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By April

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Adam: All right, we're live. Welcome everybody to hump day hangouts episode 184. Hernan is dancing in the background. If you can't see him, man everybody is excited. Today is the 16th of May and we're going to say hello real quick before we jump into questions like we do every week. Hernan you were dancing, so let's hear what you got say hey, how you doing.

Hernan: Yeah, I'm doing great. I'm actually really excited and I just want to publicly thank all of you guys that actually jumped in to the Local GMB Pro pre-launch. I really wanted to extend a thank you for all of your support, your continuing support to making Semantic Mastery happen because we had a lot of people jumping in and a lot of good stuff, good comments. I was talking to a couple of buyers this morning and they were already getting great results. Yeah, I just wanted to thank you guys that and tell you that I'm really excited to be here.

Adam: Outstanding. I've a little issue using my mouse today, but yeah well not only thank you, but also good on them. By all means, we reward the action takers with super, super low price and they're also getting first crack at some stuff that's coming up which is pretty cool, but I won't to come on spoil that for now. Marco how you doing man?

Hernan: I'm good man. I'm also very thankful for everyone who's got in, but who listened to us, who heard what we had to say, and just say okay I'm ready for it. I mean we got some awesome stuff coming down the pipeline that will make this better. That's our thought to just keep making it better and better, better results more, more refined, and just tons of leads for whomever whether it's lead gen, whether it's client, whatever it is, your own brick-and-mortar, right? The online presence for your brick-and-mortar, whatever it is, that's our plan.

Adam: Definitely, definitely. Before we get into it, dude Bradley how you doing?

Bradley: Happy to be here man. Neck deep and content generation again as usual. I just added several more pieces of content to the GMB Pro course area guys, so those of you that just recently purchased code, double check you'll see there's a new module there with the process docs and templates. I just started adding some content there today. I'll be adding some more content tomorrow and perhaps Friday as well, and then again starting next week so we're going to be pumping it full of content between now and the actual public launch date. Don't be dismayed.

Remember, you guys got in on pre-launch so the training that's there go through it and we're going to continue to add training up until well even beyond the launch date. This time next week, you'll see a hell of a lot more than there is now.

Adam: Yeah, yeah. If you've missed out or you didn't pay attention after the webinar emails, like that's okay we get it, everyone's busy. If you decided this wasn't for you, but we will have some more information coming out a week from today about how you can still get into Local GMB Pro and if it's the right step for you because just like everything, it may not be for you, but for most of the people who are subscribers, who are dealing with this, this is a no-brainer. Don't leave it there for now. I just want to say too if you're new to Semantic Mastery and you're listening, one, we appreciate you showing up for hump two hangouts. By all means, please come in, ask your questions, we're happy to answer.

Sometimes if it's a something that we see a lot, we'll refer you to our support website where there's a lot of frequently asked questions, and that's not a bad thing. We just want to save time and so we might point you there. Also I want to remind everybody if you're asking like 10 questions, we might only answer one of those because we want to give everybody the chance, so I think that's going to happen maybe today. There's a couple people who got some long questions. We do what we can but we also want to make sure that we're able to answer questions from many, many people. Then if you're looking for a deep place to start, please check out the Battleplan.

All right. We just came out with V2 of the Battleplan. It's kick-ass. I'm just going to leave it at that. If you can skip like two cups of coffee, you can pick up the Battleplan. All right, so it's good for you to have a blueprint for processes, for SEO across a wide range of either angles, techniques, methods like that. I'm going to shut up now and turn it over. Do we have any other announcements that we need to cover?

Marco: Yeah, just the stuff that's coming out of our development, yeah or we also co-developed. We're teaming up with people who are really good developers and so we have GMB auto posting service that's coming up. We're working out the user interface the payment gateway, that should be ready by next Wednesday. We're also have the YouTube views, real people watching your YouTube videos, how cool is that. We'll have a user interface by Friday, but we haven't read them out. It just needs to be tested, so beta probably next week will be looking for people in our mastermind as we always do to come in and test it, and make sure that everything is working the way it should.

Same thing with rule my business auto posting service. We got really cool things coming down the line. That's why I'm so, so excited about everything that's going on. Just so many things that it'll make everyone's life easier, especially mine.

Bradley: Yup. Can we get any questions? Are we ready?

Adam: Yeah, let's do it.

Bradley: All right, let's do it.

Do You Know Any Useful Bots In Facebook?

Adam: Okay cool, not a whole lot of questions so far, so guys get to posting. We can always wrap up early if we need to. Bob McCallister's up first. He says, “Have you found any bots to use on Facebook?” Bob I'm not the Facebook guy, so I can't answer that. Maybe Hernan could say something about it. Are you using any bot stuff? Just not anything I've ever messed with at all.

Hernan: Yeah, sorry. Yes, actually we are. For Semantic Mastery, we are. Bots are great when it comes to communicating with your audience, but here's my personal take on bots. I slice it and dice it one way the other and we are actively doing some bot stuff on Semantic Mastery to collect leads, to gather stuff and whatnot, to gather people, to get them interested in our stuff. Here's the thing with bots is that they are based on a third party platform which is on this case Facebook Messenger. The problem with that is that I see a lot of people developing funnels on Facebook Messenger or relying heavily on bots and with all of the cameras analytic side of things is I think it was for a whole month, Facebook halted the entire development of bots.

All of those companies that they were heavily relying on bots when it comes to getting clicks, getting traffic it, et cetera, et cetera, they were having a really rough time. I really use bots in terms of they have a really high click-through rate, they have a really high open rate, again people are on Facebook, they have messenger installed on their mobile phones. You will get that, but you need to use that as an all-encompassing strategy inside of the rest of your funnel. I would say number one build your list, number two built your pixels, number three build your bot list if that make sense. That's my intake on it.

I know that people are going crazy, you can do some really advanced automation within the bots, but do not forget that unless they're on your own list, those leads that people that can interact with you, they do not belong to you, they belong to Facebook, right? Everything that's on a third party, your YouTube channel it's not yours, it's YouTube's. You need to be really clear on that. As long as you have that clear and that's helping you driving more traffic, more leads and et cetera, et cetera, yeah go for it.

This Stuff Works
Adam: Oh, thank you.

Hernan: No problem.

What Are Your Thoughts On Google's Algorithmic Update Last March 4-8, 2018?

