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By April

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We should be live. We're live what's happening, everybody. Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts, Episode 300. We've been doing this for the past 300 weeks. And it's pretty cool. Thank you guys for being here. I'm really excited to be here today is the 12th of August. And we have some really good stuff for you guys. But before we dive into that, let's do the usual weather report across the globe at this point, what's going on Marco, how are you doing? What's up, man? I put furniture in the background for context. I didn't want people to think that it was a screen. So if I do this, I do this. I go here.

It's it's real. It's not a fake background. It's Sunshine. 365 is 24 seven. It's POFU get some. If you're not there, can't get any. not our fault. Looking down all day, look in the mirror. This is a hard day.

me getting where you fit in.

That's awesome. What's up Chris? How you doing man?

Doing good here? Nothing much up here. It's sunny summer. I don't know like mosquitoes everywhere that's the negative part of it but that isn't that I can't complain things are good. Where are you at? Where are you at? I'd my friends please. Nice. Okay awesome construction

I'm good. I was trying to get the silo training done the website silo training done for today for the process street doc that I've shared for the last few weeks but I'm not done with it. So I got a good jump on it. But it's not ready yet. So I didn't even add it to the process st doc yet but by next Wednesday, it will be done. I promise, guys.

That's awesome. All right, cool. What's up everybody? Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts. If you're a physicist, this is the first time you're watching this. Thank you. Welcome.

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If you have been following us for awhile thank you as well for the support the main goal the idea of these calls is to help you with anything and everything that has to do with digital marketing, SEO, growing your agency, making more money growing your business, whatever you want to do, you're welcome to post your questions and semanticmastery.com/hdquestions, and we will go in through those now before we dive into questions, we have a couple of quick announcements number one is that POFU Live 2020 which will be called portal online 2020. But anyway, that's going to be a thing. It's awesome. It's going to be awesome. We have some really good guest speakers lined up and you should head over to pofulive.com to get your ticket. We're also going to be doing some good stuff for the VIP guys that will join us and usually what happens we both live is that the stuff that's been shared in portfolio live it's never shared anywhere else, you know, so that is something that you want to consider if you want to get into some of the good stuff that we have when it comes to SEO, digital marketing agency building mindset, so everything happens there. So go to pofulive.com to actually get your ticket. Bradley, I believe we had a pretty cool kickass webinar this week we didn't when we did we had a webinar with Jeremy from press advantage on Monday and I'm actually trying to create a pretty link for that right now so that I can just paste that but yeah, go to SM short dot link slash press advantage. I'm going to put this up on the screen in just a few minutes, guys. But yeah, it was really really good. You know, we were press advantages in press releases are an integral part of what we do we use them really for just about everything. It's really a part of the SEO shield. And press advantage has been a great partner for us because you know, they, Jeremy's developed a lot of stuff into the platform for us at our request essentially, and so it works really, really well with our methods. And, you know, every so often he would open up a subscription plan where you can go get your own subscription plan to the press advantage platform as opposed to buying them as one-offs from MGYB. And I've always recommended to people that if you're doing a lot of press releases that you should have your own subscription to press the advantage and, you know, perhaps even some other press release distribution services, there's a few of them out there that are really good press advantage being one of them. So, you know, every now and then he'll open up an offer but there's, there's was a really good offer that he the last time he closed it down. He said he wasn't going to open it up again. But he did open it up one more time, slightly different than what it was the previous time, but it's it's an unlimited plan. So there are two plans, essentially, you can catch it in the replay guys, but there's the three done for you press release subscription. So three press releases per month written for you. You get all the benefits of having your you know, access to the dashboard and create in your own organization pages and retargeting pixels, and all the things that you can't get when you're just buying them from a reseller, such as MGYB. But then there's the unlimited plan the five written for you or done for you press release per month, plus Unlimited, write it yourself. When I say write it yourself really, it's a, there's a, you can have press advantage to write them for you, and you just pay per press release to be written, which is 50 bucks. So it really comes out to be five written for you plus unlimited press releases for an additional $50 per press release to have them write it and distribute it. And that's, um, that that plan was opened up and he swears up and down that this is the last time that it will be available. So again, I'm gonna put this up on the screen here in a minute, I'll post it in the chat, but it's sm.com/pressadvantage will take you to the replay page. So you can watch the webinar if you'd like or you can click through the buttons on that page to take you to the signup form, either plan, go ahead.

Press Releases don't work. They don't work. They don't work. So why are you telling people to buy press releases? When all of the experts' gurus What have you say press releases don't work. Why should people believe you and not the experts? Not that you're not an expert but why right Oh

yeah, well you know, it's funny but that's like the SEO is dead type articles that you read on all the different blogs you know, SEO is dead. And then what was it after? What was the most recent update that they said it was all dead because of Bert, Bert Yeah, the bird update SEO as we know it is now dead because of the natural language processing built right into the algorithm baked right in the algorithm and whatever, we've been hearing this shit for 10 years? So he's a what he calls your neural matching and if you can't beat AI, and there's no way that you can outfox the experts at Mountain View and and and on and on and on. I just I'm sorry that you don't have it ready. But that that screenshot that you showed the other day with the traffic coming from your presentation is like everybody just shut the fuck up. You don't know what you're talking about.

That's right. So I'm still trying to prepare this doc to put the links out guys.

Yeah. If you want to get a lot of other stuff that shouldn't work, but it ends up working somehow magically go to SEO, there's a lot of additional stuff that doesn't work there. Yeah. Now seriousness, if you're, you know, you're an agency owner, you have clients, you should be busy building your agency hiring people training those people getting more clients. So let us do the grunt work for you. Let us do the heavy lifting. That is the delivery for you. That's why we put together mg y b.co to go to MGYB.co to get all of your fulfillment needs so that you can be happy that we're taking care of it. You have the experts working for you and you can turn around and build your business. So

there you go. Awesome. Anything else guys before we jump into questions, whenever Bradley's vertigo or oh yeah I'm pretty much good to go on paste in this last link in chat right now.

And there we go. Okay, sweet. Let me grab the screen and we'll get right into it.

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I was multitasking

Alright, here we go. Okay, so first of all, this is what I was just pasted in chat guys press advantage replay, go to SM short dot link slash press advantage that will take you to the replay page. That's where you can watch the replay if you'd like or if you just like to sign up, the buttons are right there underneath the video. Okay. Process street template. This is the one I've been talking about for the past couple of weeks and I'm just gonna pull this up one more time.

