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By April

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Adam: All right, we're live. Welcome to Hump Day Hangout episode 177. The last episode for Adam in New York with his fancy blue Nike headset that I wore just for [Blane and Clayton 00:00:11]. Hopefully, he sees this. So, everybody I hope that your day is going well and that you're ready. We got a ton of really good questions on this episode, but we'll quick discuss to say hi we got part of the group here today. We got part of Semantic Mastery's traveling all over the world literally. So, today it looks like it's me, Bradley and Marco so we'll start on the left and work our way down. So, how it's going Marco?

Marco: What's up man? Living the life.

Adam: Nice.

Marco: Beautiful.

Adam: Nice, nice. [inaudible 00:00:40].

Marco: Always. I can't complain. The only thing I can't complaining about is the weather.

Adam: Awesome. Bradley, how about yourself man? You doing good?

Bradley: Yeah man happy to be here as always.

Adam: Good deal. Well, I mean cat's out of the bag. I don’t think it's any secret to anybody watching this live but Local PR Pro launched today. So, obviously we want to encourage people to go check that out. I'm going to pop the link on the page real quick. We've talked a little bit about obviously some of the benefits and how Bradley specifically has put it to use but we know a lot of other people have as well. We got a lot of mastermind members who have access and have been doing the same thing. I know Rob did some of the testing as well. Something we struggle with because … and I say this personally for myself.

When I first heard about press releases, it was something I really didn't even consider because the first thoughts that came to mind were exactly kind of what we talked about, about you know, “Oh man I'm going to have to write this stuff. I've got to take the time. It's probably going to cost me way too much.” So, I think a lot of that, that we wanted to talk about just upfront was that a lot of those have got away. They're not expensive in the sense of if you're performing this for a client or you're getting results for your actual business, then the results far outweigh the cost. Then any good service especially ones we recommend are going to write these for you. Again, you can do it yourself, but like most things we say that you shouldn't. So, Bradley, do you want to go further on that at all?

Bradley: Yeah, I mean like we actually have some question, somebody that … Rebecca Happy she sent me an email earlier today asking me some questions about it if this can be outsourced. So, what's the overall cost going to be to get results? What tools and software that we need? I posted her question on the page, the event page for today. So, I'll answer that again at that point. Really, you don’t need anything else. You don't need any software. You don't need any tools. You don't need anything else. There's no other additional expense other than the cost of writing the PR if you're going to have it written which I highly recommend that you do, so that you don't get bogged down writing press releases. Also, the cost of the distribution.

Any good network distribution service out there will have press release writing services as an add-on available or if you go to SerpSpace and you order press releases from us, our price has shown include the writing of the press release. You can even submit your own press release to our services because our writers know what will get past you know for the editorial guidelines for the distribution networks that we distribute to. So, again, we don't even allow you to write your own press releases to submit your press release because we want our writers to do it so that we know that they're going to get approved and they're going to get submitted and picked up and syndicated which is really what you want anyways.

This Stuff Works
So, again, our prices reflect both of those. As Adam said, we're not the bargain-basement group anymore at Semantic Mastery is in. I mean, we provide enough value on these free hump day hangouts weekly that it ought to be quite apparent that when we charge a higher price for courses, because it's very, very thorough and it flat out works. Again, I've had an 80% success rate with applying these methods and getting in the three pack with various types of website configurations too. All the way down to a single landing page built on click funnels with no content and I was able to rank in the three pack with two press releases. So, again very, very powerful strategy.

I highly recommended that you outsource every bit of it so that you don’t have to do the damn work. You should be out there selling this service and let the press release companies whether it's through SerpSpace or whatever companies you decide that you want to use, let them do the work, right? All you have to do is go sell the service.

So, even at the high end if you're paying 150 bucks for distribution plus writing, if you're selling on the low end a press release for a minimum of 300 bucks which to be honest that's my price point. When I sell press releases to my clients, I sell them for 300. I know there's a ton of people out on the web that are promoting selling press release services for a minimum of 500 bucks per press release. Some say 1000 bucks. That's great. If you can do that, go do it. Knock yourself out. Go rack up as many $500,000 press releases as you can. I'm just telling you from what I sell them at is at 300 bucks. So, even if you pay 150 bucks to get the press release written and distributed, you're still making a 100% markup on it. You don’t even have to do the work, that's my point.

So, that's why this is such a powerful strategy because it gets results, it gets results very quickly without you having to do the work. You can do at the very minimum 100% markup. So, if you sell in this case even on the low end very conservative if you were to buy the course for 300 bucks and you were to sell the press releases to clients for 300 bucks and you're paying 150 on the high-end for a press release in writing, then you only need to sell two and you've recovered your investment and anything on top of that is now gravy. Again, it's just going to teach you a method that you can do repeatable over and over and over again, very, very simple to do. So, yeah.

Marco: May I interject? Anyone looking at this as a cost is looking at this wrong.

Bradley: They're probably not right for it. Yeah.

Marco: Yeah. If you're saying, “Oh my God I have to spend $300.” You're looking at this wrong because what this is, this is a way for you to go to your client and say, “I'm going to get you results.” That's it. Pitch the result. “How are you going to get it? “Well, we are going to do whatever.” You pitch it however. You know you're going to do press releases. Part of my strategy is going to be getting your name out there, getting your name into new sites and several new sites and local sites will pick it up. It's going to get you exposure. So, that's a big selling point to get that name out there.

So, what you're actually doing is you're selling results. You're not making … and that it's not an expense. It's not a cost to you because it's going to pay for itself over and over and over again once you implement the strategy, because you can sell it to every client. Every client needs a press release for whatever reason. If there's no reason, you can make up a reason for a press release. Get it out there, because the idea is to get the client in the three pack. You get results, you get them phone call. They're going to be happy. Now that you provide the results, you then become “Oh wow, this person is really an expert in the matter in getting traffic.”

This Stuff Works
So, now what you have is you position yourself as an authority in your client eyes and now you can upsell. You can upsell whatever service you want. I guarantee you that nine out of 10 the client will go for whatever you recommend at a markup of course and you don’t have to do it, because SerpSpace, our parent … not our parent company but our partners who provide all of these dumpy services will do it for you and all you have to do is mark it up. You don't have to do anything. It's hands off SEO. We will take care of everything. All you have to do is sell it. How simple is that?

Bradley: That's it.

Adam: Yeah definitely. Oh man! All right. Well, I'm excited. We got a bunch of people joining. I just want to pop this in there. We say it from time to time about membership having as privilege. Someone might have said that before. Mastermind members get this for free. So, if you've been thinking about it, you've heard about the mastermind or you've been thinking about joining, now is also a good time. So, we like to reward our members and we're certainly doing it with this. Let's get into it. I know we got a lot of questions. Some of them have to do with PR's as well. So, I think we're going to just jump into it.

Marco: I have to comment on that, because you buy a membership and you get all of the information that's in the mastermind. You get access to all of the partners in Semantic Mastery. You access to the Facebook group. You get access to webinars every other week and then on top of that, you get the Local PR Pro for the price of your membership. So, how cool is that? It just paid of itself and you're going to make money right off the bat. This is like to me it's a no-brainer. I wish this had been available when I started.

Adam: Yeah.

Bradley: All right. So, we're good for questions now?

Adam: Yeah, let's get into it.

Marco: Let's do it.

Bradley: Let's do it. I'm not going to worry about the picture thing today. We got too many questions. So, if you guys are cool with that?

Adam: Let's roll.

Do You Know A Good Service Or Tool That Extract Contacts From Keywords?