Adam: The next question I was reading while you were answering that Hernan and this one says, “Maybe Marco can shed some light on this. I have not even been aware of this.” Mauricio says, “I have been hit like a trained by the 04/08 March Google update, but Google was very vague about this particular update. Have you guys deciphered what to do to recover the rankings for those of us who have been affected by this broad core algorithm update.” Google [Dixit 00:08:28], okay so maybe that's the name of the update is Dixit. I have to take a look at that. “Many of us are trying everything to recover our perfect, but we're shooting in the dark. We don't know if this was really about link building or anchor text over-optimization about content or about relevancy or any other matter.”

Well, I just did client reports earlier this week well started last Friday and I hadn't noticed any drop in anything. In fact, I had a couple of my client sites that actually took quite a significant boost, but that could also be in part because I've started applying your Local GMB Pro method to several of my clients too, and that very well could be why I saw such a banking boost. I don't know if it had anything to do with the update that you're referring to or not. That said because I have not seen any drops in any of the clients or sites that I manage, I was even completely unaware of it, so that goes to show you guys how plugged in I am or not to the traditional SEO crowd anymore, and that's just because again the stuff that …

I'm not saying that we're update proof, we're not Google slap proof, I'm not saying that at all. All I'm saying is a lot of the stuff that we do isn't reliant on a lot of the things that typically will get SEOs into trouble. We've been very fortunate in that respect that a lot of the methods that we use and perfect and really zero in on or try to scale with particular methods that seem to be almost penalty proof. Now again I'm saying that tongue-in-cheek because none of us know, but I haven't seen anything like that. Perhaps Marco did have you heard anything about this? I know you're more in tuned with the pulse of the SEO crowd than I am.

Marco: I have heard people, they've been commenting all over. Of course, yes SEO crowd always panicked and they go looking for quick fix and a lot of times when there's an algorithm tinkling, there's a major change. It's all about the Google dance, right? It's all about waiting it out. We still got to be patient. When this stuff happens if you run and you try to apply changes and you try to recover too quickly, Google is going to know immediately that there's an SEO operating behind that, and then what's going to happen is it extends the period when your website is going to them. While that website is dancing, you can't do anything and it goes from 21 days to 70 days.

If you do anything between that, when you extend the period from 21 days to 70 days, what will happen is you could be sandbox permanently and there's no way to recover your ranking. A lot of people won't tell you that for free. I'm giving it to you, it's in my blog post, right? The Google dance. How long did I write that? How long ago? 2015 December.

Hernan: Yeah, it was quite a while ago. I remember you going through the patent actually …

Marco: Absolutely and I warned people man who's going to catch you and apparently of course I am not a guru, I am not a ninja, I'm not an expert. I don't even consider myself an SEO. I'm just like everyone knows how to rank shit, and I'm really good at predicting where Google is going and so because I spent so much time on the patent. My first advice to you is relax. I mean there's no way that you can recover your rankings right away. You have to give the dust time to clear. Once it clears, then you can start to try to remedy the situation by applying all of your knowledge and expertise in the matter, but right now absolutely if you've lost rankings at heart, just let it go.

Let it go until you've cleared that time period where Google is watching and trying to catch you and whatever it is that you do. Once that's gone, then you can go ahead, but again I'm like Bradley man, I've moved away for most of the stuff that can hit me unless I'm just testing, and the stuff that I'm testing right now it's all inside Google my business listing and G sites and drive stacks. You know what I do.

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: That's our protective shield of rule. It's like our SEO shield, our protective shield, what guard us against Google believe it or not. It's our RYS Reloaded Academy and why it works so well because everything gets filtered through that. I don't know, I haven't seen it. My client would have been calling me all of last month if they had seen anything and no, I haven't heard anything, haven't seen anything. I even checked. I just went in and check a website that often gets affected by algorithmic changes, and I don't see it. I'm sorry I can't help you more. Lying dormant

Bradley: Yeah, I've not seen it. I mean that's what I'm saying I didn't see this either and like I said, a few of my clients actually recently took a significant bump in rankings across many different keywords too, yeah but it just so happens it's probably not coincidental either that those are the same clients that I've started applying the Local GMB Pro method too, so it's very likely that that had an effect on it as opposed to this actual update that you're talking about. Yeah, I just scan through one of those articles. I agree with Marco 100% that the first thing you need to do if you were affected by it is to be patient because if you get in and start screwing around with stuff, remember guys a lot of the times when Google makes a significant update to the algorithm, there is like a period where it's more intense initially, right?

Then they end up figuring out all the different things that got upset and the anomalies that occurred that were unintended consequences from their algorithm update, and then they start to roll things back and fine-tune that update to relieve some of the unintended consequences, to alleviate some of the problems for site owners and things because remember they get a shit ton of complaints come rolling into from people that were supposedly playing by the book, but still got affected by an algorithm update.

Again over the course of my career, I've seen this countless times now where a significant update occurs and a bunch of shit happened, a bunch of people's sites tanked and over the course of a few weeks, two, three weeks, four weeks sometimes, you'll start to see a lot of the algorithm like the collateral damage starts to resurface, right? It starts to come back up and start to rise back up in this results because Google starts to fine-tune that algorithm update to alleviate or redeem some of those lost rankings that really didn't deserve it. I've seen that again and again and again, so I agree with Marco, be careful, be patient, try to figure out over the course of the next few days, a couple weeks and apparently, it sounds like it's been a period of time already.

If you're somebody that's following a lot of traditional SEO practices, then there are others that will figure a lot of that stuff out. One of the best blogs I found for this kind of stuff guys is the cognitive SEO blog. If you guys aren't familiar with that, I highly recommend you go check it out. I always say his name wrong, see the Ravzan or Rasvan at Cognitive SEO. Let's just go take a look at his blog real quick.

Marco: Yeah. For anyone else wondering, just do a search in Google for the Google dance explaining and look for the Semantic Mastery blog, and you should be able to pull it up. We should be near the top for the Google dance explain.

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Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: It's still there.

Bradley: I would take a look at this blog guys. I don't know if he specifically posted about or if they posted about that update. I would check this blog. It's a great blog. Also, they've got some really good tools. I know a lot of people use link research tools, but I always like cognitive SEO better as far as if you're trying to do penalty recovery work. I don't do that kind of work anymore. It's too much of a pain in the ass, and again I don't really worry about that stuff so much anymore. I mean occasionally I still do catch a slap of some sort, but it's very, very rare anymore. Anyways, so I couldn't give you more information on that Mauricio.

