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By April

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Bradley: Okay, we're live everybody this is Bradley better with semantic mastery and this is Hump Day hangouts Episode 229 and let's see Adams not here today he usually drives this train wreck so so I'm going to try to announce everybody as well as he does. We've got everyone here except for Adam. So I'm going to go on down the line as we see it Chris, how you doing?

Chris: Doing good. Super excited that I got my report out the PDF. I hope everybody liked it. And yeah, if you haven't checked it out yet how the recommended it's in our free group. I think it's called Facebook.com/groups/ luscious you tutorials. And yeah, let me know.

Bradley: Why don't you post it on this page to Chris? Yeah, give me a second.

Chris: By the way, how are you doing today?

Bradley: Me I'm well, I'm happy to be here. I got a lot of cool stuff to talk about today, guys. Before we get into questions because we got several new services available on MTV. I'll get to that in a minute. Let's get through the introductions first. So, Hernan, you're up next. What's up, buddy?

Hernan Hey, what's up everybody? I'm super excited. And yeah, Adam just confirmed that we were right. He wanted us talking about MTV and the benefits that they will bring to our beloved audience. So we're good. I'm good, man. I'm good. I'm excited to be here. That's good. I'm good stuff happening. And this is this type of shit that I had to deal with when talking to Adam, you know what I'm saying? So anyways,

Bradley: that's awesome. And then last but not least Marco. How are you? Hey, what's up, man? I wanted to do this live. Chris. a PDF was awesome, man. And let me tell you why. Because that's just a small sample. And as soon as I saw it, I said, holy crap. What have you just take this and like 10 exit. I know that I know that you're doing it just. It was like a plaything for you. Right? Yes, four hours. This is what I made. So you're right around 125 bucks an hour. So imagine if you actually spent eight hours or we spend a week on that you spent four hours but what if you spend a week on it. Four hours each day, which is only 20 hours, it only has your work will have most people's work week is always about a quarter of mine. But imagine how much you could get done. And if you do four times what you did well, now you're over $1,000 a month recurring, which you can then just leave alone, basically. So I just wanted to tell you, man, that friggin PDF rocks. People don't realize the value in that then it's their loss and their problem. They have a hood pole over their eyes color because they've been taught by the SEO experts and gurus and ninjas and fuck tarts that it's difficult to do this thing. It's very difficult and it takes science and it takes correlations and it takes all of the sufferings and you have to buy all of these shiny objects in order to be able to make it work and you did it, Wham Wham, four hours. Thank you. Give me my money so man big ups on what you did and people follow it you want to make money just follow a Chris Laydown and of course, I got to pat myself on the back because he did us Drive Stacks.

Chris: of course like it's I'm using our methods here like thanks for the heads up. It's what do we do here.

Bradley: Yeah, well that's why okay so hold on. Yeah her non pasted the link guys to the group. So yeah, if you want to join if you want to see the PDF that Marco was talking about and Chris created which is amazing. Go just go join the free Facebook group. You'll see it in there and you can download it or check it out there but you what's great about it is one of our members. I can't remember who it was mentioned it, but was talking about how he posted this real long test testimonial about how he read through it and how it really was, you know, very enlightening, and it's a great reply or review of the PDF because, guys, there are too many people in this industry that overcomplicate stuff I'm we have students are members that come into our groups that, you know,

they spend hours developing a silo architecture drawing for some website that they want to build that like, you know, I mean, like hours and hours of research and developing all these like, you know, crazy methods and then they say, Hey, what do you think about this, and it's like, you just spent a ton of time that you could have been actually building an asset that would be start producing for you. So I mean, again, I'm not picking on anybody here. But I think what he had, what he had said and what Marco was just saying, and with Chris's PDF guide shows is that we don't need to overcomplicate stuff all the time. Sometimes we're going to have projects that are very complex, but for the most part, we overcomplicate stuff and we don't need to, we learn to simplify, just take action, taking action on the simple stuff that is foundational might not be as sexy might not be as you know, as sophisticated, but it's the stuff that

This Stuff Works
It works. And that's really why we try you know, we try to provide you guys with training like that as much as often as possible. Excuse me. So, do we are a couple other like housekeeping things real quick, guys, before we get into the questions and the announcements that we have, and all that is, if you're here for the first time, please subscribe to our YouTube channel, because we've got a ton of videos. You know, we do these Hump Day hangouts every single week. This is Episode 229. And we actually chop those questions and answers up from the video and upload them as separate individual videos. So if you ever have questions, you can go to our YouTube channel and use the search channel function and just type your question in And oftentimes, you'll be able to find an answer there. So please subscribe to our YouTube channel if you haven't already. Also, we have a support desk knowledge base area, which is at support at semanticmastery.com which there's frequently asked questions there as well. I still think the YouTube channels your best bet, but you can always go to our support.semanticmastery.com site to check out questions specific to some of our products there and what else does Adam usually say? Somebody wants oh nice

Hernan Yeah, yeah if you're new to Semantic Mastery yeah subscribe to the YouTube channel come to the Hump Day Hangouts. If you want a step by step blueprint after you've read Chris PDF, get the battle plan, battle plan that semantic mastery com and if you're ready to join this awesome community of people that we have been helping and they have been helping us for the past four or five years go to mastermind that semantic mastery com we have a couple of new people jumping in over the past couple days. So you guys are awesome. Thank you for that. And I think that's all pretty much all he mentions. Right? Yeah,

Bradley: you got it. All right. And so now I'm going to get into a couple of announcements. So MGYB which is our store it for done for you services guys. It's M G Y B which stands for making Google your bitch dot CEO that's the website. That's our store now or a marketplace wherever you want to call it. We just launched several new products in the last week and just this week, I should say, we've got our link building manager who's been working with me. He originally started working for me, but now he's got his own company, his own business. So he's a contractor for us. But he is just an absolute ninja. He's been building links for me for six years now. Five or six years, I think six years.

And he's just absolutely amazing. There's no better link builder in the business when it comes to using spam links, you know, spam tools and that kind of stuff, which I don't think that's a bad thing, guys. There are very strategic ways to use that if you know how to do it. And this guy knows what he's doing. Well, we've got the link building service available now and MGYB store we've also got the link indexing service, we get a lot of questions all the time about how to get links index. Well, our service is got one of the highest success rates available, because it's handled by our link building manager who does a ton of you know, spam type links or so that they need to be indexed in order to get the most use out of them. So he's really, really good at that.

