Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 174

By April

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Bradley: Come on, close to the camera.

Adam: Okay. Oh, well, hello there. Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts Episode 174. It's the 7th of March 2018. We have got everybody here, so while we do, I don't know, Chris is about to get on a plane or go on a boat or something, so let's say hi to Chris first real quick. Or not.

Bradley: Hi, Chris.

Adam: Chris, you leaving me hanging, man. All right. Well, screw Chris. Moving on, Hernan, how's it going?

Hernan: Hey, guys. What's up? I'm really, really excited to be here. I'm excited for what's coming for the mastermind. We have really good questions for today, but also we're going to be diving deep into the local campaign that we're doing with Bradley. But I'm going to be focusing on how to set up a local campaign on Facebook, so it's going to be pretty cool.

Bradley: Which by the way, if you don't mind me jumping in for a minute, we've got more leads from your Facebook campaign for the CrossFit Gym, then my AdWords campaign in the last month, and we've only been running it for, what, 10 days?

Hernan: Yeah, probably 10, 12 days. Yeah.

Bradley: It's great. I guess gym marketing really is, it performs so much better on Facebook than it does in Adwords. I'm really surprised but I guess it's because I don't do Facebook marketing much. I didn't know that.

Hernan: Right.

Adam: Hernan, do you think Facebook advertising can be useful for local businesses?

Hernan: Yeah. I'm glad you asked. Yeah, it definitely can. The two advertising have the place, right? For example, AdWords is much more intense by keywords or search, so if somebody's actively looking for the quality of a lead, it's going to be probably a little bit higher. But also with the targeting that you can do that, I'm going to show you guys, the guys at Mastermind, I'm going to show you guys tomorrow the target is pretty, pretty cool on Facebook. So, yeah, 100%.

Adam: Nice.

Bradley: Awesome.

Adam: Marco, how are things going with you? We've been hearing little bits and pieces stuff about keywords and some RYS stuff. I don't know, what are you up to?

Bradley: Me?

Adam: No, Marco. I'm guessing he's muted or he stepped away. Man, you guys are just all over the place.

Chris: Yeah. I'm sorry, for me, the mic didn't work initially.

Adam: Marco, are you there?

Marco: Sorry, I was muted. I unmute. What's up, man?

Adam: Nothing much. We've got to do the weather check. I feel bad not asking you how about the weather is going because I'm freezing my ass off.

Marco: Chris is on his way to paradise. He's going to Bali.

Chris: Yeah, totally, man.

Marco: I'm already in paradise, dude. You can go and have a taste of what I get every day.

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Chris: I can't complain. I was snowboarding and stuff.

Marco: It's too cold. If they can ever make it warm, I might try it.

Chris: Everybody has their pleasures.

Adam: Awesome. All right. Bradley, how are you doing? I mean, I'm not going to ask you about the weather, but what's going on, man? How are you doing?

Bradley: I'm doing great. I've been really deep in the prospecting. Adam did this awesome word cloud thing from the replies that we've gotten from various surveys, as well as interviews and stuff with mastermind members, and just various people throughout that are connected to Semantic Mastery somehow, whether you're a subscriber and one of our groups or whatever. It came out with this showing like a word cloud. You guys are familiar with those, the words that were the biggest or the ones that have occurred the most frequently, and prospecting client getting those types of things were what came up the most.

I did a brief little survey in the mastermind Facebook community or group or whatever asking what people wanted next. Because Hernan is going to be finishing the PPC module this week with the Facebook Ads stuff for the 2018 training, so we're going into module 2, which originally I had planned out as video marketing.

I did a survey based upon that word cloud that Adam put together that said prospecting client getting that kind of stuff. I did a quick survey today, would you guys rather a video marketing or prospecting, and overwhelmingly everybody said prospecting. So I switched gears and I was pretty excited about that because we're trying to grow our agency for contractor services, contractor marketing, excuse me. So I've got these different prospecting funnels that I've been working on for about a week and a half now.

So there are different entry points, like, how can we get people to enter into our ecosystem, basically. I've got some really cool stuff coming up, guys. Again, this is specifically for mastermind members who had asked about this, and a lot of our audience is asking about prospecting stuff, now would be a really good time to come check it out because we're going to be covering that really in-depth.

I'm starting to ad training to the membership site. I'm going to start uploading the videos tomorrow that I've been recording this week. Also I'll be doing a lot of demonstration and a lot of testing, because I'm actually going to be testing three, excuse me, four different prospecting funnel types across three different industries. They're closely related but they're still three different industries.

So we're going to have a lot of data and testing, which is typically how we do stuff anyways. We'll be able to fine-tune really what's working well and then duplicate that. Right? I'm really excited about it. I got some really cool stuff going on. I would just really encourage you guys that are doing some sort of client work or even lead gen, for example, who may want to come check it out.

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Adam: Definitely.

Marco: Can I just add for a second that one of the big advantages of joining the mastermind is that how we've structured it, how we listen to our membership and actually do what they want? We fit it in, flip it around. The other thing is that we don't leave you in the dark as far as the training, it's not just go follow the video and do it.

We actually have a place where you can go if you're lost. It can happen. That happens to me. It happens to everyone. If you just don't get it, there's a place for our mastermind members where they have access to all five of us and they can ask, not only us but, I mean, it's a community. We have a bunch of experts in our community in a bunch of different area.

It's all of this collective knowledge that's available to everyone. You can go drop a question and you get answers to your question. Not just any answer. Answer that you can go and you can take action on and it's going to get you moving forward instead of having to contact some nebulous support somewhere that sometimes never gets answered. Right? That's another big advantage of being in the mastermind.

Hernan: Yeah. If I may add something real quick, you know that you could potentially go into any Facebook group right now and join, or you can go into any forum right now and join, or you can go ahead in YouTube and try to ask questions there, and you will potentially get some feedback. But the reality is that each question that I ask myself a lot, how do you separate the guys that are really doing what they're supposed to be doing from the rest of the guys, the wannabes, newbies, et cetera, et cetera?

That's why I think that having access to a vetted group of people that are: number one, growing their businesses; number two, they're paying to be there. It has a lot more value, even if the group is smaller, it's tighter, that's even better because you know that all of those people are committed enough so that they are investing on their businesses. That for me is a great time saver because all of the stuff that you get if you post anywhere on these big Facebook groups you will get a lot of insights, but at the end of the day you don't know who to trust or who to listen to or whatnot. That's one of the things that I like the most of Semantic Mastery community specifically.

