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By April

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Adam: We are live on Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday. Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts. This is episode 192. I'm Adam. I am not drunk or on drugs, I'm just really excited to be here. Yeah, we got that on our way.

Chris: Liar. You're a liar, Adam.

Adam: No. Because now I'm on the West Coast, so my schedules are all out of whack. So right after we get done here, I head out the door, beat the traffic, and go for a run out in the hills and then come back.

Bradley: Yeah. That's his running in the woods that he always talks about.

Adam: Running.

Bradley: Right.

Adam: I'm so tired. Anyways, enough about me. Let's find out about everyone else. So, on my screen, Chris, you're first. How's it going, man?

Chris: Doing good. Good to be here.

Adam: Where are you located in the world today?

Chris: I'm still in Austria, soon heading to Portugal, then Barcelona. We'll see after that.

Adam: Nice, nice. Hernan, how about you? Are you surviving winter?

Hernan: Yeah. I am for now and I'm planning to do so for our coming live event. So I'm super excited about that. I'm super happy to be here.

Chris: You're not making Spain this year?

Hernan: I don't know if we know. I mean, I don't think so because we have a date with a lot of people, or potentially a lot of people in Washington, DC, so I'll get to that.

Chris: So you leave it to destiny?

Hernan: Yeah.

Adam: Wait. Is Tony Robbins coming?

Hernan: No.

Adam: Marco, how are you doing?

Marco: What's up, dude? I'm trying to make some last minute changes.

Adam: Gotcha, gotcha. All right. We'll come back to you. Marco's got some good stuff he's gonna share. I don't know, I see an eagle in the mountains. Who is this mysterious person?

Rob: Hey, what's going on, man?

Adam: Hey, everybody. This is Rob Beale. If you don't know him, you probably see him around the group, if you're new to us. Rob, how is it going?

Rob: I'm doing good. I'll switch to my camera for a second, but I'm on my cell phone.

Bradley: Oh, yeah. That's safe driving and hosting a webinar.

Rob: Yeah. There you go. So I'll talk to you guys after that later, right?

Bradley: That's multitasking right there, buddy.

Adam: Sounds good. Yeah. Be safe. Yeah. Keep your eye on the road. Bradley, last but not least, how are you doing?

Bradley: I don't know, but I wonder what kind of citation, the cops issue for that.

Adam: Not a good one.

Rob: That's why they make headphones, man.

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Adam: There you go.

Bradley: No, I'm good. I'm excited. I'm super excited. Guys, I've just got to make a quick tease for the MasterMIND again because I just posted in the MasterMIND today. I started testing another method for ranking in a 3-Pack and I actually created a … Or went to go register a GMB listing about nine days ago and I just went and picked up the postcard for verification last night. I woke up this morning and before I went to the gym, because I coach CrossFit classes in the morning, and so for a little bit this morning I went and I verified the listing by entering the pin and all that and then I went to the gym. When I came back I checked, it's number one in the 3-Pack. It's the number one in the 3-Pack for … I've only tested two of my primary five keywords, but those two keywords are number one in the 3-Pack.

I just talked about how I did that in the MasterMIND. We talked about it two weeks ago on Thursday what my plan was and it worked. I saw I posted in MasterMIND Facebook Group about it today and tomorrow's the next MasterMIND webinar and I already got several people that are asking me to go over it in much greater detail as to how I did it. Now I don't know if it's repeatable yet. It looks very, very promising, but I'm going to try to replicate that same results with another listing within the next two weeks. If I can get it to happen two for two, then we're on to something.

Again, if you guys are interested in that, now would be a really good time to join the MasterMIND. I know I say that every week but there's a reason for it.

Anyways, with that said, Adam what other announcements do we have?

Marco: Well, just to add to what you're saying, there are actually other uses for that tool that I'd be willing to share in the next MasterMIND and when you discuss this. There are actually other ways. You can use it for what you used it for, but it's also a great client prospecting tool.

Bradley: It's awesome.

Adam: That's right. Well, we had the Launch Local GMB Pro and Bradley can talk about results. Marco, Rob, everyone can talk about results. I'm gonna drop the link on the page. If you haven't yet checked it out, you can see the results other people are getting. This isn't something we came up with and then said, “Look, we got good results.” People immediately started having results with this. So I'm not gonna really harp on that too much. You can go check it out for yourselves and read about it, see if that's something you think you could plug into your business and start making a lot of money with.

But we do have some cool services that were requested. We started hearing back from people, “Hey, I want to arbitrage this. I want you guys to do it for me. What can you do so that I could provide the high value to my client but I don't have to do the nitty-gritty work?”

Rob, Marco, do you wanna kind of explain what's going on with that?

Marco: Yeah. Before Rob jumps in, what I want to add to what you said is, we have a Facebook group, but our Facebook groups, you don't see people asking questions on, well how do I get results? We do get some of those, of course, because if there are new people who are not familiar with anything. But what we're seeing a lot is we get, I'm getting these results. This is what I'm doing and I'm getting these many costs. We see that time after time after time.

It's not a Facebook group on what am I supposed to do. It's a Facebook group where people are sharing their results, people are sharing their different ideas, the different things that they're doing, we're conducting webinars. I mean, everything that we told you was going to happen is happening.

For some people, it's just incredible, the results that they've been getting. That they've been getting 200 plus calls a month in the demo. How freaking good is that? One guy, “Please no more calls.” Why? The client complaining “I'm getting too many calls. I can't handle it.” That's the type of results we're talking about. Don't let me tell you about it. Go in the Facebook group and see for yourself.

Bradley: I had one of my roofing clients call me and literally asked if there's any way I could throttle the calls down because he's overwhelmed with work. I'm not kidding. He had me put one notification bar or banner plug-in on his WordPress site that says “We are no longer accepting new calls.” I'm not kidding. Because he's got such a backup of roofing leads right now and it's because of what we've been applying with the GMB Pro method and all that, it's insane.

I'm also adding image to the page right now, guys, from one of our MasterMIND members. A lot of you will know him from also Syndication Academy. Bo, I hope you're all right with me posting just your comment. It doesn't reveal any written information, but it says pretty much the same thing that happened with the last two GMB Pro listings he made within 24 hours of verifying the listing, he was in the 3-Pack.

Anyways, we've kind of found a secret backdoor guys to just kicking ass and taking names and it's pretty freakin' amazing.

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Adam: What would you guys say to somebody who maybe hasn't gotten the experience of dealing with, you know, maybe a client who's got a Local GMB listing? Do you think that someone who hasn't done this could see results from getting involved in the Local GMB Pro course?

Bradley: Absolutely. It varies per industry. Probably level of competition makes a difference too, but we've seen results in as little as days, almost overnight. I've got a couple of tree service lead gen sites that we started to apply the GMB Pro method to and, I mean, literally within 48 hours, like sites that had not been optimized, hadn't built any citations yet, they were just basically abandoned lead gen sites that I never got around to doing anything with, and we just started applying the GMB Pro method to and within 48 hours they started generating phone calls and leads, which is freaking insane.