And we also have the embeds available. Which is, you know, embedding is the new way to get do follow link juice out of know, even nofollow type sites. So the embed service you can embed GMB maps, you can embed MyMaps, you can embed videos, YouTube videos, obviously, you can embed pretty much anything that can be an iframe. And that's really where there's a ton of power right now one of the most, and Marco could talk about this briefly, but one of the most powerful things that you can do is do an embed blast, and then link building to the embeds. It's very, very powerful marketing. Want to chat about that for a minute.

This Stuff Works
Marco: Yeah, without giving away too much like the foundation of RYS Academy Reloaded. Now, people think it's other things. And so since Google closes some things off, they call it it's dead. It's not working well, good. You know, if you think it's not working, that that's, then the people who are in RYS Academy Reloaded are really happy, because it's one less person in there that could possibly compete in their niche, right. So it leaves the niche all to them so they can just take over. And I've talked about this before. Yeah, we got people taking over mortgage loan, mortgage lenders we gotta be. It's not easy keywords and I talked about it before plumber plus city try ranking for that how difficult is that and we've managed it on on a test. On just a test with spam links. I've talked about this before. So now we have it and how we're going to make it available is which is incredible Dadiya can embed just about anything that doesn't have an exframe. And for those of you who don't know who I revenue to this thing, an X-ray will not allow a website to be embedded to start something like the New York Times Google search, and other websites have instituted that so so because they kind of know or they don't want their website embedded on something else. Because you know, it's their reputations, their website, that's their content. So you can understand that, at any rate. There are plenty other websites that can be embedded and it just works like crazy and yes. And embed run, link building to the embed run tiered link building. And the final step, which Bradley Bradley has the course right? YouTube pay Google to send you traffic and validate your entire entity and the entire all of the links streams coming into your entity can be validated by using Google, you pay Google a little bit to get a whole lot. That's the idea. Always use Google to your benefit. Don't let Google use you.

Bradley: There you go. So I'm trying to post a photo on this screenshot, guys on this new Facebook comments thing. We were having issues with the discuss app for the last few webinars that we've done since we had to change format since Google event page has got terminated. And unfortunately, we were using the Disqus app that it wasn't and it wasn't working really well. Some people aren't able to post or whatever scenario. And now we're trying Facebook comments and I'm not much of a Facebook fan. So I've got to get used to this. But unfortunately, it looks like we can't post images. Which sucks because we used to get a lot of really funny means from our members or audience. I don't know how to post it, guys, if you guys know how to post an image, let me know because I'm not sure.

Hernan: I'm not sure either.

Bradley: It doesn't look like you can post photos. So anyway, I just posted on the page, there's a screenshot that says it's posting a Semantic Mastery link building results to an iframe loop. In fact, let me go ahead and just grab the screen and we'll get into some of this stuff anyways. You guys okay with that?

Marco: Yeah, but not too much. I thought.

Bradley: Yeah, no, I just want to share some results here. Alright, so this right here is a screenshot, I'll zoom in on it a little bit, of a project of mine, it's a GMB asset, that the only thing that I did was I set up the local iframe loop which is part of our training that we've covered it in Syndication Academy. It's also covered in Local Lease Pro, and it's also part of Local GMB Pro in RYS Academy and the mastermind, so pretty much anyone of our paid training, it's part of okay. And so it's setting up what we call an ad ID iframe loop. It's using the power of embeds embedded properties, and all I did was set this up for GMB asset. And I used the same link building service that we have available in July in the store. It's the same guy that builds has been building links for me for about six years now. And we have different levels, but this was the I use the competitive level package, which is 7000, tier one links and 20,000 tier two links, pointed with one target URL, which was the @ID page, again, part of the local iframe loop which that's a service that we're going to be providing to you guys inside of MGYB.

This Stuff Works
Right now. It's available to mastermind members only at the done for you service. But you know, so essentially we will build the iframe loop for you, but that's only available to mastermind members currently. But within the next two to four weeks, we're going to make that available publicly is in the store. Okay, so anybody can buy that. But right now, it's only available to mastermind members. So essentially, all I did was set that up. And then I use the link building service, which was the competitive level 7000 tier one links, 20,000, tier two links, pointing to one target URL, which was the @ID page. And that looks at the results. Guys. Look at the results, all those keywords in the top 10. And most of them are in the top five. See that and in my local and I'm in the three pack for many of those keywords. This is for a tree service site. So our Tree Service GMB asset, you see that so I mean, it's again, it's incredibly powerful. And that was just I mean, when you can do something that easy setup or iframe loop training, which if you learn how to do it, you can do it on your own or you could buy it from us when that's available, and then just buy a link building package pointed at it and get similar results.

I can't promise you going to get these kinds of results every time it's going to depend on the market and all that kind of stuff but the point is it was it was easy for me because all I had to do was like you know say tell my team build the id loop for me and then i contacted our link builder and said hey i need this link building package what do you suggest and he said the competitive package i said okay do it and about two weeks later I got the report back from them and it takes a little while for all those links to kick in but you can see this screenshot was just taken yesterday or maybe two days ago so it was one or two days ago that I took the screenshot from pro rank tracker guys and you can see those kinds of results from a GMB asset it's incredible alright so that's what you guys can get over there.

Bradley: Alright. We're going to keep moving we've got the only thing that sucks I don't know if these comments update in real time either.

Hernan yeah they do.

Bradley: I gotta get used to this stuff man all right. I'm not much of a facebook fan all right now I'm going to start at the bottom we're going to keep getting get rolling I'm just one more thing about that like i said that gmb off page services guys we right now we're still guns right we're a little bit nervous about doing any sort of are offering done for you on page gmb work where we have to you know actually do optimize a gmb asset it's because google is still right now kind of on a rampage trying to shut or suspend gmb assets with with you know it they're just very easily triggered to be suspended now so we're not we're not willing to give that or offer that as a service right now however the off page stuff which wouldn't affect your gmb asset other than to help it rank that's something that we can provide again it's available in the mastermind only right now but that's only because we're just like it was it's my team that i trained personally for the exact same procedures and processes that might that i use for my business so and it's my personal view it well i say personal their company va is but they've been working exclusively with me on my team for the last five months and so they're really really good at what we do for that specific method that loop and in some of the other off page stuff that we do.

