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By April

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There's a search console because that's my go to I don't care what anything else says. And right when I'm looking at everything, I had a form submission come in. So I got it, I got it, I got the screen capture because I had to blur out some stuff. So I'm going to be sharing that as soon as we're ready to go.

And we are live Welcome everybody to Hump Day Hangouts, Episode 310. While Bradley's doing some stuff in the background here, we're gonna get going. I'm gonna say hi to the guys real quick. We got some quick announcements. And then I'm just scrolling through here. It looks like we've got a good number of questions. So with that said, Marco, I'm going to loop back to you, man, how you doing today? Like, by the way, like your shirt, you're looking good.

I'm good, man. I'm sorry. I took it away from from my window. Should I have done that? I got I got I got a mess in the office right now. But you guys, you see? Nothing but like, Man, this is how I do to do I do. I can't help it again. Come get some come get some guys. Just Just a quick word, stop relying on on third party vanity metrics for what's going on on your website, according to Google. So you go to somebody else to see what's going on in Google. I it for the life of me, I can't figure that out. So in a minute, when we get to that question or five, whenever we get to it, I'm going to be sharing something on screen, just so you guys can see why you can't go with third party vanity and domain authority then, whatever the hell it is you're relying on. you're relying on the wrong thing. And I'll show you some and let's see, I'll get I thought it was muted. Sorry, Chris. How's it going?

Doing good here? Good. They can complain and yeah, I think we got something pretty sweet coming. Oh, really? I made a video about something today, so, huh?

All right. Well, now I'm curious. I don't even know what you're talking about.

Well check Facebook.

Ah, all right. I will check it out. Bradley, you got the tech stuff done. Are you available?

Well, it's the fucking video still not on know that on the page. Click Funnels bullshit. I'm tired of it. And I really am.

It's still not even there we go. Yeah, it's updated now.

Well, it's not for me.

Gotcha. Well, we'll circle back around. I'm going to type something in while I ask her not How you doing today, man?

Great, man. I'm in Miami. Having fun. Everything's good.

Well, you got to talk for a little bit longer. I gotta, I gotta touch.

Okay. I'm in Miami. It's raining. I'm having a lot of fun. This is awesome. And I'm waiting for Adam to stop typing so that he can keep on doing the intro. But did I mention that I mean, Miami? And

I've heard that you're in Miami. Is that true?

No, I don't know what you got that from? Yeah, man. How? how weak Are you really in the gym right now after all these months of no workouts? I'm a pussy. I'm doing like a D load quote-unquote, D load week right now. And I'm like, so sore. And I did like, two squats on Monday.

Those are right now, but we still had it. So.

Gotcha. All right. Well, I got a little note there. So if you're watching us on YouTube, let us know. Also, if you're somehow seeing this on the page, just shoot us a message let us know you can see it. But in the meantime, we're gonna keep rolling and maybe figure something else out. But Bradley, how are you doing man? Besides page refreshes and caches?

Yeah, I'm just I'm tired of Click Funnels in their stupid fucking. There are always issues with Click Funnels, it seems to be getting worse. So anyway, maybe we can move the webinar on to a page on our site instead. I think we should probably do that. Because we won't have to deal with this every week. It seems to be getting worse. So anyway, that said I, everybody.

Everything is fine. Yeah, that's cool. Um, I've actually been testing out group funnels, maybe that'll grab the lifetime account. And that came out, maybe we can just toss it on there and see if that works. Or just put it on the website, like you said, or do like a direct YouTube type of thing. love to see. But anyway, with that said, we have a couple of announcements. First of all, if you're on the email list, that's great. You've gotten the announcements about the POFU Live recordings, you got access to the little special offer we had to go in there. But if you've missed out on that, first of all, go to semantic mastery or go to Hump Day Hangouts. Just Google that and go to our page, enter your email address, so you can get notified about stuff like this. We do give special deals, special offers, and some bonuses to subscribers, but I'm also going to put it on the page here today. The recordings are available. Along with the recordings, you have the option to get executive summaries we've gone through and we've taken and distilled every single talk that we had into a quick basically reference guides. So you've got links, you've got the main points, so you can go back or have that open as you're watching the talk. Super, super handy. So that will be on the page in just a minute. Oh, man, I am just losing my place like crazy today. I've got a couple more announcements. And while I hunt these down, did you guys have anything we need to also cover? Before we dive into things?

What about POFU?

About It was a great event.

Oh my god, what about it?

The live of the recordings are available, right?

Should be right.

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Yes, that what I was just talking about or not my losing my mind about POFU.

I don't know, but well I'm gonna keep running on because I don't know where we're going and this is gonna get pretty weird for people watching. So anyway, I do want to talk about one other thing, if you go to the SEOshield.com, the SEOshield.com that's a great place. If you're new to Semantic Mastery and MGYB You can find out how to shield your site and never worry about algorithm updates. Again, it's a free training, just head over to the SEOshield.com and grab that if you're more on the agency owner kind of consultant side and you want to get more clients to grow your revenue scale your team, head over to 2xyouragency.com. And last but not least, if you're ready to grow your digital marketing business, your agency then you can join our experienced community. With the mastermind You can find out more about that at mastermind dot semantic mastery.com I like to go through these every time because we don't know you know, we have new people watching every week. And those are some pretty typical questions we get from people, you know, hey, I'm just starting to watch you guys where the hell do I start? Right? Good question. So finding out about the SEO shield is great. Then we got people are saying hey, I either want to start or kind of grow my agency, I'm not sure what to do that's to x your agency COMM And then we've got people, of course, are like, Hey, I'm in it, I want to grow, I want to be around other people like me who have got their agencies going who've got their businesses going. And that's where the mastermind comes in. So those are the big ones. Of course, we mentioned MGYB, if you're not familiar with that it's mgyb.co, save time and money with done for you services. This is all stuff that we've used, and either converted into a done for you process or stuff that we had done for us. And now we're offering it as well. So you can get it done for you and save time. So this is a great place to be like white labeling, things like press releases link building the SEO shield, for example. Lots more over there, too, and lots more coming. So with that said, guys, that's it for the quick announcement. Anything else we want to cover before we dive into questions? I'm waiting around to say something No, just kidding. Wait, good. All right, let's do it is that we got a bunch of questions already. So let me get the page pulled up here. And I'll grab the screen.

