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By April

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What's up everybody, and welcome to your reason to like Wednesdays. As always, my partners and I are here to bring you what's working in SEO and mark to market to answer your question, what's working online, whatever it is that's working. That's what we're going to ask your questions on. Whatever is not working for you. Hopefully, we'll work it out.

And as you can see, probably if you're watching this live, we have a new new in the show watching it on replay, we have a new person joining us today. It's my pleasure to introduce se, to all of you She is the person who has been working with Bradley and me behind the scenes. So we can bring you the new and improved syndication Academy, so se, say hello to the world, tell them who you are, where you're from all that good stuff, let them know who you are. Okay, hello, everyone, I'm a bit excited. So I will need to apologize for any type of that I make type I can call it so while I speak. I'm not an English native speaker. I've been working with the syndication Academy three Oh, it will be released, hopefully soon, actually, later than we thought it would in the beginning, but it is taking a bit longer however it will be soon available. Um, Marco says I'm going to replace Bradley, but I'm ofcourse only replaced him as a number, I cannot possibly replace Bradley as a character. So to introduce myself a little bit, I am 28 year old obedient girl. But 28 in two days, actually. And I'm really new in this whole SEO thing. My name is se but I don't know much about it. I'm starting to I'm learning I've been learning the, for the couple, three months, I've been working with it. And in a way, it will probably be relatable to you since what I'm learning is new for me as well. So I will try to explain it in the way that I understand it. So you will be able to understand it even better than you would from a professional person like Bradley, because he knows all the terminology. While for a beginner, it might be a bit difficult. So I really hope you guys will enjoy the final result results.

Well, Happy birthday. Thank you. In today's Actually, yeah. Happy early birthday. And thank you, thank you for all your hard work. I know you've been hard at work, people don't see what you're doing. But you know, we keep track. We see what you're doing. We're trying to help you out. And I'm glad you mentioned that because the reason why we went and got you is because you had no idea what SEO was, you know, listen, if you can go through the training, apply it and show people how it works and make it work, then there's no reason why anyone else can take the same training and do exactly what you did. So thank you, and just hang out in case anybody has had any questions or whatever, or just hang out with us for the rest of the year. Welcome to stay. And as I see you on my screen from left to right, I'm gonna go through the rest of my partners. Let them say hello, Chris. What's up, man? Hey, doing good here.

Yeah, excited for all the Black Friday stuff that is upcoming, but I'm pretty sure we'll talk about it in a bit. So yeah.

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Thanks, man. Bradley. Man. I see you next What's up? Uh, yeah, I'm good. You know, thanksgiving tomorrow, I'm looking forward to that. It's like my favorite holiday because the food is amazing.

I've got we always kind of get together with family. I'm a big my, my sister and her in laws, or my in laws, I should say. We always go out to their house and they have some huge spread. And it's it's amazing. So I'm really looking forward to that. But just a quick note, SEO SEO. I could see that being a brand se SEO name now that I mean, yeah, that's, that's interesting. It just kind of worked out that way. So anyways, glad to have you. Welcome to our Hump Day Hangouts and look forward to seeing what the syndication Academy update. version three looks like when it comes out. So you know, I'll be working closely with you over the next several weeks or a couple of months really, or whatever to get it. Get it finalized. But um, so far it's been good thing for someone.

And then I see that somebody let her Nan back in. Yeah, man. The guy should end you guys shouldn't. What's happening, everybody. Thank you, Marco, for seeing. Thank you se for being here. It's excited to have you on the team. Thank you, everybody that's watching this live and everyone that's watching the recording as well. And yeah, excited for what's coming up for Black Friday. So really excited to see how that comes out. So that's I mean, I'm glad you mentioned that because anyone who's on our list, it already has Black Friday, Black Friday, Black Friday available, and so they got an early start on the holidays.

So guys, if you're on our list, check for that mail, check your spam, make sure it didn't go in and make sure you got whitelisted in case you got another email coming, because we're gonna have goodies all through the weekend and on Monday May be extended a little bit more. It depends, you know, you know how we do the due guys. And as you can see, I'm still Groundhog Day.

I can't help it, man. I like it's a no, it's the price I pay for the life I live. What can I say man? Yeah, somebody. Somebody's got to do it. And so with that, guys, let's go to the questions. Bradley. Okay, cool. Let me grab the screen.

Standby. One moment. We got all right. Y'all are see my screen, correct? Yep, we're good. All right.

Not a whole lot of questions, but it is the day before Thanksgiving. So I'm not surprised. If we get done with questions early guys. We'll just wrap it up early. I'm sure everybody's looking forward to apparently the night before Thanksgiving is one of the biggest drinking days in the US.

Is There Such Thing As Too Many Links When Creating MYGB Short Links, GSite, PR, And Citation Pages?

So I can imagine a bunch of people are gonna go get hammered anyways. So anyway, starting with Ivan, he says hi SM crew when it comes to boosting properties, like the mgib shortlinks, along with the G site, organization, PR page, and other citations and assets. Is there such a thing as too many links? My thought was that if everyone is building tiered links, it will devalue the sites over time. A Marco I think that's a great one for you. What do you think is there's so such a thing as too many links. We're about to find out as I've built software. And I just broke it today at creating one, one plus 300 and 316 zeros links.

