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By April

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welcome, everybody, to Episode 296 where you see behind the curtains for a few seconds. So anyway, we're gonna get into things today. We already got a lot of really good questions on the page. We've got a few announcements we want to run through and share with you all. But first, we're gonna stop and say hi, so it's kind of cloudy here. So I'm going to start with Marco. Marco. How are you doing today?

Go have a look.

I can't help. I can't help it. I can't help it is the life I live in the price I pay.

Well, I like the really high hard price is tough. Oh, that kitchen charm. Things are tough all over.

I'm dating myself, right.

Who's Cheech and Chong, right. That's what

Man. All right, good stuff. Well Chris, how are you doing today? A little bit darker in your picture? Well, it's already nice but otherwise, it's a seamless marker. It's Groundhog Day every day at the moment you're like really good wetter summers definitely here. So yeah, I can't complain. I got a question for you. Yeah, what's up? What's the thing next to the words here on the slide?


That's the Click Funnels two comma word now that's the enemies been lazy. I need to put it on the wall. But Hernando like, you should take pictures and I was like, Yeah, what's the one next to it? Oh, it's literally a piece of glass. It's not Oh, I got another one. Yeah, I used to be an engineer. So I used to make help design heads up display stuff when that was coming out. And so I got one an entire sheet of it and just put it in the frame and realized I had that. Anyways, now you guys know, whatever your Semantic Mastery degree. Yeah, I need well that's what that is right there.

So, although we'll share one more before we go on a show and tell of Adam That's great. That's pretty nice. Yeah, that was pretty cool. That guy made that off of Etsy. got the idea from Ian Stanley, a copywriter that I follow so if you're not familiar with the story, just google feed the wolf and check that out. Pretty cool. Yeah, I read that article that you posted when you in slack about it, and it was good. That's good stuff. Well, Hernan How about you, man, how's the southern hemisphere Go? Go man is shitty.

Now, but it's at nighttime, it's not bad. Like today, it's a little bit better. It's been like three today was like three degrees, which is like 30 I don't know, which is like minus 2000 Fahrenheit or something like that.

And it's like, it was like 1,000% humidity, but it was good, man. It was good. I'm excited to be here. It's good to be here.

Tom coming down to snowboarding to Argentina but I didn't know if traveling is that good of a choice at the moment now like you cannot get in the country like you can't, you know, they'll put you in jail.

Which could be fun. You know why not? You can be hanging out.

God. All right, moving on Bradley, how are you doing today? Good. Todd is balls here, but good.

Well, what are you working on man's here? You're working on something and we're not Yeah. Everyone else yet. All right. So and I spent several hours working on this today.

It's all done except for one section so I can grab the screen. Well, you know what? Finishing announcements and I'll leave with that. Okay, well, I want to share my screen real quick. So we mentioned this briefly last week, but POFU Live tickets are available for sale. It is virtual this year, of course. But you can grab them

Now, so if you head over to poker live.com, you can find out more about it, we do have the same types of tickets, I'll say I'll let you read about that we have the option to just come and attend the talks, which is fine. And then you have the VIP tickets where we're going to give you executive summaries for free. There are a couple of other bonuses and you get to join us on the VIP event, which sadly, we couldn't meet up and take a bus around town like we did in DC and go to the breweries, but we're going to bring the beer to you. And we're going to have a little bit of a beer guided beer tasting with a company who's walking us through that. And then we're going to have some time after that just catch up to breeze get to know each other a little bit better. So I'm looking forward to that. Bradley Are you looking forward to today's man if you know if we can't do beer tasting in person, then virtual beer tasting is the next best thing. Gotcha. And I will put this out there since I know we got a lot of our subscribers and viewers in Canada and other places in the world.

Sadly, they cannot it's just a pain in the butt to ship alcohol across the border. So they can't do that. But if you still want to join, grab the VIP ticket, it's going to be you know, its own little event as well as you get some other bonuses, so it's still worth it and you could just be ye ob and maybe that'll work out better for anyways, definitely want.

So go over there, head over to pofulive.com. And check that out, we've got a little bit of updated information. As the time gets closer, we're going to be publishing the schedule, but it's going to start on Friday, the 25th of September, and that's going to kick off the VIP event. Saturday and Sunday are going to be jam-packed with the talks and information and the way we're going to do that is we're going to have things kick off in the morning, you know, you'll get notifications, all that jazz, we've got an area just for people who are attending. Come in, do the talks, have some q&a, take a break, let everyone have a breather, grab some food, do all that. Come back here to get in the afternoon and do the same thing and have some time in there for q&a to so people who are attending it's not like this is going to be just pre-recorded and you can't get any feedback. You're going to be able to ask the speakers and presenters questions and get that feedback.

So we have behind the curtain discussion and there might be some good stuff. Can't tell everything right now. But yeah, head over there. We've got a lot of really good feedback from people last year as well as Rob, who was also a speaker. Jeffrey Smith is going to be joining us again this year Brian went from attendee last year to speaking this year. He's got some really good insights daddy is going to be presenting some more information. He was blowing people's socks off last year, and Jordan Fowler as well. Another mastermind member who's an agency owner and has seen a lot of growth over the past few years is going to be joining us. So like I said, just head over to poker live calm if you got any questions hit us up at support at semantic mastery comm

And with that said, I'm going to pop the link on the page but Bradley, would you like to share people share with everyone what you're working on? Sure. And I just very quickly created a pretty link from semantic mastery comm for it so

I got that done instead of that really long, ugly URL. All right, I'm gonna grab the screen.

