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By April

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Bradley: GMB sites.

Adam: We're live! Bradley was just talking about something we're gonna talk about a little bit more in second. But, first, welcome to Hump Day Hangouts. This is Episode 204. We are counting down the episodes to Episode 208, which will be what we consider our official kinda four-year anniversary of Hump Day Hangouts. We'll have you having some good stuff going on there, some giveaways, a lot of fun stuff. Stay tuned for that, that will be in four more episodes.

Before we dive into some announcements, let's go down the list and say hello to everybody. Chris, are you located in Austria and how are you doing?

Chris: Yeah, I am. Doing good. Only thing I don't like at the moment, it's getting cold here. Autumn is definitely coming.

Adam: I thought I'd ambush you on live webinar here. I'm coming to Vienna in July, so hopefully you'll be there.

Chris: Sounds good.

Adam: Awesome. Hernan, speaking of not cold, how are you doing?

Hernan: How are you, guys? What's up? What's going on? I was just getting ready for POFU Live, man.

Adam: Sorry, Mr. Rogers. Mr. Rogers, how are you doing?

Hernan: Yey. I'm doing great. I'm doing amazingly well. I want to thank you guys for all of your support. It's been amazing. Yeah. I'm super pumped for POFU Live. It's gonna be great.

Adam: Hey, for those of you watching, who didn't know it, Hernan just recently completed another orbit around the sun and had a birthday. I won't tell you what day it was, I'm not gonna give away his personal information. But if you guys want to type out a quick happy birthday on the page, I'm sure he'd appreciate it.

Bradley: He's still the youngest of all of us.

Adam: Yeah. We got older. Oh, man. Marco, how are you doing?

This Stuff Works
Marco: I'm good, man. I'm trying to break the web. I've been having fun this morning playing with stuff trying to blow it up. We're gonna to give some of it away on Monday during the webinar. Not too much, though. Not too much. I can't give away everything, sorry.

Adam: Gotcha. Just so everyone knows, who's the webinar for?

Marco: The webinar is an update webinar for RYS Academy Reloaded because it's working better than ever. Every year, it just gets better. It's awesome when you can just draw on all that power. But we invited just because the Semantic Mastery Mastermind, membership has its privileges, and then we also invited local GMB Pro because they can really benefit from something like this, from the discoveries that we've made, and that other members of local GMB Pro have made. That's why they're being invited.

Bradley: Cool. That's next Monday, right?

Marco: Yep. Monday at 4 p.m. Eastern.

Bradley: Awesome.

Chris: Give me money, babe.

Adam: Last but not least, Bradley, how are you doing?

Bradley: Well, I'm excited about the Local Lease Pro launch as part of the Side Hustle Toolbox. We've gotten a lot of really good replies back from it already. Some of the properties that I shared in the training that I set up for the Atlanta area, this morning before I went to the gym, I spent an hour optimizing one of those. That I just got back, I verified GMB profile from our service, our storefront, the MGYB.co. I spent an hour this morning optimizing one of them before I went to the gym and when I came back, within about two hours of coming back home, I had already received a call from one of those GMB lead gen properties for tree services. I thought that was really cool. It's working that well. I've got some other people that have already started implementing the strategy that are seeing results. I've heard from them and that's really amazing.

Guys, just to mention this real quick, the Local Lease Pro is the new training that I just put together. It's a $299 product. But for right now you can get it for under 100 bucks. I think if you go through the Side Hustle Toolbox, our link it even gives you 15-minute option to get it at like 50 bucks or something like that. It's ridiculous. So, jump on it while you can because when that closes on Monday next week, it's going to $2.99, so the only way you'll be able to get it is to buy it at full price. Or if you come join the Mastermind, you can get it as one of your monthly products that we give away to all of our Mastermind members.

Anyways, I would definitely check it out. I'm excited to be here and answer some questions and looking forward to it.

Adam: Yeah. I was actually gonna talk about this a little bit because there are other products in there, but I saw a question on there so I think I'll save it for that. Somebody was asking about Side Hustle Toolbox, so we can go a little bit more into that.

Bradley: Okay.

Adam: Let's see, real quick, POFU Live, we wanted to let everyone know October 20th and 21st in Washington, DC. If you still want to attend, if you were on the fence, whatever the deal is, if you just didn't have the time, you're waiting on some invoices to come in, we have four tickets left. All right. We've got the event capped at 25 and there's four remaining and there's one remaining VIP plus ticket. The VIP tickets are gone, so that's no longer available. We're looking forward, like I said, we can fit four more people, and that's a hard limit. This isn't some false scarcity. Literally, we cannot fit anymore people into it. If you're interested, we highly advise you to do it, because once those tickets are gone, they are gone.

Bradley: Very good. Any other announcements.

Adam: Oh, you betcha. I come loaded, man. I want to let people know too, we talked about it, we just want to remind people, check out MGYB.co. I'm gonna be putting all these links on that page. If you're watching the replay, you can find them in the show description. Check it out. More services are coming up. I believe Syndication Networks will be up shortly. I didn't check today, so you might want to go check out the link and see if they're available right there. Already there's a bunch of services up in there. We got some fantastic stuff that's gonna really help you, especially if you take advantage of the Side Hustle Toolbox. So, that's a win-win situation right there.

Then, the last thing I want to say, if you're just watching us for the first time, one, we appreciate it. That's awesome. Welcome. Come join us every week. If you can't make it live, that's fine, just pop a question on the page. You can always check out our replay.

Then, as far as where to get started, people always ask us, what's the first thing I should do? What should I read? What course should I do? Grab the Battle Plan. All right. All you have to do is type in battleplan.semanicmastery.com. Go grab it. It's less than 10 bucks and it's worth well over that. We originally sold it for $100, so we're making it available for eight bucks. We want it in your hands. It's awesome. It's simple and it's effective. So, grab that.

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Then, if you're a little bit further along the line and you're looking for a group to join, you want to take things up a few notches, come join our Mastermind. All right. You can find out more about that at mastermind.semanticmastery.com.

Marco: For those that do not usually attend live, I suggest for you to attend live on Episode 208. It will be Halloween afternoon. Lots of goodies are given away on Halloween, right? So, you can't expect any less from Semantic Mastery. We always do it on our anniversary, but this one is special. It's four years of doing this, without asking for anything except people to come in and ask questions. That's all we ask. So, be there.

Adam: Anything else, you guys, before we jump into it?

Bradley: No, I think that's it.

Adam: Hernan is just smiling. It looks like he's happy.

Hernan: No, no. I'm just happy, man. I'm just happy now. If you think about it, I'm really happy because of the fact that, a, I get to meet you guys and we always have a great time, and we have a lot of stuff planned for next year. So, that's amazing. But I'm also happy because this is our first event and you guys are showing a lot of support. That makes me like super happy.

