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By April

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Well hopefully we are live and if not, they'll just talk to myself but hey everybody, we are dealing with some new technical fun stuff with Hump Day Hangouts. And if you're hearing this then you do not need to refresh your live stream but just going to paste that on the page. We can't really get this stuff on there ahead of time so we're dealing with it and getting it working so anyways, I'm gonna go down the row here and say hello to everybody that's here. It looks like it's all of us but Hernan today so I'll start at the bottom as I see it, Marco How you doing, man? Um, first. Wow. as well.

I'm showing it again guys. Look at it.

Look at it. Groundhog Day. Dude.

I know like for years I was just like what the whatever you call it on the screen just an icon because I wouldn't really come on camera. So I decided for a year I'm going to turn on my camera every Hump Day.

And this is what to see this this one it's raining right now. So I got my light is on but I mean I'm in a T shirt. I'm usually just shorts and flip flops and a tank top but to be a little bit more decent like a hometown I will put on a T shirt or a shirt but that's it I like you guys won't see me probably in a sweater until maybe December one day out of the year, maybe two it'll get it'll go down to 60 and I'll need a you know some kind of hoodie or something. Other than that, guys, this is what it is. This is my Fortress of Solitude. This is my base like I live by the POFU code. I do what I choose to do, not what I have to do to get by. This is what you all should be shooting for. That's why you should be here asking questions and getting answers so you can get started on your path to poll for you so you could strengthen your position of Fuck you.

I said Marco Well, let's go with Johnny come lately down here on the bottom. Hernan How you doing, man? Dude, I was literally waiting outside knocking on Bradley's door for like 45 seconds. I was early to this meeting. But you guys, what am I meeting? Because I'm Latino. I understand. And then you know, that's like pass. Yeah. I know. You know, races type of deal that I think

there we go.

Awesome, Chris. How you doing?

Yeah, like similar as Marco. It's raining outside. And it's looking like it's gonna be like this the whole week. So not too excited. But I can still go to the gym. And that keeps me up. Nice. Nice. Bradley coming up to you. How you doing today? Good. Got everything squared away with this new nice not letting people. Yeah, besides that, I'm sorry, I was trying to get you know, I was the man behind the curtain pulling all the strings to get all this shit to work. Again, as usual.

Shut down. So let's say before we start pointing fingers and drive everyone away. I wanted to mention real quick that if you haven't yet signed up, I think there's still just a little bit of time, head over to pofulive.com. We've got over 100 people signed up to get access early access to the POFU Live 2020 recordings, there is going to be a special deal for people who get there early and are will send an email out to them only so pofulive.com, it'll redirect you to the opt in form. And you can get early access as well as a little bit of a deal there. So some good stuff coming there. Let me put the only let 50 people in.

No, no.

Just kidding. No, no scarcity on this one. Just, you know, we want people to grab it. And if you're on the fence, get it get access, we want to give you a deal. And we reward the people who take action. So if you sign up get on early access list, you will get a special offer but it is limited in time. I can't recall the exact sequence. It's either 48 or 72 hours until we release it to the rest of the subscribers at the normal price. So get in there and get access.

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Let's see. I also wanted to let everyone know, you know if you're new to Semantic Mastery MGYB heavy hitters club. You know, a frequently asked question we get is like where should we start? A lot of people are looking at us for you know updates on how to shield their site. You know, you might see us talking about things that sound fun like never worrying about algorithm updates. And we've got some free training available for you and I'll paste the link but it's the seoshield.com. You can go there and pick that up. If you're more on the agency owner or consultant side if you want to get more clients you want to grow your revenue you want to scale a team than 2xyouragency.com is the place for you. And if you're ready to grow your digital marketing business then the mastermind is definitely something you need to be checking out. And you'll hear us talk about that from time to time. I'm not going to tell you all about it, but you can go check it out at mastermind dot semantic mastery.

That said, Is there anything else you guys before we hop into questions?

No, just go check out the SEOshield.com because it's a broad put together a really nice job training for like, a four day training for the SEO shield and why it works and, and all that kind of stuff. So you know, we get that question often. So I would recommend you guys go check it out.

Because you'll learn from it for sure. Most definitely. Okay, so we're good for questions. Let's do it. I got the screen through this suite. You guys see my screen, right?

What Are Some Ways To Get Backlinks From Wikidata?

Alright, so the first one is Sam, Sam me. There's a lot EMS there. So he says, I remember many videos back Marco mentioned getting into wiki data to help strengthen the entity. What are some ways we can get backlinks from wiki data? Ah, I don't know. Because every time I've ever tried to ever, ever add anything to wiki data or create an account and add any data to it always gets suspended? Like within 24 hours, and removed moderated out. So I don't know. Marco, do you have any tricks for that?

Yeah, get a guy like I like I got a guy and getting wicked data. That's just that's just the way it is.

When I'm the same as you, I tried to do it. And then I get booted. Same as Wikipedia. Some almost as battle though, that not as a no, a wiki data there. And in Wikipedia, it's almost as bad. So why go through all that trouble, when you might get banned? When I can just get a guy to do it for me pay him, let him take all the risk, let him do all the work. He knows what he's doing. And then if anything happens, then I get a guarantee. up to a certain point I think is like 60 day guarantee. After that I'm on my own. Of course.

Right. But that's how I do it. Like I I haven't even tried since I can't remember was a couple of years ago when we said okay, let's try wiki data. Yeah. And we tried getting Semantic Mastery in there legitimately. And they got banned. And it wasn't even spammed it didn't have any back nothing. And they got banned. And I still have no idea why nobody ever told me why. So I just stopped trying, I don't waste my time, in places where they don't want me. I just find people who can get it in there like Wikipedia, wiki data, or anywhere else where I need to be for that matter. Yeah, I tried myself like three, maybe even four times and spent time doing, excuse me get something my throat um, I spent three or four, or you know, a lot of time trying to set up a profile, same thing. And Marco said I'd set it up. I was going to do it in stages, right. So first, just create a profile and add, you know, like a company, for example, and entities, but then not put any backlinks or anything else, right. No linking out or anything. But same thing, I spent time setting up a profile and and going in and adding data and every single time it got suspended almost immediately. So I gave up on that as well. I know we we offer Wikipedia links wiki links inside of mgib. But wiki data, I don't know where to get that from Marco is your guide to actually do wiki data because that's not something I've I've found where I could purchase that. Wikipedia and we get data. Wow. Okay. Can we, you know, we should probably add that in and do it if we can? No, no.