Others take a little bit longer, like the cab service or the taxi company that I'm doing for the case study. It's taking a little bit longer, but it's really starting to gain traction within the last couple of weeks. The calls started to pick up, a lot more clicks through to the website. So the more activity the more volume of activity it generates if that makes sense. It really just varies, but yeah, pretty much any business or any local business.

Again, I haven't applied any of this to national stuff, but for local business stuff, which is what we're talking about, Local Google My Business stuff, I mean, it's almost instant results once you start applying what we're teaching.

Adam: Good deal. Well, I don't-

Marco: Hang on a sec. Yeah, as far as national, I don't want to mention any names, but one of the big guys, who has been with us often and whom we love, he has a national campaign that he wants to do. So what I'm going to do is we're going to treat it as a case study. We're going to get him into Local GMB Pro and we will have results, I guarantee you. In the next month or two, we will let you know how this can be applied nationally.

Bradley: Awesome.

Adam: All right, guys. We've got to wrap this up pretty quick and then hop into questions. But we definitely wanna let everyone know and, Rob, maybe you can hop in now and talk a little bit, just take a minute or two, about what's going on with the Done-For-You services.

Rob: Okay. We're putting a team together, we're getting the site up. Again, if someone else can drop the link to the site that's coming up on the page, that'd be awesome because I'm driving. We're getting the team together so the services are coming along. The other thing I wanna mention is the auto poster is live and ready to start being used. We're getting some crazy results with it. It has lots of features that you're not going to find anywhere else. The poster creates an RSS feed.

For those of you that follow us enough, you know with an RSS feed, there's a lot of extras you can add on the end of even the Local GMB Pro that we haven't even added to bolster the results that everyone's talking about now. You can start adding all those things, syndicating your GMB post across your network, and all the other fun stuff you can do with RSS feeds. I won't go into that, it's too offbeat. I could take forever.

The other thing that is super cool with this auto poster that we have is, for those that are already doing syndication and doing blog content for their clients, we have a plug-in that we're going to give away for free. You use that along with our auto poster and you can connect your blog and create, just based on your blog, it'll post to your GMB.

Marco, I dropped a link in chat to you. If you could post that, that is an example post from a blog that was posted that went through syndication and ended up on the GMB site. So that's what it looks like using the WordPress plug-in and the auto poster that we have that's now live and ready to go. There's all kinds of other things that we can get into, but that's I just wanna let everybody know that it is live and it's ready to go. Go sign up and start killing it.

Adam: Great. Looks like I'm getting a call in the middle of, there we go, Hump Day Hangouts. Awesome.

Marco: I dropped the link in there. Guys, you can grab your actual websites RSS feed. You can feed your posts, and then from your post you can grab another RSS feed and go crazy. I mean, this is how insane this is. We're talking about amplifying the message, right? Syndicating is all about that, it's amplifying it. But it's going to have proper attribution, which is the most important thing right now so that you don't get. People are getting hit with or their tummy is getting hit with penalties. But I guarantee you, you don't have proper attribution. We have proper attribution. Everything is taken care of, guys. This is so you can just blow up and get insane leads for your clients.

I'm gonna also, besides that link, so that you guys can look at it and just see how good the posts look … Remember, that's an RSS feed going into Google My Business. All right? That's how great it looks. Let me also share our marketplace because we have an MGYB if you've been with us long enough you know what that stands for, marketplace. It's free to join. Guys, right now, what we're offering is video carpet bomb. It's a service where you can go and just literally find out where you can rank a video in a short period of time. We have a great VA, he's trained.

Go join the auto poster, it will be available through MGYB.co, and we will be adding other services and products as we go along. It's in the beginning but we wanted to get this out right away because these are the two easiest methods to go and find out where to rank, as far as videos, and how to get leads and push content because you do need content for Google My Business system. So the easiest way to do it is to schedule it and auto post. How cool is that? I mean, it's like I said, you train the VA, you don't have to do shit except to sell it to a client and collect the money, guys. That's it. It's that simple. You guys, “No, it can't be this easy.” Well, yes, it really is. We've really made it simple for you guys to go and make money.

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Adam: All right, guys. Yeah. Let's get into questions and then before we wrap it up I'm gonna drop a link in. I wanted to remind everybody we got the live event coming up in October. We still got seats open. We're gonna cap that at 25. It's gonna be the weekend of October and October 21st in Washington DC, including our beautiful faces along with some guest speakers, including Jeffrey Smith. So if you're interested, again, that link will be on there and we'll touch on that again towards the end. But let's go ahead and dive into the questions.

Bradley: Yeah. Just quickly I wanna mention anybody that goes to checks out the MGYB marketplace, which is Make Google Your BITCH, just in case nobody knows what that meant. The video carpet bomb offer, that's actually I got the idea from a colleague of ours, Randy James, and we kind of refined the process together and I trained the VA how to do this really well. The offer that's in there right now, we should have two offers actually, I just pinged Marco in chat and Slack, but we'll get the other offer in there.

But essentially the two ways that I'm using that is: one, if you're doing lead gen, it's fantastic because what we do is take a particular location and then we gather all of the locations like townships, boroughs, all that stuff within a 20-mile radius and then we create a list of … You can have up to three keywords appended or and in the locations appended to those three keywords.

Let's say that you end up on a 20-mile radius with 60 locations and you got three keywords, so that's 180 keywords that you would be targeting. All you need to provide is the three keywords and the central location and then the video file and a thumbnail, if you want a custom thumbnail, and then the call-to-action, which will be placed in the video description, which is typically going to be an NAP, if you're doing local stuff, which is what we suggest.

No, I didn't, Marco. But anyway, I don't remember saying that anyways. We'll cover that later. We'll get that set up for next week.

Anyways, it's really good because I mean, out of like 180 videos that we'll upload, we can't guarantee any certain number of them, but I typically get anywhere between 30 to 50 videos ranked on page one for that. Now it's great for lead gen because you can start to generate leads right away. You can also find low-hanging fruit. So it's like poking keywords as well, right? You can find keyword opportunities that you can go ranked some more long-term assets for, web pages, social media, web 2.0, anything like press releases, anything like those whatsoever.

But then there's also an alternate method that I'm using that for that works really freaking well. It's for prospecting purposes, guys, and for closing sales or closing clients. One of the best things that you can do is, once a conversation has been initiated with a prospect, so a potential client, when you go to make your proposal or your pitch for whatever services that you are offering, we have a lesser version of it that, again, will get this added in within the next week, it's for a 10-mile radius in one keyword.

