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By April

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Bradley: We're live. I wonder how long we were live, I was looking in another tab.

Marco: (Laughs)

Bradley: Hey guys, this is Bradley with Semantic Mastery. This is the Digital Marketing Q&A Hump day Hangouts for October 4, 2017. We're back to our normal schedule, 4:00 pm eastern.

It's good to be home even though we had a really good time last week in Portland. We enjoyed that immensely with all the guys, except for Marco unfortunately.

We've got Hernan and Marco on with us right now. We've got a couple of guests too as well. So, I'm going to go right ahead and go down the line, start with them as I see them.

Hello Hernan, how are you?

Hernan: Hey guys. I'm really, really good. Really excited for what's coming actually. We had a lot of fun, it's always good to see you guys. We get a lot of stuff done. We get a lot of fun.

And, I'm still in South Florida by the way, for the next couple weeks. I've been doing this, the best selling journal dance, which is amazing. Amazing. So, thank you guys for bringing one of these.

If you guys haven't gotten one of these, this is bad ass. So, yeah I strongly recommend it. I know what you guys are talking about now. When it comes to this, using this every day. So, thank you guys.

Bradley: One of the most … [crosstalk 00:01:13]

Marco: Yeah, hang on a second.

Bring me one while I'm in Argentina, Hernan.

Hernan: Ah, we'll be good.

Marco: For when we meet [crosstalk 00:01:20].

Hernan: Alright. I will.

Bradley: Yeah, it is hands down one of the most effective tools and it's a very simple tool. But, it's so effective for keeping me focused and on point and keeping my goals right in focus all the day long. And, helps me plan my day and everything else.

Guys, I've been living by that for, well I just started my second one now, so about fourteen weeks, absolutely love it.

So, Marco, how are you man?

Marco: I'm good, getting ready for surgery again.

Angel: Oh shit.

Marco: I hadn't announced it, only to the partners. But, I'll be leaving on October 30th and won't be back until December 15th. I have more nerve compressions, more disc compression, more pain and agony.

Angel: Dang, that sucks man, sorry to hear that.

Bradley: Yeah dude, that sucks.

Marco: But yeah, so anyway, I'll try not to miss too many Hump day Hangouts, because I want to be here for 156 man.

Bradley: Absolutely. We'll make sure that we, even if we have to come set you up while you're in traction. We'll do it.

What's up, Angel?

Angel: Everything's good man, glad to be here. How's everyone doing today?

Bradley: Good man. Glad to have you here.

This is Angel Cruise everybody. He's a SEO bad ass as well and we bought him on as a guest with us today. So, we're glad to have you here man.

Angel: Appreciate it. Appreciate it. What's going on everyone?

Bradley: And, last but not least we got Rob who is one of our Mastermind members as well as one of the co-creators of RYS Academy Reloaded with Marco. What's up Rob?

Rob: Not much gentleman. How are you guys?

Bradley: Very good. Glad to have you man.

Marco: For people that don't know Rob, sorry to interrupt you and then you can keep going. I just want to sing your fucking praises because you're a fucking beast, man

This guy comes up with, I mean …

Rob: I don't have on my boots today, Marco.

Marco: (Laughs) Seriously. On a serious tip man, the things that this guy does or the mad stuff that he comes up with in his mind and then we go and look at or test or … I mean, you've seen some of the results, they're so incredible man.

This Stuff Works
So that's coming down the pipeline. I don't know how we'll present that. But, expect more awesome stuff, from Rob.

Bradley: That's awesome. He's like a savant in his own right, because he's … I know some of the stuff that he's shared with me recently. Even some of the press release stuff yesterday, I was really just shocked. It's awesome man. We're glad to have you on the team, as well. So …

Rob: Glad to be here fellas.

Bradley: I don't know if we have any announcements because once again Adam's not here and he always drives this ship. So, does anyone have any announcements?

Hernan: I think we're good. Tomorrow we have the Mastermind webinar. And, we have some announcements, there are some really cool changes coming for the Mastermind and the entire Semantic Mastery layout, I would say.

So, yeah we're excited and we have a lot of good stuff coming up, so I'll just leave it at that for now.

Bradley: Yeah, we're going to be doing the Mastermind webinar tomorrow. I'm looking at my white board now. We've got … we'll be announcing the new format, which is going to be quite crazy. It's going to be very, something that I think is going to be amazing. So we're going to be announcing that tomorrow. After tomorrow, we'll probably talk more about this next week on Hump day Hangout, for everybody else.

We're going to be announcing a couple other things as well that I can't pitch until we talk about it in the Mastermind. So, sorry to leave you guys hanging on that but … so Angel what you got going on man? I know its been a while since we talked so …

Angel: [crosstalk 00:05:14] Yeah, I mean um, I'm just always research and development mode. Always testing different methods of ranking. You know, I do a little bit of lead gen now. I kind of stay away from clients, work with a ton of agencies. I offer like reseller type services.

But most recently, I started working on a project management software developed for digital marketers. I'm not really here to promote that of course but it's something that I've been working on for the past five months. I'm really proud of it and it's starting to generate some steam. So, just building that up, connecting with other agencies and just trying to grow a new SAS business, pretty much

Bradley: Yeah, well that why, that's in part why you're on with us today. One, because you're awesome.

Angel: (Laughs) Thanks.

Bradley: But number two because we're warming the crowd up to you because we know that your software that you've been working on is something that our audience would probably do quite well with. So, that's part of the reason why we bought you on. We're not ready to announce it just yet but we wanted everyone to become familiar with who you are. Because, you are an SEO bad ass, so …

That's awesome. We're glad to have you.

Angel: Thank you man. Appreciate it.

Bradley: Alright guys, well I'm going to jump into questions then, if everybody's cool with that?

Marco: Yep.

Angel: Let's do it.

Bradley: Guys, feel free all of you to just jump in at any moment and comment on any of these questions. Feel free to interrupt me, I don't mind. Wayne, I don't know if you were listening to us last week when we were in Portland.

Wayne: Smoking a pancake? That's one of my favorite movies of all time. I'm not kidding.

Bung in the blitz. Cigar on a crip? No, no. (Laughs) Freaking' love that movie.

Bradley: That's so funny. Last week in Portland, I must have said that fifteen times at least man, just stupid. Portland is a very liberal town, so there's a lot of things that are legal there that are not legal when you go in other areas.

Angel: I wonder what?

Bradley: And I had a blast, let's just put it that way.

This Stuff Works
Wayne: I wish I was there with you guys.

Bradley: Yeah, it was fun man. It really was. I enjoyed it.

