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By April

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All right, welcome everybody to Hump Day Hangouts. This is Episode 328. It is the 24th of February 2021. Now we got some really important date information out of the way we can get into saying hi to everybody. And then get into your questions. We do have a couple quick announcements, but we will get to those shortly. So let's see. Gonna go around the circle here and start with Chris. How you doing today?

Excellent. Here, I noticed your shirt. And

when this mic coming over, I kind of like go for like, fair enough. Yeah, we got to get one door set up. So yeah, I pulled this one out. I forgot I had it. This thing's in like mint condition. It was hiding in the back of my closet. So I haven't got that's why it's looking so neat. Oh, yeah. Yeah. So Oh, anyways, Marco, how you doing today?

Oh, you're muted.

Hello, there we go.

Gaming now.

I was gonna say,

Oh, I was going to, if I go too much into the window, then I start disappearing off into the light. I'm being called into the light. It's not a fake background. It is what it is. I've been showing it. In fact, for over a year now. The plan was to show it for a year, every Wednesday night. so that people could see this is Costa Rica, no matter what. What let you never see me in a sweater. Ever, ever. I don't need it. I mean, this is what it is. It's beautiful. My Fortress of Solitude. We talk about TOEFL all the time, right? Like, what's your, what are you going to define as your bow? This is part of mine. This is what this is where I choose to live is where I choose to be. I don't have to be here. Many people are stuck in a place where they have to be where they have no choice. I tell people get away from it get away from not having a choice. And the way to give yourself the choices that you want or that you need are to follow the path to po foo position of fuck you where you can just decide what you're going to do how you're going to do and nobody I mean, nobody tells you what to do, or how to do it.

No, I think what we might have to do is get like get someone to go through the videos and put together a flipbook of you for all the Wednesday so we'll just have someone you need someone to go on Monday. I shot Yeah.

Hernan you are you there? I'm here, man. How's it going? Good. They didn't let you in. For some reason. It's not like I'm getting drunk in the middle of a bunch of ruckus. I don't know, man. Are you bouncer at the door? Now? I'm wondering if you're getting drunk in the middle of the day? Yeah, no, I'm not I sort of got the bouncer at the door. The door slammed me and now I'm good man. I'm happy to be back. Last week, I was traveling and was visiting clients consulting a little bit and it was good. Happy to be back. Back home back in the routine. I was craving for some routine even a week, you know, completely bust my productivity. But we get we get go. Alright. And last but not least Bradley, how you doing today? Good. I'm good, busy. And it's like, almost 70 degrees here in Virginia in the middle of February, when just like three days ago, it was like 22 degrees, you know, in the middle of the afternoon. So it's really weird. But it's warm up here. And by the way, my Semantic Mastery shirts awfully worn Look at that.

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Like you can get through its paces for a few years. Yeah, I've I've gotten my use out of this one. That's for sure. So I need a new shirt just like you, Adam. All right, well, we gotta get that set up, then I'll get the ball rolling on that we've had a few people pinging us about getting some shirts or some like a baseball cap. So we're gonna get that stuff set up. And once we do, we'll let everyone know about it. Obviously, it's a setup. So before we get into the questions, just wanted to say first of all, thanks for watching. We knew a lot of people check it out. Not everybody's able to attend live and whether you're live or watching the replay on YouTube, we appreciate it. Let us know you're watching. Say hi. You don't have to ask a question. If you don't want to. We know some people just like coming by seeing what's being answered and kind of picking up the knowledge they can. So that's fine to just say hi or leave a comment. And if you're new to semantic mastery, or mgib best place for you to start is the SEO shield calm. That's the word de and then Seo field.com. Right, find out how to shield your site, you don't worry about algorithm updates. Again, it's free training, just go check it out. And that way, you'll also know what the hell we're talking about when we say SEO killed, which is very good, and it's gonna be very good for you down the road. So go check that out. If you're looking for something more in line with kind of a bigger overview as far as what we do in terms of SEO results, check out the battle plan. You can get that at battle plan dot semantic mastery.com. And then next, we get people asking us a lot of times about hey, I'm either a small agency owner or consultant, I want to get more clients I want to grow my revenue and I want to scale my team. So if you can answer yes to any of those two x your agency is what you want to

Check out that's just 2xyouragency.com. You can find out more about that. And then last but certainly not least, you want to grow your digital marketing business, although we do have some some business owners in this group as well. But the mastermind is really where you want to be. If you want to experience community and fast access to real world info, then go check it out mastermind dot semantic mastery.com.

And also, we mentioned brother I just mentioned that SEO shield not too long ago, you can find out about the SEO shield syndication networks, the link building press releases all this done for you stuff we talked about over at mgyb.co. And we talk about that a lot, because it's services we use as well. And we'd recommend you do too, we understand sometimes you got more time than money when you're getting started. And you got to put in the time build it yourself. But especially if you're doing client work, you should be outsourcing this or training someone to build that stuff for you. So either go through the trading, or get stuff done at Mt ye save yourself time and allow yourself to grow that way.

Alright guys, that's it. on my end. Is there anything else we need to talk about before we dive into questions? One last thing, charity webinars?

We just got finished on Monday it I mean, we outdid ourselves. I know I'm I'm biased. But but that's what people are saying. I'm seeing it on my page, I'm seeing it in our groups. That it was it was just, it was massive was I gave away the farm. Basically, if people know what to look for, if people were paying attention that people understand what it is that they got. Alright.

But that's the whole point understand it. So during the last webinar, what we did was put it together.