Essentially, what we'll do is, let's say, with three keywords in a 20-mile radius, like I said, maybe return 60 locations or 60 place names, right? With the 10-mile radius, it might be 30 or 25 place names and you get one keyword. So it will create the same campaign, one keyword appended with the 25 or 30 locations, and it will upload it. Out of that you might get five to 10-ish videos ranked and it's gonna be inexpensive, 20 or 25 bucks is what we're gonna charge for that. So that when you're pitching the client, when you're giving them a proposal, you can also send them the results with their video that you branded for them, with their brand name, with their contact information, their NAP in the description. You can use that as a deal sweetener for your proposal.

That works really, really, really well. I've used that method over and over and over again for impressing potential clients so that when I go to … Because think about that, how many companies show results when they present the proposal? Very few, right? Because he wants to do any work. But I trained a VA to do it, right? My VA, for me, the cost is a few dollars. I can have a campaign, a video carpet-bomb campaign that I can submit with the proposal and say, “Look, just to show you that I know what I'm talking about and I can get you results quickly, I did this for you at no cost and I included it with the proposal and there'll be a spreadsheet with the links and the keywords that it's ranked for.”

So they can go verify it themselves, and it's their brand name their call to action, their contact information, and NAP on the video, so it's like branded for them. I've gotten a lot of prospects and clients that have come back and said, “Wow, that's really great. Thank you for doing that. Nobody's ever done that before.” So it works really, really well. Besides doing lead gen stuff or providing that as a reselling service for your clients, which you could absolutely do, it's also a great way to land clients and impress them. So definitely check that out. We'll get the prospecting plan for that put into the marketplace within the next week or so.

Okay. All right. Let's get into some questions. That went a little bit longer, but we had a lot of news to share. All right. Let's get this backup. Oh, yeah, I love that gif, by the way. All right.

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Is The Syndication Course Still Relevant Since It Has Been Released In 2015?

The first question, Richard, that was already answered by Chris. Chris reposted one from Support, it looks like. “Is syndication still relevant?” This is from Renee Ward. “I have your course from 2015. There have been so many SEO changes since then, seven to eight this year, and I was wondering if it's still worth the trouble to syndicate. Also, are there any negative repercussions since Google is so picky nowadays.”

No. Renee, it's absolutely still valid. Again, it's still the very foundation of everything that we do. Other than some of the newer stuff that we're doing with GMB, we're able to get results without using syndication networks. We still recommend that you use them for many, many reasons. Number one, syndication networks help to validate the entity. Right? That's incredibly important, especially now, more so than it was in 2015 when we first launched the course. Right? That really wasn't even much of a concern back then. Now, it is. So, validating the entities, number one.

Number two, you're amplifying your content. Go do a Google search for content amplification and you'll see there's a ton of different services out there and the definitions are all pretty much the same. That's basically getting your content that you publish on your blog or your website everywhere that you can. That's what content amplification is. So all we're doing is automating it using IFTTT and our Syndication Academy methods. Right?

Think about it, all of the major news and media sites and the major blogs, the author's will syndicate their own content that they've published on those sites to their own social media profiles, their own professional profiles and such. So why is that any different than what we're doing? It's not. Guys, it's not. This whole myth that, you know, it constantly comes up, and I'm not picking on you, Renee, by the way, but we get the question that comes up often.

By the way, just a quick aside, Renee, that a lot of these questions, especially this one, is also answered in our knowledge-base, which you can find at [email protected] We have frequently asked questions there categorized by product. If you go to the Syndication Academy Frequently Asked Questions at [email protected], you'll see a lot of these questions are already answered.

But for the benefit of everybody here today, I'll go through it again. That is, we get a lot of people say, “Well, what about duplicate content?” Guys, duplicate content only exists when it's on the same domain. If you have 10 pages on your domain or posts and they're all the same freaking content, that's duplicate content. It's not duplicate content when it's republished on other domains.

If that were the case, press releases wouldn't work. I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt, and so can the vast majority of our members that are using press releases, we launched an entire product specifically on how to use press releases to rank especially local stuff, and those are all duplicate content. Right? It gets published at one place first, whatever the originating press cable services that you're using. Then from there, it goes out to the press wires and just gets picked up by any other syndication partners that are part of that press cable service. Right?

It's the same freaking press release, not a single word has been changed on it across all the places it's published to, which are typically 200-plus other sites, some cases 400, 500 sites. Right? It gives an absolute quick boost for ranking, especially for local stuff. If duplicate content was an issue, then press releases wouldn't work. But they work and they work incredibly well.

My point is no. Guys, you're sharing your own content to your own branded properties, which is natural, It's normal. In fact, it's kind of expected nowadays. Right? So, no, there is no negative repercussions. Where the negative repercussions come in is when you start to try to gain the system and add a whole bunch of persona-based networks and secondary syndication networks and you don't take steps to mask or reduce your footprint.

There is no footprint when we're syndicating to branded properties. In fact, we are claiming our footprint. We're literally posting a flag up and saying, “Hey, come check us out. This is our content on all of our sites.” Right? We're actually, literally, broadcasting our footprint to our own branded sites. But when you start to syndicate content, the same content to other networks that have nothing but your branded content on them and their persona-based networks, now that's clearly to manipulate search rankings. And that can cause problems.

However, we teach in Syndication Academy also how to reduce that footprint and still have effective secondary syndication networks. I don't typically recommend that, it depends on how many sites you're managing. If you're just managing one site, it's a great strategy. If you're managing a dozen sites, it's not, because it's a lot of work and it's a lot to maintain.

Again, we cover all that stuff since 2015. There have been many, many changes, in fact, that's why Syndication Academy 2.0, which is what we're in currently now, which was launched, shit, I think a year and a half ago now. I think we're on update webinar 22 or 23, so it's almost two years now. We update it every month. Again, there has been changes but we stay on top of it.

In fact, our guest that's on today, Rob, he's actually going to be taking over the Syndication Academy Update webinars here soon. In the near future, he's gonna be taking over handling and hosting the Syndication Academy Update webinars. Anyways-

Rob: I promise not to do those from my car too. How about that?

Bradley: Yeah, I hope so. Anyways, Renee, I would encourage you to come check out Syndication Academy 2.0. You could still take the training from 2015 and adapt it to today's current standards. There's no question you might have to do a lot of trial and error to figure it all out, or you can come join Syndication Academy 2.0 and it's all laid out for you. Okay? Or better yet, another alternative would be for you to just buy Done-For-You networks so you don't even have to bother with it. Just use the networks to your advantage.

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Are There Any Issues Connecting Blogger To IFTTT In The Past Weeks?

Okay. Paul's up. He says, “Hey, guys. I would like to know what is going on with Blogger? For weeks now when you go into IFTTT to connect to Blogger, Blogger won't connect. If and when Blogger does connect, the recipes won't work.” Well, Paul, first of all, I rarely ever go into IFTTT and connect stuff anymore because, again, we have a ton of virtual assistants that do all that stuff for me. So I can't confirm, I'm not saying that what you're saying isn't true, Paul, but I haven't experienced that problem myself. I haven't heard anything like that coming from the build team either.

