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By April

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Hey, everybody. Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts, Episode 295. Today is the eighth of July 2020. And this is the episode where people are sad that the Fourth of July specials are over. But we got some good news for you guys. And we are going to keep the good times rolling here. We're going to get into the questions. I think we've already got a ton on the page. But real quick, we're gonna take a minute and say hi to everybody. And we got a couple of quick announcements. So I'll start at the bottom today on my screen and we'll go with Chris, how are you doing, man?

Doing well here. Some of it is in full force. And yeah, things are pretty good. The only thing that is not that lovely is today. Well, I gotta go back and wear some masks again here.

So yeah, yeah, better safe than sorry. I won't go more on that subject. I just had someone sending me something about like, Can you believe it? They might cancel football games. I was like You kidding me in a friggin stadium.

Anyways, All right, Marco How are you doing today?

Is that all day, man. It must be a screen must be up in the background. I do it. I can't help it. This is Costa Rica, guys. This is it. This is the real deal. You're seeing it week to week and you're gonna see it for a year then I'm turning the damn camera off because I hate being on camera.

It's one of the things that I like least as being on camera just.

It's not enjoyable. It's kind of distracting to me if this is my workstation, then I need to work so it'll be removed after a year of UIC in paradise.

Very nice. By the way, I posted again, some results in for you guys watching. I was questioning the methods. Also, I heard its methods got slapped by Google? What are you guys doing all kinds of different stuff? We got slapped, we got slapped and I go in and look at the results and I push results and it's better than last week. You can follow it. You can just go it's in our free group. It's there. It's I post it for you. Those are results week to week. So last week, there were 304 306 calls I think it was this week. It's 366. So it's going back 28 days over 28 days. We client got 366 calls. I think client is happy just when the GMB mind you that's the click to call. That's not including what he's getting on the website, not including form fields not including all the other stuff that's going on. guys gonna make so much.

I told you guys I'm upset. I should be hitting myself in the head with a hammer because I didn't think that I should be I should do that the percentage-based agreement, per call agreement, which is still really, really, really, trust me, it's really sweet. But it would have been so much better if it were if I had done the 10 to 15% that we often do, right? We often talk about that when you deal with a client, and you can establish that trust. I didn't know that this guy all that well, it was a recommendation. So I had to go on a per call. And now he doesn't want to change the deal, of course. So anyway, guys, go watch. It's in the free group. It's there for you. It's in the heavy hitter free. It's all of Semantic Mastery groups is on my page on Facebook. Go see the results for yourself. And if you're wondering how we did it, summed up. Everything is there. I am not using anything different than what we teach and what we offer what we see, first of all, what we teach in our courses. And what we offer in MGYB is what we have, we have a team of very capable V is the keyword research was done by the keyword research VA? I mean, why wouldn't I use the things? We set things up for ourselves to get results ourselves right then that's after we've proven that they work we offer them to you guys so you can make it work for you and you can go make money. Now whether you do it that's not my problem. It's up to you to take that step and then go do the do. How you do you know how to do it the way I do but do something. I'll leave it at that.

Good to go. Now Wayne and I haven't seen Wayne on Hump Day hangouts a lot. He just said RYS reloaded is setting the standards by which all other copycats get judged. Haters gonna hate.

see any? All right. How you doing today? Good, man. Good. I'm happy. I just wanted to thank everyone that we're supporting Semantic Mastery and enjoy be during our sale. You guys are awesome. So thank you for that. Thank you for those of you guys that that took advantage that took the distance

And everything we were doing pretty big discounts on both mg y b so and Semantic Mastery so thank you for that and regarding what Marco was saying about percentage deals we might be talking about that at some point Adam specifically my main man Adam right there he might be talking about he will be talking about a percentage-wise deal so that's gonna be pretty cool Martin calm because we have some good stuff coming up.

This Stuff Works
Danny definitely looking forward to that. Yeah, Hernan's got some more info on that but last but certainly not least Bradley How you doing today?
I'm good man. I was just mentioning you guys when we first got on before going live that uh, I've got like several SEO projects starting two of which I talked about last week are going to be public case studies. I actually secured well I've determined two locations. One is going to be Pompano Beach, Florida, which is like the Fort Lauderdale area and in Broward County, very, very competitive. And then another one in Richmond, Virginia, both trees service sites or lead gen sites. So I'm starting on that but I've got like multiple other projects just getting started on. I gotten away from doing a whole lot of site builds. But recently I've just got a lot of work that's come in which is interesting one of our mastermind members that asked, you know, how everybody's dealing with this COVID-19 pandemic, you know, and all this stuff with client work in agency working, it's interesting, but I've had some you know, I've had a handful of clients suspend services when this has happened depending on the business industry, in the last couple of weeks, I've landed several to Tree Service clients as well as several lead gen, like buyers and other lead buyers Tree Service lead buyers, so you know, it just depends I guess on the industries guys there's still a lot of business going on out there so don't let that stop you from going out and you know, doing what you got to do to make money so anyways,

so now I will second that. There was the post in the mastermind is either new member I apologize. I forget who it was but asking about you know, how things are going and like I definitely saw it too like not trying to hide anything I lost three clients generally work with three to five being given time at three when Coronavirus, hidden I lost two within a week. Like, just and it made sense. Like I was like, yeah, this totally makes sense. I'm not trying to like get them back. But ever since that point, it's been busier. It seems like I'm definitely getting more out inbound. And it's just gotten busier and busier. So it's kind of been an interesting turn of events that, you know, we'll see how it goes. You know, plenty of businesses who actually finally made the plunge and moved online. Yeah.

Tons of work. Yeah. And there's work where you don't always expect it, just to this may seem obvious to everyone else, but I had a travel company reach out to me, and like, that just blew me away at first because I was like, are you sure you want to talk to me? Like, you know, here's kind of what I do. Here's what I charge. Are we on the same page? They said, Yeah, yeah, let's talk cuz they're like, yeah, it's obvious. We got to diversify, you know, we need to go online and we need to have something just beside the travel. What can we do? Let's talk. I was like, wow, okay, this is really interesting. I never would have approached them. And out of the blue, they got in touch with me. So keep your eyes and ears open. And yeah, think about those different angles. Yeah, and the last thing I want to mention about that is, you know, for example, one of the Tree Service clients, who just hired me this week, actually, we started communicating in February of this year. So those of you that don't learn, nurture your leads, and follow up, like, you know it, you're missing out on a big part of the business. We talk a lot about that kind of stuff in the mastermind and into your agency. It's touched on as well. But you know, that's the thing. We started talking with this client, he reached out to me from some of my marketing out online, right, so it was an inbound lead.