So that this kind of what do you call a plan of attack, a way to go and and get results. Because we got just massive information, Bradley gave the farm away, he gave a whole course away, you gave a whole course during the first webinar fantastic. Then comes Dixon Jones content and entities and comes Jordan with how to brand yourself how to create that brand and how to hook it up with the idea how to deliver the message properly. And then we got Brian cattle showing how entities work in images and how we can spam Google with images and get our entity more recognition. And then the last one is we put it all together. And so it just because they're finished doesn't mean that people can't access that they can donate, just go donate you follow the instructions, send proof of the donation to the Gmail that I've been sharing. And then you'll get access to the recordings. Because the last one will be uploaded probably today or tomorrow. It needs to it needed a little bit of editing.

Sweet, awesome. And Marco, you got the instructions on the hump day hangouts page for people. I will drop it in there. Awesome.

Cool. Let's check out the questions. All right. I'm good to screen.

Would It Be Beneficial To Make A Subdomain To Target A Product Subtopic?

Okay, yeah, we're zoomed in. So it looks like we're starting with ChazB today. He says, Hey, guys, thanks for answering my question. Last week, I have another and not a hypothetical one. I'm building out a site at the moment, the subject or main keyword is like Google, and I'm targeting a product subtopic but a very original specific name given to a certain product line that is related to the brand. For the sake of this question, I'll call it F Google. My question is in regards to subdomains, would it be beneficial to make a subdomain for example, Google dot brand domain.com slash f Google. I know I can make a subfolder for Google, but I'm thinking of keeping the hops to a minimum. From what I've been told in Jeffrey Smith SEO Bootcamp course Google reads and takes keywords for this left priority per se, by the way, a great course for you guys have recommended for the last few years. So he's talking about Jeffrey Smith's SEO Bootcamp, which is a fabulous course. And that is a question that I honestly, am not sure how to answer. Marco, that is definitely one for you.

I'm not sure. What do you what he's looking to do? Because why have a subdomain with somebody else's brand? Is that was that what he's saying? Because he could just go subfolder if you if what you're looking at for power. And to avoid additional half, instead of being in the subdomain, just move it into a subfolder.

Okay, so to me, that's a misinterpretation. I miss interpretation of what Geoffrey Smith is teaching because he's going thinking that the URL structure should keep the I see what it means. That should keep that subdomain name to the lessons that include the keyword, but no proper URL structure would be your brand. And then the subfolder Yeah, so that's what the bottom two stands right. So so the way

And just to kind of reiterate what you said, but maybe in a different way. And I would agree that I would rather have my brand name first the root domain, and then in this example, Google as the primary topic or a category, and then F Google as a subcategory. Is that what you're saying? Absolutely, yeah. Okay.

So there you go. Hopefully, that answers your question about a category, or he can even I mean, insert, which is if you don't want to go sub subdomain if you want to bring the subdomain, something like a subdomain to the root domain, then what you do is you install a subfolder. But again, yes, you're right, you don't need that. But you need to simply a category that's titled, f Google and work from there that the top-level category and try to rank that, and you're going to see that you start ranking for all the low hanging fruit when you try to deliver all that power to that top-level category. Yep.

Yeah, cuz the way he's got this, it's almost like it's two different sites, there's the brand because he's talking about installing it on a subfolder or subdomain. So that would be like a separate site. So I'm not sure what the configuration why you would do that.

But what Marco is saying is that it's better to go as a subfolder than it is a subdomain. And years ago, we taught, you know that, and I did it myself, I used to always use subdomains for just about everything. So for example, for a multi-location local business, or lead generation, whatever, I would have the root domain, but then for each additional location, so each additional GMB location, essentially, I would have a subdomain that was named after that city. So it would be city dot brand domain.com. And I would have separate WordPress installs for each one. And that, you know, that worked, in part because Google would treat a subdomain as a standalone domain as opposed to like, so for example, if any one of the locations were to catch a penalty, it wouldn't affect the other locations, and it wouldn't affect the root domain. Whereas if we had put them on subfolders, so they each had, or, or just built one site, and then did everything through categories, and perhaps tags, which is the way that I do it. Now, then, if any one of those locations were to catch a penalty, then it would affect the route because it was all built on the root domain if that makes sense. So I used to segregate or separate everything, keep them separate for that reason. But you know, over the years now, since really Marco and started developing, like the entity-based SEO and Semantic Web, SEO, and all that kind of stuff, I haven't had any problems with any of my locations. So I stopped doing sub-domains and started building everything out now on just the root domain. And using standard category, taxonomy, and tags now for location silos. And I do all that on the root domain, as opposed to having multiple subdomains or multiple subfolders. And it just makes it so much easier to manage a brand and multiple location projects. So I'm just speaking on that because I think it's similar to what it is that you're doing. If you use the types of methods that we've been teaching, you shouldn't have to worry about catching a penalty to your root domain at all. So it's better for SEO to do and also easier to manage if you can keep it all under one WordPress install. But if you needed a second WordPress install, then it's recommended. Now if I correct me if I'm wrong, Marco, but to do that as a subfolder, as opposed to a subdomain, is that correct? We go so far that people have to understand even dub dub dub. is a subdomain whatever. You've seen a dub dub dub, however, many dubs you want, dub dub, dub dub to they're all subdomain, the root is anything after the so. If you want to power up the root, yeah, we go into sub-domains, and you install that subdomain, excuse me, but subfolders and install as many as you want. Because you are not going to smash those subfolders. And not like we used to, we used to beat up the subdomain, where, you know, we did it that way, because we'd expect to catch a penalty. And then we could just disconnect that subdomain. But I mean, we protect the money sites so much, that isn't necessary anymore like you said, I mean, that's, that's what we look to do now. Because we see the power that the drive stacks have with the expansions, right? We've seen the power that develops over time. And so from seeing that we understand that installing everything on the root domain is where all the power should accrue so that you can deliver it any way you want.

