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By April

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Hey everybody. Hernan is eating so he can't talk.

to at 600

he wants to go I'm sorry. It's a train wreck, guys. It's a train wreck.

It's over. And that is totally token on himself. We're all waiting. The screen isn't setting. We're all wondering what the fuck

yet and yet our shit still works, so we don't give up

there you go. What's up, everybody? Welcome to Hump Day Hangout. Um, I got to do. Danny, what do you got there Marco?

Yeah, I gotta have a beer my cut though Lanka. Thanks, guys. I'm drinking coffee. It's still too early for beer. So, at five o'clock. Well, it's five o'clock here. So it's five o'clock somewhere, man. That's right. And I don't know who said that. Who said that rule. If it's hot and humid and you to cool off have a beer. exactly the problem is when that beer leads to 1000 more and that's my problem. Okay, that's a problem to make a drink with this one. I won't touch another one for a couple of weeks a month, three months. Who knows when the next one?

Let's start over Chris. Do you want to say anything? Go Yeah, I don't know. Like I have an open boss. like everything's pretty clear. The weather is nice. Even it's a bit colder. And I guess it's is everybody because I see everyone here in polar.

Except Marco is usual.

How are you doing Bradley?

On peachy? is happy to be here. Awesome.

All right, what's up everybody? Welcome to Hump Day Hangout. If you haven't noticed, we're missing a really important team member of the crew because otherwise, we do this in a much more linear, much more professional fashion, but I'm in charge of emceeing now and I know how to do what I'm doing. So, with that being said, welcome to Hump Day Hangouts, today's the sixth of May 2020. And if you're watching this, and you're wondering what the hell is going on, what we do here is we try to answer all of your digital marketing questions. If you have any SEO, digital marketing, how to grow your agency, how to how to get better results with your rankings, go ahead and go to semanticmastery.com/humpday to actually ask all of your questions drop your questions in the comments below. Now, with that being said, and before we jump right into questions, we are really honored to get a lot of support from people in our lesson in our community for the new version of the Battle Plan.

Unfortunately, the launch price and the launch deal and everything is done but you can still get the newest version which is version four of the Battle Plan by going to battleplan.semanticmastery.com. And the Battle Plan is a step by step blueprint a system that will allow you to go from zero to getting results within the search engines and that applies for new websites. If you're starting out a brand new project for age websites if you have a website that has been going on for a while, but you want to give it that extra oomph if you work for YouTube channels as well and for a lot of additional stuff to go to battleplan.semanticmastery.com. Now if you want to take your agency if you serve clients in any digital capacity, right you do SEO for them, but you also do PPC, web design, graphic design, social media management, whatever that is, and you want to get more clients you want to get more free time and you want to get clients that are worth coming to you then go to 2xyouragency.com that is number two, letter X, your agency com to actually get access to double your agency and get all of those tools. It started as a project but then Bradley, as usual, is over-delivering with value. And it's mind-blowing Lee good. It's really good. Everything we're charging enough but we'll keep it like that for a little bit.

And again, if you like what you're seeing, go ahead, subscribe to the YouTube channel. Make sure that you like that you subscribe so that the YouTube algorithm keeps on showing you the good stuff. We have a Facebook group as well, SEO tutorials, and digital marketing by Semantic Mastery. So you can search on Facebook, and I think that's pretty much it. Did I miss anything? Yeah, speaking of over-delivering on value, like the Battle Plan is is stupid, low priced. I mean, just to me, because it's 100 times more happy people. Some people see it and they say, well, it's just a full of links, all its links to what we use to rank. It's what we use to get results. It's everything that we do. To get results. Of course, we're going to show you where we go for the result, we go to mgyb.co. If you don't want to get the Battle Plan, go look at mgyb.co cuz that's where you have to go to get results anyway. Or else you got to you have to figure it out on your own. We've made it. dead simple, like you, follow the instructions. And it's not just that because some people just see a PDF with links to our stuff.

It's not that it's that PDF is full of information. Not only that it includes a bonus area, right? Bonuses are included. So you're looking past everything that's offered in that. It leads to a video that we recorded, right, where we talk about all of these different aspects of what it takes to rank today. And I mean, what we're charging for, I'm glad that we're raising the price. We're not raising it enough. If you want to get in getting as I always say get in when you fit in or not. It's really what it comes down to is. Are you an action taker? Or do you just enjoy sitting by the sideline and butting your head against the wall? And I mentioned it yesterday. I hear the song spinning wheels. spinning wheels got to go around. I see that. Is that what you want to do? Or do you want to go get results? It's entirely up to you. Action takers.

Go make money. So all I got to say comes down to like, how many years? Or? I don't know like you more than yours on the do you want to shave off of your learning curve like I don't know like if we would have had that document when we started I don't know about you guys but I would have shaved at least three years of my learning curve at an absolute minimum yeah 100% 100% so with that being said go to battleplan.semanticmastery.com if you want to learn more about it one of the reasons why we sell it so cheap and you know people are saying hey, this is too cheap what can you guys give me for that cheap? And the reality is that we over-deliver because there's a small number of people that will decide to take it up a notch and join our mastermind or join the heavy hitters club with Marco and Rob as well. So that's why you know, it's our entry-level product. It's great. We might we blow people's mind with value because a small portion of them will end up in our anger province. We're so super open about it, we wouldn't have any issues with that. So with that being said, and unless we have anything else, we can jump right into questions.

Speaking, what the fuck is Adam? He was out running in the woods today.

Speaking of value, the other super valuable course two extra agency training guys, that's for the price that we're charging, which I think is ridiculous. It is an enormous amount of content about how to double your agency.

