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By April

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Bradley: Cool, we're live. Hello everybody. This is Bradley Benner with Semantic Mastery. This is Hump Day Hangouts for let's see April 25th, 2018. I believe this is episode 181. We are rocking and rolling, and we've got Hernan and Marco on with me today. What's up guys? I'll start with you Hernan, how are you?

Hernan: Hey guys, what's up everybody. Looking good, excited for today. Excited and it's great to be here so …

Bradley: Very good. Marco our unapologetic spammer. How're you buddy?

Marco: Got that right. I'm not going to drop an F-bomb this early but, you know how I feel about Google.

Bradley: That's right. The Hump Day Hangout is still young.

Marco: Yeah. Wait a bit, get me riled up.

Bradley: That's right. Get a little bit farther into it. Get Marco warmed up and he'll be dropping plenty of F-bombs.

Marco: Okay.

Bradley: All right, cool. Well Adam's not here, who usually handles all the announcements so I just got a couple real brief things, and I'm going to turn it over to Hernan for a minute to announce something. We'll probably do some teasing as we always do. First and foremost, I want to say if you're new to Hump Day Hangouts, or to Semantic Mastery, couple things. One, you can check our knowledge base for frequently asked questions. You can certainly ask your questions here also, just remember we only attend these once per week. If you've got questions that you need answered prior to that, you can always check our knowledge base at support.semanticmastery.com.

We've got a lot of frequently asked questions there that come up over and over again, so you may be able to get your questions answered there. If not, you're certainly welcome to post it here, and we'll get to them on Wednesdays. Next, if you have not already visit our YouTube channel, Youtube.com/semanticmastery, and subscribe. We are approaching 6000 subscribers now, pretty excited about that where our goal is to hit 10, 000, and it's all organic. It has been for the last many years. It's great because we get roughly anywhere between 100 to 150 subscribers per month, so please go subscribe and that way you'll stay notified of new videos that we add. Besides that, let's see Marco do you have any words before turning it over to Hernan?

Marco: Let me, let me. Yeah dude. We got a testimonial for our Local GMB Pro of someone who is already ranking in the three pack no one for key terms in his niche, right? Getting approximately a 100 calls per month and after a week of applying our method, our methodology, step by step, the following week I believe it was or 10 days, it was a really short time span, he doubled his call volume. I hope you guys heard that right. He was already getting a 100 calls a month, plus he doubled his call volume so he was already ranking number one, whatever. If you want to be the preferred search term in Google which is what we believe is happening, the preferred entity, the authority, whatever it is extra that's happening within it, I'm not sure yet it because it's just spinning my head how this is all happening.

Local GMB Pro is the shit it's where, it's happening. We're going to show you step by step … Well, Bradley's going to show you step by step how it is that we do the do that we do to get the results that we get. There you go.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Yeah. It's so crazy guys this … I'm going to turn this over to Hernan, but I just got a comment on this briefly because it's true this is insane. I believe this is the future of lead generation in Google, is everything being done in the GMB dashboard essentially, and it makes total sense to me. The more I've been thinking about this over the last couple weeks, the more it makes sense because you got a figure Google has been rolling out these tools, these additional tools inside of GMB for us to use, for businesses to use and the businesses that are taking advantage of Google's tools are giving Google what it wants, which is to keep searchers, Google users on Google or in the Google ecosystem, the Google environment.

The whole point is that if you're using the tools that Google gives you, then Google will provide more exposure for that business the way that I think it works, and I don't know this and there might be some data out there that can explain this to me better, but just from my own analysis is that people that are known to be in a specific way, like the tools in Google My Business are geared towards mobile users, mobile device users, and that's very apparent because some of the things like the new options that we can add in like data that we can fulfill or fill into the profile, to add to the profile. For example, the services section, you don't see that section on desktop.

You only see it on mobile which is it's called menu on mobile, but my point is a lot of these things are mobile, they're geared towards mobile users. People that are in a specific location, Google knows where you are, right? If you have an Android phone or even an Apple phone, an iPhone, whatever, but you have a Google account, Google knows where you are at all times, right? If you're in a local area that's near a business and you have any search intent for finding something that is even tangentially related which is a fancy word for remotely related, right? That's related in some way shape or form to a business that is actively using the Google My Business tools that are available, Google will expose that business to that searcher specifically, regardless of ranking position.

Does that make sense? The reason why I know that is because in some of these tests that we've been running, the rank trackers aren't showing any difference. At least in the tests that I'm running, I'm not seeing any difference in rank tracking. In fact, one of the newer sites that the case study that I'm doing for that Local GMB Pro course, it's not even registered in the rank trackers yet because it's brand new, and it's literally not even a website yet, but the clients already getting calls. He's getting clicks and calls and messages because we set up the messaging app inside of GMB too. My point is so how is that so, if he's not ranking, how is he getting phone calls and clicks and messages to his Google Maps listing if he's not even ranking, right?

That just goes to show you that people that are in his city or in that particular city that are searching for things that … It's a taxicab company, right? Let's say that they're searching for sporting events or wine tours or they've been searching for transportation services or they've been looking at different like tourist attractions or points of interest and things like that, and they're located in that area and then they go search for taxi service, Google's going to show the businesses to that user. Regardless of where it's ranking, it's going to show that to that user because of them being in that area and having a search that is related to that business and that business happens to be posting on a regular basis.

This Stuff Works
Again, it's just really incredible guys and I've basically been pitching all my clients on this service. If you guys remember last week, I talked very briefly in the beginning about how I'd sent an email out to three of my top or longest-running clients offering to do Google My Business posting service. Four posts per week and basically that's all I'm doing, it's nothing else's. I even specifically an email that I sent to them said I'm not doing any SEO, this is not going to be like ranked tracking stuff or this is just literally me providing you a service that's going to be X number of posts per month.

I sent out an email to them and saying look I'm going to be selling this as a $400 a month service but I'm willing or I'm offering it to you guys, my longest-running clients for $250 a month. The only reason I did that is because I wanted to buy the agency account which is called the medium account I guess on Sendible which is $200. I was like well before I commit to that, let me just check with three of my clients to see if if even one of them signs up, I'm already making money, right? I already got a positive return on investment and I'm just going to train a VA to do it. In fact, I talked to the VA today. She's one of my curators, she's going to do it for me and she's willing to do $5 per post, per GMB post.

