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By April

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What's up everybody and welcome to the pre Christmas edition of Hump Day Hangouts. It's Marco from Semantic Mastery. And my partners wishing you the best of what the season has have has to offer. And even if you don't celebrate it, we still want you to have a fantastic fucking time regardless, man.

And so, with that, I am going to call on you as I see you. Oh, there we are. There's a there's an issue of he's usually driving this wreck. I'm just going to continue man. We're glad to have you here. We're glad you're you're supporting Semantic Mastery. We're glad you've been supporting us all this time. I see lots of you who have been with us seems like forever since we began. I am going to call on you from right to left on my screen. And so that means that you're up, Adam. What's up man? Married pre Christmas. Hey, likewise glad to see everyone Marco I'm glad you've got some holiday cheer I'm not sure what's wrong with Chris you're not and Bradley. No, nothing you guys Oh, there we go. Chris it's a Christmas tradition man.

Yeah, that are here down but I was I was working in like cutting it close. And I didn't have time to run downstairs and get my hat until I saw Marcos and I was like, oh man, so my bad. Well, that's alright, we're here for Hump Day Hangout. Yeah, things are going good here. I had blue skies and made it out for running the hills this morning and back for Hump Day Hangouts and then going to be doing have a couple day drinks. Running the hills. I guess.

This time it actually was but maybe I should have done the other thing now. I'm pretty similar. So anyways, I can't complain, man. I'm happy to be here. Yeah, that's it, man.

Thanks, Adam. Then I next saw Hernan coming on. What's up man catches up. Yeah, good. Good. Everything is good, man. Everything's good. Happy to be here. As usual. Happy to you know, spend some time with the family. Usually, we do the 24 nine and then the 25th. And we keep on eating up until I don't know up until the seventh of January.

It's good, man. Everything's good. I'm happy to be here.

Cool. Brandon, what's up, man? So man, happy to be here got a shit ton of work going on man. It's uh, it's crazy. But I can't even slow down for the holidays much. I am taking some time off between or next week for the New Year's holiday though. But I'm looking forward to Christmas. My I had a bunch of family in town that just actually left this morning to you know, they spent four or five days here in town, which was really cool. Got all my daughter and all her cousins together and it was a lot of fun. And

I'm looking forward for 20 2021 though. Hopefully it will be better than 2020

Unknown Speaker 2:52
s to be right. Na Chris What's up man? Yeah, then good here. Forgot my head. But like, at least a font something to keep disappeared up. Out. Other than that, yeah, things are good. Unfortunately. No snow It seems this year here in where I'm living.

The rest is like tons of snow. But yeah, it is what it is. And yeah, looking forward to like the holidays.

I actually will take some time off. Starting tomorrow for

I don't know pretty much the weekend, four days to get a bit of a time out and relax and come back to work. So yeah, fantastic, man. That's for me. What can I say?

I kid don't hate me. Don't hate the player. Hate the game? Because is the game that allows me to do the do I do? Anyway, glad to have you. We are running an MGYB special for those of you don't know. Adam, please drop the drop the page on this Hannah is giving people an early Christmas present. Everything Everything. I believe everything is got a coupon on it. So Merry fucking Christmas.

With that, unless anybody has other amounts. Oh, yeah, charity webinars, I'm sorry, the charity webinars. We are going to be starting them in about two weeks. They're a little bit delayed because I'm trying to get all of the people together. Dixon Jones of inlinks has decided to come in and donate his time, which is fantastic because he's going to be talking about content and entities. He's the guy he started out as the marketing, I believe, manager or whatever he was at majestic. When it was really cool. Then he left and now he has inlinks which is which is a fabulous tool that we're using every day for our content. And the only way that you get access to him is through our webinars where you can come and ask him anything you want. Listen to his presentation on on entity

He knocked me for a loop when I talked to him. And so that is what he is with Jordan basis training around what are one of the tools. And so he's going to be there, I got my mike piers, coming on Jordan Fowler is going to talk about branding, branding and entities and how to guide the bat through all that. So we have some fantastic things we're putting together. But it's taking time because it's so good, so many people, so many things that we're giving away. And all it takes is a donation, and I'm gonna say it again, your heart will tell you whether you donate and your wallet will dictate how much so if only four you can give my kids is five bucks, what you would have spent on that cup of coffee, that's fine. And if it's 500 bucks, then that's fine. I mean, they both will get you into the webinar. And in fact, the more you donate, the more the closer that you get to spending an hour with me on whatever you want, ask Marco anything, we can go over any of your project, we can go over anything, it's up to you. And so that's what we're having. That's what we're doing, I will announce it more formally. And if you guys want to donate, just send, and I'll put that the email in the chat, the email that you send proof of donation to so that you can get notified for when the webinars start. So you will be placed on the mailing list. When you donate, send the proof that you've donated.

And then you will be pulled on our email list. And we will contact you with the email dates how to how to register how to sign up how to get access, you're going to get access to the replays, you're going to get everything. And with that.

Let's do this.

Any other announcements?

Be good?

Work? Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. All right. Very good. Grab the screen.

Okay, y'all see my screen? Correct? Yeah, yep. There we got it.

What Are Your Thoughts On Social Signals And How It Supports The SEO Of The Money Site?

Alright, so it looks like the first question comes from Timmy. What's your thoughts on social signals? Obviously ones from real accounts are topically relevant to support SEO to the money site? If so, you know, any good vendors? I mean, yes, social signals are, you know, I assume they're good. If they're from relevant audiences, real people that are engaging with the content, then I think those are are great for SEO. It's the spam signals that we think are worthless. And it's been a long time since I've done any testing. But I can't imagine that.