We scheduled a call then I did send a proposal to them after that just you know, about a week within a week of the discovery call. And it would, you know, it was probably four or five weeks, I hadn't heard from them. And I did some automated follow-ups over the course of that time. And I ended up getting a callback, you know, an email back where they wanted to schedule is two partners in this business and they wanted to schedule a conference call to ask some questions and stuff. So we did that. Then it was radio silence again for about two weeks. So my automated follow-ups kicked in and started following up with them sending them emails, just you know, every couple of weeks reminding them hey, you know, that proposals still hanging out there, if you're interested, you know, reach back out, blah, blah, blah. And they followed back up in June. So from February until June, and then now it's July, and they just now hired me. So we're talking like, you know, what, four or five months of time lapse between when the initial contact, the lead came in, and when they actually hired me and it was just because of follow-ups that I was able to secure that client and it's a pretty decent client. Pretty, a pretty good amount of revenue and they've got a good budget too. So my point, guys, it's really important to follow up if you're, if you're not, you're leaving, you're losing business. Does that make sense? So, anyway, definitely. Yeah, I think that's a good note. And we talked about it earlier and we're talking about the mastermind. For everyone who doesn't know what the mastermind is, that's our closed private community. You can find out more about that a mastermind dot semantic mastery comm we just had part of the Fourth of July special was a very limited time offer for seven day trial into the mastermind booking and onboarding call. We had a lot but we had several people take us up on that. And just want to put that out there that if you're interested in taking things up to the next level, if you know that being in a group of like-minded agency owners or consultants who are trying to grow and or understand that, you know, learning from others who have been there, whether it's us whether it's the other people in the mastermind is the way to get results. If you're at that point now then please go check it out because that's the group you want to be in.

This Stuff Works
The last thing I want to touch on is POFU Live. All right, I am excited. pofulive2020. All right, it can't keep us downright no Coronavirus us from having POFU Live, it's just going to be virtually live. All right this year. So it's still September 25, 26th and 27th. Obviously, you can join wherever you're at. And we still do have just the ticket available so that you can join and check everything out and watch all the talks. We have a VIP ticket available, we're going to have a VIP event we're going to be getting some beers shipped out to directly to you if you sign up and then we're going to be hopping on for an online guided beer tasting event and then do some Bs and have some fun after that after everyone's had a couple of beers. Yeah. How's the good stuff? And then of course we've got the VIP plus ticket. If you're out there and you're looking for someone on one time or rather a several ones you want us to chime in on whether it's your processes, building your agency, whatever it is, you're gonna get a hell of a deal with that. So head over to pofulive.com. We're going to be having more details coming out as the summer goes on. We've already got two amazing or sorry, forgive me, daddy. We've got three amazing guest speakers lined up. All right. Two of them are from our very own mastermind.

We have two very successful agency owners, Jordan Fowler and Brian cattle. And then Deadia the famous video will be speaking as well, I believe he's going to be giving some info on updated case study. But regardless, we're really looking forward to that Rob deal, of course, will be joining us and then all of us will be there. So it's going to be jam-packed. We got a lot going on. We got some more guest speakers. We're getting lined up. So head over to poker live. Grab your ticket. Do you guys have any questions? You're watching this live, feel free to pop it on the page and we'll answer today as we go.

Sweet. Are we ready? I think so. Let's do this. Do this. Let's get into it.

All right. Couple things real quick. This was Marco's screenshot. And I mean, look at that. Look at the growth right there. He was talking about in the Facebook post and that's it 30 days like that's amazing Marco that's fucking impressive. And it's, you know, it's not uncommon. It's common for you to have results like this. But this, that's really impressive what I'm saying. So that's what Marco was talking about guys, it's the same stuff that we teach. One other thing I want to touch on real quick is I'm building out a checklist, guys using process Street, which I love. It's for processes that I use internally in my own agency. Now it's for training and everything else. Its amazing process street is fabulous. Anyways, I'm building out a checklist for our methods so that it will be shareable that you guys will be able to go in. And it's kind of following the battle plan, like what we talked about in the most current version of the battle plan, which is our methods and how to, you know, put them together in the proper sequence and all of that because I guess that's not been clear to a lot of people still so probably next week, we'll by Hump Day Hangouts, next week, there will this will be available. So you can see there's a lot of information in here. And it'll be step by step with certain things that, you know, you can checkbox to go through, but just kind of want to give you guys a quick update on that, or heads up on that, excuse me, because that's something that I'm working on now. And it will be should be ready by next Wednesday.

And it's going to continue to be fleshed out where I'll actually add training videos like essential essentially explainer videos, where appropriate within the actual process doc to really explain the process because not only is it just knowing the process, but it's also the why like, why do we do these things, right. And so I want to, I want to be able to add additional information into that, and we're going to make that available to you guys. You know, like I said, the checklist will come first and then over the coming weeks, I'm going to be adding additional like video clips in within the actual process doc so that you guys will have a better understanding of what it is and then you can just import that in your own process street account if you choose to use it.

And then make copies or what's called run checklists off of it. And then you can use that for each project. So you can just go right on through and check off the boxes as you get stuff done for each project. So, just want to share that with you guys as well.

Okay, any comments guys before we get into it?

Let's do it. Let's do it.

Besides Directory Submission And Syndication, What Are Other Ways To Use The RSS For SEO Link Building?

Okay, so the first one up is Nicholas. He says, besides submitting to RSS directories and building syndication rings, is there anything else we can do with RSS feeds to help our SEO and link building effort? Yeah, use them in theme mirroring with your G site.

