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By April

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Bradley: I just haven't installed it yet.

Adam: I love this thing. Hey! Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts episode 195, where we talk about standing desk. If you would like to order your standing desk contact me for … Just kidding.

Bradley: For my [inaudible 00:00:13] link.

Adam: Yeah. Yeah. Actually, that's funny. I was just working on … I'm setting up a site that's around like home office stuff. That's going to be part of it. I am at a desk so I can make the thing go up and down here. Anyways, what I actually want to talk about and not this is that it's episode 195, when we're getting closer to that episode 200. This is a reminder for us that we've got to come up with something good.

But before we get into it let's go around and say, “Hi,” real quick. We got the full team here. Chris, how you doing, man?

Chris: Doing good. Greetings from Barcelona today.

Adam: Nice! Nice. Never been. Heard good things. I know, Hernan, you went there, right? You really liked it, didn't you?

Hernan: Yeah. It's a nice city. Very nice city.

Chris: It is.

Adam: Good deal. All right. We won't talk to Hernan too much because he's got a cold. I don't want him to get everyone sick.

Hernan: Thank you, Adam. Thank you, everybody. I'm excited to be here. Woo-hoo.

Adam: Marco, how you doing, man?

Marco: I'm good, man. Really good. Really excited about everything that's coming down the pipeline.

Adam: Awesome.

Marco: Really looking forward to what's coming.

Adam: Yeah, definitely. Bradley. How about yourself? How you doing? You don't have thunderstorms or anything going on?

Bradley: Not today. I'm actually tired as hell today because I was up late last night with Peter Drew for a webinar that we did for him about local GMB … I know we're going to talk about that a lot today. But yeah I start my day at 4:00 a.m. He's in Australia. Whenever he wants to do a webinar to his audience it's like eight or nine p.m. Eastern for my time in Virginia. That's a long damn day. It was 9:30 last night when I got done. I put in a 16-and-A-half-hour day. I used to do that shit all the time but, to be honest, I haven't done that kind of stuff in quite some time. I'm a little bit delirious today, so to speak. But I'm here and I'm happy, so let's go.

This Stuff Works
Adam: Outstanding. Okay. First off, if you're new to Semantic Mastery and you're joining us, thanks for watching. Whether you're watching us live or whether you're watching the replay on YouTube, we appreciate you checking it out.

Like I said, if you are new to Semantic Mastery and you haven't grabbed it yet, then please grab the battle plan. The link will be below. It's the best place to help you out with your SEO and digital marketing in basically all areas. Even if you're not new, it's great to have that repeatable process so that you can do these things over and over again and get good results. However, if you feel like you're past that and you're ready to take things up a few notches, then the mastermind is the place for you to be.

If you've already got a few clients and you're wanting to figure out either how to fill that pipeline and grow your revenue as a local digital marketer or as an agency owner, then we want you in the mastermind. I'm going to put that link on there as well.

I'll let Bradley talk a little bit. We've got a few things coming up with the mastermind, right? Did you mention or am I … Okay.

Bradley: Yeah.

Adam: Cool. Yeah. Coming up, I think maybe that's part of one of the questions. I forgot. Sorry. I'm getting [crosstalk 00:03:07] …

Bradley: Get enough sleep last night, Adam?

Adam: No, no. My wife's out of town. Now, I was filling that up with too much work so I've been doing the longer work days, which is throwing me off and stuff.

Bradley: The only reason why you said that is because she might watch this later. I know what you were doing.

Adam: Yeah, no. She watches all the intros, so I got to … No, I'm just … Hey, Jenny!

But, with the mastermind, if you're a local digital marketer or you're looking to grow, it's not just by yourself or if you're building an agency, then that's the place you want to be. Beyond that, I want to talk a little bit about our live event. [pofu 00:03:40] live is coming up. That's in October. It's going to be that October 19th, 20th, and 21st. The 19th is the VIP day. If you get a VIP ticket, you can come with us. We're going to have stuff paid for. We're going to have an event. We're going to have some food, some drinks. We'll have some fun. Then, the real action kicks off on the 20th and the 21st.

We're limiting it at 25 people. Ticket sales are already on underway. We've sold tickets so I just want to put that out there as that is a hard limit. Once we hit 25, it's over. If you want to get signed up, I'm going to put the link below as well. Hernan, is there anything specific we want to tell people about that?

Hernan: Yeah, definitely. Here's the thing. The other day we were brainstorming one week, what would be the value and the actual, what we could give you guys that it will blow your mind with value so that you might come to the event and have a lot of value out of it? It came out to be that after almost five years of Semantic Mastery, we have developed a system that will allow you guys to any kind of maximum MMR on any kind of students, step by step, it will allow you guys to go ahead and set up a prospecting system to get new leads and convert them into clients give them results really, really fast and then scale. There's these three steps and these three pillars, if you would, of the “Semantic Mastery system.”

That's basically the whole thing of the event. We're going to show you guys how to get more leads and better leads that you can charge more for your services, for your local marketing agencies, whether you're doing PPC or SEO, it doesn't matter. We will show you how to do that, number one.

Number two, we're going to show you how to give them results fast so that they can stay pretty much longer, that when you get results fast for a client, they tend to stick longer because they pretty much love you guys.

Number three where we show you how to scale, how to actually hire and train and set up the processes and outsource your business so you can repeat the process and you don't become the bottleneck. That's going to be pretty cool. We have some pre-training material. We want to help you guys uncover what's going to be that helpful, that decision of fuck you that you want to be in. I think that's going to be pretty amazing. I'm super, super stoked about that.

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If you're looking for any or all of those stuff and if you're thinking you're lacking that into your business, just come to pofu live. That's got to be awesome.

Adam: Yeah.

Bradley: Yeah. The idea, just to jump in real quick. I see Marco. He's itching, too. The idea, guys, is really to fast track your success on how to … It's going to be locally based. In other words, the training is focused more on local than anything else. It's just not really in us just because that's primarily what most of our audience does, guys, and that's obviously what I do. That's really what it's about.

We're going to try to basically give you a blueprint and a fast track to success on how to prospect and land a client, fulfill the service to get them results rather quickly. Then, how to scale and really remove yourself from the business which is really the idea, to go from self-employed to a true business owner, where you don't have to be present in managing the day-to-day operations of your business in order for it to still produce revenue for you. That's really the idea.

I know most of us are self-employed. I still am too to a very big degree but there are processes and stuff that I've been developing to help pull myself away from having to do all the work in my agency. That's what we're trying to do. That's really where we're taking Semantic Mastery. That's what the pofu live event is going to be about. We would encourage anybody that is really looking to fast track, the ability to not just get clients and perform services, guys, because that's just you created your own job.

