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By April

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All right, and we are live Welcome everybody to Hump Day hangouts number 312. For those of you who have a calculator in front of you, or your smartphone, you can take 320 divided by 52. And you get the number six. This is six year anniversary of Hump Day Hangouts. So technically, it's a little bit over six years going strong, because there's been some very rare exceptions to this. But we're calling this the six Year Anniversary Show. We have got a lot of good stuff. I'm going to go into some of the fun stuff we're going to do today on top of answering the questions which I can see a bunch more coming in. So we want to leave enough time for that as well. But real quick, say hi to the guys and yeah, guys, if you have anything to add about the six year anniversary and your experiences through it, by all means have a have a go at it. So I'll just kind of go around here on my screen and Marco your first man up.

Am I I'm usually laugh. Well, here I am. What's up everybody? Six years, six years. And I know I missed last week. But I posted a picture. So you guys can see it's sunny and warm. And I was at the beach and I had lots of fun. And in the middle of the rainy season, we only had rain one day really bad weather wet rain, most of the morning and it was the morning that I left. Other than that the mornings were fantastic. A couple hours of rain in the afternoon, then back in the pool. So I'm you can't beat it.

Sorry about that. Get some? What's up? Come get some or not. How about you? I guess you're headed into some nice warm weather nowadays, aren't you? Yeah, man. It's actually pretty nice out there. And it's getting nice and warm and sunny, shining. So everything is great. And being in Miami for two weeks, that was pretty cool to actually break, break up a little bit with a routine that a lot of networking and super excited to be here and got one of these as well, which is you know what's waiting for me in Miami. So that was pretty awesome. And yeah, man, life's good. Excited to be here. Six years ago, I wouldn't have imagined that we will be keep on doing this thing that always call him the hang up. And it's been, it's been quite a ride. And it's you know, and it's also been the number one source of I, you know, I'm inclined to say the number one source of awareness and leads and everything that Semantic Mastery has to offer. So this stuff works. That's why we keep on doing it because it works to bring leads and if you put your best content out there, people will come and respect you and buy your stuff so that we're kind of a testimonial that this type of approach works. So I'm really excited to be here. Good stuff. All right, Chris, about you, man. thing. Good. Glad to be here today.

Six years of Hump Day. Unbelievable. Wow. Yeah. How are you doing today? Ah, not bad. I'm doing really good. I was excited about this. I was like, man, I wished at the last minute I forgot. I wish I had like the birthday kind of hat like the cone. But I didn't have anything. I was like looking in the closet. The last minute I was like, I'll do something fun for we'll do some fun stuff for the holidays over Christmas. But yeah, I'm going backpacking after this that has nothing to do with Hump Day Hangouts. But I generally go out for a run. And then I was like, You know what, we're gonna go and answer the door, there might be a wine delivery. So Bradley wants to tell everyone how you're doing. And I'm going to go get that real quick. Right on. Because the birthday cake, six year anniversary episode, 312 52 weeks per year times 312. That's fucking insane. And we've only, like I've missed two Hump Day Hangouts, I think in six years, and they were basically scheduled, like time off. So that's pretty consistent. I'm proud of that, guys. And I know we say this often, we probably don't say it often enough, you know, we truly enjoy doing this every week, or else we wouldn't have done it for six years for free. It's a it's been a lot of fun. And, you know, I really do enjoy coming here and doing this every single week. So thank you all for making this, you know, possible for us to do this for six years. And here's to another six, I hope.

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Outstanding. I couldn't agree more. I was gonna say the same thing. So I'll just pile on what Bradley said. It's fun seeing the questions and the ton of just the wide variety of stuff we cover. So I did want to touch before we dive into it. We got a few things going on. And I'm pulling up our notes. We wanted to do some fun giveaway. So Marco, do you want to tell them about yours first?

Yeah, best question today and you have to be live for this. Be here at the end. I will select the best question today. And I will give away 30 minutes of my time for consultation. Or you can ask me anything. I mean it literally you can come on for half an hour and just ask away and I'll answer what I can't guys.

Charge 1500 dollars per hour, or any part thereof. So that's what I'm giving away because you're here to celebrate our sixth anniversary because we're here to help people, right? We're here to help people. That's why we decided to do Hump Day Hangouts, it was our way of giving back. It wasn't really, I mean, we didn't think we would generate, like this kind of buzz and as many people as we've gotten into the mastermind over the years, nobody could have expected this six years ago, but we wanted to have a way of giving back. So there it is, I'm giving someone 1500 bucks on me outstanding. And to follow up on that I'm keeping an eye on the live viewers and on our YouTube channel. If we get over 100 Live, what we're going to do is we're going to give a 50% SEO shield discount based on a random drawing. And then we're, the rest of us are going to pick a couple of questions that we like, based just on the question itself, and we're going to give away two or access for two people into two x your agency. You can find out more about that on the sidebar, or go to two x your agency.com. So go tell your friends go tell your friends who lives and we get to 100 that's gonna be pretty, pretty cool. That's right. That's right. That's right. All right, all we got to do is see that number 200. So get your friends and family to come jump on Hump Day hangouts briefly, but yeah, subscribe. I'm saying your YouTube channel to help us stay free help us stay live. subscribe to that channel. push that button. Yeah, that said that's for sure. And guys, we have several people here it looks like that from the just came off the webinar we did for Mike Martin, Mike Martin and his mastermind group and Marco and I just spent two hours a little over two hours with those guys. It was great. It was a lot of fun. We were talking about the SEO shield. So welcome to all of you. This happens every single week. Again, this is 312 episodes and running. So please feel free to join us every week and post your questions and by the way you subscribe to our YouTube channel so you get notified of updates also, uh you know you can post questions ahead of time and we'll get to them and you don't have to attend live you can always it's certainly great if you do attend live but if you can't we understand but we can still answer your questions if you post them at a time you can always watch the replay.