It's not something I've experienced any negative effect from. If I had, I would have more data for you or more information I mean. Don, he was a winner earlier this week. He was one of the people that we said we'd sent a t-shirt to or something, correct?

Adam: Yeah, I think it was a hat …

Bradley: Hat or something, yep.

Adam: Yeah, something like that.

What Should You Consider When Replacing An Old And Verified GMB Listing With A New NAP?

Bradley: What's up Don? He says, “Purchasing Local GMB Pro was an obvious no-brainer. While I'm going through the training, I went to test the method to revive some old lead gen contractor properties that I just let die.” Well, this is a great opportunity to do that because I've got a couple of lead gen properties that I never fully completed either that were verified GMB profiles that I'm going to be applying this to because again it's not going to require all the traditional SEO stuff for me to be able to start generating leads. Once my VA that I just trained, she just started full-time this week on doing the post. I'm going to start adding additional clients to her or lead-gen properties for her to do this for me as well.

I'm going to be including some of those leads in properties, so you and I Don probably be in the same boat as trying to revive lead gen properties with just the GMB Pro method. It should work, it should work great so I'm anxious to see what happens. He says, “I have a lead gen brand with two locations that have been verified at the UPS stores back when that was a thing.” Yeah, right. “Both locations have tons of citation built and I check GMB insights and they both are showing up in map search occasionally. Considering you guys still verify PO boxes, is there any foreseeable reason not to use an old verified UPS store address?” I would try it Don.

I wouldn't spend a whole lot of time on it, but what I would do … Remember if you're using a post scheduling app which I recommend send about right now. However, as we just mentioned or as Marco just mentioned, we're going to have our own posting app available very soon, maybe even my launch time next week. Is that correct?

Marco: That's right. We won't have the RSS feature going in, but we can definitely pull an RSS going out. Yeah, it's going to be awesome. I'm going to be looking forward to testing this up.

Bradley: Yeah, oh yeah and guys the stuff that we're developing into that our GMB posting app which will allow scheduling and all that kind of stuff, we're developing things into it that integrate specifically with our other products, right? For example syndication networks and stuff like that, so there's a reason why we're developing and it's not just because Sendible is good its own, and I know there's probably some other ones out there. I'm just using Sendible right now while ours is being developed.

Just to let you know, what I would do is go ahead and schedule a bunch of posts on, like often keep your frequency of publishing really high for a UPS store verified GMB profile because I noticed that typically those do get like basically ignored by maps because I had a few of them in the past too, but when they caught on to that stuff which I can't imagine why PO boxes still work so well because they do. I don't know why, but UPS stores typically for me, all of those tanked. If you have one and you want to test to see if you can revive it, I would just schedule a whole bunch of posts.

Since you bought the course, I just uploaded training today, process docs for how you can scrape a whole bunch of images really quickly, auto crop and resize them so that they will be accepted by GMB posts. They'll be the right dimensions, the right sizes. You can rename them keywords. You strip the EXIF data when you scrape the image and then you add EXIF data using GeoSetter, which is a free software. All that training has been added to the course today, you can go in and check it out and that's something that you can do to scrape a bunch of bulk images and schedule a whole lot of posts, and see what you can do to revive that. By the way, let me know how that goes.

This Stuff Works
I'm curious just to … I'm going to be doing it too, but I've got so much other work on my … I don't know how soon I'm going to get to it, so let me know how it goes Don.

Marco: You know what Bradley, since Google recycled and they let you get away with stuff that you used to look for awhile they won't and then for awhile, they will. I went in ahead and verified to the UPS box.

Bradley: Uh-huh (affirmative).

Marco: I got one, a UPS store box and I'm using it and I don't care. It's where I get that.

Bradley: Really? Like you just did that recently and it accepted it?

Marco: Yeah, yeah.

Bradley: Wow.

Marco: Don follow the training, although the training as far as how you optimize to make it look as legit as possible. Guys I'm going to go ahead and give this, that's one of the keys you have to be transparent with Google. If you try to off your skate and try to get away with a whole bunch of garbage in that … It's the Google ecosystem, then it's likely that Google will not pay attention to because they don't know it's garbage. If you're really transparent and if you're really careful with that entity and showing Google that this is a real entity about a real thing on the web, from there it's like okay all I have to do is follow the plan. We always set a plan for, right?

A way on how you build up on how you set up your accommodation, and so that's all I can give for free, but catch us in a future webinar and we'll be adding a whole bunch more training. As I said, I'm going to do update webinars for it because it's going to need it. There's a lot of things coming and I'm looking forward to seeing how this works because that's national, the idea to that. I'm looking forward to him letting us know about local.

Bradley: Yeah, and so last part of that Don is Marco mentioned one of the things you can do besides just what I mentioned with a high frequency of publishing to that listing to try to revive it is to show Google that it's a real business besides that it's verified GMB. There's some other things you can do, very simply like for example buy the G suite account for that brand so that's $5 a month basically. Anything that you can do to add a billing to Google where you're paying Google, even a small amount, you could do G suite account $5 a month or you could set up an AdWords account for that company, that business under which should be obviously owned by a separate Google profile or persona, right?

You can set up an AdWords account and run some YouTube ads with a dollar a day budget or something like that or 50 cents a day budget or something like that to run some YouTube ads with links that point back to your Google Maps listing or GMB post URL for example. Anything that you can do to add some verification and a billing, you could buy Google Drive like upgraded storage for Google Drive for that account, and that's only I don't know a few bucks per month or something like that. Anything you can do like that would help, right? Sending traffic to the post, that's different, that's something else that could also help.

There's a lot of things that you can do there, but just again we're going to be a lot more of this stuff in the training so just keep in mind that we'll be talking about more of that as I add more and more training to the course.

What Is Your Recommended Serp Space Link Package To Power Up A Syndication Network For A Local Dry Cleaner Site?

Okay, Dan's up. He says, “I wanted to know what link package from SerpSpace you would recommend to power up a syndication network tier one ring for a money site as well as what package to power up a recent RYS deck and site recently purchased? They are both for local dry cleaner.” Well, typically Dan what I do, I'll be honest is I always just start off with the smallest package, but I end up getting the tier links in the GSA blast and all that behind it.

