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By April

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Welcome everybody to Hump Day Hangouts. This is Episode 325. The first Hump Day hangouts in this lovely month of February, it's the third of February 2021. We got almost the whole crew here. Today, we're gonna roll through do some introductions, check in with everybody. Got a couple quick announcements, and then we will get into your question. So if you're watching live, and you got questions, go ahead and put them on there. If you're not watching live, it's too late. But you can always go to semantic mastery comm HD questions and ask your questions ahead of time we do. First come first serve. And so we just ask that you try to limit it to one question. If you're live, you can ask more if there's you know, everyone's had a chance to get through their questions. But again, if you're not able to join us live, we get it either you're in a different time zone or you got something going on, just ask your question, you can always check out the replay. Subscribe to the YouTube channel. So you get updates on that and you will be good to go.

All right, so I'll go counterclockwise today, Chris, how you doing today?

Doing good here. super happy to be here. As I said, I can't believe first month is a world ready for this year. So yeah, like if you haven't started to work on your dreams and goals. Like it's time to do it now. Yeah, definitely.

Yeah, this month went pretty pretty quick. Marco. How about you? How you doing today? I like the shirt by the way.

Yeah, I represent tropics, man. By the way, you know what yesterday was really in. In America, right?

It was.

It was Tuesday and all of America. It was Groundhog Day.

It really was Groundhog Day. Yesterday's when we say that every week. But it really was yesterday. Punxsutawney Phil said that we're gonna have six more weeks of winter. So now six, six more weeks of sun, at least, is about to say maybe 6600. I don't know.

It's endless. It's endless. There it is. I can't help it. As I said, gotta represent tropics. Warm weather is POFU man, it's being where you want to be rather than when you have that where you have to be. And if you're where you have to be right now.

It's gonna sound redundant, but you don't have to be where you have to be. You can break out of that rut is the POFU path.

Join us POFU Live, get catch the replays from the past powerful lives that we've done. Get into the right mindset. Then go chase after, as Chris said, not only your dream, but to find what your profile is and get after it. Because that's what that's going to give you everything that that you need in order to have the lifestyle that you want. So that's my thought for today. Come get some What can I say?

Marco you gave me a good reminder. I just put that on the page for anyone. You can check out poofy live recordings just pop the link in there from 2020

Hernan, how are you doing today?

Looks good, man. Good. I just wanted to sign a petition to let the Latinos enter sooner to the Zoom Room, you know, that will be pretty cool. I'm banging out there at the door and it's raining and it's cold and everything. I'm good, man. I'm good. I'm really good. Excited to be here. So,

Bradley, how you doing today?

I'm good, man. Busy as hell. But you know, the alternative would be not being busy. So I'll take it.

Yeah, fair enough. Fair enough. All right. Well, we got a couple quick announcements. Marco, I'm going to hand things over to you in a minute I want you to if you can update everyone on how the charity webinars are going and what people can do. If they're not quite there yet. First of all wanted to say, first, thanks for watching, you know, we realized that there's a lot of people who watch the replays and you know, we appreciate you guys watching if you can come live, it's great. We love interacting with people. And like I said earlier, you can always go to semanticmastery.com/hdquestions, and that's where you can join us live or just go ask your questions ahead of time.

If you're new to semantic mastery mgib heavy hitters club and you want to find out how to shield your site never worry about algorithm updates or maybe you just want to figure out what this SEO shield thing is that you keep hearing us talk about along with a lot of other things head over to the SEO shield right the word the SEO shield calm and that is free training you can get and you'll find out about all about the SEO shield and a whole lot more.

All right beyond that you can get our step by step processes for getting results with SEO with the battle plan. Find out about that battleplan.semanticmastery.com. And for those of you who are either agency owners or maybe you're a consultant, you're kind of starting out you're wondering how you can grow get more clients, scale your team things like that. I highly suggest you go over to 2xyouragency.com there is some fantastic training that Bradley Mosley put together. I know Hernan had some of that as well. But if you're in that area where you know, you know you want to grow, and this is what you're doing, then you definitely want to check out that training. And then if you've got an established business, whether it's brick and mortar, whether it's digital marketing online, then the mastermind is the place for you. And you can find out more about that at mastermind dot semantic mastery.com. Last, but certainly not least, I mentioned MGYB at the beginning, but if you're not familiar, it's mg y v.co. That's where you can get all the dumb few services stuff like syndication networks, V SEO shield that I was talking about link building press releases, and a whole lot more. So go and check that stuff out. So with that out of the way, Marco, I do want to come back to you can you give us just an update on the charity webinars? And in case somebody hasn't seen the last few Hump Day Hangouts kind of what's going on with that? And how can they get involved?

I posted the in the group chat, right, that chat app, that 1990s shout out.

Man is fantastic. We have Bradley on the very first one. And he showed how to manipulate entities through ads. People think ads, you just pay Google and that's it. But if you use it in very specific ways, you can really hyper-target your people and really get your campaign working for you and working for your brand. And using that brand plus keyword Association. That's, that's just so important right now, you don't necessarily that the geographical targeting, of course, takes place when you're setting everything up. So it doesn't your ad will need to include your geographical area, because you've already done your geographical targeting, according to their likes and dislikes, or their history, what they've, what they've been through right now. Google is now giving you people who are hyperfocus. And whatever it is that you're offering, who have an affinity even for what you're offering, maybe not directly related, but enough so that the person could be interested in whatever it is that you're doing. It's a fantastic way to relate your brand, to the keywords in the niche, especially the top keywords in the niche. Then we had Dixon Jones, for those of you who have been like under a rock for the past 20 something years, Dixon Jones is of majestic fame. I mean, he was the CEO, or the marketing director for Majestic SEO later to become majestic.com. Now he's an inlinks in Lynx dotnet. And it's one of you're big into artificial intelligence. It's one of the applications that we're using in order to target the entities. Of course, we do entity based, worry less SEO. And what that means is simply we don't worry about Google updates because we're doing everything that Google wants at the presentation layer.