Awesome well just want to say real quick before we get into the questions which we're going to dive into. If you are new like Bradley was saying welcome is one of the best places you can get started is to check out the free training available at the SEO shield.com that's th e the SEO shield calm you can find out more about shielding your site and never worrying about algorithm updates again we also highly recommend grabbing the battle plan we used to sell that for $100 we cut that down a lot you can check that out a battle plan dot semantic mastery comm we wanted everyone to have easy access to that it alone is a high value in within that area we included a membership area with ton of additional video training if you want to dive deeper into some areas we've got all of that so you can either get exactly what you want, or you can get way more than that for pay and nothing more so head over to battle plan dot semantic mastery comm to grab that and for those of you who already have a digital marketing business, the mastermind may be the place for you to network with others like you to get firsthand access to us as well as other members who are growing their agencies consultancies or their online businesses. You can find out more about that at mastermind.semanticmastery.com And last but not least mg y be head over there it's mg y v.co that's done for you services whether it's the SEO field syndication networks our way s drives decks link building press releases and a lot more stuff head over there check it out it's what we preach because it's what we do save time white label get this heavy lifting stuff done some by someone else us so that you can then get the good results with it and spend time growing your business not working in it all the time. or non space just popped on here. I wonder if he had something you want to say are you just wanting to be here man?

All right, well, I'll wrap up my spiel I just want to make sure because I know every week we have you know people joining us who don't know where they should start exactly where to go. So again, just a quick rundown the SEO Battle Plan, battleplan.semanticmastery.com, Mastermind, mastermind.semanticmastery.com
and mgyb.co.

Alright, guys, if that isn't yet last thing before we get into the questions, uh, are we allowed to talk about syndication Academy at all? No, no, no. Yes. Yeah, absolutely. Should we talk about bringing on our, our cohort with all that and like just kind of teased a little bit, okay. So So what it is is Syndication Academy's process being updated guys. It's going to be awesome. We're going to be version three that we're going to be launching or 3.0 or whatever, whatever we decide to call it. But essentially, it's the third iteration of Syndication Academy. It's in progress. Now. We will be launching that soon. I don't know when exactly but soon, and it's going to be way better than it has been in the past for various reasons, but we're going to have continual updates on a regular basis.

got somebody that is going to be doing, taking over kind of the training aspect of it, as you know, under our guidance, but it's going to be great. I think most of our audience will appreciate the new member of the team. And we're excited to bring, bring her in to introduce her to you guys in the coming weeks. And she'll be joining us on Hump Day hangouts once or twice a month also, just to kind of help answer questions and things like that she's going to be very active in the Facebook group. And it's, it's going to be a lot of fun. And I think it's going to be really great. You know, syndication Academy was what was our like, flagship product, it's really what put us on the map of Semantic Mastery. And it's, you know, it hasn't changed a lot. The interfaces of the web to Dotto properties have changed. But the the foundation, the fundamental principle of how why it works hasn't changed at all. And we launched that product, and I think 2013. So think about that, or 2014, one of the two, so it's six or seven years old, but it hasn't changed. But we're going to update the training. It's in progress now to where everything will be new and current. And then we're going to be doing continue updates on a regular basis. So we encourage you guys to check out syndication Academy, and be on the lookout for the updates that are coming. Well, we wanted to give people extra value, right? more value for their buck. So she's gonna be there in the Facebook group answer questions. She's gonna be there comments, concerns, if you have a particular website, maybe you find a great website, you don't know how to really go into that website. You tell her she go and look at it, do the update, she's going to be doing update webinars, she's gonna be doing everything. She's really cool. She's fantastic. And I think I think that this is gonna be really good when it launches, then.

Yeah, me too. So I'm excited about it. Alright, guys, let's go ahead and get into questions. I'm gonna grab the screen and make sure I've got all my not safe for work, tabs closed.

Alright, I'm kidding. All right, real quick. I have a funny story about that. So I do the productivity stuff on the side. And I had a video. And I'm getting better as I go. I it's funny looking back videos I did for Semantic Mastery, for productivity for this other stuff. And like years ago, like I remember the first one I did for Semantic Mastery. I was like, I didn't show my face was just screenshare. I'm like, Hey, this is this is Adam moody. You should look at this. And like it's really cringe worthy. But like that's, you know, you got to go through that stuff to get better, right? And somebody commented on one of my videos is just vicious, right? It's YouTube. And I was doing a review on a mind mapping tool. They're like, yeah, maybe you should use the tool to organize your thoughts. So you don't just Bumble your way through this.

Yeah, like, you know what I thought about it. I was like, Aaron, thank you like,

So anyways, please, please continue. Yeah, if you want to see some embarrassing stuff, go back and look at the first few episodes of Hump Day Hangouts. And like how awful that I was. I was approaching 300 pounds at that time. So like, I was a lot different. I'm a, you know, two thirds the man I used to be.

Yeah, we it was it was pretty awful. I mean, don't get me wrong, like it was it was fine, even back then. But we've certainly got a lot a lot more comfortable on webinars. I think so.

All right. I'm finally on camera after six years. Yeah. Groundhog Day. All right. Let me grab the screen.

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What Are Your Thoughts On Map Geo Networks From An SEO And GMB Standpoint?

Okay, we should see it. So you guys are seeing my screen, correct? Yes. All right. Let's see where we're at. Looks like we're starting with Jonah says hi guys. A term that I've heard a lot about recently and local SEO is map geo networks. What exactly are they are based on your experience? Do they offer much value from an SEO and GMB standpoint? Thank you. I don't know what a map geo network is. Does anybody else have any idea what that is? No, no, that's something that that we do. We do what's in local GMB Pro. Right that that is? Yeah, well, but in conjunction if we if needed. Some people just like to work from the GMB but obvious as you look for more targets of course, you need that SEO power shield to complement it add more power and everything else that we have to offer. But I'm sorry, I need you guys know that that map geo network, Adam Hernandez, Chris, anybody? Not am I and no, that's about it. Nope. Yeah. Yeah, I'm interested. I mean, I'm curious as to what that specifically means. Now I know. You know, we've experimented with and used like driving directions creating driving directions maps, that works for adding relevancy for oftentimes, it's more for In my opinion, it works better for storefront businesses. So point of sale business businesses where the customers come to the business instead of the service area businesses where the business goes to the customers because when you do a service area business, you could create like driving directions maps to kind of help optimize for locations but you know, your if you have a service area business, you unpublish your street address, right. So, you guess you can use like center for wherever your business is physically located. Come on guys, a lot of the lead gen stuff that we do are spammed GMB listing. So we hide the address anyways, you know what I mean? But my point is like, you know, driving directions, if that's what you mean. Also, like in RYS Academy, we use my maps. And there's a lot of really cool ninja stuff that you can do with my maps too. But as far as what a map geo network is, I'm not familiar with that. So I'm sorry, I can't really comment on it. No,

How Do You Fill Out The MGYB Info Form If You Want To Setup The SEO Shield For A Multi-Location Project?

