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By April

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Adam: All right. We're live. Hey everybody. Welcome to your Hump Day Hangouts Episode 140, the one where Hernan is driving the boat today. He's hiding behind the Semantic Mastery logo but we'll hear from him in a second. Well, let's go ahead and start with you, Hernan. How's it going, man?

Hernan: Hey guys. Yeah. Shortly Windows starts updating then the video driver fails everything like three minutes to Hump Day Hangouts. So it's a lot of fun, and I had to move to my Chromebook. Anyways, I'm here, I'm driving. I'm not as sexy voice as Bradley, but we'll do our best.

Adam: Yeah. We'll make do. We'll make do.

Hernan: Yeah.

Adam: Awesome. Well, Marco, we were talking about the weather right before we got started, so how's it going down there?

Marco: It's warm. Nothing new to report. Rain is rolling in, afternoon rain. Beautiful this morning, nice and sunny. Can't beat it, man.

Adam: Not bad, not bad. Alright. Well, we got a few announcements to roll through you guys. Let's see. We're going to start off the bat. If you're new to Semantic Mastery, by all means please check out the Battle Plan SEO blueprint. Also, we got a link for you, in case you want to find out some more about that, we're going to have a webinar. If you haven't for some reason picked up the Battle Plan yet, you want to find out a little bit more about it, what you can get out of it, this is for you. It's short. It's going to be less than 30 minutes. We just want to give everyone a good overview and let you know some more about it.

Also, if you haven't signed up at SERP Space for your free account, for Done-For-You services, and some good tools and stuff, we've got the link there, check it out serpspace.com. Then, if you ever have questions during the week and you don't want to wait till Hump Day Hangouts, so for frequently asked questions, you can always check out [email protected]. All right. We got a really big and growing knowledge base and we add commonly asked questions in there so that you can get faster answers.

Then, what I teased in Facebook, if you saw that live video, we just announced it to our Mastermind yesterday, but we're going to have a meet-up in September. All right. It's going to be in Portland, Oregon. We're still working on the exact date, time and location, all right, but that's going to be around the 27th of September and it's going to be in Portland, Oregon.

If you're in the area, we're going to have some details, or if you're short drive away, or whatever it is, or you want to just come, all right, this is going to be like a live event, not some big to-do. We want to meet people, we want to talk some shop, have some beers and do a live Hump Day Hangout. All right. We're going to have a lot more to come and I think that's going to be a lot of fun. All right.

Then, we've got a special guest, I think next week, right, Marco, for Hump Day Hangout, who's joining us?

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Marco: Yep. We got a cool man. We actually managed to book Mike Pierce to come in and hangout with us during Hump Day Hangouts and just share a bit of his knowledge for free. For anyone who doesn't know Mike Pierce, he's the person that I considered to be the best technical SEO out there. We go back and forth all the time. I've known him for quite a few years, I don't know, dating back three four or five years maybe. I really respect the guy because of his knowledge, because of what he does and how he does it. He's ethical, first and foremost, and so I'm really happy that he's coming through. Also, I mean, just to break away from it, I mean, that's news enough.

But, August is coming on. It's the two-year anniversary of RYS Academy, the two-year anniversary of the launch. At first I wasn't planning on really doing anything because people take my stuff and they make their own products out of it and, but then thinking about the people who have already purchased it, the people who are in there in the trenches and using it and making it work, and we've been in the lab and we discovered just a whole bunch of things that can really benefit the people who are using RYS Academy, so we are going to update it sometime in August. I don't know when it will be updated. I don't know whether it is … It's not really v2. I would just call it reloaded. This is bigger, better, badder.

Adam: Awesome.

Marco: If it's possible, because this is working perfectly right now to rank whatever it is that you want a rank, or to help rank, to push link equity wherever you wanted to go, to push authority. Of course, a lot of people just got in, right? Those who got in will benefit from being in there already at the current price. We're at the reduced rate because of the coupon. But with more information, with more knowledge, with more training, and with more hours spend in the lab, it's going to cost more. The price will go up and that's a guarantee. It's not a scarcity tactic. It's well worth 10 times what we're charging for it. Yeah. The price is going up.

Adam: Gotcha. Cool. All right. We will definitely be talking about that and get some more information out because, yeah, even we've, I don't know, Marco we've got some information about the updates. I know I talked to you about this recently, but I mean, there's still a lot of stuff being figured out. We'll definitely have more for people soon, right?

Marco: Yeah, definitely.

Adam: Yeah.

Marco: We just have to put it all together. There's training already in the can. We have a lot of stuff there. There's some things that we have to add that we've only done very privately. There's other things that we haven't really shared on other Google properties that are just killing it, and so we'll just add it as part of the update.

Hernan: Yeah. Really, just to add to what Marco was saying, in terms of pricing and the ticket that we are putting in, just think about it guys for a minute, if you could put together a business based on that or if you could put together a lead generation business based on that, there are some pretty, there are some high ticket industries that you can go after with RYS Academy, that they're really competitive, but with RYS Academy, it's like, competition is not existent. Right?

My point here is that you can build a business, you can pay back tenfold within, I don't know, two, three months of implementing these techniques. I think that's the way you should think about it and the way you should be looking at it as an investment in your business and the tools that you can offer to your clients, if you're doing clients, or the tools that you can offer to your business, if you're doing lead gen, because this is really, really powerful stuff. Some people are killing it, as Marco was saying, so I think that this is going to be a good update actually.

