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By April

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There is us for a second. Yeah. What's up, guys? What's going on? Sorry about that.

Sorry about that. Let me notify the rest of these guys

sorry about that. You got an echo on there. I just changed it. So sorry about that, guys. You know this is a train wreck when Bradley is not here so we go alright, there he is. Hey, I'm assuming we're live. We're live so you can cool it or should I just kind of hop in and go with it? Just go. It's just if you want to explain to people what happened? Oh, no, no, no worries. We'll just keep rolling with it. Yeah, a few tech issues when Bradley goes away. Yeah, we're not used to running in zoom. And if something can go wrong, it will. I'm sure you guys are all familiar with this. So anyway, we're just gonna keep rolling right along, you know, this YouTube thing.

So I'm good. I'm good otherwise, good deal. All right, Chris, how about you? Yeah, then goes here. I'm glad we actually made it.

So yeah. How are you doing today? Not bad. Yeah. nice sunny day. kind of got a macho thing going on here where it's been, you know, a few clouds burn off. It's been nice, but 75. So I can't complain. I'm happy. I'm going to get outside and after we wrap this up and go for a trail run, so yeah, a good day for me. So, Marco, how about you, man?

Oh, you're muted.

Round Groundhog Day as usual. I was about to say, Man, we're. We're over to here. Yeah, there we go. I heard something. Not anymore.


All right. Well, keep trying it. Marco. Well, we'll come back to you real quick. I just had a couple of things that I wanted to mention before we dive in and start answering questions. If you are on the email list. Then you got the heads up about POFU Live 2020. We are going virtual This is going to be a great chance for everyone to come, you don't have to get a hotel room, you don't have to plan out, travel and buy airplane tickets. It's going to be available to everyone at home. We are limiting it though. So there are only 50 tickets available. And for the next couple of days, there's a 10% discount. So we want to reward the people who grabbed those tickets, go ahead and make the choice and hop in. You can find out more at pofulive.com. But we're gonna have all of us will be there. We've got a bunch of great presentations, we've got the agenda, we get all that stuff laid out on there. It's still going to be available and good for networking and for learning and asking questions. Because I know that's a thing that I think about when I think about online or virtual is like yeah, is it really going to be the same as it, you're going to be able to meet people are going to be able to ask questions. And you know, of course, it's not going to be the same not gonna be able to go out grab a drink with somebody you just met, but you are going to have the chance to interact. If you grab a VIP ticket. You're definitely going to have a chance to interact. We're going to ship you some beer. You're going to be part of the VIP tour. We're going to do virtually as well as the Hangout after that, and then was talking about the questions and answers, we're going to have some q&a time for each presentation, as well as the case studies that we do. And then a little bit on top of that, just for some open q&a, so we got lots of good stuff.

Let's plan and go on into this. If you have any questions, hit us up at [email protected] or just hop into the Facebook group and ask us there but like I said, a 10% discount goes away. If you want to find out more about it, go check it out at pofulive.com. So with that said to the other thing I wanted to touch base on again, with emails, you've probably seen this, but if not that there is an mg y b flash sale going on right now for our ys drive stacks, head over to mg y b.co. And you can use July stack 20 or July our ys 20 to get a great discount on your ROI S Drive stacks and I'll put the links and all that good stuff on here if you're live but last but not least. Just wanted to say oh, we just lost Marco, man, we're having all sorts of crazy stuff happening today and I'm like trying to read something and like I'm like what's going on over here?

So I didn't want to say anything else I think I'll just turn it over to her now and he's gonna try to drive the ship here and get us going so I'm gonna put up on the page and call it good here. Yeah, we'll see it we'll see what happens. Okay, so Marco is here apparently so but yeah, dudes like today's today's is going crazy. Bradley, where are you? Alright, so let me actually share my screen and we'll go through the questions as much as we can. And we'll go from there. All right, cool. So

Do You Plan Of Offering Social Media Accounts To Create A Stronger Brand Entity Like KnowEm?

user3948759 Volvo says do you plan to offer Do you plan to offer social accounts creating in order to have an in stronger and even stronger brand entity? I mean, something like no m, etc. That's actually a good question. And I don't know we have brob in the crowd.

But one of the things that we do offer with IFTTT and with your syndication networks is the ability that we will create some social accounts for you. Not all of them. But uh, but definitely, definitely a bunch. And every time what happens with our syndication Academy, or our syndication networks, is that what we try to do is we try to update the profiles that we have there, right in terms of, if we find anything else that works like peripheries, or this or that, you know, we will add it into our ecosystem as well. So that's a great question for Rob. I'm not sure if Rob is in the crowd right now. But if you are Robert, you and you want to answer our good user anonymous here, I would really appreciate that. So. All right, so Fitz is asking a good day, gents. Thanks for allowing us to ask questions and get real-world actionable, actionable answers. Thank you, Fitz, for showing up. When we get the press release back, what are some good places we can use the content?

