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By April

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I'm gonna knock things over and make some loud noises as we get started here. Welcome everybody to Hump Day hangouts Episode 294. As the guys just pointed out, we are getting awful close to 300. I have to do something fun for that. I'm going to come back to that. But real quick, we're going to say hi to everybody. And then we got a couple quick announcements and one big one before we get into things so looks like we're missing Chris today. So I'll start at the bottom and work my way up since I know her non muted I'll start with him and

how you doing man? Thank you, man. I appreciate you.

Doing great. Thank you for thank you for asking. Everything everything's good. Excited to be here.

Marco since you're drinking I'm gonna just pick the worst time for everybody apparently. How's it going?

Groundhog Day. It is what it is guys. I can't help it. Don't hate the player hate the game. Isn't the game. I hate That gets me to where I am. So, deal with that.

Nice and sunny. All right. Well then Bradley, how you doing, man?

I'm good. I'm good. It's hot as hell here right now but it's July so it's understandable but other than that

yeah things are good. Can't complain well, same here got nice sunshiny day after this and wrapping it up heading outside I think it's about 75 and sunny so I am good to go. With that said I hope everyone else is having a great day. We've got a couple announcements and the first one being that if you're a part of the Facebook group, this mastery Facebook group or you're on the email list, you probably saw a notification today about the upcoming Fourth of July sale and we are going to talk some more about that real quick. I am going to put the links in here we hadn't shared those publicly yet but we got things wrapped up just in time so if you are here and you want to get a jumpstart on that you can check out the links if you're watching the replay. It's definitely live until the seventh, I believe, perhaps the eighth. But regardless, you're going to want to take advantage of that in the next few days. So I don't have it pulled up in front of me. Does anyone have that Facebook post up so we can go over it real quick.

I dumped it in the slack.

Perfect. Let me hop over.

And I will share my screen real quick here. Do any

cool. Yeah. So I will do that. Marco, you want to kind of talk through this? I'm just Sure. Right now. This is pretty cool.

Well, I'm a couple of reasons why I wanted that poll, right. Number one is because you see it. Do we really have to tell you what's going on? And actually we do someone asked Wait a minute. What do you mean? What works? What do you mean? This is this is the system what do you what do you mean says what system people it's SEO and marketing by Semantic Mastery. So that means that the system that I'm using to get these kinds of results is semantic mastery system. What system is everything that we've got on sale coming up on on the Fourth of July is what we use to to attain this, these kinds of results. So I'm not just gonna say it was just local GMB Pro, that played a big part in it. I'm not gonna say it was just a local PR pro that played a part in it. It was everything, everything together, and then doing the posts, the way that we teach, doing the homepage, the way that we teach, doing even the business side trying to set that up so that it fits the way we teach, and everything just fitting into how we do things. So that our structure and everything that we do benefits from everything else. It's the drive stack, and the G site and the posts and the website and just everything everything that we're doing everything all of the teaching methodology is there.

The SEO shield, T1 branded Syndication Academy, the T1 branded network Syndication Academy, network, @ID structured data, good, unpaid and and the only way that you can get on page on the business site, if you work it into your unstructured data because Google doesn't give you much to play on that. On the G sites, there's some things that you can do to play with that, but the business site really doesn't. And but if you structure your posts correctly, if you do it the way that Bradley teaches, in local GMB Pro, and if you do your press releases the way that Bradley teaches in Local PR Pro, this is what's available. Now what I am going to tell you about this niche is that it's highly competitive, and it's luxury niche. So imagine the client gets 300 calls in a month in a luxury niche where Close lead is 10 k plus in his pocket, we're not talking growth. We're talking about that that's what goes in his pocket is 10 k plus it can be way more but that's up to his salespeople and how well they do it. The point of this is just what I said that what we do work End of story so someone comments something. Oh, these methods are 10 years old plus, yeah, you fucking idiot. Of course they are. They work? Why would I change it? Yeah, why would I change the way the works? Come on, man. You want shiny. You want new? You can't get it from me. You want shiny you want to go somewhere else. go chase it go chase the pipe dream. Our shit requires hard work. We've made things simple, not easy. We made things simple because you can just go to MGB sale and buy done for you. You can buy our courses of course, and do it yourself. Teach a team of people To do it, you're welcome to do that, however you choose to do the do.

My recommendation is choose something and see it through to the end. The only way you're going to know if it works is if you see it through, because if you don't, then all you can say, well the half half shit that I did didn't work. Don't ever come to me and say, Marco your shit doesn't work because when I go check it, it's nine out of 10 a half assed attempt at doing it or somebody else's half assed attempt at doing it do the way that you're supposed to. So it that's key, do something but do it right and you're going to get results we see it in the free group. We see it Hump Day hangouts people following Hump Day hangouts taking action, doing it doing it right getting results. Mohammed started in Hump Day Hangouts. Come on in. Right. POFU Live guy. Totally HDHO, and then and then done for you. And then away he got tons of so many people. mastermind is full of people who are doing it. I mean, right now someone in the Dallas Fort Worth area tell me that's not competitive. ranking number one is a highly competitive niche in his city and in the metro, not just Dallas, Dallas Fort Worth Arlington, we're talking about la we're talking about here, we're talking about anything and everything that you want is available, choose it, see it through to the and then come back to me and say, Marco, once you have the data, man, you know, you're right. Or look, your shit doesn't work. And if you can show me that it doesn't work, then I'm going to help you through to make it work, man. Because that's how we do the do we do Nuff said?

Awesome. Awesome. Marco. Well, hey, I want to share I'm gonna follow on while we're talking about Facebook. Real quick, broad stuff at the beginning with the Fourth of July. It's not only because I want to share the gifts that I love so much. Look, we've got a lot of cool stuff going on. So Marco was talking about this, but through the Semantic Mastery page, we've got a killer deal on our way is reloaded. Mark mentioned local GMB pro that's going to be there as well as local PR pro that's part of the Fourth of July sale. And we've got a great deal with the $1 trial for the mastermind. And on the MG y B side of things talking about getting stuff done for you. We've got GMB verifications. We've got done for you drive stacks, we've got the new drive stack expansions, right so if you've already bought RYS drive stacks you're already getting results with that but you want to add I haven't come up with the best way to describe this you guys want to hold me I just think of it as like a silo but I'm thinking of like those your yard lawn darts like just a ton of really targeted power that just drives into something does that work? Or does that just sound crazy? Anybody man, you guys are leaving me hanging. Alright, we're just gonna go with it.