Does Having More Backlinks Give You A Better Chance Of Outranking Local Service Business Competitors?

Sweet All right, thank you for that. So rocket blasters up he say the more backlinks the better chance I have at outranking my competitors for a local service business already purchased some SEO shield now. Not necessarily.

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It's not about the quantity it's about relevancy, right quality relevancy and also, you

Again, the way that we teach is building all to this SEO shield as opposed to the money site. So I don't know how Margo, how would you answer this one?

No, that's not it's me. And even john Mueller came out and had something to say on this. It's not the number of backlinks we've been saying this for years now. Yeah. It's not the amount, but the quality of the back activity, relevance trust, and authority in accordance with the distance graph algorithm and the distance graph patent with which measures how far you are, are away from a trusted source.

We did this presentation on Monday, guys, go and Donate to the charity and understand why an orphan website with a backlink will not have the power that a relevant website that's related to an entity has to go, we explained it, we showed it. We did. Rob did the relational comparison between the Google relational database and the way that we approach entity building, and how you can mimic that to the greatest effect. Taking advantage of the distance graph, which measures hops away from authority, authoritative, and trusted sources. I'm not talking Moz, I am not talking about any third-party vanity metrics. I'm talking about the Google patent the algorithms that matter, which is Google's and nobody else's. And if nobody else has to know because they won't give it up. But understanding how these algorithms work, meaning that we are as close to the belly of the beast as possible, there is no more trusted and authoritative source on the web than Google. We all know that. The second most trusted and authoritative source on the web is Wikipedia. Google trained, its AI Empire on Wikipedia, you start understanding this and applying it and putting it all together, then you then you'll know the answer to this question.

I mean, we do a million backlinks, they work perfectly well, but dedhia categorizes, right, his web 2.0 profiles, so that they're relevant. And they provide further relevance. And they're going into our drive secondary site, which is Google. And so that's trust and authority there. So we're taking full advantage of activity, relevance, trust, and authority so that we don't have to master 2000 something ranking factors, positive and negative. We don't have to know that. All we have to know his activity, relevance, trust and authority, and everything. In these over 2000 ranking factors fall under one of that category.

Can You Continue Buying More Links And Point Them Back To Existing Links In The SEO Shields To Create Tiered Links?

Sweet. Alright, so the next part of that was once I receive my backlinks, can I continue to buy some and point them at the previous backlinks to create tiered links, you can. However, when you order the links, you can order tiered links. And that's what we recommend if you order some of the link building packages that are kind of pre-created, or you can create your own and you can always add additional layers to that link building order. So

I'll just tell you how I do it. I don't take the link building. So when we get link building gig has been delivered, right? We get a Google Sheet that has all the tier one links, and then the second tab has all the tier two links.

And I just send those to an indexing service. And I don't even send my the second-tier links in from the Google Sheet to an indexing service, because it's typically 10s of 1000s of them. But I'll do the first-tier links, right? I'll send those to an indexing service. And then that's pretty much it, I might run it through an indexing service again at a later date. But other than that, I'll just buy additional link-building packages to power up. The SEO shield properties or syndication network properties are specific post URLs from the syndication network or whatever, right? So essentially, just depending on what it is that I'm trying to target, but I don't. And again, maybe there is some benefit to building links to the previously built backlinks. But I don't do that just because I'm constantly powering up different URL sets from my tier one entity assets if that makes sense. Because I ordered tiered link building when I ordered a link building gig, it's already tiered. So I don't then build additional links to those links. I just continue to build links to different URL sets from my tier one entity assets.

I hope that was clear. Does anybody want to comment on that? No, that was perfect. But it could make sense to run a tiered link building gig into a tiered link building gig for better indexing. That's true. I've seen many times that when you do that you get better indexing not only the on the previous tier.

The building set, but also like into the syndication networks and into drive. But that's simply a matter. And we've shared this before of pushing the further tiers further in the more activity, relevance, trust, activity, relevance, trust and authority, or the art of art that takes place in the outer tears, the further that they come in. Now, you can imagine this as tears on a cake, where I mean, you put your finger on the lowest tier, and then you go up to the next tier, and the next one. And the next one. I mean, that's actually what you're doing, you're moving up in tears, or think of electrons moving closer, right, moving closer in the house or jumping in hybrid is that you want to look at this activity, relevance, trust, and authority brings the outer tears in so that there's better indexing suite.

Is There A Way To Bulk Mirror Location Pages From The Money Site To The GSite With The Same URL Structure?

Okay, so the next question is from Jackson, he says, Is there a way we can bulk mirror location pages from the money site into the G site with the same URL structure rather than manually creating all the pages? insights.google.com. And, Marco's, that one's for you? Because I still, we still might my team still does it manually. So.

Alright, so Bob, mirror location? No, it's manual.

Okay. Give me a second. Let me just see what he's talking about location pages from the money signed into the D site with the knot, you can't do it with the same URL structure?

