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By April

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We're live. Oh, there we go. I see it now. So regardless, we're live. Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts. Today's the 27th of January 2021. And we've got some good stuff for you guys today. As usual, we got a few quick announcements and then we're gonna jump into answering your questions. But real quick, just want to say hi, looks like we got most of the guys here today. Let's see. I'm gonna start with her Nan today. How are you doing, man?

Dude, I'm good. I'm good.

I'm just melting down here. It's really hot and humid, but it's okay, man.

We're supposed to have rain tomorrow. So gonna cool off. Happy to be here.

Nice. what's the temperature there in Celsius?

And Celsius is like 36. I think so. 36. See, it's pretty warm. Yeah.

Yeah, that's 96 points, 97.

All right, that's getting up. Yeah, that's on like, maximum temperature scale. So I know you're a hardware guy. But yeah, some rain on top of that. That sounds nice and humid. So you enjoy that. Yeah. Awesome. Marco. How are you doing today?

Um, I mean, what can I say? Groundhog Day. If you guys understand how it is that you can take $1 and change it into a million dollars. Give me one. Give me a hill. Yeah, let me see. Fuck. I hate those cheesy markers, man. Look, hard work. You gotta work. You gotta do the dude, you got to pay your dues. It's very people who hit on that one idea with absolutely nothing. But sweat equity. Turn it into a billion-dollar idea. The rest of Us to get to anyone, whatever. I gotta work. I don't just sit here and do nothing. I yeah, it's beautiful. It's a great place to work. I step outside. It's sunny. It's warm. It's beautiful. Got the sun? Got him. Got this. When did my hair look, man? Come on, man. Very few things require no work as most people tell you to should is hard work. And it's not easy. It's not easy, but it's not complicated. It can't be simplified, which is what we've done for you. Alright. So if you want to know how, and you want to know why we're in the middle of our charity webinars, Bradley killed it on Monday. With his ads for branding. And entity Monday, I'm gonna call it what it is entity manipulation. It was fantastic. A lot of great ideas, a lot of information that literally I'm telling you on Monday would have cost 1000s of dollars anywhere else. You got it for free. Next Monday. What's the Dixon Jones, internet legend Dixon Jones is coming to show you how to do entities and content. And so this is going to be a recurring theme entities entities entities, brand new entities brand. I wonder why I wonder what's working in SEO, what has been working, what's working out what will be working. Anyway, I don't want to take too much time. Thank you to those of you who donated if you haven't, then I posted a how-to on the page. I know the information is there. Again, I don't want to take too much time. And even if you did and you did not register, you won't be able to access that page. Now. Because that page is gone. We moved it, you can still contact the email that I've set on there and you will get access. If you're given the note no donation, you will get access to the replay. And if you haven't donated, send proof of the other donation to the email and get access guys' information. I'm telling you, you would end up paying I know barely one time paid nearly 20 K. And the information was nowhere near as good as the shit that we give away for the price of a donation. I can guarantee it. He told us what the information that he got not that it was useless. But the information that we're giving away for a charitable donation. I'd be dead. There's no comparison anywhere. Guaranteed.

Outstanding Marco, something you said at the beginning. I'm just gonna ask you and for those of you watching, I didn't ask Marco this earlier or anything. But the something you said kind of tickled something in my head. I was wondering Have you read the book The Art of contrary thinking?

Of course.

Okay. I had never heard of it until a couple of weeks ago. And I just picked it up and started going through it. And anyway, I was like, You know what, I bet this is a book Marco would recommend. And just this is a total tangent, but would you recommend people to read it because I'm like 10 pages in and I'm like, I can tell this is gonna be a big one.

I mean, I recommend that you read period, right?

Yeah, read it.

And not just that it's not just reading that one book but this other but Well, when everybody thinks, Oh, here we go, let me see if I get the quote, right. When everybody thinks the same when everybody thinks alike, everybody is likely to be wrong. Think about that. Think about that. All right. So the art of contrary thinking, Humphrey, was a Yo, yo,

yeah, Neil.

Yeah. Yeah, guys, read the book, read the book. Go read the art of war. Mandatory, mandatory. And then read the commentaries on the art of war. Don't just read it. Try to figure it out while you're like trying to read the Bible without the commentaries, right? Without going into the original text. But yeah, definitely, if you can, like a book a week, by all means, for those who can't just listen to it, listen, listen to books, all the audiobooks are everywhere. But yeah, absolutely recommended.

Awesome. All right. The library tickled something else too. I just put the link down for anyone interested. We should probably we could update this year. We've got a recommended reading list which I don't think the art of country thinking is on my add that on, but I just put it at semantic mastery comm slash books. So go check that out if you're watching and interested in some of these we're mentioning so. Okay, sorry, a little bit of a tangent there. But last but not least, Bradley, how are you doing today?

Doing great. Busy as all hell as usual, but doing well. Glad to be here.

Sounds good. All right. Well, I got a little thing to get through here. I wanted to let people know because we do have new people watching every week people coming in on YouTube are catching the replay. So first of all, thank you for watching. You're in the right place.

Hold on a minute. Did we forget Chris, didn't we?

Is Chris here. Chris is here. Oh, man. I'm sorry. Well,

I can go again as well. If you don't like me here today. Chris snuck in the back door when Adam wasn't looking.

That's good. I feel bad because we got the little strip up at the top and zoom. So Chris, how are you doing? Man? My bad.

Yeah, doing well here. I didn't know.

I was wondering because now I wish the most.

Sorry, what are you saying?