Starting with how to fill your pipeline full of prospects. The second part of it is how to get consistent, reliable, repeatable results. And the third part of it is how to scale your operations. And so that's something else that I would highly recommend. Those of you that are looking for, how to grow your consultancy business or your agency that you would pick up to x your agency go 2xyouragency.com, you can check that out as well, because again, that we, once again, don't let the price for you. We put a ton of work into that for it's a 12-week course you get it all at once it's not stripped out. But it took me 12 weeks to record all the training for that because we really wanted that as a way to kind of help people jumpstart their agencies or to grow their agencies without having to double their time investment as well. And so I would highly recommend you go check that out because that's all of our knowledge kind of from the last many years that we've been together kind of boiled down or condensed down into the two extra agency training so I would encourage you to check that out as well.

With that said let me grab the screen

Sorry guys, I've got a real estate thing I'm trying to close. Oh, let's keep it PG 13 please and Bradley so close all of the year, let's kill that.

other stuff. Sorry. I'll be hitting edit. I noticed a closing that was falling apart. I've been trying to recover all day long. So anyway, go ahead. Sorry, Chris. I just wanted to say like that the two extra agency, even it's built for agencies it's, I see it like goes like even if you're a solopreneur or something like that you're running your kind of smallest your business and just do client work. That's literally how you can automate things and like how you put the systems into it to actually scale the whole thing. The thing that's always like something that nobody mentions, and because the whole thing is called 2xyouragency, there are people who don't even have an agency or they don't consider themselves as having an agency. That's literally how you can grow your business.

At least I see it that way.

Sweet. Well, let me grab the screen and we'll get into these questions guys. Go.

All right, you guys see my screen correctly.

Yes. All right, here we go. Let me find out where we're at

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Any Tips On How To Improve Web Search Activity Of An eCommerce Site?

Mohammed's up first, first in line. What's up, Mohammed? Hey, guys, I have an e-commerce store that's been live for about three weeks now. I've been sending traffic from Facebook, but I also ordered a power shield for the store. I've noticed there's still zero action on Google and Webmaster Tools. Even though the site is indexed. It has absolutely no impressions. Am I just impatient? I've only been in local SEO until now. So maybe I've come to expect a faster start. My syndication network has done the RAS got delivered today. So maybe it's a matter of time. It could also just be a reporting delay. I don't know. Sometimes that occurs and with all the shit going on, now, that very well could be it. But Marco, do you know of any, like sort of reporting delay that's occurring right now? No, there's only a two-day delay in Search Console now, on performance, because I'm even looking at it right now.

And I'm getting Monday records. So know that there's nothing going on in there. Mohammed is just being impatient. Yes, three weeks is nothing and he just now got the SEO partially delivered the still link building to be done. There's still press releases to be released and link building to that does embed runs to be done. There's an entity validation to continue and entity solidification to continue because that it's going to depend on what kind of market he's in what kind of niche right to see what kind of results he gets. It's just now a matter of time. Just keep an eye on search console and analytics. And they'll start giving you feedback on what you're getting.

What do you call displays for I know that they don't call it displays that that's what I call it on impressions, right? In, in search, and you can start making decisions off of that. In fact, I shared a video in the heavy hitter club. I think it's in the members-only group where I showed how I get data out of search console and how you target money from Search Console. Because there is a lot of information in there that people are not aware of, or people may interpret incorrectly. I hear a lot of people knocking it. And yes, it does have its drawbacks. But there's actually really good information. And it's Google telling you what information it's it's getting from your project. So why wouldn't you pay attention to what the bot is giving you? This? Isn't Google this isn't Google speak? It's the bot that's giving you the data? So I'd pay special attention to that.

Yeah. So and that's the thing if it's new, it could be that it's not receiving a lot of impressions yet because like Marco just said, It's brand new. So I think what he said is true. Just be just you're being a bit impatient Mohammed. If you still have it's also how to.

Did you add the site? Did you do it via DNS record? So it's a domain-wide? You know, it's in the domain, did you submit the domain via DNS records or submitted via URL because that I think has an effect too. I try to do everything using DNS records now. So I don't know I would check into that also.

How Do You Respond To Someone Who Wants To Know How You Get SEO Results?

The second part is next question from Ahmed says, Hey, guys, what's the proper response when someone via a client or another SEO wants to know how I get results, I don't want to mention RYS, select the ID page and other secrets of the Battle Plan. My strategy so far has been the show than past successes and leave it at that but my downfall is when I charge the done for your services, and they ask what the money is for how can I better my approach?

Well, alright, so the way that I handle it is the only time that clients see anything or prospects when I'm presenting a proposal and my proposal I will, you know, put some of the entity assets down and as part of the overall deliverables that are going to be delivered with the setup process, and then for my monthly ongoing monthly services, you know, I mentioned like link building traffic.

So because I run Google ads for traffic, you know, display ads and such. But typically, I very rarely ever get any questions about what they are specified when they do then I'll just show them an example of what like a done for you, or what I would Google Drive stack looks like from another client or from a lead gen project that I have or something like that, but I don't get into explaining how everything works because it's really none of their business like honestly as long as I can produce them produce results for them. It would be like asking, you know, any other industry, any other professional in another industry, for what their proprietary methods are for doing whatever their job is, whatever their profession is, and so, you know, I typically will try to provide enough information to satisfy their curiosity without giving away the farm because otherwise you know it as most of the time they're their eyes or they're not going to understand it anyway. So what's the point in wasting your breath? So typically what I'll do it as I said on the proposal side of things, I explained through a video email Mohammed, I know you're very familiar with that. But I explained through a video email an explanation of what the proposal was, what the deliverables are, and what an expected timeframe for results is, and then from that point forward, all the other stuff that I continue to order through MGYB to get clients results is just part of the monthly retainer, so it never comes up again. Does that make sense?

