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By April

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All right, we're live. Welcome everybody to Hump Day hangout Episode 283. Today is tax day or maybe it's the day formerly known as tax day. 2020. So for those of you in the US believe, you know, tax day got setback, kind of a free extension, if you will. But we're not delaying Hump Day Hangouts. We're just going right along schedule, although to go with the Coronavirus stuff going on I'm wearing a hacks My hair is getting all crazy now that I my clippers broke and it's taken forever cuz Amazon's not shipping stuff as fast as they normally would, which is fine. But I was on actually on a call earlier today as a mastermind call and one of the guys had just given up and just shaved his head and so I'm starting to see some fun Coronavirus haircuts. I think that might be a meme. Yeah, might might go like Marco just get it down. So with that said, we got a few announcements and then we're going to get into the good stuff. We got a lot of really good questions today. But let's start I'm gonna start with Bradley How you doing today?

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I'm happy to be here man. Nice nice spring day outside it's kind of cool but I got to go out and go for a run before about an hour ago so nice glad to be here

all right now hold on for those of you who don't know Bradley's more of a weights guy so I just want you went for a run

yeah well I when I can't lift weights which I can't right now I run and I run often so I run ran five miles yesterday and three and a half today and so I run when I don't lift

good deal that makes me I'm a runner. So yeah, like hearing that. All right, Marco. How about you?

I ran to the door just earlier.

How was it was it a good workout?

It was tiring man. I'm I'm recovering I'm I had to go get some oxygen an make sure you got a water bottle nearby. Take care yourself.

Always. Always do keep water close by Just in case you gotta hydrate from all that heavy stuffs going all the good things are good, heavy hitter club is coming online. Today, mastermind members contact support at heavy hitters club, because you're going to get the deal of a lifetime to join the heavy hitter code. You know, we take when we say membership has its privileges, one of those privileges is to get discounts deep discounts into any of the things that we do, right? Whether whatever it is from RYS Academy Reloaded, Syndication, they had just whatever is either included in the price, or we give them a steep discount. Everyone else is also going to get a discount because we understand we're in the middle of a crisis. Things aren't the way that they're supposed to be, but we're going to help you make money guys. If that's what you're looking for. We're going to give you a really good deal. And yes, it's a one time only offer you can take advantage of it. And if not, I sincerely sincerely believe it's your loss, not ours, because we're going to help you make money in any and every way we can. Technical SEO. I mean, it's for ranking. That's the easy part. We're going to teach you how and why especially why things are the way they are. So I know it's kind of last minute because yesterday I was saying, if we don't do it in the next 45 days, if we don't launch it, then it's not gonna happen. And then all of a sudden, it just came together and and here it is today. Contact support at heavy hitter club for the discount of your mastermind member. And if you're not, then I'm going to post the link to the signup page in the in the Hangouts help I'll go and post in Facebook. There is a there is a page for those of you who want to take care of us want to take advantage of The special that we're offering, it's a it's a bonehead special you can't you can't say no, you you can but why would you? So there you go.

Awesome just to clarify though, because I know we're gonna get this question what's the difference between heavy hitter club and the mastermind and heavy coder hitter club is technical SEO spearheaded by Robin Marko Of course some of us might may linger and pop in appear you know and such but it's going to be primarily Marco and Rob talking about technical SEO stuff like just real nitty gritty shit guys. So that's what that is. And the mastermind includes SEO but also so much more right includes business building and you know, marketing and branding and all different types of marketing, digital marketing and holistic marketing and everything else. So there's, you know, outsourcing, management, all everything else that goes into running an operating a business, or a heavy hitter club is specifically technical SEO and How to monetize and get best results from SEO, that sort of thing. So I just want to clarify that.

Yeah, I think well, Marco, I'll let you put in your own words, but I think you put it best for the difference between each come in there because you want to well, like you're saying scorched earth with SEO. But if you're a business owner, if, unless that's your passion, that may not be where you should be spending your time.

exactly exactly. What if you're a business owner, and you're what's in your mindset should be growing your agency growing your business, SEO is part of growing your business. But you as a business owner shouldn't be in there, you should delegate you should have someone a partner via just whoever so that you can stay in the Semantic Mastery mastermind and grow your business, whatever business it may be. It doesn't have to be an agency. And at the same time you have someone with us in in the SEO part of it, learning the technical aspect aspects that are going to help you with with rankings. that are going to help you drive traffic to the website. It's all about entity. Right? In today in the Semantic Web, think about it. This is where it was going all along the Semantic Web of things, not strings. It's all about things. And there's nothing better as far as Google is concerned than a brand, then if that thing is a brand, and it's related to all of the entities that it finds under that niche, right. So this is what we're looking to push to people how this how this is happening, why it's happening, and how you can take advantage of it because we look for any, any and every loophole, an advantage that we can take out. We do. Most of the stuff we do, by the way, are not loopholes, loopholes, that they can be closed rather easily. And we've seen that happen time after time after time, but all is people said it was a loophole. But it's been a five year old loophole that hasn't been closed. So think about that. What what why, why you're concentrating on this. Like don't don't don't think that you To choose one or the other, if you're a business owner, you shouldn't, you should you should be. You shouldn't do both. And if you can't do both, then yes, you should have someone who takes care of the SEO part so that you can concentrate on growing your business.

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Definitely. Good stuff. All right. Well, Hernan How you doing? what's what's going on? You? Look, you look good. You look excited.

