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By April

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Bradley: Oh, wait. I get it. Now I get it.

Adam: Oh boo! Hey! Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts. This is episode 208. This is our four-year anniversary of Hump Day Hangouts. It's also Halloween here in the US and I assume other places were it's still the 31st of October. We'll get into the costumes thing in a little bit. We're just going to pretend like everything's normal. We're going to go around and say hello to everybody. Let's see. Starting on my left, Chris, how you doing man?

Chris: Doing good. In Florida at the moment, still excited about last week, the interview we had last week but yeah it's a bit loud here because sitting in Panera here to have good internet.

Bradley: Got you. Living the internet lifestyle.

Chris: Yeah.

Bradley: All right. Hernan, how you doing, man? You back home?

Hernan: Yeah. I'm back home finally but yeah I'm still like having goose bumps after POFU Live 2018. That was a lot of fun so excited to be here.

Adam: Awesome, awesome. Marco, how you doing?

Marco: What's up, man? I'm trying to get my camera to work. It's a special day so I want it to be live. For some reason it's not working in Hangouts. It's working everywhere else.

Bradley: Oh, shit! I just revealed mine.

Adam: Bradley, how are you today? You look lovely.

Bradley: Thanks, man I completely forgot about needing they have a costume or a mask until like after I got home from the gym today. I was like, “Oh, shit.” I had to go back to Walmart and find something. It was slim pickings because it's Halloween. I got this. I laughed. As soon as I saw this I laughed because, I hope I don't offend anybody, but number one it's super gay. Number two, my daughter, she loves unicorn. I knew she'd get a kick out of this. I put this on thinking it would be funny. Yet, it's supposed to be glow sticks back here like there's like glow sticks that I had to bend it.

By the way, this didn't come with any instructions on how to put together. It took me like 15 minutes to figure out how to put this damn thing together but it's supposed to glow and it's not. Anyways, Wayne, this one's for you because I already know you're going to meme the hell out of this.

Adam: I can see a pink wig already.

Bradley: I almost bought a wig too but I said, No, I'm not going do that. Anyways …

Adam: I want to circle back around to it being episode 208 but first I've got a couple quick announcements for everybody. If you're new to Semantic Mastery one of the questions we always get asked is, “Where should I start with you guys? What should I do?” Get started with the battle plan. It's the best way for you to get repeatable results. It covers a lot of areas. I'm not going to go into it but I will put the link up there. If you're watching the replay, you can find that in the description.

If you're past that point or you've already got the battle plan and you're looking to take things up a notch, you're either looking to start to grow or you're already at that point where you want to grow what you have, then please come join us in the mastermind. You're the person we want to have in the mastermind.

Then, if you haven't yet, go to mgyb.co for your done-for-you services syndication networks, RYS drive stacks, press releases, GMB verification. All sorts of stuff. On top of that, we also now … Try to think of how best to say this. You won't have to use our janky PayPal link. As of today, you can go in and order the keyword research. We've had some more people asking about it through support. I'm going to put the link up here. This is the lowest you're going to see these in terms of price. They're really, really cool keyword services. I've used it myself for our projects as well as some stuff I'm working on on the side.

This Stuff Works
Marco, you mind talking about it real quick just so people have a better understanding of what they get with this?

Marco: There's three tiers. I don't know if we're offering just the top tier, which tier it is that we're offering.

Adam: Yeah. Just go ahead and tell them about all of it. We'll make it work.

Marco: The first tier is basic keyword research. It's good enough to get you started and to get you on your way to making money. The next level, we go in-depth into the keyword research but what we don't do is we don't take the keywords and filter them and then put them actually into silos.

Now, I'm getting into the top level, the really, just a total done-for-you keyword research where we go and we separate, we even filter the keywords so if they have commercial value, if they have supporting value, and even if they're not commercial, they have supporting value because Google found some relevance in those keywords.

We're offering all three tiers. The top one is where it's literally, we do everything for you. We set up your silos. We set up your questions. All you have to do is just answer the questions. The keywords are all in there. They're all supporting the silos that we set up. It's usually three to four silos because that's what you need to get started.

If you've been through Jeffrey Smith's SEO Ultimate Bootcamp, then you'll know exactly what to do with those. If you haven't, then my very first suggestion is go and get into Jeffrey Smith's training, figure out how to do all of that on-page SEO.

Then, through the training, you'll know exactly what to do with this keyword. Guys, it takes three days to set all of this up because we have to go through every keyword, filter it, and make sure that it's a viable keyword, that it supports the silo correctly so that we stay on that silo, we provide all of the power possible to that silo so that when you go and apply it, along with the training, it just … Guys, it's just awesome training.

As Adam said, we've used it. We use it all the time in Local GMB Pro. As you know, whatever you get from us, it's stuff that we use. First, we use it. We're like the guinea pigs and we test it out and we make sure that it works. Once we deliver it, it's because it works.

Adam: Yup. Can't say that enough, you guys. It's really cool. I'm not joking. I use this service myself. We've had a few members already who have taken advantage of that while we were developing out and they were testing it for us.

This is a great way, not only like Marco said, to get all the keywords, get to your silo setup and just to get some more research around a niche if you're looking for that because from this you're not only going to get articles but you can get ideas for additional supporting articles for Q&A stuff. There's just a wealth of knowledge so I can't support this enough. Go check it out and get your keyword research project done for you.

Like I said, bringing this back around, I think each of you probably have something you want to say. If you don't, you don't have to but today's four years of doing this. I'm going to hand this off after I just say, “Thank you,” to everyone who's watched us over the years. I know we've had some people who started with us who are still here who have joined us maybe today for the first time and wondering what the hell is going on, but thank you very much for watching. I just want to say, “Thank you,” and we look forward to hopefully several more years.

Bradley: Can I go next?

Adam: Yeah.

Bradley: I know you guys can't take anything I say seriously while I'm wearing this. In order for me to be sincere with my gratitude for everybody that's been watching us for four years and following us and made us, Semantic Mastery, who we are today, I have to take those dumb goofy glasses off because I mean when I say, “Guys, this has been the biggest, the most beneficial part of our like or one of the things, one of the tools that have helped us to grow the most and is Hump Day Hangouts.” It's the consistency of publishing content every single week.

We've had a lot of our members in the past say, “Hey, you know, like what is the one thing that you would suggest for getting traction with the YouTube channel?” It's consistency. This makes 208 episode, four years. We've only taken one Wednesday off in four years and it was a scheduled Wednesday off. We told everybody ahead of time. It wasn't that we missed it, which that's freaking impressive, man. That's consistent. There's not a lot of people in this industry that have been around for four years that have stayed around for four years. There are some absolutely and that's great. You guys know from the people that have been the few developers out there or whatever training trainers out there that are still around after several years. There's a reason for that.

We're fortunate to be one of them and a lot of that has to do with you guys coming and participating on a weekly basis. I can speak for everybody here but I know everyone else is going to speak for themselves when I say that we truly enjoy this. I love this one hour every single week because even though it's free, we like to put an hour in, invest an hour, or give back an hour of our time on a weekly basis because this platform has done so well for us and our company and for our growth.

For that reason, we like to come back and give back an hour on it on a weekly basis, plus it does give members that are not part of the mastermind, which is where people have direct access to us, it gives you guys access to us on a weekly basis, even if it's just very limited, it still gives you access to directly with us without having to be in the mastermind. However, if you want access to us on a daily basis, obviously you got to join the mastermind. I did squeeze a plug in there because it wouldn't be us if we didn't.

Anyways, again, I just want to tell everybody how much I appreciate you all. I'm so grateful to have this platform, to have my partners here with me every single week, to be able to answer questions and just stay plugged in. Our thumb is on the pulse of the local SEO industry, that's for sure. A lot of it has to do with you guys coming and participating on a weekly basis. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

With that, let me put these dumb things back on and pass it off. Who's next?

This Stuff Works
Hernan: Yeah. Real quick, I just wanted to reiterate what Bradley just said. I'm really truly grateful of being of service, being of help on this community. We're trying to be up front and we're trying to be as, yeah, as upfront as possible. We're not wanting to tell you that everything it's going to be amazing because sometimes it isn't when they're trying to tell you that everything's going to be easy because sometimes it isn't.

But the main point is that if you stick to it and you have a proven process and you have the support that you need, pretty much everything comes to fruition like this on the Hangout, but four years in a row. That's been an amazing trip. Here's to a lot more, so thank you guys.

Bradley: Okay. Anybody else want to jump in? I'm ready to get to questions if we have any. I don't see many.

Adam: Real quick, I'm just going to say I think we're going to go a little bit longer if possible today, right Bradley?

Bradley: If needed, yeah. If we don't have a lot of questions, I know we're not going to sit around and just chat for no reason.

Adam: Sounds good. I did want to share this, though. Hopefully, if anyone's watching, I know we got at least a couple of the people who are hopefully live last week but if you've got your coins handy, do me a favor, post a picture. It's cool seeing them out in the wild. I loved hanging out with these guys this week and getting to pull them out. We kept them on us all week.

Bradley: Yeah. I got mine. I carry it in my pocket all the time, baby. It's awesome.

