Weekly SEO A&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 73

By April

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Marco: There we go.

Hernan: Oh yeah. All right, there we go. Hey, everybody. This is Bradley Ben-, oh, I'm not Bradley. Hey, guys. What's up? Hernan Vazquez here from Semantic Mastery. Bradley and Adam are missing today. Unfortunately because they are in San Diego, so we are pretty much taking over. We're going to be talking a lot of SEO-related questions and stuff, so it's going to be fun. Anyways, I have the guys with me today. In order, hey Chris. What's up? How are you doing, man?

Chris: Excellent. How are you doing?

Hernan: Very good. Very good.

Chris: Marco, what's up?

Marco: Oh, we're having horrible weather in Costa Rica, man. Warm and sunny. After this I'm going to go take a dip in a pool. The water in the pool will be about 80 degrees.

Chris: Oh my god, how cold is that?

Hernan: That sucks. All right. Well our guys are in San Diego. They are doing [funnel 00:00:59] conference, so if you happen to be in the areas, just hit them up, and I'm sure they'll be happy to hang out and network a little bit. Also in the announcement side of thing, we have IFTTT version 2.0, IFTTT SEO Academy version 2.0, which has launched on Monday. It has been amazing the response that we have. It has been amazing, so if you guys want to join, I think Marco has the link over there. We are running a launch-only discount that's going to be going down on Monday, okay guys? Then it's going to go up in the price, so have in mind if you want to jump in IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0. Do it today. Do it now. Do not wait because then life happens and you [lost 00:01:53] the link, and you know what happens then. The price goes up, et cetera.

Marco: I dropped the link in there, man.

Hernan: [crosstalk 00:01:59] I'm listening. I'm listening.

Marco: I dropped the link [down 00:02:02] there for everyone.

Hernan: Okay, okay. That's cool. That's cool.

Adam: [Hello. 00:02:07]

Hernan: If we don't have any other [crosstalk 00:02:09]… [inaudible 00:02:11] is here. [Inaudible 00:02:12] is here. Hey, Adam, what's up? Hey, Adam, can you hear us? I don't know if he can. Oh, he's in the … He looks to be on the phone. All right. I don't know if you got, if you, Adam, can hear us, just focus on the event man because we cannot hear you. What do you guys think? We start on the questions, and I think we can do that, right?

Chris: Yeah, let's hit it.

Rank and Rent Business Model

Hernan: Okay, let's hit it. Let me share my screen real quick, and I think I'm sharing my screen right now, so I'm going to click over here. All right, so we have a couple of good questions today, really good questions actually. We sill start with Bob, right here. He's asking, “Hey my Semantic Mastery brothers and sisters. Hope you are well. A couple of questions for you. In your opinion, is the rank and rent business model still a great way to get free of the 9 to 5? A, any twists or variations to this business model that you care to share? Two, is selling optimization services to local business such as building IFTTT Academy model networks, a viable business model? I have my City SEO site that I'm ranking a lot of low to medium competition keywords as my sales leverage. I'm wondering what your thoughts and any tips that you may have on these items. I look forward to all of this group has to offer, and I'm grateful for all that you share and teach. Thanks so much.”

Okay, so first off, is the rank and rent business model still a great way to get free of the 9 to 5? Yes. A couple of add-ons to that or variations could be renting the individual pages, renting space, like actual banners. If you have a rank website, you can be sharing some insightful information on the website and you can rent banners. Those kinds of things, but yeah, it's still a great way to get free of the 9 to 5. I think, this is my opinion. I don't know what you guys think, but it's more of volume. Because if you have like one or two websites that are giving you like 200 or 300 dollars each, I don't know how that will pan out, but if you have a bunch of them, that may be the case to free yourself from the 9 to five. What do you guys think?

Hey. I think we have the guys with us. Adam, do you guys hear us?

This Stuff Works

Bradley: Yeah, but they're …

Hernan: You're muted.

Bradley: They have back feed and they're echoing, but they're here.

Hernan: Oh. You have to unmute yourself. Can you unmute yourself?

Bradley: Okay.

Hernan: Oh, there we go.

Bradley: Can you guys hear us?

Hernan: Yeah.

Marco: Yeah.

Chris: Yeah.

Bradley: Okay, cool. Adam and I are in San Diego.

Adam: [Beer. 00:05:27]

Bradley: Rocking the beer. I've already drank mine. We're not going to be able to attend today, but we just wanted to stop in and say, “What's up?”

Adam: What's up, yeah? Russel [inaudible 00:05:38]'s chilling in the corner. We're trying not to bother him, but it's a nice day here in San Diego.

Bradley: There's like a thousand people here for the Funnel Hacking event in San Diego, which actually is a bit cold. I didn't expect it to be so cold here, but it's going to be a good event. Next week, we'll come back, and we'll talk all about what we've learned and share that with you guys. Marco, Hernan, and Chris, you guys are going to handle the Hump Day Hangout today, and go kick some ass, man.

Adam: Amen, do it.

Bradley: All right.

Chris: Cool, thanks guys.

Bradley: All right guys. We'll see you.

Hernan: [crosstalk 00:06:09] guys. Bye bye. Bye bye.

Chris: [Kill it in 00:06:11] San Diego, man.

Hernan: All right, so we have the guys [inaudible 00:06:15], so that was super, super cool. All right, so …

Chris: Getting back to [crosstalk 00:06:22] … Yeah.

Hernan: Yeah.

