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By April

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All right, we are live Welcome everybody to Hump Day Hangouts. This is Episode 288. Today is the 20th of May 2020. And we've got everyone here. We got a couple of announcements but we're gonna introduce everyone says hi we got things shuffled up today Bradley is on the road but joining us audio-only, and Hernan is driving the ship today so we'll check in with Hernan first that really messed me up. I just looked and saw that your name is Bradley Benner on there so Hernan Benner. How are you doing today?

Good, man. Thank you for picking me first. And thank you for picking me first while I'm operating. But I'm good, man. I'm good. I'm really good. So we're live. We're live on Hump Day. hangouts is good. Everything is good. Don't panic. Good. So don't freak out. Whatever you are good, man. I'm impersonating Bradley, so don't get used to it, buddy. Yeah. Well, let's move on then to Bradley. How are you doing man? Where are you at?

I'm doing well. I'm in Grundy, Virginia and it's like being a monsoon of rain. I came down here to camp and get away for a week and I didn't realize it was gonna be cold and rainy for three days, or else I probably would have postponed it for another week. But it is what it is. And I'm here and I was able to make it so just glad to be here. Good deal. All right, Marco. How you doing? I'm gonna take it you're not having cold rainy weather. Uh, let me check.

It's kind of raining.

It's a little dark. Can you tell? I don't even have lights on.


Chris, how you doing man?
It's raining here. Not the usual one. It's raining money.

Man. That's good dad's job. Well done.

Well, before we get into it now, Hernan I believe he's got he's gonna be doing some screen share and we're gonna jump in and answer

Some questions. First of all, just want to say thanks to everyone for your questions. We appreciate people I know we get a lot of regulars who show up here. But if you're watching this for the first time welcome you know, ask your questions we just ask that you ask one question at a time. Just so we can go through if you ask a bunch of questions, there's a chance that you know, we're going to have to skip over them so we can get to the rest and if you catch them this replay on YouTube, go ahead and hit the subscribe button and you can always come and join us at semanticmastery.com/HDquestions, and watch interact live as well as of course, catching the replay on the YouTube channel.

Few things want to tie everybody into and let it what know let you know what's going on. Marco, I'm gonna pass it over to you in a second. Because there's some interesting stuff going on. I know Marco just did a webinar earlier this week. But I want to say if you're an agency owner or a consultant and you're like us and you want to get more clients, you want to grow your revenue, you want to scale your team, then you need to be checking out 2xyouragency.com

If you want to get step by step processes with SEO then that battle plan is where you should be if you haven't already grabbed it came out just a few weeks ago but you can grab that battle plan dot semantic mastery com we've got some killer bonuses we're adding content as we go and we've got a lot of good stuff over there I'm not going to bore you by reading it go check it out a battleplan.semanticmastery.com. And last but certainly not least, you know done for you services This is a big one we get people asking us a lot for things like what we did get questions like where do we get syndication networks done? We started that done for you service. A long time ago and over the past couple of years, we've created mg y B and grown that from its beginnings with syndication networks Our way is drive stacks now we offer a lot of services link building, embeds press releases, tons of good stuff over there. And of course the SEO shield as well as some free best practices webinars. So even if you're not sure what the best product is for you or what the best results or maybe the best way to position it, you can go over

There, check out those webinars and get speed real quick. But speaking of webinars, Marco, you did one earlier this week, right? Monday and I can't believe it was public dude, the amount of free information that went out I mean, Jordan was in the, in the public Facebook group kind of joking, but kind of seriously shut it down, like put it away, put it in the archives. It's just too much information. And what happened was, we had Jeffrey Smith on and he was talking about structuring content, structuring, cutting to listen to the structuring content for the Semantic Web. Usually, when we talk about structuring, instruct structures, we talked about structured data, which goes directly to the button, but I have been talking about it for a while now, how you can also structure your content so that you give the bot better relationships that better data relationship, better content, relationships, better semantic relationships. And Jeffrey went in Monday and killed it. I mean, just drop the mic, forget everything else, listen to what I'm telling you. And he's showing exactly how those relationships are created. He's telling people how to reference it, how to tie it all together. Now you add that to our loop, the loop at it entity loop, right that we do, where we give the but all of the information about our organization. And I was just talking to rob this morning about putting that on steroids. So that we can actually stack. So think about it. We already have an @ID loop or an entity loop. And it's a stack, it's an empty stack. But we're going to stack the stack, which you guys you know, I love that just stacking all of these iframes and all of these things to create all of these different relationships and just keep about looping. In that information. Well, we were just talking about the services and then do it it's gonna be a service and then do it. It'll never be made public how not nothing. It's never getting out because it's just too much. Too much time too much.

