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By April

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Hello everybody and welcome to Hump Day hangouts Episode 290. Today is the third of June and we are going to get rolling on into things here we got a couple of quick announcements. This is the show where I do not use Hernan's title cuz I got enough problems and I'm gonna stick with my intro so I'll let her know and explain that in a minute. But let's say hi to everybody first and then we're gonna get into it. So, Bradley, how are you doing today man?

Good happy to be here.

I just read Hernan's comment anyways just happy to be here guys.

Outstanding well let's hop over to you what's going on man? I do not know that there's a reason why I put it there in the chatbox. I was about to put it on the

Slack channel but I know that Bradley will share his you know his screen and then you know

everything will break loose Regulus, but anyways, yeah, excited to be here. Really, really good to be here. How's Santa Monica? How are you doing today? Iron Man trying to hide his porn.

I think porn would actually be a lot better receptive and that is better received than his comment.

Anyway, things are good. Things are good. I can't complain. I mean, I could go What's the use right here any good? Yeah, he's just complaining. So just, I just enjoy it, let it go and move on to the next thing which is making money looking for ways, of course, looking for ways to mess with Google.

Fair enough, which I'm going to come back to that in just a minute but first, Chris, how you doing man?

Doing excellent. had a really good gym session today. So I'm super pumped happy. weather is good some ways definitely approaching and yeah, can't complain.

Yeah, I am not as pumped. I was like, I'm gonna take my miles up, do some long run. So I was going to go out and do 12 miles today and decided to bump up so it's Like 91 here, which is like for our Celsius speaking friends, that's like, what? 34 Celsius at 33 out there. Yeah, nice and toasty. So this will be a fun one for me. But instead of telling everyone about my exercise plans and the weather in the Bay Area, I wanted to share real quick. We sent out an email. There have been some webinars happening lately. But more importantly than that, we had a lot of people asking us about GMP verifications, and we've sent a couple of emails but we know people sometimes Hey, you're busy, you might miss it. mgyb.co. GMP verifications are backed up. And you can find that just by going over to mgyb.co. Find out more there. Please pay attention to the very few but very important restrictions. There's a couple of niches that you just it's not possible, so don't bother ordering. So all you have to do is go to mgyb.co and you click on the store, you go to GMB verifications, and right there it'll have a shortlist of The only niches that you can't do, if you don't read that, then you know, we'll just gonna end up refunding it. I say that because it happened a few times. I want to make sure that you guys get what you need but as always,

sorry, like does that mean there are people that pull the trigger without reading instructions? Is that what you're saying?

There are but you know what, I appreciate that they were so happy to get started and GMBs that they're just actually connected. But you know, we don't want to hold you up. We don't want to cause you any grief. So just make sure you know, you're aware there are a few areas that we can't do that for and more importantly, to you know, these are the verification system is something that comes and goes. Obviously there are some hang-ups there with outbreak and Coronavirus. And you know even while I'm not going to go into the details, but let's just say we can't tell you when this could go away. So if this is something you were doing or you want to do for like local Legion or for your own stuff, this would be a really good time to get into that. Marco Do you want to have you read the bullet list?

It is what we don't have to get back to So, we can't do that. Because we said we can't do that. And so asking if we can do it doesn't make sense. Since we told you, we can't do it. Oh, that makes it make sense to me.

Yeah, no, that sounds good. So we just had a webinar, we're going to be sharing it a little bit more in the future moving forward with everyone. It's a new tool that Bradley has been using a lot. I checked it out. I'm just not using it because I'm not big into local. But I think for anyone that has local clients go high level and the training that Bradley is developing, and some of the other goodies we're going to have available are pretty amazing. And I don't know if there's more to say right now about that Bradley, or if we can just leave it at that and say we'll share with people and not at the moment, I'm going to be providing a case study for how I'm using it and a couple of ways that can be used will provide my test pans out the way I hope that it does, to experience kind of exponential growth with it. Um, I think there's a way to kind of tear out like receiving benefit from a client but also from clients. And so I'll explain all that during you know, in the case study when it's done, it's probably going to be about a month out. But that will be a bonus for anybody that purchases it as well. Nice.

This Stuff Works
Yeah, it's great. I'd like to share something that happened with Hernan because he forwarded me a list of when the person was selling links, high domain authority, whatever page or what did just whatever from that Edu domains and then and all these great things and charging an arm and a leg for them. And I talked to rob and then Rob says, isn't that the one we push down? And so while he was looking, I went to look and I said yeah, that's the one we pushed down for, for the keyword SEO shield. And so I'm like, haha, coincidence is right where you go and you get someone trying to sell you something. And you can write back to them and say, well wait a minute we did our way, just took down your way. So why should I buy your way you should come over and buy my way. Because it's cheap I will be. It's just, it was just hilarious or the whole list of it would have cost me just thousands of dollars to get all of those links. And it cost you a fraction of that in MGYB, and works mode better.

Definitely, if you're on the email list, I highly suggest if you're interested in SEO, Sheldon, we're talking about it, that you nominate that if you're if you've seen these emails for the Fourth of July sale, we're going to have coming up we're going to have some we usually have something very good but we're asking you guys for some input this year. So be sure to fill those surveys out, open up your emails, when you get them from us around you. It just takes a minute and you're going to get a lot out of that. Real quick too. If you're an agency owner or a consultant, you want to get more clients you want to grow your revenue and scale your team at that Me, I think that's everyone here. So I can work less and earn more. If you want to be like that, then go check out to x your agency comm This is great training for people who already have clients. But as well as people who are just getting started and maybe you know, you're not trying to grow the biggest agency ever, but you want to quickly get up to speed and really grow your consulting business or your agency. And last but not least, we've been talking a little bit about SEO about MGYB. But if you want to get step by step processes for SEO results, then the best place to do that is that battle plan dot semantic mastery. com grab the battle plan. And that's generally where we tell people to start when they come to us and they come to Hump Day Hangouts and see what's next that that that those two are great places to start. They're complimentary, but you may want to start with one or the other, depending on what your most immediate need is, and go from there. All right, guys. Anything else before we dive into questions?