I don't know. I'm shorting the markets, especially on the SEO niche. Not having anything else. Alright, well stay away from GameStop. So that's already? Yeah. All right, well, let's get into it. So like I was saying, if you're here and you're watching live, let us know how you're doing. Even if you don't have a comment, just say hello, get let us know where you're at, or how you're doing. And if you're new to semantic mastery, you're new to MGYB you're new to heavy hitters club, the best place for you to start find out how to shield your sites don't have to worry about algorithm updates again, and it's a free training that's available at the SEOshield.com. That's the word, the SEOshield.com. And you'll hear us talking about all the stuff that's involved in that. So if you're not familiar with words, like SEO shield, that's a great place for you to get started. From there, definitely recommend picking up the Battle Plan. Alright, that's step by step processes. So you can get SEO results. And it's how we do things and the tools we use and the services we use. And you can get that at Battle Plan dot semantic mastery.com the next one after that we also get questions about right as consultants like myself, agency owners like Bradley, people who are, you know, wanting to get more clients who want to grow the revenue, they want to scale the team, they're still you know, grow at still in growth mode. It's hard to get that one out of the mouth. And you know, before they're big enough, they're thinking, How can I do this? How do I do these three really important things so Bradley and Hernan a little bit, they've put together this training last year, that is just amazing? It's called 2xyouragency, 2xyouragency.com. Just head over there and you can find out more. And for those of you who are serious about growing your digital marketing business or the digital marketing side of your business, and you want to be part of the experienced community, then the mastermind is definitely for you. And that you can find out more at mastermind.semanticmastery.com. And now I mentioned MGYB if you're not familiar with it, it's mgyb.co. Alright, that's done for you services, things like the SEO shield that I mentioned, syndication networks, link building press releases, and a ton more. I believe we've got an update coming soon. Right Marco we've got a kind of an overhaul on the system coming down the pipeline, right.

We have a complete overhaul of the system. But I mean, Bradley's in there. So you can tell. He can tell me but I mean, we're doing several things right. So it's not just that syndication Academy. Right, that's coming guys, that'd be an overhaul. And then, of course, we're gonna have updates and is going to be a new person who just wants to be friendly more time, honestly, than what he could then want to get dedicated to it. It needs more time. So It can work the way that it should. Bradley couldn't dedicate the time to it. So we just brought someone in. She learned the way. And she was here. I mean, you guys met her, you guys met SC, she's the one that that's redoing, syndication Academy, she was doing updates, she's going to be going into a whole bunch of new profiles and websites that we can use to manipulate the entity. Remember, entity-based, worthless SEO. That's what this is about the charity webinars are about that, how we're winning today's we're manipulating the entity and showing Google what we want. And we're getting Google to do what we want Google to do. That's how we do the dope.

Outstanding. Well, like Marco was saying earlier, if you haven't yet, you can still get access to the charity webinars highly recommend you do that that is on the page. If for some reason you're watching this, you can't find the link, you're not sure what's going on. But you know that you want to get in on that you can just send an email to support at semantic mastery comm we'll get you sorted out and gets taken care of. So with that said, Guys, anything else before we dive into it?

All right, we're good.

Right, grab the screen.

There it is. Alright,

so it looks like the first one is from mini min. Rob. Hey, guys, I've received my order from MGYB. But I don't know how it works. Well, which order? Is he? Which order? Is he talking about? SEO SEO. But I don't know.

Rob, if you're here mini broad. I'm just gonna call it mini Rob. Sorry, man. This may be your actual name. But it makes me think of like a little tiny version of Rob. Yeah. If that's the case, we need to know more information, right? We can't tell you what's going on. We don't know if you ordered a press release or a link building order or keyword research. So we're kind of stuck here. So if you let us know, we could probably help you. And then I would also say you probably want to talk to us first and come to Hump Day Hangouts. And if you're like, maybe I should use this SEO shield thing or the press release thing. If you ask that first, we could definitely explain it. But since you've got it now, let us know exactly what you're doing. And then that's how we can help you I guess.

That's good. Okay. All right. So yeah, we can try to answer a few. I'm sorry, I just got was looking at an email that just came in what's the next question is what's the best way before? Before you go to the next question, the SEO shield comm if you got an SEO shield, right, the seo.com is the place to go for the training. It's free. And at the end of that, we even throw in a coupon for you to order whatever it is that you need.

How Do You Push The Link Juice To Power All PDFs In The Entire Amazon S3 Folders?

Beautiful. Okay, so the next one is what's the best way to push link juice through entire Amazon s3 folders to power up all PDFs within? Also, is it possible, like Google Drive to embed folders to show all files inside the bucket? Thank you, um, the best way to power up an s3 folder? I'm not sure if you can power up a full folder. I've never tried that. Usually, I just extract the URLs from within the folder and then just hit those with backlinks. If there are URLs that I want to do that to Marco Do you know, can you make a public folder itself public? Like? I don't know if the folder has its own URL or what?

Alright, guys, I have no idea. If the s3 folder itself, we know that the HTML documents that we place in their images or whatever it is that we placed in there can be made public. But I'll tell you what, give me about I'm gonna say three months because we're about to do some nasty stuff in s3, I was just talking about it with my team, or I shouldn't call it my team partners. Just the SEO crew that I'm with where we're going to go and just really look into s3 and how much power there actually is in there. So if you come back, I mean, if not just go in and do it yourself and see if it'll if it can go public and then the best way to push power to that. The Darya Nuff said an embed gig or a link building gig or both from dedhia to that will push all the power you need. I'm not sure about the folder, but I can guarantee that in about three months. I'll have all the answers you want about s3.

Is There A Way To Get More Branded GMBs In Different Locations To Boost The Footprint Of A Real Business With No Fixed Address?