Okay, guys, so, here's what I got for you guys. Today. I talked about this last week, I said that I was going to try to have this the Semantic Mastery / MYGB process checklist, which is I use process street or process.st as my process doc software or application for my vas and everything now it's fabulous. And so last week, I talked about creating a checklist for within process Street. It's a shareable template guy, so you guys can look at it if you want to be able to run a checklist from it, so that you can

This Stuff Works
Assign it or whatever to VA is or for each project, you can create a new checklist. You have to have your own process street account. Okay, but you can import the template in your account. But what I said last week was I was going to try, you know, we get, even our mastermind members sometimes come in and say, you know, well, where do we start? Like, do we have a kind of a checklist or a process that shows us what to do and in what order and that kind of stuff? And we do we have the battle plan, but I guess that's not enough. And so it still leaves questions in people's minds. So as a couple of weeks ago, I started working on creating a process template for how to you know, what we call worry lists entity based SEO. Okay, Marco really coined that term, but it's essentially our processes and laid out in the proper order proper sequence. And last week when I talked about creating this checklist or this template, I said that you know, what I wanted to do is just get the checklist ready by this week, and then I was going to start adding video training for each one of the sections to really flesh it out. Well, fortunately, I realized that I had done our process training inside of the two extra agency training, the two extra agency training for those of you that aren't aware, is really how to double you know, double your agency. And it consisted of three parts within the training, right? So the first four weeks was about mindset, and basically like filling your pipeline full of leads and prospects. Then the second four weeks were about our processes, the SM processes, and how to get repeatable and reliable results. And then the last four weeks was how to grow and scale your business. And so essentially, the four weeks in the middle, which was our processes for how the Semantic Mastery training was already done because I recorded that a couple of a few months ago now, and it was perfect for what I put in this channel list.

And so I was actually able to flesh this out almost entirely. There are only a little bit guys, I'll share this link with you in a moment. There's only one section that's not done. And that's because I'm going to record new training for that. And that's the website section here. So let me just go through this very briefly to give you guys an idea of what it is that you're going to get. We're giving this away for free guys, there's a ton of content here. But we start with the foundation. This isn't, you know, 15-minute video and a little checklist here or whatever for you to go through that talks about what entity based SEO is so that you get an idea of what you know what it is that we're doing and why we do it this way. Okay, which I think that's important. We can give you the how-to-do stuff all the time, but if you don't understand why you don't really ever get any better, right? You become a good SEO or a good marketer when you learn the why behind the house. So it starts with the foundation. Then we get into keyword research 16-minute video, they're talking about keyword research, I suggest some tools if you want to do it on your own. Obviously the easiest thing to do is just go by done for you keyword research from MGYB

Yes, guys, I do push people to our products inside of this. Because again, if you want to get full training on everything I push, you know, I list links over to the training products that are going to give you the comprehensive training for each component. But we also push you over to mg y b because honestly, in my opinion, you guys are better off spending time growing your business then learning how to do all of this stuff, you can hire us to do it for you, okay if you or you can hire in house, you know virtual assistants or in house employees and then by the training and put them through it so you can work on growing your business and let somebody else do the work for you. Right either us or your own in house team that you put through the training. Next is going to be the website training. This is where I'm going to have basically silo architecture training. A lot of you are probably aware we have videos that we always refer people to where we talk about simple and complex silo structures. You can go to our YouTube channel and see those videos are many years old now. They're still absolutely relevant today except for a slight change in that I don't like to use the physical permalink structure for the physical silo structure, meaning category slash post name in the URLs. Whenever setting up silos, I like to use the virtual silo which is still the same type of category structure, but it's just using the post name permalink. So it's a much shorter, more succinct, cleaner looking URL. So anyway, all that said, I'm going to update those, the website or the silo architecture training videos in the next two weeks or so, and then I will update the training in this checklist guys, the same URL that I'm going to share with you is will automatically update when I add the new content, okay, so you don't have to worry about getting another URL. Next is the SEO power shield. This is where we go in far into depth into what the SEO power shield is and why it works and the different components of it. And so you can see this guy's you know, again, I'm not going to go through this piece by piece, but you can scroll through here and you'll see there's a lot of training videos in here that you know, go into much more in-depth as to what you know what the components are and why we do it this way.

Next is Content Marketing. And there's a lot of training on this one. So there's blogging, 30-minute video about blogging and how to get the best results, GMB posts, press releases, and then YouTube Silo Academy, essentially, I talked about that here very briefly too, because if you're using YouTube videos and your content marketing strategy, then you know, YouTube silo Academy is a great way for that for SEO. Lastly, link building and embeds. Talk about powering up the entity first, why we're doing what we do, how we, you know, basically power up our primary entity, right, so our branded website using the SEO shield, and all of the external stuff that we do gets done to our tier one branded entity assets. So that's what, you know, the powering up the entity, the foundation, essentially, or excuse me powering up the entity videos about then I talked about link building. There's a diagram there plus a video explaining what it is that we do and why we do it that way. We talk about embeds and layering and that's building links still to the embeds.

So video talking about that. And then there's frequency and indexing so that you can kind of develop your own link building and embed campaigns schedule for ongoing maintenance and such for whatever projects you're working on. So again, this is guys, there's a lot of stuff in here, there's a lot of training in here, some of you that have taken to x or joined to 2xyouragency will recognize some of these videos, I didn't give away the whole farm, the first section and the last section of the two extra agency training was not included into this, because this is specifically about the process for our Semantic Mastery methods. And, and so anyways, I wanted to share that with you guys. Feel free to use it. And like I said, when I get the website training done in about two weeks, next week, I'm going on vacation, by the way, so I won't see you guys next week at all. Um, but when I get back, I'm going to try to get that website training done and added to this template so that you guys will have that as well. So that will be updated silo training. Okay. So with that said, I'm going to post this on the page. Any comments, guys before we get into questions?

Good. Yeah, I just wanted to say I was looking up something semi-related and just stumbled across something Bradley while you're talking. And so a shout out to what you guys have done as well as mg y v, we just came off the Fourth of July sale. And a lot of people were interested in the SEO shield, which incorporates the RYS Reloaded techniques and drive stacks. And this was really interesting, I just noticed that someone is outranking us doing a review for syndication Academy using our looks like we made the drive.

This Stuff Works
So anyways, I thought that was great. They're ahead of the Semantic Mastery website. So we may have to turn this into a case study, what was the keyword? I'll message you on the site in case that you know, I don't know if it's something we want to share or not. Okay. All right.

Good stuff. So I like CMP. We'll put this stuff to work. It's cool to see it out in the wild. I mean, I see I come across it in many other places, but this one was just funny. I was looking something up while you're talking. I like it when we launch a product which isn't all that often but when we do it

Somebody else uses our methods to outrank us for the launch.