This has got me all screwed up. Because the format has changed in the last couple of weeks. And after years of having one particular startup format. It's hard to hard to transition.

All right,

you guys are seeing my screen now. Correct. Good to go. Yes.

Yep. All right.

What Is The Name Of The Upcoming Buffer Site S3 Creator?

Let me expand this a little bit. There we go. So the first question up says, Hi, you mentioned something about an upcoming buffer site s3 creator from ABS right? Yeah. Abbess. Rathje. As I think I'm saying his name correctly, I always feel like I'm mispronouncing that. Or he says, Can you please give us some URL or spell the product or the name as I can't find anything? Yes, buffersites.com. It's not available yet. But I believe it says coming soon. And I think he's working on something because I recently got an email from him about kind of a technology that he created for that works with Amazon s3, hosted web pages, as well as some other type of web 2.0 sites and things like that. So I think buffersites.com is in the pipeline, but it's not available yet. So that's what it is buffersites.com and the developer's name is Abbess Abbess. ABB BB as Rathje. And I think I always butcher his name when I try to say it. But he's, he's got many different types of software products out there that are fairly good. Some of them are but got a little bit of a learning curve, but he's got like video marketing Blitz was one of them, it was a good product that we use for quite some time. So he's got several different kinds of products out that you know, software programs that do things so that's the one I was talking about.

Should You Make A Separate Page For Each Location When Siloing A Local Service Business Site?

Next question is Tommy says when creating location pages for a local service business, would you make a location page for the location the business is located in the business already has the primary location in the footer about, etc, and ranks on page two for keywords in the primary location on a general service page? Would it be overkill to create a location for it to and be duplicate content would appreciate your advice? Thanks. Now, if it's a single location site, you don't need to you don't need a location page for it. The only time that I would recommend having location pages is if you have if it's a multi-location business right? Because then you can, you'd have one location is typically going to be like a headquarters, right? Like the main location or, you know, the primary location, the first location, whatever you want to call it. And so that would be like what I would, you know, a lot of So for example, if I were to build a lead gen site that was optimized for one location, but then I decided, because let's say it was really successful, and I decided to start expanding locations for that brand, then what I would do is I would make that, you know, the primary location would be the first location, and I would take that as kind of like the name, address and phone number for the primary location would be like the organization, you know, essentially, the main location for that multi-location business, and then I would create separate location pages for each individual, or additional location, I should say, that's how I would do it. But yeah, I wouldn't recommend creating a location page on a site that is optimized for one location. Because you're it that that's kind of, you know, Department of redundancy department, you know what I mean? So I would recommend that you don't do that, you don't need to do that. But what you can do is you can split out like suburbs, or, you know, I'm not, I'm not sure what how you've got your site structured, but you can create geo posts, that's what I call it, but they're locally optimized posts for localities within your service area, if it's a service area business, I'm just assuming that it is. But it could be a storefront business, in which case, you wouldn't even really need to do that either. But for service area businesses, like contractors, which is what I do, then what I would do is have the one location, you know, is probably the only location but then I would start optimizing content in what's called geo posts, or what I call geo posts, which would be optimizing content for like the suburbs, the adjacent areas, that and then I would, you know, kind of optimize cut, my blogger does all this, but she'll go out and pull in like points of interest, historical, you know, references, things like that, that are relevant to each individual, you know, suburb or municipality or whatever that I'm trying to expand into, and then show, you know, produce some content, you know, included about whatever products or services the company offers. And you can start to blog that way, so that you can start really kind of expanding your service area footprint, so to speak. But you don't need to have a separate location page for the location. If it's a one-location business, it just doesn't make sense to do that, in my opinion. Any other input on that guy just said, there's no such thing as a duplicate content.

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And we see this all the time, no such thing as that happening. Now, as far as would it be overkill? to us that perfectly? The advice is that when looking at content is whether you've given the content, proper attribution. That's all that matters. Because if you haven't, then let's say if your G site is really strong, it might outrank your money site. That's the only problem you're going to run into. But if you have proper attribution, if if Google understands where the master copy of the content resides, and there is no problem, there are only problems if you're running like duplicate titles, duplicate descriptions, and things like that. But we've literally only changed location on content and run the same, like 15,000. More than that pages have the same content except for the location and it works. It's working. Right now. I'm about to show you how it's working right now. And when we get to that question, there is no such thing as duplicate content, you got the master copy. And then you have copies of that content. proper attribution takes care of any duplicate content issues, and so does canonical. If you canonicalize. correctly, you're fine. You're good to go.

There you go. Let me unpause the screen for a minute if I can find it. Okay.

What Do You Recommend For A Self-Hosted URL Shortener?

So the next question is from Jr. My guess, says, Hey, guys, do you have any well-recommended URL shortener? Excuse me? Do you have any good recommendations for a self-hosted URL shortener looking to set up one for a client to be public-facing so users can create short links easily from their website? Open to using a hosted solution if it exists? Thanks. Also, is there any SEO value for the target site if users create short links? So, Marco, you would be the one to answer that because we set that up for MGYB.