Noel says, I bought the SEO shield. And I want to set it up for a local multilocation project in the state of New Jersey, how shall I fill out the info form for that? So I provide the info about the main location NAP anyways? Or shall I leave these fields blank? Yeah, okay, that's great question. If you have, you know, a multi location business and one of your locations is your primary location, or headquarters or main office, or whatever you want to call it, which typically there is one that's going to be the main location, then yeah, you can set up your original SEO shield order with that being the NAP, the brand, and then you know, the NA p listed on that. And then for each subsequent location, you want to use an ri s expansion stack, right. So use the ry s expansion service, and then you add your na p details, your keyword specific to those look that location into those orders. So essentially, you'll have your main brand, with its current na p if it's got, you know, if it's associated with one, there's another way that you could do it is to create like your main drive stack g site, where it's just brand and keyword but no location. And then you could have subject, you know, our ys expansions for each location thereafter. But if you have one location, that is like considered a primary location or the headquarters, then you can make that as you know, associate dnap, or that specific location with the primary drive stack and G site like that. Because Because again, it's kind of like your, your first location, your primary location, that's perfectly acceptable as well. So you can do it one of either ways, just keep in mind that what you want to do after you've built that initial stack, or, you know, had it built for you is to do the ROI expansions for each additional location. Does that make sense? Anybody want to comment on that? I was perfect.

How Do You Deliver Stagnant Results To A Client?

Moving on, Mohammed. Mohammed has been with us for a long, long time. And we're always glad to have you, Mohamed, thank you for being here. He says, Hey, guys, more of a communication question here. How do you deliver worst, unexpected or even stagnant results to a client? What I mean is, what do you do when something isn't going your way during your service for the client? And they asked for an explanation, I just tell them, you know, I think honestly, the best policy guys always have when it comes to client work, even if it's a bitter pill to swallow, so to speak, it might be difficult sometimes to have conversations when things don't work out. But um, I just, you know, I think honesty goes a long way. Because sometimes you can salvage a relationship by just being honest, because people aren't used to that I found, especially in our industry. So, you know, you can always say, look, we've tried this, and I can understand why I'm not being able to get results. Here's what I proposed as an alternative or something like that. Oftentimes, you will end up losing that client. That's, that's been my experience. But sometimes you can, you know, they're they're willing, because of the honesty, and the communication is good, they're willing to attempt to something else. You know, that that happens. I'll give you a current example, I took on a client about seven or eight weeks ago now in a landscaping and Tree Service Company. And I, you know, I try to just stick with Tree Service stuff, especially now after taking on this newer client that does, they also do landscaping, landscape design, lawn care services, outdoor pest control, which I've got another client in that industry anyways, and irrigation stuff like lawn sprinkler systems and stuff. So there was like multiple other like service categories that I am not familiar with, because I've not done SEO for those types of services. And so they hired me to do SEO as well as manage their Google Ads campaign. And so for the outside of the tree services, like I've got those Google ads, you know, narrow, I've got those on point, don't I mean, like, I understand those, because I've been doing it for so long. When it comes to like landscaping, lawn care, irrigation services, and all that kind of stuff. It's taking longer to dial that those ads campaigns in than I expected, and the conversion rates are terrible. And I'm not 100% sure why. And so that's, and that's a newer client, too. And I've already had to have that conversation with them as to why you know, why we're not seeing conversions for the ad spend. And so I'm actually shifting strategies away from doing search PPC, and doing some more branding type stuff such as YouTube ads, Google Display Network ads, and things like that, which are a lot less expensive. And since we weren't getting conversions on the PPC, the search PPC campaigns anyways, it's like you know, we're spending money and not getting results. So why not spend money on more of a branding approach which is keeping that brand in front of people.

so that when they are ready to make that purchase decision, so anyways, my point in telling you that Muhammad was that, you know, that's a newer client. And so that's a tough conversation to have with a new client say, Look, I don't know why this ads campaigns not producing results. But you're right, we, you know, you spent, you know, however much money on ad spend in the last month, and it's not really produced. So let's try a different approach. This is what I suggest. And they were on board with that. So in my opinion, or they may, excuse me, in my experience, that's, you know, always be honest with the client, if something is baffling you, you know, just explain that. And hopefully, you can salvage a relationship. If not, they might cut you loose, and that very well may happen, Mohamad. But that's kind of, you know, learn from it and move on. That's all I can say. Anybody else? Yeah, before I can give him any advice on how to deal with this, I need more information. Because it this is this is very, it's wide open to speculation. How did you deliver worse than expected? First of all, over what period of time has this been? Has it always been worse than expected? Or have you been delivering results? When you say stagnant results? What do you mean by stagnant results? you're producing results. And and they they haven't peaked? That you you kind of hit a plateau, but you're consistently delivering results, or you're just not delivering results? If you are delivering results, maybe you need to reframe the, the conversation, if you're not delivering the results, then my question to you would be why haven't you delivered the result? So that needs to be looked into? But before any of this can be answered? At least from my point of view correctly? I need to know like over what period of time, Has it always been worse than expected results or stagnant results? Or did you deliver results at some point? And then now you're not? Right. There's a lot of things here that are not explained. That would require a different answer.

Hernan Yeah, I agree, I agree with what you guys said, like, I think it's a matter of managing expectations, right?