Marco: Mm-hmm (affirmative)

Hernan: What do you guys think? I was about to say that when it comes to the rank and rent business model, if you have a couple of websites giving you maybe 200, 300 dollars a month, that's not going to cut it, so in my opinion, the rank and rent business works, basically you have a volume of websites, or if you go for the high competition niche or the high end niches. For example, dentists or aesthetic medicine. Those kinds of tickets or products or services that are high-ticket products, it think that you can actually earn more per [bit 00:07:10] and per website [branch 00:07:11] and then you can escape, get free from the 9 to 5 easier. What do you guys think about that?

Chris: Yeah, I think you're absolutely right, and since he asked for twists, there are actually some twists and variations to the business model. For example, what Bradley did [was JV 00:07:29] with a video production company, and he does the SEO and the ranking. The production company grabs the clients, and he just gets a share for his work.

Hernan: Mm-hmm (affirmative), yeah.

Chris: I mean, that's a great business model.

Hernan: Mm-hmm (affirmative)

Chris: Another variation of the business model would be once you get really proficient at ranking [inaudible 00:07:49], whether it's websites, YouTube videos, or any combination thereof, just JV with someone who is really good at sales and can go and reach out to the local area businessmen and people who are actually looking for these services, and the salesman would take care of the approaches and the sale while you're doing what you do best, which would be ranking the websites.

Hernan: Yeah. Partner up with a salesperson that usually kills it because it will give you leverage, Bob. I mean it will give you the ability to leverage your time. Part two of the question is [if 00:08:32] selling optimization services to local business such as building IFTTT Academy model works. Yes, and it works beautifully, Bob. We had a student that sold an entire, I think it was a three tier network for a realtor for $1900. That is one thousand nine hundred and something dollars, okay? That's on the sales page, if you guys go to iftttseo.com. We have his permission to actually show the check that he was getting, you know? Bradley mentioned, we had a great webinar on Monday, and he mentioned that he was selling each tier one network for around $600.

You know, we get it. When you have a team in place and when you have some [BAs 00:09:23] doing it or hell, even if [you 00:09:26] purchase them from us, you can get a tier one network for 60 bucks, and you can resale that for $600. Okay, just do the math. That's a huge ROI, and even if you get like half of it, it's a huge, huge ROI. If you can sell that, I mean if you can sell tier networks to your clients, that's a business model on itself. That's a business model on itself. Those are the best two ways that I [would 00:09:56] found, you know? If you're making a rank and rent business, you can attach IFTTT networks to them and then sell them the IFTTT networks to your clients as well. I think that's going to make you a decent amount of money, and then as long as you can scale and outsource, which are two business model that are completely, completely outsource and scalable, you can totally get it.

Marco: I think even [crosstalk 00:10:22] … Yeah, hold on a second.

Hernan: Yeah.

Marco: If he even adds curation to the mix, right? Where he does content curation, not him of course, but hire someone who will do the content curation so that you sell the full service, not only will you sell the network, but you sell the content curation. I mean, he just hooked up two services that people would be dying to pay you for because they don't want to do it. Not only do they not want to do it, most local businesses can't figure out how to do it. I mean, there's just a ton of ways that you can monetize this, and a ton of ways that we're monetizing it, Bob. We're just giving you some of the ideas. For more ideas, I don't know if you were in the masterclass or the [mastermind 00:11:06], but I suggest that if you're advanced already where you're ranking, it's time to think about joining the master class and learning how to scale your business so that you can offer all these different services.

How to Incorporate Links in Local Citation Contents?

Hernan: Yep, definitely. We have a question from Greg. Greg says, “Hey, guys. I have two questions. One, I understand content and anchor text when linking to a website. However, I'm brand new to citation and linking to citations. In backlinking to Yelp or Yellow Page citation, what content and what anchor text is used? I assume you don't write, ‘Hey. Look at this great Yelp I found.' So what anchor text and inside of what content do you use? I really have no idea what to write as the content. Can you guys give me a few short examples or a few sentences you would actually write as links to citations?” Yeah, Greg, great questions.

Let's start with this one. Citations, Greg, they are, if you are anything knowledgeable when it comes to tier one linking, citations, they are great tier one linking. When it comes to citation, what we usually do is to grab, for example, FCS Networker, some PBN links, you know, those less [or more 00:12:29] spammy looking PBNs, or some SAPE, and pointing them to those citations, for example Yellow Pages or Yelp. Okay? What we usually do is to use branded or anchor text as URL. You have the URL, and you have the branded anchor text, so basically that would be my suggestions when it comes to linking to citations. What you would do, instead of doing, “Hey, look at this great Yelp I found.” Since those are branded properties, you can use the URL. Like, “Keep reading on [… 00:13:08] yelp.com forward slash your client domain.” That usually works really well, and that's pretty much all that we are doing. Generate URL and maybe some branded, so there you have it.

Chris: Hey, if I can just add a little bit of this.

Hernan: Sure.

Chris: Because he actually wants to know the anchor text that he should use. I mean, just follow what the big guys do, man. Because what they say is, “See the rest of our social media.” or the name of the website “on social media.” “Visit the rest of our [social … 00:13:47].” “See what our clients have to say about us.” “Look at our reviews.” There's a ton of things that you can do to push anchor text that's not keywords. I mean, you could do it to these, but you don't want to get too carried away with it, so use it in that context. When you're pushing, say a Yelp listing, “Hey, this is what our clients have to say about us.” Supposing that you have some reviews.

Adding More Blogs in a Branded IFTTT Network

Hernan: Yep, definitely. “Number two, for the IFTTT networks [in 00:14:24] a branded network, is there anything wrong with adding a few more [blogs 00:14:28] such as webs.com, tripod.likeus.com, yola.com, or bravenet.com to our networks? I know I will need to manually add content, including attribution links, et cetera, so it will take a little extra work. Some of these blogs have a very high DA, so wouldn't it be a good thing to add a few more if we have time, or could that be adding too many? Is there any dangers in adding more blogs to our branded network?