Adam: Awesome. All right. Let's get to it.

Bradley: All right. Cool. Let me grab the screen. Oops. Wrong button. All right. By the way, I'm sorry. I might not have been paying attention. Did you say we were doing the drawings or announcing one [crosstalk 00:11:49] later?

Adam: That's good. As I turned off my screen, I realized we never said anything about the prizes.

We'll draw the grand prize and the runner-up at the end. Then, we'll be doing some additional prizes to live viewers only as we go. I'll talk to Hernan and Marco on the side here and Chris. We'll get that figured out.

Bradley: Okay. Good. Thanks guys.

Jeff says, “Congrats on four years. Time flies when you're having fun.” Isn't that the truth, Jeff. “It's hard to believe it's been that long. It's funny. If you guys ever are curious, you can go to our YouTube channel and just look up Hump Day Hangout episode one and just watch five minutes of it. That's probably all you'll be able to stomach, anyways,” but we come a long way. Not much has changed. It's still Google Hangouts but we've come a long way in our ability to present information. That's for sure. Me, especially. I'm a hell of a lot more comfortable talking with you guys now than I was back then. It's funny. It's funny to go back and see that.

How Do You Pitch The Client That You Were Expert In Their Niche?

“Bradley has talked over and over about specializing in a niche, so when first starting out how do you pitch the client that you were an expert in their niche?”

I didn't, Jeff. That's the thing. You hear the cliché fake it until you make it. There's some truth to that or some validity to that, but, at the same time, I don't like to be dishonest. I've always tried to run my business where I'm 100% transparent and honest with … You guys probably know that from following us. I tell it exactly how it is because I fail more often than I succeed. I share that just as much as I share my successes. I try to do the same thing with clients. I try to be honest with them.

When I first got started out, that's part of the reason I really went into lead gen originally was because I didn't have any results to show anybody. I had no proof. I had no credibility. I wasn't credible because I had nothing to show. That's why I got in the lead gen initially was … There was a couple reasons. One is because I really started to learn SEO and everything so I could generate leads for my own business, but then I realized that …

It's funny. I'm writing my story out right now. I've been working on it for last three or four days on how I got into this business and the struggles that I've gone through over the last since 2010 when I got in. I'm doing that because we're revamping everything in Semantic Mastery to follow one very specific path now, which is what we've learned over the years works. We're revamping like our entire message and everything to really focus in on that. Adam, that's part of every single year we get together for a week, guys, my partners and I, to plan out the next year.

That's what we did this past week when we did POFU Live. We stayed in DC together for the week. We basically planned out for the next year. That's what we're commencing on that now on all the work that we planned out for the next year. The start or the tip of the spear is to start with our messaging being coherent and consistent now throughout everything that we do. That all starts with really my story and how I got started in this business.

To answer your question, Jeff, that's why as I was writing the story out. I'm working on that right now. It's fresh in my mind. I started with generating leads from my own business in Culpeper as an electrical contractor. It was super easy because this is a rural town. There's virtually no competition. Even to this day, there's little competition in this town for SEO stuff, for digital marketing because it's a very rural town. There's not a lot of population.

I was able to get results from my own business like almost overnight. I didn't even know what the hell I was doing at the time. I knew I had a lot more to learn. I started building lead-gen assets for other types of contractors. I started with carpet cleaning and locksmith services but then I went into plumbing and HVAC and a couple other things, too, for some contractors that I knew that I worked with as an electrical contractor.

This Stuff Works
Anyways but I started building these sites just to get practice, to practice with SEO and to try to figure out what worked, what didn't work. Then, when I found something that worked, try to repeat it on another property and that stuff. That over time, over the course of about two years, I was able to build a dozen or so. It might have been 15. I don't remember off the top of my head but I had somewhere around 10 to 15 lead gen properties built over the course of about two years, many of which, I'd say probably 70% of which were producing fairly good amount of calls.

But what I found throughout that process also was that a lot of industries that I thought would be good industries to generate leads in turned out not to be good industries. In other words, it was very difficult to monetize some of the industries that I was in, carpet cleaning being one of them because they have such low profit margins in the carpet cleaning industry. They have a hard time justifying marketing expenses.

To come back to your question, Jeff, my landlord, he actually was my business partner when I launched my agency in 2012, after I had built all these lead gen assets, he actually pushed me. He knew a tree service contractor. He said, “Hey, why don't you try generating leads for a tree service contractor?” I said, “Okay yeah. Why not?” I was trying all different kinds of stuff at that time, mostly all contractors but I was building all these lead gen assets.

I built a lead gen asset in Manassas, Virginia for a tree service contractor. Next thing you know, we started making a whole lot of money from leads from that company. That's when I realized that tree services was a great place to be in for generating leads because the margins are so high. It's almost all labor charges and very few or very little if any material costs. It's almost all labor so it's almost all markup. Because of that, that's when I decided the tree services were going to be an industry that I wanted to spend a lot of time in.

I started building tree service sites, lead gen sites for this one contractor. After I had four or five of them built, now I had a portfolio in one specific industry that I could use to show other tree service contractors. Does that make sense? I didn't tell anybody that I was an expert at first. I would just, that's part of the reason I got into lead gen, like I said, because even in 2012 when I opened my agency, I had had a hodgepodge or I had a bunch of different types of lead gen properties. I wasn't an expert in any one industry at that point.

Even when I started on tree service sites and I built five or six of them, I still wasn't an expert in the tree service industry but at least, at that point, I had enough properties in one particular industry that when I did speak with other tree service contractors, I could show results that I had and not just one property but multiple properties. I could say, “Hey, look. I got this one and this one and this one and this one and look at the amount of call volume that these five properties generate,” and blah, blah, blah and all that stuff really helped me at that point.

I know that was a long-winded answer, Jeff, but I think this is a great opportunity right now guys. Like I said, our messaging is very, very clear. One of the things that we're pushing is to go out and build lead gen assets right now while it's available. I think the opportunity is greater now than it's ever been in my career for building lead gen assets. I mean that from the bottom of my heart, guys. Take what I say. If you trust us at all, I think right now it is the best time since I've started in SEO and digital marketing to build lead gen assets. Select whatever niche it is. Make sure it's viable. Make sure that it's a good industry for generating leads and that there's high profit margins so that you can get paid. Then, start building lead gen assets in that particular industry, in that vertical.

If you have to, start in your own backyard. Again, the exact method that we're teaching right now was taught in Local Lease Pro, which was available for $50 for eight days. We're going to relaunch that publicly. It won't be that price anymore. That's for damn sure, but it will be available here in the next few weeks.

If anybody doesn't know what we're talking about that you can find out in Local Lease Pro or you come join the mastermind. You can get it there.

This Stuff Works
But my answer to you, Jeff, would be to go out and start building assets in that industry even if you don't have a client in that industry. Don't worry about it. Just go out and build some assets. Even if you don't monetize those assets, just build the asset so that you can show data and show proof that you know what you're doing and then start contacting business owners in that industry and show them your data. Data speaks, guys.

Saying to a business owner, “Hey, I can do this, this, and this and that for you.” They have to take that on your word. They have to take you at your word. It's a leap of faith for them unless you can show them data. Data doesn't lie. If you can show them hard data then that'll do the selling for you. Good question, though.

Anybody pinging me, by the way? If so, just interrupt.

Adam: No. You're good.

Can A Syndication Network Come Before An RYS Stack?

Bradley: Okay. Muhammad. What's up, buddy? Muhammad's been a big part of our group for a long time now. It's good to see you here, Muhammad. “Hey, guys. Congrats on four years. I'm proud to have been part of it.” We're proud to have you as well, Muhammad.

He says, “Number one, can a syndication network come before an RYS stack?” Yeah, it can. Absolutely, it can. In fact, that's typically what I would do first was syndication networks. In about the time that the syndication network would get returned to me is when I would order the RYS stack because that would take a week or two to get delivered. That would give me time to publish three, I always said at least three posts out to my syndication network to season or seed the network. That's typically what I would do, is syndication network first. About the time it's delivered is when I would order the RYS stack.

Then, by the time that RYS stack was delivered, it would have given me enough time to publish two or three or four posts to my network. That's typically how I do it. All that should be laid out in the battle plan. Is it not, Hernan?

Hernan: What's that? Sorry. Come again.

Bradley: The order in which we recommend syndication networks and drive stacks. That's all laid out in the battle plan, correct?

Hernan: Yeah. It is. It is. It's step by step.

Bradley: Mohammed, I know you have the battle plan.

Hernan: Yeah, it is.

Bradley: And you do that again.

Hernan: We actually tell you if it's a news site, an H site, and what not, what type of order to get, so how many links. It's a simple tier, a third tier, et cetera, et cetera.

Bradley: There you go.

Is MYGB The New Serp Space?

Number two, “Is MGYB the new Serp space?” No, it's not the new Serp space. It is Semantic Mastery store. Serp space is still in the distance, guys. We just took back some of the products that were originally ours, like syndication networks and drive stacks and moved it under our own store, MGYB.

Again, it was just time for our two different companies to part. There was some reasons for that. There was no drama or nothing. I know people have asked me that, like, “What happened, Bob?” Everyone's looking for some juicy nugget is to like some sort of palace intrigue shit. That's not what happened, guys. It was just we just decided to split for various reasons.