Adam: Definitely. I think we're already talked to one mastermind member, but this is open, you don't to be a mastermind member for this. If you're going to be in Orlando in two weeks at Funnel Hacking Live, please give a shoutout, say something in the group, say something on Hump Day Hangouts. Me and Hernan will be there, so we'd love to meet up, find out what you're doing, sit down and have a soda, beer, whatever floats your boat.

Bradley: Beer. For as long as it's allowed.

Chris: Also post in the group if any mastermind or Hump Day members are in Bali, just hit me up as well.

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Bradley: Oh, yeah, by the way, Adam, did Dan LaRue contact you?

Adam: Haven't heard from him yet.

Bradley: Because I remember he was in Dallas with us last year for it and he asked me on Facebook if we were going. I told him that you and Hernan were going instead because I've got too much prospecting work to do.

Adam: Awesome. Well, let's get into the questions. I just want to remind people, if you're new to Semantic Mastery, if you're just seeing us now, first of all, thanks for being here, check out the SEO Blueprint, the Battle Plan. I'm going to put a link up. It's a great place to get started and we've got a great coupon code for you as well.

The other thing to do is, if you have questions throughout the week and you're not sure, you're new to this, you don't want to wait or whatever, go to support.semanticmastery.com and check it out. A lot of our most common questions get asked there and we've got a lot of Bradley's famous drawings and charts over there and a lot of these really in-depth answers are available over there.

Bradley: Sweet. Okay. Are you guys getting the weird Picture in Picture thing? Are we good?

Adam: Yes, go on. Chris?

Bradley: How is it now?

Marco: Cool.

Bradley: Is it better now?

Chris: Yeah.

Bradley: Okay. If we're good to go, then I'm going to start on questions. Are you guys ready?

Adam: Let's do it.

What Are Your Thoughts On Autoresponder That Posts To Google My Business Page?

Bradley: All right. Quit This House, “Good day gents,” or excuse me, to you guys excuse me. Why did I come up with that? “And thank you for the opportunity ask questions here. Bradley, did you get a chance to review the autoresponder that says it will post to Google My Business page?” Yes, it's called, I know what you sent it to me, Sendible, and I actually signed up for it just, I think it was Monday night that I signed up for it and I'm testing this with the CrossFit Gym.

It will post to Google My Business, however, the images have to be correct. I started playing with it and I started doing some test posting with it on, I think it was Monday night, that's the only chance I've had to play with it. So far I spent about an hour doing it and every post that I posted or queued to post to Google My Business didn't post because Google My Business will reject the post unless the image dimensions are correct. The image dimensions have to be a four by three ratio. Like 1,200 by 800 or 800 by 600, or something like that. There has to be a four by three ratio.

Essentially, I just haven't had time to go back in and update the image types, but just keep that in mind. But it will post. The beautiful thing about this guys, I'm using just, by the way, I just signed up for what's called the micro print plan, which is free right now, but at the end of 30 days it'll be $29 a month. I'm just testing it on one property for right now. But it's really cool because it's got like a listening engine in there so it will track specific keywords and hashtags and things like that, so that it will give you content, ideas, things that you can share or that you can curate.

This Stuff Works
If any of you guys have been paying attention to what we talked about for content curation for blogging, for Syndication Networks, we use that as our primary SEO method like the foundation of everything we do. It's great because it will curate all this content for you. It makes it super easy to post guys. There's no affiliate link here. I'm just promoting it or endorsing it because I find it to be really cool although I've got very limited testing with it so far. There's a lot of features that seem really cool.

Also the other thing is, with the Google My Business, part of the reason I haven't been using the GMB posts feature is because it requires you to post every seven days or to go update an existing post. If you read the help files, Google says that they do that because they want all posts in GMB to be fresh and relevant. Right? Timely posts. So they intentionally do that.

Well, that's part of the reason why I haven't done a whole lot with it. I know it's super powerful, Robin. Well, Marco and Rob, through RYS Reloaded have been doing a lot of testing with that. It is incredibly powerful and it's just amazing some of the stuff they've been able to do with that. But I have refrained or stayed away, avoided it, because it's something that I would manually have to go log into an update or have a VA do it. Well, this prevents that.

In that, you can go in and schedule post after post after post, so you just go in and click the calendar icon and every seven days you have a new post queued to auto publish. You could literally plan out a three-month, six-month campaign, whatever and load it all in Sendible and forget about it. It's done and you'll have all that posts being constantly updated and refreshed.

Again, I think it's a great service. I really, with the limited testing I've done, I think there's a lot of potential. I really appreciate you pointing that out to me. Then once I've had a chance to spend more time in it and actually work it into my overall process for marketing, what I would do with the local business, then I'm going to also try to apply it to some of my other businesses and see if I can get similar results. If I can then, I'll do a full review for it. Of course, we'll probably try to get an affiliate link or something at that point.

But for now, I would say for $29 a month, guys, go test it out. If you're doing client work or you have a business, use Google My Business posts if you can. Again, if you can automate that in some way or at least semi-automated it's going to make your life a lot easier. Okay?

“Second question. I bought RYS stack and my site is stuck position eight on page one how do I get it to improve to one of the first three positions. I wish I had some instructions came from the end of the user who wants to buy the stack how to utilize it best. Thank you.” We do have a user guide coming out. Is that correct, Marco?

Marco: Yes, we do.

Bradley: Okay.

Marco: Just yesterday, I remembered that I didn't write anything about Twitter. Twitter is a really important component. It would be one of the ways that he could move his ranking from number eight, although number eight is really good and it needs just a tiny push. Right? Everything is in the user's guide that I posted the image of what's coming. It would be … When is the Battle Plan due, Hernan? Do you have a date for that?

Hernan: Yeah. We're going to be working while we're on FHL so it's going to be probably by the first two weeks of April or something like that.

Marco: All right. We're looking for a release date of right around then.

Bradley: Okay. My question would be for, specifically when the user guide for the drive stacks comes out, are we considering mailing that out to past drive stack buyers?

Marco: Absolutely. They will absolutely get it.