Sweet. Next question. Is there a way to get more branded GMBs in different locations to boost the footprint of a real service business that doesn't have a fixed address and works remotely? Yeah, I mean, if you can, I mean, there's a couple of ways you can buy GMBs from places that will sell you verified GM bees we used to and MGYB. But I don't think that's available anymore. There are still some places that will do it. I even found somewhere that I placed an order but it was way back in November and it still hasn't been delivered. So you know, I think it's getting harder to do it. But there I know there are still some vendors out there that will sell verified GM B's. I'm just not going to recommend any of them because again, the one that I just attempted to use in November, I still haven't had one delivered yet. So I don't recommend any of I don't have any to recommend is what I'm saying but there are GMB verified. You know, you can purchase verified GMB, there are vendors out there that do sell them. The other way is the way that I've before people started selling them, I used to always just use Pio boxes, you can go to post offices, one thing you want to do is don't you don't want to get to GMBs too close to each other. Right. So if you're going to do a service area business, which I understand doing that makes total sense, I would have them at least 15 or 20 miles apart. Depending on what your service area is, it could be even bigger, larger, you know further distance between locations. But what you can do is find a post office. And then you fill out a form, it's free, but it's to use the street address option. So in other words, like if you go you can do all this online, too, by the way, you can register a PO Box online. And they'll give you they won't issue you the box number and till you go to the post office like you have to physically go to the post office and show your IDs and sign the paperwork at the post office. But you can reserve it online and pay for it and everything else. But you do have to physically go to the post office to sign the paperwork and then they'll assign you the box number at that point. So let's just say it's a box one on one. If if the post office is at 123, Main Street, whatever town right, then you can fill out an additional form, it's free to do it doesn't cost anything else. But you fill out an additional form to use the street address option. And then you would end up using the address for the GMB listing 123 Main Street number sign like the pound sign 101 right, and that that will work. You can't add a p o box to GMB as the physical address. But you can do a street address with you know, basically a box number a suite number, but it's just the pound sign and the post office is very particular about you only using the number sign the pound sign before the box number not sweet. Not box, none of that it's just the number sign. And again, they're very particular about that. But that's the way that I had always done it prior to people selling GMB's.

And it still works, you know. So that's another alternative way to do it. And in fact, I actually still prefer that method after but over buying them except for the fact that you have to physically go to the post office that sucks. Because you know, especially if it's far away, but if it's within reason and you can drive to it, then I recommend going that route over purchasing GMB listings from vendors. And the reason I say that is because it's still tied to a real physical address this way. And I feel like those are safer than using the spammed ones because of some of the spammed GMB listings that I have. They don't have any physical location even referenced or tied to them, which I don't even know how happens. But like there's no physical address actually connected with it, and it causes problems with the proximity filter. So and what I'm saying is, even for service area business guys, you understand you have to clear the address like you're not supposed to per Google's Terms of Service, you're not supposed to publish the street address for a service area business. Right. So in other words, if it's a service area business where the customer or excuse me, the business serves the customer at the customer's location, then you're supposed to delete them or clear the physical location when you set your service areas then you're supposed to clear the physical location from showing and when it does, it literally clears it from the GMB dashboard and it will not any longer show the physical address, the street address in the maps listing or anything. But what I'm saying is, some of the GMB is that I had purchased. They don't have any street address associated with them at all and I don't know how they even did it. But it causes issues to where it doesn't show for like near me searches and stuff like that because there's no physical location associated with it. And again, I don't know how they do it because even when you register a new GMB, let's say It's a legit business and your service area business and it has a legit physical location where the office or you know the business owner lives or whatever, you have to add that address. When you set when you go to claim or create the GMB listing, you have to add the physical address and then wait for a postcard or a card to be delivered via us a mail to that location that has a pin number in it so that you can verify that that physical location that the business really resides at that physical location. So even when you clear the address to make sure that it's not published, there is still a physical location associated with that GMB and you don't see that on the GMB dashboard. But for example, I just recently started using local Viking to manage GMB posts and stuff because it integrates with some of my CRM and stuff. So anyway, I'm using that and when you import GMB listings into local Viking, it shows the street address, even if it's an unpublished street address, and I've got a few listings in there that just no street address appears at all, there's no physical location associated with it. And those are the ones that I'm having trouble getting to appear for proximity searches such as, like near me, keyword phrases, or search queries. And so again, I would recommend it, the spam listings, they can still work, but there are some drawbacks in them that I don't like about them. Were the P o box way to get one with an actual physical address tends to work. Still, it still works. And I like that one better, except for the fact that you have to physically go to the post office. Does anybody want to comment on that?

Not me. Okay, moving on then.

This Stuff Works
But yeah, absolutely. That's I mean, that's a great way to do it for large, especially business with large service areas, if you can get multiple maps listings, that's best. Another way to do it, by the way, just quickly, is you can go to Craigslist and post an ad for that I've done that I've been successful in the past where I've posted an ad and in the, you know, in the area that I want, and say, you know, tell them that I'll pay him 50 bucks to receive a Google postcard. And, you know, tell me when they when they've received it and and and and, you know, call me or text me with the pin number inside the card. Most of the time what happens is you'll find renters that do that instead of people that own homes because they don't care if somebody registers a business to a rental property like the renters don't care. The landlord might, but the renters don't. So I found that I've done that in the past several times when it when they when I was trying to get a GMB in an area that I couldn't that I just wasn't you know, it wasn't feasible to drive to and get a PO Box, then I will use Craigslist. So that's another way to do it. Okay. Moving on.

Is It Possible To Get Wiki Links To An SEO Agency That Offers Other Services And Has A Blog On Non-Marketing Tech Resources?