Yeah, I mean, yeah, there eventually will be SEO value once you power it up. However, how long is it going to take you to power up that URL shortener on that website that has no power to start with? Which is what you need, which is the reason why Well, the reason why just say use a shortener To make the URL easier to handle, right, when you're sharing it, you don't want this long 50 character URL, you want something short and memorable. That's why Bitly for a while was so good. And then we started realizing the SEO value in Bitly, until they decided that they were going to 302. At well, then we went to the Google goog l URL shortener until they took it away. So we decided rather than rely on others, why not create our own power that up, give everybody the SEO value and the added benefit that you could go in, and I think it's only for like five or six, I don't know, seven bucks a month, I don't even know. Use your own use of our shortener which is powered up. And then you could have your own URLs, right, you can have your own URL extensions, you could have your own. If you want to call them vanity, whatever you want to call them. They're yours, but they reside in MGYB. And they continue to get powered up by dedhia. So I will be there's the SEO benefit, the SEO benefit that you get is the power that's behind that. But right from the start when you go and install that whether you do it on a subdomain on your client site, whether you use pretty links, whatever it is that you're going to use is not going to have any SEO value until you power it up.

All right, there we go on the resume share again.

Because doing some background stuff. Alright.

Can You Make Multiple GStacks On One Google Account That Are Interconnected?

So the next question would be Hey, guys, the question on G stacks. Can I make multiple G stacks on one g account that are not interconnected? Uh, yeah, I suppose you could. Now I'm not sure why you would want to we separate them. But you know, Marco, now that we're not using the script. There's not a limitation on that, though. Is there?

Let me see, of course, there is.

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Why would you want to go and break up the well, not a limitation? But why would you want to put two things that are unrelated in the same dry stack?

We go for G stacks under one account. So different g stacks, but yes,

no? No. Okay.

Oh, unless they're totally relevant if I mean, if you can, if all right, same niche, yes, it makes sense. If you're going to break up the niche, if it's going to be totally unrelated, then No, they're not because now you're putting all your eggs. First of all, you're putting all your eggs in one basket, right? Everything is in a Google takes that away, you're gonna lose everything that's in there. That's why we turn over we create our own Gmail accounts. And we turn them over to you so that you can use it. And if you order 1000 from it, you're gonna have 1000 Gmail accounts, but you can manage a whole lot of them from one account, which is what we recommend, you can are we send a letter, we send an email when we deliver the drive stack, and we tell you what to do with it, make your main account the manager of that account, so you never again have to go back into that account. But this way, you won't take any chances in eliminating the public-facing dry stack and decide you're not going to run any into any problems or getting locked up or anything like that. Right. And then we tell you to change the phone number, change the recovery, make sure that you can get in there eventually. But only if you have to only have you must, once we turn it over, there is absolutely no reason for you to go back in there. Unless you want to go in there and Tinker and then you're on your own. So please understand what it is that we're doing. And what it is that we recommend for you putting like 50 I don't know you could you get 15 What is it 15 gigabytes in that drive stack, excuse me in Google Drive to play with. So there's plenty of space in there for you to get multiples in. But you're putting everything in one basket you'd be put you putting all your eggs in there, and you drop that fucking basket and all your eggs break, you better know how to make scrambled eggs.

Yeah, I agree with that limit, you know, mitigate your risk that way. And so you know, as Marco said, we deliver it with its own Gmail account. And that's you know, the primary owner of the drive stack which you can always add you know, your main Gmail account or G Suite account, whatever as a manager or share it with that so you can still manage the stack from within your own account, but it's owned by the other account that way you're limiting your risk like Marco said, if that you had one account that had all of your G stacks in it and then something happened in it got suspended or terminated, then you'd be screwed. So I totally agree with what he says there.

Is It Better To Have An Old Google Account Better Than A Gsuite Account When Creating Drive Stacks?

Okay, the next question was which is better and old g account or a new G Suite account? Well, I'm always gonna say G Suite account because you're paying Google that way and I use G Suite for freaking everything now. So if it's a brand or a project that I know I'm going to be working on for any amount of time Other than just for testing purposes, I always set up G Suite accounts for everything. Now, that's just my own personal preference. One thing you can do is if you have old Gmail accounts, you can set up a G Suite account through the old Gmail account. And that, I don't know if that actually adds any additional benefit or not. But I can't imagine it wouldn't. You know, I can't imagine that hurts anything. And so like, if you've got some old Jeep, like, for example, I have a Gmail account that I'd set up for Tree Service stuff way back in, I think, 2012, that I just recently decided to turn that into a brand and I created a G Suite account with that. Email is like the, you know, the, when you set up a G Suite account, you need to have an email account anyways, and all that, you know, to add to the system, so I use that one. And I think and again, I don't know this without testing, but it makes sense that it would have some inherent authority built-in because it was an age, an old account, something that I had set up in 2012, that I just now turned into a G Suite account. Now again, I don't know that that's true. But it makes sense to do. So do you have any input on that as part of the entity validation, isn't it? I wrote that when I wrote the black book, I mean, we've been recommending go G Suite, go pay Google, or pay Google for extra drive space, get that credit card, on file, get your stuff in the database. So now you're a real thing on the web. Rather than someone trying to gain Google, you're still trying to gain Google, but you're going the extra step, which most people won't do. And you go pay for ads, ads for branding, Brandy put out a great course, ads, I run ads, for branding purposes. So again, you're going a step further validating your entity. This is all talked about how old is the black book about four years old? It's all in there. I don't know, you guys, it's all available to you. I think we also send it with that email with that recommendation email. For us, excuse me, the user's guide, done for your users' guide is what we send out. And it's all in there how to add validation to your entity pay Google, get your credit card, and Google, they'll tell you that it doesn't have any effect in rankings. And they the way that they're saying it is right, I would say okay, that in and of itself doesn't. But when you're validating the entity, that part of it has a big, big play in what the end results are going to be.

