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By April

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All right, welcome everybody, the one where I'm totally prepared to get this started. So welcome to Hump Day Hangouts, Episode Number 303. Well, we are going to do our thing. We're going to say hi to everybody. I got a couple of quick announcements and then we will dive into your questions. We got a ton on there. So if you're joining us for the first time, just want to say that's great, really appreciate it. If you have questions, you can always come here to Semantic Mastery comm slash HD questions. Ask your questions throughout the week, we understand that not everybody can be here live, that's fine. Just ask your question. Try to limit it to one, not six, or seven if you can.

Head back to YouTube and you can always subscribe and that way you'll get notified when the new Hump Day hangouts are is out and go check out your answer, put it to use, and boom. So with that said, I'm going to start at the bottom today. Let's see we got Chris down at the bottom. Does it look like he's got some new headphones What's going on?

Well, I wish they were brand new. I mean, like

They're still pretty sweet. But

yeah, they've been I think two years old.

All right, well, it's new to Hump Day Hangouts. I've never seen it Yeah like there's a bit of noise in the background so like, kind of trying to shield it up. Gotcha. All right. Yes, that goes otherwise here.

Interestingly, It's getting colder here like summer is almost origins like fair enough and I know you and I don't want to spoil anything but those who weren't involved in some of the land mastery stuff last year may not have heard about this by now you and Marco were just talking about leads for something that came out of land mastery, right? Yeah, like Marco hit another home brand that says that way. And yeah, like he's generating way more leads than we can handle at the moment. And so I'm, I'm one of the lucky ones who like gets first take on them. Now staying well looks very promising. Yeah, let's move on.

them over to Marco. How are you doing, man?

I'm being pulled into the light.

Look, look, that's how I keep I keep telling you. It's Groundhog Day in Costa Rica. Next week, same thing week after the same thing. That's how it is. Can you ever grow tired of something like this? Not one. This is what you choose and where you want to be. Why would you choose a place where there's so much sunshine and rain? As a matter of fact, there is lots of rain. But why would you choose a place like this on this? This is my Fortress of Solitude guys. We define peaceful right as we do, what we want to do when we want to do it. Yes, there are things that we have to do. But it's things that we enjoy doing because it's part of our puzzle. So as part of mine, like, this is my fortress of solid my base, you get me.

So from here, like I can't get tired of this. You guys might get tired of watching it.

Get to your postal code. Get some. That's how it works. And as far as the leads that I'm getting to Chris, they're different, something that doesn't work. Yeah, just ours, our system doesn't work systems in place, I'm getting leads. I mean, these are organic. It's not what we do with the land. With the land mastery course that Bradley teaches. That's another way to generate leads. These are generic leads and states other than the ones I'm directly targeting. Because of those, of course, those come to me, but I can't take them all. And so what I did is in the lead mastery groups, since I know people they're trained by Bradley, I went in there and offered first come first serve. Chris reached out to me the other Chris, Chris Greenhow. He reached out to me, and they're the ones who got them and so whenever we get more needs with what we're gonna offer him that way, and maybe it's time to get another group in there, ready to give a crack at some of these leads. Yeah, yeah. Unfortunately for those who say it doesn't work.

For some reason I still get money in my bank like I don't know I must be stupid and can't figure it out the money gets into my bank accounts

I must be doing something or else I'm just like, throwing shit up against the wall and hoping that something sticks and hoping that somehow Lucky Charms magically delicious It appears in my bank account I guess that's how I'm doing it. Everybody says it doesn't work.

The reason why is you are not flushing the checks like everybody else. Okay? Yeah, I'm never gonna do that you're not seeing my bank account.

Government my tea and my come after.

Oh, well. Sorry. Good. I'm gonna skip over her nine. How are you doing man? You look like you might be a little chilly today. Yeah, man. It's raining. it's really bad today, but you guys are warming up my heart and also excited. And also I'm excited about live man. Coming up. It's coming out to be the gayest thing you've ever said, man.

For Argentinian summer, yeah, man, so it's coming good it's going it's coming alive so that's cool man outstanding well I got something to say about POFU Live in a minute but first Bradley How are you doing man? Doing well and yeah you know the market that's a really good point with just to kind of piggyback off what you said but you know the land flipping business which I love it's it's just a side hustle for me now and for many months I thought about trying to go more into like making that full time but I don't need to because I built systems and I've got VAs and stuff in place now to where it's it's almost on autopilot and you know, I only probably put about 10 hours a week into my real estate business anymore but it consistently generates a, you know, five-figure paychecks on a monthly basis like last month I did $16,000 in revenue just from in profit just from the real estate business. And you know, not all months are that good some months I might only make three grand another month. I make 20 grand, but you know, it's somewhere in between, right? It's all in every single month, month in and month out, that money comes in now because I've built the systems up for it. And, you know, doing what we do for marketing to generate the leads and some other methods. So what Marco was talking about is great, because that's just using SEO and Semantic Mastery methods to generate leads. But you can also get more targeted leads by doing some other things too. So you can target specific areas, for example, and all that. So I don't know if there was enough interest in that I might do a second round of what we called land mastery, which was essentially me training people how to set up a land flipping business, the mechanics of everything, how to do deals, some coaching throughout the deals, and that kind of stuff. So if you guys are interested in that, just comment, you know, let us know, reach out at support, if you want to say, Hey, I'm interested in that, where can I find out more and if we get, you know, five or six people that are wanting to do it, then I might, I might set up another group for that. So yeah, and I want to say to people if you're interested in watching

This you can also leave a YouTube comment we get notified about that. And I want to say to that you know, you heard what Bradley's making this isn't you know made up you know, it's not like we're gonna go around and you know, waving checks and making an infomercial out of this but this is a potentially high-profit area and the training was done with a lot of personal involvement. So this isn't a $100 course it's no one-week training. This is you know, walking you through all the steps and the initial batch of people I believe went through several thousand dollars and now that you know, we've got to redo an update you know, it's going to be in that ballpark to like you heard Bradley say the profit to cost ratio there it's needed you would make that back in one month so but want to be realistic with people that the value is there we know it is this isn't some info course where you just you know take PDF and run this as a real business. Yeah, it's also not passive like that actually works. I mean, like Bradley's Yeah, as he exists.

