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By April

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Humpday Hangouts Episode 308. Sadly, I missed out last week. But I'm very happy to be here and I'm realizing that my camera has zoomed out you can see boxes and crap. So don't pay attention to that pay attention to this. So let's say hi to everybody and but then we'll get into the questions. We got a couple quick announcements. So we'll start in the southern hemisphere and work our way up. So Hernan, how are you doing? Are you talking about are you talking about? gun everybody? Good man. I'm rocking the mastermind t shirt today. I'm really excited to be here. super pumped about about POFU still, you know, I'm having the the aftershocks now but you know, in all reality, I've been talking to two people that attend the POFU Live and they they're static, you know, tons of notes, tons of good stuff. So be on the lookout because the recordings are going to be out soon. So I'm excited about that.

Definitely, well, Marco, how about you, man? How you doing today? It looks like is it brighter, sunny, or what's going on there? It's ridiculous. Rod day. I keep telling all you people.

This is what I get 365 I'm not gonna say 24 seven, of course, because we get 1212 acts of daylight.

So other than that, other than a little variation, because we're not actually on the equator, it's 1212. It does vary a little bit. But what can I say I'm showing it. I'm going to show it for a year, I told you I would show it every Wednesday for you. Here you go. Come get the one way, the one real way to get to where you want to go is the pole full path. We had it a weekend before last POFU Live 2020 it was. It blew my mind because I wasn't really expecting joining to go that deep. I actually thought he was gonna do his lucid process. But that's what we had talked about, which is how he leads his his client all the way through what's going to happen step by step so that they're they're entirely aware of the whole process. And it costs a whole lot of money. I mean, excuse me, because I know that he charges. If I'm low balling you join but 10 to 15 K, just for the process. So guys think about it just for that without even going into the monthly recurring or any of the SEO and just to take you through the process of what's going to happen. And of course, the higher ticket the client, the more the lucid process is going to cost because there's more that goes into play. So I thought that that was going to be it which would have been fantastic. show people how to get money from their clients before their clients. Fantastic. And then he comes with, well, what was left to the liver?

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And that you know, I don't know he hasn't been hidden liver, but you feel you have to take a neat, it's kind of a few seconds and on home man. That was so looking good. Why are people not getting this? What what's good and people from our own mastermind who should have been there? We need to make it mandatory to attend. I'm serious is this how much money to think about, how much money are you going to make with just pieces of what he gave away? Just pieces up, you don't have to implement the whole thing. I'm already hiring a VA guys, just so you know. And I'm starting her on that process, starting her on the journey so she can make me money. That's how you're supposed to do. And then let me start with I just keep going on and on.

From what we did on info for life. That's not including ads, by her now. And how to get clients by Bradley, how to keep them in your front on the schema by Rob as the software that's coming from Jeremy and everything else. All I did was touch sit. That's it.

But the rest of these I think just came to this one right after the other one right after the other. It was awesome. The recordings, most of them will be made available. Hope you guys enjoyed them.

Outstanding. Yeah, knock it out on that hopefully live was great. And if you missed it, and but you want to be on the early access to the recordings, just head to POFULive.com. It's going to redirect you. We got a little opt in form there so you can be on the first to know and there might even be a little bit of a special offer but that would head over there and get signed up if you're interested in that. So with that said, Chris, how you doing today man? Looks like you got a new headset going on there still seem it's doing good here. Just splitting out the noise here. It's crazy at the moment but yeah. And yeah, surprisingly very super good. Wine harvest season is in full force. So anybody who is into most or store more like fresh new wine and stuff. That's the season right.

Good stuff. Bradley, how you doing, man? Oh, I'm happy to be here. We have a little bit of a change start up for these Hump Day hangouts because YouTube now you can't use the classic live stream functionality. So every every week, guys, we're gonna have to start about two minutes early. So in case some of you jumped in, and we're like, Well, wait a minute, like you guys are already three to three minutes in now you know why? So it's just a slightly different setup in the beginning. So, just wanted to make you guys aware of that. But yeah, I second everything Marco said, we live was awesome. My head's still spinning. From that, that the weekend really, and all the information that was conveyed, or, was that was shared, I guess, with all of us. So, and unfortunately, there is definitely some presentations that are going to be omitted from the recordings unless you except for those that were actually at the live event. But that does make it more exclusive. And gives you guys an incentive next year to make sure that you're there live. So yeah, but other than that, happy to be here ready to answer some questions. Standing? Well, yeah, I just want to say again, pofulive.com, you can find out at the fastest way to get the recordings there. And we had several people join the mastermind via POFU Live so that was exciting to bring them in while they were starting or while we were all part of POFU Live. And so that was great. And if you're interested in the mastermind, whether you know you've got a retail business, whether you're doing SEO for yourself, maybe you're doing it with an agency or you're starting or growing your agency, you know, this might be the place for you to be if you're looking to grow that not only to find out some of the details but to build a business and if that's what you're interested in, head over to mastermind.semanticmastery.com find out more there. So with that said, Guys, any more announcements before we dive into this, Yeah, what's up, I don't know how many people we want in but we currently have our deep keyword research open again MGYB.co.

And, guys, if you're looking for market research, that's the one that's what I personally trained the VA on how to go get the keys, how to get it out of go get all that relevant, how to categorize how to set up the silos and of course, if you want to suggest silo, barking dogs.

If you guys want us to just assign more than welcome, we give you suggestions, we give you everything that we can to make sure that you successfully go out and if you're on the email list, you've got an email about that there's a special going on right now if you're not on the email list where you're watching this if you're watching live head down below get on the email list if you're watching on YouTube, if you're watching the replay, click on one of the links in description head over to either mg y b.co or semantic mastery comm get on the email list. That's where people get the best offers. So and if you're watching live have got it right here. It's mg y b.co slash store slash keyword dash research. And much easier than trying to remember that and spell it just click on the link I put below and go check that out.

Sweet so are we good?

