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By April

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And speaking of live, we are live Welcome everybody to Hump Day Hangouts. This is Episode 320. Today is the sixth of January 2021. First Hump Day hangouts of the new year. So we are going to get into it. But first we're gonna say hi to everyone real qu
ick. We got some short announcements. And I just saw some great gifts on the page. So when thumbs up this hump day hangout is going to be magic. So all right, I'm going to go around as I see it, and let's get going so Hernan you're first up, man, how you doing today?

I'm good, man. And good. I am excited to be here. Happy to be the first half of the Hangout of the year excited for a really good 2021. And yeah, wishing you Everyone, the best Happy New Year. And I thank you for your continued support. And I hope that you crush it 2021 for everyone that's watching, so Well, thank you. I will I appreciate you saying that to me. You got a man.

All right, Marco, how you doing today?

What can I say? Man? It is Groundhog Day.

Groundhog Day? Oh, yeah, help it is the price I pay for the life I live man. You know,

dude, listen, I just posted an image. In the Hangout, I was gonna post it in, in our Facebook group and in the heavy hitter club. Because that's where I share, right? The big, the heavy duty stuff. But I wanted to show it here, because this is my conversation with client. This is the position that you guys got to get to this is this is powerful. This is what I do with the clients, I tell give me three months, give me three months to show your results. And then we'll talk and it'll be just whatever. It's never any lower than 7500 a month. And it can go to whatever depending on competition, depending on market, just whatever. Alright.

And then from there, what I say is in another three months, when this thing is zooming and just going nuts. We'll sit again, and we'll have a talk on making it more permanent. And then we'll discuss the what the final fee is going to be.

Look at those results. I got this conversation coming on Friday. Don't talk about going in there and saying, Oh, you need me to do to do for you. But I don't need you to do to do I do.

This Stuff Works
That's POFU, man. And that's where you guys got to get desperate. You got to work on me. I'm I saw that. I said, Oh, this guy. He's a he's in trouble. Because he know, he knows. I'm already charging them well, but he knows it. It's gonna be quite more

outstanding. I got nothing to add to that. That's a good way to do it. Marco because it's nice walking in with that, right? Yeah, man. It's like so this is these are the numbers that Google are giving us. I take them through through search console and take them through analytics. And we have goals set and analytics on what I've explained this before, on what the value of the money pages are, what the customer value is and what the final checkout value is. So I have all that I know everything that's going on on that website, but you can't say shit. Except, yeah, man we made we made that much. And yeah, you should be getting that. He should say I should be getting half of it. But I mean, negotiating that yet.

Outstanding. Outstanding. All right, Chris. How about you, man? How you doing today?

Yeah, things are exciting. Like, I don't know, like, I'm working on a couple things for Semantic Mastery here. So yeah, like, knows, knows. But like, stay tuned. There's some really good stuff coming. So you can help out other than that.

Snow took this morning. I'm quite happy about that. So I hope like, I don't know, like towards the end of January. I can still hit the slopes for like a week or so before the kids are back out of school. But yeah, like, other than that pretty good things here. All right. Last but not least, Bradley, how you doing today? Good, man. Happy New Year to you all. I see that they get Jim. So somebody on the page said fuck 2020 dubs. So yeah, I second that sentiment.

But yeah, I'm happy to be here. Although, apparently, there's a bunch of unrest going on in Washington DC, which is kind of like, you know, my backyard. So who knows at 2021 is kind of getting off to a rocky start as well. But who knows, man? All we can do is make the best out of it, right? Yep. Yep. We got a few things that cover to before we go in. Marco. I'll come back to you. I definitely want to touch base on charity webinars. But real quick, just want to say if you're watching us for the first time, first of all, welcome to 2020 Welcome to Hump Day, or 2021. Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts. And for everyone watching, you know, just say hi, I know we got more people watching the comment, that's normal. Just say hi, even if you just want to say hello, or let us know you're here. If you're new to Semantic Mastery, or you're new to MGYB, you're not sure what these things are, when we talk about things like the SEO shield, then head over to seoshield.com. I find that shield your site, don't worry about algorithm updates again, and it's free training. So head over there. It's the SEO shield, the word the SEOshield.com. And secondly, we also hear a lot from agency owners or just consultants, right? Who want to grow your revenue, you want to scale your team and get more and better clients. We have got a ton of training that primarily Bradley and a blueprint on put together some of this in double your agency and you can find that at 2xyouragency.com.

And if you're ready to really grow your digital marketing business, whether you're the owner of a business and you're taking you've taken on the digital marketing side, whether you're again, a consultant, whether you're an agency owner, then the mastermind is the place for you to be find out more about that at mastermind dot semantic mastery.com. And I just mentioned that at the beginning, but I do want to touch base, again, done for you services, it's the stuff we use ourselves, you can find all of it at mgyb.co. That's a syndication networks, the SEO shield link building press releases all that stuff, and much, much more. Now, like I said, at the beginning, we're going to talk to Marco real quick, if you haven't heard yet, or you haven't been in Hump Day Hangouts, I want to put it in your head a little bit about what's going on with charity webinars, how you can get access to them. And a little bit more details about, you know, how you're helping and who you're helping by attending these webinars.

Well, who you're helping is just people who have nothing, said this before, I'll say it again, poverty in Costa Rica is not like poverty in the US poverty in the US, you see people going up and picking up the food bags, in their cars. These people have no fucking cars. Most of them don't even have a fucking driver's license, man. They never they can never ever hope to own a car, let alone pick, go pick up the help in a car. I mean, I I saw that I said, oh my god that's like, being down and out in the US that that that's, you know, needing help. In the US here needing help. It's like, you have absolutely nothing. I've said this. Again, I've said this before, when I grew up, we literally had nothing. And on some nights, my mom would just drink a glass of warm water and go light light stomach down on the bed, so you don't feel hungry.