I'm going to pay her $5, so think about that guys. On the low end $250 a month, on the high end $400 or that's what I'm going to be charging when I roll it out publicly to the rest of my clients, and it's also going to be a leading service, something that I'm going to lead with when I'm prospecting for new clients from agency because it's so damn powerful and it's activity-based. It's activity-based, meaning all I got to do is produce what I say I'm going to do which is X number of posts per week or per month or whatever, and that's all that I have to do to fulfill my end of the agreement. Although it will produce results, I'm not promising results, all I'm promising is that I'll be doing the posting.

However, I will quantify the results because I will take snapshots or screenshots of the Google My Business dashboard which they call Google insights. My point is I've got a VA that's going to do it for $5 a post. Even if I'm doing four posts per week, that's $20 per week that I'm paying a VA so $80 a month that on the low end again, I won't offer this to anybody else, it's a 250 month so that's $170 a month in profit off of that minus the small amount of fee that I'm paying Sendible which will be spread out across multiple clients now. Then on the high end $400, right? $80 a month to pay the VA, that's $320 a month again minus a small amount towards Sendible. That's a huge profit margin guys and it's something that is 100% outsourced, right?

Again, this is something that I'm super excited about. I know Marco is. I can hear the excitement in his voice. If you guys aren't already using it, start digging around in there. Our course is going to come out next month and when it does, we're going to show you all the tips and tricks that stuff that I'm not even aware of yet because Rob and Marco are in the lab figure and shit out all the time, but check it out, start using it guys, start playing around in there, and start watching the Google insights which is like I said it's analytics for GMB and you'll start seeing a lot more activity just from being active in there, I promise you that.

Sorry, I took up so much time on that, it's just very exciting for us. Hernan I'm going to turn it over here to talk about the battle plan.

Hernan: Yeah. Just top this off, this is a marketer's dream, this is an SEO's dream because it's traffic without rankings guys. You never again have to talk to your clients about ranking for shit. I'm going to get you traffic, it's going to be targeted traffic, it's going to convert … Oh you don't have to pay me anymore. You just walk away, you're free to walk away, but I'm going to produce results for you and they're going to come and they're going to love you guys. I'm telling it, it's unheard of.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Yeah, and the last thing real quick Hernan before I turn it over to you is out of the three clients that I emailed last week, two of them have signed up. I remember telling you guys one of them had already replied said yes sign me up immediately. The other guy I actually just spoke to there's partners in one of the businesses and we were conversing back and forth with. I was conversing with one of them last week via an email thread. We had about a dozen replies back and forth while his other partner called me today and said hey I was looking at the email thread from you and John and tell me a little bit about this.

I told him over the phone what it was because he thought that it was like it … My Google ad will pop up if somebody searches and I had to go explain to him in layman's term that's no, it's not an ad. I tried to explain to him what I just tried what I just explained to you guys about how I think it works. All I know is it works, this is how I think it works and so anyways he said yeah sign us up. I got two out of three. The third one, it's funny but he's been a longtime client of mine. He sent me an email back today because I sent him a follow-up email because I sent him seven days ago the pitch email and he never replied, and I was really surprised.

I sent him a follow-up email today saying hey look this offer is going to close or it's going to go to its regular pricing at $400 a month next week, so if you're going to do it, do it, I highly recommend you do it now. He sent me an email that he's like I can't handle the amount of calls I have right now, I'll let when I can. He said I'll definitely sign up, but just right now I can't handle any number of calls that I'm getting which is a good sign, means I'm doing my job. Anyways, that said guys, again it's very, very powerful, highly recommend you check it out. The Local GMB Pro course is going to be super, super good.

I mean I think it's so cliche to call it a game-changer, but I truly believe that that's the case. I think this is the future of lead generation in Google. All right Hernan, your turn.

Hernan: Sounds good. Yeah. Real quick so with that we can jump into questions, but that's exciting. I mean I'm excited for the Local GMB Pro. Another thing that I'm really excited is that today we're making “a soft launch of the Battle Plan Version two.” The battle plan was our go-to product for I don't know a year and because we produce so much content, we give away so much good stuff, a lot of stuff that other experts are actually charging for, we're giving it away for free. The main point is that people were asking for a guide, step by step condensed guide that people could follow over and over and over again. We launched Battle Plan Version one and it wasn't here a year ago.

It's being working really, really well, but now has been the time where we needed to update some service. We have been adding services, we're discovering new things. The techniques inside the Battle Plan Version one, they still work, but we rearrange a bunch of things within about Battle Plan Version two to fit what we're doing right now. We added new tutorials and whatnot. We are doing a new update webinar for version two buyers that's to be designed, but we're going to do it as we did with version one. Anyways, just get it, it's super inexpensive, it's going to be an expensive for a while. While we launch this, go to battleplan.semanticmastery.com.

You have the chance right now to have a blueprint, a guide, a step-by-step guide that will allow you to pretty much check the boxes and it's just step by step guide on everything that we're doing. You also get access to the bonus website which has, I don't know, 500, 700, maybe a thousand dollars worth of value in it. We keep adding on it, so it's a no-brainer. Yeah, that's basically it. Go to battleplan.semanticmastery.com, get your copy and get that blueprint because it can potentially change your business the way you do it because it's a process. We talk about processing and we talk about doing stuff that's simple, not complicated so that's how we set up the Battle Plan to be.

Bradley: Just to be clear, well a couple things. Number one Hernan, you made quick work out of that page. That was awesome man.

This Stuff Works
Hernan: Okay.

Bradley: Good job by the way. Number two, guys if you're looking for a complicated PDF with hundreds of pages with a bunch of fluff in there because it makes us sound like we're smarter than we really are, don't buy it because you're not going to get that. The Battle Plan is simple, straightforward, it's a process step by step system for that we use for all of our digital assets whenever we're launching a new site, trying to boost existing sites, whatever. Again, we simplified it for a reason so that it's an easy to follow process. Most of you are probably familiar with the Battle Plan already, some of you are not.

Again, if you think that it's going to be some super huge PDF full of ton of a bunch of crap that you don't need to know, then that's not it, don't buy it. If you want a simple plan to follow, the same processes that each one of us at Semantic Mastery use for our own assets as well as clients, then this is it, so check it out. Okay.

Hernan: Sounds good.

Bradley: All right, cool.

Marco: Can we get into questions now?

Bradley: I guess so, let's do it.

Marco: Let's do it.

Would A Press Release Be An Effective Offpage Strategy For An Affiliate Site?