Next question, given Wikipedia is a negative view of SEO, is it possible to get links from Wikipedia or wiki data to an SEO agency that also offers other services and has a blog with lots of non-marketing tech resources? Sure, but you can also purchase wiki links. Just like we were talking about spam, GMB listings you can buy. We sell [email protected], our store. And they work I mean, occasionally something will get edited out like, but I've actually had one recently that was edited out. And then I just submitted a support request, and I got it restored on another Wikipedia page. So you know, you can buy links, say is it possible? Yeah, cuz you can buy them. I don't know how to do the edits myself, because I'm not a moderator for Wikipedia. But, you know, that's one way you could do it is to hire, you know, a Wikipedia editor or moderator, I should say, those are generally really, really expensive. So the other way is just to find a service, like what we have in MGYB, where you can buy them there. I don't know of any other way to get them to you, Marco.

I mean, there are other ways, but you got to pay for them, or you got to get yourself a Wikipedia page. And you have to be eligible, you have to be able to provide all the documentation that Wikipedia requires. That's the best thing. The best thing is to get yourself a page on Wikipedia. And Dixon Jones is going to explain on Monday, that's the most important Wikipedia link that you could possibly get that mentioned in Wikipedia. And then from that, I mean, the next best thing is getting a link on the top page and then getting a link on a page referring to another page as long as it's relevant. Right. You got to maintain that relevance. But yeah, I mean, just go to MGYB to look for it. We offer it.

What Is A Good Way To Get Lots Of Footer Links Without Having Lots Of Clients?

Sweet Suraj is up he says what's a good way to get lots of footer links without having lots of clients trying to rank in a competitive area for web design and all other competitors dominate with footer links someone's exact text. So I'm assuming he means exact anchor text exact match anchor text was hacked footers. Yes. stuff I ever saw.

Yeah. Yeah, that's funny. Do you say that? Because I, when I read this question earlier and asked what I was gonna suggest, was the only other way that I would know how to do it is the safe network. A lot of those links are hacked footer links, and that when I'm What I mean is like, they literally hack other people's websites, put links in there for you. It's so blackhat. But um, you know, it can work. I used to use a lot of safe links years ago when I was doing a lot more blackhat stuff. And I guess there's really no hats. But when I was doing a lot of really spammy, like, you know, dark alley ship, I used a lot of safe links. I don't do that anymore. But that's one way to do it. I don't recommend it. But that is one way to do it. Anyway, you got any suggestions, Margo?

For further length, Now, why? Alright, so here's the deal. Um, and I'm gonna say this again. And we explained that I'm going to keep referring back to the webinars on Monday, we explain why we do things, the way that we do, why we create the entity, the way we the way that we do, I'm not gonna go through it here. But we become master mimics. We look at the big dogs. We do what the big dogs do, at the part level, at the algorithmic level, at the patent level, that's how we do it. All right, if you want to learn how, and why make a donation. Go see our footer links the only way to compete or is there something more powerful than I am missing? Yeah, I mean, I, I don't think I would go out use that strategy. I'm not I don't think I know I would use that strategy. I would do other things. So the SEO shield? Yeah. Start there. And then there.

How Can You Run Ads For A Client If You Don't Have Access To Their Website?

Fitz is up. He says, Hey, guys, hope everyone is well. How can you run ads for a client if you don't have access to their website? Thanks. You don't need access to some you can run ads to any URL. The problem is conversion tracking and remarketing and all that other stuff, you know, but you can run ads to any URL that you know. I mean, as far as I know, I don't think if you have if, if you have a URL, you can run ads to it. The question is why, like if you don't have access to their website, then you're not going to be able to install, like the conversion link or code conversion tracking. You know, Google Tag Manager remarketing. You know the remarketing tag all of those things that you would need, but you don't need them. But I would hate to piss money away on Google ads, or ads period if I couldn't track conversions. And if I couldn't build a remarketing list from anybody that visited the page or the site,

so I don't know why you would want to do it without having access to the site. Go ahead.

Yeah, I'm just wondering if maybe it's one of those where he's saying he doesn't have, edit access. But if somebody can, or if you can talk to the client be like, hey, you just need to take these two steps. You need to copy this code, you need to install it, tell them where to do it. Because Yeah, if you're in that situation, where for whatever reason, you don't have access, you need to maybe impress upon them the importance of, hey, you need to get this code on there. Otherwise, you're gonna be losing money. You know, because you can't retarget you're not building retargeting lists, you won't know about conversions.

Yeah, if you have, if you have, you know, if there's a webmaster or somebody that is maintaining this site that you just don't have access to yourself, then you can absolutely still do everything because what I would suggest you do at that point would be to set up Tag Manager. And then just contact, whoever's managing the site. So the webmaster or the business owner, whoever's managing the site, contact them and send them the container code for Tag Manager, one goes into the header, one goes into the footer, or right before the closing body tag, either one. And it's just two snippets of code to get added to the site globally, right, so it's site-wide code, and then you can add and subtract all the tags that you need inside of Tag Manager which you would have access to meaning you can add tags and triggers and all that stuff and then deploy it all through Tag Manager and will automatically update the website from a remote from tag managed from the Tag Manager dashboard. Once the container code is there, you can add or remove tags, remarketing tags, a conversion tracking all of that stuff. Jason, you can add structured data schema.org All kinds of stuff that you can use Tag Manager for. If you don't have access to managing the site, the webmaster can install Tag Manager and you can use that.

This Stuff Works
Any other comments?