Bradley: There you go, buddy. We will be giving you a guide very shortly. In the meantime what can you do? Well, there's a lot of things that you can do. You can hit your drive stacks with links, you can also do press releases, you can link directly to your money site with press releases. We just did the whole Local PR Pro course, which was a phenomenal course, if I do say so myself. I'm kind of patting myself on the back, so to speak. But I'm really proud of that because I put a lot many months of testing into that. I had help from some of our mastermind members, as well as from Rob, and all of us had very similar results. That whole entire course goes through how to utilize press releases and various methods within stacking methods, and linking methods, and things like that to be able to get stuff to move.

This Stuff Works
Out of 15 properties that I applied this to, 12 of them I was able to rank in the 3-pack within six press releases. Rob, he's nuts, he's like, Marco, excuse me in that, when he does something, he goes go hard or don't go at all type thing. He would just crash a website with press releases. I would spread them out once every two weeks. So within 12, excuse me, within six press releases I was 80% successful and every time that I tried it, if that makes sense. So at most it would take 12 weeks.

Again, that's something I would highly recommend that you check out because it will really help. There's one thing you got to keep in mind and this is all covered in the training. That with the press releases, it's something that has to be updated fairly regularly. At the very minimum, I would say, if you're going to use that method about, once every two months. Once you've ranked you achieve the desired results is about once every two months is you published another press release. Because otherwise what happens is eventually a lot of them end up purging and when they do you end up losing, you'll see you'll start slipping in the rankings.

I've experienced that many times now since I started testing eight or nine months ago, I guess now. There's a way to get around and we cover all that in the training. I would consider that just good old-fashioned link building to your drive stacks or perhaps using the press release strategy that's going to get results fairly quickly and it's something that can be repeated every couple of months.

Okay. Anybody else? All right. Mohammad's up. What's up, Mohammad? I understand he is still working on the video lead gen stuff. Man, Mohammed, you picked a bad time to bail out of the mastermind for a brief period of time. I know, buddy. I know you're working on your business and I get that. You need to come back and join us as soon as you can or wait until the prospecting module is done and then come back.

Would It Be Possible For Me To Offer A Guarantee On The Improvement Of The Rank?

He says, “Hey, guys. I'm slowly inching closer to finally getting client from video lead-gen would it be possible for me to offer guarantee of some sort? I know the promising rankings is out of the discussion, but is there something I could offer instead without bamboozling myself?” I love that word. That's the word of the day, guys. “Or maybe something I could throw in? Currently, the closest thing I have to that is showing them my success with another realtor.”

Well, that's typically all I do well. Let me rephrase that. Typically, I will … If you have a portfolio that you can show, that's usually all the proof that I need to be able to show somebody the kind of results that I can get. Right? I don't guarantee rankings either. I just landed another client that was a referral, it's a taxi cab company. First time I've ever … He signed up for local SEO. I've never done any work for a taxi cab company, however, it's in the same city that I have a limo service company so I figured why not?

Anyways, he was a referral and so what I did was I just brought up several different projects that I've been able to do. For example, I brought up the limo service project for the same city and that's been a client of mine for going almost six years now. That was something that was kind of related to his industry, right? It was in his city, so it was very, very relevant. I showed him, “Look, take a look at kind of results I got for this client over here. Call the guy up, he'll vouch for me.” You know what I mean?

If you have some sort of portfolio that you can show and referrals, that's typically all I would do. That doesn't mean that I won't throw in like a deal sweetener. I don't like to provide guarantees, not for rankings, and I'll tell them that flat out. “Look, I don't work for Google. I can't guarantee your rankings, but I can show you my past history and how I've been successful the vast majority of the time. Here are some of the result and here are some referrals that you can contact.”

If you have that, Mohammad, I would recommend that. There's also certain things you can throw in, like you mentioned, as a kind of like a deal sweetener, which is what I did for him. For example, I sold him one out local SEO services, but I threw in reputation marketing as well. Because I use a reputation marketing app that really is simple, it just takes about a half an hour to set a client up in it and then from that point forward it's pretty much all handled by the app.

Typically, I would charge $200 a month for that service, but I literally threw that in just for free as a deal sweetener because he was, and I said, “Because you were a referral and I always like to take care of referrals, I'm going to throw this in for free.” I threw that in on top just as a deal sweetener, and he saw it. I mean, I pitched him over the phone, I sent him a …

By the way, Mohammad, just so you know, I did the same, I practice what I preach in that I initially had a phone call with him where I asked him a couple of questions, his business name, business phone number, business website address, his target area, just the standard type of questions. Then I said, “Okay. Listen, I'm going to get back to you after I have analyzed your property. I'm going to do an audit of your digital presence and then I'm going to record a Screencast video and I'm going to send you a video link.”

Well, this one, this audit went 45 minutes long. I know, ridiculous. It went 45 minutes long. Because he was a referral and whenever I get a referral I go over and above and beyond. So I sent him this video and I sent him an email with the video link. It was 45 minutes long and I warned him in the email. I said, “Look, it's 45 minute audio video. I'm really sorry about the length, but I wanted to go through the audit step-by-step so that you really understand what I'm talking you and where I see opportunity, because I do see a lot of opportunities.”

Always talk positively, guys, through those audit videos and talk enthusiastically because enthusiasm is contagious. If you can get excited about their project, how do you think they feel? Do you know what I mean? So that's what I did throughout the video. I was saying, “Look, I see a lot of opportunity here and this and this and this.” I went through everything with a fine-tooth comb and then I went through my proposal, which was my pitch at the end that I had just written in a notepad. Guys, it wasn't fancy. It was just a text file that I just had it written down with the text size a little bit bigger so it was easier to see on the Screencast video.

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I went through and explained what each line item was on the proposal and then I said on the video, “Well, it was a 45-minute video.” Fifteen minutes later I get a call from him and he was like, “I've only watched about a third of the video and I'm ready to sign. Where's the buy link?” so I'm just telling you, Mohammad, it absolutely works. Throwing in something like a little deal sweetener that's not really going to cost you a lot of money or time or effort can be something that will push people over the fence, if they're on the fence, if that makes sense.

Do you guys have any comments on that?

Adam: No, it's perfect.

Hernan: Yeah, that was perfect. That was really good.

Should You Be Patient Or Is There Something You Can Do To Close A Deal From Video Leads That Are In The Middle Of Sales Process?

Bradley: Okay. Excuse me, number two, “Some of my video leads are in the middle of the sales process, but it's so hard to talk to them because they always have something going on.”