That was the limit, I ran into the 64 bit limit on a PC. And so I'll have to rework that. But we're about to find out what Google's limit is as far as links and when we can come back and talk about it from what I'm seeing. And we've done of course, you know, but the million link tests on DC plumber, and the you know how keep Melanson earlier this year came in and he mentioned his test his million link test, then I ran another million link test. And then Rob came in with it with 10 million, like, and we're talking pure spam, right? Yeah, it's any type of link building that you do is a spam because you're not supposed to be building links. And it just seems that the more you give Google the merrier. here's, here's what I found. When Google tells you not to do something, you have to go find out why. They tell you don't don't do this. So you got to go. Why are they telling me not to spam, and then you come to find out because it works really well. Now the whole point is don't get caught. Because if you get caught, you get mad Smackdown. So if link building works, then it stands to reason, by logic, if we do more of those links that work, then it's going to work even better. What the threshold is, would be, for example, if you start out ranking a website like Amazon, for the keyword, Amazon, they're going to come and bitch and moan then they're going to come and look at why you're out ranking amazon for the keyword Amazon.

And then that's your problem. But as far as I know, and as far as I understand how it all works, building links is alive and well. tiered link building works. Even better, it's it works phenomenally well; iframes plus link building is killing it. So the key word in all of that is link building. Now, Ivan, take that with a grain of salt. I'm not saying for you to go out and order 100 million GSA links from Fiverr. Because if you aim those straight at us that you're gonna kill yourself, you're gonna choke yourself off. It's just totally unnatural for your website to receive those. What we do is we filter them. And we don't worry, like, people get really anal about about indexing. Like we don't care. If we want if we do 10 million links, we know that a portion of those are going to index naturally. Another portion of those are going to get indexed by dedhia. And another portion will just end up in in whatever digital space things end up in. We don't care. We know what the effect is going to be. Not only of those, but the ones that we build up behind those over time. I here's his my thought, yes, everyone is building tiered things for a reason. And they're working for a reason. What we're doing is we build PageRank into the ranking score algorithm. And then it's the art of art that takes over activity, relevance, trust and authority. That makes everything work, absent any of these things. And you could have problems if you incur a manual. But when you look at your little dinky website, in the website, and I say thank you could be making a couple of million, which is nothing on the web. And nobody's going to pay attention to you. Unless, you know, just, it's just one of those random things where it pops up. And you get on the list of people to be looked at manually. But think of the millions of websites that are on that list for manuals to get a look at by a person

so that they can tell what it is that you're doing. If you're good enough at hiding it. If you're good enough at filtering, it won't go past that. It won't go oh, I don't see anything wrong here. The guy just did what he's supposed to be doing. more power to you.

Bradley, in all honesty, I don't see any issues with link building right now. Unless she get caught LinkedIn. Yeah. Which by the way, I just have to give you a shout out Marco because I started watching the most recent heavy hitter club webinar last evening, I got to about 46 minutes before I ended up pausing it and I've got to finish watching it, but was damn good. So anyways, a very, very good webinar talking about, you know, what you talked about in it. And so I would encourage people that are looking to get the best kind of results from what we talked about, like the heavy hitter club is insane. Marco and Robert, just, it's just crazy what you guys give away in there. It's insane. So just want to give a shout out for that.

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What's The Best Way To Build Links To Pass The Most Value Across The Entire Domain?

All right, next question is from Christian says question for Marco, another one, what's the best way to build links to pass the most value across the entire domain? I read somewhere about link building to the XML sitemap, but this seems unnatural. Yeah, and I wouldn't recommend that either. Because link building, the XML sitemap is directly linking to your domain. I mean, if you're I wouldn't, we wouldn't recommend that. I know I wouldn't.

But this seems a natural would love any opinions on this thing. So Morgan, what do you say on that? It can have great effect, because you're building links directly to all of the links on your website. The problem is that you're building links directly to your website and through all of the links on your website. What we would do is we would take that XML sitemap and iframe it on a G site, of course, and link built to the G site.

You know, that's not my problem. So I've never done that iframe to a sitemap. Yeah, I'll be damned. Can't believe I'm not giving much away. Huh?

I didn't say that.

We have to test that. I even thought to do that, man. Nevermind. But yeah, dude, we do everything through the power shield. Everything that we do is done through the SEO power shield. And so why wouldn't we go and put that on the shield? Right? So now we're shielding ourselves off from incurring a penalty cuz he's an iframe iframes don't pass penalties.

And then you bang.

You know, get a that is set up, set a bunch of thoughts off in my head.

This category Sitemaps post Sitemaps tag Sitemaps. There's video Sitemaps image image sitemap. There's all kinds of stuff you could do with those if you can iframe Sitemaps. And I never even thought about that. That's insane. That is not it.

Keep it a secret.

Don't tell anyone publicly.

What Are Some Good Tips On How A Starting SEO Agency Get Consistent Leads?

Abdul's Up next, for those starting an SEO agency. What are some good tips to get consistent leads dried LinkedIn and some video audits was zero success. So far along with Upwork.

I would recommend video email, video lead gen system, there's a few different ways that like our product called video lead gen system is a method that I've used to land clients I started, I really developed the first version of it that I used for many years, way back in 2012.

That was very time intensive, it was very effective. I was getting consistently a 35% response rate on cold emails. But it was very slow. So in other words, like I would, I would always do a video emails in batches of 10. And I would get on every single time I would do a prospecting campaign with a batch of 10 video emails that were customized for each recipient, I would get either three or four responses, right And out of those three or four, I would typically close at least one but sometimes to two of those responses into some sort of retainer model or lead generation. You know, they would become lead buyers or whatever it was that I was I was approaching them for. So that's why I say 35% because every time I did 10 it would either be three or four responses.

About two years ago, I updated video Legion system to make it more to basically add in another module that talks about how to streamline the process a lot better, to make it way more efficient and you can use a VA for a lot of it.