That's still way better than working for somebody else. I'm not knocking that at all. I've done it for years but my point is the idea is do you want true freedom? If you want true freedom, you shouldn't have to be behind your computer 5, 10, 12 hours a day generating revenue. You should have people in place that are doing it for you because you built the system and the processes that can afford you that opportunity.

That's really what we're what we're trying to do with Semantic Mastery and that's what the mastermind is all about but pofu live is going to be like a condensed version of it where you're just going to get hit with the fire hose over the weekend and walk away with an actual plan for your business. That's part of the reason why we want to keep it very, very small because we couldn't sit down with 50, 100, 200 people and do this but with 25, we very well can. That's the idea.

Marco, were you going to add to that?

Marco: Yeah. What I was going to add is that what I'm going to be talking about is it's fine to have all of these things at your disposal, which is what we make available to mainly our mastermind members. We do have one of products and we have another lower membership but the mastermind is where it's at. But even then, we've had people who can't overcome their own …

Bradley: Analysis of paralysis, or a paralysis of analysis, right?

Marco: Yeah.

Bradley: There you go.

Marco: It's their own preconceived notions of what can and can't be done, of what they can and can't do and letting other people dictate what you can and cannot do. Fuck that! Position of fuck you allows you to say, “Fuck that.” You can't tell me what the fuck I can or cannot do. My discussion topic is going to be centered around that. It's not just having all of these things available because they can just put you, like you said, in analysis paralysis, right?

Bradley: Right.

Marco: Where you analyze and analyze and analyze and you don't do shit. That's not what this is about. You have to be an action taker. We have a ton of those people. We have people who only come to hunt their hangouts, get the information. They go and apply and they make money. I know of at least two people who built up their businesses that way. Action takers, that requires a certain kind of mindset. It's the only way to get the pofu.

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Bradley: Amen. Can we get any questions? What else we got, Adam?

Adam: I was probably not editing a split test page in ClickFunnels just then. Yeah, that was it. I wanted to make sure that we talked to everyone about the live event. I appreciate you guys telling them more about that and what the real reasons are behind it.

I'll just add on to that there's the side benefits, the things that we don't have to do but are huge benefits to you. You get to meet other people like yourself, who are investing in their time and obviously putting their money where their mouth is and saying, “Okay, I want to learn more about this but I also want to be around the other people.”

That's part of why I like me and Hernan or when I went with Bradley going to ClickFunnels Live. It's not because I want to shake hands with Russell Brunson. He's a neat guy but that's not going to help us make more money or bring in more clients or help me save time but being around those people, getting those ideas. That's a huge benefit in building that network. I encourage people to do that. If it's not our event, find something else where you can push yourself but hopefully you'll come join us.

Bradley: Awesome. All right. We can get into questions now?

Adam: Do it.

Bradley: All right. Let's do it. I'm going to grab the screen. Oops. Wrong button.

Adam: We got it.

What Wordpress Plugin Do You Recommend For Pasting The Schema Code From The SerpSpace Structured Data Generator?

Bradley: All right. Richard is up first. Richard says, “Are you aware or can you recommend a WordPress plug-in it will let me just paste in the schema code that I generated using the search space structured data generator?” I answered this last week because I think you posted this. Yeah. Several days ago I saw it.

Obviously, in case you guys are on aware of this, we recommend stopping using any SEO plug-in other than Jeffrey Smith's SEO Ultimate plug-in. It's hands down the best SEO plug-in. By the way, they're about to release a new version of it they've been working on for months. Jeffrey and a couple other guys have been working on it for months. That it's about to be upgraded. That's going to be the pro version, which I highly recommend, guys, which is the paid version of it but it's super affordable unlike Yoast and the Yoast premium upgraded version of it is stupid expensive. This, SEO Ultimate Plus is not. It's a much, much better plug-in, anyways. It doesn't bloat like put a bunch of bloated code in like Yoast does.

I'm not going to lie. I've still got a lot of websites out there with Yoast on it just because I haven't taken the time to go through and swap out the plug-ins and update the settings but I'm no longer creating any websites with any other SEO plug-in other than Jeffrey Smith's ultimate SEO. The reason I bring that up or SEO, excuse me, SEO Ultimate plug-in. The reason I bring that up, Richard, is because it has a code inserter module in the plug-in that you can use to insert code to pages or posts. There's site-wide code injection. There's also specific page and/or post code injection. It gives you a lot of options to be able to do exactly what you just asked.

However, if you are adamant about using a different SEO plug-in, which, again I highly encourage you to switch, but if you're using some other SEO plug-in that doesn't have that option, then I would recommend using a very simple plug-in. It's listed right here. I think they change their name recently but, yeah, it's SOGO Header Footer, add script to individual pages header footer. This is a great plug-in because it gives you some functionality to where you can add code to specific pages or posts, whether you want them in the header or the footer of the page or the post like the HTML header or the footer area. It does a lot of really cool things too.

Again, I always try to limit the amount of plug-ins on my WordPress sites to the bare minimum. If I can use something like the SEO Ultimate plug-in that has that function, I'm going to do that so that I can consolidate two plug-ins into one but, again, if you're using something else, then I would recommend just using these SOGO Add Script plug-in.

Hernan: I totally agree with you about Jeffery, man. It's hands down the best. Yoast has become a bloated virus.

Adam: Yeah. It's stupid.

Hernan: Anytime a plug-in tries to do your SEO for you and it does not do it correctly, it's time to say, “No thanks, man. I don't need it,” because I'm supposed to know what I'm doing. Why in the world would you handcuff me in such a way that I can't do what I know I'm supposed to do, which is why I just said, “No more Yoast ever.”

Bradley: Yeah. In Yoast's defense, there's a lot of people out there that aren't CEOs, guys. They're not SEO nerds like we are. For somebody that is a civilian or a layman, so to speak, then I assume that some of the things that it suggests are better than nothing at all. Somebody doesn't have any SEO knowledge is going to follow the guidelines of those types of plug-ins. I, for years, have said, “Don't follow the guidelines of SEO plug-ins because you'll over-optimize,” or whatever.

This Stuff Works
In their defense, I would say that they're trying to serve a very broad audience with that plug-in but for anybody that pretends or says that they know what they're doing, you want to be able to have the options to change things and manipulate things that you can't do with Yoast and Jeffrey Smith's plug-in allows you to do that. Again, that's SEO Ultimate and the SEO Ultimate Plus, which is the upgraded or the pro version, which is what I highly recommend. It's inexpensive and it's worth it because it gives you a lot of additional functionality, some really cool stuff that you can do with that plug-in.

How Important Is Setting Up An AMP Version Of Your Sites?