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It all comes down to that like, and it's something that I'm trying to become better add as well like managing expectations from the get go telling the clients Hey, listen, you know, we're going to be working together, you're going to be a partnership, we're going to be working together for a couple months, 3456 months, like, however long it takes, this is a partnership. And if this doesn't work, then you try something else. And if that doesn't work, then you try something else. And then if that doesn't work, then you try something else. I think that totally being upfront with the client as to how things are going, things are not going and whatnot. I think that that's pretty cool. Like we, as entrepreneurs tend to, you know, be really optimistic, and we tend to overestimate what we can do for the client. Because, you know, you're excited about about getting a new client and all of that, I think that having an upfront conversation, it's a good idea. But also, I think it's it's our responsibility as agency owners, or business owners to be surrounded with people that can help out, right, it is our responsibility. Like, I'm part of masterminds. I'm part of groups, I'm part of communities that I pay for every single month. So I can go in and say, Hey, guys, this is the scenario that I'm going through with this client, what do you guys recommend, right, and then I will get a lot of input and a lot of, you know, good ideas as to what to try with the client. So it is I think it is my responsibility as a business owner, to be part of those communities and have those resources ready, in case, you know, shit hits the fan, which it will for one client or the next and whatnot. So I think that i think that that's, that's, that's the position that you need to be in and invest some of your money to actually be in that position. But other than that, I'm, you know, I'm straightforward with the clients, I would rather not take a client, like, for instance, right now, I get a lot of people searching me or coming my way for Facebook ads, right. And there's a lot of hype, a lot of hype, when it comes to Facebook ads, like people promising the word people promising that or, you know, and it happens with SEO as well, like people saying, Yeah, we're gonna rank in one month for 50 keywords for $500 a month. And that's Bs, you know, that's Bs, for the most part, like it is right. And so I tend to be conservative when I'm talking to a client like really, really conservative and rent really over deliver, right. So that's the position that you want to be in because with the stuff that Marco is showing, with the stuff that Bradley's showing, you can get those type of results. When you don't want to tell the client right? You wanna, you want to surprise them in a good way you want to tell them, hey, listen, this is gonna take time, but then you know that you have, you know, the tool in your toolbox to actually go ahead and give them results in a faster than anyone else way. So that's my approach to this. I think that that, that you need to be upfront with the client and just just do it, you know? Totally.

Yeah, totally agree with what they've said and I, the thing I tried to do and the words I've used before and still do you know, things happen. Manage expectations, but say, you know, if you were in their spot, what would you want to hear? And and, you know, that just helps you maintain the course of Yes, transparency and let them know, hey, if something went wrong, that's what's going to happen, you work towards letting that not happen and you hope to manage expectations, but things go wrong. And you know, you can turn a client who feels burned to a client who, hey, this didn't work out well, but maybe those still refer people to you, because they understood that you know, something went wrong, you are honest about it, you know, you talked through it, you didn't work through it, or they decided not to continue, but they were, you know, I would respect someone who says, Hey, I tried, here's what happened, things didn't work out. You know, what do you want to do from here? You know, we can either try these things, or, you know, I understand if you don't want to continue working, and that type of person, I'd be like, well, I would certainly consider, you know, talking to them. If I understood their process, maybe and, you know, they change things. And we did things differently. But the person who tries to say, Oh, well, this is actually Okay, and is trying to blow smoke up my ass. I'm not going to work with them again. Yeah. Yeah. And I think that's really good. Like I said, I think honesty goes a long way in this in this industry. And sometimes, I mean, you're gonna sometimes you still lose the, the client, and that's fine, but you'll still be able to sleep better at night, knowing that you were honest, you know, at least I do.

What Is The Best Way To Use SEO Shield And Press Release To Rank Client's GMB And Money Site Quickly?

So, alright, so the next question is general dentist in the metro region of 1 million population with a dozen competing dentists within one mile. So what's the best way to use the SEO shield and press releases to get the clients GMB and money site to rank quickly and get the phone ringing? Um, well, with press releases, you know, you can get results with press releases. rather quickly. If you do the press release silo like PR silo stacking, right, we did a free webinar on that. You can see that mg y b.co. The webinars tab, you can also go to Semantic Mastery YouTube channel. So youtube.com slash Semantic Mastery, use the channel search features search for press release SEO or PR silo stalking or any one of those terms. And you'll see the webinar that we did Marco and I, that works really, really well. What we found over cuz it's like the local PR pro method, right? That's one of the courses that we have is local PR Pro.

And it changed slightly from the original training. And that's part of the reason we did that webinar about the press release silo stacking, because you can silo press releases together and mirror sites. silo architecture from your money site. Just like you know, it's when we talk about theme mirroring all the time, right. And again, that was network Empire taught me about theme mirroring many years ago, and is more relevant today than it was then in my opinion. And so you know, you can mirror the silo structure from like blog posts within a silo using press releases, and that works incredibly well. Same thing with GMB posts by the way. So and you can use those in conjunction if you're trying to rank the GMB right you can publish GMB posts that are siloed together, daisy chained together, right and then you can use press releases to promote the GMB posts which ultimately promotes the Google My Business profile. So, you know, those work really well. The key with the press release silos that I found, especially for something like what you're talking about here, with a general dentist in a metro region with a dozen competing dentists within a one mile radius is it it's probably going to take multiple press releases within that stack or that silo, in order for you to get results. Press Releases will work great for that. But you might need to do half a dozen or more to get any results and in quick succession to so you know, that's a great option. Like you know, somebody that has a press advantage account their own account and has a lot of credits, or maybe picked up one of the subscription offers when we had those available for 12 done for you or 10 done for you on a month like then you could use scheduled or published press releases in quick succession. And you'll get results from that rather quickly. But to to outside of press releases when using the SEO shield. Remember, it's about on page First of all, haven't good on page structure. And then second of all, it's just how much how aggressive Can you be with your off page to the SEO showed? Now let Marco pick up there because, you know, in certain cases where you don't have a lot of control over the on page, which happens, you can still brute force it using the SEO shield. It just requires a lot more off page a lot more aggressive off page strategy. So Margot, what would you say? Alright, from this, if he's looking to do is that three pack? Right GMB? didn't look local GMB Pro, local GMB pro to start, get those posts going on a regular basis, see how many you need to do per day or per week, per month, whatever it is to trigger the phone calls to start getting into that three pack to maybe take over some knowledge panels, but that's going to require stacked post silo post. Once you have that in place, and you should be mimicking right ready to set or theme mirroring what you're doing on the website. So this is a specific service that you want to push General Dentistry for just as an example. You should have a general dentistry stack

In your GMB's, and once you have that, then you push that press release back to that, which is going over to your website, but your website has to be siloed correctly also so that everything flows properly. Once you hit that with the press of these, then you hit those when link building the press release the post, and your drive second G site to all push power over to your money site where you're going to have that Google Google My Business map embedded iframe so that everything flows back into the GMB. That's how you're going to pop that into into that three pack lots of local images and I can for a dentist, I've been racking my brain about this question, because what images can you show like outside of the dentist's office other than a dentist's office to show the services about the desk? Well, you might want to just show geolocation near the desk, right one mile radius from the dentist, where you might be at at a competitor's office, but you're talking about the other dentist that the image that you're uploading is to the other dentist, you'll you'll have people who come to the dentist upload images and say, Oh, thanks, Doc for a great smile, just whatever you can reviews also work. Link building to the reviews, and I'm not going to give something away that that's fantastic. Right now, that's going to be an update to local GMB Pro. But guys, local GMB Pro, then local PR Pro, then you start hammering, then you do the iframes plus the link building, everything is a madness, a reason to the madness, there's a reason for everything, everything works in conjunction, if your money site isn't siloed correctly for those silos, then it's not going to work correctly. Because you're not going to push the power back the way that you're supposed to, you're not gonna start building that power the way that you're supposed to, you're not gonna pop the three pack the way that you're supposed to, or the knowledge panel, everything works in conjunction. So thinking that you're just going to do it with with the with the SEO power shield, which you can, it's kind of missing the point of all of the power you should be pushing, right? If you only do the SEO power shield, the amount of power that you have to push is exponential. Right? So it's going to require a whole lot more than just an SEO shield. And it's going to require a whole lot more than probably one link building order. Or one press release stack is going to take multiples, and it's going to take multiple images. And it's going to take consistency over time. And then link building consistently over time.