That's the case with business owners, man. That's another reason why these video emails work so well because they can … The talking part, there's not a whole lot you can do with that, you just got to try to nail them down. That's why I try to always do schedule calls. I hate calling, look, I hate it when people call me that haven't scheduled the call. I don't even answer my damn phone, no kidding. I just don't. If anybody's ever called my phone, you'll know my voicemail greeting says so. I do not answer. I screen all my calls. The only time I answer the phone is if I know who you are or if you've scheduled the call with me.

I know I can relate with business owners that it's interrupting. Right? It throws them out of whack when they get interrupted from a phone call. You have to respect that. I completely respect that. That's why I don't like calling people out of the blue. I always try to email or even text if possible to try to find out if we can nail down a scheduled time so that everybody is aware and prepared for that call. Right? Just be aware that that's going to happen.

If they're in the middle of sales process, schedule meetings are postponed constantly. In my opinion, Mohammad, I'll give somebody one chance. In other words, if somebody misses a meeting without notifying me ahead of time, I will allow a one reschedule. That's it. If they call me or notify me ahead of time to tell me that they need to reschedule, then I may allow that to happen twice. But if it goes three times even with them calling ahead, then flat-out I'm just going to say, “You know what? This offer's expired. I've got to move on,” because they're not truly serious.

If they can't keep a commitment to you for a phone call or an appointment or whatever that's supposed to help their business, then think of how they're going to be with you as clients. You see what I'm saying? They're not placing a priority on their business. They're looking at it as a nuisance. They're looking at you as a nuisance. Because of that, like I said, even if you end up forcing that brute forcing that client through, then you're going to end up having a nightmare or a headache on your hands. Trust me, I've seen it happen over and over and over again.

Any other comments, guys?

Hernan: I totally agree because that's the way. Yeah. That's the way these guys usually behave and the reality is that if you're starting to get these kind of issues, I would say, when you're starting out that's usually a red flag for me. You know what I'm saying? I'm really committed. If we say that we're going to talk at 6:00 p.m. Eastern, I'm there at 6:00 p.m. Eastern calling you. You know what I'm saying? That also will tell you a lot about the other person so you need to have that in mind.

Bradley: Yeah. I mean, Mohammad, look, the good thing is think about all the conversations and stuff that you're starting to have. So it's working, you're filling your pipeline. So now you're working out the kinks, the wrinkles. Right? That's what happened. The good news is, look at all the activity that every week you come here and post new questions with new issues that you didn't really have the week before. That means you're overcoming issues and as you're overcoming issues new ones are being presented. But my point is you're making progress, you're not giving up.

Again, Mohammad, he's growing his business, and we're really proud of you, man, for real. I encourage you to just keep grinding because you're on your way, buddy. There's no doubt.

Hernan: Yeah, definitely. Just to that one last thing is that we as entrepreneur we don't get rid of issues, we get to solve better issues. You know what I'm saying?

Bradley: Yeah, bigger issues.

This Stuff Works
Hernan: Yeah, bigger and better issues to have. If you're having these issues, these are good issues and good problem to solve, if that makes sense. I would rather have these kind of problems than the problem of not talking to anyone, not having new business coming through.

Google URL Submitter Not Indexing Links

Bradley: Yep. All right. Apparently, I've seen two comments on the page today about the Google URL submitter is not indexing links. We're going to test it. We're going to test it right now live while we're on the webinar. Let's see go to Twitter world.

Marco: There was actually a Google announcement on it.

Bradley: Oh, was there really?

Marco: Yeah. They're throttling the URL submitter because of those damn spammers. How dare they.

Bradley: Who would do such a thing?

Marco: I have no idea. You'll have a quota so yours might go through, you might get indexed, but I'm a having a lot of trouble getting my stuff indexed.

Bradley: All right. If it's not indexed right now, let's give it a test and see what happens. We'll come back and check on it in a few minutes, all right?

Marco: Yeah. That's the problem, everyone's getting a quota.

Bradley: Okay. Well, that's interesting. I'm part of a beta tester group for some software right now and one of the things that is being built to help index some links is a Twitter indexing bot. I'm not sure exactly how it works but I'm not sure if it's going to work for this, if they're going to be throttling this index or so. Anyways, that's interesting.

Marco: Yeah. We have other means to get stuff indexed. I think that's the upcoming RYS Reloaded webinar. I think I'm going to deal with that on the different ways to get the pages and files and folders and everything that's inside of RYS stack indexed so that we don't run into these issues. I know that the mass page guys are having a lot of fun right now trying to get [crosstalk 00:28:43].

Bradley: Oh my god, I can only imagine.

Marco: Yeah.

Bradley: It's part of the reason I'm not crazy about that strategy, man.

This Stuff Works
Marco: Yeah. Adam hit me up in Facebook and I hadn't really seen a problem and then all of a sudden I saw it just start backing up. But I have other ways to get my stuff indexed so I don't just use the URL submitter.

Bradley: Yeah, it's not indexing. Typically, by now a tweet URL will be indexed and it's not coming up. That's interesting. Well, we'll keep testing out. Guys, it is what it is. Obviously, if that's a new phenomenon, we'll have to figure something out and eventually we will. I can't do much about it. Thanks for bringing that to my attention, I wasn't aware. Maybe that's because I'm in my hole just working on creating content instead of out there reading blogs and such.

Will It Trigger Duplicate Content If You Use The Same Keyword Targeted Content For Individual Pages On One Local Lead Gen Site For Each City?

All right. Gordon's up, he says, “Hey guys, thanks very much for sharing the expertise with us. It is greatly appreciated.” Plus one that, Gordon. “I have a couple of quick and related questions I need your help in answering.” Okay. “When setting up individual pages on one local lead gen site for each city I want to target in a specific niche.” Individual pages on one local lead gen site I want for each city I want to target in a specific niche, okay. Sorry, I just had trouble interpreting that.

“I presume that using the same keyword targeted content with the appropriate location changes for all the city pages will be considered by Google to be duplicate content and they will de-index it. Is that correct?” Well, actually no, Gordon, it's not. A lot of people still do that and they have been for years. I haven't done it since probably like 2013ish, around the Panda, I think that was like 4.1. Anyways, I stopped doing that.