You know if I'm going to mention this here, I can't show you how to do it here but it's been covered in pretty much anyone of our paid courses and Syndication Academy, mastermind, heavy hitter club, I mean any one of them it's been covered in, but use if you know how to use Feedburner. You can create an embed code from an RSS feed using Feedburner and then mirror that in knew your G site which you should be doing anyway. Right? Well, we call theme airing, right? And then you can link build to that g site page embed, you can do embeds for that g site page link building into that g site page both embeds plus link building to the embeds. And that's a very, very powerful way to utilize your RSS feeds, again, stalking iframes in Google properties, right. So you got a G site, Google property, Buzz boost, embed code, Google property, RSS feeds, right. So it's dynamically updated every time you publish content. The same thing with the press advantage RSS feeds, right? Every time you publish a press release, it dynamically updates, the embed code, the RSS embed code, so it's very, very powerful. And I use that very heavily in my theme mirroring. So anybody has any other comments on that?

This Stuff Works
Nope. Okay. Uh, something else. One other thing you can do is if, you know it depends on how many projects I always recommend that you just have one branded syndication. So tier one branded syndication ring for blog content. But you know, if you've got if you've only got one project that you're working on, then you might want to go through the trouble of having multi-tiered networks which works great if you can manage the second tier networks, so that you're adding relevant content. So in other words, if you've got an RSS feed that you if you're only syndicating to your sent your tier one syndication network, that's great, that's what I primarily do but if you have if you're looking to squeeze more power out of it too You can do the multi-tiered networks and use that same feed to trigger your second-tier networks but you also want to add in related content feeds other relevant and related content feeds from other sources is what I'm saying. If you if you're questioning what it is that I'm talking about, just go to support.semanticmastery.com And you can that that we have a knowledge base there and you can go look into the syndication Academy knowledgebase articles and look at them there's several knowledgebase articles with videos in there that talk about how to utilize multi-tiered syndication networks for blog syndication. And that will give you a really in-depth description or explanation of how to how to set that up properly so that you can squeeze even more power out of an RSS feed. Okay. Oh, and lastly, if you check out the Syndication Academy in the advanced RSS training, there's additional things you can do with it there.

Is There An All In One Done For You Package For Lead Gen?

Alright, next is don't know what the name is. But Hi, I'm looking for an all in one done for you package. Is this possible for lead gen?

I mean, yes and no, we have the SEO shield, which is pretty much all of our methods. You still have to set up the main asset unless you're going to use the G site within the SEO shield as your primary entity assets. So your primary website, which you can do, if you have if you're doing for lead gen two, I'm assuming you're talking about local lead gen. Then you can. Right now we still have, or at least currently we have GMB verification services available. So you should get a GMB then you can include that in your SEO shield build. Once the GMB has been verified, if you've already got one, then you do submit that with your SEO SEO build, and, and then we'll build out all of those assets for you. Then it's a matter of content marketing, which we don't provide content marketing services yet, at some point in the future, we may, but content marketing on a regular basis press releases, we sell those in MGYB. It's important to do that and then in link building and embeds to your entity assets. Again, it's exactly what we cover in the battle plan.

And MGYB is, you know, done for you services, we don't have an all-encompassing package that does set up, you know, the website and the entity assets and everything for you. There, you have to kind of put them together, but that's what the SEO shield is because that's most of our methods tied into one package. Any comments on

Guys, yeah, I read this a couple of days ago, I think it was, I can't remember when it was first posted. And I thought about this and I said that it's a great idea. But it would be hard for us to kind of put this together and I'm going to tell you why.

This Stuff Works
I like money. And I don't mind people giving me money right through our done for you services. I know they're effective. And I know that they work. But let's say that we package it all we did, we did the five, six press releases in the package. We do the link building and put that in the package, we do the embeds. And we put that in the package and everything that you usually need, or that we can let's say that we can use for this person, we're talking about something that would probably run in the thousands of dollars, and it may be overkill. So it might be that this person would not need all of this to rank in that niche. And they would be needlessly spending money not

I'll say it again, although I'd love for this person to give me the money, and they're going to get results anyway, but then they might be giving me too much. And that's something that to me, I have a problem with that I have a problem with people having to overspend for results. So this is why we set it up, you go in, you do your own page, right? Then you come and get the SEO shield, then you wait and see what the results are. Without data, you're going blind. Like, without looking at ranking results without looking if you're getting form fields. If you're getting visits, you don't have analytics set up, if you don't have Search Console setup, if you're not gathering all of this data, you know, waiting out the three weeks or so four weeks, once everything is handed back to you right once when that @ID page and the drive second D site and the syndication network and you've primed it and you started content syndication that you're doing posting inside the GMB whatever your money site is, and you're doing things the way that we that we tell you to had to look and see what kind of results you're getting. Because if you're already there, you might, you might just need a little push to stick and solidify. You might not need anything. And so it is a good idea. So okay, just give me everything. But what if you don't need everything? What have you? What if it's overkill? And what if it dances for months and months, which which we seen until it, it settles? I mean, you need that you could have been making money. Instead of setting everything to death. The only problem that I have with this is that it could be overkill, so maybe we set it up for another thing that I thought for more competitive niches. Well, even in the most competitive niches we've seen that we can do damage with, you know, some embed, runs link building and some press releases. Sometimes it doesn't need a whole bunch of other times it needs more and it needs that consistency. It needs posting over time it needs to solidify the entity, your entity needs to be better than everybody else's.

Well, that's on page work so that the results can be better. There there is no, I wish there were such a thing as a magic pill as a way to look at a niche and say, This is definitely this and only this is what's definitely going to work for that niche. Because guess what? It doesn't work that way. And the algorithms don't work that way, even in the same niche in different categories and different excuse me, subcategories. It might work differently. So we don't know. All we can do is you follow the sequence. Look at the data and if you need more, we got loads more that you could do very well.