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To where you can just record, you know, what's called a common. A common section or common video, like like there's going to be a big portion of the video is going to be common to all of the recipients. And it's just the intro that is unique to each recipient. So the intro can be very short, like 90 seconds or less so that therefore you can literally record a whole bunch of intros to unique to each recipient, in very, very short period of time and then have a VA do all the other work the splicing of the intro to the common video, and then even do the emailing and everything else. And all of that process is taught in video lead gen system. More recently, the PO foo live 2020 art. So our live event kofu live 2020. So our live event from this year, I did another prospecting training on setting up what I call a prospecting machine. It's using the high level platform, it's freaking fabulous. I've been able to use cold emails, not even video emails, but just straight cold emails and get a 30% response rate, which is insane for cold prospecting. And it works really, really well. And I taught that specific method, including all the process Doc's on how to build that out in high level. And everything is part of my POFU Live presentation, which is available in the POFU Live 2020 recordings. So those are the two products that I would recommend that you check out because that's exactly how I prospect and I do a lot of prospecting. I've more recently, it's been for lead buyers for my lead gen assets, you know, I've got a bunch of leads coming in that I needed to monetize. So I've been doing it for lead generation, but in about probably right after the first of the year, I'm going to be going really heavy on prospecting for some activity based services for Tree Service contact, contractors not doing like full on SEO and everything else. But like doing like GMB posts and video ads, I'm getting really heavy into YouTube ads for local right now. And that's a service that I want to provide. So it'll be kind of like a lesser expensive service. So I'm going to be doing a ton of prospecting and I'm going to kind of repurpose the high level prospecting machine for that. And that will be updated and added to the POFU Live recordings. And again, that's probably gonna wait till January to start really prospecting heavy for that. But I'm just telling you that because both of those products have been very successful, like those methods, excuse me have been very successful for my own business, my own agency, my own lead generation business. So I would highly recommend that you check those out, and know that it's going to be updated once again in January the POFU live recordings anyways, and maybe video lead gen system as well, with the, with my results from my new prospecting campaign that I'm going to commence with on in January. So anybody else want to talk about? Yeah, I tried LinkedIn, LinkedIn, and I'm surprised that he had zero success. But was it free? Or was it Abdul I need to know if he tried the paid or the free? LinkedIn? Cuz cuz through the through the paid? Like, you'll get notified when there are leads available in the air you choose? And profinder? Yeah, LinkedIn profile profile. Yeah, but here's the interesting part. But you can change the areas, you can change that, like, I was doing Virginia, because we had a I had a phone number. Then I went and got a phone number in New York. And I changed it and I changed the area. And I got leads from New York. And it was really interesting, because you're supposed to submit a bid but I but I would do is a you know, let's set up a call. Let's let's do call so I can properly go over what your needs are. So I would get them on the call. And and once you get them on the call, and they see who you are what you do. And you can you show them it, here's the the most important part of anything that you're doing is you have to be able to show that you can do what you say you're going to do. Yeah, you can't just tell them, this is what I'm going to do for you. And then you have nothing backing up what you're saying, like I could take them to clients and all of these different things that I have to show, this is what I can do for you give me 90 days. And at the end of those 90 days, then we'll discuss what my fee is going to be because it's never it's never going to be as low as those first 90 days. Right. I'm really surprised seeing that the 06. So maybe we should do something with that LinkedIn profinder.

I don't know. So something to think about. I don't have time to do it. But when I tried it, I did have success. So that's just a couple other things came to mind as Marco was talking and you know, there's the old tried and true method of going to like local meetups, lead share groups, that kind of stuff. You can go to meetup.com And I mean, I'm assuming if you're in the US, you can go to meetup.com and you can probably find a local lead sharing groups, your chamber of commerce, Local Chamber of Commerce like that, that in person networking, it works you can get local clients that way I prefer to stick with within a particular industry now which is the tree service industry or or tangent industries like you know, land clearing, perhaps landscaping, you know some other things like that, but primarily Tree Service stuff. And so because of that I can't stick to just local areas. So you know, I've developed my own method which I talked about the video lead gen systems that works really really well. But something else would be like using you know, inbound marketing from you know, ads you set up your own and I thought we talked about this in two x your agency as well.

The fool the first part 2xyouragency.com if you go there, you can, you can check out our training for two x your agency. But we talked about there's three parts to that there's the pipeline, there's the results, and then in growth or scaling. So in other words, that whole training is divided up into three sections. The first section being completely about filling your pipeline, as an agency, that's the most important thing. You know, if what we hear a too many times with people coming into like Semantic Mastery mastermind, for example, is they come in and they say, you know, we get this often to that client getting landing new clients is the hardest thing for their agency that or the the biggest obstacle to growth. And whenever we get on our, you know, mastermind new member, our new mastermind member calls, because we always do you know, a 30 minute call with new members. One of the questions that I often ask is, you know, well, what are you doing for prospecting? You know, are you filling your pipeline with prospects, and it's, it's very poor, most of the results are like, most people just aren't prospecting, consistently, they prospect when they need some clients, they go through a week or two of heavy prospecting, they get some leads coming in, then they work those leads, and they stopped prospecting while they work those leads, and then hopefully, they get a client out of it. And then they got to start that process all over again, a lot of times, once they get a client instead of prospecting throughout, you know, while they're working the leads, they stopped prospecting. And then once they land, the client, they go through the onboarding process with the client. And so they they don't prospect during that time, either. So once they finally get the client up to a part where they, their time is freed up a little bit to where they can go back to prospecting, and it started against, it's always peaks and valleys, right peaks and valleys. And that's really not the way to do it prospect consistently. So that you always have a pipeline full of prospects, so that whenever you you know, that that's one, a couple things happens when you have a pipeline full of prospects. Number one, you don't, it's not as critical to close every prospect that you're talking to. and desperation comes through guys, like people can smell desperation from, you know, across the globe. And what I'm saying is, if you are desperate to close a sale with a prospect that you're talking to, because it's the only prospect you have, that comes through, and people can detect that or, or pick up on that. And so, and I think that kills conversion rates. And I know because I've been there something else is when you have a, you know, a pipeline full of prospects, you can cherry pick, and only work with those that seem to be the best fit, the ones that you're most comfortable with through communication and everything else. Whereas when you only have a handful of prospects, again, you cling to those prospects and try to make the deal happen, even if you know, it's not a good fit. Once again, how do I know this, because I've been there. And every time that I've done that, and I've taken on a client for money sake, but I felt like in my gut, you know, I had this gut feeling that it wasn't a good fit, it turned out to be that turned out to be the case, like it's a nightmare engagement. It's a pain in the ass to deal with, it causes a lot of stress and it's the money's just not worth it. And so again, having a pipeline full of prospects is incredibly important. So when I say inbound marketing, again, go check out 2xyouragency, very inexpensive. But there's a ton of training in there on how to fill your pipeline. One thing I recommend is branding yourself, you know, or your agency however you want to do it. I think a personal brand is a little bit better than a corporate brand. It gets better results and from from my experience, but do things like YouTube ads, guys like YouTube ads are so incredibly inexpensive right now especially it's insane, you can get a ton of reach targeting options have gotten incredibly good, you can create custom audiences now. So you can literally create a bucket of people that are interested in you know, bucket of prospects, essentially that you can market to on YouTube and display network. Those are all inexpensive ways to get to be Brent to brand yourself and bring create exposure to your ideal prospect. So I would highly recommend that and Hernan I know you've got a ton of really good prospecting advice to what can What can you give?

