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By April

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What's up everybody? Welcome to Hump Day Hangout, the episode where we almost don't make it. Because you know these things happening in YouTube. But anyways, we're here, Episode 307. And today's the 30th of the last day of September actually and we're really really excited to be here for full live as a smashing, smashing hit. No, we're not excited to be here. All right, so portfolio was a smashing, smashing hit. During this past weekend, we're gonna talk a little bit more about that. But before that, let me introduce to the rest of the crew what's going on, Chris? How you doing, man?

Doing good here. Yeah, it's cold out here. And I still cannot believe the poof is already over for this year. I don't know like, many so far this year, like I really can't believe it. But well, it is what it is. There's always next time.

Yeah. Marco. How you doing? Man?

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I should have put aside my exercise mat and the wait, sorry about that. You can see it in the back of too bad. I'm into I'm into that. panel. So here I am, man. But hey, hey, come get some pole full or bust position of hustle, mom.

What's that being? Are you doing rally?

Good, except that the it didn't work. So the URL that's on the hump day hangouts page was the was one that's not we're not streaming into that YouTube video. So I just swapped the URL out but everybody's gonna have to refresh the page which me friends are not hearing us right now. So somebody posted

just refreshed whenever you see this. Please refresh. Anyway, should we keep going? I think we should keep going but don't know. Nobody will know to refresh anyone not All right. Well, we're talking to Mikey, what's happening everybody, so we can say whatever we want. So, Episode 307. We're six where six or five or six episodes away from six years. Trey's doing Hump Day Hangout. It's got five years, but five episodes, five episodes, six years, right? five episodes, 65 episodes, six years. Yes.

There you go. There you go. All right. So and super happy to be here. As I mentioned Boucle, life 2020s over. And we had really a really good time, we had a really good time. Friday was a VIP event with a remote beer and cheese tasting. It was pretty awesome. And then we went straight up into the talks. And I think, based on the opinions and the you know, the testimonies I've got from most of the attendees that this was by far the best quality talks that we had so far in both light. So if you get an attendee for whatever reason, that's fine, we get it. Now there's a chance for you to get the replace the Replace are not out there yet. So if you want to get notified when we launch the replays, so that you can get access to them go to popl live.com. A little, a little window will pop up where you can put in your email so that you can be notified when the replays come out. Go ahead and the only way that you're going to be notified when the replays come out, it's going to be by being part of that let's go ahead and sign up for full live.com go there and we will notify you when the replays go live. With that being said, if you need a wingman for your SEO, if you need somebody to do the heavy lifting for you go to mg y b.co we have a lot of good stuff in there and more coming so you don't have to worry about the delivery of the stuff that you you know that you're selling to your clients. We got you we got you covered so go to ngop.co and on both alive a lot of people took the plunge to action and join the mastermind because you know a lot of people on Friday they were part of the mastermind and they were saying great things about the mastermind we weren't actually telling them to say so they were just like because the mastermind is really awesome if I say so myself, but a lot of people took the took the plunge and joined the mastermind so if you want to learn more about the mastermind, and how it can help you grow in your business, go to mastermind dot semantic mastery comm so our testimonials, everything is in there. So So yeah, I hope that you're just like an add to that dedhia isn't just start link builder. He's a mastermind member. Right. Jeffrey Smith. He isn't just SEO bootcamp and that s that badass SEO ultimate plugin or all that framework, right? for WordPress and everything. He's also in our mastermind presenter, Jordan founder, also a presenter, mastermind member, Brian cattle presenter, also mastermind members so it's not as if it's just yeah, there are benefits Fitz, to being a member of the semantic mastermind of the semantic mastery mastermind, and so much so that you get to the point where you can actually share your knowledge with the people who come to poco. Which, which is just awesome. I mean, the stuff that Jordan presented it, you could be charged 10 k for you mean, seriously.