Especially with an with a newer network or drive stack either one, drive stack is a little bit different. You can go more aggressive. Marco can attest to that. With the indication networks, I tend to go with just the first like the lowest level of link building packages. I don't buy them directly from SerpSpace because I have a direct connection to our link builder. I just submit my orders to him and he has a custom package for me that I submit every time I have a new syndication networker client or whatever a lot.

I do it for press releases and everything now, and so I just send him something says hey look I need this link building package and basically what it is is like the lowest level tier link building package, but it's got a whole bunch of tier and tier links slammed behind it. I know Hernan's method has worked really well for us for the last couple of years for trying to treat your tier properties nicely with link building. You don't want to throw kitchen sink spam at him, and so Hernan had a formula, it was working really well. I don't know if it was Hernan's formula or Daddy R, our link building manager's formula and he just knew it.

Hernan if you're still on you can clarify, but we said something like 75 to 125 tier links, like high-quality contextual links per Web 2.0 property or something, is that right?

Hernan: Yeah, something like that. Yeah, it was like between yeah 75 to 100 t 120. You want to keep it like nice and easy and really high filter Web 2.0 properties. That was the whole deal and then you could do something like a couple thousand on the second tier and another couple thousand on the third tier, that's where we gave Daddy actually to develop, and he came up with something really good.

Bradley: Yeah.

Hernan: Those were the instructions.

Marco: Daddy has hundreds of thousands of Web 2.0 that are aged and categorized, so you get a relevance push also when you do it that week because he does the tiered link building, but everything that he does is going to provide relevance along with that link juice and everything else that's added. Dan if you contact SerpSpace, if you contact [Pio 00:27:04] I think is always on live chat. If you go there, he'll take care of whatever it is that you need and just let them know that this is the T-one properties and these are the drive stack properties, and Daddy will know exactly what to do.

Bradley: Yeah, you can and I logged into SerpSpace guys to show you because this is pretty much the package that I use, what I'm showing you on the page right now. I'll zoom in a little bit, and it's going to cost you 200 bucks. Again, this is pretty much the only one that I use guys for my stuff and I only do it once when I need it really. I do it one time upfront whenever I get like a syndication network for a new client or a new site that I throw up, I launch or whatever, but this is the one that I do. I just use the lowest amount of contextual web twos as tier one, then I do the lowest amount of contextual web twos as the tier two, and then I do the 50,000 which is the lowest amount of tier which is GSA spam.

This Stuff Works
Like I said, I know it's $220, but it's all that I do. Then I usually only have to do that maybe twice per year, occasionally maybe once every quarter for stuff that's a little bit more competitive or if I notice something starts to slip a little bit in rankings, but typically remember guys it's just to really boost that tier one network up so that as long as your content marketing blogging, you're blogging and you're using that syndication network consistently, every time you pose and it gets pushed out to those tier one properties, they're going to basically benefit from all that link juice that's running in from these thousands of links that are pointed at funneling down to those.

Remember, it's about with pagination, example like on your three blog sites you've got Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress and you may have more, but those are the three primary blogging sites within the tier one network, those have a blog role on the home page. Depending on your settings, typically they'll paginate, post will paginate, push off page one and go to a like an archive page with 10 posts or so. Again you can usually change that in settings, but let's say that you've got all this link juice running home to the home page URL of that blog, then whenever you post your main money site and it syndicates out, you're going to have all that link juice that's funneling at that home page coming through that internal link from that post pointing back to your site.

Now eventually when it pushes off page, yeah you lose that but you should have other 10 posts that are pushing to other parts of your site. Like I said, that's why it's not something guys that I do a whole lot of like the link building to my network properties. It's something that I usually do immediately right … Well, not immediately, but soon after I start syndicating regularly to my network and then again I'll probably boost it maybe once per year so after the initial link building package, I usually end up doing it about one more time every year, unless I have something that's particularly competitive and I need some additional results.

Combined with all the other stuff that we do like the RYS drive stacks, Local PR Pro method now which using press releases essentially and obviously now GMB Pro, I haven't really needed to do a lot of additional link building past that first batch of links that I buy once I launched the new site, the new brand. Okay, so hopefully that makes sense. Okay. “I built the site over four months ago and I was wondering why no anchors were showing up, whatsoever yet and you might get a kick out of this, but I had the reading settings set to discourage search engines from crawling.” Oh wow. “Can you believe it I had done a fair amount curated blogpost? I was dumbfounded with lack of ranking. Sometimes we need to pull our heads out of our behinds.”

Yeah, that happens. I've had that happen before, but if you have search console, then if you added search console to the site, a lot of times you'll get severe indexing issues like notification or warning from search console from that happening. Also if you ever go into the site like you have SEO plugins, a lot of the SEO plugins will give you a warning like Yoast does. I know Ultimate SEO does. They'll put a warning banner across the top of the site on the admin area that says severe SEO problems detected or whatever, but yeah that sucks Tim. Go head.

Marco: Yeah, sorry about that, but it should also be part of his process locks, that he turns over to his VA so that the VA is always behind him protecting …

Bradley: Quality control.

Marco: Yeah, yeah, it has to be because sometimes you just forget.

Bradley: Yeah, I mean we are all human, we all make mistakes. Josh was up. He says, “Hi there, next is getting the RYS Google Drive plus Google side Plus Twitter SEO profile in my Battleplan. Awesome, I'm currently learning the system setting up my syndication network for my blog and YouTube channel. Okay. When uploading the data to SerpSpace, I have questions. Do you set up one for your three pack of keywords or just one keyword?” I'm not sure what that means. You set up one for your three pack of keywords or just one keyword. I'm not sure what you mean Joshua.

If you have a specific question that like what would be helpful is to contact support at SerpSpace.com and provide this along with maybe a screenshot showing like which section of the order form that you have the question about because like I honestly don't know what you're talking about right here. Forgive me, it's probably because I don't actually order through SerpSpace again. I have direct connection to our builder team, so I just place orders via CSV or a spreadsheet. Do you guys know what he's talking about here, anybody?

Marco: No, but it says it explicitly I believe that you need 50 or more keywords, isn't the category that he's asking because there's so many things that I'm not really sure.

