Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 163

By April

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Adam: Jingle bell … Oh, hello, everybody. Well, welcome to the special hello [crosstalk 00:00:08]. Yeah. I was like, “Man, I haven't even had a beer yet.” But, anyways all. This is going to be the special holiday edition of Humpday Hangouts. This is episode 163 for those of you who are keeping track of the numbers. It is the 20th of December 2017. We wanted to have this time where we can have a little bit of extra time for Q&A and go over in more depth a little bit. That's our little holiday fun time. As you can tell, a few of us have got our favorite hats on or antlers, if you will.

Before we get into it, let's just say hi real quick and see how everyone's doing. Chris, how are you doing?

Chris: Doing good, been snowboarding all day. Crazy week here. Tons of snow.

Adam: Sounds good. Hernan, zoom out your camera and tell us how you're doing.

Hernan: I'm assuming for the tree. Can you see the background? Yeah, here we go. Those are my balls from a tree. [crosstalk 00:01:04]

Adam: That kind of scared me. I went back to your face when you said that.

Hernan: Yeah, I know. That's. Hey, guys what's up? How are you? It's really, really good to be here.

Adam: Awesome. Marco, how you doing? How's the beer?

Marco: Hey, what's up? Me? It's ice-cold. It just came out of the freezer. Merry Christmas, man.

Adam: Cheers. Bradley, how are you doing today?

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Bradley: I'm great. I get to wear this hat. [crosstalk 00:01:25] this hat was a good day. I don't have any beer because I get to go get pick up my daughter for dinner tonight when we're done with this webinar. I'm not drinking any beer, but I do have some coffee.

Adam: There we go. I've got some tea. I was in a hurry. I didn't have a chance. I'm going to grab my beer, but then, I'm going to meet my wife for a beer. We're having a good Wednesday here. All. Real quick, we have a couple things we want to go over for everybody before we jump into the questions and get into that. We've been talking about it. I know you've probably heard about the mastermind. If you haven't yet, that's our private membership group, the Semantic Mastery Mastermind. We have a special offer for the holidays only that this is something we've never done before we talked about. How we could make this interesting for people in terms of we have a lot of people who do want to check out the mastermind and want to find out more about it? We realized that, hey, it's the end of the year. Now, you might have some time to check it out.

What we're going to do is open this up to the first 20 people only are going to get a seven-day trial for $1. That alone is worth just a hell of a lot more than that, but not only that. You're going to get a chance to talk to one of the founders, one-on-one phone-call Skype for 30 minutes. That is another several-hundred-dollar value. If you want to try to go to the page, you can schedule time with Bradley right now. It's going to cost you a hell of a lot of money though. I think this is a really cool offer. It also is part of the Christmas spirit of giving back. We want to talk to you if you're interested in joining the mastermind and help you out and see if it is a good fit. If it's not, that's okay, but we really want people who are interested. If you think you might be a good fit, then we're happy to have you join on. It's a dollar for seven days. Then you'll be a full member after that.

Bradley: That call with one of us for 30 minutes, that in itself is … Guys, typically, we charge several hundred dollars per … Marco charges 750 an hour. I think we're charging …

Marco: Sorry. I'm a 1200 an hour, dude.

Bradley: Well, I think the rest of us are charging 5, $600 an hour for consultation and for the trial if you're concealed about potentially joining. Don't do it just for the 30 minutes, guys, because that would be a real dick move. But if you're seriously considering joining and you're on the fence, this would be a good time to come dip your toes in the water and get a chance to talk with one of us. We can find a little bit about your business and find out if you're a good fit for the mastermind really. This is a great opportunity, guys. It's not going to come around very often. I would recommend that if you're even considering joining the mastermind within the next couple of months that you take us up on this offer now.

Chris: [crosstalk 00:04:12] coming in 2018.

Hernan: Definitely. I think the specific reason like people are asking why are we doing this stuff and there's a specific reason like we have noticed that people that come to the mastermind, they see the value that's in the mastermind [inaudible 00:04:27] mind-blowing amount of not only information but resources that you get when you join the mastermind. Most people that come to the mastermind as a trial or testing it out tend to say we have one of the highest retention of all of our products like ever is on the mastermind. There's a reason behind it like we are actually helping people growing their businesses and taking the business to the next level.

As Bradley was saying, we can jump into … we're going jump for all of you guys that join during this promo for 30 minutes where we're going to strategize on how to help you grow in your business. As Chris was saying, you have a lot of the good stuff prepare for the next year. If you're serious of growing your business, I think this is a no-brainer to get. That's basically it because, again, most people that join the mastermind days, they tend to stay for a long time.

Adam: I think it's good to touch base on that because I know we talked about it occasionally, but mostly, it's with the mastermind members, but Bradley, I don't have it in front of me, but real quick, can you just give the general like what's the plan for 2018? We don't have to go into like individual training sections, but you want to remind people like what it is that we're doing with the master.

Bradley: Yeah. We're basically going to be building to businesses throughout the year. We're going to be covering it from the ground up essentially. One of them is a gym, a local gym, across. It's a boxing gym as well as a CrossFit gym. They are in mixed martial arts and stuff like that. I'm going to be focusing primarily on building the CrossFit side of the gym up although there will be some crossover on the MMA and boxing side as well, but that's great because you guys will get to witness where our mastermind members will get to witness a business, a local brick-and-mortar style business being built with an emphasis on the digital marketing side of things, but I'm going to be covering all aspects of that business, which will include some traditional marketing, which would be like local networking events and direct mail and newspaper stuff whether it's press and local newspapers or actually taking out print ads and things like that, maybe trade booths or booths at trade shows and things like that.

There's a lot of stuff that I'm going to be doing because I'm now part owner of that gym. I want to grow that gym. This is a great opportunity to do that and teach others about how to build a business besides just the marketing stuff, guys. That's where I think a lot of our industry lacks is training about like how to be a true business owner. It's great to know how to rank shit in Google. That's awesome. It's great to know how to set up ads, Facebook ads, or AdWords ads, whatever. That's all well and good, but if you don't know how to run a business, you're never going to be very successful.

I think that's part of … Also, as a local business consultant, I know about 60% of our audiences in the local marketing, consulting services, and such. Because of that, we as marketing advisors, we can elevate our status and our value to our clients if we can provide advice and business advice not just strictly digital marketing advice. I think that's one of the things that makes us especially smaller like marketers that are running agencies on our own especially normally to begin with. Typically, to begin with, we start off on our own. If we can provide additional value that the big-box agencies can't; one-on-one service, additional consultation, that kind of stuff, it really elevates our value.

That, I think, is super important. That's something I'm going to want to share as well as we're building another marketing agency. The second business that we're going to be building and we've already started that process throughout the mastermind too, but we're going to be going in all the various aspects of building an agency, a digital marketing agency focused specifically on contractor marketing, but that's going to be very valuable obviously to our mastermind members because most of our members are into building agencies.

Now, besides the building those two businesses, it's not like we're just going to completely not do teaching on all the other stuff that we normally do. We still are absolutely, but the focus, the primary focus is going to be built on building those two businesses with we've got like a 12-months plan laid out across multiple modules. We'll move on now. I'll let Adam finish up announcements. I'll pull the Google Doc that I set up with an outline, the course outline for 2018. I'll post the link here on the event page. You guys can all take a look at it and see what the proposed or tentative outline is for 2018.

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Obviously, it's subject to change. We'll make course corrections as we know. That always happens, but at least, this is the intent. This is what we intend to do throughout the year.

Adam: I actually had to reach behind me. I had this behind me. This is December's, but I was happy to say the January edition is going out to the mastermind members, just went to the publisher. It'll be there in time for early January, so pumped about that. Keep that going for mastermind member.

Bradley: By the way, the newsletter is awesome. I think it's fun. I think it's fun doing that every month. I just wrote my piece again on Monday. I've enjoyed that. This is our third one getting ready to go out. That's something else that the physical newsletter guys is something that's a big plus for the mastermind members. We just started doing it. It's about our third editions about to be published. What we're doing with those is we're making that like highly actionable stuff. It's not fluff. It's not theory. It's stuff that each one of us … Each one of us contributes to the newsletter every month.

We contribute something that we are doing right now in our businesses. We put it in a step-by-step fashion. Follow these instructions, and you'll be able to duplicate our results. That's it. It's very actionable. That's something that … We sent it out in physical format, which is awesome. We've got a lot of really good comments about it.

Adam: All right. I want to talk to Marco real quick and let everybody know about what we have going on. I'll just leave the introduction now. Marco, I'll just let you dive into this. This is really cool. I think you can give the best overview.

Marco: This is something that's near and dear to my heart. You guys know I had a hard time talking about it when I approach you with it. It's because it touches me … Just real quick. Guys, like I grew up really poor in Costa Rica, sometimes, not knowing where a meal was coming from, going to bed hungry, not having clothes. We were very, very poor. Now that I'm a bit more successful, my wife and I, what we do is we help charities. We like helping people. It's through this wanting to help people and enjoying helping people that I came up with this idea that I presented to the team, which I'm calling subs for kids. No. It isn't sandwiches. It's actually supplies, uniforms, and books so that these kids who have nothing and whose parents live on less than $5 a day, the whole family lives on less than $5 a day so that they can actually go to school.

The best way for these children to avoid the cycle of poverty is to get an education. You guys won't know that. No education, no good job, you're poor. You're going to continue that cycle. Your children are going to be poor. Their children are going to be poor until you break that cycle. What we decided to do in Semantic Mastery is kicking off the effort. We're donating $1000. That'll get 10 their supplies, their uniforms and their books, what we'd like you guys to do. Well, I'll be doing a post later, but we'd like you guys to do is a help us out because our goal is to send 100 kids to school this year, excuse me, beginning in February. That's when the school year begins, and hopefully more.

I mean, hopefully, you guys will all band together, the Semantic Mastery community. We will be reaching out to the rest of the SEO and the IM community to get them to contribute to the effort, but I mean, I am really excited about this because I love helping kids. We all love helping kids. The people that were working with, I mean, just about every dollar that's donated goes to the kids and what they need. There's just wonderful people that we're working with who were in the communities. We're reaching out. You guys get more detail when I do the video on what it is that we're doing. We'll set up the page so that you can make your donation and hopefully …

My goal is 100 kids. If we don't make it to 100, I'll make up the rest, but we will be sending at least 100 to school, but, hopefully, you guys will jump on the bandwagon. We will send more than 100 kids to school in 2018. We will see after that. That's what I have.

Bradley: That's an awesome goal, to help 100 kids get the stuff that they need, apparel, clothing, school supplies. Basically, you put 100 kids through school. That's a freaking awesome goal. We're so glad that Marco proposed that to us this year. We've done charity stuff every year around this time. We like to do that, but this is something that is much more hands-on for Marco, which is awesome because there's much more skin in the game, so to speak. It's a closer or more near and dear to his heart, which obviously makes it more closer and near and dear to our hearts as well. We hope that you guys will join us with that. I'm sorry. What are you going to say, Hernan?

Hernan: I was about to say that some people are asking about the page and when we can donate. We will have that ready soon. Right, Marco?