We got some really, really good stuff. Actually, some really, actually good stuff to show you guys on the event. We've been working really hard and it's good to see that you guys are supporting Semantic Mastery. So, yeah, I'm just super happy for that, man. Super pumped.

Bradley: Yeah. It's gonna be fun. We're gonna rub elbows with 25 people, plus it's just gonna be a good time. For those that are coming for the VIP event, the day before, that's gonna be awesome because that's where we get to like really hangout, network and get to do some fun stuff as well.

I went to the SEO Rockstars event last year with Dori Friend. She puts that on and it was really, really good event. That's kind of what we wanted to model ours. After I've been to a dozen events, at least a dozen events, and I thought that was the best formatted one. It was started with the VIP day and then it was two days of training. It just, like I said, worked out really well because that first day created kind of like a more intimate relationship between the members or the attendees, which then carried through the rest of the training. I thought that was really, really fun. So, that's kind of what we're modeling it after this year. That's why we're keeping it really small.

Perhaps next year we might double in size or something like that. We'll see how it goes after this year. But I think for when Hernan said hit the nail on the head, we're all pretty excited about it.

Adam: With that, I think we can get into questions, right?

Chris: Let's do it.

Does The IFTTT Strategy Still Work If The Posts And URL Are Truncated?

Bradley: All right. Let's do it. Let's start with Dustin. He says, “Hey guys, when you are working with a client who doesn't use WordPress, and I'm in the middle of setting up their IFTTT network, does it matter that the Weebly feed at which is the platform they use truncates the post? In other words, it does not show the entire full post with the content and links like one would when getting syndicated with IFTTT. Does the IFTTT strategy still work in this case truncated. Let me know. Thanks.”

Yeah. It still will work. The only thing that you really lose is, on the three blog sites, or at least in most standard networks, there's just three blogging sites, so it's Blogger, Tumblr, and WordPress, on those three sites you're gonna lose the full text post to where you might have an internal link in the body of the post. That is no longer gonna show up on that.

But, it's okay. You do lose a little bit of value from that, but not much because, remember, the attribution link, which I'm assuming with Weebly you're gonna have to code that into the actual applet inside of IFTTT. Make sure that you're coding that in there. So, that's the attribution link, right?

So, this post was published on whatever first, or have a link back to the actual post and it may be a link back to the home page of the site. But you're gonna have to code that in. But each one of those when they syndicate will still link back to the original post. It just won't contain the full body of the post, which may have also contained internal links, if that makes sense. You basically will be pushing juice back to the post on the Weebly site. Then, any internal links within the post itself on the Weebly site will push to the whatever pages you're linking to. Right?

This Stuff Works
You do lose a slight bit of value to that, like SEO value, but it's not that big a deal. There's not much else you can do other than set up a WordPress site or something else, which, if you're already got Weebly, I'd just stick with that.

Does anybody wanna comment on that?

Adam: Not me.

Is The Other Stuff In The Side Hustle Toolbox Worth Checking Out?

Bradley: All right. Next. Jack says, “Local Lease Pro looks great.” Thanks, Jack. “I've got to watch the webinar as soon as I have time this week so I can see if it's the right thing for me. Is the other stuff in the Side Hustle Toolbox worth checking out?” I got to be honest. I haven't looked at any of the other things, guys. I just haven't enough time. I spent an entire week just recording the training for that. I just barely got it finished.

In fact, there's actually still two lessons missing inside the training, which I will have done by next Monday; they will be added. That was just because I was waiting on some stuff on the back-end so that I could show you how to order through MGYB or how to do stuff through our store.

Anyways, to be honest, I haven't looked. I know that there's a lot of ebooks and other ecourses and such in that full bundle. It's like $4,000 worth of stuff. So, I wouldn't wait too long to determine whether you're gonna want it or not because it's going to close on Monday, next Monday. So, just buy it before then while it's only under 100 bucks. I don't know, the price is gonna fluctuate and we don't control any of that. We just contributed the product. But once it closes, we will sell the product $2.99.

Again, check it out while you can. If look at the sales page, it'll show you all the products that are in there. So, if something piques your interest, that's great. But I can tell you, and without trying to diminish anybody else's contributions to the Side Hustle Toolbox because I don't know anything about them, I can tell you that the Local Lease Pro is worth the price of admission. Period. End of story. Okay. That's what I can say.

I'm sorry. Adam, are you gonna say something?

Adam: Yeah. I was just gonna share real quick. I've got a couple things I wanna say on this. Can you guys see my screen?

Bradley: No. But I can switch it to you. Stand by.

Adam: Yeah. I mean, obviously, here's Local Lease Pro that, hopefully, is why you're there. But I'm not even gonna go through all of these. But there's a bunch of different stuff. Maybe you're into it, maybe not. Business storytelling. This is Kyle Gray. Okay. If you don't know who that is, you can look it up. She's an expert, somebody you should be listening to about content. Virtual Assistant Playbook. Simple Success Plans. What is this? Brand Identity from Gregory Diehl.

There's a lot of different stuff here. I know one of them too is by the guys behind Fizzle.co. They've been running expert membership platforms for years. It's just more of the range of what's in there. Go check it out. If you're gonna get it just for Local Lease Pro, then that's a smart decision. But then beyond that, just find out what are the few things in there that you can use and put it to use.

Basically, I think this was originally a Richard Branson quote, feel free to correct me, but, take the best, leave the rest. I think Walt Nelson made the comment last week jokingly about so many shiny objects, and that's true. You're not gonna use all 40 or whatever products that are in here, but go in there, buy it, read through the descriptions, find the two or three that can really help you, and then go to work and just kind of block out the rest, or at least put it off until down the road when you have more time.

Bradley: That's wise advice. That's, honestly, guys, really what Local Lease Pro is all about. It's about simplifying down to a very simple business model where you don't have to be an SEO expert or an expert as far as digital marketing because it's such a simple process that just flat out works and gets results. It's something that's highly valuable to local businesses which is being able to generate leads. I'm telling you guys this, I've never seen it as easy.

This Stuff Works
I mean this. I have never seen it as easy as it is right now to get results in quickly. I'm telling you, I've really have redesigned or read … I've gone back to the drawing board with my own business model and kind of re-employed that model. Right? I brought that back in because that's originally how I got started in this business in 2010. Over the years, I've allowed my business to become more complicated, my market, my local marketing business to become more and more complicated.

I don't know why we all do that, why do we over-complicate things, why do we start chase? We just get bored, I guess, with stuff that works. It becomes routine. At least, that might have been it for me. But over the years, my business has become more and more complicated. I've realized that now I'd rather go back to simplify it down to something that just works and works really well because it's much easier to duplicate and scale.

