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By April

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Adam: Well, I guess we are live! Hey everybody, welcome to Hump Day hangouts Episode 272. I cannot see everyone right now. So I'm going to assume that Bradley's on my top left and we'll start with you and see how things are going Bradley, what's you up to today?

Bradley: Busy. Busy. Busy working, you know, working hard or hardly working now. I'm working hard. I've been working hard for the last couple of weeks, man. I'm, you know, after the holiday that you know, one month really fight, five weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year's not nearly as much gets done as I had hoped. So January is always like, and I'm sure everybody kind of tries to hit the ground running and that's what I'm trying to do. And it's been putting in long days like 12-13 hour days. Bbut you know, it's exciting because I'm seeing a lot of growth. So it's a good thing.

Adam: Good deal and not spoil one of the announcements or anything but I know you've been cranking out some of the content to 2xyouragency which we're going to touch on that but I believe the new stuff just hit today, right?

Bradley: Yeah well, we just got the training for this week to add it split up edited I don't know if it's actually been added to the members' area yet but it will be within the next 24 hours or so. And yeah so I mean it's crazy because I put two hours in last week on you know the video and end up getting chopped up but it was a nice long lesson. Then this week was almost not 90 minutes in total. So it's you know, I'm putting a lot into this for the inexpensive price don't let that fool you. There's a lot of really really good information in this so

Adam: outstanding, quote Well, I'm going to go in the order I remember it so Chris, how are you doing today?

Chris: Doing good. Unlike Bradley. I'm just like still recovering from a vacation from snowboarding.

I love your idea stays on it kind of through Christmas. You know do a little bit here and there and then go take a like a mid-January vacation. I think that's a good idea.

Chris: is also like half the price. If you going on vacation Christmas, everything is expensive. Right now every single stream, so good point.

Adam: Outstanding. Well, Marco, how you doing today?

Marco: Sorry, I was muted. I'm good. Can you hear me?

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Yeah, yeah, I am, would you actually, I see that you're living a taste of my life. Except for Costa Rica. Costa Rica is all that without the humidity. There we go. That actually that sounds amazing sounds about say, yeah, it's kind of it's a little humid for me. Well, that's except if you're on the coast, of course, because we have the Caribbean, which is the rain forests. So you can expect humidity and of course in the Pacific, but where I live, which is the Central Valley, it's surrounded by mountains. So think of Puerto Rico and all you're seeing but without the humidity, and that's Costa Rica.

Adam: All right. That's it. We're going down to Costa Rica. You guys got to do a Hangout from down there. Awesome. Well, real quick, you know what we touched on with Bradley. We were talking, he rather he was telling you about the training. And Bradley the series you're in right now what you know, we've got kind of three pillars of the training? And right now you've been. I don't want to spoil it. I'm gonna let you talk about it. But you know, you're talking about prospecting and getting clients, right?

Bradley: Yeah, well, it's 2extra pipeline is the first. It's cut the entire training is going to be three different sections. So there are two extra pipelines, which is really the first four weeks, then the middle is two extra results, which is about being able to get repeatable and reliable results. And in 2xyourbusiness is the last four weeks, which is about really scaling and learning how to and outsourcing and using third party fulfillment providers you know, that kind of stuff, so that you can really scale your business.

So the first section is called to extra pipeline and that's all about prospecting sales, developing successful habits, that kind of stuff. So that's really where we're at now. And I think that's, that had to be the first part because and last week's training was about mindset and developing successful habits because you have to have the correct philosophy, right? The correct mindset in order to stick to it and do what you have to do to be able to generate the kind of leads that your business needs in order to be able to pick and choose which kind of clients you want to work with only those that are the best fit, the ones you're most comfortable with. All that kind of stuff I hear too often from our members at their biggest roadblock to success is not getting enough clients that client getting, like, that's the thing I struggle with the most. And then I asked God, well, how many proposals have you made in the last month and you know, if you get a five out of them, they're, you know, they're doing really, really well. And you should be making five to 10 proposals per week. Do you know what I mean? And there's a way to do that if you if your prospect and you have the correct mindset and you build the systems and processes and that's really where, where we're at this for the first four weeks, we're two weeks into it. So we got about another two weeks of that to go.

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Adam: Good deal. Yeah. And then for anyone who missed out, you can still get in at 2xyouragency.com. Go check that out. People have already gotten started on the training, we got some really cool bonuses as well. So definitely, that sounds like what Bradley was talking about just now. Sounds good. And that's definitely something you should go grab.

Cool. So are we good? Do we have anything else?

Oh, we definitely do. We definitely do. So just real quick, I did want to talk, you know, we gonna keep it short this week on our I am before I run off here, but you know, we talked about it in the mastermind. We talked about it on Hump Day Hangouts, and you know, getting the services done for you. And part of what you're going to be talking about Bradley in 2xyouragency is how do you scale because, okay, let's say you fill your pipeline. Now, what do you do when you have, you know, you've gone from two clients to 10 clients, and part of that is getting the services and you know, not everyone we talked to provides SEO Services, but a lot of people watching listening right now I know do that and the place where you know you Yeah.

Don't ever tell anyone you know, you have to use the sole source. So you should rely on one thing, use the best services you have available to you. And that's part of why we developed Mt. wipey. There were services that we wanted to provide for ourselves internally. And then people started asking for them, we said, okay, well, if we can do this, then we can provide these services, we can train the VA is like we have previously, and we can offer these services outward. So you know, you don't have to wait till you have 10 clients. But if you have clients, then you know, you should be outsourcing it to MGYB, or if there are services that we don't offer, first, tell us so that we can create the services, but then, you know, find another provider to go do that. You know, and again, we just, we talked about this a lot, because it's important. This is one of those things that you've got to start doing if you do want to grow. It's correct.

Cool. So now we're, I think we're good guys. Anything else? Want to talk about real quick, and that was it for me.

Good. We got lots of questions. So let's get to the question. Sounds good. All right.