Yeah, I'm excited. I'm excited to be here. It's hoody season, we're good, we're safe. I've been I've been working a lot like lately, you know, a lot of our business owners, they're starting to understand the power of digital marketing, they're pivoting. So you know, I've been doing some consulting for those for those entrepreneurs that they are, you know, that they're not letting things dictate how they're running their business, but rather, they're getting ahead of the curve. And I'm excited that, you know, we're helping business owners to achieve just that, you know, to achieve, hey, we all know that this is like some, these are weird times, but we need to get prepared. We need to be there. So it's, you know, it's really cool. It's really cool to be able to help some of these people out. So I'm getting Be Here

cool good stuff all right Chris last but not least how you doing man?

Yeah doing good here I'm not so excited this or not involved the Facebook stuff at the moment the bots in like with today's or not no so that means but like yeah like it's good otherwise you're moving on and I'll be back

nice all right yeah you need to get like what did you have was it uh it was like a box of roses The Terminator?

yeah pretty much it's awesome

all right actually don't pull out a gun on screen and pray freak people out but it'd be critical real quick just want to say for those of you joining us for the first time you probably a little confused but we want to say thank you and you're in the right place we're going to get into answering SEO digital marketing questions. If you're watching the replay you can always join us live at semantic mastery comm slash HD questions, ask your questions attend live, but if you can't we understand things come up. You can check out the replays on YouTube and Grab your channel so you get notified of those updates. Also, if you're an agency owner or a consultant, you want to get more clients, you want to grow your revenue, and you want to scale your team so that you can work less and earn more. Find out more about that at two x your agency COMM The membership, there is definitely growing. We got some great stuff going on. We just wrapped up the last of the training was out Monday.

Yeah, Monday. So there is a ton. I'm not going to go into the details of it. But there is a ton of good stuff, but it is all centered around those three central pillars, right, getting more clients growing your revenue and scaling your team. Right. That's what it's about. So if you're interested in any one of those, it's a no brainer. You put all three of those together. And it's kind of the rocket fuel for your agency rocket, if you will.

May I interrupt for a moment?

No, just kidding.

I just finished we finished week 12 which was a collaboration of of all of us, you know, that you're seeing on screen right now. And so, it was it was on Monday. We kind of Recorded

what we call insights from agency veterans. And so we each kind of spoke throughout the recorded webinar of us kind of just kind of having conversation about what we've learned over the last, you know, throughout our digital marketing careers, with Marco having the most experience or tenure of all of us, but you know, combined, we've got a lot of damn experience. And so we've each we each have our own businesses apart from Semantic Mastery. And so we all have and we've all experienced similar issues but unique to our own businesses. So we kind of really just spoke about, you know, what, what we would do differently if we could do it all over again, in an effort to help you guys our audience to not make the same mistakes or at least to recognize when something is occurring and a way to push through it or get around it or over it or whatever. much quicker, if that makes sense. So it I think it was really powerful way to kind of wrap up The 12 weeks of intense training and there's over 80 freakin videos in that course. So it's, it's definitely a lot more value than what we're charging for it. So I would encourage you guys to go pick it up.

Definitely. Yeah, and we've got some more news about that coming. We also added some little bit of additional, but there's gonna be some more information coming in next week about this and then I'll just drop a little hint. It's for those of you who are interested, and getting started. You know, you can start with 2xyouragency, that's fine. But for those of you who are just saying, Hey, you know, there's too many obstacles, or I'm not sure you know, what niche to choose, I'm not sure what service or vertical I should be working in. I'm not sure if I had the money or the capital to start consulting business. Things like that. Keep your ears and eyes open and we'll be getting with you next week. Also, for those of you who are more concentrated on the SEO side of things, besides the heavy hitters club, if you want to get step by step results from proven processes, then the battle plan is where you should be starting is generally where we tell everyone to start with Semantic Mastery. You can find out more about that a battle plan dot semantic mastery comm now what I'm going to say is we're going to have a brand new edition of the battle plan coming out and yet I would still advise you to go pick up battle plan right now, it's a no brainer. It's a just, I can't I don't want to say this on here, but it's a ton of bonuses that are included in there, you can get access to it now and it's going to pay for itself while we had one person pay for itself in 13 minutes, but for you, you can pay for itself and definitely like a week or two and then pick up the new edition when it comes out and keep the price low. It's an entry price that we love and that everyone else loves. We've had I think 13 or 1400 people get the battle plan, put it to use and get good results. So anyways, if you haven't yet, just go grab it and then the new edition will be coming out we'll have some good stuff involved with that. And last but not least, mg y v. If you aren't familiar with that, head over to mtv.co check out where you can get all the done for you services. If you're live today I posted on the page, the current flash sale we have going on with link building and the SEO field. You can save a bundle over there, but only for the next 48 hours. And if you're checking this out later, and you're wondering how you can find out about stuff like that, just go over to Mt. yt.co. Hop on the newsletter list and that's how you can get notified of good stuff like this.

All right, I think that's it guys. Let's dive into the questions.

Sweet. Grab the screen.

Marco. I posted a message in slack for you. Yes.

That's pretty cool. All right. Sorry, guys. Let me get into Okay, you should be seeing my screen. Is that correct?

Yep. Okay.

All right. Uh, get my bearings standby.

How Do You Exclude The SEO Powershield G-Site From Google SERPs?

Okay, all these questions came from the That's interesting. All right, a DC SEO says Thanks for answering my question last week, guys, I appreciate it. One last question. Before I worded the shield just so I'm completely clear, can I make sure that only my site appears in the SERPs, and the G site doesn't appear on the results pages? If you set it to no index, but I don't know why you would do that. Here's the question. Here's my question for you. Why would you not want to take up another spot in the search engine results in the top 10? Right? Every every asset that you can rank on the first page for whatever your desired keyword is, is another competitor that's not showing up on the page. So in my opinion, why would you ever not want the G site to also appear for your primary keywords or your entity search or whatever it is that you're trying to rank? It seems like to me that you'd want to have all 10 spots on the first page if possible. So a G site can absolutely and will often rank for your primary keywords. In fact, it will often rank right below the money site. Here's the thing if you're if you're I framing your money site pages, you theme mirror like we tell you guys to do. And you're I framing your money site pages in your G site pages and somebody lands on the G site, they're gonna see your money site page anyways, they could still submit a contact request form they could order you know, make a purchase, submit an opt in do whatever it is that you want to do right from the within the iframe of the G site. So why the hell would you not want it so that that would be my question to you. But yes, if you don't want it to show up in the SERPs, you could always set it to no index. I have no idea why you would do that though.