So, if you mean the content for the press release itself, like a face has been released, I wouldn't reuse potentially that content. If you're talking about the content itself or the press releases, again, like if that content has to be syndicated already has been submitted, probably I wouldn't use it anywhere else, because that's the whole point of a press release, right? It's the content that goes out on the press releases, you know, it's there, it's it belongs to the press releases themselves. Now, with that being said, there's a couple of things that you can try and do. As soon as the content is good. You can get it edited slightly like you can get it edited and turn that into a GMB post or turn that into an actual post. You can actually try to spin it, you know, and that is something you want to that you want to maybe fear.

You want to maybe get to daddy on and let him do his thing when it comes to third and fourth year, links, and all of that. But again, once

You get the content from press releases. Maybe you should keep it like that unless you really want to edit it. And if you want to edit it and turn that that content into one or two additional content pieces, we could you totally can either divide that content or curate content on top of the press release. Then you can totally turn that into GMB posts or your own posts on your blog. Do you want to add anything to that guys?

Nope, that's good.

Okay, cool. So let's see. I'll finish is asking.

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What MGYB SEO Services Are Good For Local Lead Generation Websites And GMB?

Let's see. I was hoping you could help me figure it out. Which of your services would be the best fit for my websites? I'm building a lead generation website for local service area businesses such as carpet cleaners in Caldwel, Idaho roofers. I just was that You can't say all of the services. So Oh, I can't Yeah, no. All right. All right. Cool. Now I really need to think about this. Okay, so I'm building a lead generation website for local services area businesses such as carpet cleaners in Caldwell, Idaho, and roofers in Manhattan, New York. This will be small sites, targeting specific niches and areas I was thinking perhaps the original airways thrive stack would be the most appropriate. I plan on putting up quite a bit of these sites soon. I was just looking for a general idea where to start, I'm looking to rank in the top three for both GMB and organic funds are somewhat limited. So I'd like not to be redundant in my spending. Okay, great question. And I would potentially start with the SEO shield, you know, for your websites. And the reason why is because the SEO shields will, you know, have the 123 punch that you need, it will have the stack, it will have a syndication network, and he will allow you to and they will have you know, Id loops and all of that crazy stuff that helps really, really rank your website. Now, when it comes to SEO shields, you have three options, you know, if funds are somewhat limited, you can get the basic option. But you know, like why would you choose like just a regional our ys drive stack if you can get the whole combo of power for each of your websites.

Right. So when it comes to planning this type of campaign or this type of resource, or this type of website that you want to do, I would suggest that you go through whatever is will potentially bring you the most revenue first, and then work your way down. So for instance, let's say that carpet cleaners in Colorado and Caldwell, Idaho, that would be one niche, right, roofers in Manhattan, New York, that would be a completely different niche, like in terms of the power that you need to rank but also in terms of the money that you can make, because it's a completely different niche, right. So if you were to put money behind a project, like such as carpet cleaners, or roofers or whatever, I would suggest, hey, go for the higher dollar, you know, usually, I really like to work with high ticket type of contractors or local services and whatnot, just because of the fact that they just you know, they just make sense and you can charge more money. So something fun or somewhat limited, you will be building these assets in order

You want to start where the opportunities there if that makes sense. So I would suggest definitely suggest SEO Power shieldl. One 1,000%. Marco, are you here and hear us

techies out there trying to fix this mic. We're gonna add on to this, you know, that alpha niche, whoever This is if you recently joined our email list or you have in the last year to, you know, part of what we do to, you know, kind of explaining who we are. And what we do is, you know, Bradley talks about how he got started in carpet cleaning was one of the first things he did was lead gen for a business doing that. And the reason why he got out of that, which Hernan kind of touched on and like looking at, you know, does this make sense for me to be involved in? And so I'm not saying that it's the wrong niche, it's, that's never like a black and white answer you just need to look at is it going to make sense for you? Does it make sense for you to get an SEO power shield? You know, would that support itself even if you, you know, could you spend money on it to rank it and then would it pay for itself because if it doesn't, it's like waive and get started. So, right. Yeah, so doing a little bit of cost analysis there and saying, you know, if it takes thousand dollars to rank. Are you going to take that back? How long you know, things like that? I mean, I'm just pulling the number out of thin air, you know, that could be more could be less you never know. And so yeah, take that stuff into consideration also. So you're looking to get in the top three for both GMB and organic. So yeah, SEO power shield and then, you know, looking at obviously, optimizing your GMB and there's a lot you can do there using press releases for both of those, and then ongoing link building things like that. Yeah, yeah, I totally, totally agree. Like you need to approach this as a real business right, you need to do the cost analysis and you also need to kind of understand how long it will take you to rank for something like roofing in Manhattan, you know, where the competition is way higher than something like I think the other option was carpet cleaning scalpel, Idaho, right. So that is something to consider as well like, what's the more bang for your buck like if you can go for a low competition but still high ticket type of deal.