Yeah, let's do it. Let's do it. I see we got a bunch of questions. So Oh, yeah. And last week we got we were shut down at 40 minutes. Because zoom just hiccuped. That's what it was it was just a hiccup because the very next day I hosted my mastermind webinar and it and it went an hour and a half. So anyways, hopefully we don't have that problem this week. I don't think we will. So we should be good all the way until 5pm.

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All right. Lots of questions.

How Does Semantic Mastery's Syndication Networks Affected By IFTTT's Recent Updates?

get right into it starting with Who's it? Are your syndication networks still powered by IFTTT? Yes. How have the changes to their model affected what you do? Well, they haven't changed affected anything yet, because the final change doesn't go into effect until tonight, or tonight at midnight or tomorrow, tomorrow at 1201 or whatever. So today's the last day.

But as from what I understand, and I actually had a call with an IFTTT representative, like a zoom call about this specifically, and it's not gonna affect anything that we do, because we purchased a pro account so that we can create applets still and publish them so that we can do that. And mgib for syndication network orders as well as for syndication Academy, which by the way, that is in the process of being updated now, guys, we're going to be relaunching that again, but updated, so just be on the lookout for that. But as far as you guys are concerned, and I see there's a bunch of questions about that in here. And I understand. So we're going to cover this again today. And it may change because once everything goes into effect tonight or whenever today's being the last day under the old IFTTT system, then you know by next Wednesday, if any changes have occurred, that I'm incorrect about

We will know by next Wednesday, we can cover it again next Wednesday, but just very, very briefly, I'm going to walk you through how, from what I understand and from what the IFTTT representative told me, it's not going to change anything, you just won't be able to create more than three applets in your account. Period. That's it, you can still turn on unlimited amount of applets. So even with the free account, but you can only create three applets Okay, so I logged into my IFTTT account here, I'm just going to show you if you go to the Explore tab, so click the Explore button when you're logged in to IFTTT, and you just do a search. All of ours are very simply titled, and it's been that way since I created them way back in 2012. But like for example, if I say RSS to WordPress, for example, and we just scroll down, you'll start remember RSS to WordPress, RSS triggers always going to be an orange color. But you could just scroll through here and find some of them and any one of them that are made labeled. Robert are Mills. Now I know I said WordPress, so I might need to actually type out WordPress. But anything that says Robert r Mills, those are ones that I created applets that I created with the original Syndication Academy. Actually, it might have been version two, it probably was version two. But you can see this has been downloaded 19th or used, excuse me 19,300 times. And this is RSS to Twitter. And that's Robert r Mills, you can see a stack of them here. You might have like I said, look for WordPress, or whatever. But just click into it. Add your, uh, you know, go to settings, which is over here covered up by the zoom thing.

And in fact, I'm not connected to Twitter. That's why this but if I was connected to Twitter, then there'd be a settings button, you just click Settings, and then you can add your RSS feed in there. Does that make sense? Or Same thing with if we back up go to explore again and we say like YouTube, let's just look at YouTube to Twitter and see if it comes up that way.

We just scroll down and like YouTube to Twitter right there. vernonia done. Yeah. Okay, so Bernie Dunn was from the second version of if syndication Academy, Robert r Mills was from the first version. Okay, so again, YouTube, like to Twitter, that's one of them there, YouTube, the Digg Diigo.

Another one YouTube to OneNote. So you just got to find them guys, it's very, very simple, just all the the applet titles or they originally they were called recipes, but then they switched to applets. They were all titled similarly, like this. And Robert r Mills, or Vernon II done, d u n, are the two sets of applets that I created, both in the original syndication Academy and in syndication Academy version two. And so any one of those should work, you just got to go select one of it, and then make sure your service is connected. So like Twitter, WordPress, all that, and then just go into settings and put in your own RSS feed. Or if it's YouTube, make sure that your YouTube channels connected. And that should be it. That's my understanding, okay, if any of those that are already created are available is there going to disable any of this, you're going to be able to connect these that are available. I mean, I don't understand what the problem is why people don't understand what's happening. It's the creation, if you want to create your own, if you want to do your own connection, let's say you come up with something different, and you want to create what used to be called a recipe, you're not gonna be able to do that it has to exist already in there. If not, and you need to pay more than three, then you're going to have to pay for it. That's all. That's the only thing as far as I understand. And I've also chatted with these people. That's all that's changed, there's nothing different. And just in case, we did go ahead and get a protocol, so that our people can go in and work and create them. Because right with the new syndication Academy, we might come up with or we're going to try to come up with new stuff, new outlets, new ways to get into all these different things, especially since our syndication Academy, VA is exploring a bunch of different new websites, and how we can go in and manipulate all of the different ones. So she has a list to go in and manipulate. And so we might be we might need to create them, but then those will be available to you also. Because once they're created, they're there to be connected. That's right. I don't understand why people are having such a problem with this. why there's such misinformation out there, or misinformation because there was a webinar where they were saying just the opposite is gonna disappear. The sky is falling. They're probably trying to show you some other bullshit. Don't go for it. Just wait.

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Yeah, you should make contingency plans. But we already if you're getting that from us from MTV, we've already made the contingency plans. We're already there, guys. That's what that's what we're there for. That's why you're doing this. Because you're having to make this thing keep on happening. And that's what we're going to do. And it's really that simple. I don't understand what the big issue is.

No, nothing really changed.

Yeah, I mean, I can see a lot in here that I created like YouTube, the Tumblr video pro post is Bradley Benner. Look at that another Vernon he done. Here's contractor H O, which stands for Hangouts, YouTube to Facebook page. So I mean, there's a bunch of them in here that I created that are already that I published, either through my own account or some of my, you know, persona accounts. And they're all in here, guys. So all you got to do is just select them, and then add your, your details. That's it. Okay.

All right. So we'll cover it again next week. Because after the changes go through tonight, this being the last day, then if there's anything that isn't working correctly, we will know about it.

What's The Difference Between The Pro And Plus Version Of SEO Ultimate?

Next, is there a pro and a plus version?