This is I've got to kind of map this silo out and I set up a so just so you guys know this is basically a process if you go to semantic mastery comm slash process, you can view this process street template, which is what I call the worry or you know, we call the worry list entity based SEO method. And so essentially, it's just, it's the why we do what we do videos and links over where to get it done for you, or if you want to learn the how there are links over to the training courses, or where you can find out how to do it. But really, uh, you know, there's training in here for all these different components, which is the foundation of everything that we do, but if we look at the website section, this is where I'm still waiting to update. You know, I was hoping to have it done by today, but I did not get all the I didn't get the training videos completed but I did get a site up that I'm going to be using as the data.

A site to kind of show how both of these both types of silo structures can be built either a simple silo structure or a complex silo. And then there will be another follow-up video in the, in this little series here about website silo architecture for the difference between physical and virtual silos. So that's all going to be in this one section here. If you have process street as if you use that like your own account, you can import the template and then you can run checklists from it that you can assign to VA s or to each project for example, so that you can kind of run through and check the boxes off as you're setting up a new project. If you don't have process Street, well, you don't need it, you can still view the template and still view all the different, you know, parts of it, okay, like the training and that kind of stuff, and the links are all there. So that should help you. And just as a quick teaser, this is the silo architecture setup that I'm going to be using as the example and the updated videos. Okay, we've got some training videos on how to set up simple and complex silo structures on our YouTube channel.

But they're old. And some of the methods have changed slightly as I mean the architecture is all the same but you know, I don't use the physical silo which shows the structure in the permalink, or the URL, which would be the category slash post name permalink structure, I don't do that anymore. So there are some slight changes, it needs to be updated. That's what I'm going to be doing. And so you can see this would be like a simple silo, it's obvious I'm going to be doing it around tree service industry just because that's primarily all I work with anymore. And in a complex silo structure. So just a little bit of a tease, I'll be making the spreadsheet available guys plus the videos and all that inside of the process street doc so that you can walk through it and get a better understanding of how to set things up properly. Okay. So with that said, any got any comments on that, guys? Should we just get right into questions? No, that was perfect. Go.

Sweet. Let's get into it.

What WordPress Theme Can You Recommend For Lead Gen Sites?

All the questions posted today were posted or for today were posted today, which is rare. So that's kind of cool. The first question, is there a WordPress theme you recommend or having affiliate code for building lead gen sites and need different sidebars for each page? I believe you recommended Genesis Framework from StudioPress in the past roseus. Yeah, you know it. That's what I was doing when I was doing mass page building stuff, um, the Genesis Framework from StudioPress, but I don't really do any of that anymore. And I haven't for some time, I may get back into testing some of that again, but it's not going to be anytime soon, because I've got some other projects that I'm working on. But if you're doing mass page stuff, that's what I used to use when I did it, but man shit, it's been probably three years since I've done any mass page build stuff. Marco, do you have any WordPress themes that you would recommend? Divi? We work a lot with Divi. Yeah, Genesis Framework is really good. But really all of them they all.

Now we get a lot from ThemeForest. Let me see if I can let's rerun, we get a lot of things from the theme for us. I know that Divi isn't a theme force theme that it's a from somebody else, but it's really good. But any theme now comes with all kinds of different templates that you can use to come up with like 4050 variations, just a common one I just go to I go to theme forest, you go there you get one and then the variations that come with that it comes with allows you to build several websites that all look different. So get an extended license and you can use it all even the free ones you can I mean you can vary the sidebar, you can vary the placement of the sidebar, left right footer. So even those it depends on how good you are like with moving stuff around in WordPress. And if you don't really know WordPress, then everything is in YouTube. Anyway guys. So you go to YouTube, get what I don't know. 2020 is the latest WordPress theme in there. So you go in there, take a look. See how to how to vary move the widgets, move the sidebars around and you're good to go make it look any way you want. Now, just to be clear, I've been using ink themes for like my entire lead generation career.

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They're not that like it's not super advanced like a lot of the Divi and page builders however you can, I don't know if ink themes I know they also promote Elementor page builder which is a lot like Divi or WP bakery and all the different types of page builder plugins so that you can create kind of almost like elements and move elements around and all that kind of almost like landing page builder would be like Click Funnels, for example. So I know they have it but for most of the sites that I build, guys, because I'm just really familiar with anchor themes because I've been using them literally for almost my entire career. And I started doing a bunch of different theme types over the years.

I've played with thriving I always like thrive, the thrive, thrive architect and like all their different plugins and stuff, I've used them for quite a bit, quite a few projects. But when it comes down to just slapping up when it comes down to just publishing lead gen sites quickly, I like to use ink themes, themes, they have a lot of different templates, all their themes are very developed similarly so that once you become familiar with one of them, they're pretty much the functionality of all the different types of themes they have is very similar. And that's part of the reason why I like using them. But again, that's just a personal preference. And it's only because I got tired of constantly trying to learn how to set up new, you know, WordPress sites that were with new theme developers like because they all have their nuances, right? They all have specific, you know, ways that they do things. And so I got tired of always constantly having to learn new themes, so I've kind of reverted back to just sticking to ink themes for lead gen sites and since I'm primarily only doing tracer stuff now other than existing clients, there's really no need for me to go through learning all that other shit for other page builders and everything. So just wanted to point that out. I use ink themes a lot.

Okay, good question. Next one.

Oh, and by the way, you said, uh, she, he, they need different sidebars for each page. Well, you can do that with pretty much any WordPress theme because there are plugins out there that like custom sidebars, for example. I think that's the name of one of them. There's a ton of different plugins out there widget context is another one that I use. But I think custom sidebars is one that you can create all the different sidebar widgets or sidebars that you want and have different widgets plugged into them. And you just assign them a name and then on each page or post that you publish, there will be a selection like a drop-down where you can select which sidebar you want to show or widget context is another thing that I use a lot where that's actually in the appearance, widgets menu or that that you know that editor area where you can for underneath each widget you can assign when you want it to display either by URL by slug, you know by, or certain conditions or show not show on certain conditions. So there's, there's a ton of different ways to customize sidebars without having to be a specific theme that gives you that functionality, right. Plugins will do that as well. There's one called widget logic that I really like. Yep, that's pretty much like a widget context. Yeah, yeah.

Do You Need To Embed The Press Release Before Sending Backlinks To It?