This Stuff Works
So they're the ones that are actually going to be fulfilling this service for the mastermind members currently, once we get that, because now we're doing it for others, we just got to get the fulfillment basically smoothed out, make sure we work out any bugs within the processes of fulfilling and delivering the service. And once we have that, ready, then we're going to make that available in MGB for the for you guys as well, for those of you that are not part of the mastermind. So again, it's something that I would encourage you guys to look out for in the next few weeks or come join the mastermind so you can get to it now. Because it's something that just incredibly powerful. It's working really, really well.

Does Using Expiring Domains With Keyword-Optimized URLs And Redirecting Them To The Google Site Better Than Using PBNs?

Bradley: Alright, so we're going to go to Matt Hale first, he says, Is it a good idea to find expiring domains with keywords in the URL and natural links going to them and then throw that one knows to a Google site? Or would it be better to just send PBNs to the Google Site instead, assuming the PBNs will probably be more powerful, but will probably be random URLs compared to relevant URLs and less power with the expiring domains.

That's a good question because I don't really do much PBN work anymore. I really haven't for several years, Matt. I would say I always recommend relevancy over power because you know, what power is really just a third party metrics is what you're looking at, right? So when you're talking about PBNs unless you're getting links from private blog sites or network sites that are highly relevant to your target URL, then really why how is that good? Like, you know that it used to be several years ago when I did a lot of PBN work metrics, were something that you could use to, you know, if you had properties that had high trust flow, or high DA or PA (page authority), especially from you know, the pages that was linking to your site, that kind of stuff you could get, you know, we used to call domain authority (DA) manipulation, that kind of stuff. We could do that kind of stuff and get results, but Google's algorithm has gotten so much more sophisticated and it's looking more for relevancy.

Then third-party metrics, you gotta remember guys, the metrics that you see from majestic or from Moz or from Ahref. Those are proprietary third-party metrics. That's their best guess it's an educated guess I'll give you that. But it's their best guess as to what Google is determining that you know how to rate or quantify the power or the link equity of a site or a page. But none of those companies work directly for Google. The PageRank algorithm, page rank is still alive and well, but it's an internal thing that is closely guarded. So none of the companies actually have insight like, you know, specific insight as to what Google is doing, and how they're ranking pages and scoring and all that kind of stuff. So they're all proprietary metrics that again, they're educated guesses, but they're just guesses. And so we learned a long time ago, several years ago to get away from targeting or worrying about metrics and worrying more about relevancy and knock on wood, it's worked really well for us and for you know, our students that follow because we go through update up after update after update and haven't seen any significant loss of anything because we're not targeting metrics. We're not following metrics or chasing metrics, I should say.

So I would recommend relevancy over metrics any day of the week. The problem with PBN is unless you get a highly themed network, right public, excuse me, private blog network, so you get your content placed or your links placed on networks, private blog networks that are highly themed and relevant to your target URLs. That could be powerful. But the problem is most private blog networks in order to get more customers and more revenue from those networks, they're more generalized blogs. And those tend to not be as powerful unless the net with the blog sites themselves have incredibly high metrics. But again, I don't recommend that I would rather you go look for expired domains.

I think that's kind of you know, looking for expired domains with relevancy is better, but even then I think that's more work and more money and effort than it's really necessary because you can create your own relevancy using Google properties. Right and that's what we've been teaching for several years now. For example, our RYS Academy that's RYS Academy reloaded which is teaches you how to use Google Drive properties to push authority and relevancy. And you know, provide those that services it done for you service with our is drive stack service and MGYB. And Marco, he doesn't use PBNs at all, because he accomplishes everything that a PBN could have, or even expired relevant domains could with drive stacks and Google Sites, right. And that's a link building to those drive stacks and Google Sites. And that's exactly what we're talking about here. With the iframe stuff that we're doing now. It's like incredibly powerful, you can inject relevancy through the drive stack through the Google Site through I frames and then you can throw the kitchen sync it that stuff. Even if it's your iframe, they're linked directly to your money assets.

This Stuff Works
You can throw the kitchen sink at the Google properties because they'll take it like a champ and essentially launder any negative effect to where our you're going to get his additional benefit, like, you know, ranking benefit from it. Marco, you want to talk about that a bit?

Marco: No, you said it perfectly well. I'd rather do the things that I can control the content, the embeds, and if it needs to be taken, like if I need more power, what I'll do is I'll point an extra drive stack and G site at an inner page right you know, you know I do because I just build them out there satellite, they're like PBNs. Except there's no such thing as a PBN anymore. Yeah, there is private blog network. No, you're buying a domain to provide a link for your website at something totally different than what used to be done with you used to buy into the network so that you could link in the network back to your website, and all of that activity in the private blog network would help out. But by throwing relevance, trust and authority and everything else at your website, or like Bradley said, I can accomplish that much quicker, much, much more powerfully, by just working in what I know, which is drive stacks and G sites. And since that's what I know, and I know how much power is in those, what I'll do is I'll create that, then I'll set up a press release stack, in that at the G sites plus drive stacks at everything, right, it sounds like it'll be pointed at everything. Five, six, but whatever. However many press releases, it takes that you take all of those URLs, and you just do link building. And it just works beautifully well as he just as you just showed, with your link building except for example in the results that you got. And then to top that off, you get some traffic in there and validate everything. So that Google said oh, this is lovely. Thank you very much.

That's it instead of going and you know you have to host that you have to go look at the backlink profile. You have to make sure that there was spam that there were no Chinese subdomain just so many different things that you have to do. I don't want to deal with it. Thank you very much I create my own.

Should You Geotag GMB Photos Based From Different Service Locations They Were Taken Or Should You Always Use The Business Address?

Bradley: That's it. So Troy's up he says should photos for GM BB geotagged from different service locations they were taken from are always the business address. What's better for SEO? Well, if it's a service area business, Troy it's absolutely better to be geotagged. Like if you can get real photos that were taken from mobile devices that have the geotagging, or essentially like where they would stay up the EXIF data from where the location that they're taken, which those are for service area businesses, that is way better, that is absolutely better. But you can still geotag images in throughout the service area from like using EXIF data. You know editors for example. So like I use geo center, my team uses geo center which is a desktop software, but there's online versions of it and things like that where you can actually add geo coordinates, NAP (name, address phone number), you can add keywords, categories, all that kind of stuff to the actual data, the metadata of the photos.