No, that's fine. Okay,

Does It Make A Difference If You Already Added The Supporting Documents Prior To Getting The SEO Location Shield?

so the next one is from Landry. Now I get it, I couldn't figure out how to pronounce your name. So I appreciate you spelling it out phonetically because Hooked on Phonics works for me. So thank you for that. So Lanre says, Hey, Bradley, I noticed you had problems pronouncing my name. It's pronounced Landry as an rio. So I've got it this time. Now, my question is this, I bought my keyword research from you guys. I built my site, I added three categories with content, and five supporting articles per category, I now need to order my SEO location shield to establish my brand. Okay, I'm not sure that you want to order locations, you know, maybe you do, I don't have the full context of your project. But let's just assume that the SEO location showed us what you want to order? Does it make any difference? If I already added the supporting documents prior to getting the SEO location showed? I don't quite understand the question. Does it matter that you've started to build out your site with categories and adding depth to the silos? No, it doesn't matter at all. Because again, I don't know that the location, I don't have the full context, I don't know what you're doing. But just from this little bit of detail that I have. I don't know that the location shield is really what you want and the SEO power shield should be for the brand. And then typically, for top-level silos, you want to do the are the expansion stack, right? Dry S Drive expansion, or drive stack expansion, excuse me? Not necessarily location shield. So if you go take a look at the SEO shield, and you take a look at the three different versions, what does it locate starter shield locations to power shield, right? Power shield is going to be for the brand, that's what we recommend. But then our wireless expansions, which is a separate product in the store, it's not on the SEO shield page, cry is drive stack expansion. Go in there. That's what I would recommend that you buy an expansion for each top-level silo. Does that make sense? Does anybody want to comment on this Marco, do you?

Yeah, I mean, don't look at it like that. Landry. Don't look at it like that. You're done with the website, you can continue working with the website. Yeah, you can have dummy content on the website, you shouldn't. But you at least need that RSS feed. So yeah, you do need some supporting articles or posts. You have that already. Go in order and SEO shall not a location shield. Because you don't want to pigeonhole yourself into a geographic location. All right, not if your branding, not if your branding, you can do you can take care of the locations through location-driven pages. On the inner part of the G site, in the beginning, you're just trying to create I'm not gonna say the keyword, yet but it is its brand plus a keyword, relationships, how your brand relates to the keywords in whatever niche It is, it is that you're in, especially the top-level keywords, we add it, we intersperse it, we go through all of the documents, everything gets filled with keywords, especially if you order our deep keyword research gig, which this is perfect for, it's perfect for giving you all of the relevance necessary to really carry out a proper the proper content structure of your website will give you suggestions, you know your project better than we could ever hope to know it. So you have to follow what you know, with what our suggestions are. Once you have all that and once you get the SEO show delivered back, especially the G site that the following that as the ad ID and ordering an expansion won't interfere with the ad ID. So what you see is okay, now I have a top-level category. So I'm going after gold. Now I want to do gold bars. Well, gold bars go on the inside. So let's say you're saying you're in a city already, and you want the adjoining city. So gold bars add joining the city, however, it is that you choose to pursue that well, we build that for you we can build you an interface so that you don't have to, and an intersect. So you're expanding the power of your original branded stack, and G site. And the whole point of this is to keep expanding. So you're adding depth and breadth to that T site and dry stack the same way that you're doing it on your website as you find categories. And as you use supporting posts to boost that top-level category that you're trying to rank eventually you should be pushing so much power. And I see this time and again, that even an empty folder is added. This is when true power will you push it to power and you're building up that PageRank and ranking score. An empty folder will rank for the keyword that you're assigning it. And it's incredible when when when this thing happens, or you'll pop in and like a new location, and a brand new GMB and you see all kinds of action in the GMB. And you're wondering why? Well, it's because you iframe it on the G site or you iframe that on your website, or it's part of a really deep and wide drive second site. And that's when the power really comes into play. That's why I tell people, it's hard work, you cannot expect to rank with one page for gold. It's not gonna happen, you can't ever hope to outrank Amazon with one page, and a couple of supporting posts. Not gonna happen. That's, that's a trillion-dollar company that you're going after you can't do it for a buck 50. All right, so all of this power and all of these things need to continue taking place, you need to do your press releases, you need to do the link building, you need to do the embeds plus link building. And you need to continue broadening your profile throughout the web, making that footprint bigger, wider, relating more profiles one to the other. This is what the big boys do. You see Apple everywhere you see Amazon, everywhere. So that's what you have to do. And one of the ways that we do it is exactly the way I just described. Now that takes a lot of work. The way that I like to put this is it like people see it. And it's really simple. I ordered the SEO shield, and then I just produce content. And magic happens. No, it doesn't. I've been online for 18 years. This is 18 years in the making. Bradley has about a decade and I know her Nana's around there. Chris has so many years and Adam, I think Well, I know. I've known him for six, seven years. So he has at least that long online. So you're getting decade's worth of thinking of strategizing of putting everything together into what you see as the SEO shoot. But that's what it's for. And that's what you should order not the location shield, but the branded SEO power shield. Yeah.

Yeah, that's why I just pulled up the pages on the store, just to demonstrate what Marco was talking about. The SEO power shield is what we recommend for the brand. For the main brand, right, and then from that, because it gives you the syndication network, the drive stack with the G site, and then the IDX page. So that's for the main entity, right the brand itself, and then from there, you go from the store, go click into the Google RYS expansion stacks. And these are the expansion stacks of each top-level silo. Right? So each silo on the site. So top-level category, top-level keyword, you should have an RBS expansion stack. If you're doing a local business and you're you have location-based silos, however, you do that, I do it using the tag structure inside of WordPress, then I also order a separate expansion stack for each location, if that makes sense, but I don't want to confuse you. As I said, if you're doing it on just topical stuff, then you'd want a separate expansion stack for each one of your top-level silos. You don't need additional ID pages and then additional g sites, which is what happens when you order location shield. So in fact, I would we would recommend against that.

