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By April


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Bradley: Everybody, this is Bradley Benner, this is Semantic Mastery Hump Day hangouts, episode 183. Let's see, it's just me and Hernan and Marco today. So I'm gonna start with who I got. What's up Hernan?

Hernan: Hi, what's up Bradley. What's up guys, I'm really excited to be here. A lot of the good stuff going on. So a lot of good stuff coming out. So really excited. I'm ready for some questions.

Bradley: Awesome. We've got several already by the way. This is May 9th, 2018. So Marco, what's up man?

Marco: Episode 183 man, and rolling. I'm excited for many, many reasons, but as far as what we do and how we tackle the web and how we make people money or make money for our clients or for whoever is a member of our groups or whatever. I haven't been this juiced up. Since, I started exploring the original RYS Academy in … What was that? 2014.

So for here we are, 40 years later and it just gets easier, man. It's not more difficult. It's not getting, it's not hard to do. Google keeps doing all of these updates are supposedly, we have four so far this year major updates. People are scrambling and crying and hiding under the bed and we're making money.

We're making our clients' money. I mean, we just send traffic. We concentrate on that. Forget rankings. We don't bother with it. Three pack. Who gives a crap? We don't care. We make money. How simple as that.

Bradley: Yeah, I'm pretty excited too. I've been playing around with some of the stuff that you've been developing with Mark, excuse me with Rob and I'm seeing some crazy results and so I'm developing processes out already for virtual assistants. So I can outsource what you guys are cooking up. So, that I don't have to do it myself.

And so I've been pretty deep in process development for the last week that. And at the same time I'm doing prospecting now because the funnel that I built for our prospecting or automated prospecting funnel is working. It's awesome, it took me months to build it, but it's working and so I'm driving traffic into it now and I'm starting to rebuild the funnel for our agency build that is going to be shared inside the mastermind.

And so by the way guys, those of you that are watching right now, that are in the mastermind contents, gonna start being uploaded to the member's area for that tomorrow, as well as some of the process docs that I got promised you guys already. I gave you a bit of a tease inside the Facebook group today with some of the stuff that we're going to be including in local GMB Pro 2, which are processed stocks that I'm developing like I just mentioned.

So that'll save you guys a ton of time because anybody that ends up jumping on local GMB pro, which I'm going to let Marco talk about here in just a moment. That's going to be a bonus that I'm going to add. And if anybody knows or has seen any of the process docs that I developed for training outsources, it's the same exact process.

The process process is what we teach in the outsource kingpin. So it's the same exact process that we teach inside of outsource kingpin on developing process docs and how to hire, train and manage virtual assistants. And so everything that I do, I do it once or twice or maybe a handful of times until I get comfortable and proficient at whatever the task is.

This Stuff Works
Then I record a training video narrating how to do it, and also then create a step by step what's called a working procedures. A standard operating procedure or process doc. It can be any one of those and I do that very granular step by step and I just use google docs for that. So that there's a corresponding training video to go along with step by step written instructions.

And that's how I do everything in my business. And so, all this stuff that I'm learning from Marco and Rob for the local GMB Pro method. I'm actually creating process docs immediately for my VA so that I don't have to do it because I don't want to be the bottleneck. And I typically am in my business and I'm sure most of you can relate to that.

So the quickest way to not be the bottleneck is to outsource it, right. Delegate the work that you typically have to do and the best way to do that, that I found in my career is by creating process docs the way that I do it. Which we teach in our outsource kingpin. So the only reason I mentioned in that guys because local GMB Pro is going to be coming out.

We're doing a pre launch webinar on Monday. Again, I'll let Marco would pitch it a little bit better. But I'm going to be in including several of the process docs and I'm developing out for my own agency as well as what we're going to be implementing for our new agency as a group.

So, that'll save you guys a ton of time. If you ended up jumping on the offer and joining local GMB pro, you'll be able to take these process docs and hire a virtual assistant and literally hand them the docs and they'll get trained on how to do this stuff so that you don't have to do it.

And that's typically not something that I include as a bonus, but I'm going to do it this time because I think this is such a powerful method, and I don't expect or want any of you guys to actually be doing this yourself.

You should be outsourcing this, you can focus on just generating new clients. So anyways, Marco, take it away, man.

This Stuff Works
Marco: Yeah, we'll just start with we're actually hiring someone so that they can do all of this menial stuff that's required to make this work. So, I'm interviewing people and I'm going to hire one to put them through the training, put them through the same thing that we're going to offer plus your procedures so that they know exactly what needs to be done plus training from me.

But I'd like to just have people go to scroll towards the top where I just pose it to images because that says it all. On one, you know, that one I've been working on since December, January when I didn't know what I was doing up until now.

You can see that, that's a week, that's a week's worth of activity on that GMB and the knowledge panel and everything that with that. I can't show call volume or anything like that because I'm under an NDA and I really can't say other than it's just hundreds.

I can give you that. I can't say exactly how many, but you can see it. Over 5,000 … it shows you were customers view your business on Google. And so we have over 5.2K, listings in search and listings and maps. And that equates to a whole lot of traffic for the client.

You can also see the one that you're working on, which it hasn't even gotten any posts yet. And look at the activity on that-

Bradley: That's the second image.

Marco: Yes.

Bradley: That's the client that I'm working on.

Marco: Yes. Two, yes.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Oh my God, I haven't even checked on that in a week because I'm waiting for my VA that I'm training to do all the job posts. I'm waiting for her to get set up and she actually started today, so I'm really surprised to see that much activity from not even … guys that's incredible.

That's like what Marco is saying. I mean this is like, I'm not even following the process fully yet, because I've been training a VA and so she's gonna take over the labor part of the portion, labor portion of it.

And she's going to be the one to one, like managing the posts and all that stuff. And so we haven't even been doing that yet. And look at that. That's crazy. 15 calls, 12 visits to the website. That's awesome. And that's what, just a week?

Marco: That's over the last six weeks since you started, but you have to remember, that's brand new. That's a brand new listing.

Bradley: With all of that activity.

Marco: The website wouldn't even be out of, out of the sandbox. You wouldn't even be in search, not anywhere close to being listed at certain. We don't need no stinking search results, man. So this is what I'm trying to tell people.

And the actual call volume is usually higher because this only registers the click to call. Not The people who actually took the time to dial it up, push the numbers. A lot of people do that. A lot of people save it and call later for when they need it.

So that doesn't reflect true call volume. We know that from all of the other people that we've been working with. Beta testers, we have one where his GMB actually showed 45 calls, but he said that is called volume was over a 100 calls.

It went from … he was getting 40, 50 to over 100 in one week. I think I talked about this last week, but that's the type of result that we're getting and what we're giving people is really the way that we do it.

How do you do this? We're going to tell you, we're going to show you, webinar is on Monday. Actually, the Webinar. Monday, the 14th special price, right? It's only going to be available during that, that Webinar,

After that Webinar, you get shut out unless you're in the semantic mastery mastermind. All mastermind members always get membership has its privileges. They will always have their mastermind discount, we're are not going to shut that down.

But for anyone else guys, it's a one shot deal. You either get it or you don't. If you don't, I mean that's fine. You can keep doing what you're doing. Or come over to the dark side, come see how we do the do and then you do the do for the people that you need to do it for.