Thumbs down and so on. But like you got a call people and stuff. So it's not like that you would just be like behind the keyboard. And yeah, if you like the idea of putting in the work up front, doing a couple of months of getting your hands dirty, set up the systems, and then like Bradley said, you do it about, you know, well, you can do whatever you want. But with Bradley, it's taking about 10 hours a week, and he's making five figures, then, you know, if that sounds good to you, then this is maybe somebody might be interested. Yeah, just a quick follow up. Yeah, I mean, it's, it's between four and five figures every month. So like I said, on the low end, might make three grand in a month, but on the high end, as much as 20 I've not made over more than 20 in a month yet, from the real estate business. But, you know, I spent eight or nine months learning the business and then developing, you know, and like automation and in training VA, and stuff like that. So now I've got it to where I only need to work about 1010 hours per week, but it took several months of work and effort to do that. But, you know, because I've been able to do that I can, you know, shortcut somebody else from

Have to do all the learning and trial and error and all that kind of stuff. There's still a learning curve, there's no question and it does require work but you know, it's good it's good damn money and it's what's interesting is even that with all this COVID stuff, it's actually my business is picked up because of that and I think it's because most vacant land owners You know, that's a liability. They just pay taxes on a yearly basis. It's not generating any revenue and because of all this, you know, financial kind of insecurity because of the Coronavirus stuff. A lot of people that have been, you know, owning vacant land for years, sometimes decades. They've just decided now's a good time to sell. So it's been really it's actually the last few months has been really, really busy. And it's great because it's just good money. So again, if you guys are interested in that, just make a comment, send us a support ticket, and let us know. And I might put something else together for that. And it's not as if what we're doing is hidden anywhere. I've been transparent about the land solutions network. Case Study. I've shared it in our free essay group I shared it in the heavy hitter club. I've shared it. In the Semantic Mastery mastermind, I've shared how it was approached, how it was done. Everything is everything is there. And like, I mean, come on, if I could do it like, on part-time, where I can't dedicate enough time to it for it to rank the way that it should. And I still see four or five dozen keywords in the top 10.

I mean, think about it, it's like it's a no brainer, why wouldn't you because if you put forth like the time and effort in your state to start with, and you rank something organically, and it will start producing leads that way while you're also getting Bradley training, which is not organic, organically based, but you take both approaches, and you put them together and is going to almost double the number of leads that you can do per month, which then should double the amount of money that you could do per month. But guys, if working part-time, let's say you dedicate 2030 hours a month on it, Bradley says it's 10 so so let's say 30 and it sounds good to make between 500 and $1,000 per hour from the effort that you're putting into it like doesn't make sense to do it.

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For those of you who aren't making 500 to 1000 an hour if you are then this obviously isn't for you unless you want some just some a side hustle 510 k per month which just comes in and goes into wherever you want it they got me to come up. It's like why would so thanks, Bradley. It's fun. And I'm enjoying ranking I'm enjoying the lead the lead solutions case study I'm enjoying sharing it because it's just working out so fantastically well. It's awesome. Like it's also sweet because I'm pretty sure Bradley and this well me like yeah, ranking in the land business for major keywords for our state. Like page one, like super easy, like, just gotta know what you're doing. Yeah.

Before we turn this into the real estate Hangout, I wanted to share something here. So I've got this shiny belt buckle kind of proud of this one. Since we went virtual, you know, we couldn't get out and do organized races. So this was for 1000 kilometer race. And it's cool. It's nice and shiny. It's heavy, too, right? I mean, you can really dump somebody with that. But you know, it's not as cool as this guy.


So what this is, if you're not familiar with these coins, generally they're referred to as challenge coins. Not going to go into the details of it, but every attendee at Boku live so far has gotten one of these. Alright, there's a lot of reasoning behind it. I won't go into but I just want to tell you that if you come and join, POFU Live 2020 you're still going to get one. All right. We've had these manufactured and just got my hands on them not too long ago. And we're going to be sending this to you directly because we want you to have this as a reminder, you heard Marco talking about what POFU is a little bit earlier. And we're going to talk about it definitely some more during POFU Live. We've had some more people joining us over the past week, which probably I'm looking at it, go and update the page, because we have a little thing that's, you know, says how many tickets are left, we are limiting it. And if you want to get in on the VIP seat, you should definitely do that. This is the week you want to grab that. Those are going to go away at some point I'm talking with companies helping us, we're going to be doing kind of a virtual tour, and beer tasting and some food and we have a cut off for that. There's some other stuff, you get the VIP ticket as well. You don't have to pay for executive summaries. There are all sorts of good stuff. So head over to pofulive.com. Grab your ticket, you know, if you can grab the VIP ticket, I highly suggest it we priced it so that it should be very attainable for just about everyone to camp the main ticket is great to see can get access and then the VIP plus is a real killer deal. We've priced that too because we know that there are people out there who not only want to come and learn and talk to each other but also would like some time to sit down and talk to us and what that involves too is a call with all of us and you sitting down and talking and going through what your issues are whether it's something to do with your ranking is something to do with your SEO as client work isn't getting more clients isn't getting better clients. Is it something entirely different, but we'll sit down and do that. And I'm not even going to put $1 value on that? Because you would have to add up every single one of our consulting tables? No, let's just say it's a good value.