Grab the screen.

You guys confirm when you see it.

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How Do You Best Set Up Dynamic Phone Numbers For Different Citations?

Good to go. Good to go. Okay, cool. All right, so Roberts up first, he says business citations GMB allows for primary and additional phone numbers so that we can use a tracking phone number. However, other directories demand that whatever phone number used on the directory citation has to match the website. So if we were using a dynamic phone number swap call rail on the website, the directory citation phone number would never match the website. How are you guys getting up to the top 40 to 50 citations these days and getting the best use of call tracking numbers? Okay, well, the way that dynamic number insertion works, as I understand it because I do that with Google ads, but not I don't use the call rail code to do that I use Google Ads code to do that or and now I just you set it up really simply with Tag Manager. It's really easy to do now, but you used to have to add like a specific code to the site.

And it doesn't actually. It doesn't actually overwrite the number on the site unless certain criteria have been met like this like a lead source, for example, like coming through the Google ads, but I click through from the Google Ads platform when that when the page loads, Google will rewrite or display a different phone number, which is a tracking phone numbers for conversion tracking purposes, that instead of showing what the actual phone number that is published on the website is, so I'm assuming that that's how call rails work, or call rails dynamic number insertion works. I don't know that to be sure, because I haven't looked into it. But I'm assuming that that's how it works. And if that's the case, you shouldn't have any problem with the phone number matching the citation that's also on the website. Where the problem would occur is if you're trying to put a tracking number in the citation. That's not published on the website. That's not the regularly displayed phone number on the website. If that makes sense.

Because, as you just said, the citation directories, a lot of them are going to want the phone number that's actually listed on the web. So if they just go directly to the website, they should see whatever the phone number is listed on the website. It shouldn't be any dynamic insertion, right? If it's a direct visit, but if it's coming through a Google ad or something like that, then it should change. So my point is that you shouldn't have any issues. And the reason I say that is because I have, you know, a lot of different clients and lead gen properties that I have the dynamic number insertion Google Code on, but I also build citations, and I have no problem getting the citation and directories to accept the citation with the phone number that's listed on the website, even though I'm using dynamic number insertion code because the only time that that number change is when somebody clicks through from a Google ad if that makes sense. So I don't know that that answers your question, but I'm assuming that it seems to me like you're saying there's going to be a problem when there shouldn't be in my mind, at least if I'm interpreting the question correctly. Does anybody want to comment on that?

Marco: No, I think that was perfect. No, because let's move on. Yeah, you shouldn't have any issues man, seriously. But if that's incorrect as far as what up my analysis or interpretation of your question, then please clarify below. We'll get to it.

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Can You Use The Same Verified GMB Address For Different Business Entities?

Kyle says, Hey, guys, I have an affiliate website that I've been growing over the last two years when over the last two years and when I first discovered your channel, I created a verified GMB at my home address to solidify my brand entity. Now my wife wants to start a baking business out of her home. Can she still create a verified GMB? If so, under what address? Similarly, if I create more affiliate sites in the future, how do I verify a GMB for each of them? Thanks. Well, that's a good question. You know, if you'd have to probably talk about your postal carrier to make find out if they're, they'd be okay to do this. I haven't had any issues with it when we've done this in the past, but, you know, say like, what I would say your address is 123 Main Street. And that sounds more like a business address. But let's say that's your home address, then you could say 10123 Main Street, you know, one of 123 Main Street be so that it's like sweet numbers essentially. So that could be one way that you could use the same address for, you know, multiple GMBs without it because it would be unique at that point, right? Or you could even do something like that you could talk with your postal carrier to find out if they would still deliver the mail if you had added, you know, like an A and a B to the end of your street address. And a lot of times they won't, it won't cause any problems. I haven't actually heard of it ever causing any problems, but you'd want to double-check and make sure that your email is still going to be delivered. So that's one way that you could do it.

Um, the other thing I would recommend, though, is not to create additional GMB sites or GMB profiles for each affiliate site in the future, there's really no reason to do that, why not create one brand and then have multiple affiliate sites under that brand? That's kind of what or affiliate type projects? I mean, I guess if it's if there's no relationship between them whatsoever, then it would make sense maybe to have different things. But um, you know, I wouldn't recommend that for affiliate stuff. Unless you're building like a big brand for something or another and, you know, I don't know what type of brand you're going to build as an affiliate, but you could build an affiliate brand that could have, you know, promote multiple different types of products. So that's, that's what I would do and we're actually working on building a brand name for that marketing business or whatever you however you want to call it. So Marco, what would you do?

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I would do exactly what you said I was thinking about this and I would brand, the affiliate remembers Jason Quinlin, Mastermind member for a long time, then he fell off, but he created shiny object review. And he was ranking all over the place for a whole bunch of different things. Of course, it was all digital marketing or SEO related. So they had some kind of semantic relationship. However, I'm thinking if you're, I don't know, you have we review you calm, then that brand could potentially review everything. And I think that you can get away with that as long as your schema is correct on all the different categories that you go into. Or else if you couldn't do that, that then directories just wouldn't work with the directories and we know that directories work really well. So if you think on the directory model and you this is thinking that they're unrelated right that your affiliates are going to be all over the place. You want women's shoes. You want leather goods and I also review SEO products that you could take care of that by associating each one to the brand, through your structured data. That's what structured data sport, creating a relationship between the main entity and all the other sub this call. I'm going to call them sub-entities for lack of a better word in the other categories that you and you could do that on a page basis. You could do that on a per post basis, different authors, wherever it is that you decide to set it up. This would be perfect what Bradley said.

Does GMB No Longer Allow P.O. Boxes?

