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By April

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Hey, everybody, welcome welcome. Welcome to Hump Day hangouts today is the 13th of January 2021. And this is Episode 322 of Hump Day Hangouts. So if you're watching this, thanks for joining us, or at least thanks for watching the replay. Either way, we're happy you're checking it out. And before we dive into questions, which we have several this week, we are going to say hi to everybody. And we got a couple of quick announcements. So let's get into that. I'm going to go counterclockwise here and Marco, your first step. How are you doing today? Oh, Maginot, I'm good, man. What's up? Let me look at this. Look at this. I can't help it. I keep telling you guys, I was gonna do this for a year, I was gonna show my camera and show the weather in Costa Rica that I spent the previous It was like, What five years say and how beautiful the weather was, but never turned on the webcam. Well, now, here it is. This is what you get. You're seeing it every week. As a matter of fact, when I do the other webinars, the cameras on, and the weather change.

We'll start talking about the webinars. We'll circle back in a minute Marco. Gonna say hi to everybody in the room. Not yet. Yeah, I want to make sure everyone's onboard about the webinar. So Chris, how are you doing man?

Yeah, I don't know. Like I'm thinking about moving to another country or like, I don't know, like the discussing of lockdowns to Easter. And um, I've had it pretty much.

Yeah, like, that's definitely not my portal. Yeah, gotcha. I thought this was gonna be about it being dark and cold. But yeah, fair enough. Oh, no. Like that would actually be nice. Like if I was able to go snowboarding and stuff. Yeah. Okay. All right. Well, you know, somebody was sending me pics of themselves in the gym yesterday. It was none other than that Hernan. So somebody's been keeping up the routine, man. Good on you for being able to do that and a good workout program man.

That not good, man. Good. I'm good. I'm just enjoying Marcos Boca Juniors shirt. That's pretty cool. So he's represented and I'm good, man. I'm good. I'm pretty good.

Yeah, I mean as long as the gym doesn't close I'll keep them going so up until you know when I stopped sending you pictures because they close so that was good and everyone is about her knowledge is being saved he's got a face mask doing all that they got people spread out so it's good to see but yeah, man That's impressive. You've been able to keep up your routine for most of this time so good Anya

Bradley last but not least, how you doing today? I'm good, man. Happy to be here busy as all can be. Which is a good start to this year so got a lot of stuff cooking. anxious to share it but I can't just yet but it's coming so we'll talk about that when it's ready. So on the personal side I know it's cold you know in Virginia this time of year but you get out you like getting out in the mountains doing the ATV stuff Have you been able to do any of that or is it kind of downtime for that? You well I get it for the New Year's weekend for a long weekend went and rode then but yeah, it's definitely slower this time of year but doesn't do as much riding it's more about maintenance on the machines rebuilding and all that kind of stuff. So but I mean, I try to ride when I can but it's not it's not as fun when it's stupid cold. That's for sure. So yeah, so probably be another four or five weeks before I go on another ride. You get upgraded to snowmobiles to know and all that well 90% of people I ride with all right and those side by sides which are like these little cars, right like the buggies that have enclosures roll cages, a lot of them have heaters and they have stereos and all this shit. Not me I ride a quad a sport quad four-wheelers, like two-wheel drive. And I don't want any of that shit. They all try to talk me into buying those side by side. And I'm not interested in what I like the actual at the sport ATV. So well, this might be a little bit too much in the personal stories, but it reminds me I moved to upstate New York. I've never been to a place where you get snow that long. And we moved there when there wasn't snow. And we were like walking along and are driving along and you'd see little stop signs there like this big. And they'd be like a waist height. They're like here and I'm like, What in the hell is the one crossing? Yeah, like who's driving here and that? Yeah, I had to wait till winter. I felt stupid. I didn't want to ask him and then I was like, ah, I get it. Yeah, it's a snowmobile trail.

All right. Well, Marco, like I said full circle. If you can let people know what's going on with the webinars, the charity, how things are going with that. Can you do that now?

Well, I'm getting them set up.

We've had some people shuffle around, but I am planning to start them on January 25. Regardless of whether people are on schedule or not because we just have so much information to give

What's working? I don't know how much I usually give away the farm. Because I'm using I mean, I told you guys yesterday how I'm using a certain thing for SEO, not just for what everyone else is using it for and to get fantastic results. Just everywhere. It's a great SEO target people and a link building tool as a matter of fact, when people don't see it that way, and I don't understand why we're supposed to be SEO, we're supposed to be scientists, and we're supposed to be investigating. And we, when we're at this point, at the technical point, we're supposed to be able to understand how things work and why.

This Stuff Works
And so when you do that, you say, oh, okay, so if this is this way, then I can do all of the things here. And I can push it. So now you understand where it where you're concentrating the power and how it concentrates that you can push it. But the underlying power behind all this is when you give people the correct brand, the correct entity, you make all of the associations of everything that's about your brand on the web. And it's like a Christmas tree. It just lights up. Rob did a fantastic job in a webinar. Oh, no, sorry, po foo live, of explaining why. And he showed it. He showed Google and he showed what it is that we do. And he made the comparison, which I wasn't expecting him to go that far. But it was it's amazing to see how much we just mimic what's going on how much we mimic these, these?

What would we call them agric aggregated data, points on all these nodes on the web? And how it is that we can then give Google what Google is looking for, which is what is your entity about? What is your thing on the web? What is this thing about? Please tell me more because I need to know. And the more that you tell Google, the more that you get rewarded, so we're going to go deep into that is going to be five or six different webinars, hour and a half. And the questions and answers and Rob will be there. Jordan's gonna be there. Ah, Dixon, Jones of Inlinks is going to be there confirm. As we did, we just got fantastic people coming to tell you how even unstructured data can be in a way structured so that it works for the bot. So it's just a fantastic concept of one unstructured data, working with your structured data in a way so that everything comes together. And if I confused you a bit, I understand, because these are like like heavy concepts. But we're gonna try to break it down during the webinars. So look for it, I'll go ahead and post the donation page on the events page, guys, all you have to do is go and donate send an email to the email address that I'll give you, and you'll be put on the list you will be notified of when the first webinar is it'll be on the 25th probably 5 pm. Eastern, don't hold me to that. Probably. Okay. So there you go. Donate whatever you can. Yeah, if you're on the replay, go to semantic mastery comm HD questions, if you're watching this on YouTube, and you can see the questions there. And you'll be able to see the links Marco has and what exactly to do. And if you guys have any confusion at all about this, just send an email to support at semantic mastery comm we'll get you sorted out.

