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By April

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Welcome to Hump Day hangouts where I plug in my headphones to make them work. No start coughing man who's going downhill quickly. Chris, take over.

Man Down. Google got them. Yeah. All right, I'm back. I just had to toss that real quick before. I totally lost it there and started blowing people's eardrums out, man. All right, well welcome everybody to the bumpiest Hump Day hangout start in a while. This is Episode 314. Today is the 18th of November 2020. And this is the one to where Hernan screams at us to let him in. So hopefully he'll be joining us. before too long. We do have some announcements to get into, before we start answering questions, and I am just pulling up the page looks like we have got a lot of questions today. So try to keep this short and get into a bar real quick and say hi to everybody. And then answer the questions after the announcement. So Marco, you're wearing a different shirt man, you're looking You're looking good today, what's what's going on,

I have to break up my vintage shirts once in a while man, you got to keep them guessing gotta keep them guessing I'm in the tropics, I'm going to tropical moment. Here we are, you know, it's still my Fortress of Solitude I am as I always say where I choose to be not where I have to be. And I do what I want to do not what I have to do. So it's a really good place to be and wake up every morning understanding what where my portfolio is. And how I'm going to get to being able to break it down so that it's a it's also a process where the process guys, right. And we build processes and systems as opposed to the my mind as I start explaining. And as I start expanding, since the inception of the powerful idea, it's now a process of getting to the point where you want to be whatever that is. I don't let me define it for you. Like I'm gonna call CT Fletcher fucking possible. Don't let somebody define your impossible. You decide what it is you're going to do you break it down so that you can get there if it's a huge job, okay, I want I want a billion dollars. I'll give you an example. Well, the only way to make a billion dollars is $1 at a time, if you start out, I'm going to make a billion dollars that nobody in this world is going to pay you a billion dollars. Unless you come up with the ultimate, another Amazon, right? Another way to create that. Nobody's going to give that to you. But you start building on it you make 100 bucks, you make 1000 you make 100,000 however it is that you're going to get it. But if you start out with that goal of a billion it's not a goal. It's an idea. It's a dream. It's a wish it's young. Maybe someday I could put a you'll never do shit. Because it's too big. But if you break it down and start working, and you do the do people don't take that the right way. Don't do Oh, that's funny, and it rhymes and and Mountain Dew and all that crap, right? retro and all that shit. No. Fucking mindset. When you wake up every morning you do not hear here it is you do what you have to do. Because that's what you want to do. you twist it. Okay, I have to do but I enjoy it. Because it's part of what I want to do. Yeah, I got to do I have to get up in the morning. We all have to get up. But choose to stay in bed. I can say but I'll have to get up. I got kids. You know how that goes, man. People. It's a lot of it is common sense. But like, Gordon Ramsay said, I can't teach that. That's common sense. It's one of his gifts, right? I can't teach that. Common Sense. Guys, a lot of this is just common sense. You can't make a billion until you make that first dollar. I'll leave it at that.

Fair enough. Yeah. Don't be an idiot sandwich. One step at a time. $1 at a time. Oh, man.

Well, Bradley, how you doing? Man?

We got you on video. So I guess the technical hurdles are over with.

Yeah, what a mess that is every week.

I like it adds a little bit of spice to the start. never know what's gonna happen.

Yeah, I'm good. Happy. Happy to be here. I've been super busy this week. And I plan on being super busy for the next several weeks.

So fair enough. And I've been working with a small group right from the mat and not just the mastermind, but some people from hopefully live right doing some real estate stuff.

Yeah, in our mastermind. You know, we have little mini mastermind groups. They're like accountability groups, and I've formed one. Just recently we just had our first meeting on Monday, where we just get together for now. Six or seven of us and talk about it's for anybody that's real, it's marketing in or for real estate, whether for their own business or for client work, whatever doesn't matter. And, yeah, it's pretty good because, as we've talked about many times, you know, that's how we got together and Semantic Mastery, my partners and I, from basically a weekly accountability group that we that I informed way back in, I think, 2012, or something like that. And that's how we all came together. And so I know there's always opportunity, things like that can happen in little in mastermind groups. And so there's the value of joining a larger mastermind like what the semantic mastery mastermind is, but then it's also benefits to get in the smaller mini masterminds because it's a much more intimate setting where a lot of ideas can exchange and ideas can flourish. You know what I mean? And so that's, I think, I think there's, there's always opportunity in those small mastermind groups like that, so I'm hoping that something will come of ours as well.

Nice. All right. Hernan didn't want to join us, but I guess he decided to show up. So what's up, man?

Good, man. I mean, it was cold outside. So thank you guys for letting me and I appreciate that. You know, it's raining was boring. So it wasn't the door like, open now. Yeah. Now it's good, man. It's good to be here. I'm really excited for what's happening, you know, the future of Semantic Mastery. We have some good stuff cooking. So I'm really excited for for what's coming up for Semantic Mastery for mgib. So stay tuned. We're supposed to have a guest today. That's gonna be next week as well. So that's gonna be pretty awesome. And you know, I'm excited. Overall. Thank you guys for joining.

Yeah, Chris. How you doing, man? Doing good here.

You can put up my Christmas tree already here.

It's awesome. I like it. That's your scene that speaks to my heart. That's the right size, the right amount of cleanup involved.

That's, like, straight out of the box, man. Like perfect. No work.

Good deal. Yeah, adolescent that's doing good development. So in full progress. So like exciting times are coming.

