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By April

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Only a few shaved. Yeah, everybody. Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts. This is Episode 318. This is the 16th of December 2020, as we wind down the year here, and we get close to Christmas and New Year's and all that sort of fun stuff. So we're gonna say hello to everybody real quick. We got some short announcements and then we're gonna dive into it. So I'm gonna go around here. Hernan you're, you're moving around the most you look excited. So tell us how you're doing. Yeah, man. I'm excited. I mean, this is a this is a pretty cool season of the year I'd like it. And because you get to wind down you get to you a little bit of insurance. Instruct in instant. How do you say that in introspection in Instagram, bro? Instagram, Instagram stories. Now, but you get you get to do a little bit of that. So I'm excited about that. I can believe that. You know, we're almost Christmas

already. Everything's good. So

that's cool, man. So what do you got? Any like special things? You do? This is uh, we'll do the international Christmas conversation real quick here. Is there something that you guys do in Argentina that for Christmas? Yeah, we might sacrifice a chicken or two. I'm just kidding. No, I wish I wish this guy would ban me and she's enjoy good Argentinian meat.

That's it.

Nice. Awesome. That's Yeah, I mean, I want to go to Argentina. I guess I'll visit her Nan but I've heard that going down there for the meat is the reason to go down there and eat the wine. Yep, sure. Awesome. All right. Well, Chris, how about how about you first of all, how you doing? Doing good. So what we are having we have eaters smoked bacon fresh or smoked fish, usually trout kind of thing. So that's pretty sweet. Other than that, the family is most people and yeah. Gifts obviously under the Christmas tree. Yeah, and tons and tons of cookie so like, I don't know about you, but like usually the moment when they prepare the coffee and stuff I got to disappear and take a walk for two hours because otherwise I don't know. Yeah, the holidays make you fat.

Yeah, man. I'm working on a new way to do this with my wife with Jenny I was like I love what you make I love how you bake stuff but I was like man we cannot keep this stuff in the house let's let's be nice and give it away to people.

Awesome. All right. Well Marco How about you How you doing today?

I'm good man. Let there be light in the Lord said let there be light. And this light 65 It seems like right?

I guess honey on Christmas for you probably was that I guess it's gonna be sunny on Christmas for you. It's gonna be warm and sunny man pool was

awesome. Any any Costa Rica stuff you do any anything you guys get up to?

Yeah, well, it's customary to make our version of tamales but it's not wrapped in in corn husk like the Mexican tamales it's wrapped in. In banana leaves. The traditional one is banalities, which gives it a really good. You gotta, you gotta try it.

Man, it's fucking amazing.

They're delicious. That that's the custom. I mean, it's also the like, the big deal here is that the night of the 24th not so much the 25th God big deal is the 24th so that that's what we're looking forward. That's what we have our dinner like Christmas Day is just leftovers and toys. Of course, when you have kids gifts Other than that, just hang around with family does not a big meal on the 25th and everything happens the night of the 24th

Cool. All right. Well, Bradley last but not least how you doing man?

We've got our first snow of the winter storm coming in.

Yeah, we had about three inches and now it's freezing rain. So we're getting some accumulating sleet and ice. And then I guess tonight it will probably get really treacherous again. But yeah, I mean, it's the first snow of the the winter season here in Virginia. So it's kind of it's kind of early for us to see snow really to be honest with you. But um, it's cool. It's in my I texted my daughter earlier though to find out because she lives in a county adjacent to mine and I texted her to see how it was over there. And it's not it wasn't as severe over there. And she was she's coming this weekend to be with me this weekend. And she was like, You think it's gonna mountain called pepper? like, Yeah, probably. And she's like, damn it, or Darn it. Darn it. Because it's funny my daughter's 15 and a half and she's never she's never been with me when it snowed. We don't get a whole lot of snow in Virginia, but probably three or four. Okay, snowfalls per year on average. And she's never been with me when we've had a good snow. And so it sucks because I feel like I've been cheated. I've been able to play with my daughter and go sledding and stuff, build snowman and all that kind of stuff. But, uh, so she was looking forward to hoping that we're going to have snow when she got here this weekend, but I don't think that's the case. So, we'll kill any any exotic Virginia Christmas customs that you guys are going to partake in?

Uh, yeah, just family stuff like my older sister and her kids. So my niece and nephew are going to be coming up this weekend as well. So it's we're going to have my whole family together. So it'll be it'll be a lot of fun. Get all the, my daughter with all her cousins together, which is kind of rare. We don't we don't get to do that very often. It's been two or three years since last time, so it'll be fun.

I'm looking forward to it.

Good deal. All right, so I'm just gonna put this out there. First of all, I want to say to anyone watching, thanks for watching. If you're watching live, I know we switched up how we do things a little bit, you might need to hit refresh to see the video, which I guess if you're hearing me, then you don't need that instructions. But I'm gonna put it down here in the list of people see it on the replay. But let us know how things are going for you. You know, we can't have everyone on the call. But let us know what you're up to. If you got any cool Christmas plans, just say hi, whatever you want to do. And then secondly, if you're new to Semantic Mastery to MGYB to heavy hitters club, we've got some great places for you to get started. You know I say this at the beginning of each one but it's true we get asked a lot Hey, what Where should I start? You know, I'm new to you guys and check out Hump Day Hangouts. Kind of what's next? And first of all, just keep coming back, keep asking questions every Wednesday you're in the right place, but hover over to the SEO shield.com in find out how to shield your site never worry about algorithm updates. Again, it's free training again that's the word is seoshield.com right if you want to take things up a notch from there grab the battle plan and find out more about that a battleplan.semanticmastery.com And if you're ready to grow your digital marketing business and you want to join a community, then check out the mastermind need to find out more about that mastermind dot semantic mastery.com and I had mentioned Semantic Mastery MGYB and heavy hitters club Semantic Mastery You can find out more at semanticmastery.com. MGYB that's a done for you services whether it's SEO shield, syndication networks, link building, all that sort of stuff. That's mg y v.co and heavy hitters club. I've Marco what's the best URL? I'd never actually wrote that down. I just haven't saved in my browser.