That's the poverty that we're talking about. And that's people right now starving, who have nothing getting to wash their hands. They have no so no running water, no heat, no electricity.

And so that's what we're talking about. These are the people that we're looking to help we help the children. And we help the families we do provide some assistance to the families, especially food so they can feed the children. We take them from school, from grade school, all the way through technical training, so that they can get one of the jobs that they have that they've made available that the companies here have made available. We also provide scholarships for children who show the inclination to attend the University. We just have one who got her master's degree in, in preschool education, I believe it is. I can't remember but she just got her master's degree. And now she has a job at the university. We got, of course, Fernando, the guy in the YouTube channel, who is who is a start up again, this his story he started out with with 10 of his friends coming in and out of the charity, and all but Fernando are dead.

This Stuff Works

Due to drugs due to getting shot kills, or just whatever, it doesn't matter. That's what we're talking about. So what I do with the charity webinars is I simply give away the farm, basically, because you guys are kind enough to donate. I just tell you what's working. I I'm right now I'm showing an image in the hump day Hangout, but we're actually going to talk about what it is it's working, that's producing those results. It's not just happenstance, is that just shit that we come up with? That we say, oh, let's see if this sticks. And we don't we throw it up against the wall. Maybe it could might work? No, we know what's working. And we know what will be working. And I'm going to have people come in and tell people what it is that's working, and why and how it is that now it's it's two things. It's the way that you do content, and the way that you do code for the bot that's bringing it all together. And so that we're going to explain this to people in detail, so that you can go and take on 2021 and be like supremely confident that you can go into any niche and literally rule any niche. Now I'm not saying you're going to take on Amazon. We had that question. No, that's a that's a trillion dollar company. I think it was a million dollar investment that well, millions to start with. It wasn't just it wasn't bootstrap. Okay. Google wasn't bootstrap. YouTube was a bootstrap. Yes, there are some bootstrap companies which grew to that point. But it's the exception rather than the rule. And so look at look at that. But if you want to go into a niche, and take a chunk out of it, if you want to go into a category, let's say in Amazon, and take a chunk out of that, it's there for the taking. So with that, I have posted the page to the donation, what you do is you donate, then you send an email, and I'll post the email, send an email to that Gmail, and my VA will notify you when or how to sign up for the webinars and when they start

standing. Alright, yeah, if you haven't yet, I highly suggest doing that. You know, like Marco says, you know, your heart determines, you know, if you could, if you're gonna do this, your wallet determines how much you know, it's any amount anything helps. So, if you can, it's definitely appreciated, you know, by us, but you know, we're not the benefactors. You know, there's a lot of people out there who need the help. And, you know, I think all of us have been helped at some point in our life, or at least that's how I look at it. I know, there's been people who have helped me in different ways. And you know, being able to do something like this is truly remarkable. So with that said, Guys, anything else we need to cover before we dive into it? Alright.

So grab the screen.

Guys, you see my screen? Correct? Correct? Yes. Okay.

How Do You Use Microworking Sites Like Mturk To Help Scale Up SEO Efforts?

So it looks like Troy is up first. He says, Is there anything we can do with micro working sites like mturk, or Mechanical Turk? To help scale up SEO efforts? I saw a video on another channel where they used micro workers to boost CTR, but from what Bradley says this is not a good practice anymore. Wondering if there is some other stuff we can do instead? Happy New Year. Yeah. This question we we've gotten this question often Troy So, you know, there, we used to talk about CTR, or CT bots, or CT spam bots, which click through spam.

That used to work really well used to use crowd search.me, which was a product by Dan Anton, it worked like gangbusters for quite some time, that methodology works. But Google's algorithm has gotten so much better because of it tracking profiles and users and building like profile histories. for users, that it's so easy to discount, it's so easy for the algorithm to just automatically recognize spam traffic. Right? Does that make sense? So in other words, if the way that it would work was in the past, and micro task workers worked well, for this, this is, you know, before the algorithm has gotten advanced, as it has now, as it is now I mean, and what would happen was, we would and I learned this, by the way from Ivan budimir, all the way back in like, I think 2011.

I don't remember what he called it, but I coined the term CT, spam, click through spam. And he talked about hiring microtasks workers, either from microtasks workers or from Mechanical Turk. And there was, there was a several other sites that you could do it. And what we would do is go out and set, you know, set up a gig, a microtasks gig that would state, go search Google for whatever keyword, then locate this URL, right click through, and then copy, because you would always provide like an answer box that they would. So it would be like copy the 23rd word and the fourth paragraph, or something like that. And that would be the answer that they would have to paste in. Because what it would do is would force them to do a Google search for a keyword, right? Or it could be a brand search, but at the time, we were doing mainly keyword searches, then they would click through once they found the URL, they click through to it. So that's a good signal. And then they would have to spend some time on that page to locate that word that we would tell them that, you know, would be the answer to the question, right? That that they would have to solve in order for it to be a chargeable or a billable micro task, right? so that they could get paid. And that would cause dwell time on the page because they'd have to locate that particular word. And it would take some time, usually, there'd be some scrolling involved. And it would just be dwell time on page. You could set up multi steps, like you know, once you copy and paste that word and click through to the contact page or something like that. So you'd get like another page view out of it. There's different things that you could do. And it worked really, really well. But the hard thing about it was it was it was hard to regulate when you're using micro task workers.