Three or four years ago, when I did a lot of testing on social signals, just spam social signals that you would purchase from, you know, Fiverr, or any number of providers. And they really didn't move the needle at all for SEO. And again, that was shit. That had to be four years ago now. And I can't imagine that all of a sudden social signals, like spammy signals would be weighted any heavier than they were four years ago. So I can't imagine that they actually do anything. But real relevant signals from, you know, active users, you got to think about what's happening when somebody is engaging in a content liking, like, chances are they have a history of being interested in that content, or even even if it's not a long term history in recent history. And that that's those are good signals. because trust me, Google knows, has a profile of that. That person, right, like in other words, it has an idea of that user that Google user, web user, whatever you want to call them, that shows their recent search history, that type of you know, what their affinities are, which means like, what their long term likes are, what they've recently been engaging with, and all that kind of stuff. So if they were if somebody in that, you know, real user that has a real profile, real history, and they engage with your content, that's that's a really good signal, because it's highly weighted. Remember, Google has access to the same kind of data now that Facebook does, like behavioral interest, and all that kind of stuff. So when a user engages on content, if Google can kind of wait, that engagement signal, I don't, I don't have any, like hard data to show that. But from the type of, you know, traffic that I've been purchasing from Google audiences and such, it just, it's just logical that that would be waited. I don't know Marco, what do you think?

Activity relevance, trust and authority, right, Google. Now that's the social. John Mueller said that Google doesn't pay attention to social signals. Man, that's partial. No act. Yeah. Bullshit, but partially correct. There's no such thing as a social signal. You don't stand there with a beacon right with a flashlight with a with that gun.

That Fragen signaling na, look what I'm doing.

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The signal that you're sending is through those pixels is it's through those links. It's through the people coming through your analytics and search console, right? Because you see the activity there, whether they're relevant and whether they're coming from trusted, authoritative sources. Google is tracking everything. If you're setting goals in your analytics, then Google is further tracking. Because now you can guide Google or what it is that you're expecting your visitors to do on your website, a lot of things that you can now set up so that you send additional signals to Google. So Google is tracking wherever that person is coming from. And we'll just use Facebook as an example. You're running Facebook ads, and maybe the conversion is on your website. Or maybe it's not on the ad, or maybe you just want to pixel that person, maybe you're forming on some type of audience, a fifth of the affinity audiences, also audiences also in YouTube, all of the different things that you can do, where the relevance is, as Bradley said, The People's History, what are their interests, because this, if you're buying signals, these people are going to be going all over the place, they're going to be going. It's not a real history, like a real user, where you know, you have an affinity, when you're online, whether you're a Facebook person, and Instagram person, majority person, whatever you are, you have an affinity, whether it's gaming, whether it's educational, whether you consume, right, consume information, whatever it is. And so when that person comes through that link, believe me when I tell you that Google's going to know anything and everything there is to know about that person, unless you just don't go online.

Unless you don't have everything set up the way that we tell you to. So how do you get those those people pay for them, pay Google, don't go paying a vendor for that, pay Facebook, pay Google, through YouTube, pay Twitter, pay Instagram, pay Pinterest, because what you're going to do is, especially now through AI, is you're going to be able to fine tune your audience to that particular interest to that relevance. So that the further you go in, the likelier is that that this person is going to convert. Because now what you're doing is you're finding that person with that problem with that pain. And you're you become a problem solver, you're solving the problem that that person came online for, and maybe they didn't even know that they had a pain or problem to solve. But you did such a good job of putting yourself in front of them that that they decided, Okay, I'm going to go purchase it because it's something that I need that I realized, that I need. And that signal. I don't care how many you get from from any vendor, that signal that you're paying for that and it's pennies on the dollar, so 100 bucks a month, and, and and and it's gold that's worth more than anything you can get. And let me finish. Why? Because that vendor those people that that vendor sends sense to you, they're not going to convert, the value is only going to be temporary. And maybe they'll pick up enough where they'll send enough signals that Google sends you real people. But why not start with real people in the first place?

Yeah, and let me unpause the screen for a minute because I pulled up. Okay. So while Marco was talking, this is what this is just to demonstrate what I was talking about guys, this is Google Analytics. This is for semantic mastery. And if you go into audience now you have to have the Advanced Data Collection, whatever enabled on your analytics account, and switching over to ga for now Google Analytics for like, all of that is like it's so much more data that you get with the Google Analytics for as opposed to Universal Analytics. But anyway, what I'm trying to get at was what we were just talking about guys, and this is proof of it here. So this is a month of traffic or the traffic that has come to Semantic mastery.com our website in the last month if you go into audience and you look at interests, you can see these are the affinity audiences right affinity means long term like an interest, a long term interest, they have an affinity for right and so these are the affinity audiences that have visited our site in the last month. And then these are the in market segments and market segments means within the last 30 days, they have been searching for content and engaging with consuming doing searches around keywords that are all relevant to or that means they're likely in the market for whatever a product or service and you can see business owners services, advertising and marketing services is our top in market audience makes sense. There are some subsets of that are subcategories. SEO and SEM services, business services, business technology, web services, web design and development, it makes sense that our top three in market audiences or visitors were in these are top our top the most of our visitors Excuse me, I'm trying to explain this the most of our visitors that have come the top three in market audiences that they're in, in our business services, right or subset, subcategories of business in market audience Business Services, right. And that makes a lot of sense because of what you know what our contents about. And then there's other categories as well. But this just goes to show you that it's very, you know, Google gives has a hell of a lot more data than what they used to have from its from visitors. And you can see that in analytics, you can start to optimize your content for that, or this can even give you some ideas as to which type of audiences to target if you're purchasing traffic directly from Google for YouTube display, whatever. Somebody want to comment on that.

