually have money and they are always looking for exposure. So my point is that might be a really good niche and the fact that it is highly specialized means that there’s probably not a whole lot of people targeting them meaning more opportunity for you. So, that’s absolutely what I would do.

I mean you guys like when I built for the video production company that I do a lot of work for, one of the things that they obviously sell video production services to any type of business so it was difficult. When I fortunately I had a bunch of video syndication networks and PBNs that I’d kind of repurposed from PBNs to more just video syndication networks. I was able to group things together to where I had five large video syndication networks. One that was for contractors like home services. One that was for Virginia based businesses. One was for health. One was for real estate and luxury stuff. My point is that I had these various networks so that I could plug different types of businesses into a network that was themed relatively close enough to where it would still work and I could silo things out using playlists and that kind of stuff. Very, very powerful but I had this great big network that I had been able to build. If you’re just starting out sticking with one specific niche because then you only have to build one network guys and you don’t need all that capital investment in time. Okay, right? If you’ve got to build five different types of networks, that’s a huge undertaking. Start with one and just be the expert in that particular industry. [inaudible 00:36:26] so much faster.

Delete A Streaming Video In Live Rank Sniper After You Have Performed Keyword Analysis

All right, James is up and he says … we’ve got a ton of questions. We haven’t even touched them. We’ve got to roll through some of these very quickly. “After poking with Live Rank Sniper and finding which keywords ranked can you delete those streams and come back and upload using Rocket Video Ranker using the keywords [inaudible 00:36:40] with ranked using LRS and get the same rankings.

Theoretically yes James. That’s not always the case because of Google’s random ranking factor. It is such, and I’ve seen it. It’s weird, it’s not for the most part, yeah. Probably about 80-90% of the keywords that you’ve identified as rankable or ranking on page one or two with Live Rank Sniper. If you delete all those and you use something like Rocket Video Ranker or anything else and target those keywords. About 80-90% of them should [inaudible 00:37:15] exact, relatively close, give or take one or two positions as the original Live Rank Snippers or the Poke Test did. However, again, Google’s random ranking factor, it’s weird but I’ve taken a list of keywords that [inaudible 00:37:29] rankings with test channels that had no, they were orphaned channels and then using money channels with syndication networks and had some of the keywords just not rank. Which is weird because they go through syndication networks, there’s authority, their themed, there’s age, [inaudible 00:37:50] aged channel. All that kind of stuff.

[ninja-popup ID=2607][/ninja-popup]
It just goes to prove once again, it’s an algorithm guys. There’s always anomalies. Mathematic algorithm anomalies where sometimes you just can’t explain. But again, for the most part James, that is correct. You can poke with a tool, Identify keywords and then target them with a different tool for that and you’re going to get the vast majority that should rank to what the original test was. Some will rank better, some will rank worse. Some won’t rank at all. Do you know what I mean?

Okay, “or do the rankings only work because of the use of the live streaming element?”

I don’t know 100% because usually to me it doesn’t matter. If I’m using the Live Rank Snipper as a poking tool which is scheduled live streams. Yes, there’s some more like inherent, more rankability so to speak. [inaudible 00:38:47] matter because they’re scheduled live events as opposed to just like a regular standard YouTube upload. But again, those are usually test channels that have nothing. Usually after I’ve identified those keywords I’m going to target those keywords using a more established channel so there’s a, that usually will compensate for the difference between being a live stream and an upload. Okay?

Simple Silo Structure To A Domain Whose Permalinks Are Domain.com/Post-Title

Mohammad says “Hey guys I’m just getting this Simple Silos Structures and wanted to use one of my client’s sites. The problem is because I hadn’t known about Silos previously his sites perma links are just domain.com post title”.

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That’s fine Mohammad. Makes no difference. You can still do it. It’s called a Virtual Silo. Everything is just done within internal linking structure. In fact you can still pull silo structure when you’re setting up your categories and pages and all that stuff, you can still use a complex silo structure with just the post name as your permalink structure. It doesn’t make any difference. It’s all about the internal linking and how you build the site and if you are doing complex silo structure. You said simple so let’s not even talk about that. So we’ll stick with simple silo structure. You’ll have a page and a category. Right? So this slug is going to be the same for both of those. That doesn’t change. Again, the permalink structure doesn’t affect that whatsoever. You would create a page. So let’s say ‘plumbing services’. I’m just using that as an example. ‘Plumbing Services’ is the top level, top silo, top level page so you create a category; plumbing-services. Then you would do a 301 redirect is the way I’d do it from the category page to the actual page itself. Then you can still stack posts underneath that category. You should select that category for every supporting article so blog posts. The only difference is in URL you won’t see it in the address part. You won’t see domain.com/plumbing-services/posttitle. You won’t see that. You’ll just see [inaudible 00:40:50] post title.

