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Adam: All right, we are live. Welcome everybody to Hump Day Hangout. This is Episode 274. Today is the 12th of February 2020. We got almost the full crew here today. I think Hernan had some technical issues, so he probably won’t be joining us but we’ll see maybe he’ll hop in. So let’s just say hi to everyone real quick. We got some quick announcements and then we’ll get in and start answering all of your questions. So start at the top here Bradley, how are you doing today? How’s Virginia treating you?

Bradley: I’m well. it’s rainy and cold here. It’s not super cold but it’s stupid rainy and has been all week so be nice to see some sun but other than that things are good. I was recording 2xyouragency videos again today. I’ve got one left and in this week’s lessons will be done. There’s a lot of training in that damn course. So I would check it out guys if you haven’t yet.

Adam: Good deal. Yeah, we’re going to touch base on that a little bit more in a second but we’ll just carry on here and Marco, we got your video. How are you doing today?

Marco: What’s up, man? I just wanted people to see the 10 inches of sun. If Bradley’s got rain, this is what I get every morning. It’s the dry season here. So every afternoon, this is what it’s like. So I’m not inviting anyone to come down to Costa Rica but dude, you can’t beat this. And I still have to do it because I told you guys last week that I was going to do a live stream from the common green area with the two volcanoes in the background. I haven’t had time to do that. I’ve been displeased with some internet issues. I’ve been dealing with three stooges issues. If it were like three stooges short that you wouldn’t even believe it that way. What happened to me these past few days and especially yesterday with the cable company, first of all, refusing to lay down the cable. I mean, what the fuck is a cable company? They got a truck and they pull up with the truck and they open the back and they got the big thing with nothing but cable miles and miles of cable and they refuse to lay the cable. It’s ridiculous, man. Anyway, that’s just part of the rant you guys go to the free Facebook group if you want to see the whole rap I got more. Yeah, there’s more than that. Anyway, everything’s good, everything’s back to normal. Cool, calm, collected as usual for me and life goes on. Life is good. Get the POFU so you can get some of this

Adam: get the sunshine Yeah, it’s nice. I do like having sunshine in the place after living in upstate New York for so long. It’s really nice being back in the sunshine man. It makes a big difference. Well, Chris, how you doing man? I think we got you here, right?

Chris: Yeah, me I’m here hiding while we’re like stores for like over a week now year, which is kind of ridiculous. I’ve never experienced that exactly the opposite of Marco. But like I said, I’ll be heading out to Germany tomorrow and I hope I’m not flooded and they don’t work.

Adam: Well keep your fingers crossed. Yeah, that’s what might be a little rough. Make your travel a little bit rougher.

Chris: It should be fine like it’s coming down. But like, I’m not sure it’s over yet because they said that twice already, but you never know.

Adam: Fair enough. Well, I’ll answer my own question. Things are going well here in California. I got the sun going camping for Valentine’s Day weekend. So I’m pumped to get out in the mountains out here. And the weather’s just been awesome. I like it’s nice and cool, but sunny. So that’s kind of my jam. So now that we’ve got everybody’s weather updates and let’s, we got some quick announcements for you guys, and then we’ll get into the questions. Bradley, you want to tell them real quick. We just had a webinar on Monday with Damon Nelson. I’m going to grab the link for that if people want to check out the replay. You let everyone know what was going on there.

Bradley: Damon Nelson created RSS masher several years ago, which was a really cool tool. We’ve promoted two different RSS like mashing technology tools in the last several years. One is Lisa Allen’s, which is called Rank Feeder. It’s really good for SEO. But what Damon’s RSS Masher shine was it was more of a marketing tool than just an SEO tool. And I’ve always said that because people would ask, “well, which one do you suggest?”. And I said, “well, they’re two different things, right? One is Rank Feeder, which was Lisa Allen’s tool that is really good for just creating co-citation. It doesn’t make the most beautiful output feeds though, which is what RSS Masher shines at RSS Masher allows you to create feeds through different content sources and then inject your own code, HTML, banners, your own snippets of other content right within the feed so you can customize the feeds. You can actually blend from splice feeds, extract certain elements from the feeds to create a new feed. Like it’s crazy what they’ve done with it, with the new upgraded technology that they’ve worked into this RSS Masher technology. And that’s what they’re calling it. I was calling it to 2.0 the other day, and I was corrected by one of the developers Wayne. It’s called RSS Masher technology now, but it’s really cool. And it’s a marketing tool.

One thing I want to talk about is we get this question all the time and Hump Day Hangouts and in support at MGYB, but people ask dude, why don’t you recommend two-tier networks or two-tier networks syndication networks for blog syndication or for money sites for syndicating blog content? And I always suggested the reason why I don’t like to do it is that it’s kind of a pain in the ass to set up additional related content feeds for the tier two triggers. In other words, the second tier networks should have other content posted from other sources, not all just from your money site. Because that creates a footprint.

It’s okay to have a footprint when you’re republishing to your own branded profiles, but when you get out to the second tier, those are persona-based profiles or they could be pseudo brands, that type of stuff. But if all they did was republish your content from your money site over and over and over again. It would be clearly it would be quite clear what they were intended for. And that was just to manipulate the search and that can cause problems. So if you’re going to use two-tier networks, I’ve always recommended that you add sec related content feeds to the second tier triggers, so that the second tier networks would have not only your own content but other related content relevant content, so that yours is kind of mixed in with others and that would look more natural. It reduces footprint not it doesn’t eliminate it, but it reduces it considerably. Well, the reason I talked about not doing it that once because for me because I have a lot of clients and a lot of lead gen sites and it was becoming increasingly cumbersome to manage and maintain those second-tier networks because you don’t have control over those other content feeds, right? So things would break or a feed would all of a sudden, you know, hiccup and shoot out like 15, 50 posts all in one day, you know, that kind of stuff happens and then you end up with a nightmare of a mess on your second-tier networks and all that. Anyway, if you’re just dealing with one project, it’s okay to manage. But when you’ve got multiple projects that you’re working on, it became a nightmare to manage those. So I got away from using second-tier networks and just stuck with the single branded ring because then it was so much easier to maintain. But with RSS Masher technology, you can create one super feed or once you know, one RSS master feed that is highly relevant because of filtering and all the other really cool things that you can do with it and use that one feed now to trigger a second-tier network. And so with that, I’m going to be testing a lot with it over the next few weeks months, really, but I think there’s a lot of opportunities. Therefore second-tier networks that Marco can briefly chat about this they absolutely work when done correctly, what absolutely helped a brand and build the entity? What do you think Marco?