But they lead to the same checkout? Is there a difference SEO ultimate plus versus SEO ultimate pro? Yeah, go with SEO ultimate Pro, if they lead to the same checkout? It's probably just because he hasn't been supporting SEO ultimate plus, because he was SEO ultimate pro was in development. And that is the plugin that is supported now SEO ultimate pro? Um, do we have any way to contact support for him? specifically?

For Jeffrey, Marco, you muted. Sorry about we can talk to him directly, I can talk to him and let him know what's going on. But maybe that's just the way they want to know, just just, I mean, I can see why they would want to support just one. But trust me, it's well worth it. And as a matter of fact, as a matter of fact, listen to this, if you go and get the ultimate SEO at the boot camp. Adam, can you drop that link? Because you usually get 10 licenses with with that. But if you go through through our link, you're going to get 20 licenses. So if you have multiple websites that you need more than those 10 licenses, the way to get 20 included in that SEO ultimate boot camp five is to go through our link.

Yeah, no. Seo ultimate boot camp is freaking fabulous, guys. It's one of the it's probably the best on page course I've ever been through. So on page SEO course. So I would highly recommend you check out SEO ultimate or SEO boot camp. And you'll get 20 license of that plugin, the pro SEO ultimate pro plugin. I tell people that the only reason why we've never created an on page SEO course, is because Jeff he already did it. That's right. And if the best is already out there, why would we even try to go and mess with it? We just recommend his stuff. And you guys go there? Because he I mean, we're not gonna do any better than he already did.

Yeah. And he's been a guest speaker at POFU Live now because of the fact that he's freaking out. He's awesome.

He's a badass man. Yeah, so I would highly recommend you check that out.

When Is The Availability Of The Auto Blog Plugin That Was Mentioned In POFU Live?

Next question about the auto blog creating plugin that you said was previewed on POFU? Do you have a link for us to subscribe when it's available? No, it's not a plugin. It's a full on system. It is not a plugin. So it has like a login and all that stuff. It's not a plugin. It's not WordPress. I mean, trust me it's it's it's it's super powerful. But it's not a plugin. It's better way better than a plugin. But do we have any? I don't think so. Cuz it's in beta right now. So I don't think we have anything anywhere to send up for that. But you guys maybe we should probably have a little opt in page that we can send people to for when Jeremy launches that. Yeah, probably my beer. I'll be back in nine minutes.

Okay, sweet. And, Jeremy, if you're listening, which you often do, I want my fucking logins. Yeah, me too, man. I'm waiting for my log. Don't do this to me. Don't do this to me. He's teasing. He's just got it. I don't care if it's only half assed ready. Just give it to me. I'll make it work.

This Stuff Works
Yeah, guys, well, we'll get an opt-in up or something for so that we can start getting people on kind of like a pre pre launch list or something for when it does. It's in beta right now, guys, so it's only like, you know, Marco and I and a few of the POFU Live attendees that have access to it. And we were still waiting for access, to be honest. But um, once as soon as we get it out of beta, you know, we're going to be definitely promoting it, it would be a really good product. So we'll let you guys know, hopefully we'll have opt-in form next week for you.

Is It Too Risky To Use A Single Phone Number To Verify Multiple GMBs?

Okay, Connor is up next. For those starting an agency and dealing with multiple GMBs for clients and internal sites. What would you recommend for maintaining multiple phone numbers for verification? Is it too risky using a single phone number? Uh, well for verification, I don't know because i don't i don't verify any my own GMB anymore other than unless it's a client that we have a postcard mailed to their actual physical address or the last time I've actually verified any of my own it was using post-peel boxes with the street address option.

So I don't know verifying by phone. I've just never done that. Um, my the call the call service that I use primarily for multiple lead gen assets as well as for just having a bunch of different phone numbers for like my real estate business, I use call rail. And I really like call rail. Um, so you know, call rail is great, there's a lot of really cool features in it, it's inexpensive. It'll connect directly with Google Analytics, with Google Ads with all kinds of stuff. So you know, I highly recommend you check out call rail. As far as the numbers for verification purposes, I don't know that the work and the only reason I say that is because every now and then if I have to provide a phone number to gain access to a Google account that I have, like, say, for example, somehow cash got cleared on the browser, for example, and I have to log back in and it triggers a phone verification, I know the call real numbers, most of those virtual phone numbers, extensions don't, you know, applications don't work anymore for verifying to get access to an account anymore. And I know that because I've tested a bunch of them. And they just they're not working anymore, like call fire call rail burner burner app for your like mobile device, like a lot of those phones just aren't working anymore, for trying to regain access to a locked Google account, like you just won't read even receive the text anymore, or the phone call. If you opt for the phone call. It just won't even go through. So I think Google knows that it's a virtual number, and it just won't push it through. So I don't know about being able to verify gmv with those types of numbers, because it's not a strategy or a method that I've ever that I've used. Perhaps one of you guys know, Marco, do you?

Ah, not anything that I care to give away? Not here. But for this question. I don't know why he would want a single phone number. I mean, that's so easy to pick off and so risky. Yeah. To verify everything with one single phone number. I don't know why you'd be doing clients with a single phone number, they would have their own phone for verification. So I'm not really understanding that question. If you want to get a little bit more specific, I'll gladly go into but if you if you deal with multiple phone numbers that you control, have the more ring through to a single number. Yes. With caller ID that's that simplifies everything right. But then, you know, where the where the call is coming from? But if not, no, no, I wouldn't use a single phone number for verification. Not anymore. I mean, it's something that I would have done a few years ago, not now the way things are now. Yeah. And it's my understanding that when every now and then I've, you know, in my entire career for about 10 years now doing local SEO, and god hundreds of GMB accounts No kidding. I've only gotten the phone verification option. Like I swear to God, I counted on two hands like like under 10 times in 10 years have I've been able to have I gotten the phone verification option, the ability to verify phone verified GMB and every time that it has occurred, it's always been whatever the phone number was that was associated with that GMB already because it was like a published but unverified GMB, and so I was able to verify it through the phone number that was published in the GMB listing as long as I had access to it. So I don't know how you would trigger a phone verification with where you input the phone number to verify it, because I've never I've never experienced that. So yeah, I totally agree. I would use multiple phone a unique phone number for each location. There's no question. And I'm not sure how you're gonna accomplish doing that anyways, because I haven't seen phone verifications work in quite some time. So

Is There A Limit To The Number Of Links We Can Push To The Gsite Or Stack?

follow up question. Is there a limit to how many links we can push to the G site or stack? No.

