Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 263

By April

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Adam: Cool! Everybody welcome to Hump Day hangouts today is the 20th of November 2019. And we are staring down the craziness that is Black Friday and all that that entails. We've got some our own version of Black Friday fun, but it's not going to involve buying anything but we'll get to that in a minute. Real quick. Let's say hi to everyone and then we got those announcements and some other good stuff. So start on my side here Bradley, what are you up to man?

Bradley: Good man. Happy to be here. It's a week from Thanksgiving so kind of excited about that. It's one of my favorite holidays.

Adam: Amen. Yeah, it's definitely switched. I mean, you know, as a kid, not surprised. You know, Christmas was super fun. Like, yay, now it's just like, Oh, God, I love Thanksgiving.

Bradley: So I want the food. Yeah.

Adam: Awesome. Uh, Hernan, I think you're there somewhere. How's it going, man?

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Hernan: Hey, everybody. Oh, hey, guys, what's up everybody? So look at this beauty. Look at this. So this is something that Dadea brought to us on POFU Live 2019 has been awesome. So thank you, thank you for that, you know, you know what day it is. So what's everybody so really happy to be here excited for what's coming. Excited for the stuff that we have in the pipeline. So overall excited to be back in Buenos Aires.

Adam: Outstanding good stuff, Chris, how about you?

Chris: doing good as usual. It's a bit rainy here. But other than that the weather is good. Yeah, I'm not excited about Christmas either, like not sure what to say?

Adam: Well, maybe it just means like, what more snowy conditions so you can go snowboarding.

Chris: Yeah, like I'm actually planning to take like, a week off right before Christmas. And to resolve the internet and relax a bit without electronics.

Adam: So what do you do without the internet? What do you mean? Come to get like what are you supposed to do?

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Chris: There is life outside as well you don't have to constantly be plugged into the whole thing was a cable. Like a simple snowboarding skiing, I don't know to enjoy it in the spa or I don't know like chase some girls will see

Adam: it sounds good. And you know we always talk about the weather before Marco. so, Marco, This is the natural lead and man what's the weather like down in Costa Rica?

Marco: Life without the internet? Did somebody say that even? Nah man life's good been having construction that just got done. I had to redo our master bathroom. That's done. They were jackhammering all day yesterday. It was horrible. I couldn't think I couldn't go and mess with BERT yesterday. But I've been at it all morning. If you can't remember that you cannot optimize for BERT. That's what Google said. Remember those famous last words you cannot optimize? Because I got BERT by the balls, I got BERT.

Bradley: You've got BERT's balls. You go.

Adam: So you know, maybe I'm out of a loop to is there or is there going to be an ERNIE e update of some sort? Because that would really just be the best thing ever if we had for an Ernie so

Marco: doesn't there's already an Elmo Damn it.

Bradley: I can see the next Semantic Mastery training product Bert by the balls.

Marco: Well, I actually I'm already coming up with the BERT Buster, balls fit somewhere in there.

Adam: Oh man. Well, Hey, everybody. Thanks for being here. If this is your first time watching, this is the Semantic Mastery and we're here to answer your digital marketing questions and talk about some other stuff as well. So you're in the right place. If you're watching on YouTube, make sure you head over to semanticmastery.cm/hdquestions. That's where you can actually ask your questions. We don't actively monitor the chat for youtube so you need to be there and you can also ask your questions at Semantic Mastery com slash HT questions ahead of time and we will answer them and they can go back if you need to and check it out on YouTube. After that, the second most asked question we get is where should I start with Semantic Mastery and we ought The answer is always sorry for Hernan's typing some funny stuff. We always tell people to go get the Battle Plan All right, I'm not gonna read it to you but go check it out battleplan.semanticmastery.com, repeatable process, stuff for age domains, new domains, YouTube channels, whatever it is, that's your place to start. And then if you've already got clients and you're wondering what's next, how do I grow? What should I be doing? How do I grow my business? Where's the network of people I can do this with then you belong in our mastermind, and head over to mastermind.semanticmastery.com and we will help you grow. And last but not least, if you want to save time and money, we recommend this not only to our members, to our subscribers, its services we use ourselves. It's mgyb.co getting stuff done for yourself whether it's syndication or getting done for yourself, getting things done. So you don't have to things like syndication networks are we as drive stacks, press releases all that sort of good stuff. We got a couple more announcements or not, I believe there was something like a Facebook post about something that you did today.

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Hernan: Yeah, there was a Facebook post about something. That is correct. So the deal is that our main man Bradley, putting together a branding course. And it's going to be on YouTube and the Google Display Network. And why is important to brand yourself as not only as an agency but also as an agency owner. We talked a little bit about this in POFU Live 2019. And yes,

Bradley: and the training can be applied to setting up branding campaigns for clients. And it's also for using Google Display Network and YouTube to drive traffic into the SEO assets that we set to kind of help fire up all the SEO work by delivering ART – activity, relevance, trust, and authority.

Hernan: So there you go. So there's a lot of levels to this

Marco: and, and guess what the BERT update is about?

Bradley: exactly that.

Hernan: There you go. Alright. So as you can see, there's a lot of levels to this. You can use it to their clients, you can use it to service your clients better upsell your clients into additional services, you can use it to rank your websites. I mean, there's a lot of stuff. I mostly, you know, focus on getting more clients and get clients paying you more money. So that's what's exciting about the course is going to be recorded and it's gonna be recorded live and it's going to be for the time being over the next two to three days come to be only $97. Once that's done, it's going to be packaged and we sold for $300. So if you want to get if you want to pay like 30% of the price you want to get like a 70% discount. Do we have a link somewhere that we can push people to that we can show people?