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Yeah, and just expand on that briefly. You know, Marga just hit the nail on the head, like, you know, I'm not in the dentist industries at all. So I don't know if these would be proper silos, but because I don't even know if General Dentistry would have I guess it would have, you know, could be a silo. And then there could be like cosmetic dentistry, for example, I don't know that you're, all I'm saying is create a silo on the site, right? Exactly like what Marco said, then once you have that, right, you can create the same mirror that same type of silo structure with GMB posts, just as Marco said, then you can also do the press release. PR silo stack the same way, right. So it's mirrored exactly the same way interlinked, the same way that you did the blog posts on the money site, then the G site, you can mirror all of those, right, each one of the pieces of content you publish on your blog, you can create a page or sub page within that silo on the G site, and embed the blog post embed the G bet GMB post, and embed the PR press release. Right, you don't even need any new content for the G site, right, you just add you embed those pieces of content that you produce that are all interlinked. And the perfect silo structure, you know, the internal linking the the link wheel that we create with our silos, now you've got a G site page with those properties embedded and you can just hammer those with link build link building gigs. And that's that's how you get results. And not again, some additional power you can pull in, we just talked about this on the mike Martin webinar earlier today. But the blog posts that you were publishing for that silo that are interlinked correctly, also going to syndicate out to your syndication network, right. It's part of the SEO shield, go grab those post URLs, put those in or embed them into the pages on the G site. So you understand now you're taking the theme mirroring of each one of the silo from your main money site, that's your point of origin. And you're mirroring that into all of the other properties in the SEO and then the G site ultimately, and that that becomes your link building target, right. So you can power up every single one of those pieces of content, they were all mirrored correctly and interlinked properly, so that all the juice flows exactly where you want it to, to the top level page that you want to rank for, in this case, your GMB profile for general dentistry and whatever location you're in. So again, you can get really creative and that's the beautiful thing I love about we just talked about this, like I said with the mike Martin crew that I love about the SEO shield is that you don't have to go that deep into mirroring all of your assets like that. You only do that if needed. You know what I mean? So my point is I always start with top level mirroring. And then as I determine what level of competition is and how much it's going to take, I can go deeper into the mirroring process as needed. And get to all the way down to that really granular point that I was just talking about where you can take all of the different pieces of content for that particular silo and mirror that onto the G site and just embed all of those iframe all those different pieces of content into their corresponding one to one ratio pages on the G site, right, and then just hammer their way with that if needed. Again, I don't do that on. That would be an enormous amount of work if you had to do that for every keyword, every post everything else. So I don't do that. I only do that when absolutely necessary. But you've got a lot of options available, right? A lot of tricks up your sleeve that you can pull out when needed.

Last but not least, I forget that the schema on the website on the pages on the service all have to be correct. Because if you're messing up the schema of the schema isn't right. If there's any ambiguity between him and another dentist, you're in a whole lot of trouble. If you want to learn more about entity and technical SEO and how to put this all together, join the heavy hitter club. We'll be happy to help you out. Man. that's a that's a really good question. Yeah, fantastic question. Might be a winner. Maybe.

What Is The Best Way To Push Footprint To Get Into The Client Into The GMB Local Pack Further From His Location?

Next question. Tom Yeah, let's roll through it. Guys. If we have time for a second question. Once we get him to rank in the GMB immediately around his location, what is the best way to push that footprint to get him to the GMB to get him in the GMB local pack further and further from his location? Local GMB pro does I mean the methods that we teach in there is specifically for that very reason that you just asked about. It's about expanding the footprint and part of the reason we did that was because local GMB Pro is about expanding the footprint for a GMB location. Right. Whereas, you know, we've done other training, we don't sell this anymore, but we we call it local lease Pro, which was about getting multiple GM B's. But you know, when when Google's gone through in phases, like they have in cycles where they go on a rampage of suspending gmds which right now is one of those times I wouldn't recommend making edits in GM B's at all. I've experienced the suspension in the last two weeks or so myself. So you know, if you can't secure new GM B's, which is an easier way in my opinion when it's available when that method is available to us, then you can with work with the local GMB pro method you can expand that footprint from so that your maps profile your GMB profile can rank in maps packs outside of your immediate physical location, if that makes sense. And again, there's the specific methods are tied in local GMB Pro. It takes consistency though, and and it does take some time for you to build that authority to where you can rank in adjacent areas because the way that the maps results are being displayed now as a proximity filter or proximity.

You know, they the GMB wants to return businesses that are physically located in close proximity to where the searcher is at the time that they perform the search. It can be overpowered, but it does take consistent effort and time to to make that happen.

Especially Yeah, this is especially important in dentistry. If you're an emergency dentist, you're never going to go too far out from from your radius, because nobody wants to be an hour away from the dentist when when you have that today. But if you have a cosmetic dentist, now you'll go out of your way to find a really good or cosmetic surgeon for that matter, right?

When they have to whatever do a bone graft in your mouth or whatever, you will go out of your way to find the best one, not not that one not a good one close by. So you really have to pay attention to what you're doing general will probably include a an emergency dentist somewhere in there. And I'd be careful when you're trying to extend it too much where it won't make sense to the person that's getting that display because then you will be displayed to people who will not take action and that can be a negative negative signal.

