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By April

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Live. Cool. Hey everybody, welcome to Hump Day Hangouts. This is Episode 285 All right, we're getting there. We're getting close to 300 that's pretty awesome. I bet we're gonna blink our eyes It's gonna be 400 and then 500 after that, who knows? Hump Day hangouts forever and ever when we reach Episode 1000 I'll probably be in my Walker but maybe we'll still be doing it because uh, Alright, moving past that back into reality gonna say hi to the guys real quick we got some announcements the Battle Plan version 4.0 came out today so if you haven't yet go pick that up Battle Plan dot semantic mastery.com we also got some really good deals. We got some awesome bonuses in there I'm not going to read them out to you. You guys can find them at Battle Plan dot semantic mastery.com. With that said, let's start here on my left I see Bradley first. So Bradley, you're up man. How you doing?

I'm good. I'm happy bear. Uh, you know, happy that the Battle Plan for is out. It's much more condensed and simplified shear than the previous versions, I think, I think it makes it a lot easier for people because basically just walk through the bundles and why it's important and how it applies for pretty much any sort of project now, which makes it a lot easier because I mentioned this in one of the Facebook live videos I've done but to, you know, announce that it was coming out that the problem before was that we had, you know, talked about all the different components and things that you would we suggest or recommend to get results, but the problem was that, you know, most of the time, people would skip steps and not implement everything. And then they'd say, Oh, this didn't work.

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And upon further investigation, we'd find out that they didn't do everything. And so when we set out to update Battle Plan for 2020, we decided that well, first of all, we had the product bundles and MGB but, and we did that on purpose. But that's what we really wanted to kind of promote is why those bundles are the way that you know why we have them set up so that you don't miss anything. It just makes it so much easier. And so the Battle Plan is a hell of a lot more simplified and simple is good. It doesn't mean that it's not effective. It just means it's easy to implement based upon the Battle Plan. So certainly recommend anybody to go pick that up if you haven't yet. Definitely. And I think what you said about being simple I think I'll pass it off to Marco next because Marco, what do you want to say about stuff is easy and simple? I think, you know, it's, it's, it's not simple, but it doesn't have to be complicated. Yeah.

It's not easy. Because a lot of hours work. Blood, sweat, and tears went into this thing. It's not as if we just one day out of the blue said, oh, let's do an SEO Battle Plan. A lot of thought into that, although it's whittled down so so that even a person who's not in it in the industry can understand it. It's not easy, but the way that we've simplified it makes it so much better for you guys to just go in order.

I mean, if you guys don't have the time to go through all of our training, you should still be a member of one of our groups. I mean, without question, because then you can come in and tag us personally in the Facebook group and ask the question directly, one of us will jump in and help you answer the question. Right at that moment, you don't have to wait once a week to maybe get into a hump day hangout and get into a question. And maybe we have time to answer the question. No, we focus on our people, our paying members, that's the way it has to be I mean, with Marco Baby got to eat man. And so, dude, that's the way it's got to be. But let me go back to the Battle Plan. It's simplified. It's whittled down. It's going there and take action. And let me tell each one of you guys and I'm going to do it myself. Pat yourself on the back. No, no, because I had my mastermind meeting yesterday, my mini mastermind.

And what we did was just go over, I guess as an encouragement, because it's accountability is an encouragement to one another, and people started showing their results and I'm like, holy crap.

These guys are ranking in a metropolitan area for like 1012 million people. Number one, number one for the market level keyword. I'm not talking about long tails, because long tails I think are unbelievably easy to rank for. But we're talking about the market level keyword where the money is guys. So not only was he showing that then that I get, you know, Ed gal, Bradley.

Yeah, I think you know him personally, I know him personally also, but he's ranking for the market level keyword in his area. And then another one of our mastermind members, who's killing it for an attorney, Attorney Seo we all know how difficult that is correct.

Truck accidents, wrongful death, you name it, it criminal law, and the guy has his clients. Number one. I got another guy showing he's getting massive results from whatever he's doing. He's in Colorado, by the way. I know you love coffee. You guys all love Colorado.

But he's getting unbelievable results. Okay, how are they doing this shit? How? Okay Yeah, I'm the master of subtlety Guess how the fuck did doing? Take a guess

I'll leave it at that.

Well, Marco you know we left out one very important thing. How's the weather down there? Can you tell it's actually cloudy now? This overwhelming with brightness today this is what passes in Costa Rica for cloudy and we are in the middle of the rainy season it was beautiful this morning in the array. It's a little cold, right? Cold for me it's 72 degrees. So but you guys in the sky outside the US like 2022 it's chilly. Can you feel it feeling your balls when you get older? That's tough. Well, I'm glad you suffer through that for the rest of us.

Hernan, how you doing man?

Good man, I'm muted. And now humbly says that you need to go get the Battle Plan because better plan 4.0 it's out. So you need to go get it. So I'm really excited about that man really excited about you know, the fourth version of the Battle Plan and it's been getting better and better and better as we go by. So really excited about that really excited to be here. Did you call that thing? humpy happy man. Yeah.

Wow. That's awesome. All right, Chris. How about yourself, man? How you doing? Yeah, I'm actually proud and happy that it's warmer than in Costa Rica here.

That's a new one. And regarding the Battle Plan,

I also have bad news for some people. I'm not sure if they're gonna be sad or like upset or so. But

I mean, like, rarely actually mentioned it already. And I'm gonna hit that. It's like, I usually do. The question is like,

Do you mean that I have to spend more money after I purchased the Battle Plan to actually execute it?

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And the quick answer is, Yes, you will. If you want to execute all the steps, you will have to spend more money to actually get the results. But as Marco said, it's gonna be like the really good results and not some longtail bullshit keywords where you actually don't need our Battle Plan for that stuff. So, yeah, blowing it out here. Good stuff, good stuff. Yeah. And also always come back to you know, you got time or money and hopefully start leaning towards bringing in more money reinvest that start doing that stuff. That's what we've done. That's where we see the fastest growth and you know, sometimes if you don't, then you roll up your sleeves and you can do it yourself. But as soon as you can, you know, you bring on the team to do it, you automate it and you do what you can. So I think Chris has a really good point. Well, it's mindset, isn't it? Yeah. Okay.