All right, Fitz is up. Fitz says Good day, gents. Thank you for this forum. To get real-world actionable answers, Marco. If you don't mind, please drop the link for your charity. So it's some so that we can do some good while doing well. My question today is do you send backlinks to the press releases first or to you Do you embed first and then back backlink to the embeds of the press release? I usually always start with links, guys. That's just my own personal preference. I usually always hit everything with LinkedIn.

First, and then I'll do embed runs next, that's always like the second round of things will be embedded with links to the embeds. But that's, again, personal preference. I just always hit everything with link building first. Anybody else has a different approach? It doesn't matter, right? Because they'll they both accomplish the same thing. So it's just an individual preference. So whatever it embeds worked really well, because this iframe and link building works really well because it's link building. And if you do the embeds, and then the link building, you're accomplishing the same thing. The order is just a simple preference.

There you go.

Is It Safe To Throw Kitchen Spam Links To Tier 1 Assets With Your Own GSA Tool?

Next question. Hi, I was thinking about deleting my Senuke GSA licenses as I thought I would never have to use it anymore. But now I am thinking of running it once again. I will order contextual for the tier one assets like g site drive stack syndication properties from us. Do you think it is safe to throw in any as you say kitchen sink, spam links, pings, trackbacks, redirects, comments, etc? On those tier-one assets with my own GSA tool, or should I do these even worse than the contextual spam links at tier two for the safer approach? Well, again, our link building, Master

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Dedhia, he always recommends doing contextual links. So, web two Dotto contextual web 2.0 links as tier one link to your tier one entity assets. So they've really tiered two links to your money site, but they're but since we don't build links, other than through press releases and through our own blog content, do we you know, which goes out to the syndication network, since I don't build links directly to my money site outside of that. Then when we say tier one links third tier one links to our tier one entity assets, if that makes sense. And he always recommends doing contextual web to Dotto links as tier one and if you're going to do tier two, he typically recommends the second tier of the contextual web to Dotto links. And then if you're going to use like a kitchen sink, spam, GSA type links, whatever that would be tier three. But we know through testing that we've been able to get, you know, Marco and Rob have done some really, really spammy tests where they just hammered the SEO shield with a kitchen sink, spam, and all kinds of really, really poor quality links. And we're still able to get results on more than one occasion. But we always recommend that you stick with the better approach, because who knows when or when, and if that could become toxic at some point, even to the SEO shift. What do you think, Marco?

We said this before, and I don't know how many times we say this right. Kitchen Sink spam works. It does. We've proven it over and over again. We just had a recent to two weeks ago right in our academy reloaded. Someone came in and said they threw a bunch of GSA links at their project, whatever it was, and it worked. And we're telling you, yes, it does work. Yes, kitchen sink, spam, garbage links, they work.

But here's the point, if you can manage that with the worst of links, imagine what you can do with a good backlink profile. Because at the end of the day, if you have a client or if you have something that's public, and you hit it with the garbage that some of that garbage will index, it's going to show in the link profile, and someone who's curious about the company is going to go and look and find those. Do you want people finding those because we've said this before, I didn't when we were doing the test on DC plumber, I didn't want my kids around when I was looking at the backlink profile cuz some of those backlinks were I mean, it was trash, I mean really trashy stuff porn, the worst kind of point that you can think of. So when you don't filter when you don't take care of cleaning up the backlink profile, you're going to get those kinds of links, especially in these templates, right, especially in these things where they don't care where the backlink goes, it just goes. And if you can do that with those types of links, imagine what you can do when you tear your backlinks. They're relevant, right? They're contextual.

And then you tear them out. And they're also contextual, and relevant. How much more power can we generate? If we do that than if we just simply say, I'm going to go on the cheap, hit it with GSA, and get results? You get what you pay for, at the end of the day, you're going to get power. But do you want that kind of power? Do you want those kinds of links showing up in your backlink profile? That's the only warning that I would give you. If you don't care. If you just want to test for test sake, then by all means, just hammer it hammer away doesn't matter.

Don't forget press releases make really good links to so

What Should We Do With Classic Sites Built For The RYS Stacks Now That Google Is Removing Classic G Sites?

Fitz, what's up Fitz? This is a second question. He says, Now that Google is doing away with the classic Google Sites, what should we do with the sites that were built for drive stacks, convert them to new sites, they give you a great big banner at the top of them that prompts you to basically convert it to a new Google site. In fact, I spent some time earlier this week, converting several sites because I've always just worked in the classic Google Sites, whenever I would do a theme, your ex, you know, theme meringue. So the RYS expansion spent, essentially. And so I've actually spent some time this week going through several of my more recent projects and converting them to the new sites. And it's, it's kind of cool because the new sites as this is the first time this week is really the first time I started playing in the new site platform. And it's, it's very much like a page builder, right? And that you can drag it's like a block, you know, a block page builder to where you can bring in different blocks and different elements and set up columns and all kinds of stuff. And so it's a lot like working with Click Funnels or Divi or Elementor or WP bakery, all those different types of page builders now. So it's very intuitive. If you've ever done that kind of stuff with any sort of page builders, it's easy to work in. And I mean, it's even easier like there's just an embed function that would just it's, it's really easy instead of having to go into insert and gadgets and then select an iframe gadget and all that stuff, it makes it super easy. So it's actually really easy to work there. I don't know why I avoided it for so long. What's got anything to comment on that, Marco?

This always gets me to smile and laughing and guys, all that change. The only thing that changed is we don't have classic Google Sites anymore. That's it. Everything else is still available. The drive stack is still available. So copy-paste is still available. embed is still available on the new Gsite. So everything that we were doing on the classic sites, it's available on the G sites. It's just a little bit different.

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Our interface is different is more intuitive? Yeah, it's simpler. It's simpler to go and do things. And it looks better. And it's better for mobile. So thank you Google, instead of getting double the power like we were before, we're simply going to concentrate it on one Google site. We're still going to keep doing things the way we were going to do the do we do? Nothing's changed, right? And so what do you do now? Well, I keep telling people you copy paste, whatever's on that classic site, move it to the new site, like you said, internal pages get moved over copy, paste. And I think a bit it's a little bit of manual work, so don't do it. You should have a VA that's trained already in this process. And does it That's all it is. We are updating the training. we're updating the done for you solutions in the MGYB. co. I already talked to the VA. He's getting everything ready. We're hoping for release at the end of November because all of the videos have to be recorded. Right? The training has changed. That's changed a lot but we are going to do that. And we are going to change the done for you so that it matches what can be done now. But really nothing's changed, we're still going to be able to extend the drive stack, that's still going to be available inner pages on the new g sites. So guys, like Bradley said, click the button, move it over. And whatever Google doesn't do for you, then you just go and do because you have you still have the old Google Site available until September 1. A lot of people missed it. September 1, 2021. Yeah. So we got over a year. Come on, come on. Yeah. So yeah, we got over a year. So it's, you know, it's not a big deal.