Am I wrong in that, Marco? I haven't found the limit. And let me see.

We did the original 1 million link test took him like a chap. We know someone in our s Academy who ran a million million GSA from from Fiverr. So think about that, and got great results. I ran a million recently, a couple of months ago to a client.

The last solutions that we're just fixing to get 10 million. And I know Rob is currently running 10 million to another project. Yeah. GSA, by the way, GSA five years, but please, when you hear me say, yeah, five, GSA fibrogen said, Don't do it. Don't do that to yourself. Because it's probably something that you care about. We push it to test the boundaries of what if, and if Listen to me, if it takes the 10 million that I'm going to throw at the test that I'm running on that solutions, then I'm going to try 100 million, and so on and so on, and I want to find the limit. I can do that because I don't care. If it's something that you care about. If it's something that matters to you, whether it's a client, something that's making you money, something that you want to make money, it's not something that you want to burn. So you don't want to you don't want to do this. Because you have to know what you do, you have to know what you're doing, really have to know what you're doing. If you go to fiber, you probably don't know what you're doing, or the person that's going to be doing this doesn't know what he or she is doing. So be really careful about trying to push the boundaries. Instead cut focus on quality, which is why we have a dedhia at MGYB. That's why the link builder and the link indexer. The gates are done by dedhia. The one and only because he has been with us for years. And he knows exactly how to push power into the staff. And so quality, not quantity,

will I still rules or wins the game, which is why it's tiered, then you can run links into those tiers for to help indexing. But when you starting out, just keep just keep shooting 70 510 k 15 k links into the different parts of your stack into the different tier-one never to the money site. Don't do that.

Press Releases link building. Don't forget in bedrooms, you guys are forgetting and bedrooms, don't forget, go to Dahlia, he's the master. He's there for a reason. When you're looking to test me looking to have some fun and seeing how much trouble you can get into with Google. That's when you go order those 10 million and hundred million. Lincoln's I think I can get 100 million links for 500 bucks. So that's my, my next stop is 100 million guys, just so you know.

That will be a feat, for sure.

What Is Your Alternative Solution For Syndicating Websites That Don't Have Native RSS Feed?

All right, moving on. Mohammed, what's up, Muhamad? And he said, Hey, guys, what would you do if your clients website didn't support A native or RSS feed like WordPress provides? How would you get one, I would install WordPress on a subdomain or a subdirectory subfolder of the domain. That's what I would do. And I would use WordPress in either a subdomain or subdirectory of the root domain to run all of my content distribution. So essentially, that would be my content distribution engine. It would just be WordPress, and I would use it specifically for that reason. Anybody else? No, I totally agree. It says we're no longer spamming post subdomains. There's no reason why you can't install it in a folder. That's right, and get it get a little bit more power. That's right.

That's right. So if you have access to the host, where you can do that and create a subdirectory in root domain for forms, it could be, you know, public HTML, slash domain slash blog, right. And then you put it where install WordPress into that. I agree with Marco I used to always use subdomains for that kind of stuff. But we've been so long, so many years now, since the last time we really spammed like we're doing spammy type stuff, to anything to get anywhere near the money site, because we use the SEO shield, that it's really unnecessary to put it on a subdomain for that extra level of protection, you can put it in a subdirectory. Now if you're sticking to our methods, because we you know, we really treat the money site very, we keep it very clean because of the SEO shield. So

This Stuff Works

Does AMP And PWA Have Advantages In Strengthening Entity And Authority Of Money Sites?

moving on. Question from Marco from Leonard, he says, Do you see any advantages in using AMP or PWA for money sites to further strengthen entity and authority? What is PWA? I'm not even sure because I haven't even looked into it. But yeah, we use it. And especially it's really good and WooCommerce on E inside e-commerce for products, because you can use ama with products. But I mean, I'll have to look up TWA, because that's what I really use that focus, I really thought that Google was going to take a look at a website's speed as as a metric in and of itself, and that it would really be an important factor. Which is why we really started looking at apps since Google is caching the app paid and it's delivering from a Google server. But then everything that we've seen says that once the person is on the website, like it doesn't, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter, the PHP code becomes obsolete. Because what what Google is looking at is what that person does, on your website, saw a brand new website when you're first starting to get in. When you first start starting to get ranked when you first starting to get people it might be really important. But what's even more important is the signals, right? The art, the art of our activity, relevance, trust and authority. You're going to have the relevance, you're going to have the trust and authority, but what's going to send you to the activity. And that person finds that link, whatever link is going to lead them into your website. Or if they come to you like directly, right? It's through through the brand. What that person does on the website. When they land on that homepage or whatever page they land on. Do they finish what they came to look what they came looking for. What's the ctr, what's your conversion rate your car Oh, You should optimize for that you should optimize for the people taking the action that you want, whether it's watching video, whether it's filling the contact form, whether it's giving you their phone number, whether it's making that call, whatever it is, you want that person to do downloading something, maybe a PDF, when then you're going to have to get it getting on your on your list. That's the final signal that who's looking for. And that's worth way more than any page speed could it could ever be worth because Google is looking at the entire transaction looking for that finish, no finish, it doesn't matter. That's what that's when you get hurt. That's when when other factors come into play. And I've always told people the art of art, activity, relevance, trust and authority, Trumps anything up, you get that in place, and you get everything right. Nothing else matters.

That's right.