Bradley: I have to go through the actual order process with files and stuff. “On the file, you can upload what images and articles work best, any examples one of these pages look like?” For uploading, again I'm assuming you're talking about buying … Well maybe not. Is he talking about RYS drive stacks or syndication networks?

Marco: Not sure.

Bradley: I can only take guesses as to what you're asking here man, so I apologize. If you can like I said just contact support at SerpSpace.com and they'll get you sorted. Just be a little bit more specific as to what it is. I think you're talking about this now, not syndication networks, but again I don't know. Just contact support, they'll figure it out for you.

Adam: Yeah. If you need to use a tool, like screenshots really help, like it's something or submitting, letting them know if maybe something is messed up. Take a screenshot or use something like Loom and send in a video if you think something's wrong. Yeah, otherwise just contact them directly and they'll be able to sort you out.

Marco: Yeah, or get Pio and chat, and if they need to talk to me that, then they'll contact me for direction and I'll give them direction. That's how we agree. You need to get with them to see if they can solve it rather than trying to solve it here because it's not clear. Maybe it's us, we were just not understanding.

Bradley: Yeah, yeah. It's likely that I'm just not understanding the question, that's the problem. Josh for the last two questions in your overall question, yeah the keyboard research is it … Well hold on, before I put my foot in my mouth, Marco is our keyword research package? Is that what he's referring to here or is this just the add-on for keywords, for the RYS stack?

Marco: Where are you? I'm trying to VR where you are.

Bradley: Right here, where he talks about instead of going after national SEO terms, I thought whatever he says if I purchased the keyword research from $97, can they take that into account. Is that keyword research from our keyword …

Marco: Absolutely, absolutely. No, it's not keyword research girl.

Bradley: It is her or no?

Marco: No, this is [Dessen 00:35:06] …

Bradley: Oh, it's Dessen.

This Stuff Works
Marco: RY, yeah. Dessen does the keyword research like you've thought, right? RY suggest Pro Google AdWords, answer the public, but ours is just probably you're going to get hundreds of keywords and variations. Google Trends, you're going to get whatever is trending at that time. Google AdWords, you're going to get the average for the past 12 months and then Ubersuggest, Ubersuggest is also going to give out, so you're going to get all of that relevance packaged in a nice neat way. Now we're not offering keyword research girl yet.

Is There A Silo Structure Package That We Can Buy In Serp Space?

Bradley: Yet, okay. That's what I started to say was what it was. I'm glad I did because the last question is there a silo structure package that we can buy when we launch that service which would be really in-depth keyword research, like based upon Jeffrey Smith's SEO bootcamp training. If you guys haven't been through that training, it is by far hands down the best, like the most comprehensive on page, but keyword research training I've ever seen. Marco trained a VA to go through that process and it's an extensive process, but it comes back with silos, keyword stacks for silos, like all kinds of stuff, so that's something that's coming out eventually hopefully sooner than later because Marco's got her trained and ready to go. We just have to set it up yet.

Marco: It's actually a variation of Jeffrey Smith's training along with Network Empires last keyword tool, along with some other. What did you get Adam like nine tabs worth of keyword research plus the one tab where everything's put together nice and neat into silos and supporting and all that good stuff?

Adam: Yeah, definitely. Again with going back and forth with you on that, making it even better, so yeah. I think it was yeah the supporting tabs and then the tab broken down with the silos, and then you can go into like buyer intent stuff and not you can, it was there. Yeah, it's pretty sweet as far as being like here's the niche I'm interested in, then drilling down and not having to spend days on that.

Bradley: Yeah because if you try to implement the keyword research methods from Jeffrey's SEO bootcamp, like it takes hours and hours and hours to go through all that and then like discover all those keywords and organize it all. It really does, it's so much work but once you're done, you're done. I mean you literally have the blueprint for as far as keywords aiming of a site that is just massive. It can work really, really well, like your on page will be so strong if you can optimize for the keywords that she develops through that process.

How Do You Collect Reviews For Your Lead-Gen Companies (Persona-Based)?

Jenia says, “Hey fellas good to you all.” Yeah, I haven't heard from you in a bit man, glad to have you here. “Quick question about reviews. Bradley how do you collect reviews for your lead gen company's persona based? It is hard to find out which leads hire my contractor without calling all of them. Can you share the process?” Yeah, well what I do is I have some of my contractors ask for reviews and they'll just submit a business card that I have that just sends them to the actual Google Maps listening for that lead gen property, even though it's not depend … Remember guys, I brand most of my lead gen properties after the company that's servicing those leads now, right?

I might set it up with a generic brand to begin with, but then as soon as I have a service provider in place which usually now I have a service provider before the site's even built because again typically I'm not going out and creating sites first and then backing into a certain like finding a service provider anymore because I've got people that call and ask to have lead gen sites built. It's a little bit different. If you have something that's like generic Jenia, then it obviously you'd have to explain to your contractors or to whoever's .. I can't assume that they're all contractors, but your lead gen buyers that you could have them submit to their customers, ask their customers to go leave a review on the site that they found them from, right?

You could provide them with something for that like a QR code or business cards with QR codes and a URL on it. There's several things that you can do to help facilitate that. That's one way to do it, but you can also spam reviews guys. I mean look I'm going to tell you that that's for you decide, not for me to decide. I'm saying I'm not opposed to doing that, be careful with it, certainly be careful with it, but you can do that too. There's some products out there that will allow you to spam reviews an automated fashion, but remember you always run the risk of having an account terminated if you are spamming reviews. Just keep that in mind, so you got to be careful about that. Okay.

For me like I said, I don't … Because the lead gen properties they're my properties, when we get web form submissions, so when somebody submits a contact request form from one of the landing pages, then those get copied to me and so I will typically follow up with emails via contact customer emails that came through my lead gen properties, and I'll follow up when I find out for my contractors if the job was completed. If they bid on the job and they got it and they completed the job, then I'll find out whenever I get paid for my contractors.

We usually have a brief discussion as to what leads were successful, which ones weren't that stuff and I'll email them if it was through the web form, the initial contact because remember a lot of this stuff is done via phone and we never even get their email address. If I do have their email address, then I will send out an email say hey thanks for your interest in whatever company name, we would really appreciate a review. I'll send out an email and probably maybe two or three out of 10 emails that I'll send out will end up getting a review and I'll send the link directly to the Google Maps page or Yelp or Facebook from there, which by the way just as a quick aside guys.