All right. I like how you explaine it for anyone watching. We haven't talked about this. I was just like, man, there's got to be a good analogy. And in my head, that's what I've been seeing. Like I think of like, the stack is like kind They're like this, you know, building that just drives all this power down the ground and our expansion is just like this, like the long dark kind of deadly, you know, but really targeted. Okay, anyways, enough of Adams crazy mind, we also got SEO shields, link building and embeds, I'm going to put the links to the sales page on the Humpty hangouts page, so you guys can go check that out. Everyone else is going to have to wait till tomorrow. So with that said, you guys, is there anything else we need to go over? Before we get into questions?

I'm just briefly, I'm going to be starting some more case studies, to local type of case studies that I'm going to be demonstrating exactly what Marco just talked about with that post about and they're going to be public case studies. I got one bigger case study project that I'm working on in the mastermind currently, but that's for mastermind members only. But I'm going to be doing two local projects, case studies. Probably starting next week that I'll be documenting and we'll be making kind of more of a public public case studies out of them there. Gonna be both in the tree service industry but in two different metropolitan areas. So more competitive areas one will have a GMB or Google My Business profile one will not they will be strictly using our methods and MTB services. And I'm going to go really aggressive on them to show how quickly we can get results. One of them is going to be in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the other one's going to be in Richmond, Virginia. So both are competitive areas. And so I just kind of want to give you guys a heads up on that because in the coming weeks off, and you know, not Next week, we'll I won't be updating next week, because I'm just going to start the project next week. But over the coming weeks, I'm going to be sharing briefly at the beginning of Hump Day Hangouts, how the projects are going, so that I can demonstrate exactly what Marco just talked about in that Facebook post about how to use our methods specifically in the proper sequence and how to get results. And so you guys be on the lookout for that because if you have any questions or any doubts which you shouldn't by this point, but if you do, then you're going to see in real time how quickly we can get results. And for either one of those projects. I'm not even going to build a WordPress site it's going to be strictly Google properties. One, again, including GMB is another one with just the Google site. So no GMB, no local maps pap ranking, but for organic rankings only, and I'm going to demonstrate how we can do everything with mg y b services to be able to get those results. So just keep that in mind. Be on the lookout for that.

Standing looking forward to seeing that man.

Cool. Alright, so let me get into questions now, guys. Let's do it. Let's do it. I'm gonna grab the screen.

You guys should be seeing my screen. Correct. Good to go. Yes.

This Stuff Works

Can The Google Stacking Techniques Be Replicated With Other Platforms Like Microsoft, Yandex, And Baidu?

Looks like starting with Christopher today. He says, Hey, guys, I got some questions for Marco can the G stackingtechniques be replicated with other sites and platforms like Microsoft, Yandex or Baidu for additional power? Lastly, is it safe to iframe a money site and order link building to the iframe and beds? Or would you recommend iframe and other assets in the stack and then link to the money site from there thanks again for all the great stuff yuo share.

Yeah, I mean, stacking techniques is just a way to exponentiated power. So I'm pretty sure that you can go into others and get some kind of power, what kind of power? We're not sure we can we know, Amazon, we know that those s3 buckets are awesome. How much they add, like we don't know, because we haven't really tested. I enjoy being in the belly of the beast. I enjoy messing with Google, I enjoy manipulating Google, I live for that shit. So another thing that I want to add to that is that we haven't needed to go outside of the Google ecosystem, to generate the kind of power that we need to get the results that we want. Now, if at some point, like I see the need, yeah, then you know, maybe we'll go and explore some of this, like you say, Microsoft, Yandex, Baidu. There are others where you can do HTML hacks, and you can do a stack I don't know about the iframe in how much you can do, but I'm pretty sure and I know Bradley has been looking into Microsoft and some of the stuff that's available in there. And Bradley will have some results soon, soon enough. And say, Well, yeah, you know, totally, I know that you cannot do many of the things that you can do in the drive stack. In Microsoft Word we tested. I tested that with that with doc Gary, actually about five years ago. So I know that but that that's not to say that you cannot generate some kind of power, in addition to whatever it is that we're doing.

Is It Safe To iFrame A Money Site And Build Links to It?

As far as the next question, is it safe to iframe one site? Yes, it is. We do it all the time. Now you do it, especially when you do your location. Bradley, isn't that right?

I'm sorry. I'm replying to text. What was the question again?

When you do your location stats, don't don't you iframe the money page?

Yes, I do. And the G site. Yeah. And the G site Yeah, that's what he's asking.

Yeah, it's perfectly okay. I would even do a embed runs with the money site included, there's a reason for it because an iframe is not a hyperlink, not an HTML hyperlink and therefore, does not pass a penalty. Very simple with that. It's treated differently. Yeah.

Hang on a second. I'm sorry, I'm an iframe and other assets in the stack. And then yeah, in either way, you're going to the whole point of this is generating power and then and then explanation exponentiating the power through iframes. So that is,

so I haven't. I know our link builder Daddea, he showed some examples to me of iframing the money site directly in embed gigs. I haven't done that. I just haven't ever tested that. I've seen some of the results that he's had from it, but I always use the G site, which is what Marco really drilled that into me a long time five years ago. So I always use the G site. So in other words, I'll create the theme page on the G site and iframe money page into it, right? So one to one ratio of pages on the G site to the money site. So I framed the money site at the very top of that page. And then I'll use that g site URL as an like, I'll embed that perhaps in an embed gig and then run links to that or run links directly to the G site page itself. If that makes sense. That might be something that I can test going forward with some of the other stuff that I'm doing is just money, iframe of money site page directly into the embed gigs and see how that works as well, but I have not tested that. What's interesting, though, is it does from what I remember from daddy have shown me, I think it was about a year ago now. It's really interesting, but it registers like the iframes. When you have a money page in there, it will register as traffic kits and analytics. I guess when the bots come crawl, you'll see like it shows us traffic from from some of those places that it's embedded from and I don't know if it's showing, because I didn't dig into the data. real deep but it showed an analytics and hits from those websites. So I don't know if it's considered referral traffic or what but I think there might be some potential there. I've just never tested that. Have you tested that Marco?