for non stop? I was talking to a mute mic.

I think that went into it's your agency. We actually have a full module, which is, which was one of my presentations for pool for like 2018. And I kind of expand that last year, but it was about the eagle method, right. And on that method like, which is explained, by the way into it's your agency, a walk you through step by step on how to create a personal brand and how to create content that people come in and consume, so that you don't have to go out there and do any pretty much any of the heavy lifting, because you're putting together those systems so that people will reach out to you. Right, so you're not depending that much on referrals. referrals are great, but they're not consistent. So if you put a system like that, where you're putting out content, and you're advertising content, that helps you, you know, getting features and experts. So choose your agency, it's everything, you know, everything is explained step by step. So you know, Bradley has a more like outbound approach, I have a more like inbound approach. And if you combine the two of them, you can grow up an agency pretty quickly. So that's what I would say.

Anybody else?


Unknown Speaker 26:12
Somebody posting questions and doesn't realize, I guess, maybe they came to the page before the video up updated. So I don't know she's even gonna sit or egg is even going to hear our responses. But we'll get to that in a moment. All right. So the next question is, where am I lost it?

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Should You Delete A Person Schema If There's An Existing Organization Schema?

Okay, BB. BB is up. What's up baby? He says, should I delete the person's schema? When there is organization schema? It depends on like, what, and it depends on where like, how the schema is being used on what type of in which situation? Like, what is what are you marking up, for example, if it's like blog blog, you know, Article markup for a blog post, or a news release or whatever. You know, it depends like, there's there's a section for the author, and then a section for the publisher. And if the author if you want to designate a person, and you have your schema connected, properly writes called nested schema or connected data items, or there's enough number of terms for but if you haven't connected correctly, then you would list the author, which would have person schema for the author, if you want to do it that way. And then the publisher as the organization, which is organization schema, and all of that is nested correctly. And again, it's just, it depends on what you're doing most of the time for the articles that I mark up, I'm using the organization as the publisher and the author. So I don't use person schema. But it depends, again, if you're if you're branding a person, a professional, for example, then you might want to use their person schema. So it the standard SEO question without more content, or the standard SEO answer, excuse me, without more context, as always, it depends, it depends on the situation, what you're marking up.

I know BB from your question last week, if you're not connecting the schema correctly, then you can ambiguous the main entity of the page to begin with. So you got to be real careful about you know, if you're using schema, and you're marking things up that you do it in a proper way, having different you know, sex, different schema types on a page, but not nested correctly or connected properly, can actually create issues, right? So it can confuse the bot. And that's what you don't want to do. And I was doing that wrong for quite some time. I'm not gonna lie. I just recently started learning about how to do it correctly, thanks to rob, and the pope who live training. So but I would say yeah, it's just really going to depend mark, do you want to comment on that parent child, you're always going to have an organization that's full of people. And these people are each going to have some kind of whatever it is you want to call it, or whatever the job is, whatever the position is, inside the organization. And if that's the case, and if you want to go go into that much detail, you can so you should have person schema within the organization schema, what is their job, what is their function within the organization schema that you're building. And if there is no place for a person to be used within that organization schema, then don't try to push that in just because you want person schema within the organization schema. So as Bradley said, it depends on what function that person has within the organization. Or I'll say again, the parent child relationship. And then if it's on a page, what that person's relationship to that page is within also the organization.

How To Convince Someone That Does Google Paid Ads, Content Marketing, And Link Building Campaigns To Get Leads From A New Source?

That question number two is how to convince someone that does paid ads, Gmail, YouTube search, ads, and little content marketing and backlinks to add new source of some site and get the leads through a new source. Yeah, I get the question. Okay. What he's saying, Can you interpret it? Yeah. All right. So he knows how is doing ads. He wants to tell this person Hey, look, there's another way for you to get leads other than what you're doing. This new source is this online marketing thing where you can go get organic, you get into maps, you can get leads that way. He wants to know, how do I convince this person who only does ads to try something else?

