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By April

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if you understand what I'm saying, Give me a one. You can give me a tool, or you can give me another kind of one. Now, when I'm, at least I'm not. I'll admit it. I'm the worst marketer in the world. I know how to rank shit. But I suck at marketing. At any rate, welcome to Wednesday's Hump Day Hangouts. Your reason to like Wednesdays, that's why you're here. Let me just go from left to right, as I see you, and introduce my partners, and see what they have to say her name. What's up?

What's up, dude, so I'm good. I'm excited to be here. You know, it's always good. It's always good to be on Hump Day Hangout, it's always good to hang out with you guys. And to, you know, give back a little bit to the community that gives us so much so really excited to be here.

Cool, Chris, what's up, man? Good here.

Doing something really exciting at the moment building my own ghetto gym. because well, Corona is like all the restrictions, everything is still shut down. And like, I don't know, like currently, it's like the fifth of April or something like that, then I bet it's gonna be till May or something like that. So I'm not waiting any longer. So like, I'm looking forward to squatting again, proper bench press, and stuff. So super excited. Cool. Bradley. What's up, man? What's up, man? Busy as all hell. But it's, um, it's exciting. Got a lot of things cooking. So glad to be here. It's good to be busy. And as you can see, guys, it's Groundhog Day in Costa Rica. For over a year I've been showing away.

I don't want I won't give you too much light. Because I don't want you to think that Mark was heading off into the light. But you guys can see it. It's beautiful. It's sunny. What can I say? It's the price I paid for the life I live. Guys, it takes work to do this shit.

Is that easy, and it's not free. But once you get the process in place, then the process takes care of everything. So you can step away and enjoy some of this. You go off to the beach, you go off to the mountains, you go and explore the jungles and the volcanoes and everything that this beautiful country has to offer. And anyway, if you want to know more about how it is that we do the do, then head on over to MGYB.co. That's our store that I've done for you store. I just literally got done ordering link building package from MGYB about an hour ago. So it's exactly what we use. It's in the process is everything that we give you. And we give it to you for free. We tell you what the process is. We're not going to show you how. But we tell you why. It's not that it's something nobody else will do. Nobody will tell you why we tell you why. We're directly affecting the algorithms in a positive manner rather than in a negative manner. That's what we're doing, how we do it. It's MGYB to but if you want the secret sauce, we're not going to give you that how to cope with it. No, we'll put it together for you. If you want the training then you have to come to semantic mastery comm our mastermind or you join the heavy hitter club or you join us if you're not joined, but order our done for you services. And please if you're listening to this, it's like Caroline said we want to give back to the community. The whole purpose for this from day one was to give back to the SEO community that has given us so much. And so that this is it. So head on over to YouTube, help us grow, and help us stay free. Click that like button hit on that bell so you get a reminder whenever we're coming on. Please do that. Help us out? Right. We help you so please help us and without further ado, let's Oh wait, wait, wait a minute. I got a teaser. I got a teaser. And the end of the month. end of the month. Betty we just talked about it yesterday. You want to steal the thunder.

end of the month. And oh because of oh I'm sorry. I was thinking you were the end of February that just occurred. I didn't realize you were talking about the end of March. So yeah, we're uh there's Adam. He's coming now. He must get his hamsters running fast enough on the net. Don't let it man just keep him waiting. Yeah, I'm sorry. I understand what you're saying now. So yeah, the end of this month Syndication Academy relaunch or, I mean, let's just lay it out there is it they completely 100% updated for 2021 and with a unique kind of presentation twist that we haven't done in the past and should be good. I'm really looking forward to it is a kind of a new way for us to present training material and I hope it will be received well we'll find out but um, it's going to be awesome because we've we put a lot of additional methods and techniques and such into Syndication Academy this time. So we presented her already, right in Hump Day Hangouts. We just want people to know it's launching we're actually going to do it will first be done internally before goes public take advantage of the internal launch because that's always a better price point that it will be when it goes public. The person doing the training she was brought in, because she was an outsider, because we wanted someone who had never seen the training, didn't know what Semantic Mastery What didn't know what SEO was, we wanted her and we wanted her going through the training, and updating, updating the training while she was going through it. Why? Because we want her available on Facebook, and she is going to be available in the group. So that when people come up with problems, she will know in detail how to deal with the problem. And she will be there to help people get through the problems. We have over 300 websites, I believe, I believe it is as webinar updates guys, we have over 300 websites that she will be going into and showing them how they can manipulate it, how can they how they can be manipulated and added to your internet profile to broaden the entity. And that's what this is all about. The name of the game now is who has the best entity in the web. That's the name of the game. The person who builds the strongest, most powerful entity rounded out in the way that Google expects is the one who wins. And one of the foundational principles of our method is Syndication Academy. It's a must, it's me, that's why we put it into the SEO shield, you have to have it, you have to present a proper entity to Google that can be trusted, and that can become authoritative over time. That's what this is all about. Don't expect to rank for gold.

Or DUI, DUI attorney Toronto, three posts and one syndication network Not gonna happen. Don't expect to rank, like plumber in dc, dc plumber. That took a lot of work. It was it's what we call now the SEO power shield, and then embed runs precedences if you remember Rob was doing presently, like daily. Yeah, hammering it with link building. But it became the entity for the keyword DC plumber, the keyword and DC plumber, the company is inextricable right now. Right, the relationship that was created is so great. So this is one of the things that you can do with Syndication Academy is build that entity. It's coming. Se is wonderful. She's great at communicating. It's just different. And we hope that people can really benefit from having her available like every day. She'll be in there and she can spend an hour in there or however long it takes to answer questions then there will be monthly or I don't know how often. It'll be up. It'll be updated. We will figure it out guys, but it's coming. I'm really excited about this. Get on the Syndication Academy train.