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Occasionally, I do provide monthly reports and not every month but most of the time, or at least every other month. I'll provide a video email with my monthly report. I'll kind of go over the reports and show them you know, where progress has been made, where I see new opportunities, where maybe some things have slipped a little bit. I always try to be real honest. And I like to use video emails to do that, which usually satisfies any questions so that I very rarely get follow up questions. And when I do, then I'll try to explain it a little bit further. But like I said, I think it's important to be able to explain what it is, to show that you can produce results without showing exactly how. Marco, maybe you can articulate this in a way that is a little bit more clear than the way I am.

No, I mean, that what you said is clear to me, but let me put it this way. When I give a client a proposal, and they give me something like that, say you're talking to an attorney. I mean, are you gonna ask him to break down how, why he's charging you 50% of whatever the lawsuit settlement is, for example, or when you walk into a car showroom, and you're going to purchase a car, do you ask for a breakdown of what all the auto parts come to and the labor the expenses and every year do you ask the dealer all of that information? Do you go into the negotiation for that car on the price? Okay, they'll charge you 20, you offer 18, five, or whatever. And then you meet somewhere in between.

How I see this is. It's ridiculous for a client to expect you to give them a breakdown of everything that you're going to do. And there's absolutely no way and no reason for you to be saying I'm charging you for dumping services. What you're charging for are results. What you're charging for is what you're going to do for these people. They're paying you for your expertise in the matter as far as getting results. Now if they want how that's consultation, and that's way more than that they can they could ever pay because you're actually going to teach them how it's done and how to get results and it's not something that's done overnight.

I was just talking to an attorney the other day, and I wasn't talking, I emailed and what she wrote back, say you're speaking a foreign language to me. And I say, that's why when I hire an attorney, I don't want to know or learn the law regarding whatever it is that I'm hiring an attorney for justice. When you hire an SEO or a marketer, you're not expected to know everything that the SEO or marketer is going to know. Otherwise, you spend all of your time learning, marketing, and SEO, instead of concentrating on what it is that you do best, which is the law.

So Mohammed, again, and we've gone over this before with you, you have to focus your presentation on the results that you're going to get what it is that you're going to do, not how they're not entitled to how they're not ever right. entitled to how they're entitled to their brand. Of course, they're entitled to tier one branded, although we call drive stacks, Gsites, part of tier one brand, they're not. That's part of your house. That's how you get results. They're not entitled to that, or anything else for that matter, press releases. It depends on how you're charging for them and how their focus
Yeah, they're entitled to that media page, but nothing else as a matter of fact that IFTTT profile that you're going to create that's going to trigger the T one branded, they're not entitled to those logins. Because that's part of how I never give them that. You're not entitled to my recipes or whatever the fuck they call now because I don't do them I just hire MGYB to but this is really important and why you should guide the information. I have a call that we recorded with someone we had to get permission from that person. I think and from all of the people involved so that you can he can listen to them to go the negotiation and listen to me go through an actual attempt at closing the client. It was the first-second call with the client and I try to close them right there. Unfortunately, it didn't go like planned and he didn't say no, he said he thinks about it.

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But that's almost like a no. Anyway, Mohammed, I hope that helps but you're focusing on the wrong things and you're mentioning the wrong things, definitely bring them back in one, if they get off six success, you bring them back. If they get off what it is that you're going to do for them, you bring it back and you bring them back to what it is you're going to do. I'm going to get your phone to ring I'm gonna need your phone to fill a form fills. And I'm gonna get people on your in your website, anything else that I have to tell you, I have to charge him for and then you set your hourly price 502,000 It doesn't matter you make it high enough so that it hurts if they have to pay you consultation.

There you go.

So yeah, just to kind of follow up like I said, you know, the this done for you services that I continue to purchase for clients, you know, that's just part of the monthly retainer, and I factor all of that is when I first present the proposal so that I don't have to go back to them and charge them for additional items. Unless they ask for additional stuff if that makes sense. So I typically, you know, I work right into my monthly retainer fee when I'm going to be spending on link building and embed gigs and press releases and my blogger to publish posts for the project. So all of that is factored right and right off the bat so that I just continue to order the services and pay you to know, vas and things like that to fulfill my obligations as per our agreement, but I don't have to explain it away because I'm not asking for additional money. It's all part of the original agreement. So okay.

Is Curation Suite Still Working?

All right. The next question is I've been trying to reach the curation suite Help Desk and Scott Scanlon, but no one is returning my requests. I watched Bradley on one of their videos, so I'm reaching out to you. I was wondering if the curation street suite was still working. As far as I know, now, I don't work for them. We don't have any relationship with them other than the fact that for a brief period of time, they had a really killer system. And I know that we had used it for a bit I believe we even did a promotion with them. But that was shit three, four years ago now. And within several months or within a year or something like within a year of us doing a promotion with them or whatever, kind of fell off the map. And I know Adam and talked about that, like, Man, that was several years ago. So it's a little bit foggy even for me, but unfortunately, I don't have anything that we don't have anything to do with curation suite Other than that, like I said that one time, we did use their tools for a while, but when they start started to intermittently work, in other words, they weren't, they weren't always working. And we also noticed that they weren't replying to support requests and everything else. We dropped it. We took the curation suite out of all of our processes. And it's funny because it might have even been you asking this question in the Facebook group, but that questions come up recently in the Facebook group, and somebody was asking about curation suite and they asked, Well, what am I using for what does my team use for curating blog content. And you know, the same thing that I teach in content kingpin guys. That hasn't changed. We've tried different curating tools. But honestly, I taught all my bloggers how to curate by organizing content using Feedly, feedly.com. And they, and they post or they curate posts manually in WordPress. And that's the same process that I teach in content kingpin is the exact same process that my team has been using. Since 2012. Again, we have tried different tools, but we always have come back to just doing it manually curating organizing content in feedly.com and then manually curating blog posts, it just works that way. And the reason why I say that is because a lot of the tools that we've tried have had issues where support they stop continuing development or supporting their product. We've tried multiple plugins that have gone, you know, gone under, that the developers stop supporting it.