All right. Sam's up. He says, “How important is setting up AMP version of your sites and do you recommend any plug-ins or anything to simplify setting it up?” It is really important, Sam, especially now because, guys, the mobile-first indexing has been rolled out. If you have sites that are in search console, you probably have already gotten notifications from search console or from Google directly about that but they posted it on their blog and that rolled out in July but that's on the Google webmaster's blog. If you want to look at what mobile-first indexing is, that's rolled out now.

I would highly recommend that you start doing that. It's something I haven't even really started implementing yet myself but I know that the AMP version, guys, it's basically what the AMP pages do or the poster or whatever is it creates a cached version of the page in Google servers, so that it can load the page up, least this is my understanding of it. People can tap on it from mobile search. It basically loads instantly the page or the post because it's not actually going to the website. It's being served from Google's servers.

Is that correct, Marco? From Google's cache?

Marco: That is correct. That's exactly what's happening. Now, there's some … I don't want to say the word. There's people out there who say that you're giving away control of your website to Google. Who gives a fuck? They're delivering it immediately. You can't get any faster than immediate. Mobile-first speed is, if not the main, it's very critical and one of the main signals, shall we say, or maybe ranking factors. I don't know how to word it but yes. Use AMP. Google is telling you to use it for a reason.

Do we recommend any plug-ins? Oh! We just happen to have our own version of the plug-in. All you have to do is go to the Facebook group and creator's mastermind and ask to join. You'll be able to download it. I did a video on how easy it is to install it and how to do some really tricky shit with it to get Google to give you special love. There you go.

Bradley: Guys, this is that post I was just talking about, rolling out mobile-first indexing. It went live in July of 2018. This link right here we talked about the announcement. This talks about using PageSpeed and mobile search rankings. Guys, this is incredibly important. Just think about it, guys. If you go through these articles and just go search Google for mobile-first indexing and you can read through some articles directly from Google but essentially they're saying that now, even their desktop out, like their primary ranking algorithm now is based upon mobile indexing. Their mobile data centers instead of their desktop and laptops because mobile users have eclipsed for quite some time now mobile and desktop users. Two-thirds of all search traffic now originates from mobile devices. That's huge.

Again it's very, very important and speed and making sure your websites are responsive and all that stuff is really, really important now for SEO because, again, the old metrics of optimizing for desktop and laptop are now secondary. Totally go through some of this stuff. Get up to date on it and put it to use.

I've been doing a lot of AdWords testing recently again after many months of not doing much of it. I'm seeing just a shit ton of traffic coming from AdWords or from mobile devices now in AdWords even for YouTube stuff, which is incredible. I think that's crazy. I'm seeing a lot of traffic on my YouTube ads coming from mobile devices now. I've even been setting up a lot of PPC like search call-only ads and stuff like that recently because just Mobile's really much taken over. I highly encourage you guys to check that out. Like Marco said, we do have a plug-in that will convert your pages into AMP or create an AMP version of your pages and posts.

Marco: Pages and posts, yeah. That's the main thing about our plug-in is that we do both your pages and your posts. They're converted into AMP.

Which SerpSpace Service Is Best For Rank And Rent Video Model?

Bradley: Yup. Okay. Design2framework is up. He says, “I want to promote my YouTube channel so that each video in there will be on the first page on Google. Number one is not mandatory and YouTube's search engine results are irrelevant because it's for local business services.” Okay. “I'm going the rank and rent video model, which one of your search space offers is best for that?”

There's several. First of all, syndication networks is pretty much standard operating procedure. I would highly recommend with YouTube guys there are no footprint issues. You can get as crazy as you want to with as many networks stacked to your channel or triggered by your YouTube channel as you want. There's no problem with stacking as many tier one networks as you want or as many multi-tiered networks as you want. It makes no difference, guys. I have found over the years … Now, I haven't done any specific testing on this in about two years now because I haven't had to. My test that I did two years ago … Guys, I tested extensively with channels, YouTube syndication to just tier one networks and then also to multi-tiered networks. I ran several tests over the course of many months about where I tried to keep all things equal except for the number or the configuration of the syndication networks.

Again, I would try multiple tier one networks to where the same one channel triggers multiple tier one networks or doing two-tier networks and in stacking multiple two-tier networks onto a channel. What I found was, by doing a bunch of tier one rings, the content, the videos would rank faster like usually quicker than through the two-tier rings but they didn't stick as long. In other words, they start slipping in rankings sooner than the ones that took longer to rank by being syndicated out through multi-tiered network or many multiple multi-tiered networks but those tend to stick longer. Like, they would stay higher in the search results for longer periods of time before they would start to slip.

The reason I'm telling you that is just because, first and foremost, I recommend if this is your business model, ranking and renting videos, focus on first and foremost building up multiple syndication networks either building them or buying them since you asked about search space, I highly recommend that you just buy them so you can save your time and go out and sell your service instead of creating and building networks.

What I would suggest is build up your syndication networks or buy them, whatever, to your channel to where you have a vast extensive set of networks, then you can boost those networks with link building packages to give them even more power, because that's really, really important, guys, to have your own network if you're going to be doing a video rank and rent model. You want your own broadcasting network especially if your theming your networks.

This Stuff Works
For example, if you're doing rank and rent, I highly recommend that your channel be niche down to one specific vertical, if possible, or you can go broader but then use playlists so that you're basically siloing your channel like you would silo a website. We've got a product called YouTube Silo Academy. You can just do a Google search if you want to find it, YouTube Silo Academy, that you can pick up, purchase it for, I think, $7 or you can get it in one of our bonus sites if you haven't. If you've bought any products from us at all, it's in the bonus site. Go through that training. Learn how to silo a YouTube channel because then you can actually use your playlists as ways to trigger syndication to specific networks if you wanted to do it that way. There's a number of ways that you can configure it but my point in telling you this is the syndication networks from SerpSpace is one of the first things I would recommend for anybody that's doing a video rank-and-rent business model. Okay. That's number one.

Number two, anything that you want to give a push that's already been syndicated out across your networks, that's what Video Powerhouse is for. It's great for that. Our Powerhouse networks have been themed and they've been used for over two years now or at least I think it's been about two years. Anyways, the Video Powerhouse network, there's a lot of power behind that, guys, because they're aged and themed domains that have their own syndication networks. Then, you can also add secondary Web 2.0 network embeds as well as backlinks, everything else through that order process. If you have videos that need a boost, use the Video Powerhouse.

Lastly, or the next thing I would suggest, is to send traffic to your videos, preferably real traffic. I never recommend sending fake traffic to videos anymore at all or really to much of anything at all. There are a couple options there. The first one we're going to mention is the MGYB.co which stands for make Google your bitch dot co. That's our marketplace where you can buy YouTube views. They're real YouTube views, guys. It's not spam views like which you would buy from YouTube view services years ago. It's not that at all. These are real, real people. This is real traffic. It'll even show is traffic from ads in YouTube analytics. You can get targeted real visitors from our YouTube views service at MGYB.co.