It's really that simple. And when you see what we're doing, you're going to say, “Holy crap, why didn't I think of it? I should have thought of doing this and how to put it all together and how to get results.”

But you know, it's always the devil is in the details toward the details. And how much time, like I said, this is months since last year actually, that I've been in this without really knowing what I'm doing now.

This Stuff Works
I know and so now I'm ready to add even more power and people will benefit from that because of course, as we find out more thing, either more training will be at it or we'll do webinars. We always go the extra mile for whoever gets into our training or courses or membership sites.

If you guys know us, you know that we under promise and over deliver always.

Bradley: Yeah. So I'm pretty excited about it to guys like Marco mentioned Monday we're going to have like a presale Webinar and that's the only opportunity to get it at a lower price than what it's going to launch at.

We're not doing graduated price, like the price increases or any of that. We're not doing any of that this time. So when it launches, it's going to launch at full price. You get one opportunity unless you join a mastermind, in which case you'll have 30% discount is not going to go away, period.

That's all is available, that's the only opportunities, again, I highly recommended guys, it'll be worth it even if you have to pay full price at a later date, it'll totally be worth it. The amount of revenue that you can generate from this method that doesn't require SEO, is absolutely incredible.

It's just insane the kind of results that we're getting. So definitely be on the lookout for that. Guys, do we have a link for registration for that yet? Do we know?

Hernan: Arthur will check real quick?

Bradley: Okay. If you can find out-

Hernan: I'll put it, yeah, I'll put that even on that page.

Bradley: Yeah, that would be great if we had it already. If not, if you guys are subscribed to a list, we'll make sure that it gets out so that everybody has the opportunity to join us on that Webinar on Monday with Marco. Right Marco? Do we have anything else because we're, we're almost 15 minutes.

Marco: Yeah, I just real quick. We're doing a Webinar for RYS reloaded on Friday. I'm going to be talking about iframes again and why they become even more powerful. I've been talking about iframes for years, I've been talking about how Google is measuring I frames for years. Google finally came up with the patent that validates what I've been saying.

So this is 2018, but I've been telling you since 2015 we came out with RYS Academy. But this is how I frame work. If you listen, you be killing it. If you haven't, then maybe you should come and listen this time. This will be available for people in Syndication Academy. Of course, our mastermind and RYS reloaded a members.

This Stuff Works
So come get an ear full of iframe and why you should be doing it. Because I'm not going to tell you. I'm going to let Google tell you, why you should be doing it. So that's on Friday. And then the other thing that I have a real quick is well, I don't know, should we give it to … should we tell them that we can actually get you views to a youtube video.

Real people. I don't know if we should say that?

Bradley: [inaudible 00:12:42] we just did.

Marco: Oops.

Bradley: Yeah, guys, we're gonna … we need to wrap and get into the questions, but we've got something cooking right now that finally we've been talking about for a long time. YouTube view service and we are finally on the cusp of being able to deliver that. More news is coming within the next week or so.

We've got something really, really good coming out. As far as I know it was unavailable anywhere else. It's gonna be awesome. I'm really looking forward to it. We'll give you more details when we have more, okay? One other thing or can we get into questions now guys?

Hernan: Yeah, sure.

Marco: Let's do it.

Hernan: I'm getting the Webinar link real quick. So I got to post here and I will surely posted on our free Facebook group. So if you're not part of the free Facebook group, I'm also going to post the link on the events, so you can join.

Bradley: I've got two more things. Yeah, two more things I want to mention real quick guys. Number one, if you're new to Hump Day hangouts for semantic mastery, you can always check our support desk support side or knowledge base are frequently asked questions. That's support.semantic mastery.com.

That we've got knowledge base there that you can scroll through and find a bunch of questions and answers. We typically answer questions right here on Hump Day hangouts in and extract them and put them in the knowledge base for stuff that's asked. Asked often so you can check out there or you can certainly come here and post your questions as well.

But if you don't want to wait until Wednesday to get an answer, that's the best place to go is to our knowledge base. Also, please subscribe to our youtube channel if you haven't yet. That's one way you can get notified of the massive amount of content that we publish to youtube.

So definitely I'll do that. And in one other thing I want to cover very briefly is I just posted a link on the event page for G mass. You guys, I've been doing a lot of prospecting recently more than the prospecting module in the mastermind, so I'm doing a lot of testing of, of tools and methods for prospecting and I'm using a lot of cold email right now.

My two primary methods for prospecting right now, are linked in cold email and I just started testing today and I've been using what's called quick mail, quickmail.io is the actual website and I've been using that for months and I've been happy with it. But I just test, just signed up and started testing G-mass today and G-mass is a plugin.

This Stuff Works
It's a browser extension, like a chrome extension basically that will connect with Gmail and allow you to do so many things like connect to google sheets and do mail merges directly from Google sheets, which is fabulous. It does auto follow ups, like it's like an autoresponder, but it's done via Gmail and it will connect to regular Gmail accounts as well as G suite accounts.

I recommend that you use G suite sweet accounts if you're doing prospecting cold emails. So I've got it everything connected through a G suite account. But it's really cool because it does, auto does tracking and reporting. It does open tracking, link track, click tracking, unsubscribes.

You can insert unsubscribe links into Gmail, like all kinds of really cool stuff. And I just started testing it today. I sent out, I dunno, 150 emails with it today and it's really cool. Let me just show you guys real quick. I'm gonna grab the screen for the questions anyways. And I wanna show you just an example of one of the emails that I sent out.

I send this one to myself before I started sending out to prospects to test it. Let me zoom in just a little bit more. But this is one of the prospecting emails that I'm using with an embedded gif. And those of you that aren't aware of like how to do that, we cover how to do all this stuff inside video lead gen system.

Which is another product that we just recently released and it's very inexpensive at the moment. We're going to relaunch it next month with a lot of additional content and it will be a much, much higher price, probably around 500 bucks. So right now if you're interested and anybody that joins the allegiances by the way, we'll get the additional content that's going to be added.

Once I'm done with the prospecting module and mastermind, I'm going to extract some of that content and add it to the video lead gen system training. So again, it right now is a great opportunity to get in for a cheaper price, a much cheaper price because once all the full contents in there, it was going to be a lot higher price.

So the only reason why I'm telling you that is because we covered this kind of stuff and you can do these sorts of emails with the embedded gifts that are clickable right within in G-mass. So I highly recommend you guys check it out. It's a really, really good service. Any of you that are doing prospecting stuff, I think it'll save you a lot of time, as well as it's just very, very powerful.

And those of you guys that are in the mastermind, I'm going to be covering all of this, these tools and stuff that I'm using in depth, in the training that I'm going to start adding to the members area tomorrow. All right, that's it, we're going to get into question.

Where And How Do You Create Dynamic Links in Firebase?

Scott's up first, what's up, Scott? He says about Google closing down the Google shortener. I went to the Bitly site and their articles state that their links or 301. I also went to fire based dynamic links site recommended by Google. The navigation is so convoluted. I don't know if I ever found were to create a dynamic link.

Does anyone with a flow chart or I guess you meant, does anybody have a flow chart or instructions? This is a serious situation. So maybe it needs some training in the mastermind group. Yeah. I know Marco's played around in their market. What can you say about it?