As far as I know, it still works where you can take the same content and just swap out location modifiers and put them on. I wouldn't do it on the same domain. You could do it on separate domains or subdomains, if that makes sense. I wouldn't do it on the same domain with internal pages, even though again it's likely that you can still get away with that. Again, I stopped doing that back in 2013 and all of my lead gen sites I went back and literally had all pages rewritten to where they were unique.

One of the ways that you can … I know guys you talk about, “Well, that's expensive.” It is. But what's more expensive is spending a lot time and money and probably more time than money setting up these assets and then having them de-indexed later because you took shortcuts. What costs more money, spending more money on content generation upfront and in having a long term asset or taking a shortcut upfront but putting all the effort into building it, getting it ranked, all the stuff that goes into it and then having it de-indexed later or penalized later because of some shortcuts that you took upfront? You got to think about that.

Again, that's part of, you just mentioned mass page generator, guys, because that strategy has its place and some people are freaking crushing it with that. I don't like that strategy personally because I don't like to build assets that aren't long-term assets. Even still to this day, taking all the precautions that I take occasionally, I'll lose a property. Right? That's sucks, man. That's so discouraging, when you lose something that you spent so much time and effort put into.

My answer is, yes, it will likely still work if it's on internal pages as opposed to subdomains or separate domains and I would recommend entirely against doing that. If you want to take shortcuts and do it on separate subdomains or different domains altogether, then I would say, yeah, you can get away with it, I still don't recommend it.

One of the best ways that you can do this, guys, is either to buy a piece of content and then have that piece of content rewritten. You can go to various content farms, supply them with the original article. I would highly recommend that you buy an authority content article. Just so you guys know, I've been using NatashaNixon.com as my primary content provider for web pages, for content for web pages, specifically because they have a pretty decent turnaround time. I used to have a couple of individual writers that would do that stuff for me, but they ended up growing their businesses over the years to the point where they're so backed up now they can't get to me as quickly as I would like.

So I started going to Natasha Nixon. This is not an affiliate link, it's just NatashaNixon.com. I probably misspelled it. Oh, I did. If you go here you can get authority content up to 2,000 words. Usually what I'll do, now I don't know how much what you're going to be doing, what your pages are going to be, but the most you can get is 2,000 and it's 160 bucks. I think it's like eight cents per word or something like that, it's not bad and the content is good. You might need to do some slight editing when you get it back, but it's good content for web pages. It's good enough especially for lead gen sites. Client sites you might have some issues with, but for lead gen sites, absolutely.

What I'm trying to get at is buy an authority content article, then send that article off to various content farms for rewrites. That way you can get a good piece of content and have it manually rewritten so that now all you got to do is go in and swap out location modifiers but each instance of that article will be unique. That's what I would recommend you do. It's going to save you a lot of headache down the road. It does require a little bit more investment, but not as much as if you had original articles written for every single site, or every page excuse me. Does that makes sense?

Okay. Anyways, it doesn't have to be 100% unique but it should be more unique, it should be more diverse than just having different location modifiers is what I'm saying, especially if it's going to be internal pages on the same domain. Okay? You can get away with more on separate domains or subdomains.

Should The Fake Business Name Be The Same To All Locations When Setting Up A Local Business Niche Lead Gen Sites?

Number two, “When setting up a local business niche lead gen site with a bunch of different city targeted pages, I presume that you need to have a different fake business address in each city along with a different phone number. If so, should the fake business name be the same for all locations or different?”

No. It should be the same name if it's the same brand. Guys, that's the thing. With the NAP, multi-location businesses, the way that you avoid NAP issues is having the same name. It should be the same name, it's the same brand. Right? I hate it when people add the location modifier to the name because it's not the true name of the business. I know they do it to spam map, but what happens then is then you end up screwing up the NAP of the business because you literally have changed the name just to try to game maps. Does that makes sense?

Why would you do that? My point is the way you avoid NAP issues with multi-location businesses is you use the same name but you have a different physical address, and a different phone number, and preferably a different URL, a unique URL per location. It doesn't have to be a different domain, it just has to be unique URL. You can use an internal page, an internal page, right? It would be root domain.com slash whatever location page slug is, if that makes sense.

You can use a tracking or virtual phone number. You can use what you say fake address or whatever. I typically use real addresses that are just PO boxes and then obviously, like he says, so a tracking number, unique address, and then a unique URL. If you do those three things, then the name can be the same and it will not cause NAP issues. What causes NAP issues is when you have the same address or the same phone number with the same web address, but different data on the other points, if that makes sense. That's where it's really going to cause you problems.

This Stuff Works
But Google's definitely allowed or accounted for businesses that have multiple locations. So the name should be the same as long as the location, the other data points of the NAP are unique.

Okay? It's a great question, by the way. Let's see. “And also should you set up a Google My Business page along with local directory profiles for each city, or forget about that?” Yeah. If you're going to have, well, for each physical location that you create you should absolutely have separate citations for each, because they're each separate locations, right? Again, NAP data, so you want to reinforce the NAP data for each location. Well, how do you do that? Well, I bought publishing citations, which is just a mention of NAP. It can be unstructured citation sites like Yelp and business directories, or can be unstructured citations, which are mentions of the business on non-business directory sites, so like blogs and social properties, all of those are counted citations. Right?

What Are Your Recommendations For The Maximum Amount Of Content For Local Lead Gen Pages?

All right. Number three, and a really good questions, by the way, Gordon. Number three is, “I heard it stated that Google does not like local business niche pages with loads of content, as opposed to what they do like for non-local pages, and that anything over 500 words might be too much.” That's bullshit. I don't know who told you that. Maybe there are certain niches that that may apply to, but I can tell you in the contracting industries and some of the other industries that I've worked in, that's bullshit. Every time I add more content to a page, as long as it's relevant and it's not just stupid filler content, I always get better results.

Usually, guys, when I'm creating, like for example, with the local PR Pro, out of 15 sites that I applied that to I think 10 of them or nine of them, nine or ten of them were one-page sites, no silo structure, nothing. I tested various configurations of one page sites. I've tested just a click funnels page like it literally an opt-in page that had basically no content other than bullet points on. I was able to rank that in the maps pack.

I've also tested long-form copy one page sites versus short form copy of tested WordPress sites, HTML pages, Google sites. I've tested all of those with the Local PR Pro method then I was able to rank, well, 80% of them, so 12 out of 15 in the 3-pack, like I said, within six press releases. So no more than for me 12 weeks, or, yeah, because I was doing about one every two weeks.