Not that I'm plugged into the build team all the time, but typically it goes through the support channels and ends up in my lap when it comes to Syndication Academy stuff or syndication network stuff and I have not heard that. I don't know if it's a specific issue with you, Paul, or your Blogger account or whatever. I don't know. First of all, I would question, I would ask you, have you tested other Blogger accounts instead of the one that you're talking about here. Yeah, because it might be an isolated issue.

If it's not an isolated issue, in other words, if this issue is across more than one Blogger profile, then I would reach out to IFTTT support and ask them what the problem is. Because again, I don't work for IFTTT, I just learned how to use the shit out of it for my own benefit and then taught you guys how to do it. But again, I would contact IFTTT support and ask them specifically because they would be much better and give you much quicker reply than I would. Okay?

However, that said, I have put that already on my list because I saw your post earlier today, Paul. I put that on my list for the next Syndication Academy Update webinar to test and see if there's an issue; and if so, try to find a workaround. Right? That's typically what we do, guys. Remember, I do not build networks anymore really. I very rarely ever do that because, again, I've trained so many damn VAs to do it, I don't have to. So I don't get to experience these issues until it's brought to my attention.

But then when you guys bring it to my attention, or if one of our network builders brings something to my attention, then I put it on the list for Syndication Academy Update webinar, and then I go in and I test. Right? I go in and I try to find a workaround, see, first, confirm if it's true, then try to find a workaround. If I do, I let you guys know; and if I don't, I let you know. Either way, I let you know. That's part of the Syndication Academy Updates.

Rob, just so you know, it's probably gonna get dumped in your lap. There you go.

Rob: I figured.

Bradley: Put it on your list, Rob. Play with Blogger. But just for that, let's just check one thing. I don't know if it's existing. Let's see if existing sites are having the same problem or existing networks, probably not. This one seems to still be working. I'm still looking at some of my … That one was just posted on July 6, so that was five days ago.

Yeah. I don't know, it looks like, because I've got a ton of syndication networks. The one that I just picked up looks like it's syndicated just five days ago, which was I think the last time I have a VA that does the videos for my clients. That was one of the videos that was done, one of the rep videos, it's David Sprague's product. It looks like that one was fine.

Again, Paul, I'd say it's probably an isolated issue. But if it's not, just contact IFTTT support. We'll look into it though, it's on the list. Okay.

“Also, when you go into settings under Post and Share, you can't turn on the auto share to G Plus page. Are you guys having the same issues?”

Don't worry about it, Paul. Google Plus is dying. They've already dug the grave and it's halfway in the grave. It's about three feet underground at this point. I'm not kidding you. Google Plus is dying. That's why any of you guys are probably within the last couple weeks, many of you have probably received notifications from Google Plus saying that they were going to delete your page because it hasn't been posted to in a while, if you have any pages that haven't been posted to in a while. That's just more evidence that Google is absolutely removing Google Plus from the Google ecosystem.

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Which I never thought would happen, I honestly didn't. I mean, I remember years … People have been saying, “Google Plus is dead for five, six years,” and five or six years ago, I used to think, no, there's no way. Because remember, they integrated Google Plus. Google did. They forced everybody that used Google products to be on Google Plus and it was so much a part of the semantic web, what Google's version of the semantic web was. The reason why is because it was an identity validator. Not an entity validator, but an identity validator. Does that make sense?

Because in order for you to be on Google Plus, you had to have a Google account, a verified Google account, like a profile. You couldn't get on Google Plus as just a page or a business. You had to have a profile that was intimately attached to a specific person, right? Google Plus was an identity validator, which was used at the early onset of the semantic web engine for Google. Google's version of the semantic web, right? But I guess they figured out other ways through all the stuff that Marco looks into like AI and machine learning and all that shit to validate entities without Google Plus. That's why they're slowly removing it from all of the Google products. I think in the near future it actually finally will be a dead product.

Anybody wanna comment on that? I'll take silence as a no. All right. I'm gonna move on then. Is everybody still here? Because it's rare to get radio silence like that. We should have crickets-

Adam: Yeah. First, we need to have like a real production studio. It would be fun to have some good sound effects.

What Are Your Thoughts On Josh Bachynski's Statement On Emailing Google To Shut Down Google Sites?

Bradley: Yes, some crickets. That would have been funny. Okay. Armand is up. What's up, Armand? He says, “I thought this was pretty interesting. I was listening to Josh Bachynski YouTube channel, good SEO channel, by the way, and they were talking about Google Sites giving a boost, which, of course, you guys know all about. Yes, sir, we do. What I thought was an interesting statement, is, he claims he could have it shut down tomorrow by emailing John Mueller of Google and telling him about it. You can see it here.” He dropped a link. “What do you guys think about this? I'm really mostly looking forward to the F-bombs we'll hear from Marco.”

Honestly, I don't know why Josh would say something like that. He could have it shut down by emailing John Mueller, maybe he could, maybe couldn't. Why would he be flexing his muscles like that? I mean, whatever, why would you want to kill something that works for SEOs when you're an SEO yourself? I don't understand that. That would be like, why would you shit where you eat? You know what I'm saying?

Essentially, that's what he'd be doing at that point. I'm not saying anything bad about Josh. Honestly, I don't really follow his channel or any of that stuff because, as far as I know from years ago, it was a lot of white hat stuff and discussions between white hat versus black hat and all that. I don't buy an any that shit. SEO is SEO. As far as I know, there are no hats. Right?

Adam: Yeah. The other thing I think is really interesting about this, and I can't weigh in on the technical aspect of it, but I think that, yeah, Google's messed around their own properties before, but they like this. This is getting their stuff more of their own stuff to show.

Bradley: [crosstalk 00:33:42]

Adam: Yeah. Maybe they turn back or something happens in the future, but it's not like they're gonna suddenly realize, “Oh goodness, Google My Business pages are taking up more real estate. We better do something about it.” That's not gonna happen.

Bradley: Yeah. Marco, I know you're anxious to say something.

Marco: All right. Let me start with this. Do you guys think Google is stupid enough not to know that their G sites are powerful? Do you think that they don't already have enough fucking stupid telling them that it works this way and that it's pushing a lot of juice and that it's pushing their properties. Do you think it's not already happening? I don't want to mention names, but snitches get stitches. If he wants to go that way, he's a fuckin' retard because he's done a whole bunch of dirty shit. I mean, Josh goes back to days when, I mean, the crap that was being done, he was at the forefront of that shit. So I don't know what the fuck he's talking about. All of a sudden he turned, he's an angel and he doesn't do shit. Well, fuck you and fuck John Mueller.

Rob: Hey, Remember, this is Hump Day Hangouts.