Marco: Yeah, you know, maybe return your … as we know, the links in the field tools for whatever reason, if they think it's spam, their algorithm is like that, so it's really hard to control. If you hit a 302, it's a dead end. As far as firebase dynamic links, I know that there's a learning curve, but it's actually what Google recommends, so that's where we'll be going.

This Stuff Works
In the meantime, since we have so many accounts that we use the Google URL shortener and we're still under the grandfather clause, where you can use it until next April. So we're still using it. It hasn't gone away. It hasn't disappeared. It hasn't stopped working at all. If you've used it before and you can still use it.

If you've used the API before, you can still use it. You can still mass, shortened URL. The only thing is if you're trying to do it with a new one, it's not going to work. You have to use accounts where you've used the shortened or before. In the meantime, we'll be looking for a way to solve it.

We'll we'll look for a solution. Something that works with RYS Academy, reloaded it of course because we want to power everything up and we'll, we'll just find a solution. We always do it. It's not a dead end, it's just a little bump in the road and we'll find a way around. We have a whole almost a whole year to play.

Bradley: Yeah. And I posted an article when … that was on the Zapier blog, that's talking about five alternatives to the Goo.gl link shortener and if you just go to Zapier.com guys and click on their blog, you'll be able to find your article. And one of them, one of the recommended alternative is Zapier and I didn't even know they had a link shortener, but they do. So, that could be a good alternative to.

Hernan: Real quick, I'm testing a pretty cool shorter, right now. It's this great and I downloaded and I'm testing it out maybe we have a showrunner, but maybe we could do something a little bit more powerful. What we can offer a short in our solution to our mastermind members.

Bradley: You don't want to [inaudible 00:20:08] don't you?

Hernan: What's that?

Bradley: You know what my favorite links shorteners, don't you?

Hernan: Oh, yeah. It's inshort.link, yeah, that's pretty cool.

Bradley: This is our link shortener that I use and I love it because if anybody goes to root … visit the root URL, that's what you get.

Hernan: Yeah, definitely. But I'm testing right now a short narrow where you can open accounts, free accounts or paid accounts, whatever, but potentially it's going to be free for mastermind members so, I'm testing that out on that will be a pretty cool tool. Because I can do whatever. Whatever kind of shortener we want. Pretty much.

Bradley: We actually have our own domains where what we're going to be tested. We purchase a couple of really short, like five character domains to keep it nice and short and simple and will offer a whole bunch of features that Google doesn't. And we know how to power it up. So as I said, we will come up with a solution. Scott is as a matter of time and when we can dedicate our full resources towards the linked shortener.

You remember when I shared one of our, I shared something with that short link as the URL and I remember some lady, it was on Hump Day hangout too, and she was like, “I've visited the link, I've got cursed at.”

Hernan: Yeah, that was funny.

Will The Semantic Mastery GMB Training Cover Google Maps In Great Detail?

Bradley: Of course. Anyways, but I like about using my own shortener you can inject, like read remarketing pixels and stuff right into the actual redirect URL, which is awesome. So Scott says, Brian Willy is having a special one. His mapslift.com program with low buy in and upsells with this, will the semantic mastery GMB training covered google maps in great detail.

If possible, I would prefer to buy the SMG MB program. I'm trying to avoid purchasing duplicate product. Scott, Brian, Willy's maps liftoff program is about, specifically like maps SEO stuff and the GMB pro course that we're doing. Although it has a significant SEO benefit, we're not, we're not approaching it from the angle of SEO.

This Stuff Works
We're talking about being able to generate leads and produce traffic, link clicks, phone calls, all of that directly within the google environment, okay? So it's not an SEO product per se about maps SEO, because it doesn't require associated website, like a corresponding website and external website, right?

It doesn't require having a siloed website with structured data markup and all that stuff. All that stuff will help but you don't need it. The GMB pro course is going to be all about how to get results for your own lead Gen properties or for client properties or your own businesses. If you're, you know, you've got your own business that you're trying to promote using nothing but the GMB pro, or excuse me, the Google my business products. They are free to use.

Hernan: If I can answer that.

Bradley: Please.

Marco: We're not even concerned with three pack rankings map. We don't bother checking rankings. All, we look at his insights and how much love Google is giving us, which is both. They'll send me that. That's all we care about. We, like I said, rankings are out of the window. SEO or traditional SEO is out the window.

Everything that you know is we're going to turn the SEO world on its head once again like we did in 2015, last year with RYS reloaded and now with local GMB pro. That's how we do it. And you know, Scott, you've been with us for long enough to know that when we come out with, it's not the traditional shit that being taught in every other group.

We're coming out with something different where you're not required to put in all that effort. Although if you want to, you could probably, you know, since we know that organic rankings go hand in hand with how much action takes place in your map and your google map business listing or what's called the knowledge panel.

And so they go hand in hand. Your organic will come up. And so yes, it's good to do all of the SEO on page and everything like that. But you do it after you're getting all of this action where you can transfer it over to the website. But you know, the sweet thing and when we found the sweet spot, is that we don't even need a website to make this work. We don't need it. So I mean, I hope that answers your question.

Is It Possible To Revive Inactive YouTube Channels That Are Still Ranking In SERPs?

Bradley: Dan's here, he says, what has been your experience, if any, with youtube channels that have been inactive for some time but are still in the SERPs and some on first few pages? I'm wanting to revive them if you think that is possible. It started out with 40 to 50 embeds for the specific ones I wanted to move up and ranking.

Yeah, Dan, that's fine. I've got some videos, no kidding. That are still ranking, that I have uploaded like on channels that I have no activity whatsoever, that are ranking from two or three, four years ago. I'm not kidding. That's still got some videos that are ranked for that kind of stuff that like.

This Stuff Works
My experience is that, it doesn't really matter. If you've got videos out there that even on inactive channels, you can revive them. The best signal that you can send to them is, is getting traffic to them, right? Getting views. Whether that's directly from youtube or from SERPs or from embedded properties.

It really doesn't matter as long as you can get some activity. I would recommend getting some view activity to the video prior to a bunch of embeds and do a back links because that's an unnatural signal. Now, I don't know, I haven't tested any like unknown cause typically guys with the video SEO stuff that I do.

The standard operating procedure for me, is to set up youtube ads to start generating traffic before I do a bunch of backlinking and embed. Like I start the traffic first and then I go in and back it up with embeds and back linking. That's the way I do it because that's more natural.

A video starts to get views, starts to get engagement. And then people start embedding it, sharing it and backlinking to it. And so that's just the natural … kinda like typically how things naturally progressed with the video if it goes viral or whatever. And I'm not saying that you're trying to mimic a viral effect, but that's typically how I would set up a campaign.

Right now, I'm still using the youtube ads as my traffic source, because you know, I'm not using CT spam tools anymore for that. However, coming here, very, very shortly, we're going to have our tool available. Our youtube service available, which are real views. So it's very similar to buying views from youtube directly through Google ad words.

But these aren't going to be … they're not going to be ads, it's a different method that we have that are going to be able to send views to it. But my point to you Dan is to, I would recommend before going crazy with a bunch of embeds and do backlinks that you would send some traffic to it, to the video first.