But the sites that I had long-form copy on, especially with proper headings and stuff like that. So, for example, you guys know I do a ton of tree service stuff, or you should know, the primary keywords for tree services, there's five of them. Then, in priority of search volume, it's tree service, tree removal, tree trimming, tree cutting, and arborist. Those are the top five keywords that generate traffic for tree service businesses.

I would create from Natasha Nixon. I would order a 2,000 word article and I would specifically put those five keywords and tell them to break the article up in the instructions. When I send them the instructions for the article I'd tell him to break them up into sections, in that order too, so that they were listed by priority. Then when I get the article back I post it on the page, I add my H tags for those, make sure that everything's split up, looks good visually. Then, I would even add maybe at the top of the page what you call jump links or anchor links, which are the ones that, they're like navigation links that will take somebody directly to that content further down on the page, if you know what I mean.

Put all that together, hit it with a couple of press releases, and syndication network, and drive stack, whatever, boom, just like that.

Adam: Right.

Bradley: Again, I got much better results with long-form copy than I did with short-form copy. I don't know where you heard that. I'm not saying that's not possible, I'm just saying in all of the testing that I've done, long-form copy always perform better.

Okay? Any comments on that, guys. I know that was a long question.

Marco: I think that was perfect.

Should You Add A New Location To A Current Listing That Is Ranking Well Or Create A New G Account And Setup A New GMB With A New Brand Name And Phone Number?

Bradley: All right. Cool. Ralph is up. “I have a maps listing that's ranking well and I just bought a new address in another city. Should I add a new location to my current listing or create a new G account and setup a new GMB with a new brand name and phone number? Or should I create a new account but use the same brand name and phone number? Thanks for your help.”

Okay. Well, very similar to what I mentioned earlier, Ralph. It depends on what you're trying to do. There's a lot of variables there. There's a lot to be said, guys, for building a brand, even for lead gen, because my best lead gen asset is a brand that I created and have just grown it, and it's I've got maybe 16 locations now under that one brand. Because of that, every time I open a new location under that brand name, I rank even faster than I did in the previous ones, and it's because of the branding, the authority that's being built.

I recommend building a brand, even for lead gen sites, guys. That's why I try to hammer this home to you guys over and over and over again, is to stick within one niche. Become a big fish in a small pond, in a small niche pond. In other words, because it can build a brand around that and you can just duplicate over and over and over again.

My recommendation would be, it depends on … Again, I don't have enough data, Ralph, to give you the best recommendation, but from the very limited details that you've provided me here, I would say create another GMB listing under the same account, brand it the same, use the same company name, as I just mentioned in a previous answer, but make sure that your location data is different, which it will be if you have a different address, which you just say you bought another address.

This Stuff Works
Make sure you have a different phone number, virtual phone number. Go to CallFire or Twilio or Vumber.com. I use that a lot for smaller projects. Use a virtual phone number and then make sure that you have a unique URL. Subdomain works really well for that. I recommend you do a subdomain, but you can do an internal or inner location page if you'd like. Okay? That's what I recommend.

Keith's up. What's up, Keith? Super Spun Article man. That's also another good one, guys. If you need … and I should have pitched this earlier, Keith, so forgive me. If you guys are doing lead gen sites, reach out to Keith Goodwin, Superspunarticle.com. Order article from him, tell him what you're trying to do. He'll produce a super spun article that you can split out hundreds of variations of the article that you can use for your lead gen sites. Okay?

Keith Goodwin has got a fantastic service. I haven't used a whole lot of it recently, but I used a lot of it back in the day when I was producing a shit ton of those sites. He's got a really good service, guys. I'd recommend reaching out to him.

If You Redirect A Page That Is Ranking Well In Organic Serps To Another Domain Will There Be Any Negative Effect On That Ranking Over Time?

“Question on 301 redirects. Client is trying to establish a new domain to consolidate several separate sites and we'd like to redirect anything ranking on the old domains to the new main domain. If we redirect a page that is ranking well in organic SERPS to another domain, will there be any negative effect on that ranking over time? Thanks in advance.”

I don't know about over time, typically no, because if it was a well ranking page and you're basically moving the content or even updating the content but it's still relevant to what was originally there and you redirect that original content to the destination, the new location, as long as it's relevant it shouldn't cause any negative issues. You'll typically see dancing like it's not like the new destination is going to pier in the same spot as where the old content was. It may, I wouldn't count on it, I wouldn't hold my breath, it's probably going to come back in somewhere within a few spots or a page or so, but again, I can't guarantee that.

But over time, no. I mean, as long as it's relevant there's really no reason to. If it's not relevant and you're just trying to utilize the link juice, then just point the redirect, the old domain, or old page URL, whichever, to a buffer page that has content that is relevant, and then have one outbound link, contextual link from that buffer page that goes to your destination, your new destination. That way you basically link laundering, right? You're filtering the link juice and adding or injecting relevancy through that buffer page.

HTML pages hosted on Amazon S3, they're perfect for that. Also drive files are good for that, too. Any comments on that, guys?

Adam: No. Keep going.

Has The Battle Plan Changed At All Since It Came Out?

Bradley: All right. Gabe's up. “Hi y'all. Glad to be here. Just bought and finished Syndication Academy and the Battle Plan. This is my first Hump Day Hangout.” Gabe, welcome. Plus one that, guys. “Question, I have a brand new verified maps listing and am about to build out the lead gen site. Has the Battle Plan changed at all since it came out? Would you add any steps? Cheers.”

It's a good question for you, Hernan, since you're working on the new one. Has anything changed?

Hernan: Well, I don't want to spoil anything, right? But, yeah, we're doing a bunch of updates to the Battle Plan. I don't know how much. Adam, can you help me out here, how much can I actually tell the guys?

Adam: Yeah. Well, I think the first thing to answer is to say we've updated it since it came out.

This Stuff Works
Hernan: Yeah.

Adam: You've just got it so you've got an up-to-date version and then we're just going to be adding more to it because we've looked back through it and taken requests too. “Okay. We need some more information about this area, that area. So I'm going to go ahead and say this without having consulted anybody.” But if you've bought the Battle Plan, when we do it's a major overhaul we're going to do because we're going to add so much to it. That we're going to offer a definite discount to people who have bought the original one.