Bradley: I've got a couple rock stars on that page too, some of are John Quackenbush, there's Tucker, look at that, it's awesome, looks really good. You guys did good. All right. Sam's up first. He says, “Would a press release be effective …” What's up Sam by the way. “Would a press release be an effective off page strategy for an affiliate site?” Yes, of course it is. Yeah, I mean it can be. I've been using press releases mainly for local stuff recently, but it absolutely works for affiliate stuff too for example when we had the master class going, I did several case studies on affiliate stuff when we did launch tacking and press releases are great for launch stacking. Now if it's like an evergreen affiliate offer, it still works guys.

It's still great because the press releases themselves can rank for the keywords, but also it helps for building back links to your page or post, right? Yes, it will work. Also, for the search space PR service, they ask for keywords. “If I'm targeting a lot of different keywords, we review a lot of products, how do you suggest picking appropriate keywords for a press release?” My suggestion Sam is select one product per press release. In other words, you're going to optimize a press release for a very specific product, which means you're going to optimize that press release for that product term, right?

For example, now like if you have category pages on your blog that are specific, you could optimize a press release for like the category type keywords and link to a categories page which would give your overall site a boost. Not any one particular product will necessarily be boosted from that, but your overall site should. Again that's unusual for people to do something like that. More or less at least with my experience with press releases for affiliate promos, I would always use them to basically target a specific product name and that's what I would use for launch stacking and things like that. It works really, really well.

Again when it comes to any content that you're trying to produce for optimization purposes or for link building and stuff like that, it's good to really … Unless it's authority content in which case press releases aren't because they're typically short 400 words or so, roughly words 400 or so, so that's not what you would consider authority content. Authority content article could be 2500 words or 3000 words whatever in which case you could be targeting or optimized for a lot of different things, right? You have different sections or headings, subsections and all that stuff, but for something like a press release very simple roughly 400 words.

How Does The Transition Of Goo.gl Service To Firebase Affect RYS Reloaded?

You would want to optimize it primarily for one keyword or one product name. Okay. Okay, next Andy says, “Hey guys with the ending of the Google short URL service and transitioning to their new firebase, will there be an impact to RYS Reloaded?” Marco that's one for you.

Marco: No impact, we don't care what they do with their shortener service. That's not what RYS Reloaded is built around. It's one of the methods that we used to push juice around. Well, you will just find another way.

Bradley: Yup.

Marco: That was really simple. It's one of the many ways we used to get Google to give us extra trust in the authority or extra art. If you're familiar with RYS Reloaded, then you know what I'm talking about. It's like activity, relevance, trust and authority. It's one of the many ways so we could care less what they do. Someone commented on do follow, no follow, we could care less what they do with that. That's not it Andy and if you're in RYS Reloaded, I suggest that you post this question in there and I will be more than happy to go into this in depth and tell you why we could care less what they do.

This Stuff Works

Will There Be An Opportunity For Pre-Sales For The New GMB Optimization Course?

Bradley: Very good. Jeff says, “With the impending release of the new GMB optimization course, will there be an opportunity for pre-sales prior to the course coming out?” Okay, great question Jeff and I'm so glad you asked this and the reason why is because I have not conferred with my partners on this. It's likely that yes we will do some sort of special on a pre-sale or something. However, I can tell you that this course launch is going to be different than pretty much any other course launch that we've done in the past in that there's not going to be a graduated pricing schedule where we do like a launch price and then 24 hours later goes up and in three days or seven days later or whatever goes up again.

We're not doing that this time we're going to launch it at its price, period, that's it and that's because every time we do a graduated pricing structure, we end up getting a shit ton of support tickets from people complaining, whining about not taking action when it was presented to them at first, when it was a cheaper price and then trying to talk us into giving them the cheaper price once the price has gone up or flat out bad-mouthing us and telling us how we should run our business and how we should not raise prices and how we should launch our products and all this other kind of stuff. My answer to that is if you have the answers, go launch your own damn products and I'm not saying this to you Jeff or to anybody in specifically, I'm just saying this in general.

We're taking a different approach this time because we end up fielding so many damn support tickets with whiners and complainers that it ends up eating up a lot of our time and it's dumb, it's stupid. We're just not going to do that anymore we're going to launch this at its price, period. If you're on our list, we'll do it like an internal thing of some sort, maybe a pre-sale off or something like that which will be very short, very, very explicit as to how you can redeem whatever special offer we provide. When it launches, it's going to launch at set price. No coupons, no discounts, no raising of prices in a certain amount of days.

Again if you guys are interested in the course, highly recommend that if you're not already subscribed to us somewhere that you subscribe to one of our lists somewhere, so that you can be notified if and when we do a pre-sale offer which will be very limited. Again it's only because it's all about having to deal with too much support and too many whiners and complainers. Again, I'm not complaining to any of you guys specifically. I'm just saying it's just every time we do this, we have to go through so much grief that we decided we're going to try a different approach and that's what it's going to be. Not only that, but the GMB course I'm telling you guys it is so freaking killer, the amount of results that you get it.

There's no reason for us to discount it. Honestly, if somebody doesn't see the value and whatever we're going to charge for it, then we don't want them anyways and that's just very blatant. I know that's very upfront, but I'm saying that very specifically because again it is going to be such a highly valuable course for the amount of results that you can get for your own projects or your clients' projects that it would be absolutely ridiculous for us to sell. It's not going to be a bargain-basement offer guys or product. We are out of the bargain-basement business. Okay, so anyways that was my two cents and you guys want to comment on that?

Marco: No, no. Yeah. I'd like to add on because I know that you're doing the training according to what Rob and I are feeding you, but what I want people to know is we've spent months studying this, researching it, pushing and guys it eats up a lot of our time and effort. I mean this isn't something that we just throw together hoping that it might work. It's tried, it's tested.

Bradley: That's right.

Marco: Testimonials, we have people that are killing it with this, I'm killing it with these methods. Bradley is brand-new de to testing it, but I mean I got Rob involved because I saw the results that I was getting and he said let me try to replicate. It's what we always do and he did, and he got great results like right from when he started. We went with something else, great results. I went with another GMB. I mean just flat-out great results, so then we recruited Bradley or I spoke to the team and said, “Hey look, this is what's happening in there, let's do something, let's tell people this is what you need to do” because we can't get to every niche.

We can't get it verified Google My Business I see in every niche in every city or whatever There's plenty money out there to be made by everyone and so the idea is tell you guys, this is how it's done, this is how we're doing it. That's not to say that it's the only way, but it's the way that I found that gets the best result and we keep refining the process. Again it's been about six months. It's not something that that was just started yesterday. Actually, it's been a little bit longer because I've been working on and off on another Google My Business listing where I started seeing results but didn't really pay attention until now when I got to go back and really examine what we were doing and why we got the results that we did.