Marco, excuse me, Hernan earlier said that we got a lot of stuff done. Well, he can speak for himself, but for me we got a lot of planning done or I got a lot of planning done with the guys but I can't work. Like, get any serious work done when I'm traveling. I just can't do it. It's just difficult for me to do from a laptop and so I didn't get much work done other than the planning.

Now that's high level stuff though that needed to be done. So, it is a lot of work that we completed but it's not like the typical day to day grind stuff. So, we had a lot of fun and it was just kind of team building environment.

We worked it the morning for several hours, pretty much from after lunch on, we would just hang out and have a good time. It was a lot of fun.

What's The Best Way To Improve A Drive Stack That Hasn't Ranked Yet?

Okay, Muhammad's up first. He says, “Hey guys. What is the best way to improve a drive stack that hasn't ranked yet. Do I build more links to it or just be patient?”

Before even carrying on, I would say be patient. It depends on how long its been Muhammad, but I know drive stacks are often … and obviously I'll let Marco comment on this and Rob both as well. But, I know a lot of the times just being patient is all it takes. And they'll end up starting to index or starting to rank some of the stuff that you are pointing. You know, as your target URLs. I've experienced that many, many times without having to do anything other than just wait.

What do you guys think?

Marco: It depends. We've done both and I know Rob has done both also. Rob is the most impatient person in the world. If it doesn't move, he just hits it. And, if it moves a little bit he wants it to move more so he hits it again. He doesn't care whether its dancing, he just over powers stuff.

Now, you can do it that way or you can do what I recommend in the RYS Reloaded black book, which is you wait out those 21 days. That's a must. But, this is for intelligence purposes, right?

You want intel. You want to gather all the information. What's going to rank the easiest? Well, that's where the, if it landed first page right towards the bottom, second page, third page. Anything forth page to second, those are cherry just ready to get hammered and moved up. But, you need to know whether that's where they're going to settle, and you won't know until it's clear to Google that.

Once it clears the desk then you decide. Am I going to do press releases? Am I going to do link building? Am I going to do additional stats inside the stack? Am I going to do stacks as PD … how am I going to treat this?

But, you can't do that until you know what Google has decided to do with the original stack. He says he's in a competitive niche. We took on, as you guys know, for RYS Reloaded, a major metropolitan area in one of the most competitive niches, local niches, correct?

And it just blew the guys phone off the wall. He had to shut the phone down …

Wayne: That's awesome.

Marco: … because he got so many leads. I'll let Rob go on from there and give you his opinion. But, that's what I would tell you. And if you read the RYS Reloaded black book, you'll see exactly what I'm talking about.

Bradley: What are your thoughts, Rob?

Rob: I mean, part of it to me depends on the final goal. If you're trying to, like when Marco said I'm impatient, I'm not necessarily trying to rank a document or the PowerPoint or the slide or whatever. So, I literally just smash those things at times. But, the actual, what my final ranking thing is. If I'm trying to rank a G site, I may be a little more patient on that. But, not always. But then, it will dance but over time it will come back. So …

Marco: Yeah.

Rob: Anytime you hit anything it's going to dance a little bit, so …

This Stuff Works
Marco: Yep, I agree with that.

Bradley: Definitely.

Angel: I'll jump in guys, real quick.

Bradley: Sure.

Angel: Usually when I do a drive stack I like to submit it to Google right away. So, I'm a little impatient myself. I let it settle for a few weeks, see where Google decides where to rank it. Once it stabilizes, I like to see it hit Page Four or Three, like Marco said.

I'll start building links such as Be hance and that's actually one of my favorite links to start sending to Google drive stats. I actually have a really cool example. If you type in, and I'll give this away because it's really old stack. If you type in used fork lifts new mexico, so I rank that position one. Only sending one Behance link that was boosted up. So, I kind of did a tiered method there.

But, that's all it took pretty much. Once it indexed, it probably landed on page four or five. And then, I sent a …

Bradley: Nice.

Angel: … what's it called, a Be Hance link directly to that and then boosted the Be hance with some links. And that's all it took.

Bradley: Just one Be hance link, right?

Angel: One Be hance link.

Bradley: And then you just spammed the shit out of that?

Angel: I mean, I don't think I spammed the crap out of it. I might have sent a few decent links to that Be hance, but that's about it. I didn't go too crazy.

Bradley: Huh. I'll be damned.

Angel: That's all it took though. Just to give you guys an idea of some times it doesn't take that much. It could just be one or two links and it'll do enough damage.

Bradley: Very nice man. Don't you guys love it. I just love these man it's so simple, its like stupid easy. It's like your cheat ticket. Stupid easy. That's awesome man, thank you.

Jason says, “I'm interested,” … oh I'm sorry Muhammad, I forgot the other side of your question. Yeah, did actually expand or at least I think, I don't have that membership site pulled open. Muhammad for the syndication academy. But, I didn't … I'm not sure if I expanded on it in Syndication Academy. I know I covered it a little more in detail but I'm not giving away the method entirely inside the Mastermind I have. But, can't share that outside of the Mastermind, at least not yet.

I'm not sure, I swear beyond July I've talked about it more, in the Syndication Academy webinar. But, I can't remember off the top of my head. I don't have that site open so I can't confirm it.

So, if you want to follow up with me. Just tag me in the Facebook group, the Syndication Academy Facebook group and it'll remind me to go check on it after the webinar is over. I'll get back to you within the next 24 hours to let you know, which module it's in. If I did cover it more, which I think I did it would have been beyond the July webinar, right? So check August or September. I know I didn't cover it in September. So, check the August one. Alright?

And remember the August one guys was the one that I didn't post until like the day before the September webinar. So, maybe it's in that one. If you go back and check that one, just let me know. If it's not there, then I might be able to expand on it slightly. But, I can't give away all the information on that method because that's reserved for Mastermind guys, period. So, it is what it is.

What Is Your Process Of Getting New Clients For A Lead Gen Campaign?

Jason says, I'm interested in starting a few lead gen sites. I'm just doing keyboard research right now but wondering how to decide what business or contractor I'll give the leads to when I start getting them. Do you guys have a process for determining one business or contractor. Do you give several of them a taste in hopes that you'll get a buyer. Is it best to give the leads away for a few months and then shut if off. Then, contact them to see if they'd like to continue?

I've tried multiple ways, Jason. I'm glad Angel on, because Angel does a lot of lead gen too. I'd like to get his opinion. But, over the course of my career, I've done it multiple ways. What I've found to be the easiest is to set up a prospecting funnel. For me that's always been the easiest. Which is to set up a landing page with a video, it could be like a VSL type video, video sales letter. Which is basically just a power point slide with text on it, right?