Marco: Yeah. I'll have it ready by Friday. I'll post in here in this Hangout when it's ready so that you guys will all be notified. You can go ahead and donate. Just so you know, we're going to set up a strike payment because if we go through PayPal, they'll kill us, guys. In Latin America, it ends up being 6.6%, 5.5 Paypal fees, plus 1.1% bank fees. We're trying to avoid the fees as much as possible. We're going through strike just so you know. If you can only do PayPal, of course, let me know. We'll go ahead and do PayPal, but we're trying to get as much money to the kids as possible.

Hernan: That's good. I also wanted to add Scott Muhammed and Brad, thank you for joining us for taking us on this $1 offer. We're excited to get you scheduled. Give you guys a call. [crosstalk 00:15:29].

Bradley: That's awesome.

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Adam: [crosstalk 00:15:33] We're down to '17. There are 17 spots left. If you're thinking about it and you've been thinking about joining the mastermind, now is a very good time to do it.

Bradley: Real quick, Hold on, Adam, just for a moment. Guys, I dropped the link to the Google Doc with the course outline for 2018. There is a link on there that just goes to the normal mastermind signup page, I believe, not the $1 trial. That was just for you guys to see what the course outline is. If you're interested in the $1 trial, go to the link that Adam posted on the event page. That'll take you to that offer. Go ahead, Adam.

Adam: No. I was just going to open my beer, which I went ahead and did. Don't worry about it. Now, I was going to say RL, hey man, once you're profitable and you donate to charity, that's awesome. In the meantime, if there's Salvation Army or whatever charity like, don't want to get into like what charities do the best or worst, anything you can do, do some volunteering. I've done that myself instead of giving money. Sometimes, it feels good or I don't know where my money's going or if you don't have money this year, that's cool. If you got an hour to help someone out this year, that's worth its weight in gold. Good on you.

Marco: But, guys, also, you don't have to donate 100 bucks, a dollar. If we get 1000 people to donate a dollar, that's 10 kids, man. Don’t think it in those terms. Don't think big. It doesn't have to be. We would take whatever you can give.

Bradley: That's right. [inaudible 00:16:59] thought. What's next?

Adam: I'm good. You, guys, got anything?

Bradley: Nope.

Adam: All right. Let's do this.

Bradley: The last thing I want to mention is so last week for the mastermind webinar, one of our newer mastermind members, Justin, he requested that I go through a very specific process on how to do the video email prospecting. I had updated the training for that. Many of you are probably aware of it. For those of you that are not, video email prospecting is something that I started doing way back in 2012 when I first opened my agency. It was the most successful way that I was ever able to land clients consistently in networking like live networking events, like local meetup groups and stuff like that, lead share groups, Chamber of Commerce meetings and stuff like that.

I had recorded some training on how you do video email prospecting. It's a laser approach. It's like a rifle approach, not a shotgun approach. It's very, very targeted. It's time-consuming to set up. There's no question, but it works incredibly well. My consistent response rate was about 35 to 40%. I'd get three to four opens for every 10 or three to four replies responses for every 10 emails I sent. I would typically close one or two clients out of every campaign. That’s a really good return on my time.

Again, it's a bit time-consuming but super effective. I recorded some training about that way back in 2012. I just shared that training to anybody that wanted it for several years. Then last year, I went ahead and did an updated version of it, but it was pretty much just a slideshow and me narrating essentially the steps. Well, last week, we had a two hour and 40-minute mastermind webinar where I went through the entire process, first in theory through slides and just explaining the process. Then, I went through an actual mock setup of how we would go about creating the prospecting video, creating the email, what I would look for an audit in the actual video itself for auditing the digital presence of a prospect, then sending the email out, tracking email, following up, closing a sale.

I covered all of that last week. I think what we're going to do is I mentioned many times recently that we're not going to be creating a whole lot of new products outside of the mastermind. That's true. This is something though that I think many, many people would benefit from in our audience because we get questions all the time about the best way to land prospects. In my opinion, this is hands-down, one of the top two or three ways to land prospects through my own experience and through many of experiences of our members as well as some of my partners have been implementing it.

That's that. I just want to plant the seed, guys. We're going to be launching that. I've chopped it up and edited it out. It's not just like a two hour and 40-minute video. It's going to be essentially a product on how a video email prospecting updated for 2018 edition. We're going to sell that, probably launch that within the next month. It's not going to be some super big. IM launched like most stuff is. Guys, it's not like that. We're probably just going to launch this one internally to people on our list because we know a lot of you are do that work. You would benefit from the training.

I just wanted a plant to seed, guys. That's something that we're going to try to launch within the next month or. It's really just a matter of getting all the infrastructure built for that, but the product's almost ready now. I should have it done in another couple of days. Keep that in mind. Hopefully, you guys are interested for that. I'd like to get that one out as soon as possible so that you guys can start 2018 off, those of you that are looking for clients and get out there and start prospecting, build the habit of doing this on a weekly basis. You were absolutely laying clients. I 100% promise you that.

Adam: [crosstalk 00:20:40] Let's get into it, but at the end, we got to mention Serp Space, but I'll save that till the end. We got [crosstalk 00:20:49].

Hernan: Also, a quick shout out to Ken, Ajai, and Matthew. Thank you for joining, guys, for the $1 mastermind trial. Keep them coming. We have 14 spots left.

Bradley: Well, we got six already. That was fast. All right. Cool. All right, guys, I'm going to grab the screen and get any questions. Everybody, cool with that?

Hernan: Just do it.

Bradley: Let's do it. Let's see. What's up, Jimena? Thank you She said, “Really awesome training. Saw the entire webinar, Adam.” Guys, I love the fact that you guys like my hat. That's awesome. I look for an excuse to wear this. It only comes around about once a year.

Adam: How do you know it's your head? It could be me or Marco.

Bradley: Actually, I bought this for Ava, my daughter.

Adam: Awesome.

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Bradley: Mohammed's up first. What's up Mohammed? I believe he's one of the people that just joined with the $1 mastermind trial. Mohammed, I'm absolutely looking forward to getting a chance to speak with you via phone or Hangout or something like that because I know you've been following the mastermind or a mindset mastery series. That's one more thing I wanted to mention, guys. This is a shameless plug for my own mindset mastery series. Again, I'm not selling products over there, guys. I've created … Go to bradleybenner.com. Anybody that might need a shot in the arm sometimes or kicking the ass to get motivated and to achieve, start setting goals and achieving them. It's something that I've been working on for several months now.

I guess probably about a month ago, I started an email list as well. If you go to bradleybenner.com, you can see some of the videos that I've been posting. I try to do that weekly, but it's not always weekly. However, the emails I am writing daily, Monday through Friday, and it's something that has really helped me quite a bit with my writing ability as well as to learn the material that I'm sharing is just by sharing it through the emails like every single day at the end of my morning session. I take about half an hour to an hour to write an email so that it solidifies in my own mind what I just studied as well as conveys a thought out to you, guys, any subscribers that are interested.

Again, it's a labor of love. It's a project for me. It's a selfish project. However, I know some of you could benefit from it. I've gotten some really, really good feedback from it already. I highly recommend that you go sign up for that. There's nothing to buy. It's just a daily email that I send out. I do drop links to Amazon to the books and resources that I reference, stuff that I'm studying, but that's pretty much it. It's not a pitch thing, guys. It's really to help you guys take control of your lives and create your lives, if that makes sense, instead of allowing life to happen.

What Should You Do When Your SEO Efforts On Industry-Specific Template Sites Don't Work?


Anyways, go check that out. Mohammed's been following it since day one pretty much. I certainly appreciate that, Mohammed. I love the questions that you've been sending me. Keep it up, man. I'm looking forward to talking with you. That said, hey, guys, happy holidays. Last week, I asked about how to deal with industry-specific template sites. I got a ton of good suggestions. What happens if nothing works out? Would it still be a good idea to do some off page SEO or just walk away? I'm assuming what you mean is like those like done-for-you site templates that are … There's nothing wrong with those except I would uniquify, is that a word, but I would uniquify the content a bit like if the framework of the site was built coded well and it's not some junk shitty code that … A lot of times, the problem with those template type sites, they're not maintained very well.

Various WordPress updates and things like that, they weren't coded well to begin with. Just keep that in mind. Let's just assume that they are though, Mohammed. Then, a lot of those sites are fine except that it's duplicate content. That's not an issue, guys normally, but what I would suggest that you do is try to make the content somewhat unique. Have it rewritten. Add some additional paragraphs, things like that. Try to localize the content more. You can even embed like local event news feeds and things like that from local newspaper sites. There's event calendars. I'm not sure if you can embed Facebook events, but Facebook events is a great way to add dynamic content to a website of localized content.

I'm not sure if there's a way to frame that in or not. There probably is. I haven't done it, but all I'm saying is just try to do stuff to make them more unique because, remember, if you can buy those template inside so can others, which means they're probably going to be used all over the web. Try to make it a little bit more unique.

As far as off-page SEO, yeah, absolutely. I wish it was so easy that you could find a template that you would buy and install on a domain it would rank, but that's not the case, Mohammed. If you ever find that, don't share it with anybody but me just so you know. Off pages [crosstalk 00:25:45] is likely going to be required. Go ahead.

Marco: I think the problem with this is that he didn't have access to the backend. He couldn't get into it.

Bradley: I remember this question now. Thank you for that, Marco.

Marco: My suggestion to him is why don't you try ranking your own assets and selling the leads to whoever it is that's running the website. If it's a must add client and you can't get to the website, you can't do anything with it, they won't install a subdomain with WordPress, then, why fight the feeling? Just go with your own assets and get them leads. Maybe, once you provide the leads and you show what you can do, they'll actually give you the access you need.

Bradley: That's a good point. Again, I apologize. I thought you were talking about like there's agency type sites, but you're talking about proprietary site platforms. I totally get what you're saying. That's like somebody has a website not built on WordPress. You can't have access to the backend, all that. We talked about last week adding a subdomain with WordPress on it. That's typically what we do in those types of situations, but if you can't even do that if that's not even an option, which is that sometimes the case, then, what Marco said is absolutely true. That would be my next step.

Go ahead and set up your own assets. Rank those and then sell those leads or do a write … You can even do just a rank and rent method. However, you want to monetize that is fine. You could lease out those properties to the companies, your prospective companies or you could do [Paperly 00:27:27] or whatever. I totally agree with Marco on that.

What's The Best Way To Visualize Services Like Syndication Networks And Press Releases?

Number two, what's the best way to visualize services like syndication networks and press releases? With SEO in general, it's easy to show prospects, charts, and rankings at previous clients achieved. Basically, what would be a good visual aid to use for these services? Mohammed, I've always said this. Guys, I have absolutely no problem with you borrowing our graphics to use for prospecting for clients. Mohammed, that's all I've ever done is I explained what syndication is, the importance of it, and the benefits of it like what really the benefits of what syndication will do for a client, that's what I lead with.

If they want to know exactly how it works and stuff like that, I may tell them on a conceptual level, but really I try to stay out of the nitty-gritty details because most people, it's just going to confuse them, but those graphics that we created were like … Those graphics originally like the ones that I created,, we've had them updated since, but the ones that I created originally was so that I could sell these networks to clients.

I don't have a problem with you borrowing our images to use for proposals for prospects, for prospecting. What I do have a problem is when people take our images and go to Fiverr and create a gig and sell syndication networks that are poorly built not to our standards or specifications and use our graphics in their marketing for selling our networks basically, well, a poor version of our networks. Some of the other big-name sites there have done that. That pisses us off. We will send out DMC notices and stuff like that for that, but for you, guys, that are members and are followers, whatever, subscribers, and you want to go out and prospect, feel free. We've got no problem with that.