He'll then I think that's the sweet spot that we're kind of trying to go after. So

How Do You Resolve Collision Issues Of Press Release Stacking & Curation?

okay, cool. So, Bb was a bunch of questions there. Yeah, he usually asks a bunch of questions, but there's a good question. Okay, so thank you bb. Let's see right in a press release with our creation method has some collision with the press release stacking video. Say we want you to create two pages we have to cite link the sources which leave us one extra link left to put the PR, which will be either to the money site or the shield properties because press releases allow three links that we can do the pre PR stacking method links to previous PR branding, property monetizing. How do we resolve that? Well, that's actually a good point BB and what you can do is since you only have three link placements, and you always want to do at least one link to the at least one leg to the shield property and at least one link to another PR then you can always cite one page. You know you can always have like once a source in that case. So that will that way it will give you three links that you can use, right? Because like, if you had to choose like if I had to choose three-link placements and that's what I can work with, and I want to go ahead with the, with the with how do you call it the press restacking then what I would suggest is, of course, press release. Second, you need to be daisy-chaining the press releases number one, number two, you always want to have a link to your, your shield properties, you know to power them up. And number three, you might have a link to an external website like a curation website. So I would say hey, maybe you want to sacrifice one of those curation websites and have more real estate that will impact your brand. What do you think, Adam? Yeah, I'm looking at this as took me a little bit longer. You're much quicker on your feet. I had to like to sit here and think for a minute and like absorb what was being said. Unless I'm missing something. And it's been a while since I've dealt directly with PR. So take this with a heavy grain of salt. Maybe someone else can weigh in on this, but I'm also thinking do you have to use an actual URL link, or can you do a just sliding it and literally in the text saying this is where it came from and not using one of your three backlinks. So, you know, maybe that's what I said.

Yeah, I like that. I like that. Because that way you will have, it will be a site, right? It will be a citation, it wouldn't be a link will be a citation. So you can have that as a, you know, not a link. But if you have to choose like in terms of, should I go after? Should I go after, like, what do you choose, right? Like, I would definitely choose my money site, or my money site or your shield properties that would definitely go with your properties. I don't know, I'm just a little bit more conservative, if you would, then the other press release. That's what the whole stacking method is all about. And then one of those extra websites and then you can just drop an unlinked URL, which is going to be a citation. So I think that's actually a good idea.

Cool. Yeah. Now, by all means, um, my heavy caveat on this, obviously follow the rules of the press release sites you're using if they say to do differently than you better do what they say. Yeah, sure.

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Google Tag Manager Testing

So I'm currently using Google Tag Manager that puts the Google Analytics tags inside the page when testing down, nothing happening, isn't working for you on Tag Manager, you use only Google Analytics a BB, you need to add the Google Analytics code within Google Tag Manager, like Google Tag Manager will not automatically put the Analytics code in your Facebook page in your website. So one of the things that you want to add in the tag section is the Google Analytics tag to the Google Tag Manager, okay, it doesn't like honestly, go Tag Manager doesn't automatically add any tag. You know, like analytics will tell you if you have Google Tag Manager, use the Google linking property, which is a tag that you can use in Google Tag Manager, Google Lincoln property. And that will allow you to link your, your Google Tag Manager with Google ads and also analytics. So you need to have something in there, it doesn't automatically asset and you can always use the

You can always use the Google Pixel helper, which is kind of similar to the Facebook pixel helper, but it's Google Tag helper, which is a Chrome plugin to see if the analytics tag is actually firing, but you need to add it, you need to manually add it.

Why Do You Say That Virginia SEO Agency Is Bad Anchor Backlink For Money Site But Good For Gsite?

Okay, and then he's asking, Why did you say that Virginia SEO agencies have bad anchor backing for the money site, but for the G site, it's okay. We can use exact match keywords as anchor text. I think that Bradley what he refers to so is the brand, right? We're always talking about the brand. So, Virginia SEO agency, if you're going to link to your money site, you need to be really mindful of what you're doing, right? Because it's rare that you will get a link like a natural link. That's it's Virginia SEO agency, right? Like that's super to 2010 right. So I think that he was saying, Hey, be careful with the anchor links that you're going that they're going to your money site to your G site, you can go to town like you can throw the kitchen sink to a G site.

It doesn't, it doesn't care, right? So you can go to town at 100%. But if you're going to use Virginia SEO agency to your money site, you want to be careful to your whole profile, right? Usually, it's going to be like Virginia SEO agency, it's not going to be your main anchor is going to be your brand, right? He's going to be your website like www dot Virginia SEO agency comm or even as an internal page or click here. So I think I need to be like really, really,

I would call it really diverse, with a strong like punctuation if you were a strong, strong weight on the brand, you know, but with your JSON, you can go to town as you can definitely use exact match keywords. Just be careful. You know, because that's no, that's not how people type. That's not how other human beings linked to other websites. What do you think, Adam?