I'm doing so. All right.

So we're good.

Grab the screen. Okay,

guys, we've seen everything right.


How Do You Use SEO Shield If You're A Beginner?

All right. So it looks like this is the first question says my SEO shield was just delivered, but I have no idea what to do from here. I only got logins to an ID page and a pro account plus approach. Okay, so you shouldn't have got it. Anyways, I'm just going to read the question. Got a log into an ID page on a pearl trees account is what that means plus an HTML file to download and a Google site URL. What about the syndication network and the IFTTT where I post content? Please advise or tell me where I can find a tutorial to use these assets? which I'm sure awesome Yes, I have the battle plan 4.0. But there are no mentions of what to do with these assets specifically, thanks. A while the delivery email should have contained all of your information unless it came in and separately like in other words when your syndication network if it was an SEO power shield, which includes all the stuff. You should have gotten an email when the syndication network was delivered, which should have been first before the drive stack was completed.

So and when the SEO shield is delivered, it gives you once you log into that Google account, which by the way, that's one of the first things you should do, guys, as soon as you get your SEO back, log into the Google account because it binds that account now to your IP. And we recommend that you do that like right away like within you know, within a few days anyways of receiving that email. But once you log into that Gmail account that was provided to you with the login details, then you click the URL to the spreadsheet, which opens up like the drive stack, essentially all the files and folders and everything. And then through that same Gmail account, you can click in the drive and you can actually go in and look at all the individual files and folders and all of that kind of stuff.

Are we sending out the done for you RYS black book with the delivery from SEO shields? If not, we should include that, Marco.

This Stuff Works
And that's a standard practice because although it's a bundle, as everything is done, it gets delivered. And part of the delivery is, of course, the Done For You User's Guide. And the BattlePlan says exactly what to do with what, whether it's a new asset or an existing asset. As the pieces come in. Your next step is link building, press releases, link building, embeds, link building more press releases until you get the results that you're looking for. I mean, our system hasn't changed and I don't know how many years because it's simply worse. It's just the way we bundled it. And he's asking about his syndication. Well, he submitted a syndication point, which is his RSS feed or wherever it is that he's going to be syndicating from his syndication network, so that his content can be published, right. So he should have gotten with that That we wouldn't have built the syndication network. So he's asking about that he's supposed to be blogging from there. So he's supposed to look into how to set up his silos, how to go after the top market level category. These are all things that we've discussed in past Hump Day Hangouts. I mean, the approaches, everything's free in the on our YouTube channel, all you have to do is use the channel search function. And look for all of these things. Well, what do I do with the RSS feed? How do I syndicate? All questions that can be answered from our YouTube channel. From our free content, you can go into the free Facebook group and ask the question, I know that this particular one I told them, as in Hump Day hangout so that we could go into more detail about what to do, but it because I wanted to make sure that everyone knows, is like you're not we're not doing anything different. You get the syndication network, you start syndicating content, you don't have to wait for everything else to come in. Right? It should be primed. You should have content ready, you should have your silos more or less ready. If you didn't, then you should have gotten a keyword research gig from us where we can suggest how to approach your niche. But I mean, nobody knows your niche better than you or you should be researching your niche to the point where nobody knows better than you. We can give you suggestions. And we could give you a question and answer your question format so that you can do questions and answers in your content syndication. But again, nothing has changed from the beginning. It's still the syndication network used to the syndication network is for syndicating content, and it's for bringing that entity together, right? It's the beginning of the validation process that we did a whole webinar on that as a matter of fact, in MGYB, then as everything as the @ID gets delivered, and then the final piece of the puzzle of the SEO shield, the dry sack and G site. Well, that's what you hammer with the link building and you can shoot your press releases through that and out into your tier one brand, which is your syndication network. This is all a process and it's all set up. And again, we discuss it thoroughly in the battle plan, not only in the battle plan, but in the webinar that we did, where were you, Rob and I got together and we discussed all the different parts of the battle plan and how to approach it and what to do with it. It's all there. It may take a little bit of research into the YouTube channel, but it's all there and it's all free. It's all free. So you have to just go place the order with MGYB and Okay, what do I do with this? Well, you, thank you for coming here and asking so that we can go into detail. Thank you. But all of these things are available.

Yeah. So like, Where do I post content? It depends on what you used as your trigger or told us to use it as a trigger for your syndication network. Was it blog syndication? So using an RSS feed or was it a YouTube channel? That's the question so you just post content to whatever you chose as your trigger for the network, right. So either post blog posts on your blog, or upload videos to YouTube channel. That's where you would post the content too. I do think that this is a good opportunity, perhaps for us to do Marco and Rob and me perhaps to jump on a creative webinar for MGYB like an update webinar, that is just a quick run-through of what to do after your SEO shield has been delivered, or while you're waiting for all of the components to be delivered. Maybe just do a quick webinar and update that we can then send along with the delivery email with the done for you Users Guide and all that stuff. But just to kind of give an additional resource, I'm up for that. So if I could twist Marco and Rob's arm to jump on with me, in the next couple of weeks, maybe we'll do that as an update webinar for MGYB just to kind of give it all consolidate it all into one, you know, 20-minute video or something that explains on you know, what, what best practices are for going forward? I think that might be helpful. What do you say?

No problem just set it up.