I want one last thing, sorry before we get to questions. So I have a slot open in my mini mastermind. I run it on Tuesday at 6 pm. Eastern time, I asked my group what we should do about bringing somebody in, and I got a fantastic suggestion and this is how I'm going to roll with it. Anybody who is a current or future member of the Semantic Mastery mastermind, and attends POFU Live 2020 is going to get that seat. So you have to be a mastermind member and you have to attend POFU Live and go into the free group. If you're not a member of the Semantic Mastery mastermind and if you haven't been default postponed aren't planning and ask them what they would pay to be in my mini mastermind. Ask them what the price of admission into that mastermind should be asked, it's free to go in and ask and I'll ask the people in my mini mastermind to go in and comment to be open about it like I did not I think I put no punches, guys, I try to be as transparent as possible. I try to tell you guys everything within reason. Just so you know, I'm offering that seat. But it's only going to be available to anyone at the post for 2020 and a Semantic Mastery mastermind member. That's how you're going to get into that one slot because people aren't giving it up. We have people over in there for over a year, and they're not giving up their seats.

So if you're not a member of the mastermind, what he's saying between the lines, you can go and join the mastermind and come to poker live and get your shout at that. So highly suggest it as just another honorable call icing on the cake, but maybe that's a cake on top of the cake.

Sweet welcome, we get into it. Let's do it. Let's do it. Let's do it.

Uh, I forgot which button to push. Hold on. There we go.

a bright yellow one. Yeah. Yeah, there you go. We can see your screen. Alright.

YouTube Caption Unavailable

It looks like the first one is from the user. Okay, number one is a high international user here. I don't know what's going on with YouTube. But recent videos and streams from everyone do not have captions. They're all listed as unavailable. If they are available. Google uses AI to very well transcript scripted video which makes it much easier to watch it on higher speed and get a much better understanding of the words if you miss some of them due to pronunciation. That is a much more effective way of watching a video with captions on please find a way to enable that it would be very helpful not sure what changed captions were always available before something went wrong with YouTube and I think they disabled this by default. So I guess maybe they're asking about having the captions turned on from Hump Day hangouts.

Well if it's something in YouTube, if it's just a setting that may have changed or been updated or something and maybe we need to go in and poke around in the channel settings and see if we can find it and turn it back on it that might have been it that it might be a bug in YouTube I don't know I haven't poked around but now that you brought it to my attention.

I got so many To-Do List somewhere on paper somewhere on a whiteboard somewhere on a computer app. So I've got to consolidate my to-do list because I got them all spread out all over the place but I'm gonna make a note of YouTube captions once you have our VA goal go poking around in there and seeing if she can come up with anything before you spent time in there. Yeah, well I mean it's not a big deal for me to it this is something I should know anyways if it is something that's changed

I know YouTube is going through some changes I got a notification I'm sure you guys have to an IFTTT that you have to go in and reconnect your YouTube channels. To IFTTT using username and password now, which is interesting because it used to be through like an OAuth. I haven't actually done it yet, but I have received many notifications for that. So I'm assuming there's probably some back end changes going on on YouTube.

Does The Press Release From MGYB Include An Organization Page On Press Advantage For Company With Schema On It?

So alright. Next, if I were to press release from the MGYB Store, would there be an organization page on press advantage for the company with schema on it? Or is this available only for press advantage members? Well, you get an organization page. I don't know if we are allowing people to submit structured data for the organization page or not. Marco, can you clarify that or? I'm not sure I'd have to ask. Okay.

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By the way, with a question like that, you could always ask some contacts, just contact [email protected] because that is a question that support would be able to answer for you. We don't offer it or provide SEO consultation or recommendations through support because support is supposed to be account-related questions, access issues. If you have an issue with an order or things like that, but this is a question that should be answered by support as well, you're certainly welcome to ask them here. I just don't know the answer to that. So we can get that to you, though.

Would You Offer KnowEm Or Similar Service?

Next would be would you offer no or similar service? What about Syndwire type of software? I see it is no longer updated. What Syndwire? Yeah, I don't know. I stopped using send wire many, many years ago. As far as are we going to be doing drive syndication network expansion services? Yes, that is actually coming because we're, I don't know what I'm supposed to tell this or not. But we're updating Syndication Academy.

And part of what we're thinking about doing is going to be offering expansion syndicates, like essentially footprint expansion services, because not most of the web tools that we can add that over the years through syndication Academy, we've found a lot of really good, other platforms that we could build profiles on, but they're not really something that can be automatically syndicated to so are they really syndication network properties? Are they about branded profiles and that's really what we're talking about here? So as we have the Syndication Academy training, when we update that completely for the new version, then that is something that we're going to be kind of trying to work into MGYB as kind of like there's the be the base level syndication network, and then there will be the add on levels for different you know, a number of additional profiles that we can build out for you. Alright, so just to add a little bit to this into the previous question about schema and another add ons, for press advantage and, and the media page. The more that we have our people work, the higher the cost is to the person using the service. What we tried to do is to keep the cost as low as possible. So keep so people can take advantage of all of the power that's available through the systems that we use.

So are we're always faced with Okay, so we have to add whatever amount of work it involves to do it. Some of you might think, okay, so you just grabbed the script that you inserted. No, you don't. We have to go. We have to train the VA on how it's done. We have to train her. If it pulls any errors, how to correct them. There's a lot of things involved. It's not just you go and do it. Because nothing again, it's not magically delicious. And that is that Lucky Charms it doesn't disappear from anywhere. So there's all of this, we have to add it to the store that takes time. It takes a developer it takes up it takes me It takes a whole lot of people to go in and get it done. until you see the final price and even then some people sometimes Oh, wait a minute, as a bit high for me. So so we have to kind of balance this. How much do we charge versus how much is the person willing to spend to get this extra benefit, which they might not need? So we're always trying to see okay, so if they're really going for something that's high competition, maybe they need that extra push. So something that has to be determined and that's something that we can just go out. Yeah, sure, let's do it. And in the end, it ends up costing us more than what we're charging. We never wanted to that.

Great. Okay, thanks, Marco.

What Kind Of Content Do You Put On A GMB Website?