So guys, how much money do I have to spend? No, you're already starting off on the wrong foot. That's the powerful mindset. The powerful mindset says that you're making an investment in your future into what it is that you're going to do into being successful. And yes, of course, there are failures along the road to success, use those as a stepping stone. As I mentioned, in our portfolio, I've 29 in my portfolio 2019 presentation. So you take that as a stepping stone, but the whole, the whole thing is, invest on yourself, because the only way that you're going to grow your agency, the only way that you're gonna make money online, is if you actually learn how to implement methods that are already successful. Not because somebody is telling you that they're successful, because you can come into our mastermind, of course, you have to be a paid member and talk to the people in there who are killing it and say, Well, you know who here is successful, I bring you into my mini mastermind, and let you see who's successful. I'll show you case studies that that show success.

But it's taking that first step is okay, let me It's 17 bucks. That's all it is. And you can spend more depends on how far you go down the funnel. But that's all it is initially. From there, yes, you do have to spend because we spent a whole lot of money creating the bundles, the ID page, the SEO PowerShell I'm not gonna go into detail. Guys, if you don't know what it is going to mg y b dot CEO, look it up. It's all explained in there. But it's an investment. So who isn't willing to like if you know, Okay, I'm gonna get it to at least a two to 213 to one four to one return on my investment. If If I go and take action because the key here is it's such as getting the Battle Plan and reading it and saying, Okay, let me see what I can do. No, no, it's going and do it. Do the do that we do.

That successes right there. Give you the keys to the kingdom give you the keys to the kingdom guide.

Whether you take the key, and you have to go put it in the fucking login, turn the key man, please. I don't know what else to say, man. I'm done. All right. Good follow up, Marco. I think this is interesting. And maybe we could do this with mastermind members, I might talk on my next one on my next mastermind webinar, or we could potentially maybe for 2xyouragency as well, but it's getting with people. I think we've all been there at one point in our life, I'll only speak for myself. And I know I've heard Bradley talk about this, though, is taking on projects, you know, and learning the hard way where, you know, the price didn't make sense. Like, Hey, I got this client, they're bringing in, they're paying me 500 bucks a month. But you didn't do the math to say is this worth my time? And so getting into the details that that is important, and you can learn, you know, the tough way. But you know, sometimes going through that beforehand, and then saying, Hey, does this project even make sense for me to try to do some SEO for this person? And then realizing too late, like, No, it isn't, or it's your own project and you realize, I've invested 200 hours of my own time and this is gonna make me 50 bucks a month. What the hell am I doing?

Are that an important skill to have with any of this?

Yeah, also, like on the affiliate case study that I did, like, I don't know, one and a half years on the old Battle Plan, not the new one.

I think within like the first three weeks, I doubled my investment, and like by now I think at 22, as you hire, I don't have the exact numbers in mind. But like, it definitely pays off if you actually if you sit down and actually executed step by step and doodle. Cool. Well, with that said, we do have some questions. So if you guys want to find out about worry list SEO, if you want to get faster results, you don't want to worry about updates or algorithms go grab the Battle Plan and battleplan.semanticmastery.com. So with that, you guys, should we get other questions. Let's do it. Grab the screen.

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Confirm that you guys are seeing it. Roger.

Okay, let's see. There we go.

All right. It looks like a reset.

What Would You Do Differently In Your Digital Marketing Agency Once The Economy Starts Back Up After The Pandemic?

Looks like we're going to start with one of the questions from Wayne. Okay, yeah, this was posted in the free Facebook group. And it's a great question. So thank you for this way. And he says, In light of what has happened to business confidence due to the pandemic, what would you do differently in your agency business once the economy starts back up, and consumer confidence goes back to normal?

This can almost be viewed as a sort of reset to clarify, maybe it's not buyers confidence in agencies per se, but buyers confidence in themselves and their ability to make good buying decisions. And I think that's a great question.

I know something that I've thought a lot about recently, over the past month or so, is how to like how I'm going to do that how I'm going to start prospecting again for in my case Tree Service contractors. Once this, although there's a lot of Tree Service contractors still working right now let me explain what I'm about to say.

One of the things I want to do is reduce my rates, at least initially. So perhaps, and the reason I say that is because a lot of business owners are a bit gun shy right now or hesitant to spend money and at least from business owners that I've talked to, because they're hurting for money, now their revenue has either completely disappeared or significantly dropped. And so when the economy gets back to normal, it's going to be some quite some time before we ever get back to fully normal. But when it starts to open back up and Revit, you know, business strategy, business transactions start to pick up in volume picks up and everything else. I think they're gonna I think, at least my opinion is that people are going to be a lot more hesitant to spend money, or if they do, they're going to want some sort of assurances and that kind of stuff. Now, again, this is speculation, my assumption of what's going to happen so forth. For me personally, one of the things that I've been doing for the last about six weeks. I started to get started on it about six weeks ago, but I'm actually talking about this in the mastermind. For the last several mastermind webinars that I've hosted, that I'm trying to process, you know, systematize, much of the complex work that I have always done myself so that I can outsource that or delegate that to somebody that's paid four or $5 an hour versus my own time. So in other words, whenever I take on a new client. I've always done the onboarding in most of the setup myself. So because of that, I charge a very high setup rate or setup fee for new clients, typically in the neighborhood of $3,000 on the front end, and then you know, anywhere between 1000 to 1500 dollars a month for like Tree Service contractors, for example. But that's the reason I base my setup fee is because I know how much work I put into the actual setup setting up a new website or restructuring an existing site, optimizing GMB, setting up all the entity assets, the SEO shield, essentially syndication network, all that stuff, getting the content marketing schedule or plan developed for my blogger, I do all of that myself or have been throughout my entire career. And so I charge a lot for that because it takes me in a lot of time to do all that setup work. And the reason I've never delegated that before was that it is so complex, the amount of work that goes into all the setup that I do that I've never wanted to take the time to develop processes for all of that well, because of the 2xyouragency training, the Double Your Agency training.