From now on, for new businesses, I'm not even going to get a Yelp page and I know that sucks because there's a lot of traffic in Yelp, but I am so over Yelp and the fact that they just non-stop harass like any client that I put into Yelp. They just non-stop call them over and over and over again trying to sell them advertising and because I'm listed on so many lead gen properties with phones, like my dispatch center because I have everything that I control go through a call center. I use answerconnect.com, they're great. I've been using them for years and my call center, they literally get hammered all the time with Yelp calls.

It drives me up a wall because I pay for those calls all the time and I'm talking about guys this is no joke anywhere between 10 to 15 calls from Yelp representatives per week, per week. Think about that, three to five calls per day, like it's insane, it's absolutely insane. I can't stand Yelp and every single time I end up talking to them because sometimes I'll see the same Yelp rep call like six times in two weeks, it's like three times a week, and finally I'll call them back and tell them to stop effing spamming my dispatch center, we're not interested. You know what I mean?

It's always the same pitch from, then they always say the same thing, “Well we see that you've got multiple locations and I'm your new Yelp rep.” They always say that, I'm your new Yelp rep and I just want to go over how your listings not getting as much exposure as it could. It's the same pitch every time and every time I get mad and tell them I'm not attacking you personally, but I hate your company and their methods. Anyways, that was just a quick aside because I wanted to say if you guys are doing lead gen stuff, highly recommend don't use Yelp. Even though you can get traffic from it, you'll get a shit ton of just spam calls guys from them. Okay, avoid it. Do your clients a favor.

Any new clients that you sign up if, they're not on Yelp, don't recommend it. You know what I mean? Because they will get hammered, they will literally get hammered with calls.

Can Google SERP Results For Non-Local Search Terms Vary By Country?

Sam, what's up buddy. He says, “Quick question. Can Google search results for non-local search terms vary by country? I'm traveling right now. I noticed some changes in my rankings.” Yes, absolutely Sam. It can vary by country, it can vary by literally like neighborhoods. You know what I mean? Especially if you're on mobile, it can vary just because you're 20 miles away. You know what I mean? Yeah, absolutely the SERPs change based upon IP location that that happens often.

That's why ranked trackers just aren't working nearly as well as they used to guys, they're not nearly as accurate as they used to be because searches are so much more localized now based upon the searchers location.

Marco: Yeah, you can literally walk around the block and get like four different results on search as long as you're not logged in. If you're logged in, then everything's going to be the same because Google is giving you results according to your preferences rather than your location. If you sign out, go Incognito in your mobile device and you start walking around, you'll see different results for the same search part.

Bradley: Yeah. Yeah and that's why I said local search results are becoming so much more localized now based upon searcher location and also searcher preferences. That's what we're talking about with the Local GMB Pro webinar the other day when I was talking about how I think this is working. Again, this is just my assumption as to how the GMB Pro method is working so well. Regardless of three pack rankings, whether you're ranking in a three pack or not, again ranked trackers may not show that your business is ranking in the three pack yet if you're applying the GMB Pro methods, you could be getting a ton of calls and you can see right and insights how much activity your maps listing is getting, even though the rank tracker might not show it.

How does that happen, like how is that possible? Well, because from mobile devices which is where the bulk majority of traffic comes from apps now, from this method that we're talking about, people are getting like individualized search results and it's crazy. Again, I don't have any proof of that, but there's really no other explanation that I can think of and so that's my story I'm sticking to it for now. Okay, cool. We're almost done guys. Let's see.

What Is Your Favorite Way To Prove The System To New Potential Clients?

Jeff Carley says, “GMB Pro member what is your favorite way to prove the system to new potential clients?” What I would do Jeff is pick a business if you have your own, for example, you could use that to start with or pick an existing client if you have one already and you could apply this method to it.

Even if you can't sell them on it which you should be able to, tell them you'll do it for free for 90 days, and just say look I want to use you as an example or don't even say use them as an example, say I want to show you how well this service works and say you'll do it for 60 days, 45 days, whatever. Just say look I'm going to do this for you, set it up and get some results for them and use their insights from the GMB dashboard, use their insights to be able to show the kind of results that you can achieve. Take some before screenshots, take some during screenshots like at week two, week four, week six, and then by that time you should have significant change in results that you can show and you can use that as an example.

Again start with your own business first. Am I doing it for my own marketing agency? No, I'm not because I got a ton of clients already that I'm doing it for it. You know what I mean? I'm just saying Jeff I don't know what your situation is, so start with either your own business or a client that you like, that you want to sell this to, this is a service to and say look I'll do it for free for six weeks or something like that to show you results. At the end that six weeks, if you're happy with the results, we can talk about continuing it for a price obviously and that would give you the chance to test the method yourself, prove that it works to yourself, and then you'd have a portfolio, basically a case study that you could show to potential clients, prospects, right?

What are your thoughts guys? I know you probably have a different angle.

Marco: No, no, that's perfectly good, but I could also say that you can just take the angle of making it activity bit based, like you have them like some other people have that where we've gotten testimonial where they'll go in and pitching to other client as a service rather than that trying to pitch the person on the results that they're going to get.

This Stuff Works
You make an activity base will you do optimization and post as a byproduct, then what they'll see is that activity and those goals start coming in, and then you could concentrate on okay so after so much time, what we'll do is we'll go and if you want to go on a pay per call basis or however you want to do it, if you want to switch it or if you want to just keep it, I don't know, $500 a month for Google my business optimization and the maintenance and posting and videos and whatever, and then have them do all the work.

Will Customers Be Searching Keyword + City Or Just Keyword And The Site Will Be Seen In The City Because Of Location?

Bradley: Yeah. Yup. Roxanne's up, she says, “If I'm trying to rank your local site, will customers be searching keyword plus city or just keyword, and will the site be seen in the city because of location?” Well, Roxanne I mean yes, people will search both ways. It really depends on first of all the individual, but second of all like what type of device they're on. Most people on desktop or laptop are going to search keyword plus city or city plus keyword, some combination of a keyword plus a local modifier, but that's not always the case. Typically that's what you're going to see is on desktop laptop, people will search that way but for mobile they don't.