Adam: Nice. Yeah, definitely. Then just one last announcement before we get started. Everyone, we're going to be talking with Lisa Allen next week and we'll have some emails going out there. So if you're interested in that, keep your eyes open. Lisa is awesome, we've talked to her before. She does a lot with RSS. If you listen to us, hopefully, you are doing stuff with RSS feeds. Keep an eye out for that. That's guaranteed to be a good one. She's always got some good information and her tools are top-notch. We use them, they're just awesome. I'll leave it that. Some more information will be coming out, so check your emails for sure.

Do you guys got any other, we got any other announcements, or are we good?

Hernan: No. I think we're good. Unless Marco has anything, we can jump into questions right away because we have a bunch …

Marco: Let's do this, man.

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Hernan: All right. Let me know when you can see my screen, because again, I'm on the, this thing.

Adam: Good to go.

How Would You Present Online Marketing Services Like SEO & Lead Generation To Small Businesses?

Hernan: Okay, very good. Let's start with Shibga. “Shibga,” I hope I pronounced that right. “Hey guys, I just got the Battle Plan recently and I loved it,” thank you, buddy, “I originally started as an SEO, and now turning more into a lead generation guy. My question is what mix of services would you approach small business with today's day? For example, if I'm calling the roofing companies in Home advisor, I try to show them the long term branding benefits of SEO, higher quality jobs that I can get them through Adwords. I'm doing okay with four clients right now but the retention becomes a problem. Please shine some light on the marketing mix, which will make sense from their shoes, mainly home improvement industry?”

I love this question. This is a great question and I hate that Bradley's not here because he's the one taking over the contractor side of things. It's funny that you asked that because we're trying to launch, I don't know how open am I to this, but we're trying to launch a new traffic agency. I think we mentioned this in the past. The idea is to focus on contractors initially.

Yeah. We're doing it the way you were doing it initially, offering PPC services to show results right out of the bat, right? Then, while you do that you optimize their website, or your website if you're doing a lead gen, your website in order to show results in the long run. You can add, for example, YouTube videos and you mix those two really, really well and as long as the videos ranked you can get a decent flow of leads going through your lead gen website.

Then, you can offer email marketing, which is another good thing. Not many contractors are doing it and you don't have to develop super complex follow-up sequence with active campaign and behavioral sequences. None of that. Actually just send subscribers or past clients an email every 15 days or every week. That's another service that you can add because most of these businesses they have a goldmine on their own clients. Usually we do this, and I'm guilty of this is as well, to go out there and try to get new clients and new leads without squeezing the existing leads that you already have.

I would definitely go after PPC and SEO, but also you can throw YouTube, like video marketing, you can throw email marketing in the mix. Also, what you can try to do, and this is depending if the website is yours or you are working on their own website, you can do some CRO, which is conversion rate optimization. That could be something that you can share and charge hourly for. It's as simple as installing a heat map or installing Google Analytics and seeing where the leaks or where, like what's the path of a visitor. You know, they visit the homepage then they leave. Why do they leave, how can you put them back up on the website, et cetera, et cetera?

I think your marketing mix, it is there. If you're talking about retention, I think it's about results. If you're going for, I don't know, if you're losing them at the four-month mark, maybe that's because you're not getting the results or you're not managing the expectations that they have correctly. You need to be really clear with them. You need to tell them, “Okay. For this amount of money, you can get X amounts of leads and then when SEO kicks in you can get more.” You can go ahead, Adam.

Adam: Yeah. I was just going to say I saw that and I was thinking in terms of what you can do with that, if you are losing clients that, you know, if you're going to have to turn them away, but look at where you're presenting the information. If you're actually getting them leads and they're closing, then something else is going on.

Like Hernan was saying, manage expectations. If you're promising them 10 leads, you're only delivering four, you need to close that gap somehow or lower their expectations. Also, maybe when you build them, if it's monthly, send them not only an invoice, but say, and I know this sounds kind of cheesy, but say, “Hey, for this,” I'm making up numbers, “thousand dollars, you've got five leads at an average value in your industry of $15,000, you made this much more than what you paid me, or a multiple of what you paid me. Have a nice day.” Just be sure to remember to reinforce the benefits, if they're there. If they're not, then that's the problem. So, yeah.

Hernan: Right. I mean, you're on the … I would be worried if you're only offering SEO at this point because you have so many tools that you can give them leads with. I think that you're, you know, try to keep up and try to manage expectations. Yeah. I mean, sometimes it's just a matter of communicating the value that you're providing to them, as Adam was saying.

What You Should Do When A WordPress Blog Post Does Not Trigger The RSS Feed In IFTTT?

Okay. Roy's up. He's saying, “Having problems getting new applets to run to my RSS feed. Applet checked and RSS feed checked, but when I post on my WordPress blog it does not trigger. On the old IFTTT recipes you used to be able to get them to trigger. Any suggestions?”

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Well, Roy, It's kind of hard to answer that right off the bat because we manage, I don't know, thousands at this point of IFTTT networks and I don't think we have had any issue. It might be some issue with your blog, your WordPress blog, or the way the applets are working right now. Definitely, it's hard to answer that. My suggestion-

Marco: I have.