Yeah, I'm just kidding. pulling us back up? I think that Yeah, I agree with you. I think you know, as far as what Bradley said, I forget exactly. But looking at it, yeah, I would just say go with that exact match type of text. Yeah. Unless you know, really what you're doing and why you're using it. You know, I wouldn't just be slapping it in there. So yeah, just be super careful bV with exact match linking back to money site like I wouldn't even do it as I would, I would go like full branded at this point. Like, see, for instance, Wikipedia. Right. If you see the link profile of Wikipedia, 99% of his link profile is Wikipedia. And then the rest is all over the national universe that you can think of. So

Ah, so here's this guy, Bradley. h. m. f. I see I think we should ban this guy. Let's kind of shady. How can we come up with a reaction here? reaction? Okay, now, maybe you can put a little like hanky in it if you can. Ah, yeah, my son.

Working in Okay.

All AF is asking us about f Hello everyone how important are link shorteners link inside the drive stack and G sites. Well, the guys are doing it for a reason. Definitely the guys are doing it for a reason. We used to use our Google shortener but that's not a thing anymore. So, so the guys are definitely doing it for a recent in terms of power we use, we use our own link shortener which, you know, it's incredibly powerful at this point and much, much powerful that we launched it. So you get that additional if you weren't so link shorteners are I think that there's a reason behind it like there's a mad scientist type of recent Marco kind of No, but the guys are using it because I've heard them repeatedly said that link shorteners. You know, they carry the power, they carry the power, they stop the link juice to backlink juice for going so there's a lot of benefits of doing it. That's why the guys are so adamant about Robert Marco about using link shorteners inside the Dr. Saxon G and G sack, you know, so there's definitely a recent

For that we used to again, we used to use the Google URL shortener, which was the best Jordan that you can possibly have in terms of SEO, but that's not a thing anymore. So we have the second-best thing, which is our own shortener that's an additional thing that you get, besides a bunch of additional things, like you get the shortener and buy your own stuff, which is super powerful. You also get the user's guide, you know, which is something that we're actually selling, you get it for free when you get an SEO, an SEO shield. So so you get all of those additional things that you don't get through third-party vendors, you know, so if you go to, I don't know, fiverr.com, if you want to, if you want to risk it, go there and get it for five bucks or 50 or whatever.

But that is something you know that we're adding a lot of value to the thing so that you know exactly what to do and the link shortener, it's definitely up there with the value, you know.

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How Important Are Link Shortnere Links Inside The Drive Stacks And GSite?

Okay, so Hello, I'm new. I just want to know is there a set of data for your products I can buy to consistently rank my lead gen organically and in my pack. In what orders GMB is wise. This is a great question, Adam. You do the honors. But yeah, I mean, I was gonna say like I say to give them the best like if you've really got some you really don't know where to start what to do, like come join our Facebook group so that we can talk to you about this and you can ask because you're going to need to follow up questions like just with that, and especially for me like I can't give you a detailed answer. Yes, the answer is yes, we do have done for your products that we can help you rank your lead gen both organically for your website and the map pack for your listing. And you know, as far as what that looks like, you know, that changes depending on what you have, but yeah, there's definitely you know, come in you can get we just talked about the SEO power shield for someone asking basically the exact same question. So I would say if you scroll or depending on where you're at in the video if you're here with this live, you already heard her talk about it. If you're coming in and watching this, you can back up and listen to that, but just head over to mgyb.co, SEO power shield would be the place to start. And then you know as far as ranking like your GMB assets, it depends if you want to get a GMB like if you're going to do lead gen on your own, you can get a verified GMB through MGYB. And then depending on where you want to go from there because maybe you need to learn how to optimize CMV. Maybe you're looking at what you should be doing the posting. You can check out local GMB Pro. Just search for that and you'll find the course on that. And then yeah, it depends what you want to do if you want to use MGYB to get the done for you services, so that you can either do it for yourself or clients and have our kind of perform that stuff for you. That's great. If you want to learn how to do it. You can look at our ys reloaded. You can check out local GMB Pro, and kind of go from there and then hop into the Facebook group and tell us what you need to know. Yeah, for sure. So there's also this little jewel right here. You know, I'm hovering through it. So there's the battle plan.

So there's this little jewel right here that you can get, it's super inexpensive. And it will tell you exactly step by step what to do, how to do it, and what to get, you know, so that's another option. But I do think that these questions are a little bit tricky. You need a little bit of, I would say guidance or coaching or whatever, you know, we, we tend to, we tend to prescribe the SEO shield a lot, because it can it kind of ticks all the boxes, right? It gives you a lot of precedences, it gives you a lot of authority right off the bat, it allows you to, you know, build that authority and then it gives you a lot of targets that you can then you know, link for or link towards, I should say. Okay, cool. So who is this guy Adam moody? Should I bind him to let me see ya? Why did the action? Okay. I cannot add reactions, man. I know.