Nice. Let's see. And I just want to share. So I posted I know Bradley saw it. We talked about video all the time, we talked about you know, using video onboarding, we have an entire course Bradley put together on that if you haven't seen it, just go look up video Legion system. But I shared something because I had to log into bondora, which I used to send people after they contact me and they hit my calendar booking form. And it was just great to see that it's just another confirmation. So this is before we've talked face to face. And over the last 90 days, I had an 89% open rate 100% watch the video and 42% replied, and I'm not even asking for a reply. I'm just saying if you have anything else you want to share with me. You know, it's just such a great tool in any way, shape, or form. You can automate it using bondora. You can use loom you can use templates. But I think that I put it in the post there. But I interviewed the founder of Bon Jovi. And what he said was automate the process, not the relationship. And I love that because everything about this I do is automated except that one part and all I have to do is press button, I get to record a personalized video that I actually enjoy. I kind of have fun, I'll like walk around the kitchen and stuff and like say hi to people. And then I press another button and I'm done. And then you know, build that trust, and it shows people your real person, you actually care enough to send them the video. And it doesn't matter to them that it took 20 seconds. Right, it's that you took the time to do it. So yeah, really cool tool. And, you know, like I said, if you don't want to pay for it, just use loom, something like that. It's just a real game changer for you, especially if you get in that habit of staying behind the computer screen. And you're not, you know, showing your face you're not used to talking to people face to face, make sure you know you're putting yourself out there and kind of starting to build that trust. Yeah, man. All right. Also, real quick, I wanted to talk about it just because it's near and dear to me, I've been looking into a lot more AI stuff as things move forward. And so with the mastermind members, the ones who are interested, I think we have 10 or 12 people signed up already, I'm going to be talking to them about some tools that are incorporating some AI or not. So we'll be diving into that and sharing with them kind of what I'm seeing for things like content briefs for copy contemporaries for blog post, getting rough drafts, written automatically. And then things like PPC and copy headlines, being able to generate that stuff really quick. So we're gonna be talking about that on Friday in the mastermind. And then like Bradley was talking about his group and with the real estate so we do all this smaller stuff within the larger mastermind. If you want to find out more about that you can head over to mastermind dot semantic mastery.com. And if you're new to Semantic Mastery, first of all, thanks for being here today. If you're wondering about some of the stuff we're talking about the mastermind or you know you hear us talking about the SEO shield or syndication networks, head over to the SEOshield.com that's the word de Seo shield.com. Grab that that'll explain a lot of it. Beyond that if you want to have kind of a bigger approach and kind of a more Building Block lists for a bunch of different areas that you'd like to follow for step by step processes for SEO head over to battleplan.semanticmastery.com we've got our battle plan right there. I already talked about the mastermind, you'll know if you're ready to join that but if you're ready to grow your digital marketing or physical business and you want to join an experience community at the mastermind.semanticmastery.com that's where you want to go. And then mgyb.co, done for you services, we use them, you should use them and to story. So beyond that, guys, I know we got a lot of questions. Is there anything else we need to let people know about before we get into it? Not Alright, that's it. Let's do it. Oh, shoot.

I saw something that I'm going to cover for Justin Hess in just a minute.

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Word Agents

Yeah, well, we're gonna give something away today, I think. All right. First of all, let me get the grab screen. I was also looking at something else. Because you mentioned AI Adam. So I've got something to share that I just came across was just sent to me via email today. So let me grab the screen. You guys should be seeing my screen. Correct. Got it? Well, yeah, concerning AI. Alright, I've talked about this before, I've been using this company called wordagents.com recently for website content, like page content for local business stuff. And they're, they do a really good job of writing content. You know, I've talked about this on Hump Day hangouts a lot recently. But I like to use long form content. Instead of creating complex silo structures, I like to use simple silo structure, and have long form content from my top of landing page, you know, my landing page, essentially on top of silo, but it covers a lot of what I would have used as supporting articles or sub categories in a complex silo structure, I just add that into long form content as as section headers. And in that way, I can keep the silo structure simple on the on the site, it's much easier to manage, it tends to work really well. And so I've been using two different companies for that kind of content. One is called crowd content. The other one's called Word agents, word agents is cheaper if you're buying in bulk, right. And so that's, that's what I've been doing more recently is buying, you know, like 10,000 words at a time cost 800 bucks. So it's eight cents per word. But if I was to buy those types of articles from like, crowd content and hire four star writers, which is, you know, the top of the line writers, it's 12 cents per word, and there's no discount for more words. So essentially, it's a it's a significant discount, what 25% discount, or 30% 33% discount if I go with word agents. So anyway, I just got this email today from them talking about SEO, content optimization add on. And what's really cool is, you know, Adam was just mentioning AI. Well, I started using phrase.io, I don't know a couple of months ago now, to optimize content. So existing content that I already have on sites, analyzing it with the phrase IO app, and then adding more to it, right. So rewarding things, squeezing additional keywords in that phrase.io is determined or deemed are relevant. You know, and it does it. It's just, it's a really cool tool. And phrase.io is one of several apps that have similar functionality like surfer Seo marketmuse, which have not seen or clear scope, but there's more coming soon. And my point is that with word agency.com, this is not an affiliate link, guys, I'm just sharing it with you, because he Adam mentioned AI stuff. And they will actually now use the tools that they have available or that they'll you know, that they say that they can optimize your content with as part of their writing process. So what's really cool is I like in just the past couple of months, since I've started using phrase, I've purchased long form content from word agents. And then once I get it back, I haven't even trained to VA to use phrase yet because I was learning it myself. So I would go in and actually spend, you know, an hour optimizing a piece of content that was sent to me or delivered from word agents. So what's really cool is now instead of me having to do that, I can actually just now uses like, 50% credit. So for example, for a 2000 word article, you would have to use 3000 words of your word, you know, your word bank, so to speak, in order to to have them apply one of these apps to the content writing. But you know, hey, that's, that's a lot of time that it will save me from having to do it or even having to train a VA how to use the phrase app, that would take a lot of time. Right. So my point is, it's just just going to make it a lot easier on me since I was already using Word agents for them for me to just spend a little bit more and have them optimize the content with the phrase.io app. And again, there's more tools coming soon. So I wanted to point that out, guys at I'm quite happy with the the work that I've gotten from word agents. And I think I'm gonna like it even better now that I don't have to go in and you know, finish optimizing it once I get the delivery from them, it's really nice I might have to include that are all at least mentioned at Bradley on mine. Because I know with market muse, something they're doing is offering. They've already done it with people where they you could like, tie it to your website to get the content recommendations, blah, blah, blah. But then they would create a brief for you instead of like waiting phrase where you have to go in and kind of manually do it. And so now they're kind of using their own algorithms to do that based on your own writing. So you could basically order it and then have it that brief and then have the brief compiled for you and then have it written there. So really starting to solidify or streamline this process.