This Stuff Works
Already? I'm sorry, I'm muted. Ah, iframe anything I can everywhere I can. And I do iframe the money site in the G site.

Did you do direct iframe iframe embed gigs for the money site?

No, I haven't done that yet. Because I mean, my whole point is, the iframe stack. So I have the G site, like the money site on a G site page, I'll take that and I'll run an embed gig, because then that gets iframe in the embed or it goes into a press release, for example, wherever it is that I choose to embed it again. And then that'll go out or it might it might be included in an entity stack. And then that'll go out and get an embed run my whole point, or what I always do is I want to increase the power that I'm running through it. And I know that stackingthe iframe generates a whole ton of power. I don't know if you want to quantify it, whether it's PageRank, right ranking score. I don't know you have a ton of metrics and and all of them useless. And we can't get to the ones that that we could really use, which is PageRank and ranking score. I know that it has an effect, I know that it generates power now generated generates tons of power. And you can see the results from the image that Adam shared when we started, I mean, the end result is that is it make is it making money? Yes, it is.

Yeah, and lastly, just like Marco said, I just started testing and I haven't gotten very far into it, but using Microsoft OneDrive, which is similar to Google Drive except there Microsoft, obviously Microsoft, you know, cloud hosting, for for those folders and files and such. And they still have a really simple public option and embed option for embedding the files or and or folders to make them public. And so that's why I just recently started testing that. I don't really have any results yet. But that's again, that's probably something I'll do a little bit more of in the upcoming case studies that I mentioned at the beginning of today's Hump Day Hangout. Okay. So, but I haven't I haven't tested any other ones yet, either Microsoft will be next. I'll probably get fairly deep into that before I try anything else. And Marco, and I've talked about potentially looking into some of the other cloud hosting sites to do some of that when needed. So that might be something that will be on the upcoming to do list.

But the thing is, I don't just want to do 10m for example, Word documents in there. I just want to do that. I want to set it up the RYS way, rank your shit way, where everything benefits from everything else that we put power into that and wherever is that that we're going with it to the destination, right? That's the effect that I want to have because I know that I can get 10 docks in They're 10 Word documents with links in them. Yeah, yeah. But so what? Yeah.

Is It Worthy To Host A Site On S3 And Redirect Stacks To It?

All right. So the next question. Hey, guys, just wondering what your thoughts were on this. I have seen a site in my niche, it has a few s3 page ranking number one for many of ours and their keywords. When you click on any of the results on Google, it redirects to their homepage, not the s3, I've checked and they are hosted on s3, would it be worth hosting a site on s3 and then redirecting your specs straight to it? Well, as you know, Marco just mentioned, that's part of the reason why we use Amazon s3, the way that we do for like our idx pages and things like that, because there's inherent authority, a massive authority that you can essentially, you know, siphon off of the Amazon domain for your own hosted pages. So and there's a there's a product URL guard gardener has got a product that he sells, that is a it's a WordPress plugin that actually creates like WordPress sites like builds them in WordPress but then uploads them to s3 and I started test I don't even know the name of the product off the top of my head. I apologize for that. But I started to test it. But it was I didn't go through all the training and everything and I end up canceling my subscription to it. I know it works, though, because in his, and we know it works. But what I'm saying is in his facebook group, he had, you know, some some people that are doing that. And that's probably what you're seeing, as one of your competitors is possibly doing that is using a product similar to that it might not be specifically as but something that does similar, something similar to his. So we know it works. Would it be worth hosting a site on s3 and then redirecting your stacks to it? Yeah, I mean, you can do that. Again, because there's a lot of power that you can squeeze out of there. That's part that's why we use Google products. And we use Amazon, Amazon for s3 buckets for a lot of stuff because of all the power in there. So and they do rank very, very well because of the authority and you can spam that ever live in shit out of them. So we'll say you Marco.

This Stuff Works
Definitely anything is worth Testing However, when you talk about this is how much work are we going to go and put into testing when we already have something that works when you have something that works great and it puts you at number one for whatever you want, like how much better than number one can you get? That's always my question like why would I go and try anything else right now at some future point when I have some free time Yes, I will. But if I can get to number one right now with what we have and maintain that number one with everything that we do why it does that this is my whole point now you see them doing it that way. And if you want to try that way, you're welcome to do it. might also want to try this Semantic Mastery Wait, because it works really fucking well. Yeah.

Does Ordering A Heavy Hitter Link Building From MGYB Help Outrank Competitors In SERPs?

So Mohammed's up next What's up, Mama? He says, Hey, guys, my car dealer has some rivals selling his same car brand and those other dealerships are showing In my brand search, so whenever I search something like North Ford, I get West Ford hanging around in like fifth position. We used to get suburb Ford and South Ford and our brand SERPs too. But my brand building for first tier properties has taken them to page two. Well, that's great. But what but West Ford is glued tighter than bark on a tree? I bought a heavy hitter link build for the syndication network at the end of May. And the order arrived just a few days ago, after a few weeks, my property should get stronger, right? Will this be enough to push westward away? What else can I do? Yeah, well, so yes, there's a couple things here that I can suggest number one is in you know, when you get your link building gig back, submit them through indexers. Because that's going to help the more of the links to get found sooner which will help to increase your syndication network that you pointed to links to those were your targets, right, your profiles and your syndication network, so that you know when you when you build links to it and don't just start With one, I mean, if you just just got your first link building gig back, submit it for indexing, you know, using whatever indexing services that you want. Or as I've said many times post a question like that for daddy in the free Facebook group, and he'll tell you which indexers work, you can use ours at MGB. But until we get a better system in place for that it's cumbersome, because you can only submit 300 URLs at a time. It's very, very effective. But it's a very manual process to that said, submit the links for indexing. And as you continue to publish posts, your syndication network will get stronger as well, because it continues to add more relevancy, right? It builds more authority from the content alone, especially if you're interlinking posts, the way that we, you know, we teach you with the silo structure and everything. But then obviously, rebuilding links to the profiles in your syndication network will increase the power to those.