Yeah, I did it just for you. Because today everything's gonna break. So thank you, bro. Thank you. Yeah. All right. Yo, bro, man. Yeah, yeah, man. So Alright, so question two is about conversion, making Google understand conversion was made. Yeah, baby, again, you want to use. So you want to use a. So you want to set up a goal, of course in analytics and then you want to add your Google Analytics to your Google Tag Manager. So you want to set up a goal in Google Analytics. And then you want to set up your and then you want to add your Google Analytics code to the Google Tag Manager, make sure that you're also using the Google linker. So there's a Google linker property that you just added there doesn't do anything. You just added there. So So yeah, but you actually need to create the goal and goal in analytics, and then install the analytics in Google Tag Manager.

What Do You Mean By Pinging Websites For Backlinks And Backlink Indexing?

Okay, so let's see. BBs asked another question is the meaning of pinging websites for backlinks and pinging for backing indexing? How did you find the ping command to make it happen in each case, and also it's being a relevant image for today? That's actually a great question. And the answer is that it used to be really relevant. It used to be really relevant, but you know, I think that ping it, So for instance, if you go to ping them out, pingomatic.com. And also like WordPress by default will ping pingnomadic.com but it's just like I think that there's so many pinging like lately like that you can ping, ping nomadic and big money will ping a bunch of additional different websites and whatnot.

So, you know that like, there's so much being like all the time that I don't even think that's relevant anymore like we should ask the idea like he's the indexing magician, you know, he makes stuff index pretty quickly and I don't know how he does it but he does it you know, so, so but it's just thinking about it from the perspective of you know, the whole you know, Google-like if it would index every ping that people do it's you know, it's like the computing power but out but also like I would potentially ask the idea like what well now what's the secret sauce is we don't want to know that but you can ask them. No, no, no, I don't want no I really don't want to know like, you know if they asked me, I will say, I don't know anything, you know. But, uh, but yeah, maybe so great question. You can still try it like, ideally, you would do it automatically. There's some, there are some bots out there. WordPress automatically will ping, you know through ping ematic. You can add a bunch of. They're called RPC. So they're called RPC services. So if you search for paying services for WordPress, or RPC services for WordPress, WordPress have they have this box where you can put a bunch of additional ping services if you so choose. But, you know, I think it's a matter of traffic as a matter of authority, some area of activity, right. You can ping as much as you want. But if the website if the article if anything, it's not having enough authority, it's not having enough, you know, traction. I don't think it's gonna be relevant. So I think to add, now, I don't mind. All right, cool. Let's see.

Bradley hears banjo music and in typing CS Finster muscle. I think,

Wayne, I think that's pretty accurate. All right, so let's see.

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How do you hold these in what orders do you do? Do you guys do citations? Do you order aggregator first and the manual citations or vice versa? So does it even effing matter? That's a great question and the answer to that is I don't know I'm so sorry. Oh, Bradley's not here. I'm good Bradley. Marco isn't here, Chris. chime in. If you do, I haven't done citations. I will try and I wouldn't like yeah like I think that's above my paygrade So, unfortunately, gonna say yeah, there's the questions about funnels and Facebook? Like, wow, some fake business and stuff. But, uh, but thank you, guys. Yeah, like, like, that's above my paygrade I'm pretty sure that Bradley will come in hot like next time and you know, and say you guys set a straight

yes to us and say Why? The hell you didn't answer this question?

So he will come in and actually answer it. So I'm sorry.

So one more question. If I already have a Google Site created, I wanted to make sure I got the keyword in the URL. Can I order a white stripe sec and just give you access to Google site? I'm not entirely sure. Is this possible? Is that something I? Yeah, I can't recall. So I would just say contact [email protected] I forget because I want to say yes, but I can't recall if we had out for some reason. So just contact support, they'll be able to tell you. Yeah, I want to say yes to I think that we talked about that. But I'm not entirely sure if that ended up being a thing. I know that some people will have their Google side and then but then again, I think that the guys decided to stop doing it just because of, you know, our staff is small, better. But no, in all seriousness, as we created in a specific way, but yeah, just contact its [email protected] Right, Adam? Correct. Yeah. All right.

Which URL Do You Want To Power From The Drive Stack If Your Client Offers Conference Services To Multiple Cities?

Ricky Bobby is asking, hello. Was that I love it. Sorry. I know it's not his real name, but anyway, so I love your picture in the Facebook group because it's Ricky Bobby. Bobby. Yeah. Okay, I ordered the SEO shield, I have some questions about what to fill out, I ordered keyword research. So I'll upload that when I get it great. But the claim we have is a conference and they move every now and then for the next few years, they're going to be in Vegas, they have roughly 40 k people go to the conference every year from all around the world. One of the things is it asked is for which URL? Do you want to power from the drive stack to go to? Which URL? Do you want to power from the data, the power from the drive stack to go to do that? I mean, the money site and yes, yes, that means that that means the money site. So which URL Do you want the power from the Google Drive site to go to? And yes, that's the money site, because we're going to from drives that we're going to, we're going to add, we're going to add, you know, outbound links that go either to your website, your or to your G site, you know, so so that's probably another question that you can