Very cool. All right. So now we can get into questions. And then there's something that I might have to wait until Marco's answering one of these questions for me to pause the screen and whip something up to give to Justin here in a minute. And the rest of you on the webinar today will will appreciate this as well. We've got new applets available that you guys can use to import into your free accounts. So I just have to put it in a clean format. But that's it's it's it's great because it's going to make the the ability to use free IFTTT accounts for syndication networks, so much easier. So I'll share that with you guys here in a few minutes if I can get it situated before at some point during this today's webinar.

Is There Any Update On buffersites.com By Abbas Ravji?

So Alright, first question up is Joel. He says, Is there any update for the auto blog content CMS thing that was mentioned in a previous webinar? If not, is there an alternative? There's no update just yet, because it's still in beta. In fact, I even have that open in my browser in my browser right now. Because I was going through some of the training videos, and I'm trying to get set up and start testing with it with myself. I've got a project is perfect for it. But no, it's still in beta. We we can't really do anything now. Mark. Adam, didn't we have a landing page somewhere that we could send people to to get on the waiting list for condis?

That's a good question. Let me take a look. It's just just been long enough. Now I can't recall. But let me take a link you did. I think you whipped it up like during a hump day hangouts a few weeks ago. That makes

sense. Let me take a look.

Yeah. So that's for the the syndicating like, it's called condis. But it's, it's really awesome. You know, and again, it's still in beta guys. So now it's not available yet. And we'll let you know as soon as it is. Plus, you can get on the waiting list when Adam drops the opt in page for that. Okay. It's a Marco, you got any comments on that? Because I know you've started playing with it a little bit.

Yeah, I've got a couple of sites up looks pretty good. But it's in beta. I can't really say anything until Jeremy's ready to go.

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Where Can We Place The Buzzboost Embed Code Other Than The Gsite And ID Page?

Okay, cool. Also, when it comes to co citation feeds, where else can we embed the buzz boost embed code other than the G site and the ID page? Thanks. You guys are legends. Thanks, Joe. Um, I haven't used it anywhere other than that. I mean, I'm any you know, you could you could, you could embed the buzzboost embed code using our embed gigs and mgyb, for example. You know that that would help because then you're again, you're you're embedding your RSS co citation feed in relevant content on hundreds or thousands or 10s of thousands of sites. Right. So, you know, that's something I've not even tried that I've not even tested that. But it's really interesting, because not all of my idx pages have that built into them, where we build a, you know, a co citation, super feed with ranked feeder, which is Lisa Allen's product. But on the sites that I do, it's really interesting. I've got several lead gen assets that are strictly lead gen assets, they don't really have a bigger brand associated with them or anything else and every one of those that I have that buzz boost, and I just noticed this this week, which is why this is a timely question. I've noticed that every one of those even ones that I haven't touched, because they were really for like development purposes. Like I'd set up some GMBs for testing and things like that. They're all ranking and generating leads and some of them aren't even monetized like in other words, I don't even have a lead buyer for some of them and I just was noticing that every one of them that I was looking at this week had that so I'm thinking about creating a process and then having one of my VA is go through and actually do that for all of my lead gen assets. Again, I don't I can't swear that that was why those other local locations are still ranking but some of these are like two years old never fucking touched them never done any work. Nope, no press releases, no nothing. And yet they're still in the three pack, like two years later with no additional work being done other than, you know, the the idx pages continually updating from the buzzboost that's in there. So anyways, I don't know of anywhere else that you would embed that maybe Marco has some idea But using the embed gigs and mgib might be something worth testing

anyway, where you can answer the code, actually access the code, you got access to the code, you can insert an iframe, that's literally anywhere where you can access the code and get a, an iframe. Again, you just said it, hired through mgyb.co, for an embed one plus link building, plus indexing, and you're good to go. I mean, that's literally all you need. Because you're going to get iframes wherever you Wherever data can get an iframe. And you're going to get links into it and do that indexing gig and it's all relevant. And that dude, right now, iframes are magic. They've always been, they've always been really good. But for some reason, every time Google comes in hard, and then they start rolling back, the update, for some reason old school shit, like this kind of stays, and it powers up even more. It's really interesting. So you guys got to, don't worry so much about Google updates. But look at the result. After the update, look at the data and see what what's actually working. You'll see that old school shit is really getting power right now.

Yeah, it's cyclical, right? I mean, it seems like there's always certain fundamental strategies that work better sometimes than others. But then they come back and they come back stronger. So it's kind of like cyclical. And I've noticed that over the, over the years as well, so

Do You Still Build Out Automated Sites For Your Money Site?

Okay, the next question says, saw a video on another SEO podcast where someone mentioned building out satellite sites for an e commerce site, according to network Empire. Do you guys still build out automated sites around the money site? If so, what are the benefits of the approach? Well, yes, and no, I mean, that the syndication network is they're all automated sites, right? So I mean, think about that the syndication network, our automated sites, we publish content to the blog, the money site, and then it Reese, you know, repost or publishes out to all of our syndication network properties. So that's kind of automated content. It's all branded content from the original source, which would be our blog or a money site. So yes, in that respect, we do. Also, as we were just mentioning, earlier today, we were you know, we're working on testing an app for creating like, essentially auto blog sites and networks of auto blog sites that we have extreme amount of control over. And they they, that's what that new app that we're beta testing right now. called contests. Again, Adam might be dropping a sign up or an opt in link for that, so that you can be on the notification list when it's available. But yeah, so I mean, we're testing with that, too. But outside of that, I, I know, you can still do it and still produce results. That way. There's, you know, a number of people out there that teach that method. Again, besides the syndication network in the G site, I'm not really doing impressive advantage, because I'm, you know, publishing a ton of content through press advantage for each project. Outside of that, now, I'm not doing it, but will it still work? Yeah, that's a method that can absolutely work. Marco, do you want to comment on that?