How much volume you would get, you could continually lowering the lowering the cost per task completed to where like, not very many people would take that task. But, uh, yeah, and you could also change your budget and stuff like that, but it's kind of a bitch to manage it was worked incredibly well. And we're talking about like, way back in 2011 2012. I mean, within a matter of two to three days, you could see a significant jump, and search positioning just from that alone. Then, people started automating that Dan Anton was one of the first that I'm aware of, he had a really great product crowd search.me that I mean, it just kicked ass like crazy. It worked for about the first year and a half, and then it slowly started stopped working, like started to be less and less effective. And, you know, my understanding is that Google's algorithms started to catch up to that, right. So a few different things proxies, the bots that they would use to create or perform the search and click throughs.

This Stuff Works
Were going through commercial proxies. And because of that, commercial proxy traffic was oftentimes just discounted. It's not that it would hurt anything, it just wasn't really counted. And then since that time, so I really stopped using it. But since that time, I know the algorithm has gotten way, way better, because, for example, I do a ton of YouTube advertising, or Google advertising, right, I do a lot of Google ads. And there is intent based marketing, there's audience and intent based marketing groups, right. So that you can that you can purchase traffic from audiences that Google has already determined, are in market for particular products or services, or they've been there, they're having certain are experiencing certain life events, and all that kind of stuff. So it's intent based audiences. And so you know, and just two or three years ago, there wasn't near that the the targeting options within Google ads as there are now and so what I'm what I'm trying to get at is that Google can understand from the visitor to a page, right and through because so many things are connected to Google, that Google can understand the history of the search history, kind of like the profile of what that Google user is into, right? There's affinity audiences, where those are like affinities are like things that people have a long term interest in. There's in market type audiences, which are people that are in the last 30 days have suddenly expressed an interest in a product or service, based upon their search history, the content that they engage with all of that kind of stuff. So that's how Google determines that they're likely in market for something life events, again, somebody getting married, or moving or getting a promotion or retiring. Like, oftentimes, Google can identify them because of their search history and the communications they have within Gmail, and all of these things that Google uses to develop a profile an avatar for that, that that user, that, then it can determine what its behaviors and interests are right. And so if you're just buying click throughs, from spam bots, or from micro task workers that express no interest whatsoever in whatever you're buying traffic to, they have no history of that or anything else, then how much weight does Google give that click through? Very little, if any, does that make sense. And it's because Google can recognize when it's a kind of a forced or a spam type, click through because of the the lack of history or geographical relationship, you know, again, everything I do is local, I don't do any sort of affiliate stuff anymore at all. So I think spam traffic might work better on kind of a more national or global type scale, where it's not locally based stuff, but especially with local projects, buying click throughs from spam bots, or from micro task workers that could be anywhere in the world.

It really is not providing any sort of benefit, because it's very, it's a non relevant traffic signal, if that makes sense. So what is the solution? That's really what you want to know, right? I just kind of want to give a little bit history. We talked about this often, because this question comes up often, but I always feel like this is a good question for people to ask to start to understand how much more advanced Google has been has got, has become. And so if you want click through from relevant audiences, is absolutely beneficial to SEO, right? Because it's again, it's what Marco always talks about art activity, relevance, trust and authority, but its activity. But now it's from a relevant audience. And it's from a trusted Google user if you're buying traffic directly from Google. So that's my answer to you is use Google ads.

You can use YouTube ads, which are very inexpensive. If you get your audience targeting right with YouTube ads. You can get very inexpensive clicks. What

So it's not just about the views, I used to always use YouTube ads about views. But now I'm actually optimizing for clicks and ultimately conversions. And if you get your audience targeting, right, you can get very, very inexpensive clicks, like roughly $1.50 per click from YouTube, that's highly relevant traffic, because it's coming from a relevant audience, you can set geographical targeting, so that only you're getting clicks from IPS within a certain geographic region, they're from audiences that have you know, again, are either in market or have an affinity or life events, or you can even create what's called custom audiences. All of those the Google on like a sending traffic, they're only exposing your ad to people that are likely going to click it because of the audience targeting that you selected within a specific geographic area if it's for local. And then when that click does occur, it's highly weighted, and there's chance, a chance that that visitor from the click through is going to convert, because you're buying traffic from a relevant audience. And so I just mentioned YouTube, but Google Display Network, Display Network ads are same thing, you can buy clicks directly from the display network using the same audience targeting that you can for YouTube. So we're talking about like, typically, for cold traffic campaigns from the Google Display Network. So display ads, you know, I usually get clicks for anywhere between 60 to 60 cents to like, $1.15. So somewhere in that range, probably on average, around 85 cents per click. So it's inexpensive, and it's super effective, because you're buying traffic from a relevant audience that is, that has it stands a good chance of actually converting whatever your conversion goal is, opt in form, product sale, you know, whatever estimate request, whatever it may be phone call, you can set up all those conversion actions, and then that conversion action is an additional huge SEO signal that micro task workers aren't going to do, but you're not going to get a micro task worker to submit a opt in form. And if you do, that's a, that's an invalid lead for you anyways, right? You're not going to get a micro task worker to call the phone number with a conversion action type, you know, a tag essentially a conversion goal set to dialing that phone number, because it would be an invalid lead for the business. Does that make sense. But real traffic from real people that are that are potentially interested in the product or service, it's likely that they are going to convert, and it's going to be a true lead or a true sale or a true whatever it is that you're optimizing for. So again, I just want to reiterate guys use Google ads, YouTube ads, Google Display Network, you can accomplish exactly what you want to do with a click through spam bot or a micro task workers. But you'll get much, much better results from irrelevant audience that has a much better chance of converting, which is what you ultimately want. Anyways, Marco, you want to comment on that?