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Mohammed, that's what I would say is just go ahead and grab one of those images. If you have to edit our logo out and superimpose your own on to it, that's fine. Create a proposal page or something like that. You can even cut a screencast video that you put on to a page that explains what syndication networks are, and how they benefit the clients and send people there. You can send a link in an email or send them directly to a video. I would send them to a landing page where you had that video and in a way to contact you or to purchase a network. That's what I would do.

As far as that goes, really, you just talk about that the fact that you want to create, here's a good word, to use as ubiquity. You want to create brand ubiquity by basically every piece of content that brand publishes, the prospective client publishes, will get spread out all across … published all over the web so that they're everywhere. Their brand name shows up everywhere. That's a good word to use is ubiquity.

When Is It Appropriate To Expand Local SEO Services To Different Cities?

Number three, BBS said before the best path to take is to chase a single niche instead of many in a local area. Yes. I stand by that statement. I've been getting good results of my current realtor, but he isn't on page one for all the terms yet. Do I wait until he's on everything first? I was considering going ahead without waiting, but I thought I would ask you first. What is it appropriate to chase others in different cities? Now, Mohamed, yesterday is when it was appropriate. The reason I say that is because, guys, we talked about this extensively in the mastermind webinar last week, which is going to be part of this video email prospecting for 2018 course.

You guys that end up picking that up either join the mastermind and get it now or wait until a month from now and get it as a separate product, that's fine, but I covered this extensively there. Here's the problem that … I absolutely did this. I'm telling everybody not to do this. That's what most of us do. We turn on the prospecting machine where we start prospecting whatever until we land one or two clients and then we stop prospecting so that we can fulfill the work. Then, what happens when we fulfill the work, we got to start from scratch again. We got to start all over. We got to turn the prospecting machine on. We get another one or two or three clients. Then, we turn it back off. We go fulfill the work. It's a never-ending cycle.

Part of the problem with that is you end up trying to make the few prospects that you end up talking with. You try to turn them into clients no matter what because there's desperation there, because you don't have a pipeline full of prospects. Prospecting is something that you should be doing from the … When you decide that you want to start generating clients, guys, you should turn a prospecting machine on and keep it on. Never stop so that you can have a pipeline full of prospects so that you can cherry pick out of those prospects the best ones to work with.

Then, you don't have that desperation. Imagine if you had, Mohammed, 20 active prospects, active conversations going at any given time with potential prospects. Couldn't you be a bit more selective in who you work with? Couldn't you only select the people to work with that you have good communication with, that understand that marketing is an investment, not an expense, that you get a good warm and fuzzy feeling about instead of trying to make even that asshole that you spoke to yesterday that you know in the pit of your stomach is going to be a pain in the ass, but you're willing to work with them because you need their money and you don't have enough prospects in your pipeline that you have to take you ever will work with you?

Again, guys, I'm not saying this from like a soapbox. I'm saying this because this is true. It's 100% experience. I know most of my partners can agree with me or will agree with me that this is something I suffered from. It's absolutely what most people do. I'm trying to prevent many of you guys that are just getting started from doing that. When you learn how to set up a prospecting system, once you develop it out, most of that can be outsourced. We highly recommend. Again, I hammer this point home in the training for the video email prospecting is outsource your prospecting, develop a system, which I'll give that to you in mastermind or if you purchase the prospecting system, that's something … that's one way to do it.

You can also do a shotgun approach. That's something else that we're covering in the mastermind, but my point is once you've developed your prospecting system, then outsource it, which is not hard to do. The vast majority of it can be outsourced. Then you know it gets done every week. Then, keep your pipeline full of prospects at all times because then, that way, like I said, Mohammed, don't wait. That was the biggest mistake I made. It took me two years to generate as many clients as I probably could have done in three months if I had just kept that going, and they created basically a system and allowed it to run on autopilot.

Guys, I would love to hear your input on that last question.

Adam: Yeah. If I can start, first off, [Shiva 00:34:19], welcome. Thank you, buddy. I'm really looking forward to talk to you soon. I totally agree what you're saying, Bradley. I learned this from the 10X rule from Grant Cardone. The guy would say if your pipeline is not full, you will be discouraged by the first guy that tried to sell you on his or her priorities. It's harder. When you have like the calendar in full like fully booked with strategy calls or with people that you want to talk or you want to sell people into your products or to your products or services, there's no way like if somebody says, no, hey, I cannot afford this, boom, next. Don’t worry. Thank you. It's completely fine. Move to the next step.

I completely 100% agree because that's one of the mistakes that I made. I got a couple of leads. I will full see my head with lead gen. I got a couple of leads. I went and talked to them and then stopped. The best way to go is to automate it. I 100% agree that is to automate it and to always have a constant flow of leads running through your pipeline. Then at the end of the day, you can outsource like I would say 98% of the stuff. Then, all you need to do is to jump on a call. Sometimes, you can even outsource the delivery like if it's real quality and you have the processes, you can even outsource the delivery.

All you're doing is to actually thinking on, one, how to get more clients and leads. Number two, how to deliver better service and how to sell more stuff. That should be your only concern. Build a system. Outsource. Get as many leads as possible because the reality is that I don't know … If you have a 30% closing rate, which is amazing or a 40% close rate, which is amazing, that means that 60% of people will say no. That's completely normal. That's 100% normal. All you need to do is to always be replacing those leads. Some leads will not buy … Right now, they will buy like six months from now, but you could not wait. You cannot afford to wait six months for the guy to come up and make up his mind. I totally agree you, Bradley.

Bradley: Anybody else?

Marco: Yeah. Is my mic on? Sorry. I'm coming back over here. I just want to say one thing because it was a great one that I came across not too long ago. I'm not going to this is just one quick saying that helps me think of this stuff. That's when is the best time to plant a tree, and the answer is 10 years ago, but if you didn't do it then, do it today. Then, take into account what Bradley said and be doing it all the time.

Bradley: Yup. There's a cliche that says a year from today or a year from now, you will have wished you started today. A year from now, you will have wished you started today. My point is if you start working on setting up a prospecting funnel, which can be the video email stuff, guys. Again, that's a very targeted approach, but we also have the shotgun approach that I shared on a very high conceptual level last week for Humpday Hangouts, but we've been going over that extensively in the mastermind. That's part of the agency build that we're going to be doing throughout 2018, but that's a shotgun approach that is like a mass prospecting funnel. It's working phenomenally well. We're working on the sales side of things right now, but the prospecting end is just crushing it.

The point is get started on it today. Take incremental steps, guys, even if it's just … even if all you can do is devote 30 minutes a day towards building a prospecting system, do it because in a few weeks, it will look like you made a significant quantum leap in prospecting, but, really, it's just from small action steps that you took every single day. Then, you keep it going. Again, a year from now, you'll look back. If you've got an automated prospecting pipeline that's feeding 10, 15, 20 leads a week every single week, think about how that would affect your agency in your business, your revenue.

Again, you could be so selective. There's a great book that Wayne Clayton, one of our top longest mastermind members, recommended called Hot Prospects or, yeah, I think it's Hot Prospects. It's by Bill Good. He always talks about when you have a pipeline full of prospects, then if somebody gives you any grief on the phone, if you catch any resistance whatsoever, you can very easily, he says it all in one word, no spaces. Thank you very much. Click. In other words, thank you very much. Then, hangs up because when you have a whole bunch of people in your pipeline, you can do that. You can be very selective. You don't have to try to save or force every sale possible because you can just go right to the thank you very much, next. You know what I mean?

Adam: Two things to this too. One is that you're not only … Some people think, “Well, that's rude or I don't want to do that.” You're doing yourself a favor, but you're also doing them a favor because it's not a good fit. Don't force it. Maybe you need to be clear. You need to communicate better and get your point across on what the benefits are, but other than that, move on because you're going to waste their time as well. You don't want to do that. You're really doing them a service by doing yourself a service. Offer a real quick, Brad. They will say speaking on planting the seed early, I gave my first Toastmasters speech last night. Bradley was in it. I'll tell you about that later.

It's funny speaking about planting seeds, it took me 15 months from when I told someone I was going to go to Toastmasters because I told me about it in the benefits to me walking through the door, but since then, I've been going … I've made it about three out of four weeks of the month. I've been going for about six weeks. It's just an hour a week. Already, I can see improvements. It's just putting that little bit in the bank and building those skills.

Bradley: Toastmasters, I've been in there for three or four months now. I've given two speeches. I'm supposed to give one last night for my Toastmasters meeting last night, but I didn't get it written. I pushed it back to the next meeting, but yeah. It's great, man. You did your break-the-ice speech.

Adam: Gave them icebreaker. That was good. I'll tell you about it later. You were in it.

Is A GMB Page Important For An Affiliate Website With No U.S. Operations?

Bradley: I'm anxious to hear about it, man It's a great organization. Andy Tiza, what's up, Andy? He says, “Hey, [inaudible 00:40:38] team.” By the way, Mohammed, thanks for those questions. Great questions, buddy. Questions regarding about GMC, or excuse me GMB, for RYS stacks. I know Marco commented the GMB is not necessary when ordering an RYS stack, but still highly recommended to get a certified GMB to solidify the business existent. It's basically to validate the entity, Andy. I'm working on affiliate websites only. Also, I do not operate in US. Do I really need a GMB in my case and is my RYS stack still powerful without GMB? Marco, what's your thoughts on that?

Marco: Absolutely. Outside the US, whatever country you're in, go into your nature and whatever affiliate product you're selling and look at the other businesses and look at the maps and see if they're verified. If you're in an unverified country, then there's two things that I'm going to say. You don't need to be verified. I can guarantee that most people in that industry will not be running an RYS stack. You have an unfair advantage to start with, but since they were unverified, if you can verify your entity, not only do you have an unfair advantage over them, but you're sending clear signals to Google that you're like head and shoulders above the rest as far as what Google wants to see, which is something that's verified, something that's consolidated, something that has a clear footprint.

When verification and everything else comes to your country, to your language or whatever it is that you're doing, you're already there. You won't have to do it. Why not prepare for what's coming? We just thought when's the best time to plant a tree, Adam said, 10 years ago. If you could do it now in anticipation of what's coming, why not? It's going work I can't say with 100% certainty, but I'm almost 100% sure that this will work without the verified GMB. You can still put yourself on the map if it's an unverified country and then you just carry on as usually because you should be able to add your website address and your phone number, and whatever else way you do the Google My Business listing.

I still suggest that you do the Google My Business listing. Go through the process and have it appear on map. It won't be verified. Become a local guide and do it. Local guys can get away with just about anything. Become a local guide. Move up as you go along and become the level whatever guide. Add your business on the map. It doesn't have to exist since it's not going to get verified. Once Google accepts it, then it's just like a verified business. Then, you could use that. The problem will come if someone comes along who lives in that place or the business in that place if there is one and they verify the business. Why go through all that trouble of a fake business when you could do it right the first time? I hope that made sense. It makes total sense in my head.

Bradley: Real quick.