And so if you know if my team is working remotely and the client, for example, isn't providing me with original photos that were taken from mobile devices from around their service area, then my team will go out and generate photos. We talked about multiple ways to do that. But then they'll geotagged the images using geo setter for in different locations within that service area. So that not all of the amounts of if it's a storefront business where the customers come to the business location. So what I would call a storefront business, right, then yeah, you can just hammer away at that specific address that specific location, geo coordinate, right.

But for service area businesses, it's best to spread it out across your whole service area. That way Google starts to really create a like map, a link between all of those images and your business and it can help to expand your Google My Business footprint so to speak. That makes sense. So it depends on what kind of business it is. But absolutely for service area businesses, I think you're better off doing geo tagging. If you can get original photos that's your best bet. Guys, for my clients that do provide photos, I got a few of them. I've got a couple roofers that provide me photos. I just got a photographer client, believe it or not, that, you know, obviously, they provide me with he provides me with original photos. But what I do is just set up a Google Photos album, a shared Google Photos album, and then I link my blogger, like I share the album with the client, or any of the clients, you know, associates or whatever if they're, if other people other than just the owner is taking photos. And then I share with my blogger, or my bloggers depending on with who the client is and how many people were actually, you know, producing content for that client. And so that way they have all they have to do is just go to the Google Photos album and download the photos and use those and then upload them as GMB posts or within blog posts or whatever they wherever they're using them period. And they're already geotagged. And they've been within, always stored and held within the Google ecosystem. So it's very, very powerful. And it's just a very convenient way for us to store the photos. And it's easy for the clients to because most of them are just taking photos from their phone anyways, so they just set up the Google Photos app to where whenever they take a photo, it automatically gets inserted into those that you know, in the Google Photos, and then they can move them around between albums and things if they want, but most of my clients will just move them into the shared photo album that we have access to that my bloggers can access those photos at any time. And it works really well. Problem is most of the clients most clients will not provide you with photos. They just won't do it. They might tell you they will do it but a lot of them won't. But the ones that do that's a great way to do it.

Do Service Areas And NAP Address Set In GMB Causes Negative SEO From Google?

Next question: GMB- will having both service areas set and business NAP address set in GMB cause a filter or negative SEO from Google? Yes. If service area only, then use one single city point or surrounding city points for maps listing?

I'm not quite sure I understand that question if it's a service area business you're supposed to hide the address. Right there are some exceptions where this can be a service area business but sometimes customers do come to the business.

This Stuff Works
Like for example, company store or businesses that have showrooms. So Kitchen Remodeling companies is one of them. Here's an example guys because Kitchen Remodeling companies their their service area businesses because they go to the customers house or location to install the kitchens. But a lot of kitchen remodeling companies will have showrooms where they have you know my kitchen set up with different cabinetry and countertops and that kind of stuff, flooring options and stuff like that that they'll use. So those are one of the exceptions where you can have a service area business and still show the actual physical world.

Unknown 28:00
location, however, that you can trigger a suspension by having a service area business and still showing or trying to show the physical location, the physical address, even in the case of kitchen remodeling companies, at which point you can contact Google My Business support and explain what the deal is and that they will reinstate the listing if that if it's a valid business that you can prove as a business and you have a unique situation like that where it's one of the few acceptable situations or acceptable times where that can occur, then they will reinstate the GMB for that. But again, for most service area businesses, you're going to buy Google's own terms of service, you're going to want to clear the address from the GMB profile before publishing it. Does that make sense? Or before adding your service areas, so you got to verify first and if you've verified the traditional way, which is via snail mail or postal mail, then once you verified it before you go in and edit the info and address service areas, you're supposed to open up the location setting and clear the address. And then you go into the next section, which is adding your service area and start adding in your individual service areas or by city or by county or however you want to do it. That makes sense. Okay, but again, there are some some specific situations that are exceptions to that rule, but you still may have you still may still may trigger trigger a suspension, in which case you have to contact Google support.

Recommended Directory Style Plugins And Themes For WordPress

Bradley: James says: Hey, guys, have you got any recommendations for directory start plugging a WordPress theme many things?

I haven't built any directory style stuff in a long time. So I don't have any recommendations. James I'm sorry. I would just suggest just doing a Google search for directory style WordPress theme or directory WordPress theme or if it's for local businesses do Local Business Directory WordPress theme and just look through some of them. What I would recommend though is you go with a theme developer that has good standing, that's been around, it's been established, been around for a long time because if you go and if you go with a you know like a WSO or JVZoo type of theme provider which third diamond doesn't guys. It's very likely that in two years from now they won't support it anymore.

So if you're going to spend the time building a directory theme or directory site on WordPress, I recommend that you only go with a very well established long term company that's been a long around for a long time. Again do not go with one of them budget JVZoo type offers or WSO or you know Warrior Forum type stuff where your plus whatever type trust me I bought a lot of those teams over the years because they looked great and the sales you know you buy them on launch special and things like that and then within a year 18 months they no longer support them and you know updates break the themes and then you're screwed and then you have to go back through and find another theme and rebuild the site you know reconfigure everything and it's just a pain in the ass so you're much better off going with well well established theme the Developers. Okay?

Any Recommended Tools That Scrape Business Directory Listing And Job Advertisements?

Bradley: Next. Sorry me getting tools you can recommend to scrape business directory listings job advertisements that are easy to in doesn't have a big learning curve many things. Um, no I because I don't really use any I've tried to use some like Home Advisor and Yellow Pages, scrapers that I bought from just random, you know, developers by doing Google searches and finding and I found most of them are junk. They're just crap and they don't work or they like they just they just suck. So I don't really know. I know if you're just trying to scrape leads, I would recommend one of two things. One is Leads Recon if you go to semantic mastery.com/leadsrecon. That's by Ted Chen, the developer. He's the same developer of Power Suggest Pro, which is our favorite keyword tool of all time, and also have TubeSift, which is a great tool for building YouTube advertising placement lists. So Ted Chen's a great developer, and Leads Recon is a great tool for scraping really highly like great email addresses for local businesses because it scrapes both Google Maps as well as so GMB essentially, Google My Business as well as Facebook. And what's great about it is it's it's not a great tool for like building massive contact list. But it's great for more targeted lists were like, like for our video emails or video lead gen system where we talk about targeting very narrowly or like laser like targeting of prospects, which by the way video lead gen system is one of our products to talk about how to how to prospect using video email. It's very, very effective and I'm actually updating that currently right now because I'm doing prospecting for monetizing GMB assets. And we're going to be relaunching that next month with all the updates and in April. So, you know, I highly recommend if you guys are doing prospecting for either client work or for Lead Gen assets that you have that you need to get monetized that you would be on the lookout for the update for video lead gen system that's coming next month.