But the next question from Ben Oh, he says, Hey, Bradley, and guys, I'm building the content. On the GMB website. What kind of content do you put there? Would it be FAQ type useful free content? Okay, so, yeah, I mean, I like to put long-form articles on GMB websites because there are not pages on GMB websites. Right. So those are the websites inside Google My Business profile, which

I'm not really gonna talk about much here. I've got a mastermind webinar tomorrow, but I've been working a lot on a couple of projects, tree service projects that are brands, right. So big brands that I've created that are for lead generation assets. I had completely transferred over about a year and a half ago from having a self well actually I had a whole bunch of multiple subdomain WordPress sites, so each location at its own WordPress site, but that became a nightmare when I got to like 18 or 20 locations for that particular brand. It was just a freakin nightmare to maintain all those WordPress sites. So, when we developed the local lease pro method, about two years ago now I guess I had switched everything over to just GMB assets like in other words, I hate even just redirected all the subdomain URLs over to the GMB website just got rid of all that shit because it made it so much easier to manage. And at that time, I went and took all the GMB websites and I would flesh those out with really good content because there are no pages, right? Yes, you can create GMB posts which can act as kind of pseudo pages, but they're very limited part of your next question part a part of your question. The next part of your question I should say is you're asking about the ideal length for GMB posts.

Well, GMB posts are limited to 1500 characters. Hmm. So because of that, you know, it's 1500 characters, not 1500 words 1500 characters. So you can't really like build full-on optimized pages out. You can build well-optimized posts, but they're much shorter. So it's not long-form content in the posts. That makes sense. So I like to use long-form content for the GMB websites themselves, which is just basically a one-page website. And I like to do that because then I can have section headers. For me, it's tree services, right, so Tree Service be my primary keyword, tree trimming, secondary and tree removals, a secondary, those are both and those are pretty much the top three keywords that I ever really, I mean, there's variations of those, but honestly, those are the three keywords that always generate traffic and generate leads. So I like to have content that is you know, about general Tree Service stuff, mentioned a whole bunch of the other and, you know, kind of ancillary services that go along with tree services like stump removal stump grinding, you know, tree pruning would be kind of a synonym of tree trimming. Anyways, kind of mentioned all that stuff in an opening couple of paragraphs or, you know, a handful of paragraphs, then we have a section for tree trimming, and then the one for tree removal, and then call to action basically at the bottom. And that works really, really well. And I like to use unique content for that. And I've said this many times people ask, you know, can't you just swap out location modifiers in the content, reuse it over and over again? Yeah, you can. I mean, a lot of people do that kind of stuff. But I always get unique content, which means I'll get an article written. I'm using a couple of different article sources right now guys for original content, which, let's be honest, most of the time, it's not ever original content. They just go scrape content from somewhere else and rewrite it so that it becomes original. But I'm using Word agents and crowd content. And I'm testing both of them right now. Word agents, you kind of really got to buy articles in bulk or words in bulk, essentially, but I'm testing both of them right now. So what I like to do is order one article like maybe 1500 word article or 2000 word article, which becomes my primary article for like a GMB website and then have that rewritten because it's much cheaper, like if I'm buying, if I'm paying, you know, you know, 10 cents a word or 12 cents per word, and I'm buying a, you know, a 2000 word article, you're talking about $240 for one article. So I pay for one really well written, a well-researched article that's been optimized very, very well. And then I'll have that rewritten, which is a hell of a lot cheaper. We're talking 10s of dollars versus hundreds of dollars, to have that same article rewritten multiple times. Now, I've got multiple versions of that long-form article that was well written to begin with, that I can use for multiple lead gen assets if that makes sense. So and then here's the thing, guys. You can create an internal linking structure with a GMB website by creating posts even though posts are much shorter content.

You can optimize a post, for example, in my case, like tree removal, or tree trimming, and then you can actually link to those posts, publish the posts, and then go back and edit the GMB website content. Right, so the homepage content to link to those posts so that you're actually creating kind of an internal linking structure within the GMB website, you just got to get creative. Because you can't really, you can't build a silo. I mean, you can build a solid structure with GMB posts, but it's not quite the same as building like category landing pages, for example, and then, you know, placing all the articles within the appropriate categories and that you know, supporting posts within the appropriate categories. So you just got to get creative. I like to use long-form content that's well written well optimized on the homepage. Frequently Asked Questions, by the way, is something great to add to bad we can add FAQ schema to GMB websites but you can add you know, frequently asked questions which are also pretty powerful. And that's also, by the way, just a quick side note on that.

One of the projects I built during the local lease pro-development time was some test sites lead gen sites for Tree Service stuff in Oklahoma City. And it one of them was in a very competitive area. But I did a post where all I did was pulled a frequently asked question right out of Google, right out of Google of FAQ about you know, like the cost of Tree Removal Service. You know, how much does Tree Removal cost or something like that? I literally copied and pasted the FAQ that the question and the answer and I made a GMB post on that GMB lead gen asset. And when you do it for that particular asset when you do a search for the name of the company that you know, lead gen name, there's a position zero is the FAQ question from the GMB website. It was just that so essentially the GMB post guru, you can't add schema to that right. We're not able to mark that up. But Google made it position zero like a featured snippet, essentially, as an FAQ featured snippet.

Which was just caught, it was completely copied and pasted. But Google made its own GMB post a featured snippet which Mark I don't know if you ever have seen that before.

No, no, actually, if it's still there, I'll show you and it could have just been Google testing stuff, but I'll have to show that to you outside of here. But so So to answer your question, long-form content is what I prefer to use well optimized, well-organized content too, so that you're basically creating silo structure on one page. In other words, you know, with proper headings and you know, all that kind of stuff and then also GMB posts is how you can start to add depth or additional relevancy for specific categories or topics within your within from your primary GMB website page. So that's what I would recommend and FA Q's are always good. That's really good content to use anywhere guys, because, again, you could add several FA Q's on the GMB website itself. But then you can extract each one each separate question and answer and make to separate GMB post networks, well to comments, yeah, I have a question. What determines if a question is answered?