Hernan: Yeah. Go ahead.

Marco: An easy suggestion that he can check which is almost always the case. Sometimes the site title will get stripped for whatever reason. There's no telling when it will happen, there's no telling why. He has to do … It's going to his WordPress admin, go into settings, click on general and make sure that the site has a title. It's a site title right there, right under general settings. He can add a tag line to explain what the website is about. He doesn't have to, but there has to be a site title for the feed to trigger.

That would be the very first troubleshooting that I would do. If that isn't it, then he has to start checking for plugins and a whole bunch of other stuff that we can't get into in this form. He can reach out to us privately for one-on-one and see, because we'd have to go through the whole thing and see where it is that it's failing.

Hernan: Yeah. I agree. Also, Roy, it sounds like, if you're not into Syndication Academy, you should definitely get into it. If you're already in it, you can definitely drop this question to the Facebook group so we can follow up with it.

How Long Should You Wait Before Adding More Content To A Silo Of A Website That Has Been Hit With Overoptimization Penalty?

Brian, what's up? What's up, Brian? “Hi, Semantic Mastery buddies. I decided to rank a money site with a simple silo structure. The site is two-year-old and being dormant as I had not connected IFTTT syndication to the blog, only to the YouTube videos. Okay. I think I trigger over-optimization penalty with my blog posts and, with Hernan advice, I did a press release about a week ago for anchor text dilution. How long do you think I should wait before adding more content to my silo? If you're interested, here's the link to my silo. I would be honored if you gave me your thoughts and with many thanks.”

Okay, Brian. We cannot go in-depth into your silo because of time constraints. But if you've already made a press release, I would definitely start adding more content because you need to activate that IFTTT syndication network once more. I would definitely start blogging twice a week or three times a week, keeping it easy on the keywords.

Also, the internal link of the link that you're doing because I want to believe that you're linking from your posts to your internal pages. You want to keep that diluted as well because you need to have kind of a balance between the external links that come to your website and the internal links. You can trigger an over-optimization penalty no matter what. If you're diluted on the external links but you have a footer with thousands of backlinks to the internal pages with the same keywords, you're going to be over-optimizing anyways.

You want to be, right now, if you're certain that this is an over-optimization penalty, I would definitely start blogging because you want IFTTT syndication. It will help you, it will definitely help you de-optimizing your anchor text profile because, again, one of the links will go back to your website to the blog page and one of the links will go back to the home page with your brand and your URL. That will help you out. Start blogging again because you want the bots coming back.

Wait for a bit before starting building more backlinks. I would wait for at least three weeks. Have in mind that we talked two weeks ago maybe, I would wait for another two weeks to see what's the impact of the press release. Right? Usually the press releases get indexed pretty fast, but nonetheless, since you're diluting your anchor text, I would think it is slowly.

Start blogging back. That will be my suggestion. Start blogging back. Take it easy on the keyword density inside of your website and then link within your website where long anchor texts, or with URLs only, or with branded terms and then see what happens before start building more backlinks.

Do you guys have any other suggestion for Brian over here?

Marco: Yeah. I'd like to add a disclaimer that we're not responsible if you post your links when we're doing our Hump Day Hangouts. These are public and you're making your document public. It can and probably will get spam because there are people like that. There are assholes like that who will do that. My first advice to you, Brian, get rid of that link immediately and go create another document. Change it. Go create another spreadsheet where you add all of that because you're going to get spammed. I mean, that's almost a guarantee. Someone's going to see that and they're going to just go to town. Please remove that or remove the post.

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Another thing that he could do is add another press release and link to … That's what we've been doing, right? Press release starting where we linked up to the first press release from the second and then to inner pages. But just anchor text has to be minimal. You don't want to do keyword anchor text. Keep the URL dilute … We'll just think outside the box on how you can dilute your over-optimized anchor text. That would be my advice. But please, please get rid of that link and go create another sheet.

Hernan: Yeah. Yeah. I agree with Marco. I remind you guys that these events are public so if you want to protect your assets, go ahead and follow that suggestion. This is also a Google property, right? Plus.Google.com. Have that in mind.

What Is Up With ChimpFeedr?

Ed is up. Hey, Ed. “Hello guys. Hope everyone's summer is going well.” Well, my winter is going well. It will become summer in 20 days or so, maybe 10 days. I'm going to South Florida, so, but everybody's well, thank you. “Picked up the Battle Plan on day one and got some pretty good stuff out of it.” Thank you. Ed. “Does anyone know what's going on with ChimpFeedr? I went in to mash some feeds yesterday for the first time in a couple of months and I got an error message every time stating the URLs are all invalid. I tried many different feeds and even tried a Feed-burner version with no luck. Is it shut down?”

Maybe. Ed, I wouldn't know. In any case, you can go to, for example, feed.informer … I think it's like this, if I'm not mistaken. Yeah. Here we go, feed.informer.com. This is another masher. This is a lot like Yahoo Pipes back in the day. It's not as powerful, but it will do the trick. Okay? This is still alive and kicking. This is another option. Again, Ed, if you have any other question, go ahead because we have some other stuff for you on the Facebook group, on the private Facebook group.