Okay. So yeah, we can do that in the meantime. Go look it should have done for your user's guide. It should have been delivered. If it hasn't been just contact [email protected] And request it will make sure you get it but it should have been delivered and then go back and check for your syndication network. Whenever that's completed, you should get an email for that first, like, you know, a week or however many days prior to your done for you. Drive stack being completed because that's always done first if that makes sense. So if that's what you ordered as an SEO power shield along with you know, with all the stuff included, then that's the timeline that you should have received notifications. Okay.

Does SERP Watching Hurt A Website's Ranking?

Mohammad is up next. What's up, Mohammad? He says, hey guys, does SERP watching her a ranking for a specific website, my car dealer. My car dealer client is rising rapidly for a major keyword almost too fast (Shout out to SM). It's awesome. I've shown him the progress and he got so excited. He's checking it every day. I requested he take it easy, but if he's actually hurting things, I'll tell him to stop. That's a really good question. I'm not sure about that. What do you say, Marco?

This Stuff Works
Well, it depends on how many unique visits his IP is getting counted for. Right? And now here's the problem. So let's say he's looking at it from his desktop at work. Then he goes to his laptop, and he looks, then he's home and he looks at it from his mobile phone. Then he tells his wife, hey, go, go, go check this out, and he reaches out to a friend. Now you've had five or six visits that just go and say, Oh, look, Wow, this is great. But they take no action that on that search engine result. Or maybe they click through to the website, which is great for your click-through rate. But when they're on your website, nothing happens. And you've heard me talk about this before Mohammad, the final piece of this entire puzzle is getting that person to that click to call that form to whatever it is that you want that person to do. And finish it off. Most people are like, Oh, how pretty Look, look, this is really neat. I'm number nine. I'm number two, whatever it is, the harm could come, like from too many sessions, right? The separate sessions that they can kind of work without anything happening, because that can actually be a negative, because to Google that somebody's not finding what they're looking for or somebody's not trusting you enough. If they land on your website to get you that information. If he's just looking from time to time, depending on how much traffic it will what percentage it is of the overall traffic, it's not going to make any difference. Now, I'm going to tell you another thing if he's watching this close closely, and you know how fickle Google is the first time this thing dances, you're gonna get a call at midnight because this guy's gonna be watching. You have no idea what you're gonna get that call, and he's gonna be panicking. Right, and Do you want that call? Tell him to stop and look at the fucking results. That's it. Stop, stop it is your phone ring, it's coming up, wait for the next report. Then you go and look, relax, let you see initial results. Give me time to put everything in place so that you can see what the end result of what I do cuz he's not really giving you a chance. And I'm telling you, the first negative thing that happens this guy's gonna freak out. Remember, Marco told you?

Yeah, anybody that SERP watches that much is going that's a clear indication that they're going to be trouble. They're gonna high maintenance, Mohammed and you have a tendency to attract those types of clients for some reason. So I totally agree with Marco. One other thing I want to mention is I've experienced something similar but when managing Google Ads campaigns, what I mean by that is I've had some clients that they go and they Go check, you know, Google, they do keyword searches to see their ad. They don't click through because they know they're going to pay for every click that, you know, even if it's them clicking through, they're going to pay for that. So they know not to click through, but I've had clients that will kill my click-through rate. Right, which if you understand Google ads, you know that one of the best ways to raise your quality score and lower your cost per click, and all of that is to have a high click-through rate. And I've had clients that have like literally negatively affected their click-through rate, drove it down the CTR down because they're SERP watching their ads. And it shows all these additional impressions, but not as many click-throughs because they're just checking it to see where it's at. And so I always tell somebody, if you really want to take a look at where you are, if you're as long as you're on page one, go use the Google Ads preview and diagnostic tool inside of Google ads, right? Because then you can simulate a search without it actually counting as an actual impression right? So as long as you're on and it works for even organic because you can actually set your, you know, it simulates a location, but then you can also simulate whether it's a desktop, a tablet, or a mobile device. And you can search for your keywords. And as long as your ranking is on page one, whether it's an ad or an organic, it will show and that's also another way that you can have like, for example,

This Stuff Works
I've got a pest control client. He owns the company, and it's a northern company in Northern Virginia. They provide Pest Control services in Northern Virginia. But he now resides as the owner of the company down in Florida, and he often after I sent and I don't know why once per year, I have to go through this shit with him and I don't understand why. But anyway, like last month, for example, when I sent the monthly reports, again, I've gone over this many times with him, but you know, I still send a local rank report as bright low Reports, because you can set again a simulated location and everything else. And you'll look at the report and then he'll go look in Google and search from a Florida IP for his keywords. And obviously, it's going to look significantly different than what it does for somebody that's local searching in the Northern Virginia area. And then you'll come back and say, Well, you know, how do I get rankings back for our primary keyword in our primary area? And I'll say, Well, wait a minute, you are ranking? Well, the report shows this. And when I do a search, it's not coming bla bla bla. And I've had to explain that to them many, many times, and say, and even provided tutorial of like, hey, look, go use a Google Ads premium diagnostic tool. So you could set the mobile device, you could set the location, and even then that's still not 100% accurate, because again, it's a simulated search, as opposed to an actual real search which you can't simulate user behavior and all that like in other words, like a history of the type of content people have engaged with and all that other kinds stuff so no, you know having simulated searches are they're never going to be as accurate as they are in real life and I'm only telling you that guys because like I said the same type of thing is you can still show your client or tell your client if these that adamant about being cysts on constantly SERP watching which is not a good sign, have them do it through the ad premium diagnostic tool over instead of like through an actual browser. That makes sense. Okay.

Is It Okay To Add The RSS Feed Of A Money Site To The General Spliced Feed And Syndicate It To Directories?