For just too many things go into this, we will go into a lot of the why and how, in the heavy hitter Club, which is where this with this webinar is still public. It was supposed to be 72 hours is supposed to be dead right now I think, Well, no, it would that would be tomorrow, the 72 hours. I can't tell time anyway, if it's still alive, go join the heavy hitter club, it's free. If it's not in the free group anymore, that you missed it, I'm sorry. But we can't just keep giving all of that information now, for free. It's just not going to happen up from here on all the entities, what I'm calling the entity series is going to be in the paid group only. We will come out with other public webinars where we will give you more information. But the good stuff is always gonna be going to be kept in the paid group. And the reason is simple. We need to be compensated for all of the time that we spend on this for all of the research that we're doing for all of the testing that we're doing it

It gets expensive, right? Running servers and running software and having to buy all of these different tools to get everything done. So I mean people don't understand that they want it all for free. I'm sorry it's not gonna happen but you can get a really good start by getting into a heavy hitter club. It's in the free area right now you can watch the replay of the webinar and literally learn to rank with just content

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awesome. It was that yes, like Marco said it's in heavy hitter club but put the link on where you can go sign up and yeah, Robin mentioned he's gonna try to extend it so people have time to get in there. But then it is going to go away. So you got limited time you just got a day or two until they move it over. But it is free. You can go and get access to it via that link. And one interesting one, I'm going to make them sound like a sensational YouTube title or something like oh my god, can you no longer do our stuff that question is answered in the video as well, I believe Marco right, you guys touched on what's going on with Google Drive and all that stuff, right? Not only did we touch on, but we also showed how it's still, it's, I mean, you can still pay public files and folders, nothing's changed, they still index that nothing has nothing's changed. Nothing's changed it. Let's just leave it at that, because nothing has changed. You're gonna see misinformation all over the Facebook groups. And the problem with that is, as someone read some information, that that the link-sharing files are no longer able to index, what they were never able to end that you could never index, the link-sharing file. That was never available. So it's just Google, mixing you up so that you can't read the reading, and you're not able to interpret the writing. And so now you got a mess in your head. And then from that, you assume that everything Google gave you is you can't index anything and how people logically go from an extreme to another. I have no idea. But all you have to go do is go back and read that post and see that they were talking about the link-sharing file, not the public. Gotcha. Cool. Well, for anyone who wants to dive deeper into that, definitely go check out the webinar on top of all the stuff Marco mentioned. So, hop over there, get free access while you can't.

As far as announcements, guys, that's it. I think that's all we got to cover. We ready to hop into questions.

Let's do it. All right. Let me actually share my screen.

And if I can remember how to do it, Okay, there we go. You guys can see my screen right? Yeah. Beautiful awesome.

Is Creating Video Embed Autoblogs Viable In 2020?

So we got the good all Webby XP 92 666. Hi, guys. Thanks for all the insights you all provide. I have a question around an older video you made talking about repurposing PBNs into embed blocks is creating video embeds Autoblog still something that is viable? If so, do you have any examples of such sites that could be built, also ordered an MGYB link building package for a G site? And appears to have been deemed x? Is this something to worry about? Do you think it's just a Google dance and we'll sell settle with time. So I'm repurposing in PVS into the video but blogs I don't know if it's a practice that we're still doing as long as their video and bets and you know, you can get your videos embedded in there in terms of you know, like a T or like a second-tier type of embed blogs I see should be fine. But what do you think Marco? Well, it was the foundation video powerhouse maps powerhouse, right? It was buying expired domains, repurposing them for video, embeds, and then mapping events. I don't see why it wouldn't work as long as you're keeping everything relevant. Right. Thank you.

would have to stretch it. Because the whole point right now of whatever it is that you're doing should be activity relevance, trust, and authority. So if there's an activity in that repurpose, pbn, if there's relevance, and there are trust and authority, then you got a winner, you got a winner, because of all the power that's behind that. And you start dropping links in there back to wherever it is that you want them, you don't even need the links, the iframes will carry the link building back to the source. So I don't see why that would be a problem as long as its purpose just for that when you start getting content into that when you start getting links into that. That's when things start to devalue. Right, that's when you start getting you to trigger other parts of the algorithm that you're not really looking to trigger. Whereas if you just keep the iframes and you power those up, you're good to go. And I mean, I'm still I just talked to daddy recently about building up a network just for that. So I don't see why it wouldn't work. We're not doing it. We're not currently doing it. Let me just say that but I don't see why it wouldn't work.