Is It Optimal To Add The URL Or Shorter Version Of The Video On The Same Channel That The Stubborn Video's On Or Should It Be Placed To A Different Channel?

“This question's for Bradley. During one of the advanced webby's, with regard to RVR Pro and other webinars, you had mentioned we could boost our more stubborn, more competitive videos by adding that specific video URI or a shortener version into 30 or so other video descriptions, which I clearly understand. Is it okay and optimal to do this on the same channel that the stubborn video is on, or should the satellite videos be on a separate channel not associated with our main account for better results?”

Okay, Ed. I'll give you my insight on this. I have had good results with using that video. On YouTube Silo Academy, we emphasize the importance of treating your YouTube channel as a silo in and of itself. This means that you can target, you can power up your videos with using correct silo structure, on this case, it would be playlists and video descriptions. That is to rank a video and to help those stubborn, small competitive videos with the help of all the videos.

I've done this in the past, for example, Hangout Millionaire. If a video for some reason wouldn't budge, what I would do is to create more videos from the same channel, and even on the same playlist, and link back from the description of those videos to the videos that I'm trying to rank. Because this is like when you have, I don't know, 10 blog posts that are pointing back to the money page that you want to rank, this is kind of the same. Okay?

This is my experience. I would love to hear Bradley and maybe Marco's experience as well, but this is my experience in terms of boosting a video that's on the same channel on the same playlist in some cases. Because, again, if you're having videos, let's say that you're having videos about plumber in Virginia and you want to rank plumber in Virginia, and then on the same playlist you have plumber and then the different suburbs of Virginia, the different cities within Virginia.

It would make sense, topically, it will make sense to link from all of those videos to the more competitive video, which would be, in this case, will be plumber in Virginia. Does that make sense? I will definitely advise you to try this out where the same videos within the same playlist. You can add more videos to power up that video, that stubborn video, and drop a link from the secondary core video or the video that you're trying to rank. Okay.

That's exactly what Hangout Millionaire we do in autopilot and you can drop a link from the video that you want to rank on some hundred, 200 other videos of the same channel. This is spam tool and automated tool, so I wouldn't advise for a channel that you care about, but I would definitely go with this strategy. What do you guys think?

Marco: I totally agree. Not only would I do that, I would create a playlist with associated videos or related videos, videos that belong to someone else, but making sure that you've gone into their channel to that particular video and given them a really good comment or a really good review and then a link back to your video or your playlist so that you feed off of them. Now some of them will stick and some of them won't, that's why you have to make sure to take a look that it has stuck. Then what hasn't stuck, you remove from the playlist, but what has stuck is going to pull, is going to jack, I call it “juice Jack.” It's going to Jack juice from that other channel and feed your channel and your playlist. That's another thing but that I like to do.

Will There Be A Footprint Issue If You Use A Virtual Machine On The Google Cloud Platform To Create Personas Accounts?

Hernan: Great. Cool. There you have it. Ivan is up. “Hey guys. If I use a virtual machine on the Google Cloud platform to create personas accounts, do you think that there will be footprint issues?” Definitely, Ivan. I wouldn't doubt it. I'm in Chrome right now and I'm leaving a footprint somewhere. You need to have in mind that …

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I mean, for example, we talked about, I think that was two weeks ago about how Google Cloud platform will allow WordPress sites. If you want to hide something in plain sight, you should use that. But I wouldn't use it for creating personas, for example, because you'll definitely create a footprint. Everything that Google touches, it's recorded somewhere and it's logged somewhere. I would definitely advise against this because, of course, it would leave a footprint. But I would leave Marco to answer this because I know that he's deep in the lab and reading patterns and whatnot. What do you think, Marco?

Marco: It's a Google property. Anything that you use in Google, Google gets direct information. I mean, there's no way around it. Even when you go and eliminate, a lot of people go and eliminate their history and a whole bunch of other stuff, but just because you eliminate it from your profile, does that mean that Google has eliminated it from some data center somewhere? It's still out there. To me, going out into a virtual machine, in Google platform, and creating a persona account, I don't see how you can avoid leaving a footprint. I would use that if I wanted to leave a footprint. If I want Google to follow the breadcrumb back, you're leading the beast to the trap that you've set rather than the other way around. But right now you're setting a trap for yourself. Set it so that whatever it is that you're doing you actually do want Google to follow and to see and to track.

Hernan: Right. Yeah. It makes sense. I mean, that's the whole point of what we're doing, right? Hiding sites in plain sight or hiding things that you want or actually come in and getting Google crawling your stuff that you strategically put there for you to crawl. Right?

How To Raise The Domain Authority Of A Website?

Jay is asking “I've been using SERPspace, IFTTT ring, content marketing heavily to improve a new website's search profile. Such that as of today, its domain authority is only a 3, and its page authority is 19. I recall on previous Semantic Mastery training,” previous, like really previous, right, Jay? “this could be a problem. I don't see in my notes a recommendation how do you recommend to raise domain authority. What would you suggest today?”

Okay. Number one, I would suggest that you don't give a shit about domain authority. Sorry about that, but that will be my intake on it, number one. Number two, domain authority, Jay, it's a Moz metric. It doesn't matter how hard you push it, you need to wait to Moz to update their database. They do it sometimes every month, sometimes every two months.

