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By April

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All right. Welcome, everybody to Hump Day Hangouts, Episode 304. Today is the ninth of September. And we have got everyone here. We got a lot of good questions today to go over a couple of updates and announcements. So I'm going to say hi to everybody real quick. I'm going to start with myself and you think that I appear extra shiny today because it's basically like I'm in the dark. It's bizarre. If you haven't seen any of the footage from San Francisco area or the Bay Area, you can check it out online for the news. It's like orange outside dark anyway, super weird stuff. So everything other than that, though, is normal. So we're just going to keep cruising along and let's see I'll just go around the room here for now on your first on my list. How are you doing, man? Oh, man, you put him on the spot. I'm great. I'm awesome. And excited for POFU Live I'm really excited about today the questions that we have but really excited about both alive and excited about today and excited about POFU Live and so I hear POFU Live a lot. Are you excited?

About POFU Live yeah man. Yeah, it's this thing that we do every single year this year we're doing it online but I'm excited about that. Did I mention that well Third time's a charm? So if people wanted to find out more about this thing called POFU Live where would they go? They can go to pofulive.com and get super excited about that. And yeah pofulive.com. Awesome. Well, besides me and Hernan blatantly promotional compensation there. I will be adding some more here after we go around. We got some more details and some bonuses coming up. But Hernan we were talking yesterday and you were saying that you were thinking about creating a Facebook course of some sort, right? Oh, yeah. So if people were interested in what exactly would they be interested in if they would be interested in this. So if they are interested in making their Facebook ads work better and this works if you are an agency these forms if you're trying to generate leads for your clients for your agency, this would work pretty much for anything if you have an affiliation, if you're trying to get leads for real estate, whatever it is that you're trying to do, that is basically what I want to go through. So it's probably going to be a six-week course. And it's going to, you know, show you basically the mindset behind Facebook ads a little bit different than SEO is a little bit different than Google Ads a little bit different about pretty much anything else. So what do you need to have mine? What do you need to consider? How does war how to scale your campaign, so that make it you can make them really profitable? So you know, that's going to be it. So there's this be for like local type ads, or national or international or everything, it's going to be pretty much everything. So I'm just going to touch base on everything. I'm gonna focus on local specifically, but it's going to be you know, I've run campaigns that are international, I've run campaigns nationwide, I've run campaigns locally. So you know, I generated I don't know in excess of 7000 paying clients to a local chiropractic clinic in Dallas in a year. So so that is something that I'm going to dissect that case study as well. So it's going to be pretty awesome. So nice. All right. Well, hey, if you're watching, if that sounds interesting to you if you could just pop a comment on the page and say that you're interested in the Facebook and add on there like one question you have or you know that you would definitely want Hernan to cover because we're just thinking about this and we want to make sure this is something that you guys you know of course want to take part in so if you're watching the replay on YouTube go ahead you can do the same thing just leave a comment we get notified obviously of those go ahead and leave the comment you're interested in the Facebook stuff and leave also a note on what it is you're most interested in.

Alright continuing around Chris Do we have you on video today? Do we have Chris that's the question All right, no Chris then we're gonna keep going Marco How are you doing man?

graun on bag. Can somebody say Marco a groundhog? I think that we need to get to you instead of Punxsutawney camel. We need to get Marco groundhog or something. I'm being drawn into the light now. What else?

can I say?

That's right? My future?

I was just looking at our stuff doesn't work. I'll say stuff right now. I might get heated up later. And I'd say something else, you know, this would be, I'm gonna do a screenshot screengrab. I'll have to have to blur keywords and who this is for. But yeah, I think with Camtasia I can do it so that you guys can see that this guy is for 500 keywords averaging position eight.

So think about that. If not, not averaging 500 words, if from position one to eight in SERPs on average. Think about that. Our shit works so bad that he only has 500 keywords making him money at position eight or better and 1000 keywords averaging position fluctuates between 16 and 18. Yeah, when it gets really bad, it averages 18,000 Keywords 1000 thousand keywords right? Think about that. Anyway, the purchasing power shift absolutely doesn't work if you're interested in seeing this screengrab one when I do the recording and Camtasia it'll be in our free groups. It'll be in the heavy hitters club lb everywhere where you can find Semantic Mastery pregnancy but I want you guys to

This Stuff Works
see how shit just doesn't work.

Oh, fair enough. And I'm going to grab the link to the Facebook group if anyone is not a part of that yet at least the Semantic Mastery one for now and I'll grab some other links too, but make sure you hop in there.

Chris, it looks like we've got you now so how are you doing man? Yeah, I'm doing good sorry for the not being able to respond to the call here was the land call so like always good to get those like calls and it's nothing closed yet but like we'll see like getting close here. Nice. So when you say land Are you talking about like the land deal like the land Legion and land flipping? Yep. Awesome. Awesome good stuff. All right. Well, speaking of land Bradley, how are you doing?

Good. How are you?