Adam, anything you'd like to add to now? I couldn't help myself. That's it, man. Yeah, I've been having some weird internet issues are doing construction around our place. And just like three minutes before, posted a video on Facebook inviting people to come into Hump Day Hangouts and then tried to do anything else is dead. So happy to be here. I think you guys covered it. I'm pumped about Syndication Academy. There's a lot, a lot of good stuff in there that people are gonna want to go over, and then with the continuous updates, it's just gonna be badass. So that's all I got for today.

Cool, but without further ado, and nobody else has objections. Let's move on to the questions. All right, let me grab a screen. Oops, wrong button.

You guys are seeing it now. Correct. Looks good.

I don't know why it stopped with your damn. I don't know which ones are which anymore.

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Can You Offset Average Reviews And Get Into The 3-Pack By Targeting Optimized Listings With Press Release, Backlinks, Drive Stacks From MGYB?

I think it's a setting but let me take a look because I had to go in and you can do something but Oh, so it was you that changed some shit around. I didn't do shit. No, Gordon. Gordon is is the last one. The last one. Hey, guys, I need your help with two podcasts. Yeah. All right. So hey, guys, I need your help with two quick questions. Number one, I'm presuming that having lots of four and five-star reviews still has a significant effect on getting a GMB listing into the three-pack. But if the business has just average quantity and quality reviews compared to their competitors, can you offset that deficiency and still get a new three-pack by targeting the optimized listing with press releases backlinks ROI is Google Drive stack, etc from MGYB. Yeah, I mean, I think reviews are a small part of ranking in the three-pack.

But I don't know how. Like how much of a part of it is I don't think it's a huge part of it might Marko might have more insight on that than I do. Where I find reviews mostly beneficial, is not necessary. I mean, it's great for social proof. There's no question right? It helps to improve the click-through rate if they got good. A good number of reviews and obviously a high rating in those reviews. It helps to entice the click right it helps to cause visiter a Google user to want to click through to that, which is a great SEO signal in itself, right? That engagement signal, but as far as the reviews themselves having an effect on the SEO, it's I don't know how much of an effect the reviews actually have on the GMB. But where I find the most benefit is by going in and replying to those reviews and working keywords in and location names into the review. reply, if that makes sense. Because it's a way to inject additional relevancy, either geographic or topical relevancy into the reviews themselves that typically, if you know, if you read a lot of reviews, a lot of times the keywords aren't mentioned or the locations aren't mentioned. And so you can work those in it's just another opportunity to squeeze keywords and location terms into the GMB. So that's how I find it. But I don't know about how much maybe Marco Can you answer? Do you have any idea how much reviews affect GMB ranking?

Not rankings, but they do become link building targets? Right? Yeah.

And, and so that's a great place to start, that's a great way to use them is as link building target. That's how I use them. They're great for press release targets also for press releases, which is also link building.

And so you can think of them that way. Now, the quality of the reviews only matters, like when you're seeing a lot of forum five stars when people are looking. I talked about this the other day I believe in in a webinar, you know, my daughter really pays attention to that. And she really looks at the reviews when she's trying to buy something like an Amazon. Like how many good reviews does it have? How many bad reviews have Why are they getting bad reviews? Or why are they getting such good reviews? Or are they just generic reviews that these people are getting?

And so that's when it matters, and then that CTR is like it's not a cause and effect. It could be correlational. In other words, if you have a lot of quality reviews, then as you said people are likely to click on it. But as far as ranking, like, I've seen people with no reviews rank over people with 300 something reviews. Yeah, no problem.

Yeah, yeah, I see that too. And that's why I mentioned I don't know how much the reviews. Now, again, by being able to use those reviews as an opportunity for link building. I didn't mention that. But yeah, that's true. And that's a lot of times, by the way, like Press Advantage will write press releases and actually quote, a review that they pulled from the GMB anyways for that company. So that's a great opportunity to link to the share URL for that review. But also, as I said, there's work you know, replying in replying to reviews gives you that opportunity to add additional keywords and location, relevancy. So I think that that helps as well. That's a habit that we do for my clients.

Does Daily Posting In GMB Help In Ranking The Listing Higher?

So the second question was, I'm presuming that daily GMB posts are allowed. Yes, and I recently read that posting daily on GMB will significantly help the listing to rank higher and that optimizing the posts for your targeted search terms will also significantly help with ranking or either or both of these those true and if so, how much of an impact will either have. Gordon, I would suggest that you take low to join the Local GMB Pro course that we put out because it's all specifically about GMB and how to get I mean, just absolutely crush a GMB location.

You know, doing nothing but the stuff inside of GMB. I mean, as you can forget about even if it has a self-hosted website and everything but what I'm saying is local GMB Pro is all about how to optimize and get results from the GMB and the assets that Google provides as part of the Google My Business profile. So I would encourage you to check that out if because it sounds like you've got some GMB work on your hands. So, Marco, what do you want to say about the post?

I'm like, Can I say outside of local GMB Pro people have paid really good money for that course. Right? And how much are we willing to give away for free?

Yeah, I mean, you have to look at what your competitors are doing to see what it is that you have to do to compete in the space.

Check to see if that like what frequency of posting you should have. There's so much information that you can gather from a GMB and from insights. It's ridiculous.

Yeah, I mean, I can't really say much more with it without just giving away too much. How we do the post not it's not just a matter of posting but how we post how each one is done, how we approach the entity. The press releases everything. Everything goes hand in hand.


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Should You Create A GMB For A Business Aiming To Get Monthly Membership Signups Even If It's Not A Local Service Type?

Okay, well, thank you for that. Dan says, Hey gents, so I bought an SEO shield for a business that is looking to generate monthly membership signups. It isn't a local business. Really, though. I am wondering if I should order a postcard and set up a GMB even though it really isn't a local service type of business, my SEO shield is already in a queue without an address or phone number. Any advice is appreciated. Um, I mean, there's a lot of benefits to having a GMB associated with a brand period. Even if it's not a typical local business, I'm gonna pass this one over to Marco because he, he, he uses GM B's for, you know, even national or global type projects. So market What do you say? What can you suggest to him? But it's the entity right looks good. I'm sorry, Dan. We recently did charity webinars I suggest that you go and make a donation, send an email to the email that's provided up I'll write it later.