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Adam: definitely it is on the page. And you know, odds are if you're watching the replay, it might not be available at that price. But you can always come to semanticmastery.com/hdquestions in the comments and you'll find a link right there. There you go. Awesome. Good stuff. And last but not least, I wanted to mention to everyone, you know, I teased a little bit at the intro to the show. We are of course doing something for Black Friday. Keep your eyes peeled for some emails. We really did want to give you guys some good content. We're putting out some previously unreleased training. And it's just going to be you've got to answer one question. There's no opt-in. We want to make sure that you want to get it though. All you have to do is watch out for the emails, look out for the Facebook posts and leading up to actual Black Friday. We're just going to have that content there. We want to help you out you know there's a lot of all stuff going on, there's a lot of extra bs going on, you know, during the weeks leading up to Black Friday. So take a look at this stuff, learn and then act on that, right. And we're going to have a big black Friday sale going on afterward, where you can get the additional training if you want it or need it so that you can act and get results from that. So that's the big thing going on next week. Keep your eyes peeled again for emails and Facebook posts. It's going to be super, super. So with that said, you guys anything last minute before we dive into questions.

Bradley: I don't have anything.

Adam: All right, anybody else? Let's get to it.

Bradley: Alright, cool. We've got just a few questions so far. So hopefully you guys will come in and post some more else. We can wrap it up early. I've got plenty of work to do. Anyways, let me grab the screen first. I can find it. Still not 100% comfortable using zoom yet. All right, you guys should you see my screen. By the way, I've just got to point this out. This is really cool because besides it is just a goofy photo that is nondead if you take a look in the background of this photo, you can see the backside of Hernan also flicking us off. And it's kind of like a mirror and mirror because even further and there's another picture of it. So it's like one of those iframe loops that we do. It's pretty. It's pretty cool. Anyways,

How To Add Clickable CTAs To A YouTube Video?

alright, so to get to the first question, it looks like it came from Greg, Greg's First up, he says, How exactly do you add clickable CTA is to a video on YouTube. So those are call to actions. Sorry for the beginner question but other than a link in the description, I have no idea. Are there cards or annotations are clickable buttons that can be added to a video. Yeah, that's what cards are for.

Also, if you're running ads, you can obviously run it, put click clickable links within the ad itself, but you're just talking about for organic videos, you know, regularly, you know, for videos that people find on YouTube organically or in Google search, then it's going to be using cards. He says, I will be using a video to link to my Amazon store, and I hope to add a couple of links during the middle part of the video. How do I use and do? How do I use? And how do I do that? Again, it's just cards. So Greg, just goes to Google and search or, or YouTube and search for how to add YouTube cards. And you'll see plenty of tutorials out there that will show you exactly how to do it, it's easy to do. And you can place cards that very specific parts within the content within the video itself. So you can you know, put them at certain intervals or whatever. Keep in mind though, in order to be able to link to an external website, you have to have a site that you ca it's called an associated website, you have to validate that you have ownership of that site or at least some sort of like webmaster control of that, so I don't think you can link directly to Amazon. But what you could do is a link to like an Amazon product review site that you own.

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Something typically the way that you would do it is you would add the site to Search Console, within the same Google account is your YouTube account. And if you do that, then you can add that let that your URL, the web page that you want to link out to as an associated website, and then you can link to it right. So you can do that by on a domain level, or even on a web page level. So but again, you have to have webmaster control, essentially, of the site, whether you're the owner or you have access to it so that you can link those two accounts. You can't just link externally from a YouTube video to like an Amazon store that I'm aware of, because you have to have access to that site as a webmaster or ownership of the site if that makes sense. Does anybody have any other is that is there anything to do to dispute what I just said?

Hernan: No, I think that's the way it is because annotations are not a thing anymore. So So yeah, cards. So you have n cards and you have annotations, but yeah, basically that's going to be the

Bradley: cards and end screens you can do within screens as well cards, or you can kind of space out at certain intervals, or, you know, just put, put them where you want them to show up. And that's where it'll kind of slide out from the top, there'll be I little icon for information. And if you click on it, the card will slide out. And you can link to other videos to playlist your channel. You can link to an external website, like I said, as long as you verify it, so. Okay, just go to Google or YouTube and search for how to add External links with cards and you'll see plenty of tutorials for that.

Adam: Yeah, freeze up. Sorry, somebody says something. Yeah, can you hear real quick, I just want to stay on that? Also, those have generally a pretty low click-through rate. So I would approach this kind of from a different point. Have you not just go into just link to Amazon from there, which might end up actually being a problem, but even if it's not, I would create the videos potentially, you know, make a bridge page in between basically, like, you know, and using some sort of a lead magnet like even if it's not an actual, like a PDF or something like that, but send people to a page to your site for a reason that they want to click through. And then from there, you know, they go to Amazon, where I would definitely do it that way instead of trying to send people directly.

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Bradley: Yeah, and here's the thing, if you send people to like a product review page, for example, you know, you could entice them to opt-in for something so that you can build an email list from that traffic, but you can also cookie them right. If you've got remarketing. I mean, you could set up a remarketing list on the video too, by the way, so don't forget about that, Greg. It's really important. remarketing super powerful. We're going to be talking about that in the branding course and, you know, starting on Monday, but you can set up a remarketing list through Google ads for that specific YouTube video. So now you know that anybody watches those videos interested in that product and you can remark it to them via YouTube. But if you drive them to a product review page first where you could entice them to get onto an, you know, opt into some sort of list for some freebie or something now you can email market to them. But even if they don't do that, you can still cookie them and build a remarketing list for Google Display Network ads to which are incredibly inexpensive. And you can kind of follow them around now that you know what products are interested in, you could actually market to that remarketing list with that same product as well as similarly related products if that makes sense. Because you know that they've already expressed an interest or they wouldn't have a click through to your review page. So there's a lot of things that you can do with that, why I would recommend not just using the cards and that's it and you know, you can get better results is what I'm saying. Okay, it's a good question though.