And that though what I was saying was with semanticmastery.com/leadsrecon. why I'm telling you that just because you can get it at a discount through our link number one, but number two, it's a great tool for developing really highly targeted list because it will go scrape Facebook pages and find like Yahoo and Gmail each email addresses and for some of those people still have AOL email addresses, you'll find those, so you get most of the time direct to the business owner. But if you want to do mass scraping, I would still recommend using something like Lead Kahuna. We have sorry, we don't have an affiliate link for that. But you can contact David Spragg, local genius or whatever they call and find out if you can get a link to purchase that. I think that's about $300 a year. But that works really well. If you're building mass list massive prospecting lists. Okay. Good question.

How Do Choose A Name For A Local Lead Gen YouTube Channel?

Blue Line says hello everyone. I want to create a YouTube channel for a local business lead gen. Can you please show an example of the right way to choose a name for the channel and for the company? Should it just be city plus industry? No, don't do city plus industry because that's too generic and it's too spammy. So come up with something that's, you know, semi branded, like, you know, you could use, I don't know, just just come up with something that's a pseudo brand, something that could be thought of as somebody glanced at it, they wouldn't immediately know that it was just a spam, you know, an SEO creating a spam site or spam channel. Right? If you just do city plus industry that's going to it's very apparent to anybody that knows anything about digital marketing what you're doing. So if you can come up with a branded name instead, I would recommend that you do that. Okay.

So absolutely come up with a brand name. Also is a good to include a it's a good doing to the include the exact keyword and each title name for every social network like Tumblr and Google site. Thanks a lot. Well, no, it's not. I mean, you can but I don't recommend it because again, that that looks spammy right off the bat.

Number two, you know with if you were to use an exact match domain for self hosted website that puts the Google filter it lowers the threshold for you to trigger spam filters. So why is it any different for social media? I mean, yes guys, I know people spam that shit all the time I get that but what are you want to build something that was a short term asset that produces revenue for short period of time because it is still working now. spamming their your titles and your you know your titles for pages and you know, stuff like that? Or would you rather produce a longer term asset that two years down the road is still producing revenue for you because you didn't spam it to death? Now, you see what I'm saying? We try to produce more longer term assets. I don't like the churn and burn strategy. I don't like building something that produces revenue for me and then six months a year, 18 months down the road, I have to rebuild it all because I did something spammy, to get initial results. Does that make sense? I'd rather take a little bit more effort on the front end and create something that's branded that I could create a brand around that then it's going to have longevity. So that my my effort will pay off in the long run. That makes sense.

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So I highly recommend that you don't stuff keywords into titles and things like that get, you can create keyword relevancy guys through the content, right and how you structure the assets. If you know about silo structure and things like that you can silo pretty much anything. It's the way it's what you do with content marketing. It's how you silo right? So you can establish the keyword relevancy through your content and how you structure your content. It doesn't have to be through the titles that yes, you will get a boost by including the keywords in your titles. But again, if it looks spammy, then you're actually doing your your your project a disservice. Okay.

Is There A Way To Check Keyword Rankings By Bulk?


next is Kevin. He says there were to check keyword rankings by bulk. Yeah, I mean, you know, I just showed pro Rank Tracker. Here that's one of the services that I use for tracking a lot of keywords in bulk if you're doing local stuff, right locals great, I love Bright Local. That's what I do to check all my client stuff. So yeah, you can do it either way. Anybody have any other suggestions? Okay, moving on.

How Often Should You Post A Blog Article To Benefit From The Syndication Network?

Bradley: The one says I'm trying to rank your service area business last week you suggested that I use press releases and blogs through syndication network to do so. The company does not currently have a blog if we create one how often you suggest to post a blog article to benefit from the syndication network?

That's going to depend on on the the comp the competition level, also look at the industry like what is the industry standard now, for example, a lot of contractors don't blog at all. And that's a pretty standard procedure for my my business and my you know, my clients is we blog. A lot of clients though, like we've moved away from doing blog posts regularly on their blog and doing more GMB stuff but we still do blog on their blog, like from the self hosted site if we if we've been blogging in the past, but we another words. For example, like, you know, a lot of contractors just don't blog at all. Well, we do. So we might only blog once a week or once every other week, depending on what their budget is, right? And what what else we're doing as part of our overall strategy for for their SEO service for the month.

But I'll give you a really good example I trained my VA, one of my bloggers, she's in the UK or name is Michelle, she's great. And she does blogging for several of my clients. And she does Q&A post because q amp a question post guys Question and Answer posts are great. Google loves them. If you don't believe me. Just go do searches for whatever industry you're in, and ask questions in Google like in the Google search bar, or voice them in through voice search, and ask questions that a customer looking for that product or service would ask, like, how much does Tree Removal cost? Just guys go into another tab right now and type that into Google and hit search. And you'll see there are Question and Answer boxes right on the Google search page, the search engine results page.

So what you can do is train your bloggers. If you're if you're doing it yourself, which I don't recommend, go start asking various questions in Google around the products like as if you were looking for that product or service that you're trying to promote, and start compiling those questions and click, click the little accordion menu the drop down, which will open up the answer and start recording down some of the answers then you can use those questions and answers to create blog posts. Those are fabulous blog post guys, they're great blog post to create. And you can combine or group similar questions into blog posts that contain multiple questions and answers that are kind of closely related. Or you can break them out into shorter, more individual Question and Answer posts. Then, once you post them on your blog, then you publish a GMB post a Google My Business post that highlights that blog post and links back to that blog post. Now you're getting deep links from Google, Google My Business back to your blog.