Yeah, it looks like he's also talking about if you provide, if you have leads that you can sell to somebody that's already doing ads to I think that's the way I'm interpreting it as well. Um, hey, that's a great, you know, maybe you should go watch the lead simplify webinar that we did. I think it's semanticmastery.com/leadsimplify, but anyways, you should go watch that webinar, because Mike Martin talks about the hybrid lead generation model. And, you know, I've got clients that I've do that are retainer based clients, so traditional clients, right, you know, they pay me a monthly retainer, and I optimize their assets. But if I happen to have lead generation assets that you know, provide in their area that's within their service area that I, you know, generate leads for, sometimes clients will even ask, like, Hey, you know, I'll buy leads from you, too. So it's not that you need to convince anybody, remember, if you're trying to convince somebody that they need your service, you're talking to the wrong damn person, like you, that's the thing, because then you're trying to do to sales, right, you're trying to sell them, the idea that they need what you have, and then you have to sell them, that you're the one that provide that service, right, so you got to sell them twice. And that's, that's, that's very, very difficult. And I don't recommend it. And that's, again, going back to the question we had earlier about filling your pipeline full of prospects. If you have a pipeline full of prospects, and you talk to 10 of them, and six of them, you're trying to sell them on the need for what it is that you provide like that, they you have to sell them that they need that to be first before you can sell them on you providing that, then, like those are six people that you can disqualify very quickly, right, because you're saying you know what, you're not the best fit for me, not not that I'm not the best fit for you, you're not the best fit for me, because you're not already, you don't already know that this is good for your business. And I'm not saying don't try to educate people. But when you start to catch resistance from that, again, you have to sell them twice, in my opinion, is the wrong type of prospect. And that's where, again, having a pipeline full of prospects is good doing inbound marketing, inbound marketing is great, because people have been exposed to you or your service, or what you can provide the results you can provide before they contact you.

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So remember, an inbound lead, somebody already is aware of what it is that you do, and they're interested in you giving them a proposal, or at least having a conversation with them. Right. So you only got to make the sale one time as opposed to twice. So again, it comes back to you know, who you're talking to. So when it comes to like, for example, I've got a, you know, recently got a newer client in Fort Lauderdale, area of Florida. And in our initial conversation when we were, you know, during the proposal process, right, when I was prospect when they were just a prospect, and we were, you know, I was talking with them, we did the discovery call, like I always do all this is covered into x ray, to x your agency. But I did a discovery call with them. And during that discovery call, I mentioned them by the way, I also do Tree Service lead generation, if you're interested, I while I'm working on developing your assets and your brand, building your presence online, I could also build some lead gen assets in your area that will be generically branded. But the leads that come in, I can sell to you. And they said Yeah, that would be great. So they were interested in both a retainer and a lead generation business model, like a hybrid of the two. And so that's why I'm saying, you know, again, it, some people are going to be really open to that, or some business owners are gonna be really open to that, and some aren't. And the ones that aren't, just don't bother. Don't waste your time. Go find some that are. Does that make sense? Yeah, I see two things here. And I always like like to talk about, like my personal experience on on things like this. Because I talked to someone not not too long ago, who was doing about 50 million a year on ads, ad spend, right? So it's a little bit of a 4 million a month. And the guy was convinced that there was no other way to make money online than to do ads, because he was getting a three to one return on fit. You can imagine how much he's doing a year, right? If he's getting a three to one, return on what he's doing. So he's making about 100 million.

And so when you get a person like that, and they want to talk to you, but they're convinced that they're already doing what they're supposed to be doing.

Probably does it, I have to come if I talk to him, I have to convince him that there that there's another way So first, I have to convince him that there's another way then I have to convince him or show him

My way works. And I have to be able to show him how my work. So you get into a multiple step thing where every step of the way, you're going to run into a whole bunch of objects if the conversation gets heavy, and it doesn't make sense, because at the end, he's still going to be convinced that he's doing it the right way. And that your way might not work, no matter how much you show him.

That you have to find someone who's open to the idea, first and foremost, who is an already convinced that they're doing it and that there's no other way. And then this goes back to what I was saying before, it all depends on whether you're able to show the results that you can get you look that you get if you get me in front of anyone, any I mean anyone, and nine out of 10, I'm gonna close that person, because I can take them through a whole lot of shit that I've done.

And it's and I'm going to give them a 90 day out. So there's really no reason to say no, unless they were already looking to say no, because they're at least going to take that 90 day out, look 90 days, at the end of those 90 days, you will see. Because then they come six months, and every six months, I look it over because I always want to leave an opening to fire the client. No matter how much money we're making, I always want that opening, because I get tired of people. But this whole comes from you being able to show this person, this is what I can do. These are the types of types of results that I can get. This is what I can do for you. Now when you're speaking, when you're speaking results, you're speaking money. And if this person is any type of business person, they're absolutely going to see the numbers, man. And it doesn't even get to a heart close. Because there were by the time you get to, when do we start? It's already Yeah, like, just build me. invoices, send me the invoice or I got cut you the check. If it's person to person, like it's sometimes they just cut you the check, it gets really good. But you have to get to the point where the presence open first and foremost, and where you can deliver the goods. Because if you guys can't, they have to start figuring out how maybe your own leads and like I see maybe bV bV is doing and show those Look, I want to get these over to you person should be able to say, the person should be able to see profit in your conversation, you have to get them into that mindset rather than you trying to convince them that you can do what you say you can do.