Curation Suites, another example. And so instead of always trying to rely on the fancy shiny objects, the new shiny and fancy objects out there that are supposed to make everything so much easier, right? The problem with that is you invest time and resources and energy and money into trying to implement new tools or apps that there should help but those kinds of things. And unless they're a very well established company, that has been around with a long-established history of support and updates, and all of that kind of stuff, I don't recommend using any tools, you can do it manually. And that's the beautiful thing about virtual assistants and outsources, you can teach them a manual process. And then in my eyes, it's automated, right? It's been delegated. And it's going to get done manually, yes, but it's being done by somebody else. So in my mind, it's an automated process because I don't have to do it anymore. And then again, as I said, we don't have to rely on tools and apps that may or may not be around in six months.

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Once a year, year and a half, whatever. So again, I'm sorry, I can't provide you some more assistance with the curation suite. Nothing I can help you with. We haven't been in touch with Scott Scanlon in years. So I recommend that you just continue trying to find some way to contact him. You know, sometimes you got to stop these people, man, Facebook, LinkedIn, wherever you can find information and try to get support, especially if you've already spent money. Any comments, guys?

No, I mean, it was fantastic. When I was first working. It kicked ass. Yeah, it was fantastic. You could put it pull a whole lot of content, right that to curate. And then all of a sudden it started being buggy. And then I moved on to other things because I was using it. I don't even know where I have it installed. Now. I probably have it installed somewhere. But yeah, it's just buggy. And guys, not everybody has that. You know, the years in the business like we don't, and not everybody can support a group as we've done. For example, in our free SEO group, which is I think our longest when we had to move from Google Plus, right, that's been our longest running group that we're still supporting five-plus years, and we're still there. We, we can't force everyone to be like that. Some people are just gonna come in, make some money, and leave. That's all they want. I mean, we're in this, but at least from my perspective, and I know you guys feel the same way. But I can only speak for me that we're in this to try to help people make money. And the only way that you can help people make money is by being there for people when they have a question about making money, which is what this forum Hump Day Hangouts, which is our longest-running forum, it's what it's all about helping people who have problems solve those problems, so they can make money. Yeah.

And by the way, just as an aside, I had to look at our corporate documents today for something I was working on. And I looked at our LLC and you know, like, articles of incorporation or whatever like that showed the date that is that Semantic Mastery was born. And it was in February of 2014 is when we actually incorporated. So that's, that's pretty amazing. It's been over six years now. So we've been together for shit. We were together for a year, year and a half prior to us, you know, incorporating and starting the actual company. So we've been together quite some times, guys, that's a lot longer than that because it was the end of 212. I think when we started meeting, yeah, and the other mastermind, that yeah, it was at about a year and a half prior to us cooperating.

So that's a pretty, pretty, pretty amazing because I've had many other partnerships that have all fallen apart. It's very difficult to work with partners in my opinion, but it's been really it's worked really well for us at Semantic Mastery. And, you know, six years later, we're still together and we still like each other.

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Can You Share Some Basic Steps In Building A New Website?

Anyways, Mike says, Hello kings of SEO, can you share some basic steps when building a new website? Number one, especially about what to do when the site eight ready to publish I just lookup. I'll tell you what I do. Again, there's there may be differing opinions between my partners and me. But I just always publish the site but set it to no index. So I go to settings, reading. So in WordPress, go to settings and then reading and then I set it to ask Google not to index the site now whether they choose to do it or not whatever, but I always just do that right off the bat, that's part as soon as the WordPress installation is completed from the server, then, you know, I just immediately go in and now I have VA s do but go ahead and click the button to no-index the site and then we just build the site out however long it takes.

And then once the initial site is done with the initial pages and sometimes, to be honest with you, we'll even uncheck it so that you know uncheck that box to allow the site to index prior to it being 100% complete. As far as like all the pages or the widgets and that kind of stuff. What we do is get the main structure of the site in place, the main top of silo pages, we get the content in places. Sometimes not even have the images on there. But you know, the structure of the site, the graphics, the theming, the main content pages, at least the text was on the pages. And then we'll go ahead and publish the site or allow it to be indexed. From there, go in and make some tweaks to try to finalize the site. That's just my process. Again, it's probably different for others. But that's the way I do it. You could do like a maintenance mode, or one of them coming soon, plugins if you'd like. But honestly, if nobody knows that have the domain name that you're building the site on, then nobody's going to go visit the site anyways, besides you and your team that's working on it.

So in my opinion, having one of those coming soon, pages is only important if you've done some sort of pre-launch marketing and people could be potentially going to the actual domain. But for the most part, as I said, nobody knows that the sites that I'm working on while you know until they're actually published in live so it doesn't index, and I start driving traffic to them. So I really don't even bother with that anymore. Any comments, guys?

That's absolutely how I do it on a brand new website, there's no reason to hide it in here, put it anywhere, because that the client can come in and look at it. And anybody else is going to look at it, you can come in and look at it and then send you the feedback on what they think and what they want and what they'd like and all that and it changes nothing. It'll still be on that domain and you're actually ahead of the game. Instead of putting it in like a development server, which is what you should do with a redesign. I'd say that you can leave the existing site alone, you go into the dev site, create the website, and that development, then you migrate. There's no need for that. This is a new project WordPress, no index no follow. So Google doesn't go in there, although they might. It shouldn't index but that's how you should do it. That's how land solutions was done, by the way. All right, the case study and I haven't even talked about how that was created. It was totally done on WordPress, we just set it to no index no follow until it was ready to go live that we took it off no index no follow submitted it to a search console for indexing. And that's how it started. That's how it should be. There's no other reason to hide it. We used to do it to hide it, I put it in a maintenance mode. But there's a reason for that if you set it to no index, no follow.