Because he's asking, doesn't matter, as long as the question is answered, what determines if the question is answered? A, having an answer, I guess, I don't know publishing an answer, right? It's whether the user who is doing the search, who's asking the question, finds it useful and clicks otherwise, right? That's the final signal to Google. I got my question as to that, and I clicked on it. And I went in and got whatever it was that I needed to get. So length doesn't matter if you can do it in three characters and get that person to push. That's all you need. If it takes more than that's what you need that we always say it depends. It always depends on how then the user the person doing the query is going to interact as far as what you should be writing. Well, Google tells you the insights. Google gives you the words that people are searching, they give you the query, they give you how many users, you can set up an actual silo just from what Google gives you back because they're usually related.

So why wouldn't you use all that information? It's all that information that's available to you that you can use to build everything inside the GMB wheat. That's what we teach in local GMB Pro. It's what we do.

And so, like, there's no set rule other than answer the question and see if it's helpful. If not, you'll see the viewers and whether you get any clicks you'll see it from cause you'll see it from people giving you reviews and everything else. You get all kinds of sales that tell you whether you're answering a question, or you're not and whether they find the content interesting enough for them to interact with it.

Yeah, but here's I mean, here's the thing. And so when I was talking about the length of content, it wasn't in Reeves tried to answer his question about Is that good? Is that enough to answer somebody's question, what I was doing for it was for ranking purposes, right? I like to use long-form content online.

This Stuff Works
GMB websites because you can't build a traditional like structure to that site like you can with a WordPress site. So that's why I like to use long-form content for that. But for example, how much does Tree Removal cost? Right? So this is just an example, guys. So right here, these questions are really, really good questions to repurpose to use for your own content marketing needs guys, and for GMB posts. It works great. We did training on this in syndication Academy, but these are great GMB posts to cut types of questions because you can literally go in here and I've shown this before, but you can copy the question, copy the answer, and then you can link. here's the thing you can give credit back to where that question and the answer were curated from. You can either do a hyperlink in the text body of the GMB post which is a nofollow link because the button link so like the call to action button. The GMB post is a do-follow link but the button the links within the text aren't so that would be like you can still link over to it. Or you can just cite it like you would writing a research paper in college right or in high school, which is you can just cite the source by giving credit without an actual hyperlink. It's perfectly fine to do that. And so these make great and but your GMB will get credit for that content, especially if somebody's searching within local proximity to that particular GMB, your post will have a much greater chance of showing for that. So just keep that in mind. These are great. And every time you click through one of these guys, it adds it pulls more questions in. So you can curate Q and A's and FAQs except essentially frequently asked questions directly from Google and that comes out to be a great content strategy. Okay.

Can Google Index Your Site Pages Through Site Structure/Directories Alone?

All right. Next, Kyle says can Google index your site pages through site structure or directories alone? I'm just wondering if it is completely necessary to include internal links.

If I have a solid physical silo structure, will there be an added benefit to include an internal linking structure on top of the physical silo? Yeah, absolutely. Because that's how you can build PageRank and direct PageRank flow or link equity flow around your site. So from powerful pages to pages that you want to rank and all that kind of stuff that would happen, you could absolutely benefit. I don't, I don't know of anybody that would I don't think I've ever seen a website that was built with a silo structure that didn't have internal linking. So I'm not sure what it is that you were trying to do specifically, but you can do so much with internal linking within a site. I would absolutely suggest it, Marco, would you say?

Absolutely. I mean, yeah, internal interlink me, the foundation of the web is linked. That's how the bug gets from one place to another, from server to server from page to page that follows links. So it makes complete sense to guide the bot.

Long the silo how you want it to follow the silo, not how the but the site is going to follow your silo. It's a way to structure your unstructured data.


Yeah, it's pretty cool what you can do with it too. You know that there's I've been doing a lot of research on some of my existing projects. And I found some interesting things that on one of my more recent tree service projects, I had been building a whole bunch of links to the blog posts, we started it was a brand new project. So brand new domain, brand new, you know, entity, everything. And we came out of the gate doing aggressive blogging and press release, publishing.

And I was having real trouble ranking that like, like, solidifying the entity and it was I've never experienced that before, not for years anyway, and I eventually, it was about, I don't know, two weeks ago, maybe probably longer now three or four weeks ago, I was doing some backlink analysis, which I don't usually do with our methods.

But I was trying to compare, you know, several existing tree service projects that I've, you know, that are are doing incredibly well, with this new project, it wasn't I just wasn't able to get the traction in the amount of time that I typically do. And so I was looking at backlink analysis to see if I could pinpoint something there. And I clearly identified that because it was a brand new project and we hadn't done any like link building to the root domain of the project. We did very little other than from the syndication network properties and things like that there were very little backlinks to the root domain and within very in virtually none with branded anchor text, like it was mostly naked URLs to the root domain, and there was very few of them, to be honest with you. And so, you know, I ended up realizing that when I looked at several successful projects and looked at this one that's been struggling and I was able that was very apparent when I looked at the backlink profile that there was that was what I was missing. So all I did was published a handful of press releases, and also changed one particular link in the NAP section of the press release organization for that, for that, that project to where now every time a press release gets picked up and distributed, there's always an anchor text link back to the root domain with the company name as the anchor text. So the brand name, and it just took three weeks and all of a sudden, boom, that project just took off. Like I mean, like a rocket, like all of my internal pages are starting to climb rapidly. Now, I got number one now solidified the entity and all of that it was interesting to see why I'm telling you that is because from an internal linking structure when you have built a lot of authority to a particular page root domain could be it, then you can start to direct that link flow from and that that authority that power from those pages to other pages on the site with internal linking. And so I would recommend that you, you absolutely do that.

Do Site Navigation Links In The Header Bleed A Silo?

So the second question is, do you cite navigation links in the head bleed in a silo, would it be better to only have child page links for each parent page and the navbar so that you keep your links topically relevant. Okay, yes, there is a little tiny bit of bleed from, you know, navigation menu links, as well as from sidebar links or from footer links. However, those are not treated the same or weighted the same by Google as contextual links. So they are kind of a different class. As far as like if you were linking from, like, we always talk about keeping your links within this internal links within the same silo, it's okay to link to another, you know, a post or a page that's not part of the same silo, if you're going to, you know, if it's for navigation purposes for user experience, but in that in those cases, then we always recommend no following that link so that you're not leading the silo. Those are contextual links, though. So there's, you know, there's a reason to do that. When it comes to navigation menu links, sidebar links, and photo links. They're not weighted the same.