One of the things we want to do is get back control of the builders and the drive stack builders. There's products and services that we wanted to be able to launch. We start MGYB. That is our store. Again, Serp space still has products over there. You guys can check either one and see which products are available over there, like Video Powerhouse for example, Maps Powerhouse, which, guys, that's a great network. We helped build it. We know.

Again, there are still products over there, too. Just go check our store MGYB.co to see what's available and order at the appropriate place is all I got to say.

How Is The Full Service SEO Plan On Serp Space Different From The Local/National Packages?

Number three, how is the full-service SEO plan on Serp space different than the local national packages? That is a question you're going to have to contact Serp space support for, Mohammed, because that is not one of our products. That was one of Serp space's products. It wasn't something that Semantic Mastery added to Serp space. You're going to have to contact Serp space support to ask them that question. I can't answer that because honestly I don't know.

Should You Use Follow Or No Follow When Linking Subcategory Page Into Another Same-Level Subcategory Page?

Greg's up. He says, “Hey, guys. That camel face is truly spooky.” Yeah. That's funny. Excuse me. “When wanting to link from a subcategory page in a silo to another same level subcategory page, should we use a do follow or no follow link? This is a complex silo structure with only one top-level page and 10 subcategory pages, each having siloed posts basically wanting direct traffic from subcategory page number five to number six. Thanks.”

That's a tricky question, Greg. Without me knowing exactly what the sub silos were or subcategories, I can't really answer that, because if it's closely related enough. I understand subcategories mean that they're related because it has a parent category that makes all of the subcategories related or else it wouldn't be under the same parent category. It'd be under a different one.

There is a relationship there, but depending on how closely related or non-closely related they are, it would be determined whether I would do a follow or no-follow link because, typically, once you get down to the subcategory level and in the depth to the silo, which is adding additional supporting articles below that, the width or breadth as Jeffrey Smith calls it, but the width of the silo would be each subcategory is an additional unit of width. Does that make sense?

This Stuff Works
Each supporting article within the silo is another unit, an additional unit of depth if that makes sense. Usually, you're going to link from any subcategory that the deeper it goes, you're going to keep adding links to that. In other words, every new supporting article within that vertical silo is going to be linking back up to that subcategory page. The subcategory page links back up to the top-level category page but usually at any point in that silo that you're going to link to one of the other sub silos or subcategories that you would end up, I typically will do a no-follow link because we want to try to keep those subcategory silo themes very, very tight.

If they were related enough to where they could be a do-follow link, which there is occasions that that happens, instances that that happens, but then technically if they were closely related enough couldn't those two subcategories be combined into one, then? Does that make sense?

That's why you got to be really careful about … I've seen silo structures, guys, that are way over-complicated. I talk about this often, but I've seen people build out silo structures with subcategories that are too closely related that should have been combined all into one. Oftentimes, I've seen what could have been a simple silo and all of the air-quote subcategories that they created could have been all combined into one and created just a simple silo instead because, again, you can get too granular in how you try to separate your keyword theme.

I know I didn't give you a solid answer on that because I don't have enough data. This is a vague question. It would depend on how you structured your silos, how you stacked your keyword themes before I could answer that. When in doubt, use a no-follow link. That's the short answer. Does anybody else want to comment on that?

Marco: Just real quick because what I want to point out is these are the problems that you run into when you're dealing with a top-level domain, a TLD whether it's dot com, dot net or … You have hundreds now, but anyway, different rules apply to those. What we've been trying to do is to get away from all that and just make things really simple where it doesn't matter. You can still silo but you can break the silo rules basically. You can interlink between the silo.

Again, in ROS Academy, we loaded we called it the spiderweb silo, where you can push power everywhere and as long as there's relevance and it doesn't have to be as tight as silo structure on a TLD. As you're pushing relevance that then Google is fine because what we do is we play off what Google loves, which is Google.

That's why we've been moving away. I know you talk about it Bradley, that you haven't built a WordPress website in months. Same here. I don't build them. I don't bother with them or someone pays me enough to build one. I'll build them, but I'm not going to mess with them. Once I build it, I make it look real nice. I'm going to do everything off page or off site so that I don't have to bother with all of these things that you have to do when you're working with a top-level domain.

Bradley: There you go. There you go. Guys, like I said, if you really want to know how to structure a WordPress site and silo structure and how to group your keywords and keep your keyword theming really, really tight and all that stuff, again, SEO bootcamp, Jeffrey Smith is hands-down the best on-page SEO course I've ever seen in my entire career. I mean that.

If that's something you want to do, Greg, building WordPress sites and authority sites and such like that is part of your business, then I would absolutely recommend that you get that course and go through it because there's no better training out there.

Marco: Yep and he's charging a thousand dollars for that course, but if they go through …

Bradley: Our link.

Marco: He keeps our link open. You guys get 50% off …

Bradley: That's right.

Marco: … through that link, half-price. It's a no-brainer. If you're dealing with TLDs and the client, just insist that everything get done on the website. Then, this is the way to go.

Bradley: That's it, but as Marco said, he was right. I haven't built a WordPress website in months and I really hope I don't have to ever again. I know it's going to happen. I know there's no way I'm completely out of the woods on that, but I honestly, I'm doing everything in GMD right now. I love it because it's so much easier, guys.

This Stuff Works
Oh! By the way, the GMB websites, they all got updated. They had a facelift, if you guys hadn't noticed. They look so much better now, by the way. They look really, really nice. What's great is they look great on mobile, too. These sites guys, they'll convert. That's what the facelift, the revamp of them was for, was to help them to convert better. Again, I'm doing everything in GMB because it doesn't cost anything other than time, which it's working. We're able to get results without the WordPress site.

How Do Rank A GMB Listing On The Knowledge Panel Of The Search Engine Results Page (SERP)?

Support question from Amer Amin. “When I searched on Google for dental implants Sutton Coldfield, you only see the name of one dental clinic showcased on the right of the Serp.” Yeah. That's called a knowledge panel. “Although there are several other dental offices offering dental implants in Sutton Coldfield. My question, how do I or can I break this impasse and get another clinic's GMB listing to appear on that page?”

Yes, you can. I'm going to tell you the way that I've been able to make that happen because I've done and it's really simple, too, by the way, but I've been able to not only causing a search query that only showed a knowledge panel to start showing a Maps pack show that my maps listing would show, I've also taken Maps pack listings or search queries that showed Maps pack listings and force the Maps pack listing away to where just my knowledge panel shows up on the right side. It essentially pushes the other two maps completely off page one because it's just the knowledge panel for it in one listing.

Now, that's rare that that happens, but I have been able to take, to push the knowledge panel away, or in other words, make the Maps pack appear and the knowledge panel disappear. The way that I've been able to do in either of those cases, guys, is press releases. You guys know I love press releases, Local PR Pro was a complete training course developed around how to use press releases for ranking maps listings.

The very first property that I set that test up on or I don't know if it was the first one. I think it was the third one. Anyways, it was one of the first properties that I'll … Shit! I'll even show that. I don't mind. Let's just jump into that just for a moment because this isn't a client of mine now anyways, but let's see. We did remodeling, King Prairie. Look at all these videos up there, press advantage. Look at that! This was from back in June 5th, 2017, guys. Isn't that crazy? It looks like they actually fell off of the Maps pack. That's probably because I'm not optimizing their stuff anymore.

Anyways, what I was trying to get at was this was one of the first tests that I had set up when I was … There it is. Family Ties Contracting. It looks like it's dropped a little bit. Again, these are not a client of mine. They never paid me. After about two months, I stopped working on this. It was a case study project anyways, but Family Ties Contracting was the name of the business. At the time, when I would do home test search for keywords like home remodeling, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, either no Maps pack would show or one of these other contractors would show up as a knowledge panel.

All I did, guys, was create. I used a ClickFunnels landing page for this website, which you can see is not a website anymore because, again, they didn't pay me. I killed all that stuff, but I used a ClickFunnels landing page and created the maps listing.

Then, all I did was published one press release, one press release. It pushed, it forced the Maps pack instead of the knowledge panel. Family Ties Contracting pushed right up to the top, which was crazy. There was a knowledge panel. You'd think that whoever occupied the knowledge panel would have been listing number one in the Maps pack, if Google decide to show a Maps pack instead of a knowledge panel, but one press release pushed Family Ties Contracting into a Maps pack instead of a knowledge panel and put them as number one position, which was crazy. Again, I think that was around the third property that I was testing press releases on for Maps pack ranking stuff.

That was one of the cases where I got super excited. I was like, “Holy shit! There's a lot of power in these things,” when I saw what it did. Again and you can see that that press event …

By the way, guys, I keep talking about how freaking powerful Press Advantage is. Look at that. That's still ranking number one organic above maps, above video carousel, and all that. It's crazy. Which, by the way … No. I probably shouldn't mention that. It's the Press Advantage offer. Yeah let's move on. Anyways [crosstalk 00:35:16]. Go ahead.

Marco: You can mention that we offer press releases at in MGYB.co.