How Do You Create A Clip To An Upcoming Live Event Video?


Jeffrey's up he says, Hey, guys, I'm publishing a video in two weeks using live events, but I want a smaller version of the same content online right away for other traffic reasons. How can I do that?

Let's see what needs to be different about the DVD as well. If it's, if you're creating a shorter version of it, then it is going to be different, right? So like, what I'm saying is if you already have the video created, and you're just going to live stream it in two weeks, and you want to create a shorter version of it, you know, condense it down, then that's going to be unique video anyways, not only that, but the same video live-streamed twice, is still a unique video, right? Because Google doesn't detect or YouTube doesn't detect. It's when you try to upload the same file twice. Right? But if you're live streaming or pre-recorded video, you could live stream that pre-recorded video to the same channel twice now I don't recommend it because if you know manual review or at work to see it, they could consider that spammy and terminate your channel, right? So I don't you know, I don't recommend doing it. But the fact that you're live-streaming a pre-recorded video makes the file 100% unique to YouTube, right. So

So just keep that in mind. Um, but yeah, if you're going to condense the video like shorten it edited just cut out key parts make like the Reader's Digest version of it so to speak, then yeah, you can just you can live stream that or upload that however you want to do it directly to the channel and then go live stream your pre-recorded video or just, you know, push a true live stream out at the time and two weeks, whatever you want to do it. Okay. And that's all you need to do.

What MGYB Products Should I Use For A Bilingual GMB Page?

Okay, let's see. The next one is Hey guys, I have a potential client that has a GSB profile and website and bilingual language the main domain automatically directs us to the French version. Wow, if we want to read an English version, I assume he's using a subdomain for example. Okay, and Okay, well, that would be a subfolder the way that you have shown But either way, my question is I want to use you're done for you services from MDYV store for the purpose to three map pack. Okay, guess for the purpose of getting into the map pack and Local SEO For French in English. Buying keywords, can you direct me to which projects you do strongly recommend as first priority? Well, we'll do English, but we won't do French correct me if I'm wrong, Marco?

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Marco: That's correct. Okay.

Bradley: He says can let's see, I already bought your battle plan version three and also check your MGYB store several times, but I'm last looking at it. I have audited his GMB and around 74% French buying keywords resulting to his map three MGRGMB three map pack and his website on page one. Okay, cool. So he's got he's doing very well where your site the site that you're managing is doing very well in, in in France, but you're also looking to do it in the US I'm assuming or an English see in zero results for English buying keywords, I believe you're done for your services also offer white label services. Well, yeah, I mean, we can do the keyword research in English unless you've already got that done.

Our deep keyword research will give you so many keywords. It's ridiculous. But if you use those keywords along with, you know several of our other packages for example, the embed service is great for GMB. So I'm assuming it's the same GMB but you've just got two versions of the site. Right. And you'd like the GMB to also rank for English search queries, right. So again, I'm just making this assumption because it's not clear to me, if you don't have an English business in the US also, you're trying to rank the same GMB, I'm assuming in France for both English keywords and French keywords. And so hopefully I'm correct and what I'm assuming here, and if that's the case, then yeah, what I would do. Go ahead

Marco: That's a she, she she's in Canada. Okay. So okay. Any French-speaking region of Canada will take the domain that was posted up as a .ca

Bradley: Ok. So for that, I would recommend you know that you would, you would also, like, for example, drive stack would work really good for that for the English buying keywords. And having the deep keyword research done would be all the keywords that would be included in the drive stack. And then from there, you could do embeds and backlinks and use the same keywords that were generated in the keyword report as part of the backlink campaign, all of that so that you can really start to push that relevancy. The other part of it would be you know, obviously, the Google site is part of the drive stack, which would all be done in English. That's going to help to push that English keyword relevancy. What else would you suggest Marco?

Marco: Yeah, I'm kind of stuck on this question, because I'm not sure what it is that she's looking to do. I said If so, if you getting 70% of French buying keywords, right, they result in the GMB three-pack and zero results for English keywords and you're looking for everything in English to push up your English rankings. And if you even just link out to the French to relevance that will carry through from the drive stack and Angie site. So you can actually do a two for one and if you take the time to them translate the DR site that we give you the French can even get more power and I'm giving you game right free game that during Hump Day hangouts.

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So relevance will carry through English to French French to English, but you can increase the relevance by translating everything that we give you. And that's simple to do once everything is set up. I mean, I would just use Google Translate I know Hernan and I have done that in the past where we've gone and Google Translate and I think we managed to rank in Norway for some shit. I don't speak Norwegian but yeah, it ranked and I ranked in French and I don't speak a word of French but I did I don't know what I was saying. And I don't know if it was right but it ranked. So be I don't see why there would be any problem. Just don't order anything in France because we won't do it. Don't buy any keywords in French. We just won't do it. But you can take whatever we give you. And you're free to add a translation, which again, it adds relevance it there's some trust and authority also in there you can do some canonical wizardry with the English and the French and with alternate languages and a whole bunch of other things that we would only teach you in the mastermind. So I would suggest if you're really looking to take this to the next level, come join the mastermind

Hernan: I would say. sorry Bradley but I would say just to add to what Marco just said, which makes total sense. I was you said maybe like grab your your your main content and have that like grab your main gotten your main content should be able to, to, to rank and convert right that we did those steps back in the day with Marco we were translated some pages and we rank them, you know, was easy, then it was the fact that we had to switch the content for some that would make more sense because we want people at the end of the day we want people like buying our stuff. It was an affiliate website so we want to people you know opting in for the offers but you can do that and then when it comes to like blasting your links or blasting your stuff as a tier two or after you know everything that has to do directly related with your brand, you can go to town with the stuff that I'd seen and that it's in MGYB.co if that makes sense because it doesn't really matter if you have like the little backlinks and English pointing to a website in French at that point so

Bradley: cool.