If it worked, or it still works for you, too. But people do it all the time they put a YouTube video on their website. So why wouldn't it work if it still works for you?

Yeah, and I'm trying to think of examples. I don't have any off the top of my head, but I would just start looking around is my advice. And like, I, I just can't think of an actual URL right now. But I know there's a lot of sites like this out there that you can go and see and they're getting real traffic. So I would just start looking around

Webby and like start noticing, you know, just start clicking around with trying to find some of these, and you will definitely find some there. They're all over the place. Yeah, yeah, those websites. In fact, like Semantic Mastery, his YouTube channel gets picked up by several of these like, websites that all they do is to combine like different feeds of videos and whatnot. And some of them are legit. Some of them are like clearly auto blogs, but some of them are legit. Some of them are like actually, you know, having good content and I know that because I have

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I have a Google Alert for semanticmastery.com and every time, somebody, posts something that we share, right? Then he gets I get an email notification. So yeah, like Semantic Mastery. youtube channel gets picked up by all of these secondary websites. And regarding the second part of your question, which is I also order an MGYB link building package to a G site and appear in the index. And I think it depends on where did you work? Or when did you order that? What do you say, Marco? I forgot the index. It wasn't because of the link building. I can tell you that. I mean, just from thousands that we've done, where it's never been the index, well, you know, never say never. What this leads to a question, how do you know, or why do you think it appears to have been index? D index? Are you using the site operator to try to find it? The site operator is on and off. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. So if you use it and you couldn't find it, you have to redo that.

I think it says it's an analytics and search console do you have that attached to it is that our analytics and search console telling you that it's not indexed because you can just, that's what you're supposed to do. You go in there, you go into search console and resubmit for crawling. And that's you're bringing it back up. Lastly, it could be the Google dance. It could be that it dropped from the index, which happens all the time. And then it comes back to settle wherever it is, is going to settle. And that's, you know, that's after 21 days, you look at the data, you see what happened, you see what's going on, and when you approach it at that point to see what else you need to do to bring it into the position where you want to bring it.

Yeah, I would like to add to that, guys. If you have submitted it to search console, which you can do through the same Google account that the drive stack was built under, you just go in and submit the G site to search console and then use the URL inspection tool inside of search console to just take a look at the homepage of it, which is, you know, sites google.com slash whatever your slug is forward slash and just do a URL inspection. And Google Search Console will tell you whether it's in Google or not. If it's in the index, and if it's in the index, and you're just not seeing it, it's just doing the dance. And if it's a newer g site, it's likely just dancing because that happens a whole lot in the first several weeks of a G site.

There you go.

Is There An SEO Benefit To Using A Custom GMB Domain Name Instead Of The Business.Site Extension

Awesome. Ah, so let's see Ah, see gala for four is asking, Is there any SEO benefits to using a custom GMB domain? domain name versus the default one Google gives you with a business dot site extension? Thanks in advance. What do you guys think?

I haven't tested it. I only use I always use the business. That's the site extension that Google gives me and when do the search for your entity or the brand search. It's one of the top sites that appears for your entity. Now, whether having your own domain over that makes a difference. I don't know, I haven't tested You know how much I hate to speculate. And yeah, you know, maybe my standard answer is you need to go test it and see if there's a difference. But that means creating two different sets of data with practically the same data to GMB's one is going to be custom. The other one isn't to see if one ranks better than the other which is way too much work. You get to see how much work it is to go and find out that now you know, there's really no difference. So why bother in the first place? It works really well the way it is.