Bradley: That's right. I didn't know if that was live yet. Is it live, by the way? Marco?

Marco: I thought that Rob posted that they are live.

Bradley: They are? Okay. That's part of the reason why I held back because I wasn't sure that they were live yet, but yeah, guys. You can order Press Advantage press releases from MGYB, if you order and, again, they're super powerful. Super powerful! I freaking love them. It's my favorite. I love it.

Marco: I'm looking at the website right now. They're live.

Bradley: All right. Good. I'm glad. Okay. Cool.

Amer, my answer to you is press releases. Again, I can't give you the exact strategy. It's in Local PR Pro though, but you can go out and test on your own and figure it out, I'm sure, or if you want to learn the exact strategy, just I guess come join the mastermind or pick up Local PR Pro because you'll learn exactly how to do that.

Jim's up. He says, “Congrats on four years. You guys have provided a ridiculous amount of information over the time.” Thank you so much. You're welcome, Jim. We appreciate you, as well.

This Stuff Works
Just to remind everyone, during the 204 Hangout, I call dibs on all the prizes given out today. Sorry, but not everyone could be a winner. That's awesome. Dibs. [crosstalk 00:36:40].

Adam: You know what? Now might be a good time. Let's do a little giveaway, if you don't mind taking a quick break.

Bradley: Sure.

Adam: All right. Let's see. We did the drawing. Let me pull this up so I'm going to imaginary drum roll. Pete Hogg, you were the first winner today so you can get a done-for-you keyword research package, but you need to contact us at support.

Then, the second done for you …

Marco: Adam, hang on a second. [email protected], …

Bradley: There you go.

Marco: … it does not go to Semantic Mastery. Please, guys, try to keep those separate. Don't write multiple emails to the different ones because all you do is slow up the process. MGYB.co. [email protected]

Bradley: I'm sorry. I've got to jump in just for a second because I know some of you guys watching today do this. It drives us crazy, but I got an email from somebody that had replied to the PayPal receipt that was sent to them for something that they bought so they sent a support request to the PayPal email to support in two different support locations. It's the same fucking request. It's like that slows everybody down. It confuses everybody. Guys, just use one support channel, please. Okay. I'm sorry. Go ahead.

Marco: One and make it the appropriate support channel, please.

Bradley: Yeah.

Adam: Like Marco said. Yeah. Choose and if you do mess it up, that's fine. Just stick to one note. Don't try to wolf us and Facebook message, Skype and all that.

All right, Pete, contact us and we'll get you the done-for-you keyword research package. Then, the second winner of that and the last keyword package goes to Aaron [Martarano 00:38:27]. Sorry if I butchered your name, but same thing. If you guys, either if you have anything. I know you're both watching. Just post on the page here and we'll point you in the right direction.

Bradley: Tip. Cool.

Scott, “Congratulations on four years.” Hey, Scott. Thank you so much, man. Scott's been around for several years now with us as well. Glad to have you, Scott. Glad you're still with us. Andrew Samootin says, “That BradCamel at 5:00 a.m. this morning is like wow.” Yeah. I understand that. I thought it was funny myself. Yeah. Thanks man. We appreciate those comments.

Keto diet weight loss. This might be Chris. I don't know Chris, if this is you that I'm talking to. I don't know if it's not. Anybody who is Keto diet weight loss, I've got a keto VIP site that I've neglected for well over a year. I've got a list of about 10,000 subscribers that are into the ketogenic diet and I'm looking to partner or JV with somebody that wants to handle some of the work, that can do email marketing and stuff to that list. I've got the list already, guys. I'm just completely neglecting it. I don't have time to work on any affiliate stuff because I'm doing all the local marketing stuff. I don't have time for it, but like I said I'm looking to JV. I know I've got … It might be Chris. I've been talking to this guy named Chris about it. If it's you, awesome. Reach out to me. We still got to get together. If it's not, whoever that may be, reach out to me. I'm looking to do something with that list.

This Stuff Works
Anyways, Gabriel says, “Congrats, guys. I've learned so much from you all.” Thank you, Gabriel.

Marco: Let me add, Gabriel's in Brazil.

Bradley: Awesome.

Marco: That's pretty cool. He's watching us from Brazil. I love it.

Bradley: Thanks, Gabriel. We appreciate that.

Carolyn says, “OMG! I'm in. By the way, that image of Bradley's face is particularly disturbing.” Yeah, Carolyn. I saw your post in the mastermind.

“Being logged in the G suite catches people all the time. For some reason, they get a 404 error.” I don't understand why G suite does not allow people to connect to the event pages. It doesn't make any sense to me. It's a Google product, but whatever. Yeah. Just any time you're logged in the G suite, guys, if you can't access the Hump Day Hangout event page just access it in a different browser or an incognito window, you'll be fine.

Can You Add Multiple Tiered Rings To A Branded YouTube Channel That Is Connected To A Branded WordPress Site?

Michael! What's up, Michael? He says, “Wow! Four years. Who would have thunk it? Ha! Congrats, guys. One question, if I may. I know you teach one branded ring for WordPress sites. In that branded ring is one YouTube channel. Can I add multiple tiered rings to that YouTube channel that is in the WordPress branded ring or should I use a different YouTube channel to add multiple tiered rings?”

No. That's fine. You can do that. That's absolutely fine because, remember, if you're publishing from WordPress to your syndication network properties, it's not going to publish through YouTube because WordPress isn't publishing videos. Yeah, you can absolutely use stacked tiers on your branded network and your YouTube channel. Remember guys, there are no footprint issues with video syndication from YouTube, that is. Even to this day, there's not been any issues with that. Think about why. There's no footprint issues as long as you stick to the applets the way that we recommend, which is just the video embed code and then maybe a link to the actual video itself like watch video on YouTube here and then the URL to the YouTube video. Then, a link to the channel or to a playlist for example. That's it. Don't put the full video description in because that will cause issues. I know it because I've had sites de-index. I've have web twos terminated, all that stuff because I've syndicated the video description text.

That's why those applets are designed the way they are, but once you use those applets the way that they're designed, which is just basically the video embed code and then a link to the video and a link to the channel. Then, you're just acting as a publisher for Google at that point. Does that make sense? Because you're not pushing an agenda. All you're doing is pushing YouTube and links to YouTube. You're acting as a publisher for Google and Google likes that. That's why I've never had any footprint issues with syndication of YouTube videos. This is a good question, Michael.

Look Within says, “Congrats on four years. You guys always over deliver.” Thank you. Appreciate that.

Awesome, Jay. Good to see you're still around, buddy.

Greg, “Four years.” Again. Thanks Greg.

Ed! I hope you got my email this morning, buddy. I got yours from last night. Ed was at POFU Live. I'm going to Hilton Head next weekend. My sister's getting married again. Anyways, I'm going to go down and meet with Ed. He's down in that area. We're going to have some coffee together or something like that. It's going to be awesome. Ed, awesome. I hope you got my email. I'm looking forward to it.

Jay, that's funny. Stepbrothers, that's a stupid movie. It's so funny, though.

Okay. Do we have any questions? Oh, yeah. By the way. The only reason I posted this is because I wanted you guys to see that's funny. This is a tree service call that came in today. We get these quite often. It's funny, but people call when their cats get stuck in trees. They call tree service companies. I got to tell you my tree service company. They don't go out get cats out of trees. It doesn't pay enough, but I just think that's funny because that's the kind of shit that comes in often.

Adam: Time to call the fire department, I think.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Yeah. Don't [crosstalk 00:43:45] …

Marco: There's a couple more questions just crawled up a little bit.

Bradley: Okay. “Congrats,” Pete Hogg says, “After following you guys and finding your training from the battle plan, Syndication Academy, Local GMB Pro, Local Lease Pro, et cetera, I've just signed my first client for 500,” I think that's pounds per month.

That's awesome, Pete. It's awesome. Good. That means you can join the mastermind now. You should have told us that you have enough money to join the mastermind now because now you're going to get re-targeted like you've never seen.

“I'm super pumped and hungry for more thanks to the knowledge and additional webinars you give up. Keep up the good work.” Thanks, Pete. We appreciate that.

Okay, Tom says, “My favorite thing on Wednesday. So happy for you guys. Haven't missed even a single episode since episode 50.” Wow, Tom. That's awesome. Thank you.

This is Dan. Dan was at POFU Live as well. Dan's an amazing guy. Thanks, Dan.

Thanks, Greg. You guys have been great. Thanks, Walt. Walt's been around for a while, too. John, he's a newer mastermind member and he's super excited. The guy's like a sponge. He reminds me very much of Muhammad because he's always engaging. That's awesome.

“Congrats. Stoked to be part of SM. The mastermind has been great. Did the mini mastermind yesterday with Marco, William and JeMina. Very positive, very powerful, highly recommends Semantic Mastery. Thank you, John very much.

How Do You React To A Client After Questioning Your Work And Integrity?

Sweet! Edward, Ed Gelb began. He says, “How do you tell a client that you have worked so hard for and done so well to fuck go off after they question your work and integrity?”