And again, guys, I haven't tested just doing embeds and/or backlinks without the traffic because I've been doing the traffic method as my first step in the process for well over a year now. Um, whether I had used ct spam tools in the past or now I've switched over to just exclusively using youtube ads for that.

Again, it's still my standard operating procedure to always start with the views first because my opinion, that's a much more logical progression as to how videos typically gained popularity and get promoted, right? It starts with views and then the backlinks and embeds and social shares come into play.

So, Dan, I would test it, if it's something old that you've been reviving, you might want to, if you've got, like for example, two different videos that you could test both methods on and see if you can get some traction. Get a cert bump out of just doing backlinks and embeds a and see if that suffices.

Because then you could actually omit the traffic. Me Personally, I still would, would want to keep the traffic component as part of it because it's more natural. It wouldn't raise any red flags. Right?

Marco: You're triggering ad man. I've been talking about this for quite a while now. Activity, relevance, trust and authority on whatever link it is that you're trying to push with Cara, which carries over to the website. When the person comes over, they go through your website and it's all natural and so Google takes all of those measures for a ranking score.

I've talked about a ranking score again forever. December 2015, I told you guys that was coming, that Google was building ranking scores. It actually what happens versus page rank and then the ranking score is built from all of the other metrics that Google is getting from your website, from the activity surrounding it, from seat sides.

This Stuff Works
You heard me talk about this before, and seat sets. This all comes into play. Now again, I'm telling you, we can avoid all of that, but you still triggering art except you're doing it inside Google. Activity relevance, trust in authority, is happening inside Google my business. Where else would you want it, if you have a business?

It boils down to that. However, it is that you get it, however, it is that you get people to visit. Whatever it is that you're trying to get them to visit. That's giving Google signal of just how trusted and authoritative you're an online property is.

How Was It Possible For An SEO Agency To Have 2 GMB Listings At The Same Address, Same Number, Same Website Only Different Opening Hours?

Bradley: Okay. Pizza pieces, I haven't maps ranking question. The city I live in has a dominant SEO agency stuck at the top of the map pack for almost all SEO search terms. My question is this, how can the SEO agency you have to business listings at the same address? Same number, same website, only different opening hours.

The map pin is across the next street and the second listing appeared a few months ago. Also, when I click the more places tab, I swear down, there was a third listing, but now that seems to have disappeared. Have you guys seen this before and even know how they have managed to do this?

Over the course of my career, I've seen a lot of strange anomalies within maps. More so within maps than with organic results or any other sorts of results really, and what I mean by that is like vertical searches, images, video, search, that kind of stuff. But in maps I've seen a lot of really weird things over the course of my career. Very strange things, things that I've even had been in communication with a customer support.

You know at GMB or google my business support, which used to be place of support and then it turned to map support. Now it's GMB support. And literally, I've even had to get involved with some of the Google engineers for maps listings. I've got a client in Charlottesville, Virginia that we had some really crazy stuff going on there and it took four months and literally dozens of emails back and forth between their help and engineer department to get it corrected.

So I don't know how some of these things occur. You know, it's like a glitch in the Matrix, right? So I'm not sure how some of that stuff appears. Maybe one of you other guys on the call here can shed some light on what could potentially possibly be happening, but personally I have no idea without more research Pete, like going in and trying to figure out what's going on by looking at the listings and all that kind of stuff and maybe doing some know citation reports and all that kind.

I would have to do a full analysis to even try to guess at what's going on. And even then even doing a full analysis, I'm not sure that I would have an answer for you. So do you guys have any advice for him?

Hernan: Well, I personally no, I literally have no clue. Yeah, I've seen some really strange things. I guess this stuff happens, you know, but it's good that they will help you out. Even if it takes some time. The global team usually, like you can reach out to them and ask them. But yeah, I don't have anything for you.

Bradley: Just to mention, just to expand on what you said. Now, guys, I just recently had … I got a newer client within about the last few months. In fact, it's the same client that I'm working on for the GMB pro case study. That market just showed the screenshot or above, from the new listing.

Anyways, that client specifically, I had trouble with the maps listing because an ex-employee had actually claimed his maps listing and wouldn't give us access to it. And so I had to contact Google, my business support. To explain the situation and they made me jump through some verification hoops, but they were absolutely helpful.

And within I think 48 hours of the initial contact, we had everything resolved, which was insane because I've gone, like I mentioned before, I've had it spread out over months before, where I've had an issue that had took months to get resolved. And this one was done in about 48 hours from the first contact that I made with GMB support till it was actually resolved.

And everything updated and the old listing deleted and the new listing verified and confirmed and all of that. And so my point is, I don't ever recommend doing negative SEO or reporting others for spam. I don't do that because I'm a spammer too, right? We're all SEOs. We all spam the web. Well, you'll think … there're different levels of spam, right?

This Stuff Works
There's a whole broad range on the spectrum of spam, right? There's a little bit of spam and then there's a lot of spam. You can be a white or what do you call it, like tell white lies. You could do white spamming or you could do black hat spamming, right? Which is the more extreme of them.

But it's all spam nonetheless. And so I don't like to report others that, that is certainly an option that you have Pete. Although, again, I am not encouraging you to do that because I feel like that's bad Karma and it could back to bite you in the ass. What goes around comes around and that's why I have never once reported ever a listing in Google guys for spam.

And I know I've had some of mine reported, but I personally don't recommend doing it. But again, that is one of your options. So, without doing more research, I can't really give a guess. Marco, do you have anything to add to that?

Marco: The only thing I have to add to that is that I totally agree with you. What goes around comes around and if you start reporting, expect to get reported.

Bradley: That's true.

Marco: Rather than focusing on all of that, go and do like we do, don't even appear in rankings and, and, and take some of their call volume away, some of their traffic away, siphon it without them even knowing that you're doing it. So who cares about pins? We cares whether they are, you know, who cares about how their dominant for SEO terms or whatever.

Where you could totally attack this. Again, another way, I'm going to talk about local GMB pro, which is exactly for this. I'm taking on … and this I can say, New York City personal injury attorney and she's nowhere to be found in the three pack. All right, that's a guarantee.

I don't see it. I don't see it when I do ranking reports or whatever. When I try to run out and try to find how it is that we're getting all of this call volume and all of these things is not happening now. I do see her, her organic rankings coming up a whole month and I mean a whole bunch.

And so that's one you were taking on a whole bunch of other really competitive niches and so that's what I will take and what he's probably seeing is people who have figured out how to drop pimps and get Google to verify that which is happening. I mean it's pretty much common knowledge that that can be done about how. I mean, I don't know how yet, but we'll figure it out.

Bradley: Sorry, I couldn't give you a better answer, Pete. Again, I'm not going to try to give you some bullshit answer when I honestly don't know. And I've seen, sometimes I've dealt with these kinds of, anomalies and maps that there really is no explanation for it. Again, the one that I just mentioned before that from Charlottesville, that took four months.

Even the Google engineers had trouble. That's what took them four months. No kidding. I mean I got literally replies via their support from the engineer saying, “Yeah, this is an odd one. It's going to take us some time.” So sometimes I swear there's a ghost in the machine, right? That they just, it shit happens.

And I think even remember, not even all the Google engineers know like what's going on, right? They compartmentalize what they allow each department to know so that nobody has the keys to the kingdom. So I wish I could answer better for you, but I can't.