This Stuff Works
Anybody want to comment on that? And not only that, once we release the the cracking, we can't control it. We can't control the beast. It's gonna do what it's going to do and there's just no way to control it. Yes, you set it to no index. But as Bradley said, why would you want to give your your competition extra real estate space to compete against you? It makes absolutely no sense you can make last pages that are that are really neat, or you can everything that's above the fold with CTA that are attractive, and that will get clicks, they'll get action. You can get a video in there, you can get a whole bunch right above the fold. So so if you don't like how the rest of it looks, person isn't likely to scroll down, if they find what they're looking for, like right above the fold, they're not likely to scroll down. SEOs are the ones who, who tend to do that. But if you've answered the question, or the pain or the problem, right above the fold, they're just going to click and go over to where they need to go. So think about it that way. And no, I'll say it again. We cannot control the beast once it's released. It's gonna do what it's gonna do. And that's it.

Should We Add The GSite To Google Search Console Of The Main GMB Email?

Awesome. Fitz is up. He says, Can we or maybe also should be at the G site to search console for our main GMB email. Yeah, you can't I just I just typically add it to the Search Console, the same google google account that The drive stack g site were built under. That's typically how I do it. But you can always so so in other words, you know, whatever Google account it is that MGYB creates for the drive stack and the G site, I submit to search console within that Google account. Now if I want to still be able to, you know, view it or manage it, you know, look at reports and such from Search Console from the main GMB account that it's, you know, pushing relevance to then you can add that as an additional user. But you know, it's up to you. I don't think it makes any difference either one way or the other. The whole idea of putting it into Search Console so that you can you know, help with the index and such comments.

Should Different Website Properties Have Different NAP?

Okay, and up he says should different website properties have different n AP, name, address and phone number working with an Umbrella Corporation as multiple ecom website brands want to have SEO power shields for each individual econ property but worried about penalties or issues that may occur with shared or overlapping NAPs.

Um, you know, I don't know, because it's not a local business. If it's ecom, I don't know that, you know, NAP issues are ambiguous with NAP is going to cause any problems if you're not trying to rank in maps. That makes sense. You know, I'll let Marco take this one, though, because this is more up his alley than mine. I don't all I do is local. So I don't really know the best answer for that. Marco, what do you say?

This is one of those things is is what what is the what are one of the places where I look at the competition? First of all, what are they doing? Not not because I'm concerned about the competition, but just what are they doing? If they're national, they're global. How are they relating their entities and and if they have offices in other places, how are they relating those? you saying that you have different websites, but if it's all part of the same Corporation, if there's one Umbrella Corporation, then you'd relate those through the schema You can create all kinds of neat relationships through scheme. And it's one of the things that Rob is going to show in the heavy hitter club how to relate all of these so that it becomes just one big umbrella. Right? And under that umbrella would be all of the different offices or places, or products or services or whatever it is that you're trying to do to create all of these associations.

Yeah, because see, I mean, that's I would use organization or corporation, structured data for the umbrella company, right? And that would apply to each individual site as well, because it's all part of the overall organization or corporation, right. But then you could have like website schema, for example, not necessarily local business. I mean, you could have local business if you do have a GMB for each one, which could be part of the organization, right, but there would be individual locations, but for ecom I don't know that that's necessary. Again, I don't do ecom. So I don't know if That's correct or not, or if that would help. But you could do something like website schema for that if that makes sense.

So the organization would tie it all together. And that's what Marco was saying is, you know, when you have an entity, even if you have multiple divisions, or multiple locations, or different, you know, pseudo brands that are like the children, like child companies have a larger parent company, a broader parent company, if you can tie all that together through through the entity, all of them will benefit, if that makes sense. Because, again, you're talking about branding and the entity itself, even if they're separate, like divisions or sub brands and that kind of stuff. It will benefit from the overall organization that kind of ties everything together, if that makes sense. So, anyways, as far as the URL shortener go to mgyb.co, slash s, mg y b.co slash s, and this is our URL shortener now, there are different subscription levels. You could have a free account if you want it, but you get a lot of cool things with different subscription levels. And we've been using this for all the drive stacks URL shortening that we do for customers of ours, and everything else for what, a year and a half, two years now. And it's super, super powerful. And you can do a lot of really cool things with our URL shortener. If you have a paid plan such as ad retargeting scripts and things like that into the, the header for the redirect all kinds of really cool things that you can do password protect URLs and stuff like that. So I would go to mgyb.co/s, and use that. Anybody want to comment on that?

No. The power behind our shortener is incredible. It is. It ranks for keywords. And so it just, it's just ridiculous, as you said, Why you can do so by all means, if you want to use I only mean that's fine. Bitly Be careful. It's a 302 Google Firebase, it's also 302. It can be a 301 if you go through the trouble of making it a 301 redirect, but you'd have to figure out how to do that.

Yeah, and what's interesting is, is it's crazy. But oftentimes, and I've seen this happen with drive stack files, for example, the MG y b, the redirect URL will rank. And in the search results, the shortened URL will show even though when you click it it for, you know, it redirects to the actual Google Drive File. And it's really interesting to see the Drive files rank with the mgyb.co short URL, because typically, you don't you don't see the redirect URL in the search results, you see the target or the final destination, right? So it's very interesting to see that.