Right? And I would also imagine that having the standard URL or Bendtner or domain name that the GMB is revenue would be very powerful in and of itself, right? Because you're getting a subdomain into that business, that site, website or domain, which has, you know, hundreds of thousands of millions of websites and then all of the stuff that we're doing to the GMB as well, but I would say that they would have a lot of power in and of itself, right? It's like using a Google property that it's google.com for slash whatever, right? So we'd have to check what happens underneath, right? Because it could be different than what happens to Google site. Again, it's not something that we've tested, so anything else would be speculation. Awesome. Cool.

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Would It Be Considered A Valid Local Citation If The Address Is Not Assigned?

So Dustin, introduce what's up Dustin. I would like to know if it's enough for a citation to count as valid when only using name plus website URL plus phone number without the address because I'm not allowed to show the address. Will that be a valid citation? What do you guys think? Yes.

It's still a valid citation.

Yeah, and in fact, Bradley has recommended it to me. Again, in this form, then you can't use the street address to use it just the way it's showing in the question. Perfect. Yeah. And so it's my understanding of structured citation is the typical format, name, address, phone number, plus URL if you know When, when, when possible. But an unstructured citation is any combination of several of those data points. It doesn't have to be all of them. So it could be name, phone number, URL, or name, address, phone number without URL or name, address URL without a phone number, you see what I'm saying? It's just a combination of name, address, and phone number or URL. One of those are several of those four data points. And that's why, you know, it still counts as a citation. I think, obviously, a structured citation is the most powerful, but they still absolutely counts.

Cool. All right. So let's see Mike. What's up, Mike? Hello, everybody. know everyone, what is the best link to share? Google Maps listing what's going on with those read directions on the map listing? HTTPS g page forward-slash company name as a 302 redirect and a minute refresh. If I want to build links for it, how would you suggest you do it? maybe create a short link for the long regular URLs? That would be a 301 redirect? That's a lot. That's a good question. Yeah. But he's like he's looking at that wrong because adding, adding shortening to any of those three tools, it's not gonna make any difference, because if there's a there's a three or two in the stream, what he has to do is, is find the endpoint of that redirect meta refresh stream, which is the one, it's where it ends when you go into where it goes or any other redirection checker, whatever it is that you use, you're going to see that last one meta refresh, and then it gives you that final URL, where if you take that and go to where goes, you don't get anything else. That's the one that you would use for link building. And that's the one you would shorten the shorten or creates a 301 to that long URL. So if you drop that shortening to one of those three or two URLs, it stops the link flow at the three or two, regardless of what else happens down the street.

So that's how you should be looking at that not the way that this is. Right now the way that he's talking about Sure.

Yep. Use the gather up the Chrome extension. I just posted it in the chatbox. But it's if you just go to search, search google and search for the gather up, review link generator, Chrome extension, add it to Google Chrome, and then from that point forward, anytime you want to share your map, all you got to do is click that button from the map from the entity page where it says the knowledge panel essentially for the entity and it will grab the GMB share URL for you.

Awesome, I just shared it on the Yeah, sure.

On the chat as well, so in the end, that's, that's the best URL. It's, it's the www.google.com/map/?cid= and so it when you take a look at that in a redirect detector, like where goes, for example, it will say test, okay, even though when the page fully loads, it will change it to the really, really long maps, you know, the really ugly URL, but you know, again, it's, it's, it's kind of like a, it's a redirect, but doesn't count as a redirect. So it's the best URL to use.

Cool. All right, so Kieran is asking, Hey gents, hope you're well and staying safe. I'm curious about last week's Hump Day Hangout, Marco talked about the first webinar for heavy hitters being available to everyone. The topic being related to the public Google Drive folders and Google recent changes and how it would impact any airway stack or SEO shield user registered register on the SM Facebook group under events I register waited and as I know another day too, but nothing ever happened I listened to that part of the episode again to confirm maybe I'm just missing something but if it relates to stocks we order I would really like to make sure I'm clear on best practices recommendation. So we're again can hear and find the replay for that. heavy hitters club. There you go. heavy hitter, hitter, heavy hitter club that that's very sweet but we can't we continue to make announcements in the different pages I know that Rob did an announcement just before that sharing the link to go register because once you went to the event, you had to go to the Events tab you had to go and register in zoom to attend the event. If you didn't then just go to heavy hitters club and register you don't have to buy it's in the free section of the group and you can just watch it there while it while it's available. I don't know how long, how much longer is gonna be available and I'm not creating it.