This Stuff Works
There is some bleed that can occur. So there are strategic ways that you know, using specific types of plugins like widget context or widget logic, or some silo builder type plugins. Seo ultimate Pro has a deep silo builder plugin or module that will create category type menus that will so that whenever you're in a silo only, um, you know related pages and or posts from the same silo will show in the like the sidebar menu and that kind of stuff. So there's a lot of things that you can do to kind of manipulate that a bit to take, get provide more control. But you know, think about it from a user standpoint, though, right? I think main navigation menu links are something that ours is, you know, it's so standard, it's so normal for people to go and expect to be able to navigate through the site from the navigation menu that I prefer us to always try to restrict that not like use drop-down menus, you know, for it for that kind of stuff, but now because it's just so standard, I don't try to not do that anymore. In other words, I don't go out of my way to try to hyper optimize the navigation menu for silo structure anymore, because I found it, you know, it's not as important as it is for the user to be able to find what they're looking for in an efficient way. So there is a little bit of bleed, but I wouldn't worry about it, especially from the main navigation bar as much What do you say, Marco?

There's minimal bleed because the bot understands the difference between a menu and an internal link over to a related page or where that link is located on the page and what the value of the next link is, and so on. And so for the intrinsic, the intents and purposes of pushing, whatever you want to call it, my link, equity link power, however you want to call it, it's minimal, and you don't need really need to account for it.

Just need to account for other things. And I'm not going to get into that because that's just for our paid groups. That's it.

Okay, there's that's what I was looking for.

All right, so the next question is not really much of a question is more of a gotcha. I, it's not what you guys said it was, but unless he's changed it.

Oh, it looks like he did. Okay. Well, it used to be $1,000. So it is standard is 1000. Or honestly change it on his page. It looks like he changed it to 497. Okay, so maybe we need to talk to him and see, yep, you get a special for our users. Okay, so, uh, yeah, when it for the longest time, it was a 997 course and you could get it for 497 through our link. It looks like since at some point, Jeffrey Smith has changed it. And it's now 497 and our link does not give a discount. But yeah, we can reach out to Jeffrey and find out since he lowered the price if I feel honor our affiliate link, you know, to be able to give our users a discount as well. So thank you for bringing that to our attention. But trust me when we told you that it was half price, it was I don't know has changed. So.

Are You Using A Custom URL On A GSite?

Okay, a lot is up. Hi, guys. Thanks for the help. Last week. One more question for your money sites. Are you using a custom URL on a G site? Also, I know if use g sites as a buffer, or I also know you use g sites as a buffer, but if it's a local site, do you also use the GMB business site? Okay, so on your first question, do you use a custom URL for G site I have but I typically don't know, I'm, I've done it in the past though. And it's kind of geeky setting it up. It might it may have changed maybe a little bit easier under the new platform the new g sites, but there is something interesting that occurs when you use a custom domain the original URLs, so you know, sites.google.com URL will, will stay live and published. And then you can map a custom domain to it. And the original g site will still read, you can still visit it on its own g sites, you know, URL, but it'll be canonicalized to the domain that you mapped to the site. So you basically get two versions of it. So you can do some pretty sneaky stuff with that, by the way, and it gives you basically two versions of the site one canonicalize to the custom domain map. So but honestly, it was more work than because we were able to change results without it that I just I really haven't done that in a while. So it's not necessary you can, but you know, it's not necessary.

Really quickly. The second part of that it says I know also know that use g sites is buffer, but if it's a local site, you also use the GMB business site. Absolutely. It's another Google property that they give you. And in fact, in all of our training like in our SEO shield, and you know, our RYS Academy and everything else, if it's for local use, every single tool that Google gives you in GMB and GMB websites is one of them. There's absolutely no reason why you should not use it if it's given to you. And it's one more Google property that you can take control of, and brand and throw a shit ton of backlinks or embeds at and there's no reason you shouldn't use it. Do you want to comment on that?


Yeah, I totally agree. It's unnecessary. The custom URL, although it gives you like two link building targets, right. Yeah. instead of one. As far as the business site. Yeah, of course, as you said, another business, another Google property. And we use all of them that we can to draw power from and push over to whatever it is that we're trying to act.

Would You Syndicate Content From Your Money Site To Your Tier 1 Web 2.0 Sites?

uh, okay. So Ilana says Jesus, I think I might be out doing maybe at this point.

No, I don't think you're that far along yet. Ilana? And here's bb down here. So it's funny. Just wondering for syndicating content, would you syndicate content from your money to your tier one Web 2.0s such as Blogger and WordPress, or do you use unique content to syndicate amongst all those properties just so they're topically relevant to your niche now, Ilana?

This Stuff Works
Yeah, apparently, you're not really familiar with Syndication Academy and like our methods for that. But yeah, we just, we connect the syndication network properties through the RSS feed to the money site, so that we can populate all of those profiles with the content on a regular basis from one location. So you only have to publish content one time, right from the blog itself, and it will automatically, you know, syndicator, and republish on all those locations. So that's, that's specifically why we do it. I, you know, if we had to go out and manually post on each one of the web 2.0s with unique or original content, it wouldn't get done period. So that's part of the reason. Remember, with a branded footprint, it's okay to share your own content with your own branded profiles. That's what people do, the right people write articles.

And then or companies or brands, you know, publish content and then they share it on all their social media profiles and you know everywhere that they can and so it's okay to do that. It's when you take the same content to republish it on multiple locations that it can create some issues, we're not going to call it duplicate content. But when you're republishing your own content to your own branded profiles, especially if you're giving attribution back to the source, then it's no problem at all and there's be efficient You know, that's part of the reason we developed the syndication Academy method was because it was very efficient and it worked really, really well and it still does this day.

comments. Yeah, they become topically relevant when you fill out the profile the proper way.