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Okay, so hopefully that clarifies that.

All right, moving on.

Does it make a difference in priority? No, no, it doesn't, you can just as long as you have, all that you need is you need the web, the URLs, when that you're going to push, you know uses your main target URL for your drive stack. And then for each one of your expansion stacks you're going to get, you're going to have a field that you have to submit your main target URL, it's going to be one primary target URL per expansion. As long as those URLs are available, like on your site, that's fine. It doesn't matter whether there's content there or anything, to begin with, you can order it with just the URL. The only thing that has to have content is the RSS feed for the SEO power shield order because the syndication network, if it's an RSS driven syndication network as opposed to YouTube, then it needs the RSS feed has to have so the RSS Feed URL has to contain at least one item it can be the Hello World post for that matter, it doesn't matter. As long as it has one item in the RSS feed, then they can set up the applets inside IFTTT but that's it though the rest of the site doesn't need to look at content on it. If it just has the URLs available in. That's it. And for anybody watching this at this point watching the replay, enlarge the video so you can get the information about donating to the charity and accessing the webinar.

Do You Have Any Tips In Using Linktree Other Than Hammering It With Backlinks?

Okay, sweet. Let's keep moving. Jim's up. What's up, Jim? He says, Hey, gang, I was curious if you guys have any tips or tricks to apply to link tree? That's a good site. I just started playing with that a little bit more actually. Other than the usual hammer the shit out of it with backlinks. You can embed it. So yeah, it's pretty much the same thing that we would always recommend hammer with backlinks. You can also embed link tree itself, the link tree page, which is just a collection of links, right. So that's just you can also do embeds and backlinks to the embeds. Anything else?

Scorched earth Seo? hammer? I don't know any other strategy. I don't understand anything else other than if it can stand it, give it more. And if it takes that much, then try some more. Well, you know what it is man? Just go do the do.

How Would You Silo Structure A Website With Multiple Topics?

Alright, baby, what's up, man? He says, Hey, guys, a better example for last weekend's question how Google treat pages that are not related topically to the site, say you are a site about marketing. The silo is about software. Let's say all the marketing software goes here. But what if we add non-marketing software pages to the silo to that silo-like employment software, or betting software, etc. So the new silo be opened to nonrelated marketing software? No. And in a case like that, BB, I would have subcategories. So I would use a complex silo structure for that type of site because the software would be the parent category, the top-level category, but then you would create subcategories for the different types of software marketing software is a subcategory. What were some of the other one's employment software being another sub sub category, and then betting software or investing software? Right. forex software, like there's a, you know, productivity software, like every one of those could be sub-categories. And then you would add supporting articles, which could be reviews of those types of different software in their appropriate subcategory. So in a situation like what you're describing this time, in which you provided more context, this time than you usually do. So thank you for that, by the way, then then, yeah, I would use a complex silo structure for something like that. And I would add subcategories and appropriately place the articles and supporting articles and such within the correct cat subcategories. That is something that you could do.


yeah, treated as a directory for marketing? And how would you build that directory then for marketing related categories and subcategories, and maybe some not so specific categories that do relate to marketing, but not in a direct manner, you could totally do that. Just be careful how far in the weeds you go, because you could end up somewhere totally not relevant to whatever it is that you're doing. And then in that case, it's not as if you'd be penalized or anything, it's just that you're not going to get any, well, you shouldn't get any action, because the AI will know that there's absolutely no relationship between that uncategorized or irrelevant category, and everything else that you're doing, with the caveat that if you're pushing enough power, it will rack it just takes monster power to do it.

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Yeah. Yeah, and, and actually, you know, that's, I, I prefer using simple silos as much as possible. But in the situation that you're describing here, that's perfect for a complex silo. And you can push a shit ton of power with the complex silo guys if you know how to how to set up your internal linking correctly. Complex silos can push a ton of power to the top-level keyword. So again, you know, you got to map that out before ever starting a complex silo site, spend some time mapping it out, like not just the immediate need, but your future needs as well, because that's part of the problem with a complex silo structure is it's real easy to get started and think that you have an idea of what you want your silo structure to look like when you're starting off and you have, you know, a finite or a limited amount of content and ideas. But as the project grows, you're probably going to figure like, Oh shit, I should have figured it. I should have structured the site in this way instead. And that's part of the problem with complex silo structures is their complex just like the name? Just like, that's why it's in the name, excuse me. But if you do it correctly, if you map it out, right, then you can I mean, it's just amazing. And how much power you can push with those. But again, it's like I remember, that's part of the reason I like to do those anymore at all is that I would spend literally hours upon hours a day to, you know, a day or two on just mapping out the site before starting the build. And even then even after doing all of that mapping work and trying to decide on how I was going to structure the site, a lot of the times, at some point in the future, I would end up kicking myself for structuring it that way, because I should have done something else, you know what I mean? So I prefer not to do that if needed. But if so, I mean, if that's the route, that you're going to go spend some time on the front end, you'll, you'll be glad that you did. And yeah, you can push a lot of power that way, for sure.

Well, that's if you're building a directory, this complexity in building a directory to start with. So try to keep it simple. And don't spend hours trying to map out the site, just get to work on it, and try to work it out conceptually, as you go, you're still gonna run into problems and having to 301 and having to redo your URL structure. But that's a lot better, man.

Do Semantic Mastery's Methods Only Work On Google Search Engines?