Can You Upgrade A Single Tier Into Multi Tier Syndication Network When You Order The SEO Power Shield In MGYB?

Karen says, Hey, there I had a few questions from last week, which, unfortunately, we're not able to get to So here they are. The SEO power shield syndication network. If you order an SEO power shield, it comes with a syndication network. However, I am assuming it's a single tiered syndication network. Yes, it is the branded network. But let's say I want a multi tier syndication network, is there an upgrade option rather than purchasing a full syndication network, since single tiered network already exists? Contact support at mgyb.co. And make that request and I'm sure I'm not sure, maybe Marco sure, but I'm fairly certain that we can accommodate that sort of a request, but it's gonna have to be a custom order as opposed to just something that's done through the normal channel. If that makes sense. Marco's that's something we can do.

Maybe I mean, we'd have to bolt on the the tiered syndication network to the to the already existing cynic. But But why would you want a tiered syndication network when tier one works just fine.

I mean, that's a good question. I would ask the same thing but maybe he has a reason.

So okay, I mean, a fine, right to support and then what Robin I'll do is we'll sit and talk about it and see if it's even worth it because the price that we might have to charge you may not make it worth it to you.

This Stuff Works
Yeah, honestly, I don't think I mean unless there if you have a reason for wanting a multi tiered syndication network and then by all means do that, but I don't you know, we have been encouraging people to not use multi tiered syndication networks for blog syndication, because they're kind of a pain in the ass to maintain. However, if you've got something like RSS masher, which is Damon Nelson's product, it's really good for creating beautiful spliced feeds with like, it's really really cool you can you can create really cool custom spliced feeds and in use that to power your second tier networks so that you have multiple relevant content sources posting to those networks, which is what we recommend. And with something like RSS masher, it becomes much much easier to maintain multi tiered networks. The more manual method, which is how it had been done for four years, requires adding a bunch of relevant RSS content feeds to the second tier. triggers, which becomes a nightmare, because let's say that if all you did was add, you know, three additional arts, so you got your money site RSS feed. But then let's say you add three additional Khan relevant content feeds for each blog. second tier syndication network, right? So So if there's three of them, which is there are the way that we build them. So the first single tier is first ring, right, one ring, and then there's three syndication networks on the second tier, each being triggered by one of the blogs from the tier one network, right? So when I say blogs, I mean, blogger, Tumblr, or WordPress. But if you were to add three additional content feeds at the second tier trigger point. So for each one of those, you would need an additional nine feeds relevant content feeds that you don't control. And not only that, you have to set up a separate set of recipes or applets inside of IFTTT for each feed. So let's say there's 15 applets that you need to set up for each RSS feed that you add, that's an additional 45 applets per syndication network that you need to create, which in itself is not that bad. It's a bit tedious. But you know, once it's done, it's done. But the problem occurs when you don't have control over those feeds. And because of that, like things can happen to their site, the site that you're using the feed from, where it could have a you know, it could I've seen RSS feeds hiccup and they just spit out a shit ton of posts and it can terminate your have a lot of your syndication network properties terminate because of over publishing, I, you know, they're things could break. This is a ton of things that cause a lot of maintenance issues. And if you're just dealing with one project, it's okay because you know, you're only managing one project, but you've got SEO in your name up here. So I'm assuming you probably do client work or more than just one project. And so multi tiered networks become kind of a nightmare to too cumbersome to manage. When you're doing multiple projects. At least that's my opinion, unless you're using something like Like RSS masher which really simplifies that process, and adds a whole lot of control to even the input feeds that you create the super spliced feed from, because it has filters and all these other really cool things like it can actually strip out content from the feed. There's a code inserter, a code stripper, there's all kinds of things in there. So, again, multi tier networks are not recommended. Obviously, if you know what you're doing and you have a strategic reason for using it, then by all means, do so.

Have You Done A Test On Linking Your Money Site At The Footer Disclaimer Section Of Client Site?

Okay, next question. Disclaimer links. Disclaimer link on client sites. As you know, there is a long term practice for SEO web design companies to add a link back to their site in the footer. Yes, like the footer link section, right. I've recently been switching all of those links for SEO and marketing by brand plus keyword plus location with brand plus keyword plus location being the anchor text linking to my SEO company's GMB profile, and I've seen some big results from it. Have you done any testing related to this just curious? No, though, those are considered Wide links and I mean you know, I, I do put those often in client sites the footer as well, but I usually just link back with my brand name and I usually nofollow those links, I have not done any testing with them in years, just because it became kind of a you know, site wide links could work what had become a negative factor essentially, for a long long time and so I just got into the habit of the routine of just note just linking to my brand name, so big bamboo marketing and then know following the link so that it didn't cause any, like penguin issues, if that makes sense. But uh, but no, I haven't done any testing with it. It's interesting to hear that anybody else.

Well, it stands to reason right the brand plus keyword plus location by eliminating marketing because you don't need it. If you have if you've done your entity work correctly on your on your marketing website. then adding a link that's your brand, and the keyword and the locations that you creating that relevant For the bot, there's no reason why then it should pick up an algorithm, any type of algorithmic penalty, because it's what you're asked to do at the local level. This is how you're taught to associate everything brand, plus location plus keyword, brand. keyword, okay. That's what the bottom is looking for comes in, and it looks for this. So what it's picking up is all of that relevance back to your site, which is what we do really with our academy reloaded, except that we protected 111 layer out through the SEO partnership, the drive secondary site, right? We create all of our all the all of the relevance in there because we know that what Google is going to do is power it up, rather than look to to penalize it algorithmically. So if he's obviously getting results just from those changes, it works. It could stop working in the future. I can say anything that's working in Google could stop working tomorrow. Theoretically, simply because they decide to, you have to be careful with that type of thing.