Cool. All right, well, first things first, if you're new to Semantic Mastery new to MGYB, you're in the right place that we appreciate you watching and just want to say that one of the first things you should do is head over to the SEO shield comm you can find out how to shield your site, you don't have to worry about algorithm updates again, and it's free training. Get started there, you'll hear his talking about the SEO shield. So if nothing else, it's worthwhile to figure out what's going on there. I know a lot of you already know but occasionally we get people each week showing up that are new and haven't heard of it. That's a great place to get started. Next up for that if you want repeatable processes for your SEO and getting results, pick up the battle plan and you get that at battle plan dot semantic mastery.com. After that, we also hear a lot from agency owners or consultants. If you want to get more clients, you want to grow your revenue you want to scale your team the answer to those should probably be Yes, depending on where you're at. So that you can work less and earn more than head over 2xyouragency.com. All right, we got a lot more information there for you. And last but certainly not least, if you're ready to grow your digital marketing business, then you want to join an experienced community. All right, and that is what the mastermind is all about. And there's more information at mastermind dot semantic mastery.com and I said last but not least, but I guess I kind of slipped up there because I've mentioned the SEO shield. If you want to get an SEO shield if you want to get links, you want to get press releases, you want to get all this good stuff. You

Find out more at mg y b.co. And that is the done for you services with all that good stuff I just mentioned.

So with that said, you guys, any other announcements before we dive into the questions?

Let's do it.

All right, let me grab the screen.

You guys are seeing it now. Correct? Yeah, yes. Yep.

All right. So I pulled this up because this was a blog post on majestic. The majestic blog that Rob shared back in December, they posted it, they published it December 15. But this is about the link graph. That majestic now have this tool that shows this is what Marco was talking about, guys, this is what we optimize for. When we do entity based SEO, it's to mimic or to build this sort of a structure. That makes sense. So that's what Marco was just now talking about. The opening was about how we do it, we build all these nodes. And that's why we always talk about increasing your entity expanding your entity footprint, right? The footprint is always in the SEO world, people always think footprint is a bad thing. But when it comes to Semantic Web, it's not when you're talking about reinforcing and validating the entity, which is a really, really good blog post, by the way, I pasted this link in the chatbox, guys. So you can scroll down and find it and click through, spend some time reading through this. It's pretty cool. And it will hopefully shed some light on what it is that we're actually doing when we do what we do. So Mark, do you want to comment on that before I move on? Because, you know, they focus on trust flow and citation flow, which is nothing about nothing? That's their interpretation of an algorithm or how they place value on links, which to me, just makes absolutely no sense unless you have a really powerful website, in which case, yeah, I do go used there, to their software to see, yeah, that the way that so all of those red dots on there are nodes. On the web, the lines are, of course, the connections between those nodes. And if you think of this in this space that we call the World Wide Web, which is simply servers, you know, those red nodes, can be servers, or they can be within the servers node within nodes within the service. But the only way that Google can get to those is through links. That's why this is called a link. Graph. Those lines are representations of what the links are between those nodes. Otherwise, what you're seeing is a, what do you call it an ad ID, which is an identifier for the node, you name, the node. So this works two ways because you can identify the node for Google in code. And then you can show what the relationship is between those links not only between those nodes, not only through the link but through code. And you can tell Google, through code exactly how these links and how all of these nodes relate to one another within your link graph within your entity, and then I'll call it within your entity link graph. Because it's going to be everything that's related to your entity rather than everything that's on the web, which I think is what the representation is here.

Very cool. Well, thank you, Marco. So we'll get into questions now.

Why Would You Use WordPress Tags When The Categories Mainly Serve A Similar Purpose?

All right, so the first question looks like for Blake SEO from a week ago, he says, what do you do with WordPress tags and why would you use them when categories mainly serve a very similar purpose? I'm not going to spend a whole lot of time talking about this because I've gone into a lot of detail in our process doc, which if you go to semanticmastery.com/process, go to the website section. And you'll see where how I use tags to create location-based silos. Again, I'm not going to go into detail into that right now, guys, because if you want to learn what I'm talking about or know more about what I'm talking about, just go to semanticmastery.com/process, click on the website tab, and then go through the training there. And I talked about how I, you know, I want when I'm building local-based sites, right, which is all I do anymore. Well, I say that now. I'm working on something new that's a national site. But anyway, almost everything I do is local, locally based sites, right. And so for that, I use categories for the topical silos, which is the traditional silo structure, right? The traditional taxonomy and WordPress that we use for solid structure using categories. But then for location-based silos. I use tags now because you can do some really cool and creative things with tags that you can't get. You can't do with categories.

And it also resolves some conflicts that occur when you try to share subcategories between categories. Right. And again, I talked about all of that in semantic mastery, comm slash process, it's free, you guys can go check that out. And you'll see when I talk about it on a very high conceptual level because if you want more mechanics on a more technical level of it, of that process, you have to join either semantic mastery mastermind or the heavy hitter club. So, but again, it's on a conceptual level, kind of like a high-level overview of why I use tags the way that I use to create location-based silos. It works really, really well. I've been doing that for the last two or three years. And then Jeffrey Smith, right. SEO Ultimate training goes he goes in-depth about tags also. Yeah, and especially semantic tags, and the semantic relationships between the tags. And those, again, are nodes. And how you connect those nodes. Guys, it's all about.

Alright, so the recurring theme here is going to be linked and how those links function with one another to create all of these relevant semantic relationships.