Okay, I thought I heard somebody. And also, the other thing is. Here's an example I just showed this a couple days ago, have some traffic just from YouTube. And this what you know, Marco was saying, if you can buy really inexpensive, I know we were talking about social signals originally, but talking about generating traffic signals, remember activity, relevance, trust, and authority. And these are in market. Well, these different various audience types here. But these are YouTube ads that I'm running. And you can see that I just selected an IM stands for in market audience, Home and Garden home garden services for a landscaping and Tree Service Company. And I'm running YouTube ads for them. And you can see that my cost per click, this isn't per view, the average cost per view is nine cents. I used to talk about using YouTube for for more for branding, for gaining views, but I'm getting a hell of a lot better at actually driving traffic to local clients now using YouTube ads and look at the clicks one point or dollar 66 per click average cost per click from it from a very relevant audience, right and market Home and Garden Home and Garden services. So those 83 clicks are highly weighted clicks, because they're coming from audiences that are Google has determined are in market for Home and Garden services. So hopefully that makes sense. You know, I don't care about Facebook likes, shares, tweets, and all that kind of stuff. If it's just spam, if it's from irrelevant, in fact, it's nice to get them from irrelevant social signals from a relevant audience. So somebody that is really, truly engaging with the content, that's great. But that's harder to that's harder to spam or to spoof. It's almost, you know, it's very difficult to, but you can purchase relevant traffic signals directly from Google or Facebook, or, you know, many of these different social platforms that also offer advertising services. Right. And so the point is, if you're buying relevant traffic signals, right from from, from, or engagement, traffic and engagement signals from a relevant audience, it's likely that they may end up liking tweeting, sharing, whatever anyway, because they were a relevant audience to begin with. So my point like what Marco was saying, I totally agree with it's better to just go with this type of traffic, and you're likely getting natural, organic social signals from that. Okay.

It's a great question, though.

Do I know of any good vendors? Not really, I think SEO Butler has some, at least they used to be called SEO Butler. I'm not sure if they still are. But I know that they had some tiered social signals that apparently or from what I understand were worked pretty good. But I don't know that those are still relevant, because again, I haven't done any significant testing on just social signals in several years.

Great question though. All right.

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How Do You Get A Strong SEO Effect For A One Page Website That Don't Have Silos?

Next question is from rocket blaster. He says, I watched one of your videos on silos and it seems like that can really help you to rank with all the pages and links etc. But you said you only use GMB free sites now. That's a one page website. Now I might have in that one particular video, there was a period of time where I was just building GMB assets without self hosted WordPress or self hosted sites as part of the projects and and for so for a period of months. That's all I was doing and I was just using the GMB websites. We're not I'm not doing near as many GM B's now, because it's much more difficult to get them number one, number two, they're they're much more much easier to get suspended now also. So I am working with workout self hosted sites now again.

So I just want to clarify that I am using self hosted sites as the primary website for each project that I'm working on now even if it has a GMB, the primary website is that self hosted site. But you don't have I mean, again, you can use a self hosted site, you can use a Google site. So sites.google.com or the actual GMB website even though it's one page, you still can silo those can't talk about how to do that here because we cover that in local GMB Pro or in the mastermind or in our iOS Academy. Pretty much any one of our paid groups, but you can silo a GMB website. Yeah.

You can silo anything. Yeah. Right. Sure. So and as far as that, like, we have two case studies going.

One is HVAC. And another one.

Well, I'm not gonna say what it is free. But it they're both being shared in the heavy hitter club, every hitter club. And so if you want more guidance on this on how it's done on how to set up the GMB on how to silo, the GMB and how everything now works together. Regardless, I've always said that local is relative. And so I'm taking that and applying it now to a national build where there is a GMB but the GMB of course, is a service area and the service area is the US. And we're using that I'm losing the hell out of getting fantastic results. Again, well, Monday, we'll have a heavy hitter club webinar, where I'm going to be covering that Rob is going to be covering the HVAC the case study, and we're going to be showing that and you can totally take that one page site and silo it because of the way the Google the way that Google saves the posts.

Yeah, yeah. And again, you know, you know, we talked about like siloing press releases as well. And you can go watch the free webinar on our YouTube channel where we talk about press release SEO, or press PR silo stacking. It's the same webinar, but we talked about that. So you can silo press releases, right, you can silo a GMB website, you can silo, a regular website, you can silo a G site. So it's all about, you know, theme mirroring, and that's what we talked about. And so you can still do it with the GMB website. So because what do you do you put all of your information on that one page, there's a limit to how much content you can put onto a GMB website.

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Because I on a recent project, I actually reached that limit. And it's kind of weird because you can you can add, like it doesn't tell you you can't add more. Like it doesn't say you've added too much content if you paste a bunch of text onto the GMB website, but when you publish it, it will. Whatever that limit is it will just cut it off at the bottom the text at the bottom. And we'll just put a little like greater than sign at the bottom. It's weird. But anyways, uh, yeah, I mean I what I typically do is it depends on how many pages like if there's multiple silos on the on the money site, for example. Or, if you were just going to use a GMB website, instead of a money site, I try to list you know, a couple of paragraphs about the main products or services that the business offers. Right, so I would put section headers even though you can't edit the SEO elements of the page on a GMB website, you can still bold things and you can, you know, add spacing and line breaks and things like that so that it's easier for the reader but it also is more logical and the content structure itself. So but you can also do outbound linking from the GMB website. So, you know, you can think about using strategic anchor text links within the GMB website to some of the other assets and your tier one, you know, entity assets essentially, so you can link out to those two. So there's a lot of stuff that you can do with GMB websites. You don't have to have a self hosted site or but the other thing I would always recommend is, even if you're just planning on using GMB stuff, you're still going to want it I mean, you absolutely should still get a Google site and an so as part of the SEO shield. So why not make the Google Site your primary money site for the asset if you don't want to use self hosted sites fine. Use a Google site. I still think that's better than just using the GMB website. Although you can get significant results with just the GMB website. We've proven that

Is There Any Content That We Can Automate To Keep The Gsite Fresh?

so also some good questions Pavlo. He says is there any content we can automate for the G site to keep it fresh? Marco, I know he says for you, but I want to give a couple suggestions first, and then you can take that one as well. Um, so Pablo, yeah, you can put think about iframe in a blogroll page in to a G site. Right. Or you can get more specific and you can, you know, and theming and I can't get too much into this, but you can get more specific and you could use your website.