I don't know. I wasn't prepared for this. No, no, just kidding. Yeah, did you? Well, I guess we can get into this later. But speaking of land, I did want to touch on that. Again. If you heard us last week, then you know what we're already talking about. If you don't go back and check out last week's episode if you're interested in finding out more about the land business that I know, especially Bradley, Marco, and Chris has been involved in. That's been good for all three of them. I know. Bradley's doing very well. With that. You can go back and find out more about that in last week's episode. And we were asking if people were interested in that there was one initial training group and then we've been busy since then. And we're now looking at and saying that that might be available again, right? Rather, yeah, we had one person inquire about it last week, but essentially, you know, buy buy, buy and sell vacant land is kind of a side gig. And for a while I was going to make try to make it my you know, I was considering making it my primary business and but or what, I guess it's just one of several. But honestly, I spent several months just working out like automation and training some personnel, virtual assistants to handle some stuff for me to wear now, I probably only put about, on average about 10 hours per week into the business and it consistently generates three and or excuses me four or five figures and revenue per month for me. So anywhere between, as I said on the low end about 3000 a month on the high end. I haven't broken 20,000 in a month yet, but I've come close to that so you know 18 to 20 grand on the high end. Awesome. Last month. I didn't and on land flips, so it was a great month. And those aren't typical, but they're, it's nice when you have a couple, you know, a few of those. And so a lot has changed in since our original training for that, that I hosted a call it land mastery.

But it's only changed because, you know, I've got more experience now. So I've learned, you know, what to do, what not to do, experienced some various, you know, things that come up kind of, kind of over and over again, and ways to get around them. And not only that, but I've As I said, I spent several months kind of figuring out ways to automate things and hire personnel to do things to where it wasn't so time-intensive. And so, I think if I was to do it again, host another one of those training, you know, coaching groups or whatever, it would be better because it would be more streamlined in that it would be easier for people to get set up and do the things, you know, through that, I've learned through the experience without having to go through that kind of trial and error on their own. So, you know, it's a great business, it's something it's just a side hustle. Now I'm not gonna, I'm not even concerned with trying to make it my primary business model anymore because, you know, it pretty much runs on mostly autopilot with very little input. So, again, if anybody's interested in learning more about it, you can find out from last week's the beginning of the Hangout last week, you can go back and watch a couple minutes of that. Or you could just inquire and say, Yeah, you're interested in learning more about it, it would be, you know, a few thousand dollars investment, because it required a lot of my time coaching you guys on a weekly basis for, I don't know, 10 or 12 weeks, something like that. But it's, it's certainly something you can generate a very high return on your investment for very quickly. Just a quick side note, when I first got into the business, I bought a 1500 dollar training course. I had some experience with flipping houses about a decade ago, 15 years ago. So I was familiar with a lot of the real estate stuff anyways, but I spent 50-1500 bucks, and in my first month I made $14,925 in profit. So it was like, you know, a 10 times return on investment in my first month. So, you know, it's certainly possible. And that's we've had the first group that I did well, the only group that I've coached so far one of our members, he went out and started flipping land within I think the first two months, and he's done several 10s of thousands of dollars since then in revenue. So it's definitely a good business and if anybody's interested in it, and you know, reach out to us either in one of the Facebook groups or via [email protected] and I'll let you know if we get enough interest if I'm going to fire up that kind of initiate another group. Cool. All right.

Well, I wanted to talk again, real quick, about POFU Live with me and Hernan were talking about it beginning. If you go to po foo live.com. You can check out the agenda. We've got the rough agenda here. Anyone who is on the email list, and shortly we're going to be posting it in as well, we've got the schedule laid out, there's going to, of course be a lot going on, you can also find out what other attendees have to say, choose the ticket that's right for you, right we have the main ticket, if you just want to show up, you want to be there, you want to get access to the recordings. As usual, we, we recommend the VIP package, that chance to network the chance to talk to other people kind of hit the ground running once we get there. And then the VIP Plus package, we only have a few of those left. And what that includes is a 90-minute personal hot seat with all of us. You also get a recording of your hot seat to solve your business problems, whatever that may be. With our I'll go ahead and say deep experience in many areas, we're able to help you and then a follow-up call within 90 days to help you make sure you're staying on track and you're getting done what you need to get done. Now as far as the speakers you may know of course, we've got the five of us. Bradley's going to be talking Marco is going to be talking I'm going to be mostly emceeing myself. interject some of my fun productivity stuff in there. Chris has got a talk coming together. I know Hernan”s talking. Rob is going to be there. Again, Rob from MGYB. Jordan Fowler. All right. agency owner as well as a mastermind member is going to be there. We're going to come back to him in just a second. Jeffrey Smith is making a three-peat at POFU Live, he will be joining us and giving a talk as well. And Brian Caddo, also a mastermind member who was at POFU Live last year, we'll be delivering the goods as well on a really cool topic about clients and making them stick and getting those right clients. So really excited to hear from everyone. But again, last week, Marco made mention of a potential bonus here for people. And so Marco, do you want to kind of go over what you were telling people last week? Well, you can see Jordan Fowler in there and Brian kado. They're both in my mini mastermind. And they're going to be speakers at both live this year. We discussed it with the mini mastermind group who we should let in and it's generally someone who is in our semantic mastery mastermind. But this year, I mean, since it's so few and far between that's part of it. In my mini mastermind, the requirement is going to be that you are a standing member of semantic mastery, right of our mastermind, and that you attend both live. So if you meet those two requirements, then what we'll do is I'll meet with Brian and Jordan after both live, and we will decide who is the best fit for our group. Okay, so I do run the group in that I want to touch it and you do have to attend the meeting. And you do have to be held accountable for whatever it is that you said, you're going to know. And if you don't get it done, then you know, we will get on it for not getting done what you said you get.