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I'm not creating any of his marketing bullshit. We're taking it out period. urgency Call it whatever you want. I'm not the fucking marketer in the group. We're just going to take it and put it in the paid section because that's where it belongs. There you go. So you heard that gets go get it heavy hitter, calm. Sorry heavy hitters club. There you go heavy hitters club.

How Long Does It Take For GSites To Index?

So our thing is asking how long does it take to G site for for the G site to index? I got my back almost three weeks ago and still, has an index placing Search Console submitter URL and still have index thanks. What do you think?

How long it takes two indexes however long Google takes to index it, right? Yeah, would you if Yeah, hang on a second because it did you get it back from us. Because if so, you have to go and check that to make sure that we set it to index. Sometimes things slip by and it might be set to no index, there might be something in there, but three weeks is still not a full what it is a 30-day cycle that Google works on in caching and indexing and whatever. Now, what you might want to do is, again, go back into Search Console, and resubmit. You go through the process that Brad explained, but rather than just seeing whether it's indexed or not just resubmit the URL for indexing.

There you go. Boom, Gordon, guys. Jump in. Just also if you have a GMB associated with that project, you can also create a GMB post with the CTA button linked to the G site and that sometimes will help too because of the G site or excuse me, the GMB post typically index very quickly and I'll get Google comm crawl that page again.

Yeah, no, I mean, if you have an active Twitter account where your tweets are getting indexed on a regular basis, you can also pop it in a tweet and get Google to crawl and index that there's a lot of ways to force the indexing, it just has to be something that's active and continuously indexing.

There you go. Awesome. And also, like, it's would you guys agree that even because of the fact that it still hasn't been indexed yet, is not necessarily not providing power to the rest of the entity, right? Because we have tested no index type of links, and we have tested a bunch of stuff. And just because in fact, I still have some index, it doesn't necessarily mean that is not working, you know, to the benefit of the entire entity. would you say something like that, Marco? Well, what matters is whether Google has crawled it and whether it's in the database, that's all that matters. We don't care. I mean,

you get too anal about a lot of these since lead, it's the end result that matters. Is it pushing power? And is it or is it helping all everything else that's down the stream? is it helping that to rank as bringing traffic into your website or whatever it is that your money site is? That's what matters. First and foremost, we should work on getting into the G site index. Yes, because it'll take up more real estate space.

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Especially in organic right in organic rankings, but does it have to be 100% index?

Awesome, cool.

Is There A Benefit Of Using A Niche-Related Expired Domain To A Local Business Site?

Alright, so let's see. I'm Gordon, I was wondering if you can find an expired domain that is niche related and has a clean backlink profile and your 301 redirect to a new local business site domain. Is there any significant benefit to pumping up the age domain by pointing MGB services like link building press releases syndication network and firewall strikes next to it? And if so, can you get away with the 10 X and the number of backlinks to it, this is not the money site. Thank you very much for your help. I mean, first off, you need to find a clean backlink profile of an H expired domain, which is not, which is kind of art. But um, the 301 redirects might make it a little bit, maybe a little bit too much. If you 301 redirect that directly to the money site, and then you start blasting that domain with stuff. That might be a little bit too much. What do you guys think?

Yeah, I mean, the reason why we went into dissecting g sites in the first place was to get away from doing this very thing that he's talking about, would it still work? I would think so. But we, but I can't say whether it's still working. Because it's been years literally since we used a 301 redirect domain. No, you go you buy it, make sure you go through all of that trouble. Get content in there for that link, then you three or not even like you 301

It to take advantage of those things that he blasts that with link building, why go through all that when you could just go and get a drive second g site from mg y B and get everything through there you have more control over that and you get more power in the end result is much better through a dry second t site then it is through an expired domain.

Right and then you can abuse those versus an expired domain that you will be 301 redirecting so because at that point you're resurrecting the history of backlinks and also the new stuff that you're doing so it's better to always point you know, backlinks and prices and everything to the drive stack.

Why Does The Keyword List Does Not Show Search Volume For Commercial Keywords?

Fits what's up Fitz Jarvis just received the keyword list and I love it awesome. Please remind me why the list does not show search volume for the commander's commercial keywords. Thank you What What can we tell to fits?