Yeah, there's one thing like because I'm also reading further, I would not use analytics or any Google tools on the new page yet until it's finished. And they would also not link syndication network or anything like that until there is at least one or two posts up there. Because that's one of the prime reasons that there will be errors. So like, I'll put out use those things only once the page is actually ready and I can actually roll it out.

Well, I will differ slightly on that question. Only because when while I'm building the site and that's one of the things I've always done is built the site. But I've been working on what I'm about to show you guys inside of process Street, which is the tool that I use now or the app that I use for developing SLP standard operating procedures. And I've spent the last month or so working on developing the processes for the site builds because that's something I've always done myself. But what I was about to say was, when you publish a new WordPress site, you've got the Hello World post. The hello world post is just a placeholder basically, but it's an item in your RSS feed. And so I always order the syndication network immediately. Once I have the site published, whether it's indexable or not, it doesn't matter to me, once the site is published, I have an RSS feed but the Hello World post in it so I can order the syndication network so that that can be built because it's going to take two weeks or whatever for it for me to have it delivered.

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So I build out the site while the syndication network is being built as long as at RSS test feed has an item in it, they can still plug it into IFTTT to create the network. Because remember, when we build a network, we plug it RSS feed into it, and it has to have an item or it won't read the feed, and it will give you a connection error. But they don't are our network builders will go find related content and kind of and post the first couple of posts on primary on the blog sites, blogger, WordPress, and Tumblr. So that it's related content, it's to season or to seed the network sites with, you know, related content. And so the content is published but it's not being syndicated yet from the WordPress site. In other words, it's not content being syndicated from the WordPress site. It's just content that our builders put onto the site. So that once the site is ready to be indexed and ready for blog posts, then then you know, the syndication networks already in place. So that's just my process.

It makes it so that the network can be ready when I'm ready to start publishing posts. I totally agree with that. I don't link it together. I will do it exactly as you said. Okay. Here's an example of you were asking about some of the most important things I can't really scroll through here guys because a lot of this stuff has as you know, this is the standard operating procedure for setting up entity assets for a new client you can see it it's right up there and this is for a multi-location client but this is the process I can't scroll through here guys and show you the processes if you want this kind of stuff you got to join the mastermind I share this stuff in the mastermind. In fact, this project specifically, is a project that I'm building out in showing sharing everything that I'm doing in the mastermind so again, another reason to join a mastermind, but here's basically and it's just a work in progress. I'm still not 100% done with this I'm probably only about 60% of the way through getting my process completed for this. But this is all the stuff that I do, right. And again, just, you know, go back and watch the replay or take a screenshot. These are some of the these are the plugins I like to use Google Tag Manager, all of that once I agree with.

I agree with what Chris said, typically, I will wait to add the Google Tag Manager and from tag managers when I connect Google Analytics Search Console. Also, Google Ads for remarketing tags, conversion tracking, all of that stuff gets done through Google Tag Manager. So I usually wait to do that until after I have the site live published ready to be indexed as well as the syndication network back and preferably the SEO shield back so that I have the ID page URL, ready to go and all of that so that when I add structured data, which again, that's down here, JSON LD structured data, organization, schema, local business schema, all of that stuff, you can see this is all the stuff that gets done. Whenever I'm starting a new project, that makes sense, by the way, guys, if you haven't checked out process.st, so it's process Street, but it's processed This is a fabulous, fabulous application for developing processes, or standard operating procedures. For years, I primarily just use Google Docs and YouTube videos. But this is so much better. And so you can see like I, again, I can't share, scroll down through here, but I get super detailed in these. And it's like, you can take somebody's green, like code off the street and plug them into one of these processes. And they could build a WordPress site to my specifications by just following a step by step procedure. So I would encourage you guys to start using this look even if you're not going to build out full-on well detailed standard operating procedures for the operations that you execute in your business, which I recommend that you do because that's how you start to delegate the shit that you that only you do right now. Does that make sense?

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It is to buy by documenting what it is that you do. But even if that's more than you're willing to bite off right now, right, if that's too much, I would encourage you just to start creating simple checklists for absolutely everything that you do. Whenever you're doing something in your business that you don't already have a checklist for just take a few moments and just make you document the main points of the things that need to be covered or completed in order to complete that task. Because what I found and again, I've just recently kind of bought into this kind of mindset or this methodology because I've read a really a couple of really good books, the Checklist Manifesto was really good. Another one was called BlackBox. Thinking to really good I didn't read them, I listened to them on audio audible, to be honest with you, but they were really really good books that kind of woke me up to the idea of having a checklist is not you know, a lot of times it's our ego that says I don't need a damn checklist. I know what I'm doing. Yeah, but sometimes we get in a hurry or we get distracted. And we might miss steps or we take shortcuts. And so just having a checklist can kind of help you to be more efficient, make sure that things are done, always consistently, right so that you're not missing steps on some projects that were completed on other projects. And then you're wondering why your results aren't the same. And then also from checklists, as I said, that's the really starting point for being able to develop standard operating procedures that you can then pass off or delegate to somebody else so that you can remove yourself from the process entirely. So I would encourage you to check out process Street, they have, I think, a free option that allows you to develop just simple checklists, and I would start there if I were you. Okay. Any comments, guys?

Nope. Okay.

So that was the must-have step. So there you go. Alright, the next question is, Austin says, Oh, this is more of a comment. He says I received the second part of the SEO power showed yesterday and it's another fantastic job. I've built many of these stacks Gsites by hand and I'm very particular on how I like them to look since many do rank, your team exceeded all expectations, excited to see the idx page next Austin dawn, I know you're on the real estate flipping business, and I'm glad you like them. And honestly, like I keep telling you got to come to join a mastermind buddy. Because there's a lot of stuff in there, we could go over.