That's really what Local Lease Pro is all about. When Adam says take the best and leave the rest, I think that's wise advice because, honestly, you could just use that one particular method and make serious, serious money, like serious revenue that you wouldn't need to be distracted by all the other shiny objects out there, the sexier methods and the things that might seem like they're more flashy and blah blah blah, but at the end of the day, are they really producing results, are they distracting you from working on something that can produce results?

That will absolutely produce results if you just put the time and effort in. If you get smart about it, then you can actually outsource a lot of the efforts. So, it's not you actually putting the time in, you're leveraging your time through duplication of others. That's what we're actually gonna be teaching at POFU Live. Anyway-

Marco: Yeah. I'd like to just emphasize that when this offer, when the Side Hustle Toolbox is shut down, this product is going to $299. Local Lease Pro 299. Right now, you can get it for under a C-note. You do the math. If you wanna wait and check it out, I mean, that's fine. If not, I mean, it's like a slam dunk. I called it the other day and in our free Facebook group, business … I'm not gonna say the word, in my mother effing, but it's what it is, man. If you don't take advantage of it and later on you see other people doing it, and I could have had a VA.

How Should You Prepare A New YouTube Channel For “Launch Jacking” A Product That's To Be Released In About 3 Weeks?

Bradley: Yep. Thank you, Marco. Okay. Sam's up. What's up, Sam? He says, “How would you start getting a new YouTube channel ready for launch jacking a product that's releasing in about three weeks?” That's a good question, Sam. Well, one thing, I'd have Syndication Networks set up. I would also probably post a few videos of just something related to whatever the product launch is gonna be in the same industry or something like that, just to kind of prime the channel and the networks.

I'm assuming you probably already have Syndication Networks up that are seasoned a bit, anyways. If that's the case, then you don't need to worry about that. You could do some link building to the channel and all that kind of stuff. Also, if you know that you're going to be using video, then I would recommend that you perhaps, you schedule a live event, then you can screen your videos into using something like OBS.

Because if you're using Syndication Networks, you can actually take the scheduled live event and syndicate that out like it was a video. Because you'd still get the embed code and everything else, it's an indexable scheduled live event. Right? It's just like a YouTube watch page and everything, it just doesn't have the video until it streams.

If you prepare ahead of time and syndicate out a live event. Then you could even use something like Maps Powerhouse or something like that, and external embed network if you wanted to get more and more embeds. That way when the launch happens, and we've done this, I mean, I did training on this in the master class when we used to have the master class. But you schedule the live event, get a ton of embeds. On those embeds, if you can get some backlinks to the prime ones, your primary embed sites, and all that kind of stuff, then it really helps. Then, when you go live with that event, which could just be a recorded video that you stream using something like Wirecast or OBS, but when you actually go live with that event and stream the video, then it just boom, it ranks like crazy. It really ranks well if you can schedule.

I've done this before with real estate, I've mentioned before that I did SEO for realtors for, I don't know, about a year and a half. It was miserable. I didn't like it at all. It was very difficult. It was difficult just working with realtors, period. It was also difficult doing SEO in the real estate industry because it was so competitive and you were dealing with behemoths type like really aged, high-authority type sites that was very difficult. Especially ranking videos for really broad terms, like real estate plus city. You know what I mean?

That was incredibly difficult to do, but I was actually able to do it using the same method I'm talking about now, which was to schedule a live event, I embedded that embed code, so that's essentially just all over the place, I syndicated that out through my own networks and everything.

Then, I also scheduled a press release. At that time I was using Newswire.net. Newswire.net allowed you to embed a video. I scheduled the press release to be published at the exact same time that my video was gonna go live, for the live event, the feed. Actually, I think I did a real live hangout, but you could do it with just a recorded video like OBS, using something like OBS.

It was great because at the moment that the press release went live is when we went live-, or the press release published is when we went live with the Hangout. It was about a seven-minute hangout. I think I was just interviewing the broker, actually, and we ranked on page one for real estate Warrenton, VA, Warrenton, Virginia. It stuck for, I don't know, four or five days before it slipped back to page two. That was the longest I had ever had a video. It was the first time I got the video to appear on page one, period, and it also stuck for five days, which I thought was pretty impressive because it was one of those keywords that Google just didn't want to put a video on for.

To answer your question, that's what I would do. Put a little bit of engagement through the channel if you can, first, somehow even if you're spoofing it, because that helps kind of season the channel a little bit. If you have networks that haven't been seasoned or primed, then go ahead and publish a few videos or content, period. It doesn't even have to be videos, you could just do content. I mean, if it's just YouTube triggered, then you're gonna have to do videos.

But some content on across the network. I would say, schedule a live event. Learn how to stream, if you don't already know how to stream into a scheduled live event when you're ready. Perhaps even pick up a press release with an embed feature and do that. Okay? I think that's a great strategy.

This Stuff Works
Hernan: Yep. I agree to what you were saying, Bradley. I will advise Sam that, Sam, if you planning to do launch jacking more often, I would suggest that you maybe dedicate a network to that so you can have it ready whenever the launch hits. Right? You're kind of priming the pump. You're kind of building your assets before you need to use them, so that whenever you need to use them, they're already there. They have authority. You have link juice. They have prolink videos already set up. Maybe the first launch jack is harder than the second and the third, and whatnot. If that's something that you really want to start doing, I would suggest that you actually build an asset that will enable you to do that in advance. Right.

Bradley: Yeah. Also, I know, unfortunately, the really, really good offer from Press Advantage that we promoted closed down. There is still an offer for three Press Releases per month authored Done For You for 349, I think it is, I would suggest to Sam. In a few months after the holidays, guys, Jeremy and Press Advantage, we're gonna have another promotion. It won't have the same level of offer that we provided or that Jeremy gave us so graciously the last time. It won't be that good, but it'll still be very good.

Sam, if you're really gonna do launch stacking, if that's gonna be a business model that you wanna pursue, then I highly recommend that you get a subscription to a good press release service because press releases are a great way for launch jacking to get results, especially when you know how to do right. Local PR Pro, even though that's for local stuff, that same method works very, very good, very well for launch jacking.

Because, guys, launch jacking keywords typically are their new keywords because they're product names. Because of that, they're not very competitive. So, if you can come in with high authority sites through press releases, for example, and you know how to stack, and you can hit several different keyword variations in kind of like a PR silo, which is basically like a stack anyways, you can get significant results that way and just crush the competition.

There's a lot of work that goes into launch jacking though because it's a lot of set up in preparation for each launch. Just keep that in mind. You might wanna try to build systems or processes around. Once you do, Sam, once you develop your own internal processes, that you can hire some of that stuff out, you can pay a VA to do a lot of the setup work.