Do we know nicely? This does not show the search for fun. We never show search volumes. We showing keyword research. Right? And nowhere in the order does it say that we will provide search volumes, because that's not necessarily the whole point, if you read the order form, or if we go through the order form, is to either get targets for link building, or to get and relevance, of course, or just to get overall keywords that are going to give your project, whatever it is that you're doing tons of relevance what's considered relevant so that we start creating all of those relationships between your brand. And if you have the location, your location, and the keyword set in your niche, we try to find as many as possible, we categorize them. That's the whole point is if you need search volumes, you go into what is Google ads and get search volumes there. That's the only time that that would be important to me. Yeah, as nothing else would be important, we just don't do that. We don't provide search volumes. Yeah, you can always like if you really need it, you can always go to sem rush as well, which works in tandem with the database of Google which is kind of the same thing. So that's another option right there.

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10 x Marco but for me, so BB a BB. Hi guys kennix Marco. But for me, for some reason, it says the SERP and game part one video not available. So there might be something there happening? No, I checked that last week because I had seen this question. And when I go to the blog, right.  I'll have to drop this in. Yeah, I'll drop this into the hump day Hangout, I'll drop it at the bottom. You have to have donated and given proof of donation, then you go to the URL that I just dropped it at the bottom of this, the chat, the many chat or whatever the hell we're on right now. And then you use the public password that you got in the email that we sent you. Like the only way that you'll be able to see that is if you have the password. And I'm looking in there right now and I'm seeing part one. Can I share my, my screen real quick? Of course. Yeah, let me stop sharing so you can go ahead and share because I don't know what he's seen. Yeah, so let me share. Let me know when you see it. Yeah, we can see it. Alright, so the sub-game the SERP endgame part one and part two. I don't know what's what's missing. There you go.

Ah, it says video unavailable. I'll talk to rob Thanks. Hey, I had done looks like it got the embedding option on YouTube turned off. The right might be that what channel was that on? Was that on Semantic Mastery? Yeah, hang on. But if you click on it, what's the video on YouTube? BB. You can go there.

Yeah, I think that if we select them just let me just show him again. There's an option here to watch the video on YouTube and you can just watch it there I don't know I didn't do this I forget who it was that embedded this.

Yeah. But then from there, just click on it BB just click on here and go watch it while we fix that Thanks for pointing that out. Thank you, brother, all right cool. Let me start sharing again okay cool so let's see SEO torch great deep learning with the rest of the recent Google changes what do you use now instead of drive stack you heard it here boys drive stacks Yeah, so they can go to the webinar and hit a hit Apply right to know more about what's going on. All right, every hitter duck club we showed how everything can still be made public. By the way, we can still set everything public. I'm not gonna say how I'm not gonna give away the farm, Of course, I'm not gonna say how we're doing it but we're turning over everything public to you guys when you come to order for MGB SEO, it's public. That's what you get from us. I know how everyone else is doing it and how they're creating all of this chaos where they say, Oh, you will change everything. Drive stacks are dead. No, nothing's dead. Nothing's changed. We're still doing drive stacks and G sites.

RYS Academy reloaded and RYS Academy still works, the way that it hit originally, or oftentimes even better. That hasn't changed at all.

That's awesome. Well, what if I get a drive second fiber? Yeah, right.

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happens there. You're on your own your own. We can't. Good luck.

So um, so yeah, I mean, we can only respond to what you know the quality that you get on

Do I do to sell at a Moody's asking if you're an agency now? Let's go. Let's go. Thank you, Anna, for commenting Hold on a second.

What Are SubTiers?

So a BB some questions, I understand tears. But what is tier three a three B four a four B etc? Why there are sub tiers? And can you explain this a little bit broadly?

Are you there? sure if you can get this program here. Well, the way that we build multi-tiered syndication networks, which are only two tiers, deep that you can go further out if you'd like, but it would be to A to B to C. So when you're getting out to be, you know, three and four tears, we don't support that. You can certainly do it as long as you understand how to make the connections with the IFTTT triggers, then you can go out as many tears as you'd like. The problem with it is that it creates you know, if anything, upstream RSS feed malfunctions, it cascades through all of the networks. And so it becomes a lot of work just to maintain that many tiers when they're all connected together. It's not that it can't be done and just that it creates a lot of additional management. So that's why we stopped the two tiers, right. So we, again, your primary branded Tier, Tier One Ring would be your primary ring, syndication ring, and then we typically will have on the two-tiered rings, three triggered by the blog.