It's like pushing for a public PR, a PageRank release. It doesn't make any sense because by the time they updated their data center or the day after they updated their data center or the database, whatever you want to call it, it's already down. It's already outdated. The same happen with PR, PageRank, when Google will launch a PageRank update, everywhere was crazy about it but I kept saying, okay, that's great, but the day after that it doesn't work anymore. So I wouldn't pay too much attention, Jay. Also, because again, it doesn't matter how much you push it. it won't budge until Moz updated their database. Have that in mind.

Trust flow and citation flow, they are different beasts because Majestic is crawling and updating them pretty much … The domain authority, page authority, not at all. Also, you need to have in mind that these domain authority, page authority, they are spam metrics. If you want to jack up domain authority and page authority, what you need to do is to order … Don't do this, by the way, but if you want to do this, you need to order a 5,000 GSA blast from Fiverr. That will jack up your domain authority. Now in terms of ranking, that will burn your domain to the ground.

I've said it before, I jacked up domain authority and page authority with the pure spam, I jacked up domain authority with spam, subdomain spam, spam in subdomain. That's why I don't trust these metrics because, again, you're burning to the ground if you want to do something like that. Do you guys want to add anything to this?

Marco: Yeah. I touched on this. I think it was last week or, no, our Mastermind webinar, and I think I can talk about it here. Where right now where Google is going or where it is right now, and we predicted this a while back because we've been talking about entities for so long, just telling people concentrate on your brand, on your entity, on your validation, verification, and now solidification. You solidify your entity by going into your Google My Business verified listing and using all of the tools that Google has given you.

Now this is one place where I actually listened to Google. I usually, I'm not going to drop the f-bomb here, but I usually say F Google, because I don't give a crap what they say. But on something like this, where they give you access to the inside and they bring everything to try to hermetically seal everything and contain it so that they can keep an eye on everything that you're doing.

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Well, that's the perfect place to go in. Like we did with RYS Academy, to go in and start really manipulating anything and everything that you can get your hands on so that Google sees, “Okay, so this an entity, it's verified. We know what the entity is, we know what it's about. It has products, it has services, it has hours, it has people. We got pictures of the staff, of the building.” Yeah. Fake it till you make it. If you have to fake the pictures, then so be it. I mean, you have to go to that point.

The wonderful thing is, and I just saw it, well, I've been seeing it, but Google actually gives you metrics. When you're ranking in the 3-pack with your GMB and you get calls from your GMB listing, you actually get those analytics. They give you a monthly report. I mean, that's so good of them. That's so nice of them to let you know how well your spam is working.

Because I saw that from, I don't know where, we had seven calls on something that I wasn't even expecting to rank because all we did was verify the business. By the way, it's a business in New York City and so getting seven calls from just verifying a map in New York City, it's not … I mean, it tells you just how powerful this little tool that Google is giving you really is.

So go in build that mini site, post and, I can't get into the rest of this, it's probably going to be part of RYS Academy update on how you can leverage all of that to really blast Google. I mean, this is RankBrain right between the eyes and make RankBrain to do whatever it is that you want it to do.

Anyway, just another nugget for you guys. Go and play in that Google verify my business. Forget metrics, forget trust flow, forget citation flow, topical trust flow, domain authority, page authority, just people who really know how to use that to their advantage because that's because they understand the underlying algorithms and you don't want to get that deep. What I've just given you is better than I think anything you could have paid for. So there you go, you got it free.

How To Setup A Redirect From Category To Page?

Hernan: There you go. Mohammad is up. “Hey guys. I've been setting up a simple silo structure and I'm about to turn up the redirects category to page.” Okay, very good. “One of my silos is about home selling so the page category are called sellers but the URL for the sellers page is domain.com/sellyourhome, not domain.com/sellers. Can I still set up the redirects?”

I mean, you still can, Mohammad. I don't see why not. With redirects you can still set up that and we recommend that you have at least the keyword that you want to rank for. For example, “sell your home” will be I think a more relevant URL than “sellers,” but you can still set up the 301s. Yeah. You can still set up the 301s redirect.

Marco: If I can just add to that, the idea that Bradley has put forth on this, is for the category and the page to share the same slug. There you go. You made it very clear. You can go and check out our YouTube channel, Youtube.com/semanticmastery. Use the channel search and search for simple silo structure and you'll see exactly. I mean, just step-by-step how Bradley does it.

Hernan: Yeah. There you go. I mean, you can still set up. Yeah. I understand what you're saying, Marco, and you're right. You can still set up the 301s, but yeah I agree with Bradley on that regard that they should share the URL.

Is A Resources Page A Good Idea From An SEO Perspective?

“On the same site, real estate agent, my client is asking about our resources page which would most mostly be links to companies that home buyers are recommended to call for things like property maintenance, home cleaning, insurance, et cetera. Is this a good idea from an SEO perspective? I already know follow all external links if that's relevant.”

Yeah. I mean, I don't see why not. As long as they are non-competing, I'm assuming that if this is a local guy the links that these websites or these pages will not have a huge authority in terms of traffic. Maybe some of them would, but not all of them. It's not a bad idea. Worst case scenario, what you could do is to set up a noindex tag on that specific noindex, nofollow tag a specific page.