You can't? How can you do the same URL structure when your domain is your brand.com. And the Google site is sites.google.com dot one dot whatever unless you mean that you want the same set of keywords that are in the original URL, and that are in the original URL into this. And the only way I know how to do this in an automated way is through the software that we use. And that's never getting out of in Haskell, we paid a whole lot of money for that. A whole lot of time went into development. just crazy hours into doing that. And that's never seen the light of day. I'm sorry. Now, this is a question I'm asking. Because I'm curious Marco.

Now, like something like you bought studio doesn't work well with G sites, does it?

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I've never tried it. You bought studio, we had that really bad experience with a US studio, one of the top guys in there. And then I just never tried it might have been the guy it might not have anything to do with you bought studio, but it left a really bad taste in my mouth. And I don't want to ever go through that again. Yeah, and I've never tried to, you know, build out anything like that. I was just curious if because I know that you and the team had tried to build out. And I know we've got something on the back end that we use for automating some stuff. But almost everything that we do is still manual. So I was just curious if you've never had any experience trying to automate anything like that with you, but because I don't know if it could be done or not with you. But we did it. I mean, that's how we create the expansion stacks. That's how we expand them, right? We can add whatever we want into the URL structure. And we can copy the drive Second, the G site that that's all software, that again, guys, I can't give you that. I mean, you can go and buy it from us. You're more than welcome to that. But we spent a ton of money. And not only the money that we spent, and are still paying to this day but the hours that I spent on that and the hours that developers spent on that and what do you call it Cesar? and Rob ridiculous hours? No, I can't give that away. You. You're welcome to use it. We made it available in our mgyb.co store. You can order expansion stacks all day long. But I mean, we came up with it. And that's the service that we provide not the How to.

There you go. Yeah. And I remember you and your team working on that for months and months. And so yeah, I can understand not wanting to reveal that for sure. All right.

Does Using GSuite Offer SEO Benefits Than Using Zoho Mail?

ninjas up, says, Hey, guys, when you come to using email providers, do you see any SEO or other benefit of using G Suite versus something like Zoho mail. Zoho suite has a huge number of apps that make life much easier for running a business with all totals under all tools, excuse me under one roof. I've been trying to integrate G Suite mail with Zoho, but at this point, I'm not sure it is worth my effort. Thanks for the input, okay. I have no experience with Zoho whatsoever. I use. It was formerly G Suite. But now it's Google workspace or workspaces. I think it's a workspace. Anyway, that's what I use and I have been now for a couple of years.

For cold email contact and prospecting. But I'm also using a high level, which is an app that will allow me to automate and turn Google workspace and email through SMTP into an automated emailing platform. Now, it's not technically designed for that. Like they recommend inside a high level to use mailshake, which is an SMT provider as well, or excuse me, not mailshake, they recommend in high level to use mailgun which integrates with high level and I don't like that though. So I'm still using G Suite, but I'm also doing prospecting, cold prospecting. So sending out cold emails, I'm doing low volume, so much more targeted type emails, instead of doing mass emails. So I can't comment on Zoho because I've never used it. I like using Google stuff, Google domains, or Google workspace, excuse me for emailing for a number of reasons. Number one, it's Google, I'm familiar with it. I'm used to using you know, I built my entire business on Google Apps. My entire business is really built to optimize Google stuff for clients, you know, so I'm just comfortable with that, number one, number two,
it integrates with high level, which is my chosen platform for marketing automation. And in number three, is it's a Google property. So by buying a domain, and paying Google like that, instantly, add some authority and validation entity validation for whatever brand it is that I'm using it for. So there's a couple of reasons or several reasons why I can't choose to use Google workspace. Now, that all said,

I just launched a new agency, and just started prospecting last Monday. So it's, we're about a week and a half in and getting really, really good results already. I'll be talking a lot more about this kind of stuff in the mastermind. But I took a really, really good inexpensive cold email course, that I just got. It attracted me from a Facebook ad. But anyway, it's called cold email mastery.

And it's on gumroad. And I can't remember the guys' name. But if I pull it up, it'll probably look like, here it is this one right here. And the only reason why I'm pulling this up guys is that first of all, it's only 125 bucks. And it's an outstanding cold email course for prospecting, right for using cold emails to get your foot in the door or to open up a conversation with your target prospects. It's outstanding. It's real short to the point. It's no fluff, it's all actionable stuff. I love the guy style. He's, he's a much like Marco in that he cusses in his trip, money, it's he's real to the point like there's no fluff, no Polish nothing. So it's a really good course I would recommend it. And he talks about using mailshake as the best emailing platform, now I haven't used it, I think I may start to try that at some point as my prospecting volume increases for my new agency. If I get to a point where I feel like I'm reaching the limits that a G Suite or Google workspace account should be doing for cold emails, then I will, then that will be the app that I test, which is mailshake. But that's only because again, I thought this course was outstanding, and that's what he recommends. So I can't speak on Zoho. But I personally still to this day, even for my new agency, I'm cold prospecting right now, and I'm using Google workspace. But I'm using a high level to automate it. But as I said, if I needed to upgrade to something that is more designed for cold email marketing, then it's likely I will go with mailshake. And by the way, again, I highly recommend anybody that's doing cold emailing for prospecting, check this course out, it's fabulous. Any comments on that? How long ago did did did I write the ROI is a black book about three, four years ago? Yeah, at least. And didn't we talk about paying Google extra drive space, G Suite, back then whatever it is. Now, whatever iteration it is, did we mention that and we talked about it, and we spoke why we were talking entities back then now it's the big thing. Four years ago, when this was done when our academy was released. over five years ago, we went and said, focus on your entity, make sure it's not a known entity. But make sure Google knows and understands that you are a real person with a credit card and that you become a customer rather than a leech, rather than someone who uses the free resources and only the free resources. And what that does is it's not going to necessarily directly is that cause and effect and how it will affect your rankings. It's there's a correlation though, between paying Google and IBM being safer, being able to get away with more.