This is not this is not no guy. No, this is my guy guy. I'm not gonna flood him. Yeah, because a lot of times people can't get in there. They just don't have the necessary paper, right? The paperwork to get in there. So you have to go and you have there's a lot of things that you have to do. And I want serious people because it's not free. And it's not like a budget kind of deal. No. But you know, it costs money to get into those things. So I don't bother publicizing and somebody reaches out to me and says, Hey, Mark, I need to get Wikipedia wiki data. Like I tell I tell them before I put them in contact with the guy. This is how much it's going to be like I don't make any any money off of it. This is how much it's going to be don't bug him. Unless you got the money in your hand and you're ready to pay. Otherwise don't bother me and don't bother him. Don't waste our time.


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Does Combining Local RSS Feeds, Embedding Feedburner Widget In Multiple Web 2.0s Help Push Local Rankings?

All right. So Williams up he says I have a local business targeting targeting multiple cities and towns with combining local RSS feeds with my own councils and local news. Okay, and embedding a Feedburner widget across multiple web twos helped push rankings locally. If not, is there anything else I can do to push additional relevancy? Thank you. Thank you guys as always, okay. I've not tried that. Exactly.

Sounds like I mean it, it's logical that it could, because I do the Feedburner widget, the buzz boost widget or whatever you know the with with the buzz boost feed burner feed, you can get an embeddable widget from a Feedburner feed. Which is great, because if you can create like a spice feed of like what he's talking about, ranked feeder, for example, Lisa Allen's product, which is really, really good for creating kind of like those co citation feeds, it's great. And I've used that specific strategy many, many times not for taking that buzz boost embed code, and then embedding it across web tools that might work. I've not tried it, it's logical that it would I mean, it's just like anything else that we would do with embeds, right when we do that a lot. So, for example, we have the embed gigs in MGYB, that that that would be actually a good test that I have not tested yet. But to take that buzz boost embed code and submit that to an embed gig right to for for an embed run and push it out and see where the where I've used it and how I've used it and seen without question, a benefit from it is creating that spliced feed like using ranked feeder or some other kind of feed splicer where you can add a bunch of local like local feeds. He says council I've used like local news or local newspaper website feeds I've used those I've used feeds from the local governments so the municipality got the municipal municipal government website for for whatever location it is a event feeds or localized like, you know, content type blog or event type calendar feeds those work good too. And then making into mixing in topical feeds. Right. So combining both topically relevant feeds that are specific to whatever it is your you know, your your, your your business you're trying to promote, as well as location feeds, and then mix your own feeds into those also, right so the feed from your money site blog, as well as perhaps the GMB post feed if you've got, if you're, if you've subscribed to an app where you can pull an RSS feed from your GMB posts, like your press advantage, press release feed for your organization, that that's another feed that you can add into there. You can even put in your feeds from like your web two Dotto networks like you know your syndication networks, like from WordPress, or blogger or Tumblr, and add those into that right see that you create this massive relevancy, co citation all within the same feed. And then I've taken that buzz boost embed code and embedded that in the idx page for that business, and then use that idx page and then run embed gigs for the entire idx page. Right. So it's like a multi tiered, or like what we talked about the picture and picture effect, right than the the never ending like, you know, picture type effect where it's stalking iframes and all that. So I've done it that way, and then had really good success with that. And I've used that for multiple lead gen assets. And it's a great strategy. So I bet I've not taken just that buzz boost embed code alone and run that through embed gigs, it likely would work, I've just not done that. So that would be a pretty cool test. But I think that's a really good strategy. You just asked what it were What's another way that you could use that kind of a method for push relevancy, like I said, use the ID page, and that's Amazon s3. That's where we prefer to host the ID pages, an s3 bucket. And then you could just embed that code into there and then take your whole ID page and do link building to that and or embed gigs with your ID page itself. So any comments on that Marco? Have you tested that by the way?

Sorry about that I was muted. No, I haven't tried any of that because you're like you don't have to go to those extents. Local is pretty simple. We do the things that we do. And generally we can get the results we want and if not, we just don't do more of it until we get the results we want.

There you go.

So yeah, Rank Feeder guys a good really good service for that because it makes great feeds for that.

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What Are Other Ways To Use Amazon S3 Buckets For Link Building Aside From The ID Pages?

So Vlad is up he says aside from using the s3 id page, is there anything else we can use the Amazon s3 buckets for when it comes to link building tiers? Yeah, absolutely. I mean, you can build you can build websites with s3 there's a lot there are several tools out there that kind of do that now.

ADM authority something builder Earl god there he's got a really cool like WordPress plugin that will build like essentially we'll take we'll take make, you know, create like a, a version of a WordPress site from the like a template essentially that it then creates, you connect it to Amazon s3 and it creates like a basically like a full on website inside of it's not you know, it's not a CMS so it's not you know, it doesn't but but you can create a website in WordPress and and kind of export it directly into s3. That's pretty cool. So they can be used great for buffer sites. Let's just put it that way.

There's a lot of really cool things that you can do with s3 pages because of the authority that you siphoned from Amazon. So I think they're one of the best type of like buffer sites that you can build. They load fast or easy to make, you know, they don't even have to look all that pretty, you can set them to no index and still just pound the shit out of them. And though, actually push, push power. So I think there's a lot that you can do with s3, you just got to get creative with it. What do you think Marco?

I mean, there's a lot of stuff that you could do. The whole thing is, and I keep telling people why there has to be a Why are you doing all of these things? When it's usually enough, as I said before, with what we already do, the things that we do the way that we've set it up, you take care of the entity, you take care of the unpaid you take care of the schema. Then you go off paper, and you start with your if especially if it's local. You work inside that GMB local GMB Pro. That's the way that we use it. You run Presley's the link building, and then embed gigs and link building. And the magic happens, like why would you do anything else? If that's already getting the results? You can only get like number one months? You can't get better than none? Well, yeah, above the fold, but that that all happens. So if you're already getting that with what you're doing, why are you looking for more, unless you're just testing, then it has to be worth your time. If you don't if you don't need it, or if you're not trying it the way that we are, but you still need more power, it just means that the base isn't there the way that it's supposed to be, your entity isn't right, your own page isn't right, your schema isn't right. And so you're needing more power. Because if you're on page isn't right, you're always going to need more power.