Is Syndwire Or OnlyWire Still Relevant For Linkbuilding In 2020?

Very good. Omar says, Is Syndwire or OnlyWire still relevant for link building? I mean, I don't know. I guess it could be I just I don't do it like honestly because you know, we just use syndicated networks and then we have the SEO shield and then we just do yeah, I mean Syndwire and OnlyWire I, if I remember correctly only wire was also a kind of like a web to Dotto type a link building, you know, platform, you could add a bunch of different profiles to it and things like that and I know send wire because I sure I still have an account somewhere. But, um, you know, those are like web two Dotto links. And that's, that's perfectly fine. I just don't run link building programs anymore. I haven't for many, many years, because we have a dedhia we, you know, our link building manager has been working for me since like, 2012 or something. So for a long, long time, to where anytime I need to build links to something I just, you know, ask him to do it and he does it for me, it's the same services available on MGYB. If you have these tools, and you've got, you know, a bunch of accounts that you know, been set up already and you put all that money and work into building up building out those tools, then yeah, use them. You know, there's no reason you can't I wouldn't link build directly to my money site with either any of those kinds of tools, period.

I just wouldn't do it. If it's a Google Site, GMB assets, SEO shield assets with your money site shielded, right your money site having an SEO firewall, the SEO shield around it perfectly fine use that kind of tools to build to your tier one entity assets but not directly to your money site. If you have them, you can certainly use them. Um, but I would use them specifically to tier-one assets not directly to my money site. Questions or comments?

No, I don't use those. I can't really comment.

What Co-Citation And Content Aggregation Sites Do You Recommend?

Gary says what are some ways we can use co-citation and content aggregation sites like RSS master to generate traffic in rankings without promoting potential competitor videos or content? Uh, well, I don't know that's kind of a good question. RSS Masher really good for you can create topics topically relevant or even locally relevant sites, one or the other. It's coming difficult depending on what niche you're in, it's kind of difficult to create both topically and niche relevant, like combined type sites. But what I mean by that, so for example, again, Tree Service contractors, right would be my, my, the niche that I'm into. So maybe I would create some automated content blogs using something like RSS masher to publish content about landscaping and gardening and tree services and hardscaping. And, you know, lawn care. And all of those are closely related type services, right, so or topics. So if I had a blog about all that kind of stuff, it could even be a little bit more general, like home improvement, but I would want to keep it more theme relevant to keep it to like outdoor type services, but you could use that to end up generating traffic, you know, through calls to action and through banners and things like that, on that type of a site to push traffic back to your money site. Likewise, you could build locally relevant

This Stuff Works
Automated content sites right by pulling in newspaper feed like so newspaper website feed local blogs which in most, you know cities or bigger cities that are going to have people that are that blog locally events, calendars, local Facebook pages or Facebook, Facebook groups, you know, things like that you can actually pull content in and use to republish to create locally relevant sites, which could also be very, very powerful for backlink building. Like if you want to do it it's kind of like create a blog network of these automated content sites that are topically relevant or locally relevant or both if you can do it and then use those just to build links back to your primary money sites, but they can also instead of just for link building purposes could be used for driving traffic so that you know for actually getting real traffic that would that's relevant to your money site. But you could also do things like sell ad space on those and everything else RSS matches pretty powerful, it's really geeky. Here there's quite a learning curve for setting it up. But that's one way to do it.

You just have to be careful on the without you Without promoting potential competitor videos or content, you just got to be really careful about the selection of your sources, your content sources, when you set those types of apps up like RSS master. Remember, you can also use like, I don't know if this is still available, but you can do like even an IFTTT, for example, when you use RSS as a trigger, so if this right and your RSS would be your trigger, then you can actually have a filter that will only allow certain content to pass. I don't know about see it looks like feed rinse was a really cool service that would allow you to add a bunch of an RSS master might even have this I haven't been into it in quite some time. But they might have some sort of filtering process in there where you can add a like Like for example, Yahoo pipes, these tabs that right you could add an RSS feed but then you could set

Up filters to where it would only pass certain items from the RSS feed that contained particular keywords, for example, and so everything else wouldn't get published. So that might be something you could do is add kind of like a negative keyword list and put competitor's names in there and things like that. So in my opinion, it would be about just on the setup process being real careful. And on which feeds you're using to create those automated content blogs and then setting up filters when necessary so that you can filter out any potential competitors. comments on that? Yeah, have the VA go through though those RSS feeds periodically to make sure that you're not promoting anybody that's not supposed to be promoted. Because you're supposed to be promoting people with more trust and authority than you you go and find trusted, authoritative blogs in the niche right. So that that immediately should take your competitors out that you don't want to promote their RSS feeds. So you take those out, and you shouldn't be doing I keep telling people, man, that's not this doesn't mastery weight is very simple. You train apply, then go make money. Once you make money, you go hire a VA, so that you can train the VA to help you apply and make money. lather, lather, rinse repeat is exactly if you end up doing everything, you're never going to make as much money as you should be making and you're not you're up your skin, you will actually cost yourself money.

I agree. So I just did a quick Google search RSS feed filters and look, I mean, guys use Google.

Use Google look at it. It can be your best friend. It can also be your worst enemy. But like sift RSS, I haven't tested this but there you go. So I want to include items where the title contains and like, you know, description or length like so you could do that. Here's another one on Zapier, you know, Zapier, you can create a brand new Hang on a second on that one. Could you exclude could you back because that looks really good. Yeah. So exclude by URL. There you go. that eliminates the competitor. title description link.

Hey, I think I saw a URL somewhere a link. Yeah, there you go. Yep. So contains does not contain exist does not exist. So right there sift rss.com. Also, as I was getting ready to say, Zapier, guys Zapier, you can create RSS feeds with Zapier and Zapier has a really good internal filtering process that you can add right into the zaps. So you can use Zapier filters to get to create custom super feeds basically. So, you know, again, I would check out either one of those Zapier is obviously paid. Well, there's a free version of it, but it's pretty much useless. So you got a sap here one bit? That's super it? Yeah, there are some really cool options. If you need to get more complex with it. Just keep an eye out because you can quickly burn through your operations that feeds are updated really quickly. So just to be aware, yep. Yeah, that's true, but this is definitely a good option.