Another option especially for local stuff is you can set up YouTube ads to drive local traffic but based upon your geographic targeting in the Google Ads dashboard. It's no longer AdWords. It's now called Google Ads but the Google Ads Dashboard you can set up location targeting so that you can get local IP clicks for your local videos, which is huge for ranking videos, guys. All you need to do is set up and I've talked about this many, many times in recent months on Hump Day Hangouts. I'm sure we probably even have this in our YouTube channel but how to use video ads or AdWords for video to rank local videos. If you just go to our channel and search, you'll see where I've done extensive training on that already. That's a great model as well.

You can use the YouTube View service, guys. Engagement is one of the biggest ranking factors for YouTube videos now. Even in Google search. If you can show engagement by either buying views direct from YouTube or AdWords or Google Ads, excuse me, or by using a service that can provide real traffic, although you don't get the geographic targeting. You can't get as specific or as narrow with geographic targeting through our YouTube view service yet but it's really cost effective.

Marco: Can I stop you? Yes we can.

Bradley: Oh, you can?

Marco: [crosstalk 00:26:41]. We can get city.

Bradley: Oh, wow. Oh, even better, then.

Marco: You can get city and I believe, the last time I checked, we were really close on radius.

Bradley: That's great. It's evolving is what you're saying.

Marco: It's always evolving. Everything we do always evolves.

Bradley: Okay. I have to get in there and play with it more, then, because I have not in a few weeks.

There you go. Those are my recommendations. As far as what is the best way to sell and close video rank and rent model, that's a whole nother can of worms. There's several things. I would say the video email method is one of the best ways to do it although that is time consuming. It works well. We have a product called Video Lead-Gen System that teaches exactly how to do that. Also, we're doing prospecting and I have been now for months in the Semantic Mastery mastermind, which by the way, I've made significant progress in the last few weeks and having really, really good results with the prospecting side of things now. We cover a lot of that in the mastermind. It'd be great to have you come join us there, but if not, you can check out Video Lead-Gen System for the video email process and how to do that. That works really well.

This Stuff Works
Cold calling, if you're comfortable doing that, that absolutely works. It's a pain in the ass. I can't stand it. I hate it. I would rather have my toenails pulled off one by one than do cold calling and I mean that. I hate it but it does still work but prospecting video emails works well.

Also, again, I can't get into it here, guys, because we don't have the time plus this is basically what I'm teaching in the mastermind right now, which is how to set up prospecting funnels and such. If this is your primary business model, I would recommend that you learn how to set up a prospecting funnel because that'll automate a lot of it for you. It will reduce your manual workload for prospecting. That's essentially what I've been developing for months now in the mastermind is how to set up prospecting funnels and also how to hire virtual assistants to basically operate the prospecting funnel and manage their process, the leads that come in. We've, like I said in the last couple weeks, made really a lot of progress that and all this stuff is going to be taught to the mastermind members here and during the month of August and would encourage you to come check it out but yeah.

Again, video emails, probably the best way to do it, in my opinion, if you don't want to call, if you want to pick up the phone, cold calling will help. It's very discouraging to get rejected all the time. I can't stand cold calling but if you can get through enough no's, you'll get a yes. That's one of the quickest ways to get somebody signed up.

One other thing I just want to mention about that is in our MGYB marketplace, we have the video carpet bomb offer thing. I don't know if we have the prospecting module or prospecting video carpet bomb offer available yet. Marco, is that available yet?

Marco: Is that the smaller offer?

Bradley: Yes.

Marco: I have to check if it was added.

Bradley: Okay. That should be available soon, if it's not yet, guys. What I want to mention about that is if you have video marketing tools, you can do this on your own but we developed a process or I did using Video Marketing Blitz, which is one Ab's products. It's a good product. I trained a VA about a year and a half ago how to do it, how to run that tool. That's his job is just to run the Video Marketing Blitz tool. We set up this campaign that we call video carpet bomb. Randy James actually came up with the name but we developed it out a little bit together.

One of the things that I've been doing recently is whenever we have a lead come in to our pipeline, so through our prospecting funnels essentially a lead comes in. Now, we've got an inbound lead. Once the contact has been made by our sales person to that contact and an initial call has been made and they literally spoke on the phone, then what we do is what they schedule for the next call because that first call is what we call a discovery call so they can just get to know the business owner a little bit, ask them some questions about their business, blah, blah, blah. Then, we always set the next appointment.

What happens is as soon as Roberto, my salesman, gets off the call with that prospect, he sends the company data, the business information over to our VA that runs video carpet bomb process for us, who takes just a PLR video, a local lead gen-type PLR video. There's many sources you can get those made or you can buy already done for you videos. He takes a video and superimposes or does a text overlay with that prospect's phone number and then also obviously optimize the description with the call to action to them and all that. Then, we do a 10- or a 15-mile radius from where their business is located and we target their primary keywords plus the locations, all within that 10- or 15-mile radius. What we do is maybe wind up like we'll try to rank 60 videos.

Out of those 60 videos because I have a VA that does this, guys. The VA gets paid $4 an hour roughly. It might take him an hour to run a small campaign like this. It cost me essentially $4 to where now, when that second call occurs with that prospect, my salesman says, “Hey, look. By the way, we want to show you how serious we are about earning your business.”

You could do this with a lead gen service provider that you're trying to sell somebody to lead like once you're trying to get them to buy leads from you or ranked and rent. If you're going to rent out videos. My point is, you could actually optimize a video for their brand, rank it for a bunch of keywords. Then, show them. “Look. This is how serious I am.” I don't recommend you doing that if you're manually doing the work because it does take a lot of time but that's why, again, it's so important about outsourcing, guys. This is what we're trying to convey to you guys is how to delegate this work.

I got a VA I pay $4 essentially because it takes him an hour. Out of, say, sixty attempted keywords to rank, we end up ranking 15 or 20 of them or even if it's 10, who cares? My point is, this is something we do for free to show the prospect during that second call, we can show them live results with videos ranked for their services, for their keywords, with their contact information on it. We use that as a trust-building process. We'd say to them, this is part of our script, “We want show you how serious we are about earning your trust and earning your business, so this is what we did for you and the last weeks since our previous call.” We present them with the data that shows them, “Hey, look. We ranked this video for 14 different keywords for your product and the services that you offer in your service area.”