Adam, if you guys are done with the question, I got something but I wanted to let you wrap that up. Sure. All right. So we wanted to interrupt this important broadcast to let you guys know we mentioned that we were going to give away to or access to two people for two x your agency and you guys can see that on the sidebar there you can go to 2xyouragency.com. Let's see I this is a pretty clear cut case of the squeaky wheel sometimes gets the grease. So let me find the name here. I think it was our Vorhees. So I'm gonna direct message you and we're going to get you access you were just asking you have an agency what's the best course to get you started? And so this is going to be the place to get you started go through to x your agency we're going to give you free access and then you should definitely come join the mastermind after that. All right. So I'll dm you in a minute and then Hernan you have you pick someone else for the second one right? Yeah, green Rhino. We got green Rhino somewhere around

So do you want to miss it? Do you want to? Yeah, I'll shoot him a message to both you and then what we're going to do is have you guys contact support and we will get you access right away. So Marco is going to be doing an announcement here towards the end picking his best question. And with that, let's get back to the questions. Awesome. It's like Christmas in. Well, November. Whoo. Yay.

What Is The Best Course To Get Help With Running An SMM/Traffic Agency?

Our Vorhees was just on our I recognize that more, I think is Robert. Anyways, he was just on the mike Martin webinar. So again, welcome, by the way, that's pretty cool that you joined and got something free join Hump Day Hangouts and got got picked a winner. That's pretty cool. Anyways, uh, so he says, I have an agency what is the best course or should get me to help me running with SSM traffic agency? Well, two extra agencies more about growing your agency, prospecting and such. I mean, don't get me wrong, we talked about the pipeline, there's three parts to extra agency pipeline results and scaling like essentially, you know, filling your pipeline with prospects, then getting results, which is just using, you know, depending on what what it is that you're offering, if SEO and traffic generation is part of what you do, I don't do social media marketing for any of my clients other than we post you know, from we publish blog posts to their blog, which syndicates out to the syndication network properties. So that's, that's about the extent of what I do for social media marketing for, for my, my clients. But I do you know, SEO, and traffic generation, well, if you're, if you're doing good at SEO, you're gonna generate traffic and other methods too. But um, but SEO is certainly a great way to generate traffic. So you know, to x, your agency will be good for you. But as as Adam said, you know, mastermind is where you get access, it's about business building. It's if you want strictly SEO, stuff, go to heavy hitter club. If you want more about business building and more general knowledge, where we get into SEO, as well as pretty much anything else you want to cover. That's what the mastermind is for our semantic mastery. Um, I'm going to recommend, he's already getting to X ray agency. So you guys giving him a flying, start, rather than a head start. I'm going to say, the semantic mastery mastermind and the heavy hitter club, because he has an agency, and he should have people helping him he shouldn't you shouldn't be a one man band. Right, you should have a VA or more that I help you run your agency because if not, you are a bottleneck. Because you have to take care of everything. You don't have processes in place, or you do have processes, but you can't implement them fast enough for you to cover all of the clients that you need to cover, especially if you're good and you're already getting results for your clients. So I'm going to say mastermind mastermind comm and let us help you build your agency and to the heavy hitter club, where you are your VA, if you should choose your VA can go and learn the technical SEO aspects aspects that you need to get results. And not only that, if you join the mastermind, you get a deep discount for the heavy hitter club. And it's better than if you were not to join the mastermind and only joined the heavy hitter club, you get a better discount by joining the mastermind.

Yeah, and you get a lot of our products that, you know, included in mastermind our significant discounts on some of those that we collaborated with others. So there's a lot of benefits for that.

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How Important Is It To Protect An IP Address Or Footprint When Logging Into Different GMB Accounts?

So Okay, moving on. Next one is from Robert says, How important is it to protect IP address or footprint when logging into different GMB accounts? Does Google care? should we care? You know, it's not it's not the IP, it's the browser, right? It's no longer an IP issue. It's it's the the browser that creates the issue. For example, you should be using ghost browser or some sort of, you know, cache keeper or or, you know, profile keeper ghost browser is the one that we recommend right now.

We used to recommend something else, but it's been, you know, not been supported for quite some time. So anyways, Ghost browser, go check it out. semantic mastery, comm slash ghost browser. It's inexpensive, but that's great. And here's here's the thing, because of public Wi Fi being so prevalent, right? There's, you know, dozens and sometimes hundreds or even thousands of devices logging into the same IP, right, from a public Wi Fi or whatever. So it's not that it's not the IP that triggers like it used to years ago, right? We used to we used to always have to use proxies and all that kind of stuff where else it would trigger just from logging in like this, like from different accounts through the same IP, it could trigger you know, IP locks or re verification issues and all that kind of stuff. I don't experience any of that now at all. I use a the old the old profile keeper, it's called browse eo that's what I'm still using. I'm still waiting for the fucking update to come through. That's supposed to been a year ago now. Anyways, it's outdated. It's the only reason I'm still using it because I got so many damn profiles in there that all have their own search history, and everything else built up the ideas and Ghostbrowser will do that. And that's updated regularly. So ghost browser is what we recommend. Now, I don't use a ghost browser just because like I said, I got so much of my business already integrated into the browser to platform that I wish I wasn't. So married to. Anyway, my point is, I'm logged in. And same I don't use proxies at all. And I've got dozens and dozens, if not over 100 different profiles that I log into fairly regularly from the same IP. But each each time I log in that session is the previous session is restored. In other words, my browsing history, cookies, cache form history, you know, form fills, all of that stuff is kept for each separate profile. You can do that in Firefox, there are some Firefox profiles, which is I guess, native to Firefox, you can do it that way, it's a little bit more manual. There are also some Firefox extensions that will do stuff like that I've not used any of them. I know that ghost browser is a really good tool for what it is that you're talking about, I recommend you use stuff like that, guys, because here's the thing, it's unnatural to do like what we used to do with like syndication Academy, years ago, when when I first developed that, like, it was about either using proxies or we even if we weren't using proxies, we would go like I would always use Firefox, a clean installation of Firefox, and I'm clear cache and cookies between logging into the next set of profile accounts. That makes sense. But if you think about that, every time you clear your browser history, you're you know, clear, clear cache and cookies. And you're logging into an account with like, zero, history, zero, you know, cookies cache, all that stuff like zero browsing history, that looks unnatural. But it doesn't, it doesn't look unnatural now to log in using the same IP, but every time you log in, you've got you know, your previous recession is restored, or it's kept your, your your excuse me, your previous session is restored so that it keeps all of like what your previous history was, and everything else. So you can literally build the profile, just like, you know, normal people.