I'm just assuming you're using WordPress, but let's just make that assumption. But remember with WordPress if you know if you use tags properly, you've also got tag pages. So you can insert, you could iframe tag pages into the G site. Same thing goes for categories, right category pages, which are like blogroll pages for specific categories. The same thing with tag pages, right? It's for any, it'll list all of the posts that or pages if you add tags to pages that share that tag. So think about using iframes to automate, you know, from a dynamic content source, like a WordPress site to auto update g sites. There's an again, that's all iframe stuff. Also RSS feeds. Remember, you can embed an RSS feed using the feed burner buzz boost embed code. So you create the buzz boost embed code using Feedburner. And then you can use your blog RSS feed or your tag pages. Remember, each tag has its own RSS feed, each category has its own RSS feed. So you can burn different feeds and then use the buzz boost embed code to also automate, you know dynamic content onto a G site. Marketing once I take that one, yeah, people forget. And I don't know if he's in our academy reloaded, but the entire foundation behind RYS and RYS Academy reloaded this iframe, and the way that iframes work, and with that, that's enough to go and do whatever it is that you need to do, because we've ranked and outranked people with their own content using the iframe method, so the G site will outrank, we've our right brands, as a matter of fact, using their iframe. So people forget the original training. The foundational principles are iframes. Why do you think our dry stacks and G sites look the way they do?

That's right. All right. So the next question was,

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Is It Okay To Create Separate Gsites/Stacks Focused Around Specific Keyword Groups Like EMD As Part Of The Larger Drive Stack?

is it a good idea to create separate g sites or stacks focused around specific keyword groups, like an EMD as part of a larger drive stack? Yes, I mean, that's that's exactly what we teach. You create the the branded Gsite and drive stack. That's, that's part of your SEO shield. Anyway, once that's created, as Google starts giving you your keyword targets, we call those extensions we sell you go to MGYB.co and order an extension for whatever it is that you're doing that one is going to be, it can be location and keyword focus, or just keyword focus. So if you have multiple locations, you would want to relate the keywords to those multiple locations. And if not, then you would want to just isolate that keyword in that stack treating it like a silo. So we go back to siloing. And how important siloing is, people have said that and I can't believe either saying that siloing doesn't matter, anyone that they calling it something else. And you're not understanding the basic foundations of what a what a bot does, when it comes on to a page and when it follows the links that lead from that page to another page, especially when the content is relevant. And siloing is working just as well, today, as when, I don't know if Bruce clay is the one who coined the phrase siloing or whoever it was, whoever was that came up with that it's still as relevant, maybe more relevant today, because of the way that AI is focusing on entities and relevance. Yep. I agree. semantic relevance.

So just to clarify, though, it's not about creating separate g sites, or stacks, right? Or it's about expanding a stack. Does that make sense in siloing, or theme mirroring within your stack and your G site. That's, that's, that's the preferred method, because remember, you powering up that g site and that entity that brand.

And so instead of having separate entities, which is kind of like what you would do if you had separate g sites and separate stacks, if they're related or relevant, there's some sort of connection between topics or services or whatever, then it's better to have it all underneath one brand. Because then, you know, as you continue to power up that entity, every time you add another expansion, so like another another silo, essentially, it's going to instantly benefit from the authority that's already accrued to the main entity. Does that make sense? So it's way better off. Otherwise, you're starting over from square one with each new stack or each new g site. So you're better off, taking advantage of the authority that you're building to your primary brand. That's what that's why we teach it that way.

Could You Elaborate Golden Frame?

Jay says in one of your videos, I heard Marco mentioned something called the Golden frame. Can you elaborate a bit more about this? Yeah, it's just your money site, your, whatever your primary asset is for the brand or for the entity, your golden frame, your Epicenter, right? ground zero, so to speak. And typically, that is a self hosted site. But it doesn't have to be it's whatever your primary digital asset is, for your brand or your entity. Marco, you want to comment on that?

He was asking about what the golden frame is. Yeah, I know. But I can't, I'm trying to remember where and in which video, I mentioned that, because when we talk Golden framus, it's simply the money site, whatever that may be, right, whether using a G site, a GMB up or whatever, WordPress, it can be HTML, it can be whatever, and then everything that surrounds that, that is part of that entity and that brand, but directly related, so your Facebook, your Twitter, all of your branded profiles, then become part of that golden frame. That's what we call the bowl of rice, the golden frame, because that's where you're going to be making money. Especially when you start writing ads and Facebook, and as I said, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, anywhere else, anywhere, where your audience resides, and where you can target them to sell to them. You shouldn't get a profile just just for the sake of branding. Your profile should be created with the idea that it's going to make you money somehow it's going to help you make money otherwise, then it's just a link. Right, it's just part of a PBN about a public blog network, that you're claiming for Google. And that really isn't doing any? Well, it's reinforcing your entity, it's validating the entity. It's solidifying the entity, but it should be making your money. And you should always focus on how you branded and how you create all of these entity relationships. So that it actually amplifies and and if someone clicks out at tier two, right, let's say something is thinking from tier two to your tier one branded, it actually brings that tier two link, a step closer, so I call it a de facto, tier one or tier one B, if you want to look at it, because of the way that Google applies the distance grant or how many hops, you are away from trusted and authoritative sources.