This Stuff Works
So imagine having the perfect present presentation card, where you're coming in the door, and that card gets you in to talk to the people in that business. But it's what you're doing. That's your presentation, that's your website. If you do that correctly, Google is going to just roll out the red carpet for anyone coming to see your website. And they're going to send more and more people. And if you've set everything up, right, these people will convert through ads through organic means. And that and that that conversion, I can't tell people how much it means right now. Because Google is following everything until the end. And they're seeing completion of that goal, that person trusting you enough to give you their information to give you their phone number to give you their credit card information, whatever it is, they're trusting. And if you can establish a pattern where people are trusting you, you become a trusted authoritative source. In the niche, you're giving people that finding the information that they're interacting with your videos, I this is all part of building out your entity, they find you in social media, and they come to the website or they go to other social media, a lot of people do that they research the company, right? They'll come to look at it on the web, they look at it through mass, we do so much. It took me longer than usual. Because I have this entity series planned out its ad. It's Dixon Jones talking about content, and how entities apply in content and how you can manipulate that Jordan is going to be talking about branding and entities. We're gonna have Brian Carroll come in and talk about entities in images, which is like an often-ignored part of SEO or something like that we just do as an aside, and you can get millions and millions of views into your images if you're doing it correctly.

After that, we'll close it all up and we'll probably have like a think tank session we might have people come in special. I haven't decided on the last one yet but it's going to be all of our entities and all of that for the price of a donation.

Standing now for someone who hasn't yet where can they donate it and what do they need to do? The information is on the page. You go to the CSV the webpage, the donation page, make a donation. I'm not asking you to know that right. Your heart will move you to donate, your heart will tell you to donate. Put your wallet is going to dictate how much. And so we've had people donate $1, we've had people donate a couple of $1,000. And everywhere in the middle has been fantastic. And so I'm not going to limit you. I mean, you do what you can, and what your heart moves you to do and what the wallet allows the information is on the page. If not, then you just write to Gmail, the Gmail address is also on the bait, and you can get direction from there.

Awesome. Well, thanks, Marco. With that said, Guys, I think we're ready to jump into questions. Anything else?

All right, let's do it.

Okay, standby. I'm trying to think I found something I was looking for an answer to one of the questions, and I was doing some research. Anyway, let me find the damn screen and I'll grab it.

Should You Create One Root Page In Gsite That Links To The Money Site's Services Or Should You Create Individual Service Pages?

All right. Tell me you guys should be seeing my screen now. Correct. Good to go. Yep. All right. So the first question is from looks like Hugo says, with our G sites, is it better to create inner pages for our services? Or just have one page with all of the services on there with links to the corresponding pages on the money site? Also, would it be overkill to make location pages on the G site? Or is the root page enough and then add internal links from there? Well, Hugo, we talked about theme mirroring. So, however, you have your primary site structured, which know should be with Silas structure, if you know if necessary, but that's pretty much how you should be structuring your websites anyways.

Then you want a theme mirror that right? That's what we call theme Mariano's. The term Originally, I guess invented or whatever from network Empire. But it's a perfect description of what it is that we're doing. When we say theme mirroring if you don't understand what that is, one of the things you could do is go check out the SEO shield calm, that's the seoshield.com. And you go through that training, which will give you some insight as to what the mirroring is and how to do it with your G site. Also, there's another resource that I can send you to that's free also, which is semanticmastery.com/process, if you go to the website section on that because it's basically a process doc that talks about entity based SEO and why we use all the components that we do for the SEO shield and what we teach at semantic mastery. And there's a website section in that process training that talks about mirroring and how to structure silos on your website and ultimately mirror those onto your G site and into your drive stack. So the short answer is, you know, it's better to mirror your site to mimic the structure of your primary website. So yes, it would be better to have separate pages for each one of your top-level services, as long as it's, you know, a top-level service that would have its own silo or category on your money site if that makes sense. Mark, do you want to come on that? No, I totally agree. We're, we talked theme mirroring so much.

But people get confused. Maybe they think Elementor and Divi, rather than the theme that we're talking about, which is how your website is constructed how the content on your website is constructed how you've constructed the categories. That's the theme that we're talking about, because you're going to take those, and you're going to move them to the G site as extensions. The branded stack is usually the same for everyone. But what's going to differ is when you order those extensions, according to how you set up your website, if you're local. This is where some complexity comes in. Because you have to decide city page services, like how many cities are you going up? But what about states? Are you going to go after different states? How are you going to do this because you develop that on the website, how it is that you're going to target that you have that plan? Please don't build out this intricate Mind Map of how it is that you're going to build the website, choose three categories. Leave it that way, and see where Google leads you through analytics search console and insights in the GMB Google will tell you. It's really interesting if you use it correctly, people are being misled because they're being told that analytics and search console and insights are not accurate. They're not for the most part, but that's because the information could be backed up a little bit. But it's AI working in there. And it's AI talking about the impressions and where are you getting impressions, how you're getting impressions, the pages that are getting impressions, and how people are interacting with the pages that are getting impressed that there's a lot of valuable information in there. And so that's how you're going to start building out than any other category. According to the information that you're getting, you're going to copy that copy into the D site extension, the GMB will be set up the same way your press release tasks will be built the same way. I'm not gonna say how I'm doing press releases. Exactly. Bradley has an excellent course. Right? Local PR Pro, follow that. And then behind that, it's, of course, always link building, and embeds and link building into your embed.

This Stuff Works
But the setup from the beginning, both at the content and the structure level, the theme level is on the website, and also at the button level at the code level, your schema has to be tight, has to be correct. So you're just sending the messaging in code to the bot and the messaging when the bot comes crawling your content because it's going to look for entities also in the content. Again, watch this past Monday's replay, to talk which talks totally about content, and entities and content.