Obviously, with mobile and everything else, there are still some tricky things that you know, can occur. But my opinion is you should be using something like ghost browser doesn't have to be ghost browser, but something that does that same sort of function.

We have to do, right? We have, I can't, because even even the TV and the fridge are smart. So we have like 12 devices connecting to the internet through the same IP because I have a static IP. So I have multiple multiple laptops, multiple phones, I have 12 Android, and I have iOS. We have three other iPhones and three other Android devices. No, it's it's over. It's about 15 devices, from the same IP going through the same router through the same modem. So all of this shit about a footprint and all that that's like way in the path. But we understand that people are still worried and they want to separate things. Great thing about the new syndication Academy is that the the the person doing the training is going to be showing you guys how to save those Firefox profiles and how to use it. She uses that rather than go ghost browser. She'll talk about that, or browse Yo, I think she'll talk about browser too. She went directly through Firefox and it's showing how to do that. Yep. So cool thing about the new training.

There's a lot of cool things about the new training looks. I'm excited about it. Um, Tom, Tom says congrats on six years, guys, I'm still here lurking every Wednesday. And that's awesome. I think if I remember correctly, Thomas, or at least used to be somewhat local to me. And he's been lurking in the background, and he very rarely even comments, but it seems like every year on our anniversary, he does let us know that he's still here. So that's awesome. Thank you. Appreciate that.

Do You Think The SEO Shield Will Lose Its Power Slightly When Google Finishes The New Passage Indexing Update?

Alright, moving on. Ah, let's see BB. What's up, baby. We knew you'd be here somewhere. He says Hey, guys, number one. Do you think when Google finishes the new passage indexing update, the SEO shield will lose slightly its power. Honestly, I hate saying this again, guys, because I don't keep up with all the fucking I'm not all the updates and stuff all the time. What is the passage indexing update?

I'm not familiar with that.

Yeah, man, I have no idea. Okay, um, do I think it will slightly loses power? i? Well, I don't know. Because I don't know what that indexing update is that you referring to?

So I can't you know, I don't know. But we will find out. I can tell you that. And here's the thing. That's, you know, part of the reason why I don't keep up with all the different updates and stuff is because the SEO showed our methods tend to stick and be a fake proof. And again, knock on wood. I mean, again, I'm grateful that our methods have continued to work even update after update. Oftentimes, I'm not even aware that an update is occurred until other people bring it to our attention like in a hump day hangout or in one of the groups

And it's just because most of the time, I don't see a lot of fluctuations. Occasionally, I'll see maps fluctuations for stuff because they're always tweaking the maps algorithm. But, uh, you know, typically I don't know. So the idea with the updates are, wait and see. If it does if it does significantly affect anything that we've done. Well, fortunately, we've got the SEO Mad Hatter's, the mad scientist, Marco and Rob, behind the scenes that will figure this shit out, and will tell you once we figure it out, that's typically what happens. But fortunately, we haven't really had to do any major like scrambling to update anything. And the last several years, we've been very fortunate in that respect. Any comment? Oh, I'll worry when Google updates its ranking score algorithm.

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Because that's what we're targeting through everything that we do.

indirectly, like, we're also directly targeting PageRank. That's, that's our doorway, into the ranking score algorithm. If whoever is talking about this update, passage, indexing isn't talking about how it affects PageRank and ranking score. They don't know what they're talking about. Because that's what we're worried about. And if we're worried about the artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence is being targeted through everything else that we do. And so we're targeting the major aspects of what Google is looking for. When it comes to rankings. We don't we don't really worry about it, let them update, and then we'll see what happened. If something happens to our properties. We'll go We'll take a look. And we'll figure out another way to push them up. We always do. Yeah, I remember when BERT first was implemented, you know, there was on a bunch of SEO, you know, blogs and stuff, people were saying you can't optimize for BERT.

Alright, well, I guess we didn't know when we did it. So. And again, it's a semantic web guys. Yeah, you can mark it just he said this just earlier today. But you know, if it's a bot, a machine learning a bot that you know, you if it's a machine learning, but you can train it, what you want it to do. And that's what essentially what we're doing. So you said it much more eloquently than I did though, Marco, how did you say it? Show me a bot that's coded to learn? And I'll show you about that I can teach and train. There you go. Much more eloquent than what I said.

What Do You Mean By Supporting Article?

So, Alright, number two is what do you mean when you say supporting article or an article within the site to match a keyword or something? Yeah, supporting article again, maybe by now you should have already read this article. And if you haven't, I want to immediately upon the end of today's Hump Day hangout to go read this. And this goes for everybody else on here to go to look for Bruce clay SEO, right, look at or what a silent website silo architecture. That's what I'm looking for a website.

Let me spell correctly. siloing. There we go.

All right, go take a look at this. This is an article that he published. This looks like maybe an updated version of it. But I mean, it's Oh, how old is this article with the marbles and stuff? He's got quite a few. He's got this one right here, SEO. So Bruce claim.com, slash SEO slash silo, it's the the page itself has changed slightly like the interface or the look. But I'm sure the article is the same. And I think this article was written in 2011. I don't know if it's, I think I think before that, maybe even before that, I might have been introduced to it around that time, but 2011. But this is like, this is like the foundation of what silo architecture is all is. This is a fantastic article. And so I would go through and read about this, this should answer your question. I mean, I'll answer your question now. But I would recommend all everybody go read through this article. This is like foundational stuff that like all websites, silo architecture has been built upon this basically, this method, it's really, really fabulous. Okay, so as far as what is the supporting article? Well, if you know what your top level keyword is, that you're trying to promote, right, so usually, that's a commercial intent type keyword.