And so the whole point is, if you take care of it from the beginning the way that you're supposed to, you're always going to have bullets in the chamber in case you need more, someone comes along and takes you down for a moment you have another bullet in the chamber. If you shoot everything at once, and you have no idea what's going on. Then what are you going to do if someone happens to come along? And take you down? Well, you've already shot your wad. What the hell are you going to do? You got to wait, and what are you go? Yeah, I mean, I've done a lot of experimenting with s3 stuff. And it I mean, it's, it's it works. And it works well. Like, you know, you can rank s3 pages. The problem is a lot of times they don't, you know, if you if you're ranking s3 pages is great, because it can push a competitor down or whatever, but off of the page, but a lot of those, you know, unless you spend a lot of time in HTML and stuff, you know, they're they don't look great, right. And so, but there are actually some I know, abs rathje he's got something that's coming out that is really cool that you can end up like cloaking, or, you know, doing like an overlay of another site on top of an s3 page. And so there's there's a lot of stuff coming out on the s3 pages. That you know, if you want to experiment with that stuff, you know, just like Marco said, there's no reason why you shouldn't if you've got time to do that, because it can add it's just like more stuff in your arsenal if needed. And that's I think that's an important point.

How To Steal A Competitor's Knowledge Panel For Service Area Keywords?

Christopher's up, he says, Christophe is up he says, What's the best way to steal a competitor's knowledge panel for a set of surface area keywords? I have managed outreach, outreach, a competitor for about a month, but even though I am number one, organically their knowledge panel is still shown I have an ID page drive stack and plenty of link building, going along with citations but it still won't budge. Any advice would be awesome. You have to power up the GMB um, you know, the drive stack and all that Marco will have some good input on this. I'm sure the drive stack and all that will absolutely help. I think I don't know how much activity you've put into the actual GMB itself but I think that is a big part of it too. You know, making sure that you're posting often, you know, you the local GMB pro method essentially is, you know, geotagged images, you know, using the posting, posting often, preferably to have images that are uploaded that we're taking, you know, original photos from mobile devices and uploaded from the mobile device to the GMB. So if you got a client, that's something you need to task the client with. You know, there's a lot of things that can be done in the GMB itself to start giving building that authority, but yeah, the drive stack and everything else is is certainly part of it. So Marco, what what else would you say besides the local GMB pro method, SEO power shield, schema, proper schema, of course, organizational schema with same as and knows about? Everything, I mean, everything in there properly, because then that's going to go in your ad ID loop.

And then press releases of reinforcing the brand. It's all about brand. It's all about your entity but being better than the other guys entity. That's how you get the knowledge panel. That's the only way that the knowledge panel happened, guys, if you're if if Google considers your entity good enough to have a knowledge panel, so how do you accomplish that entity? If the entity isn't right, your knowledge panel isn't going to be right in this usually then your competitor who has a knowledge panel, where you're not going to office, proper schema, you don't even have to do on the on the on page that you have to do is that schema then everything else takes place off page does the SEO shield, which includes the ad ID, and then link building, and then an embed run and link building until Google sees it sees that entity belonging for that keyword set.

That's how it happened. Does that mean, you could get it, uh, other ways you could get a Wikipedia page. But I mean, you'd have to have the documentation documentation, meaning you're in media, and you have paperwork all over the web, regarding IE, Joe. Okay, so, Joe, the plumber doesn't get one. He doesn't deserve a Wikipedia page. Larry, the cable guy gets a Wikipedia page. So that's how, you know, sometimes people are thinking, Okay, so do I even get a Wikipedia page, you've been around long enough. Where you have the documentation where you are a known entity on the web, or you're related to a known entity on the web, then you belong in Wikipedia. Of course, you have to pay. Wikipedia pages can range from 1000 to $2,000, depending on how much work needs to be done for you to get a Wikipedia page. But that's another way for you to get into that knowledge panel. If you can't get a Wikipedia page, then you do the things that I just told you to do. And you will take over that knowledge panel. But it's going to take power. I mean, it's not citations aren't going to do it and like doing things haphazardly, Okay, I'm gonna go here and do this. And I'm gonna go do some link building and and see what happens. There has to be a purpose, you have to know exactly what you're doing. So that you can just sweep that that knowledge panel, and I guarantee you that if you do it correctly, you'll get rid of that knowledge panel, you replace it with yours.

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Is Local GMB Pro A Current And Updated Approach To GMB?