Other than that, I mean, it's a free for all in that everybody shares and everybody goes and applies and got a bunch of people who are killing it in all different kinds of fields, right. And so I want to fit someone that can come in and be there and then be held accountable. And so it's just a bonus. And then I think Jordan also added a bonus as well today. Yeah. Jordan very graciously. Yeah. He said he's going to give you know, he will give one attendee a one hour free consult call. So yeah, that's, that's worth a lot Jordans got a ton of experience. I mean, Marco, you know, more than I do. I mean, I know, I can talk about Jordan. But I think you just want to reiterate, I would think that an hour talk with Jordan could be highly beneficial.

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Well, you know, the guy is dealing with fortune 500 companies. So why wouldn't it be beneficial for you to talk to someone who's literally killing it? And who is who is getting to the point where people are coming to him. So he's basically setting his own price is he's no longer there where he has to take whatever comes along on where you're kind of negotiating and figuring on Ireland not if this is my price pay and move along in the company.

Definitely. So yep, if anyone's interested head over to pofulive.com during grab your ticket with the VIP tickets, you definitely want to grab those soon. The other tickets go ahead pick them up if you have any questions you can email us at support at semantic mastery calm, be happy to help you out answer any questions, but that is coming up on the 25th 26th so we're down to just under two weeks, so make sure you grab your tickets get ready for that and we will see you there.

Alright, Bradley ready to hop into it?

Yes, I am. got too many tabs open. I was trying to close some of them now. Because my cache is freaking out on my computer. I hold on let me grab the screen.

I don't you guys can see my screen. Alright. Good to go. Yes. Okay. Whoops too much.

All right. So

Looks like

Would You Put A Press Release URL From 2-3 Big News Sites To The Money Site SameAs Schema?

we should start here. But I'll answer this one really quickly, would you put a press release URL from two to three big news sites to the money site SameAs schema. Okay, so would you insert, press release URLs and same as schema? Well, the only time I would do that is if I knew it wasn't going to be purged. Because otherwise, you're, you know, it could be referencing a dead URL. What do I mean by that? Well, with press releases, depending on the publication, a lot of them will purge. In other words, they'll delete the press release after a certain amount of time, it could be 90 days could be, you know, 60 days, it could be 180 days. I don't know what it just depends on the publication. So if you're going to do that, I mean, you can do it but I would only do it if you're going to be linking to versions of the press release, you know, work on publications where they're not going to be deleted, or purged from their system. That's the only time I would do that. Anybody want to comment on. I've never done it never needed to I don't know it's not yours by the same as is supposed to be your profile, your so as a matter of fact, your social profile, we extend a little bit to include the ad ID profiles, right? But it's everything that's part of our entities that entity mentioned.

Now if there's a place where an entity dimension is beneficial as as as the same as or as whatever, then I would say, by all means, go ahead and do it. But the way that we're doing schema right now, we just went over again, we just closed the entity, bar, and schema of the heavy hitter club series and we're moving into an M and affiliate, kind of over the shoulder that Rob is going to be conducting. But we went into that and the way that we're doing schema, I mean, I just mentioned that this client, this is just applying schema no on-page other than JSON-LD plus JSON schema, right? So there are some press releases don't get me wrong, right. But that's all. There is link building. That's all it does have an SEO shield, the SEO Power Shield? Of course, because why wouldn't we? Well, you would say because you should it doesn't work Marco. So since it doesn't work, it's exactly what we do is exactly what we say in our battle plan and our SEO battle in the SEO shield. So everything off-page except for the schema that was on page and from that, guys, the results speak for themselves. People can say whatever they want, and they often do.

But I would welcome them to put their money where their mouth is against results. And that's the bottom line is, are your clients phone ringing? Is your phone ringing? Are you making money is your client making money? That's the bottom line. Nobody can see shit about that. Okay, so on that schema, the way that we set it up works just fine. You can try

You get tested and see whether you get better results. But once you get to, like, number one, what's better than having the top spot and you can't get better than?

Yeah, the featured snippet maybe, right.

Unknown Speaker 19:15
Joe Yeah. So, and to kind of reiterate what Marco said, I agree with that.

Press advantage because you know, we use that so much, you get an organization page, which would be your own profile on the press advantage domain, right, or the project's profile essentially. And see, we use that and sameas schema because that is your branded profile on the press advantage platform. So that to me is a better option for same as then linking to an into like an individual press release, right, or press releases a mention, perhaps, of your organization or company, but it's not necessarily like your it's not, you know, your profile on that publication. It's just a mention. So I agree with Marco. I would probably not even bothered thinking to press releases from SameAs schema.

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Is There A Tool That Syndicates Content With Automatic Article Generation Or Spinning?

Alright, next question is I would like to know if there's a plugin or software that creates automatic syndication with automatic article generation or spinning much like IFTTT when it syndicates to web 2.0 photos, but the content in syndicates is spun from the original article or created with something like article Forge, links back with the full URL of the article. So no anchor text optimization, the only one I knew of a social link machine by Andy black a couple of years ago, something like snap, which is the social networks auto poster plugin, but with spintax for article Forge. Now I don't because I stopped using any sort of spun content for link building purposes.

You know, long ago, so I honestly don't know. I know, there were tools like Sindh wire, for example, was one of them. I don't know if that's even supported anymore. You know, abs Raji. He had some tools that did stuff like that as well. Bookmark Lovers was I think one of them, but I don't know of any tools. It's been years since I've done anything like that because, you know, we stopped really using that type of link building tactic to our money sites. You know, when we developed the SEO shield ri s Academy, so it's been five years, really, since I've used any kind of applications like that whatsoever. So I can't help you with that. Does anybody else here have any comments on that? No, I don't and the only comment that I would add to this is that we don't want our contents been. We want it attributed. We want proper attribution, but we don't want to spend we want to just like to get in. And it comes back to the original content, giving it credit, and it works perfectly fine for the purposes for which we agreed.