And if you can include local relevancy into those Q&A post, that's how you're going to start ranking for, you know, those types of, you're going to help your GMB asset to rank as well. So again, it really just depends on you know, what your budget is what your overall strategy is for your client on it, depending on the industry, a lot of industries you know, I deal with mainly with contractors, most contractors do not blog regularly. Well mine do. It depends on the the frequency depends on what their budget is, and what really the needs are because it wouldn't make sense to do three posts a week for a roofing client, if we got them ranked already, or if you know, we could get away with rank doing one post every two weeks and rank them. I typically when I'm pitching a client on SEO Services, I recommend starting off with one or two blog posts per week. For caught for most contractors and less like I said, it's an industry that has got more content frequency, you know, publishing content more regularly, in which case will increase the volume. Like I've got one Pest Control client that we've been doing three blog posts a week for six years.

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So you know and they they they rank for a ton of stuff and they get a ton of traffic not even local traffic I mean they get a lot of local traffic but they also get a lot of traffic nationally because of all the questions you know the questions and answers and the posts that they've been posting for six years. So they just got a lot of content is what I'm saying. Okay. But yeah, definitely if you're using syndication networks, you should be blogging regularly because that's one of the engines that helps to drive the whole process.

How Does JSON+LD Schema Work On The Homepage And Internal Pages Of A Website?

Ken's up he says, I've been researching LD or JSON LD Okay, I'm, I'm trying to figure out what schema markup goes on the homepage and what schema markup goes on the internal pages. What's the differences? Do I just put the same schema markup on all the pages? He says he looked at builtvisible.com which is a great blog good info but seems to be out of date and doesn't answer my question doesn't talk about ID Could you talk about this and there are their trusted resources that you can point me to and towards towards the answer my question.

My answer briefly, can it depends on your type of site. Right, what what goes where and all that if you've got a multi location, okay, let's start simple it.

Marco: Hey, Bradley. I added, it doesn't show that reply, I guess you'll have to refresh refresh the page. I don't I don't think you need to do that. But I added the schema.org search results for JSON LD, which is what Google recommends, why go with, you know, instead of RDFa, or any other type of schema, because Google tells you give us JSON LD, that's what they quoted there, but to read, so why do something else when Google is telling you, this is what we want? This is what he preferred. This is what you should do. And so everything is there. And then if you look in there, can you see that it'll have something like events? Well, if it's if it's not something that's on the homepage, and obviously the schema wouldn't go on the homepage for events, it would go wherever you created your event. So just go to schema.org and search for example, JSON LD JSON LD. I gave Ken, the the reference page, because that's all you have to do. And you look through there, and you put on the homepage or site wide, the company information site wide, if you're doing a different cities, then all of those different cities wouldn't get the same Jason plus LD information because you'd have a different city different address. Maybe the company name changes a little bit if you're doing the city name in the company. So you just have to work out what makes sense for you. Sorry, but I just wanted to give him that after you go ahead and finish it off.

Bradley: Yeah, so what I was gonna say was start simple. If it's a like, for example, if it's a local business side with one location, then you can put JSON LD local business markup in the HTML header site wide. It's perfectly fine. Right? That means every single page, every post is going to have the JSON LD structured data markup for local business. It's perfectly fine to do. It's a one location, local business.

If it's a multi location business, then you're want to use organization markup site wide. And then on individual location pages if you've got separate inner location pages, which I would recommend you do unless you're using subdomains, with separate sites per location, then on those individual location pages, you you would put the local business markup. So each page would have its own, you'd have to use something like SEO Ultimate Plus, which is the best WordPress plug SEO WordPress plugin. Or you could use something. If you're using another SEO plugin that doesn't give you the ability to inject separate header codes and body codes and footer codes on a page by page basis then you can use something like SOGO header and footer plugin, which is a WordPress plugin. It's free and it will allow you to inject different codes header and footer and Body Body codes on different pages.

So my point is if you've got a multi location business that has location pages for each specific location, as inner pages, then the organization markup can still go site wide. But on each individual location page, you would have this separate local business markup. Does that make sense? If you're using subdomains, and that's easy, because each sub domain would get its own local business. So structured data markup that can go site wide for each sub domain site because it's its own independent entity, so to speak. Right? Alright, so that's number one.

Number two is this right here? If you talked about add ID pages, this right here is semrush.com. You can look at the schema markup for company dash corporations. You guys you can search this in Google Doc the link here in a minute, but this is where I really learned about the the @ID This is what triggered the @ID trick or the iframe loop as we call it, that i i i kind of created that method. Somewhere back around January of last year. Yeah. 2018. And it was because of this article here because I was doing like we had We, you know, as part of local business structured data markup, there is an @ID field, right that there's a field that you have to place a URL in. And everybody had always said, just put the website URL there. Well, there's a website URL field. And then there's the @ID field. And so we were just using the same website URL for both went out one day, I was doing some research for something else. And I came across this article. And I started reading it and write down here where it says, what is what is this @ID. And I read this section right here, it's just from here, guys, down to about here. And that's, that's it, I'm like, but what it did was it explained to me that the @ID page, this is a unique URL that identifies the company and it's up to you to choose what the URL will be. It can be a URL that returns a page or you'll return a URL that returns detailed information in various formats, or as in this case, a URL that returns nothing. The aim here is to have a unique identifier for the entity. So like a universal resource indicator (URI), right guys like you are I right?

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So that's when when I read this, it made the light bulb go off like, Oh my gosh, I know how we can use this. And that's where I developed the local iframe loop method. And that's where we create the I'm not can't give it away here, you have to be in one of our paid programs to get it. But we create an @ID page where we put all this really good data and all of the most powerful entities or assets all in one location, that then becomes the @ID. And then we use that to do a lot of nasty iframe stuff that we teach in RYS Academy. And that's been incredibly powerful like that is standard operating procedure for every single local asset that we build. Now. It's part of it. It's like, it's just like clockwork, and we build the @ID iframe loop. And that's where like that is our starting point and becomes our target our main target for all of the external link building stuff that we do, but not not the website guys, yet. I do page right and it's because of what I learnt read right here on this article. It's this this long, and I was like that right there really is what spawned to that idea. And it's just been working like crazy. Okay, so there you go.

Would You Recommend Building Out Citations With The Business.Site Address Instead Of The Typical Website To Rank In Maps?