We're getting to it, I'll encourage that all day long god bless them yeah and an affiliate link and outrank us for everything and then send them to us. Now that sounds fine absolutely make some money from it and prove that our stuff works right by the way guys just so you know it's semantic mastery comm slash process. So in case you didn't see it in the chat box at semantic mastery comm slash process, you can import that template into your own process st account if you have it. If you don't, you can just view it but you won't be able to like check the boxes. I mean, you can look at all the training and everything but you just won't be able to use the checklist. Okay.

All right. Let's get to the questions. Real quick. Just got two more I want to do two more quick plugs. Bradley mentioned the battle plan if you want the step by step processes for getting SEO results and you don't have the battle plan just go to battle plan dot semantic mastery comm we already talked about POFU Live head over pofulive.com and last but not least we also mentioned them to you ID if you haven't gone over there that's the place to go for your done for you services whether it's link building, it's the drive stacks whether it's just about anything else it just keeps expanding to cover the things that people request promos press releases, SEO shield a lot more information coming as well but head over to mgyb.co.

Feedback On Why People Are Looking For More Authority Signals Without Running Ads On Facebook And Google

Alright, so the first question is a rather long Let's read through it and see he says just wanted to get feedback regarding why people are looking for more authority signals without running ads on Facebook ads, Google display ads retargeting, etc. issues because for affiliate sites all major big companies consider these as violating bridge policies. It's not about only banning the ad they banned the whole account with all footprints cards, etc. Names, IPS companies, etc.

Okay, I don't really see a question in there, um, feedback regarding what people are looking for more. I don't understand how that's relevant giving, he's giving us feedback. Okay. I don't know for what? For what by either. Somebody asked I'm not sure.

How Does The Security Headings Of Web Hosting Companies Affect Embeds?

Okay, number two, many postings now set some security headers by default, I think that may be a problem for embeds. Here's an example. I'm not going to click through links right now, guys, sorry. Also, a test on the security headers could be seen on this site. Do you have any guidance on what type of headers should be set? And if we could test if the headers are compatible? It looks like some people are still victims of hijacking. So that's why many websites, postings and other set security headers. I'm not sure what. Like, again, what is. I don't understand it, whoever This is if you can clarify. It looks like you're online. If you can just clarify what it is that you're asking here. Like, you know, why are you asking this? We don't control other people's websites. But

I'm just curious as to, what is the purpose of this question?

If you can clarify that then we'll come back and revisit it. Okay.

Guys, we want to take a stab at that from. Should I move on?

Now let's get it clarified. I can give more responses usually crappy hosting and or security WordPress plugins that cause that issue if you have your own liquid web VPS, and please use our affiliate link, if you're going to go get a liquid VPS you set your own hosting, you set your own why you split up your VPS. And then you can sell quality hosting on a liquid web VPS. Or you can and make up for the cost because it is pricey. If all you're going to put on it is one website. But then for most people, that's overkill. Just one website unless you have a huge website for the VPS so Semantic Mastery has an outgrown its liquid bed, but we've only outgrown at once I think. Yeah. And all it takes us is increasing but if you're growing I mean you can grow your own virtual hosting company and put your clients on quality hosting. That's fast, that's reliable, that's going to have back, people backing it up. And I mean, quality support. So that's one of the things you can rent as far as what the settings are, what the settings are. There's just so many you can just go to something like… I forget the name of the website. I'm sorry, it's not coming to me right now.

We can look at the status codes. What should you have? I mean, as far as iframe, you don't have an X ray, that's an iframe breaker. Anything that sets a frame breaker is a no go because then you can iframe but you can. I'm not gonna get into that. But you have to have a frame breaker. At any rate. What I see from this is just that you want to know what to set don't set anything that will break the iframe. And if you're you're doing affiliate like he's saying or anything like that, you don't want to run them to an iframe anyway. Because yes, that is that could be considered fishing.

This Stuff Works
You don't want to throw a 301 because that or a meta refresh, because even Google sometimes considers that type of fishing depending on which page you're coming from, and which page you're going to. So there's a lot of issues here, which you can just clear up by one quality hosting where you set your own rules and policies. And to when you set your WordPress plugin and the security, remove the framework or the X ray, period, and then you can iframe wait. So I guess that was what he was asking us. Perhaps he's not able to embed his own website is that what would you how you interpreted it?

Yeah, I mean, he's asking for guidance on what type of headers should be set, the one that should not be said it's the X ray. Image your own crappy host see when your own crappy hosting don't set the header responses by default, and it could be header responses that you don't want. But that's just the host forcing you to go back by their shared hosting rules.

You avoid that by going to a VPS. And setting up your own hosting. It's extremely simple to avoid, don't get crappy hosting, that's gonna set everything for you. And then not allow you the flexibility to do the things you want to do. Great. One more thing regarding the first part of the question was like affiliate sites being banned and stuff like routing bridge pages. The whole point of the do this is like you build your own kind of branded page. So you build your own brand. And if you do that, there is no problem in like violating bridge policies or whatever because you're just promoting another product on your page. And that's also how you keep the Facebook account. That's how you keep like all the other entities because what you're doing with the syndication network is also enforcing your brand. So if you're following the Syndication Academy, or like you use the SEO shield, and you have your own branded website. And they actually build it out a bit.

And they're not lazy and just doing like a simple bond page lender with one button and one headline or something like that. And all those problems disappear, in my opinion, at least in my experience, and from what I've, I'm seeing here.

Yeah, I have, I haven't done affiliate SEO and probably maybe two years or affiliate campaigns and probably about maybe two years, but I was running a shit ton of ads when I was doing affiliate stuff. And a lot of times I would get, you know, ads suspended because the landing page was considered a bridge page. And I spent a lot of time actually talking and communicating with Google Ads reps to try to figure out like I would just go to them and play stupid Marco was told me to do that. And it worked. I would always go to Google Ads reps and say, like, you know, like, what can I do to fix this? And they would tell me because I'd get on the phone with them. And they'd say, well, you're gonna have to have more content, you have to end blah, blah blah. And so I got to the point where I was able to, it was still a bridge page. But if you add enough content and you flesh it out, like what Chris just mentioned, then my ads would get approved even when they had been rejected but then I would resubmit for approval or for reconsideration after I did some of the things they said like flush the page out, add some content, you know, all that kind of stuff to where it wasn't just, you know, a very thin content site with a button to points to the product that were I was trying to sell so that makes sense. And again, it's been a couple years since I've done it, they may have tightened to the the you know, guidelines even more they probably have but um, that was my experience. I mean, like, I have like pages where it's literally just like a simple bridge page still as well but like I'm not doing any SEO on those in them. It's pretty much like per diem pretty much there that and I expect them to burn. But like for the ones that I want to keep around and like actually deploys your stuff and like actually want to have all the social signals and stuff. All like properly build out and I'm not being lazy on like articles like just doing like some I don't know copy paste PLR content or something like that I pretty much make sure that quality and those like brand all those things. They don't have any problems is that

Thanks, Chris.