Unknown Speaker 22:33
Absolutely. All right. So next is Oh, by the way, a couple of things I wanted to briefly mention I was distracted from the start-up for the webinar being rough again. But a couple of things. One, I want to talk about this, this great post in our free group Facebook group from Max Lucey fam bam, we had we did a webinar on Monday with Mike Martin for Lead Simplify if you guys haven't seen it yet, I would highly recommend that you check it out. I know most of our audiences into local SEO, local client work or lead generation. And it's a fantastic application. It's very inexpensive, and it works really, really well. The lead simplifies the app, I use it in my own business. In fact, I started using it eight or 10 weeks ago, probably closer to 10 weeks ago now. And I reached out to the developer Mike Martin, specifically after I had set the app up and integrated it into my own lead gen business. Because I saw the value of it, I decided to reach out to Mike and the developer and asked him if we could promote it to our audience specifically, because, guys, you know, we don't promote other people's stuff ever. Unless we, ourselves, you know, or somebody in our, my partners or one of us in my company use something and can vouch for it. And so we rarely promote other people's stuff. And in this case, I reached out specifically to try to ask if we could promote it because I think it is such a valuable app. And so the webinar was great. We had some technical difficulties at the beginning of that part of the reason why I was frustrated this today for Hump Day Hangouts, but I got that cleaned up. So now the replay is just the content. And it's really good content about what he calls the hybrid lead generation model. It's fantastic content, as well as the app itself, is very inexpensive and very useful. And I use it in my business now. So we also throw in a couple of bonuses that I use specifically for generating lead buyers. So basically prospecting for lead buyers. And it works really, really well. I've been bringing multiple new lead buyers into my business over the last several weeks because of this app, as well as the prospecting systems that I have built, which I share all of that in our bonuses, so I would highly recommend that you guys go check out the lead simplify webinar that we did with Mike on Monday, and check it out.

Also, I just wanted to give a shout out to max Lu See fam bam, for this great post that they posted about watching that webinar and becoming inspired, because of some, you know, basically having some issues with clients, client work can be very frustrating guys in I've said that over the years, there's certainly ups and downs with client work. But I really have decided that you know, I don't want to work with any more take on any new clients, I just want to work on building my lead gen business and for several of the reasons that were mentioned in this post here, as well. So just wanted to kind of point that out, give a shout out to Max, Max Luci for posting such a thoughtful and thorough posting here. And, you know, we're excited to see you, we're excited to see you excited, and I think you're on the right track, build your own assets instead of others. Now don't get me wrong, guys, if you got to do client work, to make money do it, you know, but at the same time, instead of always building other people's businesses budget some time and some money to start building your own assets to so that you can be gain more control over your revenue, right and your future. Clients can fire you at any moment, right? They can stop paying you to go find the bargain basement $99 a month SEO from you know, India or wherever and fire you in a heartbeat. And what are you going to do? You know, one of the things in our mastermind is we've had people that have come in that have had, you know, perhaps one or two clients that provide 90% of their income. Like for example, like a 4000 or $5,000 a month retainer client, what happens if that client drops you and your, your, your 90% of your revenue is based upon that one client, does that make sense or just a couple of clients and then you lose one of them. And now you've cut your revenue in half or a third or whatever my point is, you know, start thinking of ways to generate your own assets so that you have more control over your, your revenue and your future. And, and so again, I've got clients now, and I've still got a handful, I just took a client on about seven, six or seven weeks ago now a new client, but I don't think I want to take on any more clients unless they're going to give me you know, a much higher retainer value than what I typically asked for, because I really just want to focus on building my own business. So I thought this was a really thoughtful post and I just wanted to give a shout out to there and also encourage you guys to go check out the replay.

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How Do We Use of Text Transcripts From Videos For Traffic And Link Building Purposes?

Alright, any comments on that before I move on guys? Nah, perfect. Okay, Franklin says, Hey, guys, given the rise of video integration in SERPs, and Google taking snippets of sentences, and focusing more on YouTube and looking to get a syndication ring and look into backlinking for videos, is there anything we can do with text transcripts from our videos for traffic, and link building purposes. Um, you know, the only thing that I, I don't, what I've done in the past that works fairly well, like with client work, especially is I've had, I've trained some of them. Like, for example, I've got an outdoor pest control company that does like mosquito control, take control, that kind of stuff. It's a very seasonal business. But I trained their technicians to, like I told the company owners to tell their technicians to just when they go out on job sites, which are just people's yards, essentially, to just take their phone out and grab, record a short video, like literally like, Hey, this is John, for a company name, I'm out in, you know, Fairfax, Virginia, providing mosquito control services. And, you know, if you want your yard to be tick free ticket, mosquito, free, contact us, and then drop a phone number, whatever. So very, very short little video clips that then they send to me, I upload them to YouTube, optimize them, and then have that transcribed, which is, you know, literally, it's usually about a minute long the video or less, so cost a buck or a buck 50 to have it transcribed, and then embed that into a blog post with the transcription underneath. And that syndicates out to the branded network that's attached to the, to the website, as well as the YouTube channel can be attached to that too. So both can be syndicated to it, that's what I've done. And it just it that tends to work because it adds some text without having to have you know, it's, it's all done with just a video, right? a short video can be turned into a video plus a blog post with the text with the transcription, the call to action, everything that you need for additional content, you know, to multi-purpose the content. So that's what I've done. Maybe somebody else here has some other suggestions for how to use text. But that's pretty much the extent of what I've done. And that works quite well actually.

Anybody else? Yeah, I mean, what you could do lots with the transcript, right? You can add it to your page and it becomes part of the blog post when you embed the video on your website. The transcript can actually become the content on your pay. I mean, we recommend that this time and again right then you syndicate it, then when you do your embed, right With the video, you could do the page I mean, not just the video, you can do an embed run of that page. Right? Because then that it's an iframe, and that's perfectly fine. You want you're not going to run into any duplicate content issues. But people are still going to say, Okay, yeah, there are problems there are. So that's another thing that you could take the audio from that video and start going to the audio distribution, I'd SoundCloud would be one podcast, and then you can create a syndication network for that. And there are so many different things that you could do with that, to get tons of value, rather than just think, Okay, what I do with this transcript, you could also convert it into a PDF, a downloadable PDF on your website. Right? That content, so I framed the video. And rather than just put the text on there as content, you could put additional content on it, then a link to a PDF that people can download, then you go and submit that to all these PDF directories that you have all over the web. And, I mean, that's, that's another thing that you can do, really, you're only limited by, by, you know, your imagination. And what you can come up with the limit is the things that you can think of to do with this content. Not that you have multiples, but you have video, you have audio, and you have text, and then that text can become a PDF, it can become any other kind of download, it can become an image, the text itself can become an image, you can do the question and answer images of each. I mean, it becomes what you could do becomes ridiculous. The thing is, is it necessary? And why are you needing to do all of this a lot of times, all of that just simply isn't necessary because the process that we use, requires you to do as little work as you can for as much benefit as you can saving the bullets. In case you need more.