I talk about setting up systems and I have for much of my business, but that portion of it, the onboarding and the setup for new clients, I've always done myself and so I always charged accordingly because it's my time that I'm investing into it, and it gets done well and it works for the client like it produces results. But again, it's a lot of my time. And so I want to be compensated for that. And so I charge that sort of a fee. So one of the things that I've been striving to do and again, it was I, I was prompted to do this because of the 2xyouragency training was I wanted to systematize even that we talked about it in the training guys. And I got this from Adam. And it's, it's been ingrained into my head now. But automate, delegate or eliminate, right, so if I can't automate the setup, I want to delegate it or eliminate it entirely. In this case, I want to learn I want to delegate it. So I've been working for the last month really started about six weeks ago, but for the last month, I've been working on trying to systematize my onboarding and setup processes, and it's an enormous amount of work. In fact, when I first learned how to develop standard operating procedures or SLPs, that the first time I learned the first thing that I systematized was building syndication networks that later became Syndication Academy.

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So it took me three months to develop those processes. Now I'm better at developing processes. But this is an enormous amount of work as well. And so I've spent a month and more anywhere between 10 to 15 hours a week, for the last month developing these processes. And the reason I'm doing that is so that I can remove myself from that process. And I can delegate that to a virtual assistant that I pay in the Philippines, for example, for $5 an hour good wage. So now I can take an onboarding fee that I would set up for you that I would typically charge roughly $3,000 for and I may be able to reduce that in half, and still produce a really good return or revenue for my agency, but at the same time, I'm only paying, you know, a fraction of that out to have it done. And I have all of my time still. Does that make sense? So I can actually And not only that but because I have slps I can also bring on more people to delegate to so I can increase volume. In other words, I can take on more clients because it's not a finite amount of time that I have to invest in setup and onboarding because I can just bring on more personnel to delegate additional work to because of the SOPs, standard operating procedures are there.

So for me what I've been striving to do that so that I can reduce my onboarding rate or my setup fee, number one, number two, I probably am going to be reducing my retainer, my monthly retainer fee as well. And I mentioned this in the Facebook group is my comment. There's a couple of things I've been kicking around one would bring them on at a reduced initial rate, but get a pay like a results-based pay increase or retainer increase based upon the type of results that I can, that I know that I'll be able to produce for them. So for example, it might be the first three months or once we heard it, you know, first three months or at a certain rate, because that's typically about how long it takes for me to get significant results anyways, or some sort of threshold or milestone that gets hit a number of leads generated traffic, you know, number of traffic, whatever, traffic level or whatever. And then the rates go up from there, or something that I just took on for the case study that I'm conducting in the mastermind for my mastermind webinars, I recently brought on a new Tree Service contractor who's buying leads for me on a pay per lead basis at a discounted rate for my typical rates. But it's interesting because he does, he's not paying me a monthly retainer. He's just paying me for leads but I'm actually working on building his assets up, well, his brand through my assets, but I'm building his brand up. And it's working really well.

In fact, I'm turning really good revenue over from this new Tree Service contractor right now, because of that, what just so you guys understand what I'm saying? Meaning I'm building up his brand, through my assets through the domain, everything else that I purchased for his company, right. So in other words, I own the asset with his branding on it, and I'm building it up and he's paying for the leads that are coming out on a pay per lead basis. So there's that or there's another type of arrangement could be a revenue share something like that. So that they're, they understand that you're, you're going to your revenue is tied to their success. Does that make sense? So in that's kind of how I'm going to be approaching it first being able to reduce my rates initially, by removing myself from the process entirely, which will make my agency more efficient and more scalable to begin with. But then also, you know, giving them some sort of incentive to sign up with me so that I can start to show results, and then increase my monthly retainer as a result of, you know, either certain milestones that are hit or a certain timeframe, or whatever the arrangement is, or like I said, the pay per lead model, where they're buying leads from me even though I'm building their brand instead of like, going out and creating my own generic pseudo brands that are lead generation assets or do some sort of revenue share model that makes sense.

So that's personally how I'm going to be handling it. And again, I'll be talking a lot about this in the mastermind. That's specifically why I'm trying to systematize my agency processes right now, so that, you know, I can scale and I can share it with the rest of the mastermind members as well. So, Max, just hears what some of you guys are doing Hernan and I really like that approach Bradley because kind of it takes the burden out of the business owner right? When it comes to you know, paying you a monthly retainer for your services. And some of these guys might be coming out pretty beat up after this, you know, this situation, this economy, whatever, some of them might be right on top, but some of them might be coming up pretty beaten up. So I think that having some sort of either revenue share or success model embedded in your retainer, maybe charge a little bit less, but then you have some sort of either revenue share or profit share.

In my case, I run ads. So it makes sense, it makes sense to have some sort of profit share after ad spend. And that makes sense because it helps business owners like understand that they can, you know, they can actually pay you while the business is going back to where it was before. So having some sort of success, and then it sets you up for success as well. Because if you really hit a home run, then you will end up getting paid a lot more than just your retainer, right, which is the whole point. So I really, I really like that idea of the kind of, you know, making it like a no brainer, taking out all of the risks from the table, and then it helps you getting creative with the way you're structuring your deals. And, and also, you know, I would definitely consider hiring somebody to do most of the grunt work while you are effectively focused on, you know, the high-level stuff or the creative stuff, right? But then the rest, you can systematize that you can do processes and all of that. So, I really agree with it. I really love what you're doing there.

Chris's young mind, I would probably spend a little bit of time having a discussion usually doesn't take longer than 30 minutes. Last Word of bottlenecks was like, for example, if it's just a physical store, and they didn't have like an econ store or something online set up.

They could have made sales that way. So like, in the best case, I can refer them to somebody and get a cup out of that as well a little bit and help them to get set up. So in case something else happens that is similar to that or a second or third wave might happen. I hope it's not but like, you never know.

They are prepared, you know, and they don't have to shut down completely, but they can still get sales and stuff.

The rest I pretty much agree with what has been said already.