Bradley: All right. First question, Caroline Miller. Hey question, do you know a good service tool to extract contact from keywords? For example, when I Google plumbing New York that I get all the contacts email plus looks like telephone number. Yeah, I mean there's a ton of scrapers out there. The two that I'm using are Lead Kahuna by David Sprague. I don’t know if you can still get that. You probably can. He always has like a backdoor link somewhere. You could even probably look at leadkahuna.com/new. That might even give you an option to buy it there. I know a lot of his products have that. Also, I'm using Leads Recon. Leads Recon is a tool developed by Ted Chen who is the mastermind behind Power Suggest Pro, our favorite keyword tool of all time, and so it's a solid product leads recon. It's simple which is nice, because it just basically pulls back the data that you're going to need and it does it rather quickly. So, leads recon is also a really good tool. Adam, I don’t know if you could find a link for that. I tried to but I couldn't.

Adam: Yeah, it's not open right now. I was talking to him when we were working out the deal for everyone to get the discount on Power Suggest Pro and can't put a date on it yet, but we're trying to work something out with them so that Semantic Mastery subscribers can possibly get into leads recon because yeah it's still closed right now. So, we'll let you know when we get a work out.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Yeah. Caroline, those are the two that I use. I'm not sure if you can get either one of them, but again there's a million types of contact scrapers out there. So, just do a Google search. If you don't want to wait until we can get you the availability of the ones that I use, then you could just find something out there that's comparable. There's a lot of tools out there that will do that.

Do You Know Anything About Network Empire's Site Issue And The Availability Of Its PinVid Theme?

Biz trends, apparently this is Jeff. One of these days I'm going to make a note … I'm surprised so many of you guys login with actually your pages unless you set up your personal. Let's see what it says here. Yes, so that's an actual page. That's interesting, because we get a lot of that on here actually. That's crazy instead of our profile. So, what's up Jeff? He says, “Hey guys as always you are the bomb.com for providing such great value to us all Semantic Mastery rocks POFU. There you go. We need to drop that link again. Thank you.

Question regarding the Pinvid theme. As of the time of posting this question both the following sites are unavailable and the only place I believe the Kevin Polley Pinvid theme was available. Network empire and both Criminal Firefox they tell me that the connection is not private and neither will connect to the site.

I actually think I can still connect to the site, but I did a little bit of research earlier when I saw … Yes, see I'm able to connect. When I saw your question posted a couple of days ago or whatever, I went and looked and you're right. The semanticwpthemes.com, that was Kevin Polley's website where he sold those semantic WordPress themes and apparently that domain has expired. So, yeah, I don't know. I guess I could contact Matt Da Cruz and find out if they're still selling that. I'm not 100% sure because remember they all split up recently within the last six or eight months or something like that. So, it's not the same group as it was before. Not all the members of Network Empire are all … like they kind of switched around. So, I don't know if that's still available or not. I could find out. I'm going to make a note of that right now. I'll have to ping you back Jeff. All right? Pinvid theme.

It was a good theme. I've used it quite a bit for video marketing sites or video broadcasting sites. That's specifically what I used it for. So, for example, when I was creating a whole lot of … like I had a whole a lot of PBN's that I decided not to use as PBNs anymore because they were never themed correctly. They were the old school style PBNs like before Google really started cracking down on that stuff. So, I turned a lot of those into just what I call video broadcasting sites where essentially syndication points for YouTube videos and the Pinvid theme is really good for that because it was marked up like semantically. That's what Semantic WordPress themes as the name denotes.

What Is Your Second Recommendation For A Semantically Coded Theme And Author Blox Plugin?

So, anyways, I'll reach out and see if I can find out about it, but in the meantime, you asked about the pin … let's see there was another one, the Pinboard theme by Themify. Yeah, I've used that as well. In fact, let's just go and take a look at that. It wasn't quite as good as far as like … because it wasn’t marked up at least the last time I used it. It didn’t have semantic markup. Then I doubt that it probably does now, but it was still a good theme for like a video site or if you're doing like a heavy image site. Either one is good because they mimic like the Pinterest. So, those are great for like images or thumbnail images if you're doing videos or if you're just doing flat out some image-based stuff. Yeah, I've actually use this before. It's not a bad theme. Again, the only reason why I preferred the other one was because it was marked up with semantic markup. So, there you go.

This Stuff Works
You can also accomplish using plug-ins. There are some video site map plug-ins out there. There's the Yoast stat on if you're using the Yoast SEO plugin. I don’t recommend that though, but there's also some other video site map plug-ins that you can add to a theme like that, the Pinboard theme by Themify which will help to markup. Like it will give you a video site map which will have the structure data markup in it so that you can submit that to search console. You can actually still get your video thumbnail images to show in the search results which I thought they've done away with that, but if it's marked up properly, it will show.

In fact, just to show you guys, this is quite interesting. We were looking at the mastermind a couple of weeks ago. Marco and I, Ron, our Semantic Mastery mastermind webinar and we we're doing some discussion about RYS tactics and some local SEO stuff. I brought up the Virginia CO example again. Take a look at this which is crazy guys. Oh wow! Somebody pushed wordpress.com from number two to number three. Look at that. Anyways, this is a wordpress.com post guys and it's got a video thumbnail image showing. You see that? Isn't that cool? Guys, I didn’t do any markup on this at all. Again, this has been like this now for at least two weeks, maybe even a month or three weeks I think.

Anyways, what's really cool about is that's a video thumbnail image showing but it's a wordpress.com post URL. You see that? I didn’t do any markup. This just happened. It's been like this for damn near three years. It's been just the regular WordPress post metadata here. It didn't have the thumbnail image is what I'm saying. Within the last month or so, this has popped up with this thumbnail image and it's been there for at least three weeks now. It's really cool because I didn't change anything on here. I don't know what happened to cause that, but anyways, so thumbnail images will absolutely show on URLs outside of YouTube as long as you've got proper markup or apparently if you're on wordpress.com because I don't know what the hell happened to cause that.

Let's see each of the three channels will have SerpSpace, two tier persona rings each with the associated websites having single brand base syndication ring around them with the obvious goal to rank the shit out of videos. That's awesome. What is your recommended semantically coded social share author box plug in?

I don’t know about social share plug-ins. I don’t really mess with those much. Shit, I can't remember the one that I would typically use when I did add them. Most themes now have that social share stuff integrated right within the theme itself so I don't really use the plug-ins for that anymore. I think it was a floating social something or another or something like that and it would have like a floating bar. You could have it on the left or the right side and that kind of stuff. I would use one of those when I used to use those plug-ins. I don't anymore because like I said most themes have that integrated. I use Thrive themes a lot now when I'm doing WordPress stuff.

Author box plug in, again most themes, modern themes are going to have that kind of functionality built-in. If they do not, then this is the one that I used to use Starbox which … its by squirrly.co. They've got a really … it's a really good author box plug in with some really cool … You can see how it looks right here. You don't need the Pro version by the way. You can get away with just using the free version, but I liked it because you can add a whole bunch of different kinds of social links in there which is really, really good for increasing authority for an author profile. So, it's called Starbox. Again, they got a free version so check that out.

Marco: I use simple author box as a plug-in. It works really well.

Is It True That Google Only Allows Videos In The Main Google Search For Certain Niches/Keywords?

Bradley: There you go. So, Roxanne is up. She says hi and thank you in advance. Two things, please. I've gotten conflicting information in the past and need you to once and for all clarify please. Is it true that Google only allows videos in the main Google search for certain niches and keywords?

Not well. There's some truth to that. Let me finish the question first. So, if you find a keyword search that does not have a video on the first page, you should move on to another term because Google is not allowing video for that term. No, that is incorrect. Here's the thing guys. There are certain categories of search queries that will show more videos than others.