Marco: Well, if anyone has ever wondered how websites like HuffPost, or any of those other websites that republish content because HuffPost does very little, or not much original content, a lot of their stuff is just gathered from all over the web. Well, this is a tool that you could use to produce that kind of website, where you’re gathering data for not data but content all over the web. You can curate the content, you can splice the content, you can do whatever you want with it image as a short blurb and the websites look absolutely stunning up. I mean, you can put health post and when one of these RSS generator websites side by side, side by side and you wouldn’t be able to tell which one was generated with RSS Masher technology, and which one was generated with any other technology. That’s the great thing about this tool. That’s one. But the most important part, as you know, we’re really, really, really telling people, if you’re not doing brand based or entity based SEO, then you’re fucking it up for yourself. You’re making it absolutely more difficult than it needs to be. And this is one of those things where you can send data to the bot from all sorts of different places on the web, about your entity, but it’s coming from other sources, not just you. So that becomes even more valuable when the bot goes out and looks and is looking at your entity and everywhere where your entity is mentioned. And it’s finding all of these places that mentioned your entity. And not only it’s mentioned it and it’s commingled, as you co-citation with other authoritative trusted sources on the web. So then it’s not just some orphan website somewhere that does nothing except try to get leads some kind of a choice to get Google to rank them please your Begley Google your downing a nice because you because you’re down to your last but now all of a sudden you have the technology to get the word out there to spread it out even more. And you know, think of a tiered network. But don’t think of just the three that we do, right? When we do a tiered network, we do three triggers, because you can daisy chain those and create as many as you want. And you can do variations because there’s a ton of different platforms that you can use that there are other blogging platforms that can be triggered using other sources. And now with this technology, where it’s just the RSS feed, coming in and pulling in all these different sources, it’s just made life a whole lot simpler to get those kinds of websites out there. That will generate traffic, that will generate revenue and that will generate visits to the money site. I mean, it’s just to me, it’s just awesome what he’s done. And yes, I will be testing it. I have other people that will test it also. And we’ll have something I don’t know, give us a couple of months to three months. And we’ll come back and let you know just just how it is, by the way, that the coupon is running out. Yeah. So anyone who wants to jump in, you better jump in on it that the price that it is now the price is going up?

Yeah, it’s got a 25% coupon code, Use coupon code Semantic. You get 25% off and that’s just that’s valid until I think the end of the close of business Friday, which is Valentine’s Day. So tell your wife or your significant other that you’re buying a Valentine’s Day gift for her or for him to buy a phone by this. Grab it in business expense and then go do something why for significant. It’s better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission, you know, so.

Oh, man. Good. Well, one more quick announcement I wanted to talk about you guys. We made some changes to the mastermind. And I know we got some of the mastermind members who watch Hump Day Hangouts. And some of you who are thinking about joining the mastermind will end up there eventually, which is great. We’re but we’re making a big change to the way we’re doing webinars so mastermind members get direct access, of course, and get to ask questions where we dive into that. And we’ve decided, in order to provide more value to mastermind Members, we’re going to break up the webinars instead of just doing webinar twice a month, we’re going to each take twice a month, spot and give one on one or one on many webinars. So to make that less confusing, that means like Bradley is going to do his own q&a with mastermind members twice a month. I’m going to do that twice a month. Marco is going to do that twice a month. Chris is going to do that twice a month and is not doing that twice. Yeah. So I’ll have a lot more value guys a lot more content.

And it’s kind of in, you know, we each have our own areas of expertise. Some of it overlaps, there’s no question. But this way people will get to be able to attend what is most appropriate for them at their business at that time. And again, it’s just going to end up being a shit ton more value for everybody. So think about it. It’s 10 plus webinars per month. Yeah. My cousin needs you and I will be alternating Thursday.

Some months will have actually five weeks. And so we’ll have to do an extra webinar, which I don’t mind but it’s perfectly fine. Mine will be asked Marco anything on the on every other Thursday that Bradley isn’t on. So come join me. You’re welcome to ask me any question if I can answer it, and I know that one of my partners can answer then I’ll send you to one of their webinars so it’s gonna be really good. A lot more value for the money that you guys are paying.

Adam: Definitely. Yeah if you want to find out more about the mastermind if you are not a member you can find out at mastermind.semanticmastery.com. Real quick before we get into the questions I just want to say if you’re an agency owner or consultant and you want to get more clients, you want to grow your revenue or scale your team. If you want to work less and earn more, as they say, go check out to ensure agency com you can find it if you’re watching us live on the sidebar. But Bradley’s deep in the middle of the content. He just released, updated training for that or not, I believe just had an updated prospecting module. And there’s a lot more content to come. But now is the time to jump into that.

Yeah, just a quick aside on that, it’s crazy. But this week, I’m was recording the videos for outbound prospecting. So we’re in the two extra pipeline stages. This being the last week of that. Next week, we start the two extra results, which is really about how to get reliable, consistent, repeatable results. And we’re gonna have four weeks of that training but the first four weeks was about filling your pipeline with prospects Well, first week was about mindset and developing success habits. Week Two is about sales and selling principles. Week Three was inbound prospecting and branding and week for this week are outbound prospecting and direct response marketing. And what’s crazy is even today as I was recording videos, I got another Calendly notification from another Tree Service contractor, this one in Locust Grove, Georgia. Looking for a proposal. He wants to talk about marketing services and lead generation forestry service industry or Tree Service Company. And last week, I had another one come in from Fort Lauderdale, Florida Tree Service contractor and this is from a few web assets that I created over two years ago that I haven’t touched and they’re still generating inbound leads guys and inbound leads are a hell of a lot easier to close than outbound prospecting leads that you generate through outbound prospecting. It’s a whole different psychology when they’ve already decided that they want you to pitch them or present them with a proposal, then it’s so much easier of a conversation than it is when you interrupt them right interruption marketing and inject yourself in their field of vision, like what we do with outbound prospecting, both effective, but one has a different dynamic when it comes to the conversation. And it’s so much easier of a sale. That’s the type that you should be striving for. And that’s what I’ve been. That’s why I didn’t even approach outbound prospecting until the final week of two extra pipelines, because a lot of you will go right to the outbound prospecting because you need clients now and I get that, I get that. But if you set up the infrastructure for inbound, prospecting, and start to build that brand and authority and make a name for your agency and your particular space, then you’ll start having people seek you out. And that is a much, much better way to run a business. It’ll be easier to sell, you can charge higher prices. It’s just it’s a much better way to do it. So I would encourage you to go through as the training is laid out, it was developed that way for a specific reason. Don’t you still get it?