And he says that, yeah, he will buy the GMB service and make my own site. I just need something to rank both GMB, GMB and organic. Is there such a service and yeah, that's what you know, that's what we talked about with the SEO shield and in the ongoing link building and embeds, right that's in a press release. So content marketing is all part of that problem of our method. And that's how you add a tie, you build additional relevancy and authority to your assets is by continually updating with content and you add depth to your content. Right? Does that make sense? So it's really important to do that. And that's why if you get an SEO shield, that's step one, right, and SEO power shield, because that covers all of those entity assets, all of our methods that we talked about, you know, it builds all of those out for you. And then it's about powering up those entity assets consistently and with consistent content marketing as well. So, is anyone available? Yeah, every Wednesday at 4pm Eastern.

What Are The Values Of Embeds And iFrames In Terms Of Stacking?

Alona says, could you guys break down the value of using embeds verse iframes. It's the same thing, Alanna, same thing, right. an embed code is nothing but an iframe. Right? Is there anything that I'm missing here guys know the iframe is the code. The embed is what you do with the code on on another page, right?

This Stuff Works
Right. Yeah, all different, not especially curious to you which to use when creating stacks? Yeah, again. So I may be the question is, should you create your own embed code, right, like an iframe generator, for example? And then insert it using the, you know, insert HTML box in G sites and insert your own code, or do you want to go to insert and then go to gadgets, and you find the iframe gadget, and then insert the URL and let g sites make the actual embed code for you? It doesn't matter. Either way. It really doesn't matter, either way. So it's just, you know, six and one-half dozen in the other. Do you want to create your own embed code and embed it using the HTML box, you know, insert HTML box, or do you want to let Google create the iframe by using the in the iframe gadget? Either way, it's going to do the same damn thing. Okay. So it doesn't matter.

Is It Okay To Add An Amazon S3 Page To The Money Site SameAs Schema?

Okay, next j says, Hey, guys just got an ID page made recently, would it be wise to add the URL of the s3 page the money site same as schema? Would this cause any harm? No, that's what you that should be if, depending on what type of ID or schema you're using. For corporations or organizations, which corporation is a subset of organization schema, or even local business schema or any subset of local business schema, there is an ID page designation or attribute right within the structured data. And that's what you would link that's what you would designate as your ID page is the s3 URL is same as to you can you can put it there too, it's not gonna hurt anything.

I prefer actually to if it's for if I have a branded domain, I like, you know, everything, almost everything I run goes through. I use CloudFlare for DNS. And I like to set up an actual, you know, domain map using a cname over to the bucket URL. So that I'm using it's not on HTTPS, but it

It ends up being like, for example, id.domain.com. Or if it's location-specific, then I'll do like the city name. So let's just say Cole pepper dash id.domain.com. If I've got multiple locations, so multiple idx pages, if that makes sense. And I like to use that, because then it once again, it's referencing the branded domain. And if you click on that URL, it's basically showing the bucket both the bucket URL and the ID page. If it's a custom app, domain, subdomain, then they both show like they'll both show but what I do is that the canonical in the actual ID page so that it's always canonicalized back to its own, you know, to the custom domain version of it, if that makes sense. But yeah, you can add it in the same as it's not gonna hurt anything. I always do in fact, yeah, I always do make that pardon.

What Type Of Link Building Do You Recommend To Power Up S3 Bucket Safely To The Money Site?

Also, what type of link building would you recommend to power up the s3 bucket safely to pass power to the money site GMB link building. And embeds, embeds and link building. Remember, they both, both, you know, it's both, it's very powerful, both of them link building directly to the idx page. If you're using iframes, and all of that on the idx page, then you're not going to have any issues. Also, I like to do embeds and in link building to the embeds, because you can add relevancy that way, too.

Okay. And by the way, you can, you can basically build any types of links to the idx page. We, you know, we have the service and mg y b that has been developed specifically to work with our methods, but you could do any sort of links to that really.

Now we have adept here for that right MGYB to he's been doing it forever seems like almost a decade. So why wouldn't we use the master? That's right.

That's right. And he'll be speaking and POFU Live.

This Stuff Works

What SEO Service Do You Recommend To Push The Ranking Of A Website From Page 1 To Page 2?

So Jonah says, How do you all really appreciate the videos you put out I'm looking to rank a page for a low slash medium competition local service keyword for local with no GMB listings, just purely organic results, my competitor hasn't updated their site for years and doesn't have any ongoing link building from my analysis just links from years ago that aren't particularly strong. I checked on page improved content and built a handful of relevant guest posts and press releases along with links from the G stack, but been stuck on the top of page two for months. Is there anything you guys would recommend to give the page? A bit of a push? Thanks again? Um, yeah, I mean, more content. I talked about that earlier, just adding more depth to the site. As far as you know, I don't know if you've got your site siloed or what, you know, how your site is structured, but adding more content so that it's got more relevant and fresh content that helps syndication network, like I said, if you're going to be publishing content, you may as well do it via your blog from your money site so that it's syndicating out to a syndication network, which again, it's activity, that it's in relevancy that it's building, you can power up your syndication networks, you can power up your entity assets. So for example, once again, SEO power shield, if you don't already have that, make sure you get that right and that's going to put your money site in the middle and then have this SEO shield. That's why we call it that essentially like an SEO firewall of high authority profiles branded assets that are covering or cocooning your site, so to speak, right shielding your site, then you just do a shit ton of link building, as I just mentioned, in beds, beds, you can do embeds from your entity assets, you can even embed your money site if you wanted to. And in that way it's getting the embed code is going to be placed on pages with relevant content, then you can link build to those link building or those embed pages, right. And so that's just a stack service. In other words, when you buy embeds services from mg y b, then you order the link building as which will link build to the embed pages, all of these things are going to help to push it on to page one and that's really the whole game in a nutshell there anything you want to add? Yeah look at the entity and work on the structured data. I see nothing on there about what you've done with your structured data that's a given now anyways.

I guess not everybody understands that but yeah, you guys structured data is critically important. Remember, there's You can also mark up besides just organization or markup or local business markup, you can also add elements of markup the elements of pages and things like that. So you know, the more that you can add, the better you're going to be because you're going to have a stronger entity, right, a stronger asset. So

Can I Use The Same Target URL In The SEO Shield For The Drive Stack Expansion?