What happens is we get people that are like, “Wow! Nobody's ever taken the time to do something like that on a pitch call,” which is what it is. We're pitching them on for our services. That's something that we're going to have available inside of MGYB.co, our marketplace, so that people can go in and for $20 or $25, I don't know what the final price is going to be yet, they can buy it. It'll get done and sent back to them with, I think what we're trying to do is a three-day turnaround time. But if you've got your own tools that you can do it or hire somebody in-house to do it for you, hire a virtual assistant to do it for you.

I know I spent a lot of time on that, guys, but I think that was a great question and, again, for somebody just getting started with the rank-and-rent business model, whether it's videos or maps listings or whatever, guys, I know because that's how I got started. I know there's a big learning curve on like how to set up your business in a way that you can scale it. It's very difficult to do. That's why I'm trying to share what I've learned over the years that you guys can get results faster, scale your business even faster. It's a great question, though, by the way.

This Stuff Works
Okay. MJ's up. He says, “Hey, guys. Great program. Love the information you share. I have a question about image optimization and Google My Business. Is it possible to optimize images uploaded to GMB by clients? I have a rental client who has several images uploaded by their customers. Can they be optimized and what can be done? Thanks, guys.”

No, because they have to be optimized before they're uploaded. Essentially you could go into GMB and download them and then optimize them and upload them again but then you would be uploading them as the business owner. They would be duplicate photos anyway, so that really doesn't make any sense but the important thing is if your business or your client's business has customers that's uploading photos from their mobile devices then they're getting a lot of the relevant signals that you want anyways because most phones have the GPS enabled. When customers take photos with their phone and then upload them, you've got all that geo location, all that geo tag, the metadata information, the Exif data that is already appended to the file, so that you're already sending really good signals.

I wouldn't worry about trying to optimize photos that are uploaded by customers. That's just a blessing that they've got customers that are uploading photos to their GMB anyways. I haven't really found any of my clients where that's occurred.

Marco, what do you have to say about that?

Marco: That's gold. Don't touch it. Don't touch it. Leave it alone. Google got the message. Clients like the business enough to upload images unless they're really crappy images of a complaint or whatever, of garbage. Something like that where you don't want to think you'd get rid of it but you couldn't because it was the customer who uploaded. It's a double-edged sword. You got to walk that fine line but yeah. What you could do is educate more clients on what they need to do, which is actually have the GPS turned on, so that Google can get the message that they're at the location.

Here's the thing. Google knows so much right now that I've taken images at the location with the GPS turned off, with geolocation turned off. I've come home and gone to upload them. Google knew where they were taken. That's how sophisticated they've gotten. No. Man, don't touch those. That's gold. Customers or clients uploading images into the GMB. As long as they're great images, just leave it.

Bradley: That's right.

Do MasterMind Members Have Access To Trello Boards Containing The Business Processes Of Semantic Mastery?

Dan's up. Dan says, “Hey, gents. I have a question regarding the mastermind Trello boards for processes you use in your business. Are these accessible to mastermind members? If so, I'm in. If not, how can I talk you into getting those?” To be honest, no. They're not available, Dan. When we first launched, I think it was Syndication Academy — Originally it was called IFTTT SEO Academy — we tried that route because, remember, I trained on my virtual assistants on the processes of how to build networks which you guys know is an intricate process but I'd built out all the process docs and then converted them all into Trello boards specifically so that it would make it so much easier to train builders at scale.

That was an enormous amount of work, guys. It took me four months of almost two hours a day five days a week, I'm not kidding, to do that. It was an enormous amount of work but we have our SerpSpace building team, our builder team. Some of those boaters have been with me for five years now. We've got a team that will have all been trained from that exact same process. In fact, that's what the whole training was developed around, the Syndication Academy training from the processes that I developed for my virtual assistants.

The reason I mention that is because when we first launched IFTTT SEO Academy, at the time, one of the upgrades was the outsourcing or maybe that was mastermind. I don't remember but we had what we called an outsourcer training portal, which was where I had all my Trello boards that I gave access to the members. I think that was mastermind not IFTTT SEO Academy. It was an upgrade.

But, yeah, what happened was the problem was a couple things. Number one anytime a board had to be edited, first of all, people would come in and I was supposed to add them. It's very difficult to add people to boards because if you add them to the board then they can literally change the boards. At least several years ago when we did this, there was a problem with people would come in and instead of making a copy of the board and importing it into their own account and then saving a template copy. So, making a copy of one that you would keep as a template and then using the others, people would just start making changes and actually using the public board that they were supposed to just make a copy of. It created a ton of work for me to have to keep going back in and rearranging the board, putting it back to its original state. It's a pain in the ass. “Fine,” I said. “That's enough. I'm done. I'm sorry, guys. You guys can't follow instructions so I'm no longer going to give that.” We discontinued that.

This Stuff Works
The other part of this, though, besides the fact that, Dan, I'm sure you could follow instructions, so that might not be an issue, but the other part of that is what I found is if I'm training virtual assistants for a very specific task and that's going to be their main job duty or something that they're going to repeat over and over and over again, something that doesn't change often. Then, I will create Trello boards for that but I have actually reverted most of my process documentation now back to just Google Drive, Google Docs. The reason why is because they're much more easy, at least for my business. I don't know about my partners but for me most of my process docs are living, breathing documents that are constantly being edited and refined. It's much more work to do that in Trello boards than it was to just keep a processed doc in Google Doc form that I can go in and edit or my virtual assistants might, my employees, my workers can go in and make comments on and all that stuff.

I've really reverted back to just using YouTube for training videos, screencast videos. I upload to YouTube and then I create process docs in Google Docs where I always start. Step one is always training video. I drop the URL. Then, it's the step-by-step process in outline format in Google Docs. I've actually stopped using Trello, guys, unless, like I said, it's for something very specific, in which case that isn't going to change very often but the processes that I've been developing for prospecting. For example, I built my team now that's handling the prospecting and we've got the sales and we've got people scraping lists and all that. All of that is all now held in Drive because we're constantly finding ways to make the process more efficient. It just takes too much time to change it all out in Trello. It's easier to edit inside of Drive.

That said, Dan, yes in the mastermind I've been sharing a lot of my processes as far as the prospecting module and stuff like that. If there's something specific that you would want, you'd have to contact one of us or contact us at support or if you're in the mastermind, you could just post about it in the group. We can certainly potentially give you process talks about stuff but I'm not going to go out and create process docs for stuff that we do that hasn't already been created just to share. A lot of the stuff that we do have or that I have from my own business, it's proprietary, in that it's stuff that are specific to my business that really wouldn't make sense to share anyway. I would have to make the process docs from my own business more generic for them to be able to fit for them to be usable for a lot of you.