Should You Buy PBN Links To Improve The Rankings Of A Website With Good Content And 4-Tier Syndication Networks?

All right. Linoy is up. She says, “Hey guys, question, I heard a lot recently about creating good content is the key to bring ranking in traffic.” Google has been saying that since day one. “So I'm writing content for my website. I did the RSS feed as trigger to four-tier syndication.” Okay. “I have more than 30 articles and optimized good with Yoast,” okay, “and good interlinking structure and alt tags. Did also Google stacking with Google properties. I still can't see the needle moving up in the search engines. I built YouTube channel for linking to the website. I have links from Reddit and YouTube, Weebly, Twitter, blah blah blah. Should I buy a PBN links? If yes, then point them to my money site or to tier 2 links such as WordPress and others? Any other tips would be great. I'm frustrated. It's more than a year now and no major keyword in the top 50 at all.”

Well, obviously, without seeing your property and all that kind of stuff, it's gonna be difficult because there's so many variables. Unfortunately, writing good content is not … I know that people say that content is definitely key, but you have to know how to structure your content, which is what something like SEO Bootcamp, Jeffrey Smith's course, which we've promoted, hands down, we 100%, we 200% endorsed. That's something that will show you, you can have really good content, but if you don't structure it properly within the architecture of your site and I know that sounds geeky, but it's not. I mean, it kinda is. If you don't have it structured properly, then it's not going to do you very, very good.

In other words, really good content in itself isn't going to help your SEO unless you have it structured properly and interlinked properly, now especially. But proper on-page can absolutely work wonders. Some of the stuff that Jeffrey Smith is doing is absolutely incredible with zero backlinks. He doesn't go out and buy backlinks or build backlinks. Backlinks may naturally occur to his sites, but he's able to rank for … I mean, it's crazy, some really competitive, uber competitive stuff with on-page alone because he's so good at site structure and content stacking and all that kind of stuff.

I would recommend SEO Bootcamp, Linoy. If you're actually the one writing the content and all that kind of stuff, I would suggest that you learn how to structure it properly because that's a lot of work.

Now, as far as off-page stuff, there's a million things that you can do. Right? You've got your Syndication Network, that's great. But you can also power up your Syndication Network. You can also do Press Releases. Again, that's something I love. It's my favorite off-page strategy any more as press releases. So, you could do that. Each time you write a good article you could publish a press release about the article essentially announcing the article and drive people and links back to that article. Does that make sense? Those could be all tier 1 links. In other words, they could link directly to the blog post on your money site.

If you're gonna buy PBN links, which I don't recommend, it's still a viable strategy; there's no question. But if you're gonna do it, make sure you buy it from good provider. That you do, I don't recommend pointing directly to the money site, I would point through tier 1 properties, that are brand new properties, that are well optimized, and have do-follow links back to your money site. You have to analyze those properties to determine which ones you wanna point to. But that's what I would do. Okay.

Also, we talked about the drive stack and you say you have Google stacking, Google properties. I don't know how you did it. Unless you have taken RYS Academy or you've bought the stack from us, it's very likely that your Google stack is probably not producing any results for you. Because we see a lot of imitators out there that try to sell Google stacks or drive stacks that are not done right. So, when people buy them because they're cheaper and they get them and then they say, “Well, this doesn't work because I didn't see the needle move at all,” it's because they were done incorrectly to begin with. When they're done correctly, they're incredibly strong as well.

This Stuff Works

That's something else I would recommend. I don't know where you got your drive stack, if you did it yourself, or if you bought it from somewhere. But unless you bought it from us or did it via our specifications, it's likely that it's probably done wrong. Again, I can't speak for all methods out there, guys, but I know that a lot of them, because we've had a lot of people come to us and say, “Well, I have one that didn't work.” “Oh, yeah? Let's see it and we'll figure out why it didn't work.” Then, they show it to us and it's not one that we did.

I mean, Marco, when he sees them, he starts to laugh because then it's like, well, I'm not fixing this, I'm not gonna give you advice on something you bought from somewhere else. But sometimes even Marco does give advice, which is very gracious of him. Marco, do you wanna comment on that?

Marco: Yeah. First of all, you have to be careful about the information that Google is putting out because it has meanings within meanings.

Bradley: Misleading intentionally.

Marco: What the hell is good content? Yeah, right. I'm managing a mass page website and all we did, if you know mass page, is this keyword plus city, city plus keyword. That's all it is. None of the other content changes, correct? What we did is we restructured it and interlinked properly, and the URLs were done properly. We hit the 3-pack. Once the changes were done in two days, we hit the 3-pack for the most important keyword.

It just goes to show that … What's good content? Good content is whatever content can get you to wherever you want to be, whether it's a 3-pack, the eighth position, whether it's a zero position above the 3-pack, it depends. It depends on so much. But the way to do it is that, Bradley already said it, SEO Bootcamp because that's what we follow. Right? That's what was applied to this mass page website, just to see what it could do with proper interlinking. It did have it properly done drive stack, by the way, done by the VAs that I personally trained. So, of course, it's gonna work. It did have press releases and they had a bunch of other power that we did to it.

Just those changes on the website properly interlinking, properly siloing. They say siloing doesn't work, I'm gonna call it bullshit because it worked for me. This is proper siloed, it hit. I mean, it hit for … I'm not gonna say the keyword, but it's the most important keyword that we were targeting, and it was like bang, right there into the 3-pack.

Again, everything that Bradley recommended, I totally agree, but it has to be done right. If your website, yeah, you're saying that it's okay because it's Yoast, it's optimized according to Yoast. Yoast site is a fucking bug, man. I hate Yoast. SEO Ultimate plugin, you get SEO Ultimate, it's free and it'll help you so much more with your interlink. That deep link juggernaut is incredible, guys. It's just so powerful.

As far as PBNs, I'm biased. I'm gonna go with G site and a drive stack every single time over a PBN.

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: I mean, it's night and day, the power that I can generate from a properly done G site with a drive stack than what can be done with a PBN. That's just the way this is. Again, this is my biased opinion because it's what I use on my own shit or on shit that I care about.

Bradley: Yeah. PBN links typically, for good PBN links, you're gonna pay monthly for them and the moment you stop paying they get removed for, again, for really strong PBN links. The beautiful thing about a drive stack with a Google site, the way that we do it, is that you will … I mean, it free. It's free if you build it. Or you can buy it built, so then there's a one-time expense. But then, it's yours and you can use it and really squeeze a lot of juice out of it because it's a Google property.

Again, SEO Bootcamp and, by the way, I don't know if somebody dropped the link on the page for it, but through our link, I think it's half price and everywhere else I think it's 1,000. Don't quote me on that, but I'm pretty sure that we have a special price for SM audience only. So, check that out.