And, well, there's gonna be longer tail versions, or variations of the keyword that are more specific, or, you know, again, variate variants of the original keyword, that kind of stuff. Well, those can you can optimize content targeting those other search queries or keywords, right synonymous terms, LSI keywords like Latent Semantic Indexing, keywords, co occurring, co occurring keywords, there's a number of different terms that you can target that are basically describing the same thing. And so supporting articles is just publishing content that would fall within that silo within that category, that topical category that makes sense, and yes, it can be published. When I talk about publishing sporting articles, remember I'm primarily talking about publishing content on the blog, because that's your, your point of origin, right your Epicenter like ground zero, right? That's the golden frame. It's, that's where your money site is. It should be your content distribution engine, so to speak. So I typically mean publishing supporting articles in your blog, but it doesn't have to be that way. Right? You don't, you don't even really need to have a blog. Right. You can have a GMB website and just a GMB asset and you can use the GMB posts to publish supporting articles and create a silo structure in your GMB just like you would on a money site. Even if you don't have a money site, right. My point is like you can create your top level keyword post publish a post in GMB specifically targeting and optimized for your top level commercial intent keyword. And then you publish GMB posts underneath that that interlink are linked back up to that. And daisy chained together, we talked about internal linking inside the mastermind, a lot of you hit her club a lot. But again, if you interlink those correctly, so you're publishing posts that are whether it's a blog post a GMB post or press releases that can work to put your publishing content that supports that top level term. Does that make sense? And so again, it's about interlinking. That's called adding depth to a silo, right, adding breath, right, or width to a silo would be adding like subcategories, and then adding content to that. But adding depth to a content silo is, is adding more terms more supporting content, to add depth to that topic, right. And that that's where it's almost like and I learned this from network Empire many years ago, when I got went through their certification program and all that stuff, I think that was in 2014, when I did that, is that you know, if you understand silo architecture, and you have your keyword set, right, your keyword theme for that particular silo very, very tight, it's very relevant, then by just adding enough depth to that silo and proper internal linking, you'll be able to rank that term. And we've seen that proven time and again, through our own testing, but also like Jeffrey Smith, for example, SEO bootcamp SEO ultimate pro plugin, he's freaking amazing at on page and doing an adding breadth and depth to topical silos and getting results with very little off page work. Sometimes even no off page work just because of how good he is at interlinking and setting up silo structure and creating topical relevancy between supporting posts and all that it's just fucking amazing what he can do. And so again, it's very very important guys, this we always talk about you know, starting with on page silo architecture is incredibly important. Then you start mirroring that stuff into your external or your your entity assets. Anyways, you want to add on to that Marco? Not perfect. Okay, keep moving. We're almost Oh shit, we're out of time. Guys. Can you believe that?

A shit. Do you update to how we use the battle plan video to be newer than 2017 video in there. Now, I had mentioned this in the Facebook group also. Um, yeah, I think we're going to be updating the battle plan again, Shawn, I got him covered. He's gonna reach out to me. We're gonna look into that. Okay, and we're gonna, we're gonna be doing another version of the battle plan here in a couple of months. So it's coming. All right now. Now the most important question that was after this. So what's Marcos secret to a beautiful tan? Oh, Chase, your kids are on the beach for a week or so a newsie.

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Awesome. Man. We got a lot more questions.

How To Clear Google Cache?

I can hang out for about 10 minutes. I'll go I got a call. Yeah, I can't though. So if if last thing I want to do is I want to answer pavlos question, guys. If that's we got enough time for that. And I've got to wrap it up, guys. I'm sorry, but I didn't Marco's got to make his announcement for one the best question so he'll be after FDA answer this question, brother. Okay. So Pamela is asking about Google cache. He says How to Clear Google cache. I have an old GMB that was used for two types of services. Now when I'm doing a search Google shows my GMB for old keywords. need your advice on how to clear keywords that Google's associate with the GMB listing? Thanks a million? That's a really good question. Um, I don't know how to force Google to clear cache other than the habit re crawled. And again, even even if they recrawl, it doesn't mean that they're going to refresh the index essentially. I've experienced that with YouTube videos, believe it or not, like had a YouTube video that I was did a live stream like a live like it was a pre recorded video, but I was streaming it. And when I went to go set up the stream, it just used like the generic term or whatever that was in there. And for whatever reason, it indexed with that term, even though I had edited it, and my video stayed ranked for like this generic like it was it was like it was weird. The I can't even explain it, like the title tag, never updated, even though like it was weeks before Google finally updated the title tag in the search results from like, whatever the, you know, my live stream or whatever it said to the actual keyword that the title was that I had updated within minutes of Google indexing that that that original stream, so I don't know how to force that. That's a really good question. Margo, do you know how to force that? No, Google will take its sweet old time and get to it. The only thing I could mention would be, you know, you can't use the request indexing function inside a search console right now.

So if it's a GMB and it doesn't have like its own website associated with it, then I don't you know, you search console is kind of useless for that anyways. But you could try to resubmit through search console, although, like I said, requesting indexing is turned off right now, I talked about this last week, let me just show you very quickly, if you do have a self hosted website, this is something that you can do.

It's called the instant indexing plugin. And it's by rankmath. Instant indexing plugin right here. If you go and install this on a WordPress site, it, let's see, where's the that's fine, whatever, you can download this for free. And you connect it to the Google Indexing API. So you have to go into developers.google.com. And set up the Indexing API. They've got help files, it's real easy, it takes about 10 minutes to set it up. And then you can submit through a WordPress site. There's a you know, you can submit URLs directly to search console. So you know, that's that's what I'm using right now, since the request indexing feature has been turned off inside of search console for now. So I've got this installed on multiple sites right now. And so it's great because if it's, if you're updating a page or a post or a media file, you can you can, you can change the options. But if you're updating a page or a post or publishing it for the first time, it will instantly submit it to the Google Indexing API. And you can also there's a in the in the instant indexing plugin settings, there's a tab where there's a box that you can submit URLs directly to indexer. There, you can also like, you know, call it to see what the indexing status is, and stuff like that. So again, very, very cool. It's free rankmath and instant indexing plugin, check it out.

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Your 30 minute consultation? Perfect. I'm gonna also send them something else. So cool. I also just sent you instructions just to make sure shoot us an email, get in touch with Marco and we'll get that set up. Yeah, really quickly. Also a green Rhino. If you're in the mastermind, keep in mind, listen up the Hangouts remember, is a free forum. So we can only talk about things on a conceptual level. Don't don't not use the webinars in the mastermind. That's what they're available for. So that we can deep dive into anything you want to talk about get is as specific as you want. We can audit your out your properties or look at what you're doing for marketing. If you want, we can do that. So the mastermind again, remember, if you want to ask in depth questions and get really thorough answers, and like we'll we'll go into screen shares and do all kinds of cool stuff. That's what the mastermind is for us the masterminds submit questions form, and also ask questions in the Facebook group, and we're happy to you know, answer them in the Facebook threads. But also, if it requires a longer answer, then we can cover those in our mastermind webinars, and each one of us do our own mastermind webinars. So don't forget, use that instead of saving your questions for Hump Day hangouts where we can only talk about them on a conceptual level. I just want to make that clear, so that you get the most out of it.

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