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Ask for support or to our Facebook group. So you can either do either to the website or to the G site. So yeah, which makes sense. And then as far as moving around that, really, and this case, I shouldn't be punished. Yeah. If they're going to stay there for the next few years like whenever they move, you can start working or when I like six months, baby before they move, you can actually start, you know, working towards the next location, but I think you should be fine. But like if I'm just thinking to like, for us, let's think like small scale or the kind of general problem would be like if we were building one around, POFU Live pofulive.com is our domain. We didn't there's no address associated with it. Right. There's no set location. So I think that kind of the same deal. Like Yeah, go ahead. And you would build out around that point that your conference URL and unless there's something I'm missing there. Yeah, no, I do agree. They have contracts for years, we've been to a particular hotel venue, so I think you should be fine. You should be covered for the next but I mean, it wouldn't be like you would be like building. I mean, again, I don't know. This is interesting to me. Just because hopefully I've come up but are you like having the SEO shield built and have Vegas in the name or something? You know, that's the only thing I could think about where would be who why would even matter. So yeah, yeah, that's the thing. So I don't know the URL that they're using but if it's like, Ricky Bobby conference Vegas calm then you obviously need to work your way around it right. So and you can even read reg that to Ricky Bobby.

No, we do have GMB listing. So yeah, you might want to actually send that to GMB or to the website. So if you go from Ricky Bobby Vegas calm to you can redirect that to Ricky Bobby, Ricky, Bobby. Or not just wants to keep saying, Ricky Bobby. Yeah, yeah. All right. Let's go.

Why Do You Consider Facebook Ads If You Have The SEO Shield?

Alright, so BB wins another one. Is there more time? If so, yes, we do have a little bit more time. I saw someone Hernan's video Oh, shut up. I saw Hernan's videos and there were videos about Facebook ads. Why would you consider Facebook ads when you have an SEO shield is enough traffic? That's actually a great question, BB. Let me tell you, let me tell you something right now. No, but for real, like one of the things that I do in the semantic mastery mastermind and so Adam has his productivity and email marketing and funnel, you know, side of things. Chris also has his email marketing and business side of things. And I have my Facebook ads slash paid traffic demo. So I do have my own like, show if you were on the mastermind, where we talked about paid acquisition strategies. And what we do with paid acquisition is basically and this is like about Facebook ads or Google ads, it's to accelerate results. Right? So what we do with Facebook ads is to let's say that you got a new client, right? Let's talk about roofer in my Manhattan, it might take you a couple of weeks or a couple of months to actually get to where you want to be with Facebook.

With you know, with listings and that's the game we're playing, but if you want to accelerate the videos you want to get the guy some traction than paid advertising is usually the best way to go. So you can run a Google actually a Google to call campaign or Facebook ads lead ads which are great right now they're working like crazy. And then you can get the client you can get some traction for the client, I will low ad spend while the rest of the stuff is kicking in. Now, here's the other benefit of doing that is that when you have the shield, you will get this amount of traffic to the website right, which you can then retarget with Facebook ads, and you can then retarget with Google Display Network. Okay, so that's, that's an added benefit. That's called omnipresence. Okay. And number three is that you're not only depending on one source of traffic, either Facebook ads or Google, Google organic, and the reason why is because the more traffic sources you have, the more solid your brand becomes right? So that is like saying why would you build an email list if you have the SEO show? Well, you need to build an email list right? So that's, that's some of the stuff that we talked about in the mastermind is like the real benefit of building a brand through Facebook advertising. A lot of people are using Facebook ads like at the beginning and then maybe you can dial it back as you start getting GMB calls or whatever. But it has so many many many benefits and so many levels to add some sort of paid advertising strategy either through Google Ads YouTube or Facebook ads, which is my thing. my wheelhouse and if you want to comment on this let me know.

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Will The Content Curation Model Works For A Tough Niche That Have Long-Form Content?

All right, I understand the content curation model but what if we're going for a tough niche that all our writing unique long-form content are you suggesting to go for some other niche or the shield and link building packages will add rank or stuff even though they're less good than the competition Okay, BB great question but I caught a curated article not less good quote-unquote, enter the competition unless the competition is like unique, long-form content that really attracts and really, you know, it's really, really good in terms of generating engagement from the audience, like getting people to read and spend a lot of time in your website and then click into other pages. So, you know, you can still make some much this like you if you're going with curation, maybe once a month, or once every two weeks, you can come up with a long-form content piece, right? So it's not because everyone else is doing long-form content doesn't mean that you can, you cannot do curation. So if you did your keyword research, if that's the niche that you want to go after. That's, you know, that's something that you want to keep them pursuing. In fact, maybe you will be doing something that they're not doing and that will give you an edge, right. So we don't really know until you try and also the fact that you're doing curated content and some form of long-form content. I think that's, you know, that's beneficial because while they are putting out a lot of long-form content, which takes a long time, a lot of money, a lot of effort and maybe you can put be putting out like, you ready constants just like this, you know, so that will be my intake on it. I don't know what you guys think.