It’s still stacked correctly. It’s still built within the correct silo. Everything else is done through the internal links from the contextual links from the content of the pages and/or posts themselves and where you point that to. So again, the physical side of the structure, I like using the physical side of the structure only because I like seeing it. It’s very clean, I like seeing that in the actual URL. We’ve tested it and I’ve seen basically the exact same results using a virtual silo.

He says “Is it worth it to change link structure at this point?”

No because that’s going to create a nightmare for you Mohammad.

Word Press is supposed to when you change the permalink structure. It’s supposed to set up all the redirects on its own. But if anybody’s ever done that they’ve probably experienced what I have. A complete nightmare so do not mess with that! Just leave it the way it is. It’s fine. You can still accomplish the same thing.

Let’s see. He had about ten posts up [inaudible 00:41:51] network. Will there be any major ramifications or should I just skip the silos [inaudible 00:41:57]. No, no, no. Again, you don’t have to skip the silos just don’t worry about it being in the URL. Still set it up exactly as taught. Low structure video that, if you haven’t seen it yet go search our channel Semantic Mastery for simple silo structure. You’ll see it. Just don’t need to have it in the permalink.

“Should I always use the naked URLs to link to my top page as I have a T1 network full post showing [inaudible 00:42:20].”

Yeah, either use naked URLS or well if it’s only a Tier 1 network you can use keywords. Tier 1 network you can use keywords. If you’re doing multiple tiered networks then I recommend you stick with naked and/or brand terms. Naked and/or brand terms.

NoFollow Your Branded Social Media Links Of Your Money Sites

Brian says “For your money sites do you not follow your brand in social media links?”

I typically no follow all outbound links Brian. That’s me. I know Hernan does things differently but I typically always no follow outbound links.

“If so, do you do it through your money site or only on the blog”.

Throughout the site or only on the blog?

I typically do it throughout the entire site. It’s just any outbound link. I always no follow on my money sites.

Hernan, how do you do it?

Hernan: Yeah, I do the exact …

[inaudible 00:43:07]

Bradley: The exact opposite?

Hernan: Yeah, I mean. Test it out Brian. Test it out. I understand the logic behind what Bradley’s doing because he wants to keep the within the website. Now my logic is do not stop the ball from crawling across sites like Facebook, Google or you know your own 3rd links, up up links that you will insert on your own articles. Right?

In any case it seems to work one way or the other. As soon as you are linking to a third website so I would say just test it out and see what works for you.

Bradley: Yeah. I totally agree.

Manage Copyright Infringement Claims In YouTube

Okay, Columbia says “Is there ever a time that you need permission to include a video on a playlist on your channel. Incident where two different videos have appeared in a YouTube search is coming from my channel. This was a new channel. Each showed a gray placeholder thumbnail. I had neither uploaded or even included the 1st one in the playlist. The other video I had certainly not uploaded but I had included it in the playlist and after a few days of watching to see what would happen one of them showed as removed for copyright infringement”.

That shouldn’t have anything to do with you Columbia. If it wasn’t your video. What I’m saying is if [inaudible 00:44:16] somebody else’s video and put it in your playlist there is no copyright infringement because you’re not [inaudible 00:44:22]loading and uploading their video. You’re adding their video from their channel to one of your playlists. YouTube gives us that ability to do so so that we can create themed playlists. Really I don’t think playlists were set up by YouTube to be a SEO tool. We just figured out how to make it an SEO tool. I mean, playlists are basically containers. That’s all it is. It’s just a container. You can create containers with [inaudible 00:44:50] and then containers with how to do SEO videos. You know what I mean? My point is that you can put anybody’s videos in your own playlist. It makes no difference what so ever. The problem occurs with copyright stuff when you download other peoples content and then upload it.

I know we’ve done some real Spammy stuff where we do that. That can cause a problem. Just including somebody else’s video in your playlist was not going to cause a problem. If that particular video got removed for copyright infringement it wasn’t from something that you did it was from something that channel owner did.

[ninja-popup ID=2607][/ninja-popup]
“As a music publisher I learned years ago to take every aspect of copyrights very seriously.” Yeah, when you have to pay some fines for copyright infringements it sucks. I know the feeling. “I removed the one video from the playlist but could not delete the other because I had never uploaded it or included it in a playlist to begin with.” Again, if it wasn’t on your channel there’s nothing you can do about that, it’s not your concern Columbia. Hopefully that makes sense. You only have to be concerned with videos that you have uploaded to your channels.