Marco: Yeah. He keeps the back door open for anyone coming through us. Otherwise, you pay 1k.

What Are Best Practices In Adding eXif Data And Optimizing Photos Using GEO Setter?

Bradley: That's it. It's worth every penny either way, but I'm telling you, it really is. All right. Nigel's up. What's up, Nigel? He says, “Good day, gents. Thanks for all you do. I appreciate the Side Hustle Toolbox webinar. Great value.” Thank you. That went two and a half hours. I didn't mean for it to, but it did. Anyways, he says, “Currently using Geo Setter for EXIF. What are your best places to add keywords to photos, and should I limit the amount? Any best practice info, i.e., max number of keywords to add would help.”

Look, this is just mine, my personal preference, but if I'm gonna be adding keywords to the images, I usually just do it in the filename because it becomes very time consuming to optimize every single image with separate keywords as well. In fact, I've got it open right here. You can see I use this Ant Renamer, which is a free software that you can download. Essentially, I can go to files and I can just click on add files and open up a folder with all my images. That's what these are here, is images. Then I go over to actions. I go to take names from list and I just paste in my keywords that I want to rename the files with. I click go and it renames all of the images after the keywords that I want.

This Stuff Works
Now, essentially, what I do then is open up Geo Setter, which you can see I've got a Geo Setter open right here. That's what the same images that you're seeing from the filenames and all that here, because I was just working on this this morning. I just told you, guys, I optimized tree service sites for Decatur, Georgia this morning. That's what we're looking at here.

Then, I optimized all of those photos with the same EXIF data, the same location data, and but they've all got separate keyword filenames. Now, individually, I could go in, and I know this is what you're asking about, but if I go in and say “edit data.” Then, right here, where it says “source description,” you can put categories and keywords, you can put keywords in there, you can also put them in the source description area.

There's a lot of places that you can add additional data. But the problem, Nigel, is it becomes very time-consuming to optimize each individual image. Now there are, obviously, reasons why you would want to do that at times. Now for my GMB assets that I'm doing right now, they're hyper local. I'm literally just wanting to target all of the, I just wanna target one specific zip code, basically. One very specific area. I'm not looking to expand the centroid, as Marco calls it, and get maps exposure outside of that very specific area that the address is located in. Right?

With that, I can optimize all the images with the same EXIF data and just have the filenames as separate keywords. Then that's all the optimization I have to do. Remember, SEO can reach a point where there's diminishing returns and you end up wasting time doing additional stuff for a very minor benefit where you could be more efficient doing more macro stuff than micro stuff, if that makes sense.

Again, as far as to answer your question, if I was going to optimize individual images, personally, I would only put one keyword per image. That's just me, but I mean, again, I haven't tested with mashing a bunch of keywords into an image. I don't know how beneficial that would be.

Marco, what are your thoughts on that?

Marco: I wouldn't spam images and we don't. Simply because of where they're going, right? They're going into GMB and we want that to stay clean and looking really good. We don't want to get it suspended and so we want that looking really good. Really the idea behind this is not to spam. Oh my god. Did I just say that? Yeah. The idea is not to spam, but, sorry. I know. I'm expecting lightning in any second.

The idea is to give the bot everything that it needs to know what your project is about. The bot is going to then know, okay, let's take Bradley's tree service. This is a tree service company in this area and with all those keywords. This is what they do and this is everything that's related to this business. We don't want anything more than that. Anything more than that I think is overkill, although it might work even better.

This is a test in the making, Nigel. You know it. Test and find out. Test on something that you're willing to lose. If you have a GMB that you're willing to get suspended to try this out, then I'm all for it. I'm all for trying just, you extend the limits. You test the bounds and you see how far you can go before you get knocked back.

Bradley: Yep. Guys, just so you know, what's great about Geo Setter? I love it. I know there are some online apps, but I just love this one. I've been using it for years. I've tried something on online apps and I swear I'm faster with this one. Probably just because I've been using it for so long. But what I like about it is you can select all the images in a folder like that, which I think is 36 selected in this one, and then set the values and then save as a template. Then, you can actually set all of the same values.

For example, you can see I've got the NAP here. If we go to location, I've got the EXIF, the GPS coordinates there, if that makes sense. Then I can go ahead and save that data to all of the images in that folder all at the same time with just one click. Right? Then, I can also save it as a template. So, now if I pull load from template, you can see I've got all these different templates in there. So that if I ever need to come back in and add additional images, which I likely will, all I have to do is pull the data from that template, click load from template, it will pull in all that data. Then, I click save to images, selected images, and it will add all that data directly to those images. It's very efficient, very efficient way to optimize images very quickly.

Adam: Bradley, real quick before you go to the next question, I see one, it looks like it's missing on your screen so I popped it into slack. I see a question in between Nigel and the next person.

Should You Stop Clearing Cookies And Cache If You're Going To Use The Local Lease Pro System?

Bradley: Okay. It probably got removed for spam. I don't know why it does that. There's nothing I can do about it. Okay. Tony says, I've run C Cleaner to clear cookies and cache daily and where my PC gets really slow I delete history. I only managed four GMB accounts, but if I start the Lease Pro system, I will need to stop doing this, or does Browseo handle having more accounts?”

Yeah. Browseo, you can have as many accounts as you want. That's my point. I mean, at least I don't know if there's different subscription levels, where they restrict, how many projects. That's what they're called. Each profile is called a project in Browseo. Again, I mean, I've got it open here. You guys see I've got project after project after project in here and that's what those are. Right? Again, I don't know if there's different levels on that, but I know that I can have unlimited projects, which is great.

The idea, specifically for your question, was it Tony? Let me see. Yeah, Tony. The problem with your computer slowing down is you probably don't have a lot of memory and it's probably a cache issue. That's probably why you're having issues with your computer slowing down, if you don't clear your cache and cookies, because it bogs up the memory in your computer. Now I'm not a hardware guy, but at least that's my understanding of it.

What I would suggest is expand the memory in your computer, if you can, number one, because if you're using Browseo, each one of those browsing sessions are going to keep all of the profile history cache and cookies. That's what you want, you don't want to keep cleaning your browser every time you're logging into different GMBs. You don't need proxies this way, guys, either. You can use your same IP, it's fine. Just make sure each one of your browsing sessions retains all of its history. That's what Browseo does. Or Ghost Browser, that's another option. Okay. I just use Browseo because I've been using it ever since it was launched.