What Are Your Thoughts On Buying Domains Containing “City + Service” Names?

So next is Mike he says hello, what do you think about buying domains containing city plus service? For example the domain Miami plumbing? Should I buy it? How can I gain in profit from domains like it? Thanks. And then the second part that he posted is he says I know it is better to go with branded brand identity instead of just keywords. But is there any potential with keyword domains? Well, yes and no. Yes, there is. I mean, there's a couple of things. How could you gain a profit from it? Well, it depends like one thing you could sell the domain right that's called domain a, you know, you can flip the domain. That's how I made my first dollar online. No shit was I sold exact match domains. I would just go by, you know, like the first one I sold for, I think two hundred bucks. So I registered it for 10 bucks for a year and and sold it for 200 bucks and it was the first hundred $90 in profit I ever made it was way back in like 2009 and it was houstonwindows.com or windowshouston.com or something like that. It was for a window company right. And so and it's funny that you asked that question because I've I've had in the past couple of weeks I've gotten spammed to death from domains trying to sell me exact match domains. And I don't know why but I keep getting emails from people trying to sell me exact match domains. So there's one that's one way you could do it. Personally, I don't like to do that I like to develop an asset out of them. I wouldn't build like a big-money site on something like that. But you can do like simple one-page websites like Miami plumbing would work. I prefer a branded asset. We always talk about that as Semantic Mastery. For example, having a plumbing domain will work really well. If you've got a plumbing company, but let's say that it's like Joe's plumbing well if it's Joe's.plumbing, that's a good domain now, right, because it's a branded domain. It's got a partial match keyword in it, right? Because it has plumbing in it. But it's still a brand branded type of domain, right? It's a brand name itself. So that's one way I would do it. But you can use exact match domain, stuff like that, again, I wouldn't build out a full-on website because you can.

It's very easy to over optimize when you have exact match domains. But if you're building just like a one-page landing page, it could be, you know, long-form content on there. But those actually work pretty well for that kind of stuff. And I know it because I've got some feeder sites that I'm using right now for some lead gen stuff that I'm using, essentially exact match domains which we don't encourage when you're building out full-on websites, but for single like one-page sites for you know, for very specific purposes, you can use those and they work again, I wouldn't. For example, I wouldn't have inner pages, right. The reason why is because like Miami plumbing slash, you know, whatever the plumbing services are.

It can start to get really spammy and trip over-optimization filters. That's why we don't ever recommend that. But again, if you know what you're doing, and you're doing like a single page site for a Miami plumber, for example, and you're going to have all, you know, content on the page about all the different products and services or services that they provide, then that could work. Although Like I said, I recommend having more of a branded domain as opposed to an exact match. Anybody want to comment on that? exact match? Do they still work? Yeah, still work locally, this they still work in anything other than global. The point is, like how much longer when Google came out with the distance graph. And I wrote about the distance graph and how Google was just going to kill traditional pbn. It was just a matter of time and then it happened.

We don't we don't see traditional private blog networks anymore, which is a blog network. And the only reason for it to exist is for people to go into it and buy links, which by definition makes it no longer private. Because they're out in public saying, Come by links come by links from us. And so it's so simple for Google to go pick, pick that out, right. And they get the index all the time. I once bought links from a deindex blog network and know the guy was advertising it. He knew that it was the index, and he wasn't telling anyone I should have done my due diligence. But you know, you live and learn, guys, it's risk versus reward. If you want to rank it, and you're going to take a whole bunch of time and put a whole lot of money into it. I don't recommend exactly that. Tell me, you guys. branded, I keep telling you to do the brand work on the entity we call it entity based wireless SEO. Why? Because when you introduce something else, you have t worry about other things, what we do is try to avoid all the negative triggers that are out there, all of these tripwires, that can get you into a whole lot of trouble with Google including getting deindexed. So rather than having to deal with all of that, with all of that concern, and all of these words and hiding all of these different things, we go out in the open, so if this is my entity, pay attention. Look at it. This is my brand. And I am also in all of these other social media right now all of these social networks and whatever. And that's also part of me, and I have citations and I have press releases. And I have all these different things that are part of my entity, this all belongs to me. And when you're out in the open like that, but it's just you're not selling links to anyone. You're actually buying links from MDB. We have a Deadia who does a masterful job of spamming the web. And the other than that, so we flip it around. And we say, look, here we are if you want to come to get us Come get it.

They want you, they're going to come get you. But now it's risk versus reward. Because you're spending all of this time to protect yourself from all of these updates that are that keep coming and hammering away and hammering away at all of these different ways to spam the web. We try to avoid all of those. So that's the one thing that I always look at when I'm looking at an editing domain is risk versus reward. How much money is going to make me this Miami problem? And if it isn't, I don't want it.

Well, it's interesting because like I said, I've for a project I'm working on right now I bought 12 exact match domains. But they're all near me near me domains. So it's keyword near.me domains, but it's for a very specific project that I'm working on. And but that you know, there's a reason for that. So, if you know that I mean, I wouldn't want to build it. I wouldn't try to build a branded site on one of those is what I'm saying. So

This Stuff Works

Is It Safe To Order MGYB Embeds Directing To A Client Money Site?

Anyways, we're gonna move on Toby says, What's up guys? Is it safe to order mg y b embeds direct to a client money site? I'm going to say yes, because I've heard that it is I'm going to I'm anxious to hear Marcos opinion on that, because it's an embed, not a link. But I don't do that. Because we use I use the method that I was taught from Marco, which is to use the G site. So embed the money page into the G theme marriage g site page. And then I use the G site page in an embed gig, right and then link building to the embeds or link building directly to the G site page either way, so I don't typically do just or I don't do money site pages and embed gigs although I know from our link builder data, he's he showed me results and showed me analytics of what happens when he does do that and it will show traffic it shows like, you know, traffic coming in to hit those pages that are embedded in that kind of stuff. But in fact that that, you know, that's part of the reason why he brought it to my attention because he said you think this could be harmful? because it showed a lot of traffic from certain domains and things that it was embedded on and that kind of stuff. But as far as I know, it's not harmful. Marco, what would you say?