What URL Should You Input To Get The Schema In TechnicalSEO.com If The PR Link Is Not Yet Published?

Bradley: Katie's up says thanks for helping answer my question last week about PR specific schema I'm still stuck on what URL to enter in the generator on technicalSEO.com If I select article schema, then leave the URL property field blank the schema reports a warning when tested. Yeah, you don't want to leave it blank says I'm worried about causing invigoration and the data so I so just don't want to put the wrong info here, I read that for a schema.org thing like an article, the URL property should always point to the same URL, because everything has exactly one preferred or canonical URL. This makes it sound like the URL I enter into the generator should be the URL of the PR itself, which does not yet exist, which is correct, since press advantage has not yet published it. So do we publish the PR schema that contains the warning? Or do we enter a different URL into the generator? Thanks,

I would just publish with the organization page URL, right? Because that's going to link it's going to basically be pushing back to the Index page, the newsroom the media room, essentially that has all of the articles published on press advantage on your in your organization, right because you're right, you don't have the URL yet. Now maybe that's something that we could find out from we could we could request from Jeremy the developer a press advantage is to display when you order a new PR like when you go to order a new another a new PR that it could display what the URL is going to be for that press release in the editing phase of it or whatever. Because here's the thing, remember, the URL is determined by the title, right? There's a, there's the PR number after press advantage. com slash and it's the actual press release number, I believe for that order. And then after that, it's the slug from the title that's generated from the title. So maybe, and I don't know that this is possible, but you know, it could certainly be asked that that could be like a preview or it could be dynamically inserted after the press release has been initially written. Again, I don't know that that's going to happen. In the meantime, you could just link back unless Marco says that that's wrong, would be to link back to the press advantage organization page. What do you think Marco?

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Marco: That's what I would do if the URL is not it is not existent at that point that you have to point to something else or you get that error and but you could always switch that up, can you? I think that

Bradley: Well, no, because once it's published, you can add it to the schema that's added appended to that particular.

Marco: Okay, so yeah, so so we'll have to talk to Jeremy about this and see what we can do. He's really good about fixing this.

Bradley: Yes, very much. So, really good. Very much. So and so here's the news article. schema. Right. And by the way, we're, besides the plugin that I teased last week, we've got another app potentially coming out soon to that will do all the schema you could ever need. It's incredible. It's really cool. So we'll be talking about that and coming weeks as well. So this is just an interim tool. But if you see this is the URL she's talking about is right here. And by putting in the organization page URL, it's saying the main entity of page so that's the scheme of this just so let me show you what I mean. If I cut this out of here, it's the news article schema.org. But the moment that you put something in for the US field, it brings up this main entity of page type, right? So so that's why I'm saying it says at the type web page and an @ID. Well, the ID can point back to the organization page, right? Because the organization page and this will break my browser because I've got my embedded iframe loop. But what does this ID page have on it? It's got pretty much all the entity validation for that organization anyways, so that makes sense. It's got the NAP, the Google Map, embedded websites, social media, perhaps an embedded iframe, if you've got that. So my point is, I think that that should absolutely work. Right. What do you think Marco?

Marco: I totally agree.

Bradley: So there you go. That should help you. With that. She says, Brian, actually, let me finish this question and it will jump back to Brian's question. She says just add quickly, the schema markup generator is also asking for image URL. So far all the images embedded in my PR have been hosted by press advantage. So I'm not sure how the press advantage image URL would get added into the PR schema. Either since the hosted image URL does not yet exist, and schema code has been submitted to press advantage before they publish the PR IC press advantage just released a feature to allow external image URLs to be added. So is that the only way? That's a good question? I would if you have, I know with the external image.

Yeah, you could do it that way. So if you have the image hosted somewhere else, and you give them the URL for that way, then you could use that same image there. Typically the way that my blogger does all the press releases for my clients, or for my own projects is we publish a blog post first, right and then we use the press event press advantage of press releases, to promote blog posts.

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That gives us the and we also usually do a GMB post, for example, so we kind of create, you know, like co-citation between a press release or press releases, blog posts, which isn't a deep link, right, and then in turn a deep internal link from the website as well as GMB post. And that's what we link to. So the URL of the image can be pulled from the blog post, right? So like the hosted URL image from the blog post, we can use that for example. So that's typically how we do it if you're trying to use you know, you could also pull an image from Google Maps listing, for example, right? So for example, if you have if you've uploaded a photo like I'm just assuming that it's if it's for local, let's just put it that way. You could upload a photo to Google Photos for the GMB right so in the GMB as a photo and then you could go pull the chair URL from that photo and use that right if it's the same image that's going to be in the press release. Anyways, one word of caution.

Don't like if you're going to provide the image to press advantage already hosted, make sure it's sized properly. So in other words, if you if you've got a big image somewhere that you've uploaded to WordPress, or to Google Photos for the gym before GMB, for example, or even just flat out Google Photos, if it's a large image, what happens is, and I know this, because I just tested this, the image will come out as large as whatever the original file size is when it gets published, as in the press release. So sometimes the image like bleeds way outside the actual content body of the press release because it's so big. So just keep in mind that you want to resize those images to I typically don't like them to be any wider than 600 pixels, maybe 650 pixels, so that it will fit nicely inside the PR it doesn't get you to know, bleed outside of that. Do you see any problems with that Marco?