Have you had any hitter? dot club?

That's okay. I was like I couldn't remember it's heavyhitterclub.com or dot club. I just have it in there. So I start typing and just autocomplete it. So there you go.

motherfucking hippie club. No.

Ooh, that's what we need to get to you. It's like a baseball bat like a Louisville Slugger. It says give me

give me a jackhammer, man. Give me a sledge hammer than that. No, no Louisville Slugger. Got a big hammer.

You got to have this sledge hammer head like etched with Google like POFU on one side. No, no,

no, no, we got to get Marco for Christmas next year.

And speaking of great things, like for Christmas is not for Christmas. But right after Christmas. I'm starting my charity webinar. Bradley has volunteered to come on this year and give you guys a presentation on something of his choice. Nothing is finalized. Right. And I'm still setting up the times and the date. The dates are starting on on January 28. I'm sorry, December 28. So right after Christmas, the Monday after Christmas, we're kicking it off. We are kicking it off. And it's gonna be all about entities. Because people want to know what's working entities. They want to know why because their entities. People want to know how because we're building entities. Marco I can't be that simple. Yes, the fuck you can't. And that's what we're doing. So I'm bringing in different people Jordan, has volunteered to Jordan has volunteered to come on. From my mini mastermind as has a Brian cattle. Mike Pierce is also going to do it. And I'm trying to bring in another heavy hitter on on entity to see if we can't get this like get everyone's opinion, might or take I don't want I don't want opinions. Because everyone has an opinion. I want them to be able to come and say this is what's working. This is why and I guarantee you that is the foundation of it all is his entity does that's what it's about. It's about we're going to be giving away I know that you volunteered to give away an email series and a half hour of your time on how to set it up and why they work. Her Nan and and his Facebook ads and Bradley has also volunteered his time. So as Chris, I'll volunteer volunteer some of my time. I'm still talking to people, which is why nothing is finalized right now. As soon as it does. We'll start sending out emails. All is going to take and I always say this is number one. Your heart has to tell you that you want to donate. So that has to come from here. If you don't feel it then don't write because then it becomes the meaningless. So that's going to dictate whether you donate and how much you donate. But of course, it's the wallet, because I don't want you putting yourselves yourselves out for the donation. But I'm not really asking for any amount. I mean, there's no set amount that gets you in or keeps you out long as you donate and you have proof of that of the donation, then we'll get you in. So there you go. It's like I don't have anything for anyone to go to yet. But we will, we'll set it I'll set it up before the end of the week, we'll get emails that will get people involved. We got lots of good stuff to give away lots of information, as a matter of fact, so it's something to look forward to, and get that wallet ready.

Outstanding. All right. Well, I'm not going to follow on to that. I think leaving it there, Marco. The link is on the page already. Right for people who aren't doing.

Yes, I dropped the link on the page. Awesome. Just get a like a screenshot of the donation. Perfect. Well, let's leave it at that. Let's jump into the questions if nobody else got any, anything we didn't cover. All right, let's do it.

I got a quick mention. I'm doing a lot of ton of YouTube ad stuff. I'm doing a lot of paid traffic with Google. And I'm trying to do get better at optimizing landing pages for conversions, find out why people aren't converting if they're not that kind of stuff. And I found another app Sumo deal that is called what's it called flirty, pl er D, why I grabbed the link and drop it on the page here in a moment. But it does heat map. It does all kinds of stuff. But heat maps is one of them, which is kind of like hot jar and stuff like that. But App Sumo is lovely when you get lifetime deals. So I just picked it up today and started installing it on some of my landing pages. And it's a it's a really robust system, it's still in development. That's how a lot of Appsumo deals are. That's where they get funding to continue to develop. But I just want to kind of point that out. It looks like a pretty cool thing. For anybody that is doing a lot of paid traffic. You want to be converting why not even paid traffic, just but you can be organic traffic, you want to optimize for conversions. So anyways, I'll post that here on the chat box in just one moment. Okay, you guys are seeing my screen, correct?

Yes, sir. Yep.

Just scroll down and paste that. It's really inexpensive. And it's it looks, it's pretty cool. I started already recording visitors on some of my landing pages. And it's cool. It's got a lot of different functionality anyways, not a pitch, I just thought I would share that. Moving on. We don't have a lot of questions today, which is interesting. So if you guys have questions, post them, we should be able to get to them.

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Does The Age Of A GMB Listing Matter?

First one comes from rocket blaster. Okay, he says, Does GMB listing age matter? I have a friend who ranks in multiple busy areas, and some of his listings don't have website or much reviews. But I do know they are like 10 years old. I think it does. I don't have any definitive data that states that but maybe Marco does, but I think it does, because I've got some older GMBs too, that some some of them are ranking really well. And I haven't done a damn thing to them and yours just because they've been ranking so well. But if we were to look at traditional things, or items that I would be looking at, if I was entering a new market, some of my really old listings, don't cut it, like they just don't have the the metrics that I would expect for them to be ranking so well. So I think it does, but I'm not 100% sure mark, what do you say?

I'm gonna say it doesn't matter. I mean, it's not just one, it's a few new ones that are killing it. It's not so much with it's new, or it's like with anything else. It's what you do with it. Because even if you don't do anything, yet, you'll rank well for something. But everything related to it, it's not going to happen because you need that activity in their activity, relevance, trust and authority. You can establish activity, relevance, trust and authority rather quickly, or over time. So I'm going to say it doesn't make a difference. I'm seeing new stuff rank really well, and rank for one word, keyword terms and two word terms in the Google insight. I mean, you guys saw it the other day.

Yeah, you should post that screenshot in the chat box here so people can see what you're talking about.

So I'm gonna say yeah, it makes no doubt I'll post one of the one of the screenshots makes no difference.

Yeah. And that's interesting, because even so, some of the ones that I just mentioned that I have that I haven't done a lot with, but they've remained ranked. It's probably based on what Marco just said, to Marco's point. It's probably because they've been ranked so well, that they they're always getting traffic which is activity relevance, trust and authority. That's activity and people convert. So they're either submitting a lead form or calling. Most of the leads that I generate are still through calls. But so my guess is it's because of that activity. And because there's a high conversion rate, often that it ends up it still ranks without doing a lot of the stuff that I would typically do if I was going to be entering a new market area with a new listing. That makes sense.