Okay. And you would still not be paying enough for the information that he shared on I mean, I still think how to incorporate all of these things, all of these pieces, and bring it all together, because it's Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. I guess. I mean, when we talked what I talked about info, was that, okay, you got all these things, but there has to be action. It's not, we can't just give you actionable items, right? We can't just give you actionable information, actionable education, there has to be a step in that, in that when you take what you get, and you want to apply it. What do I say in our free in our free Facebook group all the time, you train, you apply, you make money, you go and hire a VA, so that they can help you. So they train, they help you apply, and they help you make money. And that's how you scale lather, rinse, repeat. But without that first step without that action, guys without you taking that action of investing in your education, that's useless. It's just another shiny object in your digital Hope it looks really good.

All right, cool. And asked before we jump into questions,

yeah. Yes, sir. I just want to mention that, you know, it's crazy. But after our POFU Live Event over this past weekend, I'm just like Marco in that I've got like, a ton of things that I'm now trying to implement, I realized I really need to step my schema game up, Jesus, some of these guys that were giving presentations, Rob was one of them. But like he said, Jordan Fowler, Jeffrey Smith, the structure data's just silly, like and I said, then I've just been using pretty much organization markup and local business markup. And that's pretty much it for my career. And I realized that like, scheme has blossomed into so much more. And it's just absolutely insane what you can do with it. And so that's kind of what I'm deep diving into now is studying that, to start implementing that as well. So yeah, it was amazing. So guys, go to poker live.com, you can sign up for the early bird release when we have the recordings available. And I would highly recommend you check it out. There was a lot of really good information this past weekend. So he did

Okay, so we're ready for questions.

Yes, sir. I think we got a bunch of them today. So the sounds good. Let me grab the screen.

You guys are seeing my screen, correct?


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Does Semantic Mastery Offers A Course On How To Use Paid Traffic To Create Brand Signals?

All right. So Dustin bows up first, he says, Hey, guys working on learn from you exactly how to use paid traffic to rank websites and GMBs. Is there a video or course or something? Yes, there is. And it's not just that it's not using paid ads to rank something, it helps to augment SEO efforts. It provides brand signals, traffic, relevant traffic, targeted traffic, especially for local stuff, because you can have, you know, geographic targeting and everything else, so it sends the proper signals. That's what that's about. Now, if you have shit SEO, and you try to just send traffic to something and think that that's going to rank it, it's very unlikely that you're going to see any results, and you're just going to piss a lot of money away. But if you have proper SEO, you know, it's tight, you're on pages good, you've got a compelling offer. And then you're buying relevant traffic signals. I mean, it's, you're essentially buying engagement signals. But if you got your audience targeting, right, your geographic targeting, right, and you've got a compelling message or a you know, an offer, that's decent, and some of that traffic could even convert. So it's not just about brand signals and kind of injecting that activity, relevance, trust and authority that you can purchase directly from Google or from other sources as well. It's not just about sending that traffic to augment or supplement your SEO right, or to add to your SEO efforts. But it's also potentially lead source or a source for customers. And you know, a way to make sales and such you can actually convert some of that traffic, your targeting is right. My point is why spend the time and effort or money even unless you have all of those pieces in place. Because if you have traffic coming from search, and you've got come to an offer or a page that doesn't convert well, then it's what good is it is so you know, what's the point in ranking it if you're just buying traffic, add to an offer or something that doesn't convert very well. So my point is kind of have all of it together, and then buying relevant traffic signals can actually help with your SEO as well. Anybody want to comment on that?

And no,I think that's perfect. And actually, you know, we were mentioning during portfolio that I've seen the same results with, you know, Google. Google clicks. And you know, I share with you, would you that would you that article about apps, you know, use your apps, because the because the clicks and the clicks are so cheap, the quality might not be as good when you're getting like search ads and all that but still, like the the clicks are for for SEO purposes is really good. And also, I've been noticing the same thing with, with Facebook ads, you know, because Facebook ads will come from real people, they will come from the people that you want to you want you can geo target your Facebook ad. So you can say, hey, I want people that has like this behavior and whatnot in this specific cities or zip codes or whatever. And I'm seeing the same thing. So yeah, so I really do recommend you test it out. But again, you need to tick all the boxes when it comes to on site SEO, so that by the time you start getting traffic, you know, you start seeing that impact multiply. Marco?