Now, I'm looking ahead to the next question is: is GMB no longer allows P.O. Boxes? I don't think they ever did allow it. They never were never it's always been against the terms of service using a peel box. That's why we go with PO Box with the street address and that would actually take care of your affiliate problem if you want. Separate GMB is for each one of your affiliates. The post office, as a matter of fact, I did one not too long ago, they still allow you to go in and ask for a post office box with a street address. Long As You fill up somewhat, most of them don't know why. So you have to fill out that the PDF file and I can never find it in my bookmarks when I need it. But it's just a PDF that you can print off and fill out and submit and it doesn't cost anything else to use the street address guys in you know that they had they're supposed to have the forms at the post office too. So you don't even need to print it out it just save some time. If you do, just tell them that you want to use the street address option. And I've only had one post office out of dozens that I've done that at that it said that they didn't. They didn't allow the street address option at that one particular post office for whatever reason, which I think is bullshit if it's the United States Postal Service, which means it can be done at once. It should be able to be done at all of them. But you know, you can't fix stupid

So, but yeah GMB we've never condoned or endorsed trying to use p o boxes because I know at least from all of my experience if you whenever I had ever tried to enter in a P.O. box they would immediately reject like it wouldn't allow it to proceed was setting up a GMB so when you get a red warning sign about the address not being in the correct format, they won't allow you to enter it. So that's how you get around that as you go get a P.O. Box with the street address.

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How Do You Make Video With Jump Links Without Timestamps On The Description?

Okay, so there you go. Next is Mike. Mike says Hello beautiful people on a mobile search. I've got this result video with jump links to timestamps. Do you know anything about it? How can I make it? I don't see any timestamps inside the video descriptions. Maybe Google was using the text appearing on the screen. Take a look at this. I have no idea we'd have to go and type that out and go make that search and see how it looks. Different phones may get different results. I have no idea how that's interesting. Yeah, I'm not into YouTube that much. To know why it's like I can't answer that other than I'd have to go and look, and I'm sorry, we don't have the time in this forum to go that deep into this. If you are in the mastermind, though, we would definitely go and take a look at this and tell you how that how that's going on. I am curious, though, is it 6600 dash P. I'm just curious. Does that showing desktop to or just mobile?

It looks like a mobile. Because this is not showing timestamps? Well, there's not just one featured video either. Now there's always that carousel. Yeah, so it doesn't show on desktop, but it does. In mobile. That's interesting, huh. I've never seen that. And there are no timestamps in the description, huh?

No, there's not. That's interesting. Yeah, I don't know I'm not we'd have to go down a rabbit hole. And this isn't the time or place for it. If you're in the mastermind, we would definitely go in and take take a look and try to come up with how this was done. Probably transcribed. I would guess. Yeah, I mean, that's what I was just looking at the transcription but that doesn't even match up. The timestamps in the transcription don't match with those there. So I don't know. That's interesting. That's something would be cool to take a look into. But I agree we can't spend all our time on this right now. But sorry, I don't know the answer to that. That's pretty interesting. That's the first time I've seen that. That'd be a good question for me to direct Michael bows or something because he's the YouTube ninja now.

Video Suggestions For MGYB Dashboard

Alright, so sorry, but that's pretty interesting to check into anyways, Nathan's up, he says, Hey, guys, this is just a suggestion. Okay. I read through this earlier. He's basically asking for us to provide tutorial videos on how to fill out the forms for data for MTV orders, which I think is been on our to-do list is that correct?

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Those questions and those are the ones that should be directed directly to support at MGYB.co. Yeah. Because it has nothing to do with SEO, and they can provide you the guidance that you need. Yeah. And yes, we are planning to have leaders who are planning that you have to remember MGYB, was done on the fly when we separated from certain things. Yeah, and I mean, it was done in record time and we're still going through growing pains and one of those is that we have all of these services and all of these demands by people to have all of these things ready and which we do, but you know, we had to cut corners and those would be the explanation videos that you're requesting, which we are planning to do.

But this question definitely belongs to support and you will get help with that either going directly to Dadea, or Roselle, who's fantastic but with customers over at end up to rubble. So chimes in from time to time and they'll take care of you.

How Do You Deal With Revenue Share As Far As Making Sure The Contractor Is Being Upfront With You?

Dan's up, Dan says, How do you deal with revenue share as far as making sure the contractor is being upfront with you? Do you ask to see the invoice for the job and then get a percentage of that, or do you take a percentage of the profit? It depends on the arrangement. Dan, like what Tree Service contractors? Yes, I guess 10% of whatever the contract price is. However, I have made exceptions where if there are material costs involved, then I'll tell them it's 10% of the contract price minus the mid so 10% of its the contract price minus material costs than 10% of that because it's, you know, most Tree Service stuff is not a lot of there's it. Besides, it's the main labor really, that they're paying. So I get 10% of that, however, on revenue share where I've done like revenue share with remodeling companies, for example, I've gotten 10% of the profit margin on a job instead of the contract price. It only makes sense because if you think about like a kitchen job that costs $35,000 for the full contract price, but the profit margin for the contractors only 20%, then they're making $7,000 in profit off the $35,000 contracts.

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So they're certainly not going to give me 30 $500 10% of the entire contract, right, they'll give me 10% of the profit instead. So you know, that it just depends on how you work it out as far as how do you verify and how do you trust? You have I mean, that's, that's why I don't recommend doing revenue share with any contractor or I just, that's the only time I've ever done is with contractors with any business owner and until you develop the relationship. Or if you get some sort of, you know, concrete, written agreement that kind of spells everything out, including access for you to verify contracts and stuff like that. Because you can get burned really easily and doing revenue share models where people without confirming or verifying what they're telling you is true. And I know that through experience, I used to offer revenue share right out of the gate until I got a lot of leads that were, you know, jobs that were stolen from me essentially because they were completed and I never got paid for generating the leads because the contractors were lying to me. And that happens and the way that I overcame that was to use a telemarketing like outbound call center that would disguise the calls as outbound surveys that would call the leads that had come through my you know, my lead gen sites and just say, Hey, you know, we're calling on behalf of and whatever the company's the lead gen company's name was, and say we were just following up customer satisfaction, sir ready to find out, you know what it was about the offer your the estimate that we provided that you didn't like, you know, what was it that caused you to go with another company, and this just and they would disguise it as a survey like that. And what would happen is sometimes the people that they would call the leads at the call center would follow up with would say, “Well, now wait a minute, we did hire you, we, we did end up having you do the job for us.” And then I would go back to the contractor and say, you know, confirm with what jobs you did last month, and they would tell me and if they would leave, you know that one or however many jobs I knew that they did out then I would call them on it and fire them on the spot and then find another lead another service provider.