Okay, next DCs? Yo, what's up, man, he says, I'm going to order a couple of drive stack expansions soon, but just so I'm clear, can I use the expansions for both the same target URL the shield was set up to target in the first place as well as brand new URLs. I target the homepage twice, with different top-level keywords, then add another expansion for an inner page.

Bradley, can you and Marco kind of expand on this a little bit because we just rolled this out right before the Fourth of July special, I don't think we've had a chance to really tell people he just in case anyone's watching who doesn't know what we're talking about with that drive expansion. Yeah, here, I'll pull it up. And Marco, you want to kind of talk through this a little bit.

So typically, what we recommend is that, you know, you're going to have one primary keyword that you want the brand to be associated with. And I understand there's a lot of additional keywords, products and services for businesses, there should be one primary keyword, right. And then from there, if you got your site structured with silo structure, then you're going to have top-level categories. And so that's perfect for drive stack expansion, right. So now you're going to take the top-level keyword for one of your product categories or service categories. And that's going to be an expansion. You're going to order, you know, expand your drive stack for that, which is what we're looking at on this page. Okay. So what that does is that is your Google Drive expansion stack and your Google Site setup. So what that means is if you if you've already got your, your, your primary drive stack and G site for your entity, your brand, then that's again, creating the association between your top-level keyword plus the brand. Then after that's built, then you would take your silos, right, so your product or service categories on your site, and you would whatever the top-level keyword is for each one of the categories, you would create another expansion stack, which would be basically creating an additional folder inside of your Google Drive folder, your main Drive folder that is optimized for that each silo keyword, right, so each folder would be now optimized for one particular category on the site. And then a page gets created on the existing g site for the brand. Write that then all of the drive folders and files get embedded into that. So that's how you create that theme mirroring within the drive stack in the G site. So that's what again, I, I don't typically order an expansion stack that's going to target the homepage because I typically have my site structured in with the silo architecture. So I'm going to start going after once the initial stack is built for brand plus keyword Association, then I start building out the expansions for the service cap, you know, product and or service category, essentially, the silos on the site market, maybe you can explain that difference.

Not differently, but when I think of this, I think of the silo architecture, of course, and I think about how Bruce clay set this up, right? So he sets up the marble jar and they're all of the colors are mixed. But of course, it's marble so we can call them widgets, call them whatever you want. All right, so we're selling marbles. And what we're going to do with that main drive second g site is associate that with the keyword marbles. So it's going to be g sites, site marble, whatever marbles, marbles, all colors. And we're going to say shapes, sizes, whatever. And that's perfect there. Alright, so each one of those jars on there is going to represent an inner page on not only the money site but the companion D site each time that you add a page. So now you have marbles, say marbles, calm. And the first one you're going to do is green. So marbles, calm green, and red and yellow, you're gonna write everything that you're going to do about green marbles under that category, under that green now that hates that main page, you're going to copy that exact same page into an error page. On the GE side, instead of you doing all that. What we do is we take that and we do it for you which take that page, we copy it, we set up the drive stack, we embed everything we add content.

This Stuff Works
And we just create that relevance. And we add that I'm not gonna say what we add, but it's a way to pass the power through a fire hose with a nozzle. So that the power of that water think about it because you can cut metal with water. So we're concentrating that power so that we pass the power to that inner page. Why? Because we've noticed and we've seen and our all our tests show that it's much more difficult to rank one page for all of the keywords under that niche Marvel's it's much harder to do that than it is to break that up into categories. And the way that the Bruce clay shows on his website and under those, we target the keywords in that set. And what we're after is green marbles. That would be the top-level category there. But every keyword under that would be a target. So green marble prize green marble costs, just what the best green marbles, all of that would be under that and it would be boosting that category. And what happens is, all of those keywords start pushing up that top-level category, they start coming up, and that's how you start generating traffic to the website.

So when we thought that out, right, what we did is very simple, we take the keywords, we take the keywords that we isolated.

Now, this is inside the main drive site that you've already purchased. With the SEO power shield, we take that we isolate the keyword set under that subcategory which is green marbles and red marbles and yellow marbles. They should each have their own page, right so that we're siloing properly and if they do then they should have a companion, dry stack, and G site page with them in the SEO power shield. So this is how when we thought this up, when I, when I, when I started to conceptualize it and start thinking about it, how to isolate it, and how to deliver the power, this is how I do it. I'm not gonna say here how we do it, because that's giving away too much. But when you get it, you'll see what it is that we do, if you break it down, like, like, we have a lot of people doing trying to reverse engineer, and that's fine too. I'm not gonna give it away here.

So just a representation, you know, again, using Tree Service stuff, because that's pretty much all I'm doing right now besides existing client work is tree services, the most broad keyword, right? So if I'm making brand association with the drive stack, the initial drive stack and G site, it's going to be Tree Service plus company name, okay? And if it's, if it's very one specific location, we might include the location modifier, but for most of my Tree Service clients, they cover a, you know, a several County area, so we typically will just, it'll be Tree Service and then whatever the company name is, that's going to be the drive stacks gonna get built out for the G site as well. Okay. And then from there, that's where you know we can silo out like Tree Removal tree trimming arborist services, each one of those would be separate sir silos, lawn care, land clearing, not all Tree Service contractors do lawn care, lawn care, but some do. landscaping could be another one. So each one of those would be your individual silos, right? Because those would be different service categories on the website. And so each one of these could get its own RYS expansion service created for it. And what that's going to do is going to create subfolders within the primary RYS drive stack folder, right up that are optimized each one for each specific silo. And then a separate page is going to be created on the primary g site branded g site, there's going to be mirrored for the website structure. And it's going to include all of the drive stack files and folders that have been created as part of the expansion service in their respective pages on the G sites that make sense.

So that's what it is. And each so for example, the tree removal expansion would be all the keywords that are associated with that are, you know, strictly Tree Removal based keywords that are going to be built in the, into the files, the GC, drive stack files, and then all of those files and folders are going to be embedded on that page, and are all going to be linking back to on the G site page. I mean, and they're all going to be linking back to pages and or posts within the tree removal silo on the money site. Does that make sense? And then likewise, over here on lawncare, if this particular client or project had lawn care services to then there would be a lawn care expansion created, and all of the files and folders would be optimized for lawn care terms. They would all be linking to the lawn care pages and posts on the site. And then they would be mirrored onto the G site as well. Does that make sense? And now you've got separate targets that you can build links to within your drive stack within your G site folder, files, and folders that are that now you can buy specific link building gigs with keyword terms that are specific to that particular silo to that theme, does that make sense? So that's how you can really start to push power into that very specific keyword sets within your actual site. Okay, anyway, that was a great question though. And thanks, Adam, for telling us to expand on that a little bit more.