Is There A Way To Backup RYS Stacks In Case Google Shuts The Account Down?

So the next question was also as you guys use RYS stacks for lots of stuff, is there a way to backup all of this in case Google shuts the account down? Um, that's a great question. Maybe Marco has an answer. The only way I know how to do that would be to download everything.

Which you could I guess, download it regularly. That way in case the account gets shut down, you can still upload them to a new Google account. But you'd have to convert files because I don't think you can download like a Google Sheet, for example, or a Google Doc as it is, I think you'd have to download it as like a Word file, or something or an Excel file or CSV file or something like that. So that it would be available to upload to a Drive account if if it were to get the original where to get terminated. Marco, is there anything that we do for backups, I think we shared a script where you can clone your drive stack, and even clone it. But but we also become, I don't know how much I can give away here because that we're going into into regular shit Academy secrets.

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We gave you a script, we showed you how to we showed you how to clone it, we showed you what to do with the folder so that you don't lose it, right? If you ordered dry sex and G sites for a month, you get instructions on what to do with that drive stack a G site so you never again have to go into it and and lose access to it.

So you don't ever get tagged for whatever, maybe the IP or whatever. But you can still go in there as a manager, but never again as as the owner. I mean, you leave that alone if you need access. at some future point. It's done through the manager, not necessarily the owner. We tell you exactly what we what to do. When you order that from us and it's information that is also an always Academy reloaded. The scripts are in RYS Academy Reloaded, that that's how you would do it. That's how you would back it up.

Very good.

Do You Have Any Good Examples Of Curated Content For SEO or Digital Service Agency Website?

Okay, so the next one is from Marty he says, Hey, SM This one's for Bradley going to follow your advice and get a VA to curate content from my lead gen properties. Would you have any good examples of curated content for as an SEO or digital service agency website as this type of content allows you for lead gen or can agency sites use it to know? Okay, so listen, the best thing to do Marty would be to just go get content kingpin. I don't know if we have any 12 Days of Christmas specials going on for that or not. But a content kingpin is the exact process that I use and have been since 2012. So we're going on what, nine years now that I've been using that exact same content strategy. I've trained all my bloggers to do that.

And it doesn't matter what industry it's for. Well, let me let me rephrase that. I don't know that I would do it for the legal or the medical industries, because there's so many regulations and such. But for, you know, for a digital marketing agency, like for content for your own agency, absolutely. And I use it for all of my my clients, too. We do curated content for all of my clients. I don't have any examples to show you specifically for curating content for agency type of content, but the format, the process is all the same. Right? It's all the same. There's nothing different about it. So I would highly recommend that you go get content kingpin, because that is exactly the process that we've used for years now to generate content.

Last thing is I brought this up. I think I left this. I think I deleted the website, though.

Yeah. And it's not actually been suspended. I just deleted that subdomain. I could probably recover it. I was going to show you some examples here of See, look, a lot of these pages are still indexed. It's interesting.

Yeah, I could restore that side. I probably should because this was always used as a years ago, when during the mass Semantic Mastery masterclass, which was a kind of mid level coaching group that we had, I did this Gainesville home pros local SEO project, and we use, you know, my prime, my primary blogger, Esther, she still works for me today, this was back in like shit five or six years ago that I built this damn site, I'll have to restore it. So that it can be used as an example. But there was curated content on that you could even probably go to the Wayback Machine and take a look at it. I'm sure you could, you could go to the Wayback Machine to archive.org and go look up that URL, Gainesville, VA dot local home pros dotnet. And you can see curated content on that page. But again, if you pick up local kingpin, you're going to have all of the training for exactly how we set up curated content machine and VA manage all of that. For me, it's a fantastic product, it's still the same exact process that I use today. I just put a VA she started a couple of months ago.

I wanted her to not only to curate but to work with Jordan, the way the Jordan talk content at POFU Live right. But the very first thing that I had her do was go through content kingpin. The very first thing I mean, yeah, without question, go and learn how to curate content and then we'll go and because that's so that's the foundation now she can produce content whenever I need. Right curated content real quick and under and under an hour. She has just a fantastic piece of content. If I need a more content then she just goes in and curate some more but that's the foundation man I keep telling people whatever it is that we share with you. We use it on our own stuff on our own clients or whatever it is that we're setting up we use it

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Yeah, yeah. And I was just trying to see if I could find I should just restore the site for what was in my hostess cleaning stuff up and I accidentally deleted that site so anyways, I was trying to pull it up just to give you an example Okay, here you go. So yeah, again, Gainesville VA dot local home pros dotnet and you can go through here and I believe you can click through to the pages and then you should go to the blog and then you should be able to take a look at I guess some of the images don't carry over an archive maybe they don't cache those but yeah, they do sure you sure they do. So there you go. That's curated content right there guys and is this exact same process that I talked about and by the way this because there's the let's just take a look real quick home remodeling Gainesville VA I haven't touched this project in six years still number two in maps the site has been dead Marco for God knows at least a year you saw god.org and look at it it's still number two in maps

That's insane. So anyways, yeah, go use that as kind of an example if you want to try to reverse engineer but to be honest with you just go pick up content kingpin. It'll be worth your money, I promise.

Moving on.

Do You Have A Company Or System You Can Recommend To Make A Real Estate Brokerage Site Look Good?

Okay, I'm going to build out a real estate brokerage site using SEO bootcamp theme because it is ideal for on page SEO. You're right about that. Do you have a company or system you can recommend to make the website look good? You mean like a design company a shit. Adam, do you have any ideas of like, I know because you deal with funnel builders and stuff all the time. Do you have any recommendations for a design company for? What I mean? I have a recommendation, but it depends on on your budget. Yeah, go for it. Marco I got some ideas, but no particular recommendations. Okay.