There you go. Always keep some, some in reserve, right.

How Do You Properly Optimize The GMB And Website Of An Old Business?

Okay. The next question is a basic GMB question. I have a client who bought his dental practice from another dentist. The old dentist GMB is ranking Okay, three in some map packs around the office. And second, organically what is the best approach try to merge in the GMB market is closed and rank the new one with the new business name for the web for a website, the old one as a pop up directing to the new site, should I take that site down or leave it up just worried about the possum, but I think I could rank them both, I would be fine with that both businesses have exact same address. Okay, I'm going to give you what I would do in that situation. And then I'd love to hear Marco's opinion on this as well. But what I would do is I would merge those two GM B's the one that was shut down, I would contact Google My Business support and explain exactly what you just did to us without the SEO terminology, because you want to act dumb, or even, you know, you can act on behalf of the business owner. But I've done that in the past something similar where you know, there's two GM B's because of a tree service company bought another tree service company, for example. And so since they ended up sharing the same address, but it was different names and everything else, I don't want to cause any PII issues, right where you can ambiguous ate the data for a particular business. So what I do is I contact Google My Business support and tell them, hey, this company bought this company there now. And you know, it's now this name, but it's in the same location, I want to merge the two and Google support Google, my business support will help you with that. I've had I've done that on multiple occasions. So that's personally what I would do as far as the website. What I would do with the website is do a redirect. Right? If it's ranking second, organically, I think you said yeah, second, organically, the website is got some authority, obviously. So if you've got the new website for the new brand, what I would do is do a redirect, I wouldn't leave both of them up because it could cause some excuse me some NAEP issues and possibly some entity ambiguation. So I would like I said I would merge the two GM B's you might have to contact you will likely have to contact GMB support to do that so that it can be done properly. For example, you know if you have I had another client that had a GMB where they had to they moved all they did was move locations so when they moved locations, they set up a new GMB instead of changing the original, like the information in the original GMB, they just set up a new one. And so when they came to me as when I, you know, brought them on as a client, they had a bunch of reviews for their old location, but they had their new location that had you know, just a hand a couple of reviews but they wanted to merge the two and so once again, I contacted GMB support and I had them merge the two. So they basically called and removed the old GMB from the old location, but merged all of the reviews into the new one under the new location. And so you can do those kinds of things as long as it's 100%. legit, if it's spam stuff, don't even attempt it. But if it's 100%, legit, then I would absolutely contact GMB support have the two merged. And then again, for the organic site, I would have that redirected to the new site so that you can push that authority over to the new site. Now that's my method. Would anybody have a different opinion? merge and properly three? Oh, and I totally agree, is a having tool and maybe creating. Now, this is where duplicate matters, right? And, and the entity comes into play, and you create ambiguity, and then Google doesn't Okay, so which dentist is which? And how does this all work? Because it's a bot and it's stupid. And if you don't give it the information is not going to know. And you want to try to relate them to one to the other, and why what's changed and all that you're going to get into a whole lot of issues that you don't want. Bradley told you exactly how to solve it, merge the GMB's call and act really stupid with the owner as a matter lead to let the dentist's quiet Look, I bought those dentists out and now he's got a GMB and I got I let them work it out. And then you could properly 301 the old site to the new and gain from all that power that the old one has. And as a matter of fact, if you properly three or one, you could hammer the old website for a while and get the benefit into the new website.

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Or you go so the next question. I'm not sure if well, I guess there is a question in there. It says guys, I'm looking both at land solutions and alpha land realty not typing these names for a reason. I don't care. I know. I honestly don't care that I've never tried to hide my homeland realty business. They're public. Yeah, they're public. I've always mentioned that and he said, anyway, I'll finish the question then I'm going to comment and I'm sure Marco has some comments as well says I don't see any good rankings there. In fact, I see a huge decline. I see a huge decline in something that was not very impressive anyway. Well, that's okay. Because that not very impressive, impressive Alfa land realty site makes me between three and $15,000 a month and fucking month and has for a year and a half. So that's not very impressive. They're not you know, I'm sorry, I don't know how to impress you. It works just fine for me. He says I know you do local use GM B's ads, etc. You said, you said and you said it many times. It's about calls and leads I get it but it looks more narrowed towards local map listing rather than a national campaign or global campaign. Mine is not a national or global campaign Alfa land realty is a Virginia based real estate acquisition company. All I target is Virginia. That's all I've ever targeted since I set it up. And I use Google ads, direct mail and SEO, and I get all the damn leads that I want or can handle from those three methods. So and most of my traffic comes from direct mail I'm not gonna lie I do get leads from Google ads and from organic SEO, but those leads aren't really the leads that I want. Those are typically not as good leads because I like to target specific land types in certain areas. And so with direct mail, I can do that. And so again, I've always I've never tried to hide the fact that I've not done a whole ton of SEO for Alfa land realty because I haven't needed to most of the traffic that I generate is through direct mail. However, I do get probably eight to 12 leads per month from Google ads and or organic SEO but those they tend I bought several properties from you know, leads that have come in from either Google ads or from organic SEO, but most of them that come through aren't those good they're not that good leads because they're not as targeted as I want them to be like I can do with direct mail. So again, I've never tried to hide that guys there's no reason for me to I'm always honest with what's going on in my business and it's all been about Virginia land by land acquisitions in Virginia so I've been able to accomplish my goals with the methods that I'm using that solutions go ahead.