Then, I narrator it and state the benefits of what I got. I show examples in the video and I make it as short a video as possible. Usually, it ends up running three to five minutes. I just explain hey look I've got these leads and I show in the video the google search results, with my property being ranked. Then, I show maybe the call volume coming in or maybe emails if they've filled out the contact forms submit, or contact request form. Excuse me. Like the leads that actually submitted.

So, usually after I have the results, I can show the results in a video for that specific city or town. Then, all I'll do is just do a cold email campaign to all the contractors in that specific industry in that specific city. Then, I make sure that they're all aw … like I don't even blind carbon copy. I do like a straight up, everybody sees their competitor's emails in the actual email that I send out to those contractors. So that, they know that it's being sent out. It says it right in the damn email.

This Stuff Works
This is being sent out, the first person or … a lot of time I've done it both ways where I've said, the first person that replies and sometimes you get some good responses from that but other … more recently the way that I've done in is actually setting up on the landing page just a Google form that they have to fill out with just some very basic info, that asks them … and I tell them that they're going to go through a slight screening process or whatever.

The reason why I do that is because I don't like to just give the leads to just the first contractor. I need to vet them. Because, if it's going to be my web property, my digital asset that's producing the leads. I don't want some jack ass contractor out there servicing the lead and then screwing it up and getting negative reviews put on my digital asset, if that makes sense.

So, I've learned over the years to put some of screening procedure in place. That usually just typically has … if, just having someone fill out a web form. Don't make it too complicated because otherwise you'll lose a lot of leads from that as far as like potential service providers.

But, you do want them to take that extra little step. That will illuminate some tire kickers right off the bat. Because, they'll be like … they'll look at the form and say, “I'm not filling that out.” And, they'll just move on.

Okay, so be it. You weren't interested enough anyway they would have been a shitty service provider, right? But, just by doing something small like that and then you can actually … by then it's not a cold call. Then, you return the calls of people that have expressed an interest. It's a much different type of conversation. Because the whole psychology changes when they've raised their hand and said yes I'm interested, then you just pitching them cold.

And so, I found that to be a much easier way. That's only because I personally hate cold calling, guys. When I first got my start in lead gen business, that's how I did it. I would just start picking up the phone and calling contractors and telling them what I had. But, you get a lot of rejection and that'll crush your ego fast.

Unless you've got like a heart of steel, which I don't apparently because I don't like getting rejected over and over again on the phone. So, I just don't like cold calling and I try to do as many warm up processes with the prospect. I try to warm them up before I ever get on the phone with them.

So, that's worked really well for me. I know it may sound complicated but its really not. As far as setting up a prospecting funnel its rather simple to do. Because it's just a, when say a funnel, it seriously is just a landing page with a video and a Google form. It can be done on Wordpress, right. And, you just send people directly to that page from your email. Okay?

If you've ever taken our video email course, our video email prospecting course, that's also a great way to do it. Inside that course, that's inside a service space, by the way. I can't remember if you got to purchase it or if it's free. It's also on our bonus site. The Mastery [inaudible 00:18:56] and Semantic Mastery bonus site, if you don't have access to that Jason but you've bought any of our products in the past, just contact us at [email protected].

We'll get you access to the bonus site and there's a video emailing prospect collecting course in there that discusses both ways. There's a laser approach, which is targeting individual prospects with a video email. I don't recommend doing that because it's very time consuming. I mean, it's super effective. But, its very time consuming.

So, what I like to do is create more of a general email or excuse me, prospecting email, video email, sorry. A more general prospecting video email that then I mass send out to all of the contractors in that city. And again, I don't blind carbon copy or anything. I make sure that they see that same email went to 14 or 15 other, whatever. However, many other contractors, so that it creates that level of urgency on their part to reply.

So, what do you think, Angel?

Angel: I think that's an interesting approach. I actually take a slightly different approach. Because my background like before I did any internet marketing, I was actually a door to door salesman. So, I'm used to getting a bunch of no's. So, I'm sure you guys know Mike Pierce. We've done a ton of work together. I was the guy who was hitting up the phones, straight up. Hitting up companies and trying to get them to purchase leads from us.

The way I did the research was, I looked at the reputation online. So, let's say we're looking for roof repair contractors in the Dallas area. I'm going to look at the rep online, I'm going to look at their reviews, just overall generic … yellow pages, BBB, just all their ratings overall. If they seem like a good company, good prospect then I'm going to pick up the call and just dial them in.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: There you go.

Angel: And, what I'm going to tell them is, “I have a current provider who has excess leads and we're looking to bring on another provider who can take these phone calls. Are you interested?”

So, I make it seem to them like we're generating a ton of leads, which we are, and we have extra excess leads if they're interested in taking those calls on. A lot of times, you might get those people that say no they're not interested or the price is out of whack. They don't want to pay $30 a lead or whatever the case may is.

But, you're still going to get a handful of people that are interested and this is where we give them a test trial. Where we might send them a few leads in a few day span and just see how they convert on those leads. If it's a good quality lead to them, they're going to want to stay on board with you.

So to answer Jason's question, I would definitely look on just taking on more than one contractor or one service provider. Just a, you don't want to have your eggs all in one basket. You want to calculate your risk pretty much. So, the more the better. If you have five, you're good. Because, out of those five you're going to have one solid provider who you'll have a long term relationship with.

Bradley: Yeah, you know what? I like your approach, picking up the phone and calling. Because that is certainly the quickest way to get results, no doubt. But I just, I can't stand that call. I just get all nervous and my, butterflies in my stomach and shit.

Angel: Yeah, I hear you man.

Bradley: I mean I've been through it so many times that I just realized I don't want to do that anymore. So I prefer to do like the funnel type method and what's interesting about that is if you do a good job on the prospecting side, then you end up with several contractors that have filled out that Google form. You end up interviewing several of them, so you end up with multiple providers. Potential providers, anyway.

So, if you end up slight … personally I usually just select one and I give them a chance if they screw up or they don't convert well, the leads into sales, or they … you know, whatever the case may be. They just end up not being a good fit, then I'll just cancel them and move on to the next contractor.

But, obviously, my preferred method, and I've mentioned this before is once I find a good service provider and I've built a rapport with them and they have a history of performing well and we work well together. Then, I like to always try to shift over to a revenue share model. That's like where the bulk of the money comes from. From my lead gen businesses, it's from revenue share not from actual pay per lead type stuff.

And I really like that. But, that does take a much higher level of trust. Much higher or more trusting relationship I should say with your service provider. That takes some time to get to that level. Anybody else want to comment on that before I move on.

Rob: I've got a slightly different approach, it's kind of between the two. I don't know if anyone's heard of ring partner or any of those, called buyers.

Bradley: Um-hmm.

Angel: Yep.