Do Blocked Embeds Pass Any Power?

So Bobby's up he says, Hey, guys, this one's for Marco do block embeds. So I guess, probably like a broken iframe do block embeds pass any power, for example, you built embeds to a property like Crunchbase. And now that website has disabled x frame headers, thank you. So yeah, I guess like an iframe blocker Marco can?

Well, anything has the answer and dump the iframe. We've never actually tested that. But that would be a fabulous test. Because even though that that the iframe is it's not allowed to display, the code is still there, and the source equals rapids right it's still there. And so yeah, I mean, it's a simple test to do I don't know why we've never run outrun it on my list of things to do. And we will get it to get to a once in a while we got it Don't wait Don't touch it. All you have to do set it up link build to it and see if the destination moves. If it does, then you got a winner.

Yeah, there you go. That would be an interesting test though for like heavy hitter club or something.

You should see a list of things to do. Just added to the list and never-ending laundry list.

Allana is up. What's up, Allana? She says, Hey, hi guys, I'm back. Just been checking out your webinar with Lisa Allen from ranked feeder just wondering if you would just use the ping feature in the product or also use the feeds to populate. Use the feeds you create to populate a small site to create more topical relevancy. Okay, so my answer to that is no, I wouldn't use the feeds from ranked feeder to as like a content syndication tool, or to populate another site with content because it's not really designed for that a better tool for that would be something like RSS Masher, daemon Nelson's tool. And the only reason I say that is because the rank feeder tool is pretty much all contextual, right? It's like text-based is what I should say I'm sorry. It's all text-based. So like when you create the feeds, it's all basically like, like, just a standard RSS output.

As far as I know, that like for example, if you take the RSS feed from the so the news dash round calm or whatever it is URL that creates the RSS feed on inside of the rank feeder. I've never I, I don't want to say I've never if I remember correctly, I tried using that to syndicate and it doesn't publish the full post. It just published this the snippets, as it looks like when you're viewing the feed in Firefox, for example, or the HTML version of the feed, because then rank feeder it gives you an HTML URL to so that you can view as you know, view the feed itself instead of just like the XML coding. You can view it in like Chrome for example. Firefox By the way, you have to have an extension or an add on in Firefox now that will allow you to view RSS feeds you know, used to always be a native function of Firefox, and apparently now you have to have an extension or an add on Add to Firefox to be able to view an XML, RSS feed, like in an HTML format, okay, so right feeder gives you an HTML format URL and you can take a look at it that's similar to what if I remember correctly, it's been a few years since I've tried syndicating, but I remember trying, and it would, might have been updated since then. But it would display or republish the post as they looked in the HTML feed version of the feed if that makes sense. So the reason why it wouldn't be good for using the first content syndication is that that looks awfully spammy because it's all text-based. There are no images, you know, it's they're very, very short snippets. So you could try that, for example, to populate, like, use a syndication network. And I tried that a few years ago, but again, because it comes across with those really short, like summary posts, basically, like what it looks like when you're viewing a feed. Right, so just the link and in a very brief summary, and that's it. It's just a list of links, then doesn't it? It would create those really short little posts on the syndication network properties. And it looks spammy, and it could very likely get your account terminated on those platforms that you republishing to. Um, you know, if you're doing it to a self-hosted website, then where you're not having to worry about it being terminated, and yeah, possibly, but again, if it looks spammy, and just really, really short, I don't see how that's going to add much value. Something like RSS masher gives you a much, much better able to use other people's feeds or any feeds that you know, super feeds that you create from any number of feeds. But you can edit the feed and the outputs to where you can insert images, full text, summary, text, you know, all different kinds of things. You can insert your own images or, you know, iframes and banners and calls to action and all that kind of stuff. And so those were our that that tool is much better for it. The way I always looked at them was RSS Masher was more like a marketing tool and traffic generation tool and ranked feeder was strictly an SEO tool. Right so one of the things that I've done and I'm not going to show this because I show it in the mastermind but I would love to show it here but when you create a rank feeder feed especially for local projects and I talked I've talked about how to do this before in syndication Academy and mastermind and everything else but you can create an RSS super feed where you're combining topical topically relevant feeds plus locally relevant feeds so you can go to like you know, local websites, local municipality, a government website, you know, any type of local blogs, events, calendars, things like that, that have RSS feeds and you can create a locally topically relevant feed that you can then create an embed code from using Feedburner. I can't walk you through the steps on that either, but you can create what's called a buzz boost embed code using Feedburner from that rank feeder feed, right and then embed that into for example, like an ID page, an ad ID page for a local project. And it ends up working really well because it continually dynamically updates the ID page, which gets the bot scrolling it right often with other people's content, but it's topically relevant and or locally relevant or geographically relevant. So it's just a great way to add relevancy to a page without you having to constantly add the content, which by the way, you can add your feeds into rank feeder feed. So anytime you're publishing content, it will automatically insert it. But that ends up working fairly well, in fact, that the URL the HTML version of the RSS feed that rank feeder creates is an indexable link, and it will index and in fact, one of the tree care projects that I had set this up on, In fact, it's the one that I did the training on for this exact method that I'm talking about. If you do a search for that company name, so it's the brand search plus that location, the news, dash round.com or whatever URL, etc.