This Stuff Works

How Would You Show The Progress Of Your SEO Efforts To The Client?

Alright, so next where were we that was DC SEO so Mohammed's up next he says, Hey, guys, how would I show the progress I made for a client. My current car dealer client referred another dealer to me and I want to make a case study. What would be a good way to show the changes I effected I have the Webmaster Tools graph and GMB insights so far. Would anything else work? Yeah, I mean, that's, that's what I like to use more than anything is a search console, GMB insights and analytics. And if I'm doing AdWords or Google Ads then I typically will show ad data to, but that those are, you know, I always I don't like to use rank reports anymore because they're not that accurate. They're just show an indication of the health. But they're never all that they're not very accurate. Because of you know what we've talked about many times on Hump Day hangouts with user location, you can't really mimic location that Well, you can't mimic browser history, browsing history, personal history, profile history, like, you know, what type of content people engage with and all that. So, you know, I don't like to use rank trackers or rank reports really that much. I still provide them to clients, but those are always like secondary reports because I like to focus on GMB insights, analytics Search Console, and as I said, Google Ads data, if I'm running ads campaigns as well. Any other comments on that? Yeah. I mean, he has the client that recommended this other car dealer.

What is already in the door they've already taught? I don't know how much more it is that you need to show or what it is that they're asking for. But the GMB insights if you look at the one that I posted, again, in, in heavy hitter, anything like that, you can't close the deal with something like that. Will you show and this, of course, you can go month, you can go weekly, you can go quarter by those are images that can I can't show the actual GMB. But if you go in there, you can show the quarter, you can show the month, you can show it week to week, you can pick a timeframe, you can go into the historical data in the GMB and pull that up. I mean, you go into that historical data, you go a year back and you show what you did for that client, and it's a done deal.

Look at the results. This is so again, focus your compensation or result you're going to show results. You've been numbing with this current car dealer. You're getting results that you can show, ask your other clients and they will

Mine, of course, under strict confidentiality, if this person could call and ask them about the results they got with you. I mean, that's perfectly except I I don't mind. Anyone that I'm talking to ever, of course with the clients, okay, calling the client and saying, Hey, don't tell me more about Marco. They usually come recommended from a client anyway, I don't take anyone just calling me cold and yeah, let's talk. I don't do that anymore. But this is the guy's hot he's coming from a dealer that's referring you. They should know. And if they don't give him the graph, I mean, that's perfectly fine with Brad, he said, analytics is really good also for this for that visual. Yeah. Yeah, that's what I like to do. I like to show traffic reports more than anything.

It You know, that's that that that seems to be the best metric to run by anyways, in my opinion. Well, bottom line is the best metric, right what kind of revenue has been generated, but that's not something you can typically share.

How Do You Get Google To Update The Requests You Made In A YouTube Channel?

So, Tom's up, he says, I have a generically branded YouTube channel with some lead gen videos that I had been using for a client. But unfortunately, an unforeseen circumstance or life, excuse me, life forced him to have to cancel his service. I purposely put his contact info at the top of the description in YouTube. So it would show in the search results, which of course changed once he was no longer a client, but Google was refusing to update the search results. As a result, my former client is getting free advertising and I cannot pass the videos along to a new client because of this. Got any ninja tricks to get Google to update this quicker? No, that's the Google index cache. And you know, they refresh it when they want and I know what you're talking about. I have

I had a video for a client project that I did about, I don't know three or four months ago, and it's got some really funky issue going on with that too. It was weird. I did a live stream and for some reason, It took the still like thumbnail image from that particular channel that I was live streaming. And that's what you show it anyways, long story short, I've got a similar issue going on. And I don't know how to get it to, you know, I've tried things like pinging, I've tried sending them through indexers I've tried, you know, sending it back through a syndication network, again, the embed, you know, the YouTube embedded in to go out, basically, get re syndicated out to a network again to see if forget it crawled again if that would update or refresh the Google index the cache essentially for the search results. And I experienced something similar, the only thing that I know that you could do would be to set it to unlisted until it falls out of the index, and then turn it back to the public, if that makes sense. Because then when Google goes to reindex it again, it should index it with the new you know, with the, whatever the new description is, that shows up at the top, whatever the new description is, that will show whatever's at the top is going to show is the meta description in the search result. That's the only thing I know maybe somebody else has another way to think force it. Any ideas? Guys?

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No, nothing from me. Yeah. So that's what I would do is try setting it to unlisted. don't delete it, right? Because then you lose all of the work that you did to that particular video, just unlisted, wait for it to fall out of the index, which it will. And you know, I don't know how soon that will be, you might be able to force that I don't, I don't know if you can force it to fall out of the index by pinging it or whatever. But once it, you know, isn't in the index any longer, then you could set it back to public. And then I would ping it again, or run it through an indexing service re syndicated through your network, something like that. And when Google comes and crawls it again, it should refresh that cache to whatever's at the top of the description now, that's the only thing I can think of to do.

What Is A Theme Mirrored Page?

Alana says sorry, I got few questions from last week regarding I framing a money site you mentioned in your answer, creating a theme nerd page on a G site and reframing the money site on it. You elaborate on what you mean by theme, mirrored page, okay? Yes, we can.