Anyway, my time and effort are worth a ton. The quality that's put into this you guys should know, we over-deliver it, we under-promise and over-deliver it, time and again, time and again we do it. It's time that we put not the actual price that should be charged for something like this because it should be in the thousands of dollars, what this is worth but really something that's fair to us and actually pretty accessible to you guys if you take action.

Bradley: That's right.

Marco: That's my two cents.

Hernan: Yeah. Yeah. If I can add something real quick is that if a product or a training can change the way you do business, you should see the value not, the price. The people from the mastermind, they understand the value of investing in something that will bring them a higher return in the future so there are really, really smart people and that's why I love being part of that group because those are really smart folks. If you're a smart folk, you understand the value of investing right now for something that will bring you a higher benefit in the future so you should be thinking about that. Not the price because that limits the way you think about your business, right?

Think about the value not the price and that could change your perspective and that will make you a lot more money.

Bradley: Yeah, think of it as a … Last comment on this guys and we'll keep moving but my opinion on this is if the first thing you think about is price, and look I get that, I do that too sometimes guys, but I might think about something and base my initial judgment upon price. Then if you think about a little bit further like what Hernan just said, something like a training product like GMB Pro is not an expense unless you don't use it, then it's an expense. It's an investment if you plan on using it. If you plan on applying what you learn, it's an investment and if it's an investment, it should provide a return, there should be an ROI, return on investment.

This Stuff Works
It's only an expense if you don't use it. If you're a digital consumer where you buy products and consume them, right? You watch them, read them, whatever and say oh that's nice, that sounds like it would be awesome, I'm just not going to do it, then of course it's an expense, then you've just pissed your money away. If you take action on it, then again you should consider it as an investment which should provide a return and so just changing your mindset about how you approach a product a lot of times will change to whether or not you take action or what amount of effort you put into it, right?

If you think about it going into it as hey I'm going to invest money in this product and invest time and effort into making it work, implementing it, taking action, then it should provide a return. Again we're going to have many examples where we can show how its produced results. As long as you take the step by step instructions, you should be able to get similar results, right? Not the same results, aren't typical but similar results. All right, moving on. Peter from Poland, “I have seen many sites ranking in Google for highly competitive keywords using a post name permalink structure versus the category post name structure, are these just niche sites? Why are they ranking so high? Is it because they are niche websites with no depths, do depth silos?”

When Is It Beneficial To Use Postname Versus The Category/Postname Permalink Settings In Wordpress?

I'm not sure what that means. “When it's beneficial to use just a post name versus the category post name, permalink settings and WordPress.” Peter from Poland, it's a good question, but let me just clear something up for you. It makes no difference whether you're using category post name or just post name permalink structure. That's just a personal preference as far as SEO is concerned. Now there may be some data out there on the web that says that one has a 0.0002% higher more effect than the other or something like that, but it's so insignificant and it's such an outlier that it's not even worth it worth considering in my opinion.

We've tested, it's been several years now since I've tested, but since I've tested this like set up a test specifically for this, it's been I think probably three years now since I've done it. The category post name is what we call the physical silo structure. When you use just the post name permalink, that's called a virtual silo structure. You can accomplish the exact same thing as far as the bots and spiders are concerned regardless of whether you use category post name or just flat post name, right? It makes zero difference. Again there may be some data out there on the web that will contradict what I just said, but it's such insignificant difference, it's not worth bothering with.

Peter from Poland again I recommend just selecting what you feel more comfortable with. I used to always take the category post name structure because I liked seeing the hierarchy of how the content was stacked or the themes were stacked within a site, which you could tell with the physical silo which is the category post name permalink, right? That was just for me because it was logical and I liked being able to see it in the URL, but that in itself can create some issues if you're using a complex silo structure and those of you that have built complex silos into your sites, you'll know what I'm talking about especially local stuff where you can run into some really strange or some weird post slug issues, right?

The post slugs you get like – ones and – twos and stuff like that, if you're trying to use like categories or subcategories across multiple … If you try to use the same subcategory across multiple categories which would happen like with location-based silos and things like that, then it creates like these – ones and – two types slugs within the category URLs, right? Again it's hard to reconcile those when you're using a physical silo structure which is the category post name permalink. One of the ways that I've gotten around that is just to go switch back to the post name permalink which is again that's a virtual silo.

You can still accomplish the same thing all within how you stack your category, subcategories and posts or parent pages, child pages and posts, and your internal linking structure, right? It's all about how you create the hierarchy of categories and how you do your internal linking. The permalink structure is not really all that. It's really just a personal preference at this point. Okay, good question and I can understand the confusion, but it's really unnecessary. There's a great article by Bruce Clay. It's called I think it would just say Silo Architecture. Let's just see architecture. It's probably the first thing that comes up or one of them right here. This is Bruce Clay right here. You know what I'm curious, we used to have an old mail.

Marco: He actually has two pages on that website, Bruce Clay that …

Bradley: This is the one that I was talking about because I remember the marbled images. This right here will explain a bit … Yeah, this is a really good article and it's an old article. I think it was published in 2012. Anyways, it's a good article and it's still valid and relevant today, so go check that out. I was going to look and see we had a video that was ranked there, it is right there, website silo architecture. I wonder why it's not on page one. It was for the longest time, it's not there now. It's in the top of the video search though. That's us right there. Look at that 2014, four years ago, it's crazy. Anyways, all right, keep moving.

Is There A Way Around The New Youtube Eligibility Requirements For The Youtube Partner Program?

Ralph Peterson says, “Is there a way around the need to YouTube eligibility requirements for the YouTube Partner Program which requires 4000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and 1000 subscribers? I have some clients with low watch hours. This has hurt. One thing we cannot is we cannot link back to the website from the videos using cards. Next question, do you think the sites that loop the videos on repeat, help or hurt?” Okay, first of all the YouTube Partner Program as far as I know, you can't … Well, now I haven't checked the cards thing Ralph and I might not be right here, but as far as I know, you can still link from cards to a website as long as it's the associated website with the channel and you can associate more than one website per channel.