Yeah, don’t you still get needs from SEO Virginia and watching. I just got a client about six weeks ago. It’s a home inspector in Virginia here, home inspector specter Home Inspection company and the same thing he found me from the stupid Google site that is awful. But it’s the rescue over the job. How long ago did you set that up? May 2015. But five years almost so so think about that. And you’ve done absolutely nothing except run it through a syndication network which was garbage also. And so it just goes to show the power of setting this up the power of our is of keeping that number one all of these years and providing you with even more neat. So if you set up your assets, right, like Bradley saying, the people are going to come and then what happens is, if you deliver the results like you’re supposed to, because you have no excuse everything that we too with our clients is available at mgyb.co.

Nothing different. It’s all available that that’s what we do for them. It’s a repeatable process. And so if you guys are thinking, Oh, I can’t do this, you know, how can I get results? I’m new. I don’t understand whatever, you can get results right from MGYB, that’s yo, it’s what we do. And just have at it man just, it’s like Brad said is that mindset, go pick up two extra agency, get started, get that pipeline full, start closing some people generate some revenue, hire some people so they can help you don’t just take all that money, because suddenly you find yourself that you’re the bottleneck, you can’t grow. That’s what this is all about branding, gonna go into all of that 2xyouragency. It’s hands down with somebody, I guarantee you by the time it’s done, it’ll be the best painting that there is anywhere around you more for your money than you would for a 5-10 thousand dollar product, then that’s good.

Amen. Definitely touched on it, you know mgyb.co for the done for you services. I mean, can you imagine Bradley if you’d had like an SEO shield? Back in 2015? And that stuff up? Yeah. Well, and that’s what I was saying on mastermind last week I was talking about, you know, I talked about 2xyouragency and all the time on Hump Day Hangouts and in the mastermind everywhere. I’m sure you guys have heard this before. I prefer niching down. Industry-specific is so much easier to scale an agency that way. And my point is with Tree Service contractors that are reaching out to me, because of some assets that I created two years ago, they’re still generating leads from the agency today, even today. Nope, no shit. What’s great about it is I pitch I have a set price now for the tree service contract. Well, I still have a conversation. I always have a conversation with them on the phone. And I go through the SPIN Selling method. I asked them a series of questions, but one of the questions I asked always is what’s your marketing budget and I have a minimum I won’t work with contractor unless they have a certain budget, but if they say that they have, you know, like, say $3,000 a month, well, my budget will typically fill that, or my proposal will fill that budget allowance. Does that make sense? And so it’s really easy, because of the repeatable processes that we have through mg y be like, it’s just the services, all I do is manage the process of the components being built. And I have VA is that do the blogging, which is part of my SEO monthly services and all that. So anyway, it’s basically me just managing everything. And in fact, because I’ve started for whatever reason, in the last few weeks, I guess, because I’m doing the two extra agency stuff. I’m implementing some of what I’m training about as well. So I’ve had a bunch of leads come in, and I’m able to take on as many as one new clients per week right now. And that’s with me doing the management of onboarding and kind of managing the virtual assistants and the different components and all that, but what I’m going to be doing is continuing to try to boarded one client per week and then train my best assistant, Hazel to be the onboarding manager to handle what I’m doing now. So that there’s no reason why I can’t continue to grow my agency right now even while I’m building a real estate business. If I haven’t outsourced and automated through MGYB, and personnel in place to handle the onboarding and the management, the project management, essentially, and so there’s no reason that I can’t do that. And even if I cut, like right now, my average profit per client on a monthly basis, I take home, pay after expenses, and do MGYB services, virtual assistants, all of that is roughly $800 per month per client. That’s for my standard average rate for what I charge Tree Service clients. So that’s $800 in profit, and even if I got to cut into that profit a little bit now to pay a project manager to do what I’m doing, if it’s hands-off for me, and I can continue, like let’s say cuts another $200 per month per client off of my profit to now pay a project manager.

So let’s say $600 a month times four, that’s $20-$400 a month and accruing revenue each and every month that I could bring into my business without me really having to do anything except for answer the occasional question from my project manager. That’s hands-free money, guys. Does that make sense? So it’s, it’s absolutely capable of doing that when you get the hell out of your own way. systematized, automate and delegate as much as you can in your business and then you can grow and scale that’s how you do it.

I’ve got one last thing I want to share real quick and then we’re going to jump into the questions. Let’s see if I can do this without messing things up. So let me drag that off here. wanted to talk real quick about POFU Live, I mentioned it last week, but we got early bird ticket prices going on. POFU Live this year will be the third year is taking place on September 25th, 26th, and 27th in Boston. Alright, I highly suggest if you’re thinking about this to come to check it out at least even if you don’t grab your ticket today. Although ticket price will go up just that’s the way it is. We want to reward people who take action quickly and help us right so we can cost out the event and get things going. I just like showing this picture of Bradley. That’s why I’m really sharing my screen showing him in a wig. But I wanted to show you guys you know, this is fun we get together there’s a lot of serious business a lot of learning we’re sharing a lot of information not only from us to you, but in between it right. It’s a lot of networking, but it’s also a lot of fun like this. Last year we went go-karting. Adam, Ben’s been here, one of the guest speakers we had come in and just kick butt at go-karting and took the cup in one, you know, and then of course we had and Catherine Jones, you know, this was pretty awesome. She came and talked at our event of you know, 30 people. And I think as a month ago, she was up in front of 4500 people giving a talk and it was you know, that that chance to interact with people like that and among each other is just awesome. So, I just wanted to remind you this go check it out at pofulive.com. And of course, we’ll have some more updates for you guys as we can keep moving forward.

Very cool. All right, I’m going to stop giving away my son, I’m going to turn off my camera.

I’m going to grab the screen, let’s get right into. Oh, by the way, I brought this up because this is one of Damon’s automated auto blogs that he’s got populating with content from his RSS Masher technology. It is 100% auto blog, guys, and it’s freaking beautiful. If this doesn’t look like, I mean, and this site gets a shit ton of traffic, he was talking about the traffic metrics in the webinar, which you can go watch, but it’s crazy the amount of traffic that these will produce because they look good. They’re, you know, it’s just a very, very cool technology. And I could see you know, we don’t talk about PBNs Semantic Mastery for a reason. We just stopped using them years ago. I mean, it’s been years since we’ve any one of us have used PBNs. But this could be like, basically PBN style sites that generate their own traffic and that’s the problem with PBN sites right?