How Do You Silo Structure A Multi-Location Lead Gen Site With Pages As Local Landing Page For Each Location?

Just one second. I'm following up to the question I saw earlier. All right. Next, okay, so he says, if not, what are some other ways we can improve mobile versions? Okay, I think you've already covered that. So the next question is kind of, it's a whole bunch of questions in here talking about pretty advanced silo structure stuff. I'm not going to read all this because it's a lot. So a to this question here about setting up a multilocation lead gen site, he's talking about 20 different locations, essentially, and having a separate location page on each and he's running into some silo, kind of, you know, issues with how to how to structure that correctly. So it's kind of a more advanced question, I can talk about this. On a conceptual level, briefly, I'm going to point you to a resource where I go into how I structure lead gen sites, especially multi-location sites. Well, either one, it doesn't matter whether they're multi-location or not how I structure all local sites now for service area businesses. And what I do is I set up location silos using WordPress tags, right. So I have the topical or service categories, right, which is the topical categories on the on the site using traditional silo structure with categories, right, WordPress categories, subcategories, if you're going to go with a complex silo, over a simple silo, I don't recommend that I try to always stick with simple silos now. But categories are your topical silos. And then I use WordPress tags to create location-based silos. And I show exactly how to do that, or at least on a conceptual level, if you guys want. If you want the nitty-gritty and go deep dive into this stuff. That's what the mastermind is for a heavy-hitter club. But this is a strategy that I specifically that I use, and I talk about that in the mastermind, and often And so again, you have to join the mastermind, if you want to get you know, hands-on essentially training for that. But here's a resource that I put together several weeks ago, go to semanticmastery.com/process, it's a process street process doc, I'm going to go to it now. And I'm going to show you where the training is for that. Where I teach, or I talk about in the website section right there. Okay, if you scroll through, I've got several training videos, 32 minutes, for the simple silo structure video, 14 and almost 15 minutes for the complex silo structure. And I talked about tag silos right here. And then I talked about theme mirroring here. Okay, and I've even got some examples here of what tag silos look like and how to structure them. So I would highly recommend that you go through this that auto-answer your questions about how to structure it correctly.

Something else that I do is just kind of answer your question, as far as talking about writing 20 different articles. Yeah, I understand writing 20 different articles about the same topic is difficult to do. And I get that. So the way that I do it is I create for on the topical silo page, right? So you know, let's say Plumbing Repair, I don't know if that's even a proper silo page, whatever. But let's just say plumbing services, right? Let's say it was a plumbing services, a plumber site, and we were talking about plumbing services, and we got 20 different locations. Well, I would have like a 2000 or 2500 word article about plumbing services, that's the top of silo for plumbing services, it's a topical category to use it, you create a category page for that as well. And then I would have on that like super long-form copy that covers all of the different services and supporting keywords and everything else that plumbing services would put, you know, certain would cover right. And then from there, you can always link out to your individual location pages with like a table or something at the bottom, you know, somewhere on the page. And so from what I have my blogger do is create geo posts. So in other words ship, my blogger will go in and she'll take all the so let's say the 20 different locations, and then she'll create posts where we target a specific keyword place that low one location right to the post is optimized for one of the supporting keywords, we might even start with plumbing services the top of silo keyword, right as and but the blog post itself will be optimized for, say Plumbing Services plus one of those locations. So, you know, plus city so to speak. And then that blog post becomes kind of like the landing page for that specific keyword plus city. And then from there, any supporting posts would go would link internally just to that, that post that would be placed within the plumbing services category. And you could set up tag silos to actually push relevancy in both topical relevancy but also location-based relevancy into the tag pages which are like, you know, index pages or blog role pages right there, archive pages, tag archive pages, and again, I cover all this in this training here. So I know it's difficult to talk about conceptually without showing it to you guys with visual you know, AIDS and that kind of stuff. But that's why I've got this here at the process, semanticmastery.com/process you can go in and review the training here. Yeah, follow up questions about that. You can certainly ask him Hump Day hangouts guys. But again, this is a way more advanced question. And something we would like to cover in a free setting. And that's what that's what the mastermind is for or heavy hitter club. So, for questions like that, where you want to get into the nitty-gritty and the How to and how to structure stuff like that, you're going to have to come into one of our paid groups for that. But hopefully, guys, I've produced this whole process street process temp template here specifically to give you guys kind of a foundation to use to be able to structure you know, to figure out what to do and in what sequence or what order and I've covered everything in here okay? So again, anything for exact step by step how to you got to join in the heavy hitter club where the mastermind and that's just the way that it is.

Anybody want to follow up on that. Oh, that's perfect. Membership has its privileges. That's correct.

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How Do You Deal With The Three App Limit In IFTTT?

Tom's question is another IFTTT question for you. I purchased your very first IFTTT training and it built several networks myself since then, however, with three custom applet limit, this covers syndication to the three blog properties, but not the drives, etc. And since IFTTT no longer allows shared links and finding applets set up to your specifications is proving frustrating. Just wondering if you have any links to known working applets Yeah, again, I just showed how to do that at the beginning, Tom. So just go back in IFTTT, go to the Explore tab.

So that's at the very top, go to explore. It's going to take you to this page just type in you know y y t to Twitter or RSS to Twitter or RSS to Tumblr. And just scroll through there and as I mentioned before, you'll see vernonia done is one of the personas that I used for syndication Academy version two when I set up all the applets for that was Vernon he done the original or, or vice versa. And then the other one was Robert are Mel's plus, you'll find a lot of mine in here like Bradley Benner how to SEO contractor H O, which stood for Hangouts, like there's just a number of them in here that were all titled similarly, and just go through and select one and and turn it on. And that's that's all you have to do. Okay. So like, again, YouTube, the Diigo right there, that is an applet that I created. Right. So and that's vernonia done so you can make sure your services connected. Click Connect, once you click it, in fact, I'll just turn it on now. And then it says right there, you can save it. And in this case, it's a YouTube applet so it's connected when I connected my YouTube channel to this account, but for RSS, you just you click on the app button and click the Settings button and it will give you the field where you can add your own RSS feed. Okay, that's it very simple.