BB's up with his long list of questions again, no matter how many times he's persistent, I'll tell you what, so what's up guys, should you risk adding the money site RSS feed to the general spiced feed feeds that contain all the branded properties and money site and some authority site RSS and syndicated to a huge amount of RSS directories, which some of them could be spammy? This comes from the guideline of no links to money site because press releases in the SEO SEO so you must be talking about like the advanced RSS strategy module from syndication. Academy Yeah, it doesn't that's fine RSS directory. Remember, you can't control other people scraping your RSS feed. You have no control over that, right. So it's not, it's not the same as if you submit your RSS feed as Super feed right as you called it, which is spliced in with related content feeds web 2.0 feeds and all that you submit it to directories and aggregators, it's fine. It's not the same as a direct backlink to your site. So you're okay to do that. I've never had any issue with that. There are some that may be spammy. It's not gonna affect your site. Because again, if that were the case, then anybody out there that had an RSS feed period could potentially be hit with some sort of negative SEO penalty, or, you know, some sort of penalty because other people took their RSS feed without their permission and used it. And so again, it's kind of a different set of rules there. It's not going to affect not the same as if you're going out and building links intentionally to yourself. Any comments on that?

Oh, no, that's fine. Okay, so moving on the second one, this is better, maybe you're getting better.

Can You Power The RYS Properties With Tier 2 RYS Properties?

You're getting better than the next one is let's say you have a domain that is powered by an RYS stack. Can you power the RYS properties with tier two RYS properties? If yes, can it replicate the links package and embed the package? And can this power and go into tier three and tier four? Um, my first thought, and again, Marco is the expert on this. But it's what's that? What would be the point of that when you can continue to build and expand the existing drive stack? I don't know why you'd want to tear drive stacks. I don't know what the purpose of that would be. So I don't know Marco, that would be my first thought. What do you say?

No, I mean, we've talked about this before. The best thing that you could do is go inside the main drive stack and add keyword-driven, stacks, within that with inner pages on the G site, matching the inner pages on the money site. That's the best thing that you do. And then you go to town on that drive second G site because now it's branded, you created all of the brand plus keyword relationships. And then you focus you got the keyword-driven stack that's going to carry all of that art activity, relevance, trust, and authority over to the page that you're trying to rank. You've isolated everything. I don't want to get too technical, but you're accruing PageRank on that inner page, and you're driving it over to the inner page that you're looking to rank. And then when you link build, you not only accruing more page more PageRank but you make up for any link atrophy for PageRank that you're going to lose because of the way that Google the way that they add up the PageRank right the way that they set it up, so I don't see it. I don't see it necessary to them. An additional g site and drive stack unless you have a really stubborn keyword. It just won't move then. You might want to it would be something like a PBn type drive stack, which focuses on that keyword even more. It just hones in on that one keyword that's really sticky that you did the inner g site page and the keyword-driven drive site over to the money site, inner page, and it didn't have the effect that you wanted. So that's when you would isolate with that. I haven't I have yet to see anything that needs to go that far. Even in the Amazon case study that Didier conducted that wasn't really necessary. All that was necessary was going after that keyword, right that keyword said that in that specific niche in that top market level category. Can it replace the link? No. No Because there what you're doing is you're broadening the link profile. It's not all coming just from Google properties. And can you power then tier three and tier four? Yeah. But why? why if you can just go directly into the drive secondary site, get all the effects in there, accrue PageRank and ranking score in there and then transfer it over to the money site. It won't transfer one to one, of course, but you get a better effect than breaking it up the way that you're talking about BB.

This Stuff Works
Yeah, just to be clear, BB. You know, over the years, we've seen a lot of people that have come to us with these elaborate linking schemes and things like that. And diagrams sometimes you can tell people spend hours drafting a diagram to show and then they come and ask, what do you think this will work and a lot of times, not to, you know, burst your bubble or anything like that, but it's overcomplicating stuff. That's unnecessary. And you know, if it might seem like a good idea, but a lot of times when you add complexity, it makes it harder to manage the project to begin with. So that's why I always recommend using single-tier syndication networks for most brands as opposed to multi-tiered syndication networks. When you're talking about blog syndication. That's part of the reason I've been saying that for years now because you overcomplicate things unnecessarily. And so that's what I would just warn against that, you know, I understand trying to come up with new ways to squeeze more power out of stuff and all that and that's fine. That's great. That's how you become a good SEO is to hypothesize and then test. But you know, that's also what we do. And so, I'm not saying don't go out and test your own things. It's good that you're coming here and asking questions, but as Marco just said, you can simplify what you're trying to do now by continuing to expand your existing drive stack and your G site. Instead of adding all of these additional tiers that are going to limit or reduce your overall link profile when you're better off just really smashing the shit out of your existing drive stack and G site as you continue to expand it out continue link building and embed packages to that.

Do You Need To Index After Having An MGYB DFY Link Building Service?

So okay Mohammed's up again, he says, Hey guys, I just learned I should be using the link indexing service after MGYB DFY service. Do I just index all links I get after a link building job until now? I never indexed so I'm worrying that I sabotage myself. No, it certainly helps. Muhammad. However, I don't know. There's I don't know if we've resolved this yet. But there's a limit to how many URLs you can submit at a time with the link indexer. So it's kind of a pain in the ass to use. I'm not gonna lie unless we've resolved that Marco Do you know if that's been resolved? Can we submit text files yet or CSV files? I can't tell you offhand.

Okay. Yeah, because I don't use it that often. I do. For some things, but like when you get a link building campaign back and you've got thousands of links, it's, I mean, it would take you a lot of manual work to be able to upload the links to the indexer. And I know that was on the to-do list. I don't know Rob has resolved that yet. But we need to get that to where we can upload either paste in a, you know, batches, big batches, or upload a text file or the CSV file with the links to have them all index. I think, right now there's a limit to like, I don't know, 300 URLs at a time or something like that. And so that's, that's, that's part of the reason I don't use it as much as I should because it's just kind of a manual process of adding links to it. So, Mohammed, Rob can answer that question for sure. If you need to, you could always ask in the free group and we can reply on it there.