Yeah, just just one thing, if you use micro test work is like they can be a good jumpstart, but then never gonna convert, as you said. So what what happens is it becomes an expense, it's a cost to you, rather than you being able to profit from whatever it is that they're going to do, it is a good way to jumpstart like to get the bot to come in to look, look at the dwell time, look at look at all the other things, and to send you more traffic. Now here's the problem. If you haven't properly optimized for that traffic that you will get, then then you got big issues, because then you'll be sending Google negative signals. Right. Whereas if you if Google starts sending you traffic to figure out what this is all about the signals are different. You'll have traffic from Mechanical Turk, that set a pattern. And the pattern it might be different than the pattern that's established by the traffic that you get from real people. Of course, they're probably different because you're directing the the micro tests working on what it is that they have to do on your website, and how long they need to spend watching your video and how and all of these instructions, where a real person is never going to set to follow a set of instructions to the letter because you as a human being have no instruction, you have life. And I've said that before you have life happening. You're watching a video, and you got to click off. I gotta turn this off because I gotta go, my baby fell, I gotta go take care. I come back two hours later, I might finish watching the video, I might just close it.

And people real people act differently. And you can't account for that. No matter how good the analytics getting YouTube, you cannot account for these people just having different behaviors. Now, another thing that you have to account for is where are these people coming from? Are they come in from the same block of IPS?

The IPS, but there are so many things where, as you said, you can just pay Google you can pay you to And not only that, you can go to

This Stuff Works
You can go to Facebook, you can Instagram, you can go to Twitter, you can go to what do you call it, Pinterest, all of these different places and for a couple of 100 bucks a month, you're going to get real people. And you will recover that money so that it's not, even if it's a wash, the signals that you're telling Google are way better than anything that any microtasks worker can give you. Because that micro testwork, as you said, is never going to convert. So you're never going to recover the money that you're paying for that micro task worker unless you trigger that traffic. And then it's traffic where you've already set up your website to convert the way that it's supposed to.

Is It Possible To Embed YouTube Videos Into A GMB Post?

Alright, so the next one says Happy 2021 Sam. Thank you, he says, got a question about local GMB. Is it possible to embed YouTube videos in a GMB post I tried but only found an option to upload a video. And it would be nice to just embed a video though thanks No, not that I'm aware of. If you put the URL in the post, it will be a hyperlink but it will not turn into an embed. And you can't put code into a GMB post so you can't really embed an I've put an iframe in it. So as far as I know, all you can do is upload however, uploading videos as opposed to just normal text posts or you know, image plus text posts. For GMB. You'll see that similar to Facebook, when you just do an image post. If you do a video post, it gets more views. Facebook shows it to more people are gets exposed to more people essentially. Or if you do a live stream in Facebook, it gets shown to even more people than a video would. Does that make sense? And so with I've noticed with GM B's when you upload a video, it tends to get a lot more views than just an image-based GMB posts. So if you've got videos there, in my opinion, why not upload the video file? It takes a little while to render and all that kind of stuff. But I think videos is a good strategy for GMB posts just to kind of add some variety. Any comments on that?
Yeah, no, you cannot embed videos in in a GMB posts. You have to upload them natively into the GMB. It helps. It helps because it's it stays that people most people won't do. Yeah, put that call to action in that video link. Make sure because it's not YouTube. So make sure that people know exactly what it is that you want them to do what it is that you're looking to, for them to do. And nice thumbnail in the beginning. Nice. Nice. Nice CTA in the beginning, nice CTA in the end towards the middle, and something flashing on the screen so that you're reminding people of what it is that you're wanting them to do. Don't make it too long, because people aren't there on their mobile phones and they're not going to stand or sit there all that long to watch through that video. But yeah, it's a really good way to drive traffic into your GMB. I don't do it that much. But when I when I do use them, it works really well. I'm driving traffic to my GMB strictly through the way that that I do the the posts through the way that I do the images and through the through the way that I do the press releases that link to all of that and the way that dedhia hits it on and just hammers the crap out of

How Do You Use Firebase In Backlinking?

the next question is about the Google shortener that has been deprecated. Since Google stopped the goo.gl shortening service. It's got too many O's in there, but that's okay. It mentioned something called Firebase Can this be used for similar backlinking? What would be the easiest way to get started? Thank you, Marco. I'm gonna let you take that one. Because I never did anything in Firebase, but I know you did. Yeah, I mean, just follow your structures. It's all there on how to set it up. I mean, we can't go through it here. either use Firebase or use the MGYB shortener lot of power in MGYB. It's a good point. So go to mgyb.co/s. And that's the MGYB.co shortener, you can do it with a free account. Or you can have a paid account that gives you additional functionality and all that other kind of stuff. But yeah, it's the MGYB.co slash s. And that's our shortener, which we've been building power into now for few years, a couple years, at least two and a half years, something like that. And it's pretty incredible how powerful those short URLs can be. So yeah, or you can try to set up Firebase on your own. I've never done anything with it, though. So so on on the shortener on MGYB. If you have a paid account, what you're able to do is you're able to flip out the destination. So talking about being imperfect and total control of everything, when you shorten everything through MGYB. And you get this crappy client who then after you're getting him or her fantastic results refuses to pay. If you've done things the way that we teach you with which is absolutely use the MGB shortener to power everything up because of the power that's built into MGYB. And then the power that's built into the drive stacks and G sites, when you're controlling all that

And you turn it off, and you can flip out the destination. So yeah, so that that power can go elsewhere. I mean, there's other things that you can do, you can tag it with geo tagging, this all sorts of things that you can do with it with the paid account that you cannot do with the free account. And but one of the main things is having that ability to control it.

And to change the destination of that 301.

There you go.

How To Leverage A Brand Name To Increase Rankings For Service And Branded Search Results?