Adam: I just wanted to come through something that is just a couple questions on the page that there was … Somebody was asking how many days does a mastermind trial cover. It's seven days for $1. It gives you an entire week. Then, the second question was same. How long is $1 trial for? Jim, it's for a week. You're in for a week. You got a chance. That gives us a chance to get the phone call or hang out with you. You can talk to us. We can go over things and then go from there.

Is There Any Other Alternative Way To Solidify Business Existent Aside From GMB?

Bradley: I was looking for … Unfortunately, Roman is not on, the next question he has. Is Roman on? No. He's not. The next question was from Andy says is there any alternative besides GMB to solidified my business existence? Yes, Andy. There's a number of things. Well, first of all, syndication networks are a great way to help validate the entity because those are all the common social media and web 2.0 properties that most brands have. By setting up a branded syndication network interlinking everything, it helps to really tell Google this is a valid business. However, that's not an it in itself as I would suggest that you also would at least submit the business details that you would have.

This Stuff Works
Remember even an affiliate marketing business like affiliate businesses guys as an affiliate marketer, you can still have a business. You can still register your home address or a business address or whatever and create build citations and everything else. Why not? It's a business. It might be a virtual business, but that doesn't mean it's not an actual business. My point is citations are great. One of the things that you can do is submit your details to the aggregators, the business aggregators and like the big ones, NeuStar Localeze, Axiom, Factual, Info, your Express Update or Express whatever. It's Info USA whatever. That's all the same company. There are another one of them.

I was looking to see if we had that in Serp Space. I think we do. I just don't know where because it should be part of the actual citation packages, but another one that I've used in the past was Moz Local. Let me see if I can find it real quick. They have the ability to … One of these things here … This might be it. It might be this one. Let's take a look at this one. Anyways, the point is, guys, Moz Local had a service where they would basically submit. It looks like it's gone up. Maybe, it's 99 per year, but they would submit to all four of the major local aggregators, directory aggregators for you. They do it every year. They'll update it or whatever. It only costs one-time fee.

Well, you have to renew it every year, but if you want to see what I'm talking about, let's see, the local ecosystem, this is what I'm talking about, these right here. This is the local search ecosystem. If you take a look, you can see that the big aggregators. I know it's probably small because of the Hangout, guys. I'll just zoom in, but info group, that was the one I was trying to think of. Info Group, NeuStar Localeze, Factual and the other one was Axiom. I'm sorry. Axiom is right there. Those are the four big ones. If you can actually get listed in those, which again you can do it separately, guys, or each one, but it's stupid because if you go to each individual like Info Group, I believe, is free.

Axiom is free, but you got to submit corporate documents like an LLC agreement or corporate bylaws, that kind of stuff. They require company documents to verify the businesses in existence. That on its own you may not be able to do unless you have that. NeuStar Localeze, it's like if you go to them, they're going to charge you $30 a month . You have to pay yearly. It's like 350 bucks a year to list your business there, which is dumb because you can go to Moz Local and spend a 100. They'll do it for you. In Factual, I believe that's free as well. Factual is what feeds into Apple, so iOS and Siri, and all that kind of stuff. Those are pretty much your four big ones.

Yext, you do Yext, but that's automated. Yext has made a lot of improvements recently, but personally, I'm not a huge fan of them. Again, they may be different now, but I just wanted to point that out. This is what I'm talking about. That right there, if you can get listed in those, that will basically validate the entity. It's not still, in my opinion, is important as getting the Google+, at least not initially. I think having the Google My Business listing verified is the most critical, but if you can't do that or you're in an area where they're just not verified, this would be a good way to validate the entity to Google because you see all of these feed into Google. Does that make sense? Great question though, Andy. I'm going to keep moving, guys.

Do You Have Any Recommendations On How A Non-U.S. Person Get A U.S. Address To Register In GMB?

The last one is assuming I wanted to leverage the power of a GMB, what can you advise a non-US person how to get a US address for registering in GMB? The way that I've done in the past like out of state, Andy, is to use Craigslist to create an ad offering to pay … I usually pay 100 bucks for somebody to allow me to use. Usually, it's a renter. Most the time, homeowners aren't going to do it, but renters don't care if their rental property address is listed as a business address. I've gone the Craigslist and posted ads and the city that I needed, the physical address and paid $100 for somebody to allow me to use their address and to receive a postcard and send me the text, the verification pin number.

Typically, obviously, I just pay them 100 bucks once they've received the card and they've sent me the pin, but I know people on our master minder or at least in syndication county, some of our members that have also done the same thing using Craigslist have done it for as little as 50 bucks. I always just offered 100, but 50 bucks is one way to do it. That works. It might take you little bit of time, but it absolutely works, man, especially renters because renters are typically … I don't want to paint with such a broad brush, but a lot of times, renters will … 100 bucks in cash to use their address is pretty good. Any other ideas, guys, before I move on?

Should You Also Stick To A Posting Scheduling For Pages?

Sam Baily's up. What's up, Sam? Edison Portland. He says, “I know you recommend sticking to a consistent posting schedule for money sites, but does that apply to adding new pages?” No, Sam. That's just for posts. Yeah. It's just for posts. Good question no, but, yeah. That's just for post.

Hernan: Yeah. A good thing. I would also suggest that in terms of we have these scheduling or the consistent scheduling. We have this question a lot because I know that we know that content is one of the most, I wouldn't say, difficult, but definitely one of the most time consumers is that you go to … You take the curation route, Sam, so that you can actually get consistent with that. Curation is one of the best ways to actually generate high-quality content fast without copying, nothing that will penalize you. Dedicate some more time to the money keywords. Money keywords meaning those high-volume keywords and those long blog posts that can potentially give you some more press and some real estate on the search engines.

Bradley: Your content curation is absolutely a way to go because you can outsource that, Sam. You don't even have to have particularly skilled writers to do content curation. They have a fairly good grasp on the English language if you're doing English sites, but honestly, I have curators that curate on money sites. Then, I have curators that curate on feeder sites or web-to properties and stuff like that for additional link building. It's so efficient and inexpensive. It's a much better way to generate content consistently than trying to use like either automated content or shitty content, farm content, which is just awful, which I would never use for anything other than link building perhaps.

What Are Your Thoughts On Killer Keyword Tool By Network Empire?

Andy says, “What is your opinion on killer keyword tool by Network Empire? Thanks.” I wish I had one I. Matt Da Çruz, the owner of Network Empire, now we're doing some collaborative work with them at the moment. He offered to give me an account for killer keyword tool. I just have never actually used it. To be honest, I should have an opinion on that, but I haven't had a chance to play with it, guys. Andy, it's a great question. After I do have some time to play with it, I'll update here in a subsequent Humpday Hangout. If I remember at the time that you asked, I'll try to tag you once I have played with it. Sorry. I don't have an answer for you at the moment.

Guys, the keyword research that I do is that it's been the same for years. The only thing I've added recently to my keyword research that has not changed or that it wasn't there before, excuse me, is stuff that I've learned from Jeffrey Smith's SEO boot camp training, which is fabulous. It is phenomenal on-page SEO training. It's the best I've ever seen. That's no joke. The first 12 videos are all about keyword research and discovery. I learned a lot from him on various ways. It's pretty much the only keyword tool that he uses, well, besides Power Suggest Pro, which you guys know has been our go-to keyword tool forever. That's this year. Anyways, the only one that he really uses besides that as a paid tool would be SEMrush, not something I've used much of either, but there's a lot …

If you go through that course, it's amazing on just the vast amount of data that you will know the market in and out by the time you're done going through that keyword research process, but besides what I learned from him, I pretty much stick to the same process, which is going to Google Trends to start using trends to develop my seed keyword list. Then, I go over to Power Suggest Pro. I drill into those keywords. I build lists from there. I also look at Google-related searches now. I just compile a list into a spreadsheet. It works. That's what I've done ever for years. It just works really well.

I think a lot of keyword tools, guys, are just a lot of fluff, a lot of bells and whistles. Personally, some people find them absolutely invaluable, but to me, no-bullshit. I've tested at least 20 different keyword tools over the last several years. I always revert back to my very simple manual process. It just works really well. In fact, I've even trained an outsourcer to do that for me now. Now, I just send the company or the project details over to an outsourcer. She actually builds all the keywords stuff for me. It takes her about a day to do full keyword research, but it's done.

This Stuff Works

What Should You Order In Serp Space If You Want To Power Up A Main City Using RYSR Stacks?

Next up, Yanen say, “Hey, Semantic Mastery team. Thanks for everything you guys do for the SEO community. I need some guidance with RYS stacks if I already have a RYS stack, but I would like to power up a main city that I found a greater opportunity in. What should I order?” Marco.

Marco: This is actually pretty simple. They would just order another RYS stack, but you wouldn't do the G site. This RYS stack would be a page inside the main RYS stack that you have. You just build up the city. That Drive stack would have everything that's relevant to that new city where you found that greater opportunity. All you have to do is contact us, contact the people at SerpSpace. Order the stack. Write a simple stack. Let them know what it is you need. I will get it with Jason so that he knows exactly what needs to be done. It's really that simple. It'll get done. We'll give you the instructions on how you need to make Jason manager of the Drive stack for the build. It's really that simple.

Bradley: Awesome. Thank you. Greg's up. What's up, Greg? He says, “Happy holidays. It's been a wild ride again this year being part of group. Thanks for all you guys do to enriching our lives with knowledge and providing us with the opportunity to become real businessmen in the digital marketing arena. Cheers.” Thank you, Greg. We certainly like having you around in our various groups and engaging with people. We appreciate you as well. Thank you, Greg.

Adam: Definitely. Thank you, Greg. I appreciate it.

Who's The Best Provider Of Phone Verified Google Accounts?

Bradley: Yes, sir. Gregory Haynes is up. He says, “Hey, guys. What's up? Just wondering two things. Who do you use for phone-verified Google accounts? What's the best website cloning software? Thanks in advance.” Greg, happy holidays, everyone. I've been using two providers for phone-verified accounts. Bulkpva.com is one, and the other one is … I probably don't have it handy, but let's see if I do. By email accounts. Here we go. You know what? I don't have the other dudes saved. I apologize. This other guy's name is NOR. I could probably find him in Skype and post him later. Actually, I think, Greg, right here. Yes, Greg actually posted this one. This is the other one. This is probably NOR site. Yes, it is.

The two providers that I've used are this one that Greg posted. His name's NOR. Then, Bulk PVA, that's this guy. Pretty much anytime we need a phone-verified accounts, guys, we go to one of these two providers. They're both very good. If either one of you are watching right now, guys, you're both very good. Thank you.

I know there are sometimes problems with phone-verified accounts, guys. What I like about these guys is they typically take care of them rather quickly. It's not an issue. However, you guys just remember. Google is continuing to crack down more and more on trying to confirm or validate a new email addresses. It is definitely becoming more difficult. It's not something that I like to do at all anymore. I try not to ever have to create … If I do create a new account, it's usually because I don't do it enough from my IP that it triggers a lot of like phone verification stuff although what I would recommend is you just buy them because it's so much easier that way.

Those are the two that I would recommend. If anybody else has any other suggestions, feel free to drop them on the event page. I'm cool with that. We're not making any affiliate commissions on that. We're just directing people to those providers because they've been good.

What's The Best Website Cloning Software?

Also, what's the best website cloning software? That's a good question. It's been a while since I've done that. If you've got a good host, a host will do it for you. If you don't … I used to use a script. It was a like a PHP script that was … It was from Peter Garety. I don't even know if that still works.