Yeah, just to clarify, so theme mirroring, we're talking about topical themes, guys. So when I'm talking about a WordPress theme, we're talking about topical themes. That's so when your theme marrying, you're mirroring the topical structure of your site, your main site onto your other assets, your other branded assets where possible so that you know and again, we can do that with the drive the G site drive stack, you can do with press releases, GMB posts, and we try to mirror that same topical theme structure across all of those assets. Because it kind of creates that mirror and mirror that picture and picture like mirror image type thing that Marco talks about with iframe stacking. And again, I just wanted to point out where that is, if you go to that URL, I shared semantic mastery comm slash process, it's free guys. This is a process street process template. And if you go into the website tab here, you can scroll through and I talk about simple silos, complex silos, physical versus virtual silos. Then I also talk about using tags, for those of you doing local, which is what pretty much all I do. I use tags silos to create location-based silos instead of typical categories. structure. It works really, really well it also eliminates some of the complexities or the conflicts that occur if you try to use a traditional category, silo structure on a WordPress site where you're sharing the same location silos across multiple topical categories, or vice versa, trying to share topical categories across location silos, there, it creates URL conflicts and conflicts if you try to use all just the traditional category structure. So I talked about that, and why I use tags, and how I do it, at least on a conceptual level, in this process, street doc here. Okay. So again, I would recommend you highly, highly recommend that you go through this. And you can learn about okay.

Would It Be Considered Overkill To Create Individual Location Pages In Gsite?

It's a good question, though. So the next part of that was also would it be overkill to make location pages on the G site too? Or is the root page enough? And then add internal links with the same answer, right? It's the same answer.

If you have location pages on your money site, and yes, you're going to want to also mirror those pages on to your G site. Now.

I can't get into this here, because this would be more advanced. But if you're using category structure for topical silos, which is the way I do it, so like, for Sir, I deal only with me, with contractors. So we talked about when I say topical silos and meaning the products or services that a contractor would sell, in my case, it services, right? So each top service or primary service that they sell goes create, you know, you create your own category on a WordPress site for it. So that would be the topical things are the topical silos I should say, but the location-based silos, I do that using tags. So when you get to a G site, obviously, you can't do it that way. But with G sites, you can get away with a lot of other things.

You have to go and you have to join a mastermind or heavy hitter club in order for us to get into the getting into that. But the short answer would be for location pages if you have them on your website, your primary site, and you're going to want to mirror those on the G site as well. Okay. So hopefully that some of that training will shed some light on that for you.

Do You Use The Traffic You Get From YT Ads To Local Business?

Alright, so the next question is when you recommend sending traffic via YouTube ads, do you use these for local businesses also? Yes, absolutely. I mean, again, that's pretty much all I do. I'm working on a national project now. But for the last several years, all I've done is local and I love YouTube ads for local traffic well, and display ads, too. But YouTube ads are working really, really well right now if you know how to, you know how to do it, and I just talked about exactly how to do it on Marco's charity webinar. Exactly. I mean, it's a, it's a course, I'm gonna, I'm gonna cut that out and create my own ads course out of it, I'm gonna, I'll sell it for 997. So it's less than $1,000. What a bargain.

Do you do a video ad or as a text ad? Okay. I mean, if you're doing YouTube ads, it's going to be a video ad. So I'm not sure what you mean by is a text ad. Okay. Now, you can do, by the way, you can do text ads on YouTube through the Google Display Network, but they suck. Don't use text ads on YouTube through the Display Network, because what you end up getting and trust me ask me how I know if you if so what if I'm setting up a Google Display Network ad and I'm using responsive text ads to be run on the display network? Which I do. I always go into exclusions and exclude youtube.com. Right. So I make that an excluded site so that none of my tech my responsive text ads will show on youtube.com. And the reason why is you will see you will get a ton of clicks that are probably from kids that are on their parents iPad or iPhone or mobile phone or whatever tablet or whatever that is on YouTube watching like nursery rhyme videos and things. You know, that kind of stuff like children's videos. And because of the way that the text ads display on YouTube, they get clicked on really easily, and you will burn through the budget with non-relevant clicks incredibly quickly. So don't do it. So when I'm talking about advertising on YouTube, I'm talking about video ads. Does that make sense?

This Stuff Works

And yeah, that's really, really good. There's, it works. If you get it's all about audience targeting guys or proper targeting. It doesn't have to be audiences, I found audience targeting to be the best. When you combine relevant audience targeting with geographic targeting, you can get in and you have to do testing. Again, I covered all of this and the markers charity webinar last week. But you have to do testing to identify which audiences are the best Google will tell you certain audiences or give you access to pre certain predefined audiences. But you still need to test because Google's not perfect. And sometimes their audiences Aren't you know, by testing different audiences, you'll find, like, let's say you test six different audiences, you might find two that are working incredibly well and the other four are not working so well. So you know, to stop using those other four and redirect all of your efforts into the two that are producing. So again, I would encourage you to go contribute to Marco's charity, and then you can get access to the replay, where you'll get a lot more information about that. Okay.

It's a good question.

How Do You Bulk Update The EXIF Data Of Photos?

All right. The next one is how do I batch change EXIF data for photos? What is the best tool for that? Okay, I've always used I'm going to, I'm going to tell you three things. Number one, I've always used geo center dot d, which is free. It's desktop software. It's a geo center. I think it's dot d.