So okay, Mohamed's up at some point, he says, Hey, guys, I have a writer doing weekly blogs for multiple car dealerships, I make a list of titles for each company. And then the writer tackles me tweak however, I started writing for a second dickeya dealer, should I find a new set of keyboards for the stealer? Or use the same ones I used in my first gear dealer specifically, regarding brand specific titles? Like what's new in the 2021 Sorento? Is it okay to have something like that repeated for multiple clients. Um, I would, I would try to vary the titles slightly. Here's the thing, your title tags, Muhammad are going to often your title tag for like your SEO tag, essentially, title tag is what I'm talking about is going to often have you know, the brand name for the company or the blog that you're blogging on. So that's going to make it somewhat unique, it might still be the same, like actual article title, but the SEO title is going to be different, but I would still try to vary it. And let you know, unless you're in like completely different locations entirely, which I can, I can only imagine you are. But I just wouldn't want competing content for the same the same exact title. Personally, that's how I would do it, my bloggers are really good at that. They don't duplicate titles across, even if they're using basically the same, they're optimizing for the same keyword across multiple because most all my clients are Tree Service clients. So it's hard to count constantly come up with new stuffs, a lot of times we'll use the same idea or topic, but they'll just kind of vary it slightly. And, and so they're really good at that. So that's just the way I prefer to do it, you probably can get away with using the same titles. I know like mass page sites, they're all basically that. So I know you probably can, but my personal preference has always been to add some diversity or variety to the titles. But that's my own. That's, that's how I do it. How would you guys do it? Marco?

This is why I won't take on the second client in the same area. Because you end up competing, so which one are you going to rank above the other? Now you're now you're in an ethical quandary? Right? You're in an ethical dilemma. Because I mean, you can't produce. So you have the exact same thing. This is one of those where things on the internet, I never be URL are never equal. All things being equal. In this case, all things are equal. Now you as the SEO have to choose who gets the content, and how it's not something that I want to get into. I mean, you have already, and I'm going to go with Bradley, you focus on the entity, right? And that's what you build on. And you build the content around the entity try to make the entity a little different. Because if they see each other's content, they're gonna say, What the fuck are you doing? That's, that's a big problem that you're that you're going to create. If they see that you're producing the same content for both. So why the fuck am I paying you? They can both say this now. Why the fuck am I paying you? If you're using my content for this other guy? I'm paying you for the content. Why are you You see what I'm saying? Yeah, that's good. You're getting into a big problem. Mohamed? I'm telling these people don't play. They'll sue the fuck out of you.

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What Are Your Plans For SM And MGYB For 2021?

Yeah, I agree with that. Too many questions BB. This is so funny. Anyways, he says what does the SM/MGYB team at planned for 2021? I'm curious to hear about your vision for SM MGYB for 2021 and beyond? Um, well, I don't know. I don't know how much we we can reveal here or we should we've got lots of stuff in development. I'm working specifically on something big for semantic mastery mastermind. It's probably one of the biggest projects I've ever worked on. No kidding. But it's a it's something that I'm really hoping to. If I can get it to work properly, then it's going to really revolutionize how we manage our mastermind, which is something that we've been looking to do for some time. So anyways, that's my back can't really reveal what it is. I've talked about it a little bit in the mastermind, but I'm not going to reveal that here because I haven't proven it yet. I've got to prove it first before I'll reveal it. So but I'm pretty big stuff. I know that that's on my end on MGYB. We're going to be Oh, can I talk about? What what's going to occur sometime next month?

Marco? Ah, it depends on which thing it I got so much shit. I can't keep it straight in my head. What are we talking about the new UX? Oh, sure, Yes, please. Okay,

well, I'll let you talk about it because that's more on your in your camp? And do I be moving to new framework, better ordering, we think we would just have a better user experience when ordering. We're trying to fix things we're trying to give you a recurring options, for example, for link building, and all of the different things that can be available through MGYB that aren't currently because of how we're like we're constricted by the framework we're on. So at the end of the year, beginning of January 2021, we will be moving to the new framework. And of course, we want you people to please be patient, because we'll be working the entire month on working out the bugs that will come up when you're ordering. But as we go along into the year, the system will be much more intuitive and much easier to work with, we're hoping that you'll be able to save instead of timing out that you'll be able to save everything so that you don't have to start all over. So we're introducing a whole bunch of new things for MGYB for 2021.

Yeah, and, like another thing is being able to save client details, essentially. So for project details so that whenever you go to order another service for that project, it'll have all the details already. So I mean, just a lot of a lot of things that we we weren't able to do because you guys think about this, and I saw that a BB is asking a question next about specifically subspace, but we are not software developers, right. And so when we were partnered with the other, with the software development company that we had called, we'd created subspace that looked pretty and had good high functionality and all that kind of stuff. But that partnership dissolved. And we went off on our own for various reasons. But when we went off on our own, again, we're not software developers. So we put MGYB together, Robyn Marco did with Cesar our programmer and stuff, put it together kind of in a rush to get to be able to provide our services to our audience and we wanted to do it on our own. So that's why it is as clunky as it is. And it's sufficed for a period of time, but we understand, especially with the growth that we've seen an MGYB that it's not it, we needed to upgrade that and it's, it's been in progress for months and months and months, to be honest with you, we're finally at the point now where we're about ready to, to release it. And that's part of the reason is because we're trying to develop it out now to where it will be much more user friendly for you guys for the ordering process for everything. And again, so, we're glad that you guys have been patient with us for as long as you have been, it's going to get better, I promise you that.