Greg, as long as you're keeping them really high quality and branded, you should be fine. You know, we are big advocates of IFTTT, and we know for a fact that for example IFTTT for now, it cannot post to webs.com for a time when it could. We can figure it out, or if we can figure out how to post to yola.com, we will definitely update [inaudible 00:15:22] training, but for the time being, you can also try some other automation, like Zapier. Maybe Marco can chime into this. Like dlvr.it or even a client that's called Social Network Auto Poster, SNAP. It's a free client, and most of the cases, you will be able to post to these additional web 2.0s, as long as you keep them branded.

Marco: I'm just thinking that if it's branded, and if he's willing to put in the extra work, with proper attribution, not only could he add these blogs to his network, but he could drop an IFTTT ring around that. He could make it persona-based, go the extra mile since he's already doing it, and add the extra RSS feeds, which is in the advanced portion, right? Of IFTTT [V 2.0. 00:16:19]

Hernan: Yes.

Marco: We show how to add other RSS sources so that you're not only your blog posts but you're bringin in other sources that would compliment whatever it is that you're doing, all these different platforms. I think that it would be a perfect compliment to whatever you're doing.

Hernan: Yeah, yeah, definitely, and that's kind of, you know, we have talk about web 2.0 networks in the past, like if you combine an actually webs 2.0, webs.com, or yola.com, bravenet.com, we [gauge, 00:16:54] and with some [trust flow 00:16:56] into them, I think it makes a lot of sense to actually go out there and [reregister 00:17:01] them and use them as secondary websites. If you, as Marco was saying, if you can brand them and put a persona in them, they can become private blog networks like PBNs, but they would be like web 2.0 networks, okay? They can be really, really powerful.

Difference Between IFTTT V1 and IFTTT V2

Jenny asked … Hey, Jenny. “Afternoon, Gentlemen, Hernan, Chris, and Marco. I'm sure Bradley and Adam are enjoying their San Diego sun and brews by now.” Well, that's the case. “Real quick, what are the difference in IFTTT version 1.0 and IFTTT version 2.0, and why is it a monthly subscription suddenly?

That's a great question, and we had it a couple of times, and we actually made a list of stuff that is different between V1 and V2. Not right now because we are in the middle of lunch and the guys are traveling and [then traveling 00:17:58] as well, but as soon as we can, we're going to put a what's new section on the training, so that's something that we have pending to do. But in the meantime, we have done it a monthly subscription because anybody doing IFTTT syndication networks know that there are a ton of moving parts to each of those networks. Not only on the IFTTT side of things but because of all of the different web 2.0s and social properties that we are using in that strategy. So keeping up to the updates, it's a really important part, so we make sure that the IFTTT networks, they are still working. Not only that, we added a bunch of different training. Do you have the list that we put together over there Marco somewhere?

Marco: No, actually what I have is an answer of why it's a monthly subscription [crosstalk 00:18:55] in the knowledgebase I dropped the URL in there, and take the time out to read it, and you'll see why because it consumes resources, and there has to be a way for us to recuperate the investment that we made into all of these resources. We're providing a Facebook group. We're providing webinars. We're providing different platforms. We're providing just all of these different services that go along. You don't just get training, right?

Hernan: Right.

Marco: You get just a ton of different things that accompany it that will make life a whole lot easier. It's just something that the price, we just couldn't hold it because we have expenses that go along with it. But you know, take time to read the article, and you'll see. Now as far as the differences, what we've been looking at, and what I've been looking at especially, as you know, is the Google algorithm.

Hernan: Right.

Marco: We've been looking at how to positively trigger the algorithm. All you hear about is the negative, right? Panda and Penguin, you're going to get hit. Hide under the bed. You know? Grab the children and run because Panda and Penguin are coming. You know, 5.0, 6.20, whatever it's going to be. But you never hear anyone talking about how to trigger the positive side of the algorithm, and a great difference, and one of the things that we've figured out is number one, how to trigger trust and authority through IFTTT through [inaudible 00:20:41], right?

Hernan: Mm-hmm (affirmative)

Marco: We're doing authorization directly. We're telling Google, “Hey. Look at us. This is us. This is our footprint. It's okay because we're branded. This is our company.” We're doing exactly the same thing that you're doing. “Look at us.” Not only that, you're triggering the sections of the algorithm that deal with [co-occurrence, 00:21:01] right? You're influencing ranking score. You're influencing trust rank. You're influencing the distance [inaudible 00:21:09]. You're influencing the freshness factor, and you can influence seasonal. All of these things put together make for just something that is going to kill overtime. You're not going to rank anymore like we used to in two, three, four days with IFTTT and blog posts. It takes a little bit longer because of the Google [inaudible 00:21:33] and various other factors that go into this. But the main point is, you now have a way to positively trigger the sections of the algorithm that are going to give you plenty of love, man.

Hernan: Yeah, that's a beautiful, beautiful description. That's right. That's basically why we are turning that into a monthly subscription. We can easily say that this is a brand new product. We have totally, totally updated the training, so do not be deceived by the V1 or the V2. These are completely different products, and that's why we decided to go for a monthly.

How to Develop a Personal Online Marketing Coaching and Affiliate Marketing Business Through IFTTT?

Christina, hey, Christina. She [joined 00:22:19] the V2 community, so welcome. Congratulations. “Hey all. I'm new to the community and SEO. While I do think I'll be looking to use the system for local in the future, for now I'm looking to get my content more visible to grow my personal online marketing coaching and affiliate business, so I'll be setting up a persona network.” Okay. “I'd like to be ranking YouTube videos as well as my blog. Can both be done with a single tier, or am I going to need multi-tier networks?”