This Stuff Works
But that's very, very important because you want to keep all that stuff. I found I've got, I think, 32 megabytes of RAM on my computer. I know that if I have a whole bunch of projects open up here in Browseo and I got a bunch of tabs open in each project, then it will actually slow my computer down. Sometimes I just have to close Browseo out in order for it to dump all the memory. Then I open it back up and it open up projects on an as-needed basis. I've even got 32 megabytes of RAM, is what I'm saying.

My point is, if you're gonna be doing this as Local Lease Pro method and you're gonna have a ton of projects open all the time, which you will as your business starts to grow, then I recommend investing in a better computer with more memory. Or you can even do it on a VPS, like a remote desktop or something like that, if you needed to.

Adam: Yeah. I was about to say, yes, especially if you're on the road or something, grab in like there's … I mean, it's never been difficult-, sorry, in my mind is that these up with all the stuff that Amazon or Google has done in the cloud. You can grab a workspace that's hourly, so you can just go and do what you need, shut it down and there's a small monthly fee. You can get something with some outrageous specs on it.

Bradley: Yeah. Again, guys, if you're gonna use the Local Lease Pro method, it's absolutely critical that you use, and I don't know if this is the proper term, I just coined it for the training, but a Browser keeper. Browser keeper. That would be like Browser or Ghost Browser. It's absolutely critical. Okay. All right. Hopefully, that answered your question. Did I leave any part of that out? No, that should be good.

What Are Top 3 Ways To Index Your Content Quickly?

Okay. All right. Nigel, I'll finish yours. He says, “What top three ways to get content indexed quickly and what are other sites similar to Medium where content gets indexed quickly?” I'm not sure anymore other than, for me, if it's a website that you're publishing content to that's in search console, you can do a fetch and render inside a search console. That's just the same as the submit URL tool, basically, because once it renders you can request submission to the index from that.

It will also give you the option to index all of the links, the outbound links or the pages that it links to and stuff from there. But I think you're limited to 10 of those per day or something like that. Anyways, you can do the fetch and render if you're publishing content to a site that is in search console. Okay? Because, remember, they discontinued to submit URL. They don't let us just submit directly to Google anymore. But, however, that's one way.

Another way, as far as I know, Twitter still works if you have an active, like a real Twitter account. It's not sandboxed or anything, or shadowed or ghosted, or whatever the hell they call that, shadow band, or whatever the hell it is. Marco, correct me if I'm wrong, is Twitter still a good indexing tool?

Marco: It is as long as, as you said, as long as you're not sandboxed or whatever it is that they call it in Twitter now.

Bradley: Okay, there you go.

Marco: And-

Bradley: Go ahead. Do you have another?

Marco: Yeah. I have three. [Dediya 00:42:52], Dediya, Dediya.

Bradley: There you go.

Marco: We have a Dediya. You guys can, too. You can reach out to him in any of our free group, in Facebook, or in any of our paid groups. If you guys are members of any of our paid groups, just tag him and tell him you need his indexing services. You have direct access to him.

How Would You Strategize Your Google Ads Budget Without Sacrificing Good Results?

Bradley: There you go. Okay. Ralph's up. He says, “Bradley, a few months ago you mentioned doing only $200 a month for Google Adwords or was it YouTube AdWords?” Well, yeah. I mean, it's all under the AdWords platform, which is now Google Ads platforms. No longer AdWords. But, yeah, I was talking about setting up for YouTube ads, or Adwords, or now Google Ads for video.

Anyways, just to clarify, yes. I was talking about using a small budget, at least I think this is what you're talking about. We're using a small budget for video SEO. Okay? Let me finish the question first and then I'll come back and answer. He says, “Bradley, a few months ago you mentioned doing only $200 a month for Google Adwords, or was it YouTube Adwords, and that was working effectively for you for difficult to rank keywords. Then I think you mentioned that you cut back from $200 the next month and you were still ranking well. Would you please go through this process again pretty please? I need to get this embedded in my head. Thanks.”

Okay. I'm not sure if you were asking specifically about video SEO or for like regular web page like landing page stuff SEO for like lead gen. In either case, if I'm going into a new industry that I don't already know what the money-producing keywords are, and what I mean by money-producing keywords is, obviously, I'm trying to generate a lead. That's all I do, guys, is lead generation. Right? Either lead generation for local businesses or we try to generate leads for list building.

This Stuff Works
In other words, we're trying to get an opt-in to build an email list. Right? That's lead generation in either case. What I'm trying to do is either get a web page to rank that will capture leads or it prompts somebody to call, to make a phone call, if it's to a local business, or I'm trying to rank a video to do the same thing. Those are really the only two things.

Now if I'm entering a new industry that I don't know, which I don't like entering new industries anymore, guys, it's too much work. I like sticking with what I already know, okay? But if I was gonna enter a new industry, then I would run an AdWords campaign. If I was going to enter a new industry where I'm gonna be optimizing a landing page and doing SEO, full-on SEO, not just video SEO, but full-on like ranking a website, perhaps in a maps listing, a Google Maps page, if it's for local stuff, all that, then I'll start with a small budget in AdWords for a month or two. I might start with $200 or $250 for a month to determine what keywords are actually generating clicks, and then out of the clicks which keywords are converting.

Because it used to be, guys, that I used to always just do SEO before I learned how to do AdWords. I would just always do SEO. I would enter a new space and I would do all my keyword research. I would spend an ungodly amount of time working on keyword research. Then I would determine just through my research what I thought were the best keywords to target. Then I would start the optimization campaign, start developing content, building websites, doing backlinks, and all this kind of stuff that we typically would do, just to find out some of the times that those keywords weren't the actual keywords that would produce the leads. Right? So, it's a lot of wasted effort and time.

What I found is it's so much easier, and this isn't new. This is not something I came up with. I'd been hearing this throughout my entire SEO career to use Google Adwords to determine which keywords you should be optimizing for with SEO. I just didn't believe it. Or plus, I just didn't really have any experience with AdWords at that time and I didn't want to. I was kind of scared of AdWords for many many years, I'm not gonna lie. So, I just never did it. I just said, “No. I can get results with SEO.” I was able to, so I didn't do it.

But now I found that it's much more difficult to just go straight in the SEO and get results. It takes too much time. It's too complex. It's much easier just to go in with a small budget and set up with … Do your initial keyword research and then set up what I call the alpha beta campaign structure. It's not something I made up. You can do a Google search for alpha beta AdWords campaign structure and you'll see a PDF from Q3 Digital that you can open up and it will tell you what the alpha beta campaign structure is and how it works.

Then from there, you can start with what the beta campaigns and determine very quickly which keywords are generating traffic. If you've got conversion tracking and all that set up correctly, then you can determine which keywords that are producing clicks are actually turning into leads or conversions, whatever your conversion goal may be. From there, now you've got your prime keywords. Those are your money keywords that you want to optimize for, that you start with. Right?