From what I understand theme mirroring is creating a property stacks that align with the categories on your site. When you say money site, you are actually I framing the site, you actually want to rank on the G site. Yes, that is exactly what I'm talking about. So when we say money site, that's whatever your primary asset is for your project. Typically, it's going to be a self-hosted site. Most likely, you know, most of the time on WordPress, it doesn't have to be, but most of the time, it's going to be a self-hosted site. It doesn't have to be, by the way, you could use your Google site as your money site, whatever my point is, whatever your primary asset is, for the project that you're working on, most likely it's going to be a self-hosted site. That's what we call a money site. It's just a term to describe whatever the primary asset is, okay. So from there, yes, on your G site, right, so, again, theming is all about creating a one to one ratio of your site structure your main property, your main website, site structure, across all of your entity assets. So that's why we talk about theme mirroring onto your G site. So creating, if you've got, you know, for top-level categories or for services or for products, right, that you're going to be selling on your site, then then we would mirror the four. So you'd have your main g site, which is going to be your brand, right basically, the homepage of the G site is your brand, and the whatever primary keyword is, but then you're going to have pages on the G site that are mirrored after your money site pages, your primary website pages, right. And the same thing with your drive stack is going to have the primary folder, which is going to be branded plus your primary keyword, then you again, the expansion service, which would be the theme mirroring would be to create subfolders within your primary g stat folder, that each one of them optimized for a particular product or service or category on your site. So that makes sense. So whatever the structure first start with the on-page structure of your primary asset again, go take a look

Bruce clays, silo architecture article, you can go to our YouTube channel youtube.com/semanticmastery, use the channel search feature type in silo architecture, or silo structure, whatever you'll see there are videos, there's even a playlist where I very specifically talk about how to structure out of setup solid structure on a website. Then once you've done that correctly, then you go out and you start to build out those entity assets or purchase them and have us do it. But you start to mirror that same structure across everything you do across your content marketing across your entity assets, everything that you do, right, so again, if you've got a GMB, for example of Google My Business profile, and you have content silos on your main site, then publish content to your GMB profile using GMB posts. And you want to stack them the same way that you would stack content within your silos, right? So you're adding depth to silos, right? So there's width, how many categories there are, so you could have a mono silos which means one silo, but you just add a bunch of depth to it, which means supporting articles that are within the same keyword theme. And you just add additional articles are constantly adding depth to the site which builds relevancy. Does that make sense? You do the same thing within GMB posts, you do the same thing with press releases, you do the same thing on your G site, you do the same thing in the drive stack. Everything ends up getting mirrored to where it's got the same structure and what happens is you build a shit ton of massive thematic relevance, right? So relevancy, topical relevancy, as well as you build a, you know, authority. And it creates a network Empire used to use a term called buoyancy, right? So by doing so, and you have all of these assets that are all linked properly, and they're all building relevancy in proper categories or content silos, then it starts to create buoyancy across all of the content in every silo. In other words, it helps you know what, as I say, rising tides cause all boats to rise.

That's what we mean by buoyancy, it helps all of the keywords to start to surface in the search results. I don't know if that was a very clear explanation, but that was the best I could do anything else want to comment on it? a clone an exact copy, a duplicate of whatever it is that you're doing. That's all it. It's just a bunch of fancy words for saying if we're saying, do the same thing over there, the same thing that you're doing here, wherever your money site is, do over there, wherever it is that you're seeing mirror and think of a mirror, what do you see in the mirror, you see the same thing that that's looking back at you, right? The same thing that that's all we're saying, I just hate mentioning the word duplicate because then people start saying, well, duplicate content and all this bullshit that we know is bullshit. And I don't want people focusing on that. Just copy whatever it is that you're doing, or do the same thing, everywhere. And then and if you do that, then your theme mirror.

What Are Embed Gigs?

Very good. All right, the last part of that was. Finally, you mentioned you run embed gigs, the G site, what do you mean by gigs? Well, that's right here. Okay, so are on MGYB store, if you look at the embed packages, then you've got maps, videos, ID page General, you know, I typically would just order general, it doesn't matter, guys just, you know, order whatever you're looking to power up. But what this means is you, you take you, for example, your G site pages that you've mirrored right, so again, you got your homepage, which is going to be brand plus a primary keyword, okay, then once you start to mirror your pages from your money site, right, so your primary asset onto your D site, now you've got g site pages that are a one to one ratio. So if you've got 18 products, separate products that are all separate categories on your services, whether they're products or services doesn't matter. Then you're going to have 18 pages on the G site homepage plus 18 pages, right? Each one of them is going to be one to one. So let's say you've got blue marbles, green marbles, red marbles on your money site, you're going to

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You're going to have blue marbles, green marbles, and red marbles or whatever on your G site to. Does that make sense? Each one is going to have a one to one-page ratio. And then from there, you can take your pages, or the G site homepage, whatever you want. But you can get very specific on where you're pushing relevancy. And how, if you take your pages from like, for example, your green marble page, and you come over here and get your head, the embed gig over here, and let's say you want to do one, just to say it's a gas setup medium competition. So this is going to do 2500 embeds to your green marble g site page. Does that make sense? Or and you can add other stuff in there. Right? So let's say that you what are the RYS drive stack its expansion. So now you're going to have the G site page created by us on your G site, your existing entity or branded g site, excuse me, we're going to create the green marbles page. We're going to create the green marbles folder within your drive stack and in all of the files that are going to be created inside the drive, stack is going to be optimized specifically for green marbles. That makes sense. And they're all going to be the links are all going to be pointing to the green marble page on your money site, then those files and folders are going to be embedded in the green marble g site page. And now you've got the G site page that you can order an embed gig to embed, you know, run to, and you could also embed the five the G site, excuse me the drive stat files, you could also embed your money site pages if you wanted to, for green marbles. Does that make sense? If you're doing press releases, you could iframe the press the specific press releases that are pointing back to the green marbles money site page. Does that make sense?

All of those you can embed those. And what we mean by embeds is once again it's creating an iframe. So it's essentially creating a window and another website that displays your content, which is the same thing as what a YouTube video is, guys, when you share a YouTube video on somebody else's website. And it shows up as a video. That's an embed code, right? It's an iframe. So you're actually seeing YouTube code on somebody else's website, well, that's all you're doing is you're taking your website, or your G site page or your content, whatever it is that you're creating an iframe, and we're, we're going out, Dadea, our link builder is going out and creating pages on other sites with relevant content that's gonna have that window that iframe that embed code of your content in the middle of it, so that you're starting to push relevancy in through the iframe that way. And then with the, again, with the different kits here that we have, or, you know, package levels that we have here, though, then link building to the pages that the embeds are on. So that's what we mean by an embed run is just go and do that. And I use a combination of both, I usually start with link building, and then you know that so maybe month one, I'll hit everything with link building. Then on month two, I'll do embeds plus link building, then maybe month three, I'll switch it up and I'll hit maybe deeper targets from within the project would be called, you know, deep linking.