And Google will change that shit, too. In a few years. I'm sure. We just got to keep evolving with you know, run it rolling with the punches, so to speak.

Should You Create A Subdomain Or Create A Different Websites For Each GMB Listing?

So Gemma, or Jim, or I don't know how what that is, but it's so dense questions if question if I may. My main site is an ecom site and I'm looking to set up GMB listing for the site. Can I create a subdomain for each location? Or is it best to create a different website for each location instead? Many thanks in advance. Okay.

I would do a subdomain because here's the thing. And we talked about this, I think even last week.

First of all, if you've got your main domain is your brand then you want, you don't want a different website for each location. If you're having multiple locations, if you're going to be incorporating local into your ecom, which I know some people do, you don't want to have a separate website for each because you want to piggyback off of the brand authority that you are that you're building right through your main brand. And brand authority is huge guys, if you can build the brand, then every subsequent location that you add will instantly benefit from the brand authority as opposed to if you have like completely separate websites and different, you know domains for each location.

It's treated as a different web asset, even if it might be part of the same entity. And it could create a whole lot of a nightmare trying to code all that stuff together and structured data and everything else if they're all separate websites. But if you have subdomains, then the authority that you build to the root through what you're doing to the root domain, as well as any locations on subdomains, or even they could be in sub-directories depending on what the setup is on your e-commerce site, then you're going to accrue authority to that root domain so that anytime you add a new subdomain, it's going to instantly benefit from the authority created or crewed on the root domain. And the same would work as a subdirectory to it just depends on how you have to host setup. I've always preferred to use sub domains. But as Marco was talking about last week, you know, fortunately, I haven't, I'm gonna knock on wood. haven't caught any penalties in years. So we could probably get away with not probably but I could get away with doing subtraction.

And that actually squeezes a little bit more power out of it than subdomains would. So that would be like a folder on your root domain where you would have a new website inserted if you were going to do it that way. And in fact, what I would suggest doing is if you're going to be setting up different websites, unless you're like, duplicating the e-commerce site on two subdomains, what I would do is maybe just like one WordPress install on a subdomain, right of your e-commerce site, and then use that one WordPress installation as the website for all of your different locations with just a separate location page. That way, you're only managing one site, if that makes sense. But again, it really depends on what it is that you're trying to do on each one of those local sites, so to speak. Are you trying to reproduce the e-commerce site in its entirety? Or are you just using it for SEO purposes for like content marketing for each location-based error, you know, for each location or what that's really going to determine what the ideal setup? But like I said, I've always preferred subdomains in the past. But I haven't had a penalty in years for anything because we use the SEO shield. So I could get away with doing it all on one domain.com it's not I mean, I totally agree. And as you know, we always drink our own Kool-Aid, right? We always do. Well, we don't just tell people to do what we do or to listen to what we say. We show them. And so what we did with MGYB.co is we're actually putting things in folders. The blog is in a folder. And the store is in a folder, the shorteners in a folder, so we just went with it. And like the shorten, it gets hammered. Continuously, not just by us, but people who use the shortener also. And so far, so good, and it powers up everything so much that everything benefits from it.

So and I mean, with subdomains, the problem is that it's treated as three different well as many different domains as us subdomains. And so the power gets split up with the link below. So if you're not, if you're not connecting everything correctly, the power isn't going to flow the way that it's supposed to. When it's in a subfolder, or when it's in a folder inside the root. Everything just flows naturally because everything's connected anyway. That's the difference is how you approach the power that you're going to push through the subdomains or through the folders where everything either flows, or you have to smash everything through the subfolders. I mean, when we were throwing everything at the subfolders, including really bad stuff, yes, it was recommended to use the subdomain. But now, you know, we don't really care because everything goes through the SEO pirate shield anyway. That's correct. Yeah.

This Stuff Works

Can You Order Link Building Packages To URL Shorteners?

All right. So BB is up with his list of questions. I wouldn't expect anything else maybe Zach Guys, can you order link building packages to URL shorteners, like MGYB, tiny URL Bitly, etc. Yes, of course, you can caution about Bitly though is an I don't know if tiny URL does it, I don't haven't heard of it. But Bitly will occasionally turn off a shortened URL through Bitly, though, change it to a 302 redirect as opposed to a 301. So initially, when you create it, it's a 301 redirect. Or at least, I think, you know, most of the time it is, but some for some reason Bitly and unless they've changed, but several years, I mean, we know I never used Bitly for SEO, Link shortening, once I discovered this, which was several years ago. And I don't know if they still do it, but I just assumed that they do, which they'll turn on 301 links for at for whatever reason, though, add a nofollow tag to the link, turn it into essentially like a 302 link to where it won't pass PageRank or pass link equity. So you got to be careful with that. That's why I don't recommend using Bitly. I don't know they may have changed that. It's been years since I've tested any of that but that's part of the reason I stopped using Bitly forward but you've got the mgyb.co shortener, tiny URL should work. There's What ow.ly? I don't know if you can still do that t.co, which was Twitter. But I don't know if that's a 302 redirect or what. But there's a ton of different shorteners out there. Just check, check, whichever ones you plan on using to make sure that they're 301s.

Are there any other recommended ones, Marco? Oh, there's a whole lot of them that there are lists all over of the best shorteners use MGYB.