Another thing you can use is Main WP. They have a cloning plug-in, an add-on or extension or whatever forming WP that works really well. That might be something that you could try as main WP. Do any of you, guys, have specific suggestions for that?

Adam: Yeah. It's been a while the same. I think the last time I did stuff, it wasn't like taking someone else's. I was cloning my sites out of Main WP, but beyond that, yeah. Throwing away parts around. I'll be right back.

Bradley: Does anybody else have another suggestion for cloning?

Marco: Main WP.

Is Google Still Using Snail Mail For GMB Verification?

Bradley: There you go, Greg. Excuse me, Gregory. Budas, okay. Hey, everyone. Happy holidays. This has been boggling my mind forever. I have been requesting GMB verification postcard for over two years now. I'm from SA. I'm not sure if big G still uses snail mail. Every time it expires, I re-request. Then, I give up tried. Their new virtual chat button. They don't seem very helpful as per GT and see I guess Terms & Conditions, blah-blah. Please, respond or please resend request for postcard I finished.

Bradley: I've had issues like that occur. The last time that occurred, I was able to fortunately the GMB listing was published. It wasn't verified, but it was published. I think they stopped doing that. I think now it won't publish until it's verified. However, if you said that you set that up two years ago, it's probably published but not verified. If that's the case, what worked for me was again one of our … I mentioned his name earlier, but one of our longtime mastermind members is a level like he was a level 5 local guide at the time as before it went to level 10. He actually went … I reached out and told him I was having the same issue.

GMB was not sending the verification postcard. I reached out to him. He went because it was a published listing unverified but published. He was able to go, actually submit a review and add a photo. Since he was a local 5, or excuse me, a level 5 local guide, it was like within five days of him doing that, the postcard arrived. I think it was just because somebody that had some clout with Google as a local guide went and basically validated it as a true business from just uploading adding a review and uploading an image. I think that's what triggered it to actually send.

Now, I can't confirm that, guys. I don't know if 100% for sure. It may just be coincidence. It's unlikely to me that it was coincidence, but that worked. Now, prior to that, there's been other times where I've had the same issue happen. I just gave up eventually too. I would just like rent another box. For me, I usually use PO boxes. I would just close out the one box and open another even if it was in the same post office and then resubmit with the new address details, which is just changing the box number basically. It would show up. Sometimes, I don't know why. It's just a glitch.

Guys, if you have one physical address and it's not something like a PO box, then you may not be able to change the address. I get that. What I would recommend doing is perhaps trying to get somebody that is a higher level local guide to do and see if maybe that triggers it. I don't know that was actually what caused it, but, again, it seems very coincidental. Anybody else have another suggestion for that? Currently not.

Will There Be Any IP Login Issues With The TAS/DAS Stacks From Serp Space?

James is up. Looking to purchase a traffic authority stack from SerpSpace, but wanted ask if you guys can provide login info when completed or does this become an issue because of logging in from a different IP? No. James, don't hold me to this without confirming this with the SerpSpace, guys. If Roman was here, he'd be able to answer that, but he's not here today. I'm going to tell you that I'm almost 100% sure that you get full login details for all the properties set up. I can't imagine that we would not give you access to the properties that you purchased. Again, that's something that more Roman has handle on than I do. Don't say that I absolutely said with certainty, but I'm almost 100% sure that we would give … It seems silly to me to not give people login details for something they purchased. I would just reach out to support at serpspace.com and ask that question.

As far as logging in from a different IP, don't worry about it. Once the accounts are created and the content and everything has been added and it's set up, they send it to you, you log in. Bind it to your IP and so be it. If it triggers reverification, we'll work through getting it reverified. It will be bound to your IP. It's not an issue.

I say this in case I ever need to add more content to the stack, also been making many purchases when you provide deals and have been waiting patiently and watching my inbox for any generic Christmas coupon for SerpSpace. Got any?

Adam: No, we don't, but good on you from watching, but we'd run specials from time to time, but there's nothing planned right now specifically for that.

PO Box For GMB Pages

Bradley: Yeah, but January's right around the corner. We got lots of stuff coming up. Ralph is up. Ralph says, “Question. I'm sure if this has been covered before. However, I could not find it in any of your videos.” This is a question I was actually basically just talking about a second ago, Ralph. PO boxes for business location. I heard some say that Google will bash you for that and, yet, I see you guys are using a PO box. Yes, sir. I'm asking because I have a client in the distant suburbs of Minneapolis. They need to rank in Minneapolis metro area. They used to have an MPLS PO box, but dropped it because they heard the Google frowns upon PO boxes. Can you enlighten me? Thanks.

Yeah. Google says they don't like it, but they also don't like you building links. They don't like you doing SEO. You do that too, don't you, Ralph? Ralph, I'm not picking on you, buddy. I'm just saying like, yes, Google does frown on that, but Google also frowns on SEO. Google frowns on link building. Google frowns on pretty much everything that we do to try to manipulate search engine rankings. I would just put that out of your mind. White hat versus black hat, fuck that. There are no hats. SEO is SEO, period. Google frowns on any SEO except for publishing content and just expecting like everybody to go link to it naturally and read it and love it and all that stuff. Well, good luck with that. You know what I mean?

My point is SEO is SEO. Don't worry about it. Now, as far as the PO boxes, yeah, they say that they frown on it, but it still works. They are getting more. It's becoming more difficult sometimes to verify listings. What I recommend that you do if you're going to set up the PO box is that you use a new Gmail account, a persona-based account. Don't do it under the primary business account. Don't do that. Create a profile, a new Gmail account. Flash out the profile. Set up the Google+ profile. Do all the stuff to make it look real. Then, go, create a Google My Business listing with that profile as the owner. It doesn't matter. You can still brand it for the same company that you're doing the work for. It makes no difference.

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All it is is, and I'm using air quotes right now, the GMB listing owner will be the profile that you create. Then, after it's been created and verified, then you add your email address, your Gmail address or the main account Gmail address, whoever the GMB business owner is, the Google My Business, the owner of that account for your client. You add them as a manager. Then, eventually, you can even transfer ownership, but I wouldn't do that. I would still leave the persona, the profile, as the owner and just have yourself and your actual client as managers.

Then, the reason for that is because what I found is like for some of my Legion sites where I've got multiple locations, I found by trying to create GMB listings with multiple PO boxes under the same account. It will often flag the account and terminate a GMB listing like the newly created listing, a spam. It will flag it as spam. It will require a bunch of additional verification, which is damn near impossible. What I do is now … I've been able to work around that by just creating new profile accounts and then adding the GMB listing under the new profile and then just adding my main primary lead-gen GMB as a manager. That's one way I've been … That's the workaround.

Now, that said, last thing I want to mention is when you go to do the PO box method, you have to use the street address option that the post office gives you. You can't just put a PO box in like in GMB. It won't accept it. You have to use the street address of the post office and then the box number. All you need to do that … Now, this comes up almost every week. We should have this in a frequently asked question if we don't. Adam, maybe we should tag this because this comes up almost every week. It says right here.


Adam: Awesome. I wanted to jump in real quick. I think it's important that while there's no white hat or black hat, there's elf hats. I think that's important to recognize today.

Bradley: You mean like this?

Adam: Yes.

Bradley: White hat, black hat or elf. Elf Hat SEO. There you go.

Adam: [crosstalk 01:09:02] ears, right? That chick cracks me out, anyways.

Bradley: Elf Hat SEO. Let me go back to being serious. Here is the PDF, guys. You get this at the post office. They'll hand it to you. You just ask for it or you can download this. Print it out yourself. Fill it out ahead of time. That's it. It doesn't cost anything extra. All you do is once you get your PO box number, then, they'll give you the street address from the post office itself. You use the post office street address as your business address. Then, you get the number sign and then whatever your box number is. That's all you got to do. Anyways, I'm going to drop this on the page.

Wow. We got a lot of questions. We're already at 510. We got to rock and roll. This is the PO box best option. No.

Marco: While you're doing that, it's just funny that the Google tells you a whole bunch of things that you're not supposed to do or that you should do like when you're running ads. For example, in AdWords, you're required to have Terms of Service and Privacy Policy on your AdWords page, correct, or it gets rejected, but haven't we shown that that's not true?

Bradley: Yeah. [crosstalk 01:10:25] I tested that over the weekend with a … I can't really talk about it, but I set up a YouTube ad with the target URL as something that I would have never imagined would have gotten approved, but it was on a Google domain. It absolutely got approved. It was pretty, pretty fucking crazy, to be honest with you.

Marco: It's amazing what Google will accept and what it won't.

Bradley: Yeah. Haven't we tested setting up an ad to a blank G doc and it worked?

Marco: Absolutely.

Do You Keep Your P.O. Box Addresses For Your Local Lead Gen Sites?

Bradley: Anyways, Jenny up. What's up, Jenny? He says, “Side note, hey. fella. Side note, Bradley, I subscribed to your daily emails on mindset. Awesome content. Thank you for sharing your experience and your thoughts. I have read some of the books you mentioned like Stephen Covey's 7 Habits. That's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Outstanding book, guys. Highly recommend it. I made some discoveries about myself and how I scripted myself. Something's definitely need to be changed.” Thank you, Jenny. I appreciate that, guys. For those of you that aren't aware, maybe came on late, bradleybenner.com. You can opt into a mindset series of emails as well as see some of the videos that I've been trying to do a weekly video about mindset stuff success habits. It's really a labor of love. Go check it out. Thank you, Jenny.

I saw that you did sign up recently. Keep the feedback coming, man. Feel free to reply to any of the emails that you get daily with any of your thoughts and stuff like that. I love the feedback, guys. Question. Do you keep your PO box addresses for your local Legion sites or can you cancel service after it is confirmed with Google? I've always said one thing, which I'm going to state here in a moment. Then, I'm going to tell you that I'm backtracking a bit on what I've always done. Let me explain what I mean.

I have always kept my PO box addresses and just renewed them. Some of them on six-month terms. Most of them are on 12-month terms. They're inexpensive enough that I just have always renewed them because here's the reason why because the very … Well, it was the second. It was the second Google Places way back when. It was called Google Places. The second time that I ever set up a lead gen strictly, Google My Business listing was for a tree service company. I used UPS at the time, the UPS store boxes . That was my mailing address. It was $36 a month for that stupid mail box. I kept it just long enough to get the postcard for verification. Then, I didn't want to spend $36 a month on a stupid a box, a mailbox. I cancelled it.

Well, I think it was maybe a year later, maybe 18 months later, one of the competitors, one of the tree service competitor has made a complaint to Google about it being a UPS Store was the address. Google required reverification. To be honest, they called. It was a phone verification, but then, they also wanted to reverify the post card, so snail mail. I didn't have the box anymore. I was unable. I lost that listing, which was ranking number one in map. The competitor was pissed off because it knocked him down the number two.

This Stuff Works
Anyway, I lost that address because I was unable to reverify that listing via regular mail. From that point on, every time I would … By the way, don't ever use UPS box stores anymore, but PO box, it's still working right now. I've just kept them because PO boxes are typically a lot cheaper. In more metropolitan areas, it costs as much as like $164 a year at least in my areas for 12 months of renting at PO box. In some of the more smaller areas, it's as little as like $46 for a year, which is … That's incredibly cheap. It's worth keeping.