Right? If you're right now following the external links, that shouldn't be a problem, but then again, if you want to test it out, you can set up a noindex, nofollow page like we do, for example, in our contact pages, on their disclaimer pages, which is mostly duplicate content, like 80% of it because it's legal jargon and you want that to be, we usually set up as noindex, noindex, nofollow, because you want those internal links, that internal link juice to keep flowing through the website.

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Do The PRs And Google Drive Stacks Take A Lot Of Time To Work?

“I recently ordered a Drive Stack plus Google sites and it was finished at the end of June.” Okay, at the end of June, so 12 days ago. “I also ordered a Press Release, which was also currently indexing. However, in the two weeks since the stack was done, I'm still dancing the SERPS for my main keyword. I slowly rise and I hang out in page two for a while, then suddenly down to page three. Am I senselessly driving myself crazy by watching the SERPS in the first place? Do the PRs and Stacks take a lot of time to work?”

I would say that yeah, you are senselessly driving yourself crazy by watching the SERPS because you shouldn't be worried about that. They usually … I mean, it all depends, right? That's the magic keyword, SEO. It depends on your competition, it depends on who are you competing against. It's not the same if you're doing a Stack for a local business, medium, low competition business than if you do it for a cut for business like credit cards. Press Releases, they take some time. We already answered a question about that. So be patient, right? Be patient because again this is Google way of dangling the carrot for YouTube bite. What do you think, Marco?

Marco: I think that it's normal. It's 12 days, end of June. Let's call it 14. Let's call it two weeks. There's a three-week period before the Google dance settles down and then that's when you go and check the SERP. I hope that when he says that he's SERP watching that he's not going in and typing in the keyword because that's another can of worms that we don't want to get into. But I hope you're using some type of rank tracker that you can just go in once every few weeks, not every day. I mean, that's a really good way to get a freaking ulcer, to watch it go up and down, and up and down, and oh, my God, what am I going to do? I have my client, you worry about the client, the report, what are you going to say in the report, whatever.

We make it clear, Google dance, 21 days. Wait for it to clear. Once it's cleared and you see where your Google Stack ends up, that's where you decide what to do next. Now you should, I would have saved the Press Release to link to the Drive Stack once it stopped dancing, if it needed to be pushed up or send it somewhere else. Because if you send that press release anywhere near the stack while it was dancing, or if you link to it, then you just set it dancing again and could have extended the period to, I think it's 70 days, and so you're actually doing more harm than good.

Now I don't have that information. I'm just letting people know that this can happen. So just leave it alone. Leave it alone. The best advice every … and people who are in RYS Academy can attest to it that the best thing you can do once you get your Stack is just leave it alone until it settles at the place where it's going to settle and then you decide what else it needs, whether it's link building, an expired domain for more juice, siloing the Drive Stacks for local relevancy, adding local relevance to that. I mean, there's so many things that you can do, but you can't do anything unless you know for sure where it is and that it actually does need more.

Hernan: There you have it. Yeah. I think we discussed this, it wasn't Mastermind I think, about typing URL in the search engines and the effects of that, but anyways.

Have You Tried Curating Videos Like You Do Content Where You Take Two Different Sources And Mash Them Together?

Glenn is asking “Have you tried curating videos like you do content where you take two different sources and mash them together with a quick intro and outro and citing the sources in either the video, description, or both? Any considerations on that being not cool and getting your account banned?” Yeah. Great question, Glenn. Yeah. We do it. We do it all the time. As long as you're doing, you're citing the sources and you're curating meaning, adding commentary to that video and keeping it original, I would say for the most part, because remember, guys, now you have automated text, sorry, text-to-speech or audio-to-speech, so you will have automated transcription of every video that you upload on YouTube, that you upload.

Have that in mind. Try to keep it as you're curating content, try to keep it as original as possible. Yeah, that's a great idea. That's a great, like, I wouldn't do what someone calls video remixing, which is just blatantly copying someone or mashing two videos together. It's like video spinning or re-remixing or you grab two videos that make absolutely no sense and you get a shitty piece of video after that. I wouldn't do that. But if you want to take the time of going through that, then yeah, definitely, that's a great way of creating content. As long as you're citing the sources and as long as you're adding value to your viewer.

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Has Anyone Found A New Solution For Phone Verifying Accounts For Syndication Rings?

Lori. “Hi everyone.” Hey, Lori. “Happy Hump Day. Has anyone found a solution for phone verifying accounts for syndication rings? We have Verizon phone plan where we pay as little as $5 a month and change numbers as often as necessary. I'm pissed at myself, but I let it go over 90 days without paying and now the plan isn't available. The only plan is to pay 30 bucks, which isn't a lot, but still hoping for another option. I checked with one other carrier but their phones have SIM cards, which means you have to pay for a new SIM card each time you want to change phone numbers. It's so random as far as how often you need to verify accounts. I'm just trying to find the cheapest method out there. I don't set up rings all that often, but I actually kind of enjoy doing it.” Me too, Lori.

“Also at one point, you mentioned being able to purchase phone verified accounts, but I wasn't able to find where it was discussed. I checked on Fiverr and didn't come up with much there. Thanks for always providing quality advice.”

Well, good question, Lori. If I'm not mistaken, Adam, please correct me if I'm wrong, because we are working heavily with the SERP space guys on this regard and, yeah, maybe we will need to ask Roman about this, but how are our VA still doing it? Are they still getting SIM cards on the Philippines, correct?