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So you know, the way that I've learned over the years was not to offer that until I've developed a relationship. So the way that I do things when if you know I've either do on a pay per lead basis with a service provider until we've developed a strong relationship where they've paid on time communication is good. You know, we don't have any issues whatsoever they're easy to work with, then I might offer them a revenue share option. But again, it has to I have to have a gut feeling and a good relationship develop professional relationship, but one developed with him before I'll even offer that because otherwise, you have to have right out of the gate, you have to have agreements in place where you can verify such as seeing copies of the contracts and things like that, you have to spell all that out upfront, or else you will get taken by these people. Which, by the way, I always thought it was really stupid for you to know, most of the time I would get stolen from it was from Tree Service contractors. And I don't mean to paint with such a broad brush because Tree Service has been very, very good to me, and the lead generation business, but a lot of Tree Service guys are just, you know, have been, they're just not very honest. And so a lot of them would steal from me and I never understood that because that's like killing the goose that lays the golden egg. You know, if I'm generating leads for your business and you own have to pay for them when you've closed a sale and actually made money from that lead. The only time you have to pay for it why the hell would you lie about it and close jobs and not pay for that lead just to get caught and get fired? So that lead source now dries up? Do you know what I mean? But it happens and people will take advantage of you if you allow them to. So, Marco, I know you probably got something to say about it.

Marco: Yeah, like right up front. You're gonna have to ask for transparency. You have to ask for what Bradley just said. Yeah, you have to have everything available to you so you can confirm what's yours and what what what is one of the things that I have to have is my phone. I don't care what the end phone that it rings true but it has to ring through my and I use you guys know I use call rail I love call rail and everything that they have to offer. But I have to have that go through that. Now that just controls that it doesn't control who goes through the website, right. You have no control over that unless you get your phone on the website, which is a little harder to do, because then there is just a lot of things but at least if they're willing to bend on on these things and they're willing to work with you, then you know, you can have a working relationship. If you get a flat out, flat out or they're just avoiding the question altogether, and they give you a song and dance routine, just walk away. That's right walk away because the person you can gauge it right up front, whether these people are going to be truthful with you, whether they're going to be you know, be upfront about how much money you're making them, and how much money they should pay you.

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Bradley: Agree. He says when you get paid when they get to work, or when they finished up when I always just asked for payment once they get paid. So again, but Tree Service guys, a lot of times a con, the job will get done and it might be two weeks before they get paid. And depending on who the customer is. You know who hired the tree service contract or sometimes they're property management organizations and it can take six to eight weeks to get paid. Sometimes its construction site, the site development companies so like occasionally we'll get really really big job where we got to go clear cut, you know, lot do a lot clear lock clearing or clear cut a lot for construction for development, you know, and something like that could be a $35,000 job and so it could take you to know, it could take two months to get paid. That happens you know, sometimes you'll be dealing leads will come through after a storm and they have they're the jobs will be paid by homeowners insurance companies and sometimes they take a while to get paid. So, you know, I just always tell the contractors just to pay me when they receive those, the payment for the job. So that's how I do it, but you could work it out any which way. You know, it really just what I like about it, guys. It's just like, kind of like real estate deals in that you can. As long as you have an agreement, everybody agrees on everything you can spell out the terms of the arrangement of the Front, get it in writing, and now it's legally binding. And that's how you can proceed. So you can do it however you want. But just make sure you spell those terms out upfront. Right.

What Is The Best Link Package For @ID Pages?

Dan's next question is what is the best link package to throw at the ID pages? I've built many of them out and now need to throw links at them. Can I get away with using fiber GSA links? Or would you suggest something else? Yeah, link building an MGYB Dadea, our link building manager who has been working for me for I think seven or eight years now. He is a master at link building and everything that he has developed has been specifically for our methods. So everything in MGYB is for the link building and embeds packages and all of that are designed specifically to work in conjunction or in tandem with our SEO shields or ID pages and all that kind of stuff. So, you know, use Fiverr at your own risk. Or come get it done by a professional. Yeah, at Fiverr can work, and it has worked and it and it does have its place. Even Dadea will use them because it's mostly GSA in Fiverr, but even still even Dadea will use GSA. But what I always tell people is this, if you can get results from garbage, imagine how much better results you can get with with with with linking that's done properly. That's done by the master himself, the way that we require and the way that we get results so that if someone does come up, let's say someone happens to come looking, which the chances infinitesimal but can happen, wouldn't you rather have those nice links in your profile, then a whole bunch of garbage links that will make a person come dig even deeper in case that happens? So that's why I always tell people, yes, you can get results with garbage, but you can get much better results by doing it correctly. And we have the packages all set up in MGYB we have, as a matter of fact, three different packages, depending on what your needs are. So I would totally say don't try to save when you're doing this because you can get such just awesome results when you use Dadea's gig.

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Do You Recommend Using A Phone Number Used In A Suspended Account To Start Another GMB In Different Areas?

Agreed, Jenny and what's up? It's been a long time since he's posted a question he says what's up gentlemen hope all as well. Just to let you know to love your 2xyouragency material so far. That's awesome. He says it recommend it to everyone who is not part of it yet and wants to grow their business. Thanks, Danny. Appreciate that. Question. One of my lead gen personas, GMBs got suspended for whatever reason and my understanding it is last forever. Ooh, this is a really timely question. Do you recommend to use the same phone verified account to start another GMB in a different area or is that PVA phone verified account? Burnt and just get a new one and start over? I appreciate your input.