And I was teaching the land flipping business, which isn't fully relevant to you, but it's very closely related. And so we've got some training on that stuff too. So I'd love to see you in there sometime.

Should The 400 Keywords Required In The SEO Shield Be Available On The Website Or It Could Be Related To Its Niche?

Next is Hello everyone I am planning to buy I'm planning to buy the SEO shield. So I came to know that I also have to submit the 400 keywords with actually it's a two it's 200 is what we recommend. Unless that changed in the last 24 hours. I was just in there yesterday again and it was 200 keywords, it's still 200 right? It's 200 or more. You have 200 right and the or more is for that key. Do the keyword research that we  at mgyb.co. Right? That's hundreds of thousands of keywords sometimes that we find to, to push into that branded drive stack for keyword relevance. So yes, by all means, submit as many as you want. And the second part of that is now they don't have to be on the website, they do they have to be related to the niche. I mean, they have to be or else you breaking the road. Why what's the point of putting something that's not relevant? Right, right. So yes, please for the keywords. They don't have to be available on your website. In fact, your website will get impressions for keywords that are not on your website. How incredible is that? Google finds the relevance between the GSR and drive stack and your website to the point where you get impressions for keywords that don't exist that are not I don't want to say physically that is not on your website. That to me that that's that just shows the power you can generate from these drive stacks and Gsites.

This Stuff Works
Yeah, and that's I totally agree I, as long as you know, the keywords absolutely should have to be relevant. The goal here is, especially with the first drive stack, when we're trying to create the Association, the brand association plus your primary keyword, you want to use market-level keywords. And I want to be clear about that if you're doing a local project, you don't want to include your keywords plus location modifiers not for this when you're ordering the drive stack, which is the branded drive stack, right? So that's to again, that's to build the brand solidify the entity and make that keyword association with whatever your top primary keyword is the number one most important keyword to your business or to the project that you're working on. Now once that that has been delivered, so so hold on back up. So those should be market-level keywords. So keywords that are not including location modifiers. Okay, they should all be relevant. You can add long tails here that's fine. But also I do want to make a note of this, make sure that when you place the order that you have at the top of the keyword list that you upload it as a notepad file txt file that you have your most important keywords at the top of that list or you make a note of that in the ordering comment, like the comments or additional instructions section of the order form at the bottom of the page, you make sure that you make a note of these are my most important keywords, five or 10, or whatever they are. Because if you don't, and I made this mistake and I learned the hard way, which it wasn't MGYB's fault, it was my fault as I had submitted a long list of keywords that had for Tree Service project the same one that I was just that I've been sharing in the mastermind right now. That's what that process doc was we were looking at just a moment ago.

I had ordered a location shield so in it but anyway, I added the keyword list that had a bunch of keywords. But they did I didn't put my most important keywords at the top of the list and so that the drive stack got built out to the G site got built out with just the top-level keywords was like the primary keywords because they were listed at the top of the text file. And it wasn't, they weren't the best keywords, right. They were like Tree Service cost Tree Removal cost, you know, tree trimming cost, like there was a lot of cost keywords that just happened to be at the top of the text document that I submitted. And so I learned a lesson and that was to always make sure that you specify what your top-level keywords are either, like I said, add them to the top of the list or make a note and I would recommend that you always comment and add in your additional instructions. These are the most important keywords, please use these. And that way you make sure that the primary pages on the G site and everything is going to be built out around those types of keywords. It's not a big deal because again, this was a test that I'm doing anyways for this location shield. But I just wanted to point out that it's really really important to use market-level keywords. Now once you get that spec back and you do the theme mirroring, and the drive stack expansion to where you're now covering like individual silos within the site. Now there if you're doing a local project, you can start to sprinkle some location modifiers into the keyword list that you add for like link building campaigns, for example. And as an aside, kind of its related, and I'm just going to tease this a little bit. But we have started, again, as mastermind members, possibly heavy hitter club to market can correct me if I'm wrong, but we have started beta test allowing a few beta testers to come in and test our drive stack expansion service, which will allow us to like we're working on trying to roll that out to the general public to you guys, but we always offer our mastermind members the first crack at those kinds of things and the drives to that stack expansion service is the theme mirroring service done for you and MGYB. Marco, do you want to chat about that just briefly? Where's that still supposed to be?

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No, yeah, because we're not ready for it. We're not ready for anything except what we posted in the groups and paid membership has its privileges. You get to test these this stuff out first, you get a big discount coupon so you can take advantage of it, but you have to be in on the inside to be able to take advantage of that.

Well, there you go. So it was a little tease more coming as the beta testing. You know, we work out some bugs and kinks which is always the case. You know, that's, that's coming. Marco and the team. His team at MGYB been working on this for months and months and months. And well shipped probably for well over a year now actually, and we're close guys. We're real close.

What Is The Best Way To Continue Using The Battle Plan V3?

Alright, the next question is I just recently read the Battle Plan 3.0 that I got last year I didn't realize it wasn't recommended to do a multi-tier syndication network for a blog. It's okay if you did it though. It's not going to hurt provided you add additional content feeds to your second-tier triggers. We talked about that a lot. We have helped files on our knowledge base. So anyway, since I had already purchased it, and I had it connected, what is the best way to continue using it disconnected to syndicate other content to the additional tiers, that's it right there. syndicate other content to the

Additional tiers? Should I just curate other content and post it to the three blogs of tier one and they will syndicate out to the other tiers?