So the next question is, do your methods work only on Google search engines and YouTube? Or should they should it also work on search engines like Facebook or Pinterest search, etc. I mean, we optimize for Google? Because you know, that's what 70 or 80% of all search traffic. I can't speak for Facebook or Pinterest, those algorithms are totally different. But oftentimes, when we optimize for Google, then we end up ranking in Bing and Yahoo because many and Yahoo are one and the same anymore. But it's only I think, they've got a little bit more market share than they used to, but it's somewhere around 30%, I think. But I don't optimize for Bing, or, I mean, I just optimize for Google. Because that's, you know, that's where the bulk of all traffic comes from. And usually, we end up ranking in Yahoo, and Bing also, comments on that?

Yeah, I mean, we want Google search. That's what we're after. In some places in some countries some areas, over 90% of the search market, is in Google. So if you have something that's search-based, which is totally local business, or whatever, then it just stands to reason that you're going to focus on Google. Now, if you're going to go and work on the Pinterest algorithm that you have to learn the Pinterest algorithm. And some of the methods that we teach might not work in Pinterest, but I'm not gonna get into how Pinterest works here works differently. The same thing with Facebook, the Facebook algorithm works differently. It just does. They're similar. So as the Bing algorithm, they're all based on the same thing, right, trying to see how they rank for a certain query. At the end of the day, that's what you're trying to do. But you have to learn the requirements. So you mentioned Pinterest, and, and Facebook, you'd have to try those people want Amazon, we have to go in and figure that one out. Then Bing, Yahoo. Why when we can get 80 to 90%. In Google, and then the other ones, we can just run ads and get results. Yep,

I agree.

Have You Ever Ranked Something Using Citations Only?

All right. Ah, next question. Have you ever ranked something with citations only and without links? Let's, let's say you have a non-local site, say e-commerce does brand citations without backlinks. Will that work? First of all, I don't know because all I do is local stuff. I've ranked local stuff with just citations like a local business directory or business directory citations like structured citations. Sometimes they'll contain links, oftentimes, they'll contain links. It's been a long time since I've tried to rank any local business project with just citations. It's probably possible still, but citations are just a part of an overall picture. Now that's talking about, like, structured citations like business directory listings for local type business sites. I think what you're talking about is like co-citation, right? where somebody is talking or a citation, I guess, in a broader sense, can be just a brand mention, right?

I've never tried that. I don't know why you would mean, I've never tried it. So I can't answer that. Can you know, because the citation is a backlink? So I don't get it. I don't get the question to start with. And let's, let's see, let's say you have a non-local site. That's e-commerce does do brand citations without backlinks work, or will they work? I have no clue because that's not how we do. We actually use citations as part of the entity. It's all part of entity-based. worry less SEO, especially local, like the broader you go The less necessary they can put your branded citations if you can get them in the big ones in the data aggregators, as a matter of fact, work really well because they're links. They're places where Google goes to see the data to pull data, but it. Alright, so this question I'm not gonna pick on you, I'm just saying is missing the point of the ranking score and PageRank algorithm, and of every other algorithm, because Google has to go through a link somewhere to get to the server, wherever this branded or number, enter the citation or wherever this other thing is, without that link, there's absolutely no way that Google can go from one server to the other, it's not magic, Google cannot teleport, it can't jump into another server, right? It's a, it's HTTP or HTTPS. That's the protocol. As well, there has to be something that connects them that connect, now you what you're talking about. And, again, I'm gonna go back to our webinar Monday, it was killer, you have two nodes, is what you're talking about. One is your brand, whatever. And you have another note somewhere that mentioned your brand, Google has to get that get to that, each of those and relate them some way. And the way it does that is through links. So the more links that are connected to your e-commerce site, and to wherever that brand citation is, right, the more power it will have, because that Google can start creating the relationship for the distance graph algorithm with again, I'm not going to get into any of that. What I'm just saying is, you need to start conceiving in this another way, because the things that you're asking are a little bit conceptually off on this. I'm reading this incorrectly, in which case I'd like you to explain what it is that you mean, you did a really good job on the other one of explaining what it was. Yeah.

Yeah, I agree. So I said I was more contents context in that last question than what we're used to from BB. So. Okay, so the next question is from is not really a question, as Jim says, He says, but rather a wiki experience, I have a site that has six wikilinks pointing to it from different or two different articles. I didn't pay for them, they were added in a natural manner. So organic links. That's awesome.

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Those quotes, I'd like to know what those natural means is it's in quotes. Well, that's true. That's true. But I think he means that it's just he's got good content, and somebody, you know, linked to it naturally from an article. That's how I interpreted but you're right, since it's in quotes, it might be. Anyway, those links are very powerful. And I highly recommend trying to get one through whatever means necessary pro tip have the best, most thorough, most documented article on a subject and then cross your fingers. You know, that's a great point, Jim, because here's the thing. You can purchase wiki links, right? Like, we just talked about that from, or links from Wikipedia or links, you can get a link on Wikipedia by buying it from our service. But don't just link to like something that, you know, if I recommend that you are linking to something that has some well-written content, not just like, you know, a spammy page or something like that on the site. I mean, you can try to get away with that. But the problem with that is it it's likely going to get moderated out at some time. Like even if your link gets placed. At some point, somebody's probably going to discover that it's linking to something if it's not linking to something that is resourceful, right? That is a resource that is relevant to the page that the Wikipedia that Wikipedia is linking from, then it's going to end up being moderated out at some point, it's almost guaranteed it's just a matter of time. So I recommend that if you are going to buy Wikipedia links that you do link to a piece of content on the site that you're linking to that is relevant, and has some useful information on there. Right. So that it's less likely to get moderated out at some later date by some other Wikipedia moderator. Okay.

Comments, good?

No, no, I mean, fantastic if you can get them and I saw that later on. He said, organic. That's fantastic. You can get organic links if you can become the source or a source for that Wikipedia page. That's fantastic. Because now that now you have a relationship to that seed site. I'm going to talk seed sites and seed sets are I don't want to confuse all y'all up. But that's what happened. You related to trust to trusted and authoritative sources. Thereby you become a trusted and authoritative source. Which is why it's working so well.