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That was put up this everybody that was put up in record time. I've never seen anyone put up a store that way, we did put up the ordering system the way we did in the time that we did, because we decided what parting way, and we need a store. So we did. And we incorporated our people. And if you guys remember, we moved the initial one to WooCommerce. So the so what people are actually seeing is version web 2.0 of the initial store because that was garbage. Yeah, he couldn't really get anything done with it. WooCommerce allowed us to incorporate stripe and a whole bunch of other things. But there are limitations because of the framework where that WooCommerce store was installed. So we're moving it to a different framework, which is, as I said, more intuitive, better UX. And so it should be better. And I'm not gonna make promises. It's currently being tested. And as far as the developer, what he tells me is, on the end, I told Adam already on the fourth the ad midnight, as a matter of fact, it will be migrated. So the website will be going down just everyone is aware everyone who's here. And anyone who watches is the website, it will be down until the migration takes place. And the new the new store. So if you can get any ordering done, do it before. So we have everything in place, just while during the migration and right after. It might be a little complicated, right? Well, you're always going to have bugs you can't get it perfect. The first time when you're coding. Anyone who codes understands that

What Is Up With Marco's Way Of Press Release?

all right, sweet. So the real bb with the real baby please stand up. He said Hey guys, number one see too many Questions BB num. Number one of many says, what is up with the testing of Marco's way of press releases? Please remind me how to do it exactly which way you create the links in the PR how many where they point? What anchor texts you use? Well, that's like eight questions in one.

Yeah, nothing's gonna happen in here. Yeah, baby, I would wreck I would encourage you remember, go take a look at the press release silo webinar that we did Marco and I did, it's pretty much the exact same skill as that the only difference is in my press releases the way that I was doing it at the time that I recorded that webinar, which by the way, just go to semantic or youtube.com slash semantic mastery, use the channel search feature and search press release SEO, or whatever you could even do it just search YouTube, you'll see it and you can go through and watch that. The only difference is, Marco does just to create the PR silo stack is they'll just use one the first in the stack. So the top of the silo essentially will link to the destination URL on the site. But then every subsequent and then it can link to another top tier one profile or whatever. But every subsequent PR within that silo, he only does one link, right Marco? Oh, am I correct? to two lanes in each PR. Okay.

I under the previous PR and in one to any tier one entity asset, whatever, whatever.

Right? Yeah. And that's the only difference what what I was doing. At the time that I recorded that press release SEO webinar was I was always linking to the previous press release in this silo, a corresponding blog post or GMB post URL, right, because typically, we write our press releases now for my business from my clients and for my lead gen stuff. We typically will have a press release that is promoting or highlighting a blog post. Okay, so the way that I used to do it, and I just started I kind of switched over to Marco's method recently because his results are undeniable. But when when I what I was doing before was I was always having one link in the press release, go to the previous press release. And that same silo, I would always have a link going to whatever blog post, the press release was promoting, right, it could either be the blog post URL or a GMB post URL that was a snippet of the blog post and the GMB posts would link to the blog post URL. And then I would always link to one tier one entity asset. So so I would always have three links in every PR. But now I've actually switched down to doing what Marco is doing, which is just linking back to the previous press release and in that same silo and then also just another tier one entity profile essentially. And and I just started doing that about two weeks ago, and am seeing some better results with that. So that's the only difference. But everything else is exactly the same as we talked about in that webinar. So again, go to YouTube channel youtube.com, slash semantic mastery, use the channel search feature and search for press release SEO. You guys can watch that for free. It's on our channel. It's public. But that's exactly the same process. It might be time to do local PR pro because I've got some other shit we can throw on there that supercharges that shit.

I do to actually we were talking. It's fine. We're not here.


Yeah, you were, somebody was asking earlier. Too many questions BB the other BB was asking what some of the plans are that, we've had discussions about updating local GMB pro to add some new things into their Local PR pro might be on the block on deck to be updated as well. So we do have some things that we can we can do. But I can't really contribute to those until I finish working on what I'm working on. And it's a rather big project. So it might be a few months.

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Any News With The RSS Software?

All right, so the next question from BB was any news with the new RSS software? what it does? Yeah, Adam, we had a landing page for people to opt in to be notified when it is going to be open for more beta testers and such Do we still have that?

Yeah, let me get it I forget what the URL was. It was kind of a jumble. So let me paste that up there but

It's a very powerful news and media site generator, you can create networks of sites that can be like auto blog auto populated with RSS feeds and or content content database that you can populate using RSS feeds and all kinds of stuff. It's, it's really cool. It's hard to explain right now. It's still in beta. So and it's simple. There's a lot of similar functionality to RSS masher. But I think it's more industrialized, so to speak.

I haven't used it. It's a lot simpler, really a lot simpler to me, right? I like the way that it flows. I like how simple it can be, to us a little clunky right now because it's under development. It's in beta testing, right. And so what we do is we find any bugs, we report it back to Jeremy, he goes, he fixes it, he's really good about it. And that that's how it's supposed to be right? Because you work it out before you release it to the police what we've been doing with MGYB it's not as if it hasn't been tested all this time that we've been announcing new framework is that we keep breaking it, finding new things, finding other ways to do it better ways. And so we have to go back, and like coding isn't just Okay, so something is broken on online 15,000. Just to say, a number. It's not as if you go to line 15,000. And it's fixed, it might be that you change that line, but it changes everything downstream and upstream. So that you have to go back and work on an entire section of code, but then you realize that there's another section that jumps to that section. So it just triggers a whole lot of things that need to be fixed. And it all takes time. Yeah.

Okay. Um, so I can't say whether it's better or anything else in RSS manager yet, I've not been able to test with that much or do with it much because I just haven't had the time I'm actually waiting until some of it gets developed a little bit further before I get in there and start testing So anyway, we'll reveal more about it when we can guys it's still too early for that.

Do You Recommend Serp Space?

So Alright, the last part of BB's many questions is do you use Serp Space or do you recommend it now? stay the hell away from it. We parted ways with those guys for various reasons. But from what I understand that it's still real slow and delivery or not no delivery at all. And so anyways, we don't recommend it. You know, for for you guys. That's why we started MGYB was specifically so that we could provide our services to our audience. So there you go. Okay, and then he has a comment about too many questions. BB is rather slow. I can see dueling BB let's go dueling DVDs.

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Can iFrame Loops Be Used To Index Links?

Okay, so law says hello there. Can iframe loops be used index links? That's a good question. Marco.