Let me just explain what I mean here guys. I'll jump into here real quick and we'll go to channel and we'll go to advanced. Down here where it says your associated website guys, so for those of you that didn't see what I just did, let me zoom in a little bit. Go to YouTube, go to your whatever creator studio or whatever the hell it's called, come over here to the channel, then click on advanced. When you come down here where it says associated, now guys correct me if I'm wrong here, but if you have your associated website listed here which means you have to add your website, your URL that you want to link out from, from the videos, you have to add them to Google search console and then the same search console that the YouTube account is under, right?

The same Google profile that the YouTube account is owned by, you want to have the website added to search console and verified in search console, then you come over here and you add it to YouTube and it'll say success. Now I can click remove right now and add another website in here and click add and then click save and yet Semantic Mastery is still added to this. Does that make sense? I mean which means I can still link out from cards to Semantic Mastery because it's been confirmed and verified and even though I just clicked remove from here, I can add like let's say I wanted to add Mastery PR which is it's like a sister company of ours.

If I wanted to add that to this channel, I could add that and now I could link out as long as it was connected in search console, verified in search console. Now I could link out to both Semantic Mastery and Mastery PR. Does that make sense? Now again guys correct me if I'm wrong, that may have changed, but as far as I know, you just can't link out to stuff that's not been associated, as an associated website. Yeah. Again I may be wrong, so if you guys correct me on that, I'd be happy to admit it. As far as how to get around that, honestly I wouldn't spam that guys to try to get around those thresholds because potentially it could get the account terminated. I really don't know what to tell you as far as that.

I just really haven't been concerned with it. I had several of my channels have the same thing. I got notification from YouTube saying that they had removed me from the partner program because some of my channels including my own channel Bradley Banner, right? It did not meet these requirements. Again I just don't really care that much, but if I'm wrong about the cards thing, please correct me, but as far as, I know you can still link out as long as it's an associated website. Also, the other thing you can do is always set up ads. You could set up ads and link out to whatever because, then you're paying Google and they will allow you to link to pretty much whatever as long as the landing page that you're linking to has the privacy policy terms of service and whatever else they require, right? Do you think …

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Marco: By the way …

Bradley: Go ahead, I'm sorry.

Marco: I've yet to find a way around those requirements. I mean they're rock solid, I don't know. If anyone finds a hack, share chair please.

Bradley: I'm sure there's some way to spam that but I wouldn't want to because if you're trying to get around that guys, it's probably a money channel and money channels I try to treat like money sites in that I don't spam them. Does that make sense? “Do you think sites that loop videos on repeat help or hurt?” I don't know because I'm not sure what you mean by that. I really don't understand what you mean by that Ralph and if you want to clarify that, I'd be happy to answer. I'm not sure what you mean by that. Shawn says, “Hi, thank you for helping the past hump days, you guys are awesome.” Well, thank you Shawn, I appreciate that.

Is It Safe To Make Two Separate Social Media Accounts (Brand And Persona) For A Website?

He says, “I'm currently building out the social accounts from my new website. I am blogging on the website under an alias. Okay. Is it safe beneficial to make two accounts on each social media, one for brand and one for my alias?” You can do that Shawn. The only thing I would suggest is that if you're going to do that and that here's the thing don't think that you … I know a lot of people would do this. I know because I used to do it too, which would be to create a brand syndication Network and then create like an author syndication network, a blog contributor syndication network and then you syndicate the same posts to both networks. That's perfectly fine to do, right?

As long as your author network or contributor network has other content being post to it as well. Another way to put it in other words, let's put if you were to take your author or contributor network and treat it as if it was a second-tier Network, and if you've been through our training at all syndication academy training, you know when we talk about if you're going to use to tiered networks for blog syndication, so second to your networks that you should obviously syndicate your money site posts via tier one to tier two, but you should also include related content feeds to automatically post to your tier two networks. That's the same setup that you would use in this particular example, right?

If you have a branded network and author network or contributor network, one on the same author/contributor network, then all of your money site posts get syndicated exclusively or to tier one branded network and that's the only thing that should be posted to your tier one branded network, right? You don't publish related content feeds to your branded network because that's your golden frame, right? You want to keep just your content on there, but the author/contributor network would have your branded content as well as other content that's related from other sources that can set up through IFTTT applets that will auto post to that because it would be unnatural for an author to only post content from one particular site, right?

I mean think about what normal people do, normal people that are into content and share stuff or whatever, they're going to be blogging and an author/contributor will typically also contribute or author posts for other blogs in other sites. My point is just use that to be able to add additional content to that because they will actually help, but you don't want to have two networks with the same content and only that content because then that creates a footprint and it could cause you problems. Does that make sense? Anyways, hopefully that makes sense.

What Is Your Recommended Wordpress Plugin That Is Useful In Measuring The Growth Of A Video Course?

All right. RP is up, he says, “Which plug-in to be used for creation a video course on WordPress helping even with the measurability or growth? Gymnasticsbody.com is the best example.”

That's funny, Gymnasticsbody.com, I just got an email from them again today. I know that course actually. I think what this question is is he's asking for a plug-in that you can create a membership course. I don't like any of the WordPress membership plug-ins or options guys. I just don't like them. I think it's too easily hacked, there's too many problems with it. MemberMouse is one of them, there's a ton of them out there shit. You guys I need some help here. What are some of the other WordPress membership plug-ins? I'd do a Google search.

Marco: Yeah, I can't, I'm off hands.

Bradley: WordPress membership plug-ins, what I would do is probably if you're interested in using WordPress, I don't recommend it for membership sites guys. If you're interested in it, just go do WordPress membership plug-ins and then I would probably try to find some like these where they do like comparisons and then read through some of these and try to find one that fits you the best. I can tell you what we use for our sites which I like it. I know there are some issues with it sometimes, but all of these guys have issues that sometimes guys, all of these membership sites. This is what we use for all of ours, Value Addon we've been using it since they first launched. By the way, look who that guy is, 280 pounds.

That sucks man, I need to get this guy to update my testimonial, that's awful. Anyways, we've been using this ever since they launched. I mean we were one of the first people in the door, no kidding. I really like it and support's always been really good. Again, there's been some issues from time to time, but for the most part I like it, it's easy to use, I'm really familiar with it. We've got dozens of courses in Value Addon now so I recommend this, but there's also stuff like Kajabi. I know a lot of people that use that actually. I don't recommend doing it in WordPress though RP just to be clear. Okay. I would say Kajabi and Value Addon are probably the two biggest ones or the two most common that I'm aware of anyways.

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Is It True That One Should Not Use P.O. Box To Verify More Than One Listing Under The Same Brand?