This Stuff Works

How Do You Create Ads For Two Spam GMB Listings While Avoiding Suspension From Google?

Okay, so rocket blasters up he say, last Hump Day Hangout, I asked if you can do Google Ads with spam listings, but I guess what I meant to ask was, how do you do it? Because I put my credit card on two accounts in my Google ads were suspended because Google can tell I was using my card for two different listings? Well, first of all, I have my credit card across several Google accounts, I've never had that problem. I don't know why some people have that problem. I've never had that problem. Maybe (knock on wood) I've been lucky. But I've got my credit card associated with multiple Google accounts, both on the G Suite or Google workspaces level, but also on Google ads, a couple, maybe three different ads accounts. And so I've never had that issue. So I don't know what the problem is with that. But I've heard other people say that too. So I'm not doubting you there. My question to you though is why would you set up separate Google Ads accounts, why not just add a manager account and use your primary Google Ads account to serve ads to your even your spammed listings is my point if you set yourself up as a manager where you connect the GMB to your Google Ads account. Whatever your primary ads account is, then you can still run ads through your primary account, even to spammed listings, which is what I do. That's how I do everything. I have one primary Google Ads account. I manage several clients accounts as well. But that's different. I'm talking about, I run, even for all of the projects that I work on for my own business.

I do it all underneath one primary Google Ads account, I have a couple of other smaller accounts that I've done some stuff with, but they were more or fewer test accounts. But so again, if I've got it set, like because, and I've said this before, but for a lot of clients, I run ads through my account, and I just charge them a flat fee. Like, for example, for YouTube ads, when I run YouTube ads for clients, depending on what the campaign structure is, if it's just a branding ad, which I was doing for several years, just doing YouTube branding ads for clients, I would charge them $300 a month to run the ads. And that would pay for the ad spend plus my management fees because I could get away with setting up ad campaigns for, you know, $2 or $3 a day. So 60 bucks to 90 bucks per month is what I would use out of that $300 a month that they were paying me but I would manage it all through my own Google Ads account. That way, it was just easier, is more efficient for me to manage all from one account then for me to constantly be logging in to other Google, you know, Google Ads accounts.

So I run everything through my own account. And you can do that again. For example, if I was let's say I was running Google ads through my own account for a client, what I would do is I would connect the GMB from my client to my Google Ads account, you can link accounts that way. Okay, it's very simple to do. You can do it from the GMB dashboard, by the way, and then I would link the accounts and then I would run ads from you know, YouTube ads where the link might be clicking the click right to target URL for the ad would link back to their GMB website or their Google Maps listing or their you know, their website or a specific landing page, whatever, whatever it is that I'm driving traffic to, which could be multiple targets. But it's all done through my account that way. Again, if I've got a client where they're, you know, they're funding the ad account, and I'm just acting as a manager and they're just paying the management fees, then I log into their account. That makes sense. So

rocket blasts are what I would suggest doing is running ads through one account that you have and that will become your master account. And here's another reason for that. Because you guys know, if you're not spending a certain threshold of money per month with Google ads, you have limit, they limit the data that they share with you in that Google Ads account. So why not have one account that you've aged that you have consistent spend with? And that just makes it a more, you know, a better account for you to manage? That would be my suggestion. Anybody else? Yeah. I mean, I've heard people mention that they've gotten it suspended for using the same credit card, right across multiple accounts. That's why you don't put all your eggs in one basket. Either you do it the way that you do, or you do it the way that I do, which is just getting a whole bunch of credit cards, and open a whole bunch of different accounts to run a whole bunch of different ads. So all of your eggs aren't in one basket. I also know that you can get the virtual cards, right? Yeah, well, you can, you can create an endless amount of numbers through that virtual cart. The problem is that if your main card ever gets rejected, then all of the numbers related to that card, are also going to get rejected, then everything comes down. Again, putting all your eggs in one basket, you just have to be sure that it's something that you keep an eye on, when it's going to expire, you always keep it fully funded. You never miss any payments, you know, I mean, do you really have to be careful? Because I know someone that got tagged. He was using the virtual card with virtual numbers. And I mean, literally, dozens and dozens of numbers and everything came crashing down.

Can You Build Backlinks To Different Press Release URLs?

Okay, so rocket blaster says one more question. I received my press release. And in the Excel file was a list of URLs, can I build backlinks to those different press release URLs that came in the Excel file? Yeah, you can there's only one thing that I would suggest, why not? Why not to do that? Which would be because of some press release, you know, publication points, right? They purge, oh, you know, 90 days, six months, whatever it may be.

So if you're building links to press release URLs, that in 90 days, or 180 days, or whatever the threshold is the timeframe is that they purge, then when that platform deletes that press release from the site, then you've just lost all that link building that you've done to that particular URL? It's not that you can't do it, you can, you absolutely can, you know, if you're in a regular cycle of link building, and press release publishing, then it's okay. Because you're it's natural, looking to have links, you know, build links to a tier-one link, and then the tier one link disappears. And it's a kind of natural cycling lifecycle of links, so to speak. But a better way, in my opinion, would be to, if you've got a drive stack, which you should you've been coming here and asking us questions, for weeks. So you should have a drive stack. Now, an SEO shield with a drive stack. Why not take that Excel file and upload it as a Google Sheet into one of your public drive stack folders, the appropriate folder, if you've done your theme mirroring, and your silo expansion stacks and everything, so put it in the appropriate folder, make it will be a public sheet at that point, and then you can build backlinks to that public sheet URL. Or you can publish that Google Sheet and get the embed code and do embed gigs from MGYB and link building to the embeds. Right. And that's another way to do it. And the reason why I say that is because now you're building links to all of the links in that Excel file, which was all the press release URLs. But you can also update that with additional press release URLs from you know, that you have published by just copying and pasting them into that same sheet. So in other words, you can power up that one sheet. And you can continue to power up that sheet. And you can just continue to add to that sheet as opposed to having if you build links directly to the press release URLs, and then they purge, you've lost that link building. Does that make sense? Mark, do you want to comment on that? Yeah, you know, I just submit the PDF to Dadea, I just give it. I just give him that I just give him the list of links, and I'm hammered. And then it goes in a cycle. And if they go, you know, off the active index, then so be it. Because it like, as you said, yeah, it is natural for stuff to fall off. So you shouldn't just be link building to things that are always index. If you're going to hit everything that did they just go ahead and hit it or if you're going to do link building, hit everything. And if it falls off, well, so be it. Yeah, you did. You did lose that but you're still powering up everything else. And by all means, include that PDF and that spreadsheet from those links, excuse me from those press releases in the drive stack, include those so that every time you link build into your drive stack into the G site, whatever, it's always getting links so you constantly link building, not only you'll be link building to this shit, that's probably not in the index. But the ones that do stay the permanent ones, then they get constantly, they get constant PageRank and ranking score. Yeah.