Rob: I'll get in with them and rank my site when I'm first starting and send just the first few calls to them. Then, after I build up maybe a month or two of calls, I'll literally just take a screenshot of the number of calls I've gotten the last couple months.

Put that in the email to several providers and once you have the calls, it's pretty much do you want to buy these yes or no?

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Yeah.

Angel: Exactly.

Bradley: Yep.

Rob: And it takes a little bit of the getting the contractor, and then having to worry about getting the number of calls. I kind of build up an asset where it's already generating calls, kind of like a cheap ring partner. Then, transition into the sales side once I have a month or two of calls. You can even, if you're doing the whisper record, you can send him a couple of the recordings.

Bradley: Yep.

Rob: Makes it much easier to sell.

Bradley: Yeah, that's essentially what I do with the prospecting funnel, the landing page and the video. Because, I'll show them the call fire dashboard with a screenshot of the volume of calls that have come in and the duration so that they see they're valid calls. That kind of stuff.

Then, typically, I always send all of my calls through a call center anyways. So, I would even set up a sub-account in Answer connect. Which is the call center that I used for all my lead gen stuff and I'll set that up. So, they'll actually take valid leads.

I like you approach, Rob. I haven't done that to be honest with you. I've literally done this dozens of times over the last several years where I'll just generate the lead and sometimes the leads just go cold because they don't have somebody as a service provider. But, I don't care for the first month or two because all I'm trying to do is just show that call volume coming in.

But yeah, I like your approach that's something I ought to do because then you're monetizing even those first dozen or so leads or whatever they are that's are coming through.

So, that's a good [crosstalk 00:25:31]

Rob: Yeah, I mean the monetization, we … because you get a lot of hang ups because they go through all these voice recordings. Put your zip code in and all this stuff. But, at least the lead, if they go through the steps, they're going to get to the provider they were looking for.

Bradley: That's right.

Rob: At least the service, right?

Bradley: Yeah.

Rob: The other thing is I've noticed whenever I start a new gen site, I tend to get a bunch of SEO companies calling my phone number. So, then they end up all … by a month or two they're done calling so those don't get sent to the provider.

Bradley: Yeah. That's why I use a call center. Exactly, for that reason, by the way. Because, it prevents all those spam calls for ever getting to the contractor. So …

Angel: Hey Rob, I also do that quite a bit with sending calls to like ring partner or pay lo. Do you ever experience the companies just hanging up and dialing back those leads that you're sending in?

Rob: Yeah.

Angel: Like they just cheat you out of the money?

Rob: Yes, I've had that happen.

Angel: Yeah.

Rob: I'll call my own number to see what's going on. And, I've even called them back and called them out on it.

Angel: Wow.

Rob: A lot of times, ring partner name doesn't even know what's going on. It's another provider that's basically tagging the number and then calling them back or hitting them with a text, autoresponder and all that kind of stuff.

This Stuff Works
Here's the other way to work around that Angel. If you get called back by the provider, then you just sell him the leads you're getting ready to sell the ring partner …

Angel: That's right.

Rob: … at a markup. (Laughs)

Angel: Exactly, because you're going direct at that point, you know? The little people that are buying the leads.

Rob: Exactly. One guy called me, I said so you're looking for this lead. You just happen to call me back and I was sending the lead to you. Let's cut out this middle guy and I'll charge you a little more than what they were paying me and less than what you were paying them.

[crosstalk 00:27:09]

So, yeah, I've played it that way too.

Angel: (Laughs). Yeah.

What Is Your Experience With Google's GMB Tech Support Call Service?

Bradley: Alright. Jay's up, he says, “Follow up from my maps listing sandbox issue last week. Sharing what I've learned, I asked last week about why a maps listing would drop from map search just from changing the GMB's area coverage from mile radius to zip codes. Google support said not to worry, it would come back in a couple weeks after the algo does its thing. I speculate another factor is that the listing's area coverage overlapped with other locations in the same GMB account indicated by two other locations dropping out of the listings all together. As well, when the main site's coverage area changed to zip codes. And, so now I'll mention there was algo update of Hawk recently that supposedly addressed multi locations varying near each other. Maybe this has some inputs to the outputs. Yet, I'm still worried. All that to ask, is Google GMB, tech support calls to be trusted? Do they really know their stuff or are they simply typing in FAQ and repeating talking points. What is your experience with GMB tech support call service.”

Okay. I don't know the answer to that, whether they can be trusted or not. However, I don't work for Google. They often are very misleading with their information. I know that from being in AdWords and dealing with customer service in AdWords all the time. You have to, because you get ads suspended all the time and shit like that. It's just part of the process.

But, with GMB Support, I've actually only used it in two different, well three different instances. That's fixing a map's issue when there's like something that won't edit, for whatever reason.

I've actually have been successful with that on multiple occasions. I've also had tech support issue, there's one that I'm currently working on. Well, I'm not really working on it anymore because I think its been resolved in that.

And this is actually a thread in our Mastermind right now. I've got a client that I just took on recently that had their address displayed in a very incorrect format, right. And, so when I got access to their GMB dashboard, it's a newer client. I went in and I looked. The address was submitted to the dashboard. So, it was entered when they created the listing in this really incorrect format.

Rob: How do you know when an address, which way the format is correct or not?

Bradley: Well, let me just show you that, and then I'll finish my point.

Go to usps.com, you go to mail and ship, lookup a zip code and you enter in the company name and the street address as it's shown on the Google My Business listing. Then, you put in the details and click find. It's going to show you the correct way to perform at that address on the next screen.

And that's the way I always enter all of my GMB business addresses. Because that's the correct formatting. But, what's interesting is, this client that I'm talking about, they had their address, it was really screwed up. It was nowhere near what the correct formatting should be. And so, I went into the dash board and I changed it.

Luckily, it was a new site. There were only a handful of citations. I mean literally like a dozen citations, and that was it. So, I figured okay that's manageable. I'm going to go in and change this address and then google my business dashboard.

They had two locations, by the way. Both of them, well they were in different cities, but both of them were formatted incorrectly. So, I updated the addresses on the dashboard, the back end, right. So, inside the Google My Business dashboard, and the one city listing, it updated the display address, which Google displays in the actual SERP listing.

Updated just like that. But, the other one, it didn't update. And every time I would go back in, and this was over a period of three or four weeks, I keep going back into my business dashboard to check. Every time I would check, the posted address or the one that was submitted was correct, in the correct format. The one that I changed. But, the display address would never update.

So, I eventually reached out to Google My Business Support, the help center. I asked them, “Why won't this update?”

The tech over there said because in some cases, the normal display address is not the actual correct formatting based upon the other businesses in that area. They try to match the display address to match the other businesses in the area even if it's formatted incorrectly.