Typically with mobile guys, people will start to search a keyword and autosuggest will suggest a localized keyword based upon their location and they'll tap through. They'll just tap the autosuggest search query which lot of the times will contain the keyword. It's not always the case, but a lot of the times will contain the keyword. I absolutely still optimize for keyword plus location modifier, okay. That's how I optimize and then the thing is with localized searches again, even if somebody does just search the broader keyword without the location modifier, if your site is doing well for that keyword in that location and they're like literally physically located in that area, then yeah you should pop up for it anyways. There is some differences there.

Again it doesn't doesn't mean you're always going to pop up. You might rank for the keyword plus the local modifier and not rank for just the broader keyword or maybe it's ranked a little bit lower or something like that, but typically you will be able to to capitalize on any search within those parameters, with somebody in that location with the search and for that keyword. It says it seems the keyword plus city has really low search. Well, maybe. According to what though? According to Google's keyword planner? That's not accurate anyways guys. Those are just like benchmarks, right?

Those are an indication of what you're looking at, but I know for a fact that there are keywords out there that I've got ranked that produced very, very well for me that the keyword planner says it's low search volume, but I know for a fact that I get much more traffic than what I should based upon what the keyword plan data says. Remember don't just take those with a grain of salt there. They're an indication that you can use, but remember Roxanne the keyword planner is an AdWords tool, so it's showing what people are searching for and clicking on through the AdWords, not necessarily SEO. It's not an SEO keyword tool. It's an adwords keyword tool, a PPC keyword tool. Okay, so the data is skewed for advertisers, it's not the same as for SEOs.

Do you guys want to add to that at all?

Marco: Yeah, just that she can also optimize for clothes for near me.

Bradley: Near me, nearby.

Marco: Nearby.

Bradley: All that, yeah.

Marco: Close by, close to me, all of those keywords and that will add to your search volume.

Are You Still Seeing Positive Results With Your Syndication Networks?

Bradley: Yup. Absolutely. Paul says, “Hey guys, are you still seeing positive results with your syndication networks?” Yeah Paul, I mean it's just standard operating procedure. It helps to validate the entity. There's a lot of benefits from having syndication networks, so absolutely I still see benefit from it, positive results from it, there's no question. It doesn't matter if you apply a syndication network to a new website. I mean yeah to me does. I always apply it, it's just again standard operating procedure. I mean I've got some sites out there, lead gen stuff especially that I talked about a few times the Local PR Pro method that we launched a course about that last month.

I specifically set up some sites that did not have syndication networks just to see if I can rank in maps without the syndication network using only press releases, and I was able to achieve that over and over again. Again, those were testing properties so anything that I know I'm going to run … Clients I always suggest a syndication network, not just to sell them a syndication network because it helps to solidify their brand, right? It helps to protect their brand by securing those Web 2.0 properties with their brand name. It's a lot of stuff about branding now and about building authority for the brand, and so those are all things that absolutely I recommend to all clients, I do to all of my lead gen stuff when I'm not using them specifically for testing purposes.

Syndication networks are just again standard operating procedure. Okay.

Marco: Do we have time for a little ranked process? I'll try to keep it civil.

Bradley: We've only got a couple questions left, so yeah go ahead.

Marco: Yeah, no f-bombs. Look man Paul, there's a lot of again gurus and ninjas and experts saying that syndication networks don't work, that they have no value. No, whatever look freak it is that they're saying and then oh yeah we tested, and then you find out that they went and tested a fiber gig, they didn't test syndication network built at Semantic Mastery. Wait, you cannot pay five bucks for a syndication network that's built at Semantic Mastery.

Wait, you know how long it takes to just train our builders to build a syndication network the Semantic Mastery way, how long it takes to research all of the different sites, how to find them all together so they're all working together as one cohesive unit? How the hell can you say, and then not only that, you do three or four posts and it has a negligible effect. Shit doesn't work. Well, fuck you, you can't do it right. I'm sorry.

Bradley: There goes the f-bomb. I knew it was coming up.

This Stuff Works
Hernan: Yeah, that didn't last long.

Marco: Dude it pisses me off because I can show you like a million ways how the testing was flawed, how the logic behind that type of testing is flawed from inception. Your thought process is fucked up. The result is going to be even more fucked up period. Guys will you look at this, go take a look at what we do and how we do it and first compare and then test. You know that it takes about three months to get out of the sandbox, so you're not going to see the results right away. What you're doing is you're building up your entity, you're building up trust, authority, you're building up art, activity, activity, relevance, trust and authority.

Activity on the link, relevance through the link in both directions from the website providing the link, and the rest are receiving the link, and then trusting authority, how much trust and authority does that link carry. Once you put all that together, that's when this begins working, but it happened during a process over time. I hope that answers the question because this is one of those that really sets me off. Oh the shit doesn't work, these guys don't know what they're doing. Yeah, fuck you.

Is It A Good Idea To Run Ads To Videos From Separate Spam Accounts To Your Google Adwords Account?

Bradley: Yeah. Next question, we only got a couple minutes left guys. I do have to wrap it up on time today. Quit this house says, “If you have an AdWords account, is it a good idea to run ads to videos from separate spam accounts? I was thinking of using rocket video ranker with 30 videos and I wanted to send real local views to the top videos in that account.” That's a good question. I've done it without having like any negative, like I haven't had any of my accounts terminated from doing that, but I haven't done it like at scale. In other words, I haven't done it like a whole bunch of times which is I would be concerned with … I don't know that that would be any problem at all.

When you're paying Google, when you're giving Google money, I think there are a lot more lenient with like some spammy-ish type of activity when it comes to that. What I'm saying is if you do an AdWords link request where you're linking YouTube accounts, other YouTube accounts to your one AdWords account which is what I recommend, I would not recommend setting up a bunch of different AdWords accounts, but you're not acting as like the account owner. You're advertising to another channel that you've authorized as a linking partner, so I don't think it's going to be an issue. What I would do is maybe to start off slowly.

I wouldn't go take 10 different rocket video ranker channels and do all linked connection requests and all that stuff to where you're linking accounts all together. I wouldn't do that. I would start off with one and run a couple of ads and let it run for a few days or a week or two and see. Maybe add a second account and maybe a third and do it slowly start to ramp it up and … They think it's [emmie 00:57:20], but they won't like terminate the account and then you can always get … What I found with AdWords is I don't mess around too much with the emails that they'll send when you have an account, an ad suspended or a site suspended, and sometimes that'll happen where they'll suspend a destination URL all together or domain all together.