Just Yeah, that's it. You can download this as desktop software. And you can, you can essentially open up a folder full of images. And then you can batch edit the EXIF data for all the images in that folder. That's what I've always used. I've used it for years and years and years is this it's free to download. In fact, that's what sitting right there is geo center on the top of my computer up there or my desktop, I should say. But now

I'm using local Viking because I'm using local Viking for GMB, post-management, and just kind of managing multiple GM bees I'm testing with it. I just started testing within about maybe two or three weeks ago. And they have a really cool EXIF data editor within Local Viking which works great because you can create EXIF data templates. And so whenever you upload an image, you can just select one of the templates and it will automatically fill in all of the data based upon the templates that you created. So that works really really well but an alternative that if you don't need a GMB management tool, and I have not used this one but mass optimizer Pro, I know a lot of our members Semantic Mastery use this and swear by it. And this is a great tool because it's got it does image optimizing video optimizing. And there's all kinds of really cool add ons and things like that mass optimizer has and I know the developer behind this, you know is good. He saw that I think his name's Lloyd Farrell or something like that. But I know that he's really really solid. We've got a lot of people that use this in our group. So I would also recommend this one even though I can't speak for it personally, I have not used it. I know it's a good tool.

But I want to add to that yeah, that it's a great question is not this coming Monday because that's the branding bridge Jordan Fowler talking about your brand and entities and how you should bridge that gap. But the following one with Brian Caddo is all about manipulating images. And if you want to know what's best to use and how to use it, Brian's gonna come on and give you guys a great presentation on just that manipulating images. All it takes us is a donation, follow the information on the page, follow the instructions, send me or sorry, my personal assistant, send her the proof of the webinar or she'll be the one who answers and since you all have information so you can access not only that one but all the previous charity webinar replays.

What Are Your Thoughts On Bot Traffic And How Should You Deal With It?

All right, the next question is from Eddie says my site is getting lots of quality traffic since doing link building to my SEO shield, a 45% spike so far. That's should be a good testimonial. Okay, so my site is getting lots of quality traffic since doing link building to my SEO showed a 45% spike so far. But now I'm also seeing a spike in bot traffic. Yeah,  there's no way around that. I'm wondering if anyone ever sees this, wondering if it matters wondering if you guys might be able to offer an explanation and or any thoughts on bot traffic like this? What to be wary of etc? Thanks. Yeah, well, it just goes to show you that the link building is working, because it's causing a whole bunch of other bots to follow links to come to find your site. And so I mean, that's just proof in the pudding that it is working. There's not really anything that you can do about it. You can filter that out from like Analytics reports by setting up filters. But I don't know that you can prevent that. Marco, what do you say?

Well, yeah, you can actually, this is what I'm currently using and what the dev developer is actively currently using. I dropped it at the bottom of the chat, we use GitHub, and they have an up to date list of bad bots.

So all you have to do is copy and paste that into your .htaccess file that's constantly updated for any time they find a bad bot, it goes on the list goes on. And so you see, there's plenty of bad bots, those you need to block that goes on the ht access. If you don't want that particular bot on your website, block it ht access. As a matter of fact, use a black hole, we use a black hole so that anybody not following the rules that we've set for it goes in a black hole and never gets out.

That means that they're in a trap. And now what you can do is bend that buck like forever. But it's just that a black hole plugin in WordPress is fantastic for getting rid of bots that do not follow your robots.txt rules. There's a black hole plugin. It's a black hole plugin.

I don't know if it's called Black Hole. But yes, there is we use it. I'm afraid to start searching the black hole plugin on a live webinar. As

I say search it. I'm not sure that you know not safe for work type stuff. No, but it'll take you to wordpress.org.

So what is it called again? Black Hole, white hole? Is it all one word or one? Let me try that.

We don't have that many questions anyway. No, I'm just curious. I'd like to look into that. I don't I mean, I

yeah, I forgot about spider spanker. And those types of bot blocker plugins and things like that, but you'd like to just use the ht access, but the black hole one word bad bots. It's the wordplay here. I'll give you the URL in slack. If you can't find it there. Black Hole for bad bots. That's it. A fantastic plugin that in conjunction with your ht access, uses that htaccess with that list from GitHub. It's constantly updated. And that's the great thing about it yet. It does require a little bit of manual work, but it's well worth it because it'll save you a headache when those bad bots come crawling and start doing nasty stuff on your website. Very cool. I learned something new today. I'm gonna check it out, man.

That's pretty cool. I like that. Thank you. So there you go. That was a great answer.

All right, moving on. Next one.

This Stuff Works
If I can find it. Okay.

When you talk about mirroring, okay. Chrissa says when you talk about mirroring your money site content on your G site, do you copy-paste the content or iframing the content would either work

But either way works the same, I just iframe. So that's the thing, okay.

When I have a drive stack built by MGYB, you know, they create all the files and folders and all this stuff and they find content that's relevant. And they create, they add content to the pages that they create, as well as the embeds that they do with the files and folders.

Once I get that back, I don't add any additional content, I add pages like crazy, right, and then I add the iframes. But typically, my pages consist of nothing other than iframes that are relevant. So in other words, when I'm theme mirroring, right, so when I'm mirroring the topical theme and creating pages that correspond with pages on the money site, then I embed those money site pages into the G site, as well as, and I've talked about this before. But like, for example, if I've got a particular keyword that I'm trying to push, and I need to add sub-pages to the money page on the G site, where then like, because remember on with what we teach, we talked about using the blog, and the syndication network, to add depth to a silo. So you publish supporting articles placed within the correct silo, with internal linking done properly up to the money page in that silo, right. And those syndicate out across the syndication network, there's that money site, or excuse me, the money page link, right, the internal link to the money page that you're trying to rank that goes out across the syndication network profiles. So now you've got those published posts on the syndication network, so you can extract those URLs and then embed those into the money, the G site pages, right, so that you're adding additional relevancy, as well as additional prop properties, branded properties, entity, you know, tier-one entity properties into the G site. So you're creating all of that relevancy. It's like a big, you know, black hole never-ending, you know, mirror and mirror type image of, of all this relevancy is specific to a particular keyword or keyword theme. Right. So I don't add any additional content, the only thing that I would add other than usually other than the iframes, from the relevant content for that theme, mirrored pages, is I will create an internal linking structure within the G site. So that I'm linking, you know, daisy-chaining posts together, and linking up to the proper. So it's the same sort of internal linking that I do on the money site I do on the G site. So that's the only additional text that I add, I add a page header iframes and then links internal links to, you know, to accomplish the internal linking within the G site that I'm trying to do other than that I don't have any other text, not that you can't, I just don't because the text is already on the pages that I'm I framing into the G site page, I just use the G site is basically a container, if that makes sense. Does anybody want to comment on that? It's perfectly fine to use your own content, copy-paste away. JOHN Mueller finally had to come out and say there's no such thing as a duplicate content penalty.