Would You Get An Algorithmic Penalty For Using Generic Terms Too Many Times?

Okay, thanks Marco. The next question is from big Billy says anchor question, I have several product pages that I put a link to my category page for that type of product. I use the word here many, many times to link up to the same page, any chance I could get that page and algorithmic penalty or doesn't matter because it's a generic term now not for that. If you over optimized for a singular keyword, then that can actually cause problems, but something like that, but my question is, I'm not sure. Well, again, product pages, I don't do e commerce. So I'm not even going to explain why I wouldn't use here so much, but that shouldn't be a problem. I would try to use various keywords though. Again, I don't do e commerce. So I don't know what you're specifically doing. But I typically when I'm linking back up to you know, any sort of like a silo landing page or homepage or whatever, I try to just vary the anchor text with LSI keywords right. So synonyms for whatever my primary keywords are from. So for example, if I'm coming from a blog post about Tree Removal in a particular area, then I'm going to use some sort of tree removal keyword or variation of a tree removal service tree cutting service, arborist tree removal, something like that, to link back up to the landing page for that particular silo. But again, using a generic term like that it should, it's not going to cause any out I've never heard of that causing an algorithmic penalty, because I don't know of any SEOs out there that are optimizing for here. You know what I'm saying? So, Margaret, do you have any comments on that?

No, I haven't seen it. And in fact, when I do my interlinking, I use the generic terms a lot. But not only here, go here, more information, learn more, read more, all of that. So there's about 10 or 12 terms that you can use, and you know, you can spin those so that so that they don't appear that way. The same thing, right one one after the other because it can get as far as the user, it can get repetitive. And that's not something that that you want, you don't want the user to hear hear again, and again, here, here, here. And here. This is a, it's e commerce, I assume there's a bunch of products on there, all of them with here. So create variations simply for the sake of not boring the user with the same terms over and over and over again.

Yeah, and remember, you can also lengthen the phrase for the that you're going to use for the anchor text. It doesn't always have to just be a keyword guys, or if keyword phrase, it can be a longer statement, like, you know what I mean? So, you know, get, get more information about key word here, that could be an entire link. That makes sense. The whole, you know, short sentence could be a link. And what that does is, again, it adds diversity, but you still get your keyword in there without it being over optimized, and it makes sense to the reader or the user. You know, Because you know that the phrase itself is, is a call to action. Does that make sense? So there's a lot of variations that you can do to kind of add some diversity to that. That's cool. Go ahead. No, nothing. Yes, absolutely. Also question for Marco, I own our bias and RYS reloaded, and I'm about to get serious about it. Well, that's good. Should I even learn the original version or just drive straight in the ROI ASR?

Well, there's a lot of neat stuff by Dr. Gary in the archives. So I would say by all means, you need to get to the archives. But to get to the archives, first start with what's with what the most current training is. And that's whatever is in our academy reloaded. And please understand, we do need to update it, update that at some point because a couple of things have changed, not the power, power, the power that that we're generating doesn't change, and it's gotten even better, but there's a few things in there. That we do have to that we do have to go over. I'm glad mean, I wish I knew your name, come on the Facebook group and say what's up. So go through the training. We're still supporting after five years, we're still supporting the damn Facebook group. We're still in there answering questions. So come on in there. If you have any questions, ask away.

How Do You iFrame An Ecom Site If The G Site Has A Frame Breaker?

Awesome. Last week, Marco mentioned to iframe your eecom page onto a G site, but the new g site has a frame breaker. Is that true Marco? No, I always work in the old site. But I I'm quite sure that new g sites have iframes do don't they?

Okay, so maybe he has his terms mixed up. You cannot take the new g site and iframe that anywhere else. Right. It does have a frame breaker. But you can iframe on the new g site. There's a right insert embed code, right that does a What do you call it? There's an icon in there that allows you to iframe anything unless what you're trying to iframe has a frame breaker also.