Bradley: Okay, do you want says I have a new client and their goal is to rank and maps would you suggest suggest building out citations with the business side of dress and not their typical website? No, I wouldn't if they have a self hosted website, the one if they've already got like their own branded domain and all that use that right, the business site so the GMB website that's just another asset that you can build that you can do all kinds of cool stuff with. I would love to give you a really good idea here on what you can do with that but again, it's it's it's more back to the iframe stuff that I can't really reveal on a free setting like this guys, come join the mastermind to on you've got a lot of really good questions. You've got clients you've got you probably got revenue coming in. You want to get your client results come join the mastermind because we do I mean we're sharing all kinds of stuff.

In fact, I've got, I'm expanding on this whole @ID thing right now for a multi location business specifically that I have this got 20 locations. And I've got, I've been started building something out to expand upon our iframe loop method that incorporates all this stuff that we're talking about. And I've only got about 20. I just started building it out about a week and a half ago. And I've only got about 20% of it complete, because I'm doing it myself. And it's a lot of work. I got about 20% complete and is already producing incredible results across the board, like meaning all 20 locations are starting to get better results from just about 20% of them about four, four of the locations actually being in this new system that I'm developing, which is like I said, it's kind of an expansion of the iframe loop thing. I'm going to be hopefully I'm trying to get it completed by next Thursday, which is our next MasterMind webinar where I'm going to share it so but yes, the business that business side that site still use that absolutely build that guy's flush those out with content.

I just did one today that I put a 1500 word article on, actually might even been a 2000 word article on that and it like I haven't hit the limit yet of how much content you can put on the GMB website page. Like, you know, the posts only have 1500 character limit but the the GMB websites so far I haven't found the limit. And I put I think it was either 1500 or 2000 word article on it today, because I'm testing different configurations. And so I'm saying flush those out really well use the bold function, because you can't manipulate like heading to header tags and things like that and the GMB website but you can bold stuff, you can underline stuff, you can italicize stuff that's like 19 or like 2005 SEO stuff, but you can still do that as kind of an indicator. don't spam your sites but which you know, on page on page spam them, but you can do things to kind of indicate to Google what the important keywords are on the GMB website and use that guys. You can use that as part of the iframe loop stuff.

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You can use that internally on the side and specific ways you can kind of just remember we teach in Syndication Academy, how to create a footprint. You know, instead of hiding your footprint, you want to create a footprint between all of your branded assets. Use the Google My Business is part of that. Right? You want to link from that out to some of your your top branded assets link from the GMB website to those and then link from your top branded assets to your GMB website as well as your other top branded assets. So you create like a little mini network of entity profiles. Right? It's very, very powerful. But one is a lot of good questions, man. You gotta come mastermind.

Where Can You Find A List of Accepted Local Business Types For JSON-LD Markup?

Bradley: So Dan says Hey guys, two questions. Where can I find different accepted business types for local business for JSON-LD markup? Oh, that's why I pulled this up. Right here guys, this is the most up to date list that I know of. I don't know who manages this. But this has been I've been I come to this because they changes often guys. This is I'll drop this link. It's a shared Google Doc you can edit it. It's view only. It's I don't again, I don't know who maintains it but it's updated fairly regularly and so you can just scroll through here and find your specific business type that you need the the what is the best score the most current suggested schema markup type the app type and you can find it in here you'll see a lot of them are like common construction businesses and you know things like that whatever professional services but they're constantly updating these when they have new validated schema markup types that are you know new categories that schema.org has validated or accepted so it makes sense so let me go ahead and publish this.

Marco: Yeah he can also do a search again in schema.org it's really robust and it shows you all the all the business types

Bradley: okay all right um i don't know why it makes me do this every time

Is It Okay To Do A Batch Press Release On 10 GMBs With The Same Name But With Different City Appendage?

Bradley: next is our he says how does oh number two i'm sorry i missed your second question danny says if i have a for example 10 gmb is all the same name with exception of city appendages, okay to do batch press releases on all at the same time, or do you feel a big footprint will be established?

Um, well, I mean, if they're all separate, GMB assets, then you know, I don't know that they have unique you know, location details, right. So this unique na p, the name, even the name is unique because it looks like you're a pending the city name to the to the actual, the the name,
the business name. So it is really unique, right, there's a there's a commonality there, but they are all unique. So I don't know I haven't had any problems with it. We've we've used similar like a pseudo brand name where it was the city plus the pseudo brand name for 70 some assets that we build out, we've only had a handful of them suspended. And our standard operating procedure was after the iframe loop was built was to go out and publish a press release. Right.

One of the things that we do is include the media room iframe and the @Id page and so we one of the, you know, again, it's just like syndication networks, right? We tell you guys, you want to prime the network's post a couple publish couple posts. Once you get the networks built or you build them yourselves first put some seed content on them before you start automating post to them via IFTTT. But then once you get your network seasoned a little bit, then start publishing posts from your blog that get syndicated to the networks before you start hitting your networks with a shit ton of backlinks.

So the same thing, you know, the GMB assets, we produce the on do all the on page work. Then we build the off the off page iframe loop, which is like the first step, then we publish a press release. And then from there, we start doing the on page work, like on the content marketing, which is primarily driven through GMB posts right now, so it makes sense. So I haven't had any problems with it. I don't, I think, Dan, especially if they're newer GMB assets, it kind of makes sense because you're announcing like a new business, right? That's a perfect excuse to use a press release.

How Does Traffic Affect Rankings?

Albert says guys, we're going to run out of time here. over it says how does traffic affect rankings? I wanted to get to this from to TicOo to he's a new mastermind member who just joined yesterday. So I'll get to that a minute. How does traffic effect effect rankings? Well, if it's good traffic validated like traffic that isn't just like random traffic to your site, it's a great signal. Like if traffic comes to your site and engages, there's dwell time, there's scroll death. There's click through to other pages or activity on the page, such as clicking to watch a video or to listen to an audio player or to expand accordion menus. Guys, that's a simple hack that you can do to your websites. If it's GMB stuff, you can't really do this. But for a website, guys, one of the I just talked about Question and Answer posts, using Q&A post guys, they're fabulous because Google loves them. If they didn't love them, then there wouldn't be q&a boxes, right into search results, right? So q&a post guys are perfect examples of how you can add engagement to your posts and get engagement signals from visitors because you can put the question just like Google does in an accordion menu, right to where the answer the only way to reveal the answer is to click the down arrow or the plus button or whatever it does to reveal the answer. Because that's an engagement signal. Same as scroll depth, right? If somebody scrolls down the page, where they dwell on the page for an extended period of time, or they click a link that takes them to another page, or they submit a form, or they click a video, when they click an audio player, when they click to expand an image, all of those things are engagement signals.