This Stuff Works
So, for example, informational queries like how to queries and things like that are obviously poised for videos, right? They're prime to show videos. That's why if you search any tort type like how to keyword, you're going to see a bunch of videos on page one, but then more like commercial type terms a lot of times like transactional term, it depends on the industry and in the specific search phrase itself, but some of those they just make it … videos are supposed to be one of the things that would typically come up for that type of a search query so Google doesn't promote those to the first page as readily or as easily or as quickly as it would on some of the other types of keyword search categories that would show videos, that are friendly to videos if that make sense.

So, but just looking at a cert page, the first page of Google for particular search query and not seeing a video on there doesn't mean don't attempt it, because first of all, what happens if nobody has attempted it in the past? You'd never know. My point is … or even if somebody's attempted it in the past but they didn’t know what they were doing and they had shitty SEO.

So, for example, if you've done a search on a keyword and you click and you see on page two there's a video or page three there's a video or you go to the videos vertical tab, the vertical search for videos and you click and you see that yes somebody has optimized for your specific keyword, but maybe they just had a really crappy video that wasn't optimized well. They didn’t know what they were doing. Even if you go research the video and it was optimized well, maybe they didn't have syndication networks. They were doing embeds. They weren’t sending social signals or views and engagement to it, things like that.

So, there's a number of reasons why that video might not be ranking and it doesn't mean that Google just won't rank it because it's that particular type of a search query. That may be an indication but you can't go off … I've ranked videos many times for search queries that other people have attempted to but their videos were on page two or page three and I've been able to rank on page one just because I had a better method, a better process. Does that make sense?

However, there like I said there are certain search queries where Google just does not like to promote a video to page one and particularly I've had issues with that like … I'll give you a specific example with real estate terms for targeting general terms like real estate or realtor or real estate agent plus city. Those are incredibly difficult to rank videos on page one for. Now ranking of a on page one for a specific house number or a specific listing number or something like that, that's relatively easy, but ranking for something like realtor … I'll give you a specific example because I had a real estate broker, company was a RE/MAX brokerage firm or whatever, that I was doing a video SEO service … well just various marketing services for in Warrenton, Virginia. That's a rather small town.

It's not a really competitive town, but all of the results on page one were obviously like Long and Foster, RE/MAX, Zillow, Redfin, Century 21 like all these super high authority incredibly age like 15-year-old websites. So, ranking a video on page one for a general term like that I fought for months and I did some really cool things. I did some press releases. I was working with newswire.net at that time. Newswire.net would allow a video embed and you could even contact support and do a live event. So, like a Google Hangout on air or YouTube live event. At the time, it was a Google Hangout on air and we can embed that into the press release and it was a scheduled live event or a scheduled hangout on air which is now like a YouTube live event.

Anyways, we had it scheduled to … for the live event to go live the same time the press release was distributed, was picked up and syndicated to all that press wires, press cables they call them. Anyways, that worked. I was able to force a video on the page one that way. As soon as the press release went live and the Google Hangout, the scheduled hangout on air went live, we got to page one. It only lasted like three days until … it pushed back to position 11 so was the top of page two.

No matter what I did occasionally … I worked on it for three freaking months and occasionally I would get it to pop past 11 and get on to page one. It would maybe position 10, may be position nine, but it would last for only a day or two and then boom right back to position 11 or position 12. So, it was always hovering right at the top of page two and it would never stay on page one. That's when I determine those are one of those types of queries that are just incredibly difficult to rank for and so I said, “I'm not going through this anymore. It's not worth it.” in which case that's when you start targeting stuff that is a little bit easier.

So, again, to answer your question Roxanne, just because a video is not on page one doesn't mean it can't be done. There are certain queries that Google just will not like to promote a video to page one, but it can still be done. You can force it, but how long will it stick? That's why I typically … when I realize that I've come across one of those types of circumstances, then I just say, “Okay, this is not the right approach. Let me try something else. Either target other keywords, find a different angle or use some sort of other methods that will rank on page one because it's difficult to do with the video.” Does anyone want to comment on that?

This Stuff Works
Marco: Yeah, absolutely. We ran into the same problem. It's not really worth the effort. You can rank on the first page for any keyword, any niche but RankBrain now is smart enough and quick enough that it will filter out your video, because it knows that it's not supposed to be ranking whether it's in the first page or in the niche. We found that after doing tests the payday loan. Rob and I, we did that. Then we saw it I mean disappear right before our eyes within 10, 15, 20 seconds. It would rank, we would rank in minutes, sometimes even less than a minute on first page but the Google filter would take over … No, the RankBrain would come in and filter it out and get rid of it.

So, why go through all that trouble of trying to rank a video number one for 30 seconds? Absolutely makes no sense. So, find something where it'll stick. Maybe in the niche something will stick like Bradley said page two, page three you might be able to push it to page one. There's a reason why those videos are on page two, page three. Sometimes it's because they just didn't know what they're doing so it might be worth a try. If you're just at it for weeks and weeks and it goes to number one, it comes back, goes to number one, comes back, move on to something else.

Adam: That's right move on.

Marco: Because it's not really worth it. You can do a whole lot more with other tools that you have at your disposal especially the part of Semantic Mastery or we give you all kinds of different ways to use Google and to rank in Google and to get results.

Bradley: Yeah and then the other part of that is … guys, remember, SEOs is not the be all and all guys. When you come across a situation like that where you're fighting something to try to rank it for weeks, go the pay per click route guys, the paid route. You can still generate a ton of traffic that way and even like YouTube traffic is still incredibly inexpensive at the moment. So, you can generate traffic within YouTube that way if you know how to set up targeting.

Does Semantic Mastery Have A Course Or Training That Focuses On Video Marketing Exclusively?

Roxanne, does Semantic Mastery have a course or training to focus on video marketing exclusively or mostly? No, not really. I mean we've had some stuff in the past but some of that stuff is dated. We are going our next module in the mastermind training is going to be the video marketing module, which will probably begin around the first week of May because we're in the prospecting module right now. At that point, it's going to be a good six or eight weeks dedicated specifically to video marketing which will include video SEO, video PPC which … you know ad words for video as well as Facebook video.

There's going to be a lot of stuff that we're going to be doing, a lot of SEO work there too. So, we'll talk about it then, but at the moment currently no. Nothing real current anyways. Although Syndication Academy really … I mean that was kind of developed to rank both YouTube videos and websites using the blog. So, that's something else that you might want to consider.

How Do You Build Citations If The Business Has A Phone Number That Leads To An Answering Machine?

Mohammad, I read your question and then I see that you have this edit down here which guys everybody go plus one Mohammad's post. That's freaking fabulous dude. He says … first of all his question. Hey guys, how would build citations if the business has a phone number that leads to an answering machine? How would the bot that calls or text verify the number? I don't know Mohammad. If you can't forward that phone number to somebody's cell phone or a live phone where people can answer the phone or receive text with confirmation codes and stuff, then I don't know. I don't know how to do that. That seems kind of silly to me to have a business line going directly to a voicemail or an answering machine unless it was a redirect phone number.

I've got several set up for the prospecting funnels that I'm building right now that are just like when somebody calls a number, goes directly to voicemail, because I've got these results in advance lead gen assets set up that I don't have service providers in place for yet, but I'm generating leads. So, I want to be able to show analytics and capture potentially leads not even necessarily the leads get serviced, but just so that I have a history to show when I'm talking with a service provider, a prospective service provider, to say, “Hey, look this is how many leads I've gotten from these assets in the last seven days or whatever.”

Those are all forwarding phone numbers that are forwarded to a voicemail box so I can redirect that phone at any time. If I was going to be building citations, then I could just redirect it to my cell and actually receive calls and/or texts, but unfortunately, if it's not a vumber or, excuse me, a virtual phone number then I don't know what to tell you. That seems awfully silly for somebody to want to promote to me like a local business with a phone number the goes to an answering machine. That seems a bit dated. So, I don't really know what to tell you on that Mohammad. The second part of this guy … Everybody go plus one on it, please.