Or you go. And those, it's crazy, because even the redirects through mg y v, will often end up ranking. So you end up with the MGYB. Seo URL in the search results, which is kind of it's kind of funny how that happens. The next question, Virginia SEO question, so he's talking about the drive stack that I had built for that. Why aren't you ranking the big bandage site instead of just the G site because I was targeting a specific keyword, Virginia, SEO, SEO Virginia, Virginia SEO agency and I built that in 2015. I wasn't just a Virginia SEO agency, I would pretty much take at that time, I was taking any type of home service contractor pretty much anywhere in the United States. So I was targeting a specific keyword Virginia SEO agency and variations thereof. So I built that stack specifically for that reason, I didn't optimize my website for that, because I didn't want to pigeonhole my website into that. And now to be honest with you, the only thing I really market for at all is Tree Service clients. So it's, you know, Virginia, SEO wouldn't, wouldn't have really applied to that. I've been thinking about doing another drive stack, specifically for Tree Service, SEO, and Tree Service marketing Tree Service, lead generation. So building that out, and then, you know, promoting my own agency website with that, but it's not something that I've done yet, but it is kind of on my radar to plan on doing at some point, maybe once all this new drive stack setup stuff gets completed in MGYB, and we're going to be redoing the RYS Reloaded training and doing a version three, essentially. And that'll be coming out towards the end of the year at some point. And maybe, after all, that's done, that'll be a good case study that I could set up. So, but specifically, as I said, I was just targeting that one, that one keyword, and I didn't want to optimize my website for that. I just wanted to do just the drive stack for that, which is what I've done. Big bamboo wasn't the target then it wasn't part of the case study. It wasn't it was the G site. That's the whole point of that case study was to rank the G site. Mission accomplished. Because it comes Well, we already had our five year anniversary of that thing ranking. At least top 10

Yeah, what I mean that was in May, and it still wanted number one then I think now like I said it had just slipped slightly about three months ago and then it has come back since with just one press release for most of the keywords anyways like Virginia SEO agency was the keyword that I promoted with the press release. And there it is number one above the maps. And you see because of my local IP, it does pull in big bamboo marketing into the maps, three-pack because of my local IP, I'm sure, but if you stand by, we'll look at a couple of other keywords real quick. There's really three that I was targeting SEO Virginia.

And you can see that's number two. So around like I said, about three months ago, it slipped and I noticed it down between like positions five and eight for any one of these keywords. But look, mymaps are number one there. And then all I did was one press release because I've just fucking lazy, to be honest with you. I didn't order any link building to it or anything Marco's. Like, hit it with a link building. Or I said or I said that Marco's. Like, hit it with a press release. I was like, Yeah, I should do whatever. I did one press release and I use the exact match anchor to link to the G site. The exact match anchor was the Virginia SEO agency. And that pushed it right back up.

The other one was Virginia SEO.

This Stuff Works
Number one, so amazing what you can do with a good press release and the drive stack.

So they don't work. They don't work. Move on.

Alright, the last question from bb says, well, the last one before somebody got a word in edgewise.

Is There Any Purpose Of Doing Multi-tiered Syndication With Each Tier Containing 1 Ring For YouTube Rankings?

Still yet another question. Oh, there's more. He's up to six any more guys.

Is there any purpose in doing multi-tiered syndication? That each tier has one ring only for YouTube ranking instead of one year? One tier that has three rings? I don't understand that question. Is there any purpose of doing multi-tiered say three or four syndications that each tier has one ring only for YouTube ranking instead of one tear that has three rings? Okay, I see what you're saying. So daisy chaining the syndication networks together. I know some people have taken our method, the syndication Academy method, and really done that and really expanded out with multiple tiers and all that. Here's why I don't like that I don't like to ever go beyond two tiers. And that's because if anything breaks upstream, right, then everything downstream from it will stop working. Right. And so that's part of that's the only reason why if an applet stops working at one location, it could stop the trigger. So like, you know, on tier one, if something stops working, then all of the tiers that downstream from that won't work. Does that make sense? So nothing will get published. And so it just becomes a management nightmare. That's why I prefer not to do it. The only type of time I like to use two-tier networks is for YouTube syndication anyways. So it's not usually a problem. Because it's usually the YouTube app. Let's just continue to work almost like indefinitely. But when you're dealing with RSS feeds and things like that, I prefer only to stick with a single-tier syndication network branded, branded syndication network, or if I was going to do two tier networks, again, it creates a little bit of a for blog syndication for RSS syndication, it can create a bit of a, you know, management nightmare because if anything happens with the RSS feeds, which often happens, guys, then you've got, you know, it's a lot of work, it's a lot of work to track down or to re restart applets or correct things. So I prefer to do single branded syndication networks for blog syndication, or YouTube syndication, no more than two-tier networks. But you can stack as many two-tier networks on a YouTube channel as you prefer. I mean, as you want, the sky's the limit. It's never created an issue. But BB you can get as creative as you want. Don't let me stop you. I'm just letting you know that the part of the reason I like to keep it simple is that we end up over-complicating shit thinking that we're going to be smart as SEOs, and it ends up becoming a nightmare to manage down the road. That's the whole point.

Comments. Yeah, kiss, right keep it simple, not you, BB. But just, in general, keep it simple, stupid. The simpler that we keep it, the better it is for us in the long run in case something breaks. If we like Bradley said when we start to get too complicated when we start to make things just so complex that we don't know where it might break, or if it does break where to go to fix it, it can become an entire nightmare. You can spend so much time, like the time I spent 30 days looking for a comma when I was starting my code in PHP. It was horrible. It was horrendous. I didn't know where it was I had to go look through all of the code. And we're talking about thousands of lines of code. And all I was all I had on the place was a comma. So it was ridiculous. So you don't want to get into that. Yeah, I agree.

How To Improve Product Conversions In An Ecommerce Site?

Okay, our man has a question specifically for Adam and it looks like he's looking for somebody to review and give some tips about how to improve. He's talking about conversion up to conversion optimization. Yeah, conversion optimization. So, so he's working on this e-commerce store. So he's looking for some tips on how to improve it. So that's the Well, I can tell you, thank you for an on-site site audits are something that we reserved only for the mastermind. Only because this is you know, that's what we reserved for our mastermind members. And it's also time-consuming. So the one hour Hump Day Hangouts, the public setting isn't usually the best place for that.

This Stuff Works
When you come to the mastermind, you could ask Adam specifically for his own webinars to give you tips you could ask for her Nan, you could ask for me because we all do our own separate webinars. And we'll do deep dives into and do site audits. We'll look at ad copy, you know, all different kinds of things and try to help you if you want in the mastermind. It's not something that we do here. Armand, if you want, you can always post your requests in the Facebook group as well. And see if you can get some people to help you there.

I'm not a conversion optimization specialist or ecomm? Guy, so I wouldn't be able to comment on that. Anybody else wants to make comment?