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This is really interesting. I mean, I really like this question. Like how do you restore back

Unknown Speaker 24:00
In Scott buyers confidence in themselves, I thought that's a difficult one because you're talking about how do you get into that person's head and talk to them about their ability to make good buying decisions. All you can do is establish confidence and good rapport between you and the client. I mean, that's what will take care of this having that, that that confidence in you, that you can produce the results that you say you're going to get guys gonna drop a bundle on you. Whether it's 500, if it's a bundle, to a lot of people, or 50,000, that's a bundle to other people. It's all relative, that that ton of money that that bundle of money is relative to the person that spending the money. If that person if you can show that person that they can have confidence that you because you're going to produce results. Either you've gotten results before and you can just show it you can just go in. I talked to a prominent attorney last week with a couple of others guys that I'm working on a project and I talked to a guy who's dropping a bunch of money, we're talking millions of dollars in Google ads and wants to turn his focus elsewhere. And so what I'm going to charge these two people, this attorney, and this guy who's doing the Google ads and wants to go after the niche, another way, is what Well, you're going to have to pay me like it doesn't matter. At this point, if it's a local client who's having a hard time because he hasn't done a Tree Service job, let's say in four or five, six months, I understand that.

The way that I'm doing is I'm already dropping prices. For example, I have a couple of attorneys I'm already helping, Whose call volume dropped. And so I did drop the fee. While this goes on, as soon as it opens up, I know it's gonna be a train wreck. People are gonna go crazy. accidents are gonna start to happen again, cause you're gonna come back so the fees go back up. And they Oh, they go back up not only to where they formerly work, but they will also increase by a percentage to make up for the break that I gave them, it's gonna they're gonna make, again a bundle of money. The same thing with with with the new attorney that I'm taking on, we might bring him in at a reduced fee initially. But then as things, they gain traction and people like I hate to say, but people start having massive accidents. Again, it's a bunch of money. And so this, this is all to me, right, the weight and the way that I'm looking at this. It's whether you can instill that confidence in your ability to produce the results that these people are going to need moving forward. And that's the conversation that you need to have with that person. Whether it's a phone call, whether it's that one on one once that this thing clears up and letting that person know that I'm the person that can get you the results that you want. I mean all of us have had that conversation with a client.

Yeah, I know that you've been screwed by other SEO agencies. I'm not that SEO is in here call these people. They can vouch for me or you came to me because someone referred you to me because I got the results. So you already know that there's a pre-conference that's called already established to some extent. Now you can either screw that up or work with it and close the deal. How you close that deal? Well, Bradley, Bradley, Hernan, and Chris, have given you guys some really good ideas. I don't generally take local clients at that price. But if I mean, if that's what it took, if it took bringing somebody in at a reduced rate, and as volume increases, your monthly fee is totally tied to that percentage increase that I'm totally for that it's not the way that I'm doing because I don't really do it at that hyperlocal level. I don't focus on that. But I can totally see your point of view.

And how you would do it. And at the same time, I can also see it just totally going in there and convincing that person that you're the person to be trusted with their livelihood because that's what it is.

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Adam, you're the last one yet. One more thing, prices will go up anyways, like just seeing about, like all the money that has been given out and like they break the business set. So you can definitely expect like after things are working again, that there will be a price increase. Yeah. Because the purchasing power is less on the money.

So when Yeah, I agree. Good question. And I'm going to talk more about the consulting agency side of things, not the buyer competent side directly. For that, I think, you know, I'm not an economist, maybe an armchair one. And all I can say is, you know, I know myself and I know people have different sides or different feelings about this. My gut feeling is you know, I can only speak to what I'm going to do and I know I'm not going to be spending more money than usual in the near future right to me that goes against what I believe is safe and good for me and my loved ones. And I think a lot of people think that but again, that's just me I'm not that's not Adams verified theory or anything. So what I'll do is lean back I think something that we talked a lot about it POFU Live, Herna talking about it a lot Bradley has or branding yourself more than ever. That's something I'm focusing on. And I got this started slowly over the last few months. And now it's really built up steam in the sense that like, it's something I'm focusing more on. And I see that there are several reasons why for myself, it's one you know, you're helping yourself, while at the same time you get to help others and you can do this in any niche in the industry at any level. I don't do local generally. But I mean, of course, you can help others locally, right. You know, if you're doing local marketing, you could be doing local marketing meetups on Zoom. You could be helping the local builders as they begin, you know, needing to start prospecting. Again, if they've been on restrictions, I mean, there's all sorts of stuff you can do, I'm not going to beat a dead horse there.

Obviously, videos right now are really important. And again, if you can, once things are safe again in person or doing zoom calls, and I also look at this as a good time to find out what you and I really like doing. You know, if you enjoy teaching others about it, maybe that's something you could move more into. And like who you really like, start, start building up that prospecting engine, even if it's already in place. Just kind of, you know, streamlining and doing whatever you can and looking at what you really want to focus on moving forward. So that's something that I'm taking very seriously and I want to get that going because that it can be at times it feels like a heavy flywheel to get moving. But once you start that moving, you just keep doing it a little bit from time to time consistently, and that really starts paying off.

Secondly, Bradley talked about this, so did Hernan but streamlining your operations and as Bradley said just once per week, I really do. You know, I think everyone should do this once per week, ask yourself what you can automate delegate or delete. Just set a time and do it write it down on a scrap of paper. It doesn't have to be rocket science, right? But you've got to set that time aside. And if it works, like I think it will then keep doing it. If not, you know, this isn't some set and stone rule. It's not working for you don't do it. But you know, for 99% of the people out there, I guarantee you, this is going to be a potential game-changer for you. And then last but not least, I love this quote, I did an interview with a guy named Matt Barnett. He's the founder of bon giorno, which is an app that Bradley introduced me to and he said, you know, automate the process, not the relationship. And I think we're seeing that even more now that people are having to work remotely. You know, automating as much of the process as you can, but then really building those relationships as business owners as consultants as agency owners. That's, that's been important and I mean, bonds euro is a tool, and if there's another tool use it, but I just use this as the example that has been a game-changer for me down to like the tactical level, like it's fun because it helps build the relationship. But a great example is earlier this morning, I had approved a call. And when that happens, I get the phone journal notification pops up, hey, Adam, send the video to so and so. I recorded it. I had seen what they said I approved their message and I was like, you know, hey, it's Adam. I'm looking forward to talking tomorrow. If you got any other background information on your project, let me know, you know, I'd really like to make the most of our call. It sounds like you got something interesting here. And they have given me a real short description like most people do when they fill out forms. I send that off, I get back a four-page email from this guy and he's got just this mine, you know, really interesting project. All of the juicy details. He told me what he liked about his vendors. He told me what he fucking hated about his vendors. He's telling me, you know, just under the hood, you know, all the details. And you know, all that took me was literally 20 seconds. So, I think that again, going back to that automating the process, not the relationship so I can put that 20 seconds in, it's real. And the rest is taken care of for me, which nobody cares about anyways, nobody cares that there's a program that sent the email they just care that I cared enough to, you know, say hi and ask them what's really going on. So you mean to tell me that video emails work to wow your prospects and then ultimately your clients as well. It's true and it has a very high engagement rate.