That said, there's a couple other things that you can do. specifically target the keywords that you're looking to Push your competitors off that page for right. So even if they're brand terms, publish a couple a few posts, you know, several if you need to tell where you're optimized for those brand terms or those specific terms that you are trying to get the additional push for, then extract those post URLs from the syndication network properties that they've republished to. And then by specific link, building gigs, where those post URLs from the syndication network properties become the target URLs for your link building gig, right? And then you make sure that you add those keywords, those specific search terms that you want to rank for in your link building keyword list. So for example, whenever I ordered link building gigs, you know, the minimum that they recommend, that we recommend is 200 keywords for the anchor text list essentially. So we use broad market level keywords, that's what we recommend. But if you know what you're doing, if you're strategically building links for certain terms that you're trying to push, then what I like to do is take about 25 to 33% Whatever the keyword list is out of the 200 that I'm going to submit. So for example, if I'm going to submit 200 keywords, I'll take maybe the top 50 keywords, and I'll append my specific location term, or in this case, perhaps a brand term, I don't typically do that. But if that's what you're trying to do for a brand search, then maybe So what I'm saying is like, for example, we just use like Culpepper VA, as an example. If my top 20 keywords in my list, I want to append my 200 keyword list, I might want to take Culpepper VA and work that into the top, you know, 15 or 20 keywords in various formats.

In other words, you know, let's just use Tree Service for example and Tree Removal tree trimming will just stop at three but say Tree Service called pepper Tree Service called pepper VA Tree Service called pepper, Virginia call pepper Tree Service called pepper VA Tree Service. You get the idea what I'm saying. So you can turn a list of 200 keywords and the 300 easy with about 100 of them containing the location modifiers are Perhaps in your case, brand modifiers. That's what I do. But those lit, remember those, the link building is going to be done to very specific targets, in this case, the targets that are optimized your posts that have been published from your money site, but syndicated out to the syndication network optimized for those specific terms. And now you're going to power up those blog posts URLs on from the syndication network properties, instead of just hitting that home, you know, the profile URLs of your syndication network properties, which is also powerful. And that's what I typically do, because it's easier, it's less work. But if you've got specific terms that you're trying to rank for, that you need an additional push for. That's one of the ways that you can do it. And it works incredibly well. That said, Don't forget to theme near that stuff. Right? Like I typically don't see me err on the post level into a G site, because it's an enormous amount of work. And we are constantly blogging right. My blog. I mean, that's just part of our SEO strategy is to constantly be content marketing and blogging. But in the event that I need something that has, you know, I'm trying to push something further than what You know, what that needs an additional push is what I'm saying. Then we will go in and theme your posts specifically, same type of silo structure that we would recommend on the money site. So you would create child pages in the G site, embed the posts in there have been optimized for that particular keyword phrase and then add that into your link building gig as well as a target URL with the same type of anchors that I just mentioned, that works incredibly well. Again, it does a little bit more manual work. That's why you should have you know, VA, and I'm pretty sure you do at this point, Mohammed, that you've taught how to theme here, the way that we teach, so that you can have them go in and do that kind of work because it's manual, but it works incredibly well. Marco, what do you say?

This Stuff Works
Yeah, we lift up press releases. And I think that that's a fantastic way since that's all tied, for example, impressive vanish, right in our media page and in the schema, which we can add in press event. And so one of the one of the things is running a press release. Now Mohammed, listen, going Find the do your branded search and go and find your tier one branded that are stuck on page two and three. Because then you what you can do is you can set up a press release stack to hit those and start moving those towards towards page one. Now of course, the press release stack according to the way that Bradley teaches local GMB, excuse me, Local PR Pro, you stack it up. And in those I would recommend it like I always say, only do two legs but in those do three links. And you're going to, of course link one, one press release to the other and the other two are going to link to these properties tier one branded that you have sitting on page two, three, maybe four. Also, when you start doing these press releases you're going to see local like cbs news that pick up and things like that that are will be off third, fourth fifth page. Those hyperlocal ones will really help like it they'll push them to page one I'm actually pushing other stuff on other stuff off. I'm seeing it with less solutions, we have one that just won't move it South Florida real estate they've been around forever. And and I have nine out of the 10 spots for the brand. But I can't push that company out. And but I'm seeing you know that this is from CMS and from what I have planned for LAN solutions, is what I'm recommending to you, because all of that together what Bradley said the theme mirroring more post, link building to the post link build to your tier one, do the press release, do the press of the stack link building to the press release stack. And then that's going to get more properties coming up for your site. And of course, as you before your tier one branded, and for that branded search, of course, make sure that your schema is set up, right that it's nice and tight and that you've related everything to the entity, your same assets right the way that you've set up whether whether it's organization Or with the sub or local in there, or if you're just going local. If it's a local business, I mean, that's fine. However it is that you're doing to make sure that it's done correctly. And you can ask us in the heavy hitter club, I know Mohammed is a member of our heavy hitter club. And so during the next webinar, we can go over this. Now, let me look at your schema and see what I can do. Because you saw what happened. We helped Pete hub on one of his properties a longtime mastermind member right we helped him with some of his schema and just cleaned up the ambiguity and they pop popped up in the three pack like nothing. It went it went out of the three pack because there was some ambiguity. Some law cases were running to each other cleared up the ambiguity and it came right up. So sometimes just schema work will take care of all this. So it just depends right? But what you said Bradley, I totally agree with press release stacking tier 1 brand.