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All right, we're gonna keep moving

You're almost out of time.

Uh, okay.

Is It Okay To Insert A Line Or Sentence To Existing Post To Get Backlink To A Page?

Baby says hey guys. Oh, and by the way for those types of topically relevant or locally relevant sites, automated content sites, how can use co-citation? Well, you could always include your feed, publish content onto those sites as well. Does that make sense? So that's how you get the CO citation because you are guilty by association, right? It kind of rubs off by associating your content with other super relevant content, especially if it's higher authority type content sources. So BB, here you go. I was wondering where you were today. He says, Hey, guys, is it okay to insert a line or sentence to an existing post? In order to get a backlink to a page? We want to rank with the one anchor text or should we search only for posts that already have the text we want as anchor text? Um, that's a good question. I mean, it's, you know what? updating published content isn't a bad thing. Because again, you can update it and make it you know,

That it can actually help to get the bots to crawl it again and everything else. So I don't know, I don't have a specific answer to that. What do you say, Marco?

Um, no, nothing specific. Okay, I think it would work either way.

You know, because I know I've gone in. Well, in fact, my blogger for the project I was talking about earlier that I was having some issues with the, you know, solidifying the entity and everything. She's been aggressively blogging, but what I do is I go find optimization tweaks throughout the blog posts and each particular silo. So for example, and I go in and edit the content after it's been published, which, by the way, if it's been published and syndicated out to syndication network, and he edits I make the post aren't going to get, you know, change or edit the posts on the syndication network properties. But on page is what I'm talking about, like so on-page SEO for the money site itself. I've gone in and done a lot of over the past month or so a lot of on-page tweaks, which includes editing existing posts or adding content to existing posts, that kind of stuff. And I've been able to move the needle considerably in the last month. So what I'm saying so I don't think it really matters either way. I don't have a definitive answer for you though BB. Sorry.

This Stuff Works

How Many Videos Should You Put In A YouTube Silo To Impact Rankings?

Next question. We're almost out of time guys, when doing tube silos, okay, so YouTube silos, how many videos Should I put in a playlist silo to have an impact on my rankings, as many as it takes? Yeah, and I don't mean that to be facetious. But I mean, that for real, like how many videos should you put in the playlist silo, it's however many it takes to build that overall relevancy that you're trying to build. So remember, the idea is to put your top-level keyword, just like you would be building a silo on the website at the top of the playlist. So you can optimize the playlist title itself for that primary keyword. And what I like to do is the primary keyword and then variations of it as well. So you get two or three keywords really in the playlist title, but then the primary keyword that you want to rank for becomes the top video in the playlist and then everything else below that is you just add that depth with supporting type keywords. So, longer tail LSI or synonyms, you know all those different types of keywords that support that particular keyword theme. And that you just add, you can even take the same video and spin it, which means you know, it's different coded indifferently like or encoded differently, I should say things like that. And then you said that you're just basically changing the SEO title or the YouTube title for the videos to add the longer tail keyword, the supporting keyword, and then you just do your internal linking structure up to that top-level video. You can always link back to the container itself to which is the playlist URL. Okay, but how many does it take as many as it takes, really, you have to add that route, you have to build the relevancy to a point to where it creates buoyancy, right, which is where all of the keywords will start to rise including your top-level keyword.

Okay. It's better to have more in a single playlist or to do several playlists again, it depends. It depends is it like for example with building a silo structure on your website, do you have a simple silo structure, which is a category and supporting articles? Or do you have a complex structure which is a top-level category, then subcategories, and then supporting articles in each of the subcategories. So it's the same thing when you're building a YouTube silo, you want to structure it the same way. Is that a cat in my opinion, keep it simple. If you can do everything in one silo, do it in one silo, if it makes sense to have basically like subcategories where the more specific then you could do that as well. But again, I would recommend trying to keep things simple.

How Would You Establish A New GMB Location For HVAC Business In Dallas, Texas?

Okay, last question, and we're going to wrap it up guys. It's right at five o'clock anyways, Jedi marketer I like that he says hi, Marco, and Bradley seasoned SEO Pro here we handle will you handle to establish a new GMB location for the HVAC business in Dallas, Texas. My client already has week established GMB ranking is progressing Okay, um

How would you handle maybe it's how would you handle establishing a new GMB location for HVAC business in Dallas, Texas? Uh, you know, honestly, the only thing I can suggest right now because I know we can't even do it NIMS UID right now, is GMB verifications is if you if there's an employee or something within the company that has another address in the town, hopefully not too adjacent, whatever, wherever you're trying to get a GMB that use company employees or an executive or somebody that has an address could be a family member of an employee or something like that. If you can use that that's the best. There's no question. To register a GMB get the postcard, you know, the pin or whatever, and then verify it. That's the best way to do it if you can, if you can't, there are two other options you could suggest. Number one is the US post office use the street address option. We talked about that many times as far as I know it still works. I haven't done that in about six months or so now. But as far as I know, it still works. Or another option would be to ask to advertise on Craigslist for somebody, you know, said tell them you're paying 50 bucks to receive a GMB postcard and then send you the pin number, you know, once they received the postcard, and I've done that, and I've done that many times, guys, and what I found is that oftentimes it's renters that will do that, which is perfect because you don't want to be that, you know, Cookie runner won't care as much as like a homeowner would like some random homeowner doesn't want to get business-related email or mail to their, you know, to their address, but a renter oftentimes won't care. So you could do that too. Those would be my two suggestions. Otherwise, you might be able to find some GMB verification services out there. I know ours is currently unavailable. So any comments on that? Nope.

Okay, well, there we go. Thanks, everybody, for being here. We will see you guys next week.

Thanks for sticking around, guys. Bye, everyone.

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