This Stuff Works
And so there's one other thing that you can do that would kind of stack our methods, which is kind of what I always try to do, which take your G site from your SEO shield, write your Google site, create a page on it in the appropriate place within a proper silo structure, and then embed, take the folder, take the folder, and you can embed that folder into the G site. And now you can just take all of your Excel files for each press release that you get for that particular, you know, make sure it's siloed correctly, but for that particular subject, or topic or whatever, and you can upload them into that g site folder, excuse me, that drive stack folder, and that folder is embedded into a G site page, you can constantly hit that g site page with backlinks and each time you have new press releases, you just add another Excel file which becomes a sheet into that public folder. And they're all going to benefit from that one g site page that you just keep hammering with links. So that's another way to do it so that you get more bang for your buck so to speak.

You just got to get creative guys if you understand like what we talked about with theme mirroring and again, go to semantic mastery comm slash process, a lot of that is explained there or you can go to SEOshield.com, sign up for the four-day training, it's free, and go through all that and you'll start to get a more of an understanding of what it is that we're doing with the G sites, the drive stacks and you can start to use that structure to your benefit. Okay.

All right. He says Lastly, I bought a local GMB pro and I am trying to follow these steps to rank my GMB listings. Okay, yeah, you can do a ton of stuff with G sites, guys that and the whole SEO shield that it's just insane. I mean, take your GMB posts and embed them. Like there's just so much stuff that you can do. And you could use the G site for primarily everything. So

Is It A Good Idea To Buy Social Signals From SEO Butler And Point Them To Branded Syndication Ring Post URLs?

Alright, Mark says, Is it a good idea to buy social signals from a place like SEO Butler and point these to the branded syndication ring post URLs for a boost? Are they better spent directly to the money site? It's a good question. I don't know, I haven't bought social signals in probably three or four years.

I just stopped doing it. Because I did a test three or four years ago, testing social signals directly to the properties that I was trying to rank and I didn't see any like purchased social signals, if they were organic social signals, those tend to have an effect. But if they're just spammed social signals, I didn't see any at all movement period for my test about three or four years ago, and I tested I think, five or six different SEO, or excuse me, social signals services, SEO Butler, I'm not I can't remember if that was, it's not SEO Butler anymore, but I can't remember if that was one of them or not, it might have been, there was a service that I saw a little bit of movement from that was tiered social signals, which would be like, you know, you'd share the money page, or you know, the service would share the money page to some social profiles. And then there would be activity on that shared post from that social proof if that makes sense. So in other words, like one of them, you know, Facebook share profiles, it would share the target URL, what I was trying to promote. And then there would be comments, likes, and shares of that Facebook post if that makes sense. That had a little bit of an effect. And that was again, three or four years ago, probably four years ago now. But that was the only one that had any effect on SEO, from my test. Again, several years ago, things may have changed, but I can't imagine that spam social signals got any more powerful? In fact, it would, it's likely it's logical that it's more.

You know, it's tiered social signals and having relevancy, you know, and all of that, I think would be more important, which is, again, why I just don't buy fake social signals anymore. So I can't tell you whether that would help or not, because I just don't know, I don't think that it would, but I haven't tested it. What do you think, Marco?

I think a better way. We talked about this last week, I suggest that you go Now listen, is that I don't want to answer. And I'm going to give you a further answer. But go back and watch our answer from last week. Because we really went into detail on this. What I am going to tell you is you're better off, like buying the social signals from the social media that you're trying to target. And you can send people to other places or you can send them to your website, wherever it is that you want to send these people. And now what you're doing is you're sending someone that might and if you've done a really good job of targeting this person, and reaching out and putting the ad in front of the person that's looking for it

You're likely to get a conversion. Whereas if you're just buying some odd social signals from whomever, they're not really interested in your stuff, they're not interested in buying.

And that conversion is not likely to happen, I'm always going to go with how I'm likelier to get a conversion. So if I can pay Facebook, for ads, Hernandez does a great job. If I can pay Instagram if I can pay whomever, and it doesn't take a lot, I'm telling you, you said at the beginning a $200 a month budget, it might sound like less 20 $400 a year. But within a couple of months, it should run itself, the ads should run themselves. And you should make enough money from that where you can start investing more money into your ads, if you're going to use them, right for social signals for branding, and however else it is that you want to use them. But also because these people will convert at the end of the day, these are people who are interested enough in your ad to click on it to see what it is that you're trying to sell or whatever it is that you're trying to do.