Well, first of all, Marco, do we have the suspension service on suspension service available yet? Are we still in the beta test? It's not available yet we have reached out to mastermind members to take advantage of it. Right because we always go through a mastermind first and if I'm not mistaken genuine joined recently didn't he? Didn't he joined again, if you did reach, reach out to us and go to the Facebook group, right, the mastermind Facebook group and reach out to us there. And we can take a look at this and get that done because we're offering a very special deal for our mastermind members, of course, because that's where you get all the fucking benefits. Mastermind membership has its privileges and one of those is that we offer all of these awesome packages that we put together to our mastermind members first, so if you're there, reach out to us and if not, then you're just gonna have to wait for a little while we test out everyone we're testing out the ordering process. It's not whether you can do it this already tested that we can do it. So now the product. This is getting it all together, getting the order process set up so that it gets to the person and it gets done and it gets back to the client in a timely manner. Right? You're talking about the suspension service, right? Yeah, exactly. Yeah. So in the meantime, let me give you an answer to Jenny of it. Unless if you're in the mastermind, then great you can.

That's what the route I would go to is. I know there are some openings for some beta testers for that in the mastermind. But outside of mastermind, you gotta wait until we get it through all of that first. So, But to answer your question, would that phone verified account be burned and what I, you know, you probably could open another GMB. But the way I look at it is an account is unless it's a really well-aged account that had you know, a lot of work put into the actual account. And if that's the case, then I would go ahead and try it, opening another GMB under that account right under that profile.

But if it's not, you know, if there's not a whole lot of work put into that persona itself, then I would just start with a new one because I wouldn't want any sort of kind of baggage coming along with that since one of them was suspended. I don't know that it's necessary, you know, a huge negative. If a GMB is suspended and you've got multiple GMBs, if only one is suspended, I don't know that it really negatively affects the others, but it's just something to be concerned about, which I'm sure is why you're asking the question. But like I said, if you've got a lot of, uh, you know, the equity built into that persona, like that profile, you put a lot of work into it. There's a lot of, you know, an activity that's been accrued for that profile and all that kind of stuff, then you may want to just go ahead and try it. I don't think it would. I don't really think it would cause that much of an issue. But if it's not a lot of work put into that profile, then just start with a new one. That's what I would do. So.

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Okay, good question though.

Looking for SEO Recommendations

The next one is looking for SEO recommendations. I joined the group about a year ago to learn some stuff but it's all too overwhelming for me. I just don't have the mentality for it lol. I haven't a service business and I've tried several SEO companies with very little results usually they are service business owners turned SEO gurus or a self-claimed SEO guru that everyone is using because they're on Facebook service industry group and see an opportunity to make some money any suggestions would be great so essentially this guy is looking for somebody to quote him on SEO you know to do SEO for him that's a good I mean you can post in our Facebook group and ask for no he did he not endorsing anybody though it's all I'm telling you. You have to communicate with him a drone was where. What are you going to say, Marco?

Marco: I'm sorry. He did post in the Facebook group in the free Facebook group and then he got some responses and then it just went south from there because I know people don't really read the rules and then they start getting the personal shit. And I told them to post here so you can get a better answer from us. And, you know, we have some very successful mastermind members that we can hook them up with, depending on his budget.

So, I'm sorry, good. So I don't know how he can reach out to us so that we can point them in the right direction because I want to see him be successful and come back do that you guys rock. And yeah, I also told him to go download the battle plan, follow the battle plan and then get the services from MGYB. It's not that difficult because we've made it now it's almost like, like paint, paint by numbers on the things that you have to do to get results.

Yeah. Yeah. But what I would suggest is, you know, because we're having this discussion and Marco told you to post here is con, send a support ticket, and we'll you know, we'll post with your contacts details and just a message a brief message about what it is that you're writing us, you know, sending a ticket in for and we can post it in the mastermind group I agree with Marco, we will, you know if we post your information in the mastermind and you'll get people reaching out from the mastermind, you know, for the most part, everybody in the mastermind is, you know is people that we trust that's part of the reason why they're in the mastermind but our free group, you know, I'm not endorsing any of the people that are commenting unless it's people that I know. That's why I told them here. The beautiful thing about mastermind is this group is small enough that we know most of the members on some level or another go. I'm sorry, Marco, go ahead.

Marco: Yeah, that's why I told them to post here and when you write it, give me a ballpark figure on what your budget is. So I know which person can bet the best handle your project because we have people who work you know, high ticket items, some that are in the middle and some that will take some lower-paying jobs. depending on what your requirements are, so we have all kinds of people that we can put you in contact with. That's right. That's right.

How Do You Sell SEO Shield To Customers Via VMail Prospecting?

Okay, cool. Rob wells. What's up, Rob? He says, any advice on selling SEO shield to customers via email prospecting? Yeah, set up just a showcase of what it is that the results like a result showcase. So I gotta do Rob, and I know you, you've probably got plenty of, you know, plenty of assets that you could show showcase, that are producing results, you know, the best thing I can suggest doing especially if you're targeting a specific industry, right? So if you have some assets in a particular business vertical that are ranking really, really well that are generating leads that are just the entity is strong, because that's really all that the SEO shield does, right? It strengthens the entity, it kind of puts it on steroids, then you should be able to show those results. And what I like to do is just show a kind of, you know, like a showcase video of the type of results that can be, can be expected when you work with me or when you have, you know, when you buy an SEO shield, for example, like I don't know how you're going to call it or how you're going to resell it, Rob, but the point is, is like whatever you're calling it, you know, when you apply this product properly, this is what can be achieved. And they show that right especially when you if you can target that message to the same type of businesses that you have the results that you're showing, because then they can picture themselves their business in that position and reaping the same kind of benefits that the one that you're showing is obviously reaping and so that that's it, guys, if you want to know how to sell that kind of stuff, just show results that you've been able to achieve using that type of method and then say if you want this too, here's how you get it. That's it. That's all you have to do. I mean, that's how I do it. And female prospecting is a really good way to do it because you can go right at the heart of it by showing them exactly what it is within the email itself. Okay. Any comment on that?