This Stuff Works
Well, the version of that feed is indexed and ranked on page one for a brand search. So it's really interesting, it's powerful, you can do some pretty cool things with that. So for example, like that buzz boost embed code would be a really good embed code to buy an embed gig from MGYB. Because now you've got, again, you're creating co-citation with the rank feeder feed. And you're guilty by association, right, you by placing your links in among all of those other links that are relevant in somewhere, either topically or geographically. It can create, you know, a lot of additional relevancy and then you can just hammer that embed code either strictly on its own by doing embeds and in backlinks to the embeds. Or you can embed it in your idx page, for example. And then, you know, do embeds for your IDX page and run backlinks to that. So there's a number of things that you can do with it. Seo wise, but as far as using it for like content syndication, I don't. I haven't tested that in a couple of years now. But the last time I did try it, it was it didn't. They came out really ugly.

In spammy looking the posted, so I would recommend RSS masher as a tool for that if that's what you want to do. Both tools are valuable. Let me tell you that just in different ways. So any comments on that?

Moving on.

Would You Use The Drive Stack Strategy For A Non-Local Large Company?

Randy says if you were approached by a large company to do SEO, would you use a drive stack? Or is this strategy only good for local? No, it's good for any sort of website period. SEO is Seo. You know, we talk about local a lot, but this absolutely applies to any, any sort of project. Marco, I know you want to add a comment to that.

It makes no difference. We've always said that just for local is relative. If you want the world to be your local, then that's what your local is. And that's how you approach the bill. But there's absolutely no difference in how you go about it other than the local one has a geographical area right? Generally or an address if it isn't this area local businesses, it's a storefront business. But I mean, as a Jordan has worked with, with fortune 500 companies, I have also. And we both do the same thing and make no difference who it is they're getting one.

Because that's the way I do it. And so as a matter of fact, it doesn't even come into the conversation how I'm going to get results because I've been at this game long enough that I'm going to leave the conversation. I am going to get your results but how I get results is my business. If you want to make it your business, I'll gladly give you a consultation. It's 1500 dollars an hour. Period.

And then usually just go ahead. And surprisingly enough, the most Angel people are those $250 to $500 a month plan. They're the ones who are going to be all over. They're the ones who are going to be served watching. They're the ones who are going to watch every single result and everything that you do, the better companies all they care about, they want to take up the real estate. Of course, branding has to be consistent. Everything has to look. Right, everything has to be correct. And I don't blame them for that. But the How is mine, and if they want to pay me for that, they got to pay me a whole lot of money. So focus your compensation, on no matter how you're going to get results, but the fact that you're going to get results, and again, Dr. stacks are applying this everywhere. It's part of the standard operating procedures in the bottom line in everything we do.

There you go.

How Do You Integrate Wiki Links Into The Schema?

Alright, so the next one is from Gary says, I noticed on the Semantic Mastery website schema, you had some areas with links to Wikipedia to define what SEO and marketing are, what type of schema is this and how would we go about including something similar and local landing pages? Thanks in advance. I would. I would guess, Marco you were and you were responsible for adding schema to Semantic Mastery Webb

Is he talking about semantic tags from the SEO ultimate plugin? or How was that all figured? It's something that I discuss in the heavy hitter group in the entity webinar series. You're welcome to come to the heavy hitter group and find out a lot.

There you go. Maybe we could drop the link to the heavy hitter club on the page if it's not already there. And maybe at replying to Gary. So there you go, Gary. He's covered that and they have a hitter club webinars.

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How To Index Drive Folders And Files Like Sheets And Docs?

Nicholas is up he says hi, SM crew. How do we index drive folders and files like sheets and docs. I've made all the folders public and built links and embeds but the only thing that seems to be indexing is the G site and one slide. Am I doing something wrong? Or is it no longer possible to index? That's a good question for you Marco. Well, according to the rest of the most of the experts, gurus and what have you professionals in the space, it's impossible to eight exe files and drive stacks out. I don't know how it's impossible because I just looked, I took a screenshot Friday of two to drive folders outranking the G site. Maybe I should share it here. I can pull it up real quick in a little bit so that everyone can can reference it back to this. It's completely possible to end and how much are you going to invest in indexing them, but may I just get this done and whatever indexes that's all I'm interested in. Because the way we do it, we call it those find a website is every single file and document within the branded drive stack is going to reference every other document by to link to every document multiple ways multiple keywords, is going to use our shorteners not going to use our shortener is going to use all kinds of ways so that the bot will crawl everything. And that's really what I'm interested in. Not necessarily interested in indexing.

I'm not even interested in it then ranking. The reason why I showed in the image that he can rank and he can outrank the G site is because someone said it wasn't possible. And you guys know I don't see that. And CT Fletcher said, but impossible. It's only impossible until some crazy mF decides to go and do it. So they you know, whenever someone says it's impossible, all you have to do is you just go and do it and show it. And in fact, I have other tests coming up that show it's completely possible to index to rank and to get power from the drive stacks themselves. If you're having problems then I suggest you go to the MGYB to get yourself a piece of data through our webinar indexing gays and have him index yours, your stuff. Yours you should guys listen to

I'm going to give you some free game. In here. tiered link building will help your tiered links to MX over time. Now do not expect a minute because I did another 1 million link test especially after the guy in our iOS Academy reloaded Facebook group did one with fiber and got great results. So I did one with really good link building involved just to see what kind of results I would get, do not expect a million links to index in 24 hours in 48 hours in two months, and three months in six months. But it doesn't happen that way. You do your lip building gig and that's done over time. It's draped over time. And then what Daniel does he does multiple indexing gigs. He was multiple software on the links for the heat so that he indexes them, and it's done. Over time, Google will catch up with it.