And again, guys after tonight, tomorrow, the IFTTT platform will be like under its new rules or whatever. So if there's anything that isn't working correctly, we will figure that out between now and next Wednesday.
Okay, moving on, you can turn by the way pop time you can turn on as many applets as you want you can you're limited to only creating three but as long as you use that explore tab you should be able to turn on as many as you need.

Can You Kitchen Sink Spam Immediately After Creating The SEO Shield?

Here's bb with a lot of questions again. I wouldn't expect anything less from BB it looks like we probably going to have enough time to get through these so we'll go through

first question Can you can you kitchen sink spam right after you have created the shield? Yes. Marco, but why?

Hmm, you said yes I said But why? Yeah.

But why? Me You don't need to but you could. So if you want to test like what Marco is doing you could one dot one do you kitchen sink spam right after you have created the shield, or do you wait to see the results, I guess, meaning 21 days? Well, no, because I don't kitchen sink spam them anyways, just like Marco said, Why I don't do that I buy links from MGYB  from our dedhia, who's our link building manager and I buy his packages which were developed specifically for our methods. And so it's not kitchen sink spam. It's, you know, web two dot o links, usually two layers of web two dot o links, contextual web 2.0 links. And then if I want to kitchen sink, spam anything, I will hit my second tier of web 2.0 contextual links with kitchen sink spam, but not directly to the SEO shield. Well, first so just to clarify, I don't kitchen sink spam directly in the SEO shield at all ever. I just don't do it. I don't need to because I've got link building through dedhia, which is developed specifically for our methods. But second of all, I do I wait no, I don't wait I usually as soon as I get the SEO shield fully delivered. And a lot of times I don't even wait for the full SEO show to get delivered. So for example, when you order the SEO, SEO, you get the syndication networks gets gets delivered to you first. So I usually hit my syndication network profile URLs, as well as like the GMB assets. For example, in my first link building gig while I'm waiting for the additional two weeks or whatever for the SEO shield, so the drive stack g site and the idx page to be delivered to me. So I usually just hit my syndication network properties and perhaps like the GMB assets, like I just mentioned, immediately with link building packages, once I get the syndication network delivered, but then for the RYS stack the drive g site and the idx page, then usually when I get those delivered a few weeks later, then that's when that'll go into the second link building gig that I purchased for that project.

Any comments on that? Yeah, I'm still wondering why these questions because we've covered them multiple times. And we'll be especially go ahead and set up your own GSA com, hit it with 100 million links, if you want. What's the point? What's the point that you're trying to accomplish? Because without that this is all meaningless.

Right, there has to be a purpose. Or if I could just hit it with a dead end, and get results. That's all I need. That's all I need for that. Now, if I'm testing, or testing to see the limits of what Google or what what RYS drive stack will take what he said 40 Well, that's where you go, we've gone a million, we're going 10 million, that we're going 100 million, and then I'll probably go a billion.

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But by the time I do that, I'm gonna be about six K, out of pocket. Now, here's my point, I'm testing. And so I know that my return on investment is going to be there. Because then I can go and share the results and say, This is the test. And this this, this is what came up and you probably see this is going to be last Lucius network. But why?

Why would you go and spend five, six k, on on links, when you could probably spend a couple of hundred bucks in MGYB? Plus, what 10,20,30,40 bucks on link indexing, and get results for whatever it is that you're doing. And you're going to need the data anyway. And let me do the first round of link building, you run an embed gig, press releases, whatever, and then you don't hammer it again, you don't keep kitchen sink spamming again, you need the data. What did that original link building? Do? What What did that embed game? Do? What was the effect? Yeah, where is it sitting now? Is it making money? How much money is it making? Do I need to do more? Am I getting phone calls? If the what's the point of what you're doing?

If you're not seeing the money from your investment, then you go and look. So I go in, I immediately go into Search Console. And I go into Analytics. And I'll start looking at Okay, so this page and this keyword are really in tune. But I need to hit it I need to get the results that I want. I need to get a top three, for example.

I don't. So I'll go hit in top three, and then see if the return is there. Because if it isn't, then my page is sick. Maybe people aren't aren't clicking on that. Click the call button when I need hacia or any other kind of heat map to see why people are going to that page and I'm not getting results. Link Building isn't going to fix that. I could I could do a trillion links. And it's not going to fix what sick on that page. I gotta go and find out what sick on that. Once I've determined that, then I'm going to see what the people are doing. So we're all in time limits here, right, four weeks up, then I gotta see what people do. takes up takes two to three weeks.

To get a nice definition of a heat map, depending on how many people are coming to the page, you need that information without data, you're just flying blind, you have to throw money up against the wall, you might as well just go in and gamble it away a bit on the horses, because you're doing basically the same thing. You're just throwing money at it. Yeah.

Yeah, and what I've experienced a lot, I haven't seen it, and I'm just giving some insight as to some local, more recent projects of mine is that, you know, I started hitting everything with links that the SEO showed in strategically because I'll build out like expansion or bias expansion stack for another location, for example. And I hit them with links, but it's, I mean, you know, the link building gig is done within, you know, three weeks or so usually. And, but I usually don't see the results from that link building gig for 60 days. It's, it's odd I it but I do see it's like, without question, I see it, for example, there was a, I did a test with a specific SEO, what is the what is the version of the location shield, I'm sorry, that's what it's called the location shield. So I bought a location, shield, and MGYBfor a test that I was doing for a multi-location project. And so I had a separate g site created for specifically for one location, and that one location was orphaned from the rest of the project, because I wanted to test something specifically. So I had a separate g site created for it, which is what the location shield does, I'd rather use an RYS expansion stack for multi-location for the same brand. But that's that's another another discussion. But anyway, I did that specifically for a test. And so I hammered that one g site, which was optimized for specifically one location with us, I don't know two, maybe three link building gigs over the course of about two months. And then I left it alone, I didn't touch a damn thing. haven't done anything to it since. And it's been about 60 days. But now that son of a bitch.