Ah, yeah, I haven't tried it. I've been trying other shit that's working really, really fantastically well. I can't say come join me in the heavy hitter club. So so so that when I, when I share it, with me and I and as a matter of fact, I did. One of the things that's what I'm going to be sharing guys, the heavy hitter club is going to be like the ground zero. For all our experimentation for all our testing. For everything that we're doing. I shared the as a matter of fact that Google My Business listing that there's an image of that I shared that I shared, what I did with it, I shared the interlinking everything that's going to be ground zero, guys, you want to know what's going on how everything is working. 2020 and beyond and what was working in 2004 how it's everyone thinks it's new again, because I take it and I get it that it on the on the internet. 17 1617 years is a very long time. It's eons on the internet. But everything that's old, becomes new, again, foundational, little changes, there's little changes, there's little flips and twists. That's all you have to keep up with. But the foundation always works man you do the shit, right? And Google core up this who gives a shit, I don't give a shit. My Stuff five to 25% across the board for every core update ever since they started doing this shit. Five to 25% some of them not at all sometimes. And yes, others often. And like the new stuff when we apply our methods, which is entity based SEO, which is what we'll be discussing in the charity webinars. That's gold, and therefore the when, and I understand people don't really get the concept of entities because nobody, nobody has done a really good job of explaining it. And so that's what we're going to try to do.

Yeah, and just it's interesting, but I my mastermind webinar last week, I went through and even demonstrated how I do it the theme earring process that I do four g sites for the RYS expansions. So I work so that's something that I covered in the mastermind it's working really, really well. It's a very simple process too, which is cool after you're done. In our ys expansion, it's just taking a few minutes and a VA can be trained to do it very, very easily. But it's a heavy hitter club is where you want to get all the technical nitty gritty, or the mastermind.

Okay, moving on our sorry. Oh, last follow up question was so for instance, if there is a loop and on every page, there is also an iframe of a Google Sheet with links in them yeah, again, haven't tried it. Something we're working on though, for syndication Academy since that's also going to be relaunched guys that is in progress of being updated now. So that's something else to get back to too many questions bV. That's another thing that we're doing for 2021 is syndication Academy is being relaunched totally updated and relaunched with a lot of additional stuff to it. And one of the things that is being worked on now is a automated Google Sheet for all your RSS feeds from your different various profiles, so that whenever content is published it autumn auto populates a Google Sheet which you could just have a single Google Sheet that you just start hammering away with Google backlinks. So that every time a new link, get something gets published, it's going to automatically be added to a Google Sheet that is just this pool of link juice. So there's a lot of really cool things that we're doing for the for version three of syndication Academy, and that's in progress as well. And that's not going to be too long before I think we're are we're aiming to launch that and relaunch that in February I think.

And actually what he talks about a Google Sheet with links that's the part of the drive stack and that's always part of the drive second he said that that has been standard operating procedure for now over five years. That's the way we do it. That's the way we do to do

Do You Include High Ranking Competitors Names When Adding Keywords To The SEO Shield Order?

okay, so Fitz is up what's up fitzy says good agents please remember the kids still need your help anything you can give 2050 or even a one time $100 anything would be great. My question today so thank you for that the charity URLs right there guys. It's gonna be a lot of good coming out of that again this year. My question today when adding keywords to your SEO shield order, do you include high ranking veteran names? Okay, so you're talking about for the keyword list that you add, or submit to the text file with the keywords for the drive stack build? Do I include high ranking competitors names? I'm going to tell you I do not maybe I'm wrong and not including them but I always manually go through my keyword list and remove competitors names or brand names and I'm anxious to hear what Marco has to say about that.

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Okay, let me just be adding keywords here SEO Shield. No, no, if I go after competitor names, I don't even know if I should save it. Yeah, why not? And alternative to silo review silo? Yeah, you're looking for this Have you thought about whatever. Because if you if you mentioned your competitors as a co citation, and if you pushing enough power, and they have more power than you then then you're never going to catch up by pushing power over to them.

You ambiguous the entity, you will ambiguous your entity if you push enough power to their entity from yours. Yes, absolutely. It'll create kind of like a parent child relationship where they're where they're the dad, they're your dad and you can't get through that. Who's your daddy? Your daddy?

Yeah, and so I'm glad you said that because that confirmed why I never did it I would always manually go through and clean out any brand names it's interesting Google Keyword Planner, the Google Ads Keyword Planner now when you and I still I use that a lot because I do a ton of Google Ad stuff now a lot more than I ever have to be honest with you so it's interesting but now when you like there's probably a lot of you're familiar with this but there's a right sidebar section on the keyword planner results so like when you have a pullback your keywords, you can there's like some drop down arrows and you can go in and like select brand terms and things like that it'll automatically remove all of those or filter those out. It makes it a hell of a lot easier. Now to filter there's also have the filtering options like there's a ton of different filtering options. So you can have keywords like for example you can set a filter for keyword contains or keyword does not contain and it can be keyword contains the exact word or phrase or the semantic term like in other words, if it's semantically related it will also filter out or only show those that contain depending on which which option you choose. Either a specific keyword or terms that are semantically related to that synonymous with it. So it's really, really cool. The keyword planner gives you that option to filter and clean the list a lot better than it ever did before. But there's still some manual cleaning involved. And so that's, again, that's what I do is I'll go in and clean out any competitors names, and my thought process. And I'm glad that it was right or that Marco confirmed it was that I didn't want to include competitors names in the drive stack builds because it could ambiguous eight, the entity that I'm trying to promote. So there you go. I'm glad that he confirmed that.

How Long Do You Wait To See If The Backlinks Were Enough Since It Takes A While From Ordering To Delivery?