Marco: Look at that, everyone please because he's been trying so fucking hard man to do this and you rock man. You stuck to it.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: He sure did. I try to talk him out of almost dealing with realtors. He's like, “No, I'm sticking with it.” He made his first sale using the video lead gen system model guys which is prospecting with video emails and that's awesome. $2,000 a month guys. He just landed a $2,000 a month client using the video lead gen system and he was in the mastermind for about a month, but he had to drop out because his income has been low. He just kept coming to Hump Day Hangouts here guys and asking questions and applying what we provided to him. So, he's taking all the action. All we did was give him a little bit of information and he's been able to land a $2,000 a month client now and now he says I'm returning to the mastermind ASAP. So, Mohammad, congratulations man. I'm proud of you buddy. I knew you were going to do well so I'm really proud of you.

Marco: Let me say yes, you come back to the mastermind. Reach out to me personally and I will give you a personal half hour phone call just because you rock man.

Bradley: That is awesome. That is awesome. So, congratulation Mohammad. You deserve it buddy. Biz Trends again that's Jeff, right? Yup, Jeff. Okay. He says … well, he's just answering for Mohammad, answering question for Mohammad. I totally agree with what he says here. NAP is very, very important to consistency, but then I think Mohammad clarified so I'm just going to keep moving guys. We got too much to go.

Any Advice On What To Offer And How To Charge/Upsell/Retainer To A Plumbing Contractor?

So, Nigel. Nigel, what's up buddy? This is another guy similar to Mohammad that's here every week asking a lot of questions. So, Nigel, you're next buddy. You got to come join the mastermind soon too. Bradley, the guidance on YouTube set up for last week worked like a champ. Thanks boss. You're welcome. Number one got a referral for a plumbing contractor who specifically asked to improve his page three plus ranking for emergency HVAC in local and surrounding area. I want to use SerpSpace services to arbitrage. Wow! This is almost like … Wow! That's a great question. We were just talking about this yesterday my partners and I.I want to use SerpSpace's services to arbitrage and ensure I deliver but needed advice somewhat to offer and how to charge upsell/retainer. They seem open to month-to-month recurring fee, want fast results in phone to ring, gatekeeper says they are willing to pay with proof analytics. Not sure how to best provide that. They're currently paying $500 a month for basic Facebook posting which includes $250 ad words which is generating very little if any calls. Business has decent website less than three reviews. No list voting, no videos. Your expertise would be invaluable in helping to close this client. Specifically, how would you approach this? Which SerpSpace packages would you offer and in what order? Would ranking a video and perhaps press release be a good start?

Okay, that's interesting. I mean, first of all, like when I have a conversation with a prospective client, guys, one of the things I ask is, what is your marketing budget or what are you currently spending on marketing to generate leads for your business? I ask that question and if I get any pushback, then they're not somebody I want to continue talking with, because it's my job as a consultant to ask those kind of questions to determine how serious they are about their business and also to see where their heads at about how do they view marketing. Is it an expense or is it an investment?

Marketing should be an investment guys. It should provide a return. That's an investment not an expense. An expense is something that you just … it's a liability. It's just money going out, but marketing should provide a return. So, when I talk to somebody and they give me a little pushback on when I ask them what their marketing budget is or what they're currently spending on marketing to generate leads online and that kind of stuff, if they don't give me a good answer, then a lot of the times I'll try to kill the conversation and move on, because I realize that they're going to be a difficult to work with. I'm not saying that's what you dealing with Nigel.

What I would ask is you say they're currently spending $500 a month or 250 that is going to ad words, so really they only got $250 a month in budget.

Adam: I'd say you could go in there and clean house. If you can get some results so like this is one where you lead with value and I may be reading between the lines, but it looks like they're a little wary because they're already spending some money and not getting results. They've got it backwards paying 500 bucks for social posting which is crazy. Then, if you can switch that around, even get them to go 500 ads 250 something else, you can get some really quick results and then upsell them on a bunch of other stuff. I'll let Bradley and Marco speak to like the tactics, but as far as the strategy on this, it looks like you could come in here and get some low hanging fruit for them real quick.

Bradley: Yeah. I would find out first of all what their comfortable in spending. So, that's one of the questions I would ask. So, then you can de- by the way, if somebody says, “Why do you need to know that?” Say, “Look, I'm going to customize a proposal for you that's going to work for your business. I need to know what your budget is. I need to know what your threshold is so that way I can design a proposal that's going to work.”

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Guys, trying to design a proposal when you don't know what the client is even willing to spend is incredibly difficult, because you're going to sweat your decision about what the proposal is. You're always going to wonder. “Am I asking too much? Am I asking too little? Am I going to scare them away with this proposal because it's way above and beyond what they're willing to spend?” You don't know any of that and it will drive you crazy, because you'll submit the proposal and then you'll sit up at night thinking about it. You'll lose sleep waiting for a reply and then you'll be thinking, “Oh man, maybe I need to drop the price and blah, blah, blah.” You have no idea so that's why I ask those questions.

By the way Nigel, the best book I think I've ever read for like how to do these kind of sales when you when you're conversing with the prospect and asking these questions is called Spin Selling. It's great. It's a fabulous book. Situation problem, something something. Spin is an acronym. Anyways, check it out. It's a great book. It's how I learned how to talk to prospects and ask them questions.

So, as far as the actual services, once you understand what the budget is, then you can develop a plan around that. As far as arbitraging services, we have our standard operating procedure Nigel which I'm sure you're aware of. It's pretty much outlined in our battle plan which by the way battle plan 2.0 is coming out soon next month I think. We talk about the foundational stuff. Syndication networks, try to always sell that. Done for you drive stack. That's something I talk about. I don't tell, “Hey, it's a Google drive stack.” I try to explain it in layman's terms. Now press releases are standard operating procedure.

The reason press releases are standard operating procedure is because it's like almost instant results. You combine that with the drive stack and you can like literally crush it for them. You could probably get them results within 30 days. Most likely you could and then that way you can show them results very, very quickly. If you want to try to show the results upfront, do what I do. For example, if this is a serious conversation you're having with them and you feel really good about it and you just need to show them something to provide proof that you can provide results, do what I do. Rank some videos for them. Do it for free. Some people are going to say, “I don’t do shit for free.”

Look, that's how I secure deals guys. I do free work and it's usually just video stuff because it's easy to do. I can get results very quickly and then I can show them tangible results and say, “Look, I did this for you just to show you that I know what I'm doing and that I can provide results to earn your business. I did this to earn your business. Now, can we talk?” It works really, really well guys and video stuff is a great foot in the door. That's how I use it. So, I would recommend that you do that and then as far as arbitraging stuff, a good rule of thumb is to try to mark stuff up 100% so you double it. Even if right now you're submitting and you're buying stuff from us … for example, I just mention this earlier press releases. You can buy press releases from SerpSpace done for you, written, everything for 150 bucks tops if you're buying the press release plus which is the … it's got 450 syndication points.

You can embed maps. You can embed videos. All of that. That's our premium service Press Release Plus 150 bucks roughly. You could sell it for 300. It's 100% mark up. So, you're pocketing 100 bucks. Just a slight overhead, right? You've got operating expenses. If you have a VA which handles your client fulfillment which you should, maybe not right away Nigel but very soon, as you start to scale your business, you just hire a VA. So, you're going to cut in to that 100% markup a little bit to cover your overhead, to cover your labor cost, things like that. So, my point is always try to mark stuff up at least 100% in my opinion. You guys want to comment on that? Just some long questions today. No?

Adam: No. I think that's good. Yeah.