And really focus on what it is that we're talking about because I talked about how to use a GMB a little bit. Not only to solidify the entity but in the entire process and why you should do this and why even if you don't have a local company, you should have a GMB why you should have a listing why it's important for Google to have a list and why is it important in your schema for your organization when you're presenting everything to Google and why you'd be out doing everybody else?

There we go. And that's so just to clarify Dan if you what I would suggest if you plan on getting a GMB is to contact MGYB support and find out you know how far they've gone with your order. Because if it hasn't been really started yet or anything, I got an again, just a suggestion depending on where they are with the progress of your stack your drive stack, you may be able to ask them to pause it and wait until you get the GMB that way. It's worked into the GMB. Now, if it's already been started or completed or whatever, then that may, you know, unfortunately, that it may be too late. But it would be worth at least a support request to find out if it's possible if you know where it is in it, you know and how far along it is. And if it can be paused until you get to GMB. If that's what you plan on doing that would be a suggestion.

I would tell him Yes. I mean, we would totally pause it, we would give them 30 days actually, right 30 days to submit the information. If you haven't submitted it in 30 days, then then you will get refunded. And you have to start again. But just so you know we can hold it. It's not as if that no, we can't just write to resale just right to resist. He's fantastic. And support man. Yeah, supported MGYB.co.

Should You Buy An MGYB Link Package To Hit The RYS Stack After Purchasing A Depth Keyword Research?

Okay, next would be I also purchased in-depth keyword research, and I'm assuming that the next thing to buy would be a link package to hit dry stack with any suggestions on what else I could be doing. Fortunately, I have a monthly budget to spend on MGYB Yeah, that's great, Dan. And that's what we've, I can't tell you how many times when we talk about, you know, the SEO shield, the power shield, you know, and everything that we talked about entity based SEO that you should have a budget from your client's retainer every single month that's dedicated towards link building and embeds and that kind of stuff, press releases, whatever. So it's good that you have that because, you know, that's, that's the way to get results is to use that. So you just work that right into your proposal. Initially, whenever you're signing a client, which it sounds like you did, so that's great.

You know, I would go through either the SEOshield.com if you haven't already gone through that, it's free, it's like a four-day training, Rob put that together, that will tell you like the best practices and how to get the most use out of it. And that kind of stuff. The other one would be semanticmastery.com/process which's behind an opt-in now.

So you still have to exchange your email for it. But I did a training on that specifically, again, it's high level, but I specifically talk about how to, you know how I cycle through link building and embeds and things like that and, you know, choose different target URLs different us, you know, groups of URLs to hit at different times and that kind of stuff. And I talked about that and kind of a high level through the process training, the entity based SEO process training, which again, you can find that at semantic mastery.com slash process. I believe that redirects to an opt-in page now but you can get access to it just by opting in. And I would recommend you go through that because it'll give you some kind of link building schedule, like link building and embed, like off-page SEO schedule. It's and it's just a mock schedule, you can modify it to you know, your specific needs or to the project's needs, but it'll just give you some ideas on how to cycle through and constantly be planning applying pressure to your entity assets. And that's the way that we suggest doing it any any comments guys. Yeah, I suggest go to the seoshield.com, I posted it on the page, it tells you why we're not going to tell you how. But it tells you why.

And everything that you build off-page away from your money site becomes like a target for your link building. And for your press releases or for everything you do so that it powers up into your money site.
So it's just a fantastic way. But don't just take that one link building run, it depends on the competition, it depends on the keyword that you're doing. It depends on the niche, it may take a steady diet of this every month until you're getting the results that you want. And then you want to let the natural traffic and the natural link building take over. If anything starts to slip, you just start over again. With more press releases more link building more embed runs, and more link building. I mean, it's exactly the way that we do it.


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What Software Can You Recommend To Automate LinkedIn Lead Generation?

Next question. This is a question for me for sure. So he says, Hey, guys, wondering if you know of any good LinkedIn automation lead generation software systems to help get more clients for agencies and clients? That's a great question. In fact, I have just started, I just signed up last week and am in the process of working on, you know, developing my own LinkedIn strategy. Because I just launched my new agency less than three weeks ago. And I'm going to attempt to give a real attempt this time on LinkedIn, two to four prospecting.

Over the years, I've not done a whole lot of LinkedIn stuff. Number one, I just never had a desire to do it. It's just like Facebook, I'm not a big fan.

But in the past, I've made some half-assed attempts to do prospecting on LinkedIn, and I never stuck with it long enough to get any results to fine-tune my pitch my messaging, you know, all that kind of stuff. So this time, I'm going to, I'm going to give it a full-hearted effort and stick with it long enough to try to get some results or prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that it just isn't going to work in the industry that I'm in, which is tree care contractors, although I just from some very, very basic stuff that I've done over the past week. I've seen some promise already. So I'm going to stick with it. That said, I would suggest a couple of things, I came across a really, really, really good resource. It's called the LinkedIn Bible.

Ba mF CEO, I think is the name of the Yeah, right there. Ba mF CEO. And it's called the LinkedIn Bible. There's a collection of five books, but he's got a, you know, free plus shipping funnel, essentially, I'm sure you're aware of that.

There's anyways, just go check it out. It's called the LinkedIn Bible, it's a series of books that you can get, I think the first one for free, but then you got to pay for the others. It's, it's really good. There's a shit ton of information in there about how to optimize your profile.