So no, not yet. The answer is no, not yet. You can't you cannot add a text file or CSV or Excel or anything else. It has to go through the system. As far as link indexing, this comes from the heavy hitter club, the free group where he asked it, and he's getting results. So now he's wondering, is not so much sabotage himself. But could he be getting better results? And that's we have no way of knowing what would have or could have happened. Had he submitted the URLs for indexing? Of course, we can't know. But he's getting results. So it just means that that's getting picked up over time, which is perfectly fine. You don't have to force the indexing like Google index natural. The link indexing is just a way to speed up the process and make sure that the Google gets in there crawls it, you're going to lose links over time, it happens to everybody, no matter what kind of link building you're doing are linked indexing. Now, what you could do is maybe get a URL A sheet that you got back from Deadia. And you can link built to those and get an indexing package to the new ones, which will have an effect on any existing old links to buy up or you tear your links and get those reindex power, the power those up that way. That would work. But I don't see why if you're already getting results that just keep doing what you're doing. And then from here on out, make it your standard operating procedure to order indexing with every gig that you order from MGYB that I just came up with an idea that I don't know why I hadn't thought about this before. But tell me if this would work. If you set what if you took the CSV file that you got back with the links that were built, and then you know, turn it into a Google Sheet, and then submitted the Google Sheet URL to the indexer. That would get the bots to come to crawl the Google Sheet that has all the URLs in it right?

This Stuff Works
Yes or no? Would that work?

Yeah, I don't see why it wouldn't. I don't know why I'd thought about that. So that might be the way to do it then would be to just add the CSV file with the links that were delivered to drive, set it to anybody that has the link can access, and then submit that URL, the sheet URL to the indexer. Done. Right. I haven't tested that. But I don't see why it wouldn't work, because and by the way, probably, the reason why we do the things the way we do it now is that we have to count the URLs that are being submitted, right. Because it's not unlimited. I mean, potentially, if you gave someone the test to upload a text file or CSV, they could just upload thousands and thousands of URLs if they wanted to. Right, and they would just dilute the or, Tara, I don't know we're controlling it. I just heard back from Rob controlling it because of that we need to come The URLs are that are being submitted. So maybe we need to extend it. I don't know. He said, it's being coded in though, you know, we're moving platforms, right? Yes. And we're testing that out and that's in the process as soon as we have the new platform is going to be a lot simpler to do things.

Google Policy Violation To A Two-Year-Old RYS Drive Stack

There you go. So JT, SEO is up. He says, Hi, Marco. I got an email from big G, Google policy violation warning saying that the G drive that a Gdrive with a two-year-old RYS is violating policies about malware, destructive code, warned that if it persists, they may restrict access to it. Have you come across that before? And before you answer the question, I want to read the next part to the second post. He says I have not touched the RYS in weeks, seems odd. Any advice appreciated. A week previous to getting the warning. So yeah, is that related to the XML script?

One of the reasons is the XML script if it's set to work, there's a setting on it, right? There's a timer, where you go every two hours, every four hours, every eight hours, whatever. What happens is that we, I don't know, we should make this public, we rebuild the entire site on that cycle, so you're using up a lot of resources, and some of those will time out. And so what we recommend is now you don't build it every 248 or eight hours. I mean, actually, you don't need it. Every three days, every five days is fine. Every, I don't know. 1618 hours, pick an odd number every 19 hours. It gets rid of something so that you're less burdensome to Google, then you are now because the one thing that they hate is people hogging their resources. If you're not paying for those resources, and you will get those warnings. And they will kill your drives tech and your G site. If you continue. Now, I don't know what you did. Because you're not saying what it is that you're why you went in there. And what it is that you did that set Google off because it hadn't been touched in two years, and it was working just fine. So I don't know that it's really difficult to answer this, right.

Yeah, and I've had a couple of stacks where when I placed the order, I submitted a bunch of photos, for example, and the builders built using the photos but then the rebuild script will rebuild all those photos and that's resource-heavy super resource-heavy apparently. So I've learned to only submit a handful of images with the order because you know, something similar. I've not had any warning talking about malware or destructive code that at least I don't remember that specifically mentioned, but I have had To the XML scripts timeout and shut down on me because of the too many images, which I guess is resource-heavy. So but yeah, that's just I recommend doing what he just mentioned. go in and change your rebuild time limit to something much more for that. It doesn't have to be rebuilt every two or four hours. They won't get crawled out often anyways.

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What MGYB Service Is Good For A One-Year-Old Site With Good On-Page SEO?

lonnis up says, Hey guys, I landed my first client. I just got the client's GMB verified. The site is a year old with no links. I've done some pretty good on-page SEO. So the site is starting to move. Should I buy your SEO power shield or our ys drive stacks, I'm having a meeting with a client and I need to know which direction to go. Thanks for your help. The SEO power shield is are like a combination of everything right? That's it's hands down. It's all of the assets that we talked about. And that's why we built those packages. Because, you know, for a long time, we had all the individual components that you could purchase but people would ultimately and you know a lot of the times people would buy certain components Not all of them and not combine everything, and then come back and say, Well, this isn't working. And that's not working. And whenever we would dig a little deeper, we'd find out that, you know, they only had a part of it. And I always screw this saying up, but the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