I don't know if Marco is still with us. He kind of jumped up from

No, no, I'm still here, but I'm not hearing anything that I need to add anything to.

Okay. Very good. But Dustin, just to answer your question, is there a cost for that? Yes. And I posted it down here. I mentioned you to Google ads for brand signals traffic and to compliment SEO. That's this course here. It works really, really well. It's for using the Google Display Network and for YouTube, which, again, is a lot less expensive than search ads. But yeah, what Hernan just mentioned is, you know, and that's something I'd like to try. And I have not, Hernan brought it to my attention, but that, you know, I always go into the Display Network when I set up ads campaigns in there, and immediately turn off all of you know, or add to my exclusion list all of the apps, so all the apple apps, all the Android apps and the you know, handful of what Windows apps that are available, because the traffic has always been really, really shitty, but you can get it for really, really cheap. So if you were just trying to purchase just clicks, so traffic essentially, even though it may be very non relevant, then you could probably go in and set up an ads can Google Display Network ads campaign targeting just mobile apps, and you could set geographic targeting certain only show so you at least get proper IP clicks. But it might not be from you know, really interested audiences my point, but you might want to try that that would be rather inexpensive. Okay, I saw I got another one of my guys, one of my sites, my main money sites crashed, how do I find out that penalty? Which penalty it was? Well, you have to investigate. I mean, if you have a manual action, a manual penalty penalty, there'll be a note, notice inside of Google Search Console. So if your site's connected the Search Console, go look at the left side for notifications or manual actions. And you can see if there's a manual penalty, if it's algorithmic, then you have to kind of determine that through a number of different processes, look at backlink and you know, an analytics for example, like using a some sort of backlink analysis tool, sem rush or H refs, or something like that, you might be able to determine what if it was caused, because of bad backlinks? You could also look, there's a number of things that you could do, like, do a brand search or a domain search, search for the domain and see if it ranks number one for the brand name or for the domain name. If it doesn't, then it's likely an on page penalty of some sort. So there's a number of things that you can do, but it requires investigation. You want to comment on that, Marco?

Oh, good. Okay, moving on.

How Do You Deal With Penalized Site?

And do you know if it works when you create a new site and do this penalize my site 301 through a shortener then 301, to a blog post, then 301, the new web to a new website, well, this remove the penalty possibly for a period of time, but it could also catch up eventually to the end. Final Destination right to target destination anyways. So that's a kind of a trick that we used to use years ago, when we used to spam domains, we used to spam sub domains to power them up like for essentially to manipulate domain authority. And that used to work but it's not something that we've done for many, many years. But way back when we used to do that, that's one of the things we would do is a double redirect to basically launder any negative potential from those domains. But again, it's been five or six years since I've done anything like that because our methods just don't require that and honestly we we would recommend, and a lot of the times just to start over because you can get a you know within you can get really good results with the SEO showed and backlinks to that the way that we teach and get them rather quickly to then trying to recover something Like that I can tell you right now if it's like a backlink penalty and all that, that's a real pain in the ass to try to get lifted. And doing these double types of redirects or triple redirects, I don't know if that would work. It may work for a period of time, it could end up hurting you in the long run, and then you've just added more work on top of something that was already tanking or sinking. Does that make sense? So any comments on that, guys,