Yeah, and that's a good point. I'm glad. I oftentimes just forget that. Not always not people, people don't always understand that that's part of it. You know, press releases are just such an integral part of everything that we do. So I didn't mention that. But Marco is 100%, right? Because remember, the press releases themselves, especially if you optimize for those specific terms are will rank way easier than like your blog post URLs from your either your money site or from you the syndication network properties. I like to use the syndication network properties to specific post URLs that were you know, re syndicated from the money site, because it pushes power back to the money site. Well, so we'll press releases and the press releases will rank and push a competitor off a page. Depending on which platform they are on. Some of them purge, I'm sure you're aware of that. But if you're consistently publishing press releases anyways, which is what we recommend, then you're always going to have those press releases available to be powered up and push competitors off the page, too. So I totally agree with what Marco just said.

Why Do You Mix A Money Site Feed And Authority Feed?

So BB. What's up? Maybe he says, Hey, hey guys, because I wasn't tuned last week, I didn't clarify myself. Why is it recommended that the super feed has a mix of the money site feed with other authority feeds that publishes new post articles regularly? What difference does it make? Well, it because it creates co citation. That's why it's a way to add additional relevancy. And to associate your money site with other highly relevant web properties out there highly relevant content for whatever theme it is that you're promoting, right. So that's why it's kind of a way to create co citation if you're not familiar with that, just go search Google what is co citation and you can read some articles about it. But it's also just a way to add relevancy.

And here's the thing, when you're creating a super feed with other people's content that's highly relevant to whatever you're promoting. Then you go submit those two articles or excuse me, uh, RSS directories, aggregators, that sort of thing. Then you're going to basically They're gonna those RSS feeds will publish your content alongside alongside other relevant content. And so again, it's the feed itself doesn't Well, it does create co citation in some some degree. But it's when you when you submit that feed is when I'm looking that was the word I was looking for submit that feed to directories and aggregators, burn a feed burner feed out of that feed, because now Google is aware of it, right? We've talked about this many times, there's what's called a buzz boost embed code, you can use that very strategically with G sites and things like that to be able to squeeze even more power. Remember, we're talking about Google stacking here at all times. That's what we that's what we teach. So if you can use a G site and Google Feedburner with the buzz boost, embed code, and create super feeds out of all of that, then you can create a lot of power. And so for example, with some of the local stuff, I haven't haven't messed with this in probably a year and a half now but there's a you know, some of the things you can do. We talked about Amazon earlier today. Amazon s3 buckets but create an HTML page that's super relevant to a particular keyword and or location, depending on whether you're doing local. And then you can add, you know, your own money site feed. Plus other related like, again, for local, which is what I do, you can find local content feeds and you can create a super feed out of that create a buzz boost embed code out of Feedburner embed that into an Amazon s3 page that then you embed into a G site and then just hammer that shit with with links with with the specific terms including location modifiers at that point, because now you're an All high authority properties. So you can get super super targeted, like laser focused in on it like with with the link building and everything else and see what happens and there's no direct link back to your money site that way. It's all through iframes, which is what Marco teaches, and it's very, very powerful. So that's what I would say about the super feed.

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Number two, I'm sorry, hang on a second on that because we need to make clear And crystal clear is that when we're starting out a new project, we have absolutely no trust and no authority is correct. And we need trust and authority to rub elbows with the big boys. Now if we can't, if we have none, then what we have to go and do is go hang out. with the big boys, we have to mimic the big boys. Why? Because Google throws you a bone in the beginning, when you start your project, you get a PR one, which they'll take away in the next cycle. If you haven't established anything, you haven't done anything. If you haven't done it right gets taken away. So now you're working from zero, and nothing from nothing leaves nothing. So what you need to do is, not only are you looking to rub elbows with these big boys you like you're looking to siphon from their trust and their authority trying to pay that co citation which Bradley mentioned and add to your trust and authority, simply because you're mentioned with them so it's kind of a cool authority and co trust along with that code. citation because you're there. And you're being mentioned in the same space as they are while you're working through the SEO power shield, to build up your own trust and authority, your own seat site and your own seed set. That's that's what you're trying to do. And the only way that one that one of the better ways that you can do this is by simply going and building the super feed, and borrowing from other trusted authority that's available by being included in that super feed. That's what's happening.

Yeah, and again, that's what I love about that like, especially with what I mentioned, with the buzz boost embed code, because now you can take that feed and literally embed it into an Amazon s3 page and then into a G site. Right. And so now you've got dynamically updated content on that page. I mean, if you're on if you're doing your own blogging, then great but if you've got other local or relevant content sources, excuse me, preferably high authority, relevant content sources and their public to what's what's that going to do? It's going to cause the bots to come keep crawling that page, because it's like it's seeing new content on a regular basis. And it's all relevant. So you build relevancy that way. And like I said, you can get super targeted. I mean, again, that's what we teach with the theme marrying stuff, guys, and it works incredibly well.

Is It Risky To Add 100 Branded Properties To The SameAs Schema In The Money Site?

So number two, say money site has 100 branded properties, instead of the 20 properties you do today, will it be risky to add all of them to the same schema and the money site? Okay, I'm going to give you my opinion on this and what I do, and then you know, I'm sure Marco will have something to say about it as well. I don't typically list all of the properties that are created for same as what I do is go look and see what Google deems are the most important, how do you do that? I've talked about this many times. But if again, if it's for a local project, I'll put the name of the business end, so the company name, and then the phone number in the search bar of Google, and I'll hit search. And I'll automatically always put the major social media ones in there. The Google Site GMB website if it's there, the GMB map URL, not the share URL, but the cid=URL, right? That's the non redirect version of the URL for that Google Map I put all of those are just like standard. But if I'm for every single project, I'll just go in and do a company name search and a phone number search. Again, this is for local, but it's the same process would apply is go do a brand search. And some you know, for an AP, I like to use two different data points. So for name, address, phone number, I like to use name and phone number. And what I do is just go collect all of the URLs that are indexed in Google on the top two pages. It's not all the time 20, right, it sometimes might only be you know, 12 out of 20, or the actual, you know, are relevant, I'll extract or scrape the most relevant URLs from the top two pages. And that's what I put in as same as besides the standard same as properties that I always put in. That's just what works for me and I've been able to get results with that over and over and over again. But um, what do you what do you think Marco? What do you say?