All right, next Gordon says, “Hey guys you're helping these hump days is greatly appreciated.” Well, thank you Gordon. He says, “If I understood correctly, you mentioned that if you're using a PO address to verify GMB listing, we should not use that strategy for more than one listing under the same brand in case Google discovers one of them and investigates the other. Could you please clarify?” Yeah and what I really mean is under the same Google profile Gordon.

What I mean by that is if you're going to use the PO boxes, then I highly recommend that for each new GMB profile that you set up, so each new local business profile that you set up, that you create a new Gmail account so that the owner, I'm using air quotes, the owner of that account that Google My Business profile is a unique Gmail account, unique persona, then you can add yourself Gordon R. as a manager so that you can still access Google My Business from your own Google profile and still manage the business, and you can manage all of the businesses even like if it's a multi-location business the same brand, right? They're all going to be the same, just different locations.

You can still manage all of those from one manager account, but every individual location is owned, again air quotes, is owned by a separate Google profile. The reason why is because if you connect all of them under the same owner account and it gets investigated, then yeah it can literally, and we had one of our mastermind members post about this just recently something similar happened to him and he lost a couple of accounts or several accounts because of it, and that's something you want to avoid and that's why I specifically always tell you guys to try to reduce your exposure by doing that.

It's a little bit of a pain in the ass to set up a different Google account for every account, but when you lose a profile that you put a ton of work into, a ton of SEO time and effort, money and all of that into that was producing revenue, that's going to hurt a lot worse than taking the few minutes it takes to set up a new Gmail account, right? Also because Gmail accounts are becoming harder and harder to create, spam accounts, I recommend you just buy the accounts. Again that's what I do guys. I mean I do still create. The taxi service company that I just landed as a client about a few weeks ago, I created that Google account myself from my own IP. It was fine.

Does Google Add Ranking Power To The Entire Local Lead Gen Site If You Use Sub-domains Instead Of Using Inner Pages?

It didn't even require a phone verification and again this is only problem because I don't create accounts very often for my IP anymore because I buy them all, and that's what I recommend that you would do. All right. Next, “I know you prefer using subdomains for each different location when creating a lead gen site instead of using inner pages. Does Google add ranking power to the entire site, the more locations you get top rankings for if you use subdomains the way it does when using inner pages?” Yes, it does. That's why I like it and why I like it better than doing inner pages is because as we've talked about before if you have location pages on the site, so each location gets its own specific page that way you can add your local business markup, JSON-LD, embed a map, all that other stuff that we do and that's how you should do it, right?

Each location should have its own dedicated page. The problem with that is if any one of your pages' locations catch a penalty for whatever reason, then it could literally pull down the entire site. Whereas if you have them on subdomains, yes it cumulatively adds to the overall authority of the domain. I know that for firsthand experience because I've got some lead gen sites out there that have as many as 14 or 15 locations now and the one now I add a location and it ranks in 30 days whereas opposed to it used to take six months, and that's just because I'm continually adding to that brand and adding more sites and adding more relevancy if that makes sense.

With a sub-domain if you catch a penalty on a sub-domain, it's isolated to that sub-domain. In other words, they won't pass over to the root and then take down all the other subs. Does that make sense? The worst thing you can do is catch a penalty on a root domain because it will kill all the inner pages on that domain and all the subdomains. If you catch a penalty on a sub-domain, it will only affect that sub-domain, not the root and not the other subdomains, the sister or sibling subdomains. Does that make sense?

How Many Links Are Acceptable For A New Site Blog Content?

Okay, last, “You mentioned that we should place links within periodic news site blog content to the pages we want to rank, so how many of those links are considered acceptable for each post for a local lead gen site? Thank you very much for your help.”

I'm not sure what you mean by that how many of those links are considered acceptable for each post. What I recommend is each post have one primary target URL that you're trying to promote. That doesn't mean that you only put one link per post because obviously if you're curating post which is what I recommend because it's way more efficient and you can outsource it, that you're obviously going to be linking out to the curated content sources, right? You're going to be providing attribution. You're going to be citing the source and linking to the original article sources or content sources because they didn't have to be articles. It can videos, slideshows, anything, audio, MP3 embeds, all that.

If you're curating content, you'll be linking out to other stuff as well, but you should have one primary target URL as an inner page that you're trying to promote within your site because that's the whole point of the syndication … Oh shit, that reminds me that's a good time to drop this link guys. If you guys aren't following some of these blogs, you should be. BrightLocal even if you don't use it for your monthly reporting and stuff for clients, I do, I have been since 2012. I love BrightLocal, it's fantastic. I was just in there again today. They've rolled out a whole lot of new tools inside of BrightLocal guys, a whole lot of new tools and new reporting features and all kinds of stuff.

It's fabulous, I love BrightLocal, and it just keeps getting better. Anyways, they got a really good blog and this was a really good post. I was reading through it earlier, it's a long post, but they talked about do local businesses need blogs. Well, this is right up our alley with syndication networks, right? Again this is a great article. It was just published a couple days ago, about two weeks ago, so I would definitely check this out. Guys I'll drop the link on the page, but this is about blogging. To finish that question Gordon, remember the idea what the blog's here is to blog so that we can build links in an acceptable way to the pages on our site that we want to rank to drive traffic, to generate leads. Does that make sense?

Essentially we're using the blog to mention pages on our site and then that post gets syndicated out with a link pointing to the page on the site that we're trying to promote, so it get syndicated out to our syndication networks which are back links that ultimately point to the page that we're trying to promote, and then we can boost those with tier two links and tier three links, and blah, blah, blah so on and so forth, right? Let me post this real quick. This is that BrightLocal post guys, go check it out, it's pretty cool. Okay, keep moving. Arman says, “What up bromosexuals. That's funny. Love you guys, strictly platonic, I promise.” That's funny Arman.

What Are Your Thoughts On EIN Presswire For Stacking Press Releases?

He says, “I wanted to know of you guys here have ever used EIN Presswire for stacking press releases.” No, I've used the EIN Presswire. They're actually based in Washington DC which is like an hour drive for me. I get a lot of pitch emails. If you guys are using press releases, you've probably gotten pitch emails for me on Presswire too. Essentially if you published a press release with your contact information in it, you'll get an email from them and they'll say hey look we'll give you ten press releases for whatever X amount of dollars, things like that. I have tested them because the pricing always looked really good, but you're right in that a lot of their distribution networks are like their own sites that they built on subdomains and stuff like that.

