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By April

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We're live. Ah, what's up, everybody? Welcome to Episode 301 of Hump Day Hangouts, where we teach you some kung fu moves to get your rankings up there into other websites out there in the search engine. But that's great. Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts. Today is the 19th of August and this is your weekly meeting for anything SEO and good stuff and marketing and everything that has to do with that related so welcome to that before we dive into some of the good stuff that we have for today, just gonna go through the list of the awesome people that we have here. Nicole, what's up Marco? How are you doing, man?

You see it. Now let me tell you about it.

That's how it makes Groundhog Day. This is my life. I can't help it. And as I always say, don't hate the player. Hate the game, as I like this place.

Again, that's it. If you don't play the game as you should, then maybe you should start looking in the right place. When you're starting out in the right place Hump Day Hangout, so here we go. But you go get some.

Let's go. What's up, Chris? How are you doing, man? Yeah, like I'm looking jealous over the marketplace. I don't know. Like we had rained the last day. So like, not too excited to your brother. Well, everything else is good. And actually, I'm a little bit excited, but I cannot talk too much about it. Because I've been working on something for POFU.

But I think you mentioned a couple of things about that later. Yeah, for sure. For sure. What's up, Bradley? How are you doing, man? Good. I'm good. I'm just trying to do what Adam usually does and drop these links on to the chatbox, but other than I'm good, glad to be here. Yeah, by the way, we're missing a core, a core member of

The team in fact we're not able to function we're just basically barely scraping by which is because he's like out there running the woods doing his stuff. So what's up, Adam? So what's up everybody? Welcome to Episode 301.

And we're going to be diving into question soon but before we go there a couple of things number one people live is coming in hot, he's going to be awesome. I'm really excited about getting that well on our way is going to be our third installment or the third slot live event although this one's not going to be in person now which guy that said this is not live so he's supposed to live online but if you want to go and get your virtual ticket, your POFU Live ticket to be attending to POFU Live, go to pofulive.com. It's an event that we put every single year for the past three years, and it's been pretty awesome. People are getting a lot of stuff usually stuff that we don't share anywhere else. Just info for live. So go there.

Go grab your ticket, we're going to be doing some fun stuff for VIP ticket holders and all of that good stuff. So go to pofulive.com. And I also believe that we have some sell happening right now. And mgyb. And we guys, yeah, and it's in celebration of national potato day. Hey, go there.

So I dropped the coupon code in the chatbox below. But it's if you go to mgyb.co is 25% off of our ys drive stacks for the next I guess three days and the coupon code is potato, my rankings all one word, potato, my rankings, all one word as the coupon code gets you 25% off of our ys drive stacks. There you go. You're gonna use me, excuse me the SEO shield, which includes a drive stack but it's the SEO shield orders. That's what it's for. There you go. Awesome. And by the way, Michael does

People need to buy right away as they can buy right now. And they need to submit the order right now how How's that? How's that working? They have a window so that they can submit basically, you know if somebody is watching this tomorrow, and they want to take advantage of the offer, but they don't probably didn't have data of their clients right away, what do you suggest?

This Stuff Works
Well, we understand that we understand that people can sometimes get the information right away. We understand that people need time, right? For whatever reason it is, or maybe they just want to take advantage of the coupons. Well, that's fine. They can go ahead, buy, and then submit the information later. Now the problem is if you wait too long if you wait past 30 days, what we're going to do is we're simply going to refund you because we can't let it sit there 5678 months until whatever it is that you decide to do.

So get it, hold on to it go ahead and take advantage of the offer. So that the coupon doesn't expire, right because once it does, we can't give you the offer.

Then get gather the information. That's fine. Don't wait more than 30 days because then we will refund you no question. It gets done on our we know that if you don't submit your information within 30 days, you're likely not to do it. And we'll have to refund you anyway. So we might as well get rid of the problem to start with. Gotcha. So people can buy today get get get an advantage, take advantage of the coupon. And then you said, you know, submit the details over the next 30 days, basically. That's awesome. All right. Cool. So and by the way, if you have more SEO needs, if you have more delivery needs, you know, because you shouldn't be doing the grunt work, let us do it for you go to mgyb.co we have that sale going on. But there's a lot of good stuff there. A lot of stuff that allegedly doesn't work. But you know, the proof is in the pudding. We have a bunch of case studies there and more coming. So that's going to be pretty awesome as well.

Yep. Anything that you guys want to add on? Let's do this. Let's do it. Actually, we ran over last week by like, almost 10 minutes because I just lost track of time. So you guys are gonna crack the whip on me today. I tight I've got an appointment actually have to get to so. Alright, uh, let me grab the screen.

All right, sweet.

Do you guys see my screen? Okay. Yeah. All right, we're gonna start with

Is It Safe To Convert Gsites To Its New Format?

Igor. Hey Brad. The NSM team just got an email about Google changing the old g sites. Is it safe to follow to convert them to the new g site? I have been? I've done about a dozen myself this week. Seriously, I haven't even had VA is doing it. I've just because I've been tightening up projects and stuff. And so I've just gone in and click the button and made sure everything came out. Okay, Mark, I know you had some comments about that. We chatted about this yesterday. Yeah, Google has been really nice about it. They giving us everything we need. They're just moving everything over for us all you have to just click yes it. I mean, how good is that doesn't get any better than that. Now, you will

Hang on a second, well people do have to be careful about is that it doesn't turn into a 302. So please monitor your URLs, right use a redirect checker every once in a while to see what it is that Google is doing it because they get sneaky. Remember what they did with geo GL? Yeah, it was a 301. Then without any warning, it turned into a 302. Then they offer Firebase, which was a three or two that you had to turn into a 301. gotta be really careful. Google is really sneaky, right? Do they change other URLs from 301 to three or two from

what do you call it? From a meta refresh, to attend meta refresh, where then it's useless. So the only thing that I tell people is you got to be really careful. Keep track of your URLs, keep checking them from time to time. And of course, don't you do it your time should be way more valuable than to be inserting the URLs into a checker to see if it's a 301 or three or two, you should have a VA, doing all this menial work so you can concentrate on your business, growing your business, making more money.