That's right. I can never get that one. Right. But yeah, it's like, if you only do 25% of the work, you're not going to get 25% of the results, right? It's less than that. Like, in other words, if you do 100% of the work, you're going to get 150% of the results, if I don't know if that makes any sense, but it does. It's kind of an exponential thing when you have all the components together. So that's why we offer those in different clips of bundles like that the SEO power shield is that is the top tier, right? And so that's everything combined. So yeah, I would recommend that. That's just a standard operating procedure for all projects that I work on now as an SEO power shield. Sometimes I ordered them in separate components because of, you know, specific reason. That may be, but in your case, especially just starting out, I would just go with the SEO power shield, it's going to make it much easier because you'll get all the components delivered in the proper sequence as well. The comments,

I totally agree to go for it SEO power shielding, don't separate the drive stack from it, although the drive stack and z sight will have an effect on it anyway, what what you're actually doing is is everything that I've been talking about for years, which is working on that entity in that brand, versus doing it piecemeal. You're bringing everything together all at once you're giving it all to Google, and you're trying to make your clients brand, the keyword in that niche. That's what you're striving towards. So anything that you could do to try to get that you should be doing. You can't leave things that you cannot leave out the syndication network, but those are profiles that you're going to claim and schema in your sameas as being part of the organization. It's part of who and what your brand is, or in this case, your client, you can't separate that. I mean, you could go later on and get it. But then if you know that you're going to need it later on, why not just get it all just now and be done with it and move on to the next phase, which is hammering everything that you get back from us for better results.

Yeah, and I just, I want to, you know, kind of touch on something briefly, because, believe it or not, I was looking at the kind of doing an audit for one of our members in the mastermind today. It's kind of an ongoing thing. And I want to make it real clear, guys. You know, when you get your drive stack back and your G site, remember to, you know, the drive stack expansion, we talked about expanding that and that's a service that is in beta right now for mastermind members and such where we can, you know, we can do that for you at MGYB, but we talked about theme mirroring all the time, but something else is really critically important. Is embedding your money pages from your, in other words, that the pages from your primary website into the corresponding sites on the G site page, it's really important because you can inject structured data, for example, schema.org, right. So whatever type of project you're on, if it's a local business, you know, you can inject that schema into the G site by doing so. It's very important. And I think that gets overlooked a lot. Maybe we're not having been really clear about it, I thought we have been, but you know, even one of our mastermind members, who's been with us for many, many months and have received a lot of help, has overlooked that. And I don't understand how that gets overlooked. It's very, very important because that's one of the ways that you get that structured data into the G site. And how you push so much of the power that you're developing and accruing through the drive stack in the G site through to the money site. That makes sense by embedding those the corresponding pages from the money site on to the G site, right. So when you theme marry you do that And then and again, I don't know how that gets overlooked at times. But maybe again, we haven't been really clear about it. But that's why I want to touch on that here. It's critically important to do that. And so I would recommend that you do that, as well as is make sure that you have structured data, guys, you know, by the day, we're going deeper into the Semantic Web, right? So it's super important that you have you make those associations with structured data code to tell Google specifically your entity assets in the connection between them, right. And it's really really, really important to do that. And I see a lot of that still being overlooked by people and, and I think that's a mistake. So any comments on that for move on?

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and that's perfect you know, in heavy hitter club, the last two webinars or the first two, in the series that we're doing were entirely about the entity, schema, and content and how to structure your unstructured data and then how to how to structure your structured data so that it matches your unstructured data so that you're feeding the buttons. All of the information possible to make your entity or your brand, the keyword in the niche or the top entity versus all of the other entities because at the end of the day, what we're talking about in Google is a huge relational database. So just think of a data dump. And yes, of course, it's categorized and Google has entities and it has that like that the ultimate entity in that niche, right, what it would look like and the closer that you get to matching that ultimate entity, the better your results are going to be in the end, which is outranking everybody else. I keep saying it. We took on Amazon, and one and then we can do that with our methods. Then the entire internet is wide open to you guys. And we're not hiding anything from you. Everything that we use is in MGYB. That's how we do it. Right? Maybe in our free groups like heavy hitter club or the Semantic Mastery mastermind, we'll go deeper into the why and the how. But as far as what we do to get results, it's right there. It's an empty vibe to all of those services. Those are things that we use to rank our projects. And we do it over and over and over again. And I don't see why you guys aren't doing. If you're not doing we got a lot of people here who do get results, by the way. Yeah.

SEO Power Shield Or RYS Drive Stacks

Because as long as I began, he says to add to my other question, should I buy multiple SEO power shields or RYS drive stacks? I'm excited. I just want to make sure my client and I guess we are aware of upcoming costs. No, that's what we just talked about. Just a few moments ago, Lonnie, that's not necessary. You know, one drive stack in G site for your client is all that's needed, right. And you can expect And that out by theme mirroring. And so if you're not sure what we're talking about, you go to the MGYB.co and look at the webinars. I think Marko's first heavy hitter club webinar was public. I don't know if it still is. But that drive stack expansion and we did a webinar, this mg y b, I know we did. No, watch that one. It's in the webinar section, you can watch about that and talk about how we talked about expanding the drive stack, the mirroring, and all that. And that's why you don't have to keep buying what you should do, which you should be buying after the drive stack and G site has been built is link building and embed gigs to power it up and continue building out that drive stack to mirror, the site, the website itself and everywhere that you have digital assets that you can mirror to the primary structure of the website, right or the excuse me the structure of your primary website. That's what you should be doing. So again at mgyb.co. The webinars tab you can go look at PR silo stacking, or press release silos. And you can silo press releases together to mirror whatever your silo structure is from your primary website as well as your G site as well as your drive stack. You do the same thing with GMB posts. If you're using Google, if the project that you're working on has a Google My Business profile, right, so all everything that you do should be mirrored into a silo structure, whatever the primary website structure is, you duplicate that and mirror that on to your other assets. And the same type of linking structure happens when you do all of that together. Now you have all these assets that are all, you know, tightly siloed that's what the silo means, right? So it's a, it's like a vertical silo, right? So everything is tightly siloed. And then you link build into those and do embed gigs into those, and you can push massive relevancy, very specific to certain areas of your site, or you know, certain keyword themes or keyword sets. Does that make sense? So that's how you Do it. Marco, do you want to comment on that?