How Would You Determine The Difficulty Scale Of Ranking A GMB For 3 Pack Listing?

Gordon's up. He says, “Hey guys, thank you very much again for your help here on hump days. Hopefully, I'll be able to somehow return the favor to a future time.” Gordon, the way that you can return the favor, is going out and just crush it and make a shit ton of money and then report back to us with your results.

That's the only thing we ask out of you to repay us. Just go crush it and report us … report back to us with your results. And that would be all the payment that we need for all the help that we provide you, right? So other than the typical things, what would one look at to figure out in advance whether a specific GMB3 pack was very difficult or easy to get into?

And how would you determine where on the difficulty scale it was between those two opposite ends of the spectrum? Thanks a lot. Well Gordon, for me it's relatively easy to determine and in my opinion, how much of a dog fight it's going to be, if one at all to rank in the maps pack.

This Stuff Works
By just doing a really simple local analysis like, and I use bright local guys is my tool and I have since I think 2012, maybe even 2011, but I've been using bright local ever since then. The only tool that I use to track all of my local, my client projects and my own lead Gen projects.

I do about 90 percent of all of my client reporting comes from client reports generated through bright local and bright local has recently, as if you're on a higher level subscription plan with them. They've got a ton of additional features that they've in the last six months have rolled out and I think they're, they're continuing to add more and more.

For example, inside bright local, for each client dashboard now, you have the ability to connect to google analytics, Google search console, Facebook, review and reputation monitoring, Twitter. Like all these different things that you can connect to and it will automatically pull in information from all those different sources and created in a client like in a client dashboard and overall report.

So it's like, it's beautiful, because I used to have … I used to do this myself and then I trained a VA earlier, around the beginning of this year. I finally trained a VA to generate all the client reports for me and she was going out and going to all the different, like going to analytics, taking a screenshot, go into search console, taken a screenshot, going to bright local, generating each individual report, like the local rankings report, the citation report, all of that.

And she compiles all of these things into a text file for each client would be one text file separated by each client. And it would have all the links to each report that I would send out. And then she'd send them to me and then I would send out a personalized email to each client with all the report links.

And then for most all of my clients, I do a monthly video. A video email with basically it's me going over each of the reports and showing what's been done, improvements that have been made, opportunities that are, have been discovered within the last month and that kind of stuff. Now, the reason I started telling you all that, is because now all of it can be done right in the right local dashboard.

It's so super simple, easy. And so for me, when I go to assess like the competition level of a newer perspective project that I'm going to be working on, I just go right into bright local. I add a new location, new business. I go ahead and enter in the details of maybe the top level business.

Like if it's something new that I'm going to be like, if I'm just trying to determine competition level, then I'll just go take, you know, do a keyword search for my primary keyword and that location. I'll pull up the number one maps listing and it enter those business details into bright local and generate a report.

And that way I can go in and take a look at it. It'll give you competition analysis based upon the business that you entered, right? So it'll do a full report based upon the business that you enter and will show you competitors, it will show you the number of citations, the number of reviews, the number of backlinks, the citation authority, domain, like all these different things that you can look at.

And it gives you a quick snapshot, right? That you can say, “Okay.” For example, the client that I was just talking about earlier that are shown here in these screenshots, this screenshot here, that I'm the local GMB pro case study for, I was able to determine in, in about 20 minutes when, when he reached out to me and I told him that you know, it was a client referral and so we talked on the phone briefly and then I said, okay, I'm going to generate a report.

We're going to do an analysis and I'll send you a video email explaining what I've found and where I see opportunity and basically at a proposal explaining what I'm proposing as deliverables and the scope of work and that kind of stuff. And so I entered in that company's name, ran a report through bright local and I got back, about 10 or 15 minutes later when the report was done generating, I was able to open it up and look and see very, very quickly that, that was as far as like maps SEO stuff.

There's very little competition for this niche. And so I told this guy, I was like, “Oh man, this should be one of my … we shouldn't have any problem. Being able to get you results is the way that I worded it.” And so again, Gordon, I recommend that you go, you don't have to use bright local, I recommend it.

It's the only one I've ever used. So I really don't have anything to compare it to but because I've always been happy with it. But I'm sure there's other tools out there or services that can do something similar, but I highly recommend you just use bright local, once you go in there and you generate the reports, you'll be able to see like one of the things they have is local search audit.

That's, that's a report that you can generate. They have a google my business report. So there's all different kinds of reports you can generate. And in fact, when you add the one client or the location information, you can click one button and it will generate all those reports right for you.

So like you can literally have a whole suite of reports that monitors just about every aspect of that business and you can go through and look at all the competition levels and determine, “Okay, look, the top three listings, average somewhere around maybe 60 citations, right?” And so now you know, okay, well if I've got a site that's connected so well optimized and I can go out and get maybe 75 citations, I may be able to win that one.

This Stuff Works
So there's very … I would use something like that, that's going to make your analysis a lot quicker. I know people go into some real deep dive analysis. I don't, I'm all about trying to be efficient, and so I'll use a tool like bright local to produce all the reports for me. Then I just spend a few minutes analyzing the reports and in making a decision as to what I think is going to take and then that's how I pitch my proposal.

Will Google's Duplex Appointments Tool Affect Local Search In The Future?

Okay, great question though. Dustin said, did you guys hear about the Duplex appointments from Google? Google assistant when we make them calls like a real assistant? And how do you think this will change local search? Have a look at the video it's scaling. Yeah, I saw that on Facebook already, somebody reposed that on our mastermind.

Hernan: Oh yeah, that was pretty cool.

Bradley: Yeah, that's amazing guys would.

Hernan: Wow, that's kind of a big deal. If you think about it because it will … Here's the thing, it's nothing out of the ordinary like it's not like a quantum leap, because we have been preparing to with relevance, and probably Marco can chime into this, but we have been preparing to this with relevance, with real traffic, with interaction, with authority and also with language processing.

Like you know right now that you're optimizing for keywords that's amazing. That's great. But more often than not, you will find that people search from, you know, a million different things and they are searching by voice and they're searching this and that. So the more we can get to the real thing, the better.

So, that would be my intake on it. There's nothing to freak out about because we have been preparing to this. Like if we have been doing PBNs and trying to optimize for one took yours, we will definitely be in trouble.

But as you now already, we have been kind of going out of that into a much more efficient and natural way of driving traffic, driving signals, driving everything and trying to emulate the human pattern of communication. Which, is ultimately what these guys are showing that video. So, that's my intake on it. I didn't know what you guys think.

Bradley: Yeah, I mean I think it's cool. It just good to show you how far the Google Algorithm and how much and understand like how far it's advanced and how much it understands natural language patterns now, or at least in English anyways. And it's really cool because it just goes to show you guys how the complexity of what we do is continuing to grow in one sense.

But in another, it becomes a bit easier too, because instead of trying to optimize, like Hernan just mentioned a piece of content for one keyword, one phrase, we don't have to worry about that stuff as much anymore because the rank brain and artificial intelligence and AI and machine learning and all of that.

Now the semantic web, basically it's understanding much more about the content. It's being able to interpret what the content is and deduce what the meaning is. And even like for example, I mean hummingbird was an update from beckon. I think 2014, maybe 15, and that was one of the first updates that really … because of Google mobile voice search, right?