Or you go good dancer. So the next question is from Curtis says, backstory, I have a client that has no internet presence at all. I am planning on purchasing your local GMB pro training for them to quickly drive leads and sales. The next step to my plan is building them in an SEO site and continue to grow their reach through organic traffic. I have two questions in regards to the plan. is local GMB Pro, a current and updated approach to GMB. Yes, it's foundational. Like it's nothing's changed regarding that, because it's, you know, it's again, it's like a fundamental right, it's the fundamentals how to manipulate Google My Business itself and how to get as much you know, squeeze as much or build as much authority to that as possible. So yes, it is updated. It's still current. It's all of the methods that are taught local gene for GMB pro are still what I use today in my business, and I know my partner's do as well. He says and if my idea of fast tracking leads via GMB to the client and then building them a more organic SEO site the right path, or is there a better way to accomplish the goals? Yeah, I mean, you can absolutely do that. I've got several local lead gen assets that I've built that are just GMB assets. They don't, well, GMB and SEO shield, but they don't have like a self hosted website, for example. And you know, that's the only thing that I would suggest. I mean, you can absolutely do it with just GMB assets. But I recommend that you still have an SEO showed even before you go out and get like, you know, a domain and build like a WordPress site or whatever for that, that client or you know, lead buyer, I would suggest that you go with the GMB and then an SEO SEO because that's foundational also, right, that's part of our process. And that's and you can get the G site as part of the the SEO shield, right the Google site, that can be your primary website for that asset until you build, you know, a an asset on a regular domain, if you so choose. But you might not even have to do that. Because you can rank the G site organically as well. Like that can be the website. So you don't have I mean, there's certainly benefit, in my opinion to having a WordPress site, especially for a brand that you're going to be building for long term, but it's not absolutely necessary. I know, Rob's got several lead gen assets that he builds out are projects that he builds on its own. In fact, I think all of his projects are only on G sites. So yeah, yeah, yeah, that's I as I was saying that I remembered that he said that and hopefully live that that's all he uses the G sites. He doesn't use WordPress at all. So I would recommend local GMB Pro. Absolutely. But adding the SEO shield to that without question, and then you'll have the G site so you'll have that website that you can start to build out the organic presence as well. And then you can always decide at that point whether you even need a WordPress site. So comments on that. Yeah, the only thing that's changed and local GMB posts what Google changed as far as the Google My Business listing is concerned and whether you're going to go back in and edit any of the vital information, the company name, phone number, address, all of that stuff that you should never change because then you're setting yourself up for a suspension only the owner or you acting as the owner should be in there in case it gets suspended, then that then the real owner can always talk to the Google rep and get it reinstated. But if you're in there and you're working through a GMB, that's that's a, for lack of spam, they have to tack into the map, then you're taking the chance on on getting it suspended. So you have to know what it is you're doing. If this client.

It has a brick and mortar or an office that they work out of get that GMB for that person, make sure that you have fully completed the information as much as you can, before you send that for that pin. And then once it comes back, don't ever touch the information again, unless you have to and and the owner should be aware in case it gets suspended. That's the only thing. Everything else the way we teach you to do the posts, the way you go after the keywords that way you look at the insights that the information that Google gives you, the way that you approach getting images, it hasn't changed. The training is is as Bradley said, foundational is being applied right now, to my clients. It's been applied since it started and is going to continue to be applied. Because once is this like a snowball effect, Google starts giving you three word terms. And then two word terms. And then the one word terms come in like you saw that with Mario's taxi. When you were doing the case study Bradley. Yeah. Right. He started paying for just the keyword taxi. So you knew that as soon as people were typing in taxi, looking for the type wherever it was the airport or whatever Marriott was being the they were getting the impression they were getting delivered Marriott wherever it wasn't a three pack that it was they were getting it clicking. And you can see it guys started to get caught. That's how it happened. This is how we do it. Training is current. And I don't see any need to change it anytime soon. Yeah, unless Google changes the foundational principles inside Google My Business, which I don't see them doing anytime soon. No, especially because I've seen them. You know, they're still adding to Google My Business. And just a quick note, I certainly agree with Marco that you should try to stay away from having to edit GM B's at all. But I've actually had some really good success recently. I just recently took on a new client and I had to do a whole bunch of edits to their GMB and I every time you know, every time I go to click the Save button after making edits, I always like you know, take just a second to pray to please don't suspend, please don't suspend. And and I've been really fortunate I was able to go through and literally edit the whole damn GMB listing was like starting over from scratch the phone number, the web address, I mean everything. And unfortunately, it didn't get suspended. And I've actually had several of my tree Tree Service Legion assets that I've had to edit recently to fortunately, again, knock on wood. No, nothing's happened. But I just was reading in a Facebook thread, somebody that just did went in and just did a simple change. And they lost just recently lost a valid GMB. So we got to be careful, guys, I don't know what causes that. I know a few months ago, it was very like Google had an itchy trigger finger like it was super easy. If you did anything, it would get suspended. I've seen a lot of that roll back at least through the businesses that I'm working in. But I would I would absolutely caution you if you don't have to make any edits at all, please don't.

It and like Marco said, if it's a if it's spam to listing instead of a real bonafide listing that can be verified, again, if needed, I would recommend you don't make any changes if possible. But if it's a real business, a real bona fide business with a real location, then if you have to make changes, you got to make changes just be prepared in case it does get suspended that you know you got it. You always got to be prepared for that. So what I'm doing, but I'm just saying is if it's if it's legit, prepare the owner. Yes. Look, dude, if for whatever reason, because it does happen even to legitimate businesses.

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If it does happen, then all we have to do is call Google, you as the owner with your paperwork. Why? Because they're going to require paperwork, and we can recover it. So it's really no big deal. But if they don't know and they see their shit suspended. Yeah, you got to have an angry client trying to get hold of you. So why not? Just avoid all that trouble? And then and then let the client know. Yes, it can happen. But since it's legit, then no problem. But if it isn't, and it's still a client, you got big problems. So avoid all that shit. Just do whatever you can or as much as you can before you send it out for that pin. And then try to never touch it again unless like Bradley said, you have to if you have to them you know what else can you do except go and pray to whatever God you believe in and hope that it doesn't get suspended. That's

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okay, cool. So that was a good question. Um,

Is It Safe To Add Keywords In GMB Name?

Mr. T nice. pity the fool. He says is it safe to add keywords in a GMB name? brand name service one service to service three? I mean, is it safe? Well, technically, you're not supposed to do it. Uh, Is it safe? I don't do it. But you see it all the time in GMB maps, right in the three pack, you see it all the time spam, I mean, some of them are absolutely ridiculous that you see, you know, it'll be like Joe, Joe's plumbing, then, you know, the pipe symbol, or dash or whatever. And then every fucking service that he's got, I swear, like, you know, it's like eight different keyboard sets that are all or keywords, essentially, that are all stuffed into the GMB name. And you see that sometimes, and they it's a problem with GMB maps that you see, in certain certain search queries, you'll see it more than others. But I've never done that. And I recommend you don't do it. Just because, you know, even though I know that's still prevalent today, I just, I don't want to do that and then have something you know, at some point down the road, it gets suspended because it's a spammy title. Right? It's a spammy business name. So I keep it, the only thing that I do is for some of the brands that I have built for, like lead gen assets, for example, because I don't, I don't like to just do standalone lead gen assets anymore, like, you know, one offs or orphaned lead gen assets, I try to build a brand out of any lead gen.