Yeah, I think we have to be the only people on the web who would tell people don't spend money needlessly. Because anybody else would have just told you, Loni. Yeah, get five of them. Five is better, and come up with a really intricate and mixed up way on how you can knock those all up and daisy chaining them and come up with all this crazy shit on how to make them look better. We got to be the only people who look tough. No, no, don't spend all that money because you're doing it needlessly do exactly what Bradley said. You build inner pages and inner stacks in your branded stack. To increase the power of link building, embed, link building press releases, link building cycle, you'll spend the money on that because that's what's going to power up everything. And it keeps it on a cycle through everything, but you only need one branded drive stack and G site one and then inside of that, you're going to remember You're going to copy, you're gonna mirror you're gonna clone whatever the fuck you want to call it, the inner pages on your G site, the categories, whatever the wherever the money is you focus on that, right? Because your, your market level category should be where the money is. And that's what you're trying to rank for. When you try to rank for that all of the money keywords under that top market level category are going to come up because of the way that you're approaching this, which is from the top-down, instead of bottom-feeding and going after just the long tail. That's going to happen if you approach it the right way. But no, don't go spend money in these needlessly go spend money and focus on getting the best results and the best results are dry sack g site branded and then you extend the initial drive second g site, not additional ones.

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There you go.

Yeah, just keep building the power to the one that's the best, the best Answer we can get I, like that power to the one


alright so Don says I already got version one and two the battle plan so what's the new one cost me this time just click through and go check it out battleplan.semanticmastery.com. But Don I'm gonna do it for you. Okay, there you go 32 bucks you know, we broke the bank on that one cylinder 32 bucks, didn't we spend an hour and a half recording that net video or something ridiculous like that. So for 32 bucks, man.

alright, so and it's simplified. we've simplified it specifically because it just you know, it just makes it easier to put everything into the package, you know? packages like what we have for sale now on MGYB. It's just easier that way. And that's you know, we always recommended that before but again, we would tell people to go buy all these different components and so now we just put them together and packages It makes it so much easier. And you know, we're still working on trying to make things easier, guys. And that's why they're trying to change platforms at MGYB. So it's a work in progress. Right?

Drive Stack Expansion Availability

A Nexus Hey guys, I'm thinking of getting the SEO shield. When will you be rolling out the ID loop page folder service? So you mean the drive stack expansion service? That's essential, I guess, the more proper term for it. I've heard Doing this will improve results. Absolutely. It will. So Marco, when will that be publicly available?

It's already public. I would as I thought Rob had published that it's public and available.

Oh, shit, I didn't know that. You guys kept me in the dark. I feel like a mushroom. Shit, all day. I think he published it on Facebook. If I'm not mistaken. I just, I just don't let's go public. I mean, if it's there if it's ready, let's go. Let's give it to people and let them have at it. I thought it was still in beta. So my bad, so it should be. Apparently it's news to me. It's available for everybody. Drive stack expansion. I hadn't even seen it in the MGYB store. So maybe I don't know, I hadn't even seen it.

So maybe the image hasn't been added. It's just so much stuff. Yes. Rob says the expression is public and on the store page, it's on this.

sweet. I hadn't seen it, Rob.

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We need to bring Robin from now on because we get a lot of questions that he could be here answering. Yeah.

How Many Times Does Your Google Stacks Report?

Olaf says How many times do you think your Google stacks got reported? And why do you think Google does not care or ban them? I don't know how many times they've been reported. I really don't care. Now, I think Google doesn't care because it's a Google property, I suppose. And they're narcissistic, which you know, we use that in the original sales copy, use Google's own narcissism against itself. You know, that they recently made some changes to drive, I think, to combat that or, you know, to try to prevent some of what it is that is, you know, we've been doing but Marco and Rob immediately figured out There's a workaround for that, too. So I think that was an indication that they were trying to do whatever they could, or something, at least symbolically to try to prevent people from using them the way that we've been using them, but I don't I don't think they were successful. What do you say?

Ah, yes, that's something that I lose sleep over. How many times? How many times have I shown publicly? Well, think about how many times I've shown publicly, the Virginia SEO, SEO Virginia case study over the last over nearly five years, right. It'll be five years in August, by the way.

No, it's five years in May last month.

Yeah, but I'm saying your case. The one that you originally did is five years. It this past May or last month, but I'm saying it in August. It'll be five years since we released our way as Kevin written. And we had that question. Well, how long before that loophole is closed? That was you remember? During during the webinar, and I remember that clearly like I asked, Well, yeah, how long before the loophole is closed? It happens not to be a loophole. And it happens to be a door that's wide open. And that that's really hard to close. If it was simple for a simple fix, it would have been done by now we're working from. And I continue to say this, and I wish people would just listen, and really pay close attention. We're working off web principles. It's not Google principles that Google Terms of Service. We're working from web principles, foundational principles, on the web. That's how we target this. Now, of course, we don't talk about this a lot because unlike other marketers, we don't like to confuse our people. We don't like to confuse you with all this technical stuff that we've had to go over during the last six years or so. Since I've been researching this because it would probably hurt most people It hurts my head. I know. It's gonna cause a whole lot of headaches. I mean, why we just show the reason Do we care about Google? We've shown that it's not something that we just say that Google is narcissistic. It's something that we've shown timing is something that we proved live. I mean it. I don't know how many other people are actually are actually able to do this to prove the fact that Google prefers itself over anything else. Proven. This isn't theory. We don't give you guys theory. It's proven. It's a fact. Now, how long? Or how many times? Does it matter? Like, I don't care? manual? Yeah, sure. And then we'll just build 10 more. Doesn't matter. It like the way that it is right now. Why doesn't Google care or ban them? We don't know. We don't work for Google. We just gonna keep manipulating until we can't anymore. And then if we can't, then that just means I have to figure out a different way or I have to sit with Rob and we have to say okay, so this door is finally closed. But we know that there's 10 more doors that just opened up because they just closed that one. That's how code works. I mean, it's really difficult with the amount of code. Yeah, Google has to work with, yeah, to shut one thing down and not open 10 million more things that make it even simpler to spam and manipulate. Right? I mean it. And, again, we work off foundational principles in the World Wide Web. It's not just Google. It's not just their terms of service. It's a lot of things that we're approaching from that standpoint.