It was a couple of days ago or yesterday, I can't remember when he said it. We've been saying it for years. No such thing as a duplicate content penalty, use your content, you are not going to complain to yourself about your own content. The only time that you can get into problems with using content multiple times is if you're using somebody else's content. And they come with a DMCA and tell you to take it down or they're going to take you to court if you use Getty Images start you if you use somebody else's YouTube videos, it depends, right? As far as your content is concerned, copy and paste away or just hire us to do the extensions for the extension for you. We know what we're doing. We're going to do it right. And yes, we are going to use your content when we create that extension.

Yeah, and we will use an iframe of the page and we'll live in whatever else we can on that extension page.

Does Google Lower Your Rankings In Serps If You Check Your Position In Incognito Window?

Okay, so BB is up with several questions. I would expect anything else? He says, Hey, guys, does Google lower your rankings in the SERPs if you check your position for a keyword in your own device or an evening in or in an incognito window? Where does Google hide your page in the SERPs when you make a search from your own device? Okay, a couple of things. I don't know if Google? I mean, I can't imagine that they do. I know that. I have to tell clients often to stop searching for keywords when done running when I'm managing Google ads for them because it creates impressions without a click-through which lowers your click-through rate which lowers your ad rank, right, which your overall quality score. So but as far as SEO, I don't know, maybe Marco can answer that. Well, as far as SEO, the same thing happens impressions increase, but there aren't any click-throughs. And then they are if there are any click-throughs there won't be the final goal that goes to the Google is looking for because it's you looking through your own website, and that doesn't carry the same value. It never does. I mean, unless you're, but it takes so much intricate work to go into your own stuff. And to set a goal and to complete the goal to pay yourself. I mean, you'd have to get a whole different credit card and use it from a different IP that there's just so much involved in that you're better off just getting a Craigslist gig and paste that pay some college students 25 bucks each to do that. Going back to what you said, it doesn't make sense. Why would you? Why would you if you can just go into the historical data and analytics, search console, and GMB insights and get any information that you need? Other than you know, if you do it once in a while just to check one keyword that you really keen on ranking.

But I mean, I wouldn't want Why. Why would we be you're always asking questions of these theoretical questions. When Google would lower your rankings and we can't know whether Google would lower your rankings, I can't tell you that the impressions will increase. The CTR click-through rate will decrease. And then the effect of that could mean lower rankings, but not because you went in search, but the effect that that search had on your overall numbers.

Yeah, so. And it's funny because maybe does ask a lot of these theoretical questions all the time that it's kind of fun, actually. Anyways. So the other thing was, he was asking, you know when you make a search from your own device, does Google hide your own website from the SERP? Well, it can if you don't have your if you go to google.com, and the bottom right corner, you'll see where it says search or settings, if you click that, expands a menu, click on Search settings, and make sure that you have do not use private results selected, because if you have used private results, then what happens is yes, Google will start to customize search results based upon your behavior from previous searches for the same query. Does that make sense? So in other words, if you're if you are using if you have private results turned on, which I think is by default, I think, but it's by default that it's turned on. Now, if you're in an incognito window, it shouldn't matter. Because it should always be private results. That's kind of the whole point of an incognito window. But if you're searching from a logged-in account, and it's got us private results turned on, which again, I think is the default setting. Then if you are searching a query multiple times, and you're scrolling through results, and you're clicking on other results, but not clicking on the result, you know, your project or your website, then Google learns that that is not that particular result isn't relevant to you, hence, you never, which is you know, why you never click on it. Google determines that that's not relevant to you. So it will start to, you know, not show that result to you, because you're scrolling and clicking on other results, but never on that one if that makes sense. So yes, I've seen that happen, where if you've got private, I've had clients contact me and say, I'm doing searches for, you know, this keyword, and I'm not seeing my website ranked anywhere. And I say, Are you searching logged in? It's because Google is showing it's because you probably searched that multiple times and didn't click through. And because of that Google is hiding it from you. Because it's determined, it's not it's a non-relevant result for you. If you go into an incognito window, or Firefox, or something else, that you're not logged into, do that search. And then I've had the clients contact me back and say, Oh, I see it now. Thank you. So it's just a matter of, you know, again, I don't know that that's your what you're talking about, BB.

But I know that, again, I've had clients reach out to me say, I'm not seeing my own website for this search when especially after I send them a monthly report. That's typically when I will get that kind of a question from a client is they'll be like, well, I'm seeing the report saying that we're ranked for this, this and this, and I'm not seeing it when I do a search. And then I say, Where are you logged in? Do you have it? You know, if you do an incognito window, you'll probably see it and then, you know, generally, they see it. So again, I would check that again, that's just a search google.com check the bottom right corner for settings, click on Search Settings and turn that off. But if you're using an incognito window, you shouldn't see it anyways.

anything else you want to add to that?

No. Okay.

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Have You Tried And Succeeded In Making Money With Affiliate Offers Using Gsite And RYS Only?