So next question was,

I have a competitor who has a very generic business name that contains some keywords in it, who is ranking above me? What are some ways to leverage the brand name to increase rankings for service and branded search results? So you're asking, I'm not sure I follow the question. Maybe he's asking what are some ways to leverage his own brand name? Or are you talking about leveraging your competitors brand name, which is generic? I'm assuming you're talking about your projects brand name?

This Stuff Works

That's a good question, Marco. I mean, just what we talked about with the SEO shield and powering up the entity and eventually and then local GMB Pro, especially if we're talking about the Well, I don't know, he's not talking about the maps back but RYS. So essentially, the SEO shield and then what we talked about for powering up the entity, which is all included to everything that we do is about an intensity based CTO. And eventually you should I mean, it doesn't even have to be eventually if you're pretty aggressive about it, you ought to be able to overcome that relatively quickly as as you build authority to your brand. Because Google is absolutely in favor of brands over generic websites and keyboard based stuff now. So Marco, what do you say it's what we teach, right? You create a brand, a brand that's marketable, a brand that's identified that's identifiable, a brand.

I talked to my direwolf group on on the mini mastermind group on Tuesday night. And I always tell them, I can't remember which which tribe it was, which Native American tribe. But they wanted a remembered fight so that if they were going to go to war with somebody else, they wanted it to be something that was going to be spoken of, like, through the generations when they're telling the story. They wanted that fight to be told. And this is what I have in my mind, when I'm looking at a brand new one, I'm looking to brand something is make it memorable, remembered brand. So that when you create the brand plus keyword association, the idea then is to relate all of those keywords to that brand because that's how Google became a verb. That's how Xerox to Xerox something became a verb, a zipper became a noun, and a verb to zip. And so when you're doing these things and when you're creating the brand plus keyword relationship, which is what we teach, and then you branch off into creating all of the keyword relevance into the categories, you continue the siloing. That's when you're going to outrank the person who has pigeon holed himself under this generic business with either an exact match, or partial match, or by including the location in the brand. But you do definitely pigeon holed when you're doing that. You want to keep it so broad, that you can branch out to anything you want. Amazon started, the story of Amazon is so fantastic when we're discussing this. Because Amazon started out as a bookstore, it was supposed to be an online bookstore. You have to remember the story of Jeff Bezo's losing millions of dollars every year, until Amazon became what it became. Why was he able to branch out into all of these different things or now, it's like you used to go to the corner store to look for something, or to the clothing store. Or you go to Amazon, and you look for anything you want. How was he able to do that he called the fucker Amazon.

They call it Google. They call it Yahoo. April, we all know what a Yahoo is, right? But you call that a foolish person. Let's just leave it at that. But all of these memorable remembered brands and and other brands that that simply just go by the wayside, because they're not memorable. So when you're looking to do this is exactly what we teach and RYS Academy Reloaded. And what we've been teaching forever. I've been here for at least well over five years before all of this entity thing started on the web, but when it became a big deal, we were already teaching it brand plus keyword relationships. If you are Local, then you go brand plus location plus keyword, not necessarily in that order. But you get the idea of what it is that you have to do. And then you start pushing power, you start categorizing, you start extending your drive stack and you start creating the extensions to mirror your mind money said, there's so many things that you can do when you're doing this, because you're not pigeon holed into that specific name. You can just make it anything you want. It's remembered.

That's right. Our name is Semantic Mastery. And it has been since we formed our Corporation in 2013, I guess it was. And so we were a bit ahead of the curve on that. We saw it coming way back then the Semantic Web and so we even optimized our own name for that for a few years there the first few years that Semantic Mastery was a corporation, I thought that we might have misjudged because it was a lot slower to roll out the Semantic Web, or for Google to adopt the Semantic Web than what we initially thought. But here we are in the in the thick of things now. So I think it was a good call on our part.

Is It A Good Monetization Strategy To Park Domain And How Does It Help From An SEO Standpoint?

All right. Next question is looking at branching out from a client project from client projects? And try my hand at lead gen and ecom? But I have but have a surplus of domains from over the years based on your experiences, parking domains, a good monetization strategy? I don't know. I've never parked domains. So I can't answer that.

The only thing I've ever done with domains that I'm not using or that I didn't know, that had just been in my account, which I've got dozens and dozens and dozens of them now is I will use them as you know, kind of like PBN, style sites. I don't build PBNs anymore. But every now and then I will use something for kind of a buffer site for really more testing purposes than anything. And I've also, the first money I ever made online was from flipping domains. But you know, I only did that a handful of times before I realized that I could make a lot more money by developing the domain first before flipping it, right. So or developing it and then renting it, which is what how I got started in rank and rent, when I first started in lead gen, and all that kind of stuff. So I don't know about parking domains. I can't imagine it's a very lucrative strategy of any kind. But does anybody here have any comments on that?

parking domains?

Sorry about that I was muted, man. It's not something I do. It's not something that that I can give him much guidance on. Although, if you have a very old domain, the domain age could help.

It'll have more to do with with like, what you've been doing maybe with that park domain? Is it just does it have that like that generic page from the host? That it is a parked domain? Or have you? Does it have some use that. It doesn't have any history? That's why if you're going to do that you better off buying an expired domain with a good backlink profile, that's going to hit your power immediately. Because that that park domain, if you're not giving it any power, it's really nothing there other than the history of it being parked forever, and doing nothing.