This Stuff Works
Yeah, and just to kind of expand on that briefly is think about relevancy, right? When you're buying spam social signals, they're just I mean, why even if the profiles have been built up to look real and things like that, if that if those profiles that are being used to produce or provide those social signals, chances are there is a huge wide range of, you know, topics that that profile is interested in, right, that has an affinity for. Right, that makes sense. So it's going to be very, very broad. And I guess that's okay. But my point is if you can buy social signals from real people from true, relevant audiences, right, so people that have a genuine interest, how do you do that? Well, you can do it from Facebook, you can do it in Google Now, which you can go in. And it's called intent-based or interest-based targeting. Right. So you can go in and you can buy traffic from I do Google ads, I don't do any Facebook ads, I just don't. So I'm going to speak about this from the Google Ads standpoint, you can go into Google ads, and from YouTube, or from the display, network, whatever you can go in and buy in-market audiences, or life event audiences, or you can create your own audiences, right. So interest-based targeting. So you can go in and it's called a custom audience. And you can do that through keywords and or URLs of sites that somebody that would be interested in your product or service that you're trying to promote, would likely be visiting. And so Google will create your own custom audience based upon the intent criteria or the interest criteria that you set. So now if you're buying traffic signals from a real relevant audience, that is has a true or genuine interest in the product and or service that you're trying to promote. Then now you're getting that activity relevance trust and authority signals, right art that we always talk about to you directly to your properties. And then if they decide to engage by liking, sharing, whatever commenting, then now you've got an even heavier weighted signal than just buying spam social signals from general profiles out there that you know to have no true affinity or interest in any one thing. That makes sense. It's a heavier weighted signal is my point. So again, I don't know I haven't tested any spam social signals in years I just stopped using them years ago because I didn't see any benefit in them. So I just don't know if anything has changed. I can't imagine that they've gotten any stronger though. So I mean, there is some benefit there is to like to jumpstart, but if it's not replaced by real signals, it just dies. That's what I've seen. I don't know some people I don't I know that I see them on Facebook. Sometimes they say that they have success with spamming all of these things. I see it I see the kickstart and then I see it a diet because you guys know I'll test some fiber I'll take us I'll go and buy some I'll go and see someone say okay, Pinterest, good enough for AdSense I'll go check it out Pinterest or this traffic or that traffic good enough it is and I'll go test it out. But no, no, no, it never has the power or the effect or the ability to make your money like real ads real people interested in whatever it is that you're doing.

How Do You Market Niche Sites With GMB?

Okay, so next question says I have a shopping cart website that is the root domain however, I decided to diversify my website to create subdirectory blogs using WordPress to create different niches. I have 50 WordPress niche blogs and directories. How do I market my niche sites with GMB?

Uh, well, you know, local is relative, we talked about that or Marco always says that.

I don't know how much I can talk about it here because yeah, you're saying no, no, I don't know how much we can talk about it here but I would suggest either joining the heavy hitter club for local GMB pro. You get access to the Facebook group, but then you'd be able to get questions answered on how to apply that on a national level as well. But you can do a lot of really cool things with GMBs, it doesn't have to be like a strictly local business, right.

I still think I don't know. Because I don't know exactly what your setup here is. But you know, 50 words. That's a lot of damn WordPress blogs to be maintaining. So I'm not I don't know what you're doing with that. But yeah, again, I'm sorry, I can't really get into detail here.

We talked about how you can use GMB for kind of what Marco was talking about at the very beginning of this webinar. First. There are some really powerful things you can do with GMB on even a national or even a global scale. For even, you know, projects or businesses that aren't technically local businesses. It makes sense to have a GMB because of some of the things that you can do with that. That's about as far as I can take it in a free setting like this. Come join the mastermind or heavy hitter club or local GMB pro and we'd be happy to give you a lot more guidance on that. This the method that I'm using right now how I'm using the local GMB. Okay, let's make this clear. Local GMB Pro, I'm still using to get fantastic results locally, that hasn't changed. The only thing that's changed about local GMB pro and why we have not updated the training is that you need to fill out as much of the information as possible before you send for that pin. If you're going to get a pin. That's it. That's the only thing so that you never have to go back and change that information. because that'll get you suspended sometimes not often not everyone, not always, but it does get you suspended.

So when we go and tell you to optimize your information, get it to 100% including images, local, whatever you can get in there, so that you never have to go back so that you can then focus on the other things that we teach in local GMB Pro. And I'm not going to go into what we teach in local GMB Pro. that to this day is getting me fantastic results. But then I started thinking because I always do well how then do I use this in other ways? And I did. And so now I'm using it.

But the only place that I'm teaching this is in the heavy hitter club right now.

Because I want people to come back like like on what was it last? Last night? on our mini mastermind? Someone came and said, Look, I was stuck with a client. I couldn't figure out what to do. I went and I used your GMB method. And within three days,

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I was ranking him. I wasn't I was getting the results that I needed for him. Because he was the client was complaining. So three days. And it's that quick. Why? Because posts, they still index almost automatically, yeah, almost immediately.

And then they stay in there in the mobile index. And then Google gives you notifications on the desktop that your post is about to expire. It doesn't. It's still there, it's still in that role in search. And so if you understand it, see, the reason why I don't want to give most of this away is that someone just takes it off for the training from our ship and says it's there. So I'm not going to do that. I'm sorry, come to our group. And I'll be more than happy to cover this for you. If you have any questions. I'll be happy to go over them with you so that you can get the best results possible, not only nationally, but you can go globally. You can go to regionally. You can use it however you want. It just takes just a little bit of tweaking. That's all. So there you go. heavy hitter club. That's your best bet for that.

How Do You Show Line Of Products In GMB?

Also on GMB, how do I show my line of products? Well, depending on what type of GMB It is like in other words, what type of category business category you select. You ought to be able to add products into your GMB for example, you know, even some of the contractor GMB profiles have a section for services that you can add and also a section for products which I'm not even sure why because some of these contractors don't have products that they sell. It's just services yet. Some of them still have a products tab available in GMB and I've never, I've never added a product to GMB just because none of my clients actually sell products. They just sell services. So I've not even explored that tab in GMB. But I know there's one there. So I don't know what category you're in. But it's likely that you will have a product tab in GMB. And you can just go in and add products there as far as I know. Have you any experience with that or not? Oh, yeah, yeah. Not all GMB's have products. And not all GM bees have services. Right? It's really interesting Google, the Google give us and the Google taketh away. And you just have to work with whatever it is that they've given you. If you're in a niche when you do have a product or when you're expected to have a product line, then you will have a product tab available. And then you have to go through the process of getting approved. Because there is a process that you have to follow when you when you're inserting them. And then they have to get approved. Once that happens, then it's you just keep adding them if you have new products, or you just keep promoting a product, it's really that simple. Yeah. And it's cool because I know it'll, it'll push a featured snippet or a rich snippet, I should say in the Knowledge Graph or the excuse me knowledge panel with products that creates like a little product carousel, right.