You got the way that people traditionally do then would be to go out and just buy a domain because it’s metrics, rebuild it, and then put a link back over to whatever asset it is they’re trying to rank and then that link gets no traffic, it gets no activity. And so it atrophies over time Google discounts, it becomes less and less of a factor less powerful over time because it’s got no activity on it. But these types of sites, do they generate their own amount of traffic and they’ll get clicks, especially if they’re relevant. Like you know, you have siloed sites, essentially sites that are about specific topics. And then you can drive traffic relevant traffic over to whatever it is that you want. And so it’s very, very engaging. I think these types of links even on brand new domains would be more valuable than traditional PBN links that get no traffic or activity. What do you think Marco PBN is then no longer done the way that you’re supposed to do them what we have now is buying an expired domain for the purpose of injecting your own link in it is not a private blog network that’s just a private website with a lake. The old way was just as when you had a set of websites, right, a network of websites, hook the hook together, give it feeding each other. And that was your private blog network. Then they started selling links to the plier private blog networks, the big people figured out that if you got to PR seven PR eight, those links were really powerful. Well, that’s when Google started cracking down and then you’re not going to sell links for the purposes of manipulating SERPs. Right? You can’t do that. That’s against Terms of Service. We know we know what happened after that and why PB ends are called what they are now, which they’re really not private blog networks. Think about the name, private blog network. If you’re selling links out in the open, it’s not a private blog network. If you’re buying a website for the purpose of inserting a link, it’s not a private blog network where the fuck is the blogging? With this method, you could really build a private blog network so long as you don’t sell links to anyone as long as you don’t let anyone else in on what you’re doing and in your niche, it’s truly a private blog network providing quality content and it brings traffic and it’ll get traffic to your money site. It says that’s the way that a PBN is supposed to be run. Yeah.

How Do You Generate More Leads For A Plumbing Niche Without Appearing Spammy?

Hi, let’s get to the questions, but we’ll spend a half-hour on this damn near 430. Yeah. All right. First ones up, says I do local lead gen with 95% of clients being plumbers. leads come through GMB organic rankings organic website rankings, but mostly through Google ads and Google Ads location extension. Okay, getting decent results, so they’re very competitive in major cities. I find that GMBs are gold for plumbers but difficult to create a fake GMB and to make it stick thoughts on the plumbing niche and advice on higher ticket niches that are not so spammy and Google’s eyes. Yeah I mean that’s part of the problem with GMBs is at least it has been for close to a year. They’ve been harder and harder to get although I think it’s becoming easier. Again I don’t know I haven’t been trying to set up fake GMBs now for many many months for that reason. But yeah as far as how to create fake ones and make them stick the only way that I know how to do it besides finding services that will do them and guarantee them which is hard to do is to use like PO boxes still that still work or to hire somebody that would allow them to like to for you to use their address. That’s something else that you could do seriously. You can use Craigslist to find people to do that.

You know, typically what happens with Craigslist if you’re going to post in Craigslist to find you just post a gig right? Like a job offered or a gig offered that and I think you pay three bucks for that or something but you can post a gig on Craigslist in a city that you want to get a GMB rankings or listing for and then say, explain what it is and the Craigslist ad what you’re trying to do trying to register a Google My Business address that won’t be published, but I need to receive a verification postcard that and, you know, I’ll pay you 50 bucks to do it something like that. And I’ve done that and it works. What you typically find is you’ll find a renter, somebody that’s renting, it could even be an apartment, it doesn’t matter, but somebody that’s renting that will do it, and usually, homeowners won’t do it because they don’t want to get business mail. But, but if you hide your address and you don’t use citations, where you know, you don’t publish a bunch of citations where you’re actually list listing your physical address, then it’s likely you won’t get much solicitation mail, you know, physical mail for that business. So you know, I’ve done it that way. So that’s one of them as long as it can be a postcard received. Those tend to stick a lot better, they get suspended less, they can still be suspended. Make no mistake, but they tend to stay a lot better than is my still preferred method over buying fake GMBs don’t have an actual real address associated with them if that makes sense. Marcom do we have any comment on GMBs?

Are we going to be able to make that available again or now that seems to come on and off on and Google is it takes us down the methods and so yeah, we’re having talks with someone on getting that done again and we’ll let people know when it when it’s happening right now it’s not happening? Now as far as what he’s trying to do, post office box with street address, have the damn plumber get a postcard at his house? I’d be that that that’s perfectly okay.

Or get your family members in on the fun, have had the postcard delivered it at their home addresses. You’re not going to list the address anyway. And it’s actually service area business that’s another good way to do it family friends get them all in on the phone pay them Why not? It’s gonna make you money so invest some money in your business and you know give people something how to get that 50 bucks that you would pay the Craig Craigslist person Hey, now go to your family member friend whatever you’re gonna get something from Google I’m gonna give you 50 bucks once you turn over the postcard very center that’s it. It’s simple to do and trust me it works I’m telling you you post a gig on Craigslist. And I mean there’s times where I get within 20 minutes of the posting going live that I get responses I use Craigslist now for some of my real estate stuff that I’m doing like for example, I have a property in Washington County, Virginia for sale right now and I listed it in the MLS as flat fee listing in the MLS kicked it out rejected it because I didn’t have any photos taken of the actual property every all the photos that I typically submit with listings are like aerial photos, satellite photos, Google Earth photos, that kind of stuff. And this particular MLS requires physic like photos to be taken of the actual property, not aerial photos, that kind of stuff. And so I posted a gig on Craigslist and saying, I need photos taken of a vacant land parcel, and I’ll pay you $30. To do it. All I need is five photos. You can do it with your phone. And within 10 minutes of me publishing that listing, I had three different people contact me saying, Hey, I’ll do it. So I hired this lady. I’ve sent her 30 bucks via PayPal, she went out and got like 15 photos from her phone, send them to me via email and it was done. It was done within 45 minutes of me posting the listing is crazy. You can do the same thing with GIMP. GIMP is telling people you want to use their address just to receive a Google card and then pay them for that. So I would recommend doing that.

Do You Recommend Creating Branded Domains To Get More Leads?

The next question is you recommend brand new domains, but how do you do that? Hey, Bradley. Sorry, go ahead. I think you missed Nigel’s question that was from seven days ago. Yeah but it’s after we signed off because I alright no worries then I’ll go ahead and answer blessings guys have been off the grid for a bit focused on more for my copywriting, However, I’m looking for the best way to utilize MGYBservices to completely arbitrage done for you services as close to the referral affiliate as possible. Package style for do you have anything in place for that? Um, you mean do we have like any training on how to sell it? I don’t think we do yet. I mean, that’s one of the things that’s on the list for us guys. We’re still trying to get all the backend stuff worked out. Marco. Do we have any timeline for any of that?