Hernan: Yeah, I agree.

Adam: Back to the original question, has it changed at all since it came out? Sure, but you just got it, so you've got the most up-to-date version because we've done some updates and then we just upload and merge the updates.

Hernan: Yeah. We're going to be expanding and we're probably going to go through it all, and this is something that we might want to talk about, Bradley, since we did a Battle Plan webinar, going step-by-step through it, it might be probably a good idea to do another one. That's going to come up on the new Battle Plan on expanded sections. Some stuff that we haven't originally mentioned on the first one, like you have the updated version but we're going to be diving a little bit into content curation probably and about some other techniques.

Chris: Yeah. Don't let this stop you from implementing and stuff, those version still work, like it's good.

Bradley: Yeah. Gabe, one other thing is you're in Syndication Academy, I would highly recommend if you're going to setting up your first verified maps listing, if you're setting up like a local lead gen, or maybe for your own business, or whatever it may be, go apply last month's Syndication Academy Update webinar. May be a bit advanced if you're just starting out, but I would go through it a couple times that webinar and apply that local iframe loop, that Marco is still mad about because that's very, very powerful and that's going to help you too. I would highly recommend that you go apply that right away.

Do You Know Of A Way To Reset A WordPress RSS Feed?

Okay. Ryan. Ryan's up. He says, “Do you know of a way to reset an RSS feed? I would like to take an existing post, change the URL, post a new post with that content using the old URL, delete the new post and change the URL of the original post back to the original URL. This way I can trigger the IFTTT and generate links with …” You don't have to go through all that trouble, Ryan. Jesus, a that sounds like a Rube Goldberg device.

Hold on a minute. You're right. Guys, Twitter is not indexing.

Here is the problem with that, look, we have an advanced RSS plug-in that will do that automatically for you, but I think you got to be in the mastermind to get that. Is that correct, guys?

Marco: Yep.

Bradley: Okay. All right. Here's an alternative that's free. I use this a lot on sites that there's conflicts with our plug-ins. Republish Old Posts WordPress plug-in. This is a great plug-in, there's a free option, which has limited options, guys. Here, I'll post this on the page. It's called Republish Old Posts by Infolific. They have a premium version that's cheap, too. I think it's like nine bucks or something. It's really stupid. What I mean is it's cheap, it's inexpensive. The premium version gives you a lot of options, a lot of different republishing options. You don't need to go through all that trouble that's way too much work. Just use this plugin. Or come join the mastermind and get our plug-in. Okay?

I'm just going to paste this real quick, guys. It will do exactly what you just wrote out that paragraph of instructions for so. I'm not picking on you, man. I'm just saying don't over-complicate stuff. There's tools out there that will help you do that kind of stuff and this is one of them. All right? Save yourself the headache.

What Is A Good Strategy And Software To Use When Trying To Audit And Automate Payment For CPA And PPC Leads?

All right. Next, Nigel. What's up, Nigel? He's another very active member. “Good day, gents,” he says, “What is a good strategy and software to use when trying to audit and automate payment for CPA and PPC leads? Specifically, if I rank a video that is generating leads how do I collect the proof and automate/audit the calls leads and collect payment?”

Okay. If you're doing AdWords, PPC stuff, there's CallRail. It's like one of many that can do that kind of stuff, which is like call analytics and tracking and they have like, if you're doing paper call stuff, there's ways to handle all of that through their app, their service I mean, and it connects directly with your AdWords account and all. That's a good service if you're going to be doing that.

There's a few different services that will do stuff like that too. I know … what's his name? Shit. Joe Troyer has one, it's called Analytic Call Tracking. ACT, Analytic Call Tracking. It basically is built on I think the Twilio API or the Twilio code or whatever, but it's like his own proprietary stuff it uses Twilio as its backbone or something like that. I have it. I've just never really used it. I've just always used CallFire and do everything through my own infrastructure. Obviously, I use Answer Connect, which is my call center.

Really everything gets handled by my call center and I have like backup data, analytics data through my CallFire because all of my lead gen sites or client sites that have tracking numbers all go through CallFire but they all forward to a call center. So the call center keeps track of all that stuff. But there are applications out there, services that will do that kind of stuff, there's another one, Kallzu. Chris Winters, he's got another software that does something like that, that will track that kind of stuff.

This Stuff Works
Look up Chris Winters Kallzu or Joe Troy or analytic call tracking, or if you're doing a lot of PPC stuff then I would recommend you look at something like an enterprise solution like CallRail, something like that. Okay. Check those out and get back to us, Nigel. Let us know if you found what you were looking for.

Is There Any Marketing Material, Pricing Structure Or Recommended (Upcharge) Approach You Can Use When Selling SM DFY Services?

Next, we're almost out of time. “Would like to offer clients SM done-for-you services as part of my agency services, arbitrage. Is there any marketing material, pricing structure or recommended upcharge approach?” No, but we should have that. Guys, mark that. We need to do that because that's a great idea and if we provided that kind of stuff we may have more of our members doing that.

Would you guys agree?

Adam: Yeah, definitely. You've kind of answered it before, but I agree we can be more specific. A lot of it is, the answer is what the market will bear. There's no one-size-fits-all but we could definitely give some guidance on how to approach up.

Bradley: I would say at least try to mark everything up 100%, right? So that you're making 100% profit because if you're doing it yourself, like ordering and all that, you got to pay for yourself. But what Nigel, obviously, the goal is to put somebody and hire somebody to handle that. So if you're out selling, prospecting and selling, generating business, then you could have somebody, a VA, virtual assistant employee, whatever, that's actually once the client has been obtained, does the onboarding, and then orders the services, manages the client. It's not something you should do. You should be focusing on producing more revenue.

Managing the client doesn't produce revenue. Managing the client properly keeps the revenue from that clients. Does that makes sense? But you can hire that out for a few bucks an hour even if you got somebody local, then you're paying them 15, 20, $25 an hour, who cares if you've up sold, if you've marked up the service as 100%, you got a 100% profit margin. Now you're just using that 100% profit margin to pay for the labor to handle client management. Right? Project management and client management, which is what I totally recommend you do, guys. Managing clients and doing fulfillment is good, is what sucks your time away from being able to produce revenue. All right? Think about it, guys.