That's again, why I said it's … In my opinion, Dan, the best thing to do is which I know that you said in your comment right here is that you're running into trouble. You're having a hard time keeping ahead of your virtual assistants. I know. It's a pain in the ass, man, but that's why [crosstalk 00:42:55] …

Adam: I think you've talked about the process stuff. Dan, if you join the mastermind, like you said, we're happy to talk you through. There's a bunch of different ways to do this but I actually had this exact question from a different angle come from a mastermind I'm in. They said I'm really scared about making my first couple of hires. I think that's a common pain point because a lot of people, it's good. By all means, hire someone because a lot of this is trial by fire but I think, Dan, one of the problems here is it sounds like you've got the problem. You've got the person but the in between hasn't been bridged and so you're feeling that pain, where beforehand, generally if you want … You haven't built the process docs before you got the person. Now, you're realizing that you have to run your business, provide the services, and train someone and do the processes.

The lesson to learn here that I learned, too, working with one of my first VAs was knowing ahead of time what it is you want them to do and starting to lay that out either hiring them with the clear goal that they're going to write their own process docs off of videos or something or that you're going to lay out the process for them ahead of time or something in between, because, yeah, it's … What are you saying here? You're struggling to put together boards while keeping your current customers serviced. Definitely, so maybe you work out something in between. If you have someone who can write decent English then maybe you have them. You say, “Hey, look. I'm going to pay you to watch the videos and as you do it, write down the list.” Then, you can go through and maybe edit that and make it nicer.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Yep. That's great advice. That's what we teach in Outsource Kingpin is that you can hire somebody to create the process docs for you, as long as you record the training video. That's something you can outsource the process docs is my point, guys. That's a great way to do it because that's where … I still do a lot of my own process docs just because typically it's something comes up that we need a process for, so I just go ahead and draft the process doc myself as I'm going through the steps to do whatever needs to be done. That way it's done. I do it one time. That's the last damn time I have to do it, because then I immediately just hand it off to a VA.

But what I would also suggest, Dan, is to get ahead of this is try to find tasks that are repetitive in your business, create process docs for those first so that you can reduce your workload. The sooner you can unload repetitive tasks that you do to your VAs, then that's going to free up that time that you have those tasks that you have to do over and over and over again. It's going to free that time up to allow you to develop even more process docs for maybe some more of the complex processes or functions of your business.

Again, try to get all the menial stuff or the repetitive tasks outsourced first, delegated first so that you can work on the more complex process docs for the higher level stuff.

But you guys, honestly, guys. One of the biggest parts … Remember, if you're trying to move from being self-employed to business owner, these are the kinds of things you have to do but the idea is yeah, it's a lot of work. For example syndication networks, guys. Like I said, it took me four months to create the process docs, the entire process to train virtual assistants how to do it but it took me four months. It's been like five years since I've had to build a … I've built a few syndication networks since then but it's really been five years since I've had to create or build a syndication network myself because I've trained an army of builders to do it for me, if that makes sense, all from four months worth of work that I put in several years … I don't have it's been five years but three or four years ago, if that makes sense.

Again, you put the work in now and it's going to free you up in the future, so you don't have to do that shit anymore.

Marco: Yeah, great. If I can real quick add that the skill sets and the abilities that you have right now and that have taken you to where you're at right now, Dan, will not take you from where you're at to where you want to be. There's a lot of re-education, there's a lot of skill set that you need to learn, that all of us needed to learn like how to set up processes, how to coach teams, how to manage teams and whatnot that can take you to the next level.

That's one of the reasons why I'm so excited about pofu life because we're sharing with you the skill set that you need to have in order to run a team because setting our processes, it's a skill set that you need to learn. It was ranking websites at some point or ranking medias at some other point but then it becomes as managing people and sending out processes. That's interesting to learn as well.

Bradley: That's right. It's a great question, Dan.

How Do You Use GMB Posts To Push Link To The Money Site And Tier 1 Syndication Network?

Ivan's up. He says, “I have a GMB site, a dot-com site and a tier one syndication network. What's the best use of the GMB post? Is it good idea to push links to your links in your tier one properties or just link to your dot com site?”

Link to everything, Ivan. Link to all your branded properties. My VA's, they've just got to do the GMB post for us. They just have a spreadsheet with all the company, the contact, the client information for whatever business they're working on. In there is a list of target URLs and also a list of keywords. Essentially, they just cycle through. Let's say I've got 15 target URLs, which includes citations, obviously the money site, the Google Maps, URL, the share URL. There's tier one syndication properties. Like I said, citations, press release organization pages. All those kind of things, we just put them in the target URL column. Then, the VAs, whenever they're doing their GMB post, they just go right on down and just, post one gets link number one, post two gets link number two. They just go on down and cycle through that.

The idea here is just to continually be linking to your tier one properties. It helps to validate the entity, strengthen the brand. Over time, you're just going to start seeing everything start rising up. Link to everything, all your tier one branded properties. Anything that's really tier one. Guys, that's what you can be linking to. Direct to your money site, direct your maps listings, your GMB website, if you have it, which you should. By the way, you can also link to other GMB posts. That's like daisy-chaining. I can't talk more about that you have to come to Local GMB Pro if you want to learn more about that stuff.

This Stuff Works

Is It Acceptable Practice to Have the Same Street Address in Multiple GMB Listings?

R. Bacon! What's up, buddy? He says, “Hey, guys. Is it acceptable practice to have the same street address in multiple GMB listings? There is a realtor group that has four listings in GMB maps all with the exact same street address and two showing up in the three pack. I was thinking Google was not okay with that.”

They're not supposed to be but real estate offices have been one of those types that I've seen that for years. That's been an issue for years because technically the broker or the real estate company, let's say Long & Foster or Century 21 is supposed to have a maps listing but each individual realtor, real estate agent within that office could potentially have their own maps listing with the same address. It's supposed to not be that way but real estate companies have been doing that for many, many years. It's something that's pretty common. Yeah, again, it's not supposed to be that way but it's common. It's been that way for years. I don't think it's going to change anytime soon.

Any Concerns Of Using Linux Operating System For SEO?

He says, “On another topic, any concerns on using Linux operating system on your computer you use for SEO?”

I don't know. I had Linux in my laptop when I first started. I had two operating systems. Whenever I opened my laptop, I would choose whether I wanted to go into Linux or Windows. That's when I first started my business but about two years later, I switched to just Windows only. I haven't even been on Linux. I don't see why it would be any problem. It's just an operating system. It's just how you access software.

Marco: Yeah. I would say the same. In any case, if you're using an Android phone, you're using Linux. If you're using …

Bradley: [inaudible 00:50:45] that.

Marco: Yeah. Chromebook, yeah. It's all based on Linux. If you're using a Chromebook to do SEO, for example, you're using Linux. Yeah. At the end of the day, it's all a matter of tracking and IPs and whatnot. It's the same stuff.