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There's some value to that guys, but not nearly as much value as there is getting published across unique domains, not unique subdomains but unique root domains, right? There is some there is some value there guys if you're on a budget, something you might want to consider because I know it's a lot cheaper than some of the other services. Again, remember guys you get what you pay for. I'm not saying EIN Presswire is terribly bad, I'm not saying that. I'm just saying it doesn't have the same SEO effect is using a better distribution service. Does that make sense?

Have You Ever Used Bluechip Backlinks To 301 Redirect Expired Domains To Tier 1 Properties?

Another question if you have time, “Have you ever used Bluechip Backlinks?” Yeah, we used it extensively for quite some time. “To 301 redirect expired domains to tier one properties and saw results.”

Yeah, you can do that but I would recommend you do that very selectively, even to tier one properties, never to your money site. When I say never, there's always an exception guys. 301 redirect, like if you find a super powerful domain especially if it was relevant, the original content was relevant, if you want to redirect that to your root domain, again it's totally going to depend on many variables. If all of the boxes check off correctly, then you could do that, but I would recommend that you do it very sparingly few and far between because a whole bunch of 301 redirects to a root domain as a flag, right? You don't want to do that. Even tier one properties, I would be careful with that, so here's what I did. If you're using 301 redirects is you can create a buffer page.

I prefer to do that with like an HTML page that I host in Amazon S3. It's an Amazon S3 bucket hosted HTML page because then you're using the Amazon domain to filter any potential negative link equity or link juice from the 301 redirect. Even if it's checks out to be okay good inbound links, decent metrics, it was relevant, I always again like to try to mitigate risk guys. I try to reduce exposure, right? Adding up creating an HTML page, and it doesn't have to be HTML, I prefer that but you create an HTML page, upload it to an Amazon S3 bucket so it's a hosted page, it's public, and then you could put a link to your money site in that page, and then do all your redirects to that HTML page because here's the thing.

You can inject relevancy on that HTML page by adding content. It could just be a wall of text of 2000 words or whatever about your particular product or service or whatever it is you're trying to promote on your money site, and have one link pointing to that page on your money site, and then you do your redirects to that HTML page. That way it's a buffer site and if anything happens that causes negative SEO effect, it causes you to lose rankings or hurt your site, all you got to do is go in and change that URL or delete the page altogether, in Amazon delete the bucket or whatever and you're fine. You just turn that switch off.

That's what Terry Kyle calls well Switchbox SEO, Switchbox SEO, and that's what you could do is create a switch basically that you can open and close at any time. That's how I recommend you do it. Okay, “Thinking about doing that to Google stacks and some other tier one properties.” Google stacks I haven't tried it off of that. It probably would work well for that or perhaps even Google Sites, G sites because again those are Google properties, it's a bit different. Yeah, just be careful with what you're doing. Again I always prefer to use like some buffer page that I can turn on and off that I have control over in case it ends up causing a negative result. All right, cool. We're almost done with question … Well maybe not, let's keep moving.

Is It A Bad Thing To Add The Money Site Link To An Orphaned Youtube Channel In The Links Section And The Description?

[Inaudible 00:55:09], “Good day gents, thanks for the help, it's appreciated. Is it a bad thing to add the money site link to an orphaned YouTube channel in the links section and the description? This YouTube channel is used for spamming.” I don't know that I would do it if it's used for spamming. I don't know that it's a bad thing, but I don't like to associate spam with a brand, money, something that I'm working on as an asset. again if you're spamming, then what I would recommend you do is set up a redirect URL you can be through one of your own redirect, one of your own domains. For example, I have a domain that I use for … I'm doing a ton of video spam right now guys.

I've got a VA that's running video marketing blitz full-time for me that's just doing video spam campaigns for local clients. I'm doing it for prospecting a ton of stuff. I have a domain that I set up, then I've got hosted with pretty links, the WordPress redirect plug-in. I use Pretty Links Pro, I love it and so I create all of my links that go into the spam campaigns through my redirect domain using Pretty Links, WordPress plugin. That way in case again there's any issues … First of all, my money site URLs are not listed in the video descriptions because, and I know you're talking about the about section but the same rules apply in my opinion, right?

My money site URLs not listed, so it's not a citation, right? It's not a mention of the brand and it does redirect to the brand where I want it to go, but if there was some negative effect just what I talked about the previous post question here about Switchbox SEO, I can go into Pretty Links and just change the destination URL, right? I can point it anywhere I want. I can point it to google.com if I want. Does that make sense? My point is I can change that to where I basically again Switchbox SEO, I just turn that switch off. Okay.

Is It Necessary To Use Fresh Content Or Can You Recycle Old Blog Posts When Posting To GMB?

Question two, “When posting the GMB, is the article required to be fresh and new or can it be recycled from old blog posts?”

As far as I know, it can be recycled. Guys I'm going to be training my virtual assistant who's going to be doing this. By the way, this is the course or Sendible is the service I'm using right now to schedule posts in GMB. It's a good service. This is interesting though guys, the images for Google My Business have to be a very specific dimension, 16 by 9 aspect ratio and so here are the dimensions. If you don't have it, 69 aspect ratio, it won't post, it will fail so it's interesting. Anyways, this the help file on that. Sendible's got some pretty good help files. Yeah, I'm going to be doing a template when I train my VA next week.

I'm training the VA on the GMB posting service and she'll be going in and basically there's going to be certain templates that she's going to use … Because the posts expire every seven days, so we're going to be doing a lot of posts, there's going to be a lot of duplicates or repeat post guys. It would be difficult to come up with unique content for every GMB post. I know one of my clients who manages the GMB posting on their own, they have a like an in-house social media person that does all that and he's freaking crushing it by the way because he's been active in it for months GMB posts.

I see the same post going out from them over and over and over again, like they have like a set of I don't know six or eight posts that they just cycle through over and over and over again. They might change the images but it's the same call-to-action, the same post bodies. Okay, guys we've only got about a minute left. I'd like to get through just a couple more questions if you guys don't mind sticking around for a minute. By the way, what the hell is … Are they karate chopping, what is that a computer? Anyways.

Adam: Yeah, they're trying to find it man. The files are in the computer.

Bradley: Adam, what's up buddy?

Adam: Hey, how's it going guys?

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Bradley: You made it. Very cool.

Adam:Yeah, better late than never. Finally got the internet so I'm back back online.

Bradley: You replaced turn on apparently.

Adam:Yeah, we just switched up.

Bradley: Yeah, I guess.

Adam:All right.

Bradley: All right, cool, let's get through just a couple more guys, just a couple of minutes.