That's the way it's supposed to be.

Yeah, what I was gonna say was a couple of things, one you brought up. Gotta be careful with Google because they're tricky about how they'll change stuff and make them three Oh, twos without even knowing. Yep, for example, what the old g sites I don't know, I haven't even checked it on the new one yet. With you know, once it's been converted to the new ones, but I can't imagine it would have changed. But if you left the trailing slash off of the end of the URL, then if you checked it in a redirect checker, it would throw to you the final URL with the trailing slash at the end of it. So like, if you're looking at a home page of the G site, and you were building links to the URL without the trailing slash, then you were actually getting a 302 redirect to the home page, which I thought was crazy.

But second of all, the new g sites are a lot like page builders are now so they're like, you know, modular and like kind of like a block editor. And there it just is a lot more intuitive than the old funky g sites. And I don't know why I've wanted them for so long because it's actually a pretty good editor now and it's a good interface. So,

How Many Videos Are Needed For A YouTube Silo To Be Effective?

okay, let's see, I got lost my track where I was let me try this again must have been from last week. Okay, so the next question was from when building YouTube silos? How many videos should be in a silo to be impactful to move the needle? I know it depends on the competition. But what should you start with five 750? And should we focus on building more in the silo or more silos? And if more silos, how many in the silo?

I got a little bit of a headache from that question.

This Stuff Works
It just depends on it depends on you know, how competitive the keyword is that you're trying to rank for. So whatever your top-level keyword is the top of silo keyword that you're trying to rank for. That's really going to be what determines how much depth you should add to it, like how many videos essentially how many other keywords, variations, longer tail versions, that sort of thing, are you going to actually target within that particular silo? It's just like doing it on your website, right? It's the same principle. It's the

How much is it going to take? I can't tell you that because I don't know what keyword is that you're targeting. I don't know what the competition looks like. It's going to take as many as it takes. So really just it's going to it's very much like doing a silo on your website. That's why we talk about theme mirroring, and all that kind of stuff because it's, it's all the same. Creating a YouTube silo is the exact same structure. And the mat, whether or not it ranks is going to depend on you know, a lot of factors, not just the silo structure itself, but having additional keywords in there more depth to that silo adds builds more relevancy, more topical relevancy, and there are more linking opportunities from within that silo as well. So it kind of helps to power up the entire silo, the whole playlist, if you're adding more videos that are relevant. Does that make sense?

Anybody want to comment on that before I go to the second part of that, yeah, what you start with is more than one right? Absolutely.

And then it's just how far you need to go to get to where you want to be. Period.

Yep. So how many are going to take as many as it takes? I was like a lot. We used to get questions all the time about syndication networks, how many posts Do you think it's going to take for me to rank for whatever keyword now, we could always have the same answer as many as it takes to take. Yeah. So the next one is it should be focused on building more in the silo or more silos and more silos. Now, remember, guys, keep it simple. You know, you can take a top-level silo keyword, and you can create a bunch of subcategories from closely very closely related keywords that are, you know, longer tailed versions are the next level down, so to speak of that main keyword, but is it necessary to do so? That's the point-like, again, I use this example more recently, uh, you know, I'm pretty much all I'm doing now is Tree Service stuff for SEO and, and lead generation and that kind of stuff. And for the longest time, I've always built a simple silo structure at least for several years.

I used to do complex silos. But I just got over doing that because most local, most local type businesses don't need that. But and I don't know that you're targeting local, but I'm just using this as an example.

I used to always silo with the simple site for the last few years with simple silo structure for Tree Service stuff, Tree Service being the primary keyword. So essentially the homepage, but then the silo structure would be tree trimming would be one silo. Another one that would be tree removal. And then usually a third one, which would be additional services or arborist tree services, if it was a certified arborist on the, for the contractor that the site was for. And I saw I'd have three silos on the site, basically. But what I found was Google actually really considers tree trimming, Tree Removal tree cutting Tree Service, they're all synonyms. So I could probably and I haven't tested it just yet. I've got a couple of projects and I'm waiting on some infrastructure to be built and then I'm going to be testing that. But I could probably go with just one silo essentially tree services. And you because all that content is the same, however, I could create like, essentially subcategories, which would have been the silos of what I've already been what I've been doing right. So tree removal, tree trimming, perhaps arborist services, but if why overcomplicate things, why make the build more complex? Why make the content, you know, the interlinking between pieces of content, everything more complex than it needs to be, if I could just have a flat site with one silo tree services, and just have all the content, you know, properly structured and get the same results? Why would I go through all of that and so that my answer to you about the YouTube stuff is the same thing? I would rather focus on one silo and add more depth to it and have that whole silo be a lot more powerful than have a whole bunch of different silos with the month that is very, very specific or it's kind of hard to get, you know, additional supporting it Now if you've got the main category with a bunch of different subcategories and it's logical to do so. Then I would add additional you know, add create additional playlist and don't forget, you can have one video and more than one playlist, so I mean, it

If you have a kind of like a parent category silo, the video can be in that playlist. But then you could also have like subcategory silos or playlists that want. You know, the video can also be in one of those, if that makes sense. So, but just don't overcomplicate things is my point, especially when it comes to YouTube? It's really unnecessary. Does anybody want to comment on that?

I totally agree.

Okay. Very good. And I think a lot of a lot of times we try, we try to be smart as SEOs and try to you know, well, if I get really creative with my silo structures, I can get better results and it just ends up being a lot of unnecessary work. So just keep that in mind.

How Do You Set Up A Sales Tax In A WooCommerce Site?

Jason says, Hey, guys, I'm working on an e-commerce site and I hearing rumors that I need to set up sales tax for every state in the U.S. if we sell something. Do you guys know how this would work with WooCommerce? I do not because I don't do anything eCommerce related. Perhaps Marco might.

Do you know anything about WooCommerce being in taxes and stuff?