Someone when you get traffic to a precipice, which might have a link, it's like six degrees of separation, you know, the Kevin making it right when Google might find the link out at Tier four, but it relates to tier two, and then that that will get indexed for a while. Other links will get indexed once the bot starts going everywhere. And as your entity powers up, Google will also start looking at the relevant links, guys. So it's not something that happens all at once. It happens over time, don't expect if you get a million or 10 million uniques however many you get, don't expect them all to index. If you can get 50% to index over time, you're doing a really good job and that's all unique, especially if they're tiered because over time, tiered link building will help the links to index on their own.

Okay, thank you for that Marco the next questions. fluoro is from BB but we wouldn't expect anything less would we?

What Are Your Thoughts On IFTTT Premium?

BB? He's got multiple questions here. So first one is is IFTTT going to be non free? I just read ahead And apparently, that is the case which is interesting because we are currently updating IFTTT or excuse me, SEO, syndication Academy. I'll get it right. We are currently updating the syndication Academy and it looks like I have not confirmed this, but somebody made a comment about going pro as well. So we will probably have a better answer for you next week. Maybe I'll take a look into that, but it looks like it is going paid, which we kind of assumed what happened. In fact, to be honest with you, I'm surprised it remained free as long as it did.

Because, you know, I've been abusing IFTTT for SEO purposes since 2012.

So like, and we've taught a lot of people how to do that too. So I can't I'm actually really surprised it's remained free this long.

But yeah, well, I'll find out and we'll kind of comment on this a little bit further next week, just remind me by posting the question again next week maybe and and I'll cover it. I'll take a look at that. Fact. I'll make a note of this now. Just a minute.

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Is It Okay To Create 1000 External Posts From A Single External Site Using Long Form Content With Different Anchor Text?

Okay. All right. So the next question is, generally speaking, say there is a long-form post, we want to promote on 1000 keywords. Can we make 1000 external posts from a single external site? Which East posts each post points to the long-form content with different anchor text? Is that okay to do that, will it promote something? While there's a there's a diminishing return with a number of links from the same domain? I don't know what that is. Maybe Marco has a more definitive or accurate description of that or can define that better, but I know there is some at some point if you get you to know, if three links from the same domain aren't as bad as you know, 300 links from the same domain or 3000, right, so I don't know, at what point at which point they there's a diminishing return. But I don't know that that would help you at all. In fact, I think that would actually end up being incredibly spammy in my opinion. But I don't know, because I haven't tested anything like that market. What is there a threshold that you know, of, and where, where the diminishing return begins? I don't know. Like the exact point. But there There is.

There are diminishing returns, the more links that you add to the same site. This is a study, right? That found that the number of science sites, it's actually the number of websites linking to you, rather than the total number of links that that matter most in Google rankings, and I can't remember where that was, where that was done or when, but it's been done multiple times. It hasn't been done just one time. Now. I'm not saying it's cause and effect

It's a correlation. But if enough people do this test, where they don't do multiple websites linking, and then one or two websites with a whole bunch of links. And if the different websites linking to you gets better results than just getting links from a million likes on one website, then it stands to reason that you don't want to get all your links from one website. Unless you get in Google to LinkedIn.

That's a whole different ballgame. Right? Then you can power up those if it's what we do, man. It's what we do. RYS Academy, RYS Academy Reloaded SEO shield be SEO partial blows every study out of the water, because we focus on Google. We go into Google, we add everything in Google and we blast the hell out of it as much as we can, as many times as we can, until we get the desired results. And then once we get the desired results, once you start getting that total traffic into your project.

We have to slow it down. If you can't just keep hammering away at and expect Google not to do anything about the traffic should make up for all the unnatural stuff you did to get yourself the traffic in the first place. The whole point is to get traffic. And then to allow that traffic to send the signals to Google, rather than all of all that we do on the outside to get the results of the person. But yeah, we don't focus on just one website. 1000 Keywords 1000 keyword anchors, that's not going to get you any anything except diminishing returns, and then at some point who will just ignore it? Yeah, the rest of the wrestling. I remember we used to do that.

Leave in the footer. So we'd get thousands of links back. Yeah. And then that stopped working. It's that thing, it's that exact thing diminishing return.

Yeah, I mean, sort of traditional backlinking tactics over the years has been to the, you know, receive backlinks with domain diversity. So from different domains, IP diversity subnet diversity.

So that like, in other words that are more important than just the number of links, you know, even in from one, you know, from one particular domain. So again, I know there is a level at which it starts to have a diminishing return. But I don't know what that level is. And it probably varies algorithmically, depending on the source of the link, and that sort of thing.

Does Google Scan For Translated Content For It To Be Considered Fresh?

All right, question number three is for sure. Google recognizes translated content, but does it scan for translated content to be for it to be considered fresh content? I honestly don't know because I only do stuff in the US and English. So I don't know Marco or Hernan would either of you know, but it doesn't matter what language it's in as long as Google is crawling it.

And it comes across it. It's fresh content. As far as Google is concerned. The language doesn't matter. I'm not sure of the question, what it is exactly that is asking? Because I mean, once they, John, and Google finally said that, yes, you know, Google does recognize Layton in a foreign language. Of course, we've always known that, like her. And Hannah and I have been doing this for ages, taking advantage of of Amish language links to power up Spanish language websites all day long. We do this all day long. And Google understands your own right. Who will recognize it, because if you talk computer code, at the end of the day, Google will take the computer code and they will relate it to the rest of the computer code and understand that all of this computer code is related? That's all that matters. And we can okay so it's in Farsi. Google does not understand the fact that Google understands zeros and ones and sequences of zeros and ones in a binary. That's all we care about.