Marco: I don't give a fuck, man. These fucking people, they pissed me off. Fuck him, fuck John Muller, fuck them all. We're gonna keep doing it. We'll do it as long as we can and if they take that away, we'll just find another way like we always do, man. So fuck that, fuck you, and that's what I have to say about it.

Bradley: Wow. Armand. Can we send Armand a T-shirt for firing up Marco?

Adam: Yeah. Armand, hit us up in Support. Also, I was gonna say hashtag POFU.

Bradley: Wow. Okay. Armand, since you fired up Marco for the day, you won yourself a T-shirt or a hat or something. So contact [email protected] and we'll send you something.

Adam: John just wrote on the page. He said, “How do you really feel, Marco?”

Bradley: Yeah, right. I was gonna say, guys, we're not setting a precedent here. Please don't intentionally try to piss Marco off just so you can get free stuff. Hump Day Hangouts will begin a downward spiral really quickly that way.

This Stuff Works

Do You Have Any Recommendations For Planning And Tracking Web 2.0/Syndication Networks?

Jim Wells is up next. He says, “Howdy, SM Gang. Thanks for the recommendation on Google PVA's last week.” You're welcome. So that's Metro biz. Yeah, he's great. Jim, I guess you contacted him right after Hump Day Hangouts or shortly thereafter because he came pinged me on Skype and said thank you for the recommendation again. Absolutely, he's a good guy.

Anyways, number one, he says, “Do you have any recommendations for planning and tracking web 2.0, syndication networks? For planning and tracking. I use mind mapping software for general plans. We'll, we have a service monitor, Serpspace.com, Jim. A few aren't aware of that. I don't know if it has a visual editor like a visual tracker. Adam, can you comment on that?

Adam: No. If it continues to grow we might build something out, but yeah, you just copy-paste your info in and it does this thing and monitors and then backgrounds, you don't have to.

Bradley: Yeah. So as far as for planning them, no, but it does monitor them. What's great about it is if you order Done-For-You networks from Serp Space they can automatically be imported into the network monitor, which will notify you if properties go down, or if they're not posting, or if RSS feeds stops posting, like it stops detecting new items in RSS feeds. It does various things. It lets you know. So it's a great way when you have multiple networks or dozens or hundreds of networks. It's a great way to monitor all that stuff because otherwise a lot of times you just don't know when stuff starts to break down. Right? Unless you're manually checking yourself.

But as far as planning them, yeah, mind mapping know software is typically what I would. I use Lucidcharts. I like that a lot. That's pretty much, in my opinion, the best mind mapping. I've used about a dozen of them and that was the one that I found to be, in my opinion, the easiest to use. It's Lucidcharts.

Anyways, “But I was looking for a better solution to tracking which sites, networks, rings were linked and what content is feeding to them. I've been working on a Google Sheets solution, but it's incredibly cumbersome.” Yeah. That was my issue because that's what I was … I mean, I still manage probably 90% of my business through Google Drive, period, and I still use spreadsheets for everything too, but that's part of the reason that we built the network monitor in Serp Space, was specifically so that you could see tier 1 networks on tier 2 networks and how content is feeding from one to the other and that kind of stuff. You are able to do that inside of Serp Space. The actual visual planning, we don't have that yet. That might be something that we could do at some later time though.

What's Your Opinion On The Number Of Google Sites To Use For Each Account?

Okay. All right. Number two is, “What's your opinion on the number of Google sites to use for each account? Is there a limit to how many you place on each one? I think Peter Drew mentioned using eight before moving on.” Yeah. I typically don't have more than a couple to up to eight. If I'm using Peter Drew's Google sites generator software, then that specifically, yes, I'll use eight Google sites or I'll use the Google site with eight pages, which is what he recommends. It's his software, he's tested the shit out of it, and so is all his beta testers and all of his members now. So if that's what Peter Drew suggests for using that, then I think that's a good suggestion. I trust his judgment because he does a lot of testing.

But as far as the methods like for RYS methods, I'll leave that one to Marco. But typically, for my RYS Drive stacks that contain a Google site, which all of them do. I think it should be standard operating procedure, when you buy a drive stack you buy the add-on the Google site, G site. Right? Because, to me, it's really an incomplete … I mean, the way I look at it is that … I use the Google site as like the linchpin for the drive stack. That's the main point that I drive all the relevancy from the drive files to the Google site and then I use the Google site to push relevancy to wherever I want. Right?

Again, I think those should be the same. As far as that, typically, I'll only have the Google site in that drive stack account. But typically, like I said, I usually don't have more than eight. I usually only have between two to four really in any one account. Marco, what are your thoughts?

Marco: I don't know anything about Peter Drew to comment. I can only comment on what I do.

Bradley: Okay.

Marco: It's one main stack with the script, plus G site. I mean, you're killing half the power or more if you don't push the all of that power to the G site and then that power to wherever it needs to go. It defeats the purpose of everything that we do if there's no companion G site. Now the way that we do it is, if you need additional folders and files, well, those stacks in and of themselves that's what a stack really is. It's a folder packed with files the Semantic Mastery way. The way that we do it. The way that we interlink everything. Right?

The way that it's done is really time-consuming and that's why you'll see that most other people will not go the lengths that we go to interlink everything and to give everything the power that it needs. The only thing is that the script takes up a lot of resources. If you install the script in more than one folder, Google is going to kill your G site immediately. I mean, no question. We see a time after time after time after time. One G site but multiple stacks as long as you're only running one script in one of the stacks and that should be your main stack. That's my opinion on that.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Yup. He says, “Also, for Stacks, do you place anything else on those accounts? Seems like it might be a risk.” I've used some of my drive stack accounts the Google accounts for like creating Blogger accounts. It's like another syndication point and things like that. I mean, typically, I don't see, there is a bit of a risk. But I mean, I don't think I've ever had, I don't think I've ever had a drive stack terminated like the index was terminated from Google. I don't think I've ever lost a Google account that was specific for just drive stack. What Marco says is true about the script and I've had that occur, but not when I'm just doing what Marco said, which is …

In fact, a lot of the Google sites that I end up with the drive stacks, I sometimes use the scripts on them. It's just everything is static once it's built out. Again, I haven't had any issues with that whatsoever. The only time I've ever had a drive stack account terminated is when, like Marco said, I've had … When the script overburdened the servers and then they terminated that, they killed it. But other than that I have … I mean, I've got drive stacks, especially the early ones that I did that are … Because I built a few myself originally that were a bit like spammy and they're still alive today. So I really haven't had any issues. What do you say, Marco?

Marco: Again, yeah. The only time that we've had issues that we've had stuff killed off is when we overburden Google. Google doesn't like leeches using their resources for free. If you pay them now, you can get away with all a whole lot of stuff. If you go through their API, you can get away with a whole lot of stuff. If you go through G suite you can get away with a whole lot of stuff. But if you're starting off free, don't overburden Google. You could do other stuff in there that there's no reason why.