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SEO Power Shield Works

So I want to read Austin's comment, Austin Dom What's up man? I'm still waiting for him to come to join the mastermind. But anyways, Austin says and then I want to very briefly before we wrap it up, I want to do a live search for the SEO Virginia Case Study or whatever that we did, because I'll talk about that a minute. But Austin says got an SEO shield for a client about a month ago. This is the second site for him. It is now past the other site I have been maintaining for two years. He is now number one, number two for many organic and MAP KEYWORDS in the real estate niche. Yes, power shields work. And so to bring this over to so it was interesting, but about a month ago, for the first time in five years. I saw and so we're going to see where it is now. We're going to do this live. Okay. The first time in five years, my SEO Virginia, Virginia, SEO Virginia SEO agency, SEO agency, Virginia, like all of those keywords, for the first time in five years, the drive stack or the G site from that awful and it's not even a complete drive stack. It's not built to the standards that we build them today. But for the first time in five years, it moved down, it dropped. Let's see where it is today. Let's just see because I'll tell you exactly what I did and we'll see where it's at. Okay, so it did move a little bit now. It's number three for me. to Virginia Okay, so let's open up another tab and check another keyword and this is in five years of not touching it okay without doing any work to it at all in five years. Okay, number three for that term, Virginia eight SEO agency Virginia. Let's look at another term. Let's look at Virginia SEO. Okay, so guys, I'm sharing this to be 100% transparent with you okay, we've used this case study for five years as an example. And it's wasn't even really a case study. It was an experiment with me testing what Marco told me to do. And it was again, not built to what we build standards today. You can take a look at it, it's done. It doesn't look anything like what we build today. It wasn't there are not nearly as many files and folders there's no interlinking done like what we do today. But for five damn years, the son of a bitch has sat at number one and hasn't budged until about a month ago when I noticed. For whatever reason, I was doing a quick search on it and I noticed that it had it moved a little bit. So you can see it has moved slightly and five years. No link building, no press releases nothing.

And that's why I've always loved to use this as an example to show how powerful these damn things can be. Because it wasn't even done correctly or to our current standards, yet it has ranked outranked Virginia SEO agencies for five damn years. And I haven't done anything to it. So it had moved several positions down and still on page one. But I lost several positions when I noticed this. And I think Marco even pointed out said to me in slack or group chat, you know, hey, I noticed it had moved first time in five years. And I said, Yeah, I noticed that a couple of days ago. And I said, Maybe I should order a link building package to it, just to push it back up. Well, I didn't I was too lazy to even do that. So all I did was one press release. I'm not kidding. One. freakin press release. Let me show you what I did. I'll pull it up. And then we're gonna wrap it up, guys. I just want to point this out. Again, it's 100% transparency. So we go to the news. Let's see if it's still showing. Okay, there. Right there. So you can see two weeks ago, it says right there published two weeks ago. Okay. So all I did was I put Virginia SEO agencies my keyword in there, then I used Virginia SEO agency, a keyword anchor, to link to the G site from that stack. Why? Because a G site can take that I wouldn't have done 100% keyword anchor to my, you know, website, but to the G site, why not? It's not gonna hurt anything. So that's what I did. So you can see that that was two weeks ago, guys that that was published on May 19. Yeah, so about two weeks ago, okay. And all I did was I linked to that, and I linked actually with to a page on my website that isn't even complete. But that was it, those two links. And so what when it had dropped down to like position five, it was between, I think four and seven, depending on what keyword you were looking at. But all I did was one press release and it's already been pushed back up now to number three position and in fact Last week on the mastermind web, my mastermind webinar, when I looked at all of my keywords, I was in the number one position. So it's dancing right now a little bit, but the press release was only published two weeks ago. So that's normal, right, three weeks worth of dancing. So again, last week, when I looked at it, I was back to number one for these keywords. Now, it looks like I'm at number two or number three for my keywords. One, press release, guys, I used 100% anchor text, keyword anchor text right there to link to that site. And it's back to number two to number three position after five years of never fucking touching it. So just want to show you guys as these things work. And for the first time in five years, it dipped it dropped, get one press release, and it's already moving back up. So imagine if I had purchased a link building gig, I could probably get away with low competition, link building gig from MGYB or an embed gig or something like that, and push it back up, but I just wanted to see what the results were from just one press release and to be honest with you, I just didn't put the effort into trying to push it up yet. So, again, I just want to be 100% transparent with them because I thought that this was interesting to see, after all this time, it finally started to move down just a little bit, but one press release started pushing it back up.

Yeah, and I mean that that's not even what we recommend, because we recommend a PR stack, right? And then link building, and then embed and then link building. But again, as you said, it was a half-assed attempt to start with it back in May of 2015. And it's a half-assed attempt, your one PR, and it just shows the power that's inherent in this that something that you do something half-assed, and you can rank on the first page in Google. So imagine if you do it, right, the kind of thing that you could do well, Amazon is there for the taking. Amen.

Thanks, guys, for being here. We'll see you all next week.

Bye, everyone.

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