That's funny.

Yeah, I'm telling you guys that's how I primarily communicate with all of my clients. I mean, I do jump on the phone with them occasionally and we chat back and forth via email but almost every month I'm sending a video email to my clients just going over their monthly reports and again, I say the same product we sell guys it's the same method you know, we practice what we preach video lead gen system, that's how I do all my prospecting and it works really well and that starts the whole like, it builds rapport without us even conversing, right that makes sense on video, email, you can literally build rapport with the prospect before you ever communicated with them and like in real-time,

And so again, I also use video emails for communicating with prospects after like four clients once they become clients, and they love it. I've gotten so many comments over the years now from clients that say that they love that. Because they, you know, they know what's going on at all times. And it's like Adam said, I'm building that relationship, even if we're not literally talking back and forth, it's still building that rapport because they're, it's like they get to know me and all that other kind of stuff. It works really well. And the other.

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You know, the other part of that is that, you know, I talked about this into your agency, what Adam just said is, when you're also prospecting, it's, you got to think about it guys like so much of the sales training out there is sales training about how to sell a product or a service and it's almost like a one and done like, that's why there's hard closing, like hard closing techniques that people try to teach you in sales programs and all this other shit and I found that that is it usually pushes people away.

For the type of services that we sell as digital marketers, we're selling a relationship, not a product or a service. Yes, there's a product or a service attached to the relationship but the thing is we're going to be intimately involved with their business. And we have to develop that relationship and that rapport with the business owner or our point of contact at the business in order for us to create that relationship that's going to be long-lasting, if that makes sense because we're going to be communicating with them on a regular basis and we are tied to the success of their business it's really important to develop that relationship strong upfront that strong rapport upfront and also to maintain that relationship so I totally agree with it without him just said

alright, so we can go jump on the next question was a fantastic question. Wayne, thank you for that. Let me get to the next one.

Difference Between Battle Plan 4.0 And 2XYourAgency

Okay, this one is from the free Facebook group as well from Cliff he says what's the difference between the Battle Plan 4.0 and 2xyouragency? Well, the Battle Plan 4.0 is like how to get results with building up an entity and how to get results with a search google search primarily. It's basically a step by step plan for how to get results with any type of web project that makes sense to your agency about how to build your agency and how to grow your agency, and how to, you know, again, scale it, prospecting and sales as part one. Part two is how to get reliable, consistent, repeatable results without you have to do all the work. And part three of 2xyouragency training is all about how to scale your operation. And that's so there's a big difference between Battle Plan 2xyouragency Battle Plan is about how to get results with a particular online or web project to extra agencies how to build, grow and scale your agency, your agency without doing all the work yourself. So anybody wants to comment on that?

Oh, it's perfect.

Are There Are Any SEO Practices You Need To Keep In Mind Before A Domain Goes Live To The Public?

Okay, Muhammad's up what's up Muhammad? He says, Hey, guys, a car dealer client of mine has been getting a new website built and they're just about to live to the domain. And your guys' advice. I made sure they would perform proper redirects from the old links beyond that, is there anything I should do once a new website goes live? I have a power shield in place for this client and I just bought a few mg y v link building and embed orders aimed at the ID page our way as a GMB, do I keep going, as usual, seeing as the domain is the same.

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Yes, far as I know, the only other thing I might do would be to do a site, you know, a domain change, or whatever. And, you know, you can in Search Console, you can tell Google that the new site is over here, if that's what is the same domain or push it live. Now it looks like it's the same. It's on the same domain. So yeah, I don't I can't see anything else. Marco, do you have anything else more? No, I don't see anything else other than once this is all done and once the link building has cycled through that first time, you'll take a look at the data, see where the money is gonna be. You've been at this long enough Mohammed not to understand where the money is in that niche and

You might have to isolate the top market level keyword for that category in the niche. And then that is just adding an error page to the G site inner drive stack, of course, with a corresponding inner site, money site page, excuse me, and then pushing power to that to rank everything in the niche. And yes, it's that simple, but it's not easy.

Should You Assign The ID Page As @ID Designation In A Local Business Organization Schema?

So next question from Muhamed and says, regarding local business organization schema, the @ID page, with the @ID designation should always be the ID page, right? Yes. And actually, it's not supposed to change it's supposed to be like, in other words, where do you point to should remain consistent Now, don't get me wrong when I'm starting a new project as I'm waiting for the ID page to be built. For example, I might use this domain website URL as the ID page so that I can get the main site up and the structured data and stuff like that, but typically once you have the asset and place the ID page, you can change the elements on the ID page. But you should always point to the same UI, right?

At least that's my understanding of it. Do I have that right, Marco? Yeah, that's what Google says. But it's not necessarily so because you can have multiple @ID. And no, it doesn't necessarily have to be the @ID paid doesn't have to be the s3. It could be an organization page on your website. That's the @ID. Mohammed, again, it's simply an identifier of where your company's information is right where this organization is and everything related to the organization and then the entity loops. What it simply does is it catches the bot in everything related to the organization which is your syndication network, your drive stack, G site GMB. Now, anything related to you can even include citations in there. But no, it doesn't have to be it should it be like no. Once you set it Bradley is right, Google's recommendation is you leave it. But you can have multiple @IDs, you can identify multiple nodes. That's all you're doing. Let's call them places so people don't like misinterpret what a node is different places that are being identified as places where you can find information about this organization or this local business.

Yeah, I know that my screen is paused because I'm trying to dig into something for it in Google ads for a minute to show. One of the upcoming questions guys just stands by one minute. I it's a question coming up on Google ads that I want to share something with.

Standby, just a minute, guys. I typically don't do this on all day Hangouts. But it's a great question and I want to show this

standby one minute, I promise.