Voice activated search, which is people speaking search queries into their mobile devices instead of typing out keywords which are abbreviated search queries, right? People are asking more complex like full sentence queries into the search engine, into Google using mobile devices. And so hummingbird was one of the first algorithm updates that kind of or whatever, that addressed that, right?

What Is Considered Over Optimization In SEO?

That started to address that and they've just been improving upon and ever since then that this circuit breaker video thing is a clear example of how far we've come in just the last few years. So pretty cool stuff. Peter from Poland says, what is considered over optimization as far as SEO having exact title match?

The keywords I'm trying to rank for, is it tags besides yours is there a site where I can input? Okay, I'm going to give you a quick rundown just very quickly of what … this has been working for me since 2013 or 14. I guess it was probably 14, it was around panda.4 where I came up with these numbers or came across these numbers and it has pretty much been steady ever since.

I still use these numbers now and it still works for me. So these are what I'm going to show you. You guys see I just put 2%, 1% and 0.2%. What that means, and I'm going to try to explain this quickly because I know we still got a bunch of questions to get through. The four things that the bot comes to look at when Google comes to crawl a page is SEO title and it's URL and it's a Meta description and it's header H-tag. So the header tag, which would be the title tag, right?

This Stuff Works
Which one? All right. So these are the four things that the bot comes and looks at when it first comes across the page. And what I've always done, that's been working for me ever since. I think, like I said, 2014, was to stop optimizing all four of these, right? What I do now is I make my exact match keyword only at the SEO title.

That's it. So I put EMK, exact match keyword, right? Exact match keyword. Then for the URL we used to always, we would also put the keyword in the URL, right? The slug, the post slug, right? And so whatever the exact match keyword was, is the SEO title. Then we would also add that as the slug, I don't do that anymore.

I try to make the slug as short and as succinct as possible, right? Just whatever it is or you know, I try to make it short. I don't like long Urls, I never have. And so I don't, I don't use the exact match keyword in that. So this, I just keep it short. And you know, if you're going to use a key word of some sort, don't use the same one, use a variation, use a shorter tail to abroad version of it.

Don't include a local modifier, if it's for local. That kind of stuff, right? It depends on what your root domain is too. If your root domain is exact match keyword, you certainly don't want to keyword on your slug to, unless it's obviously completely separate type of keyword or something.

So again, there's a lot of variables, Peter, that we don't have time to go over and I don't have all the data, but I'm just giving you a kind of a high level overview. Meta-description guys, think about that as your CTA or call to action. So another way to think about that as ad copy, right?

You don't need to put any keywords in the Meta description. The only reason why you might want to put a keyword in there is because, I'm sure you're aware when Google determines what they call match words, which were words that are similar or close variance of whatever the keyword is that was used in the query.

Google will bold or highlight those that by bolding the text in the actual search result page, and so the only reason why having the key word or a close variant of the key word in the Meta description is beneficial is because it helps to bold that that keyword or that close variant, what they call a match word.

A match keyword. Then that kind of stands out in the search results a bit, but it's unnecessary because the way I look at Meta descriptions guys is really, it's about your call to action. Like give a compelling reason why somebody should click your listing over any of the others on that page, right?

So use that as ad copy. So anyways, and then lastly, the title tag, the title tag is the H1 tag header for the article title or the Post title, whether it's a page or a post, it doesn't matter. But for this I always try to use conversational or so conversational title, right? Which would be much more logical, again, human or natural language patterns.

So basically announce what the content is going to be about, right? And so you can work in a keyword in there. I would not work in the same exact match keyword. I would work in a variation of it, right? So as a synonym, a LSI, latent semantic indexing keyword, co-occurring keyword and any number of those types of related words, right?

And so as far as, and I just again, I point this out guys, because I've been using this same formula now since 2013, 2014 ish whenever it was a panda four came out and it's been working for me ever since. All of my sites are optimized like this. All right. Then lastly, before we move on, seocentro.com.

This is a tool that I use as an online code three guys. There's a keyword density checker over here. Let me zoom in a little bit so you guys can see it. Again, it's SeoCentro, C-E-N-T-R-O.com and the left hand sidebar. Under SEO tools, you're going to look for keyword density, click on that.

And then what you do is just copy the page URL after you've published it, copy the page URL and paste it in here. And type in your capture number thing. Click submit. And like let's just grab, let's just grab, I don't know, something with some content on it. Let's just grab a Wikipedia page.

This Stuff Works
Let's say New York City Wikipedia comes up. Here we go. We're going to grab this and we're going to drop this into the keyword density checker. So I could show you how to read this report or the data that it generates. Oh, it's too big, son of a bitch it's too big, I just wan another one in. Let's try this one.

Not probably much content on here. No there's not, but that's okay. I want to keep moving. So let me do this. Okay, so this is what you're going to see when the report comes back. You're going to look at … going to show top keyword and it's going to show keyword density based upon one word phrases, two word phrases, and three word phrases.

And I'll show you that here in a minute. So these numbers that I'm pointing out here, this is how these are the thresholds that I try to stay within, which means I try to stay for one word phrases, I try to keep it under 2%. For two word phrases. I try to keep it under 1% density level.

And for a three word phrases, I try to keep it under 0.2% or two tenths of 1%. Does that make sense? And so the reason why I like this tool better is because you just mentioned the Yoast plugin. Remember guys, the Yoast plugin only analyzes the post body, the content body of a page or post. It does not analyze the rest of the page.

So once you've published a page, guys, think about all of the other elements on that page. When you're viewing the page on the public facing side of the website, you've got your header, your navigation menu, your sidebar, your footer. You've got any sort of plugins that are inserting code or images or anything else in the post body that Yoast doesn't analyze.

So my point is Yoast doesn't analyze the page in its entirety. All in analyzes is the content body, right? So, my point is like Yoast will tell you that you're within specific thresholds and stuff and then you go, once you publish the post or the page.

You come over here and check keyword density and it's way over optimized because you have many keyword occurrences in the navigation header, in Sidebar, in the footer, you know, in images, in banner images that have all texts with the keywords, things like that.

All of that stuff that doesn't get analyzed by Yoast. And so people get misled by using those plugins and trusting the judge. Well I haven't used the SEO analysis of any of those plugins in years guys, because they will tell … they'll steer you in the wrong direction. So this is a much better tool because again, it's free. It just takes a second to run a report.

You can scroll down and these are a lot of words on here. Here's keywords, two words. You can see there at their top level, term one which has learned more. It's not even a keyword really is 1%. So they're within thresholds, right. And if we scroll down to the three word phrases you're going to see, I try to stay, ropes right here.

Three words and I always thought that was funny that they misspelled three. It's a keyword tool and a misspelled three. Anyways, I try to keep that under 0.2%. That makes sense? So again, guys, here's your thresholds and we're going to keep moving. One word, phrase or excuse me. So this would be one word, two word and then three words.

That's a big question though. We might even have this in our frequently asked questions. Guys I'm okay with staying a few minutes beyond. I'm not getting my daughter tonight for dinner, so if you guys are okay or … Marco you want to stay for a few.