This Stuff Works
Right? Right. So your ecom platform may have an iframe breaker, but you are able to iframe pages into the new g site. That's and that's what I was. I always work in the old site, the GMB builders build the new site, but all the work that I do for theme earring and everything is always in the classic g sites. But I was gonna say, I know the new g sites have my pages I, you know, like the pearl trees and, you know, press advantage page and things like that all get iframe in there, so I can't imagine. The only thing I would assume that Billy is that perhaps your eecom platform might have an iframe breaker. So Okay, moving on. Bibi says Hey guys, what is the problem of duplicate content during syndication? For full text post? Is there a problem apply on branded network also, or just tier two and beyond? There's no problem at all, when you have it. That's the whole point of the attribution link below. If you your RSS feed should have, depending on what if what kind of plugin you're using RSS plugin, God forbid, you're using Yoast. But almost all RSS plugins now have an RSS setting that will allow you to inject an attribution link either before the content or after the content. And so when your plugin settings, you go in and you you code in the attribution link. And there's typically some sort of tokens in there like post URL, post title, site title, all of those things that you can tokenize your attribution link for so that essentially it will pull the title so what I always do is I always use the post title as the anchor text, and it links to the post URL. Again, those are tokens that you can code into the attribution code in the RSS plugin settings. However, if your RSS plugin settings don't have, if you don't have the ability to code in an attribution link, then you can do that within the applets inside of IFTTT, which just means you have to edit the app. It's really only count you really only Well, you should do it also for Google Drive. So like, your document sharing when you're when you read syndicate a blog post into Google Drive, and what is it Microsoft One Drive or whatever the hell it is. Those should also have attribution links. But really, it's your going to be your blogs, so blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, that you really want to make sure that you have the attribution links. And, and that's it, there's no problem with duplicate content, because you're, you're citing the original source. That's the whole point. And even if you weren't citing the original source, it's still not a duplicate content problem. duplicate content only occurs on the same domain. It doesn't occur off site if it did, then press releases would be toxic. And some press releases are toxic, actually, that there is there's no such thing as duplicate content anyway. Even even on site it I mean, all that's going to happen if the pages are similar, or the same what Google is going to do. And we've explained this before, it's going to start AB AB testing ABCD. However many pages are similar, it's going to take those, it's going to start giving an impression. And then it's going to decide which one answers the query the best. And that's the page, that's going to end up indexed, right. And in the active index, let's just call it versus all of the others, but you're not going to get any penalties. What you are going to get is warnings about duplicate titles and descriptions, so that you can make unique titles and descriptions. And the content can pretty much be the same. And then again, you're leaving out you're leaving it up to Google to decide which version of your page is the best for the query. Instead of you deciding on your best converting page versus all the other pages, look in Search Console, and see which pages are being served for the different keywords and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about. You'll see ABC ABCD you'll see that like if the pages are Very similar, you'll see four or five, six pages. If you're doing mass mass page built, you'll see even more. And Google will give give all of those pages impressions until it decides which one the best one would be. That's what they call keyword cannibalization. It's not really that it's Google deciding which pages was the query the best. So let's, let's end this duplicate content myth. once and for all. I actually saw a definitive guide to SEO by a company which I kind of respected. They have really good information. They put out the Definitive Guide to technical SEO, and they went into into duplicate content as if it could be an issue. And it can only be an issue if you're having all of these pages competing against one another to see which one, Google is going to rank. That's the only way that they can affect it. You're not going to get a penalty. You're not it. Nothing's going to happen other than Google. Know, it'll take Google, as long as it takes Google to decide which page is the best, you want to leave that up to Google, or do you want to go in, figure out which one it is that you want, and then rel canonical or redirect all of the other pages to that one page?

Yeah, go look, go search Google for canonical. And you'll see or rel=canonical. And you'll see that Google created that specifically for that reason, and that so that you can push credit from similar pages to whatever you want to be the parent or master page, so to speak. And that's to specifically address potential duplicate content issues on even the same domain. That's what canonical was originally developed for. And they came up with cross domain canonical, as well. And that's for canonical Ising, similar pages from other domains to a specific target, if that makes sense. So maybe I'm gonna I think this is the same BB that we've answered questions before, but we guys we're going to have to say this once again, and I can't assume that everybody knows this, but we don't Typically allow people or want ask people to post this many questions because it's just not fair to other people. So, because these are all around the exact same thing, and they're very, very short going to be really easy to answer, I will answer these guys. But come on next time just post a question or two, please and then allow some others to post and then post another question or two just because it's not fair. Okay. So the next question was, is there a reason why we should have REL equals nofollow on attributed link on the RSS items? No, other than a lot of the plugins that there are SEO plugins, when you code in an RS an attribution link, they're going to automatically apply a nofollow tag to it. And unless you want to go in and actually edit the plug in code, which I used to do with Yoast years ago, but every time Yoast like I would go in and into the plug in code, right but and actually edit the plug in code to remove that REL equals nofollow tag to the RSS attribution link. However, every time the plugin updated, it would, it would update that code. didn't have to go back and edit it. And you can imagine if you have more than just a couple of sites, how how much of a pain in the ass that was, so I just stopped doing it. I don't even care anymore. If we can make it follow great. If not nofollow will is good enough. It's just it's a it's a, it's a, you know, an efficiency thing. Right? That makes sense. It's it's just too difficult to go in and edit plug in code. However, if you got a plug in code that will allow you to put in a follow link as opposed to and it doesn't automatically apply the nofollow tag then by all means, do that, which by the way, if you code it in through IFTTT, then you it will be it will be a follow link as long as the blogs or the syndication point provides follow links but many of them are nofollow links anyways. Okay. The next one was why should you use spintax? Why should you spintax the attribution and the after text post when syndicating RSS, it just adds diversity to the attribution link. So it makes sense right? If if you if you can add spintax to the attribution link text that you're, you know, in the plugin settings like our plugin does, then it just adds diversity so it's not always the same exact line right on every single post that gets syndicated out but that's it's not a problem it just adds some diversity if you if you have that functionality use it if you don't have it, don't worry about it. Okay. Why you have limited the RSS plugin to only five posts. I'm not sure what you're talking about. Chris has an on he's the one that developed our pup but there should be settings to be able to adjust that. And also it's not the RSS plugin typically that does that go into your WordPress settings go to WordPress admin area, go to settings, reading and then take a look there and right there is where you should see how many posts show in the RSS feed. And that should be the set that should be where you adjust that setting not necessarily RSS plugin. Okay. Is the RSS plugin just for adding spintax functionality now that well, I can't tell you unless you're in the mastermind the mastermind plugin adds a whole RSS plugin which is only available in the mastermind it's free to mastermind members it has a lot of additional functionality I you must if you're talking about our RSS plugin, but the free version I can't tell you because I haven't used that five years no shit so I don't even know what the dashboard that looks like. Does anybody know here?

No, no cuz I only use the Pro.