Let’s see, “When I clicked the channel name it went to our channel page but the video was never …” I don’t know what happened there. That honestly sounds like just a glitch, something [inaudible 00:46:07] YouTube. I have never seen something that looks … I would probably contact Google or YouTube help forms if they have it and to see what happened. Anybody else having an insight on that?

Hernan: Not on my end.

Bradley: “So, how could this happen and is there anything to be concerned about?” I wouldn’t worry about it because it seems to me like there’s something funky going on and I’m going to say shouldn’t be because I don’t know for sure without more specifics Columbia, but it sounds like that was just a funky thing that happened and you should be okay. Again, as long as you’re not downloading and uploading [inaudible 00:46:51] people’s content and then uploading it to your channel, it makes no difference. If they’re doing some sketchy copyright infringement crap and you’re just putting their video into your playlist, it shouldn’t affect your playlist whatsoever. A disciplinary action will be taken against the channel, not you. Almost funky. Sorry.

Which Is Better: FCS Networker Or RankWyz?

FCS Networker or RankWyz? RankWyz now own it because FCS Networker … We’ve gotten away from using that, I don’t use RankWyz but I know like link builders use like [inaudible 00:47:32] or rankerx and … Any one of you guys do a lot of spam work anymore? [crosstalk 00:47:42] I mean spam tool.

Chris: Yeah, I was using FCS Networker and I can’t comment on it, so if somebody else would chime in. I was pretty impressed after OVO came on and talked to us. So, I would check that out, but I can’t say for sure.

Hernan: Yeah, with that said, I think that our team uses them all. Like RankWyz, FCS Networker, or [inaudible 00:48:05]. One tool will give you abilities and capabilities that the other can’t. You know what I mean? So you need to have that in mind and I think that having them … When you have to choose, I personally I’ll choose FCS Networker over RankWyz. But that’s a personal opinion right? But if you don’t have to choose don’t do it, just use them all.

Bradley: AMCO says, “RankWyz any day.” It’s funny when FCS took orders to go buy more licenses, they said, “Go to RankWyz, we don’t want to sell you anymore licenses. You’re clogging up our servers,” I’m not kidding guys. We need to and buy another … I’m not kidding, this is what two or three years ago now, we went to go buy another license and they literally denied us and said, “We suggest you go try RankWyz.” It was because we kept buying up all these licenses because we were running it so heavily. It’s funny. And that’s when I said, “Okay, I’m done with FCS.” When they point you to their competitor, it’s time to be done with them.

Is Google Stacking An Effective Strategy For Ranking Videos For Local Marketing?

Anyways, Peter says, “Is Google stacking an effective strategy [inaudible 00:49:15] local marketing? I’ve heard it said that it was while others claim the rewards are not justified for the investment of time or needed to create the process.” I’m assuming you mean drive stacks. It depends how much money can you make. I mean, will Google stacking help you to rank local videos? Yeah, we’ve done it time and time again. Marco is the king of that stuff and if there’s … Hey look, depends on how much money you can generate from that video being ranked. Is it worth it? You tell me. I don’t know the specifics Peter of your … If you think that ranking a video for whatever keywords you’re trying to rank would generate revenue, then would it be worth spending $200 or a $300 or whatever on a drive stack or doing it yourself? [inaudible 00:49:55].

[ninja-popup ID=2607][/ninja-popup]
Marco: Yeah, I mean it depends. If you can generate one lead and it will pay you back 300 bucks, right? There are some niches that will pay you up to a couple of thousand dollars for a lead. So in those cases I would say, yeah, definitely the ROI it’s brutal.

How Do We Replace An Existing Video With An Updated Better Video?

Bradley: I think we’ve got time to get through two more, Greg’s and Jay’s and we’re gonna wrap it up. Greg says, “How do we replace an existing video with an updated better video? Can we use the same original optimized video title? Can we change the title of the first video make it private then reuse the original title for the new video? Thanks.”

Yeah of course you can. If you’ve got a different video, you can target the same keywords. The thing that sucks about YouTube is you can’t replace the video. Like if you’ve got a ranked video, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to go like update the video and it still like [inaudible 00:50:40]? It’s not the case though right? If you’re gonna update the video, it’s gonna be a new video URL. So you’ve got to start all over from scratch as far as ranking it.

Obviously there’s times when that’s gonna be necessary, and so what I recommend doing it that case is, target the same keyword, that’s absolutely fine. Guys you can target the same keyword over and over again in the same channel. The video just has to be different. Remember I’m talking about like, will you just like change the encoding or the file link or the file type and that kind of stuff and that makes it look unique.