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Yeah. All right, let me start the screen share again.

Get rid of that. All right.

All right, sorry about that. We'll come back to that one when we get to it. Alright, so this one, maybe What's up, baby? He's here every week now asking multiple questions.

That's funny. All right.

Is It Okay To Publish A Post On Two Different Silos?

So he says, hey guys, can I post on two different silos? Don't it should be in one silo it, you should really, if your keyword research is done right, and you structure your silos properly, a post should only go on one silo, right? Whatever is the most appropriate silo, keyword set. Does that make sense? Now, if there's some reason or another that you want to direct a reader, a visitor, you know somebody that's looking at the content to, you know, a, another silo or another post within a silo, another page within another silo. You can do that with just an internal link, just nofollow the link but you don't want to put the same post in two different silos, that's two different categories. Right? And it just, it doesn't really make sense to do so. And it also causes some funky things in WordPress when you do that. So I don't recommend it. Does anybody else have anything else to say about that? No, no, it's a no. Okay.

Should You Assign SameAs Attribute To The Branded Properties?

Number two, should the branded property properties have sameAs attribute like the money site? If you can inject structured data into them? Yeah, you can. Because remember, you can use the same schema type, whether it's local business, organization, Corporation, whatever it is, you can use the same schema type in your web tools as well. So for example, you know, just like Mohammed was asking in the previous question, your ID page could, you know, if you're using local business structured data, for example, the ID designation could be pointing to wherever you placed your ID page, and that would be the same no matter what local business structured data or schema was on any one of your web twos for the ones that you can add that to not all of them, you can do most

Then you can't actually, unless Marco knows how to wait for a way to hack it in that I'm unaware of, for the most web tools, you're not able to actually add structured data. But when you can, yes, you can, you can add that in as well. But you have to have access to the HTML, right to be able to do that the HTML header mainly too, right? Yeah. And be careful, because you want to create a parent-child relationship. But you don't want to do it the opposite way. You don't want your tier one branded, to in any way be taken as the parent and something else to be the child. Because then you could now create a lot of confusion. And you don't want to do that not at the code level. Guys, don't mess with the quote unless you know what you're doing.

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Example Of A Complex Silo

Number three, can you show an example when it's necessary to use a complex silo? Well, yeah, I mean, you know, for example, is a great one. One of our mastermind members was talking I'm not gonna name any names, but was talking about a glass repair company. And they were asking about, you know, how to structure silos on a glass repair company.

For a glass repair company website, and they had an auto glass, residential glass, commercial glass, but then underneath, so that would be a top-level category. So that would be you know, if it was a simple silo structure, it would be posted directly underneath each one of those categories, right. So that would be the category slash post structure, which is a simple silo structure, meaning it only goes two levels deep in the silo itself, but for example, under you know, I don't know, residential glass repair, being one silo, the top-level silo so that if you're going to do is for various subcategories underneath that silo. So for example, residential glass repair could have window repair, a sliding glass door inst or door installation, glass door installation, right. So those could each be subcategories of residential glass repair. Does that make sense? So each one of those now for example, like glass window repair, it could have that could be a subcategory. And then you could add posts underneath that, right. So you could add depth to the window repair subcategory, which is ultimately part of the residential glass repair, primary category, or top-level category, excuse me. So that makes sense. So for example, and then like maybe glass installation, residential glass installation, and then you could have as posts right to add depth to that which glass installation residential glass installation could be a subcategory of residential glass repair, I'm just using that as an example. I don't know that niche so I'm kind of pulling this out of the air. But you know, you could have window installation and or door and glass door installation, sliding door installation, French door installations, that makes sense. Each one of those could be individual posts to add depth to that particular subcategory. Okay, so that's just an example. It doesn't matter refresh redirect.

Does A Meta Refresh/Redirect Be Considered A Backlink?

does meta refresh/redirect is considered a backlink? Yes. From the original source. Yes. So if you redirect a URL through a redirect to whatever your target is it will pick up as a backlink. Is that correct? Does anybody want to know that? It's a response code, all 300-330-1302 308 400 500. It's a response code. It's interaction in HTTP now, but the way that I understood anything linking to that page that's being 301 would be considered the length, but the meta refresh and the 301 and three or two, those are simply response codes. They're not backlinks. Right now and right, I get that, but I thought I thought he was asking if you redirect something to it, does the redirect become a backlink? So the original URL that is redirected does become a backlink? Yes, that's what I was at was answering. But yes, you're right. A reader. A meta refresh or a redirect is not a backlink. It's just a redirect to wherever HTTP header code. Tom says if this isn't the right forum for this question, please write in the appropriate place. Okay. This is the question I was going to show you.

Advice On Running Ads For Lawyer Lead Gen Videos

Tom says I purchased your YouTube ads training being a complete novice to ads. Fantastic course, by the way. Thank you, Tom. He says, any advice on running ads for lawyer lead gen videos? For example, how would you go about putting ads in front of people who need a divorce attorney? Okay. Well, Tom, if you go through the entire training, you should know that you can use in-market audiences, which is what I highly recommend or custom intent audiences. So what I did was I pulled up in one of my Google Ads account here just to show you for example, if you come into let's go to browse and if you look at in-market life event and custom intent audiences now I'm looking at a display campaign display in YouTube ads, very similar audiences in-market audiences. There are some slight differences, but there are there they're very very similar.