Yeah, I agree with you. Sorry, is looking because I was literally looking up something about this today cuz I'm getting ready to write some stuff for my productivity based stuff that's a little bit longer format than what I usually do. So I agree, I think that you know, just because it's curated doesn't mean that's not good, but at the same time, you know, this isn't, you're not paying someone $2 to curate an article and that's going to magically outrank, but this is also partially it's getting for me into that area of like, how many syndication networks would it take to rank this article? It's like, Well, no, as many as it takes, and maybe it'll take some other stuff. So and BB I think, you know, that so I know you're not like asking us that. But it's verging on that where it's like, I don't know. You know, it depends on Yeah, the article like Bonanza, what are the engagement metrics, if you have a curated article and all this is just like, you know, one or two sentences, and then some you

A bunch of curated stuff and people go there and bounce then yeah, that the engagement metrics are gonna suck. So yeah, but yeah, mix it up, you know, instead of having to pay or write just long-form, you could go in, maybe start creating some infographic type material, if you could get that done or do it yourself. There are lots of tools to do that look at like writing how-to articles instead.

How about a list? You could curate lists, that would be a pretty cool one to do. And then you know, slip in some videos, and maybe other things on the site, which is another good way to drive some engagement. So yeah, mixing it up, I think would lighten the load on you also creating some great content. Yeah, yeah. And you can also use the pillar content meaning those long-form articles to actually like send pay traffic like those are great Facebook ads like targets great, fantastic. Like those long-form articles that you see if you have like two or three there. You can send paid advertising to it and they are not great.

Should You Include Breadcrumbs In The Pages Of The Money Site?

Okay, should we include breadcrumbs in the pages of the money site is the breadcrumb schema help ranking? So I've heard Marco so now we're going into that, that realm. I've heard Marco said that the breadcrumb schema helps to rank. And the same, the same with the fourth question. Can we use breadcrumb schema without having actual breadcrumbs on the page? I don't know. Probably you can't. I wrote I don't really know.

And I don't know if Marcos is watching this, and then he might be screaming if we're saying anything that doesn't, you know, that we shouldn't say, but, uh, but maybe ask on the Facebook group, you know, that will be, Yeah, that'd be the next best thing. So we swear if you if you're new, we started that, you know, we actually bring in the goods. It's just that you know, we're operating. We're at 60% here today. I would, I would say at 40 Yeah. 40% Yeah. 60%.

Okay, well, let's keep it at 45. All right.

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Let's see Ricky Bobby sass is saying the client hat we have on six different conferences. But this is the first one to test you guys out perfect. just crush it for that and then roll it over to the other five. That is great. That is great.

Should You Buy A Link Indexing After Map Embed Or Link Building Are Delivered?

Pablo is asking. Hi, guys. Thanks for the great answers. Thank you for dropping by. Should I buy a link indexing after? Should I buy a link indexing after map embeds or link building are delivered? Yes. You? Yes. Yes. So link indexing after link building? Usually, it's a good thing. Link indexing after map embeds. I haven't heard about that yet. But link indexing after link building? Yeah, for sure. Because again, you know, dedhia has the as the pulse on that, and he's really good. He's just got a crazy indexing rate. I know it fluctuates over time with you know, different methods and all that but I think he's still getting 60 plus percent, something like that, which is just nuts or link building. You know, which is just crazy. Crazy. Good. Alright guys, any other questions? We'll give you guys 30 more seconds. And we'll go from there. And I hope that we were you know, I got a question for you or not

Well, we don't have to run out the clock here. But let's talk about it. We're asking about questions about Facebook, we got a lot of good content stuff, and you mentioned it real quick. Who would you recommend to do long-form content and run ads to it? Do you see that being something good, that would work for people who are primarily doing like client stuff? or trying to rank organically? Like, where would that fit in? Do you think so? Yes. So that's actually a great question. And I would say hey, long-form content plus ads, it's almost always a good idea to do for a couple of reasons. Number one, because like if you're sending traffic pay traffic, right paid to pick like real traffic, not like CTR spam type stuff, like real traffic, real human beings to a website, where the long-form content with a call to actions throughout the long-form content, whatnot, that will help you rank faster, mostly because you're feeding the bot a lot of activity. And also if people stay, they come back because the articles really good. They're good to the next page, they don't ban bounce out and all that, that helps a lot in terms of like ranking signals. But not only that, from a consumer perspective as well, like, because they hit your page, they might stay for a long time. And then you can retarget them, right. So if they've seen your ads on Facebook, they don't click on them, just by the fact that they're clicking on them and landing on your website. They're behaviorally saying that they're interested in what you have to offer. So it's a good idea to actually, you know, build a list out of them and buy a list, I mean, a retargeting list that you can build in, within Facebook. So it's usually a good idea when you're trying to set yourself up for success, whether it's a local website or local clients or your own agency, like by all means, if you won't get more clients through this, if you don't like money, don't do this. But if you want to get more clients definitely do that. So well, that helps. Does that answer your question? It most certainly does. And thank you and also want to say thanks to Ricky Bobby. I think this is a really good suggestion he had, we're certainly working on, you know, making it easier to have both MGYB and with Semantic Mastery to figure out what you need. And so what he said was something that we should consider in the future a sort of quiz or funnel that we could use to figure out what to get and when. And 100% of it. Actually just shared that with the guys in slack. And we're going to look into that. That's a fantastic idea. Great idea. Great idea. I'm happy to take the credit for it. Yeah.