I mean it. Again, it's not cheap, but look up moon and our marketing moon and our mo n a n d. o wl contact them and ask for a quote best in the business? Definitely. Yeah. And if I would just say if they're looking for more of a, you know, get something quick, if you know enough that you can kind of manage someone that, you know, you can find people who do this, just make sure you know, you do your background research and look at some stuff they've built, you know, have them show you a few things. And I mean, you there's a ton of people out there who can put together really good WordPress sites. So, yeah, yeah, and there's a lot of companies out there now that will do that, you know, like, on a monthly retainer, and they'll build sites for you, and all kinds of stuff, like design stuff, like, it's crazy. So you can kind of look up for some of those, too.

So, uh, okay, yeah, cuz typically, if I have, like more than I just build normal, like WordPress sites that were theme based sites. And if I need anything beyond my crude design skills, then I just hired somebody from Upwork or something to do what I need. So

anyway, alright, so next is I'm working with a company, which is plugins, for ID x and home valuations, I just need to make the homepage look good.

Okay, yeah. And again, maybe maybe you just wouldn't hit another option would be to get, there's a lot of like, funnel builders and funnel designers out there that can create like a homepage, like a one page, like long type home page type thing that you could use as the home page. And then you could have the rest of the site, you know, on a traditional traditional WordPress, you know, framework that is a lot easier to manage, because it just be a particular theme or whatever. But if you're looking for custom design for just the homepage, a lot of times you could do that with a funnel builder, or hire somebody as a funnel designer that will do a one page, like homepage version of a funnel that will work really, really well. And those are new, you can get for pretty enik fairly inexpensive. In fact, you could even go to like, Click Funnels marketplace, for example. And there's other marketplaces out there that for group funnels, and you know, all those different kinds of funnel, I mean, there's a funnel builders are a dime a dozen now, but many of them now have marketplaces, where you can go look at pre built designs that you can purchase. Or you can even contact the designers that are selling pre built funnels in the marketplace and ask them to build you a custom funnel or landing page or whatever. Okay?

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Also, look, remember, that's just a landing page, if you just need the front page done, it's just a landing page. And then you can go to Upwork and find landing page builders, like I mean, from all over the world that and they show portfolio of their their work and all that kind of stuff. And that's what I do I just go to Upwork and hire landing page voters when I need something specific done. I mean, that's that's what I was gonna say if it's on a budget, go to a park. Yeah.

How Do You Get The Best SEO Results For Press Releases?

Next question, I already have subscribed it to a service for press releases, I have to unfold untold, those press releases before I guess, unload, I have to unload those press releases before I can switch over to press advantage. How do I get the best SEO SEO results? Maybe backlinking? With my current? Or how to utilize? Okay, I see what he's saying.

Yeah, I mean, I don't know, because it depends on i don't i don't know what service you're using. And I know, it just it depends there. You know, I've had problems with some of the press release distribution services in the past where they inflate their distribution numbers by using a bunch of really shitty sites that end up looking toxic or becoming toxic. And you know, they're they're so they're they're not, it depends on what it is. I don't know which network you're using or distribution service you're using.

I would recommend that you don't use press releases to link directly to your money site. If you're not sure of the sites in the distribution network. Like if you just don't know how clean they are or spammy they may be, you're better off linking to tier one entity assets from within press releases as opposed directly to your money site. So what I mean by that is your SEO showed assets, syndication, network properties, GMB properties, that kind of stuff. You use those as your target URLs within the press release, or press releases instead of linking directly to your money site and then yeah, you can just hammer the shit out of those press releases with backlinks

And that's a great way to do it. It's better to select try to select press releases that have, do follow links. But you know, that's not necessary that you don't have to do that. But if you can identify which press releases don't purge, like in other words, they're not deleted after 90 days or whatever. But also contained to follow links. If you can do that, then those would be the ones that you would use as target URLs for a link building campaign. Any comments on that?

Yeah, well, we love press advantage. We love Jeremy. There's a reason why his press releases worked. So well. I mean, we talked to him constantly. And he's constantly making improvements. And he's constantly giving us virtually everything that we asked for to get the best SEO value out of the press releases. But it's not only that, I mean, he has a good press release network. It's not really just garbage sites, like a lot of press release companies have. So without knowing who it is that you're using another one, I know, because I'm not going to put anybody down. I don't want anybody getting getting trashed on here. Without knowing who your press release service is and what they're doing. Like, I can't tell you what effect link building is going to have on that. I can't tell you whether you should get in bed, I can't really say because I don't know how much power you're pushing. I know the power that you can get from press advantage. And I and then dedhia knows exactly what to do. When we turn over that that the press release report. Because this is a this is like my like my Mo, right? When I get a precedent, I get the PDF, I give it to Daddy, I say hit it. And he knows what to do. He will do the same thing for you guys. Yep.

All right, we got to be in here somewhere.

There it is, right there. Alright, so this was the other thing is just go to YouTube and search, press release SEO, you'll find our video about I don't know halfway down the page or whatever, or you or you can just go to our channel. So semantic mastery calm or youtube.com/semantic mastery and then just click right here, which is the channel search feature, and type in press release, SEO. And you'll see that it pops right up. It's the first video, I would watch that. It talks about how we use silos are how we silo press releases, and then stack them that it's it and it follows our theme mirroring methodology. So it works really, really well. And I would recommend that that's how you you start siloing your press releases together to I don't care what your what distribution company you're using, even if they're spammy. If you're using if you're linking to tier one entity assets as your target URL from your press release silo, as opposed to your money site, then you can still power that up by doing silo press release silos. And that's a great way to do it, even if they're spammy. If you're never linking directly from the press release to your money site. You've got nothing to worry about. Okay.