And the way that I see this is they have your credit card on file or your debit card or whatever it is that you're paying them.

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They know that it's a customer and they can make money from you. So it's unlikely that they're going to mess with someone that's making them money. So I think, and again, this is one of the only times that I'll share theory, my theory is that the bot will move elsewhere before coming back to you and checking, or whatever it is that you're doing. So it's just a way to provide extra protection for whatever it is that you're doing.

Yeah, and as I said, I've been using Google domains. Oh, and that's, again, I'm not even gonna get into that. But some, I mean, just some amazing stuff that was taught in this course, about like, even using Google domains to purchase your domain, on through a G Suite account, because now you're registering a domain through Google domains, under like through an existing Google workspace account, and will automatically set up a Google workspace on the new domain with the SPF records, your DKM records, all of that stuff is all done instantly. And it's three bucks more than it costs to buy a domain from Google domains than it is from Namecheap. And so I don't know, I picked up a lot of really good tips from this course. And as I said, I've been using Google domains now for I don't know, like the last three are Google workspace excuse me G Suite for emails. For like, the last maybe three years, might only be two, but two or three years and it's definitely hands down my preferred method. So for any new project that I start, that's the first thing I do is I go set up a Google workspace now I'm going to start buying them through Google domains likely buy domains through Google domains, but usually, I buy domains from Namecheap. And then I would instantly go set up a G Suite account for that new project, or a Google workspace account. So yeah, I'm a big fan of Google workspace for email.

Okay, that's a great question. By the way.

Does User Intent Prevail Domain Authority And Page Authority All Together?

A next is BB with multiple questions, as always, he goes, number one is does user intent prevail over I guess, over domain authority and page authority altogether? In my opinion, yes. And that's just because that's, again, the methods that, you know, we've been teaching about activity, relevance, trust, and authority. And I stopped caring about third-party metrics.

Several years ago, probably four or five years ago. And we've really focused on relevancy and user intent, right, which is, it's huge. We've proven that activity, relevance, trust, and authority. So if you're getting traffic, especially from a relevant audience, especially from unknown relevance or relevant audience by Google, so a defined audience by Google, can move the needle, even for SEO. So you know, just those engagement signals from an audience that Google understands or knows, have an interest in that right that that's a great ranking signal. So Marco can answer this better as far as the metric side of things, because, but I can tell you, I stopped giving a shit about third-party metrics, four or five years ago, and I have not looked back since I honestly just don't care about them. I care more about relevancy. Ever since we started talking about activity, relevance, trust, and authority, the art of art, domain authority and page authority are Moz metrics.

What's the other trust flow citation flow? Yeah, that's Yes, majestic, then we have whatever, ah, I think is a is Ahref. Domain rank, I think, whatever algorithm it is that they're developed, none of those are Google. And the distance map none. Now that might have a lot of smart people and might have a lot of former Google people, they might have a lot of engineers and smart people and I get it. And we all have access to the math, and we can all do the math. But only Google knows how the algorithm works.

Having said that, we've seen time and again, how someone coming in and providing insight user intent is the activity of that user on your website, what that user doesn't on your website. So does the user come in, spend time on your website, watch your videos, scroll via images, and then give you the information, fill out fill out the form or if the if the goal that you said is to watch a video, or if the goal that you set is for a phone call, are the users doing that because if they're not, then the final goal isn't being accomplished, and Google will send them elsewhere. Where they can fulfill whatever it is that that search query was looking to. It also depends on a search query, what it is that person is expected to do on the website. This is all AI now that's watching all of this flow and watching for the for that whatever the completion is, has the customer been fulfilled? Or do they go elsewhere? and look for something else that and do they take action there? Well, then that gets a better signal than whatever you did, or did they do a comparison and come back to your website? That's even better. So they went a little

They looked at others as comparison shopping, they come back to you, and they give you the information boom, cinched. I mean, that activity, not user intent, but activity, Trumps anything on the web, I don't care what it is, you can talk about speed, speed, and all this other shit that Google's coming up with to try to trick people into doing things other than what they're supposed to be doing, which is focusing on that entity and getting that person to complete the goal that you set for them on that page.

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Have You Experienced Getting Into The First Page Within 1-2 Months For Semi Easy Or Semi-Tough Keywords?