I don't know, like, I don't know how you either,

like I do, I have worked on WooCommerce websites, but that's not the part of my job that I do.

The part of what I do on that is I get traffic, the owner is kind of like the one in charge of all that guy charges, taxes and I know, on the land, like each state has separate rules, right? for buying and selling land and how much is is due at the closing. But that all gets done, it gets taken out of the total when you close the deal. It's like you never see it because it's taken out. So like how much or whether each state is responsible, whether you're responsible for collecting taxes, what you need to do is go and contact the tax attorney and have them tell you what it is that you're responsible for, whether it's each state, your state, what the rules are in each state because only a tax attorney would be the one to answer that question properly. I'm not a tax attorney. I'm not a tax expert by any means.

This Stuff Works
So try that. I can't really help with that. Yeah, neither can I just don't do any sort of e-commerce stuff. So I couldn't help with that either. Sorry. Jason. Looks like Jason says he just joined the mastermind. That's awesome. So he says that, by the way, welcome, Jason. He says I have five websites that I need to do this syndication networks with, I need to do two of them as soon as possible. Well, I'll tell you what, as a mastermind member, you do get benefits, you know, so contact support, make about mgyb.co. So go to [email protected] after you've placed your orders, and, you know, mentioned that your new mastermind members and see if you can get two of them expedited, I don't know that we typically do that but I know mastermind members do get benefits. So Marco's, that's something that we can do is try to get it pushed a little bit.

Ah, we have other mastermind members. Also order. So how can we push everything? Um, yeah, that's why I was asking. I said if we can do something we'll try to but I don't know that we can but what do you think? I mean if it's just syndication if it's just a brand that networks you know, they get pushed out and they'll get delivered as soon as they're done that's how Jason yeah absolutely order right away. But we are improving the system. We're making everything better we're making things better right we're training our team we're trying to make things more fluid speedier so it's not as if we're just sitting there and not make trying to make things better we are

are you go and I know you guys have been working hard on streamlining stuff and all that so it will get better Pablo says Hey guys, I'm still confused with correct structure for city pages post question. One from for now top of silo on my money site is a broad category without local modifiers. If I need to cover two or more counties, I need to make each county like a separate silo or county can go after a broad topic and link back to the main silo topic example. This is one of those questions site slash Miami or slight slash appraiser Miami based on this question, how would posting look like okay?

Should You Make A Separate Silo For County And Connect It To The Main Silo?

Pavlo, I can tell you this you know I cover how I do how I reconcile those odd issues that I've talked about this many times and I cover this extensively in the mastermind I can't do it here. I can give you a very high overview like a conceptual overview of it, but I can't get into the nitty-gritty because it's something that I only cover in our mastermind, but I use tags for creating location-based silos in a WordPress website. Okay, so I use the category structure for my topical silos. But then I use tags in a very specific way to create my location-based silos so that there are no conflicts with URLs are trying to share location-based stuff categories across topical silos or vice versa topical silos across location-based categories. Does that make sense? I don't know if that makes sense or not. But I think you're talking about the oddities that occur with the URL conflicts that occur when you try to use the same subcategory across multiple categories because it's going to automatically append like a dash two dash three for each time you duplicate that subcategory into another category. WordPress is gonna automatically append to it like a dash two dash three because it has to have another permalink. And if that's what you're talking about, I learned to three years ago, probably three years ago now to build silo structure for location-based silos using tags and it's a specific hierarchy, the way that I stack those tags and everything else. That's as far as I can tell you right now.

The other way to do it was if you were going to if because remember if you're talking about complex silo structure, which you are in this case, right? Because you've got, you know, topical silos and then you want to go sub silo from that, right? So subcategories that you want to add additional content pages to or even posts at that level. Right that that can create some issues. That's why I recommend if you, if you can get away with just doing a simple silo, then and using just the post name, permalink structure, then you can stack you know, you can cross things, subcategories and other categories and things where the URL isn't going to be displayed and it shows as just domain comm slash the post slug at that level, and that's okay. But again, so So I mean, if you can get away with that, then that's the way that I would do it. But again, I can't talk specific can't show you the structure, how to do tag-based location silos or location silos using tags here on Hump Day Hangouts. I couldn't talk about it the mastermind though, but if you understand tags and how to use tag pages in WordPress, you ought to be able to figure it out as my point. So you want to comment on that at all, more.

The only comment that I'm going to make is that there are things that we reserved for our paid groups only. And it's not fair for us to give it away here in a free group. If people are paying for it, people are paying for all this information. So you people who are here free, although we try to answer as much as possible, you do have to understand is that there are some things that we can't answer, but we can answer them in the paid groups. That's just the way it is. It's the way we've always done it. We have given people what nearly six years of free information, actionable information, people have built businesses from the information we give away for free. So imagine what we give away in the free groups.

Yeah, the paid group you mean, um, but yeah. So probably just to get back to your URL question here. See, what I was talking about here is if you take a look at how you've got URL one versus URL to my point is if you've got like appraiser is your is like one of your services and if appraiser I don't know what your Real Estate or what, but let's just say it real estate. And so one of your categories is an appraiser and maybe one of them is home inspections, right?

Or Yeah, something like that, right, let's just say appraiser and inspectors, let's just use that just to show two different service categories. If you were to try to duplicate Miami, originally, if you set it up as a subcategory, as an appraiser, then if you tried to create Miami subcategory in the inspectors' category, or home inspector category, or home inspections, category, whatever, however you name it, then you would end up having that weird URL structure. That said, it doesn't really matter if you're using the post name permalink structure because you don't see it unless you're looking at source code anyways. So it's not a big deal. But again, it creates some conflicts that I just don't like to try to live with when I'm building the site. It's not really clear to me that way. That's why I like to use tags. I don't know if that was specifically a question, but that's the way I interpreted it. So next is he says based on this, how should what should posting look like?