As a matter of fact, it helps to validate, again, you mentioned identity, but not only the identity, the entity. The entity is alive and well and it's a living organism within this, the Gmail ecosystem, let's call it. Right?

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: So yeah, that's what I would say.

Bradley: Okay, great. Great question, Jim. As always, man. He's always posting a really question.

Rob: I was going to throw something in there also.

Bradley: I'm sorry?

Rob: I was going to throw something in there also. I think people lose sight of just the fact that Google, they develop drives in the Google site and all that stuff to be used by just standard everyday people. We're just using it in a different manner, but we forget that driving a huge of ton at all universities, and high schools, and all over the country, at least in the state. I mean, my kid has Google drive stack for the classes they do. They look more spammy sometimes in some of my drive stack. I mean, they're sharing and copying documents and moving along all over the place and you've got an entire high school and college classes running through Google and Google drive and sharing and replicating documents, and copying and pasting, and multiple duplicates of the same document.

Just stuff that you're doing, I mean, just think of it like what were the regular college kid do or a high school kid. If you're just making a bunch of documents and folders and sharing them and stuff like that, I mean, you're basically hide in plain sight.

Bradley: Yeah.

Rob: Like you said, burden in their script and you're using their computing power to automate a bunch of building and stuff, that's when they take notice.

What's The Best Way To Use Crowdsearch.me For Local Right Now?

Bradley: Awesome. Thanks, Rob. Kay Dee says, “Hey guys, what's the best way to use crowdsearch.me for local right now? I bought it through a link Hernan sent to your future SEO click-throughs page but then saw your post here a couple weeks ago where you will not be implementing apps like that for GMB or money sites as they've been flagged.”

Yeah, that's true. Now don't get me wrong, guys. It still can be used. I just think it's been deprecated quite a bit. I know it has because I used to use the shit out of it. I promoted crowdsearch.me for a solid two years because I used about 50,000 credits per month, I'm not kidding, because it worked really, really well. But as everything that we do in SEO, it became saturated and other products and services, PandaBot and a bunch of other ones popped up that started providing the … Serpify is one. Another one, I think … I don't know, there's a ton of them.

I actually did a case study test on those two, by the way. We tested four of them. Another one is John [inaudible 00:46:13] Rainmaker. I don't know, there's a bunch of services like that and I've done case study tests on many of them and found that … I didn't even start the case studies until after I've realized that they weren't working as well. Right? I started to see less and less results from using them. Okay?

But I'm not saying that there's not still a place for it. I just don't bother with it because it has become so ineffective that it's not worth the trouble or the expense. I can get much better results by setting up other campaigns or using like YouTube, for example. I've talked many, many times about how to drive cheap traffic from YouTube, which is verified real people. Right? You can accomplish a lot of the same thing using traffic from YouTube. You can also hire Microtasks workers and although that's not as effective as it used to be either for reasons of their search history and stuff like that, like essentially …

This Stuff Works
Remember guys, Google keeps a profile of everybody. Right? They built a profile of Google users. So anytime you're using Google and you're logged into an account, they're tracking what you do, they're compiling history of your browsing history, and the types of content that you look at, the types of searches that you do, the types of websites that you click on and interact with and engage with.

Google creates a profile for each user. So even now when you hire Microtasks workers and you tell them to go to Google.com in the US and search for a particular keyword and then go find your listing on page one or page two, or whatever, all the way up to page 10 if you want, whatever page it is, then click on it. Then find the third word in the fourth paragraph and copy it and paste it into the answer box for the Microtasks dashboard. Right? So that way you know that they did.

Why do you do all these things with Microtasks workers? Think about. You tell them to do a search and a click. That's what we call CT spam or click-through spam, right? That's a signal to Google that somebody searched for keyword then found your listing. Then you ask them to find a particular word or a phrase or a sentence or something like that on a page that's buried somewhere in the middle of page. So they have to spend some time searching for it, that's time on site, or you can tell them to click through to another page, which is engagement time on site and also another click-through. Right?

So there's a lot of different things that you could do to tell Microtasks workers. But the problem occurs where and why it's becoming less and less effective is exactly what I just mentioned, because, if a Microtask worker is doing multiple searches per day for random shit all the time, then Google is going to build up a profile for them of, it's likely that there Microtasks worker is doing CT spam.

I mean, think about it. Google, they're not an idiot and either are their AI. Their AI systems aren't stupid either. My point is, it's not as an effective click. It's not weighted as much as it would be if it was coming from somebody that has a relevant search history or has an interest or topical relevancy or some something in their recent search history that would make that click so much more valid or more appropriate, which means it's heavier weighted click, which means it produces better results and a much higher level engagement signal.

So that's where I'm talking about crowdsearch.me. You've got to think about that guys. Those are bots. Those are bots where they spoof the user agents, they spoof the IPs and all that, but even the IP ranges that these bots use are within specific ranges that have been flagged. Right?

So what I'm saying, to answer your question, Kay Dee, would be not to use it direct to money site. What I recommend using it for is referral traffic. It still works well for that. It also works well if you want to send traffic to press releases to help them to stick longer in the search results, because we all know that press releases rank really well quickly. Well, typically, rank really well quickly, but they don't last for long, unless they get a high level of traffic.

But for that you can buy Fiverr gigs and I'd recommend Fiverr gigs. There's several of them that I've recommended on many occasions publicly. Right? You can buy a $10 or a $15 Fiverr gig and boost the press release for a month, which I don't know what you're paying for crowd search, but me, I was buying 50,000 credits a month so it was rather expensive. Right?

Again, referral traffic and, by the way, if you want to learn how to do referral traffic, let me just see if I can pull this up for him real quick, or Kay, excuse me. Let's go to-

Marco: While you're pulling that up, I'd like to mention that the MGYB.co marketplace, we have real YouTube views.

Bradley: That's right.

This Stuff Works
Marco: You could add a call to action where you send people to your website. You can't get anything better than a real person watching a YouTube video clicking through to your website. I mean, that's absolutely the best thing that can happen for your website because the referral is YouTube. That's what it is.

Bradley: Yep. I just wanna see, here's another one. I'm gonna drop each one of these links. Because I've done extensive training on that as well, so stand by for just one minute. This is the … Okay, yeah. This is the one that I wanted to share. Okay. I did this. Look when was this published. September 26 2015, guys, is when this was published and it's still valid. It's still relevant, this video. This is how to set up … and I did it with Jason Johnson of the Syndwire Black Facebook group.

Anyways, again, this is almost three years ago and this is still valid for a good way to use crowd search for referral traffic. Then there's also probably a Hump Day Hangouts clip here too that I could post. Look at, it's awesome. That's from Fist Fight. Wayne Clayton, that's awesome. That was a funny ass movie, by the way. I thought that movie was hilarious.