On the other hand is national and as a matter of fact we got we had a lead once from Bali so it's it's global. We did lead from somebody was selling land in Bali wanted us to do one to see if we would buy it I and I've prepared some some stuff that I that I want to share my skis Mind if I grabbed the screen shirt. Let me go here. And I can't you got to give me permission or stop sharing your stop sharing mine. How about that? And I was Okay, here we go. Let me make sure I share the right one. Get rid of the porn. All right. So I saw this question and I came a look. Because I love the use of the turn of the phrase, I see a huge decline of something that was not very impressive anyway, wasn't meant to be impressive was meant to get results. I'm not to impress anyone. I've never, I've never been it, I don't want to impress you. All I want is the person here. If you can see my screen, when they come on here to fill out the fucking form. That's all I want. Not to impress. So here we go. Are we seeing that position? I took a look. I don't know how many top 10s I have. I but if I can scroll down? I don't know. I can keep scrolling. Scrolling. Scrolling. Right. So you can see yes, it's very local. It's heavily local. How else would you target local real estate? Please, what are we talking about? Can we please define what we're talking about first, because yes, even though this is National in nature, I have to target it locally. Or else, the person that's looking to sell their land, in bumfuck, whatever, would never find me to sell me the land. So of course, I don't know what it is you're using you said hrs, I don't use hrs. I don't use sem rush, I don't use any action. I use go, this is what I use. This is what tells me what it is that I'm doing. And whether what I'm doing works. Not only this, but while I was doing this, what's so funny is let me pull this up in my G but look at the time 1:37pm I haven't even opened because I was going through this, to show this during have to have a web web form fill came through. This is what I'm after man. Now, not you, you why user specific or targeted or whatever. But this is what I'm after I'm not after you. And I'm not after a dress to impress a dress and whatever the fuck it is they decide to give because I could give a shit about a trust and majestic. And and whoever else, you name it, I don't care. I get my information from analytics, I get my information from the Search Console. That's what tells me what to target. So I can get this because as Bradley said, Now these, what I do is I've been turning them over to the alpha land Realty, that you created Bradley. Yeah, the group, I'm sure you see me posting in there. And this is what I'll do with this form. Because I have enough with what I'm doing with what I'm targeting in the states that I'm targeting. Or I'm good where I don't know, four or five sales.

I wouldn't say that much, let's say three to four sales per month, three to four k average, well, that's an extra 10 k in my pocket that I'm not expecting to see. I mean, and this is after expensives after expenses, after cost lawyers and everything else, it's in my pocket is what I put in my pocket. That feels really nice. I don't know about you, it may not be impressive to you. And I understand that. Okay, you may you probably make way more than I do, from something that just a side hustle, and a website that we haven't done really anything to other than you know, we set up the SEO shield, some schema, some q&a, but not really giving it the love that it should not giving it all of the attention that we need to. Because since this is my main source of income, since this is just a playground, whatever I get here is perfect. I mean, this is fine for me, if I get I don't know, 10 of these is what we're getting per month, and I turn them over to the guys and and they can close a few. And they give me the commission. I mean that that's an extra source of income in my pocket. So in addition to whatever it is that I'm closing and that I'm making every month, now this, this last solution network will also produce webform fills, where the guys who took Bradley's training can go and they can get after these people make the offer and try to make that close and sell and put a couple of grand in their pocket. And they really didn't have to do the effort other than to contact and try to close it. Because this person is hot. This person is hot to sell. They don't go and find you organically unless they're hard to sell this we know. So I'm sorry that you're not impressed. But yeah, I mean, the other part of this what you said is so like calls and leads, because that's the only way that you gonna make money. And I could be number one in everything and not making a penny and I could be selling it hot. Look, look, I'm number one. Number one. Number one, I'm not making a penny. And yet you're going to fall for it. Because you see number one everywhere and is not really doing anything. So I mean, hopefully, this is the example you should be focusing on. We put everything through Google through analytics, and through search console. That's what that personally, this is what I focus on. I don't care about anything else. And I don't care what anybody says about analytics and search console, because they're generally wrong and they don't know how to use it. And so they can't see how it works. that's their problem, not mine. All right, my hand a second, let me just finish my mastermind, people, my heavy hitter club and my mini mastermind. They know how to use this shit, because I've shown them how to use it. And how it is that you're supposed to take a look at analytics and search console so that you can get the most benefit from it. And I'm done. Go ahead, man.

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Yeah, no, I was just mentioning that, again. You know, I, I spent last year I've been running my alpha land realty business for about a year and a half now. And it's, it only requires about eight to 10 hours a week now, because I've got personnel in place, and automations and systems and everything that I built took me months to build all of it. But now it just requires very little of my attention. Like I said, between eight to 10 hours a week on average. And for a period of time, I did spend more time on SEO and a lot of time in Google ads. But I've refined the Google Ads campaigns. And I realized, after starting to receive leads from just SEO and from Google ads, that those aren't the best quality leads, because they're often in random areas of the state that I'm not interested in, which ends up taking more time to research those markets to get to know those markets. I know which markets, I can flip properties in very quickly. And so those are the markets that I target and I target them more specifically with direct mail, because it's a higher quality lead, and it works better for my business model. So again, it's not I've never tried to, you know, sell people on the fact that my alpha land realty site was super optimized and all that shit. And everyone, it's a single page landing page on Click Funnels, but still ranks. So what difference does it make, it generates me a very nice income with very little effort now, because I've built the systems and everything else. So anyways, if anybody's interested in learning more about that specifically, reach out to support at Semantic Mastery, we've had a couple of people reach out in the last month or so and say that they're interested in possibly joining a paid training group where you where I'll teach how to flip land, it's a great business guys, you can do it virtually from a computer at home, like out of I think I flipped. I don't know, 28, maybe between 20 and 32 properties in the last year and a half. And I've only been to three of them. And it was only for very specific reasons that I went to three of them, I've been able to buy and sell land and make, like I said, on average, on my low end, in fact, this month, I only make 2300. But on my on my low months, it's still a four figure profit. And on my good months, I've made five never made more than 16,000 in a month. But you know, that's a really good income now for three to or excuse me for eight to 10 hours a week of effort. And so again, if anybody's interested in that business, just reach out and say you're interested in land flipping business. And once we get enough interest, I'll put together another group and do some training on that it will be a paid training though, guys, so just keep that in mind. All right, we've got about 12 more minutes. I'm gonna grab the question. Question, though.