For each county, it should be the same topic or keyword, but content should be rewritten, including local modifiers. Yeah, I mean, that's what I do. That's why I have my blogger actually create. When we're doing keyword plus location-specific content, my blogger just creates or curates a blog post that is targeting something very closely related to that topic. It doesn't always necessarily have to be 100% then but she has my I have one blogger that handles all of this stuff for me now because she's really good at it. She will curate top you know, stories that are topically relevant as well as something about the local area that you know, for the location modifier that we're targeting. And then there will be a paragraph at the bottom that has a strong call to action and it has you know, a strong mention of the product or service or the services that would pertain to what the theme of the post was about. So my point is like, for example, in the tree clients I have don't do landscaping work. However, landscaping is closely related to Tree Service stuff. Right. And so because of that, a lot of times there will be blog posts that are written about Lance a yard or keeping their somebody's resident, you know, homes, the landscape beautiful or whatever. And then there will be a paragraph at the bottom about, you know, tree services, tree trimming, tree pruning, whatever that will kind of tie that concept to the landscaping, right? And then we just optimize the SEO title for it. And then use the tag-based silos and all of that, and it's it works really, really well, especially when you use the SEO shield and the G site and you learn how to push keyword relevancy through backlink profile to your G site. So that's what I do.

And so all of the content is unique because all of the blog posts each blog post is unique because there's new newly curated content from my blogger, which is why I like it because it's all it's not. You know, one of the problems that I'm sure you are aware of this Pablo is is when you only have you know, a few seconds services? How do you keep rewriting about that same service over and over and over again, right, it gets to be very difficult to do so. And that's why I kind of got away from trying to do it that way. And I just let my blogger kind of run away with it and it creates over time, it might take a little bit more time to get the traction that I like. But once you do, you have this kind of broad width of topical relevancy to that to what your primary services are, if that makes sense. So that's what I do if you don't have that ability yet for, you know, for curating posts and that kind of stuff, then you can just rewrite stuff I've talked about having like one article written about tree removal, in my case, right. And then having that rewritten by five different, you know, as a rewrite project, as opposed to a new writing project, it's a lot less expensive, and now I've got six versions of the original article. And so that's something you could use if you're going to be reproducing keyword plus location across multiple locations. Does that make sense? I don't know if that was clear or not. Do you have any other tricks for that?

This Stuff Works
No. Okay.

All right. And the second part of that I can't answer because that question went way too long. Anyway, so we're going to move on if we have time, we'll come back to it.

How Do You Boost A Blog Subdomain?

Bobby, Ricky Bobby says, we have a client that uses a subdomain for their blog, their main site gets decent traffic 50,000 per month. But the blog that is blogged out example gets less than 1000 per month. Okay, they are not going to change it to a subfolder anytime soon. I've recommended it obviously, any advice on what to do to boost the blog subdomain. They have a few dozen articles on there. And we were starting to work on the content consistency going forward. Now that we have our keyword research and recommendations thanks to mgyb.

My suggestion would be just to start using the subdomain a lot more right. Your syndication network should be attached to it. You should be blogging consistently. And that's essentially what I was just talking about in my previous reply or response to Pavlo's question.

About overtime, just that the blog will start to gain more traction. And you'll see in Search Console, especially as you publish more content, your total impression number will start to go way, way up. Because you'll start being recognized by Google for a lot more keyword combinations. So different types of search queries will give your site impressions. And that's actually a really good content strategy to go in the Search Console, and identify keywords that are relevant, like search queries that triggered an impression for your blog, find those queries that are relevant, that aren't ranking well yet, but are that are close, like, for example, maybe their position is, you know, somewhere between 11 and 20? Well, those are good keywords than to start optimizing for producing more content for linking back to the original piece of content, that kind of stuff to help try to boost those to page one so that you start getting more traffic. My point is, you know, adding more content to the blog is would be my first step. And then you could always do things like, you know, paid traffic to some of the posts, and then do remarketing so that you can always be bringing people back, which will probably get more visits to the blog, even repeat visits, which is really, really good for SEO also. So those would be my two recommendations from you.

Yeah, that's the SEO shield, SEO Power shield. It's all part of the system. So it's not just getting the syndication properties. It's not just logging. It's not just syndicating your content. It's powering up your shield is powering up your right your @ID. It's powering up everything that has to do with your entity. It has to do with getting your schema out there. It has to do with whatever you need to do to make the content right. So link building comes into play so embeds come into play. More link building more embeds. Press releases, link building to press release a stack the press releases if you're local, posting, stalking your posts link building into your posts, local images, guys.

We've created a whole entire system for you to do this. We just can't give you the pieces here for free.

I mean, we got to go back to that. People. Yeah, you want the system. It's in the paid groups. It's in Semantic Mastery and the heavy hitter, join Semantic Mastery. And you get a really good price for joining heavy hitter. But I like we can't give you everything we'd love to. But then there would be no Semantic Mastery, if we gave everything away for free, right, the people who have to sit and think and do all of these things have to be able to make some kind of living, right, some kind of money, get rewarded for all the effort that we put into doing all of this.

So having said that, it's the system ads, ads work perfectly well. If you do them the way that we say do. Don't just go out and run any kind of ads that may or may not work. Use the system that we've set up to make the ads work. Use the system which we've created the

We make everything available in mgyb.co. But if you get it without really understanding what it is that you're doing, then you're actually doing yourself more harm than good, because you're leaving so much power on the table, so much power that you could be using.