Adam: I'd have to check. I don't want to say since it's been about two months since I've dealt with them directly. So I don't want to say. Yeah. We can ask you them and figure it out. Let me … Actually I was just talking to Roman. Let me ask him and I'll get back to you.

Hernan: Sure. Okay. That would be cool. We can answer Lori live.

Marco: Actually, the SIM method in the Philippines stopped working. I know that from Jesson. We had to go to the phone verified account and then find the guy-

Hernan: Bulk PVA?

Marco: Yeah. Bulk PVA.

Hernan: Gotcha. Yeah. I think that's Bulkpva.com. I know there's couple issues, but they were having issues with their accounts, but they got it back up, it sounds like. I know Bradley and a couple others got it. And we're calling a thread about that.

Marco: Okay, very good.

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Hernan: There you have it, Lori. I mean, get a PVA account pretty much. There's these other Russian guys which is by bulk accounts, I think it was, bulk accounts. No, this is another one. Yeah. Let me count it down, Lori, and I'll put it on the thread, on the event as well.

What Is Your Insight On The Update From Rel=”Nofollow” To Rel=”Nofollow Noopener” In WordPress?

Greg. “Hi. WordPress as of an update two months ago and now adds noopener and noreferrer to no follow links. rel nofollow has now become rel nofollow noopener and at times rel nofollow noreferrer noopener. What is your insight on this and does this affect anything for us?” Well, Greg, good question. I don't usually, like, if I want to set up a no follow link, I just put the nofollow tag on the HTML code myself manually, because if you're using rel nofollow from WordPress you can get some of this.

Now just to be clear, this is like a safety measure that WordPress is taking. Meaning that I was investigating a little bit before that because I saw this question I think it was pretty interesting. The noopener blank, meaning you click on URL and it opens to a new tab or a new window, they can “take over” or if they, for example, if the target URL gets a lot of JavaScript and gets a lot of resources and whatnot, those resources will be impacting your website performance because at some point they're using an operator called window opener.

That's kind of vulnerability, a safety measure that WordPress took so that means that nofollow noopener or noreferrer means that you're not passing referring information to the target so the target on Google Analytics will not know where the visit is coming from. Okay. That's a noreferrer. A noopener meaning that if you do a target blank, when you click on it and it opens a new window, it will avoid these resources dragging your own page. That's what I understand about it.

Now the simple answer would be get rid of those. The simple answer will be if you want nofollow the links just nofollow them manually on a menu or on even the content itself of the WordPress site. Just nofollow them manually. Just get rid of the noopener noreferrer. I have no data right now that that is impacting in any way, shape or form the performance of SEO because the only thing that you care about on a nofollow is that the Googlebot doesn't follow that link. It stays on your own ecosystem.

Have in mind that the nofollow is just like a suggestion or the bots. The bots can actually follow that link if it wants to. The same with robots.txt there are suggestions on how to treat your website. If you want to block a bot completely, you need to use HT access because again the server is not serving the robot. Okay? That would be my intake on it. I don't know what you have to say about it, Marco.

Marco: No, I totally agree. If you don't want it, get rid of it. Understanding that there is a security issue when you add the blank to open in a new page, because people can then change the redirect or the destination of the window opener object. I don't know if I'm getting too technical, but that's what happens when you use the target equals blank tag. There is a code actually. If you go online, there is a code where you can get rid of it. I would not do that because one of the things that you're doing is you're coding to allow unsafe link target and I don't think that's something you would want to do.

This is a security management measure. If you don't like it, take it out. I would leave it because it's security. This is one of the things where Google gets anal sometimes that you're giving your users this extra, extra security measure. It might actually be beneficial, although right now, as far as SEO, it's neutral.

Is It True That You Emphasize A More Elaborate Landing Page For A Google Adwords Pay Per Call Campaign?

Hernan: There you have it. All right. Let's keep moving. David. “Please talk about the landing page that you suggest for Adwords pay per call. I have heard it's only necessary to run the ad but beyond that serves no purpose. As a result, it only needs to be bare bones. Is it true that you emphasize a more elaborate landing page?”

Okay, David. This is kind of the, I would say local camping turfs and Bradley's turf. I will tell you my experience when it comes to landing pages. Every landing page needs to be confined, even further if you are sending PPC traffic. On this specific example, it would be AdWords pay-per-call or AdWords PPC, or on Manager, for example, Facebook. They need to be compliant, right? Because as a matter of fact when you're launching your campaign most of time, if your account is new, if you haven't run a campaign before, you will get manually reviewed to make sure that your page, even further in the case of Google, but you will get manually reviewed to see if your page is compliant.

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Compliant meaning that you need to check their guidelines, but meaning you have a menu, on AdWords side of things, you have a menu, you have contact information, you have disclaimer, policy earnings disclaimer, those kind of things, so as to make sure that you're not deceiving the visitor. For Adwords pay-per-call, it needs to be bare bones because what you're trying to achieve is people to call, tap to call, whatever. So it does need to be bare bones. Now when you're combining pay-per-call with pay-per-click, then you're getting into a more complicated terms in terms of the landing page, when you're developing a landing page.