That's what I talked about as far as AdWords. Then, optimizing for those keywords and all that may be driving traffic to specific landing pages for that. Then, over time you develop the SEO to where it starts to rank and then you can back off of the AdWords spend. Does that make sense? That's how to do it that way.

The other way for video SEO, I've talked about many times, but just very quick recap on that, is for video SEO, if you have like, especially for local, you can run a small budget and set your targeting options for location targeting to a very tight geographic area, obviously, for where you want that video to rank. You can set it to very broad audience type targeting to where it's not really focused traffic.

In other words, it's not maybe the best targeted traffic as far as people, like what their interests are at the moment that they see the video. But because they're in the local IP area and if you just do some general targeting it will be good enough to where you'll get engagement on your video through the ad. Because you have the video also as an ad, right? You'll get engagement. People will see it and will register as clicks or views. Sometimes you'll get clicks, but it'll be mainly views from people within a very specific geographic area around the video, where you want it to rank, in the location you want it to rank.

It's basically a way to buy local clicks directly from Google, which is huge. Guys, you can rank YouTube videos on engagement signals alone. Seriously. It's been done time and time again. You can use AdWords to actually buy clicks, localized clicks, a very specific geographic area to your videos which is really good for local SEO.

This Stuff Works </cente
The idea with that is set up a small budget. I usually start with $1 a day. No kidding. It's 30 bucks a month. Then, what you do is you find out, like I start with like 35 cents, my max cost per view bid. What you'll see is very quickly, especially … Again, I can't get in all with targeting options here, guys, but what I found is a lot of the times the average cost per view will be something like, let's just use this as an example, 18 cents after the first few days. After it starts getting some impressions and some views and all that, it'll show you the average cost per view.

Let's say, it's 18 cents. Well, then the trick is that, if I had my max cost per view bid set to 35 cents, then what I do is every single day, I'll log in and I'll drop it like 2 cents at a time. From 35 to 33, then to 31 the next day, then to 29 the next day. I keep doing that until I get down to about that 18 cents average cost per view. Then once I get to around 18 cents average cost per view, I go in and back it down another penny. I might wait one or two days and then go back and drop it another penny max cost per view bid.

Over time, very slowly, you incrementally drop it just one penny at a time. What happens is your average cost per view will continue to track down with your max cost per view bid, but it won't affect your traffic, which is incredible, because I've got some out there now that my budget is like 30 cents a day and my average cost per view is 1 cent. It's great because I pay, literally, $9 a month to have Adwords or Google Ads that are driving traffic to videos which are keeping them ranked for local clients. Does that make sense?

It's a great strategy and it works really well. It's like you basically trick Google into slowly, you just keep reducing your bids slowly over time and they'll continue serving your ads. I don't know how long that'll last, guys, but it's just because YouTube ad inventory is so low right now. There's still not a lot of people advertising on YouTube. This is a great strategy. I just gave away the farm on that one.

What's Your Strategy For A Nationwide eCommerce Site Using GMB?

Anyways, Greg's up. He says, “What's your strategy for a nationwide ecommerce site using GMB? What radius do you suggest? Currently, we're testing United States as a service region.” I couldn't answer that, Greg. Honestly, I really couldn't because I don't do any kind of ecommerce and I don't know how using a Local GMB for a nationwide keyword would work. I'm not sure, but maybe. Marco or Hernan, shine some light on that.

Marco: GMB has ecommerce.

Bradley: Okay.

Marco: You can actually choose it for ecommerce and get verified for ecommerce, and that's how you would use it. It depends on what you're targeting as your service region. I haven't added an ecommerce site, but I know that it's available. I don't know what the targeting is inside there, but I suggest that that's where you start, Greg.

Hernan: Yup. Yeah, I do agree with Marco. I haven't done a lot of GMB for ecommerce, which is to pay media straight up for ecommerce stores, so I wouldn't know. But if Marco is saying that ecommerce category, I wouldn't doubt it. It will be good to test, though, because I know that some people in our audience mostly are providing local services to local businesses. Right? But some people are actually doubling to ecommerce, so it would be a good test.

What Are Your Thoughts On Nacho Analytics Software?

Bradley: Yep. Okay. I've got a run today at 5 o'clock, so we got about eight minutes. I'm gonna try to run through a couple of these really quickly, guys, and then we're gonna have to wrap it up. Garth says, “Has anyone at Semantic Mastery used Nacho Analytics software? If so, do you think it's worth using?” I did not. That's the first time I've ever heard of it. Did any of you guys have a chance to look at it?

This Stuff Works
Marco: Yeah, but just real quick because I was curious and I'm interested in analytics. It looks like … Marco saw this, too. It was created by the guys behind SpyFu and so it sounds like worth looking at. It sounds like it's a platform that's gonna take some time to mature, but basically allowing you to kind of get some more analytics. Maybe a better way, but it's not something that necessarily can't be done with other tools. That's what it sounds like. But that may change over time.

Bradley: Yeah. Okay. I mean, I've always just used Google Analytics. I know some people used like Piwick or Piwick or something like that. Because some people wear tinfoil hats and they say they don't want Google on their site, well, unfortunately, if you got a site on the web, Google knows all about it. If anybody visits your site from a Chrome browser, they know all about it; from an Android, they know all about it. You know what I mean? If you use WordPress and you got Google fonts, they know all about it. There's just so many … It's funny when people say that, “I don't want Google Analytics on my site.” Why? “Because I don't want Google to know in my business.” Okay. It's too late for that.

Anyways, I don't know anything about Nacho Analytics. I've just always been with Google Analytics.

Marco: Yeah, me too. I'm just the opposite. I could care less about the analytics that Google gives me because that's not what I focus on. But I do want Google looking at my analytics. Does that make sense? I want Google on my website crawling it and looking at it and getting everything, whatever it is that they consider relevant, I don't care. Right? But they care and so I'm glad that they care. I'm glad that they get the information because I'm giving them a whole bunch of information other ways. That's one of the things that I do want them to have.

How Do You Handle The Addresses Of Several GMBs Across Multiple Niches For Local Lease Pro Purpose?

Bradley: Yeah. All right. Calvin's up. He says, “Hey guys, over the next month we will be creating multiple GMBs across multiple niches each for Local Lease purposes.” Plus one that just because. Or did I already plus one? Oh, there we go. Nice, Calvin. You're running with it. That's a good thing, man. That's exactly what I'm doing. Anyways, he says, “Not in USA. Wondering how do you handle the addresses of them all. Can we have the same address for many multiple businesses that are all and unrelated niches with different suite numbers, or will that cause a red flag?”