No, because I don't use satellite, I use the G site, I power up the G site and drive stack, adding the extension. That's what our MGYB.co extension gig is for, I like to power that up and transfer the power directly to the money site, RYS, I think that we get a whole lot more power. When we do it that way, then building out these, these satellite websites. Plus, if it's if it's a G site and drive stack, all bets are off, right? Because when, like, the way that the algorithm is applied, the way that penalties and everything else, if you're on a TLD, it's applied differently. We've seen it time and again, where Google simply won't penalize itself. We've seen it all that's why we're in there. Whereas if you're going to do this on a mini site and or building satellites, kind of like a an old school, private blog network private meaning that it's yours, and a blog network, because you're going to publish content to them and add a link to your website and meaning that you're not going to go and then sell links to your PBN, cuz then it's no longer private, then it's public, right? So if you're going to go through all that trouble, I'd rather just power up my G sites and drive stacks and if I need to build the G site and drive stacks satellite, that's how I that's how I do it. Now. You're welcome to try it. Either way. I think my way works perfectly well.

There you go. Um, I've got the screen pause briefly while I try to format something but we can move on to the next one. And I'll come back to standby one minute, guys.

Okay, I'll come back to it. All right.

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What Do You Recommend For Keeping The GMB Page Fresh If The Client Has Low Budget For Content?

So the next question is from Randy. He says, Howdy folks, when dealing with clients that have a low budget for content, what would you recommend for keeping the money site GMB fresh with updated content. Worried about panda if I import RSS feeds directly into blog posts, yeah, I would. I don't like doing that either, because then you're auto populating content on your money site with other people's content. And I don't like to do that. We talked about using curated content, Randy all the time, because that is a very inexpensive way to produce content, highly relevant content and also create co citation. using other people's content, it's very efficient, very inexpensive. Again, you can train vas, with our method, it's called content kingpin, if you want to go check it out. That's the same method that I've been using. And I trained, you know, bloggers to for all my content needs for my clients and GMB posts and everything else, using curated content. And again, content kingpin teaches that method, it was designed specifically to teach somebody how to do that. So for example, you could hire a VA in the Philippines. You can pay him three or $4 an hour or whatever you want to pay on a per post basis, which is what I prefer to do. That's very inexpensive, because they can very quickly create relevant content by curating other people's content. And that's different than just because again, you're still, you're still pulling in other people's content that you're going to cite the source. So you need to link back to the source of the content that's been curated. So for, let's say, use three different pieces of content in a curated post, right. So that would be like, you might cite two different articles, and a YouTube video or a slide deck or an audio file, you know, or something like that, or just three different pieces of you know, Article content. And then any, for each one of the snippets that you curate into that post, you would link back to the original source, right, because you want to give credit, you want to give attribution or cite the original source, which is fine, because I typically nofollow those links anyways. But it's that way, you have control over what is being posted on this on your money site, as well as you create unique content, even if it's curated snippets of other people's already published content, because you inject commentary, and at the top right, there's an opening paragraph, then there's usually a little bit of content commentary added between each piece of curated content. And then there's a conclusion paragraph, which could just be a couple of sentences. And typically, that's where a call to action would go anyways. So it's very efficient and quick way to develop highly relevant content, create co citation because you're outbound linking to relevant content. And a very, very quick way to do it. That said, outside of doing curated content for for money site posts, which can then be repurposed as GMB posts, right. So again, you're getting a whole lot of traction from one piece of content. The other way that you could do it is like if you don't have a really big budget, or your client doesn't have a big budget for content even enough, which you should for curated content, because it's very inexpensive, if it's done correctly. But the other thing would be just to focus on the GMB posts, right, make sure that you have on page on the on the website that the money site done well. And then you could focus on just doing GMB posts because those are very inexpensive as well. They're much shorter form type content, right is 1500 characters max and the GMB posts. So again, I would recommend that you you try to work out curated content for the money site, which can then be repurposed the GMB post as well, it's going to populate your syndication network all of that. But if you don't even have a budget for that, first of all, get higher playing paying clients. But second of all, you can always focus in on GMB posts. If it's for local stuff and get some significant traction that way, and that's rather inexpensive as well marketing want to come on in that.

I'm going to second get get better paying clients who can handle the content budget also want to get such fantastic results for your clients that you can charge them more so that you can show that you can start producing better content, so that you can then charge them more make that attended then on you, I am going to get your results when I give me not give them the pitch that I give, I'm gonna it's going to take me about 90 days to get your results, you're going to see the results At the end of those 90 days, 90 days, we're going to discuss what the new budget will be what it's going to cost to keep me producing these results. And nine out of 10 it's going to work. Nine out of 10 the guy's got a shirt 90 days. And after those 90 days when they see the results that you can get for them, you better be able to get results, a nine out of 10 they're going to they're going to close and they're going to say yes, please, let's go on the monthly, how much is it and then are going to blink when you hit him. I hit him hard man. I hit him hard. But then the results that I'm giving them justifies them saying yes, that's the whole point when you make it attendant on you, rather than on what the client is giving you, then you can pretty much start setting your own prices. That's how you get better clients because like people know each other Jordan is really good about this, the doctors that he works with, they know one another. And they talk to one another. And since they're in different geographical areas, like, they're all talking, I got this guy. And then when you get that good, the word of mouth runs along. And now, if you're niching, down, like Bradley recommends, or if you don't, like I do, because if you got enough money to pay me to get your results, I'm going to figure out how to get get your results. The niche is irrelevant, because again, I'm going to call Jordan, I know Google AdSense, I know Google, I know how I'm going to get this person results, regardless of where we're going. So there's many different ways that you can do this focusing on this is the number one thing on the results that you can get so that you can then charge more, because now you're you understand what it is that you're worth. And then you're not going to take these low budget people who don't even have money for it. How is it? We're iftt, we're syndication. And we're into strengthening your tier one branded through all of it, how in the world that you're going to be able to do this, if you don't have a content budget, or if it's miniscule, so that maybe you blog once a month. Or you know, maybe you do a post every other week, which is not going to do anything for you.

Right on. All right, next question. See if I can find it. Damn, we got a lot of questions today. I've scrolled too far. That's why. How do I get back to where we were?