Number one, same question as number one, but multiple search requests on the same device. Same answer, same answer, same answer. Have you ever tried and succeeded in making money with G site RYS with affiliate offers without backlinks, backlinks, PRs, and embeds? Oh, we've made money from our watch our stuff. I mean, I used to do affiliate stuff. We did a lot of launch jacking for about a year and a half, and I had a VA is that would build drive stacks around products that were being launched. And we did quite well off that. But the reason why and I actually just had a couple of new mastermind members join in, I had a call with them, as we always do, we have onboarding calls with new members. And they're in the affiliate marketing space. And they were doing a lot of launch jacking too. And so we had a discussion about that. And part of the reason I got away from that is that it's like a never-ending hamster wheel, right? You, you constantly have to be building for new product launches, and they have a very short lifespan that they typically produce affiliate revenue, and it's usually just during the launch period. And, and so it's just, you know, it's like, it's reworked, it's a lot of rework a lot of constantly building. And I like building assets that produce long term. But yes, you can absolutely, literally do it now, without, again, when it comes to like a launch jack, because there's not, at least initially, there's not a whole lot of competing SEO, a lot of people competing in the SEO space for those that you know, product name, then g stacks, you know, g sites and drive stacks can work really well. But if you want to get the best results from them, then link building is obviously going to, it's going to help least that's been my experience. So what do you think link building? I know it's a must now it's a mosquito, you're just not going to build up the activity, relevance, trust, and authority that you need to rank it at the time that you need to rank you're going to have to be building it up over time. Remember, Jason Quinlan, when he was doing the shiny object reviews, how he used to just jacked everything. But that's because he started out and he built on that shiny object reviews website, where it became like one of the authoritative websites in that niche in the launch jacking niche, because he not only did our stuff, he not only used to jack our stuff but everybody else's stuff. He'd be right there. Ranking top three, yeah, he would, he would launch jack our own launches and beat us out. Yeah. Which is fantastic, because he's just making us money. But what I'm saying is, you have to build up to that like we used to be able to rank an empty folder, we show that live, right? Remember that? It within less than a minute, we ranked an empty folder, those days are gone. The algorithm works differently. So we have to apply different methods. This isn't a static or monolithic niche, or the market that we're in the SEO space is very fluid. Because it's there's AI in it, the algorithms are constantly getting information. And so we need to be able to adapt to how it's working out our way is what we've done is it has become an enter integral part of building out the entity and giving the entity the trust and authority that it needs so that it can start ranking. But without the linking. And without the iframe embeds. And without press releases, especially with a launch tag, you set up that personally, like just before the launch, and like right during the launch, so that you get in front of everybody. Once you have the trust and authority, you're going to see how it becomes progressively easier to rank, for subsequent launches. That's how Jason Quinlan used to do it. And I'm sure it's alive and well right now. It's just not something that we do, because there's lots more money elsewhere. Yeah, and that's, that's kind of, in that discussion I had last week with our new mastermind members, we were talking about that I said, you know, if you want to, if you want to do affiliate marketing and launch jacking, then I recommend see where we made a mistake. My team that was, you know, it was to VA is that we're doing it full time for many, many months, at least.

Anyway, my mistake was we were creating, we were just building SEO assets, targeting the product name alone, that's it. So they were standalone or orphaned assets, there was net, we never built authority to them. And what I said was, last weekend, I was talking to the new mastermind members was like, if you're gonna if you want to do launch jacking, then I recommend you build a brand, exactly what Marco was just talking about. Because over time, that brand will crew authority and become an entity and a trust, you know, become well it will become powerful to where at some point, you'll get to a point where you can, you know, create a subfolder right, so basically a silo for a new product that your launch jacking, and it will rank because of all of the benefits that it's getting from all of the authority built to that brand itself, the branded drive stack and G site. So my point is if you want to do launch jacking you know then. Like drive stacks can be incredibly powerful once you build power to them, so that when you add additional expansions, right additional, basically silos or categories, product services, whatever you want to do they know they'll benefit instantly from the power already accrued if that makes sense. So I don't know that again, I don't think I haven't done this in a long time. But I don't think creating a G site and drive stat for a product without any backlinks or anything would do much of anything right now. I don't. It's not like they were five years ago. Right? You have to power them up. But I mean, the amount of power that you can push into them is incredible, which is what we've been proving for years now.

Any other comments you want to add to that?

No. Okay.

What Link Should You Use To Point To Preceding Posts In A Current GMB Post?

Aaron's up he says, a question about GMB posts. Some automated services like local Viking include previous posts linked to the post immediately preceding the current post. Is this okay, or are you recommending specific links to proceeding posts?

Yeah, no, that's fine. I'm going to show you how I've taught my team to do it manually. And I'll show you why in just a moment. Explain why. But no, that's fine. That that that works. I prefer to do it manually because we have a lot more control over it.
Just some of the stuff Marco's teaching I can't get into specifically what it is, but it's some of the stuff Marco is teaching what you can do with GMB is crazy.

But here's what I was getting at. Like here, I just went to Semantic Mastery his GMB site, guys, the URLs that come from the posts URLs themselves, they'll take you to like the SERP version of the URL, right, which is like a really, really long, ugly URL. And I know you can use the previous posts in those posting apps, and that's fine, you can do that. Okay, it's definitely easier, it does provide some benefit if you're siloing your posts correctly.

But what I prefer to do is my VA is go in and she manually creates the silos with GMB posts. And if she's let's say that these two posts were going to be siloed together, then what she'll do is when she goes into the post, publish this post, which would link to this post, she's going to link to this URL here. That one right there, because that's like an inner page on the GMB website, as opposed to just the post URL. And that's the way that we do it. Again, I don't know if Marco wants to come up, you know what Marco wants to say about this. But the way that we do it is manually now and by actually extracting the previous post URL, like the inner page URL, basically. And that's the way that we do it. What do you say, Marco? That's as far as that's gonna go because if they want more information on how to do this, it's local GMB Pro, and then the heavy hitter club. And then you can just manipulate the crap out of GM B's to the point where Google does whatever you want Google to do.