Bradley: Okay. So, again I would start with the things that are going to provide results very quickly like ranking a video for free to get them to at least to accept an offer. Then what you always do guys and I've done this in the past do is provide like a proposal that says that starts off small with just a couple of services to keep their expenses low like the cost low point, the point of entry low but in the proposal state. Like at the end of 60 days we're going to revisit this because here if I can provide you results like I expect to between now and 60 and I'm just using 60 days as a number. It could be 30 days. It could be 90 days. It could be whatever. Let's say I expect to be able to provide results for you on this level of proposal within 60 days.

If I do so, then I would recommend at the 60-day point that now we upgrade to and then that's when you start adding on additional services. You upgrade them for even more because you've now proved to them. So, instead of like blowing your load so to speak all at one time on the front end proposal, you can do like a graduated proof, let me show you proof type proposal that kind of increases as more and more results come in. That way you're laying the groundwork right up front for what you're going to be asking of them as far as an investment in the marketing campaign going forward for the next six months or 12 months. So, it's something that I've done. It works really, really well. Okay?

By the way, does SerpSpace offer done for you press release stacking like Local PR Pro? No, not at the moment but I have a VA that handles all of that for me now for my own agency, for all my clients. She does it every month for me now, because I do press releases for all of my clients now every month. I was thinking I'm going to approach her about possibly making that much more part of her business to where we could provide that as a service. Right now it's not available but it may be soon. We'll keep you posted.

Wordpress Blogs Issues In IFTTT


There's another question coming up about this too, the IFTTT. Apparently, wordpress.com blogs are getting suspended guys now. We got a Syndication Academy update webinar tomorrow guys. That's one of the issues I'm going to try to investigate and provide you guys some resolutions or some fixes or some workarounds tomorrow. Can't guarantee it because I haven’t had a lot of time to mess with it. I'm going to try to take care of all of this tomorrow, but I will discuss this at length tomorrow.

Let's see. Should I copy information to make another WordPress blog and call it brand one and reconnect? Yeah, you can try to set up another wordpress.com blog. Again, the point is, is I know I'm having … Somebody else posted on the page something very similar. There was some comments about it in the Syndication Academy Facebook group. So, apparently, wordpress.com is cracking down on automation. If that's the case, it's the case. There's not much we can do about it guys. That happens from time to time. Just find other properties. We'll find other methods. I'll let you know Nigel tomorrow though at the Syndication Academy update webinar.

If You Use A Domain For A Local Lead Gen Site That Contains The Niche, Can You Include That Same Niche In The URLs For The “Inner Pages” Targeting Specific Cities?

Gordon says, “Hey guys I feel like saying thank you for all the help you provided each week. It's not enough to express the real gratitude but just note it's the biggest thank you, you could ever imagine plus one. Can you please help me with the following: if you use a domain for local lead gen site that contains the niche, can you include the same niche in the URLs for the inner pages? You mean like the slug targeting specific cities, bestlocalplumber.com/plumber in Austin.”

You could but I wouldn't because that's over optimization. That's clearly over optimization. In 2012, that would have worked great. Now, it's not. I don't recommend that. What I would do is just put Austin or Austin-TX or Austin-Texas spelled out. That's how I would do it, because you got plumber already in the domain. It's clearly going to be about a plumber. So, all I would do is include the location's name as the slug. Guys, I always try to include the state abbreviation. Well, it depends. It depends on how broad your site is going to be. If it's only going to … because bestlocalplumber.com that could be nationwide so to speak. So, remember, there's a lot of cities that are in more than one state. So, just keep that in mind.

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If you plan on building a big site that covers a lot of different areas, then I would include the state modifier as well or you could even silo if you're doing complex silo, you could create silo state by state so you'd have basically 50 silos if you're going to do United States. Then each state silo would have city pages with an inner city post depending on how you develop it out or you could even do with a complex silo structure this can get a bit complicated. You could do like a state and then a county and then a … which would be … so your top-level categories would be state, your subcategories would be counties and then your post would be cities or if you're just doing a statewide site, then you could do a state …. like you could do counties as your top-level category.

Then you could have just a simple silo structure with post that are city post or you could get even more granular and do top-level categories as counties and then have cities as your subcategories. Then you could actually have like supporting post that cover like various localities within a particular city, boroughs, districts, neighborhoods, things like that. So, really just depends on how complicated you want to get and how much competition you're up against as to how you're going to structure that site. As far as the URL structure, try to keep it short and succinct. That's what I always try to do.

Marco: If I can add to that just a little bit. We're always testing. I mean constantly testing. During but one of my tests, it actually came up not only is the Google URL submitter throttled so that it … I think it's 10 per day now, 10 URLs per account per day … yeah, per Gmail account per day to use the URL submitter signed in so you don't trigger the recapture, but anyway, this type of URL set up where you include the keyword in the URL multiple times like the same on, this has plumber and some people will go like one more plumber in there, it's not indexing as well as if you keep the URL the way Bradley just suggested. This isn’t theory. We tested it.

We were doing something else and it just so happened that anytime we submitted a URL with this type of structure, with the keyword multiple times, it just wasn't indexing. We change the URL structure and it indexed. So, may be its … I don’t know serendipity. I don't know what the hell it was, but we do know and we tried it multiple times over a few weeks it was that we tried this. We just couldn't get it to index as well as if you don't include the keyword multiple times. So, just a suggestion. It could be that you get away with it and it's perfectly fine. I found that they just don't index as well. Just something to keep in mind.

Bradley: Thanks Marco. Next, was when setting up profiles of local business directories for a local lead gen site, is it necessary to use a proxy with local IP address location to convince Google that they're genuine? No, Gordon because Google knows that a lot of people aren’t going to build their own citations. They're going to hire services to do it. So, I don't find that to be required at all. What I do find that maybe to be necessary as if you're doing review posting, then you want the IPs to be local to the businesses that you're reviewing.

Otherwise, some of the top will get filtered out. Yelp will filter shit out anyways unless you pay them. They're extortion artist. Also, any review submitted via like desktops, most of those get filtered out. The only way really to get stuff to stick in Yelp is either be a paying advertiser or to have review submitted via mobile devices. Again, even Google listings, I know people's post reviews can get posted even without the IP being local. I know that because I use some spam tools that will do that for me or some spam services really. So, anyways that's not necessary.

Number three, if you get a back link from an authority site with huge DA and TF metrics to an inner page of a lead gen site, can you place say 10 internal links at the bottom of the page to 10 other inner pages to distribute the SEO juice to those pages or does the entire site benefit from that one authority back link without any internal linking?

Well Gordon, I wouldn’t recommend that you would split like that one link like put a bunch of 10 internal links to 10 other posts or pages on the site, unless it was within the same silo. Again, if you're using silo structure or architecture on your site then if you got a really powerful link pointing to a post or a page on your site that's in a silo, you could interlink from that page or post to other pages or posts within that same silo. That would be very powerful, but it's not necessary if you've got your internal linking structure done correctly through your pages and posts within your silos anyways it shouldn't matter because you should have it … all of the link equity, the link flow should be all set up correctly, because your internal linking structure was already set correctly if that make sense.

The point is Network Empire they used to call this buoyancy. Buoyancy because with the silo structure, with your internal linking, if you do it correctly, then if you inject link equity or SEO juice or link juice, whatever you want to call, it at any point in the silo it's going to improve the overall authority and relevancy of the entire silo, which is why they call it buoyancy because it helps it to float higher up in the search rankings of the search results. Does that make sense?