This Stuff Works
Yeah, I would, I would say before and after works really well, you take a look at the brand before look at the entity and see how it's all scattered all over the place, how you may it might not even be appearing number one for your branded search. It may be off somewhere in the middle somewhere on page two or three like it happened with land solutions that work and then you just do somewhat we do the SEO shield, which includes an entity loop, that's the ad ID page as an entity loop. And that solidifies the entire entity and all of a sudden all of the all of that entity or all of the profiles associated with that entity will start appearing on pages one and two. And and and you can show that before and that after. And your God

Unknown Speaker 40:00
These people want once you show that because you have to remember, these are end-users. They're not SEO. They don't know how simple it is to do the schema to do the Jason plus LD to do the things that Google is looking for, but you do. And really, it's interesting, but what makes you a consultant, or what makes you an expert is being one page ahead in the book. That's it, you're just you know, you know, one page more than the other guy does. And all of a sudden, you're the expert.

Most of these people that you'll be reaching out to haven't even read the book. And you have most of the information that in the book, so Place yourself as the authority, have these people understand how important it is and don't go into entity going to brand awareness, branding, getting the brand out there getting the message out there at that they understand, because they know Coca Cola, they know Google they know Yahoo they know the Amazon, they know the big brand. So they understand that message. It's how you deliver the message also, on what you'll be able to sell these people. Yeah.

Yeah. And I mean, that's it just like I said, if you got your targeting correct when you're delivering this kind of a message, then it should resonate with your audience whoever you're delivering the message to, right. So if you're sending video emails, if your targeting is correct, then it's you're going to have a better a much better response rate. Right. And that's why I say, you know, again, you can do it more on a generic level in that you can show results that could have you know, from one project that could apply across multiple business verticals, but I've specifically found much better results when the target you know, the viewer, so your prospect, the recipient of your video, email, can imagine them, they're like their business in place of the one that I'm showcasing. And if it's in the same industry, just different location for example, then it's easy for them to see it right? Because they can easily identify with that business that I'm showcasing in my video email. And that's really good. I mean, I'm sure Rob you've got a plenty to you can showcase but for those of you that are kind of getting started, if you don't already have something that you can use as an example build one, create one use it as a lead gen site, to begin with, or like once it's ranking and producing for you and you know, and all of that but build one and use that as your showcase video. You know, you show that you can show results. That's really how you do it. Okay.

Can You Delete One Of The Duplicate Pages Without Causing Ranking Problems?

Fits questions up and he says it's up fits. He says Good day, gents. My question today is if your site has duplicate pages, can you delete one of the pages and not cause a problem? Yeah, absolutely. Or you could throw one, the duplicate page over you know, one duplicate to the other. So that you know, in case there was any link building done both of them that they will both benefit from it. But yeah, I mean, if you just deleted it shouldn't cause any problems. I wouldn't delete it. I would 301 or kept canonicalize. Canonical it. Okay, there you go. I would have 301 that most likely but yeah.

Should You Perform Off-Page SEO Deliverables While The Website Is Being Redesigned Or Should You Wait Until It's Finished?

Mohammed says, Hey guys, I have a car dealership client that I just started with the heavy, pretty bad website one of those industry template things. They're pretty close to buying a new one, but when they do it will take three months to get it ready. Would that erase the benefits of what will have been done by then? Should I wait for the new website like an SEO shield links the battle plan procedure?

I've already started the GMB work so I have something to do. But I really like to get done for you stuff up soon. No, it shouldn't. Remember that the SEO shield and all of that is about building the entity now if you have multiple like siloed, like count categories and all that and that's going to significantly change with the new site design. Yeah, it could be some benefit to waiting. But I would wait. what I would do is just have all that stuff done. And then if this the new site does have significant structural changes, like to category structure or silo structure and stuff, then the drive stack and everything could be edited to its to include the new, you know, URLs are and all of that, but I wouldn't wait because three months is a long time and you can push a lot of power, build a lot of authority to an entity in three months time, we know because that's what we're really good at now, you know, Markowitz, what do you say? So P and web design or redesign say that all of the pages in the old website should have corresponding pages on the new website. So you get three old one the old to the new, and if you don't have a corresponding page, and they should be three or one anyway so that you can carry any link juice that they might have over to the website. So those would then go to the homepage so that you don't have any formal floors. Therefore, if you build links even to the old website the way it is any links that you build are going to get out there and carry you through to the new website because you did standard operating procedures when you rebuilt or redesign the website so just make sure that whatever it is that you're doing is being done correctly and this is another way that you position yourself as an expert. Are you guys making sure that that all of the pages category just whatever are being 301 to a corresponding page on the new website and if not, are you making sure that they'd be that they're getting a three on one over to just whatever it is that's course I could be top-level category? However, it is that the new website is being set up.

There good. Okay, the next question and we're almost out of questions. That's cool guys post go ahead and post now because we'll we can wrap up early if we need to. He said else

This Stuff Works

Should You Point All Links To The Drive Stack Directly Back To The Google Site's URL?