Okay, so first off Christina, if you are growing your own personal online marketing coaching and your affiliate business, I don't know because not many people feel comfortable about this, but you can use your own name. I mean you can use your own [profiles. 00:23:14] I'm not meaning that you should go out and syndicate to your own Facebook profile, not at all, but for example, the brand could be Christina Ervin, okay? That's an option, and you need to have that in mind when you're growing your personal online marketing coaching because people will actually want to work with you one-on-one or be coached by you, et cetera.

Personas, we usually set up personas when we are [diving 00:23:40] in niches that they are far away [than 00:23:44] we are doing now. For example, if you want to go for local contractors or local tree companies, as Bradley used to [inaudible 00:23:51]. Those cases, personas do work because it separate you from that niche. Now when it comes to actually setting up your own brand, I think that it would be a good idea to actually use your own name to do whatever profile you want to do. Again, you want to do this with a completely, like if you have a Twitter profile and you're active on Twitter and you're posting personal stuff, you need to open a new Twitter account for this. You need to open a Facebook page. You need to open a Google Plus page. Just that we are on the same page.

Regarding rankings, there's two different things here, YouTube and a blog. We do not usu-, I mean you could go ahead with a tier network for both of them, but the thing is that we do not, we usually advice to be careful when it comes to actually setting up a tier network for a blog. Now what you can do, however, is to trigger a tier network with your YouTube channel, which is fine, and we advise that you do that because of the embeds and the backlinks, et cetera, but you use a single tier network with your blog. Does it make sense? Did I make myself clear, guys? I don't know if it was clear enough.

Chris: Yeah, no, no. It made perfect sense, and yeah, I wouldn't advise to set up a persona network if you're doing consultation business because someone will eventually want to talk to that persona and get coaching or consultation from that persona, and that persona isn't available. It'll be you, so it's much better to just do a Christina Irving, Ervin, marketing consultant than some persona that doesn't exist. So brand yourself as a consultant, definitely build your network. Start doing your IFTTT, syndication, your YouTubes to a tiered network. They can be one in the same, you just need more work for the blog, right? Because you have to do the advance portion for the fees, to get them correct.

Hernan: Right.

Chris: But since you're just starting out, Christina, I would advise you to stay away from that. You can get into a lot of trouble and have a negative effect that you don't want to [be 00:26:09] just starting out. Just brand yourself, do the tier one, get the word out, what it is that you're doing, get the local word out, and it's going to start ranking overtime, your IFTTT network. In the meantime, you can do a separate tiered network for your videos, and you can do your videos so that they'll start ranking also. Giving people advice, I mean, look at what we do with Semantic Mastery on hump days. This video is going to be posted on YouTube for free. I mean, that's one of the ways that we found that we can actually help people and actually get the Semantic Mastery brand known.

This Stuff Works

Hernan: Yeah. Definitely, definitely. If you have any further question, Christina, feel free to post it on the Facebook group, okay? That's why it's there for. So David, hey David. He has several questions. “One, would you use proxies if you were going to create a lead gen site in another state or city? Two, does Google Page rank matter as far as buying high PR [inaudible 00:27:16] for IFTTT networks? Three, what do you value more Moz DA, PR, or just Majestic Trust Flow and Citatio- …?”

Are Proxies Important When Creating Lead Gen Sites?

Okay, so would you use proxies if you were going to create a lead gen site in another state or city? Personally, David, I wouldn't to create the website. To create the website itself, I wouldn't use proxies. You can. That's not something that I usually do. Because usually when you are creating a website you have a ton of stuff going on in the backend, and usually [inaudible 00:27:50] actually access through that until you are openly saying, “Hey, come and index me and see what's going on.” That's why I wouldn't use a proxy. I think it's extra work. Now when you're creating personas, here's the deal, you could be using proxies when you're creating, for example, personas or IFTTT networks, and I think that would be a good idea. But for the creation of the [lead gen 00:28:19] site itself, I don't think it's necessary. What do you guys think?

Marco: Yeah, I don't even bother, man. If he's going to another state or city and he can get a verified map, that would be the key. I wouldn't even bother with the proxy. Can you get a verified map? Because if you can then you're already way ahead of the game, and you can build it around that. That automatically, when you verify that listing, it automatically establishes some trust and authority, which you can build around.

Is Google Page Rank Important When Buying Tumblr Sites for IFTTT Networks?

Hernan: Right. Does Google page rank matter as far as buying high PR Tumblr for IFTTT networks? Well David, you know there are a couple of, first off, the official version is that PR, public PR that is, is not being updated anymore, however, I've seen, for example, [Terry Kyle 00:29:12], and he's an SEO that I really trust because he will study things in depth, and he will tell you his finding. He has been seeing fluctuations on the public PR. I'm not saying that's something that, you know, that PR is coming back, but that's what he's saying, and he's openly saying that PR still matters. Now however, we are ranking, and we are focusing mostly on some other metrics, and this has to do with the third question, what do you more, Moz DA, PR, Majestic Trust Flow, or Citation Flow?

Now here's the deal, we have found that Moz DA, PA, and Citation Flow, they easily manipulate it. Trust Flow is as well, but you need to do more than just massive links. So if you're buying Tumblrs or PBNs or whatever you're trying to buy, I would rather focus on trust flow and topic of trust flow, and I think this is a good question for Marco as well.