And so the tech told me don't worry about it continue building citations because that's exactly what I told them I said look I know that if I build citations with the address and the wrong format that it could end up not matching what the Google dashboard shows. It could cause NAP issues and cause map rankings issues.

And he said no we understand the correct address has been submitted so you should build citations with the correct proper formatting address. And even though our display might not be the same … now I literally thought he was full of shit.

This Stuff Works
Because I was like, no way I'm doing that. This is completely backwards from all the stuff that I've done over all these years. But, we went ahead and proceeded anyways. I didn't change the twelve citations that he already currently had.

My point was, I did a few press releases or whatever and the site ranks now. And it ranks in the three pack for like 75% of the target keywords. It's only been three months maybe four months and that's it. So, my point is I don't know if you can trust them or not. But, the experience I've had with something about the NAP issue. What they told me seems to be valid.

Because I'm getting results even though the citations don't match what is shown on the actual display address, if that makes sense.

Does anybody else have any other experience with GMB?

Hernan: Yeah. I mean not only with GMB but with Google overall. Here's the thing, their expert on schema couldn't answer schema questions. Their expert in ad words often, and you know this.

Bradley: Yeah.

Hernan: Can't answer AdWords questions or they are very misleading in what they tell you, as they mentioned. Their expert for, in [inaudible 00:33:11], if you reach out to them.

These are engineers, right? That are trying to do customer service. It's like me trying to do customer service. You know how I'd do, right?

Bradley: Oh God.

Hernan: (Laughs) That's how I see it. So, sometimes you'll get lucky and you'll get someone who has actually taken the time to figure out how things should be. You got lucky and they told you the right way. More often than not, it doesn't work that way.

Now, having said that. Maps, anytime you make changes they drop, they dance. It's a big change. Then, they come back. What you could do, as Bradley mentioned, you could do some press releases. You could do some co-citations. You could do some RYSR stacks to help it along to get it backed up.

There's a bunch of things that you can do. But, normally it'll come back to just around where it was. It might need a little kick in the can. But it seems like the answer seems right to me. According to what I know about the map's algo, someone may have a different take on it. But is it reliable, no.

Of course not. Because, it's the type of people that you are dealing with.

Bradley: Yeah. Anybody else?

Angel: Yeah. I'll chime in. I would take whatever they say with a grain of salt, obviously. But, to answer Jay's question, if you give it a few weeks 'cause anytime you make any change you want to wait a few weeks, anyway.

Bradley: Yeah.

Angel: If it doesn't recover, what I would do personally is just change it to what it was before. It should pop back to what it previously was ranking. That's what I would do.

Bradley: That's exactly what I said last week too. Wait, let it go past the dance period, the probation period or whatever and then see where it settles back in and if it doesn't, switch it back.

One more comment on that quickly guys, and I'll let you finish up, whoever it was. I've got lead gen sites for some contractors that have multiple locations, as well. There's overlap in there and at least my sites didn't get hit by any hack update so I'm not sure why that is.

But, I know I've got multiple locations for some of my contractors that are literally just like, there's a ton of overlap between them. All those sites are still producing leads like crazy so I'm not sure about that. But, go ahead, something somebody else want to say?

Angel: Yeah, that's all I had though on that point. Just change it back if you don't see anything in the next few weeks.

Bradley: Yep.

Hernan: I think the guy from the honeymoon just joined too.

Bradley: From the honeymoon?

Hernan: Honeymoon. Mute it.

Adam:Hey you guys, how's it going?

Bradley: Oh shit. (Laughs).

Marco: What's up, [crosstalk 00:36:09]?

Adam:What's up, buddy?

Finally, got some 4G connection here. I'm going through Newport, Oregon, if anybody likes [inaudible 00:36:15], I'm passing that right now.

Bradley: Nice.

This Stuff Works
Adam:But, just wanted to pop in and say hi to everybody. And, I'm missing the Hump day Hangouts, but I thought I'd get like two minutes here and listen in on you guys.

Bradley: Nice. How are we doing, okay?

Adam:Yeah, yeah. So far so good.

Good to see Angel on here, its been a few months. I guess, Angel, last time I saw you was down in Dallas.

Angel: Yeah, we hanged out a little bit, that was cool man.

Bradley: Yeah.

Adam:Yeah man.

Angel: We gotta do it again soon sometimes, Adam.

Adam:Sounds good.

I'll let you guys get back to it. I'm crossing the bridge here and I'll catch up with everybody later.

Bradley: Yeah, man. Get off the damn Hangout and drive the car.

Adam:Thanks momma.

Bradley: Drive safe.

[crosstalk 00:36:50]

Later man.

Adam:[crosstalk 00:36:53] my camera man here.

Yeah. Bye.

Bradley: Nothing like being distracted driving, like explain that one to the cops.

But, I was hosting a hangout, officer.

Can You Put Multiple Category Types In Your Schema Mark Up?

Alright. Paul says, “Hi Guys, question is can you put multiple category types in the schema markup?”

I've never done it. I don't know if you can or should. I just know I've never done it. Anybody have an answer for that?

Angel: Absolutely, I usually stack schemas SO I'll have an app person with all the persona profiles at business, with all the business profiles.

Local business with your NAP. So, I had a bunch of stuff. There's government associations you can make, where it makes sense. So, it all depends on what you're doing. But, I always have a ton of categories inside my markup.

Bradley: Well, what I mean is the ad type for business category itself. You put multiple categories, business categories in there?

Angel: Oh no, just one.

Bradley: That's what I've always done. Anybody else?


Anybody else or not, I'm going to keep moving, but I want to pull something up real fast, if I can find it. Standby guys, I'm looking for something here. As soon as I find it, I'll share it.

I always have trouble [crosstalk 00:38:09]

Marco: I can tell you that Rob stacks schema to death.

Bradley: (Laughs)

Marco: I mean, you have to see some of the schema crap that he does.

Angel: Yo Rob, let's get together man. I want to show you some stuff that I've done with schema.

Rob: Yeah, [crosstalk 00:38:24]

Angel: I'm saying, it's along the same as you.

Rob: Yeah. I've tried to stack it and I've even … I call it silo schema, I don't even know if that's such a thing. But, it's essentially trying to schema the same way you silo. So …

Angel: Right.

Rob: It's a worm hole that you can never get out of if you start really getting into it.

This Stuff Works
Angel: Aw man, I was stuck in a worm hole for a few year.

Rob: Yeah.

Angel: Yeah so, I understand.

Bradley: Yeah, here's the Google sheet guys, I just dropped the link on there. This is the business types so this, and this is updated in real time, as far as I know. So, this is the one I always refer to and when it comes to a business type, I always just select one business type. Again, I haven't tested it any other way.