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What Course Do You Recommend That Aims To Monetize A YouTube Channel Through Adsense And Affiliate Links?

All right, moving on. Uh, next one. I am in a full time job. And I don't want to deal with clients. As of now I want to create a YouTube channel that I want to monetize with AdSense primarily and affiliate links. Which course would you recommend? I don't know about AdSense stuff. But I know for YouTube and affiliate stuff, my go to source for training, and I've learned a lot from him over the years is Justin sarti.

He is it's all that pretty much all he teaches is YouTube ads for affiliate marketers, right. So he talks about creating YouTube channel and then he talks about using ads to to for for affiliate offers. But he in some and in his training. He also talks about how to and Justin sardi.com right there. He's, I'm sure you can find his training in here and you could or you could reach out to him or whatever. He's got a free webinar. He's got great stuff, Justin's hands down the best that I know of, for YouTube ads stuff, especially for affiliate marketers. I learned I got I learned about YouTube ads and started using YouTube ads because of Justin, although he doesn't teach anything about local he has in the past a little bit. But that's not his. That's not his his thing, right? His thing is affiliate marketing, using YouTube ads as the primary driver of traffic. And so and again, he's got some really, really good training on that I've sent started finding others that teach about local lead gen using or lead generation for using YouTube ads. But this is really really good for affiliate stuff. And by the way, he also is the CO developer of tube sift, which is a fantastic tool for YouTube ads for for targeting, for finding placements, doing keyword research, all kinds of stuff. And that's he's the CO developer with Ted Chen, who created power suggest pro

So it's a great tool, I highly recommend that and in fact, if you purchase some of his training depending on what level you buy from Justin sardi, a lot of times he'll throw in, you know, tube sift for a year or for three months or whatever, depending on what you know what training program you buy. So I would highly recommend that you check out Justin sorry.

Anybody else have any recommendations for that?

No, sir. Okay.

Are The Links In The PRs Point To The IFTTT Ring Profile Pages Or Is It Syndicated Posts Within A Silo?

Okay, BB is up. And this is the real BB not to too many questions BB.

says, Hey, guys, number one about Marcus PR stack system is the links in the prs point to the IFTTT ring profiles pages, or is it just the syndicated posts within the silo? It depends on what you're trying to do, baby. Yeah, but hang on, hang on a second, he keeps asking it and trying to get more information and more clarification on something that's actually paid training, people have paid a lot for local PR Pro. And if we keep giving information for free, it's a disservice to the people who have paid for the course, I think we've mentioned that enough, I am not going to get into how I do my PR stacking I set it up, you link them one to the other. That's one thing the other one goes, wherever you need it to go. You need to have the data for where it is that you're going to need it to go. And I'm not gonna say anything else about it. I'm not gonna clarify, I'm not gonna add anything to it. If you want the how, then that's in the pay train. Yeah, join heavy hitter club. Maybe? That's that's way less expensive than Semantic Mastery, the mastermind I mean, or paying, you know, or, but I would, I would, I would recommend joining the heavy hitter club because those are the where you get all these types of questions. And like, you'll see real live examples or draw diagrams, like all that kind of stuff. That's what the that's what that's for. But yeah, I mean, and again, maybe it depends on what you're trying to power up. So you have to know where you're trying to push power. And that's where you select where you talk, what your target URLs are going to be. Okay. Please give your thoughts on this saying SEO generally is for everything, and paid ads for high ticket items and branding only I call bullshit on that. I mean, you know, I generate leads using paid ads a lot.

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I don't know that, you know, technically, those are high ticket items, right? So if I'm generating like, let's say I sell Tree Service leads at $40 apiece, right? Well, I can generate Tree Service leads using Google ads, right. And so that's not a hot $40 lead is not high ticket for me, it might be for the Tree Service contractor that buys the lead from me for 40 bucks might be a high ticket lead that he buys. But 40 bucks is kind of a low purchase price, in my opinion. And I use ads, I use SEO for that and for and ads. So I don't know who said that statement or where you read that statement. But you know, if you know how to use ads correctly, it's not. It's not it's not just about for branding and high ticket items, you can do all kinds of stuff. Again, I just talked about Justin sardi with affiliate marketing. And it's crazy. But in his Facebook, I'm in several of his Facebook groups. And he teaches I mean, you know, there's all the time people in there posting screenshots from their ads account showing, you know, conversions, cost per conversions on sales of affiliate products, you know, for like, sometimes under a few bucks, you know, and they're selling these affiliate products. So that's cost per acquisition or cost per conversion. And so again, it's those aren't high ticket items, but yet they're able to do it, you know, all repeatedly, reliably and repeatedly using YouTube as a traffic source, which is paid ads. So again, I don't know where you saw that. I totally disagree with that statement. Anybody else?

No, I totally agree with you, man. You can use you can use ads to complement your SEO, they're not mutually exclusive. At all. Google wants you to think that they are and that you don't get an SEO benefit from ads. That's bullshit to me. Okay. So it might not be a cause and effect relationship between ads and rankings.

It could be some other kind of relationship. When you start seeing it over and over and over and over again, then.

Yeah, yeah. It's there. It's there. Yeah.

Do You Still Own And Maintain IFTTT Networks?

So social bugs me that's Wayne Wayne says Bradley. Going back through syndication. training. So Syndication Academy, you mentioned you had over 300 sites in your property. You said you were having issues with Google killing your sites in the network. Curious, do you still have any networks and he's still putting them into Okay, so you must be talking about now as many years ago, when I I was doing a lot of video SEO for a local video production company.