Rob: Referral traffic.

Marco: It should say “Snitches get stitches, bitches.”

Bradley: That's Ice Cube. It's a funny ass movie. Anyways, we got to keep moving. Yeah. I'm sorry about going so long on crowd search thing, guys. But that's a great question though, Kay Dee. Yeah, I don't recommend using it so much anymore unless you're using it for very specific purposes because there are alternate better ways to get traffic and real traffic too.

Is Page Rank Important As Domain Authority Is?

Okay. Peter from Poland, “Can you define PageRank and its importance? Is it as important as domain authority?” Honestly, I'm not gonna take the time to define PageRank because it's a metric that we don't have access to and we haven't for years. So it's really no sense of me even trying to … I mean, honestly, Peter, your question is still a valid question. But, is it as important as domain authority? No, because I don't care about any of those metrics anymore. I stopped caring about proprietary third-party metrics several years ago, at least two years ago.

I honestly don't care about trust flow, topical trust flow, domain authority, page authority, domain rank. I don't give a shit about any of those. Honestly, I don't care because we were able to get results whether the metrics say they should have results or not. We focus on relevancy, traffic and authority. Right? ART, which is what Marco always talks about.

Marco, what does ART stand for again?

Marco: Activity, relevance, trust and authority. Activity on the link, the relevance on the link, both destination, and the origin, and then the trust and authority both of the summation and the origin of the link. There you go, boom. But we don't-

Bradley: But to be clear, we're not talking about domain authority. When we say “authority,” we're not saying domain authority.

Marco: No.

Bradley: Right.

Marco: It's whether it's authoritative to Google.

Bradley: That's right.

Marco: That's all we care about. That refers back to pay track and again, yeah, I'm not gonna get into that. I will say it's alive and well. It's part of the rankings core algorithm. First, it gives you a PageRank, then you get an overall ranking score. That's what that's about. It's alive and well. We don't give a shit because we trigger those the Semantic Mastery way.

Bradley: That's right. Guys, again, when you rely on third-party metrics, they're not always accurate, guys. They're a really good educated guess, but they're not accurate because none of those, Majestic AH reps, Moz, none of them worked for Google. Right? I just I stopped relying on metrics. Years ago, we used to be able to manipulate domain authority and just ranked by manipulating domain authority. Well, Google killed that. It's no longer … Unless you're like above 80 or 85 domain authority, it's really difficult to manipulate domain authority for ranking purposes anymore. Again, we just stop worrying about it.

This Stuff Works
Good question, Peter, but I would say focus on an RT instead of working on third-party metrics. Okay. Matias. We're gonna be running out of time and I was worried that we weren't gonna have enough questions today. You guys jumped in and posted a whole bunch. So anyway, all right. Matias … I don't know if I'm saying that correct or not. Forgive me if I butchered it. He says, “Hi guys, thanks for all the content you put out on the channel for free. It's a great reference.” You're welcome. We enjoy this.

Does Having Different City Name In Facebook And GMB Listing Cause NAP Inconsistencies?

By the way, what is this, episode 192. So we're getting close to 200, which we're gonna do a celebration episode then. Then at 208, it would be our anniversary. We're gonna have a really big celebration for that says. He says, “I got two short questions. I have a verified GMB listing and when setting up the Facebook profile, the city name displays differently. Facebook only allows picking from a display menu. Will this cause any NAP consistency with my GMB profile, which I prefer not to touch?”

No. I wouldn't worry about it, Matias. I would not worry about that. I mean, thing is if you've got a Facebook profile and you're setting it up as a place of Facebook place or whatever and it's gonna force you to select a city name instead of whatever you have listed, then just use it I wouldn't worry about it you know too much. Again, sometimes that kind of stuff is gonna happen and you have no choice. So I really wouldn't worry about it.

All right, let's see. “Or should I hide the address in Facebook?” I would. If it's a storefront and you want people, because remember, there is a lot of people that use Facebook for finding local businesses and stuff like that. So if you've got a point of sale, a storefront where people come to the business location, then absolutely I would want to have that listed because otherwise, you may lose customers.

You may lose customers for an SEO benefit. Does that make sense? and I don't think that's right. You should be focusing on generating customers, not just SEO, if that makes sense. I know they go hand they kind of work hand in hand, but various traffic on Facebook, there's no question. So I would rather have that displayed if. It's a service area business then yeah you can absolutely hide it right.

“By the way, I am displaying the address in GMB and wanna keep it that way.” Well, just remember, in Google My business, it's a service area business where you serve the customers at the customer location and the customers do not come to the business location. Then as per Google's Terms of Service, Google My Business Terms of Service, you should check to hide the address. Okay. You should only be showing the address if customers come to your business location, period. All right? So just keep that in mind.

How Do You Index A TLD Website (Business.Site) Without Setting It As Main Website In A GMB Listing?

All right. Number two, “For the same listing I have a TLD, top-level domain website, but I've also created the internal GMB website. Is there any way to index the business in that site without setting it as the main website in my listing?” Marco?

Marco: Yeah. I'm gonna to tell him to come to Facebook group and I will answer this question directly. I won't answer it here because there's something really special about that Google business site that I won't get to in here. It's information only for those people who paid for the course. Sorry.

Bradley: Yeah, that makes sense. Sorry, but that makes sense. That's one of the insider secrets of that course.

Anthony, “MasterMIND versus RYS. I believe I need to learn more about where to sell this stuff. I have a pretty good product but no community to learn more about how and where to implement. Makes sense?” All right. I'm going to give you my opinion, which would be the MasterMIND. Only because RYS is specifically about RYS in its methods where MasterMIND is all encompassing digital marketing training and education as well is business building, mindset, all kinds of stuff, motivation. There's small group MasterMINDs, MasterMIND, it encompasses so much more than just a specific method.

This Stuff Works
I'm not saying anything bad about RYS. RYS is freaking awesome, guys. It kicks ass. But it's about a particular method. MasterMIND is more about building your business, period. I mean, that's not just marketing, it's everything included. So that's my take on, anybody want to say otherwise?

Marco: No. I'm the co-creator of RYS Academy Reloaded and I totally agree with you, MasterMIND first. You'll get a discount for RYS Academy, but I would also tell you to pick up Local GMB Pro-

Bradley: If he's doing local.

Marco: Yeah. Even if it isn't because that's gonna help him with his entity and brand and brand plus keyword recognition. As I said, I'm starting a national campaign that I'm gonna be working on and I'm gonna show how this shit works nationally even though you might have a local address.

Bradley: Okay. I'm gonna stay for about five more minutes guys, if anybody needs to bounce please feel free, but I wanna try to get a couple more of these. John, it looks like you and Anthony got the same memo today, apparently. Unless John posting the same question twice or Anthony posting the same question twice with two different profiles, one way or the other.