Marco: Not me. This is another question that has me a little confused because it like a PR doesn't sit in a bubble. You're getting, you're going to syndicate information because as I said, you're going to produce news or information about something else. Something else that that should have images that should have CTA, that should have video just whatever like like a post right, a GMB post. It has a URL, the image will have a URL, everything has a URL. And and so if the image URL that you can use is one of those, since it belongs to your entity anyway, it's yours, Google will know that all of these little associations that you can make are, what cinch everything and it's something that I'm testing right now that's something really intricate, but it works really well once it's set up then and then you just push go. I mean, it just does a great job of pushing everything into the three-pack and the way that that's done is by creating you know, as you said, all of this co-occurrence and all of this, these co-citations. These are naked URLs and just URLs in the text without even getting LinkedIn, that'd be those account, believe it or not. And again, if it's from a post then that post image has a URL, yeah, if it's me, then that image should have a URL, or it should be uploaded to Google. So that you get the Google URL in there, or the Google Photos URL, whatever, if your Facebook, if you have an image on Facebook, you could use that because it's yours. Anything and everything that you can do to promote your brand are what you should be doing.

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Bradley: Right. And that's what so so this is why I wanted to demonstrate this. So that's the image URL here. Now, if you take a look, this is the press of publish press event or excuse me, press release. That has I used the self-hosted image, right. So in other words, I provided an image URL for the press for press advantage to us. Now here it looks fine. But when it's republished on some of the other sites that you know, some of the other media sites, it's a big image that bleeds over. And it might not be this press version, this might be one of the other ones, but it bleeds way outside of the actual, you know, text area. So that's why I recommend that you resize it. But if you take a look, if I right-click on this and say copy image address, this is the image address right here. If you take a look, I know it's probably small, but that's my alpha land realty dot sales site, which is the site that I use for selling the properties that I have for sale. So this is a self-hosted image on my selling site, that I provided that URL press advantage to embed into the press release. Does that make sense? So I didn't upload this image to press an advantage. I provided them with the already hosted image URL, which then they inserted into the press release. So that right there is the same URL that I could add right here. If I was going to be promoting that particular press release, excuse me, writing the news article schema for that particular press release. That makes sense. So and again, I like doing that because if now that image URL, it once again, it's referencing another one of our entity assets. That makes sense. So that's how you resolve those.

How Many Articles A Weekly Should You Post In A GMB Page?

Brian PA it is Brian friends. Okay, awesome. What's up, Brian? He says, How many articles a week should you post to your GMB? Well, it depends. I think more equals better, but it really depends on you know what the competition's doing. It also depends on the industry. I can only say that more equals better. So, you know, for a lot of clients we posting we're posting daily. Some clients were posting twice daily, some clients were only posting two or three times per week. It just depends. You know, if nobody else in the industry and competitors are posting but or they're posting very, very rarely. So infrequently which is what you will notice unless somebody is running. A lot of times you'll see, especially in the contracting industries, you'll see that they'll post but it'll only be, you know, haphazardly. It's not a consistent schedule. So if as long as you are posting regularly, a lot of times, that's all it will take to get better results. But I think more equals better, let's say any of you.

Marco: I say you should post as many times as it takes. But if it takes once a week, then that's all you need to rank it then. I mean, that's fine. But again, as Bradley said, keep that consistency. If it takes five posts a day, then that's what it takes. And then so you'll be needing 25 posts, or it'll be 35 posts per week or 25 to 35 posts per week. It just it as Bradley said it depends on a percentage basis, what the competition is doing. And you know what Google wants to be fed.

Yeah, so his next question is, how long should it be? Well, they should only hold 1500 characters. So if the article, the GMB posts themselves, how many words should these posts be? It's not as I don't care about how many words they are, I mean, you can have up to 1500 characters and a GMB post. So that's the limit. So, typically what we do is we have what depends but if we're if we're publishing up, GMB post, it's talking about a blog post, which is what we do a lot. We'll just grab the first paragraph or a relevant paragraph from the blog post itself and use that in the GMB post but that we always include a call to action, a primary keyword that we're trying to target, a location modifier of some sort and a call to action, which allows us to squeeze name, address or phone number usually it's not the address because most of the clients I do we you know, I service or service area businesses, so it's usually the name or the phone number. And then we always link back to either a previous post, if it's a siloed, GMB posts, we link to the previous GMB post URL or an in with the button, we link to either the blog post, if that's what we're actually, you know, pointing to, or referencing, or will link to one of the entity assets. And a lot. And what I do with my VA is, is they'll have my bloggers will just have on the spreadsheet, the client spreadsheet, there will be a target URLs list, which will have all of the Top Tier or Tier One branded entity assets that we want to link to and they'll cycle through it. So in other words, you know, for example, if we've got a client that we're posting Monday through Friday, once per day, then that client might only be getting one blog posts per week. So one of those GMB posts for the week will actually link back directly to that blog post and it will have a paragraph or so pulled out of that along with the call to action and such but then the rest of the post during the week.

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My VA is really good because they've just, you know, they've been doing it for so long of just finding something to write about from the website, and then just kind of rewarding it and turning it into a call to action of some sort. And then linking back to, like I said, with the button URL back to one of those branded entity assets and them just kind of cycle through them. Top Level citations, press, you know, media room type pages, drive stack, specifically the G site, really the GMB map URL, the GMB website, money site, inner pages of the money site, all of those, they just get linked to kind of a rotation so that there's constantly links going from GMB back to branded entity assets and it kind of help to just reinforce that whole footprint if that's if that makes sense. Okay.

Is It Okay To Use The Content Of A Drive Folder To Others?

Austin Don says with stacks drive folders, let's say I have one for service, Round Rock. Okay, would it be alright to copy that Drive folder and use for other cities service whatever Ville and just change the city modifier on the content or should new content be used for drive stacks, you can just change your city modifier is but also make sure you're changing the target URLs that you're linking from or linking to from within those files. Right. Marco, you want to comment on that?