You know, industry that I'm going to go into generate leads, I try to build a brand around it a pseudo brand, right.

So you know, the only thing that I will do there is I will name the GMB location, the brand name, but then I'll add or append the city that it's that that particular location is located in as so for example, you know, like, Joe's plumbing call pepper, Joe's plumbing, Fairfax, even if the brand name is only Joe's plumbing, I might add, append the name to it, and part of the reason or excuse me, the city to the business name. And part of the reason I do that is because especially when you get into like, you know, looking at manage locations, if you got a bunch of locations on our manager account, which again, there's some some reasons why you might not want to do that, too. It's hard to determine which location it is without because they all share the same brand name. So like, I'd like to add that because it First of all, it does inject a little bit of additional relevancy, but it's kind of to me like a, like a location identifier, instead of like trying to stuff it or spam it with keywords. So that's the only thing that I do that, but but I see it all the time and the SERPs or the you know, the three pack, keyword stuffed business names, Jambi business names, and I don't ever recommend doing that. Can you get away with it? Most likely, but I would encourage you against doing that. comments.

How Do You Handle An iFrame Breaker?

Moving on, Fitz is up. Good day, gents. Thanks for this platform to get actionable answers to real world questions. Marco, can you drop the link for the charity you can always count on fits Marco asked for the link. I'm sure a couple people here will love to learn something that works to help works and helps a couple of kids stay in school for as little as $20 one time. Thanks, Fitz. We always appreciate you mentioning that. As question is my client has a GoDaddy site that appears to have an iframe breaker. Have you come across that before? Yeah, not not a GoDaddy site? because anytime anybody has a GoDaddy site, if it's a prospect that says, Well, I've got a GoDaddy site, can you help me I see only if we switch it over to something else.

Like I just I won't work on a GoDaddy site, because it sucks. However, it wasn't a GoDaddy site. But recently, I just asked Marco about one of my brands for lead gen stuff had on at the server level at the host level, they had an iframe breaker on it. And I asked Marco to take a look at it, because it apparently they just added that recently, because but I've been able to iframe the site before and then all of a sudden, in the last like, month or so, like, I noticed that the iframes were all broken. And I asked Marco like why would this not work anymore? And he said, Well, there's an iframe breaker in it. And he said, it's not done at the, you know, on the theme level within WordPress, then it's it's probably done at your server or your host level. But you know, in the server and So sure enough, I call it contacted the host, and that was the issue. And they did not want to release or remove that. So I ended up migrating the site from that host to another host. And I just did that like two weeks ago, actually. So you know, not GoDaddy specifically, but have I come across that before? Yes, one of my own brands, like I said, I just literally move that migrated to another server about two weeks ago.

So that's what I would suggest. If you've got a site that's I don't know if it's a GoDaddy site, or it's a site just hosted on GoDaddy hosting, but in either case, I would get it the hell off of GoDaddy, period. Okay, get it to a better server, and probably a better CMS if it is a GoDaddy type site that you know, site instead of just the hosting alone, but that would be my suggestion, Marco.

Yeah, run from anybody who forces you to have things that you don't want on your server, you don't want it and an X frame on your server, why in the world would they install an X frame breaker without asking you, if you want one, like it to me, it's ridiculous what they do. I love liquid web, I recommend liquid web. Those of you who have clients and say you're at the 567 client range, then that's enough to like bring them all together, get get yourself a liquid web VPS and put them all on your own. Yes, thing you do charge a little more, you're gonna have like, fantastic customer service, because they're right there. They're going to fix everything for you. They're gonna help you migrate. They're gonna take care of everything for you. And then you become your own hosting company through liquid web. Yep. I mean, it's another source of revenue. Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

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Also, I would just, you know, I love liquid web as well. There's my two favorites are liquid web and WP x hosting, which was Terry Kyle's hosting platform, I can vouch for them. I'm using WP x hosting quite heavily right now, as well, their support is on par with liquid webs. Which is like I mean, swear that you can submit if you go to chat support chat, and you submit it within 60 seconds, you always get a reply, and they're on it. So I can vouch for WP x, there are some limitations with WP x that you don't have with liquid web, though. So liquid was a little bit more expensive. But as Marco said, if you've got several, you know, just a handful of clients and you move them over to where they're hosting with you. Instead, you can you can actually turn that into a stream of revenue. So those would be my two recommendations.

How can you How can I handle that? Yeah, again, run away from GoDaddy as quickly as possible.

What Sites Would You Use To Get A Mirror In Mirror iFraming Effect?

Also, since the new Google sites have an iframe breaker, what sites would you use to get the mirror and mirror iframe effect? Well, we still iframe, you still get the Mirror Mirror iframe effect, just maybe not necessarily from the G site itself. Because like, for example, like if you're using press advantage, you get the organization page and your website is iframe into the organization page as long as well as the Google Map if it's for local, right, and then you iframe depressive Vantage page into like your idx page. So now you've got multiple iframes there, and you know what I mean, and you got iframe, your website and your idx page. And so I mean, again, there's what I do is just link out to the G site now from my idx pages. So you know, there's a link, you know, links out to it directly to it, but you can iframe it, so I don't just don't iframe it anymore. But you can still get that mirror mirror effect or mirror in mirror effect, through all of the other iframe stacks that we built.

What else is there, you can still, you can still iframe on the new GS right away to embed everything on there, we're still using those. So I don't see why that would be a problem. You can't take that and iframe it anywhere else. But I mean, if you're if you're theme mirroring, like we recommend, and you're bringing your money site, inner page into an error page on that g site, I think you're accomplishing you.

Fuck, I don't want to get into an iframe conversation. But we're missing the obvious, the obvious is that you get a bounce back and forth the mirror and mirror effect that that I've been talking about for years, and people are just now discovering, you get the bounce and and it's a legitimate bounce that wherever whatever it is that you have iframe on that g site is going to benefit. And not only does that benefit, but the G site benefits. And if you if you lit build into either one, I'm not recommending Nick building into the money site. So no, Marco did not say link built into it. I do, but I know what the fuck I'm doing. You guys should unless you know what you're doing.