I wouldn't do it, Calvin, because it's … I mean, yeah, you probably can get away with it. I just wouldn't do it, guys, because, again, if you're gonna build a business, don't you want it to be on somewhat of a solid foundation? If you do it, you build it on a shaky foundation by doing stuff like that. I know I'm not picking on you, Calvin. What I'm saying is I know a lot of people will try to save costs, do stuff like that.

But are you really saving cost when you put a ton of time into building out a business where and in Google because you did something a bit spammy or that leaves a clear footprint that Google comes in, deletes or terminates all of your properties, then did you save money? No, you didn't. You lost a lot, because you've lost all that time and effort and any money that you put into those assets. Right?

My point is I would want to take some more care in trying to reduce my footprint and reduce the chance or the likelihood that I'm gonna lose those properties so that they're all going to be connected by Google. Now I know there's still gonna be some similarities between properties, especially if you're using kind of like a pseudo brand name that's the same across all the properties and stuff, that too, but at least, what I'm saying is, for example, all my accounts I'm trying to keep them separate.

However, I just started playing inside of GMB with the group locations, which is interesting because you actually have to make the location group the owner of the profile. Anyways, we'll talk about this in Mastermind tomorrow. Yeah. We're gonna talk about this in Mastermind. We got a webinar tomorrow, guys, the Mastermind webinar.

Anyways, can you have the same address? Yes, you can. You can do that with different suite numbers or letters at the end, but I don't recommend it. Okay? I recommend you have a separate unique address, if possible. Or if it's the same street address, a separate unique box number or suite number type thing, if that makes sense, not just like Box 101A, 101B, 101C, because again, to me, even though it is a unique address, technically that just is a clear indication that they're all tied together.

All right. Also-

Marco: And-

Bradley: Go ahead.

Marco: Sorry. If they get them from us, then they will come with their own separate Gmails.

Bradley: That's right. Yep, and their own Gmail addresses, which is part of the next question. He said, “Would you place each one into their own separate Google account and then use something like Browseo for log?” Yes, absolutely, Calvin. That is a requirement and I talked about that very specifically in the Local Lease Pro training. There's absolutely no other way to do it, guys.

Now look, you can tie all of the properties together with a manager account, which is what I'm doing. That's why I just started talking about the location groups, it kind of changes that a bit. But again, we'll talk about that on Mastermind tomorrow.

This Stuff Works
Yeah. You can tie them all together with a manager account so that you can still log in and manage them all from one account, which would be like a primary account. What I would suggest that you do is create a separate Google account that will be the manager account and then you can actually add that account as a manager. So, you can log into that one account and then manage many, many, many GMB profiles.

But don't assign yourself as the owner because if the owner account gets terminated, or I think now it has to be the primary owner account that gets terminated for you to lose the GMB, but they can terminate a manager account and/or an owner account, I believe, but as long as the primary owner account isn't terminated, the GMB should stay live.

I absolutely recommend for each and every GMB that you set up, if you're gonna set it up yourself that, you have a separate Google account for each. If you buy them from us, you're gonna get a separate Google account for each. Okay?

“Could I use one main master account to house all the GMBs?” No. Again, I don't recommend it. I would recommend that you use one main master account as a manager account. But it wouldn't own the accounts, each account would be owned by a separate Google profile.

“How would you set this business from the start so we stay under the radar?” I talked about it in Local Lease Pro. If you have that, just go through the training. It's already covered in there.

What Are 3-5 Most Important Characteristics You Look For In A Niche?

Guys, we can answer one more. John's and then we gotta go. John says, “What are the three to five most important characteristics you look for in a niche?” Okay. Number one is I want to make sure that there's volume, there's a need, there's an interest. Right? Whatever the niche is, it solves a need. Right? That's number one.

Because there are niches out there, like for example, Network Empire used to say, “Is it a vitamin or a painkiller?” Right? If it's a vitamin industry, it's stuff that people might, it's nice, it's like luxury stuff. It's nice to have these things, but they're not necessary. A painkiller industry is like you need to have it.

That's why I love contractors, like working in the home services industry, because tree services is a painkiller, usually. Right? If because somebody's got a problem, they got a dead tree in their yard or a tree that fell or something, they need it taken out. That's a painkiller type of industry. Roof repair, that's a painkiller industry. Plumbing or emergency plumbing, that's a painkiller industry. That's number one, first of all, is there a demand for the service?

Number two, are the companies in that industry bending money on marketing or advertising? Do they understand it's important? For example, a quick way to do it, just go to Google, search for the types of products, or enter search queries as if you were somebody looking for those products or services. Then, look and see, are there advertisers on Google? That's it. If there's advertisers, now you know those companies are spending money. It's really easy.

Number three, what are the margins? What are the profit margins for those types of businesses? Do they have good margins? That's really important. Because even if call volume isn't high, even if search volume isn't high for the industry that you want to target as long as, number one, there's a demand for it; as long as, number two, those companies are spending marketing or advertising dollars in that space, then even if there's not a lot of search volume if the margins are high, it's very likely that there's a lot of money in that industry.

In other words, I talked about this in Local Lease Pro, but like for example, home remodeling, kitchen remodeling, it's a big keyword. Kitchen remodeling, an average kitchen job on the low-end is about $30,000 contract price. Now the kitchen remodeling contractor or the general contractor will typically only have a $6,000 or $8,000 profit margin on that job. But it's still a $6,000 or $8,000 profit margin. Even though they might only get from a GMB listing, a local listing eight or 10 calls a month and they might only close one or two of those a month, if it's a $6,000 or $8,000 profit margin per job that closes, that's a very good profit margin.

Thinking about going into a lead gen niche, I wanna make sure there's margins there to justify the expenses of my services. In that case, remodeling, they're absolutely there, even if the call volume isn't high. Does that make sense? Because you could literally generate a lead for a remodeling company that produces a $6,000 or $8,000 profit margin for them. So, if you're charging them even $500 a month for lead gen on the lease method, that pays for a one job, one lead that closed into a sale can pay for an entire year's worth of your lead gen. Does that make sense? It's easy for them to be able to justify paying you. Whereas if you're doing something like carpet cleaning, which is very small, can be very small profit margins, it might be very difficult for them to justify that expense.

Those are my three primary things right there. Number one, demand. Number two, are they spending money, the companies, for advertising, which means they understand the value of marketing, the importance, the need. Right? Number three, what are the margins?

Those are my top three. Does anybody else wanna add to that before we wrap it up?

Hernan: I agree totally with you. In fact, I would tell John to join tomorrow the Mastermind call because that's a really good topic to go after.

Bradley: Tomorrow, we'll cover that and we'll cover the GMB group location stuff that I was talking about today. Okay. All right, everybody. Thanks for being here.

Marco: Bye everyone.

Bradley: See you guys later. Bye.

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