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Yeah, yep. I agree. I agree. was a short and sweet dish had it, man. I mean, yeah, I mean, we've done it. We've done it with, you know, in fact, we will still like getting not only in like in Spanish but like I've helped this, this client in Romanian, and they're getting decently good results with 90 Digital were made in English by us, you know, and their website is entirely in Romania. So they're pushing, you know, so so. So I think that I think that there's a lot of, there's a lot of opportunity. And we mentioned this, you know, several times already, but there's a lot of opportunities and, you know, the algorithm or the machine learning, it's like a little bit behind on other languages. So yeah, go to town. girlie works in Hungarian. He's in Hungary. Yeah, it was doing really well until COVID. Kill. His stuff was outdoors and going on going here and there and doing the tour. And that part of it was killed, working, just fine pub crawl and they want to getaway

Well, you know, bar crawling pub crawling.

What Are Your Thoughts On The Claim That Google Drive Stacks No Longer Pass Link Juice And Get Indexed?

Okay, so the next question was, let's see. Yes, this one Marco was probably in reference to a post that was made in another group recently. Hey guys now I know this has been said before but I was listening to an SEO I respect and claimed that Google Drive stacks no longer pass link juice and no longer get indexed. I know things changed how you make files and folders public but is there any truth to this claim? I only ask because he is an SEO that usually seems to give accurate information. Thank you. Can I share my screen, please? Yeah, Ma, am I allowed? You should be able to describe it.

Okay, it says I can't because somebody else is sharing. Let me try again. Here we go.

I just put the shirt away once in perama. Easy.

No, you can see.

That's it. Yeah. Okay. Do you see what that is?

Giant google.com Drive folders you see drive google.com go folder sites google.com the G site and then docs google.com the presentation the slide the date PC the day this is the kind of smallest stretch and I enlarge it now I can see it September 4 Friday I believe that was

okay don't do that this is not by the way three days after the claim was made they're done all the work they no longer were I went on the fourth and look Oh fucking tell me they don't invest and they don't work man. What kind of fucking test are you doing man? You really know how to test show me a test. Don't put it behind a paywall man show the public hearing is more common in public and I'm going to do a public webinar when I'm going to show the world this is how it is. Oh, tell me what are you up? Show me. Show me the way Don't tell me. He telling people that man don't just talk. Do the do I do or shut up?

You go, Nuff said. Okay, I'm gonna go off the screen again. We'll carry on a three lazy cats. Okay. Hi guys FYI I had to upgrade to IFTTT pro today Yeah, I saw you mentioned that earlier the free version will allow you will only allow you to create three applets the pro version allows you to create unlimited applets 999 a month. But the price special for the first year. Yeah, that's, that's interesting. It is what it is. Uh, you know, I mean, I use Zapier like you wouldn't I use that shit a lot. In fact, I'm doing a lot of stuff right now with Zapier because I'm building the kind of like an automated prospecting system to automate a lot of prospecting tasks that I do, but

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You know, that's paid. And to get really any use out of Zapier, it's 20 bucks a month, like that's the minimum, that's the starter plan, and you pretty much need that just to do really anything was up here. So it is what it is, it would suck for if you have, I wonder if they're gonna

I'm gonna have to look into this, which I already said I would do before next Wednesday so that I can talk about a little bit more next Wednesday. But I wonder if legacy accounts are going to remain free for existing applets or if they're going to retroactively shut all that shit down until you become paid, which would suck because I literally have hundreds and hundreds of syndication networks out there.

We'll find out and we'll come in a little bit more in-depth next week. Thank you. Now, you know what's interesting. rbas haven't reported Any problems? Yeah, air or any limitations on the application? So I'm not sure maybe that's being rolled out. I really don't know. I guess we should ask them what they're doing different to Yeah, I have to look into that.

I'm definitely going to investigate that because that'll, that'll also change how we proceed with updating the syndication Academy training, which is in progress now, so we'll take a look and see what the hell's going on. Yep, absolutely.

Do We Need To Specify Anything In The New Order In MGYB If You Purchase Maps Heavy Hitter For One Of The Locations?

Okay, so the next one is from Blue clone. Okay, hi, team two questions regarding GMB. Question one, we have two GMB locations and purchased maps heavy hitter for one of the locations, which is the secondary location if we order another heavy hitter for a primary GMB location. Do we need to specify anything in the new order? For example, referencing the one that we already purchased asking because the physical locations of the GMB are only 10 miles apart and the keywords would be the same using the same keyword research file. Now, it shouldn't make any difference and here's why. Because if it's the same industry the same, you know, brand for example, it's just got two locations. Then

hold on.

I'm sorry, I saw something pop up. Yeah, sorry about that. We can circle back to it. It's about IFTTT turn you can turn on unlimited applets but only create three so good to go. Okay, so if you already have them created you can turn them on. Well, I think that's I may be missing reading but what I how I interpret that is because now it's much easier to write to find someone else's published if applet so to me I read that is so long as you're using a published applet, you can have as many of those as you want, but you can only go in there and create three.