So yeah, so besides what you what you're saying, Bradley, I think that our mind, I think that there's some there are some proven e-commerce templates out there that no matter what you throw at them, they will work so you can start over there. I think that there's some elements as well on a page like any e-commerce page without going into the weeds of that specific example but for instance, countdown timers, or some scarcity timers, right scar CDs in only 15 left, that type stuff. So if you take a look at whatever john Mack is doing, so j O and M A C, he's templates are heavily optimized. So you can go ahead and give it a shot but usually, you know, like a green button, a green, Buy Now button and then some scarcity elements and then those the two-three things that I'm seeing that are, you know, increasing the conversions, but they pretty much they all look pretty much the same. So if you see any drop shippers out there like doing any Facebook ads or whatever, you know, their ads or their pages, they pretty much all look the same because they convert, you know, yeah.

Yeah, I've got a landing page that I template that I use from Click Funnels for Google ads for lead gen. For tree services. And I've used it for remodeling and HVC and for basically any type of home service, and it's the same damn template because it just works really well for Google ads and converting leads into, you know, visitors into leads for you know, and so I just use the same template over and over and over again, you know, there's really no Vinay broke, don't fix it, you know what I mean? So,

How Do You Get Interaction In YouTube To Rank The Video Higher?

the next question from BB again says, You say that YouTube can be ranked just by activity slash user interaction, but how would you get the interaction in the first place without tiered syndications ranking the videos or embeds, which is basically tiered syndication and YouTube ads, I wouldn't, I'd use YouTube ads to get interaction immediately. That's exactly what I do. Like I said, I'll push a video. I mean, here's the thing, if it's a video that falls within certain criteria, I can push it through some of my age channels that have aged syndication networks have been built up over time. And that's going to give me the SEO push. But I'll be honest with you, if I'm starting a new project for a client, for example, that has a new YouTube channel, I don't do any SEO to it other than just on-page which is set up the YouTube channel. And then obviously it gets link building to the channel as part of the syndication network and the SEO shield and all of that, but I don't build syndication networks for client YouTube channels for example. I don't do that at all anymore, because it's not like I don't I just don't do YouTube SEO anymore because I use google ads for YouTube for video for all the traffic, you know, view and traffic and traffic generations that I need for the YouTube.

So, immediately once I publish a video for a client, we set up an ad campaign. So even if it's a brand new channel with virtually no SEO done to it other than on-page, and it's the first video loaded on the channel, an ad is going to get set up with Google ads. So that's the engagement. And because I again, I pretty much do nothing but local, I'm always setting up geographic targeting, and I'm setting up audience targeting, preferably in-market audience or life event audience. And if not one of those then custom intent audience. And again, we have a training course that talks specifically about how to set that up, but that is, you know, I get the engagement. I mean, immediately once it's published, I set up an ad and within 24 hours the ad is getting, you know, producing views to the video, which is the engagement signals that I'm looking for comments.

No, I mean, we do it both ways. Cuz I ads. They work really well YouTube ads, and Google Display, the Display Network.

This Stuff Works
They work really well. It's Google giving you people. They're trusting, right you so you're establishing the trust part of art, the activities there, the relevance is there, because you established the relevance through targeting the audience. That works perfectly well. And beds and link building work also, because it helps rank and it helps bring people whichever way you decide to do it, you're going to need people on that video on that page, converting. If you don't accomplish that, it doesn't work. Even if you manage to rank the video. It's not going to last, because people are going to bounce people are not going to watch the video, people are not going to find what they're looking for. So if you don't match the user intent, if you don't match the query, if you don't have a solution for that person's problem, then it's likely that some other video is going to overtake you, because it matches the user query and the intent better. Google is always looking to do that. What we're

Just what we're trying to do is we're trying to tell Google, whatever we have matched the user intent, the user is going to find what they're looking for. And that action is going to be accomplished. If that person who lands on your page finishes the goal for which they went to the page, in the first place, if they don't, then you're in trouble. It's not just getting people. It's not just getting interactions. It's that person accomplishing that final goal on that web page, which is converting how they convert whatever that conversion is. It doesn't matter that have to be conversions, or else you're going to lose your spot to somebody who does it better. It's that simple.

There you go.

Okay, so I just posted the replay over to Jason because he's asking if the press release special offers still going on it is I just pasted the replay again, just on the replay page. You don't have to watch the webinar. If you don't want the buttons to purchase these subscriptions. There are two levels that are right below the replay video.

So yes, it is still going on. I imagine it will go on until the end of this week. I don't know how long Jeremy's gonna leave it open for specifically, but most likely till the end of the week. So I'd jump on and if you're going to do it because this will be the last time and he swears squares and I believe in this time, that is going to be the last time that he does it because the platform is changing, shifting. He's doing some new stuff within press advantage, like different distribution levels and all that kind of stuff. So this will be the last time you can get the unlimited submission plan. Okay. So there you go.

Does The Network Empire Keyword Tool Replace The Need For SEMRush?

Alright, the next question is I have purchased the Jeffrey Smith SEO boot camp and they promote a keyword called the network Empire. Yeah, it's the domain. digital marketers toolbox is really what it is with this tool replace the need for sem rush yes and no. So to finish this comment, he says I'm trying to keep my costs down and everyone wants a monthly fee and if I purchase everything, then my monthly cost is way too high. Now and I understand that digital marketers' toolbox is fantastic for keyword research.

And it's also good for if you're building a lot of sites that you're going to need silo architecture for, it's good for that because you can literally map out the site in the digital marketers' toolbox. And then you create a file that you can upload with a plugin or you can, yeah, you can, you know, basically import the file, the XML file from digital marketers toolbox into a WordPress install, and it will literally build the site out with all the silo architecture, the way that you mapped it out. And the digital marketers' toolbox itself. It's really, really, really good for keyword research, for setting up silo built, you know, websites built with silo architecture, but it doesn't do backlink analysis and all of that which sem rush does. Does that make sense? So SEM Rush has a lot of other features that like brand monitoring and all these other things that the digital marketer toolbox does not to be 100% transparent. I do have a subscription to the digital marketer's toolbox. I've been using it a lot actually lately for keyword stuff for silo sites that I'm building. I've got several projects going on right now that I've used it on. And it's really good for that. So but it is expensive, just to be clear, it is expensive. So if you have a limited budget, and you need the ability to also analyze backlinks and that sort of thing, then probably sem rush is the better route to go.