So kind of like the GMB posts. So it's pretty cool.

By the way, I meant to show this to you earlier, Marco, I'm not going to pull it up. Now, because we're on Hump Day Hangouts. I'll talk about it maybe in the mastermind, but a structured data, having the structured data on a local page like it's really cool. Now, when I do a brand search for a particular company like I've got Not only do I have a knowledge panel on the right, but at the very top, I have position zero. Now it's a cool Rich Snippet for the brand name with the featured image from that, that landing page. It's really cool. Like, that's the first time I saw it was today. So not only is there a knowledge panel, but there's also a position zero or rich snippet. position zero record snippet. Yeah. And that's just from having properly structured data on the page.

How Do You Deal With A Suspended Drive Stack Or GSite?

So anyway, the next question was what would your plan? What would be your plan in the event a drive stack or G site was reported in suspended? You know, I've not had I've not experienced that.

If I did, I would try to request a reconsider reinstatement, right.

And here's my logic for that. Why would a drive stack or G site, especially the G site be reported and suspended? I mean, it's a real site, right? I mean, like, unless you're doing something incredibly spammy with it, which we do a lot of that too. It's a real site, why would it get suspended? Do you know what I mean? Like, my question is, like, it might have been reported in suspended because it might be Google's default to just suspend shit when people complain about stuff, which is, you know, canceled culture. At its at its best. But my point is, I would dispute it is my ask, try to get it reinstated first.

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If you can't get it reinstated, which again, I'm not sure why. It doesn't make sense to me for somebody to be able to report something or decide to just be taken down unless you've been doing some really, really spammy shit with it. But I don't know. What do you think Marco, the only time I've seen what suspended was when we had meta refresh. And it was to what they call it a forum, right? a contact form. Because that's phishing, Google takes that especially you can't go from a contact form on Google to somewhere else, you can't go from Google, especially meta refresh, to a form because that's, that's a recognized form of phishing, we got tagged for that, we got suspended, that you got to understand we've built 1000s, literally 1000s of these 1000s. And I have a member, Paul, if I'm not gonna mention his last name, but he was begging us to get one taken down because the government was on them. They were on his brother, he was, he was supposed to take it down, he had to take it down. And he couldn't get in there. And so even reporting it, even trying to get it suspended. And he couldn't do it. I don't know what finally happened. All of you listening to this, let us know what happened with that with a decided drive stack. Because he lost access to it is what happened, he lost the logins, whatever it was, and he couldn't get back in to put a private as it was. I'm not laughing at you, man. I'm just laughing at the situation. He was in a situation where his brother was in real trouble. And we couldn't get in there to do anything for him. Google just wouldn't allow it. And they would not suspend it. So looking at this scenario, it isn't likely that someone's going to come along and report you anyway. And if they do, Google trust itself, we bank on that. I think we literally place all of our money on Google trusting itself. Proven is that theory, by the way. And so I don't see this. And in the event that Google suspends it, we have the software to put it back up somewhere else.

Yeah. Oh, yeah. And that's all I would say is, you know, if I were to lose one, I just rebuild it. Right? I mean, I would rebuild it i i'd have it rebuilt, so to speak. So but um, you know, that kind of stuff does happen occasionally. Not not. I've not seen a G site. I've seen I've seen a Google account suspended. Yeah.

But not the actual, just that, you know, drive stack in G site itself.

What Does The Embeds Products In MYGB Means?

Alright, heads up, says I understand what an actual embed is. I just don't understand what or how the embed packages from MGYB work. I already had my SEO shield, I did a natural link building package. I'm curious about embeds. Now, are these embeds on your network? slash sites? Yeah. So our link building network, Daddy, our link building manager has been, you know, building that network and feeding it with additional sites and theming them. So we have like, categorized link, you know, web 2.0 networks that we use for that he uses for building links so that we can, you know, there's topical relevancy in the blogs that we're using to build links back to your target URLs. So with the embed package, okay, so you understand the link building side, right? So he's got, what over 2 million now? He's got it, I'll have to ask whatever. He's got millions, a million-plus web to Dotto sites that networks that are themed aged, topically, you know, themed in the topic, cat topical categories, excuse me. And when you buy a link building package, he goes out and places, you know, relevant articles on those web two Dotto paid sites, you know, and with link building, you know, tart with links pointing to your target URLs, whatever you submit it. Okay, so you understand that? Well, embeds is the exact same network. The only difference is instead of pointing links from the articles on those web two Dotto networks to your target URLs. Instead, you take the iframe he takes the iframe, the embed code, and embeds that in those articles on those web two dot o pages. And then you can link build that as the second tier, right? You link build to those pages or posts on those web two dot o networks where your properties or assets are embedded. Does that make sense? So in other words, instead of having a hyperlink on the web two dot o network, pointing to your target URLs, instead, your properties, whatever you submitted, your embed codes are embedded into those posts on the web to auto network. So they're surrounded by relevant content on themed networks. And then if you order the second-tier link building to the embeds, then there's link building done to those posts on those web two Dotto networks where your embeds sit. Does that make sense?

All right. comments on that? Not good enough. He says, What am I actually buying when I buy embed packages? Like what's the deliverable I get from the MGYB team when buying links straightforward. When buying links, straightforward, I get a spreadsheet of links Buying Event sort of confused on what the end product is, it's the same thing, you get the exact same type of report that you do from a link building report, if you click So again, if you buy, you know, whatever 2500 and beds, then you're going to get a G sheet, a Google Sheet that has your 2500 embed URLs, where you can click through and go view the post or page, whatever, where your embed your iframe resides. Does that make sense? So again, it's that you get the exact same type of report, as you would a link building report. It's the same network. So.

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Is Syndwire And Other Social Bookmarks Still Useful To Get Social Signals For The Website?