Yeah, if you've got leads already for that particular industry, for that business owner, you mentioned baby, then, you know, why not send them, you know, a couple of leads, I do five I do a tree leads trial is what I call it, it's a tree leads trial for Tree Service contractors, and I allow them, I make them get on the phone with me, it's a brief conversation, it takes literally five minutes. But it's just so that I can have a quick conversation with them to make sure that they can speak English, you know, we're speak clearly I should say, communicate well, if they're, you know, if they're really terrible, I don't want to send them to leads that were just, you know, to go, you know, to customers homes for leads that I generated anyway, so I require a phone call. But it only takes a couple minutes. And I add them to my lead simplify system, which does the lead distribution for me. And I give them five leads for free. And then I tell I tell them look, once the fifth lead has been delivered, I'm going to call you again to discuss continuing the service. And that's that's how I do it. Because a lot of the times people say, you know, like the guys, the contractors that I talked to will say, you know, I bought leads before and they were shit. You know, I'm not sure that and I just tell them, Look, I'm gonna give you five, no harm, no foul, you don't want them after that it's not going to hurt, why not take five free jobs. And the reason I do that is because I tell them Look, my my goal is that you get you close at least one job out of the five leads that I send you. And if you're any good at all, at closing, you ought to be able to close at least one job right out of the five leads that I sell you, that means you're going to make some money. And once you've made some money from the free lead that I sent you, you can reinvest that money in purchasing leads from me going, you know, I hope that you spend that money purchasing leads from me. So it's it's my way of like earning their trust. And so I you know, for me, that works really, really well. So instead of trying to convince them, I just tell them flat out Look, I'm not here to convince you or sell you on anything right now. I just want to get your verify your information so I can send you five leads, what you do with those leads is up to you. At the end of those I'm going to give you a call back and see if you want to continue the service at which point I'm going to ask for money. Is that fair? That's what I say. And it's a very short, brief conversation and it tends to work well. So

What Are Your Thoughts On Local Viking And How It Keeps EXIF Data On Images?

Okay, moving on. Next question is from Blake SEO. He says, Hey guys question about local Viking. They claim that this tool keeps EXIF data on the images and it doesn't get stripped because they use the Google API. Is this possible or do you think it gets stripped anyways? I don't know. I can't speak for local biking or really what Google does.

You know people say that it scripts the exit data when you upload a video or a word an image or a video to Google My Business anyway.

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But you know, when, when you if you upload an image with EXIF data to Google My Business and then you once it's uploaded you go download it from Google. Yes, the EXIF data has been stripped. But does that mean that Google didn't see that EXIF data when you uploaded the video? Does that? Does that make sense? So I don't I don't know whether the Google API strips in or not, maybe Marco does. But in my opinion, doesn't really matter. If if when you upload the video that data gets, you know, Google sees that data when the image gets uploaded originally. What do you say Marco? Well, first and foremost, what I recommend is local images.

Forget the spoofing. I mean, don't forget it. Let me just say this, nothing works better than when you take the image, at the location around the location, around the geographical area around the centroid of the business extending out about 10 miles 1020 and extended 20 local images, local images, Google gets so much information, guys, they even get the like, the attitude that you're the wind speed is sometimes on on those images. Google gets all that information. And they have the satellite info, right. But they're tracking you they know where the fuck you are. Put it on airplane mode, it doesn't matter. They track you. Yeah, Google knows with a QR man. So you're giving them all that information and you're making relevant to the location. Next Best is trying to spoof the information but make sure that they're locally relevant image and not just any image, but locally relevant, which I showed how to do. In local GMB Pro. That was done a couple of years ago, it might be time for an update for local GMB Pro. Yeah, it's working really well anyway, like I hate update, updating something that works. Just to say I just updated and sell it more expensive. At any rate, if you have to spoof it, the idea is getting the info into the Google database. What Google don't does with that image after it doesn't matter, because we're giving them the information. And you're making it relevant because you're placing it in your GMB. And hopefully, you're doing it right, because you're doing it multiple ways, not only one way, because there's no GMB, that's legit. That only gets images one way. Yeah, so so you have to take all of these things into account when you're spoofing images, instead of trying to talk to clients into uploading images. And whoever comes to the client's business, or wherever the client goes to a job to take, take pictures and upload video upload image, oh, all of these different things that are natural looking, and natural looking GMB should, how it should look how it should behave, the things that it should get, right. So when you get that anal about it, whether exit data is there or not, we can show whether it is I'm not gonna do it here. But we can show whether it is you can go take a look and see if the exit data is there or not. But once again, it doesn't matter. And if you're spoofing the data and and you can upload local images, then you're doing yourself and or your clients a disservice by not taking local images not hiring someone to do it. Because it works so much better. I can't tell you how much better I am. I mean, I could show you how to do it here. But I mean, when I get results in GMP light light, like it's the simplest thing is because it's done right. And, and you can hire somebody on Craigslist just to take images for very inexpensive I know because in my real estate business, one of the areas that I was flipping a property in a piece of vacant land and required in order to be in the MLS it required actual photos from the property not like aerial photos, like most everywhere else that I sell properties, I can just use Google satellite images as the property photos and that's fine. But there's one particular property this county, the MLS in that area required that there was photos taken of the property and from the property. And so I just posted an ad on Craigslist in that area and said I'll pay $30 for somebody to go out and snap half a dozen photos from their camera, their their phone, they don't even need it, you know, don't you don't need to be a photographer, just anybody snap from their phone, six images, I'll pay 30 bucks. And I had like 18 people reply to me in a matter of an hour. It was insane. And so and I hired this one, this one girl, it was all done via email, you know from the Craigslist ad and within 45 minutes I had my six photos and I ended up paying her like I gave her $10 tip via PayPal so I paid her 40 bucks because I had it so quickly and so again you guys it's very inexpensive you can get people to do that for you. I think Marco used a bite Korea at one time.

So and that's somebody can make money on you know, additional income doing their their job, you know what I mean? So again, there's a lot of ways that you can get those local images if you can't get the business owner

To contribute, so, courier, Uber, people, people going back and forth from more people. commuting back. Have I used it all? It all works? Yeah.

Okay, on By the way, I see I think you're you've got some job security in the future because it sounds like local GMB pro might be the next thing on the block a bit updated. So you might have to learn local GMB pro to come on ready for everything now. One at a time, though. There you go.

Is There A Limit To The Amount Of Power A Link Can Have?