But, I've always just selected one so. Also, Ryan Rodin is a schema savant so it might be something that he can cover at some point as well.

How To Make Money From YouTube Video Assets?

Okay. I'm going to keep moving guys. Robin says, “Good day, Hump day Hangouts, must be an awesie. I have a client that wants to monetize 26 videos, each of 30 minutes, with three, 10 minute segments in each show. Okay. 26 videos, each 30 minutes, with three, 10 minute segments in each show from a community TV channel. Originally, I broke the videos down into smaller videos and we optimize and sold YouTube videos to people interviewed the show. I get on page one and use on their websites. I have tried ranking the videos as play lists and that works. Position one to three on YouTube and position three to seven on Google. Haven't managed to find anyone interested to rent them out to yet. Looking for ideas on how to make money from these videos assets. Anyway to get a play URL to show in Google with an image?”

The first question that's the one that I'm going to have trouble on here. I'm not sure if I understand what the videos are about. So, if I don't know that the videos are about, I'm not sure how to tell you how to monetize them.

I had trouble reading that question so it's probably my fault. Let me see. My client broke the videos down.

Yeah see I can't, I'm sorry Robin, I can't answer your first question just because I have no idea what the videos are about. So, I can't tell you how to monetize them. You said that you haven't managed to find anyone interested to rent them out. So, I'm assuming, they're like lead gen videos. Like, videos that describe a potential product or service and you were looking for people that provide that product or service to possibly rent them. That's the only assumption I can make. But, since I don't really have the full details, I don't want to speculate. Because, I can be very misleading.

Does anybody else have a take on that?

How To Get A YouTube Playlist URL To Show In Google With An Image?

Okay, anyway. Part number two: Any way to get a play list URL to show in Google with an image?

I've never seen that.

Rob: Me neither.

Angel: Not a play list. I've seen the one video but not a play list.

Rob: Yeah.

Bradley: Yeah, I've never seen that either. So, yeah these individual video URLs will show the thumbnail but I've never seen a playlist show a video that's not in the SERPS, unfortunately.

Angel: If he could link us to one, then that'll be interesting. We could check that out, you know.

Bradley: Yeah. I mean if we had a little more details on that Robin I might be able to answer your first question. I do apologize, I can't. I just don't understand what type of video context is it. That's going to make it difficult to answer, so.

How Do You Get A Social Assistance Client's Local Rank Back Up For Its Main Keyword?

Next question: I have a client in a social assistance niche, the first five to seven places are usually state or national government websites followed by big institutions for the main keyword. The client is in position 15 for the main keyword, no local identifier. I built a Tier 1 network linking from YouTube, this is two months old, not many video links from this yet.

Also, a new RYS stack for the main keyword, no local modifier. She used to rank locally in position one to three but this is fallen recently to position eight to ten. Majestic, metrics, what can I do to get the client's rank back up to the main keyword. Client still ranks well for local secondary keywords.

Well, it depends. Like we just mentioned, if you were doing a bunch of this work like over a short period of time, it could just be that the, it dropped and the map's results because of the work that you're doing, that happens from time to time. So, I don't know what the time span was or how long its been since you've done that work. It sound like since you did a RYS stack, I can only assume it's a newer stack.

But, right now besides RYS and just doing just the traditional stuff that we've been teaching. Which is like content marketing to the syndication network, make sure that it's connected to the Google Plus page. Even though I know Google Plus is almost virtually been removed from everything. Guys, there is still a connection on the back end to the maps.

So, that's still effective but my secret weapon recently besides RYS has been press releases. I would recommend distributing a couple press releases for that company. And what I found to be one of the easiest ways … you may already have plenty of content ideas for it. But, what I've found is to highlight a review. Like if they've got any good customer or client testimonials that have been posted recently. They don't even have to be posted recently. But, I tend to try to find newer reviews that have been posted and then use that as an excuse to publish a press release, saying hey this company received a 5-Star review or rave customer review or something like that. And, that's all I do for press release content, guys. I just highlight a review in the press release. I publish multiple press releases and it just, within a matter of days, a lot of time the maps, it'll jump right back into the three pack just from the press releases alone.

Hernan: My question would be, if she's going for a keyword with local modifier, why is she only targeting the broad keyword in the RYS stack without the local modifier. I don't understand that.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Yeah, I'm not sure either but I think what she was saying was she used to rank without the modifier in the map's pack and now she's not. I think that's, at least that's my understanding of the question, so.

Hernan: Yeah, but I mean if you're going local, you know that … well first of all, it's all about power, right? It's all about how much power you push through whatever it is that you're doing. But, if you're trying to hyper-geo locate, where we teach in … I know that for a fact that she's in RYS Reloaded. We teach how to do the images. We teach how to do the maps. We teach how to do keyword plus local and the URL plus local, brand plus local.

Everything that you can to associate that set of keywords to the brand, to the URL and to everything else that's involved with that entity so that Google … you knack them over the head, you hit them so much and so hard with all of that local relevancy that all they'll do is oh okay, there you go.

It's like making them give up, pushing through all of those filters that they have. Powering through all of those filters, right. That's all that she needs to do. So, why eliminate the local modifier when you can push through with a local modifier.

Bradley: Yeah. I agree with that.

I always target local modifiers guys. Because, it's pretty much 90% of what I do is local stuff. And so I always add the local modifiers because it'll rank if … with people on mobile devices that might not punch in the local modifier. If that desktop, laptop, if they have a local IP, it will still return whether … at least for the most part. It's not a 100% accurate. But, I know for a lot of my like tree service sites for example. If you do a … and here's one way to check it.

Robin, you can go into Google AdWords and use their tool. What is it? Shit. The ad preview and diagnostic tool. And you can set the location for your Google search. So, you can set it by city and then you can do that. Now, you have to be ranked on Page one for you to see it. It will show you the search engine results, none of the links will be clickable or anything because it's just an ad preview thing. It's really for ads, but you can still see what's ranking organically and also what's in maps on the first page. You can play around with different search queries with the localized search IP. If that makes sense, right through Google's dashboard.

And I've been able to identify some … [crosstalk 00:46:56]

Somebody's gotta mute. I hear a lot of background noise guys.

Alright, thanks man. So yeah, I do that, I've got a lot of lead gen sites or whatever and the keyword reporting tools a lot of the times will show that the sites just not ranking, yet we're getting calls. I know because everything goes through Answer connect, the phone service. So, I always get notifications of the leads that come through. And so when I look at the automatic ranking reports that come out like Pro rank Tracker or I use Bright Local for a lot of my local stuff. They show that not ranking in the map's pack and things like that. Yet, I'm getting a bunch of calls. I'll go investigate. I'll use the Google keyword uh, excuse me, Google AdWords, ad preview and diagnostic tool.