Marco: Yeah, there's some editing that needs to be done. You can't just change that. And then think that it's all over. Again. There are some files in there that have some heavy links that have to go in and have to be modified, correct? Yeah, so I'm saying you want to change your target URLs. So the best idea would be to have you know, a page or post on your money site that is optimized for that particular location for that service and location or services and location, and then change. When you're when you clone the file, the folders the folder and files for that, you know, for that business or that that project. Then you change all the keywords the location modifier is out to whatever new location you want to make sure that you're editing those target URLs from within the files to point to that location-specific page or post. So it makes sense. So,

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What Is The Ideal Number Of Keywords For A GMB Post Be?

uh, Brian says using only one keyword per post or should you try to get two keywords in it? Well, I always have my bloggers are trying to target one primary keyword, but there are usually variations they get worked into it anyways, does that make sense? Remember, if you've got things siloed correctly, you're going to have related keywords anyways. From you know, within the silo on the website or from the GMB post because we siloed those together or both, right. So it usually there's the primary keyword that we're trying to target with each post, but there's a there's obviously going to be you know, variants clips, so closely related or LSA type keywords that also work, you know, in part of it, it's just because it's natural, and we don't write for SEO anymore, right? I mean, yes, we still try to target one keyword or so as a primary keyword. But our, my writers don't aren't trained to write for SEO really, they're just trained to, they know what like to link properly. But we don't have to write for SEO so much anymore because of structured data. And because Google's algorithm just understands natural language patterns so much more. So what would you suggest Marco?

Marco: Yeah, this is this is where siloed and the way that we do our posts comes in really handy, right, because you'll have a set of keywords that you're targeting, which are actually trying to push up the top-level category, which Jeffrey teaches in his SEO boot camp. So our ultimate goal is to push up or work from the top for that for the top-level category. And that's the main keyword. So any keywords that are relevant to that main category, and any LSA or in any other keywords that Google deems relevant, need to be worked in there, somehow?

As long as you're also thinking about the person that's trying to read that post, and you're trying to convert the person that's reading the post, because that's the ultimate goal, if you can get a person to click on it, the likelihood of them becoming a client or ending up paying either your client or you, it's really high because these are, the people are hot, the hot buyers, they're calling you for a reason. They're filling out that form for a reason. They're visiting your website for a reason. So that's hot, and you need to keep that person hot. You don't want them to go to whatever it is where you haven't clicked and cooled off. So they have to be worked in so so that you're talking to that pain, and you're solving whatever that pain is, you have to work that in so so that so they find a solution to whatever problem that it is that they had that made them go look for you or your niche in the first place.

Bradley: So because we don't have a lot of questions left, we'll wrap it up a few minutes early guys, unless you post some questions. I'll get another question in there. Okay, I was going to share some other stuff. But we

Hernan: just want to say real quick Bradley data, which is put together a short link, if you want, if you guys want to get access to the branding course of Brandon's going to put it together, it's semanticmastery.com/branding. So that is semanticmastery.com/branding. And you will be able to access that course for only 97 bucks instead of 300 bucks, which is going to be the end and you know, the final price for it. So semanticmastery.com/branding, which is put that together, boom.

How Often Should We Order Link Packages To The Drive Stacks/GSites?

Okay, Austin says how often should we order link packages to the drive stacks g sites? Well, that's up to you how as often as you need, I recommend that you alternate between embeds and link building packages. And remember when you buy embeds, you can also build by as an upsell. Link Building packages or is like a second-tier two that were linked link building to the actual embeds that's very powerful too. I like to do things in cycles or stages. So maybe I'll have a link building package done to my entity assets, my SEO shield, so to speak, one month, and then the next month, it'll be an embed gig. And then the next month, it'll be, you know, another link building package to syndication network, for example, or something like that. It's just a way to stagger it out. So I just kind of work that stuff into my monthly retainer for clients so that I know that that's going to be stuff that's ongoing, it gets done on a monthly, you know, monthly basis. It doesn't necessarily have to be the same targets every month. You can kind of just cycle through that. Okay.

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Marco: Yeah, so no, don't hit the home page every month, right with a million links. That's not going to help. So if if you gave you drip them out, like during the month, which Dadea is really good at drip, feeding, everything, dripping everything out the way that you should set it looks more natural and every month as Bradley said, You choose a different target so that you're also targeting your tier one branded directly. Instead of just through the drive second Gsite, all of that, your posts your we've shared during Hump Day Hangouts, I don't know how many different URL targets that you can use for your link building campaign. And it all filters through to the same place, which is your again, and you know, you're going to get sick of me saying this, but the entity, it all filters out to what it is that you're trying to build, which is that the final piece of the puzzle, which is that entity was really really matters.

Bradley: Yeah, that's why I was getting ready to show. You know, when I talked about for GMB posts, for example, my bloggers have a list of target URLs that they just kind of cycle through that they including the button links Now, as I said, if it's a GMB post that is specifically promoting a blog post on the site, then on from the money site, then that GMB post or a button URL ends up pointing back to that specific blog post. But for most of the general posts, then it will link back to just one of the branded assets, the entity assets. Right? So that would be a tier-one asset. So which one should you link to? Well, all of them, but if you want our link to just the ones that are deemed the most powerful or the most relevant for the brand, it's very simple. Just go do a brand search if it's for a company, like a local business that has a name that is ambiguously aided right, so a name that is maybe coming up like a lot. I know a lot of local contractors, for example, will have names that are very generic, like whatever service plus city or city whatever service so it's very difficult to create a brand around that. Now it is so one of the ways that you can get and I've shown this before and maybe I'll show it with what we'll do another will do two examples real quick.