Okay, so, uh, we'll, I heard you guys discussing just ranking and Google Sites page instead of a money page with the help of a drive stack. In that case, did we just point all of the links in the drive stack directly back to the Google Sites URL, where they would normally serve as juice to the money pages? Yeah, yeah, you can absolutely do that. And in fact, remember you if you end up deciding that you want a money site later, right. So a self-hosted website later, you can always iframe in the money site pages into the G site. So it will still benefit from the G site and the drive stack that's built back to the G site. That makes sense. So you know, you can always bolt-on and a self-hosted website later to whatever project it is that you're doing and still benefit from it without having to go in and edit all the drive stack by just going in and iframing the pages from the money site into the G site. That makes sense. So I would still mirror it, though. So if you're going to use the Google site, as your money site, which is perfectly fine guys, then you know, however you build that site, make sure you're building with correct structure, everything like you normally would with a self-hosted website, right? So you still want to do all of that. And then if you end up having the money site later, then you would just mirror what you did on the G site on the money site, right. And then you would have your one to one ratio of pages and or posts really, that could be iframed into the pages on the site. So it would benefit from the stack and all the work that you would have previously done. Anything you want to add to that Marco, now you have to do is add a link, and then all that relevance all that power is going to carry over to the money site. In the event that you decide to build a money site at some point, the DC plumber example that we've shared often now, we weren't able to show it before we've been able to show it that's built on a G site. It's a G site and the GMB and that's how it's carrying all of the power between the G side and the GMB so that they're both rankings ranking in the three package ranking in Orlando.

And that's exactly how it's done. Yeah, all of the link building will be done to the G site, the drive stack, the GMB the post, and everything that's related to the see, don't think of it as money site a TLD, or whatever. Think of this as your entity and what's part of your entity. When you start thinking that way, then it won't matter, the components of that entity, because you know that you have to take care of that entity. Get out, get your schema in place, get your @ID in place, get everything in place. So think of it that way. And then you'll know what URLs to build links to what URLs to embed, and everything that it is that you need to do to get it to rank where you want to direct it. Simple.

What Link Package Should You Start With Based On A Tight Budget?

Okay, cool. Dan says what link package from Deadia Can I start with based on me being on tight budget guys? The basic package Yeah, the what is it the low competition packages if you need to, you know, and stack them as you can, you know, do embeds also when you can like a small embed package, and then you can always have links built to the embed package. So spread it out, you know, if you don't, if you can't drop $300 on a super aggressive link building package all at one time, spread it out over the course of several months and buy and just stack multiple link building services, smaller packages over time, if that makes sense. it embeds and our link building packages. Okay? So that's what I would do is kind of put it because you're better off remember, even if you were to buy a bunch of shitty links from fiber gigs, and you get some results, those links have a very short shelf life. And so you know, you still have you have to constantly be hammering away with those big ass silly link building packages from spammy links that you know, yes, it will work as Marco said but you know if you can get links that stick around a lot better because they're in there in the writer they stick around better because they're on theme networks. We have, you know, Daddy has built over the years themed networks with

This Stuff Works
He's probably got a well over a million, you know, profiles, they have profiles built out by now. I mean, and these are, like I said, themed networks. So the content that gets posted on them isn't just random content, the networks that he's built their age, the theme, they have relevancy, topical relevancy built right into them. So a lot of them will stick around a lot longer. Yes, many of those also end up getting terminated or deleted, like the posts and pages and stuff like that, too, but not as quickly as a lot of those really spammy gigs. And also the way that he suggests doing contextual web to Dotto links for tier one and tier two, with GSA at tier three. And I say tier one and tier two to whatever you're building to. So in this case, would be ID pages, right, you know, not tier one direct to your money site, but tier one, two, or tier one assets, if that makes sense. So, again, it's just the process that he's developed, was built specifically to work with what with our stuff, so you know, I know Marco can tell you that maybe some of the GSA packages and stuff like with the DC plumber, you know case study that they did where they threw literally a million spam links like kitchen sink spam at the G site and everything in the morn links and everything, and they got it to rank but, you know, that was also that was expensive number one and number two, you can still get results without needing that many links if you have a well-developed link building plan. So and that's what daddy does. Link Building should be part of monthly maintenance, right? It's not just one of the things. Well, it can be if you get results and you stick, then it's perfect. You're not really going to need any more Other than that, then that then your blogging and the regular upkeep and that that might be enough other times, you're going to need monthly maintenance because you're going to get that boost, and then you might see it fall a little bit, then it gets boosted again. But don't keep hitting the same properties over and over and over again, what we've been saying is to vary your link building so that all of your property all of your tier one received a link building package and it might in three or four months before you're back to the first link building gig that you did. And in that case, you can build tiered links to the links that are already there to kind of kick them in the ass again and bring them up. So that so This all depends on getting the maintenance it think of your link building as maintenance to your website, except this is off-page SEO part of your off-page maintenance. Yeah.

Uh, okay, what is your stance on stupid optimization for the new Google update? I don't have a stance on that. Honestly, I just haven't looked much into it. I know one of our mastermind members posted Jordan actually in our group about it specifically, but I have not looked into that. I've been kind of tied up to I'd say your training or double your agency training. Marco. Do you have any opinions on that?

No, no, I haven't looked into it. I haven't needed to because I didn't see any drop off on me. As a matter of fact, most of our stuff picked up. So I was weak says we don't rely on anyone thing. Right? Like we weren't relying on snippets, to get traffic or to get results we weren't relying on what we just rely on, on our stuff ranking all over the place to get results. So So we do a little bit of everything we do, like FAQ, and FAQ schema, that to try to get into the snippets or chart to try to get into the suggested questions, and then the follow-up questions and everything that Google gives. But there's no one thing that we do that if Google comes along and hits you, you lose everything, which is what people concentrating on snippets. That's where they find themselves all the crap Not now. Now, what do I do? Because I'm no longer in snippets now. I'm in. I'm in organic and organic isn't getting much because of the snippets Are you were inorganic. Now you find yourself as a boy, you were in both you have multiples. So we don't that's just not how we do SEO now and heavy hitter club we will go deep into that because I have the solution for that. And you can like it can be the same domain as I'm sorry I'm not gonna give it away. You can still get multiple results even snippets and on inorganic, if you do your link shit like I sorry I'm not going to get to Yeah, I give away the farm if I keep going there is a way that stopped digging the hole man. Yeah, there is a way if you figure it out. Then don't tell anyone and go and make the money like you're supposed to.

How Do You Click To Call On A GSite?