Then, I'll go check it from a localized IP or local search query. It's interesting because it'll show up. And so I don't know why some of the keyword tools won't. Maybe because they're not localized IPs. I'm just saying that may be something you might want to check. Okay?

And what I was getting at with that is that I always target the local modifier in the keywords. I always optimize with the modifier and yet when I do just a broad keyword search term instead of with the local modifier. So, what I'm saying is when I do a broad keyword search query without the modifier. I check it, and a lot of the times, not all the time, but a lot of the time it's still ranking.

Okay? Does that make sense? Does anybody else want to comment on that before I move on?

Marco: It makes sense to me so.

What Are Your Thoughts On Hosting Sites On AWS?

Bradley: Okay. Arebacon, what's up buddy? He says, “What are your thoughts on hosting sites on AWS?”

But yes, I do it for HTML sites all the time. Personally, when I set up HTML single pages that I just use for spam purposes and things like that. I just host the right on AWS S3. Anything that requires a database is going to, you know you have to get into using what they call EC Cloud, EC2, Blast it Cloud, that kind of stuff. And, set up like a VPS, virtual servers and that kind of stuff.

It's kind of geeky. I know it works I just … Marco, you want to talk about that. I know you set something up recently.

Marco: Yeah, we do it all the time.

Wordpress for tools, for whatever we need to do with it. I mean and you really can't beat the speed …

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: … that they give you. And the price is decent. You have to be careful with back traffic, like you have to know what you're doing and block the box because that'll kill you. I mean …

Bradley: Yeah, the bandwidth.

Marco: Yeah. The price will really go up when those box hit you. So, you have to make sure that you block the box before you go live. But, once that's done you just let Google in. Google, if that's your target. Google, Bing or Yahoo or whoever, YouTube, whoever your target is. You let them in and you exclude everyone else.

Angel: Yeah. AWS is phenomenal. I love that hosting provider. For spam purposes, using the S3 like Brad was saying, it just, you can't beat that, you know?

Marco: Yeah.

Angel: It's either using AWS or Google Cloud, they both work great for that type of stuff.

Bradley: Yeah guys. You piggyback on the authority of the Amazon domain that way. So single, and guys it's so simple to throw up a single HTML page. I mean it's just dumb simple. You can download free HTML templates all day long, throw them at … you don't even need an HTML editor guys. You can use Notepad Plus-Plus. That's what I do.

You can just edit the HTML right inside Notepad Plus-Plus. You can add schema, you can even find HTML templates that have structured schema already included. You just go in and edit the details. And so they're really, really powerful.

Angel: It's free lunch, it embeds. You can add anything you want. It's limitless, honestly.

Does Anyone Have Trouble With Jvzoo?

Bradley: Brian says, “Does anyone have trouble with JV Zoo?”

Don't know Brian, I haven't been in JV Zoo in quite some time. I don't handle that end of things and I don't purchase products very much anymore. I finally got away from my addiction to buying internet marketing products. I'm trying to stay the hell away from it.

So, I'm getting a hell of a lot more accomplished here, now that I've stopped buying shitty products all the time that end of collecting digital dust. So …

Angel: They need to create a rehab for that sickness man.

Bradley: I know. If we did, we'd probably, like we could probably close Semantic Mastery down and just live off the revenue from providing support, you know?

Angel: For people that are addicted to buying those Ion products.

Bradley: Yep, exactly. I know it's a common problem in this industry, the shining object syndrome.

Angel: I was there when I first got started. I mean, most people were, you know?

Bradley: Well, what is this just got started shit, I just gave it up a few months ago man. (Laughs).

This Stuff Works
Angel: (Laughs).

Bradley: I'm not kidding. I've been habitually buying products for years man and I don't even use most of them. So, I'm just finally give it up.

Can Anyone Recommend A Free Or Paid Plugin That Can Curate Content Automatically Into Blog Posts Once A Week?

Anyways, Brian's up. What's up, Brian? It's been a long time man. He says, “Can anyone recommend a free or play plug in that can curate content automatically?”

If anyone has any ideas, please share them. I don't do any automated curation stuff unless its like way, way out like two or three steps out. Even then, we stop doing it. We just don't need to anymore. All the curating stuff that we do is done manually by my virtual assistants that have been trained. It's so much higher quality and it's very inexpensive. But, if anyone has any automated solutions, please speak up.

Hernan: Well, I think that the main point, if you're trying to automate it you're missing the point of curation, right? Because, curation is to craft high quality unique content without needing to write articles from scratch. So, if you want to automate the thing, I don't know actually.

You can use Curation Suite maybe, but that doesn't automate it. Like it helps you out with the stuff but I don't know why you would want to automate it. If you want to do automated content, that's another story. That's fun stuff that I agree needs to be far away from your website. Unless you're using a parasite or G-site would …

Bradley: Right.

Hernan: … but, in any case, if you're doing anything worth of reading or that can convert a visitor into purchase then manually is the way to go.

Bradley: Yeah, because Brian we have a curation course, it's under the Master PR brand now. It's called Content Kingpin. That course is the exact process that my team had been using since, shit I'd say well about four years now. Four or five years. It's the process I started on my own. I use to do all that shit myself. Then, I finally got smart and learned to train virtual assistants to do it for me.

And now, that is my, I've mentioned this before, but the primary work that my local marketing agency does. Once I get the client ranked, it's just content marketing, and that's it. Once I get it ranked, the syndication networks and the constant content marketing, which is all curated content, manages to keep them for the most part ranked, without me having to do anything els. Period.

So, I've got clients that have been paying me for years. I've had them ranked and I don't do anything but pay my curators, and that's it. I do the reporting and occasionally I have to do some additional citations and stuff like that. But it's primarily just content marketing, it's curated content. It's all handled by my virtual assistants. It's very, very profitable business. It's almost hands off.

That's why our Content Kingpin tagline is Hands free content marketing. Right.

Alright, we're almost out of time. We got a couple questions here we're going to have to get. Let's see. How to make a fortune selling a smoking a pancake.

Wayne: I fucking love that line. It's awesome man.

How Many Embedded YouTube You Can Index Safely In A Day?

Bradley: We're going to answer Adam's question. He says, “Hello my name is Adam. Please tell me how much I can index and bed YouTube per one day safely. 5, 10, 100,100? No penalty, Google.com, thanks buddy Marco.”

Adam, I would say if I'm reading your question right and I had a question about this earlier when I read it the first time. If you're just trying to index YouTube videos, as far as I know there's no limit. As far as I know, there's no limit to indexing pages on a website either.