Alpha land realty has got a strong brand. Now I've been because I've been working on the entity for this for quite some time without doing a lot of SEO work. It's just been mainly entity work. And you can take a look, this is my real estate business, you can see that if I just do search for alpha land Realty, all of the entire first pages is taken up by all of my by entity assets of mine, right, or press releases that mentioned the brand. But something by the way that just popped up recently, I thought this was very, very powerful. This is really cool. This is apollo.io, which is like a kind of like a sales contacting prospecting type service. I know because I saw I just saw this pop-up yesterday in my brand search. And I went and signed up for it because I thought I could go in and edit this profile. And you can't, this was auto automatically generated by apollo.io. But it's very powerful because it popped right up on page one, like out of the blue. I've never even heard of it. And so I did sign up for it to try to see if I could edit this stuff. But what it did was it pulled in all of these entity assets.

I didn't create this page by the way like this, what I'm saying this just out of the blue popped up and it's got my website URL, it's got my name, it's got a description that it's pulled from somewhere. It's got my Facebook page, Twitter Linkedin page, and it's even got an alexa.com site info page. So somehow apollo.io is tied into Alexa, which I believe is an Amazon company. But it also pulls from Crunchbase which I think is also where got some of this information. So by the way, that's one of the ones I want to point out Crunchbase calm guys is super, super powerful. It's, it's, it's an entity database, right or a Semantic database. So you can go in and set up a Crunchbase profile and put in all kinds of like set up an organization and add a ton of information to it. And it's very, very powerful. So I would highly recommend that you set up Crunchbase but from here, I could just go through and start pulling out from the top two or three pages, all the URLs that are branded entity at sets, right so, and put those into a target URL list that you would want to cycle through from GMB posts, you can use that for deep links for other stuff, guys, you can link to them from press releases, you can link to them from blog posts, all of that kind of stuff, right? So you can just go through here and for example, like here's my Tumblr page for whatever reason is so powerful. This is from my syndication network and keeps showing up on page one and has been for four months, even though I really don't even publish to it.

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If we go back to page two will see that we've got, you know, USA Today, that's a press release Twitter's popping up even though I don't really tweet. Another one is let's see Crunchbase I was just talking about this one. And this is actually tech check this out. This is the Crunchbase you can add press releases to your Crunchbase Company Profile. And so if you take a look, this is just referencing alpha land realty launches website for Virginia property owners. It's a press advantage. That's the press advantage URL right there, right so you can actually add press releases to Crunchbase, which is very, very powerful, and then that Crunchbase URL will index in rank, even though it's, it's it's pushing to, it's crazy. all it's doing is linking to a press release, but that Crunchbase URL will rank. Take a look at this Pocket. This hasn't been posted to since it was set up. It's just a Pocket profile. But it's still ranking, right? It's ranking on the top two pages is another one of my entity assets. So all of these things can just go into an actual target URL list. So it makes sense. And these are all things that could also be linked you could for the question that was just asked about how often should you order link building packages, all of these can become target URLs. Something else we've talked about is let's just do a quick search will do.

Let's do something I'm not in a city. I'm not in this a Tree Service, Richmond, VA. We use this as an example. Alright, so we'll come down here we'll look at let's see true. I want to see a good Davy Davy in Richmond, Virginia. That's a good one there. Let's take a look at that. It's also it looks like it's showing up here in maps. So we'll click through for maps. And we also kind of want to hold on lead back up for a minute. I also want to click through to Yelp. And I want to show you guys something. We've talked about this in the past, but I'll, I'll point this out again. Alright, so if we're looking at, let's actually grab the name.

Let's do this. Back up for a minute. We might have been able to do it from there. Hold on a minute. Let's try. Let's try that real quick.

We click through to here to photos, okay, yeah, we can. Okay. So remember, you can also for your link building projects, you can also grab, obviously, we're going to grab the map URL, remember not to use the share map URL, by the way, guys.

Let me back up for one more minute. And actually, we'll just go. We'll do this. I want to give you guys a couple of things real quick. So we'll go to. Alright, so a couple of things here. There is a great website. It's really simple and easy to use. Go to Google My Business. It's called GMB dot reviews maker calm. I've talked about this in the past, go to this page right here, click the code place Id go grab the long, ugly maps URL for an entity for a brand, right? That's a verified Google My Business has a verified Google My Business, excuse me, click through to the actual website that was photos. Let me back up for a minute. It's not showing the map. Here we go. Click through to the actual map URL, see if we can do that.

And it's not giving me the map URL that I wanted. But all you gotta do is grab the long map URL guys, the big ugly one for when you do a brand search and you click through from the knowledge panel on the little map icon, click through and then copy that big long, ugly URL. And you'll paste it into there and decode it and give you a maps URL that is the best URL to use. It still needs to be edited slightly. I'll show you the right way to do it. Let's see, click through we just use alpha land realty is an example. So you see I click through to the actual map and this big, long, ugly URL right here, Copy that. Go over to the GMB maps, excuse me, GMB reviews maker calm, click the code place ID paste this in here, click the decode place ID button will take a second. Then scroll down and right here where it says your maps URL you want to copy that link address will put this in a notepad file. And then what you want to do is change that URL from this where it says maps is the subdomain change that to dub dub dub so www.google.com and input maps after the first forward slash before the question mark. Right now that right there is the best URL to build links to for your maps listing. Because it's not a redirect, it's a straight URL.