The blog accounts, the main three blog accounts from the tier one ring, right, so that would-be blogger, Tumblr and WordPress. That's why we have two A, which is triggered by the blogger from the first tier ring to B, which is triggered by Tumblr from the first tier ring into C, which is triggered by WordPress from the first tier ring, but that's where we stop if you want to get out to tier three, tier four all of that you're on your own. Just understand it's the same principle.

Connecting from your first tier to your second tier, you're just going to connect tier two to tier three, and ultimately tier three to tier four.

There you got it.

Where Are The Embed Run And Link Run Excel Files?

Number two, where are the embeds? Run a link run. Excellent files.

Good question. Were the embed run on link run Excel files. Do you guys know what he means? It's talking to that's that should have been provided to him. That comes from Dahlia. Yeah.

embed run on link run. Oh, exoplanets? Yes, you should be able to access your link building reports and embed reports from inside the MGB dashboard. Just go to your link, link building history, or embed, embed history inside the MGB dashboard, and then take a look at previous orders. And look at where it says delivered or completed or whatever and you can view details and you should be able to pull the report up from that nice.

There you go.

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Mobility health. What's up? is asking, I purchased some stacks for my econ store, they got back to me asking what I wanted as a trigger. What's better, in your opinion to use for an econ store? This is a pretty good question. What do you guys think?

Are the triggers in our testing? Yeah. Always an RSS feed. Right? If he's running a store, and he's not running a blog that there has to be some RSS feed. It just has to be. So there's a blog, he's gonna have to find a way if so many things come on what when something like this happens, isn't on WordPress. Right, then it's a simple thing if you're creating pages for your products and whatever, to create an RSS feed from that. If he's running categories, you can create an RSS feed from that. But the end result of all this is you're going to need an RSS feed. If you don't have one. Then you go either into a folder on the dome on in the route or into a subdomain, you create a blog. So you start blogging into your syndication network so that you have the RSS feed to trigger the network. So here's he's saying that he has a Shopify store. So there's a couple that has an RSS, right it has an RSS feed, it has an RSS for blogs, however, it has an RSS for the blog it so it will allow you to blog within the Shopify store. However, I'm thinking if, you know, it wouldn't be a better idea to just have like a WordPress website on a subfolder and a subdomain to actually get all of the power and gather all of the power that you know, you would have from that you would have from a wordpress.com website, right? Not a blogger, com, or a blogger blog, but actually, your own instance your own installation of WordPress, right. And you can again, you can enjoy it.

Install that on your domain comm slash blog or blog, your dot your domain COMM And blog out of WordPress com like every week or twice a week or whatever and then provide that as the RSS feed. So that I think will be a better idea because you can then leverage the AC ease of use that Shopify provides and you can also leverage the SEO benefits that WordPress will bring but you know worse comes to worst you can still blog from Shopify, you can still send that RSS feed from Shopify and i think that i think that that that will help initially so

Does The SEO Shield Include RYS?

alright, cool. So let's see. We have another question from Robert. Does SEO shield include RYS Do you need the money site to have a real name address phone numbers for SEO shield to be successful? What do you guys think?

No. So that's that's the SEO shall include in our way as

I always go to two. One is yes, of course. Yeah. How is it to drive second? And, of course, number two, do you need money site to have a no look at land solutions? network? Right? That's totally

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What is it? PO Box with the street address.

That's how we got a GMB for that. So no idea. You don't even need that. There are other ways and this is one of the things that we're going to go to in the heavy hitter club as we go into the entity series. This another way to verify and validate your entity. It's not just about a GMB Of course, if you're in a local setting, right, and your traffic is going to come from local where triggers a map and you're not trying to get into that map pack then it becomes extremely difficult to get leads from that niche. I mean, you have to go with organic

But if at 90% of the action is taking place on maps, then you have breadcrumbs for one, one to 10 and 10, even, you can forget it, because there's going to be one and two, maybe three, where they're going to get rid of that 10%, they're going to get most of that action where it won't bleed even into the second page, because you're gonna have ads, you're gonna have the map pack, and then again, you have to go through a whole minefield.