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I haven't seen manuals in a really long time mean, either. It's usually algorithmic, look, Google doesn't have the time. Or Believe it or not the people to go after your stinking website in the first place. You're not making enough money, you're not making enough noise for Google to come after you. It's when you start making noise and noise, meaning how much money you're siphoning from Google. Google's after those those North Koreans, the Ukrainian people in Malta, former KGB, all these people who set up these really intricate networks to burn Google for hundreds of millions of dollars. We're not talking pennies here, right? Right now, I mean, if you even if you drain Google for a couple of mil, it's nothing. Literally in the grand scheme of a trillion dollar company, a couple of million dollars is nothing. And you do that often enough. And and you know, this spidey sense will start triggering. The thing is if you set off enough triggers in the algorithm, enough red flag, someone you'll go on the list and someone will eventually come looking, it's a lot easier for them, though, to just trigger an algorithmic penalty. And let you figure out what the hell it was you did to trigger this algorithmic penalty, I would use the site colon operator to go and look if you're still indexed. If you're still indexed, you're good that then that means that that's something you did on site is the problem, I can almost guarantee that it's not link building. Because Google simply devalues links that aren't relevant. I mean, we've, we've hit our stuff with millions of backlinks and never had any issues through the SEO shield, if you fuck with the money site. Now, if you do ship directly to the money site, which is against everything we teach that you're on your own, because we tell you how to do it, right. We've been telling you for years, don't hit your money site. Because if you do, Google has a shift for you in store. If you go through Google the way that we do. Google doesn't burn Google. It's proven time. And again, Google loves Google. Google is narcissistic. Google trusts. Google, nobody has more authority on the web than Google. Because Google is Google. And so that's why that's why we're there. So on all of these things, like, how can you figure out if there's a penalty? Well, you would have gotten a notification in your search console, I haven't seen those in a long time. And I do some nasty shit guy, all open from signed into Google from IP, I have a static IP, just for that purpose. So I can I can send all of this spam or city or all this Spanish awesomeness into the Google ecosystem. And I'm not seeing anything. I'm waiting, I'm waiting, because it's the algorithm taking over, right? It's the artificial intelligence taking over. And the way that we're doing it is such that the algorithm would have to hit itself in order for Google to come looking for you. So it's kind of what what we're not kind of, but it's what we're shielding ourselves against. That's what we're doing, and what we're teaching and showing you guys to do. So having said all that, use the site colon operator, if if it's not the index, it's simply penalize. Now you have to go and find out what the penalties are you over optimize it link building will in Search Console, you'll see what what links are indexed and whether you've been doing what we recommend, which is the three pillars, activity, relevance, trust and authority. backlinks are relevant if they have activity and have become trusted, authoritative because you sent them through your SEO shield and through Google. I mean, that's, that's the best thing I can tell you.

Very good. One second.

Anyway, I'm responding to Ilana. She asked a good question about a comment I made last week. So all right, back at it. So the next question is, oh, yeah, by the way, the other thing about that, Dustin, is if your site tanked and I'm surprised Margaret actually didn't mention something like this, it could be a completely an entity issue as well. You know, I've actually experienced that with one of my more recent projects is there was some ambiguation with the entity itself. And it took it took literally months to disambiguate it to where now when I do a brand search for that, my domain comes up number one for that, which it should, and the whole pretty much the first two pages except for like one listing. One one indexed result is, is owned by branded assets, right so entity assets, but it took months jack to actually get to that level and it was a real pain in the ass. So if you haven't, you know, if your entity is invigorated, right, if it's not a strong entity, then that could also cause a problem. So and I've seen that happen. I've seen that happen with one of my own projects, too. So

I think entities could be an issue, but for muddy St. sitewide. tanking, I would say most likely, yeah, it's different than than then if your brand is ambiguous. Go and look, just do a brand search and see what appears. that'll tell you Yeah.

What DFY Services Do You Recommend For Building Out RSS Masher Autoblog Sites?

Okay, next is Sally says, Hey, guys, do you know of any done for you services to build out RSS master type auto blog sites, I would be very happy to pay for the building of these sites with related feeds to drive traffic, is this something that MGYB would consider offering? Well, Sal, you're in, you're in luck in that we, I don't know if mg y b will be doing it yet. But we, one of our guest presenters at prophy. Live is has a really powerful tool that is in beta testing right now. And some of the poke through live attendees have beta access to it right now. But when it comes out of beta access, it is precisely what you're asking about, it does exactly what you're asking about with the click of a few buttons, you can have between one and 1000 different websites that are a lot of blog content, and they're fucking amazing. Trust me, it's an amazing tool. And I'm one of beta testers still don't have my beta access yet, but I'm really looking forward to it. And in the coming, it's not going to be available publicly for a couple of months. But when it does Be on the lookout for it, because it's incredibly powerful. I've seen firsthand what this can do. So it's something that very likely once that product is ready for public consumption, that product and service then we might have that built into you know, options inside of mgib that but but first and foremost, we got to get the service itself has to be launched. So just be patient. It's coming and it's freaking amazing. Trust me.