We're at the tag silo structure. There we go. Question. There we go.

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Do You Index Or DeIndex Tag/Category Landing Page When Using A Tag Silo Structure?

Okay, Kook. Okay, when using a tag silo structure? Do you index or deindex the tag or category landing pages? Or do you worry about those tag or category landing pages ranking for your target keywords? All? It depends. I mean, it really is. It's going to depend it um, you know, there's a lot of things that you can do. First of all, with a with a typical silo structure for like local business type stuff, especially, I usually redirect the category URLs to the top level landing page. So remember, when you creating a silo, right, you create cat, your landing pages, and then you create corresponding categories for your landing pages. Four simple silo structure, that's it, right? You've got top level categories, and then you've got your pages, and then everything else is going to be posts, right? Because posts are how you add depth to a simple silo structure. If you were doing complex silo structure, then you would have categories top level categories, and then subcategories, and they would have corresponding pages and child pages. That make sense. And then posts would go, you know, in but again, I always try to use simple silo structure at almost all, you know, almost always now. So when so for category URLs, the category itself, I like to redirect the category URL to the top level landing page, its corresponding landing page. Does that make sense? And that's only because typically, you know, for like local business services and stuff, people aren't going to be looking for posts in a particular category, because they're not there to consume content. They're there to contact the local business to provide them a product or service. Right. So again, it's not like a content based website, we use content to help it to rank, but people aren't usually on a local business website to read through, you know, articles in a particular category. So that's why I don't care about having a category index page, like a blogroll page for that category. It's not necessary, right? So why not allow that taxonomy structure in WordPress to kind of flow the page rank up to that top level landing page by redirecting that category URL to the landing page. So that covers categories, when it comes to tags, it depends, once again, on what it is that you're doing. I usually leave them to index the tag pages to index. But you can also think about this and I can't get too deep into this guy's again, this is a free forums where we talk about in like heavy hitter club or the mastermind, but you can canonicalize tag pages, I usually leave an end index anyways. But then you can canonicalize tag pages to their corresponding, you know, landing pages if you have them. Or what I like to do is again, my, what I do is create the land, you know, the silo landing pages and top level categories. That's all topically. The categories are topic, topic based, right? And then I do tag silos for location silos or geographic silos. And so what I do is I have my my VA who does my blogger, she she writes blog posts that are optimized for a particular keyword plus a city. Right and so that blog post becomes a landing page itself. And then what we do is we canonicalize the tag the corresponding tag to that particular page, so that we have essentially two link building targets, right, we have the tag page. And then we have the the landing page, which in this case would be a blog post, both of those could become link building targets. But what I like about using tags specifically is because of the stuff that we can do on the G sites, right, we talked about theme mirroring, and all that kind of stuff all the time. And with the GS with tag pages, you can do some really cool things by embedding the tag page into g sites, you know, create a page on the G site optimize for the term that you're you're trying to rank for, and then you embed a tag page into there. And that becomes a link building target as well, that can funnel or pass juice to all of the posts that have that that are that share that tag. That makes sense. So it really depends. I mean, again, it really depends on what it is that you're doing. I can't give you a solid answer, because it's going to depend on the project. I typically will leave my tag pages to index but then I use canonical is very strategically. Does that make sense? Anybody want to comment on that?

on the web, right? It's it's always, depending on what it is that you're trying to accomplish. Yeah, this is this isn't an easy question to answer, because this does variables on how you're using your tags and you categories.

I agree. Yeah, I totally agree with that. So it is it's one of those kind of like standard SEO answers, which is it depends, you know, because it really depends on what it is that you're trying to do. There's just so many things that you can do when you're using like a dual silo structure on a site. What I mean by that is using the traditional silo with categories. And then there's the tag silo, which I use specifically for location based silos now. So I consider that like to two types of silos on the site, right? You have topical silos, which are the traditional silo structure. Then I use tag silos, which are for location silos essentially. But it's really cool because you can do a lot of cool things with it. It's a good question, though.

IFTTT Pro Concern

Justin says, Hey, guys, hoping you have been able to hear back from someone at IFTTT about the wonkiness has been going on since the pro upgrade my pro accounts are not showing any of the applets I create so I can't share them to my other pro accounts. And today, I noticed the various accounts of yours. And some others I was using applets from have changed to this user hasn't created applets too, so I don't know what to do anymore. Okay, as we as we've you know, answered this question a bunch of times, Justin, even with a free account, and you can you can enable applets you just have to find them, right? But so you go to the Explore tab you can search you know, like the the standard applet titles or names that we've used over the years, you can locate there's a handful of them that I know to be ours, you can tell by the applet creator the username essentially, Stephen R. Reynolds is one of them Vernon e DUNS and other one I've got a bunch of how to SEO as another one, there's a bunch of them that we've created over the years that are in the kind of library applet library under the Explore tab that you can locate and turn them on, if you have IFTTT accounts where you had created the applets. But you let it go. You know, as you never subscribed, you never subscribed as a pro subscriber. Let's say you had 15, applets and an account and you allowed it to go to the free plan beyond the date where you could subscribe as a pro account, then it automatically turns off or archives all but three applets. Right. So but if you just used somebody else's applet and turned it on, then it will allow you to turn them all on. Does that make sense? But it will, it will only allow you to keep three that you've created in an account. So what I'm saying is if you had an account that you set up, and it's now on the free tier instead of a pro tier and you had created all 15 applets in this example, then it will only allow you to keep three of them on the other 12 are going to be archived, then it won't allow you to turn them on you can go to the Explore tab and find the other applets that somebody else created that were in the library of applets and then turn them back on enable them and then swap out obviously, you know add your own RSS feed or whatever. However, I'm gonna share this with you guys now and I think it's still on my clipboard. Well I already posted it to at you Justin, but I'm just going to post it here as well. I, we have a pro account and by the way just to share this with you guys on how to create applets in a pro account so that you can share them between other accounts you do that. If you go in IFTTT, you click your profile icon in the top right corner, you'll see a drop down says platform or there's an item in the drop down called platform. Click through to that, then you have to set your user account up as a service. So and I can't I'm not going to show you guys how to do all that I had to learn it myself in the last two weeks. But there's help files and everything else but you got it. You've got your username for that IFTTT The T account, it has to be a pro account. But if you have a pro account, you can create your username as a service or add it as a service. And then from there, you create applets. These are the applets right here that I've created with the pro account. You guys have access to this now it's in the comments. But for example, if I were I don't know if I can click through, probably logged into one of my accounts, but let's just see. Yeah, I am. So if you can see, these are now saying by Semantic Mastery, and this is a blog RSS repost to blogger. And look, even if I'm not logged in, if I go over here to refresh Firefox installation, I can now see these applets. Whereas before you couldn't write.