Marco: Yeah, the key to all of this is actually topical trust flow. If he can get something that's relevant and related to whatever it is that he's doing, even though it might have less trust flow, you're actually getting better links, links that have relevancy, links that are related to whatever it is that he's doing, and those links will actually carry way more power than if he were to get a high trust flow, let's say Tumblr account that had nothing to do with whatever it is that his niche is in. Having said that, now if you can get something that's trust flow 60, 70, which is almost impossible to do, but if you can get that, then it won't matter.

Hernan: Correct.

Marco: There's a point where the power trumps whatever anything else is.

Why Is it Important to Have Multi-tier Networks for YouTube Syndication?

Hernan: Okay. That's pretty clear, David. Zlobin Ilya, which [inaudible 00:31:22]. He dropped a bunch of questions, so let's keep hammering them. “You keep harping on multi-tier networks for YouTube syndication. Please explain why this process works. So far I get that it gives different times for the posting because it takes a while to cascade through the networks. Otherwise, I don't see why not to just have thousands if not hundreds of tier one networks for YouTube syndication. Is there a link built back to tier one, bloger, tumblr, word press on tier two rings? Is this a multiple tier thing for indexing purposes making the links find-able by Google?”

Okay, so what we have preaching, Zlobin, is that you can actually have multi-tier networks, but for YouTube in particular, you can state, as you are correctly saying, you can stack networks upon networks upon networks, so you can have thousands or hundreds of tier one networks for YouTube syndication. Because what matters when it comes to YouTube syndication, in my opinion, are basically two things, that you have a properly optimized YouTube channel and you can get YouTube [inaudible 00:32:32] Academy for that. It's $7, and Bradley goes in great detail on how to optimize a YouTube channel, and number two is [embeds. 00:32:41] The more embeds that you get, the better, and not only the more embeds that you get, but embeds that you get on relevant and powerful domains.

For example, on your multi-tier networks, what you will be doing is to post not only on the tier two, not only will be posting your own videos, but videos from other people. That's also shared on the advanced section of V2. Videos from other people like different blogs, views, et cetera from different sources. What this does is to add some variation to the tier two networks. That's why I think multi-tier networks are really, really good, and that's something that you should be applying. It doesn't mean that you shouldn't be stacking tier one upon tier one because what matters, again, is embeds and a [correctly 00:33:34] optimized YouTube channel. I don't know what you guys think about this.

Chris: No, I think that's a perfect answer, man.

MOZ's Blog Spam System & IFTTT Network

Hernan: All right. Let's keep moving. Zlobin says, “My blog has Moz spam score of 8 over 17, and it's saying that 56% of websites get punished for this as Moz says when you click on the toolbar link. Is this 100% that my blog will be punished? Could it be of the syndication of my blog posts? Because … ” Sorry. “of the syndication of my blog posts? You mentioned that these magical birds of Google can also even hurt a video from too many links. However, you said you can throw the kitchen sink at them. It seems like a contradiction.”

Okay, Zlobin, so, and this is my experience. Moz spam score, the guys at Moz, sorry, they are making a great job, but it's not a viable metric as of yet, and I'm going to tell you why. I put it on the Moz site explorer, a website that was pristine. It was beautiful. A tier-one, I mean a [inaudible 00:34:47] that was beautiful, tons of authority backlinks. It was beautiful, and it came back with an 8 over 12, 8 out of 10, or something like that. Then I put it, one of my nastiest web 2.0s that you can imagine, the ones that I have been building, I don't know, if I found a thousand backlinks and trackbacks and those kind of things, and it came back with 1 out of 17 or 1 out of 12 because they keep adding different things to the algorithm.

So I wouldn't entirely trust on that metric as of yet. I'm not [inaudible 00:35:22] the future, but I wouldn't trust entirely on that metric as of yet. Please remember, Zlobin, that these are metrics, all right? Being metrics, they have their own algorithms, and we are relying so heavily on trust flow and topical trust flow because it is what resembles the most to page ranking and topical page rank. Okay? But Moz spam score, I don't think it's a mature metric as of yet. That's my opinion anyways.

Marco: Yeah, I would agree 100% with that. It needs work. What I would do, though, if you're getting that, I would just go take a look at the link profile, man, and see if there's any links that can actually hurt you. Go take a look at your on-page and off-page SEO. Go take a close look at the website, and just make sure that you have all your ducks in a row. As long as you do, and you're doing the job of syndication, proper attribution, doing it on a regular basis, you are doing nothing different than what everybody else is doing, so there's no reason to expect that your site will be punished for whatever it is that you're doing. As long as you stay within the terms of service, there's no reason for it.

Hernan: Mm-hmm (affirmative), mm-hmm (affirmative). He also asks, “You mentioned that these magical birds of Google can also even hurt a video from too many links. However, you said you can throw the kitchen sink at them.” Now here's the deal, Zlobin. Google loves Google, and YouTube happens to be a Google property, so you can get away with much more, and you can be much more aggressive with YouTube than you could possibly be with a website. You have to have that in mind.

Now you could, I would say a couple of months ago, you could hammer and blast and spam a YouTube video to the top. Now it's not the case anymore. Google has equalized that a little bit. What you can do, however, is to, for example, embed a video, and [inaudible 00:37:38], those kind of things. Those are kind of more advanced techniques that we teach in the Mastermind, so I would leave that out of this Hump Day Hangout for now, but just know that you can get away with much more. That would be my point, you can get away with much more when it comes to YouTube than when it comes to regular websites.

All right. Bradley says, “I'd like to know why the hell Bradley and Adam aren't attending today. L-O-L.” I will plus one that, and you know, you saw those guys. They were slacking in San Diego.

How Does Transferring of Domain Authority Works?