Second question, when you are backlinking press releases, how long do you wait to see if the backlinks were enough? Since it takes a while from ordering to delivery? Usually, we'll see what I do is when I get back a link building package back or an embed package, whatever, I submit the tier one links to an indexing service. And then I put that on drip for 30 days, because I usually order I don't usually order anything less than the gas it up link building where embed packages, which is the middle package. I don't usually ever order anything less than that. So it's, a lot what is it like 7000, tier one links or something on the on the first. So I always submit that to through a indexer and put it on a 30 day drip schedule. And then at the end of 30 days, that's when I'll start looking to monitor results or see what kind of movement I got from it. And remember, that doesn't mean all at the end of 30 days when when when the indexing schedule has completed or the indexing process has completed. Some of those were just indexed yesterday, you know what I mean, or sent through the index, it doesn't mean they're indexed, it just means they were processed. So there's usually still a lag of a few weeks beyond when the indexing processes stops before you'll truly see all of the results from the link building gig. But usually what I do is because it takes what, two to three weeks for me to get a link building gig completed, then it's 30 days after that. So we're talking about and that's why I do things in stages. Guys, I've talked about this many times, but I'll do a link building gig this month, next month, I'll do or sometimes six weeks later, just depends. I'll do an embed gig, then for six weeks later, I'll do another link building gig but maybe two different targets or two isolated silos or things like that. And so cumulatively, over the course of a few months, all this stuff starts to take effect. So I don't have any things in isolation to where I would do just a link building gig and and wait for three months and monitor to see when the bump from that link, that one and only link voting gig took a fact, because I'm always doing things in stages sequentially, like I just mentioned. So at some point, all of these things start to kind of coalesce and push create buoyancy for the project. And I can't really attributed to any one specific thing because I haven't been testing in isolation. That that's my take on it. Margot, what do you say?

I think this is an absolutely great question, man.

No, it is a good question.

The thing? And I just lost my train of thought. I'm sorry about your scheduling.

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I'm sorry that how long? Right How long? I got it up. I just started thinking about something that I do. In addition to if you're in the heavy hitter club. If you were you would know. Like how long to wait because we tell you once it's delivered, once it's delivered, we track it, we tell you where to track it analytics and search console, we tell you how to take a look at your analytics and search console and your GMB insights and how to combine all of this information so that you know how to focus on the money. This is how you do not know how long do you see the backlinks were enough. But you have to take a look at the data. And the data doesn't start coming back until 21 days after your gig is delivered to you. It started sooner. But that puts you in a safe place so that if you have to do more, you're okay in ordering more right away. You don't get stuck in over how long has been tying clears enough so that you can go after the next one. And then you can put you can even put the next one in the queue. Once you've said your cycle. You'll have a cycle when they start coming back. And you'll have time to go take a look at the data to use. And I don't see how people can say that analytics and search console are broken that they're no good. That's where the fucking money is. Because it's information from Google. If you're telling people that this information is no good, you're a fucking idiot. You just don't know how to use it. Because it's all there. Google gives you everything. This is what we want. This is how we want it. Use these, hey, look at all of these related words, and look at the money. That's in those words, because you'll be setting your conversions and analytics. And they'll be telling you how much money you're making per page, how much money a person is in your cart. Google will give you everything if you know what you're doing, if you know how to use it, that that guy that you use for analytics and not forget that measure school, right, Julian antastic.

Yeah, he's bad at it, you should set your Shut up, set your conversions, you have to understand how much each one of your money pages is making you. Because if you're flying blind, if you don't know where your money's coming from the management, just throw shit up against the wall and hope that it makes you money. Because it's a total waste of time what you're doing so focus on the analytics focus on the Search Console focus on your GMB insights and gather the data from there, we have to be scientists about this shit, not guessers you can guess your way to bankruptcy. Or you can understand the data, use it scientifically, and dance all the way to the fucking Batman.

So measure school because you mentioned it, I was I happen to see a notification on Facebook earlier today. And it was Julian this guy, I think his name is Julian or Julius. I think it's Julian. Anyways, this guy, uh, he I noticed on Facebook, I had a notification and I clicked it. And it was him doing a live stream from earlier today. This is it. It's Google track conversion tracking with Google Analytics for which I just started installing Google Analytics for on my newer landing pages and sites and stuff like that. I'm having converted old projects to that yet, but it adds a shit ton of additional data guys and analytics, like it is the next generation of analytics. It's just insane, especially with, with with Google Ads catching up to like behavioral and interest marketing, or audiences like what Facebook has had. That's part of the reason Google Analytics for is what it is, is that has evolved to what it is now because it adds so much more data to the, to the visitors that come to the site. And it's just incredible how much data can be available that connects with Data Studio and all this stuff. And so it's a, it can be overwhelming, I'm just starting to implement some of this stuff now. And measure school is where I will go, I'm just talking about his Facebook page now because I just like I said, I put on in the background, his his live stream today where he was talking about setting up conversion tracking, and all different types of like micro conversions. And so different tags and triggers, that you could set up a Tag Manager to fire off an event or goals inside of analytics, and all of these things can actually help to improve your SEO, because it's going to register as conversion actions like things that you can do. So like scroll depth, for example, can be a conversion action, or if you wanted it to be or a micro conversion, I can even call it that. Things like that all different kinds of things time on site, like so event triggers for Well, time, and all kinds of things like that can be added as conversion or micro conversions, which can improve your SEO because those are engagement signals that you're feeding directly into Google. So like, it's just amazing the kind of things that can be done. And this guy right here, there's no question anytime I have any, anything that I need to look up about tag manager or how to set up triggers and tags or events or Google Analytics, anything, I go to measure school, either to his website, or mainly his YouTube channel, and I hadn't thought to go to his Facebook page until I saw his live stream today. So again, I don't get anything for promoting this. I'm just telling you, because it's badass. He's his information is incredibly right to the point and again, to help you get set up.

You don't have to, like get as intricate as he does. Now, as long as you're setting up your goals and conversions. And on the pages that make you money, you have to know which pages make you money. First and foremost, you set up your conversions and goes on that. So that you can hyper target everything. And then where your money is coming from how it's coming in. You can track the people that come in, you can put in, like you can get a whole lot of information from each user. How do they interact with your page? Why do they leave your pay? These are all things that you need to know or else you're losing money.

Yeah, so again, guys, I highly encourage you to go check out measure school again on Facebook, YouTube, and he's got his website. He's got a ton of free training. He's got some paid courses, but to be honest with you, I couldn't imagine even needing he was paid courses unless you're a true data nerd, because he's got so much really good information for free. So kind of like what we do here. Oh, dang. Alright, moving on.