I’m talking about like, if you had unique videos, like real genuinely unique videos, you could still target the same keyword over and over and over again. It makes no difference. I would suggest doing it if you want to replace the old video with the new ones, so target the same keywords, start doing all the SEOs, [inaudible 00:51:27] typically would, but if you want the old video to not be showing in the index anymore, just set it to unlisted. I think you can set it to private too, it won’t matter, but I usually just select unlisted.

Then what I’ll do is I’ll take the new video that I want ranked and I’ll put that as the first link in the description of the old video, I’ll set it to unlisted and then also add the link section of the old video. I’ll have link use from that video title set and topic basically all that pushing to the new video URL. By the way, set up a playlist and put both of those videos in a playlist too and then link from the old video description to the playlist URL as well as the old video comments section to the playlist URL. Because in your pushing power from the old video that’s now set to unlisted or private which means it won’t be in the index anymore, but you’re still funneling juice from that just well as to that new video.

Okay, Jay Turner is up and then we’re going to wrap it up guys because it’s almost five and I’ve got my daughter who’s been waiting patiently behind me. So thanks [Eva 00:52:43].

How Do You Cleanup A Domain With Negative Backlinks?

Jay says, “Client has picked up an exact match domain for her name, that was dropped by a scammer who is trying to extort her and other business owners with nasty content spread on the net.” What a prick. “[inaudible 00:52:55] back to the domain name, from a blogspot blogger and a live domain that presents itself like a ripoffreport site with the offending article. Any problems with me putting client’s bio on to domain profile links through Google shortened links and transmute those two inbound links into a Net Positive?”

Yeah, of course you can. Something else you could do out it by the way, is if you’ve registered that domain is, you can disavow that link from the offending article or whatever if you want it. If there’s SEO, that link there which so maybe, I don’t know, then you may want to leave it. Because remember, disavowing a link by the way guys does not take it off the web, Google will just disregard it. You don’t really don’t have a lot of choice there, you either contact … Obviously somebody who’s being a prick to extort some money they’re not going to take the link down. So you can either [inaudible 00:53:54] net positive SOE [inaudible 00:53:55]. I’ll do it that way, but that’s up to you. [inaudible 00:54:03] on that, what would you do?

Broehman: I’m trying to think on the purpose of what he’s trying to do here. Is this basically reputation management like is that what he’s concerned about the client’s name on the search term itself?

Bradley: What I’m thinking is he wants to take the exact match clients name domain because rank [inaudible 00:54:26] using that match and blah, blah, blah, basically like a short bio page that just links to their other social and so basically pushing the link used from blogspot on the ripoffreport like site to match domain to their social profile. To be honest with you, I don’t know … Other than just because that exact match domain might rank for that name, [inaudible 00:54:52] bother with that kind of a trouble?

Broehman: Yeah. The only thing that comes to my mind is maybe some kind of reputation management thing, if that’s like the attended purpose behind it then you’re gonna want to connect everything together.

Bradley: Well, I’ve got something you could do though.

Hernan: What’s that?

Bradley: I got something you could do. You could [inaudible 00:55:14] a one page bio site anyways, but set it to no index [inaudible 00:55:19] tag from that to your new site, whatever site it is that you’re building for … You get the SEO benefit but nobody will ever see it in any back linked report. So if anybody want to like do a back link analysis on the client’s new domain, not this one, but the new domain, they’ll still be getting the SEO benefit from those two inbound links but nobody would ever see it because it was a canonical as opposed to a physical link. Does that make sense?

I mean that’s what I would do. And then at that case you could set the canonical to the client’s new domain instead of a social profile, if that makes sense. Anyways, that’s just something you could do. Anybody else have a comment on that, otherwise we’re gonna wrap it up?

Chris: No, I was about to say that Wayne was saying that we should do two hours long Hump Day Hangout and we already do. It’s called Mastermind, Wayne.

Bradley: That’s right.

Chris: Oh, you’re already there, but yeah for everyone that needs two hour long webinars, we have already done it on the Mastermind.

Speaker 1: Real quick, Peter Jordan was asking about the Google stacks and I’d link Peter to it but for anyone else wondering about this there’s still links on the page and it’ll be on the show notes on YouTube if you’re watching. But you definitely need to check out semanticmastery.com/rys-stackswebinar. All right, that explains that. And then also at Serpspace you can get this done for you. So, please watch that and that will explain a lot of that stuff.

Bradley: Sweet. Well, thanks everybody for being here. We do have Mastermind webinar guys for those of you within our Mastermind, Ryan’s gonna be on talking about schema stuff. It’s gonna be awesome, so make sure that you’re there and otherwise you’ll catch the replay in the member’s area, right? Thanks everybody for being here, we’ll see some of you tomorrow.

Hernan: Adios, bye-

Bradley: Thanks guys, bye.

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