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Yeah, not RSS masher. That's that's happening. But I mean, not not that it isn't a good tool. It has its place. I have nothing against Damon. But the one that that Jeremy's delivering is so much simpler, much lower learning curve. And so that's the one that I'm going to put my VA ease into and all the other people I have planned into putting into the stream and seeing what it what it does. So I'm gonna have some fun, Jeremy, what my logins Jeremy, I know, right, man? Yeah, get my logins man.

What Should You Do To Avoid Schema Markup Penalty?

I've been asking for weeks, man. So All right, next is big. Billy. He says question for Bradley. In the past, you mentioned getting penalized by spamming your schema, I think my SEO guy maybe spamming my schema? Can you explain what you were doing exactly that got you a penalty. So the rest of us will avoid that? Yeah, I had a manual notification on a couple different lead gen sites that I was using review schema, right? So you're not supposed to put that site wide, you're supposed to put it on specific pages and that kind of stuff. And I was trying to force the review stars to show up in the SERPs. So I was, you know, trying to add schema in different places and things like that. So I got a manual, notice manual action notice inside a search console about it. And it was I mean, it wasn't too bad, because all I had to do was go basically remove this the offending schema, and then submit it for reconsideration. And it was lifted in both cases. So I didn't really have any problem with it other than that, but I know that you can overdo it with schema. And so that's something that, you know, I would recommend that you don't do. But Marco, do you have a kind of a better guideline friend than that?

No, we're setting up a test with heavy hitter club. I mean, we're writing, Rob, Rob is writing some ridiculous amounts of schema. And referencing everything in Google pulls it in fine, and it validates just fine, the buck seems to really like it. So I guess it depends on how you're approaching this. If you're doing fake schema, like fake reviews and all that, yeah, you could get into a lot of trouble. But as long as it's it's relevant schema which relates to your entity in the proper way, the sky's the limit, literally, you could write probably dozens or hundreds of pages of code for schema. The the point in all of this would be like diminishing returns, how much schema do you write where it becomes simply just doing it for the sake of doing which is something you don't want to get into? You want to get into if you want to write schema that works? At some point, if the returns start diminishing, then you're doing too much, and you need to roll it back. Yeah.

Yeah, so like adding schema markup, like forget the what I the penalties that I got, or the at least the manual action notices. That work I received from that. I mean, again, this was probably four years ago. And that was because I was adding, you know, review aggregate review schema to all the pages even on stuff that didn't necessarily have any reviews, you know. And that's, that's part of that's part of the reason. So I wouldn't recommend that. But like, I've got local sites now that have, you know, several locations, and each location has its own page on the on the main branded site. And each location has its own aggregate rating. And I do add review schema on those pages, because it makes sense. And it can cause a rich snippet. And on the mobile devices, and especially, it's pretty cool, because it'll pull in creates like this little card almost on a mobile device that shows like the reviews, and it's got pulls in an image and everything else. It's pretty cool. But I'm testing something right now guys that I I even asked about it a post live and none of the people there were using it. But when I realized that I poo lied to some of the like I said, Rob, like Marco just mentioned that, Rob, he's been writing like ridiculous amounts of schema. And I asked specifically, are you using any sort of application to do that, and he goes, now I'm just kind of coding it out manually. I've tried some other apps and stuff. But there was too much of a learning curve, I just do it quicker on my own. Well, not me. It's like when I try to encode schema, like if I make one mistake missing a comma somewhere or curly bracket somewhere or something like that, then next thing you know, it's got its score, excuse me in quotation marks somewhere, then it screws the whole thing up. And sometimes I'll spend hours trying to find where the mistake is. And it's just better just start fresh for me. So I'm testing schema app.com. It's, it's a bit expensive. But I'm only testing it on one URL or one domain right now. So it's 30 bucks a month. And it's got a learning curve, there's no doubt. Wow, look at that. This thing is going to end in 10 minutes. I'm getting a notification from zoom that my our meeting is going to end in 10 minutes. So I don't know why guys, but zoom is going to kick us out early today. say we need to upgrade and you