As far as I understand the way that iframes work, no, there, there should be. No Ha. But I can't tell you what Google is going to do tomorrow. I do know that Google won't penalize itself anytime soon. I know that it says, I know that. That's where I'm going first. I'm gonna bite as doing directly to my domain. I'm going to iframe, the domain, the page, whatever it is that I'm going to add that I'm going iframe on that g site and then that's that now it's a stacked I think so to listen to this, get a YouTube video on that page that you're going to iframe first and foremost, and make sure that you've optimized that video. Alright, so now that's already an iframe stack. That's why they've always recommended for you to have a YouTube video on a page works really well. Why? Because you have a Google property iframe on your page. Now, you take that put it on the Gsite, not your double stacking. I think that you have the YouTube iframe. And now your page, I think into that decent, you're going to take that wrap that up and submit the iframe code to Deadia for him to further do damage to that, but the credit is all going to your homepage and to that YouTube video. So you're boosting two things, you're boosting the homepage, that you're framing and you're boosting that YouTube video, which is I already I think, on their page, you could take a mind map and do the same thing as we show you how to stack the add a stack a video into that mind map. We know that the keywords in that mind map will rank on that page. And the only thing that's on that page that has the keyword is that my map I think we also know the keywords on an on a page of the site, which is a Gsite those keywords that exist only on the site will rank on the page where the keywords don't really exist except through the iframe, or through the relationship that's created between the Gsite and the page. Now, you can go to John Mueller, and ask him, and he'll tell you, no, it doesn't happen. You'll tell you it doesn't happen. Or you can go ahead and try it, and see for yourself how it does. So it's whether you're going to believe your lying eyes or John Mueller.

But I mean, that I know, I don't see any harm. However, I see more potential when you stack the iframe. I agree. And I just want to add two things to that. Because number one, you know, guys, it's so easy to create theme your pages on a G site, you don't need any content. My point is you can just create pages, and then iframe in your existing pages from your money site and Google when the bots come and crawls and index that page. It will pull it out Google if you don't. If you don't specify a meta description, Google will automatically create a meta description in the search results based upon whatever the search query was that it found, you know, relevant. So it will create its own meta description from content on that page. Well, an empty a blank g site page with nothing other than embeds, Google will pull in content from those embeds and make that the meta description for the G site URL that's been indexed. So what Marco is saying is exactly correct in that you, that's why I said like, there's no reason not to use the G site, guys because you don't even need any additional content. You just create iframes put them right in the damn page, and it will index and when it does, it will, you know, again, Google is going to crawl the content from the iframe anyways. So that's where the relevance comes from. Number two, is again, you know, another reason why instead of just using the money site page, use a G site pages because for example, if you're published if you publish a press release to promote that page on the money site, when now you take that money site page and embed that in the G site page, the theme era g site page, take a Google map, like our map, like he said, a YouTube video that's optimized for the same term, or better yet a YouTube playlist so, you know, YouTube Silo Academy with that specific keyword as the first video in the playlist and embed that playlist because now you're embedding silo architecture into that page, then you can take the press release and iframe that in if you got a GMB post pointing a link back to that page, that the GMB posts, you understand the iframe stack on the G site page, why that's so powerful. And again, you're pushing relevancy through the Gsite into all of those other iframes. And likewise, it's coming back from all of those other iframes into the G site. So it's that mirror and mirror picture and picture that infinity loop that you create. That's why we call it you know, the debate, the entity loop, the iframe loop and all that kind of stuff. So again, I don't think you could, as far as I know, just embed the money site page and an embed run. But I think you get so much more bang for your buck by using a G site page and stacking iframes the way that we teach. So any other comments on that?

Oh, no.

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Will There Be A Google Penalty If You build 50+ Page Local Lead Gen Rank And Rent Site That Have Almost Identical Keywords?

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Question. Oh, I'm sorry. Great question. Yeah, it was a good question. Absolutely. Next one. Hey guys, hope everything Hope everyone is having a great lockdown summer. Here's my question when building out a 50 Plus page, local lead gen rank and rent site where I intend to rent the pages as landing pages, well there be a Google penalty since each page will only be variations of the same landing page with the main differences being a location keyword. Okay, I'll answer that first. And then I'll finish reading your comment or questions.

You know, the short answer is, no, a lot of people do that. And they still get away with it. I have never, I swear to God, never since I started building lead gen assets have I ever just taken the same content, swapped out the location names, and used it over and over and over again? And the reason why is because even though I know it still works, and I've been doing lead gen stuff since you know, 2010, really, but I've always used unique content. So when I say unique content, for example, I'll get you to know

Let's say, let's keep it on a smaller scale. But let's say I wanted to do 10 pages, right, so 10 location, local pages for a lead gen project. So I basically I would use, it would be the same, you know, services that I would be promoting, but just in 10 different locations, what I'll do is I would go get, you know, maybe two articles are written for, you know, optimized and I would instruct the writer to write the articles based upon, you know, the keywords that I told them so there might be section headers and all that to add additional relevancy, all that whatever, say I get a 1500 page, or excuse me, 1500 word article written. So I get two of those written, it's gonna be a little bit expensive. But then you can have each one of those articles rewritten which is a lot cheaper so that it comes out unique. So again, you have you know, as 1500 word article might pay, I don't know 150 bucks for it, whatever it is, and then you have it rewritten but it's a hell of a lot cheaper to have those rewritten than it is to have a new article created. If that makes sense.