Does he want to be an affiliate? No, I see him that right. I don’t know. I’m not fully understanding the question except that I know he wants to resell our services. Yeah, I mean by to support it. MGYB.co will get you going in the right direction as far as when everything is going to come together.

Okay, so you know what happened with the problems with cPanel and cPanel raise their prices. If you guys aren’t aware cPanel is charging $10 per cPanel that you’re using now. So your hosting, if you have several websites may go up considerably. So if you paying a cheap host, it just became not cheap, because of the extra charge at any rate that’s neither here nor there. We’re migrating Liquid Web because they have their own version of cPanel. But that’s been in the works since December, you know, they’re working out the bugs. And we understand that because I work with code and I know how that goes. As soon as that’s done. Then we’re bringing in the new version of MGYB, which we reworked and it should make navigating a whole lot easier. management will be a whole lot easier communication will be a whole lot simpler. So with that, that’s the only hold up right now.

Okay, so yeah, I mean what we will be in the coming months Nigel be providing collateral marketing at, you know, collateral for you guys to be able to use that that can help you to sell the services to end users like clients so sell them at retail prices, but also to sell resell them as like an affiliate. Also, you know if that makes sense. So we will be doing that it’s just not something that we have available right now. Okay.

Do You Recommend Creating Branded Domains To Get More Leads?

Alright, so the second part of this question was you recommended branded domains, but how do you do that when you’re targeting multiple cities, towns in the same niche? Well, that’s the easiest way to do it. In my opinion, when you’re targeting multiple towns with the same niche, then you, for example, I use multiple, like generic type brand names like local tree pros, or tree care HQ or something like that, right? Those would all be types of like generic name brands that I could use to create multiple lead gen assets for the same industry across multiple cities. How do you do that you can either do it as internal pages? So you can create categories and silo structure within the website. You can set up silos within on a state level, on a county level on a city level, depending on how big you want to go what you know how far of a service you know how much area you want to expand to. So there’s you know, different types of silo structures complex and simple and all of that there’s depending on how you set it up, what I typically do is use a pseudo brand and then do subdomains with it like so each city or each location has its own subdomain and it’s its own WordPress installation, the branded domain the root domain becomes basically like just a brand page where it talks about the brand itself and there might be a locations page on the root domain that one click to will list all the subdomain sites if that makes sense. And then you can click through to each one of the city so it would be city whatever the city name is called pepper, that’s where I live called pepper so like cold pepper dot local tree pros calm for example, right so now the local tree pro’s a brand, but it’s the Culpepper location. Now that can be done on a subdomain which is an individual WordPress installation or it could be done as an internal page. If I set it up that way. If you’re going to be expanding that same brand across many locations, then I would recommend that you do it as an inner page you set up silo structure categories and such within the site so that it’s all managed under one domain otherwise you end up having and I know this because one of my Tree Service clients or multi lope multi-location lead gen assets has 20 locations now, and I had originally done everything on subdomains for them but once it got the point where you know, past 10 like 1012 1415 WordPress sites that become just a pain in the ass to deal with even with something like main WP where you can update all the plugins and everything through one dashboard. It’s still a pain in the ass. It’s a lot of maintenance to manage that many WordPress sites. So I’ve actually eliminated a lot of those and just redirected the subdomains, over to GMB websites because I’ve gotten rid of a lot of the WordPress sites because I’ve got tired of managing so many sites. However, if I was going to redo it start over from scratch and have 20 locations again, what I would do is one domain 111 web sites, you’d be one WordPress installation on the root domain, I would set up categories silo structure, and I would have everything built up that way so that I would only have to manage one WordPress site. But I’m telling you, it’s way easier, in my opinion, to build authority under one brand. With multiple locations Marco will attest to this he’ll agree 100% it’s much easier because once that entity starts to gain some clout build authority, then it becomes every subsequent location that you add will instantly benefit from its inherent authority. As opposed to always starting off from scratch and starting from with a clean slate where you have to build the entity first. Once that entity is built, you can bet it all additional locations will automatically benefit from the authority that’s already been that the entity has accrued would say you, Marco. Absolutely, especially when you do the mirror, right?

The drive stack plus g site and all the work in there that you’re doing on on the money site mind wants to start pushing power over to the money site, it just becomes each subsequent location that you add is going to become that much easier to rank for. Because as Bradley said, it’ll have the all of the activity, relevance, trust, and authority that the domain has will transfer over to that inner page that you’re building that location page that you’re building on your website, whereas if you start with a brand new subdomain, it takes longer for all of that to filter down to the subdomain level. Yeah.

Yeah, I mean, again, I changed my strategy. You know, for the longest time subdomains were my preferred method and there was a reason for that because subdomains if you catch a penalty on the root domain then the entire domain gets hit right like, it will affect negatively the entire domain. But with subdomains, it would be isolated. If a subdomain were to catch a penalty would be isolated to that particular subdomain. So the sibling sub-domains, right? It wouldn’t be unaffected, and the route would be unaffected. So that’s why I’ve always done that. But once again, if you continually add locations expand for a particular brand into additional locations, then that can become a management nightmare. It’s just too cumbersome. So that’s why I said I’ve switched my strategy Not only that but knock on wood. The methods that we’ve been using for years now that we’ve developed Semantic Mastery style, I’ve not had any sort of penalty levy in years now since I got away from a lot of the traditional SEO stuff. And so I’m not nearly as nervous or concerned as I used to be about having everything under the root domain now because fortunately, I haven’t had to experience any penalties. So there’s really no reason for me to take those extra precautions when I don’t expect to have anything bad go wrong now. Well, that’s why we put this heel shield in place, right? That’s correct. That’s what we came up with that with mgyb.co. That’s our protection. Since we don’t build links to the money site since we treat the money site with with with the respect that you supposed to cheat, it says it’s under different rules, you could catch a penalty on that root domain that just it just won’t happen on a G site and drive stack. And so they’re treated differently. We know what we could do at them at the SEO shield level that we can’t do at the money site level and we just transfer the power rather than transferring a penalty. And guys, we know that that the route and it’s isolated from the subdomains as long as you don’t link to it because we tested it, we would build a subdomain, get a penalize then we three or one that subdomain to a brand new subdomain and it would get all the power from the penalize subdomain. But eventually, the penalty would catch up to the sub domain, we’d have another one ready. So it’s just slashing and burn, right? You just had the same sub domain ready with a different name. And you just keep three or one and three are warning until the penalty catches up, it might take a day might take two for you to get your rankings back. But the root domain was never affected by the penalty. That’s how we know that if you don’t link up to the root, the penalty won’t pass that night. If you’re linking to the root from the subdomain, then a penalty definitely will pass because you have a direct link from the subdomain to the roof. Everything that we tell you on these things, it’s things that we tested it’s not a theory we do not give you guys theory if we do we tell you that we’re giving you a theory. That’s right.