Do You Have Link Resources On How To Use Remarketing Pixesl Effectively?

Marco: Yeah, I'm good. I'm good to stay. And I would just add that that Nigel is in our mastermind. He has a complex question and so I would say post it in the Facebook group so that Hernan can go in there and tell you about a remarketing pixels. And I can go in there and talk to you about getting social signals from Twitter using syndication.

Hernan: Sounds good.

Bradley: Yeah, Nigel, we apologize. We missed some of your questions I think two weeks ago too but we made up for them last week I believe. So anyways, Nigel, I love the interaction, the engagement. But he's a new mastermind member. So if you don't mind, we'll tackle these over in the mastermind for Human Nigel.

How Would A Video Email Be Different For A Referral Instead Of Being Cold?

So Mohammed is also in the mastermind, which by the way, Muhammad, thanks for the awesome recommendation on LinkedIn today. I gave you one as well and I meant every word. So, awesome. Thanks for exchanging recommendations with me on LinkedIn. He says, hey guys, how would a video email be different for a referral instead of being cold?

Great question Mohammed. Well, because a cold email when I'm doing a video email, I'm not going to spend a lot of time on it because I don't know if it's going to get opened. I don't know if they're going to watch it. I don't know if they're going to be interested, even if they do watch it.

This Stuff Works
So and I know that you're doing a ton of cold email and video email stuff. So for a cold email that I'm doing, I try to keep it at 10 minutes or less, if I'm doing a targeted campaign. If I'm doing a mass campaign like this, a gift will suffice, right? This is a ten-second gift guys, and this is all I needed to produce for a mass email campaign.

But if you're doing a targeted email campaign, like what we teach in the video lead Gen system, obviously you're going to have a site audit or you're going to provide some sort of value to that prospect that you're emailing. And so I always try to keep those very short because it takes time to produce those audit videos and in send them out.

And again, you don't know if they're even going to open it or if they're going to click on it to watch it or if they're going to be interested even if they do. So I try to keep that very short. However, a client referral, I mean, again, the client that we're talking about right here this is a newer client.

I sent him a 45-minute video email on the front end. I just mentioned earlier when I was answering Gordon's question, that I use bright local. And that's what I did for this client. I talked to him on the phone for a minute. It was a referral from a client that I had when I first opened my agency in 2012 and it was a short engagement with this client.

Six years later I got a referral from that client. It's insane. Six years later I got a call out of the blue from this guy, “Hey, you still doing marketing I got somebody that I want to refer to you.” And I was like, “Yeah, absolutely.” And he referred to this guy to me and I talked to him on the phone briefly and then I said, because anytime I get a client referral guys, I spend much more time on the front end.

Because it was a client referral and I want to make sure that … I want to represent myself well for the person that referred them to me. Does that make sense? Because, I don't want it to look bad on them. And so I always spend additional time on a warm or a referral, a client referral, doing a video audit.

And so that's what I did for this. 45 minutes is excessive guys, I don't recommend that you do that. I got a bit long winded on it, but it's because I got excited. I saw a lot of opportunities. And so I sent him a 45 minute video audit email that explained the reports that I generated in bright local.

And you know this Mohammed because I talk about this in the video lead gen system. So I send the report links, and I send the video. That is me walking through the reports, explaining how to read them, what the data is showing, and then I go through opportunities that I've discovered, right?

And then I show I go over a line. Then if I'm pitching it in that same email on that same video, which I did in this case, I had a proposal already prepared and I went line by line through the proposal so I could explain what each line item was, which each deliverable was, right? And so long story short, the reason why I'm telling you this is because 45 minute video, right?

I sent it to the guy, 22 minutes into the video, he calls me and he says, “Hey, I'm watching your video right now. I'm only 22 minutes into it, where do I sign up?” And that's the kind of response you get from a well done video email and Mohammed you should know that already, right? And so again guys, video email is my main primary method of communication with both prospects and for existing clients because that's how I do most of my monthly reporting.

This Stuff Works
Generate all these reports, I have a VA that does all that now, she sends them to me all the reports generated, right? And then all I do is extract those Urls, put them into an email, personalize the email to that client and then I do a video audit it just explaining what I'm seeing in the reports. And I do that every month and it takes me under 10 minutes most of the time for each client.

So, you know, it takes me a few hours to get through all of my clients, but I do that every month and that's one way to stay in. Nobody else does that in this business guys. And that's why I have clients that I've had for six years, right? I literally still to this day get people that replied to me and say, “Hey, thanks so much for this. This is great. I really appreciate you taking the time to tell me, you know, to explain what's going on.”

And I do that on a monthly basis guys, and that keeps clients happy. So the same thing guys. Referrals you can spend more time on, right? Because they're already warmed to you. They're already expecting that you're going to be probably the guy that they're going to hire the guy or gal that they're going to hire, because they were referred to you from somebody else that they know, like, and trust most likely. Right? Great question Mohammed.

How Do You Setup A Real Profile In LinkedIn If You Have Another Persona Account On The Same Network?

Greg, long time Greg. I haven't seen you here in a bit. He says, I have to persona LinkedIn profiles from my home IP one is important, the other is never used and I don't really need, I don't want to get into trouble with Linkedin, but I want to set up a real profile using my real name and real person.

Can I do that or can I ask Linkedin to transfer the one main one to my real name telling them I've purchased that business from that persona. Thanks. I don't know. I honestly don't know Greg. I really don't know. I don't know how strict they are on that kind of stuff. I mean, I would say yeah, go ahead and contact them, but the problem is if they think you've done anything spammy and they don't like it, they could terminate the account or block you out or whatever.

So I honestly, I don't have a really good answer for you on that. I don't know. I would probably look to see if you could find some sort of LinkedIn forum or something and perhaps ask over there. I'm doing a lot of prospecting and stuff on LinkedIn. Well, we've got somebody in place that's doing all of that for us, I don't have enough experience with LinkedIn and be able to give you a good answer on that. Does anybody else here?

Marco: No. No.

Hernan: Yeah, None on my end. I'm sorry about that.

How Do You Get Started With Local Local SEO?

Bradley: Sorry Greg, I really don't know what to tell you on that one buddy. I really don't know what to tell you. Donald's up except dawn. He says, “Guys, starting out, just how do you know what to do for customer doing local SEO? I mean, is there some kind of step by step process that you use?”

Yeah, it's called the battle plan. Yeah, Semantic mastery battle plan. I want to try this with the same time. I don't want to screw things up or hurt someone's business or something. Being new to the game if you guys could … Yeah, it's the battle plan. It's 799. It's the new version that we just launched. You want to drop a link for that Hernan if you haven't already?

Hernan: Sure. Yeah, in any case is a battleplan.semanticmastery.com, but I'll drop it there.

Bradley: Yeah, battleplan.semanticmastery.com dawn at 799. That's the exact same process we use. I mean obviously, now we're starting to work the local GMB pro stuff into it. So, you know, eventually we may update the battle plan to a third version with some of the stuff we could not.

Obviously, not all of it, but what I'm saying is, is that the stuff that we've been doing that I've been knowing most of, Hernan and Marco and everybody on my team has pretty much been using those same exact methods and that's why we update it.