So, if you're doing a silo structure and you have your internal linking correct, done properly, then a link to any point within that particular silo should make the entire silo rise, get better results. It should improve the rankings of it. Again, I wouldn't cross post to distribute to other silos because then you're actually bleeding the theme of a particular silo. If you don't have any silos on the site, if it's just what they call a flat site, then I would probably do something like put a link, a contextual link to the homepage or to a top-level silo or category page or something … in this case without a silo. I would only point like an internal link to the pages that are going to generate the most traffic if that make sense.


Do You Know Of A Quick Way To Sign Up For Multiple Accounts?

Adrian. Hi guys, I've been trying to sign for multiple expired web 2.0 accounts that have been really … and have been really struggling. I tried something called storm proxies which are proxies that change IP every three minutes, but they were really slow so I canceled. Do you know of a quick way to sign up for multiple accounts? Thanks very much.

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Yeah Adrian, I buy them. Honestly, I just buy all my accounts now. Unfortunately, I don't use any tools to generate accounts because that very reason they seem to just get suspended so quickly when you use automated stuff. So, I just go to providers now and buy my accounts. We've also got our own spam team or link building team that has the capability of creating accounts and stuff too. Plus like all the stuff that we create via our syndication networks form inside our SerpSpace, the done for you syndication networks, those are all created manually. We use proxies and most of those our builders are in the Philippines. So, they go out and actually buy sim cards and they register in phone verify accounts that way. So, I would just recommend that you find a good provider and buy your accounts Adrian and save yourself the headache and the hassle of having to do that.

We got a couple providers that we typically mention guys. If anybody else has providers, you're certainly welcome to post those on the page. I don't get any affiliate commission for this. I just do it because these are the providers that I use. Let me just grab one more real quick.

Marco: While you're looking for those, he says he's trying to sign up for multiple expired web 2.0 accounts. He can always go the ghost browser or Browsio way. He could go that route with dynamic proxy [crosstalk 00:51:40].

Bradley: Expired web 2.0 yeah. Okay.

Marco: Yeah. Instead of dynamic proxies you have to pay a little bit more but you're not trying to get rid of the footprint when you sign in through these dynamic proxies. What you're trying to do is actually leave all the cookies and browsing history and everything else so that you can go into those expired accounts. Now of course, if you're trying to manage hundreds, you shouldn’t be doing it yourself. You should have someone doing it for you, but that would be another way that you could do it.

Bradley: I'm sorry. I missed the part about the expired stuff. So, if you're going to find better proxies for that what I would recommend first of all is you get dedicated proxies because that might be part of the problem. I know storm proxies are good but they're supposed to be good anyways. God, look at all these questions man. Holy crap! I'll stick around for about 10 more minutes beyond 5:00 guys but that's all I can do. Anyways, I would recommend … like the providers that I use like for proxies and have been for years now is buyproxies.org or easy proxies. Those are the two that I use. What I like about easy proxies is you can get dedicated proxies that remain permanent. They don't refresh every 30 days which is great for some stuff.

Obviously, if the proxy burns out, you can get them replaced. So, all you got to do is contact support. Buyproxies.org, we get proxies refreshed every 30 days. So, if you're going to be doing a lot of that kind of stuff where you're trying to register expired web 2's and you have to do it manually, first of all I would recommend as soon as you figure out a way to do it consistently that you create a process doc and hire that out because you can have a VA doing that for you for like $4 an hour Adrian and your time is certainly worth more than that. Yeah, I would recommend just trying a different proxy provider maybe.

Adam: Real quick for the rest of these so we can get through them and also just so everybody knows. If you can really try to limit it to one question because we definitely get bogged down if people ask three, four questions and we go through them. So, for the rest of these, we're probably only going to be able to answer one question. If you ask multiple, if we have time, we'll get to it, but yeah.

How Would You Optimize Your Videos For Google My Business Page?

Bradley: So, let me roll through these next few. Quit this house, thanks for all that you guys do to help us. You're welcome. How would you approach the video you would upload to Google My Business? How would you optimize the video? So, right now, I've only tested it with one video. I'm going to be doing more of that … a lot more of that when we get to the … Well, first of all, Marco and I are developing a new course right now. I don’t know if I should name it but we're developing a new course right now that is dealing with specifically Google my business.

So, that's something that I'll be testing over the next couple of weeks a little bit more, but then when I get into the video marketing module and the mastermind in May, then I'm going to be doing a lot of that too. Right now, all I've done is the file sizes are limited in what they'll allow you to upload. So, all I'll do is like I'll take a video and then I'll run it through HandBrake or something to minimize the file size a bit. Then I just add all the metadata as usual and then upload the video directly in the GMB dashboard.

It's pretty cool. You get your own share URL for it so you can actually use that to link spam and all kinds of stuff. So, definitely check that out. As far as optimizing it, there's not really much you can do other than optimizing the file name and then obviously the metadata so you can add a bunch of metadata to it before you upload it. That's all you can really do.

Marco: I don't know if I should give this away but I don't bother optimizing. I just make sure it gets uploaded from the local IP and that's even better.

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What Are Your Thoughts On The Link Building Tool Called MoneyRobot?

Bradley: There you go. Jeff says, “Good afternoon gentlemen. I know you've discussed Peter Drew software previously with regards to link building. I was wondering if use MoneyRobot as a link building tool. What are the pros and cons from your perspective?” Unfortunately, I can't answer that Jeff. I don't use any link building tools except for Peter Drew's. That's the only tools that I use personally and it's only because I don't like complicated tools. Most all link building tools I have a learning curve and I do not have the time to play with those tools. I can hire somebody to do it for me. However, Peter Drew's tools are typically very, very simple now.

Their interfaces are simple and it's just like step by step and it's very simple. That's why I do use those manually but everything else I have … we got a provider that works all those tools. He'd be able to tell you everything you need to know about all the different link spam tools that are available because he uses all of them. His name's [inaudible 00:56:09] you can tag him on one of our Facebook groups. He usually comes in and will reply to questions like that.

We got to keep moving. Rick says, “Hi gents! Video rank and rent question. Do all the videos-

Adam: Real quick. Bradley, if you don’t mind I think this one's really good. I know I'm breaking the rule here with the one question. Jeff's second one I think is a good one especially since we tell people to watch who they work with.

How Do You Manage SEO Clients You Don't Like?

Bradley: Okay. I've got a client who after the end of the day will no longer be my client. What's the most eloquent way to tell them to piss up a rope?

Adam: It's a good one, right? I think it's also important because it takes a lot to tell someone no, but you don’t burn bridges if you don’t have to.

Bradley: Yeah. I don’t know it's difficult. I've in the past let clients go and I've just told them that I'm changing direction or changing industries and I'm going specifically like off to a particular vertical and they no longer match that vertical. I might try … It depends. If they're a pain in the ass client which just sounds like this dude might be or this business owner might be, then I won't recommend them to somebody else because I don’t want to pass my nightmare or my problem off to somebody else. If they were decent and it was just … there was somewhat like maybe we just didn't agree or something like that, then I might recommend somebody else to them or recommend them to somebody else. Yeah, I mean just try to have some tact about it. Be diplomatic about how you approach it.

I used to have an arrogance about me. I've tried to get better about all that over the last year or so. So, sometimes I would burn a bridge just because it was my ego that got in the way. So, now I really try to keep that in check. You don’t want to create a bad name for yourself in business and that can happen very, very quickly if you rub somebody wrong. So, I highly recommend that you just try to be tactful about it, be respectful and try to leave to the door open for potential future or even if you don’t want to work with them in the future just try to leave the door open so that you're not causing any animosity or bad blood or resentment. Does that make sense? That kind of shit can bite you in the ass especially like if somebody wants to go online and be a dick and start posting negative stuff about your business because you let them go, so you want to try to avoid that.

Adam: Yeah, definitely I think that's the way to go and take care of it before hopefully it sounds like you're not losing your mind so that's a good way to do it. Ditch them as a client before it comes to the point where you're freaking out and screaming.