This Stuff Works
And that's a good point, you know, press releases. I've shown this in our Facebook group, the SEO tutorials semantic mastery Facebook group. Somebody was asking a question about press releases. Well, it was more of a comment about how they read some article on some blog about our press releases doesn't work. And so they were just relaying that information. And there was started to the discussion, a thread. And one of the arguments that the person that posted the question or the statement really was stating was, well, you guys are all saying they work, but I want to see proof. Right. And so I just took a screenshot of Google Analytics of just one project that I'm working on, that shows referral traffic. And it showed press advantage, right, which is the press release releases that we primarily use. And it showed for a 30 day period, I think was 287 or 267 visits directly from press advantage. So don't discredit that either, like again. And that's all part of what we teach is like the same content strategy. So in your blog, that's one of the best things one of the strategies that I use, consistently, almost exclusively now is we publish blog posts for clients. And as soon as a blog post is published, not always a one to one ratio, depending on what their budget is, but we will publish a press release to promote the blog post. So every time a new blog post gets published, we have a press release that links back to the blog post. So we're driving traffic from press advantage domain as well as a lot of you know, other news-type sites when it does get traffic press advantage tends to drive the domain itself tends to drive quite a bit of traffic, but that sends traffic to that newly public blog posts plus it builds a bunch of links to that newly built, newly published blog post. So it's really, really good for building up the SEO value of your blog as well as driving traffic to it, which is what your original question was, is how to get more traffic to the blog. So that's another great part of this strategy that we teach. Yep. So it was a great question.

Is It Harder To Rank Gdocs Than A Gsite?

Babies up with a list of questions just broken up this time a little bit. So maybe you're getting better. Hey, guys, if I want to rank some Google property only, say a G doc and a G site? Is it harder to rank g docs than a G site? I have. I mean, for I guess I haven't really set up any specific tests for that. But I tend to just focus on the G site because it has a lot more functionality than a G doc. I don't know if one is harder to rank than the other what say you, Marco

would rank better.

So let me see that again. If I want to write some Google property on these, the G site because it is going to get all the power from the embeds the duck might rank faster originally. I like at first, but then the G site for sure will take over. Yeah, no, yeah. But that'll convert better, won't it? The G site will convert the dot some of the dots will rank right away. But the Gsite over time, it's so powerful. And you still get leads from that Virginia. Right? Yeah, he's still occasionally. Yeah. So I mean, the proof is in the pudding.

Is It Faster To Rank Google Properties Than Building A Shield To A Non-Google Property?

Is it faster to rank Google properties than building a shield on a non-Google property? Of course, it is. It is. I mean, it's crazy. Because you get well you can just here's the thing, even if you're ranked trying to rank a non-Google property like so you got a self-hosted website is your main money site. You can still do all the same things to the SEO shield. That and that you would if you made the Google site, your primary money website.

It doesn't really matter that because that's the whole point of the SEO show, right? It's to create a shield around your money site. So all the things that you're going to do to that g site, if the G site was your primary money site, which will rank very quickly, you can still do all of that to the G site as part of your SEO shield when you have a self-hosted money site. So a non-Google property money site, because you're not going to actually touch your non-Google property money site. with anything other than the SEO shield, you're doing all your nastiness out to the actual SEO shield. So my point is, why not have both unless it's just you don't want to go through the trouble of setting up a self-hosted website and all that other kind of stuff, which I understand that so for example, for some lead gen assets, there's no reason for to set up WordPress stuff if you're just doing like a single location, lead gen assets and you're going to do a bunch of them. You can get away with 100% with just GMB assets and the SEO shield assets and you can use the G site as your primary money site and the GMB website the two of those countries if combined, and you'll do incredibly well that way. So again, but if you're going to be building a brand, there's in my opinion is no reason not to create a money site because you can still rank the G site before the money site ever ranks and still get the benefit of it. But you're building that brand back to a domain that you have more control over. That's, that's my take on it. What do you think?

You know, it's still effective, Google will say no.

This Stuff Works
But we see all these lawsuits as we see all of these things where Google prefer Google, over anything else. And we've proven it's not something that we're just saying. And it's not just us giving you theory and concepts and all of these ideas that are nothing. We're giving you facts. We're giving you something that we actually showed on a webinar, how Google trusts itself above anything else, and because it trusts itself over anything else, it passes PageRank to itself, and it ranks its properties over anybody else's. We see this time.

And again. So it stands to reason that if you build up your Google ecosystem, it's why we're in there in the first place. The whole idea to start with was Dr. Gary and I said, Google prefers itself over anything else. And we went from there, we set up, let that's the scientific method. You start out you have a hypothesis, it's a sentence, then you say that you ask a question. Does Google really prefer itself and why? And then you go out to prove it. And we did. And not only did we prove it, but we also showed it live. It's not as if we just go we don't we don't hide that we showed it. How it is that Google prefers itself over anything else. So guys, understanding this, why are you not taking all of that power? and using it use Google was my original concept and idea, use Google to rank in Google?

But at least to be said,

How Do You Determine What Link Buiding Campaign To Use And Determine The Competition?

there you go. Next question. Say you are getting into a new niche. How do you determine the link building? We should use it? What is low, medium, hard competition? Which tool? Do you determine the competition?

Well, I mean, for me, I use a number of different tools. So it really doesn't matter as I use for bigger projects. Now I'm using a digital marketer toolbox which is network empires towards a bit expensive, but you can also use stuff like sem rush and things. But honestly, what I do just to be what I do is I figure out what I how much relevancy I need to create with you on page right first, that's, that's always what I do like to do, am I going to need a lot of content Am I going to need to have proper, you know, how much content do I think I'm going to need so I always start with on-page but once I figure out what my plan is what I think is going to meet or exceed or meet and exceed whatever the competitors are in a particular space, then I set out to build that as far as the link building and everything. I just go by with it.

Exactly what you know we always talk about here, which is I do a ton of content marketing from the site through the blog to a syndication network, total SEO shield built around everything, I do a lot of press releases, which always link back through the blog posts mainly back to the back to the site. So that's where I get most of my link building done and besides link building to the directly to the SEO shield through MGYB. Now, for most projects that I'll start with a big link building package, so you know, the competitive What is it the Nitro I guess we call it the Nitro kit or the Nitro pack, link building just to kind of seed everything right off the bat, but then I just get into a regular schedule of doing either embed or link building or embeds plus link building. And now and I usually go with just depending on how competitive it is most of the local stuff, I mean, isn't super competitive. So I'll usually go with the starter kit, link building package or embed, you know, embeds plus link building to the embeds and I'll just do that on you know, monthly or sometimes even by me

Monthly schedule depending on whether, you know if I'm ranking really well or where I want to be, then I really there's no reason to just keep hammering away at it except for maintenance link building, which is, you know like I said, might be once every six weeks or every two months, or something like that, but I just how many links are going to take as many as it takes, right?