Is There Any Drawback Of Changing A GMB Address To Not Showing It On The Page?

Bradley: Yup. Okay. Let's roll through the next few. Nigel's up. What's up, buddy? He says, “Hey. Good day, gents. Thank you for all you do. I have a GMB service area business currently set up with address showing and active and have also been using the verified address in posts. Is there any drawback to changing it to not showing using address anymore and can you quickly explain how?”

Look, I try to follow what Google's recommendations are. If you have a service area business where customers do not come to the location, you're supposed to uncheck that box in the info section of the Google Maps or Google My Business info tab when you're editing the info. If you go into the address, click the pencil link icon and then you go into the address where the street address is shown and such. Then, if it's service area business, you start adding in the cities and/or zip codes or whatever to define the service area. Then, there's that check box underneath that that says, “Your address will be hidden if this box is unchecked,” or not checked.

If you read what the Google's recommended guidelines are is that if the customers never come to the business location. Let's say a plumber runs a business from his home, the plumber's always going to the customer location and the customers don't ever come to the plumber's home because he's not selling plumbing fixtures there, if that makes sense. It's not like a storefront. In that case, you're supposed to uncheck that box. In other words, hide the street address. I've always set up all my business listings that way or my client's listings that way because that's what Google's suggest to do.

However, I know that other people have said, “Well, if you leave the box checked and it shows the address you'll rank better.” I think that really depends on where the business is physically located or in relation to the centroid of the city, of the location. Obviously, the closer you are to the centroid of that location that your business is physically located in, the better … Typically, one of the ranking signals for maps ranking has been proximity to city center. The closer the physical address was, typically the better it would rank.

I know that, for some service area businesses, people would still leave the address shown if it was close to the city center because it tended to rank better. However, it's not something I've tested because I never wanted to … A lot of my addresses, guys, are spammed addresses. They're PO boxes. I don't want other people complaining about it. I typically hide the addresses. If you're already doing well, here's what you could do. You could always uncheck the box if that is the proper way that it should be. You could uncheck the box to hide the address and monitor rankings. See your results. If it drops, if you slip in from out of the three pack or whatever, then switch it back. It's just a matter of checking or unchecking a box. That's what I would suggest doing but I haven't really tested that. I know other people have said, “Showing the address versus not showing it can sometimes create better results,” but I typically don't do that because I don't want an address showing.

Have You Had Any Success Using The Message Functionality Of GMB Posts?

“Anyone using or having success with message functionality in GMB posts?” Yeah. Some of my clients, they … It's not often. They don't get messaged nearly as much as they get phone calls or link clicks to their websites but some messages do come through. It's not something I've seen a lot of activity in but some people do that.

This Stuff Works
Think about that, guys. Again, that's Google trying to keep people on the Google platform. They're giving people the ability to do a Google search, locate a business, and actually, text message them directly from Google so they never leave the platform. That's what GMB Pro is all about. It's about keeping the Google users on the Google platform. That's why Google is rewarding all of us who are using all of the Google My Business services and posting and staying active in that ecosystem because we're giving Google exactly what it wants by keeping Google users in the Google environment.

How Long Should You Wait Before Adding RYS To An Optimized GMB?

Quit This House says, “Good day, gentlemen. After optimizing GMB, should we wait to add RYS and start the once per month for four months press release or ramp both up right away?” That's up to you. You don't need to wait. After optimizing GMB, you can do an RYS stack immediately. You can start hitting it with press releases immediately. You don't have to do just one per month.

Rob, he was doing four per week. I tend to do mine about once every two weeks. That's the frequency I like. It tends to work really, really well. Again, 12 out of 15 properties that I applied this method to, I was able to rank in the three pack within six press releases or less doing one every two weeks. I would recommend increasing your frequency on press releases if you want quicker results. Also, there's no reason to wait on a drive stack, man. It's GMB stuff. Just fire away.

Will You Be Offering Done For You Local GMB Pro Services Anytime In The Near Future?

All right. We're going to try to get through a couple more real quick, guys. Got to wrap it up. Click Star says, “Hey, guys, I have a question regarding your Local GMB Pro offerings. Will you be offering done-for-you Local GMB Pro services anytime in the near future? If so, how long before this is available and how much do you feel the services will cost?

Marco, how soon until we open that up?

Marco: She's ready to go. We're discussing prices.

Bradley: Okay. I'd say within a week, two weeks tops?

Marco: Yeah, yeah. She's already working. I gave her one of my best clients to work on. Guys, I never do that. I never train anyone on a client but I said, “If this is going to work, if I'm going to put her to work on other people's GMBs, then she should be working on something that I care about.” I did. I gave it to her. She's doing a fantastic job. You saw the video she did, right?

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: The walkthrough?

Bradley: Yup.

Marco: You know the type of work that she can do. Yeah. I don't know. I don't want to put a hard date on it because we won't meet until Tuesday to decide on what we're going to charge for it.

Bradley: Let's say within two weeks, roughly.

Marco: Yeah. Two to three weeks.

Bradley: Okay. We don't know the pricing just yet but what we're likely going to have is tiered pricing depending on the posting frequency, correct?

Marco: Correct and whether you're going to provide images …

Bradley: Images or not.

This Stuff Works
Marco: … in video or if we have to provide them, which we can. Yeah, so it depends on just how much work she has to do. Everything has a cost because it takes more time to do.

Bradley: That's right. Within two to three weeks. You heard it here, guys. You can hold up hold our feet to the fire. We'll get it done. I know we're really going to be pushing GMB Pro stuff, guys, because it works so damn well, guys. We want you guys to be using it because it works. You can get your clients results almost overnight. It doesn't require you to do any damn work. You just literally resell the service to your clients and make money, guys. It will work. We're going to be pushing the shit out of this service and growing that done-for-you GMB Pro VA team, virtual assistant team, to be able to provide this at scale. I'd say, “Hold off. Wait,” because when it comes, it's going to be good.

All right. I got time for just a couple more. It looks like we're almost done anyway. If anybody has to bounce that hasn't already, please feel free.

What Is Your Opinion On Cora After A Year Of Using It?

Jonathan says, “I thank God for you, guys.” Why, I will plus one that. Awesome, Jonathan. He says, “Came across an email from a year ago that I had not read on Cora. What is your opinion on Cora a year later? Again, many thanks.” I rank number one in YouTube because of you all. No, you ranked number one on YouTube because of what you did. All you did was follow instructions that we provided but you had to take action. You ranked number one in YouTube because of what you did.

All right. As far as Cora, yeah. It's awesome. Cora's great, guys. It's freaking awesome. By the way we can run Cora reports for people. Do we have that available yet, by the way, in MGYB?