Now, for the main brand term, that kind of orphaned g site is actually ranking for the main brand term, specifically, even though like I said, it wasn't really connected the way that we teach to the rest of the entity, but I just hammered the shit out of it with links, and then I didn't touch it. And it like literally, I didn't really track it all that much. But all of a sudden, about 60 days later, now it is just it's like unmovable on page one, four, for the brand search, which I thought was interesting. So there's there's no question that you're going to see results from it. But sometimes it would drive stacks. I've noticed at least that's just my experience, that it takes some time. And I don't know why that is maybe it's maybe Marco can shed some insight on that. But I think probably a lot of it has to do with the backlinks themselves that we're hitting the SEO showed with take a long time to get indexed and found before they start providing any value. Do you have any insight into that Marco?

Well, we know that Google is taking longer to index links anyway. Right? Yeah, we know it's taking quite a bit longer, which is why we say once you run that first game, that that tiered link building game, then it's it is like a good strategy to hit that with some GSA strictly for indexing even after you've run that indexing game, which you know, they do get some good results anyway. But Google is going you have to remember that if even if you get really good indexing 20 50%, which means that 50% of the links are still out there for Google define. But since everything is attached to everything, once you get Google in there, right, crawling, everything is going to be finding new links, that you knew were already there that should have already been fumble, but weren't found for whatever reason. So those will keep coming through those. Your IFTTT syndication network might take a minute for it for everything to index if everything does and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it takes a little bit longer. Even when you associate everything through schema, it takes longer, or it might show it depends on how everything comes in, which is why I really like to have that schema in place. And to have that same as in place to have that entity loop in place and to run that branding campaign. Right from the start. I mean, that really helps like getting Google to recognize the brand. Know the associations create your own notes throughout the webpage. Rob spoke about during powerful life. We can, however, how all of those associations are at what actually trigger the bug. If if some some of that isn't in place, then what's going to happen is it's just going to stretch out the time period. But as long as it's all linked, Google recognizes them. It might be that they were crawled but not indexed. That happens also, and then it'll be crawled again and get indexed. As all of these links coming through yet, it'll kick it but then, as you said, once it finally happened, I mean look at so Virginia, the SEO Virginia example. It took five is for it to move out of first place. Yeah. And I haven't been hitting that with links. That's the whole point.

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Yeah, I mean, I did one press release to push it back. And I thought it was going to take more than it took one to push it back. I did look at it just I don't yesterday or two days ago. And it's dropped again, a couple spots. But one press release pushed it back to number one for like, three months.

Will Multiple Articles From The Same Domain With Backlinks To Different Pages Give Any Value?

So that's insane. Anyways, we're going to move on baby. The next question was, will multiple articles from the same domain that have backlinks to different pages will give any value and the diminishing returns does not affect for backlinking to multiple different pages? No, it does. There's there's always a diminishing return. I don't know what the threshold is, though. And it probably varies depending on the source.

In other words, where the backlinks are coming from, I would think a higher authority type of site would probably have a higher threshold before the number of links from that from the source to the target domain with a you know, have a diminishing return or stop stop being counted or being counted less. So I and I don't know that to be true. But I'm assuming I imagine it's logical that higher authority sites would have a higher threshold than lower authority sites. But there is absolutely a diminishing return. But again, the the threat there's a threshold, I don't know what that is, and the threshold varies. So uh, and you, you've asked this type of question every week now for several weeks in a row. What I want to know BB is what the hell are you doing, where you keep asking these questions about getting a ton of domain or a ton of backlinks from one single source, try to diversify some. And that's again, the SEO shield gives you that ability using Google properties and some of the other entity assets that we set up to backlink directly to your money site. But then you can smash that with a bunch of links from a bunch of different sites using, you know, Getty is link building, which we recommend or like you said, kitchen sink spam. So then you're getting diversification, I domain diversity, IP diversity, subnet, diversity, all of those things that you're going to need in order to get you know, because again, you keep asking these questions about how many links can you get from one domain before it has a diminishing return? And I can't give you a solid answer. Because I don't know what that is. But I know there is without question, there's a diminishing return at some point. And from each domain from each source, I believe it varies from each source Marga, do you want to comment on that? Well, the comment is, at some point, you're gonna have to start testing. Because these are all test type questions where you're going to have to go and do it yourself and see the results that you get. I mean, you keep asking this, and we've tried all sorts of different way. And we get all sorts of different results. And then what we end up with is what we offer you guys, which is SEO, link building, and bed runs, press releases, link building to the recipes, and better your UI frame, the press releases, hammer those, hammer everything, until you get the results one, not all at once. But as you know, however much it takes, or however little it takes, the process for us remains the same that like none of this is going to matter. Because we're not going to use one website with a whole bunch of different articles with backlinks. On those pages. I mean, with 100 links on that page would be useless. All right, because of this link attribute, the way that the link is placed on every page, each one would have a different value is that as if your PR one and you have links, and then each one of them will have a PR one? No, that's not how PageRank works.

And so I'm not I'm not sure what you're asking. And and not only that interesting thing is that even niches within the same general category, let's say will react differently.

So we know that the algorithm that like the different sections of the algorithm that treat different things differently, depending on what it is that you're doing really interesting. But then again, that's what the heavy hitter club is for. That's what the semantic mastery mastermind is for. That's the place where you go and ask these questions. And you either get access to this when we go and test it and bring back Yes.

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So the last question is, why is it better to do a backlink with a link shortener instead of a backlink to the money page or money site itself? Well, it's I don't know that it's, it's necessarily better. But the reason that we do that with MGYB, like the mgyb.co shortener for drive stacks is because it gives you two separate link targets for the same destination. But it gives you two separate link targets. So just add some diversification. And because we have been using the MGYB.co shortener for drive stack URLs and everything, we build it right into your SEO shields, guys and your drive stacks and all that. You'll see like the Google Drive folders and file URLs that are you know, the actual share URLs and then there's the MGYB.