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Random traffic, I don't know that that there. I guess there is some benefit to it. But it I think it depends on what type of website you're trying to promote. If it's local stuff, random traffic from way outside of this, you know, where it would be geographically relevant to get traffic doesn't typically help that much. But local traffic where it's within a particular geographic area is incredibly powerful, especially if it's traffic that is interested and Google has that knows that the visitor has an interest in that content, right? Just what in market audiences are. So you can buy that kind of traffic from Google directly. That's what we teach in the YouTube Traffic training. And recently, we've taught them how to do that with the Google Display Network, which is exponentially cheaper than search traffic, like buying search traffic from Google ads, do Google display ads, guys is a fraction of the cost of buying search traffic. But you can get geo targeting, and you can get topical relevant, or you know, topical targeting, audience targeting that way. It's incredibly fun. We just talked about that on the last mastermind webinar last week. So.

All right, let's see we're going to answer this and and i think i have to go. Yeah, cuz I gotta run guys. It's almost five o'clock.

Is There Any Special Configuration You Need To Do When Creating Cities In Subdomains?

So I want to answer this one from TicOo or one of our new mastermind members. He's asked this specifically and we're and we're going to be covering this in depth next Thursday and the mastermind webinar. Again, I'm going to be sharing a multi location project that I'm working on right now and how to expand the iframe loop method. I'm already seeing results. And again, I'm only about 20% through the project. So I'm going to be sharing that next week. He says if I choose to create my cities and subdomains all I have to do is create the sub domain and create the website or do I have to do any special configuration?

So what he's asking about is if he's doing multi location, you know, business sites for a business if a business has multiple locations in he wants to use sub domain so I'm assuming he's got a self hosted site. So the there's a branded domain there, and the company wants to or has multiple locations or wants to expand into multiple other cities. Well, then I've always recommended doing city sub domain from the branded domain so let's just say it's Joe's plumbing for example, then doing like call pepper Joe's plumbing. com Fairfax, and these are Virginia cities but Fairfax Joe's plumbing, calm and Richmond you know, Joe's plumbing calm and and then building a separate installed

A separate WordPress site or whatever type of site, but I would, you know, typically use WordPress on each individual city sub domain. And the reason why is because it protects the actual root domain for in case you were to do anything spammy, which we really don't do anything spam anymore, so I don't know why that's incredibly necessary still, but I've just always tried to hedge any risk right to mitigate any potential risk. That guys if you have, for example, if you were to do the same thing with inner pages, so Joe's plumbing.com, slash Cole pepper, Joe's dumbing Joe's plumbing, com slash Fairfax, Richmond, whatever, then, if any one of those individual pages for the locations that you did something spammy and it caught a penalty, it could actually that that penalty will be levied across will be a domain wide right will affect the SEO value of the entire site, which means it would help it could potentially pull down any rankings that you have in all of each of the other cities.

So by doing separate entity, individual WordPress installations on subdomains, then what that does is each one of those are considered separate entities. Right? There is a connection. But But if you're doing like your content marketing, for example, on from each individual sub domain, then if if you were to catch a penalty on any one of those subdomains, it would only be affecting effect that one subdomain, not any of the sibling domains, subdomains or the route. Right. If you catch a penalty on the route, it can affect all of the sub domains though. So my point is you want to protect the route. That's that's really what I'm getting at. So yes, if you're using self hosted site with a branded domain, and you want to do multiple city locations, then I've always recommended and to appoint guys obviously, if you're doing like, you know, hundred cities, I don't recommend having 100 WordPress installations. I don't because that's a pain in the ass to manage. In that case, I would do inner pages, but I would make you know, be damn sure that I wasn't doing anything real spamming again, we don't teach anything that super spammy

For money sites, stuff apps, but anyways, right, because of that reason, and again, knock on wood, I haven't had any problems. But you know, I don't I always want to reduce potential risk. And that's, you know, it's about this, it's the eggs in the basket analogy, if you put all of your eggs in one basket and you lose the basket, you're screwed. You don't have any eggs left. But if you spread your eggs out across multiple baskets, then you can lose any one of the baskets and you still got a bunch of eggs left. Does that make sense? And that's really what we're talking about here.

Now, if you are doing subdomain sites, and here's here's the thing, guys, even if you're not using self hosted websites, if you got a brand new domain and you've got a brand and you want to start building GMB assets to expand in other cities, you can absolutely still do it with a domain just you can do a domain subdomain redirect to your GMB websites and use your GMB websites as the primary domain for each location. And in fact, again, the multiple the 20 location project that I'm working on right now that I'm going to be sharing the method now Thursday on the mastermind webinar, that's what I'm doing.

I used to have sub domain sites WordPress installations for all that well for about 14 of these locations, but I've added six locations in the last few months. And I honestly said I'm tired of dealing with all those WordPress sites. So I've actually just transferred the website content from the WordPress sites that the homepage website content from the WordPress sites over the GMB websites and now I have a redirect from the sub domain to branded subdomains, to the GMB website.

This Stuff Works
So all of my citations that were built on the web for the 14 locations that I had sub domain sites for already, it doesn't affect any of them because the destination is still like the target URL is still the same and the citations but it just redirects to the GMB website. Does that makes sense? And so again, you don't even need to go out and build them. I look I'm not building WordPress sites now unless it's a requirement by a client. Otherwise, I'm just going to continue building Jambi assets for now because it's working really really well and I'm able to accomplish what I want which is generate leads using GMB assets which are free and much much much easier to build and manage and maintain.

So but if you are going to have a self-hosted site the root domain can be used in very strategic ways to help promote the individual sub domain sites or locations depending on whether you're going to have a WordPress installation or not and again TicOo, i'm going to be covering that next Thursday whether i've got the project completed or not i'm going to share what I've got this far next Thursday and and the results that i'm seeing to which are pretty impressive. So.

okay mike says finally better at something better than discuss thanks mike i'm not sure i like it yet but apparently if the questions are getting through that's got to be better so anything else guys before i wrap it up? Everybody else. Everybody else mountain stuff

okay cool alright guys thanks for being here we will see you all next week thanks for sticking around chris cheers bye

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