maybe has to do with the fact that we downgraded the zoom with the webinars

maybe I'm not sure this was a meeting and I've always had meetings, I had a pro account until unless somebody downgrading my account anyway. We're gonna have to wrap it up short today, guys, I guess. Anyways, check out schemaapp.com. I don't have anything good to say about it yet, except that I was able to create some beautiful schema for one of my locations, lead gen locations that took me about an hour and a half to do it, though, because I had to learn how to use the app. So just keep that in mind. All right, so guys, I'm sorry about that we, we changed our camera around in zoom for the POFU Live Event and something must have gotten screwed up. So we'll have to get it corrected for next week. We're gonna run out of time here in about nine minutes or so. So we're gonna run through a couple more questions. And when it ends, it ends. Sorry, guys, we'll get we'll make it up to you. Maybe next week.

Paulson's up he says, that's really weird, because I just checked your settings in zoom. And yes, it's still the same. It's licensed. It's got there's a countdown timer at the top of my zoom bar that says eight minutes and 31 3029. So I'm seeing a tool on your screen. I'm just I just don't know why it's doing that.

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What Are Ways To Build More Local Relevancy?

Yeah. Well, we'll have to get it sorted for next week. So Paul's up he says what are some ways we can build more local relevancy, my competitors dominating an area with to mass page sites which have been in place for years, rather than build out a heap of these types of pages, I'm looking for something a bit safer and less spammy. I've added drive stack link building my map, and have a list of locations on the page, but only ranking for a small selection of places is there anything else I should be doing? Yeah, create unique pages for each location that you want to rank for. And, you know, you can mirror those, like, again, we talked about themes where you've got the drive stack, you got to G site, all of that, well, I like to create separate pages for those or even posts, I have my blog or do most of my, what I call location posts or geo posts now I've just trained my blogger how to do that. So she'll go grab primary keyword and then optimize then create a blog post and either put it in a location category on the site. So it's so it's, you know, essentially siloed by location through categories, the typical silo structure or using tag silos, which if you don't know what I'm talking about, if you go to semanticmastery.com/process, again, semanticmastery.com/process, you'll see about website silo architecture, I've got some training videos in there that will teach you how i silo sites, but then I have my blogger go out and create a post that is optimized for the primary keyword plus location. And then she just pulls in some locally relevant data, like show, just add a couple of summaries of you know, landmarks or historical sites or history of the area itself, that kind of stuff. And then, you know, talks about whatever the main service is, and then public Is that and that again, now you've got something that you can mirror in your G site in your drive stack. And then you can hit your G site your drive stack with backlinks so that you can start to dominate or overpower excuse me, that mass page site that's there. But just simply look, putting a list of the locations on the page that you want to rank isn't necessarily necessarily a very good way for it to rank and all the locations that you've listed on the page. Because it's kind of ambiguous which page which location? Is it optimized for? Does that make sense? So I would create separate pages for each one of those. I know it kind of sucks, but it is what it is. If you don't like that idea, then then you can go with the mess page route yourself. You know what I mean? Mark, any comments on that?


What Types Of Videos Should You Produce For Local Campaigns?