Will I Most Likely Rank If I Purchase The MGYB SEO Shield And Link Building?

Rocket blaster says if I purchase SEO and link building from MGYB done for you will I most likely rank it's too? I mean, that's, that's too There's no way that we can answer that question on so I'm sorry. But there's just no way there's too many variables. We don't know what kind of you could be going after like the keyword gold and are and SEO shield and the link building gig is not going to rank you for gold.

Look, we got a backup because that actually happened.

Yeah, what not someone was like, Yeah, I put out two posts, and they went out to my syndication network didn't rank for gold. And it's like, oh,

no, no, that was for DUI attorney or something in Toronto, Canada. Come on, man.

Yeah. Yeah, that was that was an old mastermind member that joined the mastermind and did two posts to a shitty syndication network and no images or nothing. And he said, I'm not ranking for DUI attorney Toronto, this shit doesn't work. Any quit. Good riddance. See ya. rocker blaster? Sorry, I can't answer that question is there's too many variables. Not enough context in your question. Even if you did provide more context for you, for us to say and SEO showdown link building one one link building gig to rank, I would never promise that or guarantee that. It usually requires more than just that. Okay.

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It usually requires consistency over time. That's great might, depending on so many variables that we can't even begin to get. I'm in a very competitive niche. The image that I posted in, in the event is in the I'm telling you a hyper competitive niche. And Google is ranking me for one and two word keyword terms already. And it went live on Thanksgiving Day. And so that's not likely to happen for everybody. Now, it does have the, it has everything that we tell you guys to do. Seo shield is in place. We have the GMB in place, we have everything in place. We started posting, we started uploading images, we started working on the G site, we started expanding it. So everything that we tell you has been done. And we're getting rewarded, and we're getting rewarded consistently. So that means I have to be consistent in that niche over time to see even better results. It might be that in your net it, you might hit it in a way and you might hit the entity, which means that your schema better be in place, right? That you hit it that way. And that's all you need. But then we'd be speculating as to why because we don't know, we don't have everything from Google, we do know. And we've boiled it down to activity, relevance, trust and authority. And but but all but that condenses over 2000 signals, or 3000. signals, that you can send Google both good and bad. We focus on the good and try to avoid the bad. And by sending Google good good signals, we try to become the best entity, the best entity option for that niche. And then once we have that we just force feed Google the rest, because once you're the authority, you can get away with basically whatever you want.

There you go.

One second night, we're all going to be running out of time. But there's a few more questions I'd like to get to. So we'll try to roll through the next few just one moment. We'll come back to that.

Is It Good When Google Site Ranks Better Than The Money Site?

Pavlo says, Hey, guys, is it a good sign when Google Site ranking, much better than the money site? How to change the situation? Thank you. Yeah, I mean, it's a good sign because it means you're making progress. In my experience over time, oftentimes a Google site will outrank a money site when I want, especially for new projects when I'm starting. But over time, the once the entity is fully solidified, oftentimes the money site will outrank the G site, it's rare that the G site over time will stay above the money site, the self hosted website, the domain, the main, the primary domain. And again, a lot of that has to do with your structured data. And what you're telling is the primary asset for the entity and all of that, and it just takes time, like I said, most of the time, it's often that the G site for new projects will outrank the money site. But over time, when you continue solidifying, validating the entity all the stuff that we talked about, the money site will outrank the G site, no matter how much power you push, at least that's been my experience. Anything you want to add to that Marco?

No man, because that's how it should be. That's what we expect. The expectation is that you're going to push so much power to that g site, it's going to RYS group is going to pop it before anything else. That's why your schema should be in place so that you creating the right relationships, the parent child relationship, Google will understand that that the TLD that you're using is the actual Parents have that T site, that that g site is simply an extension, an extension of your money site. Once that relationship happens, then Google switches that over to your money site. And then you that's why we use the shield for power, then, and for protection. Yeah, and again, that's amazing. And you seeing it? Yes, that's part of the plan. The structured data is a big part of that, as Marco said, so.

What Are The Possible Consequences When There's A Duplicate Content On The Same Website?

Alright, so another question from Pavlo. If I did a mistake and duplicate content on the same website, what are the consequences Sandbach or penalty? Do you recommend recover the website from Google actions or create a new website? If I can recover from that now, from that, then how long? can it take? Thank you so much. If I did a mistaking duplicate content on the same website, what are the consequences? I mean, I don't mark, this might be a question for you. I'm not I'm not sure what he's talking about. I mean, you just talked about keyword cannibalization. Right, if you have the same content posted on the site more than once, it can cause some overall site quality issues. And those pages can be competing, but I'm not sure what you're talking about recovering a site and everything else. I'm not sure what he's asking about to you.

So Pablo, let me ask you this. You use the conditional if? Is this something that happened that Google hit you for duplicate content on your website? If so, how do you know? Like, did you get a notification in Search Console? Because what they usually say, in the in the manual action, or in Google is that you have duplicate titles and descriptions. I haven't seen a duplicate content message in there, you get unnatural link building messages, and then you're in trouble. But the only thing that you have to do to recover is canonicalize. The content? Yeah.

Uh, yeah. There you go. Look at the index if you got the index start over.

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Yeah, I agree with that. So he says, Oh, Pavlos. This is a good, good point. And I think we are going to be doing this Pavlo, I can't swear to that. Maybe Marco knows. But he says, hopefully we will be adding a PayPal option to our store as part of the new interface.

I can't say but it's one of the things that we're supposed to be working on.

Do You Outsource Phone Services To Your Agency?

Are you go? Scott says, Scott Walker. What's up Scotty says this is a 2xyouragency type of question. I'm so bad on the phone. That calling a business and asking for email addresses is not at all useful. Are there any? Are any of you using a service or outsourcers to place calls? Thanks and Merry Christmas. Okay, I have in the past I've used telemarketers that have hired from Upwork for specific campaigns of some sort. And I've been fairly successful with that in the past more recently, because I am working on the project that I'm working on that will be part of the mastermind. If all goes well includes hiring an appointment center and let me see if I get the right.