I would wholesale video seo services to the local product video production company and they would sell it retail to their video customers. So in other words, you know, before I came along, they were just selling one off videos, maybe occasionally they get a repeat buyer, but they didn't have recurring revenue. And I pitched this company on selling them wholesale SEO Services, that they could then retail to their, you know, markup and retail to their, their video customers. And that would create recurring revenue and, and I don't do that anymore. And the only reason I don't do that anymore, I mean, I still, I still do video services for that same client, but I'm using Google Ads now for YouTube, Google ads for video to achieve the results that I used to achieve through video SEO, because it's a hell of a lot easier. And I don't have to worry about maintaining hundreds and hundreds of syndication sites like I did in the past. I don't have to worry about any of that crap at all. I just set up paid ads and from relevant audiences from relevant geographic, you know area, and I'm able to achieve better results better reporting everything using Google ads for video. So at the time that I was doing all that video SEO stuff, I would, you know, I had in particular one, I had multiple video syndication networks, but you know, and I would say like great big, massive networks, but the biggest one that I had, God, I think at one point I had over 30 IFTTT rings which would end up being something like over 600 properties, web to Dotto properties, and then there was even when we started with SERPs when we formed SERP space, many years ago, we started developing a video distribution for the What did we call that video powerhouse? I think is what we called it at the time, but it was a monster man. Yeah, it was a video embed network video and or maps embed network, but at the time, I think it was strictly for videos. And we built out a whole bunch of like pbn sites, so self hosted domains, and each one of them got a syndication network around it, and when then we would embed the video to the self hosted site or the network of sites. And each one of the sites would then syndicate through IFTTT or the syndication network, to all of the web tos and that was massive. Um, but yeah, I mean, again, that's stuff i don't i don't deal with anymore, because I just use YouTube ads for all that now, and it's a hell of a lot easier and a lot easier to maintain. So hopefully, that makes sense.

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Do You Still Build Networks Around Your Syndication Sites?

Okay, so the next question was, and I'll come back to wills. He says number two, do you still bet build networks around your syndication sites? Well, I mean, no, not really. Because again, I would mainly build these multi tiered networks for you for video syndication, not for content syndication, like blog syndication. Because I've talked about this many, many times, it's covered in the IFTTT training or the syndication Academy training. But when you have multiple tiered networks for con blog syndication, that creates footprint issues, there are ways to minimize the footprint but you can never eliminate it entirely. And that's by using you know, adding applets with related or relevant RSS feed triggers from other sources. That kind of helps to bit you know, mix your content in with other relevant related content from other sources. But again, that becomes a bitch to maintain as well especially the more the more tiers you add, the more of a pain in the asset becomes to maintain. So again, I really don't do that anymore. That was only for videos syndication networks that I would do that not for for blog syndication and so for blog syndication now I pretty much stick with just tier one branded networks and and just power those up significantly.

Good question, though. Well says Merry Christmas, guys. I hope you are all doing well. Thank you for all that you do for this community. You're welcome. Well, thank you for showing up link for the charity webinars. I believe that was posted already. Thank you. Wayne says we got to wrap it up in a couple minutes. Wayne says don't believe in matters so much based on the list. But why aren't things including any sem or semantic mastery? Oh, geez. And the most influential SEOs of 2020 from the page optimizer Pro. Yeah, I saw that article. Actually. That's okay. My feelings aren't hurt. Thanks. Thanks, Wayne. Yeah, I didn't know what went up. I'm not an influential SEO I'm just a guy who ranks shit way and I don't I don't live off people's praise. It doesn't do anything for for what I do.

Let them let them have their moment in the sun man is okay. Yeah. Yeah, I'm not looking for recognition on that front either I don't care. I mean, it's cool because I actually looked at that. And that's that that article and that's, um, that's good for all of those guys. Congratulations to all those that are on that list. Fantastic. They're probably really good at what they do. Uh, Wayne says Personally, I think you guys are in a different league together. Well, thanks, Wayne. Appreciate that.

Will You Make A Course For Making Money Through Paid Ads With Minimal Budget?

BB says will you make a course SM style for making money through paid ads, Google search, display native Facebook, Instagram, mobile ads, etc. The best methods with minimal budget and also scaling. I'm I'm actually working on a big project now for Semantic Mastery for the mastermind, which is going very extensively into Google ads for for display network YouTube, and call ads. Not so much search ads well, call ads are search ads, but they're slightly slightly different. And also, soon, I'm going to also be working on what's called discovery ads, but those are all in the Google Ads network. I don't do any advertising outside of Google ads. Every time I've attempted to try to do Facebook ads, I failed miserably at them. And to be honest with you, I have no desire to do that. Hernan teaches Facebook ads as far as all the other ad platforms now? Absolutely not at least that's not anywhere near in the near future. Because I all I use is Google ads. And again, that training I am doing specifically for local lead gen. And that's going to be something that we're going to be releasing sometime next year, probably middle of 2021 because I'm working on a very, very big project right now. For some for me, but we'll also be coming training program for the mastermind. So

okay, we got to wrap it up guys. Sorry, we didn't get to everybody. It was close. But we damn near got them all. But it's five o'clock. We got to go. Post your question again for next week. first conference get guys donate to Marcos charity, if you can. And Marco I already forgot if you mentioned it, but what date will the webinars be starting? So like once we have it, we haven't set the date set that that's why just send proof of donation. And we'll take care of you my VA will make sure that you get the link to sign up for the for the notifications and for everything that's coming. Cool. And where should they send the proof of notification to? Oh, sure I didn't I'll write the email. All right, cool. Well, it'll be on the page and if you're watching, you can come back and head over or just go to semantic mastery comm HD questions and get it there.

And I feel like a dick for missing my Christmas hat. You should.

Hey, guys, bye everyone. Christmas, everybody. Later

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