When we add stuff to our methods are to our standard operating procedure. Then we go back in and update the battle plan, you know, I think this is the second version of it. So that's what I recommend. Just go through that guide. It's not full of fluff. If you're expecting a 400 page pdf with a bunch of fillers content, this is not for you.

It's very short, very, very straight to the point. It's not complicated. It doesn't have to be guys, I know us in the SEO industry, loved to overcomplicate stuff. But it's a very simple guide, very simple process, that if you follow it and you should see results, that's typically what we do.

So almost done guys. Sweet, we're almost done. Okay, Scott says, “Thanks for the answers. Really helps clarify the Google shortener in GMB. Wow, I'd love to get traffic without voting more websites. Web takes forever. Yeah, I agree. Scott, I'm you. I really, truly believed that the local GMB pro method is the future of lead generation within Google.

This Stuff Works
And that is how I am pitching it to all of my clients and I'm actually creating that as a front end service. It's just amazing and yeah, to not have to worry about messing with a website anymore. Silos and all the shit that we had, you know, we've had to do and try to deal with this kind of crap that I was just pointing out here.

Like all this stuff, all that shit goes out the window when we start dealing with the GMB pro method. Like we can achieve the similar or better results without all this other stuff I'm using. Google's free google my business tools. It's insane.

Is The RYS Method Worthy For A Rank And Rent Lead Gen Site?

Craig says, using the RYS method stacking, would it be worth my time for a lead Gen site rank and rent to buy an aged domain?

I don't Craig, you could do it. I know there is some benefit to that. I personally don't. I've always preferred to buy new domains that's how I was building PBNs, which I just don't even do anymore. I just would always try to buy new domains that were clean and something that's brandable.

Even for lead Gen, I used to use exact match domains guys, but I stopped doing it. Because there have been crackdowns on them before, plus you have to worry about over optimization with EMDs, exact match domains that you don't have to worry about with branded domains, right? So, because you're already at a disadvantage with an EMD because your domain itself is optimized.

And so that's, there're certain things you have to do two unoptimized or deoptimize your content when you're on an exact match domain. And so, again, I've avoided those for years. I think I stopped using exact match domains probably around that pan to 4.1 around the same time that all of this, that I was just talking about came about.

All right, we're almost done. So again, Craig, I don't know if I gave you a clear answer. It's up to you. If you want to go through that trouble, I personally would just suggest starting off with a new domain. Something is brandable so that you can build a brand around it. Google loves brands, guys, it doesn't like these snipers sites and these exact match domain sites that are like, especially legion.

They're taking steps to try to prevent that, to stop that, right? And so again, even if it works right now, I would recommend that you go with … I'm saying you could buy an aged domain, but I would just start with something new, something fresh that you could brand and you could actually build a brand around because then you can expand.

But it's up to you. You can get a little bit of an edge by buying an aged domain that already has some, you know, if it was relevant, the previous content was relevant and has some back links to it and stuff like that. Yeah, you can get some faster results that way. It's just not my preferred method.

Is The YouTube RSS Video + GMB Syndication Still Work Today?

Illinois says, Hi Pros, I saw youtube RSS video about Google+ and GMB syndication. Is it still relevant nowadays? I don't know what GMB syndication is. We're developing something for that, but it's not available yet. So I don't know of anybody else that has that available, as far as the only thing I know, that connects to GMB.

I'm actually using it myself right now for my agency is sendible.com. I like it a lot. It's great because you can schedule posts in advance and you can even do bulk schedule so like you can literally, I'm not going to explain all the stuff that I'm doing, but I've got a VA now that I'm training, she's she started training last week and she's still in training right now, but she actually started posting today.

And so I've got her added as a user to my sendible account and she goes in and creates all the posts and schedules them for the clients, right? Within this sendible App. And it's really cool because I don't have to give her access to GMB. I like I made the connections to all the GMB businesses.

So I go into sendible and I create services and connect them via API to the Google my business dashboard for each location or each client and in she just logs in the sendible and she's able to post to all of them from sendible without having to have access to GMB. Does that make sense?

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Marco: By the way, the tool that we're developing should be able to pull from an RSS feed into the GMB or it will. It will be available on the 23rd. We're testing it in an almost all the bugs have been worked out, so you'll be able to pull from an RSS feed post with image and then from that get an RSS feed.

Right now, there is no RSS feed available from Google, my business from the posts, but if you use our tool, the tool that we're developing, you will be able to get an RSS feed.

Bradley: Yeah. And just, just so you guys know, again, for sendible you can connect services. Each service is basically a social media property, right? And so for all my clients that I'm adding to sendible, that I'm providing the GMB post-service to now, I'm connecting to services per client. GMB, google my business, and Google+. That's it.

So every post that my VA creates gets, the post is designed for Google my business, but it also gets published to Google+. But again, the reason I'm telling you this because Google+ is literally it's a ghost town. Nobody's using Google+ anymore. Even me, which was my favorite social media platform for the longest time, but I don't even use anymore because it's basically dead. It's dying.

There is still a bit of an SEO benefit, I don't know how long that's gonna last though, because I think google is literally taking more and more of Google+ functionality away and removing it from all of its other products. It's been doing that for months. Like you can't even create a brand page anymore from inside GMB.

You have to go kind of like do some special stuff. It's kind of a weird process. I've talked about it in syndication Academy. It's changed that the process to create a Google+ brand page has changed several times over the last year. And again, it's all because google is pooling google+ back out of all of its products.

Remember a couple of years ago … you might not remember. It depends on how long you've been in this industry, but a few years ago, google forced google+ on everybody. It forced them on every … you couldn't be on youtube unless you had google+, you couldn't do anything in google really without having a google+ account.

But they've literally put all that shit back now to where like, it's not even available. Like you have to jump through a couple hoops just to get a brand page associated with Google my business page or profile. So, again, it's something that I'm still doing because I know that there's, well at least I think there's still some SEO benefit to it.

But it's not something that I recommend that you really worry about. If you want to continue doing, like messing with it. Although I don't think it's going to work for much longer, but I could be wrong. There are a few things that we cover in syndication academy, specifically about how to automate, like post to google+ and things like that.

You can use buffer, I think hoot suite. I know sendible connects to it now. There's a lot of things, there's google+ RSS feed generators. You can just go straight to google and search google+ RSS feed and you'll find several sites that you can generate RSS feeds from your google+ posts.

For both brand pages and profiles which are in a personal pro profiles. So there're all kinds of stuff that you can do. Again, we've covered a lot of what you can do with those automations and syndication using google+ or from google+. Posting from Google+ in Syndication Academy. Okay? Cool, we're done.

Marco: Let me just remind people Monday, we have the early bird. Make sure you're there, so you can grab that special price Friday, this coming Friday in two days actually. We have the iframe Webinar for RYS reloaded, but we're inviting other people to it. So look for that invitation. It's going to be limited to 100 people, the webinars.

So you know, when I drop the link to the people that are invited, make sure that you're within those first 100 people or you just, you'll have to catch the replay or watching some other kindly.

Bradley: Or kind of join the mastermind.

Marco: Come join the mastermind, that's where you get all the benefits.

Bradley: That's it. All right guys, we will see you guys next week. Thanks everybody for being here. Appreciate the questions. I had fun. So see you all next week. Thanks Marco.

Marco: Bye everyone.

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