Yeah, like always wouldn't go overboard and put like 100 brand new properties in there, however amount of properties in there, but Okay, so this is supposed to be for social media properties. That's that's what the same as this is. This particular same schema is designed for what we're talking about. But what I have put in there is, for example, my s3 bucket, and lo and behold, my s3 bucket comes up for the branded search. Isn't that interesting? And I have put my drive stack in there, right the drive URL in there, and lo and behold, my docs and my spreadsheet and other things will come up for the branded search. And so we know like we absolutely know that we can manipulate schema. Be careful, because you can get hit with a schema penalty. Bradley you can be hit with a schema penalty. So it just how risk versus reward how much risk are you willing to take? And what's the reward worth? If not, then you just take the stronger one the strongest ones. Because what you what you're looking also to do is to influence your knowledge panel and have those social media buttons appear in your knowledge panel. It's kind of like a badge. It just looks good to have those in there. And one of those ways to do it is through the same as schema.

Should You Submit The Super Feed Gradually?

I agree. All right, last one.

Hang on before you go to that third one. Don't you have a question before Bibi's some guy Jojo?

Oh, I'm sorry, somehow I missed it. Okay, well, let me finish the third one real quick. And then I'll jump back to Joe. Joe says, should I submit the super fee gradually, like 10 a day? Or can I submit 200 sites all at one go for fee submissions. I just I just go to Fiverr and pay a Fiverr gig to do it guys. And I just I don't drip. I don't ask for a drip schedule. I just blast it out there because it's different. It's not the same as like submitting a money site URL to 200 different locations. It's different, right? If you're creating a super feat especially With other content in there, like directories and aggregators, you get bots. It's like a pinging service really, you may be able to you can siphon some authority away from those sites, but it's more like a pinging service in that it helps whenever the feed has a new item, these directories, aggregators, they come the bots on those sites will come crawl that content to see what's new. And so it's kind of a way it's kind of like a, like a more modern version of a pinging service, which if you understand penguin service, it's like one of the most basic and oldest things for indexing and for search engines and such. So again, I don't drip that out. I just blast it out there. Okay, because it's not something that I handle anyways, I just pay a Fiverr gig to do that.

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Do You Recommend Sending Social Signals To The Money Site?

Joe, Joe says In addition to building out the main syndication network, do you recommend sending social signals to the money site? Not if they're fake? I don't know. I haven't even tested that shit now and probably four or five years, but four or five years ago, I did a really good depth test on social signals. And I found if they were from fake profiles that didn't have, you know, real followers and real engagement on the profiles that provided the social signals, they really had no SEO influence whatsoever. I did a pretty significant test on that. But it was probably four or five years ago. I can't imagine sending fake spam social signals to anything right now would count towards anything. Do you have any definitive information on that?

Yeah, with ads, so cheap. I always have, why would you fake it? Why Why would you go and spend 50 bucks let's say in fiber, or whatever 25 or whatever you know, you're going to spend to get this. If you can just give it to Google for YouTube ads or you can spend it in facebook, facebook ads, or Pinterest or whatever. Get a couple of hundred bucks, go spread it around it or whatever. run ads, and get Real people coming to you coming to wherever it is that you want to go. Right. And now you have real people with an interest in your shit in your streams. And and hopefully you've done a really good job. And a couple of those will convert because that's all you need. The like the goose that laid the golden egg is, is getting a few of those people that you're getting from the social media to finish whatever it is that you set for them to do, whether it's to fill out your form, whether it's to make that call, watch a video, whatever it by whatever it is, you need Google to get that that's the signal that Google needs to get isn't necessarily that it's a social signal. But it's that person trusting you enough to give you information or your credit card to make that call, whatever it is set it up in in Tag Manager where you can track it, set it up in analytics, where you can track the goal. set it all up the right way. Get real people in there and I guarantee you you will be rewarded more handsome Then if you get fake signals in there that are not going to convert in the first place.

Yeah, yeah, again, I recommend, you know, like Marco said, you can buy real traffic with Google Ads with YouTube, which is more about views than the clicks. But if it's relevant, it's compelling, you'll get clicks. And those clicks are highly weighted, by the way. Or you could use even Google display ads and get much cheaper clicks. So that you actually get you're buying essentially, traffic from a relevant audience. And you can do that with in market audiences or custom intent audiences. And we've talked a lot about that. We've got a couple of training courses available to teach you how to do that if you if you'd like you can reach out to support and we can send you the links to those. But yeah, I just don't recommend spending money or wasting money on fake social signals. You know, again, if I don't know what the niches but if I've noticed, I started posting recently with one of the projects I'm working on in LinkedIn, believe it or not, and now Like, it's not something I've done much of, you know, I haven't spent much time in LinkedIn and yours really, and but I, for one of the projects I'm working on, we started posting a blog post, which we're just doing two posts per week for this project, and started to get some engagement in LinkedIn, believe it or not, and that's, and that I think, could be more valuable than like just spam social signals. And I'm not saying that your your niche would be relevant to that. But it's possible look into something where you're going to get real engagement, because that makes a big difference than if you're getting just like fake social signals. Okay. All right. The next question is, is it a good, good idea? Excuse me? Is it a good idea to build out a national directory on a G site where essentially each state then city as an ri S Drive on the same g site? That would be a massive dam project?

I don't know. It's not something I've tried.

What do you think Marco? It's not something I've tried.

It's no different than bill. Out of directory in a TLD on a WordPress site or anything else, except that you're going to generate massive power in that drive second g site where if you if you do it correctly, it's going to take a lot of time and effort, man. Yeah. Especially state and city because what how many cities are we talking about in the US, Brad, you know, like 32,000 or something like that. You with a population 5000 or above? I think it is. Yeah. Yeah. So it's massive, massive work because it's really difficult to automate it. In a in a G site, right. We've met a GC, we spent over a year trying to automate drive stacks and G sites in an mg IV, right, what we managed to do in it, we have a hell of a developer in there doing this. It's not something simple, but the amount of power that you'd be generating by the time you're in the city level, and the more cities that you add in there that they would just start ranking when you Just add it. That's the incredible part of working in G sites and dissect a lot of manual work, but the reward is there if you're willing to put in the time.