Sadly, it's been recorded. So now we know. But you know, recordings get lost sometimes. So let's see Vivi saying how to how to syndicate all there. Okay, we don't we might be at 45% but we're definitely funnier than the other guys. So you can say that you can comment that okay. You can say that.

How To Syndicate Older Posts To Branded Properties?

Alright, so bb is asking how to syndicate all their posts to brand new properties. IFTTT only allows new posts only great question bV. There are a couple of there a couple of plugins in WordPress that will do that. So there's a couple of WordPress plugins that will allow you to repost all posts number one, but also number two, it will allow you to repost old posts without actually posting them. What do I mean? It means they will update the RSS feed through which the IFTTT syndication network will activate but without adding a new post to your blog. Right so let's say you have all the content so there's a couple of plugins that will do that they will reinstate that post into the IFTTT feed and does you know, bye-bye. By the way, it works, it will activate the syndication network. So you can try both but there's a couple of plugins that will do that in WordPress. So

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What Is The Best Way To Push Power To Additional GMB In Different Countries Besides Web Page Silo?

let's see. Pablo is asking what is the best way besides current web page silo to push powers to additional GMB in different countries, different counties. The main GMB is covered by Google stacks. What is the next spec? What is the next step to cover additional ones, I would say link building so it's usually a good idea press release, press release stacks are actually a good idea to actually push more power to additional GMBs. So additional stacks, you know sending power to the additional sites.

So, at that point what you want to do is you want to try with link building first if you know that pushes this because some countries will be more susceptible to rank fluctuations than other mostly because of competition so so you can actually go there and push additional power through link building and link indexing on those countries and then if that doesn't work, then you you order link building, you index you wait right for 21 days and then you go after that. So that's what I would do. Okay, we have another one from bV Have you encounter a problem that IFTTT does not post articles that have really long-form content say about 4000 words? I haven't really BB not that take a look and I bet you could figure it out real quick because it should say an IFTTT if you log in and go into the applet like it may have a cutoff but yeah, I've never posted stuff over 4000 words. So okay. Um, I'm not sure like I haven't gone through this like

Yeah, like 4000 words that's a lot of content really, really awful. But there is this WordPress RSS feed cuts it up at a certain point. So there's the limitation on there. Okay, so it's not IFTTT might be the RSS feed for a while you can pretty much manually or commit, which one of our plugins did back in the day. Oh, gotcha. Gotcha. Yeah, that's cool. That's cool. But I was like, we haven't really gone through the problem of you know, about 4000 words. So no, so

Unknown Speaker 45:35
let's see. Ricky Bobby is saying the suggestion came out a little frustration more if I'm not sure. Totally feel you I had when I was starting to look into you guys. A lot of stuff in there was in good but I have no idea what I actually need based on what I'm at with the client or the client is afar really already own in the category. There's much different sequence of stuff decline is brand new to me webs and the web, versus someone who's been in business for 30 years in our life for 20. Yes, definitely 1,000% Ricky and we're actually actively working to make it better. We have been creating content and putting out stuff for the past six years. So seven years now. So it's you know, it's a complicated task, but we're actively working towards that. One of the things that we came up with is the battle plan. You know, the battle plan has a couple of sections in terms of You see, the GMB website is it a new website is a niche website or YouTube channel. So then you have like, some sort of decision tree, but the quiz idea is great. The quality is really good. So we really do appreciate that we're doing what our best here to actually, you know, but the content on more much more dynamic consumable way provided that this is Episode 297, you know, a weekly show.

So, yeah, brother. Appreciate it. I might purchase it by dinner ready? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. It would be a good idea if you did, you know, if you could just take that and turn it into a survey to so

You could like maybe that's part of the battle plan that you guys know to buy the battle plan.

Okay, if you didn't go by Alright guys, that's it for today. I think this was fun. Sounds good. Anything you want to add? Check it out hopefully live calm. You know we're not traveling right now but we will be doing hopefully live last weekend in September check it out 10% discount on tickets right now across the board. That's the main ticket VIP ticket, which includes some beers shipped directly to you, and then a VIP plus ticket for those of you who are looking for some consulting time at a considerable discount what it would normally take to hire six of us to sit down with you and talk to you for 90 minutes. We're not your issues. Yeah, we're not cheap. We're not cheap. Specifically, if you like it if you need a shrink or anything we double You know, that's even more expensive. But yeah, guys hopeful lab.com we'd love to have you there's some stuff in there that we don't share anywhere else like anywhere else. You know.

They're and people are raving about content, the connections, and everything else. So just you guys in there. Alright guys, thank you for hanging out for a little bit so you guys can see everyone cheers

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