Again, the answer to that question is no, you don't need to have a real NAP and address mainly, it depends on what it is that you're working on. If it's local, then yeah, you should. If it isn't, then no, it's not necessary. Well, there are other ways to validate the entity. And he also asked do you need to have a money site so you don't have to have a self hosted money site either for a for you to have, you know, an NAP or a GMB? For example, you could use the biz dot business dot site, which is the GMB website as the primary money site if you'd like, we've done a lot of that when we were building a shit ton of lead lead gen sites where it reduced the workload by not having to create a WordPress site or a self-hosted site. So you can do that. Plus, you can also use the G site from a drive stack as your money site. Look at the DC plumber. Case Study. That's that's exactly what they did there. So you don't have to have a self-hosted web. Excuse me self hosted site for you to for your money site. You could use the G site you could use the GMB website there's a number of things you could do

yeah, I missed that part where it says that whether you need money I don't Yeah. So yeah.

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Does The Money Site Require Any History Or Authority To Be Successful With The SEO Shield Or RYS

Number three, does the money side require any history or authority to be successful with SEO shield. Yes. And the answer is simply no. Like, in fact, you can go to battleplan.semanticmastery.com and get the battle plan which is super inexpensive, and it will tell you exactly what to do. As to Hey, I haven't

A brand new project a brand new website, brand new domain, it will tell you exactly what to do. And we are almost always starting with an SEO shield. Right? That's the foundation. We create our own activity, relevance, trust and authority we created. The whole point behind the way that we do things is to do away with needing you know, that history with going and getting that expired domain for that history. We teach people you brand. That's what you focus on. What about Matter of fact, in my mini mastermind on Tuesday night last night, I tell people and I'm going to give this to you for free because it's just something that you should always have in your head. So imagine yourself, you're watching the Superbowl, okay? You're watching the Superbowl now you paid however many millions it costs to run that 32nd commercial in the Superbowl now you're sitting in the armchair, and you're watching your feet and you're waiting for your commercial to come on.

What do you want to see on that screen? Do you want Bob the plumbers plumbing service? Best plumber, emergency plumber in whatever place in whatever state it just wherever Is that what you want to see in that screen? Or do you want it to be memorable? Do you want it to be that brand that sticks? Do you want it to be? zipper we were talking about this? The other zipper was trademarked at one point zipper, the word zipper. It became the word for what it is. It was a brand windbreaker we can go on and on. jello Xerox, you know you used to Xerox Things You Didn't photocopy you Xerox.

Just Google hacking. What the hell is a Google Think about it, someone misspelled the number. They made it a brand. And now it's the word for an even a verb. I'm going to go Google it.

If you're not Google, you might be in Bing, but you're gonna Google it. How weird is that bit Bing went to Bing and I know Bing as a cherry? I know that Yahoo or Yahoo was someone who's unsophisticated and from the country, but it became a brand. This is how you have to think you're in that armchair. You're waiting for the Superbowl halftime, Here comes your commercial. You spent millions on that damn commercial, all of that market are all of these people thinking all of these eggheads? What do you want to see? Because that's how you have to focus on your entity. Right now, even before you start, even if you have an existing project. This is how you have to think about how you're going to start your entity because if you don't, we're in the Semantic Web. And Google is looking to do away with all of these spammed business names with their stuff with keywords. Not only that it is just seeing it on the screen with

That brand Geico. They have a lizard. And they have a damn lizard on the Geico commercials, man. Think about what you want to be memorable. Normally, you don't want to be this a spammy name that takes forever to run across the screen.

So there you go. A little bit of a game for you. All right, perfect. So we're out of questions, guys.

All right, Marco.

When it have you refreshed the page for now. Yeah, I did.

Awesome. All right, everybody. Thank you for joining us today. This was Bradley and Marco and Adam and Bradley and Chris.

Are you guys if you haven't, don't forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel. We go live every Wednesday. And every Wednesday. We've been doing this for the past five-plus years, almost six years now. And it's completely free. So feel free to subscribe, share with your friends, tell people to come and comment and yeah

So that's it for me. Anything else? Yeah. One more thing. Get the heavy hitter video.

There you go. All right. Bye, everybody. Cheers, guys. Bye Bye, everyone.

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