There you go.

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So yeah, I mean, again, you can use the previous post function. We did that for a long time, and you can absolutely get a benefit from it. But you can get more benefit by using the inner page URL from the GMB website. And so it's in my opinion, it's worth the extra effort to do that manually.

If you know what you're doing, you can push a lot of power that way. So.

Okay, if I'm setting this up manually, which link do I use the link to? Yeah, I just showed you. Okay, so that's good.

Wayne is making another comment as usual.

Let's see, where are we at? Aaron another GMB post question. Did I miss something? No, I'm calling Wayne a spammer. Oh,

yeah, it's funny cuz sometimes Wayne will be on a mastermind webinar and he'll make a comment. And I'll just assume it's a smartass comment when he was being 100% genuine or sincere. And then I realized later that he was actually being sincere, but it's hard to tell when the boy that cries wolf all the time. It's hard to tell who's been in series or not.

Do You Recommend Having One Or More Links Pointing To A Money Site From Your GMB Page?

Anyway, Aaron says another GMB post question. Do you recommend having just one link to a money site per page? Or should the post have as many links as possible to the money site page and other assets? This is a heavy hitter question. I understand. Thanks.

We'll just remember this, you can put links in the text part of you know, the Text body of the post, but those are all nofollow links, which doesn't mean that they can't help. But the only place that there's a do-follow link is the button URL. Right. So the link that you add to the CTA button, that's the do follow so it's only one dofollow link per post, no matter how many links you put in the next part of the post. And here's the other thing I would recommend. I've noticed with GMB posts lately if we include NAP data. So name address phone number, then Google will often reject those posts. And I'm not sure why they do that. But if I put if I had if we try to publish a post that has the name, address, and phone number in there

And it rejects it. If I just pull the phone number off, for example, a lot of the times it will I'd repost the same exact post and do nothing else, but pull the phone number out of the post itself, it will accept it. And I don't know why that is. I'm just assuming that Google wants people to interact with the GMB posts instead of calling. I don't know, I don't know what the reason for that is. But I've noticed that a lot lately, we've had a lot of rejected posts because a lot of the post templates that I was using would automatically include the NA p was part of the call to action. But we've had to go back and kind of edit a lot of those templates to remove that because we were getting a lot of rejected posts, and now they're not being rejected. So why I told you that is because I would be, I would not recommend putting a whole bunch of text links in the text body of the post, because it looks spammy, right? And you only get 1500 characters in a GMB post anyway, so why would you want to fill that up with a bunch of URLs? If they're all nofollow links, that's my opinion, you get one powerful link from the button. So what I like to do is a text link in the text body to the previous post to silo posts. And if I'm siloing posts and trying to push from the button URL power to something specific, but most of the time, I'm using the button URL to link to the previous post, if that makes sense. And that's about as far as I can go with that. Marco, what do you want to say about it? No, all of this with how many get into why? And the Why is only shared and heavy hitter sometimes in the semantic mastery mastermind. It's in the paid groups, I'm not going to get into it here. There are people paying a lot of money for that information. So it's not gonna happen.

Yeah. So I mean, as I said, I use the button, the button URL you want to think about, that's your most powerful link within the GMB posts. So use that strategically, right, but you can link from within the GMB posts to other assets. And typically, I'll just link to another, you know, tier-one entity asset basically, within the text part of the posts. And that's good for navigation for the user. But for SEO, the button link is the one that you want to focus on.


Brian says keep it simple, stupid. You're damn right.

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How Would You Rank In All US States With Semantic Mastery's Stack Targeting?

Next question, we have a stack targeting only one state. What if we want to rank in all states of us? Wasn't you were actually answering this question on Facebook, weren't you Marco?

I believe I was. Yeah. sworn I saw this thread also on Facebook.

Okay, let me finish the question. We have a stack targeting only one state. Whatever you want to rank in all states of the USA, please explain deeply. Yeah, no, I'm not in Humpty. But yeah.

So yeah, I mean, it's funny cuz mark.

Wayne was actually asking about this in the mastermind, too. But, you know, this is what I would recommend. And this is, you know, again, it's going to be very high level. But if at MGYB, right, that's where you can order the drive stack expansions, right? That's how I would do it, I would take whatever, I would create a separate drive stack expansion, or drive expansion, whatever you want to call it, for every state. That's how I would do it. So I know that's a big undertaking. But if you're asking how I would do it, I would have a separate expansion built into my branded stack for each state. And then you could, if your theme earring on like a complex silo structure within each state drive stack expansion, you could break it down even further into counties or regions, or, you know, regions or counties, and all the way down, ultimately, to a city level. So I mean, it can get huge and massive, but that's the way I would do it if I was going to do it.

It's a mess. Paintsville, right, yes. But it has to be done manually. Because the new g sites don't accept scripts. Well, at least not yet. We're constantly looking to see if scripting will ever be opened again into the cset. We have our own way, we have our own way of making it work, which we're not going to give away because it costs a lot of money for us to develop that.

But having said that you would build. So this is why it pays off to have a brand. Because if you have one stack that's targeting one state, and it's not Brandon, that you're already like geo limited.

If you put that stack into a branded stack, now you have the first state in that branded stack, you have the first extension, and all you would have to do is copy whatever you did in that stack into all of the subsequent stacks for every subsequent state, and you would develop a page for each of the state stacks.

You want to go even deeper. In each state stack, you could then develop a city-specific dry stack so that then you could break down the state into the major cities in that state. And then I guarantee you that by the time you start building out those city pages, in each of those states, you are going to be ranking just like when you pop that folder in there, whether you get any traffic Now, here's the problem. By doing that, you're obviously going after something that's geo-targeted, where a three-pack will probably be dominating most of the traffic. So maybe when you expand in all 50 states, you'll get enough traffic, where it won't matter that you're targeting something that's mostly local, you'll get you'll generate enough traffic organically through that, but by ranking, maybe top five organically, but if it's dominated by that map pack and the ads and everything else, that you're running into it, you're going to spend a whole lot of time, maybe a whole lot of money, and maybe not see a return for the massive investment that you have to make, whether it's money, and whether or whether it's sweat equity.