Alright, so the next question is from my love, Gabe says, Hello, everyone. My question is, is there a limit to the amount of power a link can have? Is it capped? Or can we send an infinite amount of GSA spam to a G site, for instance, and get more and more link juice? That was kind of like what you already answered? Marco, you want to kind of revisit, I link, the both power that a link can have is from an infinite PageRank 10. website, and the only infinite PageRank 10 websites that I know, is Google. It's capped at PageRank 10. Of course, because it's in the algorithm it's in it's in the the What do you call it the PageRank patent that was incorporated into the ranking score path, right? So we know that's the cap. Now, can you say can you send an infinite amount of GSA spam to a G site? and get more? Yes, of course you can. But why?

This Stuff Works
What's the point? I'd say when people ask this? And this is this is I love bV for them because he has this type of question. My question is always, why would you do that? We know that tiered link building, the way that Dahlia does it at mygb.co.

The way that he does, it works perfectly well with what we do, because we worked it in conjunction in conjunction with him. He and I have and Bradley and everyone in the crew, we've sat down with Dahlia, and talk to him about the link below. This is how we want it and and then he has come up with his own flavor on how it should be done to the point where it just goes hand in hand, you're supposed to get the SEO shield and get videos link building.

So that you see what the results are from that. So now what you do is you look at your analytics, you look at your search console, and you should know where your money is where the money is, in your niche, and what the money keywords are in your niche. So you start tracking those, and then you start targeting those, but you're never going to send an infinite amount of links at those, because that's easy to spot. If that link building the way that the way that you're talking about, you never want to do that you want to do a tiered, you want to have link building cycles to different properties. So that everything so that your entire entity or your entire thing on the web is constantly getting juice, it's constantly getting powered up. And so you're constantly ranking for new keywords in your niche, because of all the power that you're accruing, which is really PageRank and ranking score, what you're accruing. And of course, it's all powered up. Alright. So once you've done all this, if you have no people coming to your website, which I don't see how you could have no people. But if you've got no people coming to your website, or if the people that are coming to your website and not taking action, meaning that they're not closing the deal, whatever it is that you've set for them to do, then you've got a big problem, because you will not sustain the rankings that you have. This is all attended upon you getting a real person into your website and that person doing whatever it is that you've set for them to do, whether it's filling out a form, watching a video, downloading a PDF, download, whatever it is that you've set for them to do, so that Google can see the final piece of the puzzle, which is that person trusting you enough to click on whatever you have to give you their information to give you the money, whatever it is, I mean, you could build links, infinite links, that if if people don't eventually come and take action, you're going to be in a whole lot of trouble because Google is going to get signals other than what you're sending you sending them great signals, because you're getting all of this PageRank and ranking score. But then there's no one taking action. And you don't want to do that. There's no validation to create. That's That's it. There's no entity validation. Yeah. No validation. Yep. I totally agree.

All right, so the wall of text here from org. Typically, we asked not to post this much because it's difficult to read through but since we don't have a lot left, we'll go ahead and run through it. Question is, by the way, and there's a comment that says fantastic approach using se for the rework. Good move all of you. So as he got some fans already.

Thank you. Awesome.

Have You Encountered Problems Reinstating GMB Listings In The Towing Industry?

So it says hello, I have a couple of GMB listings for towing services. They are spammy listings within a county. Lately I have been creating listings and as soon as I verify the listings, they are automatically getting suspended when I contact Google to reinstate the listings they want proof of business license or utility bills showing my business name and address. Is anyone else having this problem when creating listings or is it just the towing industry? Well, first of all, I do know that the towing industry is one of the spammy or niches and it has been for years when it comes to GMB's. So that was already a sensitive industry for GMB suspensions.

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That as well as there's a number of them overhead garage doors or overhead doors, they call them you know, there's a number of them that have been that are like payday loans would be another one, right? Those are really spammy type listing things, the locksmith, the locksmith things a locksmith as well. So I know towing is one of those that are particularly sensitive to suspensions.

But that said also just right now period, it's difficult to spam GMB listings to create spammed GMB listings period. It's just across the board in any industry doesn't mean it can't still be done. But they are very sensitive right now I know because I just had a couple of them delivered that I ordered way back in June. And they were just finally delivered a couple of weeks ago, I went in and cleared the physical address because it was a service area business. I cleared the service the physical address as per Google's terms, right? Because it was a service area business and it was showing the physical address in the verified GMB. So I went in to clear the physical address to remove it from the street address from being published. And as soon as I did that, and click Save it instantly suspended it. So and it was in the tree service industry. So again, you know, it's it is a problem right now, which is why a lot of people aren't offering verified GM B's right now where you can purchase verified, you know, spammed GMB listings. because of that reason. And remember, Google is trying to combat spam, GMB listings. And one of the things one of the ways are doing it is they're just like algorithmically automatically suspending things that are making edits, or that it determines is like, again, with towing industries, that being one of the more sensitive ones, the moment you verify it, or make a change, or an edit, boom, it gets suspended. And then they require you to go through that process of providing documentation that that a, that business physically resides in the location that you tried to verify. And that's just their way of reducing spam. And so in my opinion, I would you know, I wouldn't bother trying to reinstate those if you know, it's a spam listing and it gets suspended, start over try again. And then towing. I don't know that you're going to have any success right now. So any comments on that? Nah, Google's trigger happy right now, man, they they're killing everything. Yeah, everything, they can just stick your head out, you're liable to get shot. I always tell people, right, someone's got an ak 47. And they're firing. The thing to do is never let's look and see who's shooting? Yeah, you're gonna get shot. The thing duck, duck, duck, and don't stick your head. It doesn't matter who's shooting somebody shooting man. That's, that's the important thing. Oh, let me see who's gonna boom, right. between the eyes. That's what's happening right now. You go change stuff. And sometimes it's just posting versus not posting for a while, that'll get you and then making changes and not making changes, and then adding images, not adding images. It's going really crazy right now. And of course, their idea is, anyone who doesn't have a real business isn't going to call us or if they do, they can't provide the paperwork, right? to reinstate their business. So fuck it, we just kill them. And then we'll worry about whether they can they can get their suspension lifted some some other way. But right now, I mean that that's just the way it is. I know that there's some ways to create these spammy lessons, but if you have if it's your towing business, or if it's a client's towing business, and get a legitimate listing there.