Rent a caller. Yes, this is it here. Okay. Rent a caller go to rentacaller.com. This is a service by Ross cristofolini. I think his name is the guy from lead carrot. I don't like the carrot. It's a lead scraper pipeline app and all that it might be great for certain industries. But for the industries that I work in, I don't like it. But he's got some good training. This guy Ross here for various things. And run a collar is a service that he launched that where you can rent a collar a telemarketer like an appointment center set, excuse me an appointment setter for a week at a time. And it's it's inexpensive. You know, if you need somebody that much, if you were if you're doing a lot of heavy prospecting, then you can hire a caller for a week to handle all of the leads that you've generated in a month or something like that. I'm just giving you an example. If you want if you don't have that much of a need, where you can you need somebody for an entire week, then I would recommend going to Upwork and just looking for telemarketers. And you can even hire a few of them on a trial basis to figure out which ones work are going to work best for you. Kind of like what we teach and Outsource Kingpin hire more than just one because you're going to you're going to find some that work better with you than others and that kind of stuff. So I'm just pointing this service out here guys, because this is something that I'm going to be trying for what I'm doing for my own business, but if you just needed on a lesser, you know, not as much where you don't need as much of as much time from one of them then I would recommend just going out work. Okay. That's a good question.

somebody's saying Do you just use Shopify for our store right now There's a bunch of comments about our courses and everything else. Okay, we appreciate your input. Thank you for that. Let's see Wayne Clayton the saying maybe you really should join the mastermind. I agree with that. All the questions maybe asks. It's five o'clock, we got just a couple more I want to roll through guys. If anybody has to leave, then feel free to do so. I'm gonna roll through the last couple.

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What Are Your Thoughts On A Client Who Requests Schema To Each Review On His Websites From Yelp And Google?

This one says so by the way, thank you, Wayne, appreciate that. I agree BB should be joining the mastermind. There's no question. I have a client who's requesting schema every review on each of his websites 21 from Yelp, Google, etc. I'm not liking this and wonder if this is something I missed in proper SEO. I don't know why you would want to do a I don't know. Personally, I don't I do aggregate review rating. And that's it. Period. And that's because I work with local businesses. I do aggregate review rating. For example, if it's a location page for a multi location Tree Service business, then on the location page, I'll have the GMB map embedded. And then I'll use schema for the aggregate review rating for that particular location. Does that make sense? That's what I'll do. And that page will rank with stars showing the review stars because I have the aggregate rating schema. But I don't do individual markups for every single review nor what I I mean, maybe I would but it would be outsourced for damn sure. I'm not sure why somebody would need that. But again, I'm talking about local business reviews. If you're talking about product reviews, and things like that, it might be different. I don't know, because I don't do that. Any comments on that? Hire someone, train them. mark it up. You're good to go.

Yeah. And again, are you saying Google reviews from Yelp, Google, it's got to be a local business. I can't imagine why you would need to mark up every individual review, I just don't understand the point of that. Aggregate review rating is all that's needed. is, as far as I'm, as far as I'm concerned.

So I look, sometimes clients are idiots. And we understand that you sometimes need to keep those idiot clients because they pay the bills. If you're in that. cop, if you're in that party, then hire someone, but make sure the client pays for at all. sure we'll do it. This is what is going to cost or we can do aggregate under what we're currently charging. Which would you prefer?

Yes. It's so much easier. Just plugins By the way, there's a fuck the reviews bundle. Google reviews plugin rich plugins right here. I use this on WordPress sites, rich plugins. They've got a I mean, they've got it. As a matter of fact, if you take a look, they've got the business reviews bundle, which will do Facebook, Yelp and Google. And this is what I use. It's fantastic for WordPress sites. Because you can just it will add the schema automatically for the aggregate reviews. It's really really cool. So I would check out rich plugins comm if it's a WordPress site, if you're doing other kinds of sites or landing pages, which I'm doing a lot of that now I'm using something else called elf sight apps, which they had a an app Sumo deal l site apps right here. And they have a Google reviews. This is really, really cool, because they've got a ton of fucking apps By the way, Mark. Oh, he had to leave. I guess. Marco needs to check this out. But there's a ton of apps here that you could use outside widgets and apps. And they've got something like that to where you it'll add the aggregate review schema as part of the review widget a redo showcasing widget so you might want to check out those.

In What Order Should I Purchase MGYB Products For Local And Lead Gen Assets With No Websites?

Alright, the last thing I want to answer guys, we're over that's why everyone else bailed. The last thing is rocket blaster asks, in what order Should I purchase MGYB products for local lead gen assets with no websites? Alright, there's two resources I'm going to point you to. So the first one is semanticmastery.com/process. I talked about using a self hosted money web website but you can just if all you have is a GMB and no self hosted website, it's fine. Just use the GMB website. So whatever dot business dot site as your primary website, right, that's it. And now if you don't have an RSS feed, you can use the GMB with certain. You know, like post scheduling apps for example, you can get an RSS feed from a GMB. You can also get a GMB an RSS feed I think from Zapier out of a GMB. So you could use that to actually trigger like a syndication network, for example, but regardless, outside of wanting to syndicate posts, you can just use your GMB website as your primary money site. And then everything else is the same. Our methods are the exact same whether you have a self hosted website or not, it doesn't make any difference because you can use the GMB website URL as your money. The site or the Google site, sites google.com the G site from the RYS stack can be your primary money site. And so all of the things the same that we teach and so again go to semanticmasterycom/process, you can check out the process that I've set up for that specifically to teach you guys and what order to sequence to do things. And then lastly is seoshield.com. Okay, if you go there that's going to teach you about the SEO shield. It's different components in which sequence to put them together. And, and again, it's the same thing whether you have a self hosted website or not, it doesn't matter. You can use the GMB website or the Google site from the drive stack, the SEO shield essentially as your primary money site. Alright, thanks everybody for hanging out. Looks like Hernan stuck around for an extra five minutes. Thanks, buddy. We done See you guys next week.

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