You know, guys, the position of fuck you, I know how Marco handles stuff, but I handle things with a little bit more tact or a little bit more … I'm a bit more reserved, for the most part, unless somebody completely offends me. Typically, I don't tell a client to go fuck off. I'll be 100% honest. That's my first instinctual reaction. There's been many times where I've started to type that out in a nasty email, but my conscience gets the best of me and I realize that that's very unprofessional.

I usually take a few deep breaths, count to 10 or I'll sleep on it overnight, stuff like that and I'll go back and revisit. A lot of times what I'll do is I'll draft out an email explaining like how they were wrong. Then, I'll leave it in draft mode. I'll come back and I'll revisit it 12 hours later, 24 hours later, whatever. Eventually, over the course of however many times I revisit it, I end up whittling it down to a very diplomatic response to however they treated me. Then, I send that out.

I'm very glad that I've done that. The reason I say that is, because I've had in the past, in my younger years, and my earlier, earlier days of my career where I would respond with emotion and that completely burns that bridge. When I when I started exercising a little bit of tact, I found that even though that particular business relationship may have dissolved at that point, I've actually had referrals come through from that business owner that the relationship dissolved because I handled it in such a diplomatic way. In other words, I was very respectful. Even if they completely offended me, I still have …

Again, we all handle things differently. I know Marco probably has a very different response than I do, but I've actually received business from clients that have, the relationship has ended because I handled it the way that I did. Again, I would encourage you to do what you feel is right, but when it comes to somebody that does question my … I just tell them flat out, like, “It's obvious that we're not a good fit for each other at this point so I would like to part ways and I wish you and your business all the best.” That's usually how I wind it up.

This Stuff Works
Again, it might start out with a four paragraph, two-page letter with me unloading all of my feelings and anger and frustration, blah, blah, blah, but by the time I actually hit send it's usually a sentence or two saying something like that, like, “We just no longer are a good fit for each other. I wish you all the best. Please feel free to reach out to me at a later date if you change your mind,” or blah, blah, blah. Something like that. That's just to leave that bridge, not to burn the bridge, to leave that door open for potential business in the future, if not with them, which I may not want to ever have business with them, but possibly from referrals, too.

Marco, what would you say?

Marco: Dude! Dude!

Bradley: [crosstalk 00:48:21].

Marco: No, no. I'm with you up to the point where they start questioning your work ethic, your integrity, and how you do things because that's a whole lot different. They're not questioning your work. They're actually questioning you.

Bradley: Your character.

Marco: They're questioning your ethics, your character. That's what I'm going to tell that person. “Man, fuck you! Fuck's wrong with you.”

Bradley: I knew that.

Marco: “I'm giving you … I'm making you all this motherfucking money and all you can do is question me? Go look at the motherfucking bottom line. In fact, what I'm going to do is I'm going to walk across the street to the person you hate the most. Yes, that person, that guy who you hate, who is always competing with you and is always beating you for contracts and I'm going to give him all that work for half the price I'm charging you, just because you're questioning the kind of person that I am, the work that I do, and not only that, man, my character and my integrity,” especially when you know you've done everything you can for that person and you have produced results.

Having said that, I'm all for not burning bridges. I'm all for being able to tell the person, “Hey, look. You know, we've come to the end. There's nothing we can do. We obviously don't agree,” as long as they don't cross the line. If they cross the line, then you're within your every right to tell that person exactly how you feel. I'm with you man. In fact, if you need me to ride shotgun, just put me in on the call. I'll handle it.

Bradley: That's funny. Although, I'm going to disclaim one thing, though, as a word of caution. If you are going to unload on somebody because they questioned your character, I would recommend that you do it verbally and not in writing because if you do it in writing, then that could be published on the web and it could really destroy your reputation as a business owner even if you were justified in your response. Does that make sense? Because again, guys, don't put that kind of shit in an email because that could be published, republished. If you're going to do it, do it verbally. The only reason I say that is because you don't want that to come back and bite you in the ass and make you and your business look bad even if it was justified, it's going to shine. It's going to look bad for you. That's all I would say.

Marco: 100% in agreement. You do it person-to-person or in a phone call. Make sure that is not being recorded.

Bradley: That's right. That's right.

Can You Use The Same Post In All GMB Listings Of The Same Company, Products, and Info?

Look Within says, “I have a client where I'm doing GMB listings in all of their major markets. Thanks, MGYB. My question is can I use this same post in all GMB listings being that it's the same company, same product, same info? Thanks.”

That's interesting. I would say, “Yes,” but I'm going to let Marco take that one because I don't really have much experience with that. Marco, what do you think?

This Stuff Works
Marco: I've seen that Google for some reason just likes original content. I've seen that it works better just like they like original images. Original images work much better for what I do than stock images and even images that we manipulate, that we're able to get the way that we teach in Local GMB Pro, the unlimited local image method. I've seen that when you go that extra step and do a little bit more, it just works that much better.

Having said that, set up templates like Bradley teaches. You can teach your VA to add variations to these templates so that going across from one to the other, you don't really have to repeat it. The message is pretty much going to be the same. Call me. I can solve your problem. It's how you say it. You can say in all kinds of different ways.

Bradley: Yeah. If you know the content templates that I use, guys, I just add tokens in and then I just, the VA that does the posting has a keyword spreadsheet for that project. All they do is go in and just select the next keyword in line so the next row, just grab that keyword and then swap that token out. Even if they're using the same content templates over and over and over again, the wording is always going to be slightly different because it's a different set of keywords that they're swapping out. That's why it's just a really, really efficient way to do it.

That's how all of my VAs do stuff now is I produce the content templates, I hand them to them. Then, they just use those templates over and over and over again.

Does Location Matters When It Comes To Finding A Press Release Service For A GMB?

Néstor says, “Guys, awesome! Four years.” Thank you, Néstor. Appreciate that. He says, “I have a question about press releases. If I have a GMB from, I guess, Columbia, should I get a Colombian-based press release company or doesn't it matter?” That's a good question. Hernan and Marco may be able to answer that one better. As far as I know, you should be able to still get results using US press releases, but guys, do you have a better answer for him.

Hernan: It doesn't matter. At that point it doesn't … Marco can chime in as well, but at that point, I don't think it matters necessarily. I've actually ranked websites and stuff on YouTube videos strictly for Latin America and Spanish and whatnot, strictly with English-related websites. It doesn't matter and even further with GMB, like if you're doing things the way these guys are showing it, how to do it. It's like dominating in English. It's not even funny in Spanish.

Bradley: There you go.

Marco: Yeah and the whole point in Latin America is that most countries are unverified meaning that most businesses are unverified. The moment that you verify, you're already ahead of the game. Then, you go and optimize. You're that much further ahead. Then, you go and start posting and do everything else that we teach inside our course. It's like stealing candy from a baby. In Costa Rica, all it takes is a different number and we can verify anything that we want. You can't get away with that in the US. Google is policing it a little bit more, but Néstor, man! You're in the wild, wild west.

Bradley: Yeah.

Adam: Real quick, before we could get going, we have one more prize to give away. We actually have several more, but this one I posted on the page a few minutes ago and said anybody who's interested in a free, verified GMB from MGYB.co to post. I randomly put them into a random chooser and Susan Johnson is the winner. Susan, if you can reach out to us at [email protected], we will get you hooked up with that.

Bradley: There you go.

Marco: Hang on a second. That's what you get when you attend live in one of our special events. We're giving away the farm.

How To Handle Calls From GMB Listings Leads?

Bradley: Dan's up again. He says, “Do you get any flack from people who call your GMB company and a different company answers?”

Yeah. Yes, Dan. Absolutely and that's part of what I was talking about at POFU Live when I mentioned when I build lead gen assets, I use a pseudo name like a generic business name until I get it monetized.

Then, once I've developed a relationship with that service provider, whoever's leasing the site from me or the property, that asset from me or if they're buying leads on a pay per lead basis, whatever the case may be, once I developed a good working relationship with them and they've proven themselves to be able to pay and pay on time and that kind of stuff, which usually for me is just two months. As long as they pay me consistently for two months and I feel like there's good communication with them, then I'm willing to rebrand my GMB assets for them, which is part of the reason why I don't recommend pushing citations or building citations for lead gen assets until you have a service provider in place.

This Stuff Works
If you're in a competitive area, you may need the citations just to get results to begin with so that you can monetize it. If that's the case, then what you can do is instead of rebranding the actual GMB listing, like the name of the GMB profile, you can rebrand by adding graphics and images to the GMB website. The GMB profile header. You can add the company's, the service provider's logo instead of some generic logo so that even though the company name still shows up is whatever your generic name was, all of the branding on the GMB properties, assets are all going to be the branding of the other company.

Then, also if you, for example, like I run all my calls through a call center. Whenever I get a service provider in place, even if I haven't rebranded the GMB yet, I still have my answering service answer with the service provider's company name, so it's not as confusing.

However, there is absolutely especially even in that first two months that I was just mentioning, where I might generate a lead for a tree service for my tree service lead gen asset, and then a different tree service company shows up at the customers location to give the estimate. When that question occurs, which it does and I've had to answer that a lot. In fact, before I came up with a good answer for that, I used to get … The tree service contractors would call me all the time, be like, “What do I say when somebody says like, ‘I didn't call Joe's Tree Service. I called Culpeper Tree Service.' What do I say?”