I'd be shortened URLs in the next column over. And the reason we do that is because, you know, with all the link building that gets done to the SEO shields, and to the MGYB.co shortener links, and all that kind of stuff, it's really powered that up and it's crazy. But you'll see mg b dot SEO, short URLs rank in Google Search over top, the Google URL, which is like, like, instead of, in lieu of the Google URL, the mgyb.co our URL will show up. And in Google search results, which just goes to show you how powerful that can be, but I don't know that it's any better. It's just that you can siphon some authority from the link shortener service, which oftentimes has a high level of domain authority, which again, that's a third party metric, that doesn't really mean a whole lot. But a lot of times, they do have a lot of domain authority built into them, because people have used them, and it's just had so much inbound link building done to those over time. Any comments on that? Yeah, of course, it's better, because of the power that that we have in that short, it's built into that shorten everything that do that we do happen. To do that short number, we were using Google properties for the most part, or as high, as you said, domain authority and page authority, domains, high trust, AI.

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Whatever the vanity metric you want you wanna name is, we have a very powerful domain, on our end, we're using it and it just provides a boost, it needs to get out of the Google URL, sure, would guess. When they took that away, we decided to create our own and accomplish the same thing, which is basically what we've done.

SEO Ultimate Pro Plugin Problem

So John's up, he says, Hey, guys, just reposting my question from last week as the SEO ultimate Pro Plugin working okay for you. Yes, it's working fine for me. Two weeks ago, the license stopped working and all the settings disappeared. My sites are now missing all the metadata schema settings, etc. Even testing on a fresh WordPress installs the same support ticket, excuse me support, tickets still go unanswered, even after two weeks, and I don't know what to do. Okay, so can I recommend another plugin? No, because I use SEO ultimate Pro. And just, john, I tagged you down here. But have you have you tried contacting Jeffrey in the SEO ultimate pro Facebook group? Because I know he's responsive in there. Um, and and again, like, you know, then I don't know, maybe you don't have I don't know if you've got the newest update or version, it should auto prompt you to update in WordPress anyways. But there, there's got to be an issue that I'm sure Jeffrey can resolve for you. So I'd recommend that you join the SEO ultimate pro Facebook group, and tag, you know, tag Jeffrey and Nancy, tell them exactly what you just put repost your question here to him directly in the Facebook group. Okay. And he should answer it for you. Yeah.

Okay, moving on. And yes, Jeffrey is okay. By the way. He was just a presenter, a guest speaker, or presenter at POFU Live two weeks ago. We can half ago, I guess. So yes, he's okay. He's doing well. I would contact him in there.

Okay, just a couple of comments here. And then we're gonna wrap it up, which is good. I don't think I missed anything. Did I know.

Unknown Speaker
Okay, uh, you why or whatever it is. Hi, guys. From cookbook from Bulgaria, you rock. The reason for the delayed result is a patent from Google related to delayed results from such link building. It is 21 days in the patent. That's interesting. I didn't know there was a patent for the link building. I know there was one for the Google dance. It's the Google does. And it's actually 2020 days. But when I did the original blog post, I called it 21 days so that people wouldn't like build on a 20th day. So people would go and build a build on the 20th day, which is the last day of the Google data when I wrote that. I wrote that in 2015. December 2015. I wrote about the Google nest, which is what he's talking about, yes, it's a delayed result. It's just simply that it'll dance. But what we were talking about is why you know why in sometimes things for long, simply be able to when you clear the Google dance, which is at the 21 day point, you might still see dance, but that's because there's links that Google is still finding, which will trigger the deaths, right? Well, my it's a definitive has already been brought. It shouldn't be triggered the dance. So there's a whole lot of factors in place, not not just the Google dance path.

Yeah, and I've noticed like using sem rush for rank tracking, for stuff that I'm doing on just on organic ranking basis, instead of local for local, I use bright local to, you know, for rank tracking for GMB's and stuff, but for just organic ranking. You know, I use sem rush often and it's interesting, but the Google dance is very, very real. I know you all know that. But it's, it's it's interesting when you're, if I go in and I like let's for a week, I go on sem rush every day and look at a particular project I'll see, like location pages that were somewhat newly published on that site that will like one day, they'll be, you know, on page two, like position, you know, 15, or whatever, next day, they're gone. They're not in the SERPs at all. Then the next day have come back and it's position 25, then the next day, it's gone. Then the next day, it's position nine. And it's really interesting to watch. Like, I knew that Google dance was there before, but I don't typically SERP watch, but I've started using sem rush a lot more. And so I'll go in there often and just kind of look at the, you know, the keyword rank reporting. And I'll see that that you know, it's a very volatile dance, because it jumps sometimes it'll drop 30 positions, other times, it'll disappear from the index altogether, then it comes back 24 hours later, in a better position than it was previously. Like, it's just really interesting to see how much dancing it really is occurring with Google Now. And I think it's become more pronounced in recent years than it has than it was previously. So any follow up comments on that Martin's gonna wrap it up? No, no, I mean, if the desk is real, it's been real since Google publishes the patent. Our post was put post about two months after Google published that that particular path.

Alright, fellas, well, thanks, everybody for being here. Thanks, guys for joining and we will see you guys next week. At the free hang up let's put that on the page. When I posted in slack we got a funnel if people want to opt in to find out when Jeremy's tools available. Let me grab that URL.

And I'm gonna jump back to the main page and post that and so this is for Jeremy's

What are we calling this? I know he's got a name for it. I forgot the name, but we'll just call it you want to really at scale leverage syndicated content on autopilot. This is going to be a pretty awesome tool. I think. I don't know if you guys want to describe it more than that. syndicated auto blog app.

Print, I'm going to call it the pre launch. Or launch I scrolled per launch. So I know you guys can't see me. But anyways, yeah, I'll have this on the page in just a minute, guys. We'll see you all next week. All right, guys, everybody. Bye, everybody.

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