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there was no way to share applets anymore. But now because I've created all of these applets, under our pro account, you have to do it in platform.ifttt.com. And you have to again, you have to set your pro account up as a service, and then you can start creating applets. And that's what I've done here. And so these applets are now the new updated applets that will allow you guys to import them directly from this sheet into your account, all you got to do is copy the URL paste and go in your address bar when you're logged into your account. And now you can enable these applets and these have all been coded up to today's standards. And by the way, attribution has been coded into the blog syndication applets now, so that you don't need to have a attribution inserter plugin in your RSS feed. So in other words, for those of you don't want to talk about to, you know, we used to just use the code inserter from Yoast, or from our own RSS plugin that we developed to create that attribution link, like this post was first published on you know, whatever, that would automatically insert that like line of that attribution link at the bottom of every post in the RSS feed. But because Yoast is such a piece of shit, and we're not in the plugin game or the plugin development business, and so it's it's we don't even really want to continue supporting the one that we created. I just recreated all the applets with attribution already built in. So you don't need that you don't need that anymore. By the way, I also found out that all in one SEO pack plugin does also have an attribution module built into it. And I think Jeffrey Smith and the IRS has an RSS module built into it as well. That's the SEO ultimate Pro, which is what we recommend for SEO plugin. But what I'm saying is you don't need any of that anymore, because they're built directly into here. Okay, now, some of these may change or be edited slightly, because I haven't completed testing all of the YouTube applets yet, these have all been tested. So these may change but the URL is not going to change. So even if I update the athletes guys, they're not going to change, the URL should not change. Okay. So we're in the process of updating a syndication Academy, we're going to be relaunching that as version three updated for 2021, essentially, because we probably won't watch it before beginning of next year. But just know that we have got a lot of stuff cooking for the new syndication Academy guys, and right here are the applets that I just created within the last week and a half or so. Okay, and again, you guys have access to this now. The URL is semanticmastery.com/new-IFTTT, that will take you to this page here. Do not ask to edit this page, go to File, and then go to make a copy and copy that into your Drive account. And then or download it as a CSV or whatever you want. But if you ask to edit this, I'm going to deny it. Okay. So don't don't ask. Anybody want to comment on that?

Oh, perfect. Beautiful.

Should You Use An SEO Shield Or A Syndication Network For A Client With Several Web Properties?

Okay, ideas. 111 says I purchased your SEO Power Shield and have some questions as to the best structure my client has several web properties that would be best if they would be branded as one entity using her name. The business recently changed structure with the new business name being her name. So this works well. Several of these sites are old and need to be replaced with better siloed sites. Is it effective to build the SEO power shield and include these old properties siloing the information in the shield and then add information from the new site as it is completed?

Uh, I don't know, this is a almost needed diagram for this. I'm trying to visualize what you're telling me in your head but or I'm trying to visualize in my head what you're telling me and I'm having difficulty. Also, I need to promote one of their new sites immediately as they are opening several other locations just for IV therapy and nutrition. Would this get a separate SEO shield? Or just a separate syndication network? Thank you, Marco. This seems like a bit of a complicated question. And without all the details, I don't know if I could give a proper answer or were you able to interpret. It's not something that I'm that would be answered here. This is requiring just a lot of what I would consider a consultation time. It's not something that we do on Hump Day. We don't answer anything this intricate, because this requires this a whole lot of different things. And then we have to go look at it and see what which one would be the best way to answer it. Right? Yeah. How would we approach this? Okay. It's not something that I can answer cold.

Yeah, yeah, it's difficult. I mean, just from rereading it while you were talking, I mean, if just on a very high level, if there's multiple websites that should be brought under one brand, then I would almost say why not create one website under that, you know, parent or master brand, and then set up silos on that website. And then, you know, basically, import the content from the existing individual sites into the new site, and then do redirects from the old sites that, to me, it makes a mess, if you've got a bunch of different websites out there that were separate websites, but now you want to bring them all under one entity, if they're related. And it makes sense, then absolutely, you can. But what I would suggest is housing them all under one domain, right, and you could, you could just you repurpose the old content, just so you set up proper silo structure on the new branded domain, even if it's her name, or whatever, it doesn't matter. And then you would set up silos, which would have been each of the individual sites, you bring that content, and it can be literally copy paste to bring that content in. And then you would set up redirects from the old domains, to the new sex, you know, the corresponding pages on the site, that kind of stuff so that you're pushing all of that relevancy to that one domain, that one entity. But then there's a lot of schema stuff that could be done there that would really need to be done to combine all that into one entity. Also, the the SEO or excuse me, the SEO shield, that could all be mirrored once that original website, the main entity, main branded entity website would be built out correctly and formatted correctly, like all of that could be duplicated or mirrored in the SEO show. But again, without knowing like all the different pieces and stuff, like does it make sense to mix them all under one entity or not? And only you can answer that? So I agree with Marco, that this is one of those questions that more context is needed, and probably going to need more, you know, more consultation from somebody. So that would be like a great question for the semantic mastery mastermind. And I don't know if you guys and how heavy hitter are doing like audits and stuff, but that would be a really good question for the mastermind. So sorry, I couldn't give you a better answer for that.

Now, this is some I mean, we've done it we did it for for Pete Hogg. And in my ask Marco, anything, webinars. I'll even I'll even go into that. Right, but but not here, because this requires me actually going and looking at everything. And seeing how I would put it together for the questions that he's asking. Is that something that you can just fly off off the cuff on and say, yeah, yeah, I do this and this and this? Yeah. Because if I change like that, like the main change, and so now, what do we do? What do we do with the old property? I have to look at them? How much value is there in there? And how much change? There's just so much? I can't answer it.