How to start growing your network for your specific industry, you know, chosen industry or how to do that for clients, that kind of stuff. So there's just a lot of real I mean, guys, it's massive. The book itself is, I don't know, 400 pages or something. It's ridiculous. There's I mean, but a lot of that screenshots and things like that anyway, it's really good. I just started going through that just a few days ago, or, yeah, it was over the weekend, I think that I started, it's all a blur. I'm working 14 hours a day right now, but it's really good. As far as that, you know, that's just going to give you some strategies. Now he recommends some tools and stuff in there, the tool that I decided to go with is called octopus crm.io. That's this one. And I want with this one, just because it's got all the features that I need, I'm using high level is my agency, marketing automation platform. And so you know, I didn't really need like another full-on CRM and everything else. But octopus CRM actually has a set of one of the better monthly pricing options. A lot of the other ones are 100 bucks a month, this one's $49 a month. And just a quick tip, if you sign up for the free trial, you will get an email and then a couple of days with a 5% off coupon that's 5% off the monthly. So if you go with the monthly at 4999. And you get that 5% off coupon, it's I mean, it's only a couple bucks off, but just letting you know where you can go annual one, it's like 25 bucks per month, but you have to pay for the whole year. So anyway, I would try that. There are a few other ones out there too, that I've looked at. But this is the one that I decided to go with. I haven't really started any serious prospecting on LinkedIn yet because I'm still kind of in the learning the platform phase as long as well as optimizing, optimizing my profile, and developing my messaging sequence which I'm already testing that using email and SMS and cold voice drops through high levels. So once I have that kind of down in a bit of that message, I'm going to apply that to LinkedIn.

I obviously might have to tweak it a bit for the LinkedIn platform. But I think that's what I'm going to be doing. So I will have more information as far as experience with LinkedIn and this CRM and or automation app in particular, but it's going to be a few weeks. This is not you know, this, LinkedIn is another prospecting Avenue. For me, it's not my primary source, if that makes sense. So anyway, anybody else has any suggestions for that? They give you a free pro trial, every once in a while. Yeah. And it worked out really well for me. So well, in fact, that I did pay a couple of extra months.

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I mean, what I wanted to see is how good it was for prospecting, right. And I did it in the Virginia area got a bunch of people from Virginia, DC.

So I'd be there's just a lot of SEO leads and related, like marketing, there's a lot of things in marketing that you can do. And then like, I don't know how much to give away, I'll give it away, what I'll do is I'll just change the city that I'm in, I'll change the phone number because then that's the leads that you'll get leads from there. So if you'd like if you're around New York, and you can meet with people or Chicago, LA, whatever, I mean, it's just a really good venue to get in front of people, you will have to like outbid others, I never send in.

I don't want to get too technical. I never said send in the bids. I say to people, let's get on a call. Let's talk and they will see what it is that you want that you need. Because I can't tell you exactly. I can't charge you like $15,000 and not know what it is that you need. And so you get them on the phone. And they get to know you they get to know who you are they've already done their research on what it is that you do. And the closing rate is phenomenal. When you get in front of these people. You were talking about LinkedIn Pro Finder, though, right? Yes, yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I actually bought a course from

Josh Harris about that called LinkedIn Pro Finder profits over a year ago now. But the niches in there, I mean, unless you're just looking like, you know, as an SEO agency, or excuse me, a marketing agency, you can get, you know, you can go you can find people that have submitted proposal requests for SEO or marketing services. Specifically, I'm in you know, looking for trees, tree contractor clients, and there are no Pro Finderoptions for that. So, so I never ended up doing anything with it. But it looks like you could get quite a, you know, there's not a whole lot of people competing on this, at least there wasn't a year ago when I joined that program. It didn't really fit my model. So I really never did anything with it. But you ought to check into that. As far as just doing flat-out outreach. And I think I said when I was talking about this earlier, $49 a month, it's only $39 a month, which is and that's on the monthly. That's why part of the reason I joined this one, as opposed to some of the other ones was that it was so much less expensive. And with the unlimited account, it gives you Zapier, you know, connect, it will allow you to connect to Zapier, which will push the data from this app to a high level, which is really where I want it because the high level is what I'm using for my CRM and pipeline and all that kind of stuff. So that's specifically why I went with the unlimited was so that I could connect it to a high level via Zapier. But yeah, pro finder, as far as I know, there's from what I hear there was quite a bit of work that can be had from LinkedIn, like to get clients from and you can even sell if you get good on with LinkedIn pro finder, you can actually provide that as a service for, you know, businesses that provide that are looking for people that are asking for looking for clients, essentially, you can manage pro finder stuff for clients is what I'm saying. And that's kind of pro finder profits course was from Josh Harris was all about, you know, doing that managing that for others. Again, it just didn't fit any of my chosen industries. So I didn't do it. But you might want to look into that as well. How it works is you get a notification anytime that there's a lead available in your area. And you just go in and you write an email to that person, get that person to contact you be really good at getting in front of people and having them you know, get them on that on that phone. And then if you get on the phone, you can close them. Yeah. Yeah.

So yeah, it's a great question. By the way, I'm just like I said, just starting to get into LinkedIn now.

I think it's promising. So I'm gonna give it a real effort. I'll share what I know when I know.

Any Advice On How To Optimize An Online Vehicle Dealership Web Platform In Facebook Marketplace & Other Sites?

Okay, so this was a question posted by Marco but it was from another group or something from Nicole Campbell and Facebook. I'm creating a web platform that will allow dealers to sell their vehicles online. However, regarding the marketing, I would like for their cars to be marketed through the Facebook marketplace and a ton of other platforms. I'm not sure how to go about doing this. Do I automate my platform or do I automate each featured vehicle that is uploaded on the platform, automate each vehicle that has a multi-tier syndication or a single-tier?

Yeah, that's kind of a tough question, because I'm not sure I fully understand what she's asking to do. Marco, do you want to take this one? Since you were aware of it? Well, first, you need a website.