How Do You Perform A Keyword Research For A Dutch Website?

Next question, but tshirt says I want to do SEO for a Dutch website. Can you please let me know how I can do keyword research? Should I do keyword research and Dutch? Should I write meta tags and Dutch? I can’t answer that because I’ve only always done US-based SEO in English so I bet Marco you probably have a pretty good answer for that?

meta tags or code. Code is code now within what’s within the posts is what contained but meta tags or meta tag you don’t change the language code is coded in English pretty much. I don’t know China but pretty much worldwide and as far as the tool that they can use trust the good old our Power Suggest Pro our go-to money keyword research tool will do Dutch very you go.

How Would You Make A Decent Profit From A Site With Multiple Reviews From Different Niches Without A Client?

Alright, next one is Hey guys, can I have a site as lists? Can I have a site as lists with general subjects for multiple reviews from different niches? Can I have a site as a list with general subjects for multiple reviews from different niches? I see that a directory

okay. With general subjects for multiple reviews, it seems to me like an affiliate site maybe like an affiliate site with different products and stuff, is the way I’m interpreting it, but you’re seeing interpreting it as a like a directory, like a local business directory type site, not not Local Business Directory, but just a direct directory style. You have different categories you have, or do it, as you said, affiliate where you’re going to have multiple products here. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, of course you can. That’s the power of silo structure, right? You can take a website and compartmentalize sections of the website through a silo structure so that you can have multiple topics for one website, and it still makes sense and still build authority for that, that brand. And that that website and again, it’s if it’s done right if you don’t use proper silo structure, then you can kind of dilute the open overall theme of the site, if you have multiple subjects that really don’t make any, they’re not relevant or related to each other, then it can dilute the site and cause problems. But if you have really tight silo structure, and it’s built well, right, you’ve set up your site correctly, internal linking category hierarchy, all of that correctly, then you can have multiple categories on a site and still do very, very well with it. Because again, you’re just building the entity up throughout, throughout all of that. So it’s certainly possible.

Typically, you know, a lot of times we try to keep things more relevant to a particular theme per site, but that’s, that doesn’t have to be that way. Right?

So yes, you can have a site that’s general subjects with multiple reviews from different niches just make sure that you have your structure correct. Number two says I have a press release from site one to the money site. And I want to make another press release from site to Can I link to both of the sites – Money site and site one.

I’m not really understanding that question. Yeah, he lost me too. I lost that one for sure. If you can clarify that not only that but there are three questions in a row so if you can clarify that one later I’ll get to it if we have time. The last one is number three, which is the best way and fastest to be profitable, say 1000 bucks a month without clients that include no lead gen. No agency.

Affiliate, you know, find a good The only thing I could think of would be to find a good affiliate offer out there that and then just especially launch jacking. Launch jacking is a good way to do that. It’s a lot of work, but you can, especially for higher ticket products, you can do you know that pay, say it’s a $3,000 product and it pays 30% commission that’s $1,000 right? So you only need to sell one and there are products out there like that. So if you can understand how to launch jack which you know, and find products that would have a good payout of good affiliate payout you can do that.

I don’t know. I typically just my fallbacks always been clients, right clients and lead gen stuff. If I need 1000 bucks a month, I want to go land a client, it’s going to pay me 1500 a month and I’m going to pay a VA MGYB $500 a month to fulfill the services and I’m going to manage it and keep it thousand bucks a month. That’s how I’m gonna. I’m gonna pitch Damon Nelson, RSS masher technology. There you go. He has made it really simple for you that it’s for you than to run your AdSense media net, or it doesn’t have to be the two main networks, right the display ad network that there are others that you can profit from, and you use you can usually run to. So I would say start using the RSS masher technology tool. Find the niches that now this is this is where it’s really important to find them to work on the things that you like, your things that that you know, because you’re going to if you like it, then you’re going to know that the people like you are also going to like it. irrational passions are going to remember that people collect unicorns and dice. That type of thing hobby trains is is is another one. I don’t know. It’s just the list goes on and on and on what you don’t understand what people see in this kind of thing, but you shouldn’t care why people are paying for it. That means you have the ability to make money. If you go into that niche, and you start producing the content. Once it’s set up. It’s on auto. And it’s each site might I don’t know, it might start making 2030 4050 bucks a month. Bill 25 if it’s making you 50 Bill 20 of them that’s $1,000 that simple.

Yeah, and just guys, this is some gold here, cuz I’m in the real estate industry now again, investment industry Let me tell you something for affiliate stuff if you want to get into some high ticket high payout stuff get into promoting Real Estate Investor Education, you know like courses for people that want to learn how to flip houses and that kind of stuff I’m telling you because those courses are typically 235 thousand dollars apiece. And I mean and people in the real estate investment business will spend money on those training courses and events and things like that. I mean, like, like, I mean to hand over fist, they’re spending money and on training products for how to be better investors. And I’m telling you that that is a huge, huge market there’s a lot of money in that market as an affiliate to and trust me guys, there’s a lot of money in that market. That’s something I’m in the real estate business again and I love it and I’m spending a shit ton of my own money on it. That’s how I know that to be true. And it’s almost like an irrational passion people that are in that business spend a lot of money on education. So that’s a great thing that you can get involved in, if you if you’re into that. So

How Is PR Stacking Effective When The PR Article Links Disappear Over Time?