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Yeah, I agree. That's, it's, it's a complicated question with very little information, which I know it'd be hard to. Honestly, if you posted a great big wall of text trying to explain all this stuff. We wouldn't even cover it anyways. So again, that's more of one of our paid groups. We try I tried I tried to give you some somewhat of an answer, but I know that probably didn't suffice and for that, I'm sorry.

What MGYB SEO Products Do You Recommend For An eCommerce Site And Events Planning Site?

Next question. Hello, guys. I got my battle plan two weeks ago and close to new clients here in the UK to build an e commerce website for each of them with monthly SEO look at that guy's got his battle plan two weeks ago and close to clients in two weeks. That's strong. So congratulations. So I plan to purchase your keyword research is the first step for each Can you tell me what are the other products I need to purchase from your arsenal services and in what order? Am I to purchase them? One of the ecom websites is in the fashion that specifically children's custom clothing and the other is in selling hair products, mostly targeting women's hair. Both are located here in London, England. Yeah, well, if you've got the SEO battle plan, that's like, you know, basically the roadmap. The other the other thing I would say is, as Adam mentioned at the beginning of today's Hump Day hangout is go to the SEO shield.com. That's the seoshield.com. and sign up for that free training. And that will take you through the SEO shield training. I think it's on a four day schedule. So you get another lesson every day. That kind of walks you through the different components of the SEO shield. And that that's really what we would suggest is get the keyword research first and once you have that, then go order an SEO power shield for each client. right because that includes all the have our you know, our proprietary methods, our building blocks our foundation of, you know, the foundational stuff that we do which is the syndication network, the RYS Drive stack plus g site, the idx page, and press it manage organization page, all of that combined. So it's it's basically that's why we we've recreated the SEO show to begin with was because instead of ordering individual components, you get it all in one bundle, it's a little bit less expensive, and it's also less work on your end to place the orders in separate pieces or, you know, at separate times. So in plus we get it a little bit faster that way too. You get it delivered a little bit faster. So again, go through the battle plan, if you haven't already sounds like you have go to SEO.com opt in for that, it's free, you'll go through that training. And then what I would suggest is after the keyword research has been delivered, then you order the SEO, power shield for each client comments on that SEO power shield and link building, get that initial link building for the brand, solidify the brand, then you start looking at what your targets are, you need the data, that's what the initial run is for.

That's right. That's right. Not only that, but when you order the SEO power shield, on the thank you page, there's an opportunity to get link building for that power shield at a discounted rate. It's like the Oto for link building. So that's a really good opportunity to purchase the links for that too. So once it's built, it'll immediately go to link building team to have links built to it. So that helps to solidify all of that as Marco said. Okay, so I have another client from the British Virgin Islands who I closed yesterday to build an events planning site for her in the British Virgin Islands, there is not much competition in that niche. So I would need to purchase all of your service, there is not much competition that niche so what I need to purchase all of your services, and if not, what would you recommend? Well, I don't recommend ever doing anything less than the SEO power shield for for a project period. Like, in my opinion, that's the bare minimum, it covers all of our, if it's not very competitive, when you order an S, once you have an SEO power shield in place, that means that it will probably require very little off page work in order to get it you know, like off page, essentially link building and embed gigs, that type of stuff for you to be able to get results. I can't say it won't take you any because I don't know. But it will probably take very little. So but again, I wouldn't recommend shortcutting again, as I mentioned before, guys, that's like our foundational stuff the SEO showed is the foundation of everything that we do, it used to just be syndication networks, but over the years it's grown into all of what we can all of the components that our makeup the SEO power shield. So I would recommend that being like your, your floor right your basement like that's that you build that first and then from there, you only do the off page as needed or content marketing and off page SEO as needed. Once you get your desired results, you can kind of slow it down a little bit. So that's what I would recommend. Anybody else?

Moving on.

What Do You Recommend To Get The SMS PIN Verification In Creating Gmail Accounts?

Robert says thank you SM team and best part of Wednesday's Hump Day Hangouts. Thank you. I'm limited on creating additional Gmail accounts and their verification process what options are safe to get the SMS pin verification completed? I don't know because I don't go through that process anymore. Um, I have somebody that I buy accounts from now when I need them. I don't know if he's got a landing page or not. But I pause for a minute if you guys have any ideas because I don't create my own accounts anymore at all. Does anybody do that here?


All right, standby. I'm gonna pause the screen just for a moment while I look up the email I don't think he's got a landing page for this but you can email this gentleman and tell him standby I'm looking just to see I might have an email. No, I have an email but I'm sorry. I was looking for a landing page.

Alright, um, his name is miles Chad. I'm grabbing the email now and I'm going on pause the screen just a moment guys. Okay, so I'm going to add Robert contact miles, Chad for purchasing accounts. And he does like a bunch of web 2.0 stuff, Twitter accounts, Gmail accounts. He does aged accounts, new accounts, phone verified stuff. He gives you the phone number for verify that he verified them with these accounts are really good accounts. Guys. I've used account providers over the years and this guy's miles Chad. He's really really good about replying via email, like communications really good. He's prompt. The accounts are good. I've never had any problems with the accounts. He'll replace them. If there is a problem like I don't I don't you have to ask him about what the time limit is that He will replace them. But I know like if I get a new fresh batch of accounts from him, and during the process of, you know, binding them to my IP or to, you know, a proxy or whatever it is that I'm doing, if I have any trouble, and I get locked out of the account, he'll replace them. I'm not talking about months down the road, but when I first get them he does. So again, contact him, tell him I sent you. I just actually purchased some Twitter accounts. I don't use Twitter much, but I purchased some Twitter accounts from him a few weeks ago, like literally about three weeks ago. So I know he's still selling accounts. I would I would contact him tell him I referred you. Okay. Let's see Chris, move the camera down unless you're naked. Yeah, Chris does that pantsless he's not here to defend themselves by

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What Do You Mean By The Importance Of Press Release With Keyword Anchor Text To Improve Website Entity?

pavlo Hey, guys, question press release with keyword anchor text will be helpful to improve website entity. I'm confused regarding this topic. That's why I decided to ask you without guessing. Thanks a lot. I don't you can use I mean, look that okay, the short answer. And that's the only I'm only going to be able to give you the short answer. No, don't use keyword anchor text. You can use branded anchor text to link back to your website through a press release. That that's okay. I prefer naked URLs or brand anchors when linking directly back to the money site. Does that make sense? I try not, unless I've got like a particular page on my site that has a really robust link profile. And I can afford or I can, you know, use keyword anchors at that point, then that's okay. But only if you know what you're doing. I don't recommend it. If you don't know what you're doing just use naked URLs or brand anchors, if you're going to link directly to your money site from a press release. So yeah, that's that's the simple short answer. Anybody else want to comment on that?