So that's what I would do is I would go in and you know, by, if I had a bigger project, you know, maybe 50 pages, I might get 10 articles written, I know, you know, I might get 10 articles written and then have those rewritten five times each one of those. And so I'd have 50 pages of unique and I wouldn't do that all at once I'd be building them out in stages anyways, I might select five locations at a time to build out. So that way I can spread my cost out over time and hopefully start generating some revenue from the earlier part, you know, the earlier pages that were published while I'm working on so that I can use that to fund writers for later pages. If that makes sense. It doesn't mean that I have I go out and buy 50 unique articles is what I'm saying I buy maybe five or 10 unique articles, and then have them rewritten a number of times so that they come out to be unique. Now, I know that's been overkill for all these years. But my thoughts have always been that at some point. If all you do is use the same damn content for every page and you're just swapping out location tokens, right location modifiers then it's easy for Google to deindex that shit or to penalize it because it's basically exact copies of everything with just the location names change. Again, I know other people might want to debate me on it, that's fine. I'm just telling you what my own personal process has been since I started doing SEO and lead gen sites and that's to always try to use unique content. Okay, comments on that, guys?

Okay, I thought we, I think it's easy to pick out on a manual, not so easy for the body, if you mix it around if you make your paragraphs around, which is what we do with with the mass page builder site, the last solutions network, you know, you tokenize it, but you can spin the paragraphs a little bit to make it a little more unique. When you're talking about what 15,000 16,000 pages you're not gonna do 1000 or 1500 word articles for that amount of pages, right. So when you're at the state and city level, we, again it's risk versus reward. It's a case study.

It's a test to see how much we can get away with how much Google will accept whether mask page creators are still working. We're showing that Yeah, yeah, they do if you take the time out to learn the builder, and then to you, I don't know if it's even a unique Nephi each page to the point where the bot won't raise any red flags. That's the most important thing is that the bot doesn't raise any red flags when it does. If you raise enough you'll eventually get you're now in line for a manual and when that manual comes around

Yeah, to be clear, if you're using a mass page generator now that's different What I mean by that is I will you know for that because I have done a lot of that and I've actually got some testing going on right now. Or coming up I should say where I'm going to be using mass page plugin for testing some of this stuff, too. Anyway, long story short, I use I do use spun content for that. Right. So like what Marco said that's different, something like that because every time the mass page builder or the plugin, whatever system it is that you're using creates a page, it's gonna spit out a different version of that content because of the spin text. And I've done hybrid models before, where there might be a block of text in the middle of the page. That is essentially untouched. But there is a spun opener, and a spun, you know, conclusion, if that makes sense. Like so in other words, an opening paragraph or a couple of paragraphs that are spun. And maybe the paragraphs are also put in spun text so that the paragraphs it chooses different paragraphs at different times. And then those paragraphs are spawn if that makes sense. So there's a number of things when you're talking about mass page building that is different. But then what, you know, my understanding of the question was, if you're building this stuff out, basically manually, then that's why I always get which a lot most of my leads are not really awesome.

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Have them right now are, are manually built out sites. And so for that, I like to use the content strategy that I just mentioned, which is to buy articles, have them written originally, and then have those rewritten multiple times so that they come out really unique. But again, mass page stuff different, that's different, because you're going to use something that's going to create a bunch of pages very quickly. So spintax is absolutely fine in that, just, again, my advice on that is to make sure that you have some decent content and put it through a spinner and output versions of it and go through it and try to make sure that it's clean, so that you don't have some real shitty content or real shitty text that it doesn't read well, which most spinners will do unless you take the time, which I know it's tedious. That's why I don't like to do that kind of work very often. But to make sure that you know, the spinning is done correctly. Because remember, Google's Google's algorithm, now, natural language processing and all that is so much better. It can detect that shitty kind of content really, really easily. So much better than it could even be fought, you know, a few years ago. All right. He says I thought it would be best to set it up using pages as Bradley mentioned in a previous Hump Day hangouts rather than subdomains. It's so much less complicated that way. Yes, it is. I know you don't recommend using super spun articles on the money site. Um, yeah, again, it depends. Like I said, if you're doing like mass page stuff, then that's, that's different. And if, if an article is spun, well, you can just output different, you know, spit out a different version of it, and use that on a money site. If it's done really, really well. The problem is, it's hard to get any type of spun article that's done that Well, does that make sense? Unless you spend a lot of time cleaning it up yourself.

Although, again, I haven't bought anything like that in a long time, you might be able to go to Upwork and find somebody that's really good at spinning, it's probably going to be expensive. But if you only have one article done, that you're going to use for 50 pages, then is it worth it that in my opinion, it would be right and not have to spend all your time, manually editing the spintax to make it high quality. That makes sense.

He says, so if I'm using a 1500 and 2000 word article on the first location landing page, do I just have it rewritten each time for each new location as I build up the site, then I will also be following about a plane. Yes, that's again, that's exactly what I just mentioned at the beginning. That's how I've always done it. And I just do it in stages, so that I'm not paying for 50 rewrites all at once. If that makes sense. I'd rather just do you know, if I'm going to build out five pages at a time then I'm only paying for those. And then hopefully, I'll start generating some revenue from pages that are already built as I'm continuing to build out the additional pages. Okay.

That's my process guys. Again, I know everybody is more than you know, there are 1000 ways to skin a cat. So, so I'm sure there are some other different differing opinions.

bb, what's up bb? He's got a block of questions here again, he says, Hey, guys, 10 x. Not sure what that means. What is the maximum number of how many words on average is recommended to put inside a blockquote tags of a post press release that is mainly for curation? Um, maximum number of words I, I don't know, we don't typically use more than just a snippet, which I don't really count them. But I would say, you know, probably off the top of my head no more than like 100 words hundred and 50 words, something like that. Because you want to keep it small if you run the risk if you're copying too much or republishing too much of an article of copyright infringement even if you are citing the source. it you know, if you look at if you read the DMCA, which has been years since that the digital whatever Millennium Copyright Act, some of it is suitable to be able to republish as long as you're citing the source, but there's a there's a threshold where it becomes plagiarism or copyright infringement when you use too much of it. So we've all my blog is just no no never to use more than just really no more than a short paragraph.

If it's a long paragraph, it'll be like, a partial paragraph with the read more, or whatever. And that's it. So again, I would recommend keeping it short. I don't know the actual word count, but I would say probably off the top of my head no more than like 150 to 200 words, tops. And make sure you cite the source guys, anytime you're curating. You're republishing other content, always cite the source, it doesn't mean you have to link back to it. But you have to cite give credit to the author and the publication. Okay.