RYS vs Mastermind

Anyways, “MasterMIND versus RYS, I believe right now I need more of a community than another tool.” Well, neither one is a tool. Both MasterMIND and RYS are communities. RYS is also a particular method, but it's not a tool. Right? “I need to see how others are working and where they're going. I love the special offer case study. That's the kind of insight community I feel to get a breakthrough. Makes sense?”

Yeah, it absolutely does, John. That's what the MasterMIND is all about. Again, don't get me wrong, RYS also has a community because we have a Facebook group for that. Marco and Rob are very active in there, I'm not, because that's their baby. Right? But MasterMIND, again, either one is good. They're great really, but MasterMIND again is all-encompassing. It covers so much more than just digital marketing or just SEO. Right? It covers a broad spectrum of topics and business-related topics.

Rob: I would say from hearing the question, I would mimic what both you guys said, MasterMIND first. Go out make some money, and then you get a discount on RYS, back it up and it just helps to take your business to the next level. But overall, MasterMIND.

Bradley: Thank you, Rob. Guys, don't forget, when you join the MasterMIND all of our other products you get either if they're under 300 bucks you get them for free, if they're over 300 bucks you get a 30% discount. You get first access to all of our new products or new done-for-you services. You get first crack at then, we bring beta testers in for all kinds of new stuff all the time. Guys, MasterMIND is my baby. All of our baby is Semantic Mastery, but what I'm saying is like that's that's where my heart lies, is with MasterMIND, there's no doubt.

Rob: Yeah, for sure. If you come and immerse yourself you will change your business.

Bradley: That's it.

Rob: Period.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Wayne was picking on you, Rob.

Rob: That's good. I got thick skin, Indiana boy.

Why Bother With The Short URL In GMB Posting?

Bradley: John says, “Why bother with the short URL? Seems like a lot of work for something no one will see unless getting stats from someplace like Bitly, which has its own problems?” Not sure what you mean for that John, unless you're talking about the short URLs from the GMB post from this. That's what Google gives us as a short URL now for the post, the share URL. That's what they look like. That's what you're talking about.

If you're talking about like Bitly links in a GMB post, I know some services auto add bit link shorteners for any links. For example Sendible which turned out to be shit, by the way. I know I talked about it because I had good … We've got our own GMB poster now so I don't recommend using Sendible anymore anyways. But before our poster was ready, I was using Sendible for GMB post automation and scheduling and I trained a VA to do it for our client work and stuff. Essentially after 100 GMB posts, you can't use Sendible any more clients and they say it's an API issue with Google. Google won't allow them to add any more than 100 images to any one particular GMB profile through the API, through the Sendible's API connected to …

I don't know why because our auto poster, we can do as many as we want. Well, Marco was tried to break it and he's not being able to replicate the error that Sendible has. I contacted Sendible support and they literally said it's a Google API issue and our hands are tied, we can't do anything. I said, “Okay. Well, you've just lost my $200 a month. I was paying them $200 a month. I said, “Well, you just lost my $200 a month because this is an absolutely useless service.” So anyways, that's how I feel about Sendible now. It's garbage.

Marco: If I may, ours starts at 37 a month.

Bradley: Yep.

Marco: So there you go.

Bradley: Yeah. I know and, again, they should put that shit on their sales page. API limitation notice, you can only do 100 posts before it breaks. I mean, think about it why would somebody sign up, take the time to learn how to use a particular platform, integrate processes into their business, which is what I did. I created process docs and all that shit for my VAs, spend all this time developing this out and then within two weeks or three weeks we hit the API limits. It's like, are you kidding me? That's just a complete waste of time. Anyways-

Bradley: Well, there's add hours too. I drop this into, if you want to go sign up and try it out, you can get like five free posts just to try it. After that, you got to move on but you get in there, see what's up, what's available, and try it. Just sign up, get your email and you get five free posts to try it out. I highly suggest you try it out because the power is there in the RS feed in and out. RSS feed out even has, I mean, it's we've it's been a tricked out Semantic Mastery style. We've created our links back to 301, not the standard 302s that you typically get from the API.

Marco: Yeah. We push power around. I'd like to just give a shout out to our programmer who has just been kicking ass. He's the one, Rob tells them, “We need this,” and the guy just gets it done. Once you get hooked into a really good programmer you know all limits are off.

Bradley: That's right.

Marco: The sky's the limit with what what we're going to do with this. Right now, it's at that price. So jump in, get in where you fit in as I usually say.

Bradley: Yep. I love the comments here guys. We're done with questions so we're gonna wrap up. But I just wanna give a shout out to each and every one of you. First of all, I loved the comments about Marco's rant. That's great. Armand, like I said, hit us up on support. We'll send you a T-shirt or a hat or something. There it was, Armand right there.

Dominic's awesome. We just talked about MasterMIND and we have small group MasterMINDs where Adam set up a survey form and MasterMIND members go in and fill out the survey form. Then Adam pairs people up or matches a small group of people that have like or similar interests up for small group meetings where they'll, like accountability groups, which is how we got started at Symantec Mastery. This is how my partners and I got started was because of an accountability group that I founded and they all joined. That's exactly how we got started and here we are five or six years later. Right?

Dominic was in my small group. The first small groups that Dominic was in mine. Great guy, sold a brick-and-mortar business to go into lead generation and SEO for his brother's remodeling business, which is fabulous like, you know, sold his own brick-and-mortar business to be able to get into full-time digital marketing, which is amazing, I think. So Dominic shout out to you. That's awesome. Jim Wells, again thanks for your questions and please come join a MasterMIND as well, and John looks like you're about to join the MasterMIND. That's fantastic.

This Stuff Works
I see you bought some of the other products. You could have gotten a significant discount. Sorry about that, buddy. But come join us now because it won't be the last product we relaunch either. Okay?

Marco: John, just hit me up in the Facebook group for our Local GMB and we'll work out on how to make it all work for you so that you can start making money and start buying more of our shit. Our shit works, man. There's no question. It works.

Bradley: All right. Thanks everybody for being here. I wanna bounce, it's just the true diehard still here. It's Marco, Rob and me. All right, guys. We're gonna wrap up.

Rob: We got a problem.

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: Might I add before we go, that I actually bit my tongue with what I really had to say. Anyway, I bit my tongue, guys.

Rob: That's Hump Day Hangouts on a three second delay.

Bradley: Yeah, that was a rant earlier from Marco. That was a restrained Marco rant.

Marco: It was.

Bradley: A restrained rant. All right, guys. Thanks for everybody being here on our MasterMIND webinar. Tomorrow, we're gonna be going over that fabulous GMB method that is just crashing it right now, guys. MasterMIND is a good time to join, if you haven't already. We'll see you guys next week. Thanks everybody. Thanks, Rob. Thanks, Marco.

Marco: Bye, everyone.

This Stuff Works

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