Marco: Yes, we do.

Bradley: All right. Good question, then, Jonathan, because you can go buy Cora or subscribe to Cora, if you'd like. We have an offer that I think is like 25% off or 30% off with this stated pricing is, anyways, if you go through our link. It's rather expensive but, Ted, who is the developer of it, he's perfectly cool with subscribing for a month. Then, running all the reports that you need. Let's say you run an agency. You got 15 or 20 clients. You go run reports for all 15 or 20 clients and then cancel your subscription. Then, three or four months later, after you've tuned the sites based upon the data that the Cora report shows, you can go back and subscribe again for a month and run all the reports to see how much progress you've made. That's perfectly fine with Ted. He even announced that on the webinar, which is rare because a lot of times people aren't cool with that kind of stuff. He was.

You can do that or you can buy Cora reports from us because we provide that now. We have access to Cora and one of our virtual assistants will run the report. You can buy it from us, from MGYB.co. It's a great product, guys. There's no doubt. Cora reports give you so much data, it's ridiculous and it gives you the points on which you can tune your on-page stuff mainly. You can do off-page stuff, too, but I would always start with on-page factors that the Cora report shows. It's a great product.

Do You Still Suggest Using Tubesift For YouTube?

Okay. We're almost done. I think we just got a couple. Dan says, “Do you still suggest using TubeSift or simply using placements for YouTube channels and YouTube videos within the AdWords platform okay now?” No, I still absolutely use TubeSift for placements, Dan. I've been doing a lot of YouTube ad stuff recently. I'm actually testing YouTube ads right now for prospecting for generating clients for our agencies. Also, I'm doing remarketing stuff.

Just keep in mind, guys, with remarketing and YouTube, you have to have a thousand people on the remarketing list. For the GDN, Google Display Network, you only need to have a hundred people on the remarketing list. Anyways, the reason I brought that up is because I've been doing a lot of remarketing stuff lately, too, and I'm still trying to build the pixel up with a thousand people for the YouTube remarketing.

But that said, yeah, I still absolutely use TubeSift. It's a great tool. Not only that but I might even still have … No, I don't have it open up still but I've been using it a lot lately. Ted Chen is behind that. He's the developer behind it. It's Justin's product but Ted Chen's the developer. It's same developer from Power Suggest Pro, our favorite keyword tool of all time, as well as Leads Recon. It's all the same developer, Ted. He's a great guy, a great developer. It's a great tool. They've actually added some really cool things in the TubeSift recently.

This Stuff Works
By the way, guys, we should drop the link for that if we have it because it is a great tool. They've added several things to it recently. Their keyword research is very similar to Power Suggest Pro. It's the same developer, so it's great for that. Also, he has a banner designer now built into the TubeSift tool, which is great if you're doing in-stream ads. You know that there's a companion banner that shows up in the top right corner of the YouTube watch page. Now, you can create those companion banners right inside TubeSift. They're 300 pixels wide by 60 pixels tall. It's great. Super simple to do. Placements are absolutely great. However, for running like local YouTube ad stuff, I just use geographic targeting and in-market audiences or life event audiences, if possible because in-market audiences and life event audiences, it's called audience targeting. Those work really, really well for generating …

Remember, Google's storing data on those people, guys. That's how it knows that it's in market for a particular product or service or has recently moved or like a life event or gotten married or something like that. Google knows because Google has all that data on those individuals.

If you can select an in-market audience or a life event audience with a category within those audiences that are close to what you're promoting your product or service and then you select the proper geographic targeting, think about how highly valuable those clicks are to that ad or to that video because Google knows it's a local IP so it's 100% geographically relevant. It also knows that the visitor, the clicker, the person or the viewer of the video, whether they click or not, it depends, but the viewer of that video has also been in market or is completely relevant to the content of that video as well. That view is weighted a hell of a lot more than a view from somebody outside of a geographic area or that has no browsing history or profile history of looking for content related around that, if that makes sense.

Again, guys, is about engagement. TubeSift is great because it can help you to create great placement lists and also do keyword research and just a ton of stuff that it does. It's a great tool.

Marco: By the way while we've been talking, the video carpet bomb offer has been added to MGYB.co, so we have both offers, the higher-priced model and the lower-priced model.

Bradley: Okay. Thanks, by the way, Marco.

Scott, I was reading your question. He says, “Showing the address in Google Maps listing is irrelevant for service businesses. I know, because my site ranks number one with no address showing.”

Yeah, Scott. I've got literally dozens of map listings ranking number one with no street address showing. Yeah, you can absolutely rank without street address showing. All I'm saying is that what I was mentioning earlier was that I know some people have said that in competitive areas, if they choose to hide their address, their rankings aren't as good as if they show their address, even for service area businesses.

Again, guys, this just what I've heard. I'm not telling anybody to do that I prefer to do what it says to do, which is if customers don't come your location, don't show your street address. That's how I've managed all of my listings and I have no problem ranking them. Again, it's up to you whether you want to do that or not. Scott, I appreciate that. I agree with you.

He says also, “If you don't have a physical location where you can meet with customers, your Google reviews will suffer. People don't like it when they cannot find a business location.” That's true if you have a storefront where people come to the business but again with like plumbers and a service area business, for example, if they never come to the business, that doesn't mean that they won't leave reviews. Again, I've got dozens of sites out there with lots of reviews where the street address isn't shown because there's no reason for it to be shown. People will never come to the business yet my reviews still show. Does that make sense? That really is irrelevant in my opinion because people will still leave reviews.

You're right. If it's a storefront and the address is hidden, that's just stupid. People will leave bad reviews because they can't find your damn business because you hid the address.

“Can we get a link for Cora?” Did somebody find that link for Cora, by the way?

Marco: Yeah. Actually, he says I gave him the link to MGYB.com, but he says it's not in there. I'm going to talk to Caesar and see it's probably already added but it's not live.

Bradley: Okay. Sorry. We'll get that worked out. Okay. We'll get that worked out, Craig. If you want the actual link to the Cora offer itself, we have it. We have the webinar that we did with Ted and all that. It's on our site. I'll grab the link and I'll drop it on the page. If you want to go through that, that's perfectly fine, too. If you just want to buy the done for you Cora reports, Marco will get that squared away. He'll tag you in the mastermind or something.

All right, guys, I'm going to wrap it up. We're a little bit over. Thanks everybody for hanging out. No mastermind tomorrow. We'll see everybody next week.

Marco: Yeah.

Adam: Yup.

Bradley: Okay, guys. Thanks, everybody.

Marco: Bye everyone.

Adam: Bye.

Marco: Goodbye.

Bradley: See …

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