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Yeah, and so when I mentioned some of the times that I've used domains for kind of like feeder type sites, not necessarily PB ends, not in the traditional sense, but there's another question further down I saw earlier it was talking about so hopefully we'll get to that was asking about using, like WP robot or something for auto blogging. And that's where I have, and still to this day will build sites occasionally as like feeder type sites that are I guess, somewhat kind of like PBN sites, but they're auto blog sites that are populated with content from other sources from various sources, which is what we teach, like, for example, with syndication Academy, or multi tiered syndication networks, we always talk about if you're going to be using a multi tiered syndication network for blog syndication, right to promote your money site, blog posts. Then on the second tier syndication networks, we talked about adding in additional content, relevant content source content RSS feeds, because then you can auto populate those syndication network sites, just like you could a domain, right a domain that you're not using, you could set up auto, like essentially auto blog type sites that have relevant content all about a particular topic or within a particular topical theme. And then you can auto syndicate your own content to that, so long as it's mixed and buried in depth, but again, you still got to remember guys, you have to know how to hide your footprint when you're doing that, because that's unlinking scheme. And Google's algorithm is very, very good at being able to pick up on that now. It's, it's crazy, that's why I just don't really bother with that kind of stuff anymore, because we found you know, how to do it with Google's own properties with our SEO shield method. So it's a good question. But typically, like I said, You know, I do some auto blogging stuff still to this day, and we're doing some testing now, for a product that we're gonna be talking a lot more about. In the coming months, I actually just had a call with a developer today about that. So that's coming soon, we're going to be talking more about some really industrial strength auto blogging platform. But other than that, I would just, I would focus on something that's going to produce better money for you now.

Have You Created And Ranked Local Listings With No Physical Location?

Next question, has anyone had any luck with creating local listings with no physical location and getting into the three pack for your targeted keywords? I don't know down to the image, dude, scroll down to the image. Is that a, is that a no physical location? Yeah. Okay. I don't know how you guys do that. Then? Because I don't have any GMB is that don't have a physical location, except for maybe some that I purchased as spammed verified GMB listings. But all the other ones that I've ever done have all had a physical location. So I'm not sure how you do that. So I can't answer that question. Well, I think he's talking about having a service area, rather than an actual brick and mortar.

Right, because we do we do the peel box with street address method.

Yeah, but right. I think that's a service area, it really has no physical location. Well, yeah, it does. Because in order to verify the listing to well to, in order to request verification, you have to have a published or a physical location for them to send the postcard to So what exactly is a physical location or postcard? Because you can get the phone call method where they call right away, you can verify it that way. I understand. I haven't seen that in two years, but and that may, it may still be available. I just haven't seen that the phone verification. But in any case, what I'm saying is if you go to set up a GMB, they're going to ask you for a physical location, period, end of story. The only way that I know of that, and again, I don't do GMB verifications except through the postcard method. So there may be some spammers out there that know how to do it. I'm sure there are I just don't do it that way. But I know that in the past, you used to be able to find published but unverified GMB listings and force a phone verification that way, but what I'm saying is for setting up a new GMB, when you go through that process, it requires a physical address in order for you to even ask for verification method. So I don't know how you do it without a physical location, even if it's only to collect the postcard up front. That's what I'm saying. All right. So maybe maybe I misunderstood the question. I took that as being that it's a service area, rather than a physical store where people and I may be missing interpreting Marco, you may be right in assuming what you assumed. And if that's the case, absolutely. Can you rank in the three pack? That's what I mean all. I've only had in my entire career, probably maybe six or eight clients that actually had a physical location, a storefront. Wow. And then I had a preschool client, he had multiple locations, but outside of that every other client I've ever had has been a contractor, which is a service area business. So we would, you know, there's a physical location, but we hide the physical location from the listing. So it's an unpublished physical location. And it's a service area business and I've been very successful at ranking in the three pack over the years. So a service area business can absolutely rank in the three pack. I don't know about a GMB without a physical address tied to it because I don't know how you do that. I'm sure it can be done. I just don't know how to do it. So

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Do You Still Use GMB Briefcase?

anyways, Braga, blasters up he says do you guys still use GMB briefcase? Can you tell me a little me a little about that product? Okay, so yes, my team still uses GMB briefcase. Although I have to be honest, I just signed up last week for local Viking, which is the local client takeover version of what we have used as the GMB and it's only because I've heard a lot of good things about local Viking. And so I just contacted my bloggers. As a matter of fact on Monday of this week to let them know that I'm going to be moving all of our GMB locations into local Viking. The reason I say that is because there is a ton of really cool features and local Viking that GMB briefcase just doesn't have yet. Not only that, but the the kind of like the training and everything is better through local Viking and you know, I hate to say that because shripad, the developer for GMB briefcase. You know, we worked with him a few years ago, when he was kind of first launching that product but local Viking has obviously been developed better, faster. It's got more features, more functionality. One of the main things that I wanted out of local Viking, which again, we haven't started integrating it into my processes just yet but that's coming from from my agency. So I will have bet more to add to this local Viking discussion in probably a month. But it provides an RSS output feed for the GMB and I know supposedly, the GMB briefcase does too, but I've never been able to get that to work. And something that I'm working on right now is using the GMB as my primary syndication source for clients because of some other project which i'll reveal in a month in a few months. But my point is I'm trying on test starting to test with local Viking now and it seems to be a lot better for what I need than what the GMB briefcase was. But to answer your question, I'm my my bloggers are all still using GMB briefcase to this day. But I think that's, that's going to be going it's gonna we're going to be switching over to local Viking here within within within a month probably. So, any comments on that? No, I don't use a GMB briefcase. I still have people going in as managers.

Is It Possible To Do Paid Ads For Spam GMB Listings?

Let's see. The next question was from maka, blaster as well. He says, Is it possible to do paid ads for spam GMB listings? Of course you can. You can you can do paid ads. Well, Google ads, you can I don't know about other platforms. But you can send Google Ads traffic to any Google property. Any Google property period, end of story.

Even if even if it's spam, that's verified. Yep. If it's published, yep. If it's published, you can do it.