Yeah, because, I mean, Jeremy has been so good about giving us access, or allowing us to power up our entity. And we already do a really good job of that, yes, it will improve. If you're going entity for entity, I mean your main entity and and you really need to know it, you really need to know what you're doing. If you're doing this, you really need to know and it's not something that you can just go Okay, let me take a text anchor, and and send it you know, however many links that is, because then I mean, you can get into a whole lot of trouble with all of those links coming to your to your website, right? through one like a one word, one, one keyword anchor text. That's trouble, man, that's if you don't have everything set up, right? To receive that anchor text link, you're in trouble. So rather than that, the schema, the iframe, everything that you can do on that press release will help you overall, especially with that ad ID page and adding the press advantage media page, it just everything that we do with that Id agreed.

How To Set Google Folders Public To The Web And Be Indexable?

Okay, so, uh, I think we're probably only get two to the last two year old off and then bb. And then I think we got to wrap it up, guys, because we're almost at the five o'clock hour. So Olaf says hello there. How can I make Google folders public to the web and indexable, we can't share that here. You can still do it, there's absolutely and in fact, Syndication Academy update, when that comes out, which again, will probably be in the early first part of next year. So 2021, there will likely be something available there that will show you how to do it or give you a resource that will give will make a folder like give you the ability to make folders public. And also we may be able to provide that and MGYB very, very soon, like in a couple of weeks, maybe we're gonna have a meeting about it next week. So there's a very good chance that we can provide that as a service inside of MGYB. can't share it with you here because that was a something that we shared Marcus shared in the paid setting. So it wouldn't be right for me to share that here.

But yes, we've been using that we've been using that method and MGYB. And then that's something that I'm that I'm going to give away, right? Because when Google took that away, I had to go and spend time on that, to figure out how to do it. So did Rob. I mean, we immediately got on that and figured out how to make them public. Again, it plus, we had already been doing it in the drive section and G sites. I mean, we can still do it to this day, the best way to make one public is to go and get a drive second g site from MGYB. We'll do it for you save all that time and effort.

Yeah, and like I said, you can absolutely still do it. There's no question. And that's probably going to be something that we have as a service inside of MGYB to make files and or folders public. But we're going to we're going to talk about that next week. So we come back with that question. Again. I'm sorry, I couldn't share with the method here guys. But there are some things that just have to be behind closed doors. This is a free public forum. So it's certain things we can't share. And hopefully you understand that. You can come join one of our paid groups though and find out All off.

How To Show An Image Schema In Mobile SERPs?

So Bibi says, Hey guys, I thought it was Thursday today Time flies. Yes, it does. For the questions, I have a post. Okay, I'm going to share I read this previously. So I'm kind of prepared for this. We'll try to get through this rather quickly. But he says I have a post that has graph schema with and he talks about the different types generated by the Yoast plugin. So the first thing I'm going to tell you to do is throw that fucking plugin out. Like, Yoast is a piece of shit, don't use the Yoast plugin. For schema stuff, like I said, use SEO ultimate Pro, it's a paid plugin, but it's totally worth it. It has all the different schema types built into it, it's got schema builders directly in the plugin. So like on the post or page editors inside of WordPress in the SEO ultimate Pro Plugin widget underneath where the text editor is there, you can literally develop any type of schema you want there. And what's great about it is not only can you develop the schema specific to that page or post, but you can always go back and edit or append the schema using the SEO ultimate pro plugin, and it will automatically format it correctly. Because if you try to use two different schema types on a page or a post, and you don't have them connected properly, called connected schema or connected data or nested schema is another term for it, then it can ambiguous ate the main entity of the page because you've got two separate schemas on the page, you have to have it connected properly. And so again, like the SEO ultimate pro plugin will do that for you automatically. If you're using the schema creator and editor that's on the page or post level. Does that make sense? So it will automatically append additional schema for like marking up different items like video object, image object, whatever reviews schema, FAQ schema, all of that. So highly recommend that the Yoast plugin add so much bloat so much shitty code, I just highly recommend that you stop using that crappy plugin. Okay, Marco will will verify that as well. Also, if you want to create schema without purchasing a plug in, I would recommend a free version is technical SEO calm. It's the go to technical SEO. com Click on Tools and find the schema markup generator. And here you can find all different types of schema that you can mark up. This is what I was using before I started using the schema creator and Jeffrey's plugin or the SEO ultimate pro plugin. And lastly, another option would be but it comes with a monthly subscription fee. But I am using this myself, I like it because you can get some really significant, like really complex connected data item type schema with schema app.com. This has an it has a little bit of a learning curve with this and it has a monthly expense. But if you're going to be doing a lot of structured data stuff, I recommend using this I know my partners might not use it. But I like this because it automates a lot of stuff for me. I don't have the patience that some of my like Rob does to do all this shit in spreadsheets, so I use schema. So those are the three things I would suggest this for individual, like items that you want to mark up this if you want to do significant like connected data items, which is really what you should be doing now anyways, or the SEO ultimate pro plugin, which doesn't have a monthly expense and that's a again, it's a great plugin. It's way better than Yoast. Mark, do you want to comment on that?

No, we've run over time. Yeah.

Okay, so no comments. Alright guys, thanks for being

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