Yeah, and you know, what's interesting is, and it just something you said triggered this for me, Marco. But you know, here's just an example. I'm doing a lot of organic stuff. Right now, I'm working on a national project right now, which I'll be sharing in the mastermind. when it's appropriate. It's not yet. But so I'm going to be doing something similar to what we just described. But what Marco was talking about, you know, with the maps pack in the ads, and everything, it's crazy. But what I mean, what I'm seeing now, I mean, not that this is new, but it just it seems like organics getting pushed further and further, in this case, it's not popping, but in a lot of the times, you'll see the carousel ads, like the Google guarantee ads at the top, then paid ads, then the map. And you literally got to scroll away below the fold to even get to the first organic listing. It's crazy. And why is that? Because Google's pushing more and more paid? Even a lot of you see that's the paid position in the maps pack. And then like I said, the carousel, it's just it keeps pushing the organic rankings further and further down. So it's crazy.

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What Is The Alternative Way Of Doing Scripts For Stacks?

Anyway, ah, scripts for stacks are no longer working. What is the alternative way of doing that? We don't have one yet. Is that right?

I mean, we do. That's how we create dissects and G sites. Now, the extensions, we have our own, we're not going to give that away.

Okay, there you go.

Can We Copy Images And Content From Google And Directly Put Into The Stack?

Can we copy images and content from Google and directly put them into our stack without any modification? I wouldn't recommend that. Personally, I don't, I've had from copying images in the past years ago, you know, I've gotten hit with extortion letters, where I had to pay so that I didn't they didn't sue me for copyright infringement.

So I've had to do that. And I've learned a long time ago, I don't just copy images ever. I go by stock photos if I need to, or, as we've talked about many times before, YouTube is great for getting images, guys, because you just go find a video that's relevant. Just you know, set it on an HD setting.

Pause the video at a frame that you want to take a screenshot of. And that becomes a photo that works great. And I've you know, I do I use a lot of YouTube photos, like photos that I take from YouTube videos for stuff. But I don't like to use copied images ever, ever.

Period. anybody's want to comment on that. So imagine that 30 frames per second? How many images you could get out of a five-minute video? Yeah, yeah, some will be blurry or whatever. But imagine how many you can get up out of a video. People are you're doing your big favor by creating YouTube video content that you can then turn into images. Yeah, and here's a trick for that. If you go search your keyword on YouTube, then use the filters for the results. Once the results come up, use the filters and switch it to HD only anyone the age, so that will remove all the videos that you know don't have HD but at least I think 720p.

This Stuff Works
And I always switch it to like 1080 P or whatever if available and then use what do they call it the premiere mode or whatever where theater mode or whatever where it expands and makes the video bigger. Once you make it bigger, take your screenshot. And then when you shrink the font because if it's blurry, and once you shrink it down, it becomes less blurry, right? When you make it more to a usable size that you're going to use in a blog post or a GMB post or something like that. When you make the screen smaller becomes sharper. Right, that makes sense. So that's that's just the way I do it. It works really, really well.

I never have a shortage of images is what I'm saying.

I've heard that we cannot put money site link into our stack anymore. Is that true? I don't know where you heard that. Yeah.

I don't know.

Any other questions about RYS Academy? You're welcome to ask it in the group.

We have a Facebook group of people who have paid for the training. Yeah.

That's funny. Look at that username.

Are you gonna say it, homosexual?

Money is cool. I got no problem with that.

Will You Release Version 2 Of Local GMB And PR Pro?

I barely solved capture. What's up, guys? All right, Robert says I've already subscribed and watched local GMB and PR Pro. Well, you have version two of these tutorials, or has Google made minimum updates to GMB. I mean, there are guys, there's no reason to redo stuff. If you know, the foundation hasn't like, the principle hasn't changed. The GMB dashboard really hasn't even changed. There might be some additional services and things like that, or you know, things that you can edit within GMB. But what we teach on how to manipulate Google My Business that hasn't changed? Not a bit. So, you know, if like, the dashboard was to change significantly, or there were some significant new things that needed to be addressed. And yeah, of course, then we just update what's already there. Because again, the foundation part, the foundational part of the training hasn't changed. The fundamentals haven't changed. It's what I'm saying.


Can You Replicate OneDrive?

What about OneDrive? Don't think you can replicate there as well? Yeah. I mean, as Marco always says, Why? If we can do everything that we want to do by manipulating Google Google's own properties, why bother? I know that several people over the last few weeks have talked about starting to experiment with OneDrive, by all means, do it. Yeah. Yeah. That is No.

Does Google redirect with a steep pass with step pass with Oh, does Google redirect with step pass real PageRank? To dofollow link isn't it?

Depends on the redirect.

He's talking about what the redirect page in between? That's fine. Yeah.

About 50% of it gets passed, right? Yes, somewhere, somewhere. somewhere? Less than 100. Yeah. Already greater than 85. But they're dirt. There are two links on there. Just probably around 50, that's passed, maybe left is Google is MGYB offering Google account verification or is that no longer possible? No, I don't think we're that's been paused. All right. No, it's not impossible. It's happening. They're getting. You get into a lot of problems. We're trying to fix it. And if we ever do it, we'll open it. And if not, then sorry, because it's Google spamming Google and taking advantage and they try to close it up and we try to get in and it's a cat and mouse that is just too much of a headache. And we ended up refunding a whole lot of money every time we open it up.

All right. Well, thanks to everybody for being here.

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