There you go. So question number two of many is, have you ever experienced fast rankings on the first page, let's say one to two months on a regular domain, non G site? for easier semi-easy or semi tough keywords? Yeah, I mean, many times, although I haven't experienced that lately. But I haven't really been set to start a whole lot of new domain projects. But yeah, I mean, in the past, I've absolutely done that. more so with GMB stuff, but yeah, I mean, sometimes. And it's interesting, I did a test this was years ago, probably five or six years ago, but it was a test inspired by Terry Kyle. But it was about testing different domains just to see sometimes, like, sometimes even a new domain that has never been previously registered for some reason, just it's like it gets it goes into a sandbox and just doesn't, it just won't rank, right, or it just doesn't respond well to anything. And so I did a test it to kind of, and Terry Kyle had a blog post about this many years ago, where he said that he had a hypothesis that, you know, it was some sort of random, random chaos or something like that, I forget what he called it, but he had a name for it. And he was saying that, like, if you were to take, you know, buy five new note five domains that have never been previously registered, and pretty much optimized them with the same sort of content, you know, they would, they'd have to be different, but the same sort of content, and you just send them out there like to be indexed. And then just track to see where they would initially index right to see where they initially index, he says, you know, out of those five, even if they're all like gibberish type content, or whatever, you'll see that usually, one or two of them will be terrible, like, they won't, though index, maybe that's many, many pages back or you know, whatever. And then maybe one of them out of those five will end up indexing quite well. And there's really no rhyme or reason, random, I can't remember what he called, he had a specific term for it. But I thought it was a really interesting test. And I did it myself for and I remember, I did a case study for this mastermind, and I guarantee they're still in the archives, but we're talking about from like, 2014, or 15 timeframes. But I did that with plumbing domains, I bought several different plumbing domains, they were all-new, never been registered. And I tested that. And sure enough, one of them ended up like landing on-page, you know, two or whatever, when an indexed, and it was like, all the other ones were, you know, several pages back. And for whatever reason, there was no way for me to determine which one of those domains was going to rank better. But that was the one that I chose to end up building a client project on, because it ranked well, initially right out of the bat with nothing being done to it other than just being indexed. And so I thought that was a really interesting test that, you know,

I'm not saying every time you go to start a new project that you go out and, you know, register five domains and see which one ranks best and then build a project on that, although that's not a bad idea. That's a lot of additional work. I just thought it was an interesting test. So have I done it before? Yes. I haven't seen it more recently, but it would GMB is I have if you optimize the GMB correctly, and it's in a lower competition area, then sometimes that GMB will pop right into the three-pack for you know, a search within its immediate local area. And that's that that happens. Again, if it's if I haven't seen it lately, but I have done it in the past. And I've even done GMB ranking in the three pack within the first month within, you know, the last year. So I've done that. So yes, I've seen it. Mark, do you want to comment on that? didn't call it the randomness factor? Yeah. Random ranking factor, maybe that was it? Something, something? Something like that, where it just won't index or for whatever, it'll go into the sandbox, and Google will just refuse to rank it? Yeah, random ranking. I think it was a random factor. Yeah. It's just that the algorithm burps it's so complex, that that there's constant degradation, right. I mean, I talked about this.

Last night, the mini mastermind, we talked about random algorithmic degradation. We talked about algorithmic bias we talked about, I mean, just a whole bunch of things that are taking place. While all of these algorithms are thinking about millions of lines of code, the algorithm degrades over time. And if you're trying to predict behavior, it degrades even faster, trying to predict that behavior. And so all of these training models are degrading and these people are having to go and update these things constantly. It's not that Okay. What is the image that we have of Google? It's like an overseer, all-powerful, all-knowing us that seeing everything and all it is, is a set of servers with a set of code with a whole bunch of people working on the code.

It can't be anything else. That's what it's not. Yeah, they do come on a manual, when they come out on a manual is someone in a computer coming and looking over your website through their computer? It's all it is. It's not magic. I tell him it's not magically delicious. This ain't Lucky Charms, man. That's not what it is. And so with all of these factors and things taking place in the algorithm, it's just going to burp from time to time. And then when that happens, no matter what you do, you can't get it to wreck. Yeah. I remember calling that the alpha Ric alpha algorithmic anomaly. And that's, that's what it is. And just really quick, this, this, I just did a search on that term, random terrico random ranking factor and it pops in a blurb from diggity marketing. And he talks about, you need to expect the random ranking factor. This is a random ranking factor is a phenomenon, phenomenon coined by SEO, Terry Kyle. So that's exactly what I'm talking about. So this would probably be a good article just to read through if nothing else.

So there you go.

Okay, cool.

Can You Automate Money Site Post Creation For Content Kingpin?

Next, let's see is another one from BB. He says, Is there an automation content kingpin for money site, post creation? No, all of my bloggers, which I've only got two now on staff, do everything manually. And, and we've always done it that way. Because, first of all, the content. I mean, there there is one tool that I could say, you could probably get away with automating curating content. And that would be Damon, Nelson's RSS master technology. I don't personally use that, again, my team still does everything manually.

Like, for example, Esther, my best blogger, she's my primary blogger, she uses Feedly. And we build-out, we add content feeds to feed the, but then we also add content to what's called content boards. So we can set up different categories, and subcategories and all that kind of stuff and add content to content boards. And so whenever she goes to blog, she just goes in and pulls open a content board finds articles that will complement a topic that she's trying to blog about, in other words, sometimes it'll reinforce an idea that she's trying to convey, sometimes there will be opposing opinions that she so it's kind of like an argumentative essay if you took, you know, college English classes, you've probably had to do that my point has, like, all the content that we could ever need is in Feedly, that's our content library that then she uses to create, to curate posts for clients. And she's very, very efficient at it. And very good. Her posts are outstanding. She's been working for me for five, probably longer six or seven years, maybe even longer than that. And she's really, really skilled at it. So we do everything manually. But I think if there was a tool that could automate that, and again, I'm not sure if there are other tools out there that may be able to do this, but I know Damon, Nelson's RSS mashup technology would likely be able to automate curated posts to a degree. And you could set up some sort of a function where, you know, it creates an RSS feed from the RSS master technology that Then could you could trigger publishing posts to your money site.