Alright, cool. Thank you a fit says on a G site. How do you do click to call is that a paid thing? You should be able to just use an HTML telephone link right?

Colin and then your phone number that which means have become it'll hyperlink. You know you can make the anchor text or whatever you want but you just create the tell colon command within HTML to create an HTML link out of it. You can also do a button, right? Because you insert an image and hyperlink it with the hell? Yeah, anything that you could do on a regular? Well, I'm not gonna say anything. Most anything since we do have it's limited, but we can't access the HTML. And yes, one of the things that Google allows is a click to call a number. And one of those things that allow us is your images can be a hyperlink, you can hyperlink it to click to call. So you can either use an image with the phone number, click here, now call us or use the phone number or use the phone number as an image however you choose to do it. It's not a paid thing. It's just HTML. Yeah. Yeah. So if it's just going look at HTML telephone number or telephone link, HTML or something, just search that for Google. If you don't do it. It's really simple. Go to W3 suits, schools or whatever you'll see. They are HTML school or something like that. There are a million sites out there that will show you very easily how to code that. It's very simple.

Do You Post To Social Media For The GMB Page?

Dan says, Thanks, guys. You appreciate it. You're welcome, Dan, thank you for coming in asking questions. Mac says, do you guys do a lot of SM posting for GMB? It seems overwhelming. So many moving parts. Yeah, that's why I brought this up. I don't know Marco manages the VA. Is that do the posting or its automated? But yeah, I mean, we just take our Hump Day hangout videos that go on our YouTube channel. And you know that we take the hump day Hangout, we have a VA that chops them up and individual questions and answers. And then we have the graphic designer create the cover image, you know, goes through a whole process and then somehow it ends up on GMB. Marco is that automated through the GMB poster or what? I can't remember if that's, that's probably manual because it's Semantic Mastery. And it gets a little bit more love but it can be automated

Through the GMB briefcase right? tree pads. Yeah. And you can get that they can get the RSS feed. You can get you can actually do RSS feed in an RSS feed out through the GMB briefcase. So it's got a new dashboard to have you seen it, by the way, I know I haven't my hair I have that does all that within the last week. Maybe within the last week and a half, they updated the dashboard and all that.

This Stuff Works
So it's like a completely new user interface. So cool. Let's see. He says best. Sorry, Mr. Good to know. Do you guys do a lot of SM posting social media posting? For GMB? Oh, you mean for getting clients? Is that what you mean?

I'm not sure I know what fit says GMB. briefcases. Awesome. Thanks. Yeah, Matt, can you click clarify social I thought you meant Semantic Mastery. SM but social media. Do I do SM posting for Google My business social media posting for Google My Business? I don't know what that means, like, do you mean like repost social media to Google My Business or post-Google My Business to social media? Which way because you can, by the way, you can. You can do either one of those, right? You can do both. For example, with most of my clients, we do blogging. So I have a blogger that publishes blog posts curated blog posts to their money site, but then they publish a corresponding GMB post that links back to the blog post with it just a snippet of text. Then that GMB post gets syndicated out to their social media, either to their Facebook page or their Twitter or all of the above, you can go out via IFTTT, so through syndication network, or, and then vice versa. Some of my clients do like their own posting to their Facebook pages and we have those that end up posting over to their GMB. It just grabs the image, the same image from the post and in some of the text, post it and then

We have just a link, you know, target URLs that we have added that will it will link back not necessarily to the actual Facebook page or post but to, you know, other entity assets, that kind of stuff. So yeah, you can go either way. from social media back to the GMB listing, you can do that too. Can you post social media posts and point back to the GMB? Yeah, of course, you can because you can drive traffic to it that way. Right? Yeah, social media posting for GMB. So So are you meaning that you want to you want your posts to syndicate to social media but where are the syndication Academy people? And that's just an was it isn't that in IFTTT? Where you again the brief. You grab the RSS feed going out of the GMB and you make that a trigger in IFTTT so that you posted your social media. Yeah, you can automate well not only that, but you know, inside but and we got to wrap it up but uh, they one of the things the new features of the new GMB interface or the GMB briefcase interface The dashboard is that it has a social you don't even need IFTTT,  it creates an RSS feed inside the briefcase also. So you can use syndication networks and IFTTT to republish the posts out to your syndication network or to your other social media accounts. But you can also add social media accounts directly to the poster now the auto poster, the briefcase, the GMB briefcase so that whenever you publish a post through the briefcase, it automatically syndicate through the poster over to the social media accounts that you have connected or integrated. So again, you can do it either way. I would recommend that you check it out.

The last question I just he says, Matt, I'm thinking this is you were asking about the best way to find a buyer for the leads themselves. If you created a lead generation site, how do you find service providers to purchase the leads from you? The best method that I've ever used is we have a product for that. It's called a video lead gen system.

Video lead gen system it's vls.semanticmastery.com I believe, and that that is specifically a product that we created that I developed over the years for prospecting using video emails originally, but then when I really ramped up my lead generation business during like the GMB boom, about two years ago, you know, I ended up really kind of developed, like revisiting my process for the video, email, video email process to make it more templatized. So that much of it can be outsourced. Because I was doing a lot of volumes as far as I had a lot of lead generation assets to monetize. So I had to make it more efficient to do so. So I redeveloped the process, and what's included in this. That's what the update was when we relaunched this last year. So I would recommend that you pick up video lead gen system vls.semanticmastery.com. I think it's not that expensive. I don't even know how much it is, but I don't even know how much it is 397. Yeah, 397 by the way, if you join the mastermind, you get that for free. Or if you join 2xyour agency, it's in the sales funnel for a much, much lower price than for 97. So you can always buy join 2xyouragency, 400 bucks and pick up video lead gen system for a fraction of what you just saw on the sales page. So you guys can check it out there too. Alright, anything else Marco? Do you want to say before we're all rolling?

Right everyone. Very good. See you guys next week.

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