Just in the event that I ever have to reverify via mail, that said, it's never happened to me since then. One of the problems with keeping the PO boxes that I've experienced over the last few years especially because I got so many of them now is about once a quarter, once per quarter, so once every three months or so, I literally take an entire day and drive all over the Northern Virginia, well, all over Virginia basically going from post office to post office just cleaning the boxes out because as a business, a registered business address, you're going to get a shit ton of spam mail.

All it is is solicitation mail. It will fill up your mailbox. You're going to start getting calls or emails from the post office saying your box is full. They're going to shut it down if you don't come in and clear it out. That's something I try to do quarterly, but to be honest with you, I only do it about every six months or when I get the warning letters from the post office that they're going to terminate my box because it's overflowing. That happens a lot, guys. To be honest with you, I've never had ever since that first time had to reverify via mail.

I've actually just recently, for some of my tree service site, started to allow those PO boxes to expire only because I'm tired of driving to them all the time to pick up the mail. It's probably something like an outsourced, but I haven't done that. Hopefully, that won't bite me in the ass at some point, but it's been probably four years since the last time I've had to reverify. The short answer is no. The long answer is to guarantee or to reduce the possibility of you losing it in case they want to send mail verification a second time to reverify, keep it. It's really up to you, Jenny.

Personally right now, to me, the pain in the ass the amount of time required to go drive around and pick up trash mail … I've even literally talked to the postmasters at multiple post offices where I have PO boxes and said to them, “Is there any way I can just give you guys permission to just throw out the mail because I don't need it.” I tell them now, it's just solicitation mail. They say, “No. We're not allowed to do that. We can set up for orders and all that stuff, but we can't just throw it out.” To me, it's just a pain in the ass. Good question though.

Could You Elaborate On Your Use Of The G-Site Creator And How You Use It With RYS Stacks?

Jason says … Excuse me. Could you elaborate on your use to the G site creator? Yeah. We answer that question almost weekly. That's okay, Jason. I'm not upset about it, but this should probably be another frequently asked question. Somebody wants to tag this guys. Could you elaborate on use the G site creator namely how to use it with our RYS stacks? Yes. The way I use it is to build basically link networks. We don't call then PBNs ends because they're public sites. We're not trying to hide much. We just create a bunch of sites using Google site generator to use as a link network to power up especially with RYS stacks.

I've mentioned this before. We had a thread in our Facebook group going about, which pissed Marco off and me off too really last week about something similar, but if you're using our RYS methods and you built the G site correspond with your stack, an associated Google site to go with your stack, then, use that is your target URL for your G creator sites like. In other words, build a link network that is linking to your Google site that's associated with your Drive stack. It's a great way to power up your Google site. That's how I'm using.

Now, some people have gotten pretty good results or been able to achieve results with ranking the Google Sites themselves that are created with the G site's creator. I haven't seen that. I haven't even really attempted to make that happen because I specifically started using it from day one as a link network, to build link networks using Google sites because you're using all Google properties. It works well. That's how I've used it. I've tested both creating the eight-page sites so like a single site with a pages as well as creating multiple sites. Either way, it works really well for powering up the drive site, or the excuse me, the Google site as part of the Drive Stack. You can also use it to link directly to your buddy site, guys, if you want it. Just make sure the content is decent.

That's part of the reason why I'd rather use it to build links to the drive, excuse me, the Google site as part of the Drive Stack because then you don't have to be as worried about the quality of the content on the sites themselves. Does that make sense? That's how I use it, guys. Again, this is a question that comes up almost every week. I answer it the same way every week intentionally, guys, because I don't want to confuse it. Some people come and ask questions. Not you, Jason. You're fine. Thank you for the question. I appreciate that, but sometimes, people come and say, “I haven't been able to rank a single G site created with the G site creator. This thing's crap.”

Well, that's not how we promoted it. We've always promoted it as a link network builder. It's something that can be set up very easily and quickly. It works really, really well for powering up the drive, or excuse me, the Google site as part of the Drive Stack.

Marco: The way that it works even better is when you have an especially difficult keyword that you're trying to rank for whether it's in the city that you're targeting or in the adjacent city is to build a page. Point for that city and keyword. Then, build the G site where you're going to link built from the G site creator to that page on the main G site. What works even better is just building a Drive Stack inside your main Drive Stack that's city-specific and creating the page on the main G site and link building to that because all the power stays within that one same drive instead of having it external.

Now, you could always add. If it's still stubborn, then, you would go with the G site creator and hit both the Drive Stack and the page that you've created on that main G site and link build through that. Even add additional. Use LSI or whatever to target that page so that you get it moving, but there's so many things that you could do and so many more things that I could tell you inside RYS Academy Reloaded if you were a member and you were in the Facebook group that I cannot share here. That's as far as I'll go with that.

Bradley: Yeah. As Margaret just mentioned, yeah. If you've got a particular keyword, guys, one of the best things that you can do is that you're trying to push using the G site creator to build link networks is go take that term and that keyword that you're trying to rank for and go to trends and plug it in there. If it's got a local modifier, lose the local modifier. Plug the main keyword in. Then, pull the seed keywords, the top related and the rising related keywords from trends that are associated with that seed term. Again, lose the local modifier and just go after the main keyword without the modifier.

Then, go to trends. Pull the seed keywords that are related. Then, go drill down on them using Power Suggest Pro or something similar. Then, create your G sites using the long-tail keywords that you've pulled back from like Power Suggest Pro. That is a fantastic way to do it because essentially, guys, you're using G sites a way to build like an external silo. Does that make sense? You stack all the long-tail related keywords into basically a silo structure of external G sites, which will power up that one main keyword. It's incredibly powerful. That's how we've been using it. It works really well.

Guys, innovate. Take a tool and figure out how to make it work the best to your advantage. That's what we're talking about because, again, when we get … I'm not talking to you, Jason, but when we get people that post questions like about the G site creator, and I built some pages and none of them are ranking, this thing's crap. We get that crap all the time. You need to innovate. Figure out ways to use it to … The beautiful thing about innovating with tools and stuff, guys, is you have an unfair advantage over other people using the same tool. Does that make sense? When you use like a G site creator the way that we're talking about, most people aren't doing that. The point is you're going to have an unfair advantage. By the way, Merry Christmas to you as well.

Does Adding Feeds Cause Duplicate Content Issues To Secondary Syndication Networks?

Rank Master, Happy Holidays to everybody. Question on adding content to secondary IFTTT networks. Some of the sites need to be posted too via another so on a secondary ring if I add a feed to WordPress to add to Tumblr, for example, it's going to be duplicate content on both sites as the purpose of these feeds is to add content across the ring that isn't all related to the main site. Is this a problem or just another example of me overthinking things? Rank Master, here's a great opportunity for me to point out our knowledge base that support that Semantic Mastery.

I want to show you we have covered this before as well. This is just a good opportunity for me to point this Knowledgebase out. Then, I've got a frequently asked question. It will specifically answer that question for you. That's why I want to point this out. Go to the Knowledgebase, guys. Support at semanticmastery.com. Click on Knowledgebase. You'll see that we have a lot of frequently asked questions in here already. If you come down to Syndication Academy, you can see that there's 34 questions in here. If we scroll down, I don't want to show you … Let's see. How many networks we'll take to rank? I love that question, don't I?

Here's one of them. Here's another one. Let me point out the correct one. By the way, for Mohammed, this is a very basic drawing. We've got some other ones that are better, but this is one of the first ones I created. Don't ask me how long it took me to create that graphic because it's embarrassing, but anyways. Again, here's a couple of things that we'll … Guys, that the syndication with tiered networks can be a bit complicated. It can seem complicated. I try to break it down to the best of my ability on how to set up the second-tier syndications correctly. I believe is this one. Let me just double check. This is the one that I think I have all my drawings, on sketches on. Maybe not. Stand by. No. There must be one more.

Now, this one might be it. Let me check one more. Just stand by for a minute. Try this one too. Anyways, it's in here, guys. Yeah. This is probably it I believe this is it. I was trying to find the actual graphic, just a shot of the graphic because there's one that I did a shit-ton of sketching on with arrows and all that stuff. It might be this one, guys. Anyways, what I recommend, if I can actually find this specific video, I'll post it on the page later on when we close this down, guys, but it's in here. It's in one of these frequently asked questions. It might be one of these three that I just opened up here, but anyways, basically I go through … It's probably this one. How do you tiered IFTTT networks work.

This is it. I bet you this is it because that's the graphic. No. That's not it. Anyways, what you want to do on a conceptual level is just on the tier-two trigger points, guys. The tier-two IFTTT accounts. Remember, you've got your branded account, which is going to be tier one. You're going to have an IFTTT account associated with that brand, but then on your tier twos, remember tier 2A is triggered by blogger, the blogger from tier 1. Tier 2B is triggered from the blogger, excuse me, the tumbler on tier 1. In the last one is tier 2C, which is triggered from the WordPress from tier 1.

What you want to do is add additional content sources in the RSS feeds on the second tier IFTTT accounts for each one of those. Remember, tier 1A is going to have its own IFTTT account to your 2A. Tier 2B and tier 2C will each have their own individual IFTTT accounts. There's where you inject. You set up a whole other set of applets. You take a content feed from a related content source. You add a whole entire additional set of applets. Your first set of applets in your tier 2 IFTTT account is going to be triggered from, in this case let's say, blogger RSS feed.

This Stuff Works
Then, you're going to take additional content source number 1 RSS feed. You're going to create another entire set of applets in that same IFTTT account so that now you have two sources publishing to that second tier network, the two sources being … the first one being your money site, which first indicates to bloggers tier 1, then syndicates to your tier 2 network. Then, your second content source syndicates directly to tier 2 network because it's triggered at the tier 2 network point not before that. There's no daisy chaining there. Does that make sense?

Then you do the same thing for content source number 2. Add another 15 to 20 applets in content source number 3, another 15 to 20 applets. Does that make sense? By the time you're done, let's say you've got 15 syndication points in your network, by the time you're done, if you have three content sources, additional content sources, plus your original, you're going to end up with 60 applets in that one account. Does that make sense? It's a bit of a pain in the ass to set up, but you only need to do it once. Hopefully, that makes sense.

Again, you can find some more detailed training about that. It's been answered several times in the frequently asked questions. Hopefully, you'll find one that will satisfy that for you. Good question. Ivan's up. God, we're at 5:30 already and 90 minutes in. First I want to thank you, guys, for all the great content you provide. I've been falling Humpday Hangout since May of 2016. I learned a lot from you, and still learning since SEO is always training. We appreciate that, Ivan. Thank you for always being here and engaging. We appreciate that.

Where's The Best Place to Embed GMB Listing Reviews?

My questions are about the reviews we get on GMB listing. Where's the best place to embed them? Give me a schema to mark them up. Embedding reviews, you can embed the map itself, but the actual review … It's interesting. I played with that a bit. Either way, you can get a share URL from a review. Let's just walk through the process, guys, because I want everybody to benefit from this.

If we go to Semantic Mastery. If we come over here and we click on the map, you can see that if we scroll down to the reviews section right here and we click on where it says 17reviews, each one of these … Chris, he just, I think, recently joined the mastermind. He also reviewed us. Thank you, Chris. We appreciate that. If you click on the share URL, you're going to get the embed map function, which you can do or you can get the share link to the individual review. What I mean by that is if we copy this URL, guys, we come over here. Then, we'll paste it in. Paste and go. It's going to open up maps, but to just that one review. Does that makes sense?