I would say, digital marketers' toolbox would be more for somebody that's more established that has perhaps a bigger budget to mess with. But it is a very powerful tool. There's quite a learning curve, though. I gotta tell you, I still don't know how to use it entirely. Because there's quite a learning curve to it. Any comments? Yeah, the social dr. D keyword research gig at m do iv.co. It's on hold right now. Because we're updating it. We're retraining all of our VA. So that's a little bit on hold, but it's going to open again. And once it does, it'll be available and we deliver the niche, like the right to you. Yeah, you can go back and forth with our vas as far as your niche, the broadest keyword, and then the three categories that you would like. I mean, we'll accept that. But then we go in, and we find everything that's related to the niche. And when I say relevance, just because something is irrelevant in your niche, you consider it irrelevant. That doesn't mean it's irrelevant to the pot. So we'll give you a lot of things that could help you out with creating relevance, which that thing goes into deciding drive stack, right to push relevance over to your main site. So don't think of it as No, I can't use this, that if the keywords are given to you, you can then submit those for when you're dry second decider built so they add relevance to everything you do at that point at that part of your tier one. So that will drive even more relevance to something that's already created with relevance in mind.

So how good is that? I mean, just you just kind of stacking relevance right at this point. So that's something else to look at.

This Stuff Works
Yeah, and here's the, you know, Marco's talked about this, the keyword research that we offer it MGYB is from the top down. So instead of from the bottom up, so, you know, a lot of lot SEO is talked about targeting long tails. And there's, there's a reason for that, but trying to get traction on, you know, long tails first and then working your way up towards the market level keyword and that kind of stuff. Well, the keyword research at MGYB is much like digital marketers toolbox in that it looks at the entire market. And it's from it's the lists are built, the keyword lists are generated from the top down. And that's what digital marketers toolbox does very, very quickly, is it just you know, within a few minutes, it can show you where the money is flowing within a particular market, but it's expensive and there's a little bit of, as I said, there's a bit of a learning curve with it. I'm not knocking it out. You use it personally. So it's a great tool, but it does require some time to learn how to use it and it is a bit expensive so just keep that in mind.

Wayne Social Buzz me what's up when he says Marco sunshine 365 and 24 seven holy crap that sucks. Not so angry. Not 20, not 24 seven that's the north and south pole. We don't get 24 seven unfortunately we do have a night here when it's called Night. So we have a rainy season too. Don't we do have a rainy season and we're in the middle of the rainy season. Come get some kids. Come get some gets over these guys. All you got to do is get to your POFU.

Can You Add Schema To A YouTube Video?

Alright, so next would be jet. This one. Hey guys, I'm new here. gonna stay tuned. Well, welcome. You can always come here and ask questions. That's what we're here for every Wednesday. Dan says can you add schema to it? YouTube video, I don't think that you can. I've never tried it the only way I would know to do it, which I don't know if it would work or not would be to edit the video file before you upload it to YouTube and try to embed structured data which I haven't into, like the comment section as EXIF data right as like metadata, as you would so there's a program I don't know that that would work though, to be honest with you. That's the only place I can think of doing it. But there's a program called mp3 tag that it's an old program, but it still works. This right here. It's free to download and you can actually add metadata to mp mp3 and mp4 files. So video files so essentially, you can go in and add keywords and tags and cut in the comments section. And so you can do all kinds of cool stuff like you would be optimizing an image, a photo to upload to a WordPress site right with metadata coordinates, you know EXIF data located data, all that kind of stuff, you can do the same thing with mp3 tag the video files. So this is something I've used over the years. Again, I don't do much SEO, YouTube SEO stuff anymore, guys, because I just use paid traffic to accomplish what I want to accomplish. But when I was doing a lot of YouTube SEO, this is what I would use to add metadata to the file before uploading it to YouTube. Okay, so I don't know, Marco, do you know if you can add structured data to like as metadata if it would stick? I don't know if that would? I don't know. I don't know if it would, we'd have to get into the code and YouTube to be able to add schema, right? And YouTube is not gonna allow that. Come on, guys. You know that. Yeah. Now the next best thing then would be to iframe the YouTube video on your website. And then to use video schema on your website. That's correct for that video. The source is going to get all the credit for this, right? Because that's the way that iframes work. And the thing is, it's going to bounce back to your page with that YouTube video embedded in it.

So why not do it that way if you really want to get this to work if you want to get the schema, right and if you want to add schema, the place to do it is on your website that you have at a schema.org the way to add video schema to your website to the code. So that's how you would do it. Here's the one I was looking for Citrix. So sistrix.com, they have under Resources, they have free tools or whatever and videos Rich Snippet generator for schema.org markup, this works for pretty good. If you want to just generate a video object markup. It works pretty well. You can use this because all you got to do is paste the URL in there and then it spits out the code. You can add that to the content body of your page or post and it will mark it up which is pretty cool. Yeah, there you go.


This Stuff Works

How Do You Get More Content To Your GMB Page?

Next would be Pavlo, what's up Pavlo he says, Hey guys since we need to mirror a website structure on the GMB, we should post the same post like on money site. I'm posting one post per week on the money site GMB needs more posts per week on how to resolve that where to get more posts.

Can I do it this way? I have long-form articles on the silo page with jump links. Can I break up one section and make a couple of posts on GMB top piece that will link to the money site. Yeah, of course, you can Pavlo that's good thinking. See, I love it. Love it when you guys come here with you know and have already kind of thought through. That's absolutely a great way to do it. And here's the thing, guys, you don't need to like like so what my VA does is every time she publishes a blog post for, you know, a local project that when we're also providing GMB posting service because some clients I don't, but for most of them I do. We always do a publish a GMB post that links back to the blog post right and we use the same Featured Image and Image We don't use, you know, her posts or curated posts, and they're usually way beyond the 1500 character limit. The GMB posts have. So we just take like the opening paragraph, for example, which essentially, you know, talks about what the blog post is going to be about anyways. And then there's the Learn More button, which links back to the blog post URL, and that's what we do. However, like if there's, you know, there's a lot of, for example, for clients that might only be getting, let's say, one posts per week, but we're doing five GMB posts per week, then it's only one blog post that's going to get highlighted in as a GMB post. So then there's got to be four other posts created. So for the week, right, and so typically, she'll do what would you just mentioned, she'll go grab some content from one of the main pages instead of just a post and link back to that on the page itself, and then you know, grab an image that's relevant to whatever the topic is, add that and then link back to the money site page or to the root domain or whatever tier-one entity asset, it doesn't matter, but just grab content from the existing website, or I've given her a bunch of and she, you know, over the years has developed them out a lot more but I gave her some templates that are basically like call to action templates that just say, Hey, you know if that and I list of keywords which and every one of my client projects I have a, you know, a spreadsheet, a Google Google Sheet that has a list of target keywords and then target URLs. And so she'll go right on down the list and just grab one of my GMB post templates and swap out a keyword because it's all tokenized. In other words, you know, I've created a notepad file with a bunch of GMB post templates in there that have tokens that can just be swapped out with the Find and Replace function. And it makes it really easy to produce consistently good GMB posts where we're constantly targeting keywords that have already been identified as keywords that are producing traffic or have the potential to produce traffic