Typically I would just get on the phone with them because I'm paying money, so there's no reason not to get on the phone, and a lot of times it takes a little bit of time to talk to one of the representatives, but they're usually helpful and they'll provide suggestions as to how to get the suspension lifted from either the ad itself or the domain or the landing page or whatever, and in this case it would be from videos. Sometimes those conversations are even though it's a bit of a pain in the ass, they're helpful because it gives you insight on what not to do the next time, so that you can avoid that the next time. I would try it.

Again I don't think it's going to be an issue because if those other YouTube channels are actually owned, I'm using air quotes by different Google profiles, then it shouldn't affect your AdWords account other than perhaps they may suspend the ad if they don't like it, if they think should spammy. Again you're paying Google to send you … You're buying YouTube views from AdWords basically, so it's not something I really haven't had any issues with videos unless the videos had destination URL, the ad itself likes which linked out to a landing page that wasn't in compliance, right?

Have Any Of You Sold An Established GMB?

“Have you sold an established GMB?” No, I have not. I know you can.

I mean you can just like so on a business, right? You could do that there, but I have not Bob, sorry. Don says, “Yelp is the devil. I've had contractors almost fire me because of Yelp.” I'll plus one that because I'm telling you guys, I mean they will literally hound your clients just like they hound me to death and it's just absolutely unbearable. It's terrible, I can't stand Yelp.

How Necessary Is It To Power-up My Syndication Network With Link Building Packages?

James says, “How necessary does it power up my syndication network with link building packages and if it's necessary?” Again James, you may be able to not do it at all, I don't recommend that.

Again standard operating procedure is once I have a network built and I published a few posts to it or syndicated if you post to it, then I'll send it out for link building, and I only do that maybe once and maybe once a year I'll do a boost. Again if it's really competitive, if I need additional things which right now I just really haven't because next is an RYS drive stack, next are a set of press releases and now I do press releases regularly for all my properties. Guys remember, I do all local stuff so like everything I have is trying to rank in maps really and press releases helped a lot with that. I'll also order link building packages to specific press releases.

For example, we talked about Local PR Pro. If you can, a lot of the distribution services will give you the ability to provide or to create an organization page which is like a company news or press page where all PRs that are assigned to that company or published for that company will show up basically like a blog role or a blog index page, but it's a PR index page for that specific company. Those are great pages guys to hammer with links, to buy link building packages for because now every time you publish another PR with that same distribution service for that company, it's going to go be listed almost like a blog, would be on an index page or a home page of one of your blog sites in your tier one property, right?

Now you can just power that up just instantly by just publishing to that same PR distribution network, right? You automatically power that PR because it gets listed on that company page which you've got a ton of links point of that. That's my point. Again think about how you can get the most bang for your buck with link building packages James and I highly recommend doing it. You will get a lot better results from an initial syndication network or drive stack or anything for that matter if you can put some links behind it. Links still do help guys, they're just not the be-all end-all in my opinion anymore, and no other people may argue with me on that.

I know I can do quite well without a whole lot of links, I just don't need them. There are still useful though. He says well, and I got to wrap it up guys, “Will it benefit my site through the curated posts I've done over the past few months?” No because if you're powering up your syndication network just that the profile URLs or like the home page URLs for example, so if in your spreadsheet if you just collected all the URLs, the specific URLs for each one of your Web 2.0 sites and you submitted those, then no, your older posts will not benefit from that. The ones that have paginated, they've been pushed off page, and again I'm primarily talking about your main blog properties; WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger.

However, the bookmarking sites and stuff will benefit still typically, but my point is what you can do though is you could include the RSS feed URLs from some of those sites that have them into the link building package order, so that you're powering up your RSS feeds to. That still older post still won't show in that, but what you also could do is if you have sitemaps, you could also link build links to the sitemaps, but the last thing you can do is actually extract your post URLs, the already published post URLs from the Web 2.0 sites and include those in the link building order, right? Lastly, you could also put a plug-in on your site.

We have the Semantic Mastery RSS plugin that will republish old posts, but the premium version does that. You have to be in the mastermind to get that, but there's also a free version of a plugin that I've used, republish old posts is what it's called, a WordPress plugin and this is it right here in philippic. Republish old posts, you can install this on your WordPress blog and I think they have a premium version that's like bucks guys. It's like $9, no kidding. It's worth it, okay. Get the premium version if you've got a bunch of content on a blog that you want to re-syndicate because you can have content re-syndicate, like you can set very specific parameters is how you want older content to republish which will trigger a new syndication.

Again, my recommendation would be to go ahead and just power up your profile URLs, and then republish old posts so that you get the benefit of them to the old post without having to extract all the individual post URLs. That's a bit of a pain in the ass. Okay, good question though. All right Steve … Thanks John Don for the meme. Last question, loving it or comment.

When Will You Be Adding More Content To The Membership Of Local GMB Pro ?

Steve says, “Loving the local GMB Oro course. When you will we be adding more content the membership?” Well, I just added more today Steve and the actual real launch date of it is next week, so we're going to be adding content between now and the day that it launches. Even after it launches, we're going to add more content.

Remember you guys bought on pre-launch so not all the contents there, I'm still adding content. Again I added several process docs and templates today so that you can start to train a VA or even go through them yourself, but I would recommend that you hire VA to start this process if you're going to be scaling. Okay, and I literally gave you guys the process docs that I created for my VAs. The only thing I did was omit the drive folder URLs and the actual training videos because I was using a real client in the training videos that I produce for that process doc, but you don't need it because you can just go through the process doc.

What I would recommend you do is perhaps follow along through the process doc and record your own training videos for your VAs working on one of your own projects, so that when you send the training, the process docs to the VA, put the video URLs, it's always step number one in my process docs, put that in there and that way when you train a VA, the VA is being trained by you, by your voice, by your clients, by your methods, instead of me. Does that makes sense? You can them the process doc but make the training video yours. Okay. All right, cool. All right guys, we're going to wrap it up. Thanks everybody for being here. We're a little bit over, but not a big deal. Thanks guys for hanging out.

Marco: Bye everyone.

Bradley: Let's see …

Marco: See you.

Bradley: Okay, thanks guys, see you.

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