Guys, if you aren't aware of this, this is incredibly powerful because take a look at like how many linking opportunities. We have additional internal linking opportunities we have with this one listing because let me just mention what … I'll get back to answering the question in a minute, but I just want to point this out. You've got your normal Maps URL. Then, you've got the share URL that you can shorten. You've got that as well. You can embed map. You, guys, already knew that, but then you got the review page. I can click on the reviews.

Now, this is a separate and unique URL, which now shows all the reviews. This is another URL you can build links to. You can shorten this URL if you'd like because it's crazy long and ugly, but you can shorten it using a Google, the Goo.gl Google shortener, URL shortener. You can do that. Then, that's another additional linking point. Then, each and every one of these reviews has a separate linking point. Then back that out for a minute. What else can we find? Let's go take a look at photos, guys.

Every one of these photos, look I was still fat then. Look at the gut. Goodness gracious, but let's just take a look. If we come over here and click on these little three dots, guys, see the share button, grab the share button and boom. There's more linking opportunities. You, guys, see that? You can take your Google My Business Listing and go extract all the URLs that you can possibly find from your Google My Business listing and start building links to those. It said that you're powering it up from multiple entry points. You, guys, get that? Very, very powerful.

Let's jump back and try to finish answering the question. Where's the best place to embed them? I'm not going to show you how to do it, but I'll tell you on a conceptual level because it's Christmas. I feel like giving. Ivan, you've been following us for a long time. Something that works really, really well is to take the review. Let's go back to a review. Now, I don't know if any of you, guys, are using David Sprague's rep videos. Probably many of you are. They're great for this stuff, guys. This is a method that I've been doing with the press relief stuff that works really, really well.

Again, I'm just going to talk about it conceptually. Then, we're going to move on because we do cover this a lot more in-depth in like mastermind and stuff like that, but one of the things that I like to do is take a review, create a review commercial using the rep video program. I love those things, man. They're inexpensive. They look nice. They're high-perceived value. It gives me an opportunity to use a review as a link building opportunity in many, many different ways.

The first thing is take the review and create a review commercial out of it if you have the ability to do. You don't have to use David Sprague stuff to do it, guys. You can have an animated template like explainer video template that you just use for this stuff. Just get creative if you don't have access to that. Then, once you've created the video, optimize it for your keywords. Upload it to YouTube. Obviously, push it through syndication networks. Then, go ahead and grab the embed from the video and create a blog post on the client's blog or your monies, whatever, your site's blog for that specific business.

Then, create a post. Embed the video. Then, also take the text of the review and put that in the description area or in the content area of the post, which by the way that review text should also be in the description of the video when you upload it to YouTube. You could also link to that specific review in YouTube. That's what you're going to do in the blog post as well. You embed the video. You add the review text. Then, you're going to link to it. See full review on Google Maps here. Add your share URL. You can embed the map if you'd like. Again, go to share. Go to embed.

Now, you've got the video and the map embedded, but I would still link to the share URL as well. I would say see full Google Maps review here and it link directly over to it. You do the same thing with Yelp, guys. The Yelp reviews can be embedded. Let's just walk through that too real quick. Actually, no. I said I wasn't going to walk through this entirely. Just know that you can do the same thing for Yelp. You can go to Yelp. Go to an individual review. Click the share button and get an embed code.

Now, you can embed a Yelp review. If you create a review commercial from the Yelp review, now, you embed that instead of the Google My Business. You can do the same thing with Facebook reviews. You can embed individual Facebook reviews. Now, you've got a video optimized with the review as part of the text and everything else. You've got a link to the share URL. You can embed the map. You've got the actual review text, which, yes, you can mark up with review schema. Then, you publish the post, which syndicates out across your branded network and all your social media properties. Very, very powerful.

The thing to supercharge it is then published a press release, announcing your five-star review that the client received, the newest five-star reviews the client receive. In obvious, you link to the blog post that you just created with the embeds and the videos and all that. Then, you link to the actual review. Then you can link to the actual Google My Business or direct to the home page of the money site or whatever. You can choose your third URL, but you obviously want to link to the blog post. You want to link to the actual review itself.

It's super, super powerful. I love that because that's one of the services now that I do for a lot of my clients is every single month, I just go in and create one review commercial for them and then add a blog post to their site doing everything I just mentioned. Then, I publish a press release. That alone has been incredibly valuable and easy to do because it takes about maybe an hour per post to do that, which most of it can be outsourced. Create a process for that. You can outsource that work. I just gave you, guys, a super valuable tip. I hope you are aware of that.

Marco: I'm going to go one more. I'm going to say as far as where to embed them everywhere you can, but especially using Google properties and your IFTTT syndication networks, push them through Twitter and push them through Maps powerhouse.

Bradley: Absolutely. Guys, remember, if you've got the review commercial, it doesn't have to be David Sprague's stuff. I like it because it's easy, but, again, you can just use a template, but like Marco just said, now, you've got that. You can also push it through video powerhouse. You can take the map embed, push that through maps powerhouse. We have as part of subspace, we have a second press release service there now called Press Release Plus. That, you can actually embed videos and maps directly into the press release.

Once again, you take the same review commercial. Then, you add that as an embed in the press release. It gets syndicated to 450 sites, guys. You embed the video. Then, you embed the map. Again, you take this here. You go, excuse me, you go to share. Embed map. Grab the embed code. Paste that in through the order process. Now, the map gets syndicated through 450 media sites as well as the video. Then, you've also got Maps powerhouse and video powerhouse to add additional power-ups or boosting as needed. Super powerful strategy.

What Is The Best Way To Get Reviews For Our GMB Listing For Lead Gen Sites?

RL Sanders, hey, guys, thanks for all you do. Happy holidays. Happy holidays to you as well. Speaking of reviews, what is the best way to get reviews for a GMB listing for lead gen sites? Do you bother trying to get any from tier one sites like Yelp, et cetera? This is completely black hat, guys. I know I talked about no hats, but it can be considered unethical too, but yes, you can create fake reviews for your lead gen sites. There's a number of ways to do that.

This Stuff Works
One of the best ways, the easiest and most hands-off way is to use LBL robot. One of you, guys, want to drop the link for that. We've got a special … I absolutely use it for some of my lead gen sites, guys, just so you know. Full disclaimer. Many people may think it's unethical. You have to keep that in mind, but that LBL robot is something that technically you're supposed to be using like adding real reviews to it. Then, they basically will go populate reviews that you've collected from your site out on some of the various Directory Sites, Google being one of them. Yelp is not one of them, but Google being one of them.

I think another one's like City search. Another one's like local.com. There's several of them in there, but again, a full disclaimer. I use it for spam reviews for lead gen sites. I just want everybody to be aware of that ahead of time. We actually did a webinar about it that if you're interested, let us know. It's part of the bonus site if you have access to the bonus sites in there. If it's not, I think we have a separate landing page set up for that. I don't know if one of you, guys, know where that is. If so, you can drop the link, but you can actually see the webinar where I talk about specifically how I use that tool.

That's the most hands-off way. It's pretty much automated. All you have to do is go in and add some text and add your businesses that you want to post reviews too, but the other thing is a better way although much more manual work unless you outsource this is to use something like Browse EO or ghost browser or something like that where you have started to build out your own profiles, persona profiles that are starting to accrue their own history, browsing history, cookies. You can theme the profiles. Then, you can start building those profiles up by making them reviewers on various platforms and going out and reviewing businesses not just your own stuff, but you can also review other businesses with those profiles to start really building up their clout as reviewers.

That way now, you can start building your own set of profiles that are like genuine. I'm using air quotes, but genuine reviewers like genuine profiles that are adding value. Now, you have something that you can use for client work as well as additional lead gen sites that you can have like reviews that will stick, that are considered valuable reviews. Does that make sense? Start building your own army of reviewers basically.

Now, again, it's something that you could set up originally and then outsource it, but that's something that you could … Again using something like Browse EO or ghost browser, you could literally have a VA that goes in once a week for two hours with like say 10 profiles that all have Yelp. Each profiles has its own Yelp account. Each profile has its own yellow pages and super pages and city pages or manta.com and all these different sites. They can go in and just every … Two hours a week would all that is required for them to go in and log in and bang out like two or three reviews for each profile once a week.

Literally, in a couple hours, they could do that. Over the course of 6, 8, 10, 12 weeks, think about it, guys. You end up with these super, super powerful profiles that now you can use for SEO purposes at any time you want. Does that make sense? It's a very, very powerful strategy. Greg's up. We've got about 18 minutes left, guys. Love the questions, shit ton of them here. Goodness, gracious. You, guys, weren't kidding. Go ahead.

Hernan: No. I was laughing because there a lot of questions.

Do You Have Plans In Providing Training On Linking Multiple Press Releases?

Bradley: Yeah. They were serious. Greg's up. What's up, Greg? He says, “I remember mention a press release training specifically best methods for linking multiple PRS. Each one and the other timing, the PRS, is that something you've completed or will do in the future?” Yeah. It's been done in the mastermind. In fact, our third edition of the physical newsletter was just sent to the publisher this week. That is the third or part 3, the third installment of the PR method. Once again, that's part of the mastermind, Greg. I know you were a former member of the mastermind. If you'd like to come back, we'd love to have you.

Is it something I'm going to release in the future? Yes. The reason why is because I said I would months ago before we decided that we weren't going to release a lot of products. We're still planning on not doing that like not releasing a lot of products although I announced earlier today that we are going to also release the video email thing. That's only because I know most of you will benefit from that. I think that's important to get it out, but the PR method, yes. I am going to turn that into a product. It probably won't be launched until mid or late February, but, yes, that will come out as a separate product.

To clarify, I'm interested to learn more about your results in the different stacking method you have tested in the velocity or timing of PR 2 and PR 3. Well, in the stacking method, it doesn't matter. The velocity makes no difference because you're not linking direct to the money site after the initial PR. It makes no difference. You could be as aggressive as you want with that, which is why I like using that method.

However, and I'm not going to get into the details here. You have to wait for the product to come out or join the mastermind. You can get it now, but there are some very specific things in the stacking method that need to be done or else to three months down the road the effect will have been lost. I know this from recent experiences with a lot of … Guys, I've been testing this method for about six or seven months. I've seen some significant slipping and rankings for some of the properties that I had started this method with. I've troubleshot. I've pinpointed the problem. I've already started to rectify. I've ran a few tests and been able to recover rankings in under seven days for several of the properties.

But, again, there's something very specific that has to be done when you're using a stacking method in order to prevent that from happening a few months down the road for you to start losing traction. It's not a very difficult fix. It's quite simple actually, but it's something very specific. Yeah, I can't share that here, guys. It wouldn't be fair. You want to join the mastermind, I'd be happy to share that with you there. Otherwise, just wait until the product comes out.

Is It Best To Use 3 Different PR Services?

Last part of this, also, is it best to use three different PR services or just two? Use as many as you have access to, Greg. I mean that, guys. We have two separate syndication services, press release wires or distribution services inside of SerpSpace. Obviously, I use those two primarily because we it's much cheaper for me to use our own distribution services than others. However, I also use press cable too. Here's why I've done that. Use that sometimes.