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Again, I still prefer it manually just because we have more control over everything. But I think if you were going to try to automate it, that would be a good tool to attempt it with, although I've not done it myself. Any comment on that guy, we're using Jordan's method that taught him that he taught him powerful, which is using the software as a service to tune the content, I mean, razor-sharp, tune it for the bot, tune the entity. And so what you get is a template, more or less or a guideline on what it is that you're supposed to write. Now once you have that you can just go and like maybe FAQ, but you shouldn't be doing you should have a VA that's doing all of this train your VA on how to do it our VA my VA no knows how to go into the different software build it from the two software that we use, pull the schema because they will give you the additional schema that you should have with that. And then from that, she will write the content that's now focused on the entity that we're trying to push up in the ranking. It works fantastically well. You can do the same with curated content by the way the Dixon Jones for men links which is one of the SAS products that we use just wrote a great blog on on on how to use curated content as how you take our Content Kingpin. Have you run it through the different software? And it'll come out a tune? I don't know what you mean, you can do it automated. But why would you when you can have something that's hyper-focused, hyper-tuned for the entity, and whatever else is related to the entity because all of the AI told you how to create those relationships, it works incredibly well?


What Is A Solid Local Business Directory To Find Business Contracts For Architects & Home Builders?

So the next one is from Nigel. By the way, we got awesome charity webinars, so comment on that. But Nigel asks, What is a solid local business directory to find business contacts? Like, for example, business adjacent to real estate?

With contact information? I'm not sure I understand the question. Goal, I want to find all architects and Home Builders by geography with some solid information that can be used for targeting not spamming. Okay?

If you're talking by geography, okay, so what I would say, so you're looking to find specific contacts that's in a specific industry, but also by location. So first and foremost, I would just go to Google and do searches for industry, whatever that is. Business Directory, right. So in my case, like tree service, business directory, right, or tree contractor business directory, or something like that, right, and just start collecting the URLs of those industry or niche-specific directories. That's number one.

Number two, look at industry publications. So like associations, you know, member associations, for example, you know, like TCI, a tree care industry of America or something like that, right. So you can usually find industry publications, or membership organizations, associations, those types of things that are industry-specific. And oftentimes, they will have business directories or professional directories for, you know, companies and professionals in that industry. So look for association or industry, you know, publications, membership groups, that kind of stuff, that that's another great source for that kind of thing.

So those are two that I would recommend right off the bat. Another one would be and I just started testing more like literally today, I just started testing some more, I've got them open and some of my browser tabs, in fact, but started testing for LinkedIn, LinkedIn might be also another good opportunity for you to find your specific target prospect. And you can, you know, I'm still using the free LinkedIn account right now. But I've been in the past, I've used Sales Navigator, and Sales Navigator opens up a shit ton of additional filtering options and a lot of additional contact options. So you can get a lot of Intel from that. I am, I just started testing what's called octopus CRM. That's this one right here. It's, it's a LinkedIn tool. I just start again, I just signed up for this today. And I'm going to start testing this. But this in conjunction with something like LinkedIn Sales Navigator will give you a ton of data. And you can create messaging sequences and automated follow-up sequences and all kinds of stuff with this kind of a tool. So and even LinkedIn funnels, which is really cool. That's part of the reason I signed up for this one. So like, you can, you know, set up automation, and funnels and stuff all within LinkedIn, which is really cool. So again, I would recommend those three things. Go to Google, do an industry, Business Directory search, right, so you can start collecting industry directories specific to your niche or topic or chosen industry. Number two, look for associations, memberships, organizations, things like that, likely, you'll be able to find some and oftentimes they will have their own professional directories. And then lastly, I would also encourage you to check out LinkedIn because even tree contractors, which I was really surprised free contractors are not the type that would typically be on LinkedIn, but a lot of them are even if they're not active on LinkedIn, they still have profiles. So it's worth attempting outreach on LinkedIn as well. So again, I would highly encourage you to check that out. Anybody else?

Is There A Specific MGYB Done For You Service For Real Estate Leads?

Okay, next, the next question is a second question if I could any good real estate leads advice. And best MGYB done for you services that can be used specifically for local real estate leads with some context. Real Estate leads advice, I guess it would depend Nigel on what you're trying to, like. Who are you targeting? are you targeting residential homebuyers? are you targeting residential home sellers? are you targeting investors? are you targeting realtors and real estate agents? Like I'm not sure what it is.

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If you want to clarify since you're commenting, Nigel. Do you want to clarify what type of targeting I might be able to provide some insight, you know, I have a real estate business, I buy and sell vacant land. So, you know, as an investor, I'm just a marketer. Like, I'm not actually a real estate investor, I'm an I'm marketer in the real estate industry, right. And, and so I know how to generate leads for that business. But that's, again, for my own business. So I'm not sure you know, what your, who you're trying to target that's going to determine or that will determine what the best answer is, if that makes sense. So I'll move on, and I'll come back to this. Marco, he's asking all of the above for mortgage broker, okay.

Yeah, well, then, I mean, again, I would start targeting different aspects of different segments of the broad real estate market. So you're gonna have specific messaging targeting buyers, right? You're gonna have specific messaging targeting sellers. If it's a mortgage broker, well, I guess sellers are probably going to need a loan to buy a new home anyway. Right. So So yeah, I could see that. But, so, again, it's going to depend on what market segments you're targeting, because you're gonna have different messaging to different segments of the market. And they also congregate, right? Those you'll find those market segments in different places too, right. So again, if you're talking about wanting to target real estate professionals, LinkedIn, a great source for that Zillow, you know, realtor.com, like you can find realtors in specific locations or areas on those types of sites and scrape that and I know that there's, there are tools out there that will scrape stuff like that. You might want to look at Phantom Buster comm they have a lot of really good scraping tools, LinkedIn included, but probably Zillow, scrapers, and everything else, I'm sure.