So there's just another number of ways that we do it. And guys, a lot of this will hopefully make a lot more sense. Starting next week when I have the checklist on that I started to show you guys earlier from process Street, because then you can go through it and like I said, it will at first just be a checklist saying, Okay, do this, this and this and in this sequence, and in this, you know, it'll be literally stepped by step, but I'm going to be adding over the coming week's explainer videos to explain why we're doing this so that you guys get a better understanding of the big picture. Because I still think that we, that gets lost a lot when they call it getting lost in translation. I think that gets lost a lot when we try to explain it because we understand it sometimes some of our audience does not and so we're trying to get better about that, which is why I'm working on that checklist for you guys. Okay.

We're just about out of time. Let's see if we can scroll through another one or two real quick guys. Oh, allow says the theme area includes internal links. So do stacks link to each other? Well, it's an expansion of an existing stack. So yeah, I mean, they're all spider silo together anyways, if you understand what we mean by that, but yeah, if it's a subfolder within a drive an existing drive stack, they're all linked together anyways, that makes sense. It's like a parent and child relationship. So, yes, if I wouldn't build separate stacks, that doesn't make sense. It's why we have the expansion service, guys because you get more power out of building additional relevancy within one stack than you do by building multiple stacks. Does that make sense?

Okay, moving on there is no physical link between stacks. We don't do a to b. No, we No, we don't do that they live within one another. And if you're isolating a stack, but you link out from that stack to something else, then you're defeating the purpose of isolating the stack, as we recommend. So no, they don't they interlink inside the drive stack itself. But if you have three stacks within the one main stack, none of those three will link either to each other or to the main stack.

There you go.

IFTTT Problem In Syndicating Full-Text Posts

Alright, the last one is we're going to answer these questions real quick. Because he's here every week asking multiple questions they've gotten. You've got fewer questions though. You're starting to trend down maybe which is what we asked for. So anyway, I'm proud of you, buddy. He says, Hey, guys, IFTTT has a problem of syndicating Full-Text posts. have you encountered this problem? Or is it for new connections only? No, I have not.

I would. Now I don't know I'm not saying that you're wrong. But what I would suggest you take a look at your settings from your feed. So if you're syndicating from a WordPress site or self-hosted WordPress site if you go into settings reading, right so so under the settings, option in WordPress and then go to a reading, you'll see that

This Stuff Works

There's an option for the RSS feed to show either summary or full text. Now, even if you set it to full text, so the RSS feed shows the full text, some themes, WordPress themes will only show snippets instead. So summaries or snippets instead of the full text, even if you set that as a setting. So it really depends. I don't think it's an IFTTT thing. It's most likely a WordPress thing. Either your settings are off or the WordPress theme that you're using is forcing summaries. So I've not heard of that from anybody else yet. So if that is the case, then you know, we will know within the next few days for sure. And this is the last one guys and then I'm going to shut it down because we're after five o'clock is do you do your backlink and embed packages on your press releases also or only syndication properties? Google properties? No, absolutely. That's what I'm saying guys is you can push power in through any number of places and if your theme here.

And content marketing and they're all in your content marketing is mirrored right across all of your content marketing sources, including press releases, you can utilize those very strategically. I've talked about this a lot in the mastermind. But for example, once again, guys like within a particular silo, right? you publish content from your money site, it syndicates out to your syndication network properties, where you can go extract those URLs from the syndication network properties that are specific to those posts. So let's say you add five supporting articles in a silo. So five blog posts that get pushed out to syndication network, you go to syndication network, and let's just keep it simple. Let's just say that you just grabbed the three blog URLs for each one of the posts that gets syndicated out to the blogs, right. So blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, so you go extract now and you've got five supporting posts in this example, right. So now you're going to have five URLs from blogger five URLs from Tumblr, five URLs from wordpress.com. Right and now the same thing if your theme mirroring on with using press releases. So you got five press

At least as each press releases promoting a blog post one of those blog posts. Now you can take those five, press release URLs. And you can add those into a link building gig or you can embed gig or whatever you wanted to do. So yeah, that's what I'm saying guys is you can take them by the way, you can also create a, you know, the mirror pages on G site, I typically don't do it on a post level, just on a page level. But if I wanted to, if you really needed the additional push, you could always take wherever your top-level pages are on your G site, right, so you've got, again, mirrored, your top-level categories are going to have pages on your G site, and you can create child pages. They're not posts, but you can create child pages on your G site, and have each one of your posts now added as a child page on your G site. You can extract those URLs and add those to link building gigs. Then you order the link building games with keyword sets that are specific to that particular category or silo, that keyword theme that set Does that make sense? And so again, guys, yeah, you can and the same thing with press releases, you can work them right in there. Here's the thing on your G site. If you're going down to a post level and adding child pages on the G site as posts, right to whatever the category pages on the G site, then you can even take your content from your syndication network and iframe that into the G site page. Same thing with your press releases, right? So Can you imagine you don't even need any additional content is my point guys, you can take the G site page, just create the page, optimize it for the same keyword as the post on your site, right that you're trying to promote? And then you take all of the content that it's been syndicated to and mirrored on, including press releases, and you just embed all of that into that page on, which is essentially a post on your G site. And now you don't have you know, this massive amount of content. It's all that relevancy all through iframes. And now you've got a G site, page target, that you can just hammer with link building with very specific keyword sets for anchors that make sense and you can push a ton of relevancy into it that way. So

Anyways, hopefully, that answers the question. Anyone wants to comment on that before I wrap it up, Marco. Was that good enough? Not good enough. Okay. Very good. Those are great questions today, guys. So thanks, everybody for being here. We'll see you guys next week. Thanks, guys. Bye, everyone. Yep,

This Stuff Works

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