Adam, you on, you turn your camera on. So I'm assuming you got something to say?

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No, it was let's say I'm going to reach out to Jim, I want to ask him a question because he's had some interesting comments over the last couple of weeks. So talking about AI stuff. And then now with organic Wikipedia links, so Jim, I'm gonna track you down, are you if you can find me, so shoot me a message. But yeah, I just actually had a note on the kind of the last, or sorry, the last question of the day here.

Thoughts On The AWS Email About Allowing Public Access

Okay, cool. So, Jay says Amazon AWS sent out an email warning about allowing public access to an s3 bucket. Yeah, I've gotten dozens of those emails. Yeah, the wording was such that it sounds like they're removing public access. And if you are in disagreement with that, I don't think that's the case. That's not the way I read it. Yeah. And

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I just pulled it up to double-check just did a quick read through. And they don't say that they just say that. You should have some buckets configured that way, that may not be what you intended. So we suggest you fix it. And then, you know, talk to us if you have a question, but it doesn't say that we're gonna change it or anything like that.

Yeah. Thank you, Adam. Because that's when I read his question. Or when I read this question, I thought about that. I was like, you know, I better go back and reread, because I mean, I've gotten dozens and dozens of those emails. And I've read through them a couple of times. And the way that I interpreted it was what Adam just said was, like, it's telling you like, Hey, you probably didn't mean for the bucket to have public access. But if you did, it's not recommended. But I didn't see anywhere where it said they were going to revert them to protect. A lot of problems.

Yeah, the only thing is one line. If you have a business need to maintain some level of public access, please see an overview of managing access, and they give references for more in-depth instructions on managing just to make sure you've done the correct level of access. Yeah.

Yeah, when I set up my buckets, I set them up to where objects can be public. But the folder itself, or the bucket itself isn't entirely public, it just allows for individual items to be made public. That's the way that I set up all my buckets so that I can pick and choose whether I want them to be public at the time that I upload the files. So hopefully, that makes sense. we're about out of time, Jim says sorry, natural and organic. Yeah, we saw that. Thank you. Jim, by the way, reached out to Adam BB says I mean, so this is a guest clarification for his previous question. He says, I mean, you have an e-commerce site for dog food named SM doggy will a mentioned citation that way mentioned or a citation of that, and other sites will promote the site without a backlink? Again, I don't know. I mean, for local businesses, having the name, address, and phone number published online, even without a backlink count as a citation, which is like a vote of confidence, right? It's just because what is it doing? It's just validating entity information. Does that make sense? That's why it's so important to have a name, address and phone number always published exactly the same. Because even having punctuation different or using the ampersand sign instead of A and D, or something like that, right are sometimes having IMC or LLC at the end. And other times not all of them. If you have variations of the name, address, and phone number published even with no backlink, then that can start to ambiguous. The data, right and that's why local businesses have published mention of the name, address, and phone number, even without a backlink does count as a citation and can help to rank now, can it be can you purely rank on that? I don't know. I've never tried it. But when you're talking about that type of citation for a nonlocal site like an e-commerce site? I have zero experience with any of that whatsoever. I can't imagine that it would but I can't say whether it does or not. Because I've never done anything like that. comments.

It creates co-occurrence. It is a no co-citation or a citation. If it's the full local citation, right? Name, Address phone number, the NA p other than that I don't know I'd like depends on the competition. If there's no competition, I see where it just mentioned, of your site on powerful sites would make a difference. But if like, like most places, that the competition is fierce, then no, you're not going to get away with something like that.

Yeah, and I think it's kind of interesting to backing this up a level away from purely the SEO benefit and saying, Well, if your name let's say the SM dog food brand is mentioned on Huffington Post, like yeah, you know what, I bet Our website is gonna see some increased traffic and it's not a direct link, right. It's just by getting out there and building the brand. You know, that's kind of what's happening there as to how I see it without getting into the technical side.

Yeah. And you know, actually, just to follow up, Adam, that's a really good point. And I know this to be true, because when I started my land investment, my land flipping business, I experienced it firsthand. And that is if you can get a name published online, right, and somebody but it's not a backlink, but somebody reads the name and they're curious, they'll go Google that. And then it pulls up the brand. And then they click through that's a navigational or brand search query, that then a click through. So that's a huge SEO signal, when somebody reads a name, brand name somewhere and then goes in Google searches and then clicks through that's a fantastic SEO signal. And I experienced that with alpha land Realty, my business, my real estate business because when I first started, I was just running ads, I didn't do any SEO at all, nothing, I just have a single and it's still to this day, just have a single landing page on click funnels. For you know, for that business, basically. And all I started I was sending I was running Google ads to that but no SEO and then I started sending a direct mail out to property owners with my brand name Alfa land realty on it. And what happened was I started seeing alpha land realty ranked number one for even like, my keywords like sell land fast Virginia and things like that. And I couldn't figure out why because I hadn't done any SEO work whatsoever. And then I started digging into it. And I realized that people were doing navigational search queries because they would get letters from me direct mail letters from me that would state you know, hey, alpha land realty wants to buy your property, if you're interested, go here, blah, blah, blah. And they would go to Google and search alpha land Realty and then click through and because of that, I started to rank in a matter of like three weeks with zero SEO work. And it was because of those brand searches, which is why we talked about engagement signals are absolutely critical, are super powerful. You want to comment on that, guys before we wrap it up?

Yeah, I think that's good.

Okay, thanks, everybody for being here. We'll see you guys next week. See ya.

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