But if your link building then everything in that iframe, the source and the destination, they both benefit. And they both benefit almost as much. There's only like, there's very little atrophy or link power loss through that iframe. So you hammer it. That's what iframes are for the foundation of rank your shit Academy has not changed. It's still relevant to the six years later almost since since I since I started the journey with Dr. Gary and and it's still working. And we were talking today last night in our mini mastermind. It's working better today than it was about a year ago. And not as well as it was in the beginning when we were ranking. Empty folders is remember when we did it live. We ranked an empty folder live. Yeah, yeah. Those days are gone. For all practical and for all intents and purposes. But but but the power will build where you can still do that.

That you just have to accrue enough power. And it's all done through iframes. People are just forgetting how good iframes and embeds work. Get an embed gig from MGYB and dedhia. And link build to those embeds and see what happens man. Don't forget, don't forget people are sleeping on those iframes.

What Do You Use To Automate GMB Posting?

Dustin says, Hey guys, what do you use for automated GMB posting? Well, I'm still using citation builder Pro, the GMB briefcase is that I haven't I haven't gone to the front end of that in quite some time, the front end website. I'm trying to pull that up to see.

But we, you know, we we kind of help Yeah, this is it. Um, so, this is the GMB briefcase. That's what I'm using. I've been using this since you know, shripad develop this, which was probably what, three years ago now. Something like that. And it's come a long, long way guys, this is a much, much better system now. Like the dashboard, everything it this is a really good service. I know there's others out there, this is the one that I use. And it's just because we had a you know, St. Patty's, you know, he's, he, he's really responsive and everything else. But, you know, he, when it was very crude in its very early stages, uh, he, you know, we kind of pushed this a bit because we were working with him to help develop some of the stuff like, you know, features and things like that. And since then it's come a long, long way. And it's funny because I was just adding the new client that I got into the GMB briefcase for I've got a you know, VA that does all the blogging and all the GMB posts, so she has access and had to go add the new account, you know, the new GMB location to this and then add it to her sub account so that she could pull it up and post GMB posts and schedule posts and all that. And it was the first time I had logged into it and months. And I was just like, holy shit, it's way different. That's much more intuitive. There's a ton of additional features in there. Now there's local rank tracking and all kinds of like map map rank tracking, like with the, you know, the pin grids, and all that kind of stuff, like you've seen, I'm sure all of that's available in here now. So it's it's, it's become a much more robust tool, I've just been using it forever, just because it was already built into my, you know, my processes. And I didn't want to switch to another tool, even though I knew it that, you know, cup a year ago, year and a half ago, there were other tools out there that had more functionality. I just didn't want to go and kind of have to update all my processes. So I just stuck with it, because it did what we needed it to do. And it's come a hell of a long way since then. So this is a good service, I would highly recommend you check it out. He comments on that.

No, cuz I still get a VA to do all my posting. Yeah. Why do too, but it's all done in that app. It's what I'm saying she manages everything through that app now because she does a bunch of location. So

I do a bunch of locations to I just have the VA go in as manager and do it all.

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Is It Okay To Use The Same Domains That Have Backlinks To The Money Site And Tier 2 Links?

Bibi says, Hey, guys, what's up? He but by the way, he says Is it okay to use the same domains, which have backlinks to a money page, also, as tier two links will cause link atrophy?

So you mean, if you have domains that you're using to build backlinks to other domains? Is it okay, if you're building links, tier one links to your target property to then use the domain that you built the links from? to target tier one links is also? Yeah, but you got to be careful because you can create a footprint from that too. Right? So you just I mean, can you do it? Yes, you can do it. And yet again, just like all these questions for the last several weeks BB have been similar in nature.

So it's the same answer that I've given you for the past several weeks is that there is a level at which or a threshold at which that becomes it produces diminishing returns, or they stop being counted all together. So you got again, it's the same answer that I've given for the last several weeks about building links from you know, a limited or the same domain? How, what at what level? What number of links? does it stop counting? Or does it stop? does it provide it produce a diminishing return? And I don't know what that is? Because I think it varies depending on the authority, or the strength of the source and all that kind of stuff. But so again, it's the same answer that I've given you before, can you do it? Yeah, can you have some benefit from it, you can to a degree to a point. And I don't know what I don't know what that point is. And you and again, you have to also be careful about footprints. When you start to do that when you start linking from, you know, your your source domains, essentially the ones that you're building links from, to multiple tiers within your entity assets in my like, you know, different tiers out you just got to be careful because, again, you can start to create kind of like a link map. It's very easy for the algorithms to look at the links and determine that you know, you've got a few key assets that you're using to produce links or to push build links to your other assets. And that can be kind of it can just get discounted all together to where there's really no benefit to it. So, again, similar to the the answers that I've given the last few weeks is that, you know, you can get away with it to a certain point. But why? And that's, that's really the question is why comments on that? Yeah. So you have domain a, and domain B domain, a is providing a backlink to domain B. Correct. So domain a has PageRank. One, domain B is going to have, if that's the only link, so this is this is in a vacuum, baby. So I can answer your atrophy question in a vacuum a links to B. And note, there's no links anywhere else with a having PageRank. One, B is going to have something less than PR one, because the hub atrophies by 15% or less, so you're going to get 85% or more. I don't know if you get a one to one ever anymore. used to not anymore since Google introduced the link atrophy. Alright, so that's a B. Over time, both of those will become zero. Because there's no other backlinks supporting either that PageRank one or that page rank, less than one but greater than point eight, five, simple math guy, right? A PR one be something less than one, but greater than point eight, five. That's how it works. All right, over time, nothing supports that. And so they will both lose, probably in the next cycle, that PageRank one will go to zero. And that less than one, of course is zero, because whatever is backing it up goes to zero, something has to back up that PR one and continue boosting it. Or for some reason, Google has to find that it can keep its PageRank, one, two keeps and keep supporting that PageRank less than one but greater than 85. I hope that makes sense. What causes atrophy is something that Google inserts into that it's part of the algorithm that will cause the link to atrophy over time. It's not magically delicious, it's not a safe, something that you do will cause it to atrophy. It just does atrophy. Because that's how Google will work that out. You have to make up for that link loss somehow, and adding links to somewhere else is not going to support it. I think you're looking at this the wrong way. Go back and read the PageRank the PageRank patents so that you understand how PageRank works, how it accrues and how it's how even it's divided. so that you understand what it is that you're doing. Because from this, I mean, we're working in a vacuum, you're going to end up with two PR zeros or three, whatever it is, you're going to end up with zero because it has the PageRank has to be supported from somewhere else. This is why we're always thinking building.