So it's just it's about the initial setup and everything and waiting for that Google dance to stop, which sometimes goes on a lot longer. And I think that's the entity established. Go and Marco can talk on this speak to this, but I think it's Google trying to establish or understand the entity itself when you first set it up because I got a treat care project that I've been working on and sharing in the mastermind. That's just taken a long, long time for me to establish the brand name, like, you know, really solid but I think I'm finally there and with that particular thing, but what I'm saying is once you start getting past that, and it took shit like 10 weeks, it's been dancing a lot, but I've also been noticing really aggressive with the content marketing and link building through press releases and everything. So I think that's kind of along the Google dance. My point is, once you get past the initial Google dance, then it's a matter of just monitoring Can I continually content market or do content marketing, excuse me, so publishing content, but then it's just a matter of link building and embed, to try to get the desired result that you want. I can't tell you which levels to use, because I just told you my plan, which is just I come out swinging hard, you know, come out with a lot right up front, just to initially seed the whole ecosystem that I've built. And then from there, it's just more of an ongoing the tortoise, the tortoise wins the race type thing where I just constantly publishing new content and constantly powering up the SEO shield in strategic locations to get the desired result. What do you say, Marco?

Ah, man, and

This Stuff Works
yeah, it's an excellent question. But that's, that's the

How It is, isn't it?

I'm not sure how much to add to that. Okay. Good enough. So we got another Marco on he says, Hey, I'll ask Will you guys be offering a coupon on national pasta day? Maybe lots of people will be looking forward to that, too. If we did it for potato day, we'll probably do for pasta day as well.

That's another reason another excuse to send an email right?

out of that gate. Can you hang on a second? Because just to go back to that, on how to define the competition, or how do you know, I use Jeffrey Smith's method. I look at competing pages. And his it's pretty accurate. When you look that up in Google, right? When you Google it and you look at the results, that's usually a pretty good indication of what you're up against. So I mean, if you don't have it, I suggest that you go for the ultimate SEO Bootcamp, the best on-page training that there is I don't care who says what, I agree, he rocks it. He kills it.

And I'm doing a lot of AdWords or Google Ad stuff now to a lot actually. And that's something else that I determine what my SEO competition is not always the case. But in the local niches that I'm in, it's, it's pretty accurate. If my cost per click for a particular keyword is quite high, like and it changes by location to right, then I know that that keyword is probably going to be a lot more competitive SEO wise as well. And I think that's only logical. You know, and I don't know that that's universal across the board for all keywords. Some see, maybe cost per click is very, very high. But the SEO isn't so competitive, I don't know. I'm just saying like for Tree Service stuff, which is, again, primarily almost all that I'm doing now. If I'm in an area, like for example, I've got some lead gen stuff going on and like Oklahoma City, for example, for Tree Service stuff and then others, and Fairfax, Virginia, Fairfax, Virginia, I might pay $35 per click for tree removal near me, but I might only pay $12 in Oklahoma City. So my point is like the keywords it doesn't necessarily mean that the SEO is going to be you know, three times harder in Fairfax, Virginia as it would Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, it just typically means that the higher the cost per click, what I found is the more people that are bidding on those keywords are also paying for SEO. So it typically means you're dealing with more competition and I and again, I don't know that that's universal across the board, but I found that to be the case for the niches that I'm in

MGYB Support Question

Okay, next is Nigel what's up. Nigel he says hey gents, you were the best I wanted to give you money but now I'm about to be potato paid. That said I need help to get an order in so I can over-deliver for a new client just need some guidance on getting this order correct. Let me know your best route to do this. Right. Okay, so he must be this is it down here. I'll come back to Ricky's comment here in a moment is literally timing is perfect with a discount. Thanks, Bradley. I will also be taking you up on the calendly booking we discussed weeks back, as I have been getting real referral interest from SEO for luxury real estate niche and believe the SEO shows 100%. But I feel that I need to use this first experience to document the onboarding process and get the solid testimonials from my referral client and then have them as an ambassador, which is already working for other services. Yeah, that's fine. I do I made that offer to you, it still stands. So whenever if you've got the link, if not just pm me on Facebook, and I'll give it to you again. Whatever guidance you can give me or who to speak will help. I also will send you a quick video explaining if that's better. And just so you know, I did contact support first to ask and they told me to reply before I asked but didn't hit reply or hear back excuse me email could have gone to spam or deemed such please let me know. Thanks, guys. Yeah, as I said, I don't think we're connected on Facebook. Just reach out to my pm.

And I'll get something scheduled with you because I know we made that offer to a few months ago. Okay. And you've been around for a long time. So no problem. Thanks.

Ricky says not a question. But when people ask my boss, how many does it take to do X, he would say 10 to the 12th. That basically means 10 to the 12th power, which is a trillion. He used to tell us, it doesn't matter how many it takes, when it works, you'll know but be prepared to do as much as it takes. The only time that question is relevant is if you don't believe in the strategy. If you know the strategy works, it doesn't matter how many it takes. We'll keep doing it until it works. that's a great way that's a much more extended version of as many as it takes, but I like it.

It's pretty good. We should copy that somewhere.

This Stuff Works
Alright, so Marco says like I understand a little No, none of what you're all talking about. But I think your free content can help and that your team seems pretty cool. Okay. Thanks, Marco. Appreciate that. Next, Ricky says to be clear, we won't mind paying for the services.

What was he asking about? The National potato day, but I don't know what it was.

Do you want I mean, we have training on the SEO shield, the SEO, the SEO shoulder the SEO power shield. I can't remember the name of the website, Rob put that up for free. It doesn't get any better than that you can join heavy hitter the free section, tons of resources in there man, tons of free resources for you guys. The free SEO group this you have tons of stuff feedback.

So you can go to a heavy hitter club slash SEO shield or just go to because he set up a redirect the SEO shield calm. And I'll just put both of these on a notepad file so you can see them on screen.