It was a good question. And we're weren't attacking you for your vote on another way. No, no. And and it's good. I love this when people call you out. And it's okay, so well, because the proof of a profit is and whether the prophecy comes true. If it doesn't, then the profit is useless, right? So what we say is the results are what matter we need to be able to show results so that people who are in a dress and doubting I understand the doubt man, I understand the doubt. What I'm saying is your focus is wrong. I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm saying the focus that you're giving it is wrong, because we're not interested in HS. And they can show whatever they want. And you could go ahead and share. It's the land some land solutions network, you can share it, you can go look at it, reverse engineer it, because we did a lot of nasty stuff in there a lot of testing, and it's still it's ongoing. We'll get back to it and give it some love man, because we can take over a lot of stuff with the way that it's ranking right now. At any rate, yeah, it's not anything done to you or set to you specifically. It's just that when you when you focus on Ah, they're going to show you what they want majestic what they want SEMrush what they want. I only care about Google. That's all I care about.

Yeah, and just one other thing about that is what's interesting is if you take a look at my site, somebody's got positions here. Oh, look at that son of a bitch anyways. But you can see like sell land fast, Virginia. We buy land Virginia, there's a few other keywords that work really well for ranking. But if you take a look at my site, guys, it's a single page landing page on clickfunnels, which clickfunnels doesn't even give you the ability to optimize the page much there. You can't really optimize the elements and Click Funnels. It's very difficult. But that's it. I mean, it's a very simple site on a wide Firefox has been so slow, but that's it. It's that I mean, there's no content marketing going on there. I've had a syndication network built but I never I don't I don't blog. I don't publish posts. I don't have I'm not doing GMB posts or anything like that. I do a few a handful of press releases per year. And that's it. And that's all I've had to do because look, I'm ranking number one in Virginia for my primary keywords the keywords from because I've run Google ads for this for a year and a half, I know which keywords produce conversions generate leads, those are the only keywords I give a shit about all the other ones I could care less about. It's not a it's not a it's not a you know, a test to see how how many rankings I can get. In this case, it's producing like I said, on the low end, four figures and on the high end five figures per month consistently month in and month out. And it has been for a year and a half. So I'd say it's a success. And I don't spend a lot of time on it anymore. I did four months but it's it's where it is now to where it's on. It's almost on autopilot requires very little my attention. So

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I'm not sure what why am why Oh, niches What does that mean? Do you know what y m y l means?

Marco? You're You're muted

by the way.

What is okay?


I'm sorry. Somebody want to answer that?

Now? I thought I thought it was something else. MF

Global campaign for y m y l niches? I'm not sure what that means. Okay. Um, are these methods suitable for current moments for something outside at the current moment? Excuse me for something outside local marketing? Yeah, of course. I mean, again, like if you I mean, Mark always talks about local is relative, right? Your local can be a neighborhood, a city, a county, a state, a country, or global, it really just depends you local is relative, you know, there, I'm just targeting on a statewide basis, because I found that it doesn't make sense to target like, we buy land Culpepper, Virginia, we buy land, it doesn't make sense to go through all of that additional effort for that particular project. Because again, like and here's the other thing about that project. And tree services, people will go to Google because they got a tree that is overgrown or a dead tree that's in danger of falling on their house or their car or something. So they need that service. So they go to Google, and they search tree service or tree removal, Tree Removal near me or tree removal and whatever their city is, right. But with the landowners and for again, for that business, it's a lot of times these are people that own land that really doesn't haven't even considered selling it, they just pay taxes on it, you know, year in and year out. And so I all of a sudden send them a letter that says, hey, I'm interested in purchasing your vacant land parcel located at whatever, whatever. If you're interested in receiving an all-cash offer, fill out this form at this website, or call this number, which goes to my call center. That's it. And so again, you know, a lot of the times I'm targeting people that have land that doesn't even know that they want to sell it, the ones that do think, well, I've got a piece of land I need to generate some money from there are the ones that go to Google and search for it. But I found again because those are in random areas throughout the state that I'm not specifically targeting and ends up requiring more research on my part. And then it's a market that I'm unsure about whether I can flip it quickly and all that other kind of stuff. So it's that uncertainty is the reason why I don't like those leads as much Don't get me wrong, I'll still make offers on them. But I like the areas that I'm specifically targeting through direct mail those areas better So again, just to kind of explain.

it's just a different model period. So why am while your money or your life. Okay? What is it your money or your life niche? Not sure what that means?

Is It Okay To Optimize Two YouTube Channels For One Money Site

Anyway, so we're gonna move on fit says good agents, I have a client posting on two different YouTube channels, only one optimized, should they optimize both? And add the money to site to both thanks for all you do. Yeah, I guess you could, uh, I don't see how that could hurt anything. As long as it's the same brand. I mean, I guess it depends on what it is that you're doing. What it is that they're doing? If it's the same brand, but like, perhaps two different topics, or for whatever reason, then then yeah, I don't see why that would hurt anything. Um, that's what I would do. I mean, obviously, I need some more details, Fitz, to be able to give you a better answer, then that but I mean, if it's the same brand, I don't see why you couldn't, it wouldn't cause any ambiguity as long as you're not, you know, trying to create two different types of brands for the same company if that makes sense.

What's The Drawback If A Google Drive Folder Is Shared To Anyone With The Link Vs Sharing It Publicly?