That's interesting. I'll make them published verses. Because I was surprised. I was like, I haven't seen this too. And I have several accounts that I use for things for networks as well as just my own stuff. So. Okay, thanks, Adam. I'll take a look at that. I'm, like I said, well, we'll investigate for next week. Okay, so yeah, just, we don't create Apple tell you a little wimpy apple for the public. We just

Turn them on, right? No, we have to create them because it used to be that there was the share URL years ago when we had the syndication Academy workbook that you could download for free or whatever or sheets but we would have the applet URLs, the share URLs, but they put a stop to that a few weeks ago or a few months ago, maybe now.

You can still do a search for those and you can still find them. Yes, if Yes, correct. Yeah, yeah, but the share URLs apparently just don't work anymore. Like from the old old workbooks that we had.

We still use that same workbook template but it's the share URLs in the applet tab or sheet apparently no longer work so I guess we'll have to go deeper into this. Yeah, we are we're gonna have to figure it out. No problem guys. We will Don't worry about it. So getting back to blue clones question about having two GM B's same brand, but different locations about 10 miles apart. Here's the thing, you should be able to use this you know order another embed gig. Use the same keyboard

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Because if you're using market-level keywords only with no location modifiers appended or prepended to the keywords within the file, then that's perfectly relevant, right that you've got the relevant keyword file that you're going to be using for the anchor text links that are going to be built. Well, first of all for the content that the embeds going to be, you know, the content there's going to be created around that particular those keywords and those topics, that that then your embed, whatever you're embedding will be embedded within that content. So that adds relevancy there. But then obviously, if you order link building to the embeds, then that keyword file is also used in Part Four anchor text because it's not fully anchored text links. It's a mixture of, you know, naked URLs, generics, and all that kind of stuff. Just keywords are sprinkled in there, there's no question. But the top the relevancy for the specific location is accomplished or is conveyed through the on-page SEO of whatever it is you're embedding? Does that make sense? So

If you're on a page is done correctly, and it's a, you know, then you're going to have, you know, location terms essentially within the page itself that is going to be embedded. So yes, market-level keyword, the same file can be used for both locations. As long as you're on pages great. And you're not if you're not at, like I said if you don't have any keywords in your keyword file that have location modifiers added to the keywords, whether it's ahead of, you know, afterward or whatever, then you should be able to use the exact same file without any problems. You want to comment on that.

Unknown Speaker 54:36
Okay, next wise. Good. Keep moving, I think. I think I saw this in the, in our Facebook group. And I'm glad he asked him because he could just expand the try second g site. I think that's what he's talking about, right? Yes. Well, yeah, no, they're only 10 that 10 miles apart.

They're not competing. They're part of the same thing.

Yeah, I think he was talking. He was talking about just an embed gig. If you were could you use the same embed gig for both locations and use the same keyword file for both locations? When ordering the embed gig? And that's and I just explained it, yes, you can. The only time that I would not is if you had some of the keywords in there with specific location modifiers to you know, then then I would go back and edit that out for the other location. But most of you know, we tell you, right in MGYB, just use market-level keywords. And there's a reason for that, because your on-page should be able to determine its geographic.

It's geolocation, right? Yeah, exactly.

Is There A Need To Replace An Existing Map On The Contact Page And Make Use Of The MyMap Embed Code?

Okay, question number two is the RYS Reloaded guide it states to use the mind map embed code on the money site, we have a cleaner map on our contact page already. So wondering if we need to replace the existing map for some reason, or can we just add the mind map to a different page on our site that isn't accessible via the menu bar so not directly accessible like the Atlanta page? That's a good question. I don't know. Mark, can you answer that one? Yes, I could the mind map is only good if you have if you don't have a service area business. If you have to hide the address, then it's not going because you do the do following. If that's the case, if your local service area business, then embed the Google My Business map, and for the second one for the second location that we talked about this before, use something like widget logic to control your widget. So that the one where you have a location that one gets on that map that corresponding GMB only gets displayed on that location page and any posts related to that location.

Okay, so hopefully that answers the question. Okay, uh, where are we look like we are just about done.

Yeah, it looks like it Brian Caddo, who's is also a speaker and looks like Jordan Fowler. He just commented to both of these guys are going to be coming are presenting at POFU Live and Brian says Dr. Making changes IFTTT making changes they no SM methods are creating too much power and not the case. And it isn't it's funny of it. I remember I think syndication Academy, the current version now which is needs to be updated. That's why we're in the process of doing that. Now when I first started recording all of the v2 syndication Academy version two Dotto videos and you know, developing the training for that. It was right around I think I had gotten like six or eight videos into it. When several things changed, like, like, almost like it was crazy. There is a couple of different platforms, whether it was WordPress or Tumblr or something, something changed. And then I know Google Plus, which changed a whole lot over the course of a couple of years before they phased it out. That was constantly changing. And so it was like it was very frustrating because I would record you know, spend, you know, 30 minutes to an hour preparing to record a training video, then I would record it and sometimes have to go back and edit it and get it in can ready to go like ready to be published on the training site. And then ship would change and I'd have to go back and redo it all again. So it was very frustrating. And it's it just seems like the last time that I did the syndication Academy updates, we were transitioning through multiple changes on different platforms. And it looks like it's happening again, at the exact very same time that we're updating syndication Academy again. So that I guess the moral of the story is stop updating syndication Academy, and maybe everyone else will stop updating their shit to this. Or maybe it's just a really good thing that we're updating it now and the changes are, that's true. Instead of like they update two months after we're done, you know what I mean? So, alright, well, thanks, everybody for being here. It looks like we're out of questions. We'll see you guys all next week. Thanks for sticking around, guys.

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