Should You Create Separate Drive Stacks For Each Brand Within The Same Company Or Not?

So All right, next question. If you have a large company that operates multiple brands, would you have a single drive stack for all of them to store press releases PDFs, etc? And then make separate g sites? Or would it be better to have entirely separate stacks? The brands are all in similar niches. Now, that's that's a tricky question. In my opinion, maybe Marco will have some more insight on this. But in my opinion, you know, if you can create ambiguity, by trying to promote multiple brands under one brand, remember, we talked about branding and the entity and each each brand should be its own entity. And at least the way I understand it, they could be sister companies or parent and child companies. So you know, that kind of stuff. So there can be an umbrella company, and then child companies underneath that. And all of that, but I would treat at least unless and and again, obviously this question could be missing some context, right? Like I could be missing some context around what this question is, but I would treat every brand as its own entity, even if it has a parent organization. That's just how I would do it. Marco, what would you do?

If they're all branded differently? Even if there's similar niches, I don't know why you'd want to create all that confusion.

It could, it can get really complicated for the bot, to try to understand what the relationship is between all of these. And if there's similar niches, you might end up competing, one against the other. I mean, that might be okay, if you're looking to take over, like multiple spots in SERPs. That might be okay. I'm here without without more context, it's really difficult to suppose what Google might could do. Right? I would just say, separate them. But then the one main entity, you can still create the parent child relationships under that one big entity, even if you're branding out all of the others. So I would still have a separate design and dry stack for all of the different brands, but that parent could incorporate Sure. All of those into all of these different part of the whatever family of websites, part of the whatever family of plumbers, the way that we've done it before, right? When you have a brand for when you rank for plumbing in GMB correct. And then you have to change the brand. Well, you teach the people who answer the phone, how to answer the phone correctly so that there's no ambiguity. When the person is calling you say, wait a minute, I was calling it XYZ plumber. Why is ABC answering? Well, you take care of that. When that person reaches the person who's talking to you let them know who it is that they're talking to right from the start.

Yeah, like ABC dot XYZ, right? alphabet is the parent company for Google. But Google is its own brand, right? And YouTube is its own brand. And so my point is that they're, they're all they're all connected through the parent alphabet company, but they're, you know, they're all their own brands, and they're all integrated together in some form or fashion, but they are all very strong brands on their own. Right. So even the business, the GMB right? You get a business site on on a separate domain. Although it's Google's, it's it's separate. And they've done they've done a really good job of separating all of these brands. Although we all know that YouTube belongs to Google. And we know whatever else belongs to Google. Same thing with Facebook and Instagram and WhatsApp, and all of these different things that Facebook owns. Yeah.

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Do You Need To Have Different Contact Number To Each Spam GMB Listing?

So the next question, it says, For the feature that GMB has, where the customer can text you, can you put the same number in different spam GMB listings? Or does the number have to be different than all of them? And if so, is there a way around this? You know, I don't know. That's a good question. I haven't used that a lot for clients. I've set it up for clients, but that goes directly to them. I've got a ton of lead gen assets that I have not,

you know, set up the messaging systems for although I know and I think GMB briefcase can do that. I'm pretty sure local Viking can do that. And so that's again, I'll be learning more about that as I start transferring all of my projects into local biking. And I'll probably start messing with that, because that's becoming more and more common. I know because several of my clients now are getting leads from their SMS. You know, the messaging feature from right within the SERPs, right? So for on a mobile search, you know, you can message right from, from the mobile SERP to the through the GMB to the contractor. Again, it's all contractors that I'm dealing with. And I'm seeing that becoming more and more of a trend more and more leads are starting to come through the SMS function or the text messaging function of GMB for my clients that have enabled that. So it's something that I am looking to start doing. I just haven't started testing with it yet. So I can't answer the question. Maybe Marco can, I would assume having the same phone number across multiple standard GMB listings, if it's even if it will even allow you to do that I can imagine that would create a footprint that I would be wary of, especially when you can get phone numbers from Twilio, for example, for so cheap. I don't know why that I would really want to create that footprint, but I can't give you a solid answer on there. How about you Marco, I would not create that footprint at all, I would just go get different numbers you can get them.

They can all now they can all bring through with caller IDs to one number, right. So you can channel all of those, which would be a better way of keeping it separate. So you don't establish that one phone number footprint in all of the spam especially the spam GMB that you cannot recover once they get suspended. It's really hard to recover a spam GMB man, a great

100% agree and you know, again, $1 a month per phone number, an SMS you know, if you're getting charged per SMS text, it's very, very inexpensive opinion it's worth the dollar per month per phone number. They can all forward it to the same phone number, but that way you're eliminating any potential footprint. So I totally agree with what Marco has set up caller ID so that you don't get anything confused. Yeah.

Okay, let's see. And guys, again, I'm working on something really, really big and we'll talk about it and probably it's going to be several weeks before I'm ready to really reveal it but um, I've got a platform that I'm using that is working incredibly well to make it super easy to get phone numbers. And it's it's it's just crazy some of the stuff that can be done. So that's coming that's coming in a couple months.

Is It Still Viable To Use RSS Plugins Like WP Robot When Setting Up Autoblogs?

All right next is Jerry says how do you all when it comes to setting up auto blogs? This is the question I was talking about earlier and we're almost out of time when it comes to setting up auto blogs. Is it still viable to use RSS plugins like WP robot to automatically grab content from feeds and provide citations to the source? If not, how would you recommend approaching this as a as a way to generate traffic automatically. Okay, I don't know about WP robot. I haven't used any plugins to do that kind of stuff and yours.