Marco: Just to say a little bit more about that, we're going to explain in the training what works best and why as far as posting.

Bradley: I'm anxious to hear that because I haven't heard that yet.

Marco: Yeah, it's in the file.

How Should One Set Up A GMB Page For A Realtor Who Wants To Do Business In A County That Is Different From Its Main Office Address?

Bradley: Okay. Cool. All right, next question, “I have a client who is an agent, the main office is in another County, no realtor feeds there but she wants to work where she lives. How should she set up her GMB page? The address has to be the main office address by law.” I don't know. I would say you probably can't do GMB then, right? I mean you could focus on organic and paid traffic like ads, but I can't imagine if by law, by the realtor agreement or whatever, she has to have it listed with her office, then I don't know how she would do it. Honestly, don't know, that's a question I can't answer. I apologize and you stumped me, so you get a plus one for stumping me today. Sorry, I can't help you with that buddy. Yeah, I don't know how to answer that one.

Marco: Yeah because that would depend on … I mean he says the law is that it has to be that the main office address, but if the main office address is outside the US, is that acceptable by US law because if that's the case, then you can verify the GMB in …

Bradley: Well, he's just saying can't or who … He's county though.

Marco: Oh county?

Bradley: County, yeah, but my point is is if like let's say it's an adjacent county, let's say it's 30 miles from me. If my GMB has to show the actual office address by law, the law from the real estate agents or whatever, then I don't know how to create a GM be at my own location. There's not really any way to do it. I guess I would just focus on organic then and paid ads. I don't know how else to do how else you would get around that.

In The GMB Pro Course, Was The Testing Done On Verified GMB Sites Only?

Dominic, What's up buddy? He says, “When you and Marco were talking GMB Pro course, was the testing done only on verified GMB sites?” Yeah, yeah. I mean in my opinion, there's no reason to not … Unverified GMB sites guys now won't even show, they're unpublished. Unverified equals unpublished.

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It used to be unverified would still show up in search results and older ones may still. Older unverified GMB profiles may still show in search results but when you set up a new account now, it doesn't publish until it's verified. You can't see it in maps at all, unless it's verified.

Marco: Not only that, it doesn't have any of the features that you need …

Bradley: That's right.

Marco: To apply the course. They're just not available, you can't do anything.

Do We Build Separate Citations For Each Location Using That City's NAP And Include A Link To That City's Landing Page Instead Of The Homepage?

Bradley: Jeff Miller, he's a new mastermind member as well both Dominic and Jeff are and Greg is too, like all in a row. That's awesome. Jeff says, “For a company with GMBs in different cities, do we build separate citations for each location using that cities at NAP and include a link to that cities landing page instead of the home page?” Yes, absolutely Jeff. In fact, each GMB profile should have a unique landing page URL too. Does that make sense? There's a reason for that. Again as I was just talking about earlier, somebody was asking about multiple locations having either inner pages or subdomains, it's fine if you want to use inner pages it's fine.

Just be aware of what I talked about earlier which is the risk factor, but each location should have its own separate page so that you can add JSON-LD, local business markup, you can embed the map. You can make that entire page a 100% relevant to that one specific location, then you use that location URL, location page URL as the website in GMB, as the website URL. You can change that guys without a triggering reverification because it's an inner page on the same domain. Now I'm not saying that you said there might not be some weird thing that triggers reverification, but in my experience is doing that, it does not trigger reverification. Okay.

Is It A Good Idea To Include The Local GMB's NAP Info On The City Specific Page?

“Is it a good idea to include local GMB's NAP info on the specific city page?” Yes, absolutely. I embed the GMB map on that page. I put the NAP. I also put the Google map URL, even though the embed is there. I also link to the Google Maps page specifically. Yeah absolutely you want to list all that, plus Jeff again you're in the mastermind but you want to make sure you have the local business markup in the header JSON-LD and use the same as attributes. You want to use as many of those. You can use the ad ID stuff. We talked about that in both mastermind and syndication Academy, go look at the syndication Academy update webinar that I called the local wireframe loop, it's incredibly powerful.

When Running Press Releases, Can We Swap In Different City Location NAP Or Should This Always Be The NAP For Your Headquarters?

Make sure that you're doing that stuff too. All right, last one and we're going to wrap it up. We're going to answer Tom's and we're going to be done guys. “When running press releases, can we swap in different city location NAP or should this always be the NAP for your headquarters?” No, I mean it depends on what you're doing Jeff. If you're going to be promoting a specific location, make sure that that … Here's the thing if, and I've talked about this many times, Jeff you're a mastermind member so you probably have local PR Pro and all that.

If you go through that course, I talked very specifically about how organization pages with press releases are really powerful, and so like our press release service inside a search space will give you the ability to create an organization page, right? From there, each location should have its own organization page because your NAP is part of the organization, right? When you set that up, your NAP will be there plus a link back to your site. Then any press release for that specific location will go be shown on like a basically an index page like a blog index or category index page for that organization will show all the different press releases.

That's a great, great, great spam point or link point that you can point a bunch of links to, and it's got an NAP, your citation with a do follow link because the organization pages that you generate from inside service base with the press release service, not to press release plus service, the press release service is great. That's why I like that service, I use it a ton. Even though we have press release plus which indicates two more sites, allows map embeds and video embeds, I still use just the press release service a lot specifically because of that reason. Again each separate press release should be optimized specifically for one location and that location should be the NAP or the citation listed in that press release for that location. Otherwise, you ambiguate the data, right?

Data ambiguity. I can't say it in that sense, but you want to disambiguate the data by making everything segregated, separated by location. Does that make sense? All right, last one. Tom says, “This is post on google for the posting service?” Yes GMB and by the way, there's one thing we didn't mention there's that I don't know that we should, but we're working on I've done for you service for that stuff to guys, so we'll talk about all that when we actually get closer to launching the course. “Are Masterminds ever gets a new view?” Yes of course, just contact us at support or ask in the Facebook group, the mastermind Facebook group, we'll get you sorted. All right guys, we got to wrap it up, I'm way over. Thanks guys for hanging out, appreciate it. We'll see you guys next week.

Marco: All right man.

Bradley: Also very briefly mastermind members, we've got not a mastermind webinar tomorrow, but we have a special webinar tomorrow. Some of you may have gotten emailed about it. Anyways, just be on the lookout for it tomorrow. It's going to be pretty cool. Okay. All right guys, thanks everybody.

Marco: Bye everyone.

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