And it's not a cheap website that Nicole is needing, because this website is going to need to do a few things, for example, the vehicles that she's that she wants to sell. Let me go back and look at this question again because that's what it is so so she wants to show the vehicles online, but she also wants them in the Facebook marketplace. So you want to wait to automate going into the Facebook marketplace. I don't know if there's any way outside of the Facebook API to go into the Facebook marketplace. I don't even don't think that IFTTT, Zapier, but you'd have to look. So here's the thing, though. And this is why I got into this. Our support both MGYB and Semantic Mastery are not there to give you SEO advice, which this or marketing for that matter or anything having to do with how to build your website and how to hook all this up. What they're they're there to do is to create a done-for-you syndication network. But it can't be customized in this way. We have a set number of profiles that we do this with the Facebook marketplace is not one of them. So you're talking about something that's outside of what we do outside the specs or the spectrum of what it is that we do. So she wants to know, do I automate your platform? Yeah, you would automate your website to hook into the Facebook marketplace. If that's even possible. Again, API, there has to be some kind of way that you can hook into the marketplace so that you can display your vehicles into the marketplace and then also syndicate out into your syndication network.

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All right. Now, is this a multi-tier syndication? No, it's a single tier, because we're still talking about building the entity and pushing whatever it is that you're doing your product service, or whatever it is, out into your entity, you're not even at the multi-tier syndication level. At that point, it might require a multi-tier syndication network, depending on the automobiles are they use? Are they new? What kind of are wheels? Is it local? Is it global? What are you doing? And I can tell you that if you don't already have the website, and you're gonna you're looking to develop, it's not done on pennies. This is an expensive website that you're talking about is one type of thing. I mean, you can look to adjust the template to do what you need it to do. I wanted to answer this For this reason, because there's no way that our support can be expected to give you an answer for any of these questions. Since they simply don't know, I don't even know I'm just giving you what I would look to do with it, I would create my own custom theme, my own custom template, my own structure like we did with MGYB. To do the things that I wanted to do hiring a developer to do that is going to cost you if you've already done it. Now your job is to go and look to see how you can hook into the Facebook marketplace. Because it's not one of the places that we go into. Yeah. And then from there, once you get once you have your SEO shield in place, look and how to incorporate whatever it is that you're doing into that. That would be my answer for her.

Yeah, I mean, you could always go to something like Upwork and look for, you know, Facebook developers, for example, or Facebook app developers, like I don't know, I don't do shit on Facebook. So it's, but I'm sure you can find somebody on Upwork that to let you know whether that's even possible, you could probably even do some research on your own and figure out, I don't know, I sell real estate that I flip, you know, land vacant land on Facebook marketplace, but we post those manually. We don't do a lot of you know, a shit ton of volume. So there's really no reason for us to automate that. But I don't know, I don't think I've seen in any of our automation apps, the ability to automate a Facebook marketplace post to profiles and post to groups and that kind of pages. Yes, but I've never I don't think I've ever seen that option anywhere. And all the automation apps that I've used, not saying it can't be done. It may be possible. I just never seen that. So I don't think it's common. So again, I would recommend that you just do some research first to see if you can automate Facebook posts, Facebook marketplace posts, excuse me. First and if you can't determine whether that's possible or not, then you know, again, go to like Upwork or something and post a job describing what it is you're trying to accomplish? And you'll start getting some replies back from people that, you know, depending on how you post your job and Facebook up work, excuse me, I usually do by invitation only. So I literally go look for people that say something in their profile that would, you know, lead me to believe that they're able to help. And then I send them the invitation to review my job, the job posting, specifically, and that way I don't get like 8000 replies that I have to sift and sort through, I'm only getting replies from people that I have selected. But that might be a good opportunity for you to find out. Just have some conversations with some people that understand Facebook development stuff, and they'd be able to steer you in the right direction. And then you might even find somebody to be able to develop what you need, right there on the upward platform. Any comments?

Can You Use The SEO Power Shield To A Website That Already Had A Google Drive & IFTTT Setup By Another Vendor?

No, that's perfect. Okay. driven to rank. Alright, he says, I just purchased the power shield. Can I use it on a website that already had a Google Drive and IFTTT set up from another vendor? Or should I use it only on a site that doesn't have those things set up? No, you know, you can use it for the same site.

It's probably done a hell of a lot better too.

Since we did it not probably I'm sure it is. But um, yeah, no, as far as I'll let Marco take this one. But yeah, you can apply it to the same site. What do you say, Marco?


Does that it?

I mean, they ask these questions, and you can never be really sure, right. Yeah, that's true. It's, uh,

I'm not sure what it is that we're doing. Or can I use it on the website that already had a Google jet? Yes. Because we will use that Google Drive and we will get the IFTTT login. So what you're missing is the G site. And if I'm reading this correctly, the ad ID but don't use it on anything else. Unless I miss reading this.

While he's saying that he had a website that already had a drive stack that was built by some other vendor as well as an IFTTT setup. Yeah, so he wants to apply the new SEO power shield that he bought from us and all of its components to the same website. And I've done that in the past guys, not I haven't bought from other vendors. Because Because I've been building them myself or trained a team out of building them since 2011. So I've never bought a syndication network or a drive stack from another vendor. That said, I have had some, you know, networks that were older that weren't set up correctly, or, you know, things have changed or whatever. And so, and for example, I've got a Tree Service.