Yeah. And you can prevent atrophy through activity, right. Like that's one of the things that helps to prevent that. Is that correct?

In other words, a link is more likely to atrophy if it doesn't have ever any traffic on it. Right. Any engagement.

I Yeah, actually, you can build your own.

Right through activity, relevance, trust and authority. I mean, you can boost your own. But the simple math says that you need more next, to support that PageRank you need more things, right. But what I was saying is that coming through that link, Kim, people coming through those links, will help strengthen the entity and you may be able to support your PageRank natively. I don't know how that works. I don't know if that's even possible. But the simple math, the simpler if we go to the PageRank math, is you need a link with PageRank. One to push the next page to something less than one, but greater than 85. Then point eight five Sorry, sorry, because there's a there's a there's at most a 15% loss per hop.

Right. That's that's the math. That's the PageRank math.

Cool. Yeah, man, we could get into a hell of a discussion about that as we go down that rabbit hole.

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What Are The Reasons Why IFTTT Doesn't Work For Two Similar Posts On The Website?

so pavlos up, he says, Hey, guys, I have two questions. IFTTT doesn't work when I'm posting not updating the same post on the website. Not sure I understand that question. When you're posting the same post on the website, not updating it. Okay, again, I don't understand unless you're trying to repost the same post.

That might be what? Okay, Pablo, if I'm interpreting your question correctly, you're saying that you are trying to repost a post, not update it, but just repost it so that it publishes. Is that it? And again, I know this isn't real time. So I don't know if you'll, if you'll be able to answer that. But if that's what you're saying, I've experienced that sometimes Yes. And I don't know what causes that. So one of the things like if you want to manually force a post to re syndicate, one of the things you can do is go in, if it's in WordPress, for example, and set it to draft it. So like essentially unpublish it, but you set it to like draft mode, save it, then set the scheduled publishing time for like, you know, three minutes ahead of whatever current time is, then save it. So that now it's scheduled to publish within a couple of you know, three minutes or whatever, whatever you set it for. And then sometimes you have to force it to refresh. So like, in other words, wait till that time passes. And once it's past the publishing time, just go visit the page or something like that, and that will cause a WordPress, cron or whatever to trigger, and that will force it back into the feed. And it will trigger it's supposed to trigger as a new feed item at that point. I have experienced at times where it just doesn't work. And I don't know if it's a theme issue, or what it is that causes sometimes that not to work and if it but usually that will do it that'll that'll force it to report, like essentially reinserted back at the top of the feed and will detect it as a new feed item. And then republish like, it'll trigger IFTTT to just, you know, to fire the apps so that it will re syndicate. However, there is, you know, a specific idea, I think for that, what is it like a G UID, or something like that they in the XML code that if that doesn't update, sometimes it just won't trigger. Even if it's been reinserted to the top of the feed, it won't trigger because it's not detected as a new feed item. Like in other words, if I if I have ttt is looking at that ID or whatever. And again, I'm not a coder. So, but I think it's like a G UID or something like that. Anyways, if it's looking at that, and it's that hasn't changed, even if the date has changed, right, then and the placement of the post within the feet has changed. If that doesn't change, then it doesn't trigger. I don't know because I don't work five ttt. I just know that I've experienced what you're talking about, if that's what you're talking about. There's two things that I've seen. Just two ways that I've remedied that one is to use a plugin that works. What does it republish old posts? Yeah, that's one of them. Standby. Let me pull that up real quick. It's republish old posts plugin. I've talked about this before. So this one right here, info lithic I think is the name of the info lift lifted right here. This one right here. There's a free version works great. If you want to spend like nine bucks to get the pro version, the pro version has a ton of additional features. This works really really well. I don't know why this works betters I've actually like where I've tried to manually reef repost or, you know, republish a post to force it to syndicate again, and it didn't work. And then I've added this plugin, set the parameters for it to force it to republish, and it's republished, and it's worked. So again, I don't know what this does different than doing it manually. But I've had this plugin right here has worked. So you might want to try that. The other thing that I've done in that case, is just taking the the manually, in the case that it just I wasn't able to get it to work period manually, I've taken the article and republished it on to like blogger, for example, or Tumblr or something like that, and used that as the feed to trigger the other applets so that it ends up pushing out through the entire network, you can keep the same essentially, you know, attribution link in everything to push credit back to the original source, which would be your blog, but again, that's a very manual process. And I try to avoid that at any at all costs. And that's where a plugin like this will help. Okay.

What Are Potential Reasons Why There Are Ranking Improvements From Using SEO Shield, Map Embeds, Press Release?

Second part of that, unfortunately, after three months, I can't see much ranking results from making SEO shield map embeds press releases, etc. question Where can I find a list of things that I can check or compare other words where I made a mistake? Thanks a million. Okay, uh, Marco, do we have something that we could point him to specifically other than just one of our groups, the SEO shield.com Okay. And, of course, the the SEO battle plan.