I wouldn't do that just because that's a lot of manual work. Unless you got somebody doing it for you. I would just recommend, again, you can go to, in fact, I'm just going to walk you through this real quick go to I think it's so yeah, it supports dot semantic mastery calm. Right. I'm going to show you where you can find help files about this. Go to the knowledge base. And if you go into Syndication Academy right here, and you take a look at the multi-tiered, can I, there are several different help files in here that talk about like, for example, how does syndication work with the tiered networks? How do tiered IFTTT networks work? You can go through here and there's some really detailed training that I put in here about how to do this like for example, an explainer video and all that kind of stuff. Long story short, just go add some realism.

This Stuff Works
Content feeds to your second-tier trigger points. Right. So that's your second-tier IFTTT accounts that are going to publish to or that are going to publish out to the second tier network. So essentially, what you want to do is find related content feeds, you want to add additional applets in those IFTTT accounts that trigger to publish the second tier networks, and you want to put them in what I recommend is a minimum of two additional content feeds per network. So if there's three, you know, three-second tier networks, you're going to want a minimum of six additional feeds two per network, or two per syndication ring. Does that make sense? However, you got to keep in mind that remember, depending on what types of content feed you're using some content feeds publish an excessive amount. You don't want to do that because you could possibly have your second tier networks, you know, especially the blog accounts terminated for over publishing. So there are ways to throttle that down a little bit. For example, you can add in on an IFTTT, when you create an applet with using an RSS feed is the trigger, you can add a filter that only allows items that have contained a particular keyword for example for to publish or for to pass, in other words, trigger the syndicate, trigger the applet to fire, okay, so you just have to be careful, make sure that they related content feeds that you're going to use to trigger the second tier networks to add additional content to them. Just be aware of what types of content are publishing on those feeds how often they publish that kind of stuff so that you can throttle it down if needed to. Okay, also one other thing very briefly is Damon Nelson's RSS masher is a fantastic tool for that kind of stuff. So and again, I don't even have an affiliate link for that just go look up RSS master and check it out. It's we did a promotion with them. And it's a great, great tool for creating spliced feeds that give you so much more control over what the output side of the fetus So in other words, you could splice you know, five or six really related feeds in.

But then you can use the RSS masher to actually strip out parts of, you know, strip code out or insert code into the feeds and do all kinds of really cool marketing things that make beautiful syndicated posts from other people's content. So that's something you should look into. Okay. Comments, guys.

Does The SEO Shield Work For Non-English Websites?

Okay, next question. And Hi, two quick questions here after reading Battle Plan 4.0. Does the whole SEO shield work for websites in other languages Spanish, German, etc? Can you answer that Marco or somebody?

We haven't tested it. All I don't want to speculate. We haven't tested it in other languages. We've tested all of our stuff previously in other languages, and yeah, you can work English to other languages like link building and all that, but I don't want to speculate.

Okay. Yeah, and I've never done anything outside of the, you know, US-based English SEO, English based projects. So I honestly couldn't, couldn't answer that either.

So the answer is we don't know.

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Can The Money Site URL Be Transferred To A New Domain In Battle Plan 4.0?

Number two is can the money site URL be transferred to a new domain if needed? Ie if the client stops playing, stops paying, excuse me, how much work is involved? Thanks, a can the money site URL be transferred to a new domain, I don't know what you mean, other than if you have control over the domain, and a client stops paying, then it's your domain, you can do whatever you want with it. Right? You could redirect it, so that all of the off-page work that you've done, still get directed to where you want it to go. But you have to have control over the domain. So again, if it's a client site, and you're doing all the work to a client site, directly to their domain, then you won't have the ability to do that.

An SEO shield, you could change that out. It would be a, you know, a manual process of going in and actually changing out the URLs that were built within the stack. But the easiest thing to do would be to just I mean unless you put a shit ton of off-page work, like link building and such to it, the easiest thing to do would be to just, you know, remove or actually, I would say, if you, especially if you've done a lot off-page work would be to go in and actually edit the file, the drive stack files and everything. What do you say, Marco?

I say set the dissector to private, stops to do slow. I mean, it stops it dead in its tracks. Yeah, then you capture it. Yeah, hang on, hang on. So then you add it and point it wherever else you want it to go. So and you do the same thing with the G site. You go in and you and you change it if necessary, you build a whole new g site because all the G site should be is just some content with iframes. people miss the point of the iframe old point behind all this is the iframe, getting those iframes in there, getting all of that relevance into that main drive stack so that you're relating the niche, and the brand to all of the keywords in the niche. And that should go with the breath. So so what we say at local is a brand, plus keywords plus location or brand plus location plus keyword relevance in that main drive stack that has been the foundation since day one in RYS Academy, you build all of that relevance. And then when you find that that top market level category that you really want to go after where the money is, then you take that as keywords and add it as a page to the G site and build a new drive stack. That's keyword relevant. That's when we start focusing solely on the keywords because the brand relevance would come from all of the work that you've already done. Now imagine if you've done all of that work, how long it would take to edit all of that out? So it depends on how much power you built into it, and how much power you'll be pushing. Whether it's worth editing. All of it. Yeah, it's always there's always has your work versus RYS, how much work do you have to do? And how much money? Is that good? Is there going to be worth to you? Or should you just turn it off? Kill the G site and startup?

That's a question that he's gonna ask and that he'd have to know. Yeah. And that's when I first started to say was that but if you've done a ton of off-page work as link building embeds, and such, if you push a lot of power into the drive stack, then yeah, absolutely. In my opinion, it would be worth the manual like Marco said, you go in and you set it to private to where it basically stops the juice flow right away, you have everything edited, to point to the new destination, and then you turn it back to the public. So I totally agree with that. You did a much better job explaining what I was trying to say, Marco. So thank you.

This Stuff Works

Does The Ad Traffic To A No-Index Lead Capture Page Consider As An ART Activity?