Zlobin asked again, “So let's say that you have a high PA of 20 plus on a WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, and other accounts. How does this transfer authority, whether PA or DA, and is there a way to measure? Are the items posted on the first page of the blog roll getting the most juice but as the blog paginates and it goes to page two, do those links lose juice them?” I think that you are paying too much attention to PA and DA to be honest, Zlobin. Not saying that's wrong. I'm just saying that it's not the metric that we focus on most because again, this can be highly, you know, I can blast a WordPress site that has, I don't know, perfect DA, it has 100 DA or something like that, and I can blast a WordPress site, and I can get it to page [30 of 60 00:39:07] in a matter of 15 days or something like that. Of course it will take Moz updating the database, et cetera. I wouldn't focus those metric much.

However, [this 00:39:23] transfers authority. The theory says that the higher the DA, the higher the authority that it's transferred. When you can check is when Moz updates its database which is your farthest and farthest apart right now, and once it's update its database, you can check how much of that DA and PA is getting transfer to your website, because again, this is Moz metric, and you need to rely on Moz to figure that out.

Okay, so we have Zlobin again saying, “I'm using the Semantic WP 2014 … “

Marco: Hang on.

Hernan: Yeah, [crosstalk 00:40:08] go ahead. Go ahead, Marco.

Chris: He asked about pagination, but if he's doing proper application of proper linking, whenever he syndicates a blog post, that blog post is going to carry a link back to the blog itself. So once it paginates, it's still going to carry all of those links back to that blog, so there's no reason why you're going … You will lose some since it's not being on the front page, but it won't lose much because you're going to have, your interlinking is going to be proper. Your [silo 00:40:43] structure is going to be proper, so all of that juice will carry throughout the website properly as long as you have, again, all of your ducks in a row. There's no reason that he should use all that much through pagination.

This Stuff Works

Hernan: Mm-hmm (affirmative) Yeah, I think it makes sense. The days of, I mean they work. PBNs, they work. They still work, but the days that you should have all of your PBN links on the homepage and watch the OBL, the outbound links, because that will make the PBN less strong, and those kinds of things, I honestly think that those days are kind of gone. Because OBL, for example, if outbound links were such a factor, we have been testing a lot dropping authority outbound links in our posts, and it actually affects positively the metrics of the current website. Let me explain. If you have a PBN and you link out to a higher trust flow website, some of that trust flow gets transferred back to you. Some of that authority is transferred back to you because it makes sense. You're making Google's job easier by actually helping the spider, the spiders indexing the web. That should be your work as an SEO, basically.

Using the SEMANTIC WP 2014 Child Theme

All right, so, “Using the Semantic WP 2014 child theme, search console says that under structured data I have 463 items with 201 items with error on 193 pages. Says missing author and missing updated parameters, does this hurt my search standing? How do I input author into all of these and fix these two minor issues easily and quickly, or automatically and cheaply as well?” I would say try with SEO by Yoast, Zlobin because Semantic WP child theme, it's really good, but you can add some more structured data to it. Usually, and it will definitely depend on that theme, but usually SEO by Yoast will add the author and the updated parameters that you are missing. You can go that route, or you can go the not so easily, well unless you know how to code, but you [will 00:43:16] need to code that yourself, okay? But usually Yoast, unless you guys have another option, usually Yoast will form just as fine for that.

A Quick Review on Scrapebox

Let's go with Dean, Dean Signori. Hey, Dean. “Hi, guys. Topic, ScrapeBox. I bought a couple of years back when I was trying to spam tier twos to save a little money on outsourcing, kind of overwhelmed me a bit and ended up just using it to sort a large amount of URL backlinks when trying to make a comprehensive disavow list of a [plugin 00:43:52] hit sites. Anyway, I stopped using and when realized needed proxies as well, et cetera. Have you guys ever used it, and does it have any purpose for any level of SEO anymore? It's gathering digital dust.”

Dean, I really like ScrapeBox. I hardly use it as the original purpose which was to spam tier twos with comments. I could make some tests and run some tests once in a while when trying to see what happens when I spam something, but that's definitely not the case. However, ScrapeBox is a great overall tool. It will help you finding expired Tumblrs for example, or Weeblys. It will help you going through large amounts of URL data. It will help you generating RSS out of links and submitting those through RSS. It's probably not the original function I should say of ScrapeBox, but it's really good. I like it because it's really versatile. I don't know if you guys use it anymore. For backlinks, I mean, for backlinks, I definitely use GSA. That's my weapon of choice for backlinks, not ScrapeBox. I think GSA makes a great job when it comes to structure the [build in 00:45:15] links, but for everything else, it's a really versatile tool. It's kind of a multi-tool, a [inaudible 00:45:21] kind of tool.

How many Video Powerhouse Credits a month does the $100 get you?

Dean, he's saying, “Video Powerhouse, how many credits a month does the $100 get you? Thanks.” I think, if I'm not mistaken, Dean, I think it's 100 submissions. Right, guys? Can you guys confirm this? I think it's 100 submissions.

Chris: Yeah, I'm pretty sure that $100 gets him 100 video submissions. [crosstalk 00:45:48]

Hernan: Right. Right, right, right. Yeah, it will get you 100 submissions. Just to be sure, Dean, if you can, hit [email protected] just to be completely sure, but yeah. I'm pretty sure that's the case. Greg says [crosstalk 00:46:07] …

Marco: Can I say [crosstalk 00:46:08] …

Hernan: Yeah, sorry.

Marco: What I'm going to do for Dean is I'm going to drop the link for Video Powerhouse.

Hernan: [Nice. 00:46:13]

Marco: Just go take a look. I'm not sure. I should know, but I am not really sure, so just to be on the safe side, go take a look at the website. Go through it, and just see what you get. Or if everything else fails to send a ticket to [email protected], and we'll straighten it out.