Okay, hopefully, that clears that up for you. The next question is, are old tools like Syndwire and other social bookmarks still useful for anything in SEO? Or to get social signals for our websites? If so, what's a good way to get different signals from places like Reddit, Twitter, Twitter, etc? I don't know. I stopped using those tools a long, long time ago.

I'm sure I still have Syndwire somewhere because I had, I had hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of probably well over 1000 profiles in there. And I used it quite a bit. But that was years ago, I stopped using that stuff years and years ago.

I don't know I honestly I can't answer that. It would probably those tools can probably be useful for like building links to your tier one entity assets or to you know, use them as second-tier or third tier links to stuff. I don't know that I would do it directly to the money site. In fact, I wouldn't do it directly to the money site, g site.

Yeah, drive stack prop profiles, and tier-one entity assets, stuff like that. I don't run any of those tools just because it's too time-consuming for me. And I don't really enjoy doing that kind of stuff. There's probably a use for them, but I don't use them. What do you think Marco? I haven't used bookmarking sites other than what's in our syndication network in forever. Yeah, because we get really good results. By the way, we're attacking the entity and we're the way that we do things. I mean, it's just the results are there and there's no reason to go and get anything extra and when we do need extra power, we can go get it elsewhere, rather than from bookmarking sites not to say that there's anything wrong with that. I don't know enough anymore about social bookmarking or bookmarking sites, and whether they have SEO value to tell you whether they do. So I'm not knocking them. I'm not saying I'm just saying I don't use them.


Okay, uh, if so what's a good way to get different signals from places like Reddit, Twitter central? Well, we talked about that, at the beginning of today, you know, paid traffic from relevant audiences from those platforms is the best way to do it. You know, it's because you're buying real traffic that is from a relevant audience that, you know, stands a good chance of actually converting of whatever your conversion goal may be to become an opt-in lead, request an estimate by a product, whatever your conversion goal is. So that's just the way that I do it also. Alright.

Is There Any Other Use For Tools Like MTurk For SEO?

Next, in the webinar from last week, somebody mentioned CTR, which click-through rate using mturk Mechanical Turk, which is effective, which isn't effective much now. Is there any other tools for tools like em Turk for SEO? I don't know. Because I don't use that for anything else.

Like micro task, workers was one of them. I can't mturk Mechanical Turk, which is an Amazon company, same thing. It's like micro task workers. It's a micro-task platform. I used it specifically for CTR spam, right for manipulating click-through rate. But that was years ago, because then it was automated by a lot of these spambots, these CT spambots. And now I just use paid traffic. So I don't know, I don't know what else. I mean, if you've got small tasks that you need repetitive tasks that can you cannot, you know, hire somebody to do like through something like that, then then I'm sure there might be some other uses for it. But it's, it's been a long time since I've hired any micro task workers. So can't really give you any guidance on that. Does anybody know? Okay.

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Would You Advise Linking City Pages From The Homepage And To Each Other?

Austin, Dom, what's up, man? He says, would you advise linking the city pages from the homepage, and then linking city pages to each other? This is for a site with about 10 or 15 to 15 or so city pages, I would not. And the reason why I wouldn't do that. Now linking From the homepage to individual city pages may be fine, depends on you know what it is you're trying to do. But for example, like if you had like a locations tab in the navigation menu, and you hover over that tab, and it's a drop-down, and it's got you know, 10 City, landing like 1010, you know, 10 links to go in each city page, that may be fine, why I wouldn't link from one city page to another, I mean, you may be able to get away with it, there has to, I need more context to be able to provide any guidance on that. Because of the way that I do things again, Austin dawn, you can go to semantic mastery comm slash process, which you've probably already seen that by now. But if you haven't go through that, go go to the website tab and click watch the training, I talked about silo structure, and specific location silos using tags within WordPress.

And the reason so I wouldn't be linking between cities cross-linking from one city page to another because I silo my locations into location-based silos. And so if I want to link from one location silo to another for user experience for navigation purposes, that which makes sense, right? That's logical in some cases to do that, then I would do that with a nofollow link so that I'm not bleeding the theme of that location silo into another because that creates confusion, right? the ambiguity between silos between topical themes, in this case, their location-based themes. Does that make sense? So I wouldn't do that I would have a silo structure on my main money site, there. And again, semantic mastery comm slash process, you'll see exactly what I'm talking about. I use categories for topical silos, and tags for location-based silos. And I keep all of my silos incredibly tight, all the internal linking between them, because as Mark was talking about at the beginning of this webinar, and again, go look at that Majestic blog post that I posted earlier talking about the link graphs, and if you understand how to amass or accrue power in certain spots, and then how to direct that power through very targeted points. And again, silo structures, how you can accomplish that, then you understand why you wouldn't want to cross-link between location pages because you can essentially bleed any power from anyone silo to where it's kind of like it becomes more of a flat site. In other words, you ambiguiate each one of the topical themes from each silo, and I wouldn't want to do that. But again, without having more context, I can't give you real solid guidance on that. Hopefully, that didn't confuse anybody. Mark, do you want to comment on that?

Yeah, I just wouldn't, I just wouldn't because

I hate having to answer these things. It's not the way that I silo is that the way that I would recommend siloing? I don't recommend breaking up the way that it's siloed. If you want further insight into that, you're welcome to join me in the heavy hitter club where we go in-depth into why you don't want to do that.


Is There Any SEO Benefit To Google Redirects?

Okay, the next question is, is there any SEO benefit to Google redirects? Like? Yes, there is I can't disclose why. But there is absolutely a benefit to that.

Guys, you don't have to come here and ask us. Try it. Yeah.

Yeah, I see how it works. I can't disclose why I'm here, because that's an RYS Academy secret.