The other one would be HTTP books, that's too many.

And it was the SEO shield.com.

Okay, so if you got either one of those specifically Marco on who was asking the question, then you can download them or opt-in or whatever for SEO shield training, which will explain to you what it is why it works and not and you know where to get it and all that kind of stuff. Okay?

So those are our methods Oh, by the way, you can also go here I still didn't get the damn solid training done because I had another project pop up in the past week that I had to attend to. But if you go to semantic mastery comm slash process, you can learn much more about these are the training videos that I did, specifically for the semantic mastery process, which is what the SEO shield is built around, and all the different components and why we do what we do doesn't give you the how it gives you the way if you want to how I point you in the where to find out the how you know where to purchase the training products or join our mastermind, that kind of stuff to where you can get the how, or you can just go or we point you just to go get it done. It's mgyb so that you can spend your time building your business and generating more revenue instead of doing the execution of these processes. That makes sense

So either any of these right here will help you to get a much better understanding of what it is that we're talking about. Okay.

All right, we're gonna keep moving.

Unknown Speaker 48:12
The blog subdomain site, should we do the shield that the blog? Should we do the shield to that blog subdomain or to the main domain? Well, depends on both right and the Brian period, right, which when you build that you build out the brand, the subdomain is a part of the brand. That's right. But it's separate that you can't separate that. You just have to do it. Right. You have to connect one to the other. It's right to get disconnected. Does that a disconnect? Is that a separation? Yeah, the parent. It has a bit has a child, the child has a subdomain that the child has a parent is the main domain.

Right? So again, your primary URL, in this case, I would make the root domain, but you would include the blog URL and the building right

Just like you would your syndication network properties, so that that's also being included with all of your drive stack files that are being created your G site, everything you see your blog is going to be constantly linked to and you remember from your primary route, you're going to have a link to your blog. So you're going to be transferring power through that anyways, to back to your blog. But just remember, you're probably my opinion, your primary domain, your root domain should be your primary asset for the SEO shield. But you include the blog subdomain URL in the additional URLs that you're going to submit with the order like your syndication network properties, for example. Okay. So there you go.

How Would You Deal With A Competitor That Is Using A Location He Does Not Occupy?

Aaron says arrived late and needs some advice. One of my main competitors is using a location that he does not occupy the property sold last week and he was never located there. Is there something I should or could do about this? Thanks. Yeah, just out SEO and that's what I would say. I mean, I know there are people that will tell you that Yeah, you can report that and all that kind of stuff. I don't do that. I just think it's better Karma I understand even if they're spamming and they got you to know they're winning just outperform them and that's just I don't do negative SEO I don't report shit like that I just don't do it. It's up to you whether you want to you certainly can go that route I just don't like to do it because you know what goes around comes around and I would hate for somebody to do that and I've had it done and I don't like it so I wouldn't want to do it to somebody else and that's just my opinion. And your comment no you know you know I agree I out power That's it. That's it. That's what we did with this guy. The new client that I took on exactly what we did. We just blasted him out of the waterman. Now we're after first place for the keywords. He had the knowledge panel. No longer got the knowledge panel. That's the type of thing you do. You don't go negative. Just hit it harder.


Yeah, Austin says I'm gonna have a header club. If I join the mastermind. Is there a discount for either one? Yes. As far as well. Yeah.

This Stuff Works
If you're in both there's a discount, right Marco.

If you join the mastermind we will give you a steep discount for as long as you're a mastermind member if you leave the mastermind then heavy hitter goes to regular price you can only have the discounted price and heavy hitter if you're still in the mastermind.

There you go.

Austin dawn I've been trying to talk you into joining the mastermind for some time because I know you're in the real estate industry as well. So

Jason says again Hi guys, I look forward to working with you all in the mastermind group I need to order the keywords in the shielded package as soon as possible and do it Jason quarter the damn thing and yeah if you got any questions Jason the mastermind you know you get a hell of a lot more access to us there's no doubt and as we talked about I think I talked to you on the phone last week actually. Remember to use the question form and the mastermind you'll know where it is because it's in the mastermind. If not just post a question, I'll send the link to you in the mastermind. But yeah, make sure you use that too because we'll dig, you know, do deep dives and webinars for whatever it is that you want to discuss, have us look at as you know, analyze whatever it is you want to talk about. We do that stuff in the mastermind. So look forward to working with you as well. We're almost out of time. We got a couple more.

What Value Do You See In A Set Of Twitter/Facebook Accounts That Retweets/Share Items Via IFTTT?

Next is Hey, fellas, what sort of value do you see and I set of Twitter Facebook accounts in the geographic area of my client that are used to be IFTTT to retweet share items coming from that client and probably other area businesses, so as not to look suspicious? Yeah, I mean, it may help. I don't know, I just don't go through all that trouble. It may.

I mean, I think social signals from real accounts where there's a real activity that generates traffic, so click-throughs. Back to the target URL, not just these I don't think just the sharing. I don't know I haven't done any testing on this. Like specific testing, social signals in several years now, many years now, probably five years. But traffic, referral traffic from social networks is very powerful for SEO. So if you had real people engaging with those profiles or pages or whatever it is that you're trying to set up on social accounts, where there are real people engaging with that, even if it was automated on your end, but other people were engaging with the automated content, which can happen. And then they were actually clicking through and some of the posts that were being shared to those, you know, the links that were being shared and that kind of stuff that can have an absolute effect. There's no question. I don't know. And I may be wrong, but I don't know that just social signals in and of themselves produce any results anymore towards SEO at all. But real active engaged accounts that those share URLs on those accounts will get clicks from real people. And that does help because it's referral traffic. So I don't know Do you have any different data than that, Marco?

No, no, I don't.