Bradley: Yeah, guys client selection is incredibly important. Trust your gut guys. When you're making proposals, trust your gut feeling. If you go against it, you're going to get burned. Trust me. All right.

Do All The Videos In A Channel Need To Be In The Same General Industry?

Video rank and rent question. Do all the videos in the channel need to be in the same general industry? Landscaping, roofing and paving, etc. or can they be totally different like landscaping, optometrist, computer repair or is it better for the channel's authority and rankability if the videos are in related fields?

Now you can have a channel that's broader as long as you silo the channel using playlist. However, you do get that … I've always found better results by having a channel that's tightly themed. Just so you understand you can still do it with a more general channel but just make sure that you're using playlist as a way to basically silo out your channel. That does work, but again I've always found better results if I have a very tightly themed channel. So, I prefer just to set up new channels for each industry.

Here's an example, home improvement channel. Like a channel that is dedicated to home improvement contractors for example if you're doing local stuff. Then that makes sense. It make sense to have like an HVAC silo, a category silo basically which is a playlist or multiple playlist. It makes sense to have one for HVAC and one for electricians and one for plumbers and blah, blah, blah because that's overall a home-improvement or contractor type of channel. However, I found still … I mean that's logical. It make sense, but I still found those are still all related fields.

So, that will still perform better than like what you mentioned here with landscaping, optometrist and computer repair because those are kind of all over the place. So, you're going to dilute the overall authority or relevancy of the channel itself because you have multiple themes if that make sense. If you can have congruent themes, you can get better results or if you tightly theme around a singular industry, you will get even better results. Does that makes sense? All right- Go ahead.

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Marco: Just to add ART applies in YouTube also. Activity, relevance, trust and authority, don't break those. Try to keep those and if you do that, you'll be rewarded. If you break it, you're going to have a harder time especially if you're just starting out and the things I like it's someone who is just starting out trying to figure out what to do. If you're just trying to figure out what to do, stay in the general theme, general industry like you call it. Don't break the theme or industry in the channel. If you have to break it, go to a new channel.

Does Setting Up Another Location/Persona Account With Separate IFTTT Ring Okay In Expanding A Home Repair Lead Gen Site?

Bradley: Yeah, that's the way I do it break. I always build them out like what we just discussed. I try to keep them very, very tightly themed. Jenia, “Hello gentlemen. Thanks for talking so much about Power Suggest Pro and working out a discount for us. No brainer purchase. Loving the tool.” You're welcome Jenia. Again guys, we only fawn over tools like that when they're really that good. It's just an amazing tool guys, amazing tool.

I have a lead gen site in home repair niche. It operates in around 10 cities right now and we will be expanding further right now. I only have one GMB location, major city. I was wondering what you think about setting up another location account using another personas Google account? He will be like a location manager, maincity.com/smallercity or smaller city dot … okay. He will have completely separate IFTTT ring around his personal interests. Then using IFTTT ring to syndicate content from main domain, only natural right? That way I get another GMB location, snack pack listing in smaller city which produces quite a few leads at the end and at the same time keep every location separated from each other. Continue using this method for other lead producing cities, go or no?

So, if it's for one particular … Yeah it operates in 10 cities right now. The way I look at it is guys anytime I'm trying to do lead gen stuff, like I just don't even try organic rankings anymore. I just don't care. I always go directly for the GMB stuff and try to ranking the maps back. So, if it requires me to go out and get a bunch of PO boxes and use a street address option, that's what I do. Again, I always find the best results in getting ranked in the maps back for lead gen for local services. So, that's what I try to do. That's all I try to do.

I don't care really much about the organic listings. Don’t get me wrong, I track those too but my goal is not to rank organically, it's to rank in the maps back. If I rank in organically, then that's great. That's just bonus. That's just more listings. So, yeah, I would say absolutely. Jenia, I would recommend it if you have the ability to go out and create additional GMB listings by getting addresses and that kind of stuff, do that. It's going to definitely help.

How Many Powerhouse Embeds Are Needed Generally To Rank A Youtube Video For A Youtube Query With Approximately 1300m/s?

All right, Sean's up. Guys, I got about seven more minutes that I can stay. How many powerhouse embeds are needed generally to rank a YouTube video for a YouTube query with approximately 1,300? I can't tell you that Sean. I wish I could if I knew like a set number depending on like competition levels and stuff then it would be incredibly easy for me to be able tell you guys, “Hey, just go get these many embeds and you'll rank.” I can't tell you that. I have no idea.

What I recommend and this is the same recommendation I always give is to start off small, start with something like 50 embeds. Make sure that you're selecting secondary embeds. Make sure you're selecting the correct categories so that they're embedded in the proper themed categories and then wait for 10 to 21 days. Make sure you're dripping those out over like a 7 to 14 day period and then go check your results 14 to 21 days later. You should see some movement. If you need more movement, then you do like another 50 embeds or 100 or something like that. I just always talk about starting conservatively because you'd be surprised at what kind of results you can get from our network now with just a handful of embeds, because it's an aged network now that's really tightly themed.

So, again, start small and just keep adding as you need to. I wish I could give you just a formula and say, “Hey, this many searches, you're going to need these many embeds.” but if it was that easy everybody would do it.

Marco: How many? As many as it takes.

Bradley: That's right as many as it takes. Somebody might want to make a note Sean Lundberg and talk … we might want to reach out to him individually if he's trying to arbitrage video powerhouse services on like scale, might be worth a conversation.

Adam: Hey Sean, send us an email [email protected]. I'll get it and we can work something out and help you with that if you're doing a scale. If not, you can certainly arbitrage a service.

Bradley: Yup. We're going to be providing you guys with some information and some marketing materials on how to do that in the coming weeks, on how to arbitrage SerpSpace services so we're going to actually help you guys be able to sell those services. That's coming over the next few weeks.

Did You Use The Adwords Express Tool To Get Results?

Ivan. What's up Ivan? He says, “Last week you talked about the Google My Business course and you said that you're only using what's inside the business profile. Do you use the AdWords Express tool to get results? Can't wait to hear some more about the course.”

No, I don’t recommend AdWords Express because it's very limited in how much and what kind of control you have over the ads. So, basically Google manages … AdWords Express is Google managing the campaign for if you're a verified local business. Google will manage a campaign for you. I don’t ever use that, because I've always found that I can have much better control over my ad spend if I'm controlling the campaign. So, like I don't use Google's bidding strategies or any of that. I do everything manual CPC settings inside of the traditional AdWords dashboard.

So, don't get me wrong. I will absolutely use AdWords as part of my local GMB stuff that I'm doing, because AdWords freaking works guys. You can literally buy traffic which will help the engagement to help the engagement signals which will help it to rank. You can do some incredibly cool stuff, can't get into it but you can do some incredibly cool stuff with the GMB posts. You can even drive traffic to those post through like YouTube ads which is buying traffic from YouTube, the proper approved way. You can send traffic for incredibly cheap to Google posts and things like that which would just show activity on your GMB profile which will help it to rank.

Marco: Yeah, what we're doing right now starting out just so we will know is we're using all of the free tools that Google is giving us. Everything free that Google is making up and is giving us and putting at our disposal inside the GMB is what's being used to rank. This is what's so fucking awesome about the course that we're going to be putting out. You literally don't have to do anything … I'm not going to tell you how. You'll have to wait for the course.

What Would You Recommend In Terms Of Easier To Rank: Subdomain Or .Club Domain Extension?

Bradley: Yeah. Okay. Keith says, “Hey guys, a big thank you for all the help and advice. What would you recommend in terms of easier to rank; a sub domain on a dot com or a dot club domain, the brand.com is not available and we have a private membership site on the dot club. Looking to drive traffic to the membership site.”