Local Citations for National-Based Website

Hernan: Yeah. Definitely, definitely. All right. Greg, he's asking, “Can citations such Yellow Pages, Hotfrog, [inaudible 00:46:48], Yelp be used for national-based websites, not local? For example, a website that sells and reviews treadmills. Can citations in general directories be used for this? How much benefits or link power does citation provide to a national website, non-local? Thanks.”

Well Greg, you know what's funny is that I have ranked, or I have used, citations, like local citations for the US for non-US based websites, and they work really well because besides the citation that you get, most of the cases you will also get a backlink, and these are really, really high, powerful backlinks, so I would say that you go ahead and use it. If it is national based, they should have some sort of headquarters. Use that. But I have used that for general e-commerce sites that they were national based, even for non-US websites on [foreign niches. 00:47:45] I have used citations, something like Loganix for example. The guys at Loganix, they will tell you the same. They will tell you it will work for non-local or for even foreign niches, so go ahead and test it out because it [has 00:48:02] worked really, really well for me in the past. Because again, they are tier one links, okay? So you want to get as many as possible.

Death of PBN

D Badwal, he says, “Few days ago you mentioned that PBN model is dying soon. Would you please explain this topic in detail?” Yeah, sure, D. I think that Marco made a great blog post on semanticmastery.com explaining this. It's kind of a hard topic to discuss in a Hump Day Hangout, so I would tell you [inaudible 00:48:39] go there. I don't know if you have the link handy of your blog post, Marco, over there, but I will tell you that you go there and give it a look because it's really, really in depth, and it's really, really good.

Marco: Yeah, I've already added the link, man, so he can go take a look, read it, and he'll see why the distance graph actually, the distance graph section of the algorithm is what's going to kill PBNs.

Hernan: Yeah.

Marco: Unless of course you're in IFTTT V2.0 and everything else that Semantic Mastery teaches which will teach you, will teach you how to keep those alive and prospering well into the teens and beyond.

Hernan: Right. Bob, “Thanks for the awesome tips and insights. Very excited to be pursuing the business and have the certainty that comes with all of your expertise.” Great, Bob. Please do keep us updated, okay? Keep us updated. The guys and I would like to know, would love to know actually, how it goes, okay? So go ahead.

Assigning Names to Blog in Branded IFTTT Network

Ryan, “When I'm creating a tier one Blogger for a money site, is it best to use brandname.blogpost.com, or can you put keywords in there such as keyword.blogpost.com? I use the IFTTT to Google Sheet, and I'm wondering if I can over-optimize if I'm posting URLs over and over that contain money keywords.” Yeah, Ryan, I would definitely go for the branded route. This applies for Blogspot and for whatever branded IFTTT tier one IFTTT networks or properties that you're using. I would rather go for the brand, and this has many, many uses that we have discussed in the past. Like for example, you are not pigeonholing yourself. You're not over-optimizing. You're creating brand authority. That brand will feed into the knowledge graph, so when people are actually searching for your brand, your brand name, you will blanket the first page of Google. This applies for general brands, personal brands, companies, so I would definitely go with the brand name. I don't know what you guys think.

Marco: Yeah, no, absolutely. Here's just a little tidbit that I'm going to share that's killing it right now. You do the brand, right? That is going to give you an awesome backlink profile because it's not really hyper-targeting key words, but then what you do is you go and buy that one really powerful PBN, and you drop your IFTTT network around and make it all themed, make sure that it's relevant, and then when you [weigh in 00:51:23] that link, that one can be an exact match keyword. Then you're going to power up, and anything that you aim that PBN link at is going to be powered up so much more by laying down the groundwork, man. Think of it in those terms. Brand, brand, brand, brand, brand, and then when you hit with that one keyword term that's just going to just shoot it wherever you want it to go.

Hernan: Yeah. That's an amazing tip by the way, Ryan. That's why we use, for example, press releases. You know, that's exactly the case. Not only because of the profit and the trust but also because it kind of [pillowing 00:52:04] your anchor text. So you will get a ton of branded, a ton of URL links, and then you just need a couple of hits in the head, the way Marco was saying, with the exact match to kill it. That's a great way to approach link building right now.

Where to Find Reasonably Priced Writers?

Dean says, “Which is the best place to find recently price writers for tier one good quality unspun articles? I currently have a few different orders at source market and the first one to come back is just spun garbage advertised as manually written, seems very Fiverr-like. Hopefully the other two writers are better.”

Yeah, dean. That's usually the case. I'm not entirely sure about source market, but that's usually the case with Fiverr. There's no way you can get a good writer for [inaudible 00:52:59] or whatever. [On 00:53:01] the Masterclass we teach how to hire outsourcers. The way we go up to this is usually, if this is [eventual, 00:53:14] like if this is you need a one off or a couple of articles and that's it, I would suggest that you go to upwork.com. You post the job over there, and you will have a ton of different applications and applicants ranging from different, like the most, you will have a ton of [inaudible 00:53:33] and different prices and budgets over there depending on your needs.

If this is more like an ongoing kind of job, I would suggest that you go ahead and once you find the writer that you really like, the style, those kinds of things, you keep it close to your heart, and you pay probably a bit more, and you keep ordering up until the time that you at some point, you know, it makes sense that you just hire him and pay him a salary or a full-time salary or something like that. That's kind of a progression, and have in mind also, Dean, that you can use curation. People can be trained in curation really, really quick. [inaudible 00:54:17] mastery shows how to do this, how to train curators, what kind of tools to use, et cetera, and that can be, guys, a great, great source of tier one, good quality, unspun articles for half or even one third of the cost because curators are usually much cheaper, and they can crank out articles much, much faster than usually if you have someone writing 500, 700 words or something like that. I would suggest that you use those kind of deals. Marco, what do you think?