Santiago says if I'm running Google and YouTube ads to a page on my money site, but to a page marked as no index because it is a lead capture page for a funnel, does that traffic count as activity for ART? That's

Good question. I mean, as far as I know, Google should still see that activity. If you're running ads to it, especially if you have Google Code on the page, like, you know, for example, conversion tracking, remarketing tags, analytics, all of that kind of stuff. But I don't typically run stuff to no-index pages for Marco. Because I mean, if we're trying to tickle like the art, right, that's for SEO. And so if it's a no index page, I don't know, is there a benefit to that?

No index page on it. Yeah. Like I don't see the benefit of no indexing the page because you're losing an opportunity to rank organically. Your lead capture page should be good enough to display them to people or to have Google come in and take a look and index. I don't understand Santiago and nothing against you personally or anything. I just don't understand why in the world, you would no index something.

Where you could potentially take up cert real estate?

Yeah, and even if it's a lead capture page if it's the top of the funnel, why wouldn't you want that to rank? Why wouldn't you want to capture organic leads?

Yeah, that question is kind of throwing me off. I don't get it. So that's why I'm having trouble with it.

Okay, well, since I can't give a good answer, either, we're going to move on. We only got a couple of minutes left.

Can We Use An English Press Release To A Non-English Site?

Anyways, BB, what's up BB? This time, there are only three questions as opposed to the typical five or eight or 10. So I'm giving you a hard time baby. Now, I appreciate you coming in and asking questions. So it says Hey, guys, can we use a press release in English sites with English posts to a non-English site? As far as I know, yes. Because I know we've had a lot of people that have done that. Am I correct in that statement?

I'm still trying to figure out like in other words, yeah, yeah, link building to a non-English site but the PRs are all in English, obviously.

Yeah, yeah, that that's okay.

What's The Difference Between Co-Citation And Co-Occurrence?

Number two is that Oh, I'm sorry. No, I'm sorry. Some people have had success with that. Okay. Number two is what's the difference between co-citation and co-occurrence? Also, can you define cite well, okay co-occurrence is keywords that are in my understanding of CO occurrences it's very similar to like LSI, Latent Semantic Indexing keywords, related keywords, synonyms, that kind of stuff. But co-citation is basically like if you got three different pages that don't directly link to each other so, for example, A links to B links to see and see links to a well all three of those pages now even though there's not a direct link between A and A there's not a direct link may be up maybe I'm explaining this wrong. This Alan had really good excellent.

This Stuff Works
Have co-citation Marco, maybe you can take over this one if I can try to find that that would be great. All right, I can just give him the technical definition. I guess it's simply the frequency or the amount of time that two documents are cited by another document. That's a co-citation. So it's a mention to other documents by and by a third document. That's the simplest definition that I can give you.

Okay, so look at that. I just went to Google and search Lisa Allen co-citation and semantic mastery videos right there.

In that cool, funny TV, funny LS SEO stuff works. Anyways, I'm gonna just drop this link in the chat for you. Go watch the first part of you know, by the way, her tools are incredibly powerful. It's an SEO tool. It is not a content syndication tool like what RSS masher is, which I also recommend, but she's got a great RSS tool for creating automate magically co-citation it's an automated tool. It's called rank feeder. It's fabulous for that stuff. Anyways, go I'll post this in the comments here in just a moment. But if you just go search for lease Allen co-citation you'll see that video right there how to create co-citation plus authority sniping for massive whatever the title was. Go watch that the training part of that webinar before she gets to the pitch, by the way, by the product if you think it's going to be helpful for your business, which it likely will be, but it's a great tool she does a great explanation of what co-citation is and how it helps to give you a much thorough x more thorough explanation that what we can do right here right now. Okay.

And can we move on because question two of his questions is a five-part question? Yeah, we're gonna have to because we only got a couple of minutes left anyways. Sorry, baby. We're running out of time. Is there any limit on how many 301 redirects some domain you can have to do on the syndication prop redirect domains Can you to do on the syndication properties? I don't quite understand.

That. Yeah, I'm sorry. Hi guys, I just bought the Battle Plan super excited to get started. My question is how do I get an XXL Semantic Mastery t-shirt? During the mastermind we That's it. That's it. That's the only place you can get them or be a Semantic Mastery partner. Yeah, we send all new mastermind members we send them a T-shirt and then they also get books for the first several months we send a book per month and blah blah blah. There's a lot of benefits. So come join a mastermind we're coming to you live when whenever the next one in which the Coronavirus might have killed ours this year. We don't know for sure.

But anyway, was there a Google update today? I don't know. I usually don't know until somebody mentions it on Hump Day hangouts or in one of our groups. Yeah, right to [email protected] Mastery.com and Chris Green. How will you give you the download link? It's still available for the free one. The free version is still available. It's not I don't have crispy, updated that.

And, of course, the pro version of that is only available to mastermind members. Right. But I'm pretty sure that that that but that you're talking about the plugin. I was talking about this up here was there a Google update and then you answered this question. It threw me off. Sorry, I heard an update. Yeah.

No, that was it was an update. There was. Yeah. Okay. May the fourth be with you update?

Okay. Yeah, but just contact support about the RSS plugin. And guys, we got to go. I've got to wrap it up. So is the new Battle Plan a big improvement? Yeah, it's been simplified. It's it's a lot different than the previous versions in that everything's been simplified to make it a lot easier for you guys to apply it to your projects.

He wants to know if RYS stacks are still working. Can you Google DC plumber real quick? Sure.

Cuz we just had an update, right and I'm just gonna kill everything. That's it right? Oh, look at that. And look at number one organic. Yep, it's in the map number one. organics that g site right there. It didn't work. It doesn't work. Work.

Yeah still works. entity-based, worry less SEO for the win.

I gotta go guys. Thanks, everybody for being here. We will see everyone next week.

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