Because I'd always used IFTTT and then just create my own spliced feeds or have multiple triggers. So so essentially multiple applets to feed a WordPress blog with different RSS feeds. As I was talking about earlier, Damon Nelson came out with RSS masher. And he's it's just been recently rebranded as to RSS master technology or whatever. And I know that that works really, really well. You can create some beautiful auto blogs with that. I know there's a ton of a learning curve to that, though.

What something else that and again, I was just talking to Jeremy, the developer today of the condis app. I had a call with him earlier this morning. And he that's what I was talking about where there's this industrial strength product that he's been developing now for months. That is, you know, it looks super promising. I can't wait to start testing with it because I've seen some of the results that he's been able to achieve with it. And so we've got a beta group going right now.

This Stuff Works
No, Adam, I don't know if you're still listening. But if you had that opt in page for the condis program, if you want to drop the link, you guys can get on a waiting list when the beta is done, we're gonna open it up to some more. So again, I would use something like RSS masher or the product that we're going to be talking about when it's ready called condis. In the coming months, yeah, I'll put that on the page in a sec. Okay.

Uh, but yeah, Marco, do you have any comments on that one? No, no, I'm waiting on Candace also. I mean, I've been in there playing with it.

Yeah, in the meantime, RSS masters is available. And that, again, that that can do exactly what your what you need. I can't speak on WP robot or anything, because I just haven't used anything like that, and probably five years at least. So.

What Is The Perfect Time To Order The SEO Shield?

Alright, ah, Lang? lanner. I'm not sure if I'm pronouncing that right. I think we chatted in Facebook, just in the last 24 hours or so anyways, he says I got my keyword research which exceeded my expectations. fantastic work. Thank you for that. He says, M and M now building my website. My question is this when I do order the SEO shield? Do I order after I have built the website and added my three categories in supporting category pages, etc? Or can I order while building the website? What will be the next product order afterwards? RYS link building, etc. Okay, here's how I'm going to answer that.

I talked about this last week, if you go back and watch last week's previous Hump Day Hangout, or look at the most recently uploaded videos on our channel, you'll see it's been separated out as its own video clip now, where it talks about, if you have multiple locations, do you order another RYS stack for each location? Or how do you handle that? in that question, I think is like an eight or, you know, eight or 10 minute answer.

I talked about this. So you can go back and review that too, because we're almost out of time. But what I do now, is I don't even create keyword plus or brand plus keyword Association on the top level stack right on the SEO shield order the SEO power shield order, what I'm doing now is just ordering a branded stat period, right, I still give them my top level keywords and all that. But I specifically state in the order that I just want the top level stack and the G site branded. That's it, right and so, and yet again, I tell them the niche, I give them the keywords, so they'll go out and populate all that with relevant content based around the keywords that I provide. But I just want a branded top level, g site and stack. And then because I'm going going to set up silos for all of my top level keywords or all my top level keywords are going to get there each own separate silo, right? And so then I go in after that. So to answer your question, all you need is the URL for your money site in this the way that I do it. Now, you don't need to have categories and silos and all that stuff set up on your site, because the way that I'm doing it is just a branded stack. All I'm trying to do is promote the brand itself on the top level. And then I go in and order an RYS Expansion Stack for all of my top level keywords or tops all of my silos, and then also for all of my locations, if it's a multi location business, so each location gets its own RYS expansion, and each top level keyword or, or silo, right, so top level category of siloed, my site around those, each one of those gets its own ROI is expansion stat. So all I need in order for me now to order and SEO power shield, which is what we recommend, is a domain that is live. And that has at least one post in the RSS feed because you need that for the syndication network, the RSS feed has to contain one item, even if it's the Hello World item that comes default in a WordPress setup. So that's how I do it again, I don't I used to always also do keyword Association plus brands. So I picked my top level keyword and tie that to the brand. But I don't like that i think it's a cleaner look to have the top level g site and ROI stack is just the brand. And then I make the associations with RYS expansions for all my top level cyber silos and my locations as well. Marco, what do you say? Yeah, I mean, it's fine. To do that. Just make sure that you're posting on that WordPress site at least once a week, because we're getting Twitter to kill it. If it lay if it lies dormant. We had our shutdown, we as a matter of fact, I think it's the MGYB or something that I'm working on something that's shut down because it just wasn't us. So in order to just you prime it right because that's what the workers are going to do. And then you establish, it could be every 10 days every week or so. You just do a post you can do a quick post, it's okay. And then you establish that pattern that you will be posting and that gets you the profiles to last longer, but yeah, you can do it perfectly just the way you said.

yeah and then we got to wrap it up guys it's five o'clock but the order in which you order things is if you're ordering an SEO power shield, you're going to get the syndication network and first and that gets delivered first and then the syndication network profiles get built into the drive stack it's not something you have to do it's automatically done when you order the SEO power shield it gets delivered in stages and then each subsequent stage builds upon the previous and so and then afterwards you know link building and again and again land lanner I'm sorry if I if I need to learn how to pronounce your name apparently anyways if you I think I You and I were chatting and Facebook and I sent you the process street process doc that's all listed in there the order in which to do things it's all in that process street process doc so it's semanticmastery.com/process if you go to that guy's you'll see exactly what I'm talking about all of it is laid out there you can also go to the SEOshield.com opt in for free and go through a four part training series there that will tell you the proper order and sequence can also read the battle plan. Any other guys will always teach the same sequence so it's available in many many different locations. Um, so again, you know, I'm hoping to answer here but we're out of time but at the same time like I said, Go to semanticmastery. com/process, you can learn it there you can also go to seoshield.com learn it there. You can also go to the battle plan and learn the proper sequencing of products and services there. Okay.

All right, everybody. Thank you for being here. And we will see you guys next week. Happy New Year. Bye, everyone.

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