Okay, so I have the display campaign right now. But if we could take a look at in-market life events and custom intent, you can go into in-market audiences and you can look for Business Services, maybe look for legal. I don't know if they have a separate one for legal. But you could look for Business Services maybe. And see if there's something in there for legal. My point is to go through the different in-market audiences, preferably I'd start there and see, and again, there's a lot of them. So you just have to start clicking through the different categories, and then clicking down are the dropdowns to expand them and see if you can find one for lawyers. I don't do anything for lawyers. I was just hoping to find an in-market audience for lawyers, and they're very well maybe, but I'm not going to click through all of these. I just wanted to point out that this is where you would start, look, try to find an in-market audience because then you can set your geographic targeting, and you can select an in-market audience to were that only the people that are going to see your ad are only going to be people that are specified in a geographic area that you set your targeted locations, as well as Google, has determined that they're in the market for lawyer services, or for you know, Attorney services, whatever. So I would start there, if you can't find one, create a custom intent audience. So again, all that all the custom intent audiences, and I can't go too deep into it, but as go develop a really robust keyword list of all of the types of keywords that somebody that it would be cert would be in need of that type of attorney would be searching for. And that that becomes the keyword list that you add to a custom intent audience, then you can also Well, for YouTube, you can't do use URLs. But for the Display Network, you can also go out and grab like competitor URLs, and like legal type advice, you know, websites where they talk about, you know, the process of personal injury law or something like that. You can grab things URLs like that even YouTube video URLs that talk about

These things and put them in the custom intent audience list as well, because that's the criteria that Google uses. Essentially, when you create a custom intent audience, what you're doing is you're creating a bucket that you want Google to fill with people that meet the criteria that you set up with your targeting criteria through the custom intent audience. So if you grab a bunch of keywords that people would be searching for. And then you know, engaging with content that satisfies or answers those types of queries. You put those types of search queries or keywords, essentially phrases into the custom intent audience, and then Google says, Okay, this person in your case, what was your name? Tom?

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Yeah, Tom wants a bucket of people that are actively or recently engaging with content around these types of keywords or this type of content, right. And so it will automatically start to fill that bucket, so to speak with people that meet that criteria within a specific geographic if it's for local within a specific target geographic area, and they are known to Google as having a recent interest, right in that, in that particular you know that that type of content, which means they're likely in-market for that, and that's their custom intent. Does that make sense? So and it works well, but it's not if you're going to use a custom intent audience, unlike life events or in-market audiences, where Google already knows that they're in the market. For those with a custom intent, it takes a little while for the ad campaign to learn, right? It uses machine learning AI and such that, when you first set it up, you're probably going to have some shitty results. Don't worry about it, let the ads run and the machine learning will take over and we'll start to refine the targeting to where it gets better and better if that makes sense. So just again, Custom intent audiences work really, really well. I've been testing them a lot over the last few months, and they work really well but they take a little

But it's time for them to mature for the machine learning to kind of really learn through what you said is the criteria is a good question. Anybody else? comment on that? How about you Hernan, you do a lot of stuff with ads?

He might be busy.

Okay, I'm gonna keep moving.

Any advice? Okay, wait a minute. For example, how would you go about putting ads in front? Yeah, I already answered that. Since Google doesn't allow negative life event targeting, I couldn't see an obvious way to target their audience as you did in the training. Okay, yeah. Again, use custom intent audiences, then that's the best way to do it. And with YouTube, you can only add keywords, at least for now, which is fine. And more equals better, in other words, but more as long as irrelevant. So don't use more general or broad keywords that would add that aren't specifically relevant to the type of project you're trying to, you know, the people that you're trying to target because that will skew your results and give you less, your ads won't perform as well in other words, so you want to build a really robust keyword list for YouTube ads that are specifically around that particular like and remember put yourself in the like in the shoes of somebody that would be in need of you say it was personal injury attorney or whatever and divorce attorney excuse me, put yourself in the shoes of somebody going through a divorce is looking for an attorney and try to think of it that way and develop a keyword list based around that. Does that make sense? that it works really well.

Is It Okay To Use The Description In The IFTTT Recipe For The Branded Network In YouTube Syndication?

Okay, next BB is up again. On YouTube syndication for the branded network. Is it okay to use the description in the recipe?

No, I don't recommend that. YouTube an RSS of money site gets syndicated there. So you mean the description in the recipe? I'm not you mean? Take the YouTube video description and syndicate that out. Ah, you know, it depends on how you Okay, the blanket statement I'm going to say no, because

As soon as I say, yeah, it's okay to do that people are going to go out. And I've seen a lot of people's YouTube descriptions that are absolutely spammy as can be because they put a big block of keywords or they put a shit ton of External links and all of that kind of stuff in their video description. That's fine. If you want to spam your video description and on YouTube. It's okay, it's perfectly fine. But when you start to syndicate your description out to the networks, if it's it's a real spammy description, then it's likely that those accounts the web two accounts that you're syndicating to get terminated. How do I know that? Because I've had it happen many, many times, which is specifically why we developed the recipes or the applets and IFTTT the way that we did. Because when you're just syndicating the video itself, and perhaps a link back to the video, or to a playlist or to a channel or a combination of those, then it's fine. It's very rare that I've ever had a web two terminated from that type of a syndicated description or from the applet. In other words, the description that the applet publishes, but when I in the past when I've done full YouTube Video Description syndication along with the video, I've had many, many times web two dot o account shut down. And it's mainly because the video description was a bit spammy. So just be careful if you're going to syndicate the YouTube description, just be sure that the video description is not spammy doesn't contain a shit ton of External links and all that kind of stuff. Okay.

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Is There A Faster Way To Write A Press Release For A New Post?

See, number two, is there a faster way to write a press release for a new post?

Yeah, have us do it. I mean, I don't know what you're asking there. You know, I, whenever my bloggers created published a post that's going to be also promoted through a press release. They just go submit the press release or the details for the blog post to the through MGYB. Basically, for the end press Release writers write the press release. We don't any of us write our own press releases. And I don't encourage any of you to do that. So I don't know what else to tell you on that one. Can someone use Fiverr gigs? Can we just copy 500? From the words for the new posts? And that's it? No, you can't do that. I don't know, if any, well, you can probably find some PR distribution services that would allow you to do that, but we won't. In fact, we won't even take a press release from self-written press releases, they have to be written by the press release writers at press advantage. And we do that intentionally because they know how to get the best results from the content that syndicates through their distribution network. Okay, so I would highly encourage you to allow the press release whatever press release distribution service you're using, probably as a press release writing service. Most all of them do now, let those writers do the writing for you. Okay.

Can Someone Use Fiverr Gigs Or SEO Clerks For Building Links To RYS And IFTTT Properties?

Can someone use Fiverr gigs or SEO clerks for building links to the RYS and IFTTT properties? Again, you can. We don't recommend it. But you can. So he says he's needing non-English spam links. Marco, what do you say about that?