Nathan says how is PR stacking effective than the PR article links disappear over time? Well, if you’ve gone through our local PR pro training course, which is all about PR stalking and everything that questions been answered but what I would suggest is that you link to press releases that don’t purge. That’s the simple fix, right? If they don’t, if they don’t disappear, then you don’t have anything to worry about. And I address this in the local PR pro training. Because of the original product, the original process was to just take the top-ranked PR for whatever your keyword was and link to that in the PR stack so that the next press release you would link back to the previous top-ranked PR. But the problem is a lot of those sites will purge their press releases after a set amount of time – 90 days 190 days, whatever, but they delete them over time. And so what happens is the link in the press release that was now linking to what’s a no press release has been purged. Now you got a dead link broken link. So I talked about at that point, setting up redirects using domain redirects or you know, like pretty links a plugin or something to set up your own redirects within press releases, so that you could always go in and swap out dead links, right, because the link to the redirect, you could change the destination at any time. And that way, you could always redirect to another live asset. problem with that is if your PR stacking consistently, over time, you’re going to have this huge mess of redirects that you’re going to have to constantly go in and update. That’s not something that you could maintain for very long. So that’s why I recommend just linking back to the press releases that don’t purge. So again, go check out local PR pro if you want all the insider tips, tips, and tricks on how to PR stack and also if you’re linking to your media page, that that’ll never work.

Scan your PR is have listed there like I don’t really care that they purge. I care about the ones that don’t, because those continuously push power as you keep feeding power through your loop. Yeah, somewhat because the way I see it Google expects some of those PR links to turn into formal force overtime. Correct. As it happens naturally, the ones that don’t. And if you look at it, the ones that don’t purge are really, really powerful except for the hyperlocal. When you’re working in the local space, those are the ones I care about. So those are the ones that I’ll try to link to. And I know that that if we’re I framing and we’re doing the things that we that we teach, it’s all taking care of this these type of, we call it wordless SEO for a reason. We don’t worry about any of this shit because it works the way that we do. It works and it works for a reason we have taken the time to set it up so that the thing that you talking about things purging, from whatever, it doesn’t matter.

Do You Need To Order New RYS Drive Stacks Or SEO Shield If You Change A Target URL?

There you go. The next questions got my first MGYB order back on February 7. Well, congratulations. I hope you liked it. the target for all the work was client main domain thinking maybe I should have targeted the client GMB CID which is the maps URL link, as you showed in a recent video converted to write that particular format. Do I need to order a whole new RYS drive stack or SEO shield to target the GMB? No, because well, first of all, when you place your order, yeah, you have the main domain is your primary target URL. But if you provided your NAP details, which I know is an mg y b as a field that, you know, it’s only when you submit your details, there’s a section to submit your NAP data including your map share URL and all of that then that will already be built into the stack.

You can take a look at you should be able to just open up the stack and look at it and see like for example like this spreadsheet that shows all the different links that have been built, or, you know, the different files and folders and all the links. It’s the spreadsheet that has basically your whole stack on the spreadsheet. So you can see all the different URLs and everything. Just open up some of the files and take a look, you should be able to see the NAP data in the stack. If you had submitted it when you place the order. If you did not that no, don’t order another drive stack, I would go in and add those manually as I still don’t think we have that available yet. We’re going back into your stack. But you can always contact support and ask maybe we could work out some sort of custom arrangement with you where they we could go back in and edit it for a set price or something. I don’t know you’d have to ask support. Because I don’t run that side of the business but Marco do any comments on that. He could just go into his spreadsheet and add that link. And then the link building that he does to that spreadsheet will go to that link. Yeah, it’s it’s not a safe business a month. We I’ve been getting results without that with with that any other.

Matt blinks, accepted the regular do follow map link it again, these are this is my new show that may make a difference if you’re targeting something that really competitive, but if it isn’t, it’s not something that I would worry about. If you want to add it. I mean, you can just go into the spreadsheet, add it to the spreadsheet, add it wherever you want. It’s your dry second, it’s your G site. So you can go in there and add it wherever you want, if that’s what you want to do. Yeah.

What Is The Best Way In Building Web 2.0 Buffers Outside The RYS Stacks/Syndication Networks?

Austin dawn has been coming and asking a lot of questions. So what’s up Austin, Don me says I’m building to Dotto buffers outside dry stacks and syndication networks, should I build them as branded to dados or keywords specific with and without geo modifiers were a mixture of them all. Okay. A few years ago, I want to set a mixture of them all but now I’d say branded. I’d like to get Marco’s opinion on this but I do everything branded now because on those buffer sites, I’m going to have any p listed likely

Anyway, so I like to brand all the profiles. Now I like to do everything brand based or entity based. And then I add whatever sort of Geo Data, add location, relevancy, that kind of stuff to the actual profile that the website, whether it’s a blog, or whatever it is, so that it’s still get that data still gets passed, but it’s not part of the brand, right, if that makes sense. I like because here’s the thing using keyword and location specific, like sub domains on web two dados and such to me looks spammy, right? It looks clearly like what SEOs have been doing since the beginning of time. Right? And so I am 100% behind the entity based SEO, which is about building the brand building the entity and you can pass location relevancy keyword relevancy through what is posted on those profiles. What’s your opinion Marco? I’m calling it entity based, worry less SEO. And so that’s it. Say I know your brand is your your entity is your brand. Your brand is your entity.

Get as many of those as possible. And for those who don’t know, if you like if you go to a website like norm kn o w em calm, and you take a look in there, there’s hundreds. And they’ll do it for you. But think of all of these people, Apple and Google, who go and buy everything that they can with that name, because they’re protecting the brand. You’re expected to protect your brand to protect your entity, and it’s perfectly okay. There’s no need for you to do what it is that you’re trying to do that gets done by dariya with the link building actually. Yeah, so so you leave it up to the master for for doing that because because he has a whole lot more experience than you do.

Is The Number Of Referring Domains A Factor That Could Make One Site Rank Higher Than The Other?

The next question was are there amount of referring domains a factor that could make one site rank higher than another? Yeah, they can be I mean, that’s more traditional SEO, like backlink analysis type metrics, right? And that’s one of the things that I would look at traditionally is referring domains. But it’s not just a number. Referring domains, you know, you could have one site that has, you know, 800 referring domains and another one that has 30 referring domains and the one that has 30 referring domains is outranking the 800 referring domain site, because the 30 referring domains are much better, much more relevant, higher quality backlinks. Does that make sense? So, referring domains is one factor, but it’s just a very small portion of an overall ranking pie, if that makes sense, right. It’s a small sliver of what’s required to rank and that’s a metric that I really just don’t even care about anymore, but it is certainly a factor it could be.

Marco: Well, let me go through the list again, right, Amazon, Alibaba, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Walmart, you name it in the e-commerce space. And if these websites have millions of referring domains and Dadea is fighting with them toe to toe and outranking them in some of the keys with the money keywords that he’s targeting. I’m not saying all because I mean, that’s just virtually impossible. It depends on how much time he spends, how much power is going to push through. It depends on a lot of factors. But that just goes to show you that referring domains is really a non-factor or it could be all other things being equal, but nothing on the web could ever be all things being equal unless you’re setting up a test where all things are equal. I hope I make sense with that.