Very good. Moving on, Ilana says, Thanks for the great answers. Last week. Bradley, you mentioned using Fiverr to produce your videos what type of videos are you producing for local was it mainly for branding, or q&a mainly for branding. They're just commercial type videos olana I posted the fiber creator that I use. I've used for like the last probably two or three videos that I've done has been from this guy right here. I posted the link below I tagged your name, or at mentioned your name on it. But um, yeah, I use this guy quite a bit. It's a, at least for like I said, the last two or three videos that I've had done. And they're just branding type videos, it's more about, like I said, keeping that brand in front of people until they're ready to make a decision to purchase. And then because they're Top of Mind, they'll hopefully contact you know, the tree contractor or whatever that I've got the campaigns running for. Okay. So there you go, very inexpensive, and it works. It works quite well. Are you running ads to get views on these videos are running ads on targeted audience within other videos, both I do both like so for example, I use in stream ads. So those are, you know, the videos that play in front of, or TrueView ads, I guess they call them but they're in stream right there before the video that people intended to watch. And I just use audience and geographic targeting for that when I say audiences talk about in market audiences life event audiences, or custom intent audiences, which is no longer used to be custom intent audiences. But now they're called custom audiences, which is merged with affinity affinity audiences. But I in any one of those situations I like I said geographic targeting I try to use in market audience or life event audience if possible. But if not, then I'll create a custom audience and then you Google's AI will learn through what you designate as the criteria for the custom intent audience. Or the Now again, it's called a custom audience. Now, Google's AI will learn how to build that type of an audience over time it takes it takes some time, though, it's not something a custom audience isn't going to work for you overnight. It does take some time for the AI to learn the machine learning.

It's a good question.

Would You Consider Selling Blueprints From Network Empire's Tool On MGYB?

The next question, we've only got about three and a half minutes left, guys, would you guys consider selling blueprints from network empires to on MGYB? Maybe only if we were able to talk about that. get permission with from them? I think we actually did talk about that at one time. Didn't we? Marco with Matt, the cruise? Yeah, we did. But we never pulled the trigger on it. So we never got around to it because we started using Jeff Smith's market research. Yeah.

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Probably not likely. So

Should You Get Separate SEO Shield For Each Location In A Metro Area?

Brian says SEO Power Shield. I have a client with three locations in a metro area. Two with the same city name three locations in a metro area two at the same city name third, with unique city name but same metro area, should I get three power shields or one with two extensions? I would say one power shield with two extensions, because that's what we always teach is to build your branded power shield, right? And that becomes the main entity. And then if you expand even if you have multiple locations in the same city, they're unique in the fact that they have different street addresses likely different phone numbers, right, like likely their own page on your main branded site. So it's a unique URL for each location, I would assume. So yeah, I would go with one shoe and two extensions, Marco would say,

Hey, I'm trying to figure this out. Or think it up. So you have three GMB's three locations. One of those you make like the corporate headquarters, right? That's the head of the brand. That's the master copy. That's I don't know, whatever you want to call that. That's the main entity. The other two would be for lack of a better way of explaining children related to that main entity. And then you would create that relationship through location pages, and then through the schema that you put on each of those on on the location pages. And referencing the organizational data that you're going to put on the main page where that main GMB is going to reside or you can even put Those those three and three different location pages, if your brand doesn't include a location, the here's the problem when you start including locations instead of brand, because if you're stuck with a location for a brand, and how do you reference the other two locations, especially when one location is different from the others, but the same metro area? Is, is the bot sophisticated enough to understand these relationships without the schema or if you don't create the schema? Correct, I mean, this is exactly what we're teaching in the heavy hitter club, how to reference the parent organization, from the sub organization. So they'll become part of one bigger entity, instead of just a parent with orphaned children. You don't want to do that you don't ever want to do that have Google consider three different places three different things. And each one having nothing to do with the other, the three will power each other up on the reference correctly. If they don't, if they don't, they might even compete against one against the other, especially they overlap.

We're going to be shut off here in a second ad power up not only your G site, but your default your drive stack folders and files, your syndication network properties, your idx page, all of those. So your question here, which was long on I understand can all be powered up all of those assets, right syndication, network properties, your G site, your files and folders from your drive, stack, your idx page, all of that stuff can be added to your press advantage organization page and so forth. Right? All of that can be added to the link building package. Okay, guys, we're going to be shut off so sorry. We'll get this corrected for next week. Sorry, we couldn't get to all these questions.

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