I can't disclose that here. There. There is absolutely a benefit to using that link that that URL format, but it's a redirect from Google, but only if you know how to use it correctly. And that is taught in our ys Academy. So I can't share that here. We vote we've always had this power in using Google to rank in Google rank your shit Academy. rank your shit Academy reloaded? The foundation of it all? is Google trust Google. So we're going to go and we're going to draw as much power as we can out of Google. And anytime that you can find a Google property to manipulate just learn to manipulate it. That's it. Yeah, that's the concept.

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Which Server Do You Use?

So there's bb. It's not too many questions, BB. Baby. He says, Hey, guys, which server do you use? I used to use either Liquid Web. I use both. I use Liquid Web and I use WPX hosting. I like both of them. And also for a lot of like tests. I use Siteground reseller for like, a lot of like test sites, and, you know, like feeder sites and things like not necessarily PBNs, I could use it for that. But that I wouldn't put money sites on Siteground. Not Not, not reseller hosting for sure. But um, for money sites, I use liquid web for web hosting.

Yeah, I use liquid and I use AWS, I use Amazon, I use the shit out of Amazon. Everybody does. I don't know how anyone can go without using Amazon nowadays. But if it's something that I really care about, were like, I don't want to have what do you call it? Someone that goes that has to go into the server, I don't want to have to pay someone, I want to just pay someone to go and talk to the liquid web support. From that fantastic, you go you call them. They'll do whatever it is that you need them to do. They'll help you with whatever help you need. Those people, I don't know how they do it. But I can't recommend them enough. You have to speed you got a VPS By the way, and then you can just keep upgrading, you can upgrade to a dedicated server. But you'll never need to pay somebody else something someone outside of liquid web to come and work on the server because they'll do it. You can't lose. By the way, look at the list of clients who use liquid web and you'll understand why we use liquid whey. Yeah, and I mean again, I just want to reiterate, I also use WP x I'm really happy with WP x also. That's Terry Kyle is behind that and their support is fantastic a WPX as well it rivals liquid web support.

So again, I'm really really happy with WPX I've been I've had you know hosting account with them for like three years, and they keep rolling out new features that don't cost anything else. Like it's just they keep adding additional features and their support is super fast. You can live chat almost instantaneously. So it's just it's a really good service. So either one or the other. I endorse both. Alright, so then the next question is what is happening with Virginia SEO so you're probably talking about the SEO or excuse me the first drive stack that I ever built the crude one from the Virginia SEO project from May 2015. I went in about I don't know five or six weeks ago and made some changes to it. And it tanked

yeah did it thank you I don't even know if it's in the I haven't looked at it in a few weeks but I know a few weeks ago it was it wasn't even on page one anymore I can guarantee is still fresh paid I don't even have to look it can't have fallen off that much yeah did it did let's do the search right now man up I'll put my money where my mouth goes. I mean, maybe one of the keywords there was few several variations that I just use SEO virgin it just goes to the top Virginia SEO.

This Stuff Works
Okay, they're using schema bamboo marketing. They're now benefiting. See, this is a site. No, that's not mine.

Using a G site, look at that. Yeah, somebody else's. Okay. But this big bamboo that's pushed by all that that is Yeah. And that that might have been one. So I did I went in and made some changes to it because I said, You know what, I ought to probably go in and make some updates to this and then, but honestly, it was just because I had some spare time, which is I don't want anymore at the time when I went into play with it. And after I made those changes it tanked. I was like, Oh shit. And honestly, it was I don't? I am not looking for.

Look at that. It's not even on page two. Oh, so you killed it. You killed Virginia steel. Yeah, no, I mean, I think it's still indexed. But they're not. Bradley, shame on you. Yeah. And it was funny because like, honestly, I'm not interested in spending any time on trying to revive that, because it was great to point to for examples of how powerful drive stacks can be. But I went in and made some changes, like I said, there it is right there. So on Virginia SEO agency, it's at the bottom of page two. And I promise you to remember guys, it stayed ranking for five over five years, about five and a half years. And I did nothing to it, no link building nothing and went up about six or eight months ago when I noticed it had dropped three or four spots from number one down to like, you know, four or five, for several keywords, I did one freakin press release. And it pushed it right back up to number one for about four or five months. And then I went in and made some changes. So like I said if I wanted to spend some time on this, or money for that matter, not even time I could just buy some link-building gigs to this and probably push it back up. But it was used for nothing other than just as a, you know, something to show. I don't, I will not take just general SEO clients anymore at all. So if I was when I because I did generate leads from that. But I won't, you know, now unless they're a Tree Service contractor, I flat out won't even quote anybody. So like, there's really no point in me spending any time or money on that site anymore. I'm working on a national project right now that I will share when the time is appropriate. And that'll be you know, kind of the new case study that I'll run with for Semantic Mastery for the next several years. Because it's it's the biggest project I've ever worked on in my digital marketing career. And I'm super excited about it. But I can't share what that is right now. So I but we can shed defeat flower? Sure you can. We can do that. Well, why don't you do just let's do spend another minute and just real quick?

Number one, number two, number two, and organic. Thank you. And the other one, the root domain, the self-hosted domain for that same project. So number four, inorganic decide those got a proper drive stack and, and a property site. One of those is the G site which outperforms everything. So there you go. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. And sometimes you have Bradley breaking shit. Yeah. But for five and a half years, other than like I said about six or eight months ago, I did one press release because it dropped about the middle of page one, after five years with no link building nothing. It was a number one position and every now and it would bounce to like number two or number three, but for four or five main keywords, it was always ranked number one for years. And what's funny is some of those competitors now that have Google sites listed on page one, I promise you that they went and either bought drive stacks from us or reverse engineered and built exactly replicated what I did and those were other SEO Virginia SEO agencies that did that. So for five years, I was ranked number one with no link building no press releases nothing from a very crude SEO shield, and wasn't even called that a drive stack that I built. It wasn't built properly wasn't interlinked properly. And there was nothing done to it. So

I'm a believer.

And I'm gonna remain a believer. I don't care if it's dropped to page two. Now when I haven't done anything Well, again, I edited it and I shouldn't have So anyway, that was it. I think we got to all the questions today. No, I think they'll beautiful. Well, thanks for being here, guys. We will see you all

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