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Yeah, I don't think you'd run a run the script.

Oh, hell no, no, no, no.

You wouldn't want to run the the G site script that rebuilds the site with that site size of a project, that's for sure. So Google would boot you off terminate your account.

What BattlePlan Items Are Useful For A Low Competition Niche?

Anyways, next would be Wally. He says, guys, thanks for joining us Hump Day Hangouts. You're welcome. He says I'm dealing with some very low competition niches resulting in much lower fees that can be charged, what battle playing plan items would be considered essential and what items can be eliminated or pushed off to later months in order to work with the shoestring budgets but still get results for clients? Thanks. Well, there's a couple of answers I would provide to you though, like the setup the entity assets, I wouldn't skimp on that at all. Okay. And if you're dealing with low competition stuff, It's very likely that if you just set up all your entity assets, the way that we teach, like the SEO shield items, essentially. And you've got, you know, solid on page if you're using a, you know, a self hosted site, or even if you're just using Google site as your your money site, which you can certainly do, again, I mentioned this in the beginning, guys, I'm going to be doing two projects coming up in metropolitan areas. Neither one of them Am I going to have a self hosted site. One of them's they're both going to have G sites. One of them will also have a GMB. So you can use a G site as a money site. Okay. So I would recommend setting up all your entity assets the way that we teach. And then if you've got that done correctly, then it's likely you're going to be especially low competition, it's likely you're already going to rank right you might need to do a link build a couple of link building gigs or a few press releases in order to kind of light everything up right in order to get it to rank and to stick. But I've seen that time and again with low competition stuff that the once the entity assets are set up and maybe a link building gig or two A handful of press releases and boom, it ranks. And then as we've proven, most of the time, you can leave that shit alone, especially low competition, and it won't budge for, I mean for a long, long time, so I wouldn't recommend skimping on any of that. If you have a shoestring budget and you and you're not looking to purchase done for you services, then the only other option would be to learn how to set them up on your own, which we have training for that. But then that's a lot of manual work, but it just depends you either have time or money, right. So either more time or more money, little little bit of money and more time or a little bit of a little bit of time and more money, right. So you can decide on how you want to how you want to work that out. But I would recommend, if anything, makes sure all the setup. So your entity assets are done correctly, you associate all of them correctly the way that we teach or have us do it for you at mg y B, and then hand a couple of press releases are link building gager to see where we're where we're at results at like where it ends up settling. And then from there you can with low competition stuff you may not need to do as consistent link building as consistently as what we do for higher competition stuff. Any any comments there guys?

No, no SEO shield the SEO power shield will take care of most most of what ails local GMB Pro. This seems to be local local GMB pro in here and doing those posts the right way. Yep. Someone said, I've been doing a lot of posts, and I can't get the same results that you do is like one of the comments that I get from the image that I share one of the comments that I got. And Dude, you could do 1000 posts, and that doesn't mean that Google is going to pay attention to them. How did you do those posts? Did did you go through the through the training so that you know what to do with those so that you know what to focus on. So you know how to put them together, how they go together. Did you take care of all that? Cuz when you do, I can guarantee that it starts to just snowball, because it's power on power on power. And if you've done it right, then the power builds on itself. And you don't lose the power, you're actually pushing power back in constantly. And that that's what we're looking to do. So all of that, it depends on how you do everything and whether you set it up correctly, which goes back to what I said, in the beginning of all this. It's how you do it not not, it's not just doing it for the sake of doing on a shoestring budget, again, set up that SEO PowerShell for your client, concentrate on the entity, do it better than anybody else. If it's low comp, that should be enough.

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Yeah. I totally agree. And what's interesting is if it is local, I've noticed this recently, I would show it to you guys, but it's a project that I've again, I'm only sharing in the mastermind right now, but it'll it'll be coming in. It's something I've just witnessed in the last couple of weeks is doing GMB posts and targeting which is what you know, we teach now local GMB Pro. And so my blogger for example, that manages GMB post, she's got a list of the target keywords that we want to promote. And so she just goes down and like let's say she's doing three GMB posts per week. So each each GMB post that she schedules to be published should just grab another one of those keywords and work it in to the top sentence within the text within the GMB post. And what I've found recently in some of the lower competition areas for Tree Service stuff is that the GMB website is ranking for these longer tail keywords that are in the lower competition areas even though it's not the GMB posts that's ranking. It's the GMB website because the GMB post is on the website and you know how Google will display the meta description based upon whatever the search term is it'll find content on the page that is relevant to the search query and it will show that is the meta description if that makes sense. So I've noticed that you know what Margo was saying is absolutely right. Like that's something that is super inexpensive to do if you're publishing the GMB posts yourself or scheduling them yourself or hire a blogger could do it for dirt cheap. Like, you know, my blogger does. GMB post for you know, about two $2 per piece, you can get it for less, but my point is doing something like that and low competition areas, it's very likely that you'll start to see the GMB website start to rank for those low competition terms. So remember, if you do all the females and stuff that we teach, then you can also get the G site to rank for that too. So it's like Marco said, iIf you set everything up correctly and low competition, you probably not going to need a lot of the ongoing stuff. Content Marketing, I think is critical to continue doing that, because kind of powers up the whole entity and adds more depth and relevancy to it all. But you might not need as much as the external stuff. So which is where a lot of the expense comes in. Alright, so Josh says and we're almost out of time, guys, but Josh says with the SEO show, Does the product come with tutorials on setting up your Google stacks and syndication networks? Well, no, not for the done for you. If you want to learn how to set up, you'll get a user's guide which gives gives you like, you know, best practices and things, what to do next and all of that. But if you have if you want to learn how to set up syndication networks and RYS drive stacks and all that we have syndication Academy is for syndication networks, obviously, and in RYS reloaded, which would be how to set up Google stacks.