I didn't really have a good answer for a long time until I realized just be honest. That's what I keep trying to tell you guys. Just be honest because then you don't have to worry about covering up like lie after lie after lie. When I told my tree service contractors like, “Listen, if somebody asks, just tell them, ‘Hey. That's a lead generation website that I didn't own. I'm actually buying the leads or I'm leasing the asset or I'm leasing the property from a marketing company.' That's all they say. Just say, ‘Yeah. I'm the one servicing those leads,' and that's it.” That solved the problem. Again, just be honest.

Then, like I said, if you can't avoid it, avoid citations until you have a service provider in place. Then, if you're comfortable rebranding for that service provider, then you can start building citations. Granted, if the relationship goes south at some point and you end up losing that service provider or they lose you, one or the other, then you will have some citation cleanup work to do because if you've rebranded it now you're going to want to rebrand it back to whatever the original pseudo name was or to the next service provider's name. You will absolutely have to do citation cleanup, but that's why I recommend not rebranding until you've established which you feel to be a good working relationship because, again, I've got tree service contractors that have been renting sites from me for years now, for many years now.

I'm not going to mention it here. My mastermind members would know, but my best tree service contractor I've got well over a dozen sites for him now. I just build them branded for him now. They're my assets, but I build them right out of the gate branded for him, which, by the way, that's one of the best things about this model, guys, is once you find a service provider that will lease your assets or will buy your leads, then typically they're not like … If you say, “Hey I want to build another 10 locations for you. Are you interested?” They're usually not going to say, “No, I don't want them,” like, “I don't want to I don't want any more leads coming in my business so no, thank you.” It's very rare that you're going to hear that.

Once you have a service provider in place, always do what I call shake the bushes. Shake the bushes mean you contact your existing customer base or client base or service provider base and pitch them on expanding. Say, “Look. I'm going to go out and build five more assets for you. Would you be interested?” They say, “Yeah.” Don't even pitch them on … It depends on how your relationship is. If it's a client relationship, you're going to charge them for the build, but if it's a lead gen relationship, then you're going to go out at your expense and build all the assets. Then, you just sell them the leads or lease them the properties once those assets are built. Again, since they're not putting upfront money, they're not doing an investment. They don't have to wait for the properties to start producing any of that. They only start paying for them when they're already producing.

One of your best ways to scale your business, guys, is to start asking your existing clients and/or service provider even if you're doing client work instead of just generating leads for a company. If you have clients, guys, pitch them on this service. Go to your clients and say, “Look, right now there's great opportunity for me to expand your footprint with Google Maps listings. Would you be interested if I built these out?”

For example, I'm going to say I've got an outdoor pest control company, does mosquito and tick control services in the Northern Virginia area. I've pitched them for years on … I'm not kidding. They've been a client of mine for going on five years now. I've pitched them every year on expanding their footprint with additional maps listings, but I've always pitched them as, “I'm going to charge you $500 for optimization of each listing and $350 per month per additional location.” They've always turned me down. Every single year they've turned me down when I pitched them on that.

This year I pitched them on, “Hey. Listen, guys. Since you've never taken me up on this …” I just sent them this email a couple days ago. I'm not kidding. I'm still waiting on a reply, but I sent him an email, said, “Look. Since you guys have turned me down on this offer to expand your footprint and right now I'm telling you there's more opportunity in Maps marketing than I've ever seen in my entire career, I'm willing to go out and build the assets for you and once they're producing leads I'll give you the option to rent them from me, to lease the assets from me. If you're not interested, that's fine. I'll monetize them another way.”

What kind of a business owner's going to say, “No,” when you're telling them that you're going to go into their service area and you're going to build a bunch of competing assets that you're going to give them the option to rent or lease from you and if they chose not to, then you're going to monetize them another way, which means what? You're going to find a competitor to lease them to or you're going to find a pay per call exchange network or something to direct the leads to.

Again, now you're creating that issue with that client in that client's mind of, “Oh! Now, wait a minute. I've turned him with my pest control company …” They've turned me down for four years on expanding their Maps presence. Now, I'm saying, “Okay. You know what? I'm just going to go into your service area and expand Maps presences for outdoor pest control, mosquito and tick control services. And then I'm going to give you the option to rent them from me and secure those leads if you want and if you don't. That's fine. I'll monetize them another way,” which means I'll find another damn company that is interested in them or I'll monetize them through a pay per call exchange network, either way.

This Stuff Works
That's a great question, but like I said those are the things that you'll find in the lead gen business, but right now is a great opportunity to do that.

This is a great question from Frankie. We are going to go a little bit over and I'm okay to stay a little bit, guys. I don't know if I can get through all of these, but anyways, I can stay about another 15 minutes. You guys good to stay for a little bit?

Marco: Yeah.

Hernan: I'm good. Sure.

Bradley: All right. Where did I-

Adam: Hernan, Don't sound so excited, man.

Hernan: Sure, man. You don't drive four years. Oh, no. I'm the Hangout. Hey, man.

Adam: [inaudible 01:03:36].

Hernan: Aro!

Bradley: Too bad I stopped drinking during the week or I'd be drinking beer right now. After the week at POFU Live, I drank way too much so I'm taking two weeks without drinking.

How Do You Achieve Work-Life Balance As An SEO Entrepreneur?

Frankie's up. He says, “This may not be a typical Hump Day Hangout question, but I would like to ask how do you guys balance having a relationship wife with significant other and still be able to crank out 12- to 16-hour days without your significant other being upset and that you don't spend enough time with them?”

Frankie, that's not a question I can answer because that is precisely why my wife left me was because work was always more important to me than she was. She didn't like that too much. Honestly and I say that tongue-in-cheek. There was some other reasons, too, but that was one of the big ones.

At the time, I was running a real estate business and I worked 16 hours a day. It was because I was trying to build something for us but she didn't see it the same way. Let's put it that way.

I'm going to direct this question more to you, Marco, and to Adam and even Hernan, because Hernan's got [Yumilla 01:04:38] is his significant other. What do you guys do? You just don't work 16 hours a day, right?

Hernan: Yeah. We should. I just work four hours a day and then spend all the rest of the day with my … No. I'm just kidding, but that's actually a great question, an amazing question because this will come up. I think that is some sort of agreement. It comes both ways.

The reality is that you're able to work 12, 14, 16 hours a day is because you're building a business, it's because you love what you do. Sometimes the other person is not as fortunate. I do understand where's that coming from, but I think that both of you guys need to be on the same page. This goes in terms of a lot of communication and a lot of talking and going through this. You need to be on the same page as to why you're doing what you're doing.

I'm a big believer that you can make a living out of doing what you love. That's why I'm actually trying to coach my significant other on doing that and stop doing whatever she doesn't like doing, so that she would understand it in terms of working 12, 14, 16 hours a day but I think it comes down to the agreement that you guys need to be on the same page as to … Listen. When it's game time, it's game time.

Frank Sinatra didn't get a call in the middle of the stage because his wife wanted to spend time with him. You know what I'm saying? When it's game time, it's 100% game time.

That said, there's also a need for you to unplug and spend some quality time so that needs to be on your plate. That's on your plate, not on the other person's. That's my own take on it.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Who's next?

Marco: I'll go. Yeah. I think it's interesting. Part of the reason I do what I do now is because I wanted to be able to have more time. I don't work 12- or 16-hour days. I don't like doing it. I've worked as an engineer my previous life. It's interesting to me. I think I can just say that what Hernan said is right. I think what he said when it's game time that your other half or whatever it is needs to recognize that that's it, but you also, it's on your plate as well to communicate that and to communicate it well. If you need that time or whatever it is you need, then it's on you to make that known. That doesn't mean just saying, “Here's how it is.” I think most people agree that's not how a relationship works, but you've got to work that out ahead of time. You can't just expect it to happen and people to read your mind.

This isn't something I have figured out. Me and my wife worked through it. There's times when we've got to work together. We've got to do things. She's a frigging scientist. She has experiments she's got to run. She gets called up. She's gone and I'm the one who has to adapt. It goes both ways.

I think whatever works for you, Frankie, you've got to spend some time and you have to figure out what works for you. Is it investing your time now 12 to 16 hours a day and potentially losing out on some other areas, because it's a trade-off. If that's okay with you and the end result gets you what you want and your significant other's okay with it, then that's great, but I think you need to figure out for yourself what that means.

Bradley: Anybody else?

Marco: Yeah. [crosstalk 01:07:56]. Go ahead. Go ahead.

Chris: [inaudible 01:07:57] first.

Marco: Go ahead, Chris.

Chris: In my opinion, you are not productive if you working 10 to 12 hours a day, anyway. What I recommend to schedule in at least twice a week family time or wife time or sexual time or whatever you want to call it and grow it that way, because that's what I'm doing as well here like when I'm traveling.

Marco: I'm going to agree with all three of you. I'm married. We've managed to make it work for over 11 years now, three kids. We have a brand new baby. I'm not working 16 hours anymore, but it would kill me if I were to do that right now, although if I do go in the lab and have to work that, I first go and I talk to my wife and I tell her exactly what it is that I'm going to do and approximately how long it's going to take. For that amount of time, she understands that. She knows exactly what I do. She understands it.