Yeah, like, I haven't done it. And so, uh, yeah, we've used Fiverr gigs before, but that's just the test drive sites and key sites. They take it like a champ. I wouldn't throw it at my tier one branded. I'm not doing that. Because it just, it's not gonna look, well, you. It's your brand. Why would you want to spend your brand I know that we say we call the drive second g site part of tier one branded, but it's not really. That's tier two, tier two links coming into everything that you're doing everything else. And then we filter everything through that tier two, which brings in traffic, it brings in a whole lot of activity, relevance, trust, and authority, which makes it de facto, tier one. It's just it's not really by rule. It's not a tier one. It's just the fact that he went right by facts.

Because of the use, and so understanding that why would you want to spam your tier one branded properly? If you're going to try to test do it with the drive second t site in them in between everything, and you should be okay.

There you go.

Can We Use A Press Release In English Sites With English Posts To A Non-English Site?

Okay, maybe we're gonna move on because we only got two more minutes. And those were many too many questions again, but I do want to answer can we develop or is it in the pipeline of packages and MGYB to non-English sites? No, it's not and we will not we don't plan on doing that. That's not even for future plans. Isn't Marco, know that the man has to be there and we see we see these one-offs every once in a while. If we saw them often. Then we'd say okay, there's a demand for it. We need to meet the demand, or we need to find a way. But it's not even at that stage where we're considering finding a way.

Does Semantic Mastery Trainings Have Step By Step SOPs?

Okay, Rob's up says besides the Battle Plan, do any of your items or training contains step by step SLPs. Uh, yeah, the mastermind is where I share slps all the time. But to be clear, guys, I share my standard operating procedures, but they're specific to my agency. I mean, there are some things that can be that are generic enough that they can be applied to, you know, your own business as well. And I share those in the mastermind all the time because I get requests like that in the mastermind. That's what the masterminds for, by the way, for that kind of stuff.

But for example, all the agency processes that I've been working diligently on for the last month, really about six weeks, but for the last month, I've really put a lot of effort into it in time and such.

You know, I'm sharing those with the mastermind members, but again, they're specific to my processes, and it's more or less to share so that you guys have mastermind members, I mean, have a template or a, you know, a guide, essentially something that they can use to build their own processes. I don't expect my processes for my agency to work for your business.

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But I do share them so that other people have like kind of a template that they can go out and develop their own processes. The problem is, even when I share the processes I know, you know, eight, eight out of 10 people that I share them with in the, you know, even in the mastermind, they look at them, they're like, Oh, this is awesome, but they never actually, you know, use them or build their own processes, or at least my understanding is, it's very rare. There are only a few people that I know that actually really developed, fully developed sfps. And that's where the bottleneck is, for the most part, guys. It's a lot of work developing SLPs. It really is. It's a ton of work. And that's why most people don't do it. But once it's done, especially if you do them very detailed, and I love the process. In fact, I've got an open right here in my tab because I was working on that earlier today again, but you can once you develop really intricate processes, you can delegate even the most complex subtasks. In other words, you can outsource it because as long as your processes your SOPs are detailed enough, you can take anything that you think, Well, no, I don't want to say anything. Because some things do require judgment analysis, you know, that kind of stuff that only comes with experience. But for the most part, even things that are really complex can be delegated with a proper SAP. Right? And so again, I share mine in the mastermind often, when people request things, I will often create them, but they're specific to my business. And I always want to disclaim that right up front, just to say, look, you know, I'll give you an example. But you're gonna have to obviously, customize it specifically for your own business. Okay. All right. So last question. Oh, yeah, in a second. But because we're missing something that really big here. Our training is step by step over the shoulder video. And then you should be developing your own processes, from those videos to apply to whatever it is that you're doing. Some of the training is as simple as, get a VA in there, to reproduce whatever's being done, and that's it.

RYS Academy and RYS Academy Reloaded the VAs, that's their training, go watch the videos, build me a drive stack, then we'll discuss the drive stack to see where it is that you went off where it is that maybe you improve it, because that happens also. So that and then that goes into the training that goes into there into the videos. So there's always an improvement process. But it all starts with that over the shoulder training so that you don't have to go through all these intricacies that you often have to go through by building an SLP. Should you build Yes, by all means, but start with over the shoulder training so that you can do your own.

What SEO Items Provide Biggest Boasts That Should Be Done On Every Site?

All right, the last question, because we're actually a little bit over but we'll answer this and we'll wrap it up. He says if my focus is local SEO there are so many items known to contribute to local SEO such as citations, map embeds, driving directions, geotag images, press releases, Google stacks, etc. Can anyone prioritize what items provide the biggest boost that should be done on every site as opposed to items that can be left off and only completed for today?

Competition. Yeah, and I would say and I'm curious to hear what Marco's responses. But I would say on page entity, build the entity which the SEO shield is all about. So make sure you're on pages tight SEO shield, so all the entity assets, right connect all your entity assets the way that we teach. And then it's the ongoing external stuff or off-page stuff like link building, embed, embeds, and embeds and link building mainly, content marketing is what I consider part of on-page but it's also part of off-page because of syndication. And also, with press releases, I consider that content marketing, but that's really an external source that's building links back to the entity or entity assets. So again, for me, it's on-page SEO, the SEO shield. So that's essentially establishing and building up the entity. And then it's a matter of link building embed gigs and consistent content marketing. That's and a lot of my local projects. We don't build citations. It depends on how the GMB was created if it was spam, GMB listing, we don't do citations and we still get ranked. So citations aren't absolutely critical. If it's a valid GMB location, you can absolutely and should build citations. But if it's not, I omit that. So what do you say Marco, at the local level, you have to have a schema, you have to get that schema and that's part of your homepage. If you're not doing that, then you're just like the rest of the competition, which most people will ignore. That's how to get a leg up if you do it right. So that's part of your if your SEO is right, and your entity site then everything else comes on off-page. And part of your entity, of course, is built off paid, @ID drive stack g site, and the companion syndication that was well that's all bundled free. The only thing that's necessary after that would be press releases and make building embeds and link building. Which then did that I mean, that's, that's what works, the magic that's what brings everything all of the power into whatever it is that you're trying to do and you pop it into the three-pack.

Sweet. Well, thanks, everybody for being here. See you guys next week. Don't forget to go pick up Battle Plan for Dotto.

See everyone. Bye everyone, guys.

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