There are absolutely benefits to using multiple press release services. That just adds additional diversity to your link profiles, guys. I'm not telling anybody just use SerpSpace services. We have two really good distribution services there. The original service, our press release service, has some benefits to it that aren't available in the Press Release Plus. It's absolutely valuable, but then, the Press Release Plus Service, which has the maps and beds in the video embeds and syndicates to 450 sites has some additional benefits.

I always like to mix it up. Literally, I'll use press release from SerpSpace for the press release number one. Not in any specific order, guys. I'm just saying this is an example. Then Press Release Plus is press release number two. Then press cable for press release number three. Then, maybe newswire for press release number four. Then, I'll even test other services occasionally. EIN newswire is another one that's rather inexpensive.

Again, I recommend, guys, using as many different services as you have access to because you'll just add diversity in the inbound link profile. But as far as answering your question, can you use just two? Yes, you can. I like to add additional diversity when possible, but I've got many properties that the only two services I've ever used are the two services that we have inside of SerpSpace. Keep that in mind. Yes, I've been able to achieve results with that.

What Are Your Thoughts On Adwords Automation?

Brian, just getting up to speed with your services and AdWords, chief search evangelist at Google, the Fred Valley, Valley A's, or whatever, advocates for AdWords automation using tools such as dynamic search campaigns and smart bidding. I may have heard you, guys, say you like manual. Yes, I do, Brian. Do you consider this self-serving statement where Google will realize more of my ad dollar or can I really benefit from this automation? What have been your experiences?

I don't have any experience with Google automation for a couple reasons. Number one, the training that I followed where, and I'll be 100% transparent, guys, I learned my AdWords skills from Perry Marshalls training. That's how I learned it. Perry Marshall has, I think, his name is John Rhodes who actually does the AdWords training for Perry Marshall. It's really, really good. That's where I learned. I was a 100% transparent about that even in local [kingpin 01:47:16]. I mentioned that that's where I got my training from. They teach a very specific method for AdWords, which is all always setting up manual campaigns.

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They do have a section about the automations and the scripts and all that stuff that you can add now, but they say to start off doing manuals so that you can really learn AdWords and understand it. You'll have much more control. Being an advanced PPC guy, you can start to test and experiment with automations. I have never gotten to an advanced AdWords PPC level. I haven't needed to. I learned how to do it the manual way using a very specific campaign structure, the alpha-beta campaign structure, which you can learn about by just doing a Google search for alpha-beta campaign structure.

There's a PDF by Q3 Digital that will give you basically the overview of what an alpha-beta campaign structure is. That is exactly how I set up all of my AdWords campaigns because it fucking works. It works really well. It's simple to set up. It is the easiest way I've ever learned how to set up AdWords ads. Everything else seems to be so much more complicated. The alpha-beta campaigns are incredibly easy to understand and to set up. It requires the least amount of work. The only thing that it requires more of is monitoring the campaigns for about the first 30 to 60 days while you optimize and dial it in. That's it.

But as far as the actual setup, it's so simple to set up. It's very, very effective and because of that, I've never experimented with any of the automations, guys, because that's so much more advanced. I didn't want to spend all the time when I was able to achieve results through the manual method with just about 30 days of monitoring and optimizing a campaign. Once that's been optimized, literally, I leave it alone. You can optimize the shit out of your conversion rates, but personally, for lead gen stuff, which is primarily what I set up these campaigns for, as long as I'm profitable on my leads, I typically leave it alone. That way, I can move on other projects.

Brian, unfortunately, I do not have a reply to you as far as that. I've always just done the manual, but specifically for the reasons I just mentioned, it's not that the automations don't work I just never learned how to do it. To be honest with you, I doubt that I'll ever put the time into it because I'm able to achieve the results doing the manual campaigns, which are rather simple to set up and can be optimized in about 30 to 45 days. Then, they don't have to be touched anymore. Good question though. Anybody else have a comment on that? I don't think anybody else here does automations through AdWords, do they?

Hernan: No, I don't, but I think that's pretty cool that the fact that you can touch it initially and then you can just pretty much set it and forget it. I think it's pretty cool. Facebook has something similar that's called Rules, but I haven't had the time to go through them a lot.

Posting Video To GMB

Bradley: [inaudible 01:50:04]. Is there a way to post a video on GMB? I don't know for sure, but I was actually in GMB the other day. I was trying to add the Google posts, the GMB posts. Well, when you click to add an image, let's see where was I talking about that. I think I was talking about that in the part 3 of the PR ranking method that goes out in the newsletter this week. Anyways, the Google My Business post, when you add a post to that, you can add an image. I swear I saw in the upload box the pop-up box where you can select an image that you could add a video, but I haven't tested that. I tried to add a gif. It wouldn't take it. I can tell you that because I took the time to create it. Just this week, I was writing the newsletter content for mastermind. I was testing some stuff. I tried to add a gif. It would not accept a gif, but I swear. I saw somewhere about adding video. I don't know for sure though. Can anybody confirm that?

Marco: I've been playing in there. I have not been able to upload a video through the GMB. Now, if you have a real business, then I suggest that you become a local guide through a persona account. Build it up because then that persona can go into your business and do a video, a short video. I think it's like 20 or 30 seconds of the business. It was just made available in the last few months where a local guide can go in there and actually add a video.

Bradley: Add it to Maps, right?

Marco: Correct.

Bradley: You add it to maps then because it would be a third-party app actually adding basically like a review. That's it. That's a Maps function, but it obviously goes to your Google My Business profile. That's good advice, Marco. Thank you. This is a good question. I saw this earlier before the webinar started. I know exactly what this is. This is a great question, by the way. This is a lead gadget site. It's either a lead gadget site or a Serp Shaker site. I tend to think this is a lead gadget site because all the menu items down here are the same as what the lead gadget sites produced.

This is just an updated template. This is not the standard 2012 WordPress template, which by the way through some testing of some of our people testing lead gadget stuff, we found that you need to basically update these mass page generator templates. Do not use the default template. Make it look more like a real site like this one does, but this is what you're asking about. That's exactly what this is. That's a mass-page generated site. My guess is from looking at it that it's likely using the lead gadget platform.

Remember, I was a co-owner of that business for a brief period of time or I did training for them basically for about a year and a half, really. I still think it's a good product. It's not something I do a lot of because these are churn and burn type sites. I don't like doing churn and burn work. Just so you know, that's exactly what that is though. That's a mass page generating site. That's all it is, which by the way, I don't understand why people would use these sites to link to their money sites. I tested that extensively to use these mass page generated sites as link building tools. They didn't help at all.

In fact, it could even be a negative ranking signal. The fact that you're seeing that and backlink profiles is weird, typically, I would use these sites to drive traffic to somewhere, but as far as for like link building, I don't recommend it. I tested various configurations. I never got any good results from that.

Newest Star Wars, hadn't seen it. Sorry. Anybody else seen it?

Hernan: No. I think next week.

Adam: Spoiler alert.

Bradley: We got five minutes left. See if we can get one or two more in. Then, we're done. It's been a long webinar. Thanks, Walt. I appreciate that. Listen, Walt. That was an amazing two and a half hours. Join the mastermind and [crosstalk 01:54:18] agency to follow these steps. [inaudible 01:54:22] check in the mail. Yeah. Thanks, Walt. I appreciate that, buddy. Thank you very much.

Adam: The next question is Nigel.

Any Recommendations For Where To Outsource Simple Website Building For A Newbie?

Bradley: Right here? Thank you. Any recommendations for where to outsource simple website building for a newbie? I would just go to Upwork. I don't have any specific recommendations, Nigel, but I've always done really well at finding providers at Upwork. I just recommend that you do not post a job and allow people to apply always. When I go to up work, I post a job. Then, I set in the settings when I create the job listing that it's by invitation only. Then I'll go hand select using the Upwork filters. I'll go hand select specific contractors to invite to come bid on the job. That's how I always do it. I've had really good success with that.

One of the things that you can do is you're talking about doing inexpensive simple website building. One thing you can do is set up a test project and hire three or four, just three or four website builders that you invite to apply for your job. If you get some good replies, you can always tell them. Be transparent. Let them know that you're testing three or four of them. You're giving three or four different contractors a chance. They're all going to be paid. Tell them, like set up a simple one-page website. Show me what you can do. Give them a specific theme to build it around or something like a topic or something to build around.

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Then tell them, like I'll pay you 50 bucks. Here's the thing, guys, spending a little bit of money up front to test three or four different contractors, one of them is going to outperform all the others. One of them is going to perform better than all the others. Yes, it costs a little bit of money to do that, but you identified the best of all of them that then you hire for the full project. You just be transparent about that, Say, “Look, I'm testing three or four different people. I'm going to be paying you 50 bucks to set up a simple one-page website,” or whatever you decide. Depending on where they're from is going to what you're willing to pay.

But that's what I've always done is I would end up having three or four people test their services. I pay all of them. I would select the best one and then hire them for the ongoing project. That's what I recommend doing, or is it better just do WordPress yourself and if so … No. I don't recommend doing it only because it's time-consuming. You can outsource this stuff for pennies on the dollar compared to what your time is worth, Nigel.

I can pay somebody $200 or $300 to set up a rather nice WordPress site with multiple pages and structure everything else that I could pay 300 bucks for that. I can charge a client 1500 or $2000 for it. I'd rather have somebody else doing that. Then, when they deliver it to me, I can go in and do like the actual on-page optimization stuff once the bulk of the site has been built. Does that make sense? It's not something that I typically like to do. I do still build sites occasionally, but very rarely. Guys, I'm sorry I can't get to all of them, but, boy, what a day. Thank you. By the way, Wayne's answering the question about adding a video to Google My Business. Thank you for that, Wayne. I appreciate that.

Adam: You got it. Before we go, we're getting close to half of the mastermind spots build, which is one awesome. Thank you, guys, for joining [inaudible 01:57:51] link back on here, if you're still thinking about it, like we said, it's going to be open till the 1st January until they fill up, which is probably going to fill up because we're going to email out to all of our subscribers here in the coming days. If you're interested in it, do it and hop on a call with us. We'll figure out how we can help you make 2018 just kick-ass.

Hernan: Yeah. Some people, they have already scheduled call. We're moving in fast. Some people have already scheduled call. Yeah. I'm really looking forward. This going out to 10,000 subscribers tomorrow, I think, right, Adam, or something like that. They're going to fly.

Bradley: Well, it goes out tomorrow if we don't get the other 10 filled up today.

Hernan: Fair enough. [crosstalk 01:58:33]

Adam: Yes. Over the coming week, and we'll probably take it easy on Christmas, but yeah. Anyway, it's looking forward to having some new people and getto know some more and having them grow with us.

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Bradley: Yes, sir. Guys. I set my hat on for the entire webinar. Everybody, Merry Christmas.

Adam: [crosstalk 01:58:52] give me a headache. Thank you all for being here. It's been awesome [crosstalk 01:58:56] a ton of good questions today.

Bradley: Yeah. It was awesome Merry Christmas to all. Happy holidays to those of you that do not celebrate Christmas.

Marco: Happy Holidays. See you all next week. We'll be here.

Bradley: Yup. Thanks, guys, for everything. I appreciate you all sticking around We'll see you all next time .

Hernan: Bye-bye.

Marco: Bye, everyone.

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