Where do you get those keywords? We'll go to GMB insights for example, and look at the keyword the search query report or search term report at the very top of GMB insights. And you can go back to three months or like you know, the previous quarter and look at all the keywords that have brought traffic to the GMB and those are great keywords to target even like the near me keywords. So like one of the things that we use in our templates a lot is like did you just search for and then put in quotes? So that's the first line in the GMB post text right is did you just search for like Tree Removal Service near me? And that way you can start targeting like those near me keywords in a way that reads well. And it makes sense and it will look no further because, you know, Cole pepper Tree Service provides tree removal services to call pepper County, Virginia Call us for a free estimate. Then there's you know, brand name plus phone number and then the link back to whatever it is that we're linking to. Does that make sense? So yeah, there's think about also days silo linking your GMB posts

We talked about this and local GMB pro extensively, but all of that. So if you're thinking about taking long-form content, and breaking it up into a series of posts, GMB posts, which is a great strategy, then just think about how you're going to link those posts to each other, as well as back to the original content source. And jump links is a great way to do that. It's a great question Pavlo. And it sounds a great strategy. You're on the right track. Any comments on that Marco? Yeah, just something real quick before we go. Number one, original content works really well everywhere. Sometimes you can't get it. But the more creative you can be the better works. One and two original images. Nothing, nothing in your post is going to work better than an image taken and uploaded at the location. If you can't do that, and of course, you have to go to the things that we teach inside local GMB Pro, which is you know how to silo and how to get unlimited local images, how to do the post how to get creative with the post, how to interlink the post so that you can get the most out of your GMB. But I can tell you right now from everything that I'm doing inside GMB that nothing is going to work better than tweaking that content and giving the bot something original for that search query and adding that that that local image, it sent us everything in really well.

This Stuff Works

What Is The Best Way To Send Targeted Email And Text Messages To 50+ People WHere There May Be Video Blocking On Email?

There you go. Um, okay, so Nigel is asking the best way to send targeted email and text messages to 50 plus people where they may be blocking video blocking on email. I'm aware of a gift with a YouTube hyperlink method but wanted to know the best way to facilitate sending videos plus short messages via text and email that may be better than one by one. FYI, I have targeted and permission list and made separate videos for each of the 50 people. Okay, so I'm going to point out a couple of resources here. Now, first of all, there's one that I'm testing right now.

In fact, up Talk about this in the mastermind but there is no affiliate link for those guys but it's called dub comm do BB calm. And I just signed up for them a couple of weeks ago and they've got full-on. It's a video email marketing system, right and it's a full-on a platform that has SMS, it's got emailing, it's, uh, you know, depending on what level of subscription you have, it'll do a, you know, there's workflow automation So essentially, you can create automated campaigns where it'll send a video email, and then you know, if nobody clicked on it, you can 24 hours later send an SMS text message and then you know, and you can have different triggers where if they click and they watch to a certain point, it sends a different message like so it's a full-on automated marketing platform for video emails, and prospecting and everything else. So it looks to be incredibly powerful and I just started playing with it because I've got some lead gen assets that I need to monetize. And so I'm going to be doing some additional training on dub in the mastermind. And then I'm going to once I have it wrapped up nicely and polished up, I'm going to add that to our video lead gen system training. Okay, so I would highly encourage if you've got a lot, it sounds like Nigel, you're doing a lot of video email prospecting, something like this is actually way better in my opinion, even though I haven't really put it through the test yet. It looks to be a hell of a lot more efficient than the way that I have always done it in the past which was using different services and kind of duct taping them together so to speak, with Zapier and using different apps and services, okay, because that, it is, you end up having a lot of setup time to get all of those apps to integrate and work properly. And then if anything breaks, it becomes kind of a pain in the ass to go troubleshoot and find where it broke and fix it. All of that can be done. That's how I've done it over the years using Zapier primarily as like, you know, the tool to connects all those apps together. But it is a bit of a pain in the ass. And when you end up totaling all of the expenses for different services, including Zapier, which is, you know, at the minimum $20 a month to have a decent Zapier account, it ends up costing more than just having a demo account, to begin with. So that's why I signed up for this because I've got some prospecting campaigns that I'm going to be running in the next couple of weeks. And so I want to kind of document my process through this. And in the mastermind, they get that stuff basically in real-time. But once it's done, I'll have it polished up and I'm going to add that as an additional module inside of the video lead gen system program. Now, that said, there are a couple of ways that you can do what you were talking about. I like to use g mass SEO as my mailing service for when I'm connected through G Suite. So I've done a ton of prospecting using g mass SEO. If you look at the pricing, there is a couple of different pipes here. I like to use it for G Suite accounts pretty much anytime I set up any kind of email like prospecting campaign got a Now I use G Suite anyways so that I'm using the Gmail servers, it's a paid account so you get higher sending limits, all that kind of stuff, you can add your own SPF records and all that kind of stuff, higher deliverability higher inboxing rate. I like to use g mass SEO for that. However, there's another really good service out there that I used to use before I started using g mass and that's called quickmail.io. So again, they're similar type functioning, but you can basically load up campaigns with the individual you know, recipients have different messages going to different but it will automate everything and it will send out follow up automated follow-ups. It will do link, you know, open tracking link click tracking, reply tracking. There's again a lot of these will integrate with CRM or Zapier and that kind of stuff.

So you can, you know, cause another set up automated marketing, you know, workflows essentially. So you can do all kinds of really cool stuff with either one of these g mass SEO or quick mail.io. But I prefer a well, it looks like dub is going to be the platform that I'm going to be using going forward for all of my video email prospectings because it integrates like it has everything right in the same dashboard that I would have that I've ever wanted, that I've always set up using Zapier and multiple different services. That makes sense. Okay, so I would highly encourage you to check this one out. I don't have any training for that yet, but they've got really really good training resources on at dub alone so everything you could need already is here.

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