Pay-per-call, it only needs to be bare bones because people will not be actually visiting your website. But if they do, you want to have that page to be, number one, compliant and, number two, you want it to be attractive and you want it to convert rather than being attractive. Because I've seen they're beautiful pages but they do not convert, and ugly as fuck pages that they convert at an 80% rate. Okay. I'd rather have leads than a beautiful page, if you ask me. On this case, it only needs to be bare bones and you need to be compliant because people will not be actually visiting your page.

Now, if you're like me, you're combining pay-per-call with pay-per-click. People sometimes will call, sometimes will click on the ad, and you want it to convert, right? But then again, this is kind of the more local camping turf. You are welcome to ask this on some of the Facebook groups or maybe the next time Bradley is here.

When Would You Recommend Implementing Json-LD Markup Via GTM On A Page Vs. Using Microdata?

Cesar is up. One, would you recommend implementing JSON-LD markup via Google Tag Manager on a page versus using microdata? Well, Cesar, if your JSON-LD, I'm always doing emailing. Right? But some people will actually prefer because of ease of use and maybe ease of changing. If you're changing stuff with JSON-LD, not that much anyways, but if you're for some reason changing stuff, then you may want to use Google Tag Manager. At the end of the day, what you want to do is that Google can crawl the microdata. Right? That's what you want to do and it's just a way of implementing. I don't know that there's any benefits whatsoever implementing the one or the other. Unless Marco can tell-

Marco: At the end of the day, it's a personal preference. To me, I'm old school, I code it. I have my own spreadsheet that gives me the output that I want and that's what I use. I go and then I grab it. I copy and then I paste it where I want. That's what I like to do. I could do the same thing and copy-paste into Google Tag Manager. I just don't want to have to go and learn Google Tag Manager because it's just something extra that I have to add on my list of a million, and that would be a million and one things to do. It's how do I manage my time the best? I manage my time the best by using the tools that I already have available.

If at some point I have an open where I can set aside time to go learn Google Tag Manager, it could be that it's more beneficial, especially since it's inside a Google hardboard. Right? We're always talking about use Google properties. It could be that you get a little benefit, a little push from being in there. I don't know. I don't have enough to say. My personal preference, I use JSON plus LD and I implement manually.

Hernan: Yep. Or you can go to SERP space and use the JSON-LD, the markup builder over there. Right? Yeah. You copy and you paste it on your own website. But, yeah, I do it manually too. Last, let's go with Cesar question number two, “Do you think using crowd search to click through your backlinks is a good use of resources?” Yes, Cesar. I've done that in the past. I wish I would have updated data, but I would definitely give it a try because what you're trying to emulate on that case is that you're getting real traffic from your backlinks, which is right now traffic and interaction is the name of the game. Right?

Marco has been saying it for a while. We're working on a big project right now, studying that implies traffic and interaction like real traffic, real people traffic. It's like a day and night, when you have a PBN that's dormant, that's floating down the internet and you have a link from that PBN that nobody visits, and then you have a backlink on Huffington Post, or you have a backlink on Forbes. Not only because it's on Forbes, but also because it will get your shit on the traffic, which is what you're looking for. Right?

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I would say that if you're trying to emulate something like that, I would definitely give it a shot because you're trying to emulate that. Again, crowd search is having some interests right now because this is mechanical and you want to have real traffic. That's why I keep saying the best backlink that you can possibly, possibly build, sorry, is the backlink that will give you traffic. Not the backlink that will only give you links, because think about it, if it's giving you traffic it will definitely give you links shoots. It will definitely be relevant. Okay. Because, let's say that you're commenting on a blog and you're getting a ton of traffic from that blog comment, it's still a blog comment, right? Yeah. In terms of SEO, it doesn't carry much weight, if you think about the link itself, but you're getting a lot of relevant traffic, which turns that into much more powerful backlink, if you ask me.

Traffic is the name of the game. I would say interaction is the name of the game. Authority is the name of the game right now. Yeah. I mean, give it a shot and see if it works. All right, guys. Unfortunately, three minutes, we have to go, unless we have any other announcements. If not, we'll call it. What do you guys think?

Adam: I think that's all we got time for. If you haven't yet checked out the Battle Plan webinar tomorrow, we'll be there and then of course head over to SERP space, check that out if you haven't got your account. Then next week, we got a ton of stuff going on. Keep your eyes peeled for that. I think that's about it.

Hernan: Okay.

Marco: Can I just drop just another recommendation? Guys, I am going to push to raise the price of RYS Academy as high as my partners will allow me. I am also going to push to raise the price of Done-For-You services as high as my partners will allow me because the new training will be implemented into the Done-For-You services. If you're in RYS Academy already, you will probably be grandfathered in or the fee will be minimal. So get in where you fit in and while you can because, I mean, the price is going up as far as I can push it. This isn't just me talking and blowing. You guys know me. You guys have been around long enough to know that when I say something this is what I'm going to do. I'm going to push as much as I can because I think it's totally worth it. So you guys do whatever you want. I don't want to push you into something that you can't afford or that you don't want to do. I just want you to know that this is what's going to happen.

Hernan: There you go. Pretty good. Okay. All right guys. Thank you once again. We see you when we see you. Thanks, Adam, thanks, Marco.

Adam: Bye, guys.

Marco: All right, man. Take care. Bye everyone.

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