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What Is The Average Spend On The Links Packages And Embeds Packages In MGYB?

Next, what is the average spend on the links packages, multiple orders combined for a single project up until right? It that depends? It depends on the competition. It depends on the keyword it honestly that's one of those questions where I cannot give you an answer because it's going to depend on every single project is going to be different. There is no average that I have. You know, sometimes I can get stuff ranked with one sometimes without any links at all. Sometimes it might just take one link building gig. Other times it might be five months of steady link building before I get results, it just depends. Any comments on that?

Yeah, sometimes as you said, it's none. And then on one project we went over a year. I think that's the one that that's snowballing. Right now. We went just about a year with steady link building every month until it built up and kept building up. And then once the results started coming in and peep because what you're looking for is, is that right, you're looking to bring in that natural effect, bringing in people to make up for all of the link building that you're doing and all the other signals that you're sending to that project. Once you get the signals in. And this is where you have to be, we have to be scientists, right? You have to look at the data and say, well, I've got enough people in on here to maintain my trust and authority and to build it. I've got enough incoming links, where I don't really have to hammer it that much. Maybe I'll take something a bit. I'll take my link building somewhere else and power something else up. Maybe another keyword

Whatever it is that you're doing, you have to really analyze it. And it does take time, it does take thinking, you have to relax, you have to take the bias out of everything that you're doing and look at it and say, Okay, I know I need this. But I'm getting this amount of signals once hits at this point, and you have to set the cutoff for each project that there does no one do all for each niche. Because we talked about that before. The same niche, depending on the categories will react differently to different things. One of them might just take the SEO shield and your rank in that category. And another one might take hammering it, until it the algorithm just gives in and starts giving you results. So if this isn't, by all means in any way you look at it. And it depends kind of question. We can't give you an exact answer because it doesn't exist. Yeah.

Yeah, unfortunately, if it was that easy for us to just say, you know, this is what you're going to, it's going to cost this much for you to rank, then, you know, we probably wouldn't be sitting here doing Hump Day hangouts with you guys and everything else, because we, you know, be filthy rich, because we'd know exactly what it would take for every keyword in every situation. And that's just not how it works. So, unfortunately, we can't give you an answer to that. I always talk about this guy I do is as little as possible. You know. So that's, you know, a lot of that just has to do with content marketing, and as Marco said, you got to analyze what's working, what's not working, and just apply pressure where, when, and where needed, if that makes sense. So, you know, that's a lot of the times we have people that say, Well, I'm going to do this and they come out all guns blazing. And a lot of you know it, that may not have been necessary is my point. So, you know, I can't really give you an answer on that other than, you know, if you got good on-page good content, content marketing, in my opinion, as a human part of SEO, and then you're doing link building and everything the way that we do then I start off, kind of, maybe I might do something aggressive right off the bat but then for ongoing like a monthly recurring type link building and or embed gigs, I usually kind of slow it down and go more conservative on it and allow some time to pass to see what happens. And then usually what happens is you'll find some of the keywords or and or locations for me, it's always local, will start to surface those are the ones that you don't need to apply any additional pressure to but the ones that are are aren't moving as much as you desire or I desire them to then that's those are the ones that I focus more, you know, more of the budget on and more effort into. So that's why I like to give things a little bit of time to the season before just coming out and hitting everything aggressively or whatever. Because sometimes things will just rank with little to no effort and other times you're going to need a shit ton of effort. So it's another good question though.

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Does Adding A Press Release Embed Disrupts The Mirror Effect In Gsite?

All right, Fitz is up what's up? fitzy says Hey guys, thanks for this forum, we get real-world answers to our questions. Hey, Marco, the need continues, please drop the link to help those beautiful kids to get to school and change lives. It's awesome. Fitz is always promoting your charity for you, Marco. I've already dropped the link in there. Yeah, thanks to a ton fit. Those of us on the journey to POFU should know that $20 can make a world of difference to these kids. Please do not let this week I asked if we add other pages to our Google sites, like maybe a page with press releases embedded, does that disrupt the mirror and mirror effect as I don't have that page on the money site? Is it a good idea to create a page on G site for know, um, citations? Um, you know, I'm not sure what you're asking there. If you don't have a page on the money site. The press release is likely promoting a product or service on your money site, right, or a blog post something. So my point is there.

If you've got your G site mirrored to your money site, right. So your primary asset, if you've mirrored all of your important pages from your primary asset onto the G site, then there is a place that is relevant for that press release, right? Because it's likely promoting either a blog post or direct linking to the landing pages on your site. So my point is, that's where it should go if you're going to embed it. Now, you know, I talked about this a lot. I don't, we don't usually theme your blog posts into g sites unless we have particularly difficult keywords that we're trying to rank in which case, then we will go to that level. Because if we have our landing pages mirrored onto the G site, right, so those are like, top of silo pages, or pages that are money pages, the ones that we want to rank, then if we're not unable to get the results from just that money site page mirrored onto the G site. Remember the money sites going to have supporting articles in silo structure right that are all stacked within that particular silo that are all going to be content marketing, to build links and daisy chain properly to build links up to that money site page. So in the event that we have a particularly difficult keyword that we're not, it's not moving as much as I want it to, then that's where I'll go in and create child pages on the G site for the blog posts, right. And then the daisy chain knows interlink those together the proper way. And you just go and embed the blog posts into those pages. Again, you don't need any additional content. And what I like about the G site, you can tick the box off. But with G sites, if you had by default, when you create a child page it creates on the parent page, it creates links at the bottom to all of the child pages. Right. And so then if you're doing a press release to promote the blog posts, you can embed those in along with the blog posts on that blog post page on the G site. Right if you're got a GMB post that you're using to promote that blog post, you can embed that you can take the and I talked about this last week, but you can take the post URLs from the syndication networks, Tumblr, blogger, WordPress, and you can embed those. So again, you're creating this page, it's fully relevant for that one particular supporting keyword that's going to ultimately promote the G site money page, and ultimately your money page on your site. Does that make sense? So it's just a way to stack all that content and build all that relevancy. And once again, the hub, the epicenter of all of this is the G site. So that's my answer to that. Do you want to comment on that?