So Okay, the next question is a G Drive folder is shared to anyone with the link versus public on the web. What's the drawback? Or is it completely useless to do it that way? Is it thoroughly tested? I've heard it's still good for buffering if you share with anyone with the link, but don't know about entity validation. What's your take? Marco? That's a question for you.

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The link shared folder has no fucking use that has to be public on the web. Really? It has to be it won't pass if you Uh, no. It has to be public on the web man. Hmm. Now, even if you try the iframe that anyone with the link, it has it if you don't do it right, it has a frame breaker. So once you if it has a frame breaker then we were losing all the benefits from what we now know, as our ys Academy reloaded, right? Because that's built upon the power of the iframes and how they work. Okay,

so you're saying his shit has to be public on the web to provide the benefits public and if you can't do it, don't worry. Go to MGYB to order drive second t site from us because we can make it public.

What's The Drawback If A Google Drive Folder Is Shared To Anyone With The Link?

There you go. Rob says thanks, guys. Baby's up. What's up, baby? I was wondering where the hell you are today. He says, Hey, guys, after I asked all the External links variations now it's time for a new wave. So so we're gonna go through several weeks Marco has some other topic but one topic.

Yeah. 1000 ways. Maybe I'm giving you shit, man, we appreciate you, man. There's no there's no question. He says, Does the organization schema have to be on each page or just the home page? What page or post should the organization schema on which should be an article scheme? Okay, that's a great question. And I've recently because of POFU Live and some of the training I've received from there, I started digging into schema more and I only put organization schema as the only schema on the homepage now. But if you understand the connected schema, then you can, you'll still can work organizations schema into like local business schema or into article schema because the organization can be the publisher, there's it's connected schema is like combining schema types, but it has to be done correctly, or else it will ambiguity of the page that multiple schemas are on. So in other words, you have to understand how to connect schema properly, it's not something we're going to cover here, you'd have to go to heavy hitter club, that's you that's the place to be if you want to learn how to do that stuff. I've been learning from Marco and Rob and also doing some research on my own. And I've just recently begun to understand the idea of the concept of connected schema. And so I was actually doing it wrong for a lot of my own local business sites for the last couple of years because I would put organization schema sitewide. And then on location pages, I would have local business schema also. But that actually ambiguous. It's the main entity of that particular page unless you combine them into a connected schema. And then you designate the main entity of the page or you can ref local like for example, local business schema can be the primary schema for a location page, but it can reference the overall parent organization. The same thing for articles schema, Article schema is going the primary entity of the pages the article itself, right. But then you can reference the publisher as an organization, for example, or even the author could be an organization. And that can pull in all of your organization schema with your same as attributes and everything else. You have to learn how to put that together properly. And I didn't know how to do that until after I went through POFU Live. And I got to watch some of our speakers, which by the way, you can buy POFU Live recordings right now. So if you want to get a really good bass training for what connected schema is, and how you can develop this kind of stuff out, go get the POFU Live recordings. And I just want to mention, as I said, I realized after the POFU Live event and hearing some of our guest speakers, that I really needed to step my schema game up. And so I've spent the last several weeks now actually really tightening up my schema on a lot of my lead gen properties. And I'm starting to see some significant results from that already. But as so organization schema can go on all the pages if it's nested within the other schema properly. Otherwise, just put it on your homepage or your about page or both. It can be on both of those even. But for everything else that would have the main entity of the page have that only schema on that particular page only unless you're using connected schemas. So essentially nested schema where it would reference organization schema, hopefully, that didn't confuse a lot of people. Mark, do you want to comment on it before I move on?

parent, child-parent, you can have organization either on the homepage or on the about page don't make both if you're going to do that I prefer it on the own baby to that's where the bot will generally come in and go through the rescue website. So that's what I like. As far as everything else. I mean, no, yeah. Don't ambiguity. You're in big trouble, man. Yeah.

Yeah. And that's the thing. Like if you have multiple schemas on a page, and they're not, you can actually main entity of page that's it. That's an attribute that's a type that you can designate so that you can specify which one it is but if you're using connected schema, or like you said Parent-Child, nested schema is another term for it, then it should validate correctly. Anyway. But yeah, it's an interesting man, I didn't realize how much I was missing drugs and data world until we had the poker live event. Now, that was my main takeaway. And I've told that to everybody. I was like, my main takeaway was I need to step my schema game up. And so I spent and I'm still just scratching the surface, Robin, and Marco, and heavy hitter clubs where you want to go for all of that stuff. Guys, there's no question. It's what we're teaching a heavy hitter, man.

Yep. All right.

Last thing, I'm just gonna answer the part two real quick. And then we've got to wrap it up. He says, What if the homepage is general info, the representation of the brand, sort of, and then there is long-form post, which is targeted for the main service, keyword example tree removal, how to place schemas there. Yeah. So again, that would be I would consider that article schema. And you can also nest within article schema services, right? You can mention service. You can even have like offer catalogs, all that kind of stuff. Again, it's a, it can get very, very complex. So you have to understand what it is that you're doing. But I would say like a main like service page where with an article that talks about services, you could create a service schema type, but I don't think that's as valuable. And I don't know, maybe Marco can answer that. Or maybe this isn't the proper place to answer that. But I'm testing right now with some of my Tree Service sites having the like Tree Removal page, for example, marked up as a service page. And then I've got others that are article pages with nested services in it. I think the article page with a nested service is the proper way to go but I don't know and that's why I'm kind of testing and comparing right now. Mark Oh, am I am I revealing too much or what?

Yeah. Because that's stuff I mean, how we, how we create the relationships and and how we stack the schemas. What it's what's dealt with in the heavy hitter club.

There you go. So that was a tease, go go join heavy hitter club guys. It's inexpensive, and it's totally worth it if you want that kind of technical knowledge. So all right. Thanks, everybody for being here. We got to wrap it up. Everyone knows next week. Thanks, guys.

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