So the follow up question is also with towing services. Do you think I should build up every listing? Or should I focus on having a lot of listings in the county and hope their proximity does its thing, okay. I know from experience that having too many GM bees, in close proximity to each other will, they'll filter themselves out, they won't even appear in maps, it's not that they're they get d indexed or suspended. They just won't show in maps. So there's there really isn't, there can be too many too close to each other that where they start to cancel each other out. Literally, Google will filter those out. So I don't recommend that. If you're going to do multiple GM B's, you have to have an it varies. It could vary by industry, I don't know but I know it varies like the the how close they can be together varies before they start getting filtered out. What I would recommend is a minimum of 10 miles between each but it depends on what type of with the towing business. The service area is generally fairly large for a towing business, at least from what I understand, and so therefore, it wouldn't makes sense to have two that are only 10 miles apart, right? It would be it would, it would probably be more natural to have two that were, you know, 30 miles apart or something like that right or 40 miles apart, because towing businesses, by their nature, our service area businesses that typically have a fairly large service area, right. So I would recommend that if you were going to do multiple GM bees, that they would be spread out in a strategic way, but far enough apart to where they don't cause any filtering issues. But that said, because of the fact that GM bees are so sensitive right now, to suspension, you're better off having what you do have that's verified and valid or that you know, has some age to it right. Building that up, which is what local GMB pro teaches we teach exactly how to how to really get the most exposure and expand your maps footprint, so to speak with local GMB pro methods. And that's the better way to go. Because there's more longevity, in my opinion with those than having multiple GM B's that, especially when they're brand, you know, newly registered GM B's that are very trigger happy or suspension happy, right? very prone to suspension. So I would recommend that you take some of that made might have some tenure, so to speak, right? that have been around for a bit that have some age to them some authority, they're less likely to be suspended. And you can do more with those, in my opinion, I think that's the smarter long term route to go. That's my opinion marketing, I would say, absolutely. Especially if these are if this is my business, my tow truck, my drivers, man, you can do so much damage with that. You can have all of Oh, fuck, you could have all of those people extending your centroid left and right.

I mean, I'm serious. And then you you hook up those posts the right way. And then you do your press releases, again the right way, and then hit it with link building. And it's, it's stupid, simple. And it's the results that you're gonna get nobody else can because nobody else will be doing what you're doing.

Do You Think Google Will Suspend Listings From The Same IP In The Future?

So the last question, and then we're gonna wrap it up, because we're four minutes away from the end of the show anyways, says one more question. I had been using ghost browser to log in, to log into all of my listings and work on them in different browsers without having to log in and out and use VPNs and such things like that. I know. And one of your videos, you said Google doesn't mind all the listings coming from one IP anymore? Do you think Google can one day change their mind and suspend all listings coming from the same IP? For example, if there was too many listings created from one IP? You know that? I don't know. I don't work for Google. And I don't know what that threshold may be. I mean, it's likely that if you're doing, you know, dozens and dozens of GMB verifications from the same IP, even if it's different browsing sessions, like unique Google profiles with different browsing sessions and browsing histories, and all of that, that's what goes browser does, right? It keeps all of that intact. But if it's all coming from the same IP, that could that could be a flag that triggers suspension of all of them. I don't know. I don't work for Google. I can't answer that question. It's logical that that could happen. But I will I will bring se in for this last, this last question. Because I'm going to ask her, we went through this, we went through whether to use browser to whether to use ghost browser or whether to use a Firefox, Chrome Firefox session. Ha, how did you solve it? I mean, don't give away what you did, but or exactly how you did it, but solve it?

Well, I'm not sure first about the how much it can be triggering to Google. If you're doing all this listings, with what is actually the limit of listings, I don't think it will have any impact in the end. And Firefox works in a similar way as ghost browser with its private profiles. So what it does, it keeps all of your information separated from one browsing session to the other one login to the other. So um, but of course, they are all connected to one IP. We're not using proxies anymore, which means that if it's going to trigger some negative impacts on Google, it will do it anyway. So on the terms of deciding if it's going to be Firefox or ghost browser, in my opinion, it will end up being almost the same thing.

For his question on in the end, though, I wouldn't actually be sure. I think you guys would be able to give a more certain answer on that, of course, but But my question is, what was more you work with Firefox, but you're not using proxies, although you could use.

I'm not using, yes, I'm not using proxies. I've been using Firefox and the option that it offers with Firefox profiles. And it works. Basically the same way that grows browser works with itself.

The sections and different keeping everything separated for from one another. So if we're going to compare those two, I would say they work in the same way. Now we are going to determine if this way is going to cause Google to, I don't know, suspended listings in the end, this is something that I cannot say for, for sure. All right. Thank you. Yeah, thank you. I see.

So there you go. And remember, like, you know, goes browser, I think just add some convenience makes a little bit easier than doing like separate Firefox profiles or sessions. But you know, it can be done manually to without the monthly expense. So, there you go. And that will be covered in syndication Academy, version three. Thanks, Jesse. So yep. Thanks, everybody for being here. Happy Thanksgiving to all those who celebrate it. Thanks, guys for sticking around by everyone. And thanks for showing up se we appreciate that. Thank you. Bye.

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