Again, Hernan said and Adam said, you communicate it. They have to understand that this isn't something that you can just in a couple hours twice a week that you can knock out. You can go and walk a couple hours a day and lose a ton of weight. You can't do that on the web. 12 to 16 hours, talk to her.

Then, what you're going to have to do. If you're going to work that much as when the weekend comes, the weekend is her's man. It can't be you and your buddies and her. It can't be you doing the stuff that you do and, at some point, her. The weekends, when you're off, it has to be all about her.

You guys know. You hardly ever see me on weekends. I sometimes come in and I comment, but that's because maybe nobody's around. I'm doing something else, but I'm dedicated to my wife and kids when I'm off. I think that if you do that and if she sees that interest and that kind of commitment to both your job, because this is how it's going to work. She's going to see you totally committed to your work and wonder if you're not totally committed to her. Why? But if you can show total commitment to both and like when you're at work, it's total commitment. When you're with her, it's total commitment. I guarantee you that it'll work.

If it isn't working, then maybe you're with the wrong person, dude. You need to find someone that understands how this works. Both of you can then work towards growing that business, because at the end, when I go in the lab and I work Saturdays and I work those 12, 14, 16 hour days, at the end of all that, then we go away four or five days. It's a nice resort. We spend just all of that time together, family, and we have fun and we do things together. The payoff is that when that time comes for me not to work that much, it's them. It's not going to be about me. It's not going to be about work. It's not going to be about my friends or anything else except family and the relationship and working to build the relationship even stronger.

I love this question, Frankie. I think this is a fabulous question.

Bradley: Let's give Frankie a prize on that one, seriously, guys because that is a great question. I can't actually comment on that. I think Marco's answer was fabulous, by the way because … Guys, that's why I posted this link here just a moment ago for the power of full engagement. Pick this up. Pick it up on audio book, on Audible or get the Kindle, guys. I'm telling you, read this. This is a great, great book. I listen to it on audio because I usually don't have a lot of time to read, but this really changed my mind about how to divide your time up.

I used to work 16 and I'm not kidding. That's part of the reason why my marriage fell apart was because I worked so much. I didn't make time and fully commit time to my wife when my … Fortunately, my daughter, I have a daughter. I get her every other weekend and on the weekends that I get my daughter, I made a commitment years ago when she was very little that I would completely unplug from work when I had her. I would do exactly what Marco said. I would fully commit my attention to her when I had her. That's only because I only had her every other weekend. Then, I get her on Wednesday evenings. Tonight's Wednesday, by the way. The only reason I'm not getting is she's going out trick-or-treating, but I go. I take her to dinner on Wednesday nights.

Those times that I'm with her, I would completely commit to her because I didn't see her every night. In fact, I've always said I'm probably a better parent, a better father because I don't have her, she doesn't live with me because I do fully commit to her when I have her.

This Stuff Works
But besides her, I would always work for 14, 16 hours a day, seven days a week. No kidding. I very rarely ever took time off for years, guys. In every business that I've been in, I've been like that. I'm a workaholic. I'm obsessive-compulsive and I know most entrepreneurs are. It's not unique to me, but what I found, especially within like the last six months, is I'm doing exactly what Marco said.

This book right here, The Power of Full Engagement, is really the one that turned me on to this idea and that's to unplug from your work sometimes, because when you do come back to your work, you'll be so much more productive if you give yourself some time and The Power of Full Engagement is all about if you can give yourself some R&R, some rest and relaxation time and then unplug really from whatever your main pursuit is in life whether it's business or whatever it may be, if you can unplug from that and separate yourself from that, it will give you a renewed sense of energy for when you go back to it.

Here's the thing. When you unplug, unplug. Don't worry and stress about the stuff that needs to be done that you're going to have to handle in a couple of days when you go back to work or whatever. Fully commit to being unplugged. Live in here and now. That's a meditation thing, but live in the present moment and just enjoy that time and don't allow the work that's coming in a couple days to stress you out. I know that's difficult, guys, but that's why I think this book was really good because it helped me to start compartmentalizing my time in a better way.

Again, probably six or eight months ago now, I started riding ATVs on weekends. I go camping. On the weekends, I don't have my daughter, I'm usually out camping on an ATV trip. I completely unplug. I literally turn my phone off or leave it in the truck for the entire weekend because I don't … Again, Power of Full Engagement. I want to fully engage and enjoy my time riding ATVs and camping and hanging out with buddies drinking beer around a campfire. That kind of stuff. I'd rather fully engage in that. Then, and we talked about this at POFU Live, but when I come back to work on Monday, I grind my ass off from Monday through Thursday. I work super hard Monday through Thursday fully focused. Then, Fridays are usually lax days. I do some work and that kind of stuff, but then Saturdays and Sundays, I'm completely unplugged. What happens is, I'm getting more done in four days because I'm fully engaged in Monday through Thursday, I'm getting more done in those four days than I would in seven days months ago because I was burned out. That makes sense?

Again, I think Marco's answer was brilliant. All of you guys had good answers, but I think Marco's was brilliant because that's very much The Power of Full Engagement, fully engaged in whatever you're doing when you're doing it. Great answer. He should win something.

Adam: Yeah. Let's get back to the important part that Frankie's going to win something. Frankie, hit us up at support. We want to hook you up with a t-shirt. I think we all agreed. I had multiple of you guys messaging me. We're also going to put syndication network in there. We're going to hook you up with a couple things there. That's a great question.

Bradley: Awesome. Well done, Frankie.

Adam: Real quick. The last thing we didn't touch on with him is to consider, start … Frankie, if you don't have a team, start investigating that. I'm not saying you need it or you have to reduce the time you're working, but if you're not building a team that can offload some of this stuff at some point, you need to really start doing that.

Bradley: Yeah, because you'll be the bottleneck. You're going to reach a point, Frankie, where you cannot grow your business anymore if you're the only one doing it. Trust me. I've been there.

Okay. I can stick around for another five minutes, guys. I'm sorry. We can't get to all of them. You guys can certainly stay, but I'm going to have to head out.

Is There A Way To Get The Call Now Button To Show Up With The Local GMB Search Listings?

Aaron's up. He says, “Is there a way to get the call now button to show up with the Google Local GMB search listings?” That's why I pulled this up in the background. This is one of the ones that I've been working on. I've got a VA working on all this right now, but for me it just shows up. If I go into the edit, then it's right here, the button. I can select call now or contact us, get quote, make appointment, message us, or whatever. You see that? It's in the GMB dashboard when you go to edit the website, if that's what you're talking about, you can just select which type of button a call to action you want on the button. Does that make sense? If you're doing actual GMB posts, it's the same thing. You get to select which type of button it is that you use, the call to action button.

I'm not sure if that was your question, Aaron, if that if that's what you were talking about when you said the GMB search listings, but if that's what you were asking about, it should just be a selection that you make although remember certain industries don't have different … For example, some of my lead gen assets don't have the appointment URL section. Most of them do, but some of them don't. I guess it's varies based upon industry right now.

Pete says, “When I get back one of your RYS drive stacks, do I build out silos folders and interlink these folders and then build links directly to the folders?”

I'm not sure what you're asking about Pete, because when you get back the drive stack from us, everything's already interlinked. Marco, do you know what he's asking?

Marco: I am not sure what he's asking.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Okay. Then, if you're in RYS Academy, post a question in that Facebook group. If not, maybe submit a ticket to support perhaps. I'm not sure what to tell you on that because I'm not sure what you're asking about.

Marco: Unless he's talking about extra folders. That's all in the training. That's all in RYS Academy Reloaded.

Bradley: Okay. Sorry, guys. I just got a call from one of my tree contractors. I'm trying to reply to him. Excuse me.

All right. Anyways, I'll handle that in a minute. Let's see. “Congrats on four years.” Thanks, Earl. Thanks, Walt. “No fall.” Okay, Greg. Good. “Did I miss the part about adding HTTPS to Amazon S3 page?”

Carolyn, that's mastermind webinar, not Hump Day. Sorry, that's tomorrow. That's mastermind webinar. We don't get into step-by-step stuff in Hump Day Hangouts, this isn't the platform for that. Yeah, Carolyn just be on the webinar tomorrow, the mastermind webinar Thursdays at … What is it? 3:00 p.m. or 3:30 p.m.? I can't remember now.

What Are Thoughts On SEO Autopilot?

Anyways. Let's see. Dustin says, “What are your thoughts on SEO Auto Pilot? Is that legit or another spam thing?” I think that's like a link building tool and stuff. Is that correct?

Adam: Don't know.

Bradley: I think it's like a link building tool. I don't use them. We have Adedia. We have a link building manager. It does all the link building stuff that we need, like uses spam tools and stuff. I think that's what SEO Auto Pilot is, guys. I don't use any tools like that so I can't really comment on it, Dustin. I'm sorry.

Walt says, “Folks, invest in yourself. Buy Jeffrey Smith's SEO Bootcamp. You won't need any more on information about on page. Toss out the rest of the on-page stuff in your recycle bin.” No kidding. I completely agree with Walt.