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One of my Tree Service locations that I built this drive stack for way back in probably 2015. When I learned how to do that, from Marco, before we had even launched our ys Academy. And I had built one in fact, it was the training that I did, I remember specifically it was for called pepper Tree Service. And it was because I had built that for the training that I did for ArcGIS Academy, because Gary, Dr. Gary did the training originally, but then people said they wanted me to do the training. So I went in and built a drive stack for call pepper Tree Service. And long story short, that was never that was built to those standards at that time. Well, things have changed a lot. You know, as far as like, how we build them. Now the way they look, the interlinking has gotten a lot better, everything else. And so about a year ago, I had, I had MGYB build another drive stack specifically for that brand that that that particular brand got brought in underneath another brand. But I had a new drive stack built for that I didn't get rid of the old drive stack, it's still out there, it's still in fact, for you know, certain keyword searches, you can still see on page one some of those files and folders and such. But I just had a new one built to kind of replace that one but I just didn't deindex the other one or set it to private or anything because there was really no perhaps except for the name being changed because I brought that other underneath another brand, the all the other NAEP data was the exact same and call pepper Tree Service is actually also a keyword instead of just a brand right that makes sense. So really didn't am disambiguate or ambiguity ate my brand when I changed the brand name because all the other NAP data stayed the same. So my answer is I would just go ahead and apply the power shield to the project even if you had the other stuff. You can decide whether or not the other stuff was toxic and you want to eliminate it or set it to nonpublic or whatever. That's up to you. You know we can't tell you that without looking at anyways but I can tell you if it was built by somebody else you probably wouldn't do right.

So yeah, we hit was responsible for what somebody else did. My main concern starting here would be, dude, don't create ambiguity. If you create ambiguity, it's going to kill whatever it is that you're doing. And it's really hard to disambiguate. Once you've done so.

Have You Tried Using 301 Redirect A Domain With Single Backlink From Authoritative Site To A Money Site?

So BB's up with a list of questions, many of which are hypothetical as always, No, I'm kidding. BB, what's up? He says, Hey, guys, have you ever tried a 301? redirect a domain with a single backlink from an authoritative site to the money site? What were the results? If not, then what should be there? Well, yes, I've done that. In fact, I found a really good it was domain that had was expired domain, but it had one backlink from Wikipedia. That was it. It was one backlink. But it was from Wikipedia, as a real backlink from Wikipedia. And it happened. It happened to be for a landmark or something, some historical landmark that had a website at one time, but apparently, they let the domain expire. And it was in a particular it was in the Charlottesville, Virginia area. And I had a limo service company at the time, that was a client of mine, that was a limo service in Charlottesville. And so I found that expired domain with the one backlink that was on a page for a historical landmark in the city of Charlottesville. And so it was it just seemed like a great backlink. So I did what I purchased. But if I remember, I can't remember if I just did a 301 redirect, or if I set up I think I set up an HTML page with the Wayback informing the original page content from the Wayback Machine archive.org. Right. And I think I set that up on an HTML, Amazon s3 hosted, you know, bucket hosted HTML page with so a recreation of what the Wayback Machine archive.org had as the content on there. But I stripped all the links out and everything else to where the only error was one backlink from that HTML page to my money site. And I saw like a seven-position jump in a matter of a week, which was really crazy. It was one keyword that I was targeting, in particular with that test. And I saw a significant jump.

So as far as I don't know if I've done any just 301 redirects, but it will pass the PageRank, you know, through the redirect to your destination, if it is, you know, a little bit as lost through a 301 redirect, but not much. So yes, it will pass. You want to comment on that one, Marco. Yeah, watching Be careful, like how long the domain has been expired? And how much has been spammed? Because it could be that that that da will disappear real quick. Yeah. And not only that, the PageRank. So it depends on how much you're going to spend on that domain, what you're using it for. But if it has those really good link metrics, then yes, I wrote, I built one up to like 70 domain authority once. And then once I got that far, Google for some reason came in and just smack the shit out of me. And it got D indexed. Well, of course, it was just total spam, because domain authority is a third-party metric. And like the only thing that you should be caring about, like, is it relevant to whatever it is that you're doing? And does it have good links, so that those links are relevant to whatever it is that you're doing? So if you can find a website that's actually relevant, and the links are relevant to whatever you're doing, it doesn't have to have direct relevance. But some relevance according to whatever it is that Google considers relevant. Not Moz. Not majestic. Not a truss, nothing but Google. And then yes, yes, it will have fantastic results, Wikipedia, any Wikipedia links that are especially related, will have fantastic results, that 301 will have an effect. And then what you can do is boost that expired domain, because it's 301. So you're actually adding a layer of protection. Be careful, though, because a penalty can pass through that 301 to wherever it's directed. So never directed to your money site. Of course. That's why I mentioned the HTML page on an s3 bucket. Yep. Yeah. And that was, that was my preferred method. I don't like to 301 I like to create those buffer pages. And there's like, in my opinion, there's no better place to do it than an S3 HTML page. So that's, that's I did a lot of that where I would buy expired domains and readjust build a single HTML page with the content that you can scrape directly from archive.org. And it's just one page. It's just the root domain, whatever was on the root domain, you can recreate that and then strip out any navigation menu links and everything else to where there's one backlink on that page pointed when it can be an anchor text link, or however, you know, you have to determine how you want to handle that. But that one link now, especially if it's anchor text, and it's embedded within content that adds relevancy. It can be incredibly powerful and in that HTML page becomes another target that you can just hammer with additional backlinks as well for, you know, to power that up even further. So there's a good question.

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Why Does Google Rank A Site With Higher Quality Backlinks Than A Long Form Content?

The next one is why? And this question, I've read it like six times now trying to decipher it. So not 100% Sure, I can fully understand the question, but I'm going to attempt it. I think what he's asking is why will Google rank content that has maybe less content, but higher quality, higher quality backlinks than long-form content? That might be considered like, you know, you know, a really in-depth article about this topic, but fewer backlinks, why will Google out? And he says, isn't Google's purpose to give the best results? Yes, and no. I mean, yes, Google intends to give the best results. But one of the algorithms also determines through backlinks, backlinks, a big still a huge part of the algorithm on how things are, end up the ranking, right, and how they perform in search, I should say, backlinks are still a huge part of that this is definitely a good question for Marco. But you know, just having, you know, just having good content, or even the best content about a particular topic does not mean that you're going to rank for it. Because if you don't, again, if you don't know how to structure the content properly, if you don't know how to do internal linking properly, if you don't do any external stuff, except for Jeffrey Smith, who is incredible at Jeff's building PageRank through internal link structure and how he stacks content, properly through semantic, you know, through what he knows through how good he is, Jeffrey Smith, SEO boot camps, the only one that I've ever seen, that can outrank you know, sites with very little to no external backlinks at all because of how he structures and he builds all his PageRank through internal linking. So again, if you know how to do all that shit, then having really good quality content, you can rank well for it, but just having the best content on a particular subject or topic. If you don't know, like, if none of the other metrics are there signals are there, then it's not you know, chances are, it'll never get found. So I don't know, Marco, how do you want to expand on that?

You mentioned the metric word PageRank, which is the doorway into what Google is building, which is a ranking score. This is a good way to understand that no matter how much content you write if you don't build back backlinks, you're fucked until Google figures out what it is that you're trying to do.

Perfect example, because you can write a whole bunch of content that nobody sees is what I tell people like they want a million-dollar website that nobody is ever going to see. So there'd be a whole bunch of money. Nobody sees the website, and you have some garbage from 2000. Right, that type of website that, you know, it's crazy, but it's converting, like nuts. And you wonder, Well, why? Why? Because all you're concentrating on is a pretty website that nobody will see, instead of focusing on converting the people that are coming to the website, activity, relevance, trust, and authority, which builds PageRank. It builds ranking short, he's hitting it with backlinks which create more PageRank more ranking scores. That's what we focus on the entity, the activity relevance, trust, and authority building PageRank building ranking score.

How Come Google Ranks Pages With Blocked To Membership Content?

Sweet, thank you. How come Google ranks pages with blocked membership content? Um, I don't know. I don't know. I mean, if it's you know, if it's a particular word, like a brand name, or you know, a training course name or something like that, and there's not a lot of competition for it, then it can rank even if it's a block membership page unless it's set to no index. And I've even seen Google ignore that no index directive before. So I don't know, I can't answer that. Can you Marco, you're not gonna have it? What do you mean by block to membership? That doesn't mean that Google can't crawl the page and can't index the page and can't rank it as long as the content is relevant. Or if you built a whole bunch of length we just talked about it backlinks to it. Then it has activity relevance, trust, and authority because people are coming to the website.

I think something like this right.

So like a blank membership registration page or something, you know what I mean? I think that's what he's asking about but he's getting activity. Yeah.

Okay, so Joey says Where do I sign up for Syndication Academy jelly well syndication.academy just go to syndication dot Academy that will take you to the sales page if you want to join prior to the relaunch but if you just want to wait till the relaunch it looks like Adam already got you.

Looks like we already have an early access landing page. Look at that. I hadn't thought of everything yet. No, I did in the background during Hump Day Hangouts. Ah, the truth comes out.

I thought you were you had some foresight. I mean, yeah, that's what I meant to say I had a couple of things there. Awesome. Well, look at that. See asking you shall receive. There you go. Muscle slug. Nice. Not sure what a muscle slug is, but

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How To Properly Set The CloudFare Settings To Point To the Website?

okay, I recently purchased the video mail prospecting system that Bradley had done, which is awesome, by the way. Yeah, wait. Soon, soon, I'm going to be adding an additional module to that guy. And then we'll probably relaunch it. And not, you know, we don't do big launches anyways. But we'll probably reintroduce it to you guys, our audience again, once I do, because I've got I'm doing I just launched a new agency less than three weeks ago, and I'm doing serious prospecting. More so than I've ever done, like industrial strength. That's awesome. And it's working well. And I've got a really nice little system that's working well for starting a conversation, using video emails and all kinds of anyways, I'll cover that I'm going to do an update to that training. And then we're going to go into reintroducing it to you guys when it's ready. So anyway, if you've already got it, you'll get the update when it when I add it. Okay.

Back to the question. I have a technical question. In reference to this. Bradley had mentioned during your training to set up a website for the personalized name domain to help with email delivery. Yes, for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to set the Cloudflare settings up to point to the website to work right. Normally, you set the name servers on the domain, to point to the hosting to work. I hope this makes sense on what I'm asking any suggestions on this? It's probably a simple thing that I'm messing with that with this. Thanks, James. Yeah, James, it's really simple. So you have if you are if you're buying a domain, and you're going to build a website, you're and you're going through Cloudflare, you just need to figure out what the IP addresses for your server, your host, right, and then you set the record in Cloudflare. So you set an A record, put the @ sign in CloudFlare as you know, subdomain or whatever, that just means it's going to read it, it's the root essentially. And then you put the IP address of your web server in you know, value field, and you hit it, you know, you add, you add that record, then you can also add a C name record for www dot and then put the same value your domain name in the value field, that's a C name record. And that will so that the website will resolve on both the root domain and the www version of it. If that makes sense. Cloudflare has helped files for that if, if those are confusing, you can always go to YouTube, and say how to set up a domain on Cloudflare. And, you know, I'm sure there's a shit ton of YouTube videos out there that will show you how to do that. It's very simple. Once you learn how to do it, it's super, super simple. And I use Cloudflare for just about everything. The only thing here's something else. And I mentioned this, and I'll give this away because I thought it was brilliant. I took a great email prospecting course from this is called cold email mastery. And it's on gumroad.com. I don't even know the trait, the guy's name, who did the training, it was fabulous, really, really good. cold email prospecting course, I just took it like two weeks ago, maybe three weeks ago. So 125 bucks. It's worth it, guys. But he showed me in that training, how to go buy the domain through Google domains through a G Suite account or Google workspace account. And then if you buy that domain, like that, you're going to be cold email prospecting with buying the domain through Google workspaces. And through Google domains logged into a Google account. And guess you don't have to be logged into a Google workspace account. You could probably do it from your primary Google account if it's just a regular Google account. But go to Google domains is when I'm saying purchase the domain that you're going to be using for cold email. If you've already done it, don't worry about it. It's not a big deal. I'm just saying going forward or get another extension of.org or.co extension that you can redirect to your money site. And again, I'll cover some of this in the updating training for vpls or the video Legion system. But if you buy the domain through Google domains, it's like three bucks more than it is at name cheap. But it will automatically set up your you there's a checkbox during the checkout process for purchasing a domain through Google domains that will allow that will automatically set Google workspaces up for that domain and it will set up the SPF records the DK i M Records and all these things that you need to ensure the highest deliverability for your emails. So it's great it was a great little hack for me it was worth 125 bucks alone for the cost of that course was just to learn that because it sets everything up and it's it's right out of the gate. It's an initial validation signal to Google that you know you're a valid business and not just a spammer. One other thing that I want to cover just very briefly and again this is because I'm doing so much of this stuff right now guys, but there's this great service and I'll cover this in the update when I do that for the video lead gen system. Lem list calm. This is a cold emailing platform. I'm not using it for that I'm using it for one Barrett because I'm using high level for my prospecting platform. And I'm using high level it's fabulous Semantic Mastery comm slash high level, you can get a 14-day free trial. That is my it's great. I'm using that for my automation platform and all the stuff that I'm doing. But why I brought up Lem list was because if you want to build a domain reputation of a new domain for cold emailing, they have this service in here. And if you go to their blog, they've got a great article about it. In fact, I'm just going to pull up the article because that would be better.

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Warm up, email, and I'm going to put them list.com get right there how to warm up your email account. And that's on blog dot Lem list calm so just go to Lem go to Google and search for warm-up email endless calm and it's the very first organic listing right there, boom, read this article. It's fabulous. When I came across this I was like, Man, that's uh, it's brilliant. They have this. And you can join Lem list for I think it's 30 bucks a month, just to use the lead warm feature. And that's what I do. So once I have, you know, my domain, set up all the records in place and everything, then I add that Google workspace account, to Lem list through the to the LEM warm feature. And what it does is it starts to send and receive and reply to emails from that brand new domain email address to other Lem Lem list users and it's all done. It's all automated it gets it's done in the background. But what it does is it starts to build the domain reputation so that when you are ready to start cold, like I would give it 30 days, at the very minimum at least 21 days for the LEM warm system to warm the email up and build a domain reputation before you start cold prospecting emailing with it. But I want to tell you like I said, I just set this up for the domain that I just started prospecting with about three weeks ago, two and a half weeks ago really. And I only let that it run on that for two weeks. And I just tested I did a MX tools, you know, email reputation tests you for where you can send an email in and it will analyze the email and tell you what like the spam score is. And I got a 9.4 out of 10 yesterday when I literally just tested it yesterday because about once a week I like to go in and check to see if my domain reputation is dropping and I got a 9.4 out of 10. And I'm sending cold emails with a video email, just like I talked about a video lead gen system I'm using send spark.com or send spark whatever it's an app Sumo deal that creates the video, email gifts, and all that. And that's what I'm using and I inject put that right into Gmail, send that out for cold emailing and I'm still getting a 9.4 out of a 10 you know, domain reputation score. So I would highly recommend that you check out Lem lists for their lead warm feature. And then also check out, you know, purchasing domains through Google domains that you're going to be doing for and set Google workspace upon it is what I'm saying. So hopefully that makes sense. As far as CloudFlare go back and just go to YouTube. Cloudflare has got help files but you can also go to YouTube and search and I'm sure you'll find a tutorial on how to do what you need to do.

Do Different Stacks Interlink When Mirroring The Site Into The Drive Stack?

Looks like Jason, Jason Oh my god. Game says hello there when mirroring so we're almost out of time guys. three more minutes. Hello there. When mirroring the site into the drive stack do the different stacks interlink. So for example, do dogs from the widgets folder point to the green widgets folder docs?

As far as I know, well, no, no, I and Marco would be better to answer this one. But if you're siloing, your drive stack using the ArcGIS expansions. Like we teach the No.

And again, I don't build them anymore. So I'm not sure if they I don't think they interlink because the silos inside the drive stack or the internal links are the links from the files within the drive stack within the silo in the drive stack should be only pointing to the target URLs on your money site. Right? The same silos?

Not interlinking between them, if that makes sense.

Yeah, and I can't mark it would be better to answer that one. I'm sorry. I just can't give you a proper answer on that one. Because I'd have to go in and actually analyze one of my drive stacks. I haven't built one of those in so many years. To be honest with you, I'm not sure how, through the expansion service, how they interlink those, I think they interlink all the files and folders within the same silo. They interlink those two to each other, right, that makes sense, but no cross linking to other silos. And I'd have to confess I'd have to go look at it to confirm it, or Marco could confirm it, but he's not here. So.

All right, one more Jason says

Just kidding I'm really here for this week's SEO with BB also just getting these talking about BB too many questions BB just giving you a little crap and seeing if you can crack Bradley up. Yeah thanks, Jason

all right last one well this is good cold email mastery There you go, we need to get an affiliate link for that for real because I keep touting how good that course is. It really is a good course.

Does All Of The MGYB Services Work For Non-English Sites?

Last question, guys Conrad says Hey guys, are some or all of the MGYB services for non-English sites as well what would be different or good to take into account when ordering the project and other languages it's non-English you can't we don't we only provide our done for you services in English.

Hernan, if you're still available, maybe you can, I don't do anything outside of the US. But from what I understand you can apply the SEO shield that built-in English and still apply it to a non-English target. And it will still benefit it. But I don't do that. So I don't know if Hernan still with us or not? Apparently not. From what again, from what I understand it doesn't you can have all English stuff on the SEO shield pointing to a non-English site and still benefit from it. But I can't really answer that because I've never done anything outside SEO wise outside of the US. Post this question in the Facebook group and I'm sure that Rob or Marco could jump in and give you the correct answer.


All right. Well, thanks, guys. Thanks, Adam. For hanging out, guys.

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