Marco: No, absolutely. Once you find a great curator or a great writer, just make sure you pay because they're going to be well worth your time.

Hernan: Yep, definitely, definitely. This applies, of course, well, you're talking about tier one, and tier one can definitely, definitely be curation, okay? You can totally use curation. In fact, that's exactly what we're doing with IFTTT guys. We're syndicating out. It's kind of a curation, an automatic curation because we are [building 00:55:23] a link back as an [inaudible 00:55:25] source.

Nick is saying that IFTTT, that Semantic Mastery [crosstalk 00:55:30] …

This Stuff Works

Nick, by the way …

Hernan: Is it down?

Nick: we only have time for a couple of questions. No, it's [crosstalk 00:55:35] …

Hernan: Oh, yeah.

Nick: The other link that I posted is up. semanticmastery.com/V2

Hernan: Okay.

Nick: semanticmaster.com/V2 I posted it. You can access it, and you can click on it. It's working.

Hernan: Amazing. Amazing. Thanks, Nick.

Nick: We only have time for a couple more questions.

Hernan: Yeah, for one more question, right? Yeah, or a couple.

Nick: [crosstalk 00:55:57] A few more. I'll keep you posted.

Process in Seeing Properties in Crowdsearch Interface

Hernan: Okay. All right, all right. Dean says, “Regarding Crowdsearch, what is the process for a user to see your properties via the interface? What does it look like on the analytic referrals? I realize things have developed a lot since years back, but in the days of YouLikeHits and alike, sounds a lot like Crowdsearch except those older versions left referral footprints due to the [iframes 00:56:22] et cetera appearing on carousels of YouLikeHits for users to like for credits to have their own page liked.”

The way I see Crowdsearch, Dean, is that they are micro-workers. They are not the kind of bots that you could actually abuse the system like YouLikeHits or AddMeFast or those kind of things. The way I look at Crowdsearch is that it's, they are micro-workers. They will login. They will manually login. There's a person, you know? There's an actually flesh and bone person actually looking for your website. They will jump behind a proxy, an IP that you tell them because right now they are offering localized searches, and that's how it's working. It's not kind of the same. That's how you will see the analytic referrals. It would come from Google, and you will see people coming from your country.

Using Personal Name or Creating Another Persona?

Christina says, “Sorry, I'm still learning how to use all the terminology. I'm using my personal name and have already built a great relationship, audience. I didn't know if I had to set up new profiles and multiple networks or not.” Christina, go ahead and set the profiles that you're lacking for a full IFTTT syndication networks, okay? Just stick with that. Probably you do not have a wordpress.com blog, probably you didn't have a tumblr.com. Open those accounts, and start syndicating there, all right? Just open the websites that are lacking for your current efforts.

IFTTT and Mastermind Bundle

Here are the guys. Here you have them. Hey, guys. Bob says, “Are you going to offer the Mastermind, IFTTT V2 as a bundle? Now here's the deal, Bob. You can actually join … First off, you will need to join V2 anyways, but with that being said, you will then join the Mastermind, and we will cancel the recurring payment for V2. That means that you only paid one for V2. If [you've 00:58:27] done the Mastermind today, send a ticket to [email protected], and the guys will hook you up. Have in mind that you will need to pay for [inaudible 00:58:36] to the videos, and then once you join the Mastermind, we will cancel the recurring payments for V2. Am I correct, Chris? Is that the way that we are doing things now?

Chris: Yep.

Hernan: Yep? All right.

Chris: Yes, exactly right.

Hernan: Okay, cool. All right. Amazing. We have one more probably.

Nick: Yeah, one more and that's it.

Majestic's Topical Trust Flow

Hernan: Okay, so David. “Marco mentioned topical trust flow. How do you know when the site you put into Majestic has high topical trust flow?” How do you do that, Marco?

Marco: You have to be logged in for that. You have to have an account. That's the only way that you can get the topical trust flow metric.

Useful Tools & Methods for Integrating Schema

Hernan: Yeah, yeah. And Bob says, “Are there any good, easy methods of incorporating schema into our hosted sites, like plugin or themes?” Bob, you have Yoast SEO will incorporate schema. Sorry, yeah, schema. Also there is a plugin that's called All in One Rich Snippets, which will allow you to mark the data on each of those posts, and some things will do that as well, but usually Yoast and that plugin makes a great job.

I think, guys, I think we are done. What do you guys think? I think it's our turn for a beer or something. Right?

Marco: Yeah, that's all the time we have, and [crosstalk 01:00:03] …

Hernan: Okay. All right, guys. So, yeah. Thanks a lot, everyone. Don't forget to … Yeah, go ahead. Go ahead.

Marco: Yeah, just quickly to … I don't know what his name is, but tell [inaudible 01:00:14], you have to remember that Adam right now is away at the convention. You sent in a ticket, just give us time to get to it. We'll get you the URL so you can get logged in if you haven't gotten your logins. We'll get it all straightened out. Just give us a bit of time. That's all.

Hernan: Yep. Yes. Thank you guys, thank you. Don't forget to jump into V2. It's in the [discount 01:00:39] right now, launch is open until Monday, and then we're cranking up the price. It's a no brainer. [inaudible 01:00:46] no brainer, so go ahead. iftttseo.com, join the V2 madness. It's going to be good. Thank you, everyone. Thank you, Chris. Thank you, Marco. It's been a pleasure.

Chris: Have a good one.

Marco: All right, man. Take care. Bye, everyone.

Chris: Bye.

Hernan: Okay, bye bye.

This Stuff Works

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