I've never experienced a penalty from indexing. Unless it was a really, really spammy site or page that I was trying to index. It may get indexed and then fall out and cause the rest of the site to get slapped. But, when it comes to just publishing posts or pages with YouTube embeds, I know for a fact that I've never had … as long as you're not importing the video descriptions, which can be quite spammy, but you're just like republishing videos. I've never had a single site be indexed where … I mean even, couple years ago when I was doing some stuff with Network Empire and they had the pin vid thing. And it was like literally it would connect to the API and would publish YouTube videos through Wordpress sites at the rate of 10,000 videos per day. I'm not kidding.

You'd have to get a, special servers to manage the databases because of how many posts would be published. The databases would grow so damn fast. Those sites would just … we would test thousands of videos per day. None of those sites got de-indexed. It was only when we started importing the descriptions that things started getting de-indexed.

Anybody have a comment on that?


Marco: Yeah. I have something.

Bradley: Oh, go ahead Marco. Go ahead.

Marco: No, we've shown this before. We've tested this before, because we have our own video and vin network, right? Video Powerhouse. We embed videos constantly and we've never had a problem.

As far as indexing, I mean go to town. You're a Google publisher. Once you start embedding videos you're treated more like a Google or YouTube publisher, than you are anything else. So, by all means, I've never seen anyone … if it's just a video, no description, nothing. If you're just embedding videos and pushing them through, I don't see any problems and I don't see with getting them indexed.

Unless you're in the millions, I guess they would know it's a machine doing it then, right?

Bradley: Yeah. I think the API, well for what I was talking about. The API, I think it has a limit of 50,000 per day. But that's a different issue, all together.

What were you going to say Angel?

Angel: I was going to give a quick tip for the video indexing. Like, something that I would do is, I would set up a video XML on my website. It would host all of the videos that you are looking to index. Then I would submit that via Google Webmaster tools …

Marco: Sure.

Bradley: Yeah.

This Stuff Works
Angel: … and get that crawl. So, you're just going to increase the rate of Google crawling those videos and getting them indexed.

Bradley: So, you said Video XML, just to clarify that for him. You mean a video site map?

Angel: Yeah, exactly. So, you can just download a plug in on Wordpress. Just fire that up inside Webmaster Tools.

Bradley: Yep. Yep. I agree with that.

Now, I know we're out of time guys but I've got to answer this question for both of these guys.

And Mark, thank you for that. Isearchfrom.com is the same thing. I have never, I've never used that, I've just always used the AdWords tool but that's cool. Thank you.

Metro Biz, this is our YouTube account provider guys and Gmail account provider. He's a good guy. We had some issues in the past and he squared all that stuff away. His bulkpva.com is his web address if you guys need phone verified accounts. I highly recommend him. So, go check it out. He's a good dude, he'll take care of you. If there's any issues, he takes care of them. So again, bulkpva.com.

Is A Branded IFTTT Syndication Network Powerful Enough To Rank A Wordpress Site Converted From An HTML?

So because you're here, I'm going to answer your question. He says, “One of my clients had a site created using HTML with six pages. I suggest him to create blog using Wordpress for example. He had site on the name, site.com in HTML. I said to make a blog in Wordpress called blog.site.com. For this [inaudible 00:58:38], can we do IFTTT Syndicated Network branded?”

Yes, absolutely. And that's perfect. That's exactly what I do when a client has an HTML site, which is kind of rare now. They're still out there, right? That's always what I do. I tell them look, we're just going to put a blog on a sub-domain. We'll use that as the content distribution engine. Then you just use the blog's sub-domain RSS feed.

That's absolutely correct. What you can do is, in the blog you can … like for example if their HTML site's only got six pages, they're probably likely maybe a couple different product or service pages. So, what you do it in the blog you create categories to match those service pages. Then you would always post, you know, create your … you publish your posts within the right categories and what you do is put a 301 reader act URL from the category URL, which is like site.com/category/whatever the slug is.

You put a 301 redirect from the category URL up to the main money site HTML page. That way, all of the blog posts within that silo, essentially that category, are going to have internal links. Well, the internal links are going to point up to the money site anyways. But they're going to be placed within that category. So, the relevancy passes through that category URL, which is 301 redirected to the HTML page, the corresponding HTML page.

So, you end up passing a lot of juice and relevancy up to the root domain that way, while keeping it simple in the Wordpress site. Anybody want to comment on that before I move on.

Angel: Man, you're spot on. That was great advice.

Bradley: Thanks.

Angel: That's all I'm saying, that was good.

Bradley: Thanks, and its super easy to do guys. Anytime I run into a site or like client sites that might not be Wordpress, they might not be HTML, but they're not Wordpress. I always tell them, look I'm not doing anything your site because I'm not learning a new platform just for one client. So, if you want me to do work for you we're going to put a blog on a sub-domain or in a sub-folder, sub-directory type thing. Then, that's how we work it.

Good thoughts. Very good.

Last question from Muhammad, “Hey Bradley, what's the best place to ask questions about Mindset Mondays?”

That's a good question Muhammad. Right now, I've had a few comments and stuff like that just coming through my channel, because I'm hosting those videos on my own channel. So, its youtube.com/bradleybrennar. However, I do have my own name as a domain, so bradleybrennar.com, it's just a one place site right now. It's like an online business card basically.

What I might do Muhammad, as a … because I'm going to continue that series, as far as I know, indefinitely. So, what I'll probably due Muhammad is put a contact form or something on that page, at bradleybrennar.com, that people can ask questions about that kind of stuff there and it'll come to me.

That way, it's all in one uniform. It'll be easy for people to find. Right now, if people ask questions on YouTube … first of all, I don't always reply to YouTube comments. Second of all, they're all comments on individual videos, so it makes it difficult.

I can put them all in one central location, which I can solve that with just a simple web form. That's something I may do. In fact, I'm going to make a note of that now. That's just on bradleybrennar.com and I'll put a call to action in the video description once I get that set up, so that I can direct people in those videos. If you got any questions or comments, post them at bradleybrennar.com, that kind of thing. Okay?

So, I appreciate you bringing that up. That's something I hadn't really thought of. That's something I should do for sure. Alright?

Okay guys. Thanks everybody for being here. I'm sorry we went a couple minutes over for those of you that are on. But, appreciate you being here. So …

Marco: Bye everyone. Take care everyone.

Bradley: Thanks Angel, thanks [inaudible 01:02:10] and Rob. And Angel, we'll get with you about your SEO product within the next few days.

Angel: Sounds good.

Alright guys. Alright take care.

Bradley: See ya.

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