Yeah, the pro version which is in the mastermind is it adds all kinds of additional functionality like it allows you to republish old posts it allows you to add hashtags and all kinds of cool stuff that Chris coded into it but um again that's that's the pro version which is in the mastermind I don't use the free version guys. I just there's really no reason for me to so I can't tell you what that even looks like. I'm sorry about that. Two k says. How do you guys use AWS site? Yes, Amazon s3 bucket for the ID page. Why is that two site? Well, a couple reasons one, to siphon some authority from Amazon to because it's an Amazon domain, which we can just fucking hammer with, with kitchen sink, spam and everything else we want to throw at it. Number three, because it's just an HTML page that we upload because it loads really fast. And we're going to, we load it up with our iframe stacking that we do the the infinite loop, right, the infinite entity loop, the mirror and mirror picture and picture that never ends. That's what we do. And those pages, trust me when you build out an ID page, the way that we do it. And then go back and even add in some additional things, it will literally break your computer, if you try to load it. It takes so much cash because so many iframes are trying to load and it will overwhelm the cache or the memory on your on your on your on your PC. I know because it's locked up mine many times. And remember guys that Id pages aren't supposed to be for public consumption. In other words, they're not necessarily something that you want to rank or anything else, it's specifically for the bots. So it doesn't matter if it's going to lock up your browser because how often are you or you or anybody else going to actually visit it? So but there's a number of reasons why we use that Marco, you could probably name a few others.

This Stuff Works
No, no, I mean, you name the main month. The main purpose of that is to create another property in another powerful domain for the entity loop. So it goes to however it is that we do it. That's how we do it. And we just add another we could add more, but more isn't necessarily better that there's diminishing returns on what that loop will bring back. I think we've tried others and it locks it up even with with as much RAM as I have. Yeah, it'll lock up my computer and I have tons around.

I got 3232 gigabytes or whatever, whatever it is megabytes, whatever the hell it is. And it's in it'll lock machine right up, man. I got 64 and That's ridiculous what it is. Yeah. But anyway, the main reason is power and an additional place where we store our entity information so that the bot can come and pick up some more somewhere else. Just following the breadcrumbs. That's all it is.

Yeah. It's interesting because one of our mastermind members, Darrell had shared with us one of his entity stacks that he had entity loop stacks that he had created was like an ID page, essentially. And it was freakin insane. I can't remember it as something like, I don't remember, I'm just gonna throw a number out there. Because it was ridiculous. Like 30 freakin iframes in it, like, it was just it was nuts. And he was like, careful. Make sure you got everything else shut down when you click this link. It was funny. But it's, it's pretty cool. So the next question was, could you not just a part of the second half of that question was could you not just use the Google site with all the embedded stuff and put that in the schema, or is there a reason you don't do that? Yeah, let me just explain why. The last question from today we do use the G site,

we do it right and we embed the idx page in the G site right. So and the and the G site gets embedded in the idx page. Hence the mirror the entity loop, right. Infinite entity loop. The second or the next question was one more question when I order a press release from MDB. Do you guys create the press advantage new newsroom page? Yes, yes we do. Okay, so you will get the benefit of that. Nathan says I saw your post today marketing the SEO location shields is that the ROI stack extension you have been working on launching No not yet. The SEO location shield can also be utilized for brands or adding a second location under an already established brand with the syndication network. Already have an SEO shield for my brand. I need some created for inner service pages. I'm trying to rank well The location shield is if you like, and market will correct me if I'm wrong, but the way because all I do is local, the location shields for me as if I have multiple locations for a particular brand. So for example, I'm working on a tree service project and the map that's making available to the public to the mastermind. I'm doing it as essentially a live case study, by the way, my mastermind webinars tomorrow, and I've made a lot of progress on that. So those of you that are in the mastermind, I'll be sharing a lot more about that tomorrow. But anyways, it's it's, it's a new brand with several GMB locations that I've already established but I'm rebranding from an old an older brand to the to the new company that because I got a new service provider anyways, so I ordered a SEO power shield for the main brand. In fact, I was working on I'm working on, here you go take a look. Here's the entity assets here. I'm working inside process street developing that stuff out right now. So you can see the SEO, I'm not going to click into there, but the Seo shield would be there. And it's the same thing as I'm actually working through developing the process out so that my team can can do that for me. And so the primary brand is associated with whatever top level keyword is, in this case, it won't have a location associated with the top level keyword in the brand, because I want to create that as like an organization. In other words, and then all of the individual locations, which will be built on inner pages inside of the main site will each get its own location shield, which means it gets its own g site and drive stack that are optimized for that particular location. And it'll have an ID page as well. But then they get basically placed underneath the primary branded ri ri S Drive stack. Does that make sense? So in other words, each location shield the ri s stack becomes an inner folder of the primary entity stack, if that makes sense. And that that way is that Don't have to build the ID page for each location. Each separate location drive stack is optimized specifically for the market level keywords plus the location, look at location modifier for that particular location, and then the ID page, which is unique to each location as well. But all of that gets placed under the parent main entity stack. And so that's that's the way that I do it, because all I do is local. And so that's how I think of location shields, although I'm sure location shields can be applied to other stuff other than local. How would you do that Marco?

This Stuff Works
And why would you want to location shield for something other than local?

Well, there's the answer then.

So Nathan, that's hopefully that makes some sense. If you have, you know, multiple locations, that's what you would want to do. If you have inner service pages, then those would just be expanding your current drive stack. You wouldn't need a separate idx page and a separate drive stack built for a particular service page. You could just clone Which you currently have, and then optimize, like, edit and that's, that's something that we will have available soon and MGB that's the entity or the drive stack expansion service, which is coming soon. Marco, did we have a time on that yet?

No, we just asked the developer today and he's still working on it.

Okay. So hopefully that makes some sense Nathan

Would It Be Okay To Use A General Location Of A Nearby City When Doing Schema For Service Area Businesses?