So, it depends on what you're doing then really, I mean, if you like, here's an example where we were talking about David Nelson's RSS masher technology, which can build these beautiful automated auto blog type sites that will start to generate real traffic because a lot of them are like new sites and we've got something that you know, we're working with some somebody that we're going to be bringing, perhaps bringing to you guys' attention in the coming weeks or months. We're starting to test with it now actually, but it's something very similar. We're RSS mashers that could complement it. But my point is creating like these traffic-generating sites that have relative route relevant content, either by topic or by location, that can be used to drive real traffic back to, you know, our own properties or own assets that we're trying to rank or clients or whatever. And, you know, if you have built these sites that start to generate traffic and they start pushing clicks the nose that's very valuable. So it's the same thing with social media accounts, if you even if you automate it in some way, shape or form, as long as people are engaging with the content that is being generated by that profile or that page or that account, whatever, then I think there's value to it. But it's, you know, how much trouble going through to set all that up. That's why I typically just don't do it. Okay, okay. All right. So here's the thing, Google said that it doesn't take a look at social signals. Okay.

And this is where we have to separate the bullshit from us fact.

What are they really saying?

This Stuff Works
What they're, it could be true that they don't pay attention to the social signal itself, or a social signal, as whatever that concept could possibly mean. What Google pays attention to is a link because guess what, everything in Google the foundational principles in Google are links. Everything is built around makes the button cannot get the variables that it needs for the algorithms unless it travels. And traveling quotes unless it goes through a link from one server to another. That's what's happening. So let's look at this the way that you're supposed to look at it. Let's look at this, as I always tell people, scientists, and what's actually happening. Google is sending a signal from its server to another server through a link a hyperlink into an HTML hyperlink. It's going through an IP, whatever it's going through, it's going to that server, and it's looking for something specific. It could be that it's going to as a social media property, whatever the hell it is, that is going to, it's been coded to pick up this I call it a signal. Let's call it donuts. It's been coded to pick up donuts through those links. And it's been coded to look at Brown donuts, white donuts, jelly, doughnuts, whatever chocolate-covered doughnuts, whatever you want to call it. All right.

And if it finds those, it brings them back and tells Google Hey, I thought, it fills in on the variables, hey, I found these. Now, let's go back instead of donuts, let's just call it, they looked at the LinkedIn, they saw a person, click on the link, the person clicked on the link that and they went to your website went to what Google's Following this, they went to your website, and they filled out a contact form, you think that isn't gonna trigger any part of Google at all? Do you think that's not gonna matter?

Call it whatever you want, call it. Fuck Google, like I always say metadata will say they call it what you want. But Google is seeing that whole client transaction from beginning to end. And you really think that doesn't make a difference when Google sees that transaction goes take place from beginning to end.

Looking at everything looking, especially on YouTube, and in Google ads, because we know that Google pays special attention to the people that they send you. Do you really believe that these don't matter, call it what you want this I call it a social signal. call it anything you want. We know from our testing from everything we do from everything that we've been covering from all of our client work from all of our businesses, guys, you got to understand that we're not just Semantic Mastery. Marco isn't just mathematically I have businesses, I've other businesses that I run. I have clients that I work with, I have so many things that I'm into, I don't know how I have time in the day to do them all. But this is Semantic Mastery, just a small part of what I do. But everything that we show in Semantic Mastery everything that we give, you have to hang out, heavy hitter club, the free SEO group, and Facebook, every bit of information that we share has been tested because I'm not gonna risk my businesses. I am not going to risk my client's businesses. On theory. We go we set up the theory we formally the hypothesis, we ask the question, we go out and use the scientific method. It's very simple. And then we print back the information that we said, we know that Google is tracking that person. Why in the world would there be a pixel? Otherwise?


Alright, so last is not really well, I guess it is a question, Aaron's comes back is replying to his previous comment about a competitor, not trying to be whiny. But when people are deceptive, it makes it bad for all of us if a business doesn't have a real address, shouldn't they be sad? Yeah, no, I agree, Aaron. And here's the thing. If you're talking about a storefront type of business that is using a fake address, then I would, I mean, maybe I'm wrong here. But I would think that it would get reported by a pissed off customer who went to Google Maps to try to go to the storefront business, and they go to a building that's empty if that makes sense. So I've always talked about if you're going to do spam Google Maps listings that you should only be doing surface area just type or excuse me, surface area business type of Google Maps listings, because, you know, like a contractor, plumber that goes to other people's, you know, to people's homes or buildings, or offices or whatever to do plumbing work, they can hide their address. So nobody's gonna is clicking driving directions. So I don't know, Aaron, if it's if you're talking about a service area type of business where customers should be going to the location, then I would expect it to be terminated rather quickly because people cussed pissed off, customers would report it, unless it's one of those odd situations where it can be a service area business, and a local business or storefront business. And then if that's the case, where primarily that's a store, if it's a service area business, then that you know, might be able to get away with it. So I don't know again, I just still don't do it. I still don't report other listings. I don't negative SEO. I just don't do it. Again. It's a karma thing and I just don't want to invite that into my life even though I've had it happen to me in the past I've never felt vengeful enough to want to do it to others that's just my opinion so again you're entitled to yours and I'm not knocking you for saying that you want to report it fucking report it then you know that's, that's on you buddy. And I'm not knocking you for it. I'm just telling you I wouldn't want to do it myself. That's all I'm saying. any follow up comments to that Marco? Karma is a bitch call it what you will. Anything that you do can and will come back to me and look, go, and power up your shit.

That's my recommendation you do whatever the fuck you want. I mean, you're a grown person. I can't tell you what to do.

But I definitely would not report shit I would just go get rid of it out the power that's what you do. Not negative never ever. I've never ever done I've come really close.

Some piss me off that much where I was gonna blast him and make him appear for like some porn term. But then I

You take a breath and say, okay, it's okay. It's okay. Let's just move on and make money. Yeah, I agree that energy can be spent making money.

So, again, they're good questions. But yeah, no, you could encourage a pissed off customer to report them. I don't know. All right. Thanks, guys. We'll see you all next week.

We appreciate everybody being here. And don't forget the potato. My rankings are your coupon code for SEO shields for 25% off. It's only I think for the next two or three days. So take advantage of we can see you guys all right later.

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