Yeah. Okay, so we’re out of time. I do want to run through just a couple very, very quickly because I see this one and I’m going to stop it at this one only because I do want to answer this and then. Sorry, guys, the rest of the questions are going to get answered. So Marco, if you don’t mind sticking around for just another minute or two.

Marco: I’ll be here.

What Are Your Thoughts On Word Clouds And Images?

Okay. This question is you guys said that Google reads words and images. What are your thoughts about word clouds and images? I don’t know. I hadn’t thought about that before. I mean, Google can read words and images. Now. It’s gotten way better at that. I don’t know what you’d want to do with word clouds, though. Marco. Do you have any idea what you’re trying to accomplish here?

Marco: Why?

Bradley: Yeah, I don’t understand the reason for that, really. But

Marco: so are you trying to get Google to read? It depends on whether you’ve layered the word cloud or else Google will not see the words in the images and word clouds. I’m pretty sure I’m not layered.

Yeah, it has to be in it in. These words have to be done in such a way that Google can actually read them and you can go to vision. I think it is a Google vision cloud.google.com to go to Google vision, right? Or cloud.Google.com. Vision, I forget what it is just Google it, man. And you can find it. And you can play with images. And you can see exactly what you receive in your image.

Bradley: Yeah, yeah, that’s it, go test it. And Google does give you a test environment for you to be able to submit images and then it will tell you like, what it’s interpreting from those images, what kind of data it can pull from it, including words and everything else.

Marco: And it’s free to scroll down. If you don’t see it. If you don’t see where to enter, where do you drag and drop your image, just scroll down, don’t sign up for whatever it is that they want to make you pay for. It’s totally free. Go use it, abuse it. Have fun.

Where Should You Link An RYS Drive Stack?

Next question, and like I said, I want to answer this last one from Troy here and then I’m going to wrap it up, guys. Hello, everyone. Thank you for answering questions and an RYS drive stack where can and where should you link to and from?

Well, the drive stack should be linking to your tier one, your primary assets right your money asset, your money, money website, your primary digital asset. Google Maps, if you using maps, GMB website, all your tier one entity assets, syndication networks, all of that, right. That’s why when you order a drive stack, you submit as many of your tiers one entity assets as you can to have them built into the stack. Where do you link from? You mean as far as like, what we do if you need to build links to the drive stack, it’s everything from files to individual files to folders to the entire stack to the G site, all of that. So all of the above right to everything. And again, disorder, those are empty. Why? Because that’s Dadea, our link building manager has really just mastered the link building packages that are specifically developed for the SEO shield, drive stacks and our methods. So any questions and answers on that?

Marco: It’s called the spider web silo for a reason, right? It just goes everywhere and they push power everywhere. If you’re trying to build your own and you’re in our way as training that I mean that’s the only way that you wouldn’t be trying to do your own. Then just hit me up in the always reloaded Facebook group and I’ll be happy to go more in-depth into this question for you drop the question in there.

How Do You Get Violators Removed To Level The Playing Field?

Okay, this is the last one guys I gotta wrap it up because I gotta go. But then the question from Troy that I wanted to answer was afternoon had a conversation with the Google rep about GMB and exposing competitors who violate the terms of service and have multiple listings having different phone numbers and city locations other than suggestions and requesting changes or removing the business. How do you get violators removed to level the playing field? I don’t ever have and I never will. I’m just letting you know that. Be 100% transparent with you guys.

I’ve never once ever submitted a complaint or done negative SEO to anybody. Period. I’ve had other competitors rat my lead gen assets out and had them suspended and I’ve thought I’ve seriously considered negative SEO and because I’ve had like a tree service contractor report one of my lead gen sites and it got taken down got D indexed and everything else. And, you know, I thought like, Man, this guy has no idea who he’s messing with. Do you know what I mean? Like I could have just rained fire and fury on his ass, but I didn’t because I don’t do negative Seo In my opinion, it’s bad karma. Karma will come back and bite you in the ass. I don’t care whether it’s competing with your business or not true. I’m not picking on you, buddy. You do whatever you want. I’m just letting you know I’ve never once ever ratted on anybody else, or done negative SEO and I never will because I feel like my time is better spent being productive producing assets than getting revenge or taking out competitors in a way that I would want to be taken out? Does that make sense? So I just wanted to be real clear. That’s why I wanted to answer that. And again, Troy, I’m not picking on you. You’re free to do whatever you want. I’m just letting you know my own personal experience with this is I do not do negative SEO. And I also don’t rat out competitors, period understory. So Marco, idea?

Marco: I have a question for Troy. Are you 100% abiding by Google’s Terms of Service? Because if so, the shit that we talked about here is not for you. Cuz because I, I could care less about Google’s Terms of Service. I could care less about what John Mueller says, I could give a fuck about Google. As a matter of fact, I’m very fun to say, Google, I don’t care. And so yeah, it’s not you, you do whatever. You do whatever you want. But if I were to report these competitors, I’d have to report myself because I’m doing the exact same thing. And I’m like, dread Yeah. Like sometimes I just feel like I’m gonna make this guy a porn queen. If he keeps fucking with me, and don’t think I can’t, because I could totally change your semantic relevance total. And it’ll take about a week, and you’ll be appearing for best porn star 2020. So, but then again, why I can spend all I can spend that effort building other assets and make more money, and then just forget everything else. So my question to you, are you 100% abiding by Google’s Terms of Service, so you can feel good enough about yourself, where you can go to a Google rep and say, This guy is violating your terms of service. If you can say that more power to you. And if you can’t, then I don’t know why you’d be doing that. I don’t abide by Google Terms of Service at all.

Bradley: Yeah. So again, it’s just personal preference guys, and I’m not looking down or, you know, condemning you grew up with, so I’m just letting you know, I personally have never done and I’ve really considered it before when I’ve had had experiences as I mentioned, but I decided that my time was better spent built working on something that’s going to produce revenue not getting revenge. Does that make sense? So anyway.

Marco: Yeah, no, I mean, if that’s the way that he chooses, and a lot of people choose to try to abide by everything that Google throws at you, but just remember this, what Google says is okay today may not be okay, tomorrow, they keep changing the game. I don’t even bother. I’ve never read the Terms of Service and I don’t care to and that’s just my personal preference. Nothing. It has nothing to do with Troy.

Right on. Well, everybody will thank you for being here. We will see you guys next week. See you next week, everyone. Thanks, guys.