This Stuff Works
I'm going to tell you to go with the brand.com if you can only because guys there's just like … there's recognition to that. However, I've been able to rank a lot of those crazy extensions. I've been able to rank them. I think it's probably easier to rank dot com's than it is some of those weird extensions, but I have been able to rank those too is my point. I recommend trying to go on the dot com just because again like it's more trusted. A lot of those weird extensions like people they don't trust them as much. I'm not 100% sure why but dot com is just like standard operating procedure. That's what I would recommend although I'm not opposed to building sites on those funny extensions. I would recommend if you can go with the dot com like the way you got to set up here. That's how I would try to structure it.

David, I'm really sorry. I can't go through this huge question man. Yeah, I can't do it. Let me see. Let me just … here's the thing. I'm not going to be able to go through that. I don’t have enough time David. So, I'll try to reply to you David. I've got to run here in just a minute anyways take my daughter to dinner, but-

Adam: Yeah, real quick. David, pop it into the group, part of the Syndication Academy definitely get it in there. Like you said, we want to answer it. We can get to it there. We can get to it another way.

Marco: Pop it in the group.

Adam: Yeah.

Should The Meta Data And JSON LD Of A Spanish Site Be In Spanish?

Bradley: Okay. Brian says, “I'm developing a site in Spanish. Should my meta data and JSON-LD be in Spanish as well?” Marco, that's a good question for you.

Marco: JSON-LD is programing language. It can't be in Spanish. It is what it is, but the meta data, it's again code. Within the code, if it's in Spanish or if it's anchor text or whatever the description, that should all be in Spanish definitely.

Bradley: Yeah. All right, it looks I'm going to go up to here and then I'm done just because I said I was going to cover this a little bit more.

What Are Your Results With The Google Posts Campaign In GMB?

So, Brian says, “I've been posting on the new Google post and the GMB for a couple of weeks. Just wondering if you've seen any results in your rankings from posting on GMB posts and if so, what kinds of things are you posting?” Well the posting itself, I don't know. I'm testing that and I've got a couple of clients that are really aggressively doing that and they're seeing incredible results. I'm testing too and I'm seeing good results with the GMB post, but it's not just about posting. You got to get traffic and clicks to them.

At least through my experience, I found that if you can get traffic to those posts, it's going to have an enormous impact. If you're just posting post and nobody seeing and nobody's engaging on them, I don't know … it probably does still have a SEO benefit, I don’t know what that is because I'm making sure that I'm getting traffic to those post. Marco, you got a comment for that?

Marco: Yeah, man. We're basing a whole course around what he's asking.


Anyway Of Getting Web 2.0's Indexed These Days?


Bradley: Yeah, right. So, that's coming Brian. The GMB course is coming out. I think we're planning on launching that in May. Correct? Didn’t we just talk about this yesterday? Yeah, I think May is the plan for that. Unfortunately, you might have to wait until then Brian for us to get you a better answer. Next, any way of getting web 2.0's indexed this day? Seems webmaster tools will not do anything. Yeah, they put the squeeze on that, Google did because it was getting spammed to death. Any recommendation to getting these things indexed? Yeah, I wouldn't it to really worry about it that much, but if you want to just build spam links to your web 2.0 guys. Just buy a spam link package. That tends to get stuff indexed which just build links to them. They'll get indexed. Again, Google is seeing it whether it's indexed or not. You're still getting credit for it.

Last two guys and I have to wrap it up. Christopher Ulrich, this is the one that we were talking about … the other question about the wordpress.com stuff. Just very quickly, yes Christopher you can use self-hosted sites and install WordPress on them and you can still use them in the syndication networks, but part of the reason the wordpress.com sites were included in the syndication networks is because there's inherent authority on the wordpress.com domain that's why. If you want to go out build your own WordPress sites to be used in syndication networks, you certainly can, but I would recommend that you try to find domains that were themed similarly, that had some authority. I know I talk about metrics guys, not being the best thing to build on anymore, but I would still try to get something with some metrics that was themed correctly.

How Can We Best Prolong The Benefit Of The Press Release?

All right, Earl's question. Since you're doing press releases today, any hints on dealing with the fact that releases tend to disappear from new sites quickly? How can we best prolong the benefit of these releases? Earl, all of that is covered in Local PR Pro very, very thoroughly because yes a lot of press release is purged. That's what I call beware of the purge, because that's what they do. You can find particular press release publishing points or syndication points that don't purge, like for example organization pages on the distribution networks that you're using. Those are prime targets for the stack method. Again, a lot they will just get deleted. So, you have to find out ones that don't get deleted or use assets that you know won't be deleted, which don’t necessarily need to be specific press releases. They could be like organization pages. Again, all of that is covered in the training guys.

This Stuff Works
All right last question. I covered this briefly earlier, but I'm going to cover it a little bit more. This is from Rebecca. If outsourcing all this in the end, what would be the overhead cost for doing one site? I can't answer that. I can't tell you how much it's going to cost to rank a site guys because I don't know. There's too many variables. So, this is where I try to … I replied to her via email as well but I wanted to cover this for everybody's benefit. So, she asked, “How many tools do you need to add to your toolbox to be able to do this?” None. Again, guys the whole point of Local PR Pro is that it can be outsourced other than you need to sell it and then you need to provide the PR writers with who, what, when, where and then a quote and the links that you want to link to. That's it.

Who, what, when, where and a quote from an executive or if you're doing review stuff which again is covered in the training. One of the strategies I use is every time a business gets a new review, it's not every time but I'm selecting … like for my clients, I select one of the reviews that they received in the last 30 days or if it's a client … some clients are doing two press releases per month, we select reviews that have been posted within the last 30 days and then we publish a press release about that review. So, the quote ends up being the … the review copy, the text that was posted in the review. So, again, who, what, when, where and a quote is all you need and then the links that you're trying to promote and that's all you need. The press release services should write the press releases and distribute them for you. It's not going to cost you anything else other than the cost of the press release and the distribution. Again, places like SerpSpace we provide the writing and the distribution all in one package.

What Would Be The Overhead Cost Of Outsourcing For One Site?

She says, “I'm trying to understand overall investment at my end to purchase your training to be able to execute.” So, as far as overhead cost for one site guys I can't answer that that only because there's too many variables. Depends on many, many, many things. The competition level is the keyword. Depends on your website and how it's structured, your Google My Business. Do you have a verified Google My Business prop? That's required by the way. It has to be a verified Google My Business property if you're trying to rank and that you're trying to rank in the three pack. Even though I've been able to get results with a single landing page, a one page click funnels page that didn't really have any content on it, I wouldn’t recommend that.

You can certainly get better results if you've got a website that's optimized well, if you've got a syndication network to validate the entity, if you got a drive stack. You combine those three things; syndication networks, drive stacks, Google My Business profile and press releases so four things. You combine those four things and it's like … there's pretty much nothing you shouldn’t be able to rank for and as long as the site is built well and optimized well. So, there's a lot of variables there.

Again, I've mention this in the training and even probably on the sales page. I had 80% success rate with getting into the three pack within six press releases, published at the rate of one every two weeks. So, 12 out of 15 properties that I applied this to I was able to rank in the three pack within 12 weeks tops. So, you do the math whatever that cost would be.

All right guys, we're way over but there's a lot of questions. Sorry, I didn’t get to all of them guys. I really apologize, but it is what it is and we had a busy, busy day. So, we appreciate everybody being here. If you have any questions, post them in the regular or the appropriate groups and we'll get to them. I'll try to answer that one long question in the group later tonight or tomorrow, okay? Thanks everybody.

Adam: Awesome. Bye everybody!

Marco: Bye everyone!

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