But you know, targeting homebuyers that you know that they're going to be in a different place than perhaps some sellers would be. So you have to kind of figure out where your target audiences are. And then develop messaging, and ad copy or content, or what, however, you're going to be targeting them that fits in where they're already located, like the medium that they're frequenting. Right? And and and target them that way. So I don't know if that was helpful, but that's, again, you know, real estate is so broad, you really have to fine-tune your message based upon the segment that you're targeting. Hopefully, that makes some sense.

As far as the question about MGYB stuff, let me go back to that Marco, maybe you can answer this he says, and best mgyb.co done for you services that can be used specifically for local real estate leads with some context.


So the first thing that comes to mind is proper keyword research, sellers and buyers, right? Because of its mortgage brokerage, you're going to need that.

And then it's going to need doesn't matter what it is the entity is going to need, the SEO shield is going to need to be, you're going to need to establish the footprint.

Everything that we teach is is a process, a method a system to like repeating myself, it's a system that systematizes how everything gets done. It's a process, the way that we set up the niche is irrelevant, the niche doesn't matter. Because the process takes care of it. As long as everything is set up the right way. We set it up so that it's successful, no matter what it is, I mean, the content production has to be done. Has the homepage has to be right. The schema has to be right. I mean, in everything that we do, you'd probably benefit from the heavy hitter club.

That's where you probably find the most benefit because that's how we show you how you can best make use of your entity and how you can take that entity approach for anything that you're doing. You'll never hear me talking about how to go after a specific niche. Because the process is always the same. It's the procedural process by the Department of redundancy department, right? Yeah. I love that. The Department of the Department of redundancy department I love that. Um, so I just did a quick Google search for Zilla scraper. I thought Phantom Buster might have one but it doesn't look like they do.

But this is neat. They've got some really powerful tools but I just did a quick search for Zillow web scraper because I know like you know Zillow is a wealth of information if you're in the real estate industry. And I know it pisses a lot of realtors off because and even investors because Zillow is kind of like they took that they actually entered like the realty market themselves as well as they're also buying up properties that are listed on Zillow for discounts, you know that kind of stuff. So they're also like acting as a real estate investment, trust type thing, all kinds of stuff. It's crazy. So Zillow is a powerhouse in the real estate industry and even though a lot of people.

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You're mad at them. Like I mean, you can't fault them for just being really good at what they do. Anyways, Zillow web scraper. I just clicked on this one down here because it shows December 10 2020, which seems to be the most recent on page one.

And there you go, like, I mean, I haven't tested any of these. But you might want to look into doing something like using a Zillow web scraper to extract real estate professionals because remember, you're gonna find listing agents, as well as buyer's agents on Zillow, and maybe even mortgage stuff I don't know because I don't typically look as I do in cash based real estate business without loans and stuff. So I don't deal with mortgage loan lenders, but you might be able to find mortgage information on Zillow, like, you know, lender information that are advertising in such on Zillow, if that makes sense. So and that's just one of many guys remember, there's realtor.com is Trulia. Redfin, there's a bunch of other websites that are specific to real estate, that you could probably get a shit ton of information from building a really good prospect list. Okay.

That's a good question, though.

All right. We're almost out of time. Let's see. Yeah, they hate Zillow. Yeah, you're right. And I know because I was just at a real estate investors meeting last night, and we did it once a month. And there were realtors that come in that want to either start their own investing, like investing side to their business, or they want to work the realtors that want to work with investors. And it's funny, but you're right. realtors, they really hate Zillow. I like Zillow because it helps me in my business as an investor because it's just the data that I pulled from Zillow. It's invaluable the data that I get from Zillow, and so I like Zillow for that reason. Anyway,

If The SEO Shield Was Created With Incorrect Keywords, Should You Just Let It Sit And Order A New One?

let's see. The last thing is J. Duggal says if a shield was created, this is a great question. By the way, I read this one earlier. If a shield was created with incorrect keywords he didn't fully comprehend at the time of ordering and provided keyword plus location etc. Instead of the top-level brand. Should I just let the seal the shield sit in order a new one or what would be the best move forward, I'm gonna tell you what I would do and, you know, but Marco's advice is going to be probably the best. What I would do in that situation is probably just set it to not public in order a new one. The only other thing you could do would be to manually go in and change everything, which I certainly wouldn't want to do if I had somebody on my team that knew how to do all that maybe I would have them do it. But I might just set it to not public and then go order a new one. But that's me, Margaret, what would you do?

I don't want to do all that manual work. I don't want to. I know we're going in there and trying to correct it. But I'm like I'm not seeing it. Like that would be a problem where he did keyword press location.

I mean, if he got the keyword research right now it was okay. It was created with incorrect keywords. Yeah, order it again. Because you have ambiguous your entity set everything that you have to the public. Now anything else that was created the syndication network, and everything else will have to be updated. And you'll have to write to support at mgyb.co. To see it whether it be we don't really provide that service but I mean, we could have someone go in and update it for you with the new keyword research with the new keywords for the brand. I will try to set up a one-off payment. I don't see why not.

Sweet. Good question. All right, everybody. Thank you for being here. Thanks for the awesome questions, Nigel, and thanks for participating. That appreciates that and I'm glad it was helpful. So we'll see you guys next week.

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