Troy says hello when doing schema for service area business address lat long and don't want to use exact address because trying to rank a nearby bigger city can should be okay to use more general location of a nearby city like city state. lat long Okay, um, you know, you can you can omit? Well, not necessarily, I can't remember if it will take it or not, if you like if you were to go to local business schema, for example, and right here where it does say geo coordinates lat long, you might be able to just remove that from the code and then go try to validate the code in the structured data testing tool and see if it still validates. I know I was like, for example, I was just talking about this tree service project I'm working on Well, the primary domain isn't, I don't want that associated with like the homepage. I don't want that associated with a particular GMB because I want all that I want it to just be brand and keyword. And so I still have structured data for that. But because I don't want, I still have local business structured data, but I don't have an actual street address. I just have city state and zip, and then the Latin long, but I was able to omit the street address and still have the local business structured data validated in the structured data testing tool. So I was able to admit that so that I can still have local business structure. Well, there's organization Plus Local Business structured data, even on the homepage, which isn't associated with any particular one, one specific address, if that makes sense. So you might want to be able to just go in and actually Edit the latitude and longitude out and see if it will validate. Otherwise, I don't know Mark, what do you say? I don't know that I would want to use a generic problems, right? I see potential problems, because he's talking about a local business with a business centroid, the centroid being the point where the business is and and we'll extend in a radius from that from that is the center of the business in relationship to the radius. Correct. So Google has that, because you went to the pains of verifying and Google verifying your business, you not have a pin. Google knows the exact location of that pin. Now you go and you submit structured data, which is directed directly to Googlebot. Googlebot comes in crawls and you have different geo settings, different latitude and longitude. Now is that in and of itself, going to cause a problem? I don't know. I haven't tested it but Essentially, it could be a problem, right? And I don't understand why you want to do that, instead of extending your central, I try to trick the bot.

This Stuff Works
I agree. Instead of trying to extend instead of trying to extend the centroid and creating that relationship between the business centroid, and the area that he's trying to target, if you create that relationship, that's gonna work a whole lot better than trying to trick the bot into seeing different latitude and longitude for your business.

Yeah, I agree. Here's what I was showing, though, just in case you wanted to test that is that part of it right there, into that comma down there. I know, it's probably hard for you guys to see. But if you were to eliminate that section right there, and then try to validate the code once the rest of the code was fleshed out, it's, I'm assuming it would validate but it might require the geo Latin long, I've never tried to omit that intentionally. But you could try it and see if it validate, but I agree with Marco 100%. There's, in my opinion, there's really no need to do that. I don't know why you would want to do that when actually you could just use Is the the specific that coordinates for where the business actually resides where the physical location is. And then through your content, your silo structure and everything else you can tell Google what your service areas and that's, that's what my Tree Service case study that I'm doing in the mastermind is going to be demonstrating is how through just blog posting through silo structure which simple silo structure not even complex silo structure and just blog posting, and then theme mirroring and interlinking correctly, that we can get significant results for a very large service area even with only one GMB if needed. I've got multiple GM B's but we're expand for this particular project. We're expanding south in Virginia, from where the central location is and all of the southern areas are going to be strictly organic rankings. All of the northern areas have already GMP s. So that's how we're going to kind of set separate the two Two different tests on one site for one brand. Some are going to have GM B's the rest, all the southern locations are going to be strictly organic. And and I'm going to be demonstrating that in there. So I agree with Marco. I don't know why you'd want to trick the bot when you could just expand your area. So, okay. All right. That was a good question though. Troy says, Hey, same goes with GMB images. geotag. Can general bigger nearby cities be the default instead of the exact business address? city state? Yeah, well, that's, that's what we teach in local GMB Pro. Right. That's how you expand the centroid is you start to upload images that are geotagged for a larger service area. So that's, that's, that's exactly what we teach in local GMB Pro. So that's different than trying to tell Google through structured data, the latitude and longitude of where your business is, when it's not actually where your business is. That's that's a lot different when you're uploading images from a larger broader service area. So let's say your account takeover, right like In other words, its service area business. So again, comm Tree Service contractor residing in Culpepper. Their business physical location is in Culpepper, Virginia, which is where I am. And let's say they're they go to Fredericksburg, it's 45 miles east, and they do a job out there. They take photos of on that job from their phone. Geo Data is, you know, Latin long and the EXIF data is all part of the metadata of the image. They can upload it right there, from there, on the GMB app from their phone to the GMB profile, and that starts to tell Google Hey, their business might be located in Cole pepper, but their service area does go to Fredericksburg. And here's the images with the Geo Data to prove it. It takes time. It's not like you're going to upload a couple of photos and all of a sudden you're going to pop in adjacent cities in the maps pack. It takes consistent repeated effort, but you can do it Mark has proven that many many times. So, okay. We're almost done. Cool. Oh, it's five o'clock, right? Realize that that hour flew by. So Aaron says is Google once again posting reviews? I lost five reviews this last month. Does anyone know if Google will display those reviews? Are they last forever requiring reposting Thanks. No, you know, I don't know the answer to that. Except that I know what your mean, new reviews are not showing up. But I i because I left a review. A couple of reviews myself for other businesses that aren't are not showing, but I'm assuming that when they do when Google lifts this, whatever restriction that they will publish, but I don't know because I don't work for Google. Do you know the answer to that Marco?

I have no idea if they will republish the ones that you lost. I know that they're, like opening it back up slowly that there was a GMB email that went out. I don't know if you got that Bradley with it where they were mentioning that reviews were back and that they will be opening up other things. Slowly, I don't know. I don't know what they did. I don't know what they close and I don't know what's going to happen from that. They're,

yeah. Yeah, Your guess is as good as mine. So, Alright guys, it's five o'clock. Sorry if we didn't get to all the questions mom, it looks like we missed one of yours.

I'm so sorry about that guys, but we'll catch you all next week. Remember mastermind members. I have my webinar tomorrow. So we will see you guys there. Thanks for hanging out guys. Bye, everyone.

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