Okay. So the SEO service that's step by step on on what it is that you're supposed to be doing. And if you skipped any of those, then you're probably gonna have issues if you're if you're on site is garbage. I'm not saying it is. I'm not picking on you, Pablo. I'm not saying you're on site SEO is garbage. But in general, if it is, then you're going to really need to hammer it in order to get everything off site to overcome the issues that you have on site, so that that could be a big issue, if your schema isn't right, if your entities, I mean, it could be so many things, why you're having problems after three months, although you're at the mark where you should be seeing results. So these things aren't working. Yeah, there's issues and you have to detect what those issues are. And I would start with entity. Because right now, from everything that I'm doing, from everything that I'm seeing from people, what their what their problem, but the problems, that they're having our it's easy, it's usually entity, it's usually on page, that's garbage and needs to be fixed. And it's all about schema. And once you get those correct on your website, and working properly, and then everything else comes together, the power is going to flow correctly, but somewhere along the line, the power is getting shut off so that it's not flowing through the way that it's supposed to. Yeah, and I would you know, again, I totally agree with Marco that, you know, some of the things I would look into would be first of all, you see mirroring, you know, how have you have you? Have you mirrored everything from your money site to your G site, drive stack? You know, all of that, has that been done correctly? Um, I know, we've we've even had mastermind members that have come in and despite all the training that they've received, haven't done those things. And then they come to us and say, well, it's not working. And then I audit, you know, because in mastermind, we audit sites and things, you know, we were happy to do that. And then I go look at stuff and say, Well, you've got pages here that are like, essentially orphan pages. They're not, you know, there's no theme mirroring being done. There's like all this stuff that just gets overlooked or skipped. And then they blame us and say, Well, your methods don't work. No, it's like the guy that we had is in our mastermind or syndication Academy, I think I can't remember. But remember, he went in to rank for DUI attorney? Was it Toronto, Ontario or Ontario, Toronto, one of those DUI attorney Toronto, I think it was Toronto, but he did to Jeanette to like, really short GMB or excuse me blog posts to a syndication network and said he wasn't ranking for DUI attorney Toronto, your shit doesn't work.

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So all I'm saying bb, I'm not saying that's your problem, I'm just saying that would be one of the first things that I would check is make sure you know, Mark, it says on page or else you can just continue to the hammer the off page stuff, which you certainly can do. But you can get usually a lot better results just from, in my opinion with less work and less money by fixing all the on page stuff first. So mirroring is what I would check. But then also, like Marco said, you can just keep hammering away and the entity stuff. There's no question. That's a big factor right now for sure. Like a simple thing to go check right now Pablo is take your brand. So just just whatever it is, like DC plumber, right? Without quotes without.com without anything, take your brand, whatever your brand name is. And if page one, if you don't dominate page one for your brand, then you have entity issues. And you need to fix those before Google is even going to pay attention to you. Because there's another brand that I can guarantee that Google is liking more than yours. And it's considering that the entity for that keyword set and so you're always going to have problems you fix those. And then you hammer it. Yeah.

Does New Drive Stacks Rebuild Automatically?

Yeah, I agree. Jim dumpszone says, Hey, gang question about drive stacks with older stacks. There was a script to rebuild the stack on a set schedule. I believe this feature was lost when the new style g sites were implemented. They do figure out a workaround for this. No. Okay. No, because that was strictly for the classic. Yeah, the new ones don't need a script. So do the new stacks rebuild automatically? No, they don't. Right? Because we don't have a script.

Have You Tried Training OpenAI In A Niche To Write Unique Content For Tier 2 And Beyond Sites?

Okay, one other question. If there's time. Have any of you guys tried training open? I tried training open AI in a niche field to write unique content for you. tier two or beyond sites. Thanks again. No, but wasn't Adam just talking about that? Yeah. slack. Adam.

Yeah. Open AI. Like I haven't even played with it yet. So yeah, a lot of great. Well, let me in. Yeah, it's still in closed beta. So yeah, there's some crazy stuff coming down the pipeline. I was actually just looking at some stuff right now with the previous version just to get up speaks I haven't done any coding in several years. So anyway, yeah, I am naughty stuff coming down. I'm looking forward Just give me one second guys. I got a pause the screen for a minute, but I know we're out of time. But I just I just found this one and I was looking at the Okay, so I was looking at what

Adam posted in slack to us about what you were just talking about it you know, the AI or whatever it was a GBT three or some shit what's Yeah. GPT three is the current iteration that comes from a company called Open AI or a collaboration, I forget exactly what their. And so I started looking at my Elon Musk or something. Yep. Yeah. And when I was looking into that I came across this. Has anybody played with this? I just signed up for today and started playing with it. But the content came out like shit. So I don't know. But I only played with it for like, 10 minutes. No kidding. So, no, but that's always the problem. The problem is getting the content where it's where a human won't have any problems with it. Right? Well, you will, you will know it's a bot. what's what's great about open AI is that they're getting it to the point where it's difficult for a normal person to recognize that it's about writing from whatever, from a database, or wherever it is that you're gathering your content from. It's really, really interesting. Yeah, it's, the best explanation I've heard is that it was like it's on level with like a freshman in a college level, to say, of course, someone who's a master or a professor of a area would understand that there might be issues with it, but to anyone, just a general knowledge, they probably wouldn't be able to tell. And at some point, like, that's good enough. It's not that you're faking content, it's that the content is that good. That it's good enough, you know, for certain things, if you're trying to use this to write a brief for a lawyer, it's gonna fall flat on its face. But if you're trying to write a get an article about how to water your flowers, why not this isn't spam. It's actually how to water your flowers. So some interesting stuff there.

Yeah, and I just quick, quickly, and it looks like Jim says, he's been training GPT to How the hell do you get access, Jim? So you can get access? So that's the version I believe it's I mean, I know it's been out for a while I forget what it was. Well, that's the to remember. Yeah. Gotcha. He says it's getting pretty accurate with the data set. I'm providing it. So that's cool. I might want to play with that. Just real quick. I know we're out of time. But uh, at POFU Live, we had a couple people talk about using phrase.io I think it is and article forge article forge two dot O, which is like an AI content generator that I signed up for a trial account about a month and a half ago. And you know, I cancelled because the content was garbage. But the way that I was told it to that it can work well is to generate content with the article forge and then optimize it with phrase and so that might just be something else that you guys want to look into. I haven't done that just yet. But I'm probably going to start I got an accountant phrase and I just haven't started messing with it yet. But I plan on it because it looks pretty cool. So yeah, it's pretty nice. can confirm I've used it for a couple articles. It's an answer to Pablo. It's called the heavy hitter members only club. Find us on Facebook man join a heavy hitter. heavy hitters club. heavy hitter club. Yeah, you can go there too. So and by the way, it looks like Jim said

What did I just see that?

Okay, yeah, the G UID. thing. Yeah, he says I could be wrong but IFTTT triggers on the God that I thanks for confirming that Jim. So anyways, Alright guys, thanks everybody for being here. We will see you guys next week and see you later.

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