Right so the so the SEO shield is drive stack and and G site and a syndication network, and a page or all of it, that there's your parachute comes with the other day and I forget that we have three different ones. But that's you get you get that and when you buy that from mtv.co. That's what you get. You don't get the how, because that's what that's what we lose, right. It is available, as you said in RYS Academy reloaded syndication Academy, local GMB Pro, all of the stuff that we use, it'll come like goes hand in hand. It's not just building a syndication network. It's not just building a drive second GC. It's not just building an @ID page. It's incorporating all of this into one, and then doing everything else that you need to do to that to get the results that you want.

You go.

Will There Be An Expansion Of RYS Into Stacking Cloud Properties?

Okay, Olaf up says, will there ever be an expansion of RYS into stacking cloud properties? Well, I'm not sure what that if you're talking about stacking other like, Cloud Hosting properties. That's what we talked about at the beginning of today's Hump Day Hangouts. If that's what you're asking, if you're asking if our is is going to, if there will ever be an expansion service that like for expanding the drive stack for like theme mirroring and siloing the drive stack, then yeah, that's already available at the store, just go check it out. But if you're talking about using other things, Cloud Hosting properties you know we discussed that at the beginning Marco said that that's something that you know we might do in the future but we've really not needed to because what we have works you know what I mean already, so you want to comment on that?

No, that's exactly right. We how much better Can you do then then what I what we showed in the beginning how much better Can you do then over 300 costs in a luxury niche? It doesn't get much better than that. So what can I get 10 more calls for how much work that's how I look at it. How much work Am I gonna have to do to go and explain these stacks learning to put them together but and fitting it all in into something that works that I know will push the same power? Well wait a minute to push the same power as as dry sex and diesel. Thank you very much. I already have that. And I'm already doing that. Yeah. So why give me a Why give me a reason why and Yes, I will. If it's just to siphon money from you guys. That's not the kind of guy I am. I suck at Internet Marketing. I'm not out to take your money. I want you guys to make money with me.

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Do You Have Training On Stacking?

Yeah. So Ricky's up, it says, I'm not sure what the stackingstuff is. Yeah, you know, sometimes we understand that, you know, we're talking to a mostly SEO crowd. And we've got to do better about explaining things in a more more layman's terms sometimes. But stacking is essentially just taking fundamentals and stacking them. Right. So that's what it's what Marco was saying at the beginning of today's Hump Day hangout is that if you want to chase shiny and the new and you know, the new, whatever the new method is, and all that, you know, sometimes those things work, but a lot of times people are looking for gimmicks, they're looking for something that's shiny, because it's new and exciting and blah, blah, blah, it's sexy, whatever. My point is, what we teach is fundamentals things that we've known that proven to work for years now. And so taking fundamentals, some of the basics, the things that we know and have proven to work and then stacking those concepts on top of each other so for example, with Google stalking, we use Google properties and build properties out that on on on Google properties on various types of Google properties, Google Drive, Google Drive, files and folders, the Google site, right, so g site, GMB, Google, my business, all these different properties that we have that our Google properties YouTube could be included in that. And then we stack those on top of each other or together we interlink them, we do iframe, stacking, all of that kind of stuff, which is what theme mirroring is about. So again, that's, that's one way. Another way would be like PR stacking, press release, stacking, right, press release, stacking would be publishing press releases, but then chaining them daisy-chaining them together, like, like internal linking within a silo on a website, right? It's the same thing. So all of these are like when we talk about stacking, it's about taking concepts, and then stacking them on top of each other in a way that is logical that works that builds power exponentially, as opposed to linearly so it makes sense. So it's not like one plus one equals two It's more like one plus one equals five. And it's because of the exponential power from the stacking. Hopefully, I don't know if that was clear. I was trying to keep it succinct. Anybody want to take a stab at that before we move on? I know. I really like that exponential power. Yeah, that's what we're looking to do through our stacking methodology.

Does Drive Stacking Work On Non Local Clients?

Okay, good. I did good on that. One. Last question is Oh, by the way, he says, Does it work for non local clients? Yes. The reason I talk about local so much is because that's all I do. But as Marco always says, local was, is relative, like, you know, what server local is relative, it can be the same principles work for regional, statewide, national or even global, right? It's just a matter of you typically, for bigger projects, it's going to require more, right more of everything, more content, more link building to you know, external stuff to the entity assets, all of that I work specifically local. So that's why I talk about that so much. Want to comment on that?

We took on Amazon in one. I mean, I've talked about that before and with that, Ricky, Bobby go in the free group and and I'll pull. I'll pull up some of that stuff for you. Does it work with non local clients? Yes, absolutely.

Where Can We Find The Training For GMB Posts?

So the last question is, which looks like Adam already answered but Joss has Where can we find training on GMB posts? You know, right here is one place. We talked about it obviously, but then local GMB pro especially right now with the sale the Fourth of July sale be a really good time to pick that up guys that that it again, it's the foundation it's the principles of how to get results with with Google My Business. And it works incredibly well just go take a look in the free Facebook group to the posts that we talked about and highlighted at the beginning of this hump day, hang out there and take a look at the screenshots that's local. I mean, that's a combination of all the things but the screenshot that Marco took was of GMB insights. So Google My Business Insights rights, which is like analytics for maps, and for the Google My Business profile, and you'll see just how much activity you can generate with Google My Business when done properly and one of the most critical components of that is posting regularly and often and in the correct fashion and that's what local, I mean, local GMB pro teaches more than just about posting, but that that is one of the most critical parts of it.

So I should have mentioned that that those images don't include traffic to the website, call on the website interaction or waste on the website form fields and everything else that takes place on the website, though the guy is doing the happy then you've seen people do that that happy that this this this guy all day long, sir.

So guys, everybody, thank you for being here. Have a Happy Fourth, go take advantage of the sales both at Semantic Mastery and an MGB. We'll see you guys next week,

everyone. Bye, everyone.

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