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Okay, so that so that's a really good URL to use. However, here are some other things that you can link build to. So we know that Davie Tree Service is one of the Richmond Tree Service, Richmond, VA, whatever that was the keyword I searched? Well, if we click through to the maps listing, like what you see here, look at all these different photos. All these photos have different URLs, guys if we click every photo is going to give you a different URL. So each one of those could also be used as additional link targets. Right? You could actually put those through one of your own shorteners, or use a shortener that's a 301 redirect, so you can print them up. And then you can create a target URL list of all the different images within the Google My Business profile. Does that make sense? Something else you could do is you could click on the actual reviews. So these reviews share, if you can click through from the actual brand. So let's go back to here for a minute. Let's just pick another one because that one's not it's got multiple locations and it's hard to pull up one specific one, we pull up, let's say ridge line Tree Service. Let's try that one.

And then I know we got to wrap it up in just a minute, guys. Okay, see how rich live Tree Service popped up. So if we click through to the map icon, this is going to take us to this specific map listing. Okay, then from here, right here, where it says reviews, the 11 reviews on this case, I could click on that. That's a unique URL, right? So you can add that to your target URL list. Also, each one of these individual reviews, take a look at it has a share URL, you can click on that and use that share URL. However, if you take a look at that URL, it's a redirect, but I don't care. I'll still build links to it. Does that make sense? So my point is, you can grab these, each one of these individuals share URLs and link to those also. So it makes sense. So each one of those photos can have its own URL. We talked about doing it with Yelp, if we were to find, see if we can find ridge line or we're just talking about baby tree expert companies, let's go into there, we click into their we've talked about this in the past guys, Yelp, grab that URL, put that in your list, click into photos, each one of these photos now has a different URL, grab all those photos, put those in. And those are all Yelp targets. Now, you can close out of that, you can also go down if they have reviews, and you can link to the reviews. See also share a review. So you can actually grab that URL and put that share, review share URL into your target list. One more thing, click rights, right-click view page source and scroll down. All of a sudden look at these guys, these are all can language canonical is essentially CL says link rel=canonical. And all of these other URLs are for the Yelp on all the different language versions of the Yelp site that all canonical eyes to this primary English version, right, which is the US version and each one of those URLs can go into a target list. So there's no shortage of links that you can add to link building campaigns, as long as they're not direct to your money site is what we suggest. You want to comment on that at all Marco.

Marco: No, that was perfect.

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Bradley: Okay, cool. Alright, we've got about three minutes. I think we've just got a couple more that popped up.

What Video Should You Embed In A Press Release?

So Katie says thanks for the PR schema reply of something else I'm thinking about I'm a publishing press release about each blog post and want to incorporate video into the mix. Now that press advantage offers video embeds. Using the content of articles and press releases, I create a YouTube video of each post NPR from the videos created using my blog content I created a YouTube playlist that mirrors my blog siloed There you go, Katie, now you're getting it and embedded these into the corresponding blog posts from the videos created by the way, why not embed the playlist? Right, embed the playlist into each blog post within the same silo so the playlist is a silo and you've got a silo on your blog.

Now you can embed the actual playlist with the specific video that matches with matches up or corresponds with that particular blog post as the top video in the playlist. Does that make sense? So instead of just embedding the specific video, you can embed the whole playlist. So now you've got a playlist silo embedded in a silo. So it makes sense. It's very, very powerful to do that. So you're onto something there. Very good. She says from the video is created using my PR content, I created a second YouTube playlist that mirrors my PR stack. She's she, Katie must been following Semantic Mastery for a minute. Which videos best to embed in the press release the video from the blog post or the video about the press release itself that promotes the blog post? Or does it matter? It really shouldn't matter? In fact, it's probably a little bit of overkill to have two separate YouTube playlists. You know you could though I don't I mean, I just honestly I think that's probably a little bit more work than you need because you could probably accomplish everything within one siloed playlist that's mirroring the same keywords that you're targeting in both the blog post and the PR. That makes sense because you could reduce your workload a little bit, I think by just having one playlist that's mirroring the same keywords that are mirrored from your blog post to your PRs. If that makes sense. And then I would for the, for the press releases, I would take you, I don't think you can embed a playlist. But I know you can have the individual excuse me video URL for that specific that you know, that corresponds with that PR plus post, embed that into the plane, the press release, excuse me, but I would use the playlist embed code with the hack to where you can change the video ID to the video ID of that that corresponds with that post to be the top video in the playlist. And I would use the video and the playlist embed code in that in the blog post itself. That now you have a silo embedded in a silo if that makes sense. That's pretty powerful stuff. So

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Does The Battle Plan Provide Steps On How To Optimize A New Lead Gen Site?

last question and I gotta wrap it up. I just created another brand new lead gen site. Does the battle plan give me steps to optimize the SM way? Of course, it does. Nathan. That's exactly what it was created for. Yeah, but it's no different. New did not the steps are the same. It's a couple of things that might be different.

Marco: But the steps that you need to take are practically the same. By the way, before we go. I'll be starting my charity webinar series. The first week of December probably. And I can't remember when you have your webinar. The next one for you. Do we have another one? Do we have another webinar coming up?

Bradley: Yeah, we've got on we've got Monday for the start of the branding course which will be about YouTube ads. And on December 9, Monday, December 9 is the display ads Google display ads.

Marco: So Monday the 25th or December's ok so the 25th and then

Bradley: Monday, December 9, right?

Marco: Okay, so I'll be starting mine, Monday, December 2 guys, everything about work, BERT entities, everything you want to know to rank into 2020 and well beyond. I told you in 2014 2015 what was going on and where this was going, and here we are, this is 2015 you should have been there. If you're not, then come to these webinars because I'll tell you from 2020 2025 MB on what's happening and what you need to do. And all it's going to take is a donation to the charity all the money goes to kids who need an education. So it's for a good cause. That's why I'm giving you raw business. It's what's going to happen and why.

There you go. Alright, thanks for everybody being here. We'll see you guys next week. Hey guys, semanticmastery.com/branding and forget to awesome thanks, guys.

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