That's all stuff that … Especially if you're doing arbitrage, you don't even need the middleman that puts everything together. You just need to put the system together and then have somebody operate or manage the system. Right? That's where you could pay somebody to do that if you priced the arbitrage services right. Okay?

Unfortunately, no, we don't have that. But I would recommend 100% minimum upsell, or markup, excuse me. Again, I would recommend if that's something that you want to do, then start developing that process that you're going to do on your own at first, I totally get that, but as soon as you've got a process that's working for you, turn it into a process op, standard operating procedure, hire that out because you can hire somebody for even $10 an hour would be a good wage for that, they can handle that kind of stuff for you.

Okay. Excuse me. Hey, look, David Kennedy's here. He says, “Just want to see if anyone else experienced lower indexing of links in Google.” Yeah. I guess that's what everybody's saying, unfortunately. All right. We just got time for a couple more. Let's try to bang out the last couple, guys, if we can.

How Do You Deal With The Google Tickle After Redesigning A Client's Site That Is In A Very Competitive Niche And City?

Jay, I asked you, I don't know if you're here, but I posted how long has it been? Let's see if he answered back. No, he didn't. Okay. “Hi guys, I did a homepage redesign and the theme changed on my main client or on my client side, excuse me, in a very competitive niche and city. The maps rankings have dropped out of the top 3, to spots 7, 8 respectively. It's dancing a spot up and down, but not back to where it was. On the homepage, some content was added, some new outbound links to branded properties. Think this is the Google Tickle, give it a few more days, or should I put back up the backup of the previous site, and make all those changes incrementally, or just wait it out?”

My question was how long has it been since you've updated the homepage? I wouldn't do a damn thing right now. Since you've done these pretty significant or drastic changes to the site, let it settle, give it some time because right now you're back into the probationary period, right? It's doing a normal Google dance and if you go back in and especially if you swap it back to its original state that's a clear indication of what you're trying to do. So I wouldn't do that. That could trigger, that could sandbox it and then you can end up experiencing issues for a long term. I would wait it out. I don't know how long it's been that's why I asked that question, Jay.

Marco: He added it under, Bradley, it's February 20th. So, no, don't touch it.

Bradley: You did add it on there?

Marco: Yeah.

Bradley: I didn't see that.

Marco: It's the homepage redesign, the theme change was on February 20th, which is still within the three week Google dance period. Just wait and see what happens.

Bradley: Where did they post their reply? I don't see it.

Marco: No. It's right there. It was right next to there, or after just weighed it out. If you refresh your page, you might be able to see it. I don't know.

Bradley: Oh, that's why, okay. That's why because he edited his comment I bet. That's why I'm not seeing it. There it is. Gotcha. All right. Yeah. So that's been under three weeks. That's only been roughly two weeks, Jay. Wait it out. Okay, Don't go and start changing a bunch of shit, guys, in the middle of a Google dance.

What Should You Submit In Video Powerhouse: An Individual Video/Channel Or A Playlist?

That's a trap Google sets. Marco did a post on that. “Marco, you know you want to grab that post URL. Check out that on the page. All right, almost done. Roxanne, question on video powerhouse please. Is it better to submit an individual video or my channel or playlists? Can I do too many links in a local niche?” Okay. For video powerhouse you submit a video URL, but then as the additional URL it can be a playlist or a channel URL. That's up to you it's entirely would distract you that you want to do.

This Stuff Works
If you have a hyper focused channel, then you can link to a channel page which can be any one of the channel pages. Like, the home page, the about page, the playlist page, the videos page, any one of those you can link to. Because all you're doing is just feeding relevancy and link equity, basically juice into the channel which is just going to benefit all the videos on the channel.

If you have a particularly difficult keyword that you're trying to rank for, then it's best to place that video in a playlist even if it's a single video playlist, and then submit the playlist URL instead of the overall channel URL. So it depends on like how focused you need the extra push. If you need us like a push for a difficult keyword and then create a playlist. A single video playlist because you can … Remember guys, you can title the playlist with a variation of the keyword, the same keyword that you're trying to target. So remember, a playlist is nothing other than a container that contains other videos individual videos, right?

You can put your primary keyword as the main title or the SEO title of the video and then create a variation of the keyword as the playlist title, put that play that video in the playlist, and now you're basically hitting two and you've got a bunch of different URLs you could target that way.

But what else is more powerful is to use the YouTube silo method, which is to take all of the keywords within that keyword set so anything that you would use is like supporting keywords within a silo and create, even if it's the same damn video you just spin it a bit, create a silo targeting all those other keywords with each one of those other videos linking up to the primary keyword, and to the playlist URL which is the container.

Essentially you're linking to the silo and you're linking to the one video that you're trying to rank the most with a whole bunch of relevant videos, if that makes sense. Again, for video powerhouse you want to submit an individual URL but then the additional URL can be a playlist or a channel that's going to be entirely up to what you're trying to accomplish. Okay. Does domain authority stacking still work? Excuse me. Not like it used to. There are some benefits to doing that guys, but I don't try to manipulate domain authority anymore. I could give a shit less about domain authority anymore.

Marco: It's all about art.

Bradley: Yeah we're almost, it's five o'clock guys. But, yeah, I think we're almost done, so I'm going to roll through these last couple of, Jeff asks, “Are you planning on doing another webinar regarding PR Pro last one was awesome?” No, I don't think so. We went two and a half hours like a marathon webinar last time, I got everything covered in one if we got a bunch of questions or stuff like that I think I'm not opposed to doing another one. I'm not saying a hard no Jeff I just don't see the need for it because I added a bunch of additional content to the training outside of that webinar too, inside the members area.

You should have all of it so I don't think I'm going to do another one unless we get many requests for Q&A or implementation in which case then sure I'm happy to do it. I don't I don't mind doing it. I just don't think it's necessary just to have another webinar just for the sake having another webinar. Okay? Do you have something specific that you need to know? Reach out to us in support, we're in one of the groups. If you're not in the mastermind, post in one of the groups that you are in, and we'll try to answer it there if possible.

Okay? All right. I think that's it. “Hey guys, thanks for the encouragement. I'm going to go back to the MM as soon as I finally get a win and be able to afford it.” I get that, Mohammad, so I'm not picking on you, buddy. Do what you got to do and we're here to help you any way we can.

All right, everybody. That's it. Thanks for everybody being here.

Adam: Awesome. Have a good one. Thank you guys.

Marco: Bye everyone.

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