All right. Micah says, “Congrats SM. Two simple questions. Who does your graphics, YouTube site, et cetera?” A VA that we hired. He's on salary. He's a part-time VA. Then, we send him additional one-off work all the time, but we hired Dre, shit, two or three years ago now?

Adam: Yeah.

Bradley: Yeah so [crosstalk 01:20:05] …

Adam: Just to say, Micah, if you want to reach out to him, just contact us, Support at Semantic Mastery and I'll put you guys in touch.

Bradley: Yeah. No problem. I'm sure Dre would appreciate some additional work, but don't everybody flood us at one time. You can't do that either.

Adam: Yeah. We're not losing our [inaudible 01:20:18].

Bradley: Yeah. That's right.

What Are Your Thoughts On Black Hat GMB Verification?

Steven says, “I have a question. Love your local lease course and I'm a happy new member of Semantic Mastery.” Awesome, Steven. Welcome. “Thank you for all your efforts in being generous with your information. Just curious. What do you think about blackhat GMB verification? There are a few courses floating around there. Maybe you know about or not. I didn't want to post anything here about it out of respect.” Thank you, Steven. Appreciate that. “Have you checked these methods out? What are your thoughts?”

Yeah. Look. If you want to get into the going out and verifying your own, yeah. Guys. If you're spoofing an address for GMB listing, then it's a black hat listing regardless. Let's just be honest here. You can try to justify it or sugarcoat it any way you want, but if you're creating a GMB Maps listing for a lead gen property or anything that an actual physical business isn't located there, it's a black hat listing, period. It's okay. Just accept it and move on.

Yes, Steven, if you want to do that on your own. I know there are courses out there that teach that. The one that I know, I've seen black hat courses about creating maps listings for years. Chad Kimball was one of the pioneers of that. That's the Easy Local Cash software. That's his software. I know there's some other courses that have come out recently. I can't speak to any of them because I haven't been through them. Honestly, I just use our service because I don't want to go out and do all this work myself, but if it's something that you want to do, Steven, or it's going to reduce your cost to build your business, then by all means do it.

The only thing I would recommend, though, is, like I said, guys, you be really thinking about how to grow your business instead of doing a lot of the work. I would recommend, if you're going to go that route, Steven, that you learn it and then teach a VA to do that so that you don't have to do it. You can focus on growing your business. Right.

Aaron's the keto guy. Okay, Aaron. Yeah. I did. We should probably chat. I've got somebody else I want to be talking with about that keto list, but we should probably talk if you're serious about keto/keto stuff because I've got that list that is just not being used.

Craig says, “I'm your guy. Hit me up.” Craig's in the mastermind, too. At least he was. I know he's in Local GMB Pro. Yeah, Craig that's … Hit me up, man. We'll talk.

Okay, is the rest just comments? Let's see.

Adam: We got one. I think if you scroll up, Jordan had one, which I think I know what the answer is, but I'll let you input on that.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: “We've got a massive travel website. Can't put the name in here. I will be having some serious on-page questions as it has some issues. How much is that type of stuff covered in the mastermind?”

Gordon, as a mastermind member, if you wanted to come in, we could like literally hot seat or analyze, do an audit of your site on one of our mastermind webinars. We've been known to do that, where we go through and analyze it live for you and for the other members of the mastermind, if you're comfortable doing that.

If you're not, then you could ask generic questions. In other words, don't reveal your property. We're happy to answer them in as much depth as we possibly can without actually looking at the site. Does that make sense? Yeah. Guys, that's the thing about the mastermind. We don't hold anything back in the mastermind, especially our webinars. In the mastermind webinars, pretty much anything you guys have questions about, we'll go into just as much detail as you're willing to go.

Adam: Yeah. To Jordan, also, since he's in Syndication Academy. You know how you're always asking questions or people are asking questions in Syndication Academy. It's the same way in the mastermind, except we go more in depth. Then, you have the benefit of having the webinar. Bradley and I have gone two and a half hours on mastermind webinars.

Bradley: Oh, we've gone three.

Adam: Yeah. We've gone actually three, just to make sure that you guys have all of the information that you need. You have a way to ask questions. You can post questions live and we'll answer them live. We'll answer in the Facebook. We have direct access to us in the mastermind Facebook groups, something that you don't have in any other group. Those are all benefits and you can definitely benefit from having all these on-page questions.

We have a direct pipeline to Jeffrey Smith. Any question that we can't answer, we can always hit up the man, ask the question, and see what the expert has to say on that, if we can't provide the answer.

It goes a whole lot more in-depth than what we do anywhere else.

Bradley: Yeah. That was really the whole point of it. Unfortunately, I'm not real active in most of the other groups, guys, because I'm not a Facebook user. I hate Facebook. I really truly do, but I'm in the mastermind Facebook group because that's where my heart is.

Do You Prefer PBNs From Plain HTML Or CMS Like WordPress Or Joomla?

Néstor says, “Guys, what do you prefer PBN's from plain HTML or any CMS like WordPress or Joomla with good trust list, CT, I guess site citation, that was citation flow, anyways, and other metrics. Néstor, I'm just not a PBN fan. I haven't been for several years now. I used to be. I had a really large network of my own, but after they became less and less effective and de-indexing and it gets harder and harder to hide footprints. We've developed methods that just don't need PBNs anymore. We use Google assets as our PBNs really.

I can't really give you a recommendation on that. I know if you're going to be building them, I think a mix of different types of CMS's as well as HTML is the way to go, but it's so hard to hide a footprint now. It really is. It's truly difficult to hide a footprint because the algorithms have gotten so much better at being able to detect that stuff, like in an instant. That's why I just don't even bother with it anymore. I can't really answer that except for I would recommend using a diversity of platforms.

Anybody want to answer that?

Adam: Drive stacks and G sites.

Hernan: Yeah. G sites, RYS, and if you still have to do a PBN, just build them out as [loreen 01:26:29] sites like monetize them, get traffic to them, form legit …

Bradley: Ken says, “You got to make time for bow-chicka-bow-wow for the old lady to keep her happy.” That's funny, Ken. Winner! He should win something, too, because that's funny.

Adam: Speaking of let's get into this. We have some really cool … Oh, crap! I didn't put them out in front of me, but the … Oh, here we go. POFU stickers. Let's see.

Bradley: I don't think anybody saw that, Adam. Hold on. [crosstalk 01:27:00]. Just keep going to your … There you go.

This Stuff Works
Adam: There we go. All right. We got some stickers. You know what? I'll go down to the post office for three of you here. Let me see who were the winners. That's going to be Michael Wheaton, Greg Pippen, and Henrik Hanson. If you guys want to, this is going to go to [email protected] Just let me know and I'll send you a sticker.

Then, for the grand prizes, so we were giving away some pretty cool stuff, you guys, through the sign up that we had. The grand prize is going to be … Where was that? An RYS drive stack plus the G site with a Twitter syndication network. The RYS black book, a syndication network, a Semantic Mastery t-shirt. Over $500 right there.

That one is going to go to Joe Robertson. Joe, I've got your email. For these, I will be contacting you since it would be easy, obviously, for people that send us a bunch of emails and tell us they're Joe Robertson.

Then, the second one, the runner-up prize is pretty awesome, a done-for-you keyword research package and the syndication network, so some really good stuff. That'd be a good start to getting your next project kick-started. That is going to go to, I believe your name is Rebecca Richards. If either of you are watching live, feel free to shout out on the page there, but otherwise we will be reaching out to you guys and really do appreciate everyone who entered that little contest we had going over the past week.

Bradley: Can you add Ken [Mandich 01:28:22] to the sticker list?

Adam: I can do that. Ken, if you send me something at support at Semantic Mastery, I'll hook you up, buddy.

Bradley: Yeah. There you go, Ken because that was funny. That was a funny comment. It deserves a sticker. Awesome. Paul says, “Way to go. Joe.”

All right, guys. I'm going to wrap it up. I'm actually 15 minutes beyond what I said I would do, but that's because, as Hernan said, episode 208 only comes around one time. Thanks everybody for being here. We certainly appreciate it. Here's to another four years. We'll see you at 416 episode, right?

Adam: Yeah.

Bradley: Eight years.

Hernan: That's good.

Bradley: All right, guys. Everybody good?

Adam: Yeah.

Hernan: Bye, everyone.

Chris: One last thing. If you didn't win anything today, hint. Everybody in our mastermind is a winner.

Bradley: “Everybody in the mastermind is a winner,” is what Chris said.

Adam: I'm not sure why I'm doing the eye thing. It's not a [inaudible 01:29:14]. And on mastermind.

Bradley: I thought Adam was a pirate until right before. Then, I realized he was Napoleon because I told him, “You need an eye patch.” You didn't correct me.

Adam: [crosstalk 01:29:23] the baguette. Then, I was like, “Yeah. This is going overboard.”

Hernan: All right, guys.

Bradley: See you all mastermind webinar tomorrow. Otherwise, we'll see everybody else next week. Thanks, guys.

Marco: Bye, everybody.

Chris: Goodbye, everyone. [inaudible 01:29:33].

This Stuff Works

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