Yeah, there is no barrier. I mean, I don't know how else we can answer that there is no mirror because the whole theme mirror is taking a page from your existing website, and creating the same exact page on an on an inner page in the G site. Now what you're doing is you're actually mirroring the press advantage, press release page onto the Gsite, which creates relevance, but the relevance will go back to press advantage. And that press advantage press release rather than your website, which is not the effect you want unless your iframe in the media page, which has a link to the website, and I'm and a map embed. Yeah. Did that make sense?

Yeah, I think so. I mean, as I said, you if, again, whenever we publish press releases, it's to promote a product or service or a blog post, right. So it's all relevant and tied back to the money site anyways. And so my point is you can find a relevant location in the theme marriage g site, to embed that press release, if that's what you're trying to do. I don't understand. And I'm not picking on you fits. I'm just saying I don't understand having a press release that wouldn't be appropriately placed within the female structure on the G site somewhere. Does that make sense? I don't, I don't know why you would have like an essentially a rogue page on the G site for a particular press release unless it was for something unrelated, which in which case, I wouldn't do it anyways. So I don't know, maybe I'm just misunderstanding what it is you're trying to do.

Is it a good idea to create a page on a G site for no, um, citations? You know, I don't know, I've never done that. I don't, I don't know, really what the purpose of that would be for I mean, if he just had like, a page on this G site with, you know, I don't know, the US elsewhere or something like that. I mean, I don't see why not. I've just I've never done it. So I don't know again, relevant, how far he wants to go with his relevance. That's total, that's totally acceptable. The question is Why ask yourself why you'd want to do that and whether it's needed, and maybe save that for a rainy day if you don't have to use it.

Yeah. I mean, I usually just take those types of citations or social profiles that are created and just send links to them anyways directly to them. That's typically what I do is just link building gig directly to all those URLs.

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Thoughts On How To ReInstate A Suspended GMB Account That Has Been Requested For About Three Months Already?

So Aaron's up. We're about out of time guys. So we're going to answer Aaron's question that's going to be it. So his new clients GMB account was suspended and it looks like Google will not reinstate the GMB account since it's been three months. He hired a firm to reinstate his account, but it did not work out for him. Should I create a new GMB for him or what if I create a new GMB, I'm concerned about using the same name for the account as his previous account, which is his company's name. company has a legitimate location and they are a service and they are a service area business. They did make certain to tell Google that they deliver to their customers and customers do not come to their business. They insist that they didn't violate Google's terms. This is unchartered territory for me. So I need a bit of help with this. Thanks. Okay. So I had last year one of my longest clients who was a fully legitimate business, a pest control company, GMB suspended and it was from a change that the client requested to the GMB and I advised against it, but he requested it anyways. And I made the change and it suspended it. And we went through almost three months. It was I think 10 weeks of I submitted a reinstatement request and it was denied as a manager of that GMB. And it was denied by Google.

So what I was going to do was I contacted the client when we got the rejection from Google stating that they were not going to reinstate it, again, with no explanation as to why it was suspended, or what could you know, or anything, which is what Google does, right? They just kick your ass to the curb and they say that's it, you got to figure out why.

So I contact the client said Listen, I can get another GMB for you. And we're going to have to start over with another one and then order a citation cleanup service because it was a legitimate business. So I had been building citations for years. I mean, we have close to 1000 if not over at the time, it wasn't quite 1000 citations built to this client.

So anyways it was going to be enormous project to get that resolved. But, you know, the client said well Should I try as the owner of the account to reinstate submit a reinstatement request and I said, Sure, let's give it a shot. So I provided him with instructions and he submitted the as the account owner and it was actually reinstated. It still took like another two or three weeks in total, it was about a 10-week process. So I'm only telling you that because perhaps instead of having an outside firm, maybe you can instruct the client as the owner of that to try to submit on their own if they haven't already, they may have I'm just saying, if that's something you haven't tried you, you might want to try that. The only other option would be to create a new GMB.

You can use the same name, that's fine. But what I would recommend is that, you know, obviously the address is going to be different. Even if you don't publish the address when you initially set it up, you're going to have to have an address or unless you via spam listing, then they're just going to pluck an address out of thin air and create a new listing. So what I would recommend is you can, again, you can use the same name, I wouldn't change the brand name, but I would suggest using a different virtual phone number, right? So that makes it a little bit more unique. And then it can be even the same web address, but I would change the phone number and then if you have any existing citations built out there, you're gonna have to go clean all that shit up.

You know, and that's where it creates a lot of the lot of work because remember when you're changing locations, or changing web addresses and things like a web address isn't so bad because you can do a redirect when you're changing like an address for a legitimate business, for example, you have to go clean up existing citations before building new ones is just going to dilute bad data. It doesn't help you. I mean, you're better off cleaning up existing citations before building new ones if that makes sense. So I would recommend if you can't get it reinstated by having the owner, make the attempt, submitting the reinstatement reconsideration request then I would, I would go with a new GMB. Change the phone number and then if you have existing citations or a citation cleanup service go to semanticmastery.com/loganix. In order for their citation cleanup service, it's 500 bucks, but it's, it's the most thorough citation clean up service I've used and I've used them for years. Any comments on that? Has the business owner called Google to contact Google to get on getting on with a GMB rep and act? Really, really, but I mean, absolutely stupid. They did what who contacted you? I didn't, that kind of thing. I don't know what's going on. It's suspended. And I don't know why and that kind of thing. And Google will help him through nine out of 10. Now, if they have some type of red flag in their database, you're screwed. Get another GMB. Yeah. And I mean, that's the last resort guys is to get another GMB. But you know, in this situation, I mean, my Pest Control client for 10 weeks, and it was he's a mosquito, like an outdoor pest control company, mosquitoes and ticks and such. And we were talking about like, in the spring, which is their busiest time when all this happened. And it was painful. I'm not gonna lie, but fortunately, it did get reinstated, which was great because like literally the moment that we got an email notifying us that it was reinstated like we went and checked in it was right back to where it had been like there was no loss of positioning or anything, but for about 10 weeks it had disappeared. As a last resort, I was going to do what I just suggested and that but again, that's the last resort, so try to have the owner if he hasn't already, contact GMB and submit a reinstatement request